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Applied Materials, Inc. patents

The following is a sampling of recent Applied Materials, Inc. patent applications (USPTO Patent Application #, Patent Title) sorted by month.

August 2012 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20120216691 - Blade for silk-screen printing on a print support
20120216694 - Method for centering a print track
20120216833 - Real time liquid particle counter (lpc) end point detection system
20120218620 - Electrochromic devices
20120218621 - Materials and device stack for market viable electrochromic devices
20120219725 - Substrate processing apparatus and method
20120219841 - Lithium ion cell design apparatus and method
20120220116 - Dry chemical cleaning for semiconductor processing
20120210937 - Substrate processing apparatus using a batch processing chamber
20120211164 - Systems for plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition and bevel edge etching
20120211354 - Uniformity tuning capable esc grounding kit for rf pvd chamber
20120211358 - Interior antenna for substrate processing chamber
20120211359 - Wafer processing deposition shielding components
20120211462 - Remotely-excited fluorine and water vapor etch
20120211484 - Methods and apparatus for a multi-zone pedestal heater
20120213500 - Edge ring for a thermal processing chamber
20120213938 - System for utilization improvement of process chambers and method of operating thereof
20120213940 - Atomic layer deposition of silicon nitride using dual-source precursor and interleaved plasma
20120214047 - Method for high volume manufacturing of thin film batteries
20120214112 - Ambient laminar gas flow distribution in laser processing systems
20120204795 - Methods to improve the in-film defectivity of pecvd amorphous carbon films
20120204938 - Interconnect technologies for back contact solar cells and modules
20120204965 - Method and apparatus for controlling a processing system
20120205046 - Tunable ground planes in plasma chambers
20120205241 - Process kit for rf physical vapor deposition
20120205347 - Scanned laser light source
20120205793 - Seed layer passivation
20120208300 - Etch processing chamber
20120208306 - Method for encapsulating an organic light emitting diode
20120208339 - Passivating glue layer to improve amorphous carbon to metal adhesion
20120208366 - Prevention and reduction of solvent and solution penetration into porous dielectrics using a thin barrier layer
20120208372 - Process gas delivery for semiconductor process chambers
20120208371 - Method and apparatus for multizone plasma generation
20120208373 - Method for depositing an amorphous carbon film with improved density and step coverage
20120208374 - Amorphous carbon deposition method for improved stack defectivity
20120208438 - Polishing system having a track
20120199071 - Plasma immersion chamber
20120199469 - Pvd sputtering target with a protected backing plate
20120199872 - Method for hybrid encapsulation of an organic light emitting diode
20120201267 - Low temperature measurement and control using low temperature pyrometry
20120201959 - In-situ hydroxylation system
20120202316 - Plasma treatment of tco layers for silicon thin film photovoltaic devices
20120202315 - In-situ hydrogen plasma treatment of amorphous silicon intrinsic layers
20120202338 - Epitaxy of high tensile silicon alloy for tensile strain applications
20120202357 - In situ vapor phase surface activation of sio2
20120192792 - Plasma, uv and ion/neutral assisted ald or cvd in a batch tool
20120193218 - Device for supporting a rotatable target and sputtering apparatus
20120193456 - Gas distribution plate with discrete protective elements
20120193623 - Carbon addition for low resistivity in situ doped silicon epitaxy
20120196155 - Resist fortification for magnetic media patterning
20120196242 - Substrate support with heater and rapid temperature change
20120196447 - Uniform dry etch in two stages
20120196450 - Method to increase silicon nitride tensile stress using nitrogen plasma in-situ treatment and ex-situ uv cure
20120196451 - Embedded catalyst for atomic layer deposition of silicon oxide
20120196452 - Method to increase tensile stress of silicon nitride films using a post pecvd deposition uv cure
20120196511 - Gathering spectra from multiple optical heads

July 2012 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20120187467 - Floating gates and methods of formation
20120187534 - Pulse method of oxidizing sidewall dielectrics for high capacitance applications
20120190178 - Polysilicon films by hdp-cvd
20120190182 - Defect-free junction formation using octadecaborane self-amorphizing implants
20120190185 - Plasma treatment of silicon nitride and silicon oxynitride
20120191735 - Session table framework
20120191865 - Session table framework
20120180954 - Semiconductor processing system and methods using capacitively coupled plasma
20120181166 - Pvd process with synchronized process parameters and magnet position
20120181167 - Electrochromic tungsten oxide film deposition
20120183915 - Use of infrared camera for real-time temperature monitoring and control
20120175250 - Target cooling through gun drilled holes
20120177841 - Low temperature silicon carbide deposition process
20120177846 - Radical steam cvd
20120178200 - Integrated in-line processing system for selective emitter solar cells
20120167942 - Low-concentration flat profile photovoltaic modules
20120167954 - Monolithic module assembly using back contact solar cells and metal ribbon
20120167986 - Photovoltaic modules manufactuerd using monolithic module assembly techniques
20120168135 - Apparatus and method for solar cell module edge cooling during lamination
20120170603 - Protection device for solid state laser
20120171391 - Thin film deposition using microwave plasma
20120171797 - Seasoning of deposition chamber for dopant profile control in led film stacks
20120171853 - Defect-free junction formation using octadecaborane self-amorphizing implants
20120171855 - Methods to adjust threshold voltage in semiconductor devices
20120171933 - Pressure controlled polishing platen

June 2012 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20120164470 - Silver-nickel core-sheath nanostructures and methods to fabricate
20120164827 - Fabrication of through-silicon vias on silicon wafers
20120164829 - Fabrication of through-silicon vias on silicon wafers
20120164845 - Dual zone gas injection nozzle
20120152727 - Alkali metal deposition system
20120152751 - Electrolytic copper process using anion permeable barrier
20120152895 - Methods for etching a substrate
20120152900 - Methods and apparatus for gas delivery into plasma processing chambers
20120154974 - High efficiency electrostatic chuck assembly for semiconductor wafer processing
20120156863 - Substrate pretreatment for subsequent high temperature group iii depositions
20120156872 - Methods for depositing materials in high aspect ratio features
20120156890 - In-situ low-k capping to improve integration damage resistance
20120145079 - Loadlock batch ozone cure
20120145684 - Method of thermal processing structures formed on a substrate
20120146509 - Generating plasmas in pulsed power systems
20120148701 - Apparatus and method of improving beam shaping and beam homogenization
20120149192 - Methods for depositing metal in high aspect ratio features
20120149194 - Substrate support with gas introduction openings
20120138457 - Encapsulated sputtering target
20120138472 - Method of forming a process chamber component having electroplated yttrium containing coating
20120141667 - Methods for forming barrier/seed layers for copper interconnect structures
20120142192 - Oxide-rich liner layer for flowable cvd gapfill
20120142198 - Wet oxidation process performed on a dielectric material formed from a flowable cvd process

May 2012 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20120132397 - Temperature control in plasma processing apparatus using pulsed heat transfer fluid flow
20120132518 - Method for predicting and compensating erosion in a magnetron sputtering target
20120132618 - Method and apparatus for modulating wafer treatment profile in uv chamber
20120135155 - Process chamber component having yttrium-aluminum coating
20120135609 - Apparatus and process for atomic layer deposition
20120136476 - Damaged substrate handling apparatus and method for substrate processing systems
20120136622 - Sensor system for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
20120125488 - Method of producing a plasma-resistant thermal oxide coating
20120129275 - Dual-bulb lamphead control methodology
20120129351 - Composite removable hardmask
20120118225 - Epitaxial growth temperature control in led manufacture
20120118224 - Transfer chamber metrology for improved device yield
20120118510 - Method for debonding components in a chamber
20120119218 - Method for forming a semiconductor device using selective epitaxy of group iii-nitride
20120121799 - Method for segregating the alloying elements and reducing the residue resistivity of copper alloy layers
20120121823 - Process for lowering adhesion layer thickness and improving damage resistance for thin ultra low-k dielectric film
20120122253 - Apparatus and method of aligning and positioning a cold substrate on a hot surface
20120122302 - Apparatus and methods for deposition of silicon carbide and silicon carbonitride films
20120122320 - Method of processing low k dielectric films
20120111272 - Mocvd single chamber split process for led manufacturing
20120112186 - Treatment of gate dielectric for making high performance metal oxide and metal oxynitride thin film transistors
20120113559 - Electrostatic discharge prevention for large area substrate processing system
20120103257 - Deposition ring and electrostatic chuck for physical vapor deposition chamber
20120103263 - Pre-heat ring designs to increase deposition uniformity and substrate throughput
20120103388 - Monolithic module assembly using back contact solar cells and metal ribbon
20120103425 - Flow meter with improved thermal stability and methods of use
20120103524 - Plasma processing apparatus with reduced effects of process chamber asymmetry
20120103526 - High purity aluminum coating hard anodization
20120103800 - Homing of arbitrary scan path of a rotating magnetron
20120103936 - Methods for reducing photoresist interference when monitoring a target layer in a plasma process
20120103939 - Methods and apparatus for controlling photoresist line width roughness
20120103970 - Heater with independent center zone control
20120104616 - Method for depositing a thin film electrode and thin film stack
20120104703 - Electrostatic chuck and showerhead with enhanced thermal properties and methods of making thereof
20120104950 - Methods for calibrating rf power applied to a plurality of rf coils in a plasma processing system
20120105088 - Apparatus and method for testing back-contact solar cells
20120107502 - Bisamineazaallylic ligands and their use in atomic layer deposition methods
20120107504 - Evaporation system and method
20120107996 - Surface treatment process performed on a transparent conductive oxide layer for solar cell applications
20120108058 - Methods of forming layers on substrates
20120108062 - Nitrogen-containing ligands and their use in atomic layer deposition methods
20120108079 - Atomic layer deposition film with tunable refractive index and absorption coefficient and methods of making
20120108081 - Apparatus having improved substrate temperature uniformity using direct heating methods
20120109355 - Substrate processing system

April 2012 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20120097093 - Load lock chamber, substrate processing system and method for venting
20120097266 - Apparatus for controlling gas distribution using orifice ratio conductance control
20120097330 - Dual delivery chamber design
20120097332 - Substrate support with symmetrical feed structure
20120097870 - Apparatus for forming a magnetic field and methods of use thereof
20120097908 - Low force substrate lift
20120099949 - Apparatus for providing a rotation carrier magazine, and method of operating thereof
20120100312 - Methods for enhancing tantalum filament life in hot wire chemical vapor deposition processes
20120100779 - Apparatus and method for compensation of variability in chemical mechanical polishing consumables
20120090691 - Quartz showerhead for nanocure uv chamber
20120090784 - Chamber lid heater ring assembly
20120090990 - Deposition apparatus and methods to reduce deposition asymmetry
20120091095 - Method and apparatus for reducing particle defects in plasma etch chambers
20120091098 - High efficiency gas dissociation in inductively coupled plasma reactor with improved uniformity
20120091099 - Methods and apparatus for recovery and reuse of reagents
20120091104 - Multi-zoned plasma processing electrostatic chuck with improved temperature uniformity
20120091108 - Methods and apparatus for controlling substrate temperature in a process chamber
20120094468 - Two silicon-containing precursors for gapfill enhancing dielectric liner
20120085733 - Self aligned triple patterning
20120086464 - In-situ vhf voltage/current sensors for a plasma reactor
20120088193 - Radiation patternable cvd film
20120088327 - Methods of soldering to high efficiency thin film solar panels
20120088356 - Integrated platform for in-situ doping and activation of substrates
20120088369 - Atomic layer deposition of photoresist materials and hard mask precursors
20120088371 - Methods for etching substrates using pulsed dc voltage
20120079982 - Module for ozone cure and post-cure moisture treatment
20120080081 - Thin-film solar fabrication process, deposition method for solar cell precursor layer stack, and solar cell precursor layer stack
20120080092 - High efficiency solar cell device with gallium arsenide absorber layer
20120080309 - Systems and methods for forming a layer of sputtered material
20120080753 - Gallium arsenide based materials used in thin film transistor applications
20120080779 - Ultra high selectivity doped amorphous carbon strippable hardmask development and integration
20120082884 - Electrospinning for integrated separator for lithium-ion batteries
20120083133 - Amine curing silicon-nitride-hydride films

March 2012 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20120073501 - Process chamber for dielectric gapfill
20120074126 - Wafer profile modification through hot/cold temperature zones on pedestal for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
20120074951 - System and method for current-based plasma excursion detection
20120075108 - System and method for voltage-based plasma excursion detection
20120076574 - Vacuum process chamber component and methods of making
20120077335 - Methods for depositing germanium-containing layers
20120069174 - Apparatus and method for analyzing thermal properties of composite structures
20120070136 - Transparent reflector plate for rapid thermal processing chamber
20120070957 - Air gap formation
20120070982 - Methods for forming layers on a substrate
20120070999 - Replaceable substrate masking on carrier and method for processing a substrate
20120060919 - Junction box for a photovoltaic solar panel
20120060971 - Methods and loadport apparatus for purging a substrate carrier
20120061605 - Gate valve
20120063874 - Low profile dual arm vacuum robot
20120064225 - Spray deposition module for an in-line processing system
20120064698 - Multiple section showerhead assembly
20120055535 - Photovoltaic devices with textured glass superstrate
20120055534 - Photovoltaic devices with high work-function tco buffer layers and methods of manufacture
20120056173 - Staggered thin film transistor and method of forming the same
20120056290 - Thin-film solar fabrication process, deposition method for solar cell precursor layer stack, and solar cell precursor layer stack
20120058281 - Methods for forming low moisture dielectric films
20120048132 - Method and apparatus for screen printing a multiple layer pattern
20120048467 - Component temperature control by coolant flow control and heater duty cycle control
20120049128 - Transparent conductive zinc oxide display film and production method therefor
20120052204 - Workpiece wetting and cleaning
20120052216 - Gas distribution showerhead with high emissivity surface
20120052347 - Flow battery systems
20120052690 - Temperature enhanced electrostatic chucking in plasma processing apparatus
20120053719 - Method and apparatus for automated validation of semiconductor process recipes

February 2012 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20120042825 - Extended life deposition ring
20120043023 - Symmetric vhf source for a plasma reactor
20120043518 - Variable resistance memory element and fabrication methods
20120043538 - Process to make metal oxide thin film transistor array with etch stopping layer
20120045631 - Index modified coating on polymer substrate
20120045852 - Autotuned screen printing process
20120045904 - Methods for forming a hydrogen free silicon containing dielectric film
20120037068 - Composite substrates for direct heating and increased temperature uniformity
20120037181 - Cleaning methods for improved photovoltaic module efficiency
20120037475 - Substrate inverting system
20120037503 - Rotatable sputter target base, rotatable sputter target, coating installation, method of producing a rotatable sputter target, target base connection means, and method of connecting a rotatable target base device for sputtering installations to a target b
20120040536 - A-si seasoning effect to improve sin run-to-run uniformity
20120040592 - Apparatus and method for temperature control during polishing
20120031332 - Water cooled gas injector
20120031333 - Vertical inline cvd system
20120031335 - Vertical inline cvd system
20120031425 - Modules and processes for metal particles removal
20120031479 - Thin film solar fabrication process, deposition method for tco layer, and solar cell precursor layer stack
20120033235 - System and method with automatic adjustment function for measuring the thickness of substrates
20120033340 - Electrostatic chuck and methods of use thereof
20120034136 - Symmetric vhf plasma power coupler with active uniformity steering
20120034382 - Substrate support material useful for screen printing processes
20120034469 - Semiconductor processing apparatus comprising a coating formed from a solid solution of yttrium oxide and zirconium oxide
20120034761 - Method of removing contaminants and native oxides from a substrate surface
20120034844 - Spectrographic monitoring using index tracking after detection of layer clearing
20120023728 - Apparatus and methods for transporting large photovoltaic modules
20120024229 - Control of plasma profile using magnetic null arrangement by auxiliary magnets
20120024340 - Solar cells with localized silicon/metal contact for hot spot mitigation and methods of manufacture
20120024339 - Photovoltaic module including transparent sheet with channel
20120024479 - Apparatus for controlling the flow of a gas in a process chamber
20120027918 - Showerhead support structure for improved gas flow
20120027954 - Magnet for physical vapor deposition processes to produce thin films having low resistivity and non-uniformity
20120028461 - Methods for depositing metal in high aspect ratio features
20120028813 - Selecting reference libraries for monitoring of multiple zones on a substrate

January 2012 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20120018402 - Plasma processing apparatus and liner assembly for tuning electrical skews
20120021671 - Real-time monitoring of retaining ring thickness and lifetime
20120021673 - Substrate holder to reduce substrate edge stress during chemical mechanical polishing
20120012172 - Thin-film solar fabrication process, deposition method for tco layer, and solar cell precursor layer stack
20120012171 - Thin film solar fabrication process, deposition method for tco layer, and solar cell precursor layer stack
20120012458 - Magnet arrangement for a target backing tube, target backing tube including the same, cylindrical target assembly and sputtering system
20120012465 - Methods for forming barrier/seed layers for copper interconnect structures
20120015113 - Methods for forming low stress dielectric films
20120015455 - Method and apparatus for calibrating optical path degradation useful for decoupled plasma nitridation chambers
20120015471 - Multiple-path laser edge delete process for thin-film solar modules
20120015521 - Amorphous carbon deposition method for improved stack defectivity
20120006092 - Methods and apparatus for insitu analysis of gases in electronic device fabrication systems
20120006385 - High performance multi-layer back contact stack for silicon solar cells
20120009347 - Precise temperature control for teos application by heat transfer fluid
20120009765 - Compartmentalized chamber
20120009796 - Post-ash sidewall healing
20120009803 - Mixing energized and non-energized gases for silicon nitride deposition
20120009847 - Closed-loop control of cmp slurry flow
20120000422 - Apparatuses and methods for atomic layer deposition
20120000424 - Cooled dark space shield for multi-cathode design
20120000490 - Methods for enhanced processing chamber cleaning
20120000511 - Method of manufacturing crystalline silicon solar cells using epitaxial deposition
20120000772 - Deposition apparatus and methods to reduce deposition asymmetry
20120000773 - Reactive sputtering zinc oxide transparent conductive oxides onto large area substrates
20120000888 - Methods and apparatus for radio frequency (rf) plasma processing
20120003388 - Methods and apparatus for thermal based substrate processing with variable temperature capability
20120003398 - Apparatus and method for exposing a substrate to uv radiation using a reflector having both elliptical and parabolic reflective sections
20120003599 - Substrate support for use with multi-zonal heating sources
20120003759 - Endpoint control during chemical mechanical polishing by detecting interface between different layers through selectivity change
20120003833 - Methods for forming tungsten-containing layers

August 2011 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20110197814 - Anti-arc zero field plate
20110198229 - Electroplating apparatus based on an array of anodes
20110198322 - In-line metrology methods and systems for solar cell fabrication
20110198417 - Process chamber gas flow improvements
20110199476 - Metrology system for imaging workpiece surfaces at high robot transfer speeds
20110199477 - Method for imaging workpiece surfaces at high robot transfer speeds with reduction or prevention of motion-induced distortion
20110200247 - Method for imaging workpiece surfaces at high robot transfer speeds with correction of motion-induced distortion
20110201134 - Capacitively coupled plasma reactor with magnetic plasma control
20110192716 - Method for producing an ito layer and sputtering system
20110195184 - Substrate protection device and method
20110195202 - Oxygen pump purge to prevent reactive powder explosion
20110185972 - Balancing rf bridge assembly
20110186426 - Adjustable process spacing, centering, and improved gas conductance
20110186545 - Feedforward temperature control for plasma processing apparatus
20110189860 - Methods for nitridation and oxidation
20110190921 - Flexible process condition monitoring
20110191457 - Footprint reduction for a manufacturing facility management system

July 2011 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20110180122 - Floating grid module design for thin film silicon solar cells
20110180133 - Enhanced silicon-tco interface in thin film silicon solar cells using nickel nanowires
20110180233 - Apparatus for controlling temperature uniformity of a showerhead
20110180243 - Apparatus for controlling temperature uniformity of a substrate
20110180983 - Life enhancement of ring assembly in semiconductor manufacturing chambers
20110182699 - Transfer robot with substrate cooling
20110174212 - Epitaxial chamber with cross flow
20110174362 - Manufacture of thin film solar cells with high conversion efficiency
20110175084 - Thin film semiconductor material produced through reactive sputtering of zinc target using nitrogen gases
20110175140 - Methods for forming nmos epi layers
20110177648 - Method of manufacturing thin film solar cells having a high conversion efficiency
20110177669 - Method of controlling trench microloading using plasma pulsing
20110178628 - N-channel flow ratio controller calibration
20110168093 - Methods and apparatus for incorporating nitrogen in oxide films
20110168550 - Graded electrode technologies for high energy lithium-ion batteries
20110171758 - Reclamation of scrap materials for led manufacturing
20110171774 - Cleaning optimization of pecvd solar films
20110162674 - In-situ process chamber clean to remove titanium nitride etch by-products
20110162706 - Passivated polysilicon emitter solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
20110162704 - Reliability of back end of line process by adding pvd oxide film
20110162798 - Methods and apparatus for tuning matching networks
20110162800 - Reconfigurable multi-zone gas delivery hardware for substrate processing showerheads
20110162803 - Chamber with uniform flow and plasma distribution
20110163065 - System for batch processing of magnetic media
20110165347 - Dielectric film formation using inert gas excitation
20110165781 - Flowable dielectric using oxide liner

June 2011 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20110154590 - Wafer edge cleaning
20110155058 - Substrate processing apparatus having a radiant cavity
20110155225 - Back contact solar cells having exposed vias
20110157760 - Electrostatic chuck with reduced arcing
20110159211 - Shadow ring for modifying wafer edge and bevel deposition
20110159213 - Chemical vapor deposition improvements through radical-component modification
20110159703 - Dielectric film growth with radicals produced using flexible nitrogen/hydrogen ratio
20110146577 - Showerhead with insulated corner regions
20110146770 - Enhanced passivation layer for wafer based solar cells, method and system for manufacturing thereof
20110147363 - Multifunctional heater/chiller pedestal for wide range wafer temperature control
20110151142 - Pecvd multi-step processing with continuous plasma
20110151590 - Apparatus and method for low-k dielectric repair
20110151674 - Smooth siconi etch for silicon-containing films
20110151676 - Methods of thin film process
20110151677 - Wet oxidation process performed on a dielectric material formed from a flowable cvd process
20110139755 - Multi-wavelength laser-scribing tool
20110139758 - Latitudinal iso-line scribe, stitching, and simplified laser and scanner controls
20110140023 - Water cooled valve
20110140726 - Apparatus and methods for measuring solar cell module performance
20110143170 - Methods for substrate surface planarization during magnetic patterning by plasma immersion ion implantation
20110144791 - Energy savings and global gas emissions monitoring
20110131792 - Shadow mask alignment and management system
20110132345 - Wire saw device and method for operating same
20110132884 - Laser modules and processes for thin film solar panel laser scribing
20110135552 - Methods and apparatus for treating exhaust gas in a processing system
20110135844 - Large area plasma processing chamber with at-electrode rf matching
20110136286 - Method of cleaning and forming a negatively charged passivation layer over a doped region
20110136327 - High mobility monolithic p-i-n diodes
20110136347 - Point-of-use silylamine generation
20110127156 - Chamber for processing hard disk drive substrates
20110129616 - Oxygen-doping for non-carbon radical-component cvd films
20110129732 - Compressed powder 3d battery electrode manufacturing
20110129959 - Crystallization processing for semiconductor applications
20110129990 - Method for doping non-planar transistors
20110130007 - In-situ clean to reduce metal residues after etching titanium nitride
20110130995 - Spectrometric metrology of workpieces using a permanent window as a spectral reference

May 2011 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20110120017 - Variable seal pressure slit valve doors for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
20110120502 - Substrate washing apparatus and methods of use
20110120505 - Apparatus and method for front side protection during backside cleaning
20110120651 - Showerhead assembly with improved impact protection
20110120862 - Anode rod for a sputtering system
20110121503 - Cvd apparatus
20110121649 - Energy savings based on power factor correction
20110123178 - Apparatus and method for enhancing the cool down of radiatively heated substrates
20110124169 - Methods of selectively depositing an epitaxial layer
20110114177 - Mixed silicon phase film for high efficiency thin film silicon solar cells
20110114519 - Component with enhanced shelf life
20110114601 - Plasma source design
20110115378 - Plasma source design
20110115589 - Method and apparatus for shaping a magnetic field in a magnetic field-enhanced plasma reactor
20110116900 - Substrate alignment apparatus
20110117680 - Inline detection of substrate positioning during processing
20110117728 - Method of decontamination of process chamber after in-situ chamber clean
20110118893 - Controls interface solution for energy savings
20110111137 - Curing non-carbon flowable cvd films
20110111181 - Methods and apparatus for balancing image brightness across a flat panel display using variable ink thickness
20110100348 - Mounting plate for a wire sawing device, wire sawing device comprising the same, and wire sawing process carried out by the device
20110100554 - Parallel system for epitaxial chemical vapor deposition
20110100799 - Sputter deposition system and method
20110100955 - Apparatus and methods for forming energy storage and photovoltaic devices in a linear system
20110101247 - Temperature control of a substrate during a plasma ion implantation process for patterned disc media applications
20110101442 - Multi-layer charge trap silicon nitride/oxynitride layer engineering with interface region control
20110104393 - Plasma ion implantation process for patterned disc media applications
20110104627 - Substrate transport system and method
20110104843 - Method of reducing degradation of multi quantum well (mqw) light emitting diodes
20110104848 - Hot wire chemical vapor deposition (cvd) inline coating tool

April 2011 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20110094537 - Apparatus and methods for brush and pad conditioning
20110094683 - Rf feed structure for plasma processing
20110094994 - Inductively coupled plasma apparatus
20110095007 - Thermal flux processing by scanning a focused line beam
20110095402 - Gate dielectric film with controlled structural and physical properties over a large surface area substrate
20110097518 - Vertically integrated processing chamber
20110097517 - Dynamic vertical microwave deposition of dielectric layers
20110097628 - Nucleation and growth of tin particles into three dimensional composite active anode for lithium high capacity energy storage device
20110097878 - Chamber for pecvd
20110097901 - Dual mode inductively coupled plasma reactor with adjustable phase coil assembly
20110088763 - Method and apparatus for improving photovoltaic efficiency
20110088762 - Barrier layer disposed between a substrate and a transparent conductive oxide layer for thin film silicon solar cells
20110088760 - Methods of forming an amorphous silicon layer for thin film solar cell application
20110089145 - Solder bonding method and apparatus
20110089559 - Method and installation for producing a semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
20110092058 - Ion implanted substrate having capping layer and method
20110092079 - Method and installation for producing an anti-reflection and/or passivation coating for semiconductor devices
20110083716 - Monolithic module assembly using back contact solar cells and metal ribbon
20110086466 - Contact fabrication of emitter wrap-through back contact silicon solar cells
20110079178 - Thickness measuring device, coating installation, method of measuring the thickness of a layer, and use of a thickness measuring device
20110079245 - Roller assembly for a brush cleaning device in a cleaning module
20110079508 - Method for coating a substrate and coater
20110079511 - Magnet arrangement for a target backing tube and target backing tube comprising the same
20110079918 - Plasma-based organic mask removal with silicon fluoride
20110081771 - Multichamber split processes for led manufacturing
20110081782 - Post-planarization densification

March 2011 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20110073463 - Methods for stable process in a reactive sputtering process using zinc or doped zinc target
20110073564 - Method and apparatus for high efficiency gas dissociation in inductive couple plasma reactor
20110076118 - Substrate transfer robot with chamber and substrate monitoring capability
20110076400 - Nanocrystalline diamond-structured carbon coating of silicon carbide
20110076420 - High efficiency low energy microwave ion/electron source
20110076422 - Curved microwave plasma line source for coating of three-dimensional substrates
20110076826 - Passivating glue layer to improve amorphous carbon to metal adhesion
20110076847 - Laser system for processing solar wafers in a carrier
20110067727 - Brush alignment control mechanism
20110068082 - Method of processing a workpiece in a plasma reactor with independent wafer edge process gas injection
20110070375 - Modular substrate processing system and method
20110070691 - Methods of fabricating metal oxide or metal oxynitride tfts using wet process for source-drain metal etch
20110070721 - Epitaxial growth of compound nitride semiconductor structures
20110070724 - Defect-free junction formation using octadecaborane self-amorphizing implants
20110070811 - Point of use recycling system for cmp slurry
20110061685 - Method and apparatus for showerhead cleaning
20110061810 - Apparatus and methods for cyclical oxidation and etching
20110061812 - Apparatus and methods for cyclical oxidation and etching
20110064545 - Substrate transfer mechanism with preheating features
20110065227 - Common laser module for a photovoltaic production line
20110065264 - Methods of solid phase recrystallization of thin film using pulse train annealing method
20110065276 - Apparatus and methods for cyclical oxidation and etching
20110058919 - Mechanical modularity chambers
20110048515 - Passivation layer for wafer based solar cells and method of manufacturing thereof
20110048644 - Plasma reactor with tiltable overhead rf inductive source
20110049779 - Substrate carrier design for improved photoluminescence uniformity
20110051322 - Porous amorphous silicon-carbon nanotube composite based electrodes for battery applications
20110052833 - Gas distribution showerhead and method of cleaning
20110053307 - Repatterning of polyvinyl butyral sheets for use in solar panels
20110053380 - Silicon-selective dry etch for carbon-containing films

July 2009 - Applied Materials, Inc. patents

20090173894 - Ion implanters
20090166565 - Ion implanters


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