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Amusement devices: games

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11/13/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140333022 - Mat with puzzle function: A mat with puzzle function is a four-sided pad. Each side has a toothed border with a succession of teeth. At least two cutting lines divide the mat into four blocks, in such a way that each block has an assembling edge with the complementary shape to connect with other... Agent:

20140333023 - Board game: A board for playing games, especially strategy games and in particular variants on the game of chess, which is rotationally asymmetric in orders greater than 2, such that different players have differently sized “home” playing areas. The main embodiment is a four player board, with variants which have additional diagonals... Agent:

20140333024 - Bingo table game and method of playing bingo: A method of playing bingo includes the steps of providing a bingo game table that is similar in appearance to the appearance of a table for playing the game of craps; activating Primary Bingo Game cards for two or more players who place chips in a first region of the... Agent:

20140333025 - Resonant coils for use with games and toys: An electronic card game system and method using NFC or RFID electromagnetic communication, including an initiator having a driving coil, a first card having a secondary coil with a capacitor, and a playing piece having a receiving coil. The initiator and the first card may be placed on a playing... Agent: Mattel, Inc.

20140333026 - Cornhole game difficulty modification: The invention is a game difficulty modifier for the traditional lawn game known as cornhole or bean bag toss which utilizes inserts to change the standard target aperture in the cornhole game board. The insert adapter changes the difficulty level of the game by either altering the size or nature... Agent:

20140333027 - Impact-displaceable target for sport shooting: Impact-displaceable target (1) for sport shooting, comprising an assembly having two symmetrical parts (2) of polymeric material, which can be coupled together and with a perpendicular relationship of one part (2) with respect to the other, each one of the parts (2) presenting a main body having a pair of... Agent:

20140333028 - Portable bean bag toss game: A portable bean bag toss game having first and second target boards, a plurality of bean bags, a first set of target board legs and a second set of target board legs. Each of the target boards includes a planar top surface and a bottom face and a target hole.... Agent:

20140333029 - Archery target with coated liner: An archery target includes an impact-absorbing core configured to arrest an incoming projectile and a multilayered bag enveloping the impact-absorbing core and defining an outer surface of the target. The multilayered bag includes a flexible fabric layer comprising a plurality of interwoven fibers and a polyurethane coating layer applied to... Agent: J&l Targets, Inc.

11/06/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140327208 - Methods for shuffling cards and rack assemblies for use in automatic card shufflers: Card-handling devices include a card-holding area and a card output shoe. The card output shoe includes a card-way for passage of cards from the card-holding area into a dealing-ready area. A movable gate is positioned between the card-way and the dealing-ready area to prevent cards in the dealing-ready area from... Agent:

20140327209 - Word formation game: A word formation game using a grid pattern to define a plurality of grid space, a plurality of tiles having various letters and associated numerical point values imprinted thereon, and having a root word, preferably the word “EXTRACTOR,” disposed on grid spaces, with the goal of such word game being... Agent: Commercial Technology LLC

20140327210 - Spirit realms: army, throne, barrier, weapon and defense stacking and stockpiling trading card game: Disclosed herein is a novel game that utilizes virtual or physical trading cards as game components. In one aspect of the game, game components/cards are used to build an army of minion, leader, and army cards, and further forming a perimeter comprising at least one of a barrier or fort... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140319769 - Randomizer unit for simulating game play: A device and method is provided for simulating an outcome of a game, the device including a die having a plurality of faces, each face of the die being associated with an index value, a first wheel having a surface for rolling of the die, and a randomization mechanism coupled... Agent: Las Vegas Sands Corp.

20140319770 - Dice game kit and method of playing a dice game using the same: A kit and method for playing a dice game including a bag resembling a soft-shelled beverage cooler; rolling bins each configured to resemble a beverage can; and a set of dice in each bin, the dice including six groups of six dice, where each group is of a different color.... Agent: Commercial Technology LLC

20140319771 - Apparatus, system, method, and computer-readable medium for casino card handling with multiple hand recall feature: Apparatuses, systems, methods, and computer-readable media are disclosed for detecting, storing, and retrieving information about the composition of present and past hands of cards in a casino table game. The method includes causing a card-handling device to substantially automatically generate a plurality of hands wherein each hand includes one or... Agent:

20140319772 - Card reading device and card game fraud detection device: A card used in a card game includes a code including at least two sets of code elements printed in UV-luminous ink on a surface of the card, the sets of code elements provided on one side of the surface of the card along a reading direction of a code... Agent: Angel Playing Cards Co., Ltd.

10/23/2014 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140312565 - Reel belt of gaming machine and gaming machine: Provided is a reel unit for a gaming machine which suppresses decrease in visibility of a reel belt due to the formation of image of light source on a reel even if light emission intensity for illuminating the reel is high. It is provided a first light diffusion sheet with... Agent: Aruze Gaming America, Inc.

20140312566 - Casino style board game with game accelerator and method: A board game and method of play for a game which involves rapid paced action, chance and attention to detail. The board includes a plurality of game cards on a game board having a matrix of number with letters as column headings. Players purchase cards (locations on the board) and... Agent: Indy Cowboy LLC

20140312568 - Blackjack variation: The blackjack variation provides another option for the blackjack player, permitting the purchase of an option to use the single face-up card of the dealer in combination with the initial two cards dealt to the player to form a three-card hand. The player may pay a percentage of the initial... Agent:

20140312567 - Paradise baccarat table: A device for playing a game comprising: jackpot betting sensors comprising a betting sensor and a lamp; a baccarat table; a local server coupled to the jackpot betting sensors; a monitor attached to a pole; the jackpot betting sensors are mounted on top of the baccarat table allowing a first... Agent:

20140312569 - Balance the marble game: A balancing game, where the game includes a pair of opposing substantially, semi-spherical halves and a central unit, which are configured when joined, to create a generally sphere like structure having an interior chamber that defines a linear shaft terminating in a flat landing portion and an opposing counter balance,... Agent:

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