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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150145204 - Sliding disc game: In a sliding disc game, a plurality of rigid discs is provided. The rigid discs having low friction with a sliding board surface. The sliding board surface is elongated, having a first end with a marked foul line, a short distance from the edge, and a second end which supports... Agent:

20150145205 - Methods of randomizing cards: Apparatuses and methods for moving playing cards from a first group of cards into plural hands of cards, wherein each of the hands contains a random arrangement of cards. The apparatus may comprise a card receiver for receiving the first group of cards, a single stack of card-receiving compartments generally... Agent:

20150145206 - Game platform and game cards thereof (smart time): It is provided a game platform which includes a receiving board, a magnetic board fixedly hosting magnetic elements, and means for positioning of the magnetic board in a predetermined position. Each magnetic element has either a north polarity or a south polarity facing the receiving board. The receiving board receives... Agent:

20150145207 - Board game and method of using: A novel board game is provided that allows individuals to play a game that has simple rules, is resolved quickly, and is still enjoyable. The present board game comprises two sets of opposing game pieces, a checkerboard, and a unique deck of forty-seven cards. The players take opposing turns drawing... Agent:

20150145208 - Card game and method of playing: A card game including a specialized deck of numbered and specialty playing cards and a passing trophy are disclosed. Each player is dealt cards until no cards remain. After one player discards one or more cards into a play pile, the players take a turn, each turn requiring a player... Agent:

20150145209 - Shooting target apparatus: A shooting target apparatus which can be used for mounting air-pressurized containers as targets in shooting ranges. When the pressurized container is hit by a projectile, the sound of a small explosion provides an added excitement in the shooting experience. The container can also be partially filled with a fluid... Agent:

20150145210 - Apparatus, system, and method for self-propelled roping training system: An apparatus and device are provided for a self-propelled roping training system. The apparatus includes an endless track comprising a plurality of corner sections, each of the plurality of corner sections comprising an arc length, a carriage assembly comprising a front slider assembly coupled with the track and a rear... Agent:

20150145211 - Dart game device interworking with external device, gaming system and method: The present disclosure relates to a dart game device interworking with at least one external device. The dart game device includes a dart target having a plurality of point regions, a sensing unit configured to sense a hit to the dart target by a dart, a light source unit configured... Agent:

20150145212 - Dart game system: The present disclosure relates to a dart game system. The dart game system includes a dart game device, multiple external facilities, and a control unit configured to control the dart game device and the multiple external facilities. The dart game device includes a dart target having a plurality of point... Agent:

20150145213 - Target device for toy gun: A target device includes a circuit board and a detection board is located at the front side of the circuit board and has multiple detection areas which are electrically connected with the circuit board. A buffering board is made by transparent and soft material, and located at the front side... Agent: Cheng Guo Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20150145214 - Multi-platform tv quiz show: The invention is related with KeeWordz, which is a quiz show targeting various socio-economic groups with its multi-platform structure and high interaction power and it is characterized by the inclusion of one or more contestants, presenters, computers, giant screens, database centers, websites (e.g., the KeeWordz website), and remote user formulations.... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150137447 - Amusement game apparatus: A game apparatus comprises a first portion, a second portion, a first side hinge coupling an interior end of the first portion to an interior end of the second portion, and a second side hinge coupling an interior end of the first portion to an interior end of the second... Agent:

20150137448 - Puzzle with conductive path: System and method for additional amusement, entertaining and surprising visual or audible reward provided upon completing the reconstructing of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle pieces include conductive pads connected by a conductor such as a wire, a metallic strip or a conductive paint, so that upon assembling... Agent:

20150137449 - System and method for generating and using solvable puzzle forms: Systems and methods for solving and generating a mathematical puzzle are presented. A puzzle may comprise areas comprising mystery number regions, pair clue regions interposing pairs of mystery value numbers, and a central clue region located centrally to the mystery number region. Solving a puzzle may comprise deterministic search methods... Agent: TmgclIPHoldings Limited

20150137450 - Card game with supplementary betting option: A card game in which a player or banker is dealt a first hand formed from at least two cards, wherein the banker or player can make a wager on the first hand before the hands are dealt; dealing at least a third card for each of said player and... Agent:

20150137451 - Three-hand pai gow with optional tie rues: The standard game of Asia Poker may be modified by dividing the seven cards dealt to each participant into three groups or hands rather than two, with the three groups containing four cards, two cards or one card, respectively. To win, a participant must win on at least two of... Agent:

20150137452 - Mechanical projectile and target game: In one implementation, a game apparatus includes a base with a playing surface that has (i) a first end with a first designated area for cups and (ii) a second end; a game piece; a tether that attaches the game piece to the base so as to permit the game... Agent:

20150137453 - Audible, reusable, illuminated skeet target: A metallic skeet target comprises a substantially disc-shaped body that is suitable for launching via a trap or other launching device. The metallic skeet target can be used more than once because it will not break in to multiple pieces like a traditional skeet target and because it is made... Agent:

20150137454 - Apparatus for launching projectiles: An apparatus for launching a projectile at a target, the apparatus being an elongate body having a chamber shaped for holding a projectile in a pre-launch position and for directing the projectile when the end of the launching apparatus is flung forward.... Agent:

20150137455 - Target stand: A target stand is disclosed and described. The target stand can include a first side member and a second side member. Each side member can have a base portion, and an upright portion extending from the base portion. The upright portion can have a lower engagement feature and an upper... Agent:

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