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01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020283 - Helmets for protection against rifle bullets: A helmet shell is formed having an outer section of fibrous layers, a middle section of fibrous layers and an inner section of fibrous layers. The outer section layers contain high tenacity abrasive fibers in a resin matrix. The middle section layers contain high strength polyolefin fibers and are in... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150020284 - Protective device for use with a glove: A protective device has a thumb connector and an index finger connector with a protective member extending therebetween. The protective device is designed to protect the thumb webbing region surface of a liquid proof heat resistant glove or mitten as a spit from a rotisserie oven is drawn atop the... Agent: Summit Glove Inc.

20150020285 - Wearable makeup shielding apparatus: A wearable shielding apparatus for protecting a wearer's clothing or body from spills and stray propellants while cosmetics are applied. The wearable shielding apparatus comprises a substantially rectangular bib structure, two flaps defined by a “U” shaped cutout opening in the top of the bib structure, a retaining hook in... Agent:

20150020288 - Clothing configurations with multiple reclosable access regions: An article of clothing is provided having a plurality of accesses for accessing, when the clothing is worn by a wearer, the area below the clothing without removing the clothing. In one example, the article of clothing is an upper-body garment with two arm accesses, an anterior torso access, and... Agent:

20150020287 - Functional underwear: The present invention provides one kind of functional underwear, which is principally designed one pair of waist belts in the upper part of the dorsal side of the trouser body to shrink the abdomen for bodyshaping effect when the pair of waist belts is buckled up in the front abdomen.... Agent:

20150020286 - Garment waist assembly: A garment is disclosed having multiple wearing options. The garment includes a waistband that defines inner openings and outer openings in the front of the waistband assembly on opposing sides of the front centerline of the garment providing access to the drawstring channel from the inner side and the outer... Agent:

20150020289 - Breast cancer recovery garment: The breast-cancer recovery system comprises a breast cancer recovery garment, an organizational subsystem and a needs kit. The breast cancer recovery garment comprises a body portion defining an opening, positioned, configured and dimensioned to allow the performance of a breast cancer treatment procedure and a closure device suitable for closing... Agent:

20150020290 - Shirt collar stabilizer: A shirt-collar stabilizer may include a collar stand surround, a first collar insert rotatably coupled to a first end of the collar stand surround, and a second collar insert rotatably coupled to a second end of the collar stand surround.... Agent:

20150020291 - Glove or sock having openings for jewelry, nails, and other uses: A glove or sock to be worn by a person and having opening(s) for jewelry or to show a person's nails.... Agent:

20150020292 - Headgear having insulated ventilation channels and perspiration and moisture drainage channel: This headgear having insulated ventilation channels and perspiration and moisture drainage channel consists of top insulated ventilation channels 42 with front ventilation openings 44 and rear ventilation openings 60. Insulated side walls 46 with side ventilation openings 48. Rim with embedded perspiration and moisture drainage channel 50. Perspiration and moisture... Agent:

20150020293 - Head and neck support device: A head and neck support device for an occupant of a vehicle with a shoulder harness over the shoulders of the occupant and a helmet on a head of the occupant. The head and neck support device having a yoke, a tether, and at least one sleeve member, which has... Agent: Simpson Performance Products, Inc.

20150020294 - Flexible helmet liner: The present invention relates generally to a helmet safety liner. More particularly, the invention encompasses a liquid-gel impact reaction liner for a motorcycle helmet. The present invention is also directed to a novel liquid-gel impact reaction liner for a half-shell motorcycle helmet. The inventive helmet could also have at least... Agent:

20150020295 - Head guard: A protective hat is provided. The protective hat can have triangular multi-layered sidewalls that are sewn to collectively form a dome. The triangular multi-layered sidewalls have a fabric layer and a side padding layer. The side padding layer can be a rate dependent padding material... Agent:

20150020296 - Bullet resistant abdominal binder: The present invention relates to abdominal binders and is particularly directed to the bullet resistant construction. Durable inner and outer semi elastic single panels will house the Spectra Shield or similar type soft armor fabric. A feature of this invention is to have the soft armour fabric run as almost... Agent:

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013040 - Sports suit with heating system and kit of parts therefor: A system that maintains a comfortable hand and/or feet temperature during the course of a water sports activity. Exhaled breath is fed to the inside of the sportsman's gloves and/or boots down a tube which runs along the inside of the wetsuit to take full advantage of the insulating properties... Agent:

20150013039 - Ballistic neck protector: The present invention provides a neck protector for protecting zones 1 and 2 of the neck from ballistic materials which produces minimal restriction of movement of the head and neck of a user. The present invention also provides under body armour garments comprising the neck protector.... Agent:

20150013041 - Hand protector: An impact reducing hand protector which can minimize injuries associated with boxing and martial arts training. The wearer's fist is separated from the rear of the padding at the front of the hand protector preventing impact on the wearer's fingers and knuckles when the hand protector strikes a target. A... Agent:

20150013042 - Two-part undergarment: The male undergarment includes a first part having a front portion, and a second part. The first part is adapted to surround the torso of the wearer and has an opening in the front portion. The second part has a bikini bottom-like shape and is adapted to be situated over... Agent:

20150013043 - Poncho having heating and cooling properties: A wearable poncho for allowing a user exposed to an extreme temperature, whether extreme heat or extreme cold, to selectably cover their body or a body part so as to allow the user to obtain protection from said extreme temperature. The wearable poncho comprises a modified poncho base having a... Agent:

20150013044 - Garment with exterior touch-sensitive features: A garment including a shell adapted to receive a portion of a body of a wearer therein, the shell having an interior surface, an exterior surface and an aperture for receiving the body portion of the wearer and at least one conductive member disposed on the exterior surface of the... Agent:

20150013045 - Ball catching hat: A ball catching hat for catching a ball may include an hemi spherical shell, a visor connected to the hemi spherical shell and the shell may include a pair of side straps connected to the outer surface of the hemi spherical shell.... Agent:

20150013046 - Detachable and adjustable hood: A garment hood has lower side portions adapted to extend on respective sides in an manner forward of the neck of the user with complementary structures such as clips enabling the lower side portions to be secured together in front of the neck of the user. The lower side portions... Agent:

20150013047 - Cooling polyamide yarn: The present invention provides a polyamide (preferably Nylon 66) yarn for weaving or knitting clothes articles which have a cooling effect on the skin of the wearer. The yarn contains an inorganic additive (preferably Titanium dioxide) in an amount of between 0.3 and 3.0 wt % and is characterized by... Agent:

20150013048 - Belt buckle: The belt buckle in order to achieve the aforementioned object of the invention is characterized by comprising a belt strap with holes punched out in the longitudinal direction thereof, a buckle into one side of which the end of the belt strap is fixed and through which the front end... Agent:

20150013049 - Fabric containment device: A device for gathering and containing a portion of fabric of a garment, such as a T-shirt and maintaining the gathered configuration of the fabric while providing a tighter fit of the garment. The device comprises a four sided outer frame having a semicircular lower side member, an upper side... Agent:

20150013050 - Protective ball cap: A protective insert for a ball cap and a cap incorporating the same. The insert includes a rigid, U-shaped outer shell and a complementary impact absorbent liner. The insert covers and protects only the forehead, temples and portions of the sides of the user's head. The shell and liner have... Agent:

20150013051 - Eva safety helmet: A pliant EVA helmet that conforms to a patient's head. The helmet is fabricated as a single unit via a molding process. The EVA material provides a stable lightweight structure that allows it to be comfortably worn for extended periods of time. The EVA shell is molded into a protective... Agent:

20150013052 - Shoulder pads: A shoulder pad for use in a contact sport, such as football, hockey or lacrosse is provided. The shoulder pad includes a pair of curvilinear, continuous arch members joined together to define a central opening that receives the player's head. A side pad assembly, including an epaulet and a shoulder... Agent:

01/08/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150007372 - Glove structure provided with protective elements and method manufacturing thereof: The present invention relates to a glove structure 10 comprising a glove 11 and at least one protective element 12, 14, 16, 16A, 16B, 18, 18A, 18B, 18C suitable for being applied on the dorsal portion 11A of at least one phalanx area of at least one finger portion... Agent:

20150007373 - Shirt protection device: A shirt protection device may include a strip of material cut to be placed around a portion of a shirt. The strip of material may be flexible and substantially transparent. The strip of material may be permanently attached by ironing the strip of material into the shirt. An adhesive may... Agent:

20150007374 - Transferable garment addition to swimwear: A transferable garment, for seamlessly transforming an existing bikini swimsuit to a tankini swimsuit, comprising a front side, a back side seamlessly connected to the front side, a torso portion having a top portion and a bottom portion, the front side and the back side forming the torso portion and... Agent:

20150007376 - Cycling suit with ameliorated construction of the leg portions: A cycling suit (1) comprising a plurality of fabric panels which are associated along structural seam lines, the suit comprising left and right leg portions (2), wherein each one of said left and right leg portions is made of a single fabric panel (3), said panel having two curvilinear opposite... Agent:

20150007375 - Eyeglass and other personal items holder: A holder for securing glasses or other personal item that is securely incorporated into an article of clothing or accessory at the time of manufacture. The holder includes a base member inserted into or attached to the article or accessory or to a trim which is itself attached to an... Agent: Hang On Holder, LLC

20150007377 - Multi-purpose wrap: A multi-use wrap is provided which is wearable in myriad different styles, under various categories. The wrap preferably is a substantially rectangular piece of fabric having first and second opposed long edges and first and second opposed short edges, and having a seam along all edges including a fusible interfacing... Agent:

20150007378 - Icu/ccu/nicu patient gown: An ICU/CCU/NICU garment for a patient during hospitalization includes an upper portion of the garment, a lower portion of the garment, and a rear portion of the garment. The upper garment portion includes a pair of front panels releasably connected to each other and to a neck panel leaving an... Agent:

20150007379 - Activewear with waistband pocket: Provided is activewear with hidden pockets. More particularly, athletic garments such as pants comprising one or more waistband pocket, preferably concealable, are included. In embodiments, athletic garments with an interior concealed pocket in the fold-over portion of a fold down waistband are provided. The waistband pocket enables the wearer to... Agent:

20150007380 - Clothing article with drawstring assembly: A drawstring closure system includes a drawstring band assembly comprising a band assembly with a channel having a first open end and a second open end and a plurality of channel apertures located longitudinally along the channel. A drawstring is thread through the channel from the first open end to... Agent:

20150007381 - \"astro patch\"- astrological or zodiac sign appliques to be attached to and/or worn on garments and other cloth-like materials: The “Astro-Patches” are strong, lightweight and thin; they are made of 100% polyester or other suitable materials or fabric; and from a side angled view, they have an approximate breadth of only 0.675 mm in thickness. The iron-on “Astro-Patches” or appliques are created with use of existing embroidery technology and... Agent:

20150007382 - Garment: A garment includes a body defining a torso opening, a first leg opening, and a second leg opening. The body has a crotch portion and an interior surface. A pad retention feature is disposed in the crotch portion of the body and extends from the interior surface of the body.... Agent: Solutions Ip, LLC

20150007383 - Protective headpiece: The present disclosure relates to a protective headpiece for an athlete of a game using a projectile to protect at least a portion of the brow, temple and jaw of the athlete's head against impacts by the projectile. The protective head piece is releasably securable to the athlete's head and... Agent: Hoplite Armour, LLC

01/01/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150000001 - Apron having elastic waist and zip closure: An hands-free, string-less apron is provided, comprising upper and lower sections constructed from a flexible material, such as a fabric or plastic material. The upper section includes a neck strap for resting behind the neck of a wearer, and the upper section is intended to cover the abdomen of the... Agent:

20150000002 - Water aerobic cover for the hair: The waterproof water aerobic cover for the hair, unlike a swimming cap or hair wrap that confines the hair to the scalp causing the wearer to lose their coiffure and its volume, is uniquely design with the best waterproof fabrics and designs to solve a long time problem that has... Agent:

20150000005 - Articles of apparel including zones having increased thermally insulative and thermally resistive properties: Thermal garments with reduced weight and bulk and improved packability include targeted zones of increased thermal resistive properties. Such garments may include: (a) a first garment region extending along a central back portion of the garment from the waist area of the garment to the neck area; (b) second and... Agent:

20150000003 - Athletic arm warmer with compression sleeve: A garment for warming a first arm and a shoulder of a wearer includes a sleeve configured to receive the first arm of the wearer and substantially cover the first arm of the wearer. The garment does not including an opposing sleeve configured to receive a second arm of the... Agent: Under Armour, Inc.

20150000004 - Temperature regulating garment: A garment for regulating temperature is provided, with a body including a back panel and at least one front panel and at least partially joined along at least one common edge, an inner liner panel fastened to an inner surface of at least one of the back panel and to... Agent:

20150000006 - Combination hair wrap, sleep mask, and reading light: A headgear device having a hair wrap component for maintaining at least a portion of a user's hair in a desired position, an eye mask component for covering a user's eyes, the eye mask component being movable from a lowered position for covering a user's eyes to a raised position... Agent:

20150000007 - Headgear with a spring buffered occipital cradle: A headgear for a head safety product such as a face shield, hardhat or welding helmet includes a spring buffered cradle mounted on the horizontal band of the headgear to improve the fit, function, stability and comfort of the headgear. The cradle is flexible and has a concave inner surface... Agent:

20150000008 - Air permeable headwear: Provided is a baseball cap-type headwear in which a peak is provided in a front lower end of a head circumferential portion and a crown is connected to an upper end of the head circumferential portion, in which a front portion of the head circumferential portion is formed as an... Agent:

20150000009 - Leg wear: A leg wear according to an embodiment of the present invention has a heel portion for covering a heel. In a plan view of a sole of the leg wear folded in a instep and sole planar shape, the length of a perpendicular line extending from a heel central point... Agent: Okamoto Corporation

20150000010 - Apparatus for keeping a shirt collar aligned and fastened, magnetically: Apparatus for magnetically holding a shirt collar in a position and orientation on a shirt front, includes a collar stay attachable to a collar via adhesive or the like, or receivable in a pocket of the collar. The collar stay includes at least one magnet, or element of a magnetized... Agent:

20150000011 - Helmets including spray on materials: Various embodiments of helmets and methods of their manufacture are disclosed. In some embodiments, the helmet includes a helmet shell having a helmet shell edge and/or a mounting location for mounting an accessory to the helmet shell. A material that is adherent to the helmet shell may be sprayed onto... Agent:

20150000013 - Exterior sport helmet pad: An exterior sport helmet pad includes a formed base pad, the formed base pad accommodating a sports helmet with an outer shell, the formed base pad being fitted to the sports helmet by internal contact pressure, and a first plurality of holes disposed on the formed base pad, the first... Agent:

20150000012 - Helmet: A helmet which performs good ventilation and which is capable of mitigating the uncomfortable feeling due to the sound is provided. The shock absorbing liner includes front ventilation holes to communicatively connect the front openings to the inside of the shock absorbing liner, outside air paths disposed in a space... Agent: Shoei Co., Ltd.

20150000014 - Biomechanics aware helmet: Protective gear includes an outer shell layer connected to a middle shell layer through an outer energy and impact transformer layer. The middle shell layer is connected to an inner shell layer through an inner energy and impact transformer layer. The outer and inner energy and impact transformer layers flexibly... Agent: Brainguard Technologies, Inc.

20150000015 - Helmet with rear adjustment mechanism: A protective helmet with a second shell having a top end connected to a top portion of a first shell such as to allow relative movement between the first shell and the bottom end of the second shell about a connection between the top end and the top portion along... Agent:

20150000016 - Retractable earplug apparatus for an eyewear assembly: An eyewear temple arm mounted to an eyewear device, wherein a distal portion of the elongated body member defines a parking structure. A distal edge portion of the structure defines an opening into a cavity thereof which is formed and dimensioned for free sliding, peripheral receipt of at least the... Agent:

20150000017 - Goggles comprising adjustable nose bridge: Goggles in which the space between a pair of eyecups is adjusted by a nose bridge are provided. The goggles comprise: a nose bridge for connecting the facing ends of the eyecups; and a band holder, extended from at least one of the facing ends of the eyecups, for accommodating... Agent:

20150000018 - Modular impact protection system for athletic wear: A modular protective structure may be formed from an impact absorbing material formed into a repeating pattern of one or more geometrical shapes that may be assembled to a size, shape, and/or configuration desired to protect an athlete from impact. The thickness of the structure may vary in a repetitive... Agent:

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