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Animal husbandry

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08/07/2014 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140216349 - System and method of attaching a cup to a dairy animal according to a sequence: A system includes a milking box and a robotic arm. The milking box comprises a stall portion that houses a dairy livestock with four teats. The robotic arm performs the following operation for a plurality of teats of the dairy livestock: retrieves a cup; attaches the cup to a teat;... Agent: Technologies Holdings Corp.

20140216350 - Artificial pairing and breeding method of platysternon megacephalum: The invention discloses an artificial pairing and breeding method of Platysternon megacephalum. The method comprises the selection of species sources, domestication before pairing, setting of a breeding pond, artificial pairing, collection and hatching of turtle eggs. The method fully considers the ecological and biological characteristics of the Platysternon megacephalum, including... Agent: Guangdong Entomological Institute

20140216351 - Aquarium with adjustable lighting: An aquarium having an adjustable lighting system for enhancing the display of fluorescent objects, such as fluorescent fish, contained within the aquarium under various external lighting conditions, such as a dark room or a brightly lit room. The aquarium comprises a tank and a plurality of light sources. Each light... Agent: Yorktown Technologies, L.p.

20140216352 - Folding trailer: A collapsible trailer for exercising or transporting an animal. The trailer is attachable to a vehicle, such as a bicycle, and features a floor capable of retracting into a running position where an animal is able to run on the ground and deploying into a riding position where an animal... Agent:

20140216353 - Animal enclosure with dual door assembly: The present disclosure provides an animal enclosure including a plurality of members defining an interior of the enclosure. One of the plurality of members includes a first member having a frame structure and door assembly formed by a plurality of interconnected horizontal and vertical wires. At least two of the... Agent: Mid-west Metal Products Company, Inc.

20140216354 - Animal enclosure with dual door assembly: The present disclosure provides an animal enclosure including a plurality of members defining an interior of the enclosure. One of the plurality of members includes a first member having a frame structure and door assembly formed by a plurality of interconnected horizontal and vertical wires. At least two of the... Agent:

20140216355 - Animal travel system: An animal carrier for installation into an automotive seat is described. The animal carrier has a frame that is formed by the attachment of the bottom edge of a substantially vertical back panel to the back facing edge of a substantially horizontal floor panel, and the further attachment of a... Agent:

20140216356 - Cat carrier with destabilizing sliding floor: A portable cat carrier has a sliding floor that momentarily and mildly destabilizes a cat's footing to facilitate transferring the cat in and out of the carrier. The floor is the bottom portion of a movable insert that has a receptacle for receiving the cat. The insert has relatively low... Agent:

20140216357 - Pigment-free elastomeric pet toy: A toy is formed at least partially of a composition in which pigment is intentionally substantially omitted, and a natural color of the unadulterated resin, after vulcanization or other curing procedure of natural and synthetic thermoset rubber types requiring cross-linking, is retained.... Agent:

20140216358 - Surface friction pet puzzle toy: The invention relates to a novel pet toy in which a ball slides across a surface via cutouts in the base of the toy and uses friction to assist with the sliding motion. The toy is especially effective on carpeted surfaces. A transparent top piece allows the pet to see... Agent:

20140216360 - Animal lead: An animal lead is arranged for gripping by a handler at one end, and has a releasable attachment means for a collar or harness at the other end. The attachment means has a hooked body (4) with an aperture (20) closed by a gate (7) in a release frame (5).... Agent:

20140216359 - Leash handle with hands-free feature: A handle structure includes a loop portion through which a hand of a user is insertable, and which is dimensioned and configured such that once the hand is inserted, the wrist of the user is retained captively within the loop portion such that a controlled tether is maintained without requiring... Agent:

20140216361 - Structure of a handle for a retractable leash: A structure of a handle for a retractable leash comprises a holding piece; the holding piece is formed integrally as one piece by soft gel; a housing of the retractable leash is an assembly of a left housing and a right housing; the holding piece is fitted between the left... Agent:

20140216362 - Protective poultry saddle: A rectangular protective cape-like device worn by poultry that covers the main back of the poultry. Two opposing slits are cut into the main saddle piece to form straps. The saddle holds on to the bird by pulling each wing through the respective slit respective slit Reinforced scrim vinyl or... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140202390 - Bedding for bird coops: Disclosed are synthetic structured mattresses for bird coop bedding. There is a slab/nesting pad made of a porous plastic foam. In one form the foam is suitable to permit liquid to readily drain through it when the slab is washed. An array of tufts are configured to encourage scratching thereof... Agent:

20140202391 - Collapsible pet bowl: A flexible pet bowl is provided. The flexible pet bowl may include a main trough and one or more side pockets that may be used to store one or more items, such as bags, food, or the like.... Agent: Gated Distribution, Inc.

20140202392 - Collapsible litter box: A collapsible cat litter box includes a top cover, a box body, a buckle clasp, and a clasp base engagable with the buckle clasp. The top cover is attached to the box body. The top cover has a plurality of concave grooves. An opening is formed on a central front... Agent: Jiangsu Zhongheng Pet Supplies Co., Ltd.

20140202393 - Aquatic-predator resistant net: There is provided a net comprising a plurality of attack-resistant cords joined in a net mesh, wherein each attack-resistant cord comprises one or more hard metal wires running at least partially along its length and one or more high tenacity yarns having a tenacity of at least 1.5N/tex.... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140202394 - Heat lamp: An electrical heat lamp for pig breeding includes a housing and an electrical heating source. The heating source is a U-shaped, infrared electromagnetic radiation heating element, and includes an electric member portion for connecting to an external electric energy source. The heat lamp includes a reflector arranged in the housing,... Agent: Future Farming Holding Aps

20140202395 - Collapsible animal crate assembly: The present invention relates to a collapsible cage assembly including an outer covering and a support frame for supporting the outer covering in an upright position. The outer covering can have a top, bottom, front, back, first side, and second side. The support frame can include a top frame body... Agent: Mid-west Metal Products Co., Inc.

20140202396 - Triadic spinning pet puzzle toy with treat receptacles: The invention relates to a novel pet toy wherein the pet must determine how to solve the puzzle and obtain treats located in concealed receptacles in the base portion of the toy. The top portion must be rotated by the animal in such a way as to be off-center and... Agent:

20140202397 - Canine restraint harness: A canine restraint harness for controlling pulling behavior by a dog while being led includes a cord having first and second ends, a clasp for attachment to a dog collar, a cam for receiving and clamping a segment of the cord to reduce the length thereof, a closed loop at... Agent: Edison Nation, LLC

20140202398 - Dog harness: A dog harness is comprised of a torso strap encircling a dogs chest, connected to a chest strap passing around the chest of a dog, and a shoulder strap passing over the back of a dog. The chest strap is provided with a elongate linker. A leash connector is fixed... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140196665 - Vision system for robotic attacher: A system includes a robotic arm on which at least one camera is attached. It further includes a memory and a controller communicatively coupled to the memory. The memory stores historical information associated with a dairy livestock. The historical information include a previously-determined location of a teat of the dairy... Agent: Technologies Holdings Corp.

20140196666 - Absorbent pad for use with animal caging systems: A fluid absorbent assembly includes a fluid absorbent material located in an animal cage or in a liner inserted into the cage. The fluid absorbent material may comprise or be combined with a material that absorbs or neutralizes noxious vapors. A fluid permeable animal support structure may be located over... Agent: Edstrom Industries, Inc.

20140196667 - Animal enclosure: An enclosure (1) for small animals, the enclosure comprising: an internal wall (17) that divides a space within the enclosure (1) into first (5) and second (7) regions, and a passageway (13) mounted in said internal wall (17) to extend between said regions (5, 7) so that an animal within... Agent: Hebe Studio Limited

20140196668 - Portable pet carrier and vehicle transportation bag: A portable pet carrier and vehicle transportation bag. The bag includes a plurality of straps that are capable of independently disconnecting from one another for securing and adjusting the straps around one or more components in an interior cabin of a vehicle. Stabilizing bars or elements disposed within an interior... Agent:

20140196669 - Small animal litter container: A small animal litter container is provided with an enclosed design that keeps animal elimination products contained within the litter material and/or the container without leakage and avoids spillage of these materials beyond the container. Cylindrical telescoping interior and exterior housing sections engage to form a covered elimination area within... Agent:

20140196670 - Animal self-grooming device: An animal self-grooming device includes a rectangular sheet of flexible material that has an interior surface and an exterior surface. The rectangular sheet is rolled into a generally tubular-shaped enclosure that is open at opposite ends and includes a longitudinally extending seam. A plurality of bristles or tuffs is affixed... Agent:

20140196671 - Collapsible tactile maze pet toy: The invention relates to a novel pet toy that utilizes tactile signals to solve the maze puzzle and is collapsible allowing for compaction during play. Soft sides allow for compaction and reconfigurable inner walls create a potentially new and unique trajectory for the solver of the maze. A treat may... Agent:

20140196672 - Plug-in lock for connecting line element and an animal tether with such a plug-in lock: A plug-in lock (1) for connecting flexible and/or rigid line elements (43, 44) with a plug-in part (11) and a receiving part (12), whereby a positive-locking connection (14) is provided for transmitting a tensile force for establishing a detachable connection of the plug-in part (11) to the receiving part (12).... Agent: Flexi-bogdahn Technik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140196673 - Acoustically enhanced pet animal collar for health & vital signs monitoring, alert and diagnosis: An acoustically enhanced collar for monitoring vital signs of a pet animal, may comprise an elastic band having a working surface configured to wrap around a neck of a pet animal and an oppositely faced rear surface, at least one sensor element situated along a circumference of the band and... Agent: Petpace Ltd.

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