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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150146496 - Mechanical system that fluidizes, mixes, coats, dries, combines, chemically reacts, and segregates materials: The present application is directed towards systems for adding components to materials being fluidized in a vibratory mixer by use of atomizers or sprayers. A mechanical system can fluidizes, mix, coat, dry, combine, or segregate materials. The system may comprise a vibratory mixer, mixing vessel containing a first material and... Agent:

20150146497 - Interface for a handheld kitchen appliance: The present invention relates to mounting of accessory parts to a main unit of a handheld kitchen appliance. In order to provide a facilitated way of operation, a handheld kitchen appliance interface (10) for releasably mounting of an accessory part to a main unit, comprising a body structure (12), an... Agent:

20150146498 - Substrate processing apparatus and liquid mixing method: A substrate processing apparatus includes a mixing tank, a first opening/closing valve, a second opening/closing valve, a first flow rate measuring unit, a second flow rate measuring unit, a control unit, and a substrate processing unit. A first liquid and a second liquid are mixed such that the second liquid... Agent:

20150146499 - Thermally enhanced lime slurry apparatus: A single entity lime slurry transport and delivery apparatus is shown having a slurry tank body mounted on a unitary frame. A suction pump on the apparatus delivers slurry to a job site. A power unit on the frame powers a hydraulic mixing motor and the hydraulic suction pump. Selectable... Agent: Lhoist North America, Inc.

20150146500 - Apparatus for extracting a blood component contained in a system of bags: An apparatus for extracting at least one blood component contained in a primary bag of a system of bags, said system of bags comprising at least one bag of solution containing an additive solution for said blood component and at least one collecting satellite bag configured to collect said blood... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150138907 - Member in contact with rubber material: The present invention provides a member in contact with a rubber material, the member being characterized in that the member has a surface in contact with the rubber material, and that the contact angle of the surface thereof in contact with the rubber material is 40° or more when a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150138908 - Kneading device: The present invention provides a kneading device including a hopper having a hopper body that stores raw powder, and a mixer that kneads material to be kneaded, which contains the raw powder, wherein the hopper includes a stirring device that stirs the raw powder in the hopper body, and a... Agent:

20150138909 - Multi-shaft extruder: In a multi-shaft extruder for the processing of free-flowing material having a barrel and a plurality of co-rotating, tightly intermeshing conveyor shafts (1 to 3) arranged in parallel which have at least two flights and are each guided in a bore (1′ to 3′) in the barrel, each conveyor shaft... Agent:

20150138910 - Dental vacuum mixer: Disclosed is a dental vacuum mixer which includes: a body comprising a magnet sensor, a mixing motor and a control means; a mixing unit coupler through which a driving shaft of the mixing motor passes to be combined; and a mixing unit composed of a mixing container, a cover combined... Agent:

20150138911 - Solids combining system for a solid feedstock: A system includes a solids combining system with a solids mixing section having a mixing chamber and a plurality of solids inlets configured to supply one or more solids into the mixing chamber. The system also includes a solids breakup section having a plurality of fluid inlets configured to supply... Agent: General Electric Company

20150138912 - Centrifugal microfluidic mixing apparatus and method: A centrifugal microfluidic device having a microfluidic mixing element with a microfluidic mixing chamber in which at least two flows emerging from channels into the chamber at separate places are redirected to land at substantially the same place on a mixing surface provides efficient mixing of two or more fluids... Agent:

20150138913 - Fluid mixing system with tiltable support housing: A fluid mixing system that can be used as a bioreactor or fermentor can include a stand and a support housing pivotably mounted to the stand. The support housing bounds a chamber into which a container assembly is removably disposed. The container assembly includes a flexible bag bounding a compartment... Agent:

20150138914 - Animal feed mixing and dispensing apparatus: A feed mixing and dispensing apparatus includes a container mountable on a transport. The container has a longitudinal axis, a transverse axis and a vertical axis, a pair of opposite end walls, a pair of opposite side walls and a base wail and a top opening. The longitudinal axis extends... Agent:

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