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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331374 - Anti-ballistic protective undergarment: A protective undergarment (10), shown in the form of shorts, includes integrally formed protective panels (22, 26, 30) that exhibit slash-proof properties. The protective areas (22, 26, 30) are made from a flexible Kevlar® knit or the like, and extend to cover the groin, crotch, substantial areas of the buttocks... Agent: Bcb International Limited

20140331375 - Integrated protective garment ensemble: A protective garment system fabricated from ballistic textiles having a V50 on 2 grain RCC of at least 300 fps as measured by Mil-Spec 662F provides good ballistic and fragmentary protection, and can be worn in lieu of conventional clothing without discomfort to the wearer. Embodiments overcome prior art ballistic... Agent: Warwick Mills, Inc.

20140331376 - Zipper attached sports glove with fly cover protection: A method of protecting a participant user, participant player, players, referee, official, coach or spectator from skin contact with an exposed connector by isolating the connector of a sports glove, such as hockey, lacrosse, cricket, baseball and other sports gloves, which includes a front palm portion having a serpentine array... Agent:

20140331377 - Protective finger device: A protective finger device for use with electronic devices comprising a sleeve to cover a distal portion of a wearer's finger; an opening at an end of the sleeve, where the opening receives the wearer's finger; a tip at an opposing end of the sleeve from the opening, where the... Agent:

20140331378 - Disposable undercollar - collar guard: Disposable Undercollar—Collar Guard is a disposable self-adhesive hygiene device made from a soft comfortable absorbent odor blocking material that is worn on the inside collar of shirts, jackets, coats and hats that absorbs sweat, blocks odors and keeps them from becoming stained which prolongs the time between trips to the... Agent:

20140331380 - Adjustable fashion clothing accessories and methods of using same: A fashion clothing accessory is adjustable, and may be removable or permanent. Two ornamental members have fastening mechanisms for attachment to the clothing at discrete areas thereon, and are attached or attachable to two flexible elongate members that can be secured together at different possible intermediate points therealong using an... Agent:

20140331379 - Article of clothing with child interactive devices: An article of clothing such as a shirt is provided which contains different child interactive devices attached to the clothing. The devices are not visible unless a child opens a portion of the shirt, such as opening a pocket flap. The devices are particularly accessible to a child who is... Agent:

20140331381 - Garment: A garment comprises a body having a waist area with a waist opening and a chest area with a head opening; sleeves extending from the body; a hood extending from the body about the head opening and having a face opening; and a waist opening closer on a lower portion... Agent: Gameplan Gear LLC

20140331382 - Stick on napkin: The stick on napkin is fabricated of a durable, absorbent paper material rendered in the shape of an oversized man's fashionable necktie. Located underneath the top portion of the napkin just above the neckline, thin strips of an adhesive tape serves to secure the unit to the collar or over... Agent:

20140331383 - Eye mask for sleeping: An eye mask is provided that is comprised of a fabric structure with first and second concave shapes that fit over the periorbital region of each eye and which protects the eyes while sleeping.... Agent:

20140331384 - Folding hat: A folding hat that eliminates the risk of damaging the cloth by an elastic ring for a long life. The folding hat has the elastic ring sewn in an outer circumferential edge of a brim, and the elastic ring is formed by coupling both ends of a flat wire rod... Agent: Chuo Bohshi Co., Ltd.

20140331385 - Flat and thin elastic waistband: A garment includes a waist portion that is elastic and that is configured to be worn at a waist of the wearer. The waist portion includes a diametral surface that extends longitudinally in the circumferential direction. The garment also includes an adhesive tape that is elastic. The adhesive tape is... Agent:

20140331387 - High performance sport socks including multiple fabrics, and methods of making and using same: High performance sport socks including multiple fabrics, and methods of making and using the same, are provided. Under one aspect, a sock includes a first fabric defining a stem and a bifurcated region. The stem can be configured and arranged to be disposed on the Achilles tendon of a wearer,... Agent: Stance, Inc.

20140331386 - Space filling apparatus for footwear: The present invention includes a sock for thickening and enhancing the shape and curvature of a wearer's leg, which includes a sock with an open top end which contains and adjustable mechanism, comfortable padding throughout the length of the sock at varying thicknesses, and a closed lower end.... Agent:

20140331388 - Magnetic hat clip device: A magnet may have a first side and a second side. The first side of the magnet may attach to the second side of the hat clip. A writing utensil clip may have a longitudinally split hollow body having at least one arm. The writing utensil clip may have an... Agent:

20140331389 - Baseball glove mold method and system: A method of forming a mold for use with a baseball or softball glove comprising covering a substantial portion of the inner surface of the glove with a thin sheet of flexible material, applying a forming material to the flexible material such that the flexible material generally conforms to the... Agent:

20140331390 - Lower body garment for men: Provided is a lower body garment for men that can retain the penis and the scrotum at the center in the transverse direction at the time of changing of the posture from a standing position to a sitting position, and can prevent the penis or the scrotum from being shifted.... Agent: Wacoal Corp.

20140331391 - Protective head guard: A non-rigid head guard assembly, constructed in accordance with this invention, provides superior protection against head collisions. The head guard is circular with a narrower section at the forehead and a wider section at the rear to protect the back of the head. The head guard, at the sections in... Agent: Storelli Sports LLC

20140331392 - Protective athletic headwear with open top: Provided is a protective insert to be received into a pocket of a protective athletic headwear. The protective insert includes an outer layer, at least one pliable middle layer, and a pliable inner layer. The outer layer includes an arrangement of first openings that extend at least partially through the... Agent:

20140331393 - Wrestling headgear: The current invention discloses a new wrestling headgear with protective pads covering the wearer's entire head, compared with conventional wrestling headpieces that cover only the ears, or forehead and ears. The wrestling headgear herein disclosed may take various forms but in general provides covering for the forehead, top of the... Agent:

20140331394 - Ski goggles with means for adjusting the fit of the nasal support region: A protective mask for sports use, in particular for skiing disciplines, comprises a front frame for the retention of at least one lens, a nasal support element extending along the perimetral profile of the frame in the nasal region, and also capable of surrounding with bearing contact the nasal region... Agent: Safilo Societa' Azionaria Fabbrica Italiana Lavorazione Occhiali S.p.a.

20140331395 - Swimming goggles: Swimming goggles include left and right frame bodies installed with lenses, a connecting element, and protective pads and head strap bases respectively disposed on the left and right frame bodies. The left and right frame bodies each of which has an inner peripheral face and an outer peripheral face, and... Agent:

20140331396 - Love my neck protector: A neck protector which helps eliminate someone from burning their neck while using curling irons and hair straighteners is disclosed. My invention appears to be the first that will be displayed in stores everywhere. It will sell very well if displayed in the hair section near the curling irons, hair... Agent:

20140331397 - Neck supporter: Provided is a neck supporter which is easy to use and which can reliably support the head of the wearer. The neck supporter includes an elongated main body providing said air-bag; an air injection valve that is provided in said main body to enable the air to be injected into... Agent: Sole Balance Laboratory Co., Ltd.

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140325726 - Body-loading suit for therapeutic uses: An elastic skin suit simulates gravitational loading. By selecting material(s) of appropriate dimensions and appropriate moduli of elasticity, and optionally integrating inelastic portions to maintain a desired surface distribution, the suit can be adapted to impose a loading regime that simulates the loading of terrestrial gravity in a more continuous,... Agent:

20140325727 - Ergonomic faceguard for an athletic helmet: An ergonomic faceguard for a helmet, and a helmet including the ergonomic faceguard; the faceguard including a wire grid having a plurality of horizontal wires. The plurality of horizontal wires includes a horizontal wire configured to extend proximate to a user's chin, the horizontal wire including a pair of lateral... Agent: Ampac Enterprises Inc.

20140325728 - Protective hand or foot shield: A protective shield for protecting a user's hands or feet from harmful ultraviolet rays when a coating composition applied to the user's fingernails or toenails during a manicure or pedicure is cured by an ultraviolet curing system. The protective shield includes a thin elastomeric or polymeric sheet of material impregnated... Agent:

20140325729 - Slip resistant knee and elbow pad: A joint protector for protecting a human user's knee or elbow from injury is provided with an internally hollowed body formed of a shock absorbing foam material; two opposite sleeves formed of fabric and sewn to a periphery of the body; two flexible inner tubes disposed in the sleeves respectively;... Agent:

20140325730 - Garment with hidden protective padding: A casual aesthetic garment constructed with hidden panels of padded material. The padding is some kind of open or closed cell foam. The outer fabric is comprised of a blend or non-blended fabric comprising cotton and/or polyester. The padding is affixed to the inside of the garment to be hidden... Agent: Grindzco, LLC

20140325731 - Child restraint swimming device: A safety device comprising a body portion secured to the torso of a swimmer and having support straps and a handle to permit an instructor to provide support for the swimmer is disclosed. The safety device may be used for a variety of purposes, such as teaching individuals how to... Agent: Aqua-leisure Industries, Inc.

20140325732 - Athletic apparel: Athletic apparel is configured to apply resistance to a human user having a first arm, a second arm, a first leg and a second leg. The athletic apparel includes a shirt further comprising performance fabric formed into a sleeves and a body having rigid fabric collar. A first front resistance... Agent:

20140325733 - Firefighter and tactical harness: A firefighter and tactical harness can be worn as a belt. If a situation arises that leg loops are desired, the firefighter and tactical harness includes a pair of pouches that can be ripped open to release the leg loops. The leg loops may each be fastened around the appropriate... Agent:

20140325734 - Garment: A garment including a trunk portion and a pair of leg portions extending from the trunk portion. An opening extends along the trunk portion between a distal trunk opening and along the leg portions to distal ends of the leg portions for facilitating donning and doffing the garment by receiving... Agent: 1750481 Alberta Inc.

20140325735 - Infant sleep suit: An innovative sleeping suit for infants, configured to provide warmth, a contained environment, and positive proprioceptive input, and thereby reduce neurological reflexive twitching or habitual waking patterns prevalent when infants are placed on their backs for sleeping and are not swaddled. The weighting in the suit is believed to reduce... Agent: Baby Merlin Company

20140325736 - Hooded prayer shawl: Hooded prayer shawl is a prayer shawl that may feature a permanently attached hood or a removable hood. The prayer shawl is used in various Jewish traditions, with the novel addition of a hood to maintain relative placement on the head of a user. The shawl may be rectangular with... Agent:

20140325737 - Reconfigurable electrical wired cumberbund: An interchangeable cumberbund with integrated wiring to allow for connecting a variety of electronic devices for an intended purpose or mission and exchanging a configured garment for another. The reconfigurable cumberbund allows for multiple quick-disconnect cable harnesses to be weaved into the cumberbund which enables rapid and convenient removal of... Agent:

20140325738 - Cough catcher: A cough catching apparatus includes a body for securing to a hand of an individual, the body having an outer surface, an area on the outer surface having a material thereon, and a disinfectant infused into the material. The body may be a glove body. The glove body may have... Agent:

20140325739 - Multi-function glove: A multi-function glove that has attached a wrist band, a little finger sheath, a ring finger sheath and a truncated sheath that fits into a middle finger, an index finger and the thumb. The glove has attached a side-hinged viewing flap that covers a paper pad such as a POST-IT®... Agent:

20140325740 - Athletic hand glove: A hand glove having a palmar side and an opposed dorsal side, the hand glove comprising: at least one of a palmar laminate and a dorsal laminate, the at least one of the palmar laminate and the dorsal laminate covering a hand from a thumb side to a little finger... Agent: Louis Garneau Sports Inc.

20140325742 - Deformable and self-adjustable mask structure: A deformable and self-adjustable mask structure is provided, which comprises a goggle, a facial cover connected to the surrounding of the goggle. The facial cover has a plurality of mask fragments and adhesive strips connected with the mask fragments. The mask is a self-adjustable mask. The mask of this invention... Agent: China-star Worldwide Corp.

20140325741 - Supporting devices to enhance user comfort in a seated position: The disclosure herein provides compact portable head supporting devices that secure a user's head in a position sufficient to enhance the user's comfort in a seated position. A head supporting device comprises a first member configured to be at least partially sandwiched between a user and a seat, a support... Agent: Ipnos Technologies LLC

20140325743 - Adjustable air inlet for clothing: The adjustable air inlet for clothing is of particular value to those wearing heavy protective clothing in warmer conditions, such as motorcyclists wearing leather protective apparel. The adjustable air inlet is installed in a passage through the clothing where it may be aligned with ambient airflow, e.g., along the forearm,... Agent:

20140325744 - Mask: A shock absorber, for use with headgear having a faceguard, has a sliding member that does not extend beyond the support structure of the shock absorber in a way that would leave it vulnerable to damage. A headgear having a faceguard provides a protected mounting location for mounting a shock... Agent:

20140325745 - Batting helmet: A liner assembly for a protective helmet which includes a wrap-around pad designed to be engaged to the inner surface of a helmet. The wrap-around pad has multiple substantially circular cells spaced along a curved line around the inner surface. The assembly also has a crown pad and two jaw... Agent: KranosIPCorporation

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140317819 - Ergonomic facemask for an athletic headpiece: An ergonomic facemask for a headpiece, including a wire cage having a plurality of horizontal wires and a plurality of vertical wires. The plurality of horizontal wires includes a horizontal wire configured to extend forward of a user's face at a height between the user's nose and the user's upper... Agent:

20140317820 - Method of and swim cap product for keeping track of scheduled swim meet events, heats and lanes: A method and product suited to keep track of swimming meet events, heats and lanes. There is a swimming/bathing cap whose inside facing surface is imprinted or stamped with indicia in the form of swimming competition words or abbreviations of such words, namely, “meet, event, heat, lane” with a sufficient... Agent:

20140317822 - Coordinated fastening system for clothing: An article of wear in the form of a fabric garment has openings to allow limbs of a wearer, such as an infant, to pass through. The article of wear includes a plurality of snap fasteners installed in series onto the fabric along opposite sides of at least one opening... Agent:

20140317821 - Protection garment: A garment is presently disclosed. The garment contains a rear panel, and a crotch panel coupled with the rear panel defining a condom coupling member, wherein the rear panel and the crotch panel form a first leg opening and a second leg opening, wherein the condom coupling member is configured... Agent:

20140317824 - Rella: An outer garment is disclosed that keeps users warm at sporting events or other outdoor events. The outer garment comprises a main garment body having a length sufficient to extend down and substantially cover a torso of a user; an opening at the top of the main garment body for... Agent:

20140317823 - Reversible compression garments and methods of assembling and using same: Disclosed herein are reversible compression garments. In some embodiments, the garments are two-layer, reversible compression garments. In some embodiments, the garments are inside-out reversible, forward/backward reversible, or a combination thereof. The reversible compression garment can be, for instance, a mid-thigh pant or a tank top. Also disclosed herein are methods... Agent: Spanx, Inc.

20140317826 - Shirts and shorts having elastic and non-stretch portions and bands to provide hip and posture support: One aspect of the invention may be characterized as a shirt configured to counteract detrimental upper body movement. The shirt has a base layer, a plurality of inelastic bands, and a load distribution portion. The plurality of inelastic bands are coupled to the base layer, and include a first cross-connecting... Agent:

20140317825 - Temperature regulating garment: A garment for regulating temperature is provided, including a body having a back panel and at least one front panel made of a temperature insulating textile and partially joined along at least one common edge, the joined panels defining an inside chamber. At least one pocket having a top, bottom... Agent:

20140317827 - Convertible infant swaddling blanket and nursing cover: A convertible infant swaddling blanket and nursing cover may include a sheet of fabric material. The sheet of fabric material may have an upper fold line, a lower fold line, and a plurality of edges. At least two labels may be attached along at least two edges of the sheet... Agent:

20140317828 - Baby bodysuit with opening for diaper check: An article of clothing for babies and toddlers includes an opening in the back to permit a parent or caregiver to check for a soiled diaper without undressing the child. The article of clothing can be a one-piece apparel (onesie), sleeper, romper, bodysuit, or the like. The opening is provided... Agent:

20140317829 - Hood apparatus: A hood apparatus has structure to be removably engagable to a jacket and further structure to help eliminate reduced user peripheral vision from the hood via the user turning their head side to side. The structure of the hood is to create a slackened removable engagement between the hood and... Agent:

20140317830 - Clothing with charcoal systems: A clothing with charcoal system includes a clothing garment assembly having an inner layer, an outer layer, a middle layer, and charcoal. The garment and the charcoal in combination form the clothing garment assembly. The inner layer, the outer layer, and the middle layer in combination form a garment for... Agent:

20140317831 - Versatile necktie: A simulated necktie knot that includes a hollow shell shaped like a conventional four-in-hand or Windsor necktie knot, the shell being shaped as a truncated cone, having a bar extending horizontally within the hollow shell. A decorative fabric surrounds the shell and includes a rear access to allow access to... Agent:

20140317832 - Athletic apparel with adjustable rise waistband: A garment includes a waistband having a first face and a second face, with a first support structure affixed to the first face and a second support structure affixed to the second face. The waistband is selectively adjustable between a first arrangement that provides the garment with a first style... Agent: Ampac Enterprises Inc.

20140317833 - Sock and a method for its manufacture: There is provided herein, a sock comprising a toe and/or a heel area, wherein said toe area is divided to at least two sub-areas, wherein a borderline between at least two adjacent sub-areas is essentially vertical. There is also provided, a method for manufacturing a sock comprising forming a toe... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140317834 - Helmet device with retractable visor: A helmet device with retractable visor conceals a retractable visor within a safety helmet wherein the visor is extendable when necessary to protect a wearer against wind and rain. The device includes a rigid shell configured to cover a human head. The shell has a top portion, an open bottom... Agent:

20140317835 - Tactical helmet system: A tactical helmet system for covering at least a portion of a head of a user is provided. The tactical helmet system comprises a helmet having a first side and a second side and a facemask releasably securable to the helmet. An adjustment strap having a first end and a... Agent:

20140317836 - Modular anti-fog goggle system: Modular, anti-fog goggle system comprising: lens with an anti-fog heating element and electrical contact, a semi-rigid anterior body comprising an inner peripheral engagement receptacle for receiving the lens within the body, the lens being releasably retained by a removable lens retaining member preferably comprising a tongue releasably interconnected with a... Agent: Abominable Labs, LLC

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140310843 - Knuckle protection device and method of use: A method of using the knuckle protection device described above including the steps of positioning the elongate body section on the backside of an individual's hand with an interior segment thereof overlying the individual's knuckles, folding the transversely spaced apart attachment strips between the outer four fingers of the individual's... Agent:

20140310844 - Silicone loop potholder method and apparatus: The present application relates to an interwoven silicon pad utilizing individual silicone bands. The bands form a single seamless loop or may include a single strand of silicone. The silicone bands are interwoven into a preselected pattern having a selected dimension. Silicone bands are removable from the interwoven pad on... Agent:

20140310845 - Towel with a functionalized flap: A towel comprising a front side and a back side, the towel fixedly communicating with a flap adapted to fold over a side selected from the group consisting of the front side of the towel, the back side of the towel, and a combination thereof, the flap comprising a first... Agent:

20140310846 - Article of apparel incorporating a zoned modifiable textile structure: An article of apparel is disclosed that includes zones with a textile having a structure that changes or is otherwise modified by a physical stimulus, such as the presence of water or a temperature change, to modify a property of the textile. The zones may be along a center back... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140310847 - Garment with an incorporated micro climate system: A garment comprising at least one layer of fabric (303), air vents (103) and which is further characterised in that it comprises tubes (202) attached to the inside of the garment creating space between the garment and the body (301) of the user, said tubes (202) are elongated and run... Agent: Helly Hansen As

20140310848 - Multi-layered garment: A garment comprising at least two layers, wherein the first layer (1) is a protective shell, the second layer (4) is an insulating layer. The insulating layer (4) has a thickness sufficient to form predefined holes each capable of holding a volume of air.... Agent:

20140310849 - Dress ensemble that appears as a separate shirt and a separate skirt ensemble when worn: The object of the disclosed subject matter is to provide a way for one to wear a single dress garment while appearing to wear two separate clothing articles, such as an iconographic tee shirt and a separate bottom skirt ensemble. The wearer of the dress garment thus enjoys the aesthetic... Agent:

20140310850 - Medical garment and method: A medical garment is provided for use with children patients during and following intravenous medical therapies and method for using the same. The garment includes fabric fitted for the upper torso of a patient with an easily detachable flap exposing an access opening located over the chest area to allow... Agent:

20140310851 - Multifunctional garment: A multifunctional garment is disclosed. The multifunctional garment can be composed of a piece of fabric having a substantially rectangular shape. The fabric has two elongated ends that are flush with each other to form a crease in the middle of the fabric and two tubular openings. The elongated ends... Agent:

20140310852 - Fold-back mitten and sock combination: A garment for wearing on a hand or a foot of a wearer comprises a tubular proximal portion, an elongated sole portion, and first and second covering portions. The proximal edge of the first covering portion is affixed to the first distal edge of the tubular proximal portion. The distal... Agent:

20140310853 - Attachable sunshade for caps with half moon shaped opening at the bottom of the back of the cap: The present invention relates to a more suitable method of temporarily affixing a sunshade to a cap with a half moon shaped opening at the bottom of the back of the cap. The sunshade generally includes a strap especially designed to provide a firm and close assembly to the cap,... Agent:

20140310854 - Body sculpting garment: According to an aspect of the present invention, herein provided are pants having a body-shaping function, the pants including: an elastic fabric included in the pants, compression patches, and shaping seams having boundaries that are partially fixed on the pants to support the hips of a wearer; and a pair... Agent:

20140310855 - Expandable belt loop: An expandable belt loop that is preformed, flexible and resilient is joined to a base member that can be used as part of a belt mounting system for holsters for firearms, flashlights, batons, or other functional items. The belt loop has an internal barb that is engageable with a back... Agent:

20140310856 - Protective helmet of reducible dimensions for sports use, in particular for use by cyclists: A protective helmet for sports use, in particular for use by cyclists, comprising a cap structure (2) having a plurality of cap portions which are structurally independent of each other and mutually connected to flexible interconnecting members in such a way that the helmet has at least one overall configuration... Agent: Safilo Societa' Azionaria Fabbrica Italian Lavorazione Occhiali S.p.a.

20140310857 - Helmet with fire resistant safety shock absorbent chinstrap and a fire resistant safety shock absorbent chinstrap: A protective helmet, such as a firefighter's helmet includes a fire resistant, impact resistant shell configured to be received upon the user's head; a fire resistant, impact resistant, full brim extending outwardly from the shell around the circumference of the shell; a pair chinstrap retainers coupled to the shell on... Agent:

20140310858 - Convertible ultraviolet ray protective garment: A convertible ultraviolet ray protective garment provides a user with a garment that protects the user from damaging ultraviolet rays while providing a wide variety of wearing options. A first fastening strip and a second fastening strip positioned opposite each other on a fabric sheet of ultraviolet ray blocking material... Agent:

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