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Amusement devices: games

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07/10/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140191470 - Automated table game system: A table game system for a game of chance includes a card shuffling machine for randomly selecting a single card from among a defined set of cards, the single card having indicia relevant to an outcome for the game of chance. The card shuffling machine is rotatable about an axis... Agent:

20140191471 - Triple smart game system: A triple smart game system is provided. The triple smart game system includes a game pad in which a layout is implemented on a game table around which a dealer and players are located, the layout including a card arrangement zone required to play a triple game, a game logo,... Agent:

20140191472 - Action figure game piece and method of playing action figure game: An action figure game piece is disclosed. The game piece comprises a game figure character adapted for movement a distance over a surface and a mechanism for indicating the distance of movement over the surface. A method of playing an action figure game on the surface is also disclosed. The... Agent: Hasbro, Inc.

20140191473 - Apparatus, method, and system for card game with diagrammatic solutions for play outcomes: The present invention is directed to an apparatus, method, and system for playing a sports card game that features graphical, diagrammatic solutions for play outcomes. The preferred embodiment is directed to a representation of an American football game and consists of a deck of cards, half of which are offense... Agent:

20140191474 - Customizable gaming table apparatus: A gaming table including a plurality of illumination devices mounted therein and a controller configured for receiving a selection of a preset game layout configuration from one or more preset game layout configurations stored in memory and actuating the illumination of a portion of the plurality of illumination devices corresponding... Agent: Gaming Support B.v.

07/03/2014 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140183818 - Methods and apparatuses for an automatic card handling device and communication networks including same: An automatic card handling device, automatic card handling devices within a network, and methods of use are disclosed. An automatic card handling device includes a shuffling apparatus with a controller and configured to deliver a set of shuffled cards, and a communication module operably coupled to the controller. The communication... Agent: Shfl Entertainment, Inc.

20140183819 - Packaged puzzle: Puzzles that are packaged in assembled form and in a generally flat configuration are described herein. The puzzle package includes one or more flattened box components that provide support backing to the assembled puzzle. The box components have removable portions that provide structural rigidity to the puzzle pieces and are... Agent: Pigment & Hue, Inc.

20140183820 - Puzzle: A puzzle includes a first piece and a second piece, the first and second pieces evidencing matching and selectively engageable profiles. A communication element is provided to the first and second pieces, the communication element enabling communication between the first and the second pieces, and an integrated power supply and... Agent:

20140183821 - Asymmetric paddleball toy with play-direction switching slot: A paddleball toy having a paddle, a bounceable play ball, and an elastic tethering means. The paddle has an impact surface and an elongate handle with a handle longitudinal axis. The paddle has a front side and a back side. The handle connects to the impact surface at a lower... Agent: Active People, Limited

20140183822 - Bag wheel game: A bag tossing game comprised of a selectively rotatable wheel target suspended on a frame and controllable by an adjustable brake. As the game is played, players take turns tossing projectiles at the wheel target. As the projectiles contact the wheel, kinetic energy from the tossed projectile is imparted onto... Agent:

20140183823 - Flying disc target and method of using the same: A flying disc target which includes a frame having a plurality of adjustable legs and a support member having a plurality of hinges, each leg coupled to a hinge of the support member and a target member detachably coupled to the frame, the target member having a first surface and... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140175741 - Integrated blackjack hole card readers and chip racks, and improved covers for chip racks: Integrated blackjack hole card readers and chip racks, and novel locking cover assemblies, are disclosed. In one embodiment, a chip rack of standard configuration is provided, and defines a cutout into which the reader can be placed. In another embodiment, the chip rack and reader are molded as a single... Agent: Tech Art, Inc.

20140175742 - Card weight for gravity feed input for playing card shuffler: A card-feeding device for feeding cards into a card-handling device is disclosed. Examples of card-handling devices include shufflers, card sorters, card delivery devices and card verification devices. The device includes a card infeed area that supports a stack of cards. The card infeed area has a card support surface. Included... Agent: Shfl Entertainment, Inc.

20140175743 - Interactive educational toy: An interactive educational toy, having six faces in a manner permitting multi-planar movement; each of the six jointed faces is comprised of plurality of bars pivotally connected in a pantographic configuration; the six faces each include sides, and the sides of adjacent faces are hinged together to form a cube... Agent:

20140175744 - Mounted game board: A game board assembly is disclosed herein. The game board assembly includes a foldable game board and a plurality of mounts. The foldable game board has a main portion and a plurality of peripheral edge portions that surround the main portion. The game board has a planar configuration where the... Agent:

20140175745 - Word games based upon starting first letters and word relationships: A word game provides players with several starting first letters and one or more association categories, the association categories may include antonyms, homophones, hyponyms, synonyms and other word relationships. A player may begin to create a word set by deriving, finding, speaking or otherwise indicating a first word and a... Agent:

20140175746 - Shooting target: A shooting target is disclosed herein. The shooting target includes a plurality of containers that are filled with a colored liquid. The shooting target also includes a front surface that conceals the plurality of containers so that they are not visible when looking at a front side of the shooting... Agent: Bear River International

06/19/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140167354 - Magnet football: MF (Magnet Football) board game is a simulation of the real game of football. Decorated magnets are used to simulate football players for offense and defense players playing under the pressure of a digital game clock timer. Defense player is timed by digital clock timer to strategically create barriers using... Agent:

20140167355 - Bingo table game and method of playing bingo: A bingo table game includes a table with a playing surface that evokes the appearance of a table for playing craps. Players grouped around the table purchase bingo cards by placing chips in designated regions of the playing surface. Both a Primary Bingo Game card and Interim Bingo Game cards... Agent: Innovatel Technologies Group, LLC

20140167356 - Casino card game: A method of playing a card game in which at least one player plays her own hand against a banker's hand, using at least one deck of conventional playing cards, wherein Kings, Queens, Jacks, and tens have a value of zero, Aces have a value of one, and all other... Agent:

20140167357 - Game for teaching manual dexterity and eye-had coordination in children of tender age: An improved game for teaching manual dexterity and improving eye-hand coordination using tools appropriate for very small children to hold and operate is disclosed. Moreover, an improved simplified marble game for teaching rule-following for very young children to provide a transition to more difficult and more complicated games as they... Agent:

20140167358 - Method for providing play therapy utilizing an interactive role playing game: A method for providing play therapy utilizing an interactive role playing game that involves relationships and interaction. The method utilizes a game requiring fashion jewelry with figures to communicate visually and indicate which role(s) are available for play as the roles vary by figure as to levels of play and... Agent:

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