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10/02/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140289924 - Cut resistant compression sock with moisture channeling: A compression sock has a sock body including a top band, a sock front region, a sock rear region, and a sock bottom. A sweat ejection port is defined proximate the sock bottom. A sweat channel extends continuously from the top band to the ejection port. The sweat channel is... Agent:

20140289925 - Impact marking garment: A method and apparatus for use in facilitating force-on-force (FOF) training Specifically, an impact marking vest (IMV) for use in registering a ballistic impact event upon a three-dimensional target surface.... Agent:

20140289926 - Protective glove: The present disclosure relates to a protective glove, which has different polymer layers arranged in a multi-layered polymer composite material. According to the present disclosure, the protective glove contains polyvinyl alcohol and a protective layer on top of this containing a fluorinated elastomer. The present disclosure also relates to a... Agent:

20140289927 - Sanitary palm protector: The present invention generally relates to disposable palmar protector configured in the shape of dismembered gloves for protection of the palm of a human hand while leaving the dorsum of the hand substantially exposed.... Agent:

20140289928 - Zipper arrangement: A zipper arrangement is configured to fasten a first fabric portion to a second fabric portion. The zipper arrangement includes a plurality of first zipper elements positioned along the first fabric portion and a plurality of second zipper elements positioned along the second fabric portion. A zipper closure includes a... Agent:

20140289929 - Pocketed vest for compliance with ansi/isea 107: An ANSI/ISEA 107-2010-compliant garment includes a body defining two armholes and having a placket that further defines a neckhole. Male and female snap elements are arrayed in opposed relationship on the placket so as to function as fasteners holding opposing portions of the placket together when the male and female... Agent:

20140289930 - Golf glove: A golf glove is disclosed, provided with an elasticated strap for releasable attachment thereto. Part of the strap is arranged or arrangable as a loop for placement over a user's hand or wrist to allow the glove to hang freely beneath the hand or wrist when not being worn. The... Agent:

20140289931 - Protective glove: A glove comprising a plurality of discardable layers, the glove comprising: at least one discardable outer layer comprising an outer tab at a wrist area configured to facilitate removal of the outer layer; and at least one inner layer comprising an inner tab at the wrist area; wherein the outer... Agent:

20140289932 - Sweat diverter: Described herein are sweat-diverting devices which can be adhered to a wearer by an adhesive. The sweat-diverting devices described here may be adhered over a portion of the face without circumscribing the head. Such sweat-diverting devices may comprise one or more curves or other features that conform to the facial... Agent:

20140289933 - Collar with a sewn-in hood: A flexible head covering which includes a hood portion having an exterior surface and an interior surface configured to cover the top, sides, and back of a human head. The hood portion includes an elongate pocket defining a leading edge thereof, and having a drawstring threaded therethrough. Defining the bottom... Agent:

20140289934 - Sock: A sock, in particular, a sports sock, comprising a sole region (10), which has a toe region (1), a ball region (2), and a heel region (3). The sole region (10) is provided with a heel guide pad (4) and a ball guide pad (5), which lie substantially parallel to... Agent: X-technology Swiss Gmbh

20140289935 - Resilient phallus retention garment with localized stabilization: A phallus retention garment, such as a lower body underwear garment, with localized stabilization of a retained prosthetic phallus in relation to an underwear structure. A crotch portion with a phallus retention aperture can form a phallus retaining portion. The underwear structure has a body portion, a waistband secured to... Agent:

20140289936 - Headgear: Headgear that includes left and right earguards that with an oval shaped flat-portion, an oval shaped curved portion attached to the inside of the flat portion, and an oval-shaped raised ridge attached to the inside of the curved portion. An earhole covered by mesh is attached to the raised ridge.... Agent:

20140289937 - Guide for tear-off eyewear lens strips: A novel removable lens strip system suitable for use with goggles and helmets is disclosed, wherein lens strips may be easily removed from the goggle lens or helmet shield as the strips become soiled, and thus obstructing the user's vision. More specifically, a guide piece is employed that shields underlying... Agent:

20140289938 - Upper body protective system: A contact sports upper body protector having an inner, breathable fabric layer and an outer layer composed of multiple, individual padding elements. A tensioning system is integrated into the inner layer to comfortably secure the protector to the body without impeding movement and includes reinforcing such as stitching running over... Agent:

20140289939 - Supporting and protecting article for the human torso: A piece of apparel or wearable equipment is provided for wave surfers. The purpose of the apparel is to prevent undue pressure on a surfer's chest during the ‘paddling’ operation, where the surfer lies belly down upon the surfboard and paddles out to sea. The apparel consists of a wetsuit-like... Agent:

09/25/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140283273 - Bio based material and wetsuit: A bio-based wetsuit and material is described where ethanol derived from sugar cane is dehydrated into ethylene and polymerized to produce bio-based ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). The bio-based EPDM is mixed with additives and a blowing agent to produce sugar cane derived closed-cell foam for use in wetsuits. Depending... Agent: Tecniq LLC

20140283272 - Protective garment with scissor deflecting and jamming obstacles: A protective garment and undergarment with scissor deflecting and jamming obstacles comprises strapping having the obstacles in series patterned to be parallel to a strap thereof and have parallel and angular surfaces thereto configured to deflect a pair of commercial scissor blades into an angle of incidence to the strap.... Agent:

20140283274 - Batting pad for adjusting location of bat in batter's hand: A batting pad comprising a body made from a cushioning material and having a ring portion adapted to fit over a batter's thumb and an appendage to cushion the palm area between a batter's thumb and index finger. The appendage has a thickness T at its thickest point located between... Agent:

20140283275 - Knee pad device: A knee pad provided for engagement to a user in an as-worn position with an interior surface surrounding the front of the user's knee. A plurality of projections extend from the body and are made of compressible material to provide a cushioned support to the knees of the user during... Agent:

20140283276 - Hot and cold athletic recovery suit: The invention is directed to an athletic recovery suit wherein selectively heated and cooled sections are provided throughout the suit material. A full body embodiment is provided as well as any number of body-part specific accessories. The suit fabric comprises an innermost fabric layer for direct contact with skin which... Agent:

20140283277 - Medical wrap for neonatal kangaroo care: The invention is directed to a medical wrap for maintaining skin-to-skin contact between a wearer and a baby during kangaroo care and allowing passage of medical lines therethrough. The wrap is a single integral structure formed of a fabric and including a central portion having a top edge and a... Agent:

20140283278 - Hook button simulated knot adjustable length necktie: The Hook Button Simulated Knot Adjustable Length Necktie is designed with a top and bottom portion. The top portion is comprised of an upside down half frustum rubber device, with a continuous extension at the top on either side. The top portion also comprises a horizontal adjusting bar. The top... Agent:

20140283279 - Reusable finger guard: A glove for protecting a user's fingertips from coming into direct contact with surfaces that are potentially contaminated with pathogens is made from a material that has long-term, reusable durability and may optionally be treated with an antimicrobial, antifungal and/or antiviral agent. A glove according to the invention may be... Agent:

20140283280 - Cold weather exposure mask: A Cold or Inclement Weather Exposure Mask is designed to fit snugly around the wearer's face, head, and neck. The mask serves vital needs of warmth, humidity, moisture management and air flow. A raised, pliable chamber covering the mouth and nose of the wearer provides a breathing space to allow... Agent: Talus Outdoor Technologies, LLC

20140283281 - Physical treatment garment: Physical treatment garment for aiding in treatment and healing of injured or strained muscles. Garment is made of flexible material that can be pulled up around the waist, such as compression shorts or full length tights or leggings, and the garment has one or more pockets in the thigh and/or... Agent:

20140283282 - Hosiery and dancewear with antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties: A method for producing pantyhose and other nylon or spandex hosiery having long lasting antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties. The method includes placing the pantyhose in a tub, adding a hydrophilic agent to the tub, adding an antimicrobial agent to the tub, adding dye mix and ammonia sulfate to the tub,... Agent:

20140283283 - Race bib protective pocket: A protective pocket is provided for a substantially two-dimensional object, such as a race bib. The protective pocket includes cooperating first and second lightweight fabrics, and an opening for receiving the object. The first fabric may be an item of a race participant's apparel or a backing that itself is... Agent:

20140283284 - Stabilizing belt with harness: A stabilizing belt for use by a person in need of assisted mobility or in recreation, the stabilizing belt comprising a base, a belt to secure the base to a wearer, and a pair of handles attached to the base. The base may be uniquely contoured to provide support and... Agent: Grip-n-ride, LLC

20140283285 - Clothing item with integrated panty liner: A clothing item includes a main body with a panty liner attached to an interior facing surface thereof. The clothing item can provide privacy covering for girls, especially young girls. Such privacy protection can avoid unintentional or unknowing exposure of a girl's panties or private areas when skirts or dresses... Agent:

20140283286 - Magnetically repulsive sport equipment: The present invention is a sport equipment system for reducing the impact force on sport equipment using magnetic repulsion. The sport equipment system includes sport equipment that is worn by a wearer. The sport equipment has a body, at least one magnetic element associated with the body, and an impact... Agent:

20140283287 - Helmet system and safety device for use with a helmet: A helmet system has a restraint feature for deterring neck injuries that includes a helmet having an attachment member at the rear of the helmet and a tether coupled to the attachment member at the rear of the helmet. The tether couples the helmet to a part of the body... Agent:

20140283288 - Swimming goggles: Swimming goggles includes left and right frames integrally formed together, a connecting element for interconnecting the left and right frames, protection pads, lenses installed in the left and right frames, buckles integrally formed on side portions of the left and right frames, and a head strap being movably connected with... Agent: Global Esprit Inc.

20140283289 - Anti-slip slip-on slip-over roof safety shorts: Anti-slip clothing with a homogeneous gripping surface for use by anyone with a need to be on steep sloped surface such as a roof which effectuates a reduced coefficient of sliding friction between the wearer and the steep sloped surface. The anti-slip clothing can be an article of clothing such... Agent:

20140283290 - Flameproof spun yarn, fabric, clothes and flameproof work clothes: A flameproof spun yarn of the present invention includes a modacrylic fiber containing an antimony compound and a polyarylate-based fiber, and the flameproof spun yarn contains 1 to 30 wt % of the polyarylate-based fiber relative to the total weight of the flameproof spun yarn. A flameproof fabric of the... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

09/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140259249 - Armor plate carrier: An armor plate carrier is provided to receive and adapt to different sized armor. The armor plate carrier includes a rear article, a first side connector, a second side connector, a front article, and a plurality of fasteners. The rear article includes a rear member receiving space, and the first... Agent: Ehmke Manufacturing, Inc.

20140259251 - Bullet proof vest: A flexible bullet proof vest configured to absorb and dissipate the energy from a projectile and percussion waves is provided. In one embodiment, the bullet proof vest includes a gel substrate panel having a front surface and a rear surface opposite the front surface, and a plurality of ballistic-grade sheets... Agent: Moor Innovative Technologies, LLC

20140259250 - Protective under-clothing apparatus, system and method: A customizable, scalable, armor-enhanced under-clothing system is provided that conforms more substantially to the user's body, providing better ballistic protection over every critical body area in different stages as selected by the user. In one embodiment, the present invention employs compression fabric as a base material in the top (e.g.,... Agent: Velocity Systems, LLC

20140259252 - Mask removable type automatic shading goggles: Provided is mask removable type automatic shading goggles in that a welding helmet is manufactured in a goggle shape, so that it can replace the existing heavy and large welding surface; it can also used for both an arc welding work and a grinding work, a cutting work, and a... Agent: Servore Co., Ltd.

20140259253 - Apparatuses, systems and methods for providing protection against hazards: An apparatus for protecting the face, head, and neck of a user against hazards including an eye protector with a lower area and an upper area for protecting the eye area of a user from hazards and a face protector having at least one fastener for removably attaching the upper... Agent:

20140259254 - Rotatable and removable visor for use with helmets: A visor for use in combination with a helmet comprising a shield and locking elements, such as snaps. The shield and locking elements are secured to an elongated rod or bar. The locking elements secure the visor to a helmet such that the visor can prevent sunlight from entering the... Agent:

20140259255 - Glove thermal protection system: A construction for a glove or other article of clothing for use in hazardous environments is disclosed, comprising a first layer comprising a laminate that includes an inner layer comprising a woven, nonwoven, or knit material, an intermediate layer comprising a barrier to the passage therethrough of liquids that overlies... Agent: Shelby Group International, Inc.

20140259256 - Goal tender glove: A goaltender glove including a finger portion, a thumb portion and a webbed pocket extending therebetween to collectively form a catching area. The webbed pocket can include a rigid support element that extends into at least one of the finger portion and the thumb portion, and is connected to the... Agent: Warrior Sports, Inc.

20140259257 - Breathable and adjustable fielding glove: A baseball fielding glove capable of receiving a human hand is provided. The glove comprises an exterior glove shell and an interior glove liner. The glove comprises a strut in place of traditional webbing. Further, the glove's exterior shell corresponding to the palm of a wearer comprises a plurality of... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259258 - Hand protector for sliding: A wrist band with a finger pocket and palm padding for the protection of baseball and/or softball player's palms and fingers when sliding into a base. The wrist band comprises a tubular portion worn around the wrist. Extending from the tubular portion is a palm portion that extends into a... Agent:

20140259259 - Goal tender leg pad: A goaltender leg pad providing profile adjustment, toe attachment and/or toe thickness adjustment. The leg pad can include an adjuster element that configures adjacent pads at a user selected angle or configuration to provide a desired front profile of the leg pad. The leg pad can include an optionally elastic... Agent: Warrior Sports, Inc.

20140259261 - Leg pads for a hockey goalkeeper: A leg pad for a hockey goalkeeper playing hockey (e.g., ice hockey) is provided. The leg pad comprises a frontal portion, a medial portion, and a lateral portion respectively configured to be positioned adjacent to a front, a medial side, and a lateral side of a goalkeeper's leg when the... Agent:

20140259260 - Protective ankle and calf sleeve: Aspects hereof relate to protective gear that is comfortable and supportive. The protective gear is a knitted or woven sleeve with impact-dampening pads of different shapes and sizes placed in strategic areas of the sleeve to provide protection to a foot and ankle area of an athlete's foot. In particular,... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259262 - Detachable sweat absorbing liner: A detachable sweat absorbing liner includes a left sweat absorbing liner and a right sweat absorbing liner. The left sweat absorbing liner is removably attached with an inner frontal left neckline of an upper garment by a left fastening mechanism, and the right sweat absorbing liner is removably attached with... Agent:

20140259263 - Tear off clothing: A clothing with incisions for tearing. The incisions may be in a linear pattern and may extend from the top end of the clothing to a bottom end of the clothing. Therefore, a user may wear the clothing once and then discard the clothing by tearing the clothing off.... Agent:

20140259264 - Swim cap and method of use thereof: A swim cap device that includes a player, a wire, an earphone, and a cover. The wire is disposed in a serpentine position when the swim cap is in a non-stretched position, and the wire connects the player to a user's ears. When the swim cap is stretched, the serpentine... Agent:

20140259265 - Swim cap and method of use thereof: A swim cap insert that includes a flexible strip a player, a wire, an earphone or a swim cap cover with a groove, wherein the wire is either integrated or positioned in the groove. The wire is integrated or disposed in the groove in a serpentine position when the swim... Agent:

20140259270 - Apparel with integrated eyewear pocket: A garment or article of apparel such as a shirt or jacket that includes a concealed pocket ideal for holding eyewear or other narrow items such as a pen. In one embodiment, a concealed pocket is attached to the garment and integrated into the stitching of the placket of the... Agent:

20140259268 - Breathable garment: A method for creating rainwear that is waterproof yet allows the body's heat and moisture to vent is disclosed, including a shell and a liner, wherein the shell material is waterproof, and the liner material is waterproof and may or may not be breathable and vents placed at intervals in... Agent:

20140259272 - Garments for providing access for sensors to contact skin: A garment for wearing during monitoring of muscle activity of a subject includes a torso portion defining an interior space configured and adapted to accommodate and cover at least a portion of the subject's torso. The torso portion defines an exterior space external to the interior space. A plurality of... Agent: Ware LLC

20140259266 - Magnetic apparel: An apparel is comprised of at least one opening for receiving a user and a means for retaining the apparel about the user. The means for retaining the apparel about the user are separated by a gap in the at least one opening and at least two oppositely polarized magnets... Agent:

20140259271 - Method for embedding electronic device and wearable apparatus using the same: Methods for embedding an electronic device in a frame enclosure and wearable apparatuses using the same are disclosed. The method includes: providing a first substrate and a second substrate; shaping at least one of the first substrate or the second substrate according to a second predetermined pattern; disposing the electronic... Agent: Cape Evolution Limited

20140259269 - Personal reflective garment: A safety garment is provided for enhancing visibility to persons in dark conditions. The garment includes a front section covering the upper chest, extending to a rear section covering the upper back, and sleeves in varying lengths extending to cover the arms. The garment is preferably open in the underarm... Agent:

20140259267 - Telemetrically enhanced athletic apparel: A telemetrically enhanced article of clothing comprises a fabric layer having an inside surface and an outside surface. A sensor is attached to the inside surface of the fabric layer such that when the article of clothing is worn by the user, the sensor is in contact with the user's... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259273 - Infant grip garment: Disclosed herein is a garment wearable by an infant for assisting a caregiver in carrying the infant. The garment comprises a bodysuit for an infant where the bodysuit provides grip areas for assisting a caregiver in carrying an infant. The article has at least one grip area having a frictional... Agent:

20140259274 - One-piece garment: A one piece garment, comprising an upper body portion and a lower body portion that are integrally connected; a neck opening formed in the upper body portion; a pair of openings formed in the upper body portion and configured for receiving the arms of an intended user; a pair of... Agent: Sons Of Savage LLC

20140259275 - Bedding and sleepwear: A first item of sleepwear or bedding is to be used as part of a sleep system and a second item of sleepwear or bedding is to be used with the first item as part of the sleep system. At least one of the first item and second item comprises... Agent: Sheex, Inc.

20140259276 - Breathable garment: A method for creating rain wear that is completely waterproof yet allows the body's heat and moisture to vent so that the wearer doesn't become wet from the inside said method comprising: a two part system, a shell and a liner, wherein the shell material is waterproof, and the liner... Agent:

20140259277 - Breastfeeding garment: A garment for assisting a mother in breastfeeding a child includes a shirt body having front and rear portions with a common upper edge defining a neck. A sash depends from within the shirt body and underlies the neck. The sash is below the neck and is moveable to provide... Agent: Udderly Hot Mama LLC

20140259278 - Surgeon gown with sealed sleeves and methods of manufacturing the same: A medical gown (701) includes a layer of material (100) with a seam (401) disposed across the layer of material. The material can include a weave (110) of untwisted, continuous filament polyester. The material can also include a carbon filament (109). The seam is sealed by applying a tape (200)... Agent: Medline Industries, Inc.

20140259279 - Negative edge collar and trim for apparel: Connectors are strategically attached using a heat-transfer technique to the fabric of a shirt around the collar and shoulders where seams would typically occur from the front and back pieces of the shirt being sewn together. The connectors continuously follow the perimeter of the collar, intersecting with each other. Front... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259280 - Neckwear, including bow ties and neck ties, with a button hole attachment: Neckwear that features a button hole attachment that allows the user to attach the neckwear to the top button of the user's shirt. The button hole attachment is a small piece of fabric incorporating a hole that extends from the back of the neckwear.... Agent:

20140259281 - Method and system for holding nails: A method, system, and apparatus for holding a connecting instrument comprises a first member including a first finger cup and a first needle nose tip formed on the forward end of the finger cup and a second member comprising a second finger cup and a second needle nose tip formed... Agent: Dolphingrips LLC

20140259282 - Lacrosse glove: The present invention provides a glove comprises a main body adapted to receive a wearer's hand and a wrist cuff suspended over the main body. The main body further comprises a plurality of finger parts and a back hand part. The back hand part comprises a first protective panel hingedly... Agent: Warrior Sports, Inc.

20140259283 - Glove with improved finger areas: A glove including a wrist region, a palm region, and digit regions. A band zone is defined in a back surface of one or more digit regions and grippingly engages a back of the user's digit received in that region. The band zone includes C-shaped elastomeric bands disposed at right... Agent: Summit Glove Inc.

20140259285 - Cut resistant gloves and methods of making same: A cut resistant glove includes a primary layer and a plurality of enhanced sections having substantially enhanced physical characteristics in relation to the primary layer. The glove includes a palm section, a back hand section, a thumb section and a plurality of finger sections. The enhanced sections can be knitted... Agent: World Fibers, Inc.

20140259284 - Promotional and convertible mitten to glove: A pair of disposable hand coverings has a body formed of a front film layer and back film layer sealed together about a periphery to form a pair of opposing hand coverings each having a finger section at opposite closed ends and each having a wrist section with at least... Agent: Smitten Sports, LLC

20140259286 - Head band: A head band comprises a band portion and a tightening portion. The band portion has a first band and a second band, wherein an outer surface of the first band opposes an inner surface of the second band. The head band further comprises at least one spacer between the first... Agent: Alf Wear Dba Kuhl

20140259287 - Lighted headgear: Lighted headgear, and more particularly lighted earwear such as earmuffs or headphones, is provided herein that are configured to mount or secure to a user's head while providing light forwardly thereof. The lighted headgear includes ear engaging or covering assemblies, which can be connected by a headband or other crown... Agent:

20140259289 - Tiara with interchangeable display elements: The invention relates to a head covering such as a tiara having a display element attached thereon which may be easily interchanged by the user to increase the versatility of the head covering and allow the user to switch in display elements having varying shapes and sizes. The head coverings... Agent:

20140259290 - Headband for travel comfort: A headband for travel comfort comprises a compressible, resilient material, such as a memory foam insert. Optionally one or more pads are affixed to the headband. A method of obtaining rest and a method of providing a comfortable environment to a passenger in a vehicle are also provided.... Agent:

20140259288 - Paper-based hat and methods for making same: Paper-based hats and methods for making same are disclosed. For example, a visor component and a crown component may be obtained from at least one paper-based material, such as a paper-based beverage carton. A crown-visor structure may be formed by affixing at least a portion of a non-exposed surface of... Agent:

20140259293 - Article of clothing: The present disclosure relates to an article of clothing. The article of clothing includes an upper portion that is connected to first and second leg portions. The article of clothing also includes first and second lower portions that are attached to the first and second leg portions, respectively, on an... Agent:

20140259292 - One-handed cleaning apparatus for cleaning golf clubs during play: In an embodiment, a pair of golf pants may include a waistband and a pair of leg members. Each leg member may include an inseam, an outseam, a knee-level area, and an ankle-level area. Each leg member may extend from the waistband to the ankle area and may include a... Agent:

20140259291 - Pant construction: A garment having a center seam for slimming and shaping the figure of a wearer from the waistline down. A waistline control panel and an elastic lifter sewn into the center seam of the back of the garment give a pull to the center back creating a lift to the... Agent:

20140259294 - Boot clip: This invention related to a decorative boot clip which is place on the rim or edge of a boot. Once the clip is place on the boot or shoe, the decorative boot clip can be secured into place.... Agent:

20140259295 - Decorative eyelet cover for footwear, garments, and the like: A snap-fit eyelet cover configured for insertion through an eyelet opening to decorate an eyelet on footwear, garments, and the like. The eyelet cover includes a neck formed of a material sufficiently resilient to fit through an eyelet opening and thereafter expand to bear against the eyelet and retain the... Agent:

20140259296 - Athletic garment with integrated hanging pocket: One non-limiting embodiment of the present invention includes an athletic garment comprising a garment configured to snugly fit a torso wherein the garment has a front portion and a rear portion. The athletic garment further comprises a pocket secured to the rear portion of the garment providing a pocket for... Agent: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

20140259297 - Pocket, and means for manufacturing same: The invention relates to pockets for a garment, and methods for manufacturing same. An example pocket includes an opening with a pocket bag extending from the opening within an inner portion of the garment, the pocket bag including an inner material portion and an outer material portion with connecting means... Agent:

20140259298 - Wearable pocket: Provided is a wearable pocket that can be inside clothing through a magnetic connection with a button on outside of the clothing.... Agent:

20140259299 - Purse alternative: A pocket for retaining and concealing personal items such as cell phones, identification, money, and valuables. The pocket has a detachable version and a permanently attached version. The pocket may be acquired separately from the garment with which it is used and inserted by attachment means. The pocket is assembled... Agent:

20140259300 - Tactical dress belt assembly: The tactical dress belt assembly allows a wearer to readily and comfortably carry a variety of tactical items, while maintaining a conventional dress appearance. The tactical dress belt assembly is a two or three component system, consisting of an inner belt, and either a combined outer utility belt with an... Agent:

20140259301 - Size adjustment arrangement for a garment: A size adjustment arrangement for a garment comprises a base member, a ratchet member, a line, a spool, and an actuator. The base member is coupled to the garment and the ratchet member and spool are rotatably coupled to the base member. The line is wound on the spool with... Agent: Under Armour, Inc.

20140259303 - Belt buckle with exchangable face plate: A belt buckle includes a face plate having a front face and an opposing back face with a display opening extending therebetween. An attachment sheet has a front face and an opposing back face, at least a portion of the front face includes or has a connector disposed thereat. A... Agent:

20140259302 - Pinny clip: An apparatus for holding the straps or sleeves of a sports or group pinny (also called a scrimmage vest) from falling off the shoulders and thereby improving the fit of the garment and allowing the wearer better mobility. The apparatus comprises a clip for securing a first and a second... Agent:

20140259304 - Band for garment: An upper torso garment and a lower torso garment each comprising a respective torso encircling band. The band includes an inner layer and an outer layer with each layer having a first series of courses. The first series of courses defined by a first, covered elastomeric, yarn and a second,... Agent:

20140259305 - Undergarment: An undergarment is provided that does not show through an outer garment. The undergarment includes a flexible waistband. A front panel is coupled to a front portion of the waistband, the front panel having a right corner, an opposing left corner and a center corner disposed between the right corner... Agent:

20140259306 - Undergarment comprising sleeve pocket for tampon: An under pant garment is provided that includes a sleeve pocket. The sleeve pocket can have an opening and be configured to retain a tampon-with-applicator. The opening can be at least partially defined by an elastic member. The sleeve pocket can have a sleeve, and the sleeve can be secured... Agent: Dreamkassh Entertainment LLC

20140259307 - Magnetic helmet: The invention provides a magnetic helmet with a detectable magnetic field effective to repel a substantially similar helmet in close proximity. A helmet of the invention can be used to redirect an impending head collision, reduce the force of impact upon a head collision or prevent a head collision among... Agent:

20140259308 - Magnetic helmet: The invention provides a magnetic helmet with a detectable magnetic field effective to repel a substantially similar helmet in close proximity. A helmet of the invention can be used to redirect an impending head collision, reduce the force of impact upon a head collision or prevent a head collision among... Agent:

20140259309 - Exterior sport helmet pad: An exterior sport helmet pad includes a formed base pad, the formed base pad accommodating a sports helmet with an outer shell, the formed base pad being fitted to the sports helmet by internal contact pressure, and a first plurality of holes disposed on the formed base pad, the first... Agent:

20140259311 - Helmet: A helmet is provided that can be ventilated without any decrease in helmet-shell strength. The helmet comprises a helmet shell 3 and an impact-absorbing member 4 disposed along the inner surface of the helmet shell 3. The helmet shell 3 has paired right-hand and left-hand cheek-covering portions 9, and a... Agent: Ogk Kabuto Co., Ltd.

20140259310 - Protective headgear apparatus: A protective headgear includes an impact absorbing primary shell having an upper edge defining an upper crown opening for exposing a crown portion of a wearer's head, and a front edge defining a front facial opening for exposing the wearer's face. An impact absorbing face mask section can be releasably... Agent: Ricket Design LLC

20140259312 - Helmet liner: A helmet liner and a helmet assembly including a liner. A helmet liner includes a plurality of panels, each of the plurality of panels coupled to and foldable relative to at least one other panel of the plurality of panels at a seam, each of the panels including a gel... Agent: Moor Innovative Technologies, LLC

20140259313 - Protective helmet: A helmet includes five layers; and outer shell, an intermediate foam component, a multi-cell bladder component filled with Ringer's Solution, a suspension rig, and a membrane component filed with a settable composition to conform to the wearer's head.... Agent:

20140259315 - Helmet comprising an occipital adjustment mechanism: A hockey or lacrosse helmet with a rear shell having a central elongated slot extending along a longitudinal axis of the helmet; a rear inner pad for facing the back and left and right side regions of the head, the rear inner pad being mounted to the rear shell; an... Agent: Bauer Hockey Inc.

20140259314 - Protective equipment having frangible energy absorbing elements: Embodiments include a protective helmet comprising a protective shell having an interior surface and an exterior surface. A padding layer is affixed to the interior surface. The padding layer comprises a compliant material and a frangible material, such as glass foam. At least the frangible material is enclosed in a... Agent:

20140259316 - Helmet system: A helmet system for reducing the occurrence of concussions and/or other head injuries includes an inner cap and a helmet sized to fit onto the inner cap. The inner cap has an inner layer and conforming means for conforming it to a wearer's head. The inner cap also has an... Agent:

20140259317 - System for mounting a helmet-mounted device to a helmet: Systems for mounting a helmet-mounted device to a helmet are disclosed. One such system comprises a frame configured to be movably coupled to the helmet, and an interconnect mechanism rotatably coupled to the frame. The interconnect mechanism is configured to receive the helmet-mounted device. The interconnect mechanism is rotatable relative... Agent:

20140259320 - Air safety protector for the facial area including the eyes, nose, mouth and ears: A device and method of use for protection of the facial area including but not limited to the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears through the use of airflow to create a protective barrier for this area is disclosed. In one embodiment, the device for providing protection of the facial area... Agent:

20140259318 - Elongated guide, and visor removably mountable thereto: An elongated guide that is removably attachable to a hardhat and a visor that is removably mountable to the elongated guide.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140259319 - Quick-release gimbal hinges for face protectors and systems and methods relating thereto: Multi-axis quick-release gimbal hinges that releasably attach a face protector to a helmet. The hinges allow the face protection to be easily and quickly released from the as-worn position to a position hanging from the other side of the helmet—even if the user has only a single hand free to... Agent: Eye Safety Systems, Inc.

20140259321 - Visor and method of manufacture: A visor for a helmet or the like has a curved, transparent shield with an inner surface and an outer surface. The shield is provided with attachment elements for connecting the visor to the helmet and further includes a viewing region having a photochromatic insert at its outer surface, capable... Agent:

20140259324 - Articulated protective apparatus: Aspects of the present invention relate to a protective apparatus that is comprised of an impact shell and an impact attenuating structure. The impact shell includes two discrete portions that are moveably hinged to one another to conform to the underlying protected portion, such as an athlete's shin region. The... Agent:

20140259329 - Decorative foam and method: Decorative foamed articles are prepared from foamed pellets, beads, particles, or other articles of a thermoplastic elastomer infused with a supercritical fluid in a pressurized container, then rapidly depressurized and heated either by immersion in a heated fluid that can rapidly heat the article or with infrared or microwave radiation... Agent:

20140259327 - Interlocking impact protection system for contact sports: Interlocking protective devices may comprise components that are joined by interlocking edge connections formed by mating interlocking edges of individual components. Components may be made of impact resistant materials that are semi-rigid. Interlocking edge connections may provide a degree of flexibility for the protective device while mechanically and/or frictionally retaining... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259328 - Moisture-insensitive thermally protective materials and garments made therefrom: Protective garments and methods for low wet pick-up from hose water, weather, etc. and from perspiration generated by the wearer, to minimize water impact on the insulative properties, minimize weight gain, and effectuate quick drying. For firefighting in particular, the disclosure provides that wet, hot air is driven out of... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140259331 - Moisture-insensitive thermally protective materials and garments made therefrom: Protective garments and methods for low wet pick-up from hose water, weather, etc. and from perspiration generated by the wearer, to minimize water impact on the insulative properties, minimize weight gain, and effectuate quick drying. For firefighting in particular, the disclosure provides that wet, hot air is driven out of... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140259330 - Monolithic protective article with flexible region: An article of protective equipment includes a one-piece body. The body includes a first region, an edge, and a second region. The first region is formed from a first composite material having a first matrix component and a first reinforcement component. The second region extends between the first region and... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259323 - Multi-component impact protection device for athletics: A plurality of overlapping protective plates may form a protective device to protect a portion of a wearer's anatomy from impact. Each of the protective plates may have at least one connection point that retains the protective plate in position over the portion of the wearer's anatomy to be protected... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259322 - Multi-material impact protection for contact sports: A protective device may be configured to be worn to protect a portion of a wearer's anatomy. A pliable first material may form a perimeter portion and at least one connecting portion. A rigid second material may form at least two plates retained within the perimeter portion and at least... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140259326 - Pad incorporating shear-thickening material: A pad is disclosed that includes first and second outer layers. The outer layers include a plurality of channels at least partially filled with shear-thickening fluid. A shear layer is positioned between the first and second outer layers. The first and second outer layers may include first and second sheets... Agent:

20140259325 - Protective apparatus with a varied thickness lattice support structure: Aspects of the present invention relate to a protective apparatus that is comprised of an impact shell and an impact attenuating component. In particular, the impact shell is comprised of a lattice structure on the posterior side of the shell that protrudes from the shell and allows the impact attenuating... Agent:

20140259332 - Breach or contamination indicating article: Provided among other things is a breach or contamination indicating elastomeric article for indicating a breach or contamination by a selected chemical or group of chemicals, the article having an exterior and interior and comprising: (a) an interior elastomeric layer selected to resist permeation by the selected chemical(s), which interior... Agent: Ansell Limited

20140259333 - Foam material for padding and body protection: A protective foam material and pads are disclosed herein. The material is a rounded foam pellet having a hole through the center of the pellet. The pellets may be arranged and interconnected to form a pad. These pads may be applied to persons, animals, or other objects for protective functions.... Agent: Russell Brands, LLC

20140259334 - Support article: A support article, method or system that can be used for comfort and/or to promote relaxation and physical support for a wearer is provided. A support article may include an elongated member with a central section and two depending sides with at least one sleeve defined therein. A method may... Agent:

20140259335 - Protective devices, components thereof, and their methods of use: The present invention relates to a securing device configured to be worn by a person, characterised in that the securing device includes a locking mechanism that is configured to selectively secure a guard to the securing device at a plurality of positions relative to the securing device.... Agent: Delloch Limited

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20140250555 - Ballistic material with structural stays: The disclosure relates to ballistic material with structural stays, in particular, the disclosure relates to ballistic material having resilient structural stays woven directly into the ballistic material. Ballistic material having structural stays resists bunching or pulling, providing improved force distribution and better user protection in the event of multiple ballistic... Agent:

20140250556 - Eye patch: The invention provides an eye patch (2). The eye patch comprises a concave section (4), which, in use, is adapted to cover a subject's eye. The eye patch comprises a peripheral edge (6) extending around at least a portion of the concave section and comprising an adhesive (12), which, in... Agent:

20140250557 - Convertible bib: A bib having a first panel and a storage container. The first panel has a collar constructed in a first end. The storage container has a first and a second side, an upper opening and a lower closed end. The first panel also has a second end which is attached... Agent:

20140250558 - Baby teether bodysuit: A baby teether bodysuit is provided. The baby teether bodysuit may include a garment with a teething collar and a bib integrated thereto. A user may be clothed in the garment so as to use the teething collar so that the bib wicks away user saliva and other moisture.... Agent:

20140250559 - Hair treatment accessory: A device that can be worn by a person getting their hair washed and/or cut is described and taught. The device has a cape and a mask that the user can comfortably wear throughout the duration of the washing and cutting process. The device may take many forms but has... Agent:

20140250560 - Multi-piece bib: Exemplary embodiments of a bib having a first surface and a removable second surface may be described. The bib may have a first surface made from a variety of cloth materials and a removable second surface that can couple to the first surface. The removable second surface can be decoupled... Agent:

20140250561 - Free-floating dual layer swimsuit: A swimsuit comprising an inner compression layer attached to an outer layer in a free floating manner is provided. The inner compression layer shapes, contours and slims the wearer's body, whereas the outer layer provides an aesthetically pleasing design. The inner and outer layers are positioned substantially independent from each... Agent:

20140250563 - Aesthetic figure and muscle enhancing body garment: A garment to be worn on a person for compressing and enhancing the shape of the person's body. Worn as either an outer garment or as an under garment, using padding in the shape of muscles or other body parts to enhance to look of the person. The padding is... Agent:

20140250562 - Multi-spectral camoflage assemblies and methods for making the same: A multi-spectral concealment assembly includes a garnish panel having a panel perimeter and a web spanning the panel perimeter. The web includes garnish bands extending across the panel perimeter. Gaps are positioned between each of the garnish bands. A method for assembling a garment panel includes joining the garnish panel... Agent:

20140250564 - Waterproof taped glove and mitten with laminated leather: A leather laminating method and an apparatus manufactured by applying the leather laminating method. A waterproof membrane may be sandwiched between two layers of breathable materials, and a waterproof breathable (WPB) material may be formed. The WPB material may be laminated to a leather material by using a dot adhesive,... Agent: The North Face Apparel Corp.

20140250565 - Transformable glove: A transformable glove is formed from multiple panels covering the fingertips, palm, and palm heel of a user. In one version, a back panel is joined to a finger panel, a palm panel, and a palm heel panel along side edges to form a glove, while creating openings allowing fingers... Agent: Amphipod, Inc.

20140250566 - Adjustable hairband: An adjustable hairband may include an outer layer of fabric, an inner layer of fabric fastened to outer layer to form a fabric tube comprising two channels between the layers, a first cord disposed within and extending out of a first plurality of openings to allow the layers to be... Agent: Project Ward, LLC

20140250567 - Air-cushioned shorts for cycling: Cycling shorts for protecting a rider from harmful effects occasioned by the design of the substantially unpadded seat of a racing-type cycle. Fabric shorts of conventional or elongated design include a interior protective pad. The pad includes adjoined seat and crotch sections and is symmetrical with respect to an axis... Agent:

20140250569 - Children's socks: A child's sock includes a sock body having an upper portion, a heel portion, a sole portion and a toe portion. At least one connector is secured to the sock body and is adapted to connect with a complementary connector of a complementary sock.... Agent:

20140250568 - Slip-resistant hosiery: A slip-resistant hosiery is provided to reduce slipping of a foot within a shoe. In an example embodiment, a slip-resistant hosiery includes a body adapted to cover a foot of a wearer, a first gripping surface positioned at an outer surface section of the body, and a second gripping surface... Agent:

20140250570 - Anti-riding underpants: An anti-riding undergarment having a waistband; at least one fabric portion, having a top portion attached to the waistband and a bottom portion divided into two leg portions; a seam extending vertically along a rear seat portion of the undergarment from a point on the fabric portion positioned between the... Agent:

20140250571 - Safety helmet with dynamic visual display: A safety helmet for displaying dynamic designs comprising: a non-opaque protective shell including an outer surface and an inner surface; an inner padding, including an outer surface and an inner surface, wherein a portion of the inner padding is surrounded by the inner surface of the outer shell; a dynamic... Agent:

20140250572 - Belt closure and chin strap of a protective helmet equipped therewith: A belt fastener for detachably connecting two belt ends comprises a housing and a plug, which can be clipped into in the housing. The belt fastener is a safety fastener opening if a predetermined tensile load acts on the belt ends. A separate finger flap is hinged to a front... Agent:

20140250573 - Strap attachment systems and goggles including same: Examples of strap attachment systems and goggles including same are described. Goggles according to the present examples may include a lens, a strap connector attached to the lens, and a strap including an attachment portion configured to be removably coupled to the strap connector. The strap connector may be fixedly... Agent: Smith Optics, Inc.

20140250574 - Adjusting strap, and swimming goggles and swim fins comprising the same: An adjusting strap is provided. The adjusting strap has a strap body and at least one fastening portion. An end zone of the strap body has at least one fastening hole, which is disposed along the strap body in a lengthwise direction. The fastening portion is disposed on the strap... Agent: Qbas Co., Ltd.

20140250575 - Alternate quilting: An alternate quilting method and an apparatus manufactured by applying the alternate quilting method. Multiple layers may be arranged in layer sets, the layers of each layer set may be quilt-stitched to each other, and as a result, stitches may be formed. A space between the layers of each layer... Agent: The North Face Apparel Corp.

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