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Amusement devices: games

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12/04/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140353910 - Game: An apparatus for playing a game and particularly a table-top game which represents soccer. The apparatus includes a figure for playing a game comprising a model player fitted to a hollow base (5) wherein the base has at least one opening (2, 3, 4) in communication with the cavity and... Agent:

20140353911 - Table and game for marbles: An apparatus for playing marbles games. The apparatus is a circular or polygonal playing board or ring, which encompasses a playing surface. A top ring extends above the playing board along its outer circumference, and may extend over the outer perimeter of the playing board, allowing marbles struck off the... Agent:

20140353912 - Ball ejection system and method for wheel games: A ball ejection system for a roulette game is provided. The system includes a roulette wheel including a plurality of slots, at least one sensor, at least one ejector element, and a first driving mechanism. Each slot is defined by side walls and a bottom surface. Each bottom surface further... Agent: Pockaj D.o.o. (d.b.a. Alfastreet)

20140353913 - Simple shuffling device: A shuffling device (1) includes cards (2) containing information for determination of proper/improper, card set trays (3) for placing the cards (2), and a common card stocker (4) for stocking cards drawn out from the card set trays (3). Drawing rollers (5,6) are provided below the card set trays (3)... Agent: Angel Playing Cards Co., Ltd.

11/27/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140346730 - Device for playing football: The invention relates to a device for playing football (1), comprising a ball (16), a base (7) on which at least one ball holder is provided, an accelerating element (2, 2′), and a drive arrangement for the accelerating element (2, 2′). The drive arrangement carries the accelerating element (2, 2′)... Agent: Limmat Produkt Gmbh

20140346729 - Game-piece launching toy: This game-piece launching toy, which is a toy used while playing games in which game-pieces such as marbles are launched, includes a toy body; a flipping member installed on the toy body; a pushing member configured to move a game-piece placed on the toy body toward a tip of the... Agent: Tomy Company, Ltd.

20140346731 - Keno betting method: The present invention is an additional bet to the game of Keno. The last ball drawn is used as a basis for betting. The player may bet any one of five ways: the exact number, whether it is top half or lower half, which quadrant it falls in: lowest, mid... Agent:

20140346732 - Card handling systems, devices for use in card handling systems and related methods: Card handling systems include shuffling devices, shoe devices, and a card transfer system for automatically transferring cards from the shuffling device into the shoe device. Shuffling devices may include a divider configured to contact at least one card positioned within a compartment of the shuffling device. Shoe devices may include... Agent: Shuffle Master Gmbh & Co Kg

20140346733 - Playing cards and system: Playing cards (1) form a single deck with fifty two cards, and are made up of two types of cards, namely, cards (1a) having an index (2), which indicates a numerical value that represents a rank, only in the upper left and lower right portions thereof, and cards (1b) having... Agent: Angel Playing Cards Co., Ltd.

20140346734 - Clearing trap: A clearing trap for decelerating bullets including a housing and bullet deceleration material disposed within the housing. The bullet deceleration material may include a plurality of layers of rubber material and metal for safely decelerating a bullet. Further, the layers of rubber material may have different densities and different types... Agent:

20140346735 - Spinning ball game apparatus and game play: A spinning ball game and game apparatus includes a hollow sphere within which a plurality of smaller spheres, such as metal balls, are captivated. The agitation and movement of the sphere causes orbital and randomized motion of the smaller balls within the sphere's interior. Various game play patterns are provided... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 6 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140339766 - Hand-held game device and game assembly comprising such a device: The present invention relates to a hand-held game device comprising a handle for holding the device, an elongated figurine having a longitudinal axis, wherein the figurine is rotatably connected to said handle around an axis of rotation which is at least substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. The present invention... Agent:

20140339768 - Reel band for gaming machine and gaming machine: To provide a reel device for a gaming machine capable of increasing a reel illumination effect by varying illumination onto the reel. A reel band which is attached to a rotatable reel of a gaming machine includes a base sheet, a light reflecting sheet which has a reflecting surface reflecting... Agent: Aruze Gaming America, Inc.

20140339767 - Reel band, reel assembly, and gaming machine: In a reel band, the transmittance of the light emitted from a backlight is adjusted without using a sheet for decreasing the transmittance, and the reel band is decorated without resort to printing. A reel band M32 includes: a translucent base layer M320; a symbol print layer M322 laminated on... Agent:

20140339769 - Cobe (constructive objecttive basic entertainment game of cards and die): A combination Card and Dice game where points are adjudicated to the player based on the combination of rolling the dice once and drawing of cards as indicated by the roll of the dice, or conversely drawing one card and rolling the dice as many times as indicated by the... Agent:

20140339770 - Methods for games that permit rewagering: Methods of administering wagering games comprise accepting a first wager to participate in a first wagering game according to a first set of game rules. A second wager to participate in a second, different wagering game according to a second, different set of game rules is accepted and resolved according... Agent:

20140339771 - System and method for returning a house advantage in a game of chance: A form of play is disclosed that provides a house advantage in a blackjack side game.... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140333022 - Mat with puzzle function: A mat with puzzle function is a four-sided pad. Each side has a toothed border with a succession of teeth. At least two cutting lines divide the mat into four blocks, in such a way that each block has an assembling edge with the complementary shape to connect with other... Agent:

20140333023 - Board game: A board for playing games, especially strategy games and in particular variants on the game of chess, which is rotationally asymmetric in orders greater than 2, such that different players have differently sized “home” playing areas. The main embodiment is a four player board, with variants which have additional diagonals... Agent:

20140333024 - Bingo table game and method of playing bingo: A method of playing bingo includes the steps of providing a bingo game table that is similar in appearance to the appearance of a table for playing the game of craps; activating Primary Bingo Game cards for two or more players who place chips in a first region of the... Agent:

20140333025 - Resonant coils for use with games and toys: An electronic card game system and method using NFC or RFID electromagnetic communication, including an initiator having a driving coil, a first card having a secondary coil with a capacitor, and a playing piece having a receiving coil. The initiator and the first card may be placed on a playing... Agent: Mattel, Inc.

20140333026 - Cornhole game difficulty modification: The invention is a game difficulty modifier for the traditional lawn game known as cornhole or bean bag toss which utilizes inserts to change the standard target aperture in the cornhole game board. The insert adapter changes the difficulty level of the game by either altering the size or nature... Agent:

20140333027 - Impact-displaceable target for sport shooting: Impact-displaceable target (1) for sport shooting, comprising an assembly having two symmetrical parts (2) of polymeric material, which can be coupled together and with a perpendicular relationship of one part (2) with respect to the other, each one of the parts (2) presenting a main body having a pair of... Agent:

20140333028 - Portable bean bag toss game: A portable bean bag toss game having first and second target boards, a plurality of bean bags, a first set of target board legs and a second set of target board legs. Each of the target boards includes a planar top surface and a bottom face and a target hole.... Agent:

20140333029 - Archery target with coated liner: An archery target includes an impact-absorbing core configured to arrest an incoming projectile and a multilayered bag enveloping the impact-absorbing core and defining an outer surface of the target. The multilayered bag includes a flexible fabric layer comprising a plurality of interwoven fibers and a polyurethane coating layer applied to... Agent: J&l Targets, Inc.

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