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07/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140189923 - Waterproof enclosure for audio device: Disclosed herein is a waterproof case for protecting electronic devices. The waterproof case includes a flexible waterproof bag attached to a rigid lid that can be opened to allow electronic devices to pass into the bag. When closed, the lid forms a watertight seal that protects the inside of the... Agent: X-1 Audio, Inc.

20140189922 - Impact-absorbing member, protective clothing, and process for producing impact-absorbing member: s

20140189924 - Insect catching hat: A hat adapted to catch flying insects. A hat with fasteners is described that removably attaches to a backing having and adhesive layer bordered by a margin. The margin provides a place for the user to handle the device. Once the adhesive has been used to catch bugs it can... Agent:

20140189925 - Partial-fingered gloves: According to the various features characteristics and embodiments of the present invention which will become apparent as the description thereof proceeds, the present invention provides partially fingered gloves and the use of said gloves, intended to increase the overall performance in sports activities including but limited to football and golf.... Agent:

20140189926 - Three dimensional knee and elbow pads: A sports pad is provided including an outer shell defining a pocket and a pad received and held in the pocket. A three dimensional image element is captured between said outer shell and the front face of the pad. That image element projects an image outline through the outer shell... Agent: 3dcalz, LLC

20140189929 - Athletic jersey having separate sections replicating different athletic jerseys: An athletic jersey includes a body portion having a neck opening, a waist opening a, and opposed arm openings, a pair of sleeve portions secured to the body portion at the arm openings, and a neck band secured to the body portion at the neck opening. The athletic jersey includes... Agent:

20140189930 - Coat extension infant cover: An infant cover that can be affixed to the open front edges of an item of clothing, such as a coat, to provide protection against weather elements to an infant carried by the person in the front, chest area of the person. The infant cover has a main panel and... Agent:

20140189928 - Garment with receptacle and electronic module: A garment includes a fabric portion with an electrode connected to the fabric portion and configured to engage a torso of the wearer. A receptacle is fixedly connected to the fabric portion and includes a receptacle housing, a socket defined by the receptacle housing, and an electrode lead, the electrode... Agent: Under Armour, Inc.

20140189927 - Universally-directed, closure-supported, gravity-catch, self-energizing, diagonal pocket apparatus and method: A pocket may be applied to an article of clothing, particularly upper body clothing such as a shirt, blouse, jacket, coat, scrubs, t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, or the like. The pocket is oriented at an angle with respect to horizontal (nominal) or vertical (upright) to improve retention of a contained object... Agent:

20140189931 - Hospital day gown: A hospital gown closes along the side and across the rear of the shoulder of the person wearing the gown. The side closure combined with different arm closures allows the gown to be used by the patient and the medical staff in different ways. The gown can be placed onto... Agent:

20140189932 - Glove accessory: A glove accessory includes a hand portion, a thumb portion and an index finger portion. The accessory is configured to be applied over a gloved hand of a user. At least one of the thumb portion or the index finger portion or both maintain a touch screen active tip that... Agent:

20140189933 - Visor with interchangeable cloth headpiece: A visor system with an easily removable cloth headpiece is disclosed. A visor is provided with clips or other attachments for receiving a fabric or sheet headpiece that covers at least the head and back of the neck of a wearer. In some embodiments, the headpiece is provided with sides... Agent:

20140189934 - Interchangeable hat cover: An interchangeable cap cover comprising: a decorative outer cover; a first means for attachment along an inner perimeter of the outer cover; and a second means for attachment along an outer perimeter of an adjoining cap, which adjoins the outer cover to the adjoining cap. The respective means for attachment... Agent:

20140189935 - Sleeve accessories and related methods: A sleeve accessory having an elongate band and a display element is configured for connection with the band forming a closed loop. The band and display element are configured to generally encircle a garment sleeve on a wearer's arm such that the display element is partially covered by opposed edge... Agent:

20140189936 - Men's underpants: Men's underpants (10), made primarily of a single kind of cloth (1). Said cloth comprises a pouch body (11) and a front band body (12) and a rear band body (13) extending out from the top of the pouch body (11). Said men's underpants (10) also comprise a ring-shaped waistband... Agent:

20140189937 - Helmet with integrated electronic components: A helmet that can comprise a helmet body comprising an energy absorption layer and an outer shell. A first opening can be formed through the outer shell and extend into the energy absorbing layer, the first opening comprising a perimeter. A first sleeve can be disposed at least partially within... Agent: Bell Sports, Inc.

20140189938 - Battery pack and helmet mounting arrangement: Methods and devices for attaching a battery to a helmet and attaching a battery to an additional device are disclosed. A battery may be mounted to the rear center of a helmet. Attaching and detaching a battery to and from a helmet may be performed with a tool or by... Agent: Revision Military S.a.r.l.

20140189939 - Bicycle helmet with visor: An improved bicycle helmet includes an inner layer having a concave shape, an outer layer having a convex shape, and a sun visor. The outer layer covers the inner layer and includes an outer layer attachment member and an outer layer lock member. The sun visor includes a shade member... Agent: Strategic Sports Limited

20140189940 - Ear protection device for athletes: This disclosure describes systems, methods, and apparatus for an earring safety device that can be clipped to an ear enveloping an earring so as to protect the ear and the wearer's head from the earring during fast-paced activities. The earring safety device can enable athletes to participate in contact sports... Agent:

20140189941 - Anti-fog visor with opposed vents: A head-protector is described herein having a shell that is dimensioned to fit on the head of a user. The shell is formed with an opening to expose the face of the user. A locking mechanism attaches a lens to the shell and allows the lens to be pivoted between... Agent:

20140189942 - Headgear: This invention relates to headgear for protecting the wearer against facial injury, especially eye injury, and in particular eye injury caused by flying particulate matter, such as may be ejected or expelled from a work-piece, the headgear comprising a first, transparent and substantially non-porous eye-protecting membrane and a fabric wall... Agent: Snowraft Pty Ltd

20140189943 - Sports goggle: An interchangeable lens assembly including a first lens, a lens bracket coupled to the first lens, and at least one connection portion disposed around at least a portion of a perimeter of the lens bracket. A goggle including a goggle frame and at least one coupling point disposed on the... Agent: Dragon Alliance, LLC

20140189944 - Goggle apparatus: Various embodiments of a goggle apparatus are disclosed. In one embodiment, a goggle apparatus with a frame, an eye covering, and one or more straps for retaining the goggle apparatus to the head of a user is provided, wherein the one or more straps is configured to cover at least... Agent:

20140189945 - Impact diverting mechanism: An impact diverting mechanism comprising a top layer and a bottom layer is provided. The two layers are connected such that the top layer is configured to move in relation to the bottom layer when impacted, and therefore is able to divert impact and reduce rotational and linear acceleration on... Agent: Simon Fraser University

20140189946 - Impact transfer device: An impact transfer device comprising a device body, an impact zone shield associated with a first body region, and at least one body contact associated with a second body region, each body contact comprising at least one contact surface, and at least one attachment structure configured to attach the impact... Agent:

07/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140182038 - Ergonomic garment with cut and shearing resistant strapping and an adjustable girth and lock: A protective garment of elastic ergonomic material covering a wearer from his or her waist to their thighs comprises waist and thighs straps, and a central panel of cut resistant fabrics and comprise knife cut resistant and scissors shearing obstacles in various patterns and combinations in order to delay, impede... Agent:

20140182039 - Apparatus for a sleep mask: An apparatus comprises a gauze layer comprising a gauze material, a first area, a gauze first side and a gauze second side. The gauze first side is configured to at least contact and cover a user's eyelid area where the gauze material mitigates irritation of the user's skin. A paper... Agent:

20140182040 - Knee pad support frame: A support frame for a knee pad has three major components that interlock with each other to form a rigid and strong frame capable of supporting the weight of a person who is working on knees. The three components are molded of a rigid plastic material. The upper component has... Agent:

20140182041 - Knee pad attachable to a base including rollers and a brake to assist with user movement on a flat surface: A knee pad system includes a knee pad attached to a base that includes integrated roller balls on its exterior surface. The roller balls can roll within the base and facilitate movement of the knee pad over a flat surface when worn by a user. The improved knee pad system... Agent: Mesa Digital, LLC.

20140182042 - Article of apparel with stretch-resistant matrix: The present disclosure relates to a multi-layered design for an article of apparel such as swimwear. In particular, at least one layer may include a stretch resistant matrix made of a thermoplastic polymer, a silicone or other similar material to provide additional support and modesty to certain areas of the... Agent: Hurley International, LLC

20140182045 - Article of apparel providing enhanced body position feedback: Articles of apparel include: (a) a garment structure having one or more fabric elements structured and arranged to provide a close fit to at least one predetermined portion of a body (e.g., area(s) of the body for which enhanced position sensing and/or feedback are desired); and (b) a body position... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140182043 - Reversible shirt: The present disclosure relates to a reversible shirt that may be worn in at least four different configurations. According to aspects described herein, a first torso element may be joined to a second torso element to create a pair of side seams, a pair of shoulder seams, a neck opening... Agent: Hurley International, LLC

20140182044 - Secure invisible garment pocket: A garment has a pocket with an opening located at the waistband of the garment. A strap includes a stretchy membrane and at least one of the opposite ends of the strap extends into openings in the garment to form a horizontal pocket opening. The strap may be made of... Agent:

20140182046 - Garment for children and method of use: There are provided garments that comprise a first panel, at least a portion of an edge portion of the first panel having at least a first fastener; and a second panel, at least a portion of an edge portion of the second panel having at least a second fastener operable... Agent:

20140182047 - Process for making an exercise glove: A process for making an exercise glove includes the following steps, not necessarily in order. First, forming a surface into an outer flap and an inner flap. The inner flap is mechanically coupled to the outer flap by a hook and fastener. Next, applying a palm pad and a palm... Agent:

20140182048 - Unisex crotch-separating undergarment aka, \"kimbo's\": This invention relates, in general, to a unisex, underwear or an undergarment for the lower body region. Specifically, this invention is providing an extended crotch opening for the purpose of relieving bodily wastes in an unsecure area, all the while staying as visually clothed as possible. The zipper opening is... Agent:

20140182049 - Cushion items with flexible contouring: A cushion for supporting a user relative to a support surface is provided. The cushion has material with sufficient flexibility to deform under a weight of the user and sufficient resilience to return to its original state when the weight is removed. A supporting face contacts the support surface and... Agent: Raft Global, LLC

20140182050 - Functional protective material, in particular for use in protective clothing: The invention relates to a functional protective material, in particular having a protective function with respect to chemical poisons and/or biological toxins and/or chemical and/or biological hazardous materials, such as warfare agents, wherein the functional protective material has a multi-layer structure that comprises a planar, in particular textile, substrate material... Agent:

06/26/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140173799 - Protective glove with wire mesh: A protective glove includes an inner liner having a soft pliable material configured to cover a front side and a back side of a user's hand. A protective layer is attached to an exterior surface of the inner liner and disposed over at least the front side of the user's... Agent: Performance Fabrics, Inc.

20140173800 - Highchair bib and food catch device: The present invention describes a new and improved infant's bib, wherein the bib comprises an outer bib surface, attachment straps, and a table edge attachment means configured for securing the lower portion of the bib to a highchair table edge. When attached to the highchair table, the outer bib surface... Agent:

20140173801 - Fabric compositions and methods of production and use thereof: Fabric compositions are disclosed, along with methods of production and use thereof. Garments formed partially or wholly from the fabric compositions are also disclosed, along with methods of production and use thereof.... Agent: Janus Holdings Limited

20140173802 - Interchangeable tubular undergarment: An elastic tubular undergarment having a plurality of portions is provided. Each portion has a different graphic. The tubular undergarment may be placed over a user's chest. A plunging neckline garment may be placed over the tubular undergarment, thereby exposing only a portion of the tubular undergarment. The tubular undergarment... Agent:

20140173803 - Hospital gowns and methods of making the same: Hospital gowns and methods of making hospital gowns are provided. For example, a hospital gown is provided that includes a front panel comprising an exterior surface and an opposite interior surface and a back panel comprising an exterior surface and an opposite interior surface. The front panel can be releasably... Agent:

20140173804 - Glove security kit: A glove securing kit which includes: pair of hand-covering garments with female buckles permanently attached to the gloves; a strap where each end has a male buckle which works in conjunction with the female buckle of the gloves; a nonremovable strap clip; strap extension adaptors which lengthen the strap; connectors... Agent:

20140173805 - Polymer bonded fibrous coating on dipped rubber articles skin contacting external surface: A latex glove article with a fibrous coating bonded to the skin-contacting surface. Long length soft moisture absorbing fibers are attached to latex layer of a glove with a thin layer of polymeric latex adhesive forming a fibrous lining. The long length fibers have a length ranging from 4 to... Agent:

20140173806 - Sweat managing fistband: A tubular absorbent fistband, having a stretchy absorbent cloth which connects to an elastic mesh band body. The absorbent cloth can be repeatedly compressed by closing the hand of the wearer without losing shape, dispensing accumulated moisture wiped off wearer. The band is referred to as a fistband because it... Agent:

20140173807 - Lighted solar hat: Headgear as provided herein includes a light source for providing light away therefrom, a rechargeable battery for providing power to the light source, and a solar panel for recharging the rechargeable battery mounted thereto. The headgear can include a housing configured to at least partially receive the light source, the... Agent:

20140173808 - Knitted compression garment, knitted fabric and method of knitting fabric: A therapeutic medical garment having a variable pressure profile along its length, and including a knitted tubular body and a knitted anti-slip portion formed proximate one end of the tubular body with an inner surface adapted for residing against a wearer's skin. The knitted anti-slip portion includes at least first,... Agent: Bsn Medical, Inc.

20140173809 - George iv fashion and functional garment stays: An internal garment stay to detachably attach to a garment in the collar, or placket region. The garment may or may not need modification. Preferably, the garment is an off-the-shelf garment requiring no additional modification to receive these stays. The stays can have various configurations to facilitate insertion and usage,... Agent:

20140173810 - Helmet with multiple protective zones: The present invention is a protective helmet having multiple zones of protection suitable for use in construction work, athletic endeavors, and similar activities. The helmet includes a hard outer protective that is suspended over a hard anchor zone by elastic cords extending between an elastomeric zone between the outer and... Agent:

20140173811 - Unit composed of helmet and protective eye mask: Unit composed of helmet and goggles, comprising a helmet cap and an eye protection element that is configured so as to be placed in front of the wearer's face. The upper edge of the eye protection element is adapted to the profile of the lower front edge of the helmet... Agent:

20140173812 - Impact reduction system: A wearable impact reduction device and method are disclosed. The wearable device and method comprise three layers, the middle layer of which comprises a resilient element that displaces as a result of an impact. The device and method also comprise the use of a motion sensor and a physiologic biosensor.... Agent:

20140173813 - Garment for motorcyclists provided with a length adjustment device: The present invention relates to a garment (10) for motorcyclists which comprises a pair of trousers (20), having a belt portion (30), at least one adjusting insert (70) and at least one protective element (40) which is removably applied to the knee portion of the garment (10). Said at least... Agent: Alpinestars Research Srl

20140173814 - Disposable safety garment with improved doffing and neck closure: Nonwoven safety garments are described. Features of the stitching of some embodiments limit the number of particulates emitted from seams between cut edges. Attachments features may be included on the garments to enable secure, external attachment of measuring equipment. Doffing features, such as loops, are provided to help the wearer... Agent: Quest Environmental & Safety Products, Inc.

20140173815 - Articles of apparel with garment components and pad components: An article of apparel may include a garment component and a pad component. A pair of linear regions of the pad component may be secured to the garment, and a region of the pad component between the linear regions may be unsecured to the component. The pair of linear regions... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140173816 - Support waistband with bodily protective elements: This invention relates to support garments and personal protective gear and, more particularly, to supportive waistbands providing an adjustable belt capable of both orthopedic support and essential body armor. The invention is capable of being worn with bullet proof or protective vests without interfering with comfort or the utility of... Agent:

20140173817 - Cervical spine protection apparatus and methods of use: The invention is directed to a cervical spine protection apparatus one or more composite bands attached to provide restraint of one or more motions of the cervical spine of a wearer. The apparatus is designed to protect a wearer from incurring cervical spinal injuries, and/or to reduce the severity of... Agent: Drexel University

06/19/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140165251 - Cut resistant articles: A cut resistant article comprising a glove, sleeve, or apron comprising a knit fabric having yarns of fibers having essentially a round cross section and comprising linear polyethylene having a weight average molecular weight of at least 1 million, the yarns having a tensile modulus equal to 500 grams per... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140165252 - Adjustable facial protector: A head gear assembly that includes a shell; a facial protector connectively attached to the shell that further includes a first element; a second element positioned approximately parallel to the first element; a third and fourth element positioned approximately perpendicular to one or both of the first element and the... Agent:

20140165253 - Coordinated garment accessory: The combination of a garment and accessory such as a bib or other clothing accessory is provided wherein the accessory is removable from the garment. In addition, the accessory includes one or more of a predetermined color or design which matches or coordinates with a predetermined color or design of... Agent:

20140165256 - Surface-treated water sports garment: A surface-treated water sports garment with the outer rubber glue layer and a surface treating method thereof is provided. The rubber glue layer can closely join a rubber sponge layer to provide water-repellence and wear-resistance to the surface-treated water sports garment.... Agent: Shei Chung Hsin Ind. Co., Ltd.

20140165254 - Towel with arm channels: A towel has a linear top edge of a first arm cover affixed to a base sheet at an angle with respect to the top lengthwise edge of the base sheet. A bottom, arced edge of the first arm cover is affixed to the base sheet forming a first arm... Agent:

20140165255 - Tunic intended to be worn by a patient undergoing infusion therapy, for use particularly by children: The invention concerns a tunic intended to be worn of a patient during infusion therapy allowing the patient to feel comfortable during treatment, the tunic is provided with pockets (30, 31, 32) to accommodate units comprised in an infusion equipment; infusion bags (40, 41) with medication, infusion pumps (50, 51),... Agent:

20140165257 - Baby clothing apparatus: A clothing apparatus for a baby comprising of a garment containing a plurality of sleeves, a neck aperture, and a closed bottom edge. The garment of the clothing apparatus may be coupled to a Cover by a plurality of securing means and in one preferred embodiment, the Cover is in... Agent:

20140165258 - One-piece feeding garment: A one-piece feeding garment comprising a base shirt, where the base shirt is a one-piece bodysuit; a lower body portion on the base shirt, where the lower body portion covers a lower pelvis area of a wearer; a pocket on a front side of the base shirt, where the pocket... Agent:

20140165259 - Garment and hat combination: Hooded garment and hat combinations and methods of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The hooded garment and hat combination can include a hooded garment including a hood having one or more fasteners, and a removable hat sized to fit on a head of a wearer. The hat can include one... Agent:

20140165260 - Shirt cuff tips and shirt cuff tip protectors: The present invention relates to a device for protecting the tip of a French cuff which attaches to the longitudinal and circumferential edges. It also includes a shirt with French cuffs for accepting a cuff tip.... Agent:

20140165261 - Glove-mounted electronic device retention apparatus: A glove-mounted electronic device retention apparatus is provided. The present invention comprises a conventional glove having a pocket for storing an electronic device, such as a smartphone or an mp3 player, therein on either the palm side of the glove, the back side of the glove, or on both the... Agent:

20140165262 - Capacitive sheaths for hand coverings: The present invention is directed to a capacitive sheath fitted for a finger tip that includes conducting material, which may be placed over gloved hands. The capacitive sheath permits the user to operate a touch screen device without removal of any digit or hand covering apparatus, such as gloves.... Agent: Thumbdogs LLC

20140165263 - Fluid repellent elastomeric barrier: Fluid repellent coatings including a silicone coating for elastomeric gloves, and methods for treating gloves having elastomeric coatings, are disclosed.... Agent:

20140165264 - Brace for preventing symptoms of femoral acetabular impingement: Tension members anchored to a wearer's body to resist femoral acetabular impingement (FAI)-causing movements. A first tension member is anchored to the body of a subject, and produces a force on the subject's body to primarily limit the ability of the subject's thigh to internally rotate and the ability of... Agent:

20140165265 - Shaped fit sizing system with body shaping: Jeans are fitted based on the concept of shape, not size. There are at least three shape categories for different levels of curviness. With shape category information, the consumer can more easily find and fit a pair of form-fitting jeans. These jeans can also include a body shaping panel on... Agent: Levi Strauss & Co.

20140165266 - Sock having secondary opening: The present invention is directed to a foot covering or sock that has a second opening such that a portion of topside of a foot wearing the sock is exposed.... Agent: Keysocks, LLC

20140165267 - Sock having secondary opening: The present invention is directed to a foot covering or sock that has a second opening such that a portion of topside of a foot wearing the sock is exposed.... Agent: Keysocks, LLC

20140165268 - Novel reinforcement system: A novel reinforcement system for maximizing tensile strength and modulus of elasticity per ply for composite systems has one or more pockets with a first pocket edge, a second pocket edge, a pocket front surface, and a pocket rear surface. The pocket front surface and the pocket rear surface each... Agent:

20140165269 - Flexible computing fabric: A flexible computing fabric and a method of forming thereof. The flexible computing fabric includes an electronic substrate including one or more channels and including at least two ends. At least one computational element is mounted on the electronic substrate between the two ends and at least one functional element... Agent:

20140165270 - Blocking pad and a method of use thereof: A system, method, and blocking pad for receiving strikes from a special individual. The blocking pad includes a pad configured to receive the blows from the special individual. The blocking pad further includes a number of handles connected to a back of the pad. The number of handles include at... Agent: Grafton School, Inc.

20140165271 - Encapsulating protective suits with enhanced water repellency: Provided among other things is a protective garment having one or more of: (a) an outer layer of a material that is self-extinguishing, and which is fluoro rubber, polyvinyl chloride, chlorosulfphonated polyethylene, chlorinated polyethylene, chloroprene rubber, or a mixture thereof, or (b) an inner layer of a barrier laminate, wherein... Agent: Ansell Limited

20140165272 - Covering structure of liners of bike pants: A covering structure of liners of bike pants contains a body made of thin foams on which breathable fabrics are attached and including a buttock covering area upwardly formed thereon, a crotch covering area formed thereon and being adjacent to the buttock covering area, and a groin covering area upwardly... Agent:

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