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04/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140096299 - Paint suit: A paint suit. A hood is attached to the top of the suit. An elastic waistband and two elastic sleeves are also attached. A central vertical hook-and-loop fastener secures the paint suit onto the wearer. The paint suit includes a breast pocket and preferably four lower pockets. Two knee pads... Agent:

20140096300 - Bib with customized decorations: A bib preferably for young children to be worn around the neck and to protect the chest from soiling usually by spilled food during feeding features a transparent window in the chest protecting area of a front facing panel. A back panel forms gap behind the front panel creating a... Agent:

20140096301 - Sports garment: The present invention provides a garment (1) for covering a wearer's thighs. The garment comprises a pair of front resistance elements (6) each of which, in use, extends obliquely across the front of a respective one of the wearer's thighs. It also comprises a pair of rear resistance elements (10)... Agent: Speedo International Limited

20140096302 - Neck and chest warmer: A convertible garment for providing warmth to a neck and/or chest of a person includes an elongated neck piece having a first end and a second end opposite the first end, and an inner surface and outer surface opposite the inner surface, wherein the neck piece is adapted to wrap... Agent:

20140096303 - Process for converting a box neckline to a sweetheart or v-neck neckline: A process permits conversion of a box neckline to a sweetheart or v-neck neckline in a garment proximate an undergarment. The process includes the following steps, not necessarily in order. First is inserting a small hook beneath the undergarment. The undergarment is pushing the small hook downward. Next is inserting... Agent:

20140096304 - Internally belted coveralls: A unitary coverall garment with integral jacket and trouser section incorporates a separate belt held by interior belt loops or a belt tube within the garment. The belt has a fastening buckle and adjustable strap that is fed through the interior belt loops or a tube. A closing means is... Agent:

20140096305 - Convertible head and face covering: A hooded garment wearable as a head covering or a head and face covering is provided. The garment includes a torso portion extending between an upper edge and a lower edge, and a head covering which includes an outer layer shaped and sized to circumscribe a wearer's head and an... Agent:

20140096306 - Hand enclosure garment: A hand enclosure garment 10 with the primary fastening device 52 being fully open to be defined by the free proximal end 54 of the forearm covering 20 and along the radial border 36 to or substantially joint region 56 of the thumb covering 16. A releasable wrist and/or forearm... Agent:

20140096308 - Elastomer product with covalently bonded particles: The invention relates to a method of bonding particles to the surface of an elastomer, in particular a glove, the surface of the elastomer being at least partially epoxidized, and the particles are covalently bonded to the epoxide groups after epoxidation of the elastomer surface.... Agent: Semperit Aktiengesellschaft Holding

20140096307 - Method for modifying the surface of an elastomer product: The invention relates to a method for modifying the surface of an elastomer product with unsaturated carbon-carbon bonds, in particular a glove, whereby the unsaturated carbon-carbon bonds in the region of the surface are at least partially saturated by a photochemical reaction with at least one thiol or by applying... Agent: Semperit Aktiengesellschaft Holding

20140096309 - System and method for an improved appearance of a pair of pants: A system and method for an improved appearance of a pair of pants. The system includes a pair of pants having one or more rear pant pockets, and one or more pant inserts configured to be inserted into and engage respective one or more rear pant pockets during an operational... Agent:

20140096311 - Helmet: A helmet comprising an energy absorbing layer (2) and a sliding facilitator (5) is provided. The sliding facilitator is provided inside of the energy absorbing layer (2). A method of manufacturing a helmet comprising a sliding facilitator is further provided. The method comprising the steps of: providing an energy absorbing... Agent: Mips Ab

20140096310 - Helmet retention system: The present application discloses a helmet, a retention system for a helmet, and a method of adjusting a helmet. In certain embodiments, the helmet comprises a helmet shell and a retention system attached to the helmet shell. The retention system generally comprises a rear portion connected to the rear of... Agent: Intellectual Property Holdings, LLC

20140096312 - Helmet padding system: Helmet padding systems and apparatuses are disclosed. A helmet padding system includes a rigid frame and a spacing pad. The rigid frame is configured to be positioned on the head of a user. The spacing pad includes a layer of elastomeric material. The spacing pad includes a central portion and... Agent: Matscitechno Licensing Company

20140096313 - Strap: The present invention provides a strap for securing a garment or article (e.g. swimming goggles) to a wearer's/user's body. The strap comprises a first portion (1) having a tensioner end (2), the tensioner end including and terminating at a tensioner (3). The strap further comprises a second portion (4) comprising... Agent: Speedo International Limited

04/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140090140 - Ballistic protective clothing: Ballistic protective clothing can include elastically resilient material. Ballistic pads can be coupled with the material such that the pads are movable relative to each other. The pads can remain in an overlapping arrangement over large ranges of motion.... Agent:

20140090139 - Stepped down helmet liner: A helmet with a cover, liner and core. The liner includes an edge trim hidden pocket for containing the core between cover and liner. The core is made of semi-flexible ballistic material, and the liner and cover are configured to be assembled and locked together with a mechanical snap lock.... Agent:

20140090141 - Multilayered perspiration controlling garments: Described herein are multi-layered fabrics that can be used to absorb perspiration. In certain aspects, these fabrics can be used to control, reduce, or prevent perspiration from bleeding through and being shown on the outer surface of a garment. For example, these garments can include, but are not limited to,... Agent: Enes Apparel Corp

20140090142 - Sports garment: The present invention aims to reduce form drag and provides a sports garment having a chest-covering portion (1) and an abdomen-covering portion (2) for covering the wearer's chest and abdomen respectively. The chest-covering portion includes an upper compressive zone (3) formed of a textile material having a higher modulus of... Agent: Speedo International Limited

20140090146 - Apparel with sensor and methods of making the same: An item of clothing that includes a first textile area that is suitable to receive at least one sensor, a second textile area, and a third textile area, which is arranged at least partially between the first and second textile areas. The third textile area is provided such that when... Agent:

20140090147 - Convertible garment: The present disclosure provides a convertible garment including a pocket, wherein, when the pocket is in a first configuration, the pocket is attached to an interior surface of the garment body. Alternatively, when the pocket is in a second configuration, the garment folds into the pocket enabling portability when the... Agent: H&k The Poppet Company LLC

20140090144 - Cuff with positionable tab: A garment for use on the upper body of a user includes at least one sleeve portion and a tab. The sleeve portion includes a cuff having at least first, second and third spaced apart coupling locations. The tab has a proximal end region and a distal end region. The... Agent: Amer Sports Portland Design Center, Inc.

20140090145 - Flexible mid-section float system for protective outerwear: The present invention provides, in part, a mid-section float system that can be used with protective outerwear, such as a protective, wearable carriage device, for example. The present invention also provides a quick attach/detach system for connecting belts or cumberbunds to an upper torso outerwear device. In one embodiment, the... Agent: Velocity Systems, LLC

20140090143 - Layered midriff defining garment: A layered midriff defining garment includes a generally tubular main body having a top opening, a bottom opening and a pair of side sections defining curved portions to impart an hourglass figure. Upper and lower resilient bands for maintaining the device on the body of a user, and a plurality... Agent:

20140090148 - Method for producing thin film gloves using the cutting and sealing process and glove produced therefrom: A single use disposable glove having two or more layers with a thickness which can range from 0.02 mm to 0.04 mmm for food handling with satisfactory formfitting and durability, all the way up to about 0.10 mm and above for heavy duty applications while still maintaining comfort like that... Agent: Foodhandler, Inc.

20140090149 - Washing socks: A combination and a method for keeping the individual members of a pair of socks together during repeated laundering or storage employing a button on a locally reinforced portion of one sock of a pair of socks and a locally reinforced elasticized opening in the other sock in the pair... Agent:

20140090150 - Method and process of using thermal-electronics as part of a garment to create an electrical distributed charge: A thermal-electronic device includes a first thermo-electric material having a first charge and a second thermo-electronic material having a second charge that is opposite the first charge. A flexible conductive interconnection is positioned between the first thermo-electric material and the second thermo-electric material to bond the first thermo-electric material and... Agent: Anzen Electronics, LLC

20140090151 - Multi-purposed pocket square/handkerchief holding device: An apparatus is provided for holding pocket squares/handkerchiefs using different folds and configurations. The device can also be used to hold currency, business cards, or other items that the user would like to track and store in their pockets. Ample space is provided on the device to display monograms, advertisements,... Agent:

20140090152 - Collar stay: A collar stay in which the main body attaches to the collar wing and the collar band attachment attaches to the collar band, said main body lying in a different plane from said collar band attachment in such a way as to admit a tie into the space between the... Agent:

20140090153 - Protective headgear: Protective headgear comprising one or more plates and one or more connectors, such as an adjustable strap, connecting the plates to each other and to a user's head. Each plate comprises an inner layer, a trauma plate, and an outer layer, where the trauma plate is located between the inner... Agent: Century, LLC

20140090154 - Protective headgear system: Protective headgear systems are disclosed. One protective headgear system includes an impact-resistant pad and a helmet. The impact-resistant pad comprises a top portion configured to be positioned covering a top of a user's head, and first and second side portions extending downward from the top portion. The helmet is unconnected... Agent: Matscitechno Licensing Company

20140090155 - Systems and methods for attenuating rotational acceleration of the head: In one embodiment, a system for attenuating rotation acceleration of the head includes a protective helmet adapted to be worn on the head of a user, the helmet including an outer shell having an inner surface, an inner liner provided within the shell, the liner comprising one or more pads,... Agent:

20140090156 - Quick release device for safety helmet: A quick release device comprises an anchor to couple to a safety helmet and a latch to couple to a tether. The anchor may include a cylindrical wall with an indentation circumferentially located thereon. The latch is configured to be attached to and removed from the anchor and may include... Agent: No Limit Safety, LLC

03/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140082808 - Ballistic resistant body armor articles: The present invention relates to body armor articles for resisting ballistic objects. The articles comprise unidirectional fabric layers and sheet layers. The unidirectional fabric layers are made from yarns having a tenacity of at least 7.3 grams per dtex and a modulus of at least 100 grams per dtex. The... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140082809 - Ballistic vest carrier cover system: A ballistic vest carrier cover has a mantle that goes over the wearer's shoulders from the front waist to the rear waist. It has a fabric outer layer, an optional interlining, and a liner. The cover fits over a shirt so the combination appears as a standard uniform shirt. The... Agent: Blauer Manufacturing Company, Inc.

20140082807 - Glassy metal body armor: A stab resistant body armor and method of forming such component, wherein the component includes plurality of iron based glassy metal sheets, wherein the iron based glassy metal sheets comprise an iron based glass metal alloy including iron present in the range of 45 atomic percent to 71 atomic percent,... Agent:

20140082810 - Elongated guide, and visor removably mountable thereto: An elongated guide that is removably attachable to a hardhat and a visor that is removably mountable to the elongated guide.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140082811 - Self-securing forearm guard: A self-securing forearm guard used to protect a user's upper extremity during athletic training and competition. The current design incorporates heat moldable materials that allows an athlete to customize the guard's fit around their forearm using pressure applied by hand, and wherein the arm guard will retain the desired shape... Agent:

20140082812 - Roller hockey goalie apparatus: A roller apparatus that either attaches to or is incorporated into a roller hockey goalie leg protective member, allowing simulation of “on ice” motion. Rolling may be accomplished through a plurality of ball bearings, protruding from a plane of an apparatus, as well as a plurality of cavities wherein ball... Agent:

20140082814 - Apparel systems, wearable item systems, decor systems, and other systems and designs: Systems and methods for apparel, wearable items, decor items, and other apparatuses configured to support a handheld device configured to generate a display are presented. Some garments are presented that have a wearable pocket for at least partially supporting a handheld device configured to generate a display that is at... Agent: Digital Dudz Inc.

20140082813 - Pants guard: A pants guard to protect a pants leg of a pair of pants comprising a cylindrical body, where the cylindrical body envelops the pants leg; a band at a top portion of the cylindrical body, where the band wraps around a leg of a user; and a strap attached to... Agent:

20140082817 - Article of manufacture, system and method for removably securing attachable, decorative or nondecorative accessories to wearig apparel and to non-apparel items: A novelty garment comprising a plurality of articles and a plurality of interchangeable removably attachable stuffed plush toy accessories. The articles comprise an article attachment means. The accessories are three-dimensional in design and comprise a rear surface having an attachment means that is complementary to the attachment means of the... Agent:

20140082816 - Celebratory shirt: A shirt having an indicia disposed on the inner side of a shirt panel is provided. The shirt may be reversed and inverted, i.e. the panel is lifted over the user's head while a collar remains about the user's neck. This action exposes the indicia and the act of lifting... Agent:

20140082815 - Variable compression garment: Variable compression garments may use an elastomer such as silicone printed on a textile to create a varying amount of compressive force along a limb. Greater amounts of elastomer may be used to create greater amounts of compressive force.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140082818 - Yoga meditation/savasana robe: This invention is a mainly a robe for yoga practitioners to use to 1) meditate in 2) use to comfort themselves and provide warmth during the final part of a yoga practice—Śavāsana. This garment is called a robe, but, it can resemble a robe, blanket or sleeping bag. It can... Agent:

20140082819 - Infant bodysuit: A one-piece bodysuit for an infant. The infant bodysuit having a first panel, and a second panel attached to the first panel. At least one fastener is provided to attach the first panel to the second panel. The first panel is attached at peripheral edges to the second panel to... Agent: Munchkin Inc.

20140082820 - Infant bodysuit: A one-piece bodysuit for an infant having a first and second panel. At least one of the first or second panels is a multi-ply panel. At least one fastener is provided to attach the first panel to the second panel. The first panel is attached at peripheral edges to the... Agent: Munchkin Inc.

20140082821 - Infant bodysuit: A one-piece bodysuit for an infant having a first and second panel. At least one of the first or second panels is a multi-ply panel. At least one fastener is provided to attach the first panel to the second panel. The first panel is attached at peripheral edges to the... Agent: Munchkin, Inc

20140082822 - Apparel systems, wearable item systems, decor systems, and other systems and designs: Systems and methods for apparel, wearable items, décor items, and other apparatuses configured to support a handheld device configured to generate a display are presented. Some garments are presented that have a wearable pocket for at least partially supporting a handheld device configured to generate a display that is at... Agent:

20140082823 - Patient gown: A patient gown may be configured to improve a patient's comfort and modesty while still providing ease of use, including the don/doff process. A gown may be configured to fully cover the back side of a patient, thereby increasing their comfort and modesty, while still permitting a caregiver to quickly... Agent:

20140082824 - Tie loop: An improved device for restraining the two ends of a necktie is described. The device, which will be referred to as a “tieloop,” consists of an elongated member having first and second ends, with first and second magnetic members positioned at those ends, respectively, enabling the ends to be coupled... Agent:

20140082825 - Reconfigurable mittens hand coverings: A mitten hand covering which can be reconfigured from a closed end condition covering the fingers and thumb to a condition where the fingers and thumb may be protruded through openings to be exposed for improved dexterity. The hand covering is made from a sheet of material folded up and... Agent:

20140082826 - Cap with one or more openings for receiving a bundle of hair: In accordance with the present invention, an article of headwear includes a main body having a front portion and an opposite rear portion. The main body has a closeable opening (e.g., slit) formed therein and extending along a length thereof. The article of headwear also includes a fastener mechanism disposed... Agent:

20140082827 - Apparatus and method for preventing eating: Apparatuses, systems, and methods are disclosed for preventing eating. A head covering is shaped to surround a user's head. The head covering includes a neck portion positioned to contact the user's neck, and a mouth portion positioned to cover the user's mouth. The mouth portion includes breathable material configured to... Agent:

20140082828 - Attachable sleeve: An attachable sleeve that may be secured to a bra. The attachable sleeve may include a tubular body with a top end and a bottom end. The attachable sleeve may further include a plurality of straps attached to the tubular body at the top end. The plurality of straps may... Agent:

20140082829 - Supply circuit in a communication system of a protective headgear, protective headgear with such a supply circuit and method for operating such a supply circuit: A power source (30, 32) supply circuit (28) is provided in a communication system of protective headgear for supplying a communication system from a power source (30, 32) associated with the protective headgear. The supply circuit (28) includes a boost converter (44) for better utilization of the electric power supplied... Agent: Drager Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140082830 - Garment with integrated fall arrest safety harness: In some examples, a kit comprising a garment to be worn by a user; a fall arrest safety harness integrated into the garment; and a suspension relief strap configured to be coupled to the fall arrest safety harness, and wherein the fall arrest safety harness is integrated into the garment... Agent:

03/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140075639 - Protective glove: A protective glove includes a glove body defining an interior space for, in use, receiving a hand of a user. The glove body can include a liner that is constructed from or includes a material that is compatible with a polymer or nitrile outer coating. A padding layer includes a... Agent: Omega Global, Inc.

20140075638 - Protective glove apparatus: A protective glove apparatus includes a left-handed shoulder-length glove, and a right-handed shoulder-length glove. A collar extends from a proximal end of the left-handed shoulder-length glove and extends from a proximal end of the right-handed shoulder-length glove. The collar is configured to substantially surround a user's neck and help prevent... Agent:

20140075640 - Cool comfort suit: Various exemplary embodiments relate to a business suit. The business suit includes front facing panels and upper sleeve panels formed of a first facing fabric; and an inner lining formed of a second moisture wicking fabric. The suit may further include exterior back panels or lower sleeve panels formed of... Agent: Abc Global, LLC.

20140075641 - Utilitarian garment cover: In accordance with one embodiment,, a utilitarian garment cover is provided. The utilitarian garment cover may have a first main section for covering at least part of neck, torso, shoulders, at least a part of arms, pelvis region and at least a part of legs of a human body. The... Agent:

20140075642 - Privacy garment system: A privacy garment system comprising a coat having an inner surface defining an inner volume, an outer surface, a first end, a second end, and opposing joinable seam ends extending between said first end and said second end and defining a front section. The embodiment further comprises a hat fastenable... Agent:

20140075643 - Lifeline access: In an exemplary embodiment of the invention, a jacket is provided having a lifeline access slot to allow a harness attachment to be accessed from outside the jacket. The access slot can be reinforced and designed to be barely visible but easily accessible.... Agent:

20140075644 - Heat-resistant and/or liquid-resistant covering: A covering worn by a user, the covering including a body portion having a first side, a second side; and a first neck flap attached to and extending from the first side of the body portion, the first neck flap having a first concave portion to receive a neck of... Agent:

20140075645 - Gloves for touchscreen use: A glove that enables the wearer to interact with a capacitive touchscreen without removing the glove has a first portion formed from a non-conductive knitted material and a second portion formed from an electrically conductive yarn. Exemplary is the finger tip portions of the thumb and index finger being formed... Agent: The Echo Design Group, Inc.

20140075646 - Yarn, a process for making the yarn, and products containing the yarn: There is provided a cut resistant yarn comprising a blend of first and second staple fibers, wherein, the first staple fibers are polymer-fibers, each first staple fiber comprising a polymer body encasing a hard component, said hard component being a plurality of hard fibers, said hard fibers having an average... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140075647 - Head covering: A head covering includes a top fastened to a cylindrical wall. The bottom of the cylindrical wall is folded outwardly and upwardly to form a rim which is connected to a rear point of the top.... Agent:

20140075648 - Gi with tangle-proof drawstring: A Gi with tangle-proof drawstring of the present invention provides improvement over previously available Gi pants through the separation of drawstring from itself as it passes through waistband hem. The Gi with tangle-proof drawstring of the present invention minimizes the tangling of the drawstring by having a circumferential drawstring passing... Agent:

20140075649 - Helmet cover: A decorative removable cover is provided for fitting over a ski helmet with an opening in the rear for passage of a goggle strap. The cover includes a decorative band of faux fur that may be removable for replacement purposes. The cover is made of single ply stretchable material.... Agent:

20140075650 - Tactical gun belt system: A tactical gun belt system comprises an inner belt, outer belt, and one or more belt units. The inner belt comprises hook-and-loop fasteners on an inner surface and an outer surface. The outer belt comprises a removable belt buckle and positions the one or more belt units about the waist... Agent:

20140075651 - Undergarment: An undergarment configured to secure a second garment thereto, including an undergarment shaped to be worn about the hip region of a user. The undergarment includes a loop system extending outwardly from a non-crotch area of the undergarment and including a plurality of anchor modes having differing heights up the... Agent:

20140075652 - Protective helmet cap: The present disclosure provides an apparatus for use in reducing the impact to the head during sporting activities. The present disclosure provides a helmet cap that covers an underlying hard shell helmet. The helmet cap has a durable, energy absorbing outer shell, which lessens the initial impact to the helmet.... Agent: Poc Ventures

20140075653 - Visor assembly for a helmet: A visor assembly for an aviation helmet includes a lens, lens/strap anti-tear interface assemblies, retainer plates, and attachment strap assemblies. A friction strip mounted on the brim of the helmet operates to increase the friction between the visor lens and the helmet. The combined function of the friction strip and... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20140075654 - Mandible guard attachment system: A contact surface, such as a seating surface on a mandible guard is adjustable such that variations in helmet geometry and/or mandible geometry can be accommodated. The mandible guard may be fixedly attached to a helmet with an attachment arm, yet be configured to permit adjustment of the height of... Agent: Revision Military S.a.r.l.

20140075655 - Protective headwear assembly having a built-in camera: A protective headwear assembly is provided having a built-in camera, including a camera lens disposed in a front portion thereof. The camera lens is configured to provide a downward orientation relative to a horizontal plane of the headwear so that the camera captures imaging near the feet of the wearer.... Agent: C-preme Limited LLC

20140075657 - Articles of apparel incorporating cushioning elements and methods of manufacturing the articles of apparel: A method of making articles of apparel that include a base layer having a first surface and an opposite second surface. The base layer is associated with a thermoplastic polymer element, then an aperture is formed through the base layer and the thermoplastic polymer element. A cushioning elements that may... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140075656 - Protective gear for body: The present invention provides an improved protective gear comprising an elastic base layer and at least one constraining layer to provide a constraining force. The constraining layers are interlaced on one side of the base layer, and the two ends of the base layer, away from said one side of... Agent: Jin Hui Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140075658 - Wrap for human appendage: An appendage wrap having a sequential set of graphic instruction steps printed across the length of the wrap on one or both sides for explaining and illustrating how a user is to apply the wrap to a specific appendage. Each individual instruction step is readily visible to the user and... Agent:

20140075659 - Yarn, textile material, and garment comprising the same: A yarn comprises: (a) about 45% to about 85% by weight of regenerated cellulose fibers, the regenerated cellulose fibers having a dry tenacity of about 27 cN/tex or more, the regenerated cellulose fibers comprising a flame retardant compound within the fiber; and (b) about 5% to about 25% by weight... Agent: Milliken & Company

20140075660 - Ballistic resistant groin protector: A ballistic resistant groin protector is provided. The groin protector includes a groin panel and a deployable groin wrap. The groin panel can be suspended from clothing or equipment to protect a wearer's anterior pelvic region from ballistic impact. The groin wrap is moveable from a stowed position adjacent the... Agent: Lineweight LLC

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