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Article dispensing

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11/13/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140332550 - Method and system for feeding components: A component feeder including a lift for elevating a selection of components from a bulk storage, and a pick surface adjacent to the lift for receiving the selection of components. A spreader gives the selection of components a push for spreading the selection of components from the lift on the... Agent:

20140332551 - Hockey equipment vending machines: Vending machines designed specifically for the sale and provision of large and potentially unusually shaped items, such as sporting goods, including an electronic system for the selection and sale of the vended items. In some examples, the vending machine includes multiple product storage areas designed for holding and vending varied... Agent:

20140332552 - Automatic medicine packing machine: Disclosed is an automatic medicine packing machine. Required medicines are packaged in the unit of a dose by automatically discharging the medicines medicine cassettes according to the prescription of a doctor or a pharmacist. A plurality of cassette magazines are drawably installed at an upper body part of the automatic... Agent: Jvm Co., Ltd.

11/06/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140326744 - Smart medicine container: A smart medicine container is provided to secure accesses to a bulk supply of pills stored therein and pills dispensed therein. The medicine container comprises a control unit, a memory, a communication interface unit, a pill-supply housing configured to store a bulk supply of pills, a pill-supply locking means configured... Agent:

20140326745 - Napkin dispenser: A product dispenser, such as for dispensing napkins, designed to be recessed in a countertop or wall, includes an elongated housing or chute for holding product, a faceplate assembly, and a collar for mounting the dispenser to the countertop or wall. The collar includes a locking arrangement for securing the... Agent: San Jamar, Inc.

20140326746 - Container denester apparatus: A container denester apparatus for sequentially supplying nested containers, the apparatus comprising an indexer chassis, an indexing assembly and a rotating indexing arm. The rotating indexing arm is configured to extend into the clamshell cavity, which provides for the passage of clamshell containers therethrough. The indexing arm is rotationally coupled... Agent: Lakewood Process Machinery

10/30/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140319163 - Cuvette handling device: Device for storing and dispensing cuvettes from a stack. The device has at least one cuvette stack receiving compartment, which may be a tube open at both ends, wherein one of the openings is provided with retaining springs, partly blocking the opening, so that the cuvette stack having been dropped... Agent:

20140319164 - Tabletop napkin dispenser: A napkin assembly including an open ended chute for storing a stack of napkins therein and an openable and closeable front member relative to the open end of the chute is disclosed. The chute is made of first to fourth sidewall members and a rear member that are separately injection... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20140319165 - Apparatus and method for placement of angle plates in transverse duct flanges: An apparatus and method are described for inserting angle plates in transverse duct flanges. The apparatus is especially useful in inserting angle plates into transverse duct flanges of duct fittings. Packages for holding angle plates are also described.... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140312048 - Disposable moist tissue dispenser: The disclosure describes a disposable moist tissue dispenser applicable to dispensing of moist tissues. The invention includes a center roller, a pair of side panels, a housing, a moist tissue roll, an outlet, and a resealable cover. The side panels are separately attached at opposite ends of the center roller.... Agent:

20140312049 - Wedged tissue and/or wet wipe dispenser: A wedged dispenser for provisioning tissues and/or wet wipes. The wedged dispenser has a tapered retention wall and a dispensing panel that delineate an interior storage volume. A terminal end of the tapered retention wall allows the wedged dispenser to be utilized in tight, limited space areas, while a widened... Agent:

20140312050 - Medical electrode dispensers: A medical dispenser for storing and dispensing electrodes includes a housing having a front member and a back member, at least one electrode strip disposed between the front member and the back member of the housing and an actuator mounted to the front member of the housing and adapted to... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140312051 - Dual elevator large bottle vending apparatus and method: A combination vending/return apparatus includes a series of stacked counter-sloped, gravity fed track assemblies with radiused transition segments to receive and store empty large-volume bottles and to deliver pre-filled large-volume fluid-containing bottles. The apparatus is configured to accommodate, among other sizes, at least one of three (3) gallon, (4) four... Agent: Bluerock Venturesk, LLC

20140312052 - Medicine supply apparatus: A tablet supplying portion of a medicine supply apparatus includes: a tablet supplying portion body including a supply cell; a bottom plate; and a bottom plate supporting member. A second end portion of the bottom plate pivotally moves about a first end portion of the bottom plate supported by the... Agent:

20140312053 - Automatic vending machine: A controller, when a normal cooling operation is being performed, forward-drives a lower-side and an upper-side in-box blower fans, thereby causing internal air cooled by an evaporator to circulate within a commodity storage box in such a way that it enters a rear face duct through a lower-side opening and... Agent:

20140312054 - Dispenser for electrochemical sensors: The invention provides dispensers for sensors. The dispensers of the invention are capable of storing a plurality of sensors and dispensing them one-by-one.... Agent:

20140312056 - Golf bag: A golf bag includes at least one pouch for containing at least two golf clubs, each club having a shaft of length Lcg, a cross-section having an area of a given value, and a club head secured to one end of the shaft, the pouch being of oblong shape defined... Agent: Bagolf Limited

20140312055 - Integral seed meter drive motor: A metering device (24) for an agricultural planter (10) has a metering chamber (80) with a seed discharge (98) area has and a metering disc (66) rotatable within the metering chamber (80). The metering disc (66) h a plurality of seed pockets (68) for carrying seeds on the metering disc... Agent: Agco Corporation

20140312057 - Adjustable dispenser for cups and other cup-shaped articles: A cup dispenser includes a body defining a storage region adapted for receiving for an associated stack of cup-shaped articles. The body includes an open end that provides access to the storage region. Multiple fingers are connected to the body for restricting the open end of the body. An adjustment... Agent: The Meyer Company

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