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04/10/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140098625 - Concrete mixer apparatus: An apparatus (10) for a lorry-based concrete mixer (12) is described. The apparatus (10) comprises a vessel (14) adapted to be positioned beneath a concrete mixer discharge chute portion (22) when the discharge chute (20) is in a stowed position. In use, the vessel (14) is adapted to receive and... Agent:

20140098626 - Material kneading apparatus and material kneading method: There is provided with a screw that is inserted into a cylinder an inside of which a material is loaded, and is rotatably supported in both end portions on an upstream side and a downstream side, or in an end portion on the upstream side, in the cylinder; a first... Agent: The Japan Steel Works, Ltd.

20140098627 - Mixing apparatus: A mixing apparatus which can reliably prevent an auxiliary liquid from being unintentionally mixed into a main unit even when a failure occurs in a switching device, and which can prevent the switching device or an auxiliary flow route from being damaged even when a pressurizing device malfunctions due to... Agent: Nikkiso Company Limited

20140098628 - Method and apparatus for blending process materials: An improved method and apparatus for blending process materials. Preferred embodiments of the present invention are directed to a process material contacting system to increase wetted surface area for liquid contact as well as increase forced convective mixing efficiency of the liquid mixture. Use of a novel process material contacting... Agent: Mega Fluid Systems, Inc.

20140098629 - Device for the low-bubble mixing and discharging of a product: A device is proposed for low-bubbling mixing and discharge of a product. The device comprises a housing (10) which delimits a reservoir for the product. In the reservoir, a mixing element (23) is moveable in order to mix the product. A piston (40) delimits the reservoir in the proximal direction... Agent: Medmix Systems Ag

04/03/2014 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140092702 - Blender: A blending device (2) for blending a sample held in a sealable open mouthed sample bag comprises a bag receiving portion (6). The blending device (2) also includes a kneading arrangement (20) for acting on a wall of a sample bag (8) disposed in the bag receiving portion (6) so... Agent: Seward Ltd

20140092704 - Mixing and dispensing curable multi-component materials: Methods, apparatus, devices and systems for mixing and dispensing multi-component materials. The mixing and dispensing may be performed using a mobile, enclosed dispenser that can be used to supply a mixed multi-component material at the point of use. In some embodiments, the components to be mixed into the multi-component material... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140092703 - Multi-compartment container with in container mixing: A multi-component mixing device comprising an outer container and an inner vessel. The outer container comprises a closed end, a mouth and a peripheral wall between said closed end and said mouth. The inner vessel is disposed within said outer container and the inner vessel comprises a top portion, a... Agent: Biosphere Spirits, LLC

20140092705 - Additive system for use with post mix dispensing machine: An additive system is used with a post mix dispensing machine having a liquid inlet, and a supply of an additive for mixing with the liquid from the liquid inlet. A pump, having an additive inlet and an additive outlet, is coupled to a source of power. An additive supply... Agent: Dispenser Beverages Incorporated

20140092706 - Centrifugal processing device: A centrifugal processing device has structures in which a storage container housing a material is supported such as to rotate freely by a revolving body with a rotating shaft therebetween, and that applies revolution force and rotation force of the storage container to the material by rotating the storage container... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140086003 - Valve switch modulation for reducing errors due to oscillations of the inlet fluid of a pump system: Described is a method of reducing liquid composition errors in a low-pressure mixing pump system. Packets representing the switching intervals of each component of the desired fluid mixture are provided to an intake of the mixing pump system. For each packet, a switching time associated with at least one of... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140086004 - Stirring device and stirring method: A stirring device according to an aspect is provided with a holder which holds a specimen container accommodating a specimen in an upright position and a rotation mechanism section configured to rotate the specimen container, thereby stirring the specimen therein.... Agent: Aoi Seiki, Co., Ltd.

20140086005 - Reagent cartridge mixing tube: Embodiments of the invention relate to a clinical instrument analyzer system for the automated analysis of patient samples. In one embodiment, the analyzer may be used to analyze bodily fluid samples, such as blood, plasma, serum, urine or cerebrospinal fluid, for example. Embodiments of the invention relate to an apparatus... Agent:

20140086006 - Mixing device: Apparatus and methods for a mixing device are presented. The mixing device comprises a shaft and a plurality of blades attached to the shaft. The blades include a variable pitch angle configured to create axial fluid flow and radial fluid flow within a container. The apparatus includes a hub and... Agent: Traid Capital Group, LLC

20140086007 - Highly- efficient continuous stirrer: Disclosed in the present invention is a continuous stirrer, which comprises a receiving chamber provided with a front material inlet, a back material inlet and multilayer outer stirring needle groups along axial direction and a stirring shaft installed in the receiving chamber in a sealing manner and provided with multiple... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140078853 - Method of ultrasonically treating a substance: In a method of ultrasonically treating a substance disposed within a container an ultrasonic horn is positioned within the container with at least a portion of the horn submerged in the substance. The horn is ultrasonically excited to thereby ultrasonically energize the substance. An agitating member is rotated within the... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140078854 - Syringe storage tray: A storage system is provided. The system may include a tray having at least one recess in which at least one syringe is disposed, the syringe including a barrel with first and second barrel ends, and a stopper fixedly disposed between the first and second barrel ends. A tool attached... Agent:

20140078855 - Base for food mixer: A base for a food mixer includes a body in which a motor is mounted. The base further includes a control unit having a first touch control panel and a processor. The first touch control panel is mounted to a first side of the body. The first touch control panel... Agent:

20140078856 - Tub blender pressure booster method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for blending liquids and granular materials in which an impeller assembly is mounted for rotation within a housing at a lower end of a particles inlet and circumferentially spaced impeller vanes in outer concentric relation to a series of expeller vanes surrounding the particles inlet and... Agent:

20140078857 - Apparatus for mixing measured amounts of concentrate with a dilutant and method of using same: A vertical mixing chamber with a forwardly projecting dock having a receiver in its top wall for receiving the spout of a pre-pressurized cartridge mounted from the container by a holder providing for reciprocation to engage a spout with the receiver and open a valve in the cartridge.... Agent: Fit Systems, LLC

20140078858 - Method and apparatus for improved mixing of solid, liquid, or gaseous materials and combinations thereof: Mixer apparatus configured to mix the contents of a vessel without the formation of a vortex are provided. The mixer apparatus can include a rotational mechanism; a gearbox attached to the rotational mechanism; a first shaft attached to the gearbox; a second shaft attached to the gearbox; a first rotor... Agent:

20140078859 - Flow mixer and conditioner: A flow conditioner for use within a conduit conditions flowing media within the conduit to provide a swirl-free, symmetric, and reproducible velocity profile regardless of upstream flow distortions, disturbances, or anomalies. Tabs are cut from a single plate and bent or affixed to provide conditioning of the flowing media. Single... Agent: Fluid Components International LLC

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