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Ammunition and explosives December patents and inventions 12/08

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12/25/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080314278 - Penetration assisting kit equipping a bomb, in particular anti-infrastructure, penetrating projectile equipped with such a kit, and method for penetrating into a target: The present invention relates to a penetration assistance kit fitted to a bomb, notably an anti-infrastructure bomb. The kit includes launch tubes mechanically secured to the bomb. In each of the launch tubes is positioned a detonating projectile and its propulsive charge. A detonating projectile can be ejected from its... Agent: Lowe Hauptman & Berner, LLP

20080314279 - Protection device for military or civilian vehicles against magnetic detection mines: A protection device for land vehicles against mines, wherein it incorporates a metallic plate positioned under the vehicle so as to normalize the magnetic field generated by the vehicle and/or by its elements and at least one loop positioned under the metallic plate and made of an electrically conductive material... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20080314280 - Lead-free expansion projectile and manufacturing process: The projectile of the present invention combines the advantages of both the solid and hollow point designs, featuring the initial ballistics of a solid projectile and the terminal (target) ballistic effects of a hollow-point projectile, without the risk of collecting undesired foreign matter into the cavity in the unfired configuration... Agent: Carstens & Cahoon, LLP

12/18/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080307992 - Charge system for destroying chips on a circuit board and method for destroying chips on a circuit board: A charge system for destroying chips on a circuit board is provided. The charge system has a first substrate having a number of recesses formed therein with each of the recesses having a housing disposed therein. A high density charge is disposed within the housing. A number of recesses are... Agent: Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott

20080307993 - Wireless detonator assemblies, corresponding blasting apparatuses, and methods of blasting: A wireless or partially wireless detonator assembly (10) and corresponding blasting apparatus, that may be “powered Up” by a remote source of power (13) that is entirely distinct from the energy used for general command signal communications (16). In one embodiment, the detonator assembly (10) may include an active power... Agent: Kirby Eades Gale Baker

20080307994 - Warhead: The invention relates to a warhead comprising a first and a second part, the parts being arranged relative to one another along a longitudinal axis, the first pail comprising a first explosive section, a casing, and a plurality of projectiles enclosed in the casing. The second part comprises an element... Agent: Albihns Stockholm Ab

20080307995 - Non-toxic metallic-metal free zinc peroxide-containing ir tracer compositions and ir tracer projectiles containing same for generating a dim visibility ir trace: Novel non-toxic, heavy-metal free, zinc peroxide-containing, IR tracer compositions are provided herein, which, when incorporated into a medium caliber IR tracer projectile and fired, produce a dim visibility IR trace. Such IR tracer compositions comprise from about 65 to about 75% by weight, of zinc peroxide; from about 15 to... Agent: Miltons LLP

12/11/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080302264 - Wireless detonator assembly, and methods of blasting: A wireless detonator assembly (10) for blasting arrangements comprising a detonator with a base charge (18), command signal receiving (11) and processing means (12), a charge storage device (13) with a firing circuit (15) for storing electrical energy, at least one power source (14) to power said command signal receiving... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

12/04/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080295725 - Three-way connector block: The invention provides a connector block which has at least two channels (18) therein for connecting one signal transmission line (20) with multiple signal transmission lines (20) in a blasting system for transferring blasting signals. One of channels (18) can be taken as the input end of signal transmission and... Agent: Hahn And Moodley, LLP

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