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08/07/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140215673 - Protective headgear and optical-filter cartridge removably mountable thereto: Protective headgear and an optical filter cartridge that is removably mountable thereto, and methods of removably inserting such a cartridge and removing such a cartridge.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140215674 - Wrist guard: A band is described for providing support and/or protection to the wearer. In one embodiment, the band is a wrist band having pockets for several longitudinal reinforcement elements. Thus, for example, a wrist band may be formed from an elastic material had be stitched to form pockets. In one embodiment,... Agent: Majestev, Inc.

20140215675 - Quick lace hand protection system: The present invention provides a quick lace hand protection system including a hand protection device, such as a boxing glove, a plurality of quick lace receivers attached thereto, and a lace extending through the quick lace receivers. The received portion of the lace being received within a raised plane associated... Agent: Combat Brands, LLC

20140215677 - Digit tip protection device: A digit tip protection device comprises a concave puncture-resistant member adapted to protect a pulp of a digit. The puncture resistant material is thin and flexible to avoid interfering with tactile sensation of the digit. The concave member has an adhesive layer adapted to adhere to the digit. The concave... Agent:

20140215676 - Licky fingers: Licky Finger is a rubber tip finger attachment with small pin holes that is slid over the finger tip for use. The pin holes allow water to soak into a water retaining material located and imbedded in the finger tip pad and allows water to be extracted when needed by... Agent:

20140215678 - Martial arts shin guard: The present invention provides a martial arts shin guard comprising a sleeve portion for surrounding the lower leg and possibly foot of a wearer and a padded plate portion adapted to cover the wearer's lower leg and possibly foot, wherein the padded plate portion is reversibly attachable to the sleeve... Agent:

20140215679 - Padded pants: A pair of padded pants having a hip covering region and legs depending below the hip covering region. A respective hip pad pocket at and over each hip area of a wearer and inside the hip covering region of the pants. A respective knee pad pocket inside the pants at... Agent:

20140215680 - Leaf bikini and pants hem design: A bikini swimwear suit including: a first leaf covering; a second leaf covering, where the first leaf and second leaf cover a user's breasts; and a third leaf covering, where the third leaf provides a panty for the user. The bikini swimwear suit may include string support for the third... Agent:

20140215682 - Systems and methods for the printing of pre-constructed clothing articles and clothing article so printed: A system and method which allows for a pre-constructed article of clothing to having printing on substantially all of its external surface area. Specifically, an image may be simultaneously printed across multiple components of a clothing article. The method generally provides for transfer of a digital image, such as a... Agent:

20140215681 - Tzitzit garment: The claimed subject matter provides a tzitzit garment that meets halachic (e.g., Jewish law) requirements for wearing tzitzit strings (e.g., fringes) on the corners of a four-cornered garment. The tzitzit garment includes two layers, including an under layer that is made of compression material that wicks perspiration away from the... Agent: Tamir Goodman Sports Consultant, LLC

20140215683 - Sealable hand protector: A device which includes a first foldable material and a second foldable material, said second foldable material coupled to the first foldable material to form an outer edge and having a stretchable binding disposed on the first foldable material opposite to the second foldable material and a zipper disposed substantially... Agent:

20140215684 - Pressure sensing glove: An pressure sensing glove in which at least five, preferably at least seven and most preferably at least nine pressure sensors are intrinsic to the glove manufacture, usually sandwiched between layers of the glove. Between five to nine pressure sensors are positioned throughout the glove, and the pressure sensors themselves... Agent:

20140215685 - Glove with palm hammock: The present invention relates to a glove with a seamless palm portion used when gripping a sporting implement. The glove is used when additional pressure points caused by seams between the user's hand and a sporting implement is a common problem. A method and apparatus for reducing the seams in... Agent:

20140215686 - Tumble glove: The specification discloses a glove for use by gymnasts and others while performing athletic acrobatic moves and actions such as tumbling, handstands, cartwheels, somersaults, and many other routines and exercises that tend to impose substantial forces upon a participant's wrists and hands including, in particular, the heel areas of the... Agent: Tumble Glove, LLC

20140215687 - Exercise accessory: An exercise accessory, such as a towel or scarf, includes a fabric article having a length and a width and at least one slot formed through the article. An edge of the fabric article is insertable through the slot to secure the exercise accessory to a user's body.... Agent: Stick-e Products, LLC

20140215689 - Headwear and blanket system and method: Headwear and blanket system and method, comprising a blanket having a first end comprising a lip having a snap or other securing means for removably securing the headwear to the blanket; wherein the headwear includes a snap or other means for removably securing itself to the blanket, preferably at the... Agent: Franco Manufacturing Co. Inc.

20140215688 - Head and neck stabilizer for travel: A head and neck support device includes first and second head support members that may be positioned in complimentary opposing locations to a rear area of the head. Each head support member comprises a substantially rectangular shaped pillow that may be affixed to headwear (e.g., hat) or a headband. The... Agent:

20140215690 - Garments: A garment including a pants portion, an upper portion, and a plurality of tethers attached to a waistline portion of the pants portion. Each tether includes a first fastening element adapted to engage releasably a second fastening element of an outer garment. A garment including a pants portion, an upper... Agent: Little Black, LLC

20140215691 - Adjustable fashion clothing accesssory: A fashion accessory that is adjustable and removable or permanent. Attach the accessory to clothing using the fastener(s) and the adjustable mechanism provides adjustments to the accessory and clothing. The fastener(s) and adjustment mechanism are comprised with ornamental elements. The ornamental elements also provide additional style. Change the appearance and... Agent:

20140215692 - Underwear with refastenable side attachments: Exemplary embodiments of underwear, such as a thong or G-string, having refastenable side attachments are provided. The undergarment can be a unitary piece of fabric having a front panel having a first end portion and a second end portion opposite the first end portion, a rear panel having a first... Agent:

20140215693 - Helmet systems and other wearable safety gear: A system of two or more helmets used in team sports with magnetic material embedded in, or attached to, each helmet. Magnets are positioned identically in helmets so that the north magnetic field is facing outward. When two or more helmets come in close proximity, the like magnetic fields repel... Agent:

20140215695 - Form-fitting protective headwear: Provided are a protective headwear and method of manufacturing the headwear. The headwear includes a body, band and plurality of protective inserts. The body has an opening and a crown, and is configured to fit a head of a person. The band extends from and about the opening of the... Agent:

20140215694 - Helmet with external shock wave dampening panels: A helmet including a shell, a plurality of panel buttons pivotally attached at their proximal face to the outer surface of the shell, and the panel buttons are made of a flexible or elastic material with a protective outer coating to protect the panel buttons from abrasion. In one embodiment,... Agent:

20140215696 - Face mask with hearing protection: A face mask combined with hearing protection comprises a piece of material sized and is adapted to cover at least a portion of a face and includes a mask securing member. A hearing protector securing member is fixed to the mask securing member and a hearing protector is fixed to... Agent: Pre-venture Group LLC

20140215697 - Insulating apparel: Articles of apparel and a method for manufacturing an article of apparel are disclosed. An insulation layer for an article of apparel may include a flexible polyurethane foam. The foam may be generated by polymerization in a pressurizable chamber at a pressure sufficient to prevent the foam from completely filling... Agent: Work Warm Dba Aeris

07/31/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140201878 - Armored shirt: A shirt of armor is provided. In some embodiments, the shirt is a t-shirt that includes a front portion and a back portion, the front portion having an outside fabric layer portion and an inside fabric layer portion, sewn together on their lower and side parts, and the back portion... Agent:

20140201879 - Ballistic side plate carrier for body armor: A detachable side plate carrier for use with articles that support ballistic body armor plates. The side plate carrier uses a fold-over/wrap-around” design to accommodate ballistic side plates of various sizes and dimensions and can support those side plates in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. The side plate carrier... Agent: Patrol Incident Gear, LLC.

20140201880 - Protective glove having an arched panel: A protective sports glove including a vent opening and an arched panel extending upward and over the vent opening. The glove can include a breathable material that extends across the vent opening to provide improved air flow to and from the interior of the glove. The arched panel can arch... Agent: Warrior Sports, Inc.

20140201881 - Garment and head protector and methods of use: A flexible garment is used to protect the wearer's clothing, head, neck and upper torso from unwanted transfer of cosmetic make-up, hair products and oils and other bodily substances as well as protect make-up and hair from being disturbed while changing clothing, comprising a single piece of material having two... Agent:

20140201882 - Acne preventing sports gear insert: The present device describes a wearable material designed to prevent the formation of acne caused by a combination of friction and sweat. The material is impregnated with an acne fighting solution and is adapted to be placed beneath protective athletic gear. The material further comprises securement features that provide attachment... Agent:

20140201883 - Optimal range of motion garment utilizing sleeve openings and gussets: An optimal range of motion garment is provided. The garment is capable of fitting over one or more shoulder pads. The garment comprises a front portion attached to a sleeve, a back portion attached to a sleeve, and a gusset attached to the front portion and the back portion. The... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140201884 - Systems and methods for inflating an article of outdoor gear or apparel using a dry gas: An inflation system includes a bladder incorporated into an article of outdoor gear or apparel. The bladder is incorporated into the article of outdoor gear and apparel so as to provide insulation to a user. The inflation system includes a gas canister that includes a reservoir of dry gas. A... Agent: Nudown, Inc.

20140201885 - Liner for a cap or hat with a unique design pattern: A removable and disposable cap or hat liner. The removable and disposable liner having a front, central, and back portion allowing for curvature relief indentation for easy and convenient fitting inside a hat or cap, and more particularly baseball caps. The present invention also allows for easy packaging and assembly... Agent:

20140201886 - Garment to carry multiple leg warmers: A garment worn on the leg that carries two or more leg warmers, each leg warmer held at an interval from the other leg warmers, with each leg warmer partially inside and partially outside of the garment. When worn with an ankle boot, the garment gives the appearance that the... Agent:

20140201887 - Sport sock support device: A sock support band comprising a closed loop having a width, thickness, perimeter, and opposing sides. The band has an elastic portion and an attachment portion. The attachment portion has hook material attachment means or adhesive attachment means on one side for direct attachment to adjacent sock material.... Agent:

20140201888 - Hat lanyard: The present invention relates to articles, devices, methods, and systems for securing a hat to a wearer. In certain non-limiting embodiments, it includes the use of a hat lanyard including a lower strap having a first end and a second end and a lower strap fastening mechanism that is adapted... Agent:

20140201889 - System and method for custom forming a protective helmet for a customer's head: A custom-fitted helmet and a method of making the same can comprise, at a first location, obtaining head data for a customer's head comprising a length, a width, and at least one head contour. With at least one processor, generating a computerized three-dimensional (3D) headform matching the customer's head length,... Agent: Bell Sports, Inc.

20140201890 - Impact absorbing apparatus: Some embodiments described herein relate to an athletic helmet. The athletic helmet can include a shell, a suspension chassis, and several impact-absorbing pads. The suspension chassis can be disposed within the shell and configured to couple the pads to the shell. Each pad can include a membrane defining an interior... Agent: Windpact, Inc.

20140201891 - Ventilated and protective articles of apparel: A system may include an article of apparel and a fluid source. The article of apparel incorporates a plurality of fluid channels, and the apparel includes a fluid connector in fluid communication with the fluid channels. A fluid source is configured to join with the fluid connector and supply a... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140201892 - Fire resistant anti-ballistic knit fabric and protective article and protective undergarment made from the same: A knit fabric is provided having a fabric weight of no more than 20 OPSY (ounces per square yard) prepared from a combination of yarns of a fire-resistant rayon yarn, and an aramid yarn; wherein the knit fabric provides a V50 value of at least 600 fps, measured in accordance... Agent: Supreme Corporation

07/17/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140196187 - Flexible medium coverage face mask: A flexible face mask is provided for protecting the face from outdoor elements. The face mask comprises a nose shield portion that conforms to a user's nose, a lip shield portion to cover the user's upper, a pair of cheek shield portions to cover the sides of the user's face,... Agent:

20140196188 - Multifunctional garment system and method of use: The invention is multifunctional garment(s) and/or multifunctional garment system(s) and method(s) of using the same that comprises a first piece or a first piece and one or more additional pieces that can be removably attachable to one another in at least one fashion. The invention possesses the attribute and ability... Agent:

20140196189 - Post-surgical garment: A post-surgical garment comprises a wrap-around material with pouches for comfortable placement of surgical drains. The garment provides a wrap around piece designed to keep the post-surgical drains and the tubing of the drains secure while showering, sponge bathing or during daily activities. A post-surgical drain is slipped through an... Agent: Life In The Pink, Inc.

20140196190 - Sensory motor stimulation garments and methods: The disclosed method is for making a shirt that includes an anterior portion and a posterior portion. The method includes seamlessly weaving at least a posterior portion of a shirt from a first thread having a first elasticity; and seamlessly weaving a plurality of bands into the posterior portion of... Agent: Intelliskin Usa, LLC

20140196191 - Wheelchair-bound coat: A garment is disclosed that enables caregivers to safely and comfortably outfit wheelchair-bound people when going outside. The garment comprises a garment body configured to extend around a front of a user and to wrap around a seatback of a user's wheelchair and be secured together, an opening at the... Agent:

20140196192 - Ventilated motorcycle jacket: A ventilated jacket includes a front, a back, side portions, and sleeve portions. A vent system including a first vent, a second vent, and a third vent is disposed on each side portion. Each first vent extends from the side portion onto at least a portion of the corresponding sleeve... Agent: Harley-davidson Motor Company Group, LLC

20140196193 - Outdoor pants for women: A relief opening for a pair of women's pants, the opening formed in a center relief panel joining leg portions of the pants in at least a downward-facing central portion of the crotch area. The relief panel includes two separable and overlapping layers or flaps of fabric over at least... Agent:

20140196194 - Athletic apparel outer garment: An athletic apparel outer garment is provided for use with a portable electronic device. The outer garment has a waistband formed from elastically deformable material and a carrying space formed between the waistband and an at least partially sheer outer panel. The carrying space has an aperture and is located... Agent: Apparition Marketing Pty Ltd

20140196195 - Waterproof and breathable sock and method of manufacturing the same: A manufacturing method of a waterproof and breathable sock has a step of preparing a mold. Then, the mold is soaked into the rubber material, and the rubber material can cohere to a surface of the mold. Then, the rubber material cohering to the surface of the mold is dried... Agent: High State Industry Co., Ltd.

20140196196 - Wide waistband and pant supporting undergarment: The present invention provides underwear that are configured for use with pants that are worn below the waistline of a user. The underwear may comprise a wide waistband that is configured to cover from one-third to one-half the total length of the underwear, whereby the waistband occupies an area from... Agent:

20140196197 - Cheek pad with recording function: The present disclosure provides a cheek pad with a recording function disposed on the inner sidewall of the helmet. The cheek pad with the recording function has a main body and a recording device. The main body has a flexible lining. The recording device is embedded into the flexible lining.... Agent:

20140196198 - Protective helmets: Embodiments of a protective helmet have a cushioning outer multilayer structure with at least two cushioning layers of materials having different densities and different geometric layouts, a multilayer hard inner structure attached to the interior surface of the cushioning multilayer structure, and an innermost cushioning structure attached to the inner... Agent:

20140196199 - Face armor: Face armor according to the invention comprises a face guard having dual side panels for disposition on opposite sides of the head of a person wearing the face armor, wherein a side slit extends upwardly from the bottom edge of each side panel such that the chin strap of a... Agent:

20140196200 - Flexible full coverage face mask: A flexible face mask is provided for protecting the face from outdoor elements. The face mask comprises a nose shield portion that conforms to a user's nose, a lip shield portion to cover the user's upper and lower lip, a chin shield portion to cover the user's chin, a pair... Agent:

20140196202 - Protective toe sleeve for use during aquatic activity: A protective sleeve for a swimmer's hallux toe, commonly known as the great toe, is smaller in diameter than the toe for which it is intended, and is intended to stretch around the great toe, ensuring a tight fit. The protective sleeve would have a gripping surface on its lower... Agent:

20140196201 - Spinning, cheese dyeing, knitting and weaving process of a high performance flame-resistant modacrylic/cotton safety apparel fabric: The present invention relates to flame retardant fabrics and safety apparel, especially yarn used for high flame resistant safety apparel fabric, the yarn uses a cheese method; the yarn is used to weave fabric. The fabric as described contains at least 60% high flame resistant modacrylic fiber, after cheese dyeing,... Agent: Guangdong Kingtide Development Co., Ltd.

20140196203 - Modular armor supplement apparatus and system with silent fasteners and adjustability: A silent fastener includes generally flat first and second tuck tabs flexibly connected to a first element to be connected, positionable to form a narrow V-shape or U-shape when viewed from the side, and insertable through at least one slit in an outer surface of a second element to be... Agent: Firstspear, LLC

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