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Akihiko Nagano patents

Recent patents with Akihiko Nagano listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Akihiko Nagano - Related organizations: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha patents, Cannon Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Display apparatus and control method of display apparatus

10/06/16 - 20160291918 - A display apparatus with a relative layout of plurality of panels, each having a display unit includes a determining unit that determines, based on information relating to a display image to be displayed on the display units, the relative layout of the plurality of panels, and a notification unit that
Inventors: Akihiko Nagano, Fumihiro Kajimura, Kousuke Kiyamura, Masato Shiono, Shunsuke Ninomiya, Hiromu Yasuda, Takumi Yamanaka, Atsushi Watanabe

Focus detection apparatus and method, and image capturing apparatus

05/22/14 - 20140139725 - A focus detection apparatus comprises: an image sensor configured to receive a plurality of beams having passed through different exit pupil regions of an imaging optical system and output a pair of image signals corresponding to the different exit pupil regions; a calculation unit configured to obtain, from the pair
Inventors: Akihiko Nagano

Display apparatus with image pickup apparatus

04/10/14 - 20140098175 - A display apparatus with an image pickup apparatus has a display unit for displaying an image by a plurality of light-transparent display pixels and an image pickup unit arranged at a rear surface of the display unit to pick up object light from an object at a front surface of
Inventors: Akihiko Nagano

Display apparatus equipped with image pickup apparatus

05/23/13 - 20130127976 - A display apparatus includes a display unit configured to display image information, and a plurality of image pickup units configured to be capable of picking up a user who observes image information of the display unit arranged on a rear surface of a display surface of the display unit, wherein
Inventors: Akihiko Nagano, Hiroshi Akada, Chifuyu Tomita

Image capture apparatus

05/02/13 - 20130107086 - An image capture apparatus comprises an image sensor which photo-electrically converts an object image formed by an imaging lens, the image sensor including a first pixel group having a first light-receiving area, and a second pixel group which is discretely arranged in the first pixel group and configured by dividing
Inventors: Akihiko Nagano

Image capturing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method for generating auxiliary information for captured image

02/21/13 - 20130044234 - An image capturing apparatus is provided. The apparatus comprises an imaging lens, an image sensor, and a plurality of microlenses. The apparatus also comprises an image processing unit configured to generate a reconstruction image at a predetermined refocus plane by performing refocus processing on the image data that was output
Inventors: Akihiko Nagano, Hidenobu Akiyoshi

Image-pickup element, and image-pickup apparatus and camera system having the same

11/22/12 - 20120293707 - An image-pickup element includes an image-pickup pixel configured to photoelectrically convert light from an image-pickup lens to generate an image of an object, and a first focus detection pixel and a second focus detection pixel configured to receive light having passed through part of an area of an exit pupil
Inventors: Akihiko Nagano

Image pickup apparatus

05/31/12 - 20120133813 - The image pickup apparatus includes an image sensor. A first focus controller performs first focus control with a contrast detection method by using a first signal output from the image sensor. A second focus controller detects a focus state of an image-taking optical system with a phase difference detection method
Inventors: Akihiko Nagano

Optical device and focus state detection method

02/09/12 - 20120033128 - An optical device comprises an image sensor having plural pixels and a detection unit configured to detect a focus state. The pixels include first focus state detection pixel pairs that respectively receive a pair of light fluxes having transmitted different pupil areas of the photographing lens, and second focus state
Inventors: Akihiko Nagano

Optical device and signal processor

11/10/11 - 20110273602 - A camera 200 comprises an image pickup element 107 which has imaging pixels performing a photoelectric conversion of an object image formed by a light beam emitted from an image pickup optical system and focus detection pixels performing a photoelectric conversion of two images formed by two divided light beams,
Inventors: Makoto Takamiya, Akihiko Nagano

Solid-state image sensing element and image sensing apparatus

07/14/11 - 20110169997 - An image sensor that output a signal for detecting a focus state of a photographing lens. The image sensor includes a microlens; a light-receiving pixel; a first focus state detection pixel pair for outputting a focus state detection signal, in which aperture areas of the first focus state detection pixel
Inventors: Akihiko Nagano, Ichiro Onuki, Makoto Takamiya, Makoto Oikawa, Yoshitaka Hashimoto, Fumihiro Kajimura, Yasuo Suda

Focus detection apparatus, focus detection method, and image sensing apparatus

07/07/11 - 20110164165 - A focus detection apparatus includes an image sensor that has a first pixel group which receives a luminous flux passing a first pupil area of an imaging optical system, and a second pixel group which receives a luminous flux passing a second pupil area different from the first pupil area;
Inventors: Yoshitaka Hashimoto, Akihiko Nagano

Image-capturing apparatus

04/28/11 - 20110096211 - In an image sensor having a plurality of pixels which photoelectrically convert a subject image, a plurality of pairs of focus detection pixels including first focus detection pixels (SHA) and second focus detection pixels (SHB) are arranged while being distributed. The layouts of the first focus detection pixel (SHA) and
Inventors: Makoto Oikawa, Akihiko Nagano, Yasuo Suda

Focus detection device and imaging apparatus having the same

02/03/11 - 20110025904 - A focus detection device having imaging pixels and focus-detecting pixels using a phase-difference focus detection method implements high-precision focus detection. In the focus detection device, a plurality of pixels each having a photoelectric conversion unit for converting an incident light flux into signal charges, and a microlens having a focus
Inventors: Ichiro Onuki, Akihiko Nagano, Makoto Takamiya

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