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Amusement devices: games

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09/04/2014 > 4 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140246829 - Card shuffling device with rfid card reader and display: A card shuffling machine for a game of chance includes a base portion and a rotatable body in communication with the base portion. The rotatable body portion includes a plurality of slots disposed therein. Each of the plurality of slots is configured to receive a card of the defined set... Agent:

20140246831 - Methods for handling playing cards with a card handling device: The present invention features a playing card shuffling device, which through the use of a small image capturing means, captures an image of a face value of each card and stores the image in memory. This image is sorted in the format of a bitmap image. An operator of the... Agent: Shfl Entertainment, Inc.

20140246830 - Playing card shuffler: An apparatus is for shuffling a plurality of playing cards used in gaming The apparatus includes a card support adapted to support the unshuffled cards on-edge. An exciter is also included, and is adapted to impart vibrational action to the supported cards. Cards drop in a random fashion such as... Agent: Shfl Entertainment, Inc.

20140246832 - Jigsaw puzzle and manufacturing method thereof: To provide a jigsaw puzzle that is manufactured easily and conveniently in a short time and allows reduction in production costs, and a method of manufacturing the same. A jigsaw puzzle obtained by stamping out a laminated sheet of a plurality of synthetic resin sheets with a stamping blade to... Agent: Gateway Arch Inc.

08/28/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140239587 - Horseshoe game caddy: A horseshoe game caddy for removably retaining horseshoes and stakes for playing a horseshoe game. The caddy includes a plurality of horseshoe racks supported by posts in vertically spaced relation. Each of the horseshoe racks are adapted to removably support at least one of the plurality of horseshoes.... Agent: Eastpoint Sports Ltd., LLC

20140239588 - Element alignment game and method for playing same: A game for a plurality of players is disclosed. The game may have a plurality of polyhedrons arranged in a matrix. Each visible face of the polyhedrons has indicia thereon. The method may include the steps of randomingly aligning the polyhedrons into an equal number of rows and columns and... Agent: Plasmart, Inc.

20140239589 - Board game: six in a dream: Disclosed is an amusement device having a board or other field and game-pieces movable over said board or field by contestants according to pre-set rules.... Agent:

20140239590 - Modified blackjack game and method: A modified Blackjack game incorporates at least one side bet available to each player. The side bet provides a wagering opportunity based on the card ranking of the player's first card and the player's second card. The player may only make this side bet if the player is dealt an... Agent: Casino Game Creations LLC

20140239591 - System to launch a toy entity and methods of play: A system is provided having a launch mechanism with an energy generation capability and a capability to launch toy entities such as surface based entities and flying entities. The launch mechanism may include multiple orientations and configurations to facilitate launch sequences for the toy entities. The energy generation capability may... Agent:

20140239592 - Alphanumeric game system and pieces: A system of educational word games and number games that combines, for the first time: (i) mental/alphanumeric skills, with (ii) physical/eye-hand coordination skills that are used in target-and-missile games, with (iii) substantially flattened game tiles that are shaped as squares or as the letters and numbers themselves. The tiles can... Agent:

20140239593 - Arrow shooting method and system: A system for shooting arrows at targets, comprising at least one device for shooting arrows, at least one target and at least one arrow, characterised by the fact that it comprises a reflection wall and that the arrow comprises a head portion, the reflection wall and the head portion being... Agent: Laporte Holding

20140239594 - Slide and toss game board: A slide and toss game is provided. The slide and toss game includes a game board. The game board includes a first scoring end, a second scoring end, and a body portion in between the first scoring end and the second scoring end. The body portion may include a width... Agent:

20140239595 - Durable ballistics target: A target apparatus comprises a plurality of cables and a rigid frame wherein each cable is attached to the rigid frame at least one end of the cable. The plurality of cables is attached to the frame in staggered orientation to one another, and each of the plurality of cables... Agent: Bristol Environmental Remediation Services, LLC

08/21/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140232062 - Kissing shield game and method of use thereof: A kissing shield game having a gaming member having at least two sides with different color associated therewith as well as a predetermined set of alphanumeric symbols associated therewith, a plurality of thin, flexible membranes substantially impervious to microorganisms, and a resettable timer.... Agent:

20140232063 - Movable object driving device and game machine: A movable body drive device that controls a drive unit configured to drive a movable body arranged on a game machine has a communication unit that receives a control command for regulating a destination position of the movable body, a storage unit that stores a current position of the movable... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140232064 - Three-dimensional puzzle with seven axes of rotation: The present invention discloses a spherical puzzle whose visible segments are delimited by seven planar sections through the center of said sphere and may be permuted by rotations of hemispherical groups of visible segments with respect to any planar section of the puzzle about an axis perpendicular to said section... Agent:

20140232065 - Games with component elements having luminescent surfaces enabling play in the dark: A plurality of games having luminescent components are provided so that the games can be played in low-light environments. All or selected surface areas of parts are made sufficiently visible by the luminescence so that a player is able to recognize that parts and correlate movement between the parts required... Agent:

20140232066 - Melding card game and method of play: A melding card game and method of play includes 114 numbered, face, ace, mulligan, joker, and wild cards. A round is played in which nine layout cards are dealt face-down to players and arranged in a grid. Each player turns at least one layout card face up and takes a... Agent: Paddy O'shea's Golf Card Game, LLC

20140232067 - Target factory: The new invention in the preferred embodiment depicts a highly portable Target Factory that is intended for use in the fire arms industry. The highly portable “Target Factory” invention includes two separate “Target Factory” elements, that are intentionally molded which is internally hollow. Each “Target Factory” assembly element contributes to... Agent:

20140232068 - Target system: A target system includes a blocking plate with one or more openings through which bullets are fired and one or more targets for being struck by the bullets disposed behind the blocking plate and generally in line with the one or more openings. The target system may include a hinge... Agent: Action Target Inc.

08/14/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140225323 - Fun chess game: This game has modified the rules and simplified classical chess so that Friends and Family (children, parents and grand parents) can play it. One doesn't have to be great intellect or strategic thinker. This is achieved by introducing the elements of Luck (by rolling dice), which limits the moves made... Agent:

20140225324 - Methods and apparatus of playing card games of strategy and chance: Methods of playing card games of strategy and chance involving a main pot, bonus pot, and/or progressive pot in which players may perform atypical card game actions such as robbing or killing a dragon. Players invoke events by displaying, or playing, predetermined cards or pattern combinations of cards. Players may... Agent: Deuce Of The Dragon LLC

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