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Amusement devices: games

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08/07/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140217670 - Card shoe: A card shoe comprising security features. The card shoe may include a housing and a flexible flag to at least partially overlie a front cover and an opening in the front cover. The card shoe may include an opening between a playing card support and a bottom of the front... Agent: Gaming Shoe Company LLC

20140217671 - Three-dimensional brain teaser: The invention pertains to toys, more specifically to mechanical three-dimensional brain teasers, which can be used for play and also as a training device for developing manual dexterity, a souvenir or an educational aid. The three-dimensional brain teaser is in the form of a body of revolution having three continuous... Agent:

20140217672 - Pairs card game: A card game in which players attempt to build the highest ranking two pairs of playing cards built in various rounds. Initially, one face down community card is dealt on the table, four face up public cards and one face down private card dealt to each player. Each player inspects... Agent:

20140217673 - Communication game kit and method: Kits, methods and computer programs are disclosed which facilitate playing of a communication game incorporating rebuses. Each of an assortment of game pieces may have one or more respective symbols thereon. Each symbol may be convertible between an active state and an inactive state. Each game piece may be convertible... Agent:

20140217674 - Replaceable moving target system and method: An electronic moving target system and method, which users may aim and shoot various instruments at which can be configured to present rigid or flexible targets from a variety of different directions. The target system presents users with realistic moving targets which may be quickly and easily be replaced as... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140203504 - Roulette wheel with smart cover: A system and method is provided for delaying an outcome of a roulette game is disclosed. Accordingly, the system includes a roulette wheel and a glass cover attached to the roulette wheel, the glass cover configured to switch between a transparent state and an opaque state in response to electrical... Agent: Marina Bay Sands Pte. Ltd.

20140203505 - Card shuffler with adjacent card infeed and card output compartments: A playing card handling device is disclosed. The device includes a first side and a second opposite side. Components of the device include a card infeed tray, a card output tray and a card handling zone. The card infeed tray and card output tray are on the same first side... Agent: Shfl Entertainment, Inc.

20140203506 - Battlefield chess game: Battlefield Chess (BC) differs from conventional chess (CC). First BC has a number of moves in addition to the moves of CC. For example, the knight in CC can move forward, backward, and sideways in an L-shape, for example, 2 spaces forward and then 1 space right or left. Two... Agent:

20140203507 - Board game for enhancing mental skills through formation of shapes and patterns: Disclosed is a method of playing a game using a set of parts. The set comprises a playing board provided with a plurality of identical recessed polygonal spaces being arranged in a grid of rows and columns, and a plurality of identically-shaped playing chips to removably fill the plurality of... Agent:

20140203508 - Game of inheritance: A card game involves players competing for respective shares of an inheritance from a decedent. Trick-taking rounds are played in which players estimate the number of tricks they expect to take based on their dealt hands. Successful achievement of the estimated number of tricks earns an inheritance payout, while failure... Agent:

20140203509 - Quick release archery target: An archery target includes a clamping assembly having at least two conditions wherein a first condition applies compressing force to a target material and a second condition releases at least a portion of the compressing force from the target material such that arrow removal is easier. The clamping assembly allows... Agent:

20140203510 - Ballistic paneling for bullet traps: A ballistic wall includes a facing material having destructible material with at least one side having a resilient material attached thereto to help provide additional integrity to the wall and to reduce the risk of ricocheting projectiles passing through the facing material.... Agent: Action Target Inc.

20140203511 - Thimble warrior game: A toy for use in connection with the playing of a thumb-wrestling game comprises a thimble, adapted to be mounted upon a player's thumb, and a combat-ant figurine attached to the thimble. The figurine may be fixedly attached to the thimble or detachably attached to the thimble such that various... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140197596 - Device and method for magnetic element stacking game: The present invention relates to a multi-player magnetic element stacking game played on one or more shafts attached to a base and exploiting the phenomena of magnetic attraction or repulsion.... Agent: Plasmart, Inc.

20140197597 - Gammon game and method of play: An improved gammon game and method of play using unique game pieces is envisioned. The addition of unique playing pieces which are adapted to be used by players to designate movements throughout a game with rules similar to that of historic Takhteh complicates and makes for a more challenging and... Agent:

20140197598 - Roulette based bingo game and method of playing bingo: A roulette based bingo game and method of playing bingo is disclosed. The game includes a bingo table that resembles a traditional roulette table and a bingo wheel used to select randomly from among a set of numbers. Players purchase primary and interim bingo cards by placing chips on the... Agent: Innovate! Technologies Group, LLC

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