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Animal husbandry

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07/10/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140190414 - Autonomous device for executing one or more operations on or near the teats of a dairy animal for the purpose of milking the dairy animal and method of milking a dairy animal: An autonomous device for executing one or more operations on or near the teats of a dairy animal for the purpose of milking the dairy animal, including a self-propelled wheeled undercarriage which can travel freely across a floor surface in at least two independent directions, and a robot arm which... Agent: Lely Patent N.v.

20140190415 - Robot and method for milking a cow by this robot: A milking robot comprising a movable arm and a plurality of grippers. The movable arm has a length in a longitudinal direction. The plurality of grippers are swivably mounted to the movable arm such that each gripper moves between a first position parallel to the movable arm's longitudinal direction and... Agent: Technologies Holdings Corporation

20140190416 - Dairy milking devices and methods: A milking liner includes an integrated short air tube and short milk tube. In one configuration, the pulsation air is delivered through the bead of the milking liner directly inside the shell through a plurality of outlets. The disclosure also provides alignment features that assist the person assembling a milking... Agent:

20140190417 - Pet bed: A pet bed having a cushion that includes multiple pillows that can be removed and washed is disclosed. The pet bed has a cover with multiple pockets, each of which holds one or more of the pillows while allowing the pillows to be removed from and replaced into the respective... Agent: Pioneer Pet Products, LLC

20140190418 - Projectile pet food: An edible animal food projectile is provided. The projectile is compatible for being launched from a launching apparatus such as a toy gun or the like. The projectile includes an edible body made from a starch-based material consisting essentially of an expanded starch. The edible body is formed into a... Agent:

20140190419 - Animal restraint and feeder apparatus: An apparatus for restraining, feeding, and watering an animal is provided. The apparatus comprises a bowl assembly, a rod, a ring element, and a ground securing element. The bowl assembly comprises a base component connected to a feeder component comprising a bowl for containing food and water. The animal may... Agent:

20140190420 - Excrement treatment material: The present invention provides an excrement treatment material capable of being treated by a water-disintegration treatment after use. The excrement treatment material contains a water retaining material including at least one material of papers, fibers, woods, plants, plastics, rubbers, organic sludge and animal waste, an adhesive and a water absorbing... Agent:

20140190421 - Collapsible, mountable animal crate: A collapsible, mountable pet crate. A collapsible crate mountable to a wall such that the crate may be assembled for pet usage while mounted to the wall and collapsed into a compact package while mounted to the wall and not being used. A mounting bracket affixed to the wall receives... Agent:

20140190422 - Livestock animal scale platform: c

20140190423 - Horse muzzle and methods of use: A horse muzzle comprises: a nose band; a head strap extended from the nose band; a mouth cover flap extended from the nose band; and side edges of the mouth cover flap defining lateral openings for a bridle bit. A horse muzzle also comprises a nose band; a head strap... Agent:

20140190424 - Wrap-around canine hunting vest with lower abdomen protection: A canine ventral chest and lower abdomen protection garment is disclosed for protection of a canine from impact with an obstacle. The garment mounts to the canine via a collar, a thoracic strap and a lumbar strap for a secure placement. A caudal portion of the garment rear of the... Agent: Bymoms4pets, LLC

07/03/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140182517 - Cat litter box system: A litter box monitoring system including: one or more sensors associated with one or more litter boxes; one or more processors; and one or more non-transitory computer readable media coupled to the one or more processors having instructions stored thereon which, when executed by the one or more processors, cause... Agent:

20140182518 - Systems, devices, and/or methods for feeding birds: Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a method, which can comprise a plurality of activities, which can comprise automatically detecting the presence of a bird in a housing. The housing can be adapted to substantially surround the bird. The housing can define an aperture adapted for the bird to enter and... Agent:

20140182519 - Animal health and wellness monitoring using uwb radar: A collar with an ultra-wideband radar is described. A housing contains sensor electronics and the transmit and receive antennas are located separate from the housing around the circumference of the collar. A first example of the collar includes a first transmit antenna and a first receive antenna. A second example... Agent: I4c Innovations Inc.

20140182520 - Harness for pets: A harness for pets that allows them to move freely, without causing them damage or possible wounds, thanks to a piece of laminar textile material composed of a central part with front vertexes and rear vertexes which project themselves to define both ears with complementary connection clasps, and both parts... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140174366 - Method and apparatus for monitoring a milking process: A method of monitoring a milking process by a milking apparatus that includes a teatcup with a pulsation space and an airline to deliver varying levels of pressure to the pulsation space. The method includes: measuring airflow within the airline to obtain an indication of volume of displaced air within... Agent: Lely Patent N.v.

20140174367 - Method and apparatus for feeding and attracting wildlife: A container for feeding and/or attracting animals, which may have a cylindrical body portion, a top end, and a bottom end opposing the top end, which together define an inside chamber. Each of the top end and the bottom end of the container may be substantially perpendicular to the cylindrical... Agent:

20140174368 - Plunger gate animal feeder attachment: A gate valve unit that can be used with existing animal feeders that have a feed container and aperture in the feed container for allowing the feed to be dispensed. Generally, the feed is gravity fed through the aperture and contacts a spinning feed dispensing member throwing the feed about... Agent:

20140174369 - Toilet equipment for domestic animals, in particular for dogs: Toilet equipment (1) for domestic animals, includes: (i) a frame/container (2) including an element for attaching same to a supporting structure, and together defining a recess (6) provided with elements (8) for spraying water and a collection and discharge unit (11) including a recovery tub (12) provided with a system... Agent: Spartel Engineering

20140174370 - Low density coated animal litter compositions: Animal litter compositions having relatively low densities are described herein. Methods of manufacturing such litter compositions are also described.... Agent: Nestec Sa

20140174371 - System for treatment of lice, and corresponding method for treatment of lice: A lice treatment system for marine organisms, such as fish, is described where the system is a closed system comprising: an inlet (1) for fish that shall be treated, a first separator (2) to separate the fish and water and which is arranged after the inlet (1), a pipeline (6)... Agent: Ocea As

20140174372 - Sustainable aquaponic system and method for growing plants like medical cannabis: A system and method of sustainable aquaponics that vertically integrates unique aquaponic system designs with alternative aquaculture fish feed sources, fingerling production methods, alternative aquaculture/farmed fish grow out models, and green energy sources that yield organic produce in the form of fruits and vegetables. A raceway system serves as the... Agent:

20140174373 - Methods for producing cultured pearls in conch and other gastropods: The subject invention provides methods for producing cultured pearls in gastropods, such as the queen conch, Strombus gigas, and other gastropod species (e.g., families Strombidae, Haliotididae and Volutidae), with high success rates. The subject invention also provides cultured pearls produced by the methods as described herein.... Agent: Florida Atlantic University Board Of Trustees

20140174374 - Fish display and water circulation apparatus with individually removable live fish containers: A fish display apparatus continuously circulating water through a plurality of removable live fish containers, whereby a large number of individual containers containing one or more fish may be easily displayed to customers and whereby any single container may be removed by the customer for purchase of the fish contained... Agent:

20140174375 - Pet enclosure with dual axes swivel connector: A dual axes swivel connector for connecting various panels to assemble a pet enclosure is disclosed. The dual axes swivel connector allows panels of the enclosure to be reliably pivoted with respect to each other. The dual axes swivel connector may comprise first and second parts. The first part may... Agent: Precision Pet Products, Inc.

20140174376 - Time of flight animal monitoring: A system and method are provided for monitoring the movement of an animal. An animal transceiver unit is placed on the animal for transmitting and receiving signals. A base transceiver unit for transmitting and receiving signals relative to the animal transceiver unit is operated to monitor relative movement of the... Agent: Perimeter Technologies, Inc.

20140174377 - Dual dog leash: The present invention to provides a dual leash for walking two dogs with a single compact leash while preventing entangling of the individual cables. Horizontal positioning of the spools achieves a more compact design as well as a new way to combine the rotation of the housing with a lock... Agent:

20140174378 - Apparatus for caring for and carrying an animal: A portable stretcher apparatus includes a pack having a first portion and a second portion removably coupled to said first portion with a fastener, said pack defining an internal compartment when said first portion is coupled to said second portion. The pack may be made of a suitable material such... Agent:

20140174380 - Conformable and reusable lick deterrent: A lick deterrent device to deter animals from biting or chewing. The deterrent device has a flexible substrate physically conformable in three directions with conductive traces thereon. The lick deterrent device is configured for electrical connection to a removable power source. The traces are configured so that they may be... Agent:

20140174379 - Harness system for pets with mobility handicap: Disclosed is a paw pad protector harness that is a lightweight assembly of straps and buckles that is used to hold a variety of pet footwear securely in place for weather condition protection, and for protecting pet paws and legs from exposure to hazardous environments.... Agent: Wfk & Associates, LLC

20140174381 - Therapy animal garment: A therapy animal garment for teaching and assisting fine motor skills is disclosed. The therapy animal garment may include a number of segments that are joined together using various different fasteners. One or more of the segments may be configured to attach to a therapy animal. In some instances, various... Agent: Canine Therapy Corps, Inc.

06/19/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140165916 - System and method of attaching cups to a dairy animal: A robotic attacher retrieves cups from the left side of an equipment area located behind a dairy livestock and attaches the cups to the teats of the dairy livestock in sequence. The sequence comprises attaching a first cup to the left front teat, a second cup to the right front... Agent: Technologies Holdings Corp.

20140165917 - Robot milking arm and a method of attaching milking cups: A robotic milking system suitable for use with conventional milking clusters. Clusters are withdrawn to a generally known position upon release from a cow with the cups hanging down below the bowl. The cups are then located in a confined region from where they are picked up by a robotic... Agent: Scott Milktech Limited

20140165918 - Dairy milking devices and methods: A milking liner includes an integrated short air tube and short milk tube. In one configuration, the pulsation air is delivered through the bead of the milking liner directly inside the shell when the liner is connected to the shell. In another configuration, the integrated short air tube has an... Agent:

20140165919 - Insect barrier pet bowl assembly: A bowl assembly (2) includes a bowl (4) which is suitable for holding various types of produce but which is intended for receiving food for a pet. The bowl assembly (2) is supported upon a tray (6). Four legs (8) are disposed to support the tray and are of sufficient... Agent: Anti Industry Pty Ltd

20140165920 - No-drip bowl: Disclosed is a no-drip water bowl comprised of a bowl and a removably attached lid having a drinking aperture lined with inwardly-facing, soft bristles. The bristles wipe water and drool from the snout of a drinking animal as it withdraws its snout from the drinking aperture. This prevents the animal... Agent:

20140165921 - Organically based animal litter and manufacturing process: The present disclosure provides a lightweight hybrid clumping animal litter made from organic core particles combined with small amounts of clumping agent, and methods for making the litter.... Agent: Sorptek, LLC

20140165922 - Center spar fish pen: A fish pen (100) includes an elongate spar buoy (110) and an optional reserve buoyancy buoy (120) disposed over a top end of the spar buoy. One or more rim assemblies (130, 140) are attached to the spar buoy with tension members (150, 152, 154). An adjustable upper connection plate... Agent: Oceanspar, Inc.

20140165923 - Decorative pillow for a cat: A decorative pillow for a couch, bed, or piece of furniture made of two or more pieces of tightly woven scratch, stain, and hair resistant fabric, preferably containing a layer of crinkle cat paper and catnip to entice a cat. In one embodiment, the outside of the pillow is formed... Agent:

20140165924 - System and method of use of gyroscopic forces on animal equilibrium: An animal training system is disclosed. Said animal training system comprises a one or more gyroscopic assemblies each having a one or more rotors, a one or more gyroscope brackets, a power source attached to a one or more engines, and a one or more gyroscopic resistance forces. Said one... Agent:

20140165925 - Pet leash with integrated safety belt connector: An improved leash device for pets that includes a tongue for insertion into a seat belt is described. The tongue may be designed to fit any vehicle safety belt buckle to allow a user to secure their pet to their vehicle for travel. The user may operate the device by... Agent:

20140165926 - Diaper and method for its manufacture: A diaper and method for its manufacture are disclosed. The diaper comprises one gathered lengthwise edge with an elastic material for that edge to expand and contract. The other lengthwise edge is static in length and longer than the gathered edge. The disparity in length tapers the diaper toward the... Agent: Puddles Be Gone

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