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11/13/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140334244 - Apparatus for seeding a fluid with tracing material: A new seeder for laser-based velocity measurements in gaseous combusting and non-combusting flows is described herein. The performance of the seeder was tested under a variety of flow rate conditions. The testing revealed that control over the concentration of seeding particles, stability of particles supply, extended range of flow rate,... Agent:

20140334245 - Emulsifying arrangement: In an emulsifying arrangement comprising a tubular emulsifying chamber with two end areas for a spiral flow with a spiral flow direction, at least one inlet for conducting two non-mixable fluid fractions into the emulsifying chamber at the first end area and at least one outlet for conducting the fluid... Agent:

20140334246 - Method for producing mixed gas and gas mixing device: This gas mixing device includes a main gas flow path, an additive gas flow path, a mixing section, and a flow rate control unit. A pilot type pressure regulating unit configured to regulate pressure of a main gas based on a pressure in the additive gas flow path and a... Agent:

20140334247 - Machine for the preparation of pharmaceutical products: A machine for the preparation of pharmaceutical products has a containing liner, a dosing chamber for preparing at least one pharmaceutical product accommodated within the containing liner and a pneumatic ventilation device for feeding two air flows through the dosing chamber and through the containing liner, respectively. Operation of the... Agent: Aesynt Topco B.v.

20140334248 - Programmable blender having record and playback features: A programmable blender having record and playback features includes a record mode and a playback mode. When the blender is placed into the record mode, a processor stores a user created blending sequence to a memory unit. Alternatively, when the blender is placed into a playback mode, the processor automatically... Agent:

20140334249 - Beverage mixing, storing and dispensing apparatus: A magnetic beverage dispenser and mixer apparatus including a container and a magnetic motor to drive a stir bar in the container. The stir bar is rotated by an external magnetic drive motor to stir the liquid in the container. The container includes a bottom base which may have a... Agent:

20140334250 - Dynamic mixer: A dynamic mixer comprising two mixing parts which are rotatable relative to each other about a predetermined axis of rotation, each of said mixing parts having a mixing face, between which is defined a flow path which extends between an inlet and an outlet, each of said mixing faces comprising... Agent: Maelstrom Advanced Process Technologies Ltd

20140334251 - Targeted frequency multiple path length mixers: Mixers in microfluidic separation systems comprise multiple fluidic paths that extend from a distribution well to a mixing well. An incoming flow of solvent composition splits at the distribution well into as many streams as fluidic paths. The streams recombine at the mixing well to produce an output stream. One... Agent:

20140334252 - Multi-chamber mixing container: The invention is related to a multi-chamber mixing container comprising an introversion container, a withdrawal container and various optionally present intermediate containers, furthermore a device for the reception and use of the multi-chamber mixing container and methods for mixing liquids or liquids and solids under aseptic conditions in the multi-chamber... Agent: B. Braun Melsungen Ag

11/06/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140328135 - Mixer for manufacturing and/or treating a meat product: In a mixer for manufacturing and/or treating a meat product in a mixing space (4) to which a lighting system (2) is assigned, the mixing space (4) is viewed by an image sensor (1).... Agent: Inotec Gmbh Maschinenentwicklung Und Vertrieb

20140328136 - Multi-system beverage machine safe connector: A beverage preparation machine (1) includes: a base (10) having a fluid circuit for conditioning and delivering a fluid via a base outlet (11) and a base data interface (12,13); and a removable module (20) having a module inlet (21) and a module data interface (22,23) disconnectably connectable to the... Agent:

20140328137 - Mixing methods and systems for fluids: A system for mixing fluids includes at least two pressurized containers, a batching hopper in fluid communication with at least one of the at least two pressurized containers, a mixer in fluid communication with the batching hopper, and a fluid line in fluid communication with the mixer. An automated method... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140321230 - Mixing pump: The present disclosure relates to a mixing pump (10) for combining two or more substances. More specifically, the mixing pump (10) is adapted to combine controlled amounts of those substances so as to produce a mixture containing predetermined proportions of those substances. The mixing pump includes a chamber (23) lying... Agent:

20140321231 - 3d expanding geometry: This invention relates to bubble generation, in particular to microbubble generation in a microfluidic device, which bubbles may be useful as contrasting agents or drug delivery vehicles. The invention further relates to apparatuses, systems and methods for manufacturing said microbubbles, microbubbles produced by such methods and to their uses, e.g.... Agent:

20140321232 - Double shaft reactor/mixer and system including an end cap for a reactor/mixer and a discharge screw connector block: An at least two shaft reactor/mixer, in particular for process engineering treatment of highly viscose, elastic and/or solid containing reaction substance and mixture, in which at the housing inner wall inwardly directed static mixing elements are arranged, which interact with scrapers of the at least two shafts in such a... Agent: Buss-sms-canzler Gmbh

20140321233 - Method for mixing an exhaust gas flow: A mixer for mixing an exhaust flow in an exhaust pipe includes a housing having a first sidewall spaced apart from a second sidewall. The first and second sidewalls each include a free distal end spaced apart from one another. Portions of the first and second sidewalls are adapted to... Agent:

20140321234 - Blender jug and lid: A lid and a jug for a blender. The lid and jug cooperate, wherein the lid is a relatively tight fitting polymeric lid having an outer edge and an upper surface. A pull tab being integral with the lid. The pull tab forms a ring above the upper surface of... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140313848 - Foam generation assembly and method for manufacturing the foam generation assembly: A foam generation assembly is provided. The assembly includes a tube having first and second end portions and an interior region. The assembly further includes first and second coupling members coupled to the tube, and a first movable retaining member disposed within the interior region proximate to the first coupling... Agent:

20140313849 - Fluid mixer and fluid mixing method: A cylindrical mixer having an opening portion on both ends forms an axial flow path and a first fluid introduced into the axial flow path through the opening portion at one end flows therethrough in the axial direction and the first fluid exits from the opening portion at the other... Agent: Kochi National College Of Technology,

20140313850 - Container for mixing two different types of solutions: Disclosed is a container including a temporary coupling member for pouring two different types of solutions into separated chambers and for separating the chambers from each other and for driving a supporting rotator to release the temporary coupling member so as to mix the two different types of solution. The... Agent:

20140313851 - Automated mix in-cup apparatus and the method of operating the same: The present disclosure describes an automated blend in-cup apparatus and the related method of operation. The disclosure relates generally to the field of mixing consumable material. More specifically, the disclosure relates to a mixer that is automatically operable to lower a mixing blade into a cup or vessel that contains... Agent:

20140313852 - Agitator and a method of replacing a shaft seal of an agitator: Disclosed is an agitator having a drive unit coupled by means of a coupling to a first end of a drive shaft, a propeller attached to a second end of the drive shaft, the drive unit being attached to a mounting flange adapted for fastening the agitator to a wall... Agent: Sulzer Pumpen Ag

20140313853 - Two stage mixer assembly: A mixer assembly having vertically displaced differential agitators. The first agitator is a primary mixing component formed of a hub having slots for positioning and securing radially extending angularly displaced stirring members. The hub is of a unitary construction and has three arcuate generally convex sidewalls attached about a central... Agent:

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