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Amusement devices: games

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02/05/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150035229 - Bingo game card stencil: Disclosed is a stencil for bingo game boards. The stencil includes a front and rear side and a plurality of cutouts therethrough. The cutouts on the stencil form various bingo formations that are commonly played. The rear side of the stencil includes a pocket that is adapted to hold a... Agent:

20150035230 - Sorting device for sorting playing cards: A sorting device for sorting a stack of playing cards laid in an input bin in four stacks and removing them at the four cardinal points of the sorting device includes two receiving bins disposed on top of each other, of which the upper receiving bins are adjustable in height... Agent:

20150035231 - Puzzle game having associated internal and external images: A puzzle game, such as a puzzle game adapted for use by small children, is described. In some example embodiments, the puzzle game may include two or more puzzle pieces, the puzzle pieces each having an image located on a top surface of the puzzle piece that depicts an external... Agent: Rainstorm Ventures

01/29/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150028541 - Program, server, and method for pinball game: One object of a game program according to an embodiment is to provide a pinball game requiring more strategies. The game program comprises: a stage selection module for receiving stage selection by the user; a ball selection module for receiving selection of one or more ball objects by the user... Agent: Dena Co., Ltd.

20150028542 - Balanced six-sided dice: Balanced six-sided dice are provided. In this regard, a representative die includes a cubical body provided with a corresponding set of five indicia on each face, wherein four of the five indicia of each set form a square pattern with a fifth of the indicia being positioned at a center... Agent:

20150028543 - Strategic board game: The present invention dates to a board game in which a three piece rivalry system allows for interaction of player pieces in a battle simulation type game.... Agent:

20150028544 - Modular board game: A board game is provided that includes a game board, game board enhancement pieces, game pieces and a rule set. The game board has a plurality of similarly shaped pieces configurable for connection to construct a variety of game playing surfaces. The game board enhancement pieces are configured to alter... Agent:

20150028545 - Card table: A card table structure, preferably a poker table, includes a frame with legs for supporting the frame over a floor surface and a peripheral rail that extends about the table. A playing surface is disposed under the rail and extending across the rail to provide a surface upon which a... Agent:

20150028546 - Projectile containment system: Converging hardened steel plates are loosely mounted in a frame, with neoprene pads between them to better absorb the noise and impact from projectiles. The upstream end of the bullet trap is a target area, and a containment chamber communicates with the downstream ends of the plates defines a throat... Agent: Bullet Trap, LLC

01/22/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150021853 - Automobile racing board game: A game and method for playing a game are provided which simulates car racing. The game is played by placing a number of position marking indicators onto a playing surface representing a race track having a pit row, a forward slide, a backward slide, a number of special instruction squares... Agent:

20150021854 - Strategy game: A strategy game, such as chess, that incorporates a theme from a combat sport, such as boxing, into a plurality of playing pieces and a game board. The game board is configured to replicate an arena or ring utilized in the combat sport. The game board incorporates indicia commonly seen... Agent:

20150021855 - Competitive game with spinning game wheel and playing pieces: A competitive table game includes a rapidly spinning game wheel, an annular collection area, a base, and a plurality of rollable playing pieces. The game wheel is rotatably connected onto the base while the annular collection area is concentrically positioned around the game wheel. During each game, the players roll... Agent:

20150021856 - System and method for the combined play of wagering games: The present disclosure contains a system and method for conducting a wagering game using playing cards or other game pieces based on the traditional rules of Baccarat and including a Zoo wager and other special wagering options. The wagering game includes special wagering settlement rules, a combination wager and specified... Agent: Lessinger Gaming, LLC

20150021857 - Word game: e

01/15/2015 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150014922 - Gaming track: A game is provided which requires the player to analyze and solve physical problems confronted while playing the game. The game may be played by all persons, regardless of age. The game features the construction of a track assembly which will enable a sphere to roll on the track assembly... Agent:

20150014923 - Electronic gaming die: An electronic gaming die includes an enclosure, a flexible substrate, a number of light emitting diodes, a sensor, a processor and a battery. The enclosure has N sides where N is equal to or greater than 4. The flexible substrate folds into N sides and fits into an interior of... Agent:

20150014925 - Intelligent table game system: A card dealing system incorporating playing cards with rank and suit information encoded thereon via micro-dots, and a shoe capable of reading such micro dots as a playing card is drawn from the shoe. A game controller unit determines the positioning of the micro-dots on the playing card, and determines... Agent: The United States Playing Card Company

20150014924 - Pay or play tournament format: A multi-entry tournament is provided. The tournament format allows participants to enter as many times as they choose until the specified sized bracket is full. The tournament format also allows participants to enter in a round further into the tournament bracket. Thus, participants are able to more quickly advance through... Agent:

20150014926 - Card handling devices and related methods: Card handling devices comprise a card handling zone. A card infeed tray is configured to pass cards to the card handling zone and a separate card output tray is configured to receive cards from the card handling zone. A control system of the card handling device comprises at least one... Agent:

20150014928 - Card shuffler with gravity feed system for playing cards: A card feed system for feeding cards into a card handling system. The card feed system includes a card input compartment with a playing card support surface, a front wall, a rear wall and two side walls. The playing card support surface slopes toward the front wall at an angle... Agent:

20150014927 - Method for shuffling and dealing cards: A card shuffler that moves cards one-at-a-time from the bottom of a group that may be a deck in a deck-crib, to randomly designated single-card receptacles in a receiving or dealing rack, and a method for shuffling and for dealing cards. Either the deck-crib or the receiving rack is moved... Agent: Savant Shuffler LLC

20150014929 - Solitaire peg jumping game: A game device which is used to play a solitaire peg jumping game, and a method of playing the game, functions by requiring the user to jump pegs, where the jumped pegs are removed, and the user continues jumping until one peg remains. The design is in a particular hexagonal... Agent:

20150014930 - Self regulating chessboard: A chessboard having a playing platform and a stage or table which together maintain the flatness of the playing platform despite changing humidity conditions is disclosed. The playing platform is fabricated from a plurality of wooden pieces that are cut to exhibit a radial grain, and adhered to adjacent wooden... Agent: Summerville-new England LLC

20150014931 - Strategy game: A game set and method for playing a strategy game on a playing surface by one or more persons including a plurality of playing pieces, each playing piece having a predetermined number of edges, wherein each edge is at least one of an exterior edge and a connecting edge; a... Agent: Tructo LLC

20150014932 - Word game: The present invention is a method of playing a word game involving acronyms. The game involves a group of players where each creates phrases that are consistent with letters selected to form an acronym. In one embodiment of the present invention, a dealer rolls a die numbered 2-7 to determine... Agent:

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