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Amusement devices: games

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04/10/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140097570 - Floating game system: P

20140097571 - Gaming tables having a table top exchangeable insert: A gaming table comprises a table top having a top and a bottom surface adapted to receive an exchangeable insert. For instance, the top surface is configured to receive gaming accessories and defines an exchangeable insert bed. A base is connected to and configured to support the table top. A... Agent: Gaming Partners International Usa

04/03/2014 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140091519 - Cabinet construction for an amusement game device: An amusement game having a cabinet wherein the cabinet is assembled by attaching cabinet pieces together using knock-down fasteners.... Agent: Stern Pinball, Inc.

20140091520 - Bonus win system for skill games with prizedispenser: A game apparatus is provided comprising a cabinet defining a playing area including a plurality of shelves mounted therein where each of the shelves has disposed thereon a plurality of game pieces. A receiving mechanism is attached to the cabinet for accepting a playing piece. A playing area with one... Agent:

20140091521 - Card recognition system, card handling device, and method for tuning a card handling device: A card recognition system comprises an imaging device configured to capture a raw image of at least a portion of a card, and a processor operably coupled with the imaging device. The processor is configured to perform an image processing analysis of the raw image to identify measurements of at... Agent: Shfl Entertainment, Inc.

20140091523 - Device to secure the mouth of a playing card shoe: The present disclosure is directed to a security apparatus for use on a playing card shoe to prevent the removal of playing cards from the splaying card shoe. Playing card shoes generally have an elongated body including a card cradle for supporting a plurality of playing cards. The card cradle... Agent: The United States Playing Card Company

20140091522 - Methods for automatically generating a card deck library and master images for a deck of cards, and a related card processing apparatus: A method of automatically generating a calibration file for a card handling device comprises automatically generating a calibration file stored in memory of a main control system for a card handling device. Automatically generating the calibration file comprises identifying at least one parameter associated with a rank area around a... Agent:

20140091524 - Spatial logic game: A game for a plurality of players is disclosed herein. The game may include a plurality of pieces for each player. The game may also include a polyhedron having a plurality of faces, wherein each face has a plurality of spaces for holding pieces. The game may further include a... Agent:

20140091525 - Bean bag toss device with raised exterior lip and elevated central section: A bean bag toss device is provided that includes a rounded platform forming a bowl-like configuration and an elevated central section having an open upper. The rounded platform retains a bean bag that is thrown at the device to prevent the bean bag from sliding therefrom and onto the ground.... Agent:

20140091526 - Portable bean bag toss game: A portable bean bag toss game having first and second target boards, a plurality of bean bags, a first set of target board legs and a second set of target board legs. Each of the target boards includes a planar top surface and a bottom face and a target hole.... Agent: Eastpoint Sports Ltd., LLC

20140091527 - Corner-mounted target: A target for receiving projectiles is configured for mounting in a corner of a room. The target includes a front target wall including a pair of spaced apart edges having a target area located between the edges and at least one side area extending from the front wall adapted for... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140084538 - Card shuffling apparatus and card handling device: A device for forming a random set of playing cards comprises a card in-feed area, a shuffling system, a card removal area, and a card reading system located within the device, the card reading system employing a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensor and a hardware component, the hardware component capable... Agent: Shfl Entertainment, Inc.

20140084539 - Strategy, and training game and method for enhancing memorization and decision making: A chess variant strategy game enhancing decision-making skills and memorization comprises most pieces being concealed within housing shells, except for the King, so that players must identify and memorize the opponent's game pieces from their movements. The use of at least one “hold and secure” placeholder on a square allows... Agent: The John Marshall Law School Patent Clinic

20140084541 - Lettered balls for use in word games: A word game has a plurality of tennis balls bearing alpha-numeric characters, spaced apart uniformly on the spherical surface of the tennis balls, a support structure having a thickness, parallel upper and lower surfaces, and an arrangement of indentions configured to support individual tennis balls in a manner to primarily... Agent:

20140084540 - Word game: A word game has a plurality of game pieces, each game piece implemented in a geometric shape common to other game pieces, and having one or more surfaces displaying one or more letters, one or more playing surfaces, each playing surface having designated regions for placing single game pieces, a... Agent:

20140084542 - Game piece with swappable base: A game piece with swappable base and method of swapping bases is provided. The game piece includes a base having a selector disk rotatably engaged with a base disk, and a label positioned between the selector disk and the base disk, and a figure having a platform and a character.... Agent: National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc.

20140084543 - Methods and gaming tables for wagering games that permit rewagering: Methods of administering wagering games comprise accepting a first wager to participate in a first wagering game according to a first set of game rules. A second wager to participate in a second, different wagering game according to a second, different set of game rules is accepted. The second wager... Agent: Shfl Entertainment, Inc.

20140084544 - Game piece for fighting game and fighting game set: A game piece for a fighting game is movable on a surface when an external force is applied to the game piece, and includes a mount, and a figurative body provided on the mount and having an attack unit for overturning a game piece of an opponent. The mount includes... Agent: Bandai Co., Ltd.

20140084545 - Geometrical building magnetic toy and game: The magnetic device, namely a prism, is a game piece that is made of various geometrical prism shapes having a plurality of magnets with a particular magnet pole facing surface. Geometric magnetic game pieces, with corresponding to constructing a geometrical image structure, fundamentally rest upon accurate detailed perspectives through its... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140077452 - Blocking mechanism for amusement game with multiple lifting pins: A blocking mechanism for a table-type amusement game, and a table-type amusement game equipped with a blocking mechanism. The blocking mechanism utilizes a series of blocking pins goes from a closed position, which blocks a playing piece from scoring to an upper open position, which permits the playing piece to... Agent: Mega Mania Diversions LLC

20140077453 - Card reader: A card shooter apparatus including a card shooter unit including a card housing which contains a plurality of cards and an opening, a card reading unit which is provided with a card guide unit which guides cards pulled out one by one from the opening onto the game table and... Agent: Angel Playing Cards Co., Ltd.

20140077454 - Block puzzle with row and column rotations: The present invention provides a block puzzle (100) comprising an array of substantially cubic puzzle blocks (102), wherein one face of each puzzle block (102) bears a face pattern that is a fragment of a solution pattern, the face patterns of the puzzle blocks (102) together forming the solution pattern... Agent:

20140077455 - Geographic origin of a music game: A board game is provided that relates to identifying music and associating the music with the geographic region. The board game comprises one or more map game pieces that show geographic regions of the world. The board game also has an audio storage medium that is configured to store a... Agent:

20140077456 - Toy game apparatus and method of playing: A toy is provided, the toy having: a plurality of playing pieces; an object configured to be slid along a surface; and a structure having a first end and a second end, the structure further comprises: a bridge that defines a path from the first end of the structure to... Agent:

20140077457 - Methods for administering a wagering game: A variant game of Hold 'Em poker allows for rules of play of one or all of players being allowed to remain in game with an option of checking or making specific wagering amounts in first play wagers, being limited in the size of subsequent available play wagers or prohibited... Agent: Shfl Entertainment, Inc.

20140077458 - Throwing card game: The present invention relates to a card throwing game. The game has a target and a plurality of projectile cards having edges for penetrating at least a portion of the target with an edge. The card throwing game may include a method for playing a throwing card game. The method... Agent:

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