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06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150143599 - Protective glove having an arched panel: A protective sports glove including a vent opening and an arched panel extending upward and over the vent opening. The glove can include a breathable material that extends across the vent opening to provide improved air flow to and from the interior of the glove. The arched panel can arch... Agent:

20150143600 - Fighting glove: A glove useful for mixed martial arts fighting has padded knuckles for the four non-opposed fingers, with the lower half of each of the fingers not enclosed. The palm of the glove is open, and the thumb is not covered. The glove has an inner pair of attachment straps closable... Agent: Zuffa, LLC

20150143601 - Garments having stretchable and conductive ink: Methods of forming garments having one or more stretchable conductive ink patterns. Described herein are method of making garments (including compression garments) having one or more highly stretchable conductive ink pattern formed of a composite of an insulative adhesive, a conductive ink, and an intermediate gradient zone between the adhesive... Agent:

20150143602 - Sectionalized over-garment: A sectionalized over-garment which is convertible for appropriate climatic adaptation during extended outdoor use includes a vest section and a skirt section. The vest section includes a front body opening, as well as arm holes and a pair of access holes respectively located between an arm hole and the front... Agent:

20150143603 - Infant sleep suit: An innovative sleeping suit for infants, configured to provide warmth, a contained environment, and positive proprioceptive input, and thereby reduce neurological reflexive twitching or habitual waking patterns prevalent when infants are placed on their backs for sleeping and are not swaddled. The weighting in the suit is believed to reduce... Agent: Baby Merlin Company

20150143604 - Shirt with removable cape and hood, with or without mask: A costume component is disclosed comprising a T-shirt, a cape component, a hood component, and, in one embodiment, a mask component. The mask component is securable to the hood component. Preferably the hood and the cape components are integral so as to be placeable upon and removable from the T-shirt.... Agent: Wiesner Products Inc.

20150143605 - Hands-free pumping garment: A garment for pumping milk includes an outer layer; an inner layer coupled to the outer layer at one end, the inner layer having a second end that is elastic, the inner layer having first and second pockets each allowing access to a breast and each having an elastic gathering... Agent:

20150143606 - Adaptive shirt: An adaptive shirt that includes: a front half; a back half; a first connective seam where the first connective seam includes a resealable sealing mechanism; a second connective seam, where the second connective seam includes a resealable sealing mechanism and where the first connective seam and second connective seam secure... Agent:

20150143607 - Golf gloves: According to the various features characteristics and embodiments of the present invention which will become apparent as the description thereof proceeds, the present invention provides new gloves intended to increase the overall performance in sports activities including but limited to, the sport of golf. The improvements of said gloves primarily... Agent:

20150143608 - Nitrile/polyurethane polymer blends: A glove that includes a polymeric, elastomeric, or latex composition including a blend of a polyurethane material, an acrylonitrile-butadiene material and an ethylene vinyl acetate material; at least one of a carnauba or a modified polyethylene wax; and hard filler particles having a hardness greater than 4 Mohs or more,... Agent:

20150143611 - Effervescent texturing: Provided among other things is method of forming texture on an outer surface of an polymer layer of an article, comprising: applying a latex of polymer particles to (a) a support element of the article or (b) a former, to form an polymer layer; applying to the polymer layer discrete... Agent:

20150143610 - Polymeric gloves having grip features: A glove, including a first polymeric composition disposed as a polymeric coating or polymeric layer; and a plurality of raised features comprising a second polymeric composition disposed on a surface of the polymeric coating, wherein the polymeric coating and the plurality of raised features comprise different polymeric compositions adapted to... Agent:

20150143609 - Supported glove having grip features: Gloves including a fabric liner; a first polymeric composition adhered to at least a portion of the fabric liner, forming a polymeric coating; and a plurality of raised features comprising a second polymeric composition disposed on a surface of the polymeric coating, wherein the polymeric coating and the plurality of... Agent:

20150143612 - Flying insect repelling hat: Here is disclosed a hat having a crown and a brim, the brim having a peripheral edge, a front portion a back portion, and opposite left and right side portions. Left, right, front and back electric fans are positioned on the brim adjacent the peripheral edge. The left, right, front... Agent:

20150143613 - Solar-powered ventilated hat with light chasing function: A solar-powered ventilated hat with light-chasing function comprising an inner hat body to be worn on the head and an outer hat body pivotally connected to the inner hat body. The inner hat body is designed as meshed and a plurality of positioning ribs are disposed on its surface. On... Agent:

20150143614 - Method and apparatus for diverting sweat, liquid, moisture, or the like from an eye: Moisture diverters attachable to a region above the eye and below the eyebrow that prevents sweat, liquid, moisture, or the like from entering the eyes of a wearer is described. A moisture diverter may include a substrate having an inner surface facing the wearer and an outer surface facing away... Agent:

20150143615 - Liquid collector mountable to an object for collecting liquid from the object: A sweat collector for wearing on a user's head to collect sweat from the user's head and prevent the collected sweat from running into the user's eyes. The sweat collector is at least partly made of nonabsorbent material. The sweat collector comprises a sweat-collecting recess between its inner and outer... Agent:

20150143617 - Helmet with multiple protective zones: The present invention is a protective helmet having multiple zones of protection suitable for use in construction work, athletic endeavors, and similar activities. The helmet includes a hard outer protective shell, an inner shell and an elastomeric zone with the outer shell suspended over the inner shell. A plurality of... Agent:

20150143616 - Tool-free accessory retaining device for a helmet: A retaining system includes a receiver comprising: a holder with a first side and an opposite second side and an eccentric aperture extends from the first side to the second side of the holder; a column comprising a central axis, a first axial side, and a second opposite axial side;... Agent: K-2 Corporation

20150143618 - Adapter for protective head gear: The adapter comprises a clip with a groove, and a rack that engages with the groove. The clip attaches securely to an edge of a fabric, for example, a panel on a baseball cap. The rack includes an angle adjuster, on which a brow guard, welding helmet, or other protective... Agent: A.c.e. International

20150143619 - Lens assembly: A lens assembly provides an interchangeably removable frame and lens for a face mask for use in adjusting to a variety of different conditions that a user may encounter. The lens assembly beneficially provides a user with an option to interchangeably attach and detach a different lens to a face... Agent:

20150143620 - Cut resistant garment: A cut resistant sweater is provided including a chest portion, sleeves, collar, and closure extending from the top edge of the collar through at least part of the chest portion. The closure includes an opening extending from the top of the collar through at least part of the chest portion,... Agent:

20150143621 - Watersport hiking support system: A device that provides support for sailors while hiking from a sailing vessel is disclosed. The device includes a garment that is shaped and/or configured to resist the backwards leaning moment of a sailor whilst hiking thereby reducing muscular strain and effort.... Agent:

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135389 - Method and apparatus for controlling opening of an auto-darkening filter in an eye protection device: An eye protection device for a welding mask or the like includes a welding activity detection circuit that is configured to detect welding activity, and a filter driver that controls an optical filter to be in undarkened and darkened states. The filter driver is configured to (i) provide a slower... Agent: Optrel Ag

20150135390 - Minimal glove capable of direct and removable adherence to a palm: A minimal glove capable of being removably secured to a palm directly, the minimal glove comprises a flexible sheet having a substrate layer, a backing layer having a top surface and a bottom surface and an attachment layer, wherein the flexible sheet is formed substantially in the shape of a... Agent:

20150135391 - Table bib: A bib for use with a support surface includes a mounting portion and a collection portion. The mounting portion includes a bottom surface that is configured to grip the support surface when positioned thereon. The collection portion includes a pouch and hangs from the mounting portion. The mounting portion collects... Agent:

20150135392 - Swimming caps: A swimming cap made of a synthetic rubber and sized to substantially cover the scalp of a wearer's head, the cap having an opening formed in a posterior region thereof such that the wearer's hair can pass through the opening to form a ponytail.... Agent:

20150135396 - Apparel including interconnected wicking structure: A fabric is provided having a defined pattern of hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions that extend entirely through the thickness of the fabric so that the defined pattern is identical on the inner and outer surfaces of the fabric. The defined pattern is configured so that the hydrophilic regions are all... Agent:

20150135393 - Cover up towel: The present invention relates generally to a novel towel easily fixed about the body of a wearer, the towel comprising a substantially planer rectangular main body having a hem at the longitudinal top edge and a cord mounted on said hem and contracting said hem to form a neck opening... Agent:

20150135395 - Garment retaining apparatus: A garment retaining apparatus comprises an elastic strap member having a first end portion, a middle portion and a second end portion, a pair of first end members attached to the first end portion by means of a D-ring, a second end member attached to the second end portion by... Agent:

20150135394 - Leg warmer: The invention is a product that is an improved leg warmer that is easy to wear and remove, including for young children.... Agent:

20150135398 - Gown for self-donning while maintaining sterility and methods therefor: A gown (100) can include a body covering portion (101). The gown can optionally include sleeves (107,108) extending distally from the body covering portion. The gown can include a shoulder covering portion (106) defining a head insertion aperture (105). To make the gown self-donnable without compromising sterility of sterile portions,... Agent: Medline Industries, Inc.

20150135397 - Medical gown: A gown with an opening to allow passage the user's head allowing the gown to rest on the user's shoulders and an opening in the back with one cord attached to the inside of each side of the opening in the back of the gown and each cord then extends... Agent:

20150135399 - Shirt garment with hidden button: A garment having a collar, the garment comprising: a placket, extending the length of the garment and having spaced apart first and a second buttons substantially nearer to the collar than a third button; wherein a portion of the placket intermediate the first and second button comprises a fly-front placket... Agent:

20150135400 - Multi-functional necktie: The invention relates to a necktie that has been specially designed to display two different appearances depending on how it is tied, i.e. either in the form of a traditional necktie or as a cravate. Moreover, the necktie can optionally display an additional two appearances depending on the face selected... Agent: Morlo Inversiones S.l.

20150135401 - Glove with cleaning surfaces: A pair of gloves with cleaning surfaces have a thumb cleaning portion located on the thumb tip, a finger cleaning portion on a fingertip portion and a ventral cleaning portion located on the backside of the gloves. The cleaning portions are integrally formed in the same material as the rest... Agent:

20150135402 - Glove with removable fingertips: A glove, having a finger sheath comprising multiple pieces of fabric held together by seams; and reinforcements for the seams so that part of the sheath can be removed by cutting without the seams unraveling.... Agent: 5.11, Inc.

20150135403 - Polymer blends of nitrile rubber and polychloroprene: Polymer compositions including blends of approximately 90 to approximately 60 percent by weight acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer and approximately 10 to approximately 40 percent by weight polychloroprene copolymer are disclosed. Methods for manufacturing unsupported gloves and for supported gloves including a knitted liner with the polymer compositions, producing gloves having an... Agent:

20150135404 - Green tea coated gloves and related methods: The present invention is drawn to elastomeric gloves and related methods of manufacture. In one embodiment, an elastomeric glove is provided which includes a glove body having a layer made of an elastomeric material. The glove body can have interior surface and exterior surface with a green tea coating on... Agent:

20150135405 - Detachable wrist coach: A detachable wrist coach has a detachable sheet of football plays in a transparent pocket joined to a sweatband by hook-and-loop fasteners. The detachable sheet can be separated from the sweatband so that the sweatband can be cleaned without degrading the transparent pocket or getting water into it. One or... Agent: Sound Shore Innovations L.L.C.

20150135406 - Cap with replaceable visor and/or adjustment straps: A cap has removable and replaceable components. The visor of the cap is releasably secured to the crown portion. Additionally, size adjustment straps for the cap are releasably secured to the crown portion. These components may be removed from the crown portion and replaced with components having different colors, designs... Agent:

20150135407 - Pants and similar types with a convenient flap: Bifurcated leggings such as pants, jeans, trousers, shorts, leggings or pajamas with front flap for providing a convenient access to a front opening of underwear/panties for using a toilet, changing sanitary napkins, performing sexual intercourse, or allow minimally invasive surgical treatment, in the pelvic/vaginal region, without completely removing or pulling... Agent:

20150135408 - Pocket security blanket and plaything construction: A trouser garment with an integral employable security blanket formed in a reversible pocket the trouser garment having at least one garment wall adapted to support the reversible pocket; said reversible pocket having opposed pocket walls secured about peripheral edges leaving an accessible pocket opening; an edge portion of the... Agent:

20150135409 - Holder for rapid deployment of duty gear: One example describes a holder (also known as a holster or accessory) that is to be used by uniformed professional field personnel (e.g., law enforcement, fire, parks departments, search and rescue, private security, utilities personnel, military, etc.), collectively described below as “Officer”. This also introduces new features that allow for... Agent:

20150135410 - Belt structure: A belt structure includes a belt, a shape memory alloys, a processing module, and a driving module, wherein the driving module is electrically connected to the processing module. The shape memory alloys is disposed in the belt. The processing module generates a controlling signal according to a triggering signal. The... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150135411 - Helmet: A ventilation duct comprises a left duct part and a right duct part which are arranged respectively on the left and right of a shell, and a central duct part which is arranged between the left and right duct parts. The left and right duct parts are held by limiting... Agent:

20150135412 - Protective headgear: A headgear of soft pliable materials to protect the wearer's head from injury, featuring hidden impact-protection and appearing like a normal garment for the head, have openings for gathered hair such as pony-tails, highly-visible/reflective outer material, anti-bacterial/anti-fungal materials, optional thermal insulation and rain-proof materials, calibrated tensioned elastic material for maintaining... Agent:

20150135413 - Football safety helmet: A multilayer safety helmet assembly is provided comprising a helmet assembly including a helmet outer shell, a helmet inner shell, and an array of vibration dampeners disposed intermediate the outer shell and the inner shell. A resilient face guard/shock absorber assembly is further provided including a face guard and shock... Agent:

20150135414 - Protective sports helmet: A football helmet includes a plastic shell with side regions having an ear flap with a face guard connector, an ear opening, a slot, and a snap connector. The helmet also includes an internal padding assembly removably connected to the plastic shell and including a jaw pad with a force... Agent:

20150135415 - Helmet with a writing surface, markers, and stencil kit: The present invention is a dry erase helmet with dry erase markers and/or a stencil set. The dome-shaped helmet of the present invention includes adjustable straps and an exterior surface of the helmet cover that is also a writing surface that can provide a clear high contrast message or other... Agent:

20150135417 - Mandible guard adjustment system: Methods and devices for adjusting the position of a mandible guard relative to a helmet are disclosed. Adjustment of the mandible guard may be performed by a user while the user is wearing the helmet and/or without the use of tools. A mandible guard adjustment system may be combined with... Agent:

20150135416 - Retrofit sliding helmet visor: A horizontally extendable retrofit assembly for a helmet visor that extends for protection of the wearer's the face. A retrofit visor attachment for a helmet visor includes a flexible polymer visor shaped to connect to existing fixed helmet visors commonly found on motocross helmets. Such an add-on will fit a... Agent:

20150135418 - Swim goggle audio system and method of use thereof: A waterproof audio system having an audio plug electrically connected to a y-adapter, a left coiled wire having a first end and a second end, said first end connected to said y-adapter and said second end connected to a left ear bud speaker; and a right coiled wire having a... Agent:

20150135419 - Goggles with detachable mask: A support frame for releasably attaching a facemask to a goggle including at least one vent and its method of use are disclosed. In one non-limiting embodiment, the support frame includes a nose bridge and two legs extending from the nose bridge. The nose bridge and the two legs are... Agent: The Burton Corporation

20150135420 - Protective gear: Protective gear is disclosed including a protective vest and eyewear. An example method of protecting a user both during and after an attack may include providing the protective vest to be worn by the user during the attack; and providing eyewear to obscure vision of the user from traumatic scenes... Agent: Evo Consulting & Operations, LLC

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