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12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352020 - Helmet shield attaching mechanism: This invention provides a helmet shield attaching mechanism capable of relatively easily and relatively accurately performing an adjustment operation for satisfactorily bringing the inner surface of a shield in a substantially fully-closed state into close contact with the window opening rim portion of a head protecting body. The holding position... Agent: Shoei Co., Ltd

20140352021 - Clothing protector: A clothing protector having a separation between the panels that forms a neck recess at one end so that a user, such as an adult or child, may use the protector without interfering with the user's hair, with preferred embodiments of the protector being constructed from an absorbent fabric with... Agent:

20140352022 - Advertisement-capable clothing: A piece of clothing capable of advertising includes a front side and a rear side. The front side and the rear side includes a scan code component displaying a scan code which can be scanned by an electronic device.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140352025 - Garment for medical treatment: Disclosed, in general, is a garment featuring at least one sleeve. Each sleeve featuring a closable opening that extends the entire length of the sleeve. The opening of the sleeve allows for a patient to receive medical treatment without the added stress of having to remove their top or roll... Agent:

20140352024 - Reinforcement system and method: A system and method for reinforcement helps reinforce a pocket at the seams and edges with panels, stitches, and folds. The system helps reinforce a pocket at the seams and edges, such that abrasive forces on the pocket are alleviated. The reinforcement comprises an addition of multiple layers of material... Agent:

20140352026 - Sleeved garment accessory: A garment accessory of the invention designed to be seamlessly worn with sleeveless or strapless tops, dresses or other garments for the purpose of varying the appearance of the original garment, while at the same time concealing a woman's arms without adding undue bulkiness on the torso of the wearer.... Agent:

20140352023 - Wearable sensor retaining device: A wearable sensor retaining device and techniques for integrating a wearable sensor retaining device into a first responder's garment, such as a firefighter's shirt. The wearable sensor retaining device may include a strap having a rigid connector having a male portion and a female portion (e.g. a side-release buckle) for... Agent:

20140352027 - Hooded garment with integrated peripheral vision: Exemplary methods are disclosed, which may include xxxx.... Agent:

20140352028 - Kit and method for facilitating tying a tie: Based on a person's neck size, torso length measured from the neck to the waistline, and a constant that depends upon the type of knot that will be tied, a position for attaching a marker on a rear surface of the tie can be determined. The marker then provides a... Agent: Tieq, LLC

20140352029 - Simulated necktie knot device: A simulated necktie knot device is provided that secures two portions of a necktie together and provides an outward appearance of a necktie knot. The device comprises a frustoconical construction with an upper end, a lower end, and tapering sides. Along the upper end of the device is an upwardly... Agent:

20140352030 - Bowling glove having removable cleaning pad: Described is a bowling glove to be worn on a bowler's supporting hand having a removable cleaning surface that can be used to clean a bowling ball. The bowling glove includes a hand receiving section having an opening through which a user may insert his or her hand. The palm... Agent:

20140352031 - Mask pack: A mask pack impregnated with a liquid cosmetic preparation, being applied to a human skin surface, in particular a facial skin surface. The mask pack includes a nonwoven fabric layer and a nanofiber layer including a hydrophilic polymer, wherein said nanofiber layer is bonded to the nonwoven fabric layer.... Agent:

20140352032 - Self-supporting stocking: Self-supporting stocking comprising a body (10) made of elastic fabric and deformable both in a lengthwise longitudinal direction X-X and in a widthwise transverse direction Y-Y and with at least one top end (10a) which is open and at least one support element (20) for attaching to the user's body,... Agent: Bylabel S.r.l.

20140352033 - Headgear accessory attachment apparatus: A headgear accessory attachment apparatus includes a band having an adjustable size for fitting about a circumference of various outdoor sports helmets such as bicycle, skateboarding, snow sport, mountaineering, equestrian helmets, military helmets, and hard hats used in material moving, dock loading, and airport baggage handling. The accessory attachment apparatus... Agent:

20140352034 - Devices and methods for aiding in the display and presentation of pocket handkerchiefs: The invention of the present disclosure is a device and methods for aiding in the presentation of pocket squares. The device may comprise a substantially rectangular sheet with a top edge, a bottom edge, and two side edges, the two side edges disposed substantially parallel to each other, the substantially... Agent:

20140352035 - Clothing strap retention device with enhanced torsional support and marking surface: A clothing strap retention device, or “holder,” in accordance with the techniques of the present disclosure enables a user to retain multiple shoulder or equivalent straps of a clothing garment proximate to one another at a region along the length of the straps. As a result, the effective length of... Agent:

20140352037 - Medical/surgical personal protection system including a helmet and a hood, the helmet having chin bar-mounted controls: A personal protection system for providing a sterile barrier around medical/surgical personnel. The system includes a helmet over which a hood or a toga suspended. The helmet has a chin bar that extends forward of the face of the individual wearing the system. At least one manually actuated control for... Agent:

20140352036 - Method and apparatus for manufacturing a body made of composite material provided with an inner cavity with an outward opening: The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a body made of composite material such as a shell of a helmet. Said body constitutes a multilayer structure where each layer is formed by superposed strata comprising portions of fabrics preimpregnated with thermoplastic resin in which at least some of... Agent: Mat Global Solutions, S.l.

20140352038 - Shell for a protective helmet: An improved protective shell for a helmet, the shell comprising angled panels forming pyramid-like surface structures covering the surface of the helmet. Each pyramid-like structure comprises three or more panels conjoining to form an apex. In one embodiment, each of the panels is a triangle having a base and a... Agent:

20140352039 - Neck protection device: A device for use with a helmet in contact sports, which includes a curved body connected with the helmet and configured for disposal along a front part of a user's neck. The body includes: (i) planar first and second surfaces, the first surface having a curved portion to generally conform... Agent:

20140352040 - Support for visors and face shields: A support system includes a headwear system, a frame adapted to have a visor attached thereto, a first member attached to the headwear system, a second member attached to the frame, which is pivotable relative to the first member, an adjustable mechanism adapted to abut and apply force to the... Agent:

20140352041 - Protective base lens: A protective base lens configured for attachment to the visor or face shield of a helmet upon which protective tear-away lenses may be mounted. The protective base lens includes an elongated flexible clear transparent sheet with apertures at each end with post member fasteners being reversibly secured within the apertures.... Agent:

20140352042 - Personal protection device and garment including such a device: A personal protection device for the protection of a portion of the body of a user is described. The device has an inflatable element adapted to protect at least partially a region of the pelvis of the user and including a first side protection portion adapted to protect at least... Agent:

20140352043 - Bed bug protective garment: A bed bug protective garment configured to be worn by a user. The garment includes a body portion that is configured to wrap around a user's arms, legs, and torso. A first closure mechanism is connected to an opening of the body portion and is configured to close the body... Agent:

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345028 - Water hat: A water hat having a body portion with an elastic rim is provided. The body portion may be made of a nylon and spandex mix and the rim may be made of a stretchable rubber. The water hat may further include a brim. The water hat may be worn during... Agent:

20140345030 - Anti-odor apparel: An anti-odor apparel includes: an upper body clothing that defines an open end; an extended sleeve stitched to the open end to form a loop-shaped sewing connection, the extended sleeve having a sleeve segment and an extension segment which respectively have lower end portions that are made from a functional... Agent:

20140345029 - Apparel with retractable extensions: Apparel in which retractable extensions from a body portion can be selectively engaged in to cover the wearer's face, head, arms or legs. The extension of material is connected to the body portion, and stored within a pocket when it is not in use. When it is needed the wearer... Agent:

20140345031 - Collar straightening device: A collar straightening device worn underneath the shirt collar that encircles the sides and back of the neck and is held in position by adjusting its length to exert force against both the top button and mating button hole of the shirt. The back section of the shirt collar also... Agent:

20140345032 - Functional socks: A functional sock including a sock body having an opening for insertion of a user's foot into said sock body, and an elastic unit having an elastic layer adhered to a surface of said sock body, and a functional layer covering said elastic layer. The sock body further has a... Agent:

20140345033 - Sock construction: The present invention provides a sock construction comprising: an outer sock layer, an inner sock layer and at least two securing lines. The inner sock layer is provided inside the outer sock layer, and the outer and inner sock layers comprise outer and inner restraining straps on openings thereof respectively.... Agent:

20140345034 - Garment comprising chassis and belt: An article includes a chassis and a belt to be placed around the waist of a wearer and separable from the chassis. A front and/or rear portion of the chassis includes a pair of first fasteners detachably attachable to the outer surface of the belt and separated by a first... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20140345035 - Trouser braces and adaptor: The present invention provides in one aspect a set of over the shoulder support braces to be worn to support a belt for trousers (or a kilt or skirt et cetera), the braces having at least one strap with a free end having a clip and to which is demountably... Agent:

20140345036 - Protective helmet and support portion for said protective helmet: The invention relates to a protective helmet which has an outer shell and an inner layer. The protective helmet according to the invention is characterized in that the inner layer has a plurality of pads. The protective helmet according to the invention provides a slimmer visual appearance and an improved... Agent: Rockwell Gmbh

20140345037 - Visor assembly for a helmet: A visor assembly includes a main visor secured to a helmet and a movable visor extension for increasing the operational length of the main visor to inhibit debris from striking the goggles or face of the rider during use. The visor assembly further includes a latching mechanism for maintaining the... Agent:

20140345038 - Swimming goggles: Swimming goggles comprise a left frame body, a right frame body, lenses, protective pads and head strap bases, wherein each of the left and right frame bodies has an inner peripheral face and an outer peripheral face, and the inner peripheral face forms a hook channel therealong; each of the... Agent:

11/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140338089 - Technical wetsuit: A wetsuit comprising first panels exhibiting a high-stretch and adapted to provide buoyancy to the wearer and second panels exhibiting a low-stretch and adapted to provide further buoyancy to the wearer wherein the first and the second panels are fastened together by seams and wherein the second panels are arranged... Agent:

20140338090 - Dance footwear: A dance sock including features and materials to increase horizontal friction and decrease pivot friction between the sock and a surface.... Agent: Etre Vous, LLC

20140338091 - Golf shirt with improved fit and contrast: The present invention is directed to a golf shirt with two laterally-opposed textile bands affixed thereto that are less stretchable than a textile used to construct the torso portion and the shoulder portion of the shirt. A first end of each band is adhered to a skirt of the collar... Agent:

20140338093 - Insta hood: Insta-Hood is a hood that can be worn on any shirt, jacket or other suitable garment. The invention is a removable hood that is held in place by a non-permanent, reusable attachment means. The design can be constructed from any desired garment material. There may be an additional inch of... Agent:

20140338092 - Versatile hoodie: Disclosed is an outer garment having a jacket with a hood commonly known as a “hoodie”. The hood has a primary opening for a user's face when the hood is raised over the user's head. A secondary opening allows for an object to extend through the secondary opening. An opening... Agent:

20140338094 - Sportmans garment with torso adjustment: A garment comprises a torso portion including a volume reduction arrangement. The volume reduction arrangement includes a first strap that crosses a second strap, a first strap adjustment member, and a second strap adjustment member. The first strap adjustment member is coupled to a right side of the torso portion.... Agent: Under Armour, Inc.

20140338095 - Vest having releasable components: A releasable vest having a front panel; front shoulder strap elements that include at least one front shoulder strap attachment opening; a back panel; a first waist belt element that extends from the front panel and has at least one waist belt element attachment opening formed through the waist belt... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20140338096 - Nursing cover: Examples of a nursing cover are described, including a cover having a top edge and a stiffener comprised of a shape memory material having a material memory coupled to the cover using a securing mechanism to prevent the stiffener from rotating. In one embodiment, the material memory causes the stiffener... Agent:

20140338098 - Article of headwear: An article of headwear includes a crown and a bill. The bill defines an inner edge that is operably coupled to the crown. The bill projects away from the crown and terminates at an outer edge. The bill includes a stiffener that stiffens the outer edge. The stiffener is spaced... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140338097 - Cap with a bill having upper and lower portions displaying information when spaced-apart: A flip cap which has crown and bill portions, the bill having upper and lower members, at least one of the upper and lower portions having a surface capable of displaying information secured thereto when the upper and lower members are spaced-apart.... Agent:

20140338099 - Medical information alert cap: A wearable cap designed to reduce medical errors by quickly, accurately, and reliably communicating essential information about its wearer, even when the wearer is incapacitated or otherwise unable to actively participate in communication.... Agent:

20140338100 - Sporting garment and corresponding sock, attachment member and kits: A sporting garment for removably receiving one or more articles of clothing, such as a sock, is described. The garment has leg portions for covering at least in part the legs of a person wearing the garment. Each leg portion has a central division extending along a length of each... Agent: Adrenaline Design Inc.

20140338101 - Adjustable clothing articles and methods of use: An adjustable pair of pants for a body of a person. The pants include a waistband for encircling a portion of the body, and with the waistband presenting a circumference. The pants additionally include a fastening component for selectively securing the waistband about the portion of the body, and an... Agent: Youth Outdoors Unlimited, LLC

20140338102 - Garments for supporting leg guards and leg protecting garments: The present disclosure is directed to garments for supporting leg guards and configured to be worn over at least a portion of a leg of a user. Garments may include an outer layer and an inner layer. The outer layer extends away from a lower portion of a user's leg... Agent:

20140338103 - Decorative interchangeable bound edge for hats: A device to bind the edge of a hat brim that is easily applied to a hat and can be reformed and removed as desired. A malleable forming member, enveloped by a covering material, allows the device to be folded over the edge of a hat brim and the brim... Agent:

20140338104 - Helmet padding system: Helmet padding systems are disclosed. One helmet padding system includes a baseball cap and a spacing pad. The baseball cap has a body portion and a brim portion. The cap includes a pair of side portions extending downward from the cap body below a point at which the brim portion... Agent: Matscitechno Licensing Company

20140338106 - Helmet with removable chin guard: The present invention relates to a protective helmet (1) comprising a chin guard (11) removable from an operating position, for protecting the chin, characterized in that the shell (21) of the helmet (1) is provided with a portion (31) for coupling with the chin guard (11) when removed.... Agent:

20140338105 - Safety helmet, in particular for cyclists: A safety helmet, in particular for cyclists, includes a self-contained portable semi-shell helmet (H), on which an integral part (1) enclosing the chin and the occiput/neck area can be fixed in a detachable way. The semi-shell helmet (H) is equipped as a self-contained helmet with a chin strap fastening and... Agent:

20140338107 - Adjustable sunshade that attaches and separates easily from a hat or safety helmet: A sunshade that attaches and separates easily from a safety helmet or hat is disclosed. The shading shield is very close to the face, almost touching it. Its position is fully adjustable. There is therefore less sun exposure while riding a ski lift chair or waiting in the direct rays... Agent:

20140338108 - Adjustable facial protector: A head gear assembly that may include an upper head portion; a facial protector connectively attached to the upper head portion further having a first element a second element; and a movable armature comprising at least one armature member configured for movable engagement to at least one of the first... Agent:

20140338109 - Eye protection device: An eye protection device a first covering sheet, a protection sheet, and a second covering sheet. The first covering sheet has a first supporting edge with a containment slot and a first opening disposed on the first supporting edge. The protection sheet is disposed in the containment slot and has... Agent: Tzoo Ying Enterprise Co., Ltd.

11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331374 - Anti-ballistic protective undergarment: A protective undergarment (10), shown in the form of shorts, includes integrally formed protective panels (22, 26, 30) that exhibit slash-proof properties. The protective areas (22, 26, 30) are made from a flexible Kevlar® knit or the like, and extend to cover the groin, crotch, substantial areas of the buttocks... Agent: Bcb International Limited

20140331375 - Integrated protective garment ensemble: A protective garment system fabricated from ballistic textiles having a V50 on 2 grain RCC of at least 300 fps as measured by Mil-Spec 662F provides good ballistic and fragmentary protection, and can be worn in lieu of conventional clothing without discomfort to the wearer. Embodiments overcome prior art ballistic... Agent: Warwick Mills, Inc.

20140331376 - Zipper attached sports glove with fly cover protection: A method of protecting a participant user, participant player, players, referee, official, coach or spectator from skin contact with an exposed connector by isolating the connector of a sports glove, such as hockey, lacrosse, cricket, baseball and other sports gloves, which includes a front palm portion having a serpentine array... Agent:

20140331377 - Protective finger device: A protective finger device for use with electronic devices comprising a sleeve to cover a distal portion of a wearer's finger; an opening at an end of the sleeve, where the opening receives the wearer's finger; a tip at an opposing end of the sleeve from the opening, where the... Agent:

20140331378 - Disposable undercollar - collar guard: Disposable Undercollar—Collar Guard is a disposable self-adhesive hygiene device made from a soft comfortable absorbent odor blocking material that is worn on the inside collar of shirts, jackets, coats and hats that absorbs sweat, blocks odors and keeps them from becoming stained which prolongs the time between trips to the... Agent:

20140331380 - Adjustable fashion clothing accessories and methods of using same: A fashion clothing accessory is adjustable, and may be removable or permanent. Two ornamental members have fastening mechanisms for attachment to the clothing at discrete areas thereon, and are attached or attachable to two flexible elongate members that can be secured together at different possible intermediate points therealong using an... Agent:

20140331379 - Article of clothing with child interactive devices: An article of clothing such as a shirt is provided which contains different child interactive devices attached to the clothing. The devices are not visible unless a child opens a portion of the shirt, such as opening a pocket flap. The devices are particularly accessible to a child who is... Agent:

20140331381 - Garment: A garment comprises a body having a waist area with a waist opening and a chest area with a head opening; sleeves extending from the body; a hood extending from the body about the head opening and having a face opening; and a waist opening closer on a lower portion... Agent: Gameplan Gear LLC

20140331382 - Stick on napkin: The stick on napkin is fabricated of a durable, absorbent paper material rendered in the shape of an oversized man's fashionable necktie. Located underneath the top portion of the napkin just above the neckline, thin strips of an adhesive tape serves to secure the unit to the collar or over... Agent:

20140331383 - Eye mask for sleeping: An eye mask is provided that is comprised of a fabric structure with first and second concave shapes that fit over the periorbital region of each eye and which protects the eyes while sleeping.... Agent:

20140331384 - Folding hat: A folding hat that eliminates the risk of damaging the cloth by an elastic ring for a long life. The folding hat has the elastic ring sewn in an outer circumferential edge of a brim, and the elastic ring is formed by coupling both ends of a flat wire rod... Agent: Chuo Bohshi Co., Ltd.

20140331385 - Flat and thin elastic waistband: A garment includes a waist portion that is elastic and that is configured to be worn at a waist of the wearer. The waist portion includes a diametral surface that extends longitudinally in the circumferential direction. The garment also includes an adhesive tape that is elastic. The adhesive tape is... Agent:

20140331387 - High performance sport socks including multiple fabrics, and methods of making and using same: High performance sport socks including multiple fabrics, and methods of making and using the same, are provided. Under one aspect, a sock includes a first fabric defining a stem and a bifurcated region. The stem can be configured and arranged to be disposed on the Achilles tendon of a wearer,... Agent: Stance, Inc.

20140331386 - Space filling apparatus for footwear: The present invention includes a sock for thickening and enhancing the shape and curvature of a wearer's leg, which includes a sock with an open top end which contains and adjustable mechanism, comfortable padding throughout the length of the sock at varying thicknesses, and a closed lower end.... Agent:

20140331388 - Magnetic hat clip device: A magnet may have a first side and a second side. The first side of the magnet may attach to the second side of the hat clip. A writing utensil clip may have a longitudinally split hollow body having at least one arm. The writing utensil clip may have an... Agent:

20140331389 - Baseball glove mold method and system: A method of forming a mold for use with a baseball or softball glove comprising covering a substantial portion of the inner surface of the glove with a thin sheet of flexible material, applying a forming material to the flexible material such that the flexible material generally conforms to the... Agent:

20140331390 - Lower body garment for men: Provided is a lower body garment for men that can retain the penis and the scrotum at the center in the transverse direction at the time of changing of the posture from a standing position to a sitting position, and can prevent the penis or the scrotum from being shifted.... Agent: Wacoal Corp.

20140331391 - Protective head guard: A non-rigid head guard assembly, constructed in accordance with this invention, provides superior protection against head collisions. The head guard is circular with a narrower section at the forehead and a wider section at the rear to protect the back of the head. The head guard, at the sections in... Agent: Storelli Sports LLC

20140331392 - Protective athletic headwear with open top: Provided is a protective insert to be received into a pocket of a protective athletic headwear. The protective insert includes an outer layer, at least one pliable middle layer, and a pliable inner layer. The outer layer includes an arrangement of first openings that extend at least partially through the... Agent:

20140331393 - Wrestling headgear: The current invention discloses a new wrestling headgear with protective pads covering the wearer's entire head, compared with conventional wrestling headpieces that cover only the ears, or forehead and ears. The wrestling headgear herein disclosed may take various forms but in general provides covering for the forehead, top of the... Agent:

20140331394 - Ski goggles with means for adjusting the fit of the nasal support region: A protective mask for sports use, in particular for skiing disciplines, comprises a front frame for the retention of at least one lens, a nasal support element extending along the perimetral profile of the frame in the nasal region, and also capable of surrounding with bearing contact the nasal region... Agent: Safilo Societa' Azionaria Fabbrica Italiana Lavorazione Occhiali S.p.a.

20140331395 - Swimming goggles: Swimming goggles include left and right frame bodies installed with lenses, a connecting element, and protective pads and head strap bases respectively disposed on the left and right frame bodies. The left and right frame bodies each of which has an inner peripheral face and an outer peripheral face, and... Agent:

20140331396 - Love my neck protector: A neck protector which helps eliminate someone from burning their neck while using curling irons and hair straighteners is disclosed. My invention appears to be the first that will be displayed in stores everywhere. It will sell very well if displayed in the hair section near the curling irons, hair... Agent:

20140331397 - Neck supporter: Provided is a neck supporter which is easy to use and which can reliably support the head of the wearer. The neck supporter includes an elongated main body providing said air-bag; an air injection valve that is provided in said main body to enable the air to be injected into... Agent: Sole Balance Laboratory Co., Ltd.

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