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Amusement devices: games

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10/02/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140291930 - Card dealing shoe: A card dealing shoe including a sloped base with an opening, a roller mounted for rotational motion on an axle connected at each of the opposing side walls, and a pivoting lever having a first end and an opposing second end, wherein the first end protrudes from the opening in... Agent: Deq Systems Corp.

20140291931 - Systems and methods for playing a treasure hunting board game: A playable board game wherein players compete to secure the best bargains at garage sales, using both strategy and random chance, using a computerized component to randomize update game content.... Agent: The Negative Image, L.L.C.

20140291932 - Methods, systems, and apparatuses for wagering games including player-banked side bets: Methods of administering wagering games may comprise accepting a first wager from individual players to play against a dealer. A second wager may be accepted from at least two players to play against one another. A portion of the second wager may be placed in a first pot. A remainder... Agent:

20140291933 - Word card game: The technology disclosed herein relates to a variety of words games and a deck of cards having letter designations thereon. In one embodiment of a method, a first card is removed from a first stack of cards, where the first card has a particular letter designation. A second card is... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 3 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140284879 - Clay target hanger: A mounting clip in configured to hold a clay target having an inside edge, a front face, a first top edge and a second top edge. The mounting clip has an attachment clip configured to attach to the mounting clip to a hanger. A clamping clip is immediately adjacent to... Agent:

20140284880 - Portable shooting target: A collapsible, portable target shooting apparatus that is easily transported and constructed in the field, backyard, or other location for shooters to use for training and recreation. When collapsed, the apparatus lies generally flat. When expanded and assembled, portions of the apparatus comprise graphics for target shooting. A shelving system... Agent:

20140284881 - Bullet deflecting baffle system: The present invention provides a releasable clamp assembly for supporting one or more bullet deflecting plates, comprising: a first plate holder having a channel for receiving an outer lateral edge of a first deflecting plate; a second plate holder having a channel for receiving an outer lateral edge of a... Agent: Action Target Inc.

09/18/2014 > 26 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140265113 - Tilt sensing in an amusement game device: Operation of an amusement game device is controlled in part by using an accelerometer positioned with a game cabinet of the amusement game device. The accelerometer is first used to establish a reference idle position for the amusement game device. During game play of the amusement game device, it is... Agent: Stern Pinball, Inc.

20140265114 - Functional jewelry: Dice rings are designed in a way that one or multiple outer thinner ring(s) spin in a grooved inner ring that slips onto a finger. The outer smaller ring may have numbers, characters, symbols or words distributed around the ring such that when spun, a random result is produced, designated... Agent: Critsuccess LLC

20140265115 - Family and friends dice game: A plurality of different game and method of their play for at least two players each game having a plurality of PATTERN chips each designating a unique pattern, a plurality of PRIMARY chips each having at least one unique number, a plurality of MARKER chips and a plurality of dice.... Agent:

20140265116 - Non-cubic logic puzzle: A non-cubic logic puzzle includes a core mechanism, puzzle pieces, and an interconnecting structure. The core mechanism provides a three-dimensional origin of the non-cubic logic puzzle and is coupled to the puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces are arranged in desired configuration having a first non-cubic pattern in a first plane... Agent: Moving Parts LLC

20140265117 - Assembly kit for three dimensional works: Kits designed to stimulate creativity, to provide exercise for fine motor skills, and to improve spatial perception. The kits may be useful as a stimulating “toy” for children to develop creativity, spatial perception and motor skills, as a therapeutic kit for the elderly or those requiring rehabilitation of fine motor... Agent: Stat Ventures, Inc.

20140265118 - Card game and card game board: The present disclosure describes a card game called “Tunsh” and a game board designed for the Tunsh game. The Tunsh game shares some features of the Solitaire type of games but also includes new elements that make Tunsh more exciting and challenging. The game board includes multiple positions specifically designed... Agent:

20140265119 - Drawing game: In a method of game play, a transparent drawing board and a plurality of game cards are provided. A first player is assigned to be a picturist, and a second player is assigned to be a tracer. The picturist uses a non-marking tool to draw an image of the target... Agent: Mattel, Inc.

20140265120 - Method and apparatus for a game: An apparatus and method for a game, in which a ball, token, or other projectile is propelled onto a game board. The game board is slightly raised from an adjacent playing surface. The game board might be comprised of a grid or set of ball-retaining depressions. The board would also... Agent:

20140265121 - Consumer game: Methods for implementing a consumer game are provided that include: distributing at a retail location a game board and at least one game ticket, that includes at least one game marker, where the game board includes a plurality of sets of locations, each set corresponding to one of a plurality... Agent: Tcc Retail Marketing, Inc.

20140265122 - Method and apparatus for football board game: A plurality of first team player game pieces, a plurality of second team player game pieces, a football designation device, and a game board are provided for playing a football board game. At least one of the player game pieces may have an advantage over one or more of the... Agent:

20140265123 - Puzzle greeting card: A puzzle greeting card is provided. The puzzle greeting card includes a character search puzzle formed on a first portion of the greeting card, and a hidden message puzzle formed on a second portion of the greeting card. The character search puzzle includes a plurality of characters and a list... Agent: Wise Cat, LLC

20140265124 - Games of chance and methods for playing such games: A game of chance for one or more wagering players has a plurality of random number selectors for determining a point sum by adding together the randomly selected numbers, and a game layout. The game layout has a plurality of point sum zones, each point sum zone indicating at least... Agent: Madson Products, LLC

20140265125 - Game piece and methods of making and using same: A game piece that has a central layer and domed clear top and bottom layers is disclosed. The domed clear layers are affixed to and cover respective top and bottom faces of the central layer. The game piece also has at least one printed label that is affixed between the... Agent:

20140265126 - Dice game: A game is provided including a plurality of first player cards and a plurality of second player cards. Each of the player cards has a first side and a second side. The second side includes either a first indicia or a second indicia. A game identifier has a first side... Agent:

20140265127 - Hold 'em game side bet: Hold 'Em poker is played in a conventional manner. Also, a side bet is provided that is determined by the result of a stud poker hand. The stud poker hand uses the player's hole cards and additional cards to form the stud poker hand. Alternatively, the stud poker hand uses... Agent:

20140265128 - Method of playing a word card game using alphabet cards: A method of playing a word card game using alphabet cards uses a 54 card deck having letters on each card plus at least one wild card which may be substituted for any letter. A method of solitaire play is disclosed as well as a multiplayer version. The scoring is... Agent:

20140265129 - Baccarat game with side wagers: A new deck of cards and a method of facilitating a card game with said new deck of cards are provided. The method including receiving a set of wagers from a player on an outcome of a card game played using a deck of cards, the deck of cards including... Agent: Las Vegas Sands Corp.

20140265130 - Dynamic gaming system: A gaming system for playing a game. The gaming system includes a relatively large, flat touch surface configured to accept projectiles. The relatively large flat surface is configured to act as a screen. A projection system is configured for projecting an image onto the surface and a detection system is... Agent: Megatouch, LLC

20140265131 - Shooting range target assembly: A shooting range target assembly and a method for moving and positioning the target in a controlled manner are disclosed. The assembly includes a conveyor line containing a carriage, a drive, a target assembly, a turning and positioning mechanism and a programmable logic for setting and controlling the movement of... Agent:

20140265132 - Electronic game and method: An electronic gaming system for playing a game by a player includes an electronic dart board, a playfield on the electronic dart board, a screen associated with the electronic dart board and a controller. The playfield includes a bonus target, a first target, a second target and a third target.... Agent: Megatouch, LLC

20140265133 - Recreational device: A recreational device is disclosed that includes a frame, a seat having a user supporting seat portion adapted to support a user to be displaced from the seat upon activation of a target mechanism, with the seat configured to return to a first position under the effect of gravity after... Agent:

20140265134 - Water dumping target apparatus and method: A water dumping game apparatus and method for using the same. The apparatus consists of a water bucket type container with target adapted to be filled with water and hinged connected with a base. The base is configured for attachment with a support apparatus such as a ladder or standard... Agent:

20140265135 - Collapsible target: A collapsible target is disclosed. The target comprises a frame that is collapsible from an open, unfolded configuration, to a closed, folded configuration. A fabric housing is mounted on the frame using a series of capped connectors and grommets. The housing comprises a plurality of panels joined together to from... Agent:

20140265136 - Game apparatus: A game apparatus with pivotally mounted cup holders is disclosed. The apparatus includes a game board and a plurality of cup holders pivotally secured to a vertical surface of the game board. The cup holders are configured to pivot relative to the vertical surface of the game board to hold... Agent:

20140265137 - Portable indoor and outdoor disc golf target for daytime and nighttime use: The purpose of the invention is to provide lightweight, compact, durable Disc Golf Target exhibiting features that improve over those already in existence and which also meets the requirements for officially sanctioned targets as published by the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association). The target is suitable for use anywhere and... Agent:

20140265138 - Toss game and methods thereof: Embodiments of the present disclosure generally relate to a toss game. In one embodiment of the present disclosure, a toss game is provided that may comprise a toss object; a vertical support having a top portion and a bottom portion, the bottom portion adapted to support the vertical support in... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 8 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140252717 - Genetic deck based game: A game element for use in a genetic deck based game. The game element includes indicia to partition a larger set of game elements into ordered subsets of game elements. The game element also includes a unique identifier for the genetic deck.... Agent:

20140252716 - Keen eye game format and visible media tags: A game format is described where players compete based on their mental acuteness (keen eye, specifically observation, memory and general awareness skills) The specified format provides a particular structure to the age old concept of question-answer and can help people improve their observational skills The format can be applied to... Agent:

20140252718 - Modular beer pong table constructed of easily interchangeable modules: A modular beer pong table comprising a plurality of planar members. Each planar member having the ability to connect to any other planar member indiscriminately by a unique mechanism that employs an alternating pattern of protrusions which can mate with any other similar set of alternating protrusions. The mating protrusions... Agent:

20140252719 - Target stand: A target stand includes a first base member, a second base member spaced apart from the first base member, and a brace member extending between the first base member and the second base member and coupling the first base member and the second base member together. The first base member,... Agent:

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