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09/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140237695 - Face mask system: A face mask system for effectively dispensing a medication and/or scented material to a user. The face mask system generally includes a face mask with a medication and/or scented material that is dispensed to a wearer of the face mask via the air breathed into the respiratory system. The medication... Agent:

20140237696 - Pantleg holding mechanism for knee pads: A knee pad holding mechanism for holding a knee pad over the knee region of a pantleg having a first length of fabric material and a second length of fabric material operatively secured together to form a pocket, the pocket being sized and shaped to receive a knee pad and... Agent: 5 Seas Engineering & Trading LLC

20140237697 - Belt device for securing the external portion of a catheter: The present novel technology relates to a medical device and/or medical garment that may be fittingly engaged to a patient or user by a generally elastic belt portion. When the medical garment is worn, it may be used to secure and support Central Venous Catheter lines or Intravenous lines. The... Agent:

20140237699 - Enhanced access garment: A robe-like garment with a liftable back panel. A draw string internal to the robe drapes over either the left or right shoulder of the wearer, and is attached to the bottom of the rear panel. To lift the rear panel, the wearer pulls downward on the draw cord. The... Agent:

20140237698 - Garments having an evacuation harness and methods of using the same: Garments having an evacuation harness that are intended for connection to each other, with each garment having an outer wear unit including at least a torso portion and an evacuation harness that includes a torso strap system connected to the outer wear unit, a drag strap coupling connected to the... Agent: Hyprum LLC

20140237700 - Hooded sweatshirt that converts to a stuffed pillow: A hooded sweatshirt that may be converted to a stuffed pillow has a sweatshirt body that is adapted to be worn by a person and a hood attached to the sweatshirt body. The hood has a stuffed-pillow surface and an opposed hood surface. The hood can be reconfigured between a... Agent: Global Holdings, Inc.

20140237701 - Multi-functional metal fabrication glove: Multifunctional liners and gloves that include impact-, cut- and flame/heat-resistant yarns and, optionally, flame/heat-resistant coatings, as well as methods for manufacturing liners and gloves, are disclosed.... Agent:

20140237702 - Vinyl chloride resin aggregate particles, process for producing same, and glove obtained using same: The present invention provides: vinyl chloride-based resin aggregate particles that can be produced through a heat treatment while inhibiting scale formation within a vessel for the heat treatment and that provide a plastisol with non-infiltrating property and a satisfactory sagging property; a process for producing the particles; and a glove... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20140237703 - Padded headband: A padded headband. The padded headband includes a padding material. The padded headband also includes a cloth covering surrounding the padding material.... Agent:

20140237704 - Underwear: Underwear adapted to add an inner structure to a traditional covering comprising waistband and fabric panels conventionally covering the buttocks, hips, and genital areas. The inner structure may include a fabric panel bearing a ridge intended to occupy the cleft separating the buttocks, with the fabric panel adhering closely to... Agent:

20140237706 - Padded skull cap: A cap comprising one or more pads. The cap is wearable by itself or inside of a separate piece of protective headgear. The pads of the cap provide protection to a user's head, and/or fill in spaces inside a piece of protective headgear, such that the protective headgear properly fits... Agent:

20140237705 - Transport hood including skirt: A transport hood for conveying a detainee protects conveying personnel from exposure to blood and body fluids of the detainee, while avoiding discomfort and potential breathing difficulty to the detainee caused by blood and body fluids retained within the transport hood. The transport hood includes a top portion positioned over... Agent:

20140237707 - Impact diversion system: An impact diversion system for diverting the force of an impact away from a user's head, which includes a helmet system to receive an impact and a harness system suitably enabled to stabilize the helmet system. The helmet system includes a helmet comprising an outer shell with a first opening... Agent:

20140237708 - Optical device mounting adapter: An optical device mounting adapter, and system and method for mounting an optical device to a head-worn article are provided. The optical device mounting adapter includes a helmet mount connector. A first arm having a first end is affixed to the helmet mount connector, wherein a second end of the... Agent:

20140237709 - Interchangeable lens goggle adaptable to prevent fogging: Anti-fog, interchangeable-lens goggle adapted for use with a battery comprising: a body with a flexible posterior portion for engaging a user's face and an anterior portion; a lens having a resistive anti-fog element thereon, the lens adapted for engaging the anterior portion of the body; an engagement mechanism for releasably... Agent: Abominable Labs, LLC

20140237710 - Protective garments and methods of making: Protective garments having first and second elastic straps and methods of manufacturing the same are described herein. The first strap may be positioned partially or entirely along a first strap line that extends from a left shoulder region to a right leg. The second strap may be positioned partially or... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20140237711 - Outerwear system incorporating a base garment with attachable outer skins, such as for providing terrain dictated camouflage: A system for providing any plurality of exchangeable (typically thin-walled and lightweight) outer skins in combination with a wearable base garment, the base garment selected from as at least one of a one-piece suit, pants or a jacket and exhibiting a plurality of fasteners. A first selected outer skin is... Agent:

08/21/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140230114 - Sun shade apparatus: A sun shade apparatus for use with eyeglasses having a pair of temples and worn relative to a user's head includes a flexible headband removably coupled to the pair of temples of the eyeglasses. A head shade assembly is coupled to an upper end of the framework so as to... Agent:

20140230115 - Adaptive camouflage: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for retaining camouflage material. A frame includes a front surface and a back surface. The frame may be configured to distribute pressure across the back surface from camouflage material retained against the front surface. At least one retention device may be coupled to... Agent:

20140230116 - Protective chaps: Protective chaps, such as chainsaw protective chaps, including a right legging, a left legging, and a waist attachment element such as a belt for attaching the chaps to the waist of a wearer, Each legging has preferably 2-5 strap units, such as straps, for securing the legging around the back... Agent: Arborwear LLC

20140230117 - Disposable dental bib with built-in sanitary collar: A dental bib has a built-in sanitary collar that, in one embodiment, is completely detachable from the rest of the bib by tearing along a pre-perforated line between the main portion of the bib and the detachable portion of the bib. The main portion of the bib is secured to... Agent:

20140230118 - Warp knitted fabric manufacturing method, warp knitted fabric, and work clothes: The invention addresses the problem of providing a warp knitted fabric manufacturing method capable of stably producing a warp knitted fabric wherein the longitudinal stretchability is 200%. To solve the problem, the invention is a warp knitted fabric manufacturing method that forms bands of a warp knitted structure with increased... Agent: Koizumi Braid Inc.

20140230119 - Breast supporting garment: A breast support device designed to provide the wearer with a high degree of control and support of breast tissue while minimizing the pain and discomfort associated with conventional breast control garments, that can be worn on its own or integrated into garments where breast support is desirable. The breast... Agent: Lynx Enterprises LLC

20140230122 - Apparel with reduced drag coefficient: An athletic garment including a panel designed to reduce frictional and pressure drag around an appendage of an athlete competing in a high-speed event, such as running and cycling. The panel is positioned to encircle the appendage, and is provided with regions having different surface texture roughnesses. The leading edge... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140230124 - Article of clothing: The invention relates to an article of clothing (1), comprising a textile carrier material (2), which surrounds a body section of a wearer of the article of clothing (1), wherein an adhesion layer (3) is arranged on the carrier material (2) at that side of the carrier material (2) which... Agent: Puma Se

20140230121 - Fabric having improved diffusion moisture capability and garments made therefrom: A fabric is provided having a defined pattern of hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions that extend entirely through the thickness of the fabric so that the defined pattern is identical on the inner and outer surfaces of the fabric. The defined pattern is configured so that the hydrophilic regions are all... Agent: Under Armour, Inc.

20140230123 - Surface fastener and surface fastener latch element combination: A surface fastener which includes a hook surface fastener (A) and a loop surface fastener (B), or a mixed surface fastener (C). The hook surface fastener (A) has hook fastener elements made of monofilaments on a surface of a base fabric. The loop surface fastener (B) has loop fastener elements... Agent: Kuraray Fastening Co., Ltd.

20140230120 - Transformable clothing: A transformable article of clothing wearable by a person in a plurality of configurations. According to various embodiments, a transformable article of clothing comprises a central tubular portion coupled to a first member and a second member is configurable between a shawl and a scarf. In another embodiment, a transformable... Agent:

20140230125 - Urination relief hatch for waterproof waders and foul weather gear: An improved fishing or hunting wader, exposure suit or foul weather pants/bib incorporates a novel waterproof connectable hatch to provide access for urination. The low profile and lightweight waterproof hatch is centered over the groin area and allows the wearer of a fishing wader, or similar foul weather gear pants,... Agent:

20140230126 - Pre-knotted adjustable necktie: A pre-knotted adjustable necktie is provided that includes a pre-knot and a tie body worn about a collar by a person, tie body having a first and second end as well as a front and back to accommodate a surface design and pre-knot having a cover accommodating a cover surface... Agent:

20140230127 - Hand warming device and associated methods: A hand warmer device maintains hand warmth while not inhibiting dexterity in the wearer. The device includes a flexible sheet having an adhesive portion on an inner face thereof. The sheet is formed generally in the shape of a hand in two dimensions. Affixed to an outer face of the... Agent:

20140230128 - Multi-function scarf: A scarf includes a scarf body including a rectangular portion having long sides and short sides and a right triangular portion having a base, a leg and a hypotenuse, wherein the base is integrally connected to the rectangular portion on one of the long sides, the leg extending from one... Agent:

20140230129 - Hat with integrated cigar holders: A hat with integrated cigar holders includes a basket portion, a brim section extending outwardly in a first direction away from the basket portion, a plurality of openings disposed along the basket portion, and a pair of cigar straps each having a middle portion forming an adjustable sized loop disposed... Agent:

20140230130 - Garments with removable panels: Garments with fastenable panels are provided. In this regard, a representative garment includes: a body formed of material and configured as pants; an opening defined in the body; and a panel sized and shaped to cover the opening, the panel being movable between an opening position, in which the panel... Agent:

20140230131 - Hosiery with foot cushions: A hosiery product, such as a sock, footie, trouser sock or pantyhose, includes an inner layer of hosiery material, such as nylon or spandex covering the bottom and top surfaces of the wearer's foot, an outer layer of similar hosiery material, and at least one cushion section disposed between the... Agent:

20140230132 - Hosiery with graduated compression panty: Provided is a garment including hosiery which avoids the needs for a conventional waistband by providing a graduated compression panty where the compression is gradually increased from the bottom of the panty where leg portions are attached to the top of the panty which corresponds approximately with the waist of... Agent: Invista North America S.a.r.l.

20140230133 - Protective insert for an item of headwear: A protective insert for an item of golfing headwear with integral rigid peak. The protective insert is configured to protect a user's head from injury caused by a golf ball.... Agent:

20140230134 - Force redirection strap, system and method of use: A force re-direction strap, system, and method of use.... Agent:

20140230135 - Crash protection system: A crash protection system includes a base connectable to a support on an open vehicle or an animal. The base includes a front airbag module arranged proximate a front end of the base and a rear airbag module arranged proximate a rear end of the base. The front airbag module... Agent:

08/14/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140223628 - Visor assembly for a helmet: A visor assembly for an aviation helmet includes a lens, lens/strap anti-tear interface assemblies, retainer plates, and attachment strap assemblies. A friction strip mounted on the brim of the helmet operates to increase the friction between the visor lens and the helmet. The combined function of the friction strip and... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20140223629 - Glove for absorbing shock: Described herein is a glove for absorbing shock. The glove includes a glove body, and a shock absorbing member embedded in the glove body and made of a flexible material. The shock absorbing member includes cells partitioned by a cell wall and two-dimensionally arranged to absorb shock through buckling deformation... Agent: Cestusline Inc.

20140223632 - Arm support apparatus: A human arm support apparatus for use with a human seated, the apparatus includes a flexible planar member having a front end portion and a rear end portion; an aperture larger than a human head is therethrough the planar member with the aperture passed over the human head for the... Agent:

20140223631 - Button fastening: A method for fastening a button to a panel of fabric includes the steps of looping a thread having at least a thermo-fusible element between the button and the fabric panel to create at least two runs of thread between the panel and the button; gathering thread from the runs... Agent: Coats PLC

20140223633 - Suit and method for manufacturing same: A suit of the present invention is a two-piece suit (1) including a coat (2) and trousers (3) and/or a skirt that are made from a woven fabric containing animal hair fibers and/or synthetic fibers. The coat (2) stretches more in the weft direction than in the warp direction, and... Agent:

20140223630 - Wearable article with correspondingly aligned interior and exterior grip material: A wearable article provides a non-slip connection between the wearer's bare skin and the surface of an adjacently located object. The wearable article includes correspondingly aligned and shaped interior and exterior grip material segments at one or more locations on the wearable article. The interior grip material segments and correspondingly... Agent:

20140223634 - Dual layer cooling fabric: One example of a multi-layer fabric may include a PVA sponge layer, as well as a wicking layer disposed near the PVA sponge layer. The multi-layer fabric may be employed in clothing and/or other articles to facilitate achievement of a cooling effect relative to a wearer of the clothing or... Agent: Realxgear

20140223635 - Gloves for handgun shooters: Grip enhancing materials/inserts consisting of elastomeric and frictional coatings are deposited on the surface of the palm side of the glove where they are adjacent to a firearm being held, and on the surface of the back side of each of the gloves where they assist in gripping the hand... Agent:

20140223636 - Reversible sun visor: A two-sided, reversible sun visor hat featuring retaining straps on the crown to secure a pair of glasses, when not in use, and an elastic headband for versatile fitment. The bill of the reversible sun visor is constructed from durable materials that retain their original shape and thus may be... Agent:

20140223637 - Bespoke cap for dreadlocks: The present invention generally relates to a bespoke cap for people with long dreadlocks or long un-matted hair. The cap covers long dreadlocks in an aesthetically pleasing way. The bespoke cap provides a deeper crown to accommodate a large volume of dreadlocks about a wearer's head, a wide oval aperture,... Agent:

20140223638 - Hitch for cycling skirt and method of using same: A hitch for lifting the hem of a skirted garment, or garment set comprising a skirt and hitch. The hitch comprises a strip of flexible fabric with coacting fastening means affixed near each end of its length, securing the hitch in a loop when fastened. The fastening means may comprise... Agent:

20140223639 - Removable footwear covers: A removable cover designed for a boot or shoe that covers the ankle area of a wearer is disclosed that includes: at least one flexible material, wherein the flexible material is designed to cover at least a part of the top portion of the boot or shoe; and at least... Agent:

20140223640 - Adjustable collar shaping device for shirt: A moldable collar stay device for a shirt turnover collar comprising a collar stay body and dual collar stay inserts. The shape and the length of the present device may be adjusted by fasteners which facilitate changes to the angle of the collar stay inserts and the length of the... Agent:

20140223641 - Helmet with custom foam liner and removable / replaceable layers of crushable energy absorption material: Multi-layered helmets deformably absorb an impact to a wearer that are provided with a rigid outer shell, a plurality of collapsible members configured to be permanently deformable to absorb energy in response to an applied force, and a flexible inner liner. The collapsible members are individually attachable to and removable... Agent:

20140223642 - Protective athletic headwear with open top: Provided is a protective insert to be received into a pocket of a protective athletic headwear. The protective insert includes a hard outer layer, at least one pliable middle layer, and a pliable inner layer. The hard outer layer includes an arrangement of first openings to enable flexing of the... Agent:

20140223643 - Pad assemblies for a protective sports helmet: A pad assembly is provided for use with a protective sports helmet in a contact sport, the helmet having an opening. The pad assembly includes a pad member within a pad housing, and a retainer having a projection that fits within the helmet opening. The pad assembly also includes a... Agent: Riddell, Inc.

20140223644 - Football helmet with impact attenuation system: A protective football helmet is provided having a one-piece molded shell with an impact attenuation system. This system includes an impact attenuation member formed in an extent of the front shell portion by removing material from the front portion. The impact attenuation member is purposely engineered to change how the... Agent: Riddell, Inc.

20140223645 - Hinged attachment of headgear to a helmet: A hinge mechanism for attaching ear accessories to a helmet allows an accessory to be attached at a point outside the helmet shell utilizing, for example, a slidable mounting rail, and to reach under the edge of the helmet shell so that the accessory is supported in contact with the... Agent: Artisent, LLC

20140223646 - Football helmet with recessed face guard mounting areas: A protective football helmet is provided having a face guard mounting system with at least one pair of opposed recessed mounting regions that ensure a low-profile mounting arrangement for a face guard to the helmet. The recessed mounting regions are formed in both the inner and outer surfaces of the... Agent: Riddell, Inc.

20140223647 - Goggles for use in water: Goggles for use in water comprising a frame, a first lens operatively secured in a frame, a second lens operatively secured in the frame, a first indicator adjacent the first lens, a second indicator adjacent the second lens, and a housing connected with both ends of the frame wherein the... Agent:

20140223648 - Exterior facing stretch and flame resistant seam tape: A garment having at least two fabric substrates where the substrates are joined together at a seam over which a stretchable, exterior-facing seam tape is applied is provided. The seam tape includes a flame resistant fabric and a liquid barrier layer. The seam tape can further include a separate adhesive... Agent: Massif Mountain Gear Company

20140223649 - Impact-resistant pad and method of manufacturing: Impact-resistant pads, methods of manufacturing impact-resistant pads, and protective apparatuses are disclosed. An impact-resistant pad includes a spacer fabric, a fluid permeated within the spacer fabric, and a containment layer encapsulating the spacer fabric and the fluid. The fluid has a viscosity dependent on a force applied to the pad.... Agent: University Of Delaware

20140223650 - Fiber blends for garments with high thermal, abrasion resistance, and moisture management properties: Fiber blends useful for garments with a balance of high thermal, abrasion resistance, and moisture management properties are disclosed. The fiber blends comprise a hydrophobic fiber component, a hydrophilic fiber component, a structural fiber component, and an optional antistatic fiber. Yarns, fabrics, and garments comprising the fiber blends are also... Agent: Drifire, LLC

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