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04/16/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150101093 - Modular protection helmet: A modular protection helmet (1; 1A) has an internal cap (2) including a padding layer (6) and modular components at will, and including an external cap (3) which can be removably and interchangeably fixed to the internal cap (2) and adapted to provide the desired protection level for civil use,... Agent: Ld Project S.r.l.

20150101094 - Disposable wrist/arm protector with flaps: A disposable tubular wrist/arm protector includes at least one longitudinally extending flap in the direction of the longitudinally extending axis of the tubular assembly. The assembly having a substrate having at least one layer. The flap may be formed by folding portions of the assembly laterally inward. The flap may... Agent:

20150101095 - Protective pad systems and methods: Embodiments described herein include an apparatus to prevent hyper-flexion of a joint that can include a sleeve having a first end and a second end and an upper portion and a lower portion, a first pad, the first pad being associated with the upper portion of the sleeve and configured... Agent:

20150101096 - Apparel with selectively attachable and detachable elements: An article of apparel has a surface with a first part of a fastening system, and an attachment element has an outer area with a second part of the fastening system. The first part of the fastening system is joinable to the second part of the fastening system to attach... Agent:

20150101097 - Protective knee band: A protective knee band having a tube-shaped band with protective front knee area. The tube shaped band can be a multi-layer band with elastic bands on each end. The protective front knee area can include an additional cushion layer and a flexible rubberized pad. The protective knee band allows the... Agent:

20150101098 - Multi-purpose cover garment: A multi-purpose garment cover comprising a generally rectangular body with a centrally disposed aperture. The rectangular body is a thin, flexible, waterproof structure sized to cover the entire upper body of a user when the multi-purpose garment cover is worn by the user. The aperture is defined by an arcuate... Agent:

20150101099 - Adjustable maternity garment: This invention discloses an adjustable maternity garment, including the front garment piece, rear garment piece, bandage and insert. The bandage is used to connect the front piece and the rear piece, and under the bandage an insert is provided, and one edge of the insert is connected with the front... Agent: Nantong Green Banana Textile Co., Ltd.

20150101100 - Children's garment and blanket system: A children's garment and blanket system includes, in one embodiment, pajamas having a series of snaps (or other means of attachment) attached at various locations thereon, together with a blanket, quilt, or other covering having a series of corresponding snaps (or other corresponding means of attachment), so that the blanket... Agent:

20150101101 - Ergonomic baby swaddling blanket: A swaddling blanket for maintaining a baby in an ergonomic position. One embodiment can include features for positioning the baby's arms in pockets in first and second arm wings and wrapping the arm wings. An embodiment may also include features for positioning the baby's hips in a hip positioning portion... Agent:

20150101102 - Medical garment: A garment used for medical purposes is disclosed. The garment may include one or more slits or openings strategically positioned therein, so that medical equipment may be inserted through the slits, which provide access to a patient's body or skin. The slits may be positioned along the sides of the... Agent:

20150101103 - Microfiber cleaning cloth clothing article and method of assembly: Microfiber cloth is attached, with an opening on one margin to permit insertion of a finger, to a backing formed by articles of regularly worn clothing, including shirt tails, the tip of neckties, scarves, sweaters, pants or other clothing article, making the microfiber cloth more accessible and ready to use... Agent:

20150101104 - Glove for use with touch interface devices: The present invention is directed to a glove system comprising a plurality of closed tip finger sheath with a secondary finger sheath disposed near the finger tips to allow for improved interaction with a portable electronic devices.... Agent:

20150101105 - Zipper arrangement: A zipper arrangement for jeans which includes: a pair of jeans, where the pair of jeans includes a front panel and a rear panel; and an extended zipper, with the extended zipper extends down the front panel to a crotch area and back up the rear panel of the jeans.... Agent:

20150101106 - Brassiere hook cover: In a brassiere hook cover, a small pocket is sewn or otherwise affixed to the interior surface of the brassiere, adjacent to the hook section of a hook and eye closure. When the user is ready to launder the brassiere, the user opens the pocket flap and turns the pocket... Agent:

20150101107 - Attachable-detachable mobile computing & sound producing shoe accessory: An attachable-detachable accessory for shoes which includes a curved member having first and second arms biased toward each other to enable attachment of the accessory to the heel of a shoe. The curved member carries an appropriate speaker and a digital control medium and a control circuit, therefore along with... Agent:

20150101108 - Adhesive pocket: Disclosed is an adhesive pocket that can removably attach to an article of clothing or directly onto a user's skin underneath clothing. The pocket of the present invention comprises closed side ends, a closed lower end, and an open upper end that provides access to a defined interior volume therein.... Agent:

20150101109 - Shirt-stay suspenders: Suspender devices for maintaining in place a shirt or other upper garment for a wearer. The suspender devices having an elongated strap member with an upper end having fastener members thereon for attachment to a shirt or other upper garment, and with a lower end having a foot loop for... Agent:

20150101111 - Pad for a garment, padded garment and method of manufacturing same: A pad for a garment includes a one piece structure comprising interconnected elements made from a compressible material. The elements are arranged such that, when the pad is in a non-deformed state, each element is spaced apart from adjacent elements by a void. The elements are interconnected such that when... Agent:

20150101110 - Protective padding assembly for a sports apparel article: A protective sports garment comprising including an article of clothing and at least a first pad assembly having an inner surface and an outer surface defining a pad area. The pad assembly includes a plurality of spaced apart cells coupled together by a plurality of linking members, and first and... Agent: Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

20150101112 - Method and apparatus of preventing a fall or minimizing the impact of the fall of an individual: Falling causes serious injury to the body and is a leading cause of death in the elderly. An external belt placed over the waist comprises an inertia system and expandable modules. These modules contain packed air bags and can be expanded in size by orders of magnitude using an air... Agent:

04/09/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150096094 - Device for conditioning a glove and methods of forming and using the same: A device to aid in conditioning a baseball glove, namely in the formation and/or maintenance of a baseball pocket, typically includes one or more balls, two or more securement members for maintaining the glove in a closed position with the ball inside the glove, the securement member being defined by... Agent:

20150096095 - Garment with knee pads: Disclosed is a pair of pants with pockets for holding various types of knee pads therein. Each of the pockets is positioned on the knee portions of the pants so that it is directly positioned over the wearer's knees when the wearer is wearing the pants. The side edges and... Agent:

20150096096 - Attachable garment collar cover: Various embodiments of a novel attachable garment collar cover are disclosed. In one embodiment, the attachable garment collar cover has a first collar cover blade, a second collar cover blade, a first button hole edge, a second button hole edge, a rear elastic, and a collar insert opening that can... Agent:

20150096097 - Convertible child care garment: An upper body garment configured to convert between a garment portion and a carry bag portion, wherein the carry bag portion is capable of storing the garment portion when the garment portion is not being worn. The garment portion has a storage pouch configured to store the carry bag portion... Agent:

20150096098 - Runner number pocket for runners: A jersey, jacket or similar garment features a built-in transparent pocket on the front of the garment for a runner number. The pocket may be affixed to the garment by the manufacturer, or it may be provided as an after-market modification in an iron-on version. The pocket is sized to... Agent:

20150096099 - Overalls for cleanroom and the like: A clean room suit including at least one first grasping means on an inner face for facilitating dressing.... Agent:

20150096101 - Interchangeable tie: A method for assembling a bow tie comprising inserting a first end of a link into an receiving end of a first strap portion of a first interchangeable tie section, the first interchangeable tie section including the first strap portion and a first leaf portion, selecting a second interchangeable tie... Agent:

20150096100 - Reversible bowtie module: A reversible bowtie that comprises two combined modules which may have contrasting sides and or be identical such that, the combination of the modules provides for several connection arrangements. A module may comprise both male and female connecting means on a first side, which may have mirrored and or same... Agent: Brooks Brothers Group, Inc.

20150096102 - Head garment for privacy: A head garment for privacy and methods of using the same are disclosed. The head garment has a frame including an elongated member, the frame including a loop portion that extends upward and forward from a rear portion that includes a tail, the loop portion including a rim, a veil... Agent: Dicksbridge, Inc.

20150096103 - Head cover: An article of headwear is made of stretchable porous fabric and is configured to fit snugly over a woman's head to conceal hair loss or baldness of the user. A gathering band is stitched inside the headwear along the back portion in the area of the natural hairline to create... Agent:

20150096104 - Shape-maintenance cap: Disclosed is a shape-maintenance cap which has features in that the exterior of a cap transformed by an external impact can be recovered to its original shape. The present invention comprises a body part of a cap formed of at least one molded sheet and a brim part which is... Agent: Dada Corporation

20150096105 - Trousers sewn from same fabric: Trousers sewn from same fabric include a trouser body sewn from at least one flexible fabric that has a trouser trunk to cover a wearer's leg and a trouser head to encircle wearer's waist. The trouser head includes a trouser head fastener and a housing space formed inside thereof and... Agent:

20150096107 - Exercise sock with configurable fastening straps: An exercise sock with configurable straps includes a sock body, at least one lateral reinforced-opening, at least one medial reinforced-opening, and a pair of fastening straps. The lateral reinforced-opening and the medial reinforced-opening are traversed through the sock body opposite of each other so that the pair of fastening straps... Agent:

20150096106 - Sock pouch: A sleeve pouch may be provided. The sleeve pouch may be formed through the attachment of an elastic annular member to a sleeve member, wherein the space between the two surfaces forms a pouch capable of storing objects.... Agent: Bootaroo LLC

20150096108 - Garment system: An interactive garment system provides a garment with strategically and aesthetically positioned indicia. The indicia display a themed design. The garment also includes a machine-readable code that operatively joins with a network for providing tactile, visual, and auditory education and/or entertainment. The machine-readable code is configured to link to a... Agent:

20150096109 - Article and method for decorating footwear and other articles: An accessorizing article for accessorizing footwear is provided wherein the footwear includes a footwear base and a footwear containment strap having a strap first end, a strap second end and a strap middle portion. The accessorizing article includes a first article band, wherein the first article band includes a first... Agent:

20150096110 - Pocket square support device and method of using same: A pocket handkerchief support device comprises a thin, substantinally planar, flexible, resilient and substantially rectangular card having corners, a first opening with a first open area and a second opening having a second open area, the first and second openings having corresponding first and second centroids vertically aligned with each... Agent:

20150096111 - Quick release tuck strap: A releasable fastener system includes a first base material and a second base material being fastened together when the fastener system is in a fastened state and released from one another when the fastener system is in a released state. The fastener system further includes a stiffening member fastened to... Agent:

20150096112 - Omnistring - omnisexual thong: r

20150096113 - Sport helmet: A helmet comprising an inner liner made of foam material forming a body of the helmet. The inner liner has a convex outer surface and a concave inner surface defining a cavity for receiving the wearers. The inner liner has a plurality of beams extending from front to rear of... Agent: Louis Garneau Sports Inc.

04/02/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150089705 - Baseball or softball glove: A glove includes: a first leather member on a side of a ball catching plane; a second leather member disposed to face the first leather member; and a connection portion in which the first leather member and the second leather member are connected at a part of an outer peripheral... Agent:

20150089706 - Self-adhering knee pad: A membrane serves as the base layer for a knee pad, with a rigid shell being connected to an exterior surface of the membrane and a combination of elastic webbing and a padded layer being connected to an interior surface of the membrane. A user places there knee in the... Agent:

20150089708 - Clothing system with concealed weapons compartment: A clothing system with a concealment pocket for concealing a weapon or other items. The concealment pocket includes internal stitching which may follow the outline of a weapon, such as a handgun. The internal stitching maintains the orientation of the handgun when placed in the concealment pocket. The concealment pocket... Agent:

20150089709 - Hat with wrap-around sun shade: According to one embodiment of the present invention, the article or piece of clothing includes a hat having a crown and a bill extending outwardly from the crown. A wrap-around shoulder-length sun shade or sun screen is releasably coupled, by separating zippers, to the crown and bill of the hat.... Agent:

20150089707 - Rehabilitation garment: A preferred embodiment of the invention is based on a rehabilitation garment allowing a user to take cold or heat therapy while performing other tasks. In a preferred embodiment of a version of the invention, a rehabilitation garment comprises a single layer of material made of a stretchable material. The... Agent: Formula W2, LLC

20150089710 - Skin-to-skin care garment: A convertible garment for skin-to-skin care of an infant, the garment including a flexible panel having a panel width disposed between panel first and second ends which removably couple to one another to dispose the panel width about a torso of a wearer to define an interior space between a... Agent: Hudlo LLC

20150089711 - Undershield roof jacket: The Undershield Roof Jacket, Is a stylist outdoors jacket. An anytime wear jacket clothing with a anytime convertible cloth roof cover, that can be worn outdoors in good or bad weather conditions. It is worn with the convenience of the built in cloth roof, collapsed down adjacent on the jacket... Agent:

20150089712 - Multi-use garment: A multi-use garment includes a generally rectangular body of fabric material, a first and second arm hole defined through the body of fabric material and symmetrically disposed side to side. A first and a second pocket may be provided as well as a plurality of connecting elements and/or sleeve fastening... Agent:

20150089713 - Volleyball hitting glove: An athletic glove is provided, comprising a palm portion and a digit portion having a plurality of generally hollow digit sleeves extending from the palm portion. Each of the generally hollow digit sleeves is configured to generally confine a respective digit of a wearer. Spacers are provided between the generally... Agent:

20150089714 - Coating composition for skin-contacting surface of elastomeric articles and articles containing the same: The invention described herein relates to a therapeutic, moisturizing coating composition for elastomeric articles which is applied directly onto the skin-contacting surface of the article as part of the manufacturing process. The coating composition is thermally stable and subsequently hydrates when contacted with a moisturized skin surface to convert into... Agent: Allegiance Corporation

20150089715 - Differential stretch multiple-size cap: A cap is constructed using multiple uni-axially stretchable woven gore fabric all of which are connected to a crown portion. A single-layer headband is stretchable along a peripheral edge and at 45 degree angles to the crown portion and is connected to the lower peripheral exterior edge of the crown... Agent:

20150089716 - Concealed pockets for trousers: Trousers with concealed pockets constructed utilizing pocket assemblies are disclosed. In one embodiment, a pair of trousers having a concealed pocket, includes a front leg panel including a bottom edge and a pocket edge, a pocket assembly, including: at least one panel of fabric stitched to form a primary pocket... Agent: Volcom, Inc.

20150089717 - Interchangeable fashion accessory: An interchangable fashion accessory is disclosed that may be used with different articles of clothing. In a first configuration, the fashion accessory may be worn around a user's waist to provide a different appearance for a dress. In a second configuration, the fashion accessory may be secured around a hat... Agent:

20150089718 - Shirt securer: A system for securing a shirt is provided that includes a retainer having an anterior portion and a posterior portion, the anterior portion of the retainer having a fastener for securing the anterior portion of the retainer to a corresponding fastener on an anterior portion of the shirt, and the... Agent:

20150089719 - Undergarment with a reflective element: At least one reflective element may be integrated into or otherwise coupled to any suitable undergarment, where the reflective element may enable a user wearing the undergarment to see a reflection of the user's genitalia. For example, this may substantially improve a woman's ability to see her own genitalia any... Agent:

20150089720 - Neck protection device: A device for use with a helmet in contact sports, which includes a curved body connected with the helmet and configured for disposal along a front part of a user's neck. The body includes: (i) planar first and second surfaces, the first surface defining a slot; and (ii) a third... Agent:

20150089722 - Dual shell helmet for minimizing rotational acceleration: A protective helmet which employs an inner shell, an outer shell, and dampeners positioned between the inner and outer shells which facilitate rotational movement between the inner and outer shells. The dampeners also provide shock absorption to counter the rotational acceleration caused by an impact to the helmet.... Agent:

20150089721 - Helmet construction: A shell-less helmet is provided with resilient material and a stainless steel interior member to protect the individual from head trauma while at the same time preventing the use of the helmet as a weapon due to the resilient helmet outer layer.... Agent:

20150089724 - Dual shell helmet for minimizing rotational acceleration: The present invention relates to personal safety equipment for use by athletes, military personnel, motor sports participants and the like and in particular, protective headgear adapted to minimize rotational acceleration and/or axial compressive forces incident on the head of a wearer.... Agent:

20150089723 - Sport helmet comprising an occipital inner pad mounted to a movable rear support: A sport helmet comprising an outer shell, an inner padding for covering at least partially the wearer's head, an occipital inner pad for facing the occipital region of the wearer's head, a rear support comprising an upper part hingedly mounted to the helmet and a lower part mounted to the... Agent: Bauer Hockey Corp.

20150089725 - System and method for coupling helmet components and liners: A helmet an include a shell, a liner disposed within the shell, a flexible band disposed between the shell and a portion of the liner to releasably couple the liner to the shell without glue, hook and loop fasteners, or snaps. The helmet can also include an energy-absorbing layer of... Agent:

20150089726 - Helmet cover assembly having at least one mounting device: A helmet cover includes a cover configured to extend over a helmet and at least one mount attached to the cover. In one embodiment, a backing plate is coupled to the at least one mount and the cover is sandwiched between the backing plate and the at least one mount.... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20150089727 - Swimming goggles: Swimming goggles include left and right frames each having an inner peripheral face and an outer peripheral face and being assembled with a lens, a connecting element interconnecting the left and right frames, skirt portions being respectively attached to the inner peripheral faces, and head strap apparatuses. Each of the... Agent: Global Esprit Inc.

03/26/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150082503 - Ballistic vest system with ballistic vein component: Embodiments of ballistic vest system including a ballistic vest having a soft body armor component with a ballistic vein component positioned behind and adjacent the soft armor component for providing structural support to the ballistic vest and provide further dissipation of forces generated by the impact of a ballistic projectile... Agent:

20150082504 - Molded rubberized toddler primer ball glove: An easy to use ball-catching glove is used by toddlers as their first glove. It is padded by the thickness and characteristic shock-absorbing quality of Plastisol, gum rubber, silicone rubber material, soft plastic material, any of a variety of materials or combinations of materials having a hardness value in a... Agent:

20150082505 - Padded glove device for children and methods of making and using same: Protective gear for infants and young children such as passed anti-scratching hand coverings are described. The gloves can alleviate harmful scratching of the child's hands on his or her face or other vulnerable areas. The gloves can also aid the motor-skills, coordination and dexterity development of young children. The gloves... Agent:

20150082508 - Anti-perspirant glove: A method of making garment material, the method having the steps: applying coagulant (34) to a substrate (32); applying a foam (38) of the polymeric material to the substrate (32); allowing the coagulant (34) to coagulate some of the foam (38); and removing uncoagulated foam (38) from the substrate (32)... Agent: A T G Ceylon (private) Limited

20150082507 - Shapable armor for users: A carrier garment configured to carry protective panels on a user's torso allows adjustment of the carrier garment and the protective panels to accommodate a wide range of bust and torso sizes, from flat-chested to full figured bust and torso lines. Embodiments allow quick adjustment back to a flat configuration... Agent:

20150082506 - Upper body garment with hidden pockets: An upper body garment includes web portions fastened to one another by a seam which is selectively openable to define one or more seam openings configured to provide user access to one or more pockets disposed along the seam on the exterior of the garment. The pockets are supported by... Agent:

20150082509 - Easy access individual needs one piece garment: A one-piece garment employing a drop seat panel configured or modified to permit the wearer to have restroom breaks or attend to other individual needs without being required to partially or fully remove the garment is disclosed. The garment creates a horizontal separation at the back waistband that goes from... Agent:

20150082510 - Support shirt: Embodiments are directed to a support shirt providing sleeve reinforcement regions on sleeve portions about a centerline. The centerline exists as a curvilinear axis across the support shirt. The support shirt comprises a shirt body, and shirt body sleeves positioned near the upper shirt body. The shirt body provides support... Agent:

20150082511 - Grip enhancing hand and wrist covering: A grip enhancing hand and wrist covering for improving a user's ability to grip a ball, comprising a glove component and a wrist component, each having a plurality suction cups disposed thereon. The glove component is defined by a conventional glove body having a plurality of suction cups spanning the... Agent:

20150082512 - Magnetic mechanics glove: A pair of magnetic mechanics gloves for allowing metal objects to be removably attached magnetically thereto comprising a right magnetic mechanics glove and a left magnetic mechanics glove. The right magnetic mechanics glove is defined by a conventional right handed glove body having magnetically infused finger tips and, in some... Agent:

20150082514 - Golf glove with cleaning element: A golf glove employing a cleaning member includes a palm portion and an opposing back portion having an opening for receiving the cleaning member. The cleaning member may be fixedly connected to the back portion of the glove. A flap member attached to the back portion of the glove is... Agent: Rms Glove, LLC

20150082513 - Golf glove with cleaning members: A golf glove employing a cleaning member includes a palm portion and an opposing back portion. The cleaning member may be fixedly or detachably connected to the back portion of the glove. A flap member attached to the back portion of the glove is positionable between a closed position, in... Agent:

20150082515 - Travel sleep mask apparatus to support the head of a user: A support mask apparatus secured to a head of a user and a supporting structure to enhance sleep quality by supporting the head in a stationary and neutral position is provided. The support mask includes an opaque protective member placed over eyes of the user, an elastic strap with a... Agent:

20150082516 - Hip pocket pants, shorts and skirts: Various examples are provided for pants, shorts and skirts including a hip pocket. In one embodiment, among others, a pair of pants includes first and second pant legs and a hip pocket positioned along an outer portion of the first pant leg and adjacent to a front pocket of the... Agent:

20150082517 - Self-sealing fastener and garment: r

20150082518 - Self-sealing fastener and garment: This invention relates to a fastener assembly and garment comprising same having a first fastener tape and a second fastener tape, and a first edge and a second edge, the first edge having a row of cooperating fastener elements mounted thereon; wherein the second edge of each of the first... Agent:

20150082519 - 21 century underwear for men: The present invention relates to underwear for men. Information that it is good to maintain the underbody (genital organs) of men cool have been already been attested in scientific theses of foreign universities. It has been proved that the spermatogenic ability of men (genital organs) is further higher in an... Agent:

20150082520 - In-moulded helmet with pivotable shield: A helmet contains a convex, hard outer shell, a concave, impact-dissipating inner layer, a shield, and a shield cover. The concave, impact-dissipating inner layer is fitted to the convex, hard outer shell. The concave, impact-dissipating inner layer contains a front portion having a shield indentation, a back portion opposite the... Agent:

20150082521 - Optimized visual field helmets: A sports helmet optimizes the full peripheral field of vision of its wearer. The optical properties of the entire protective shell will allow the transmission of light, while reflecting a colored appearance externally, and remaining antireflective from the eye of the wearer. Internal padding and face guard also enhance the... Agent:

20150082522 - Surgical helmet: A protection device (1) shaped like a helmet, apt to be worn on by a health operator during surgery, comprising: —a main body (2) shaped as a helmet shielding the operator's head, which main body (2) is worn on jointly to a lens (200); and—means (3) for forced circulation of... Agent:

20150082523 - Breathable impact absorbing cushioning and constructions: Disclosed herein, in one embodiment, is a breathable cushioning pad. The cushioning pad includes an upper layer surface, a lower layer with a lower surface, and a cushioning material disposed between the upper layer and has the lo cushioning pad has a thickness. A channel can be disposed in the... Agent:

20150082524 - Personal armor and backpack system: The present invention provides a system of personal body armor in which a chest protector is removably attached to the shoulder straps of a backpack. The chest protector and the backpack may be equipped with sleeves into which a variety of armor plates can be inserted.... Agent:

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