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Amusement devices: games

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04/16/2015 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150102558 - Attachment mechanism for reel basket assembly: A reel assembly for a gaming machine includes a central hub and a clip. The central hub defines an opening through an axial center of the central hub and includes two enclosed channels each positioned on an opposite side of the opening. Each of the two enclosed channels has an... Agent: Igt

20150102557 - Reel basket assembly: A reel assembly for a gaming machine includes an inner drive ring defining an annular inner rim, an outer ring, and a support substrate. The outer ring is spaced from and coaxially positioned relative to the inner drive ring, and the outer ring defines an annular outer rim. The support... Agent: Igt

20150102559 - Reel basket encoder: A motorized reel assembly for a gaming machine includes a reel assembly, and an encoder disc. The reel assembly includes a central hub defining a central opening and a pair of flange-receiving apertures on opposing sides of the central opening. The encoder disc includes a disc hub, a flagged exterior... Agent: Igt

20150102560 - Combination card holder and card deck for playing cards: Disclosed is a combination card holder and card deck for playing cards. The card holder includes a housing with a lid hingedly attached thereto. In a preferred embodiment, the interior of the housing is configured to hold double deck pinochle cards, which include four of each of the face cards... Agent:

20150102561 - Domino game shuffler: Our invention is a manual domino game shuffler made of wood, plastic, glass, metal or any combination of these materials. The shuffler is circular in shape with different specific sizes, has a handle knob in the middle, and agitators affixed to its interior. By holding the handle in the center... Agent:

20150102562 - Turing complete sets of game components with divinatory elements: One embodiment of a Turing complete set of game components in the form of a deck of playing cards, each card (110) having at least one divinatory element illustrated on its playing face (112). In other embodiments, the game components may take other forms, including, but not limited to components... Agent:

20150102563 - Auto-resetting shooting target system: A portable target apparatus. The portable target apparatus including a base defining a interior space, an articulating armature pivotably coupled to the base and configured to mount one or more facer, a motor housed within the interior space and operably coupled to the articulating armature, a power source housed within... Agent:

20150102564 - Archery targets: Anatomically correct archery targets. At least one arrangement includes at least one aiming aid configured to assist in desired arrow placement through the target when the arrow is shot from at least one predetermined elevation at a predetermined horizontal distance from the target.... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150097335 - Card-reading device and table-game system: A card shooter apparatus of a table game system is provided with a card shooter unit having a card housing unit that stores a plurality of cards in a horizontally stacking manner, and a control device configured with a program storage unit, a computer device, etc. is arranged at a... Agent: Angel Playing Cards Co., Ltd.

20150097336 - Method of playing a card game: A method of playing a card game including the steps of: providing a plurality of player areas; at least one player placing a bet in one of the player areas to participate in the card game; dealing at least two initial cards to the player's player area and to the... Agent:

20150097337 - Liquid splat game kit and method of play: One embodiment of a liquid splat game kit includes a plurality of squirt bottles for storing water, a plurality of water coloring tablets for transitioning the water into a colored liquid, a plurality of playing cards, and a game-play manual.... Agent:

20150097338 - Skeet shooting target game: A target game having a stationary display that provides the capabilities to mimic moving targets. The target game generally comprises a game board, a control panel and a dart gun which may be used both indoors and outdoors. The game board has an upper frame, a lower frame and at... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150091249 - Two sided table game with rotatable legs: A two-sided table game has a game board having a first game playing surface on a first side and a second game playing surface on a second side. Rotatable leg assemblies support the game board above a support surface. When it is desired to play the game on the second... Agent:

20150091250 - Pinball game truss system: A modular pinball game truss system provides for lighting and other pinball game features, such as targets, ramps, ball pathways, bumpers, and ball-reactive game or decorative elements, features that move, make sounds, flash, display score, register points, illuminate, or otherwise react to a given pinball movement, to be easily added... Agent:

20150091251 - Ink pen for lottery players with lottery ticket storage, random number selector and scratch off implement: The present invention relates to a combined writing and storing instrument to aid lottery players in decision making and lottery ticket collecting. The present invention combines a manual random number generator and a scratching off implement with a writing instrument. A lottery player can record the numbers generated by the... Agent:

20150091252 - Shooting target management systems and related methods: A shooting target management system and related methods are provided. The system includes at least one target dispensing device having a plurality of targets. A user control unit is in communication with the at least one target dispensing device and is positioned remotely therefrom. At least one switch is in... Agent:

20150091253 - Trainer: A trainer is disclosed which is useful for developing skill in sports of coordination including for instance beer-pong.... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150084278 - Pressure activated ball game: A game device has a ball-activating chamber attached to a central, ball-receiving chamber. Participants compress a pressure mechanism that causes the release of a ball in the ball-activating chamber into the central, ball-receiving chamber. The ball may be acted upon when in the central chamber to add an element of... Agent:

20150084279 - Table game system: A table game system comprises a predetermined number of decks of game cards (100s) which are shuffled in a random order and individually packaged as one package (406), an unique ID code (404) is attached to the package (406) of shuffled game cards (100s), an ID code reader (R) for... Agent: Angel Playing Cards Co., Ltd.

20150084280 - Matched'em: t

20150084281 - Methods and apparatus for small arms training: Method and apparatus for a small arms training system. In exemplary embodiments, a training system includes a control system, shooter systems that can include a user interface, and a target system that collects projectile position information in relation to a target. In one embodiment, the systems are linked via a... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150084282 - Systems and methods for pneumatically actuated displays for colored powder: The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for pneumatically actuated displays for colored powder. In one illustrative embodiment, an indicator unit includes a hopper into which a dispersible indication powder can be loaded. An air inlet at the bottom of the hopper aligns with a hollow downpipe extending... Agent:

20150084283 - Tossing game: A tossing game is disclosed. The game can comprise two stations, and each station can comprise a plurality of targets. The targets can comprise an opening, and players can attempt to toss tossing articles into the openings of the targets. Scoring for the game can be implemented in a number... Agent:

20150084284 - Projectile recovery chamber: A chamber for the recovery of projectiles, or a bullet trap, which uses a gel having rheopectic properties in order to stop the bullet and which also uses a gel recirculation system in order to increase viscosity such that it stops the passage of the bullet. In addition, the recirculation... Agent:

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