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04/16/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150103614 - Apparatus and method for a concrete plant: A concrete plant comprising an aggregate feed bin adapted to hold and release aggregate materials, a feed conveyor adapted to receive the aggregate materials from the aggregate feed bin, a collecting belt conveyor adapted to receive the aggregate materials from the feed conveyor, a silo assembly adapted to hold and... Agent: Astec, Inc.

20150103615 - Kneading apparatus, method for producing thermoplastic resin molded product, and foam injection molding method: A kneading apparatus for a thermoplastic resin, includes: a plasticizing cylinder which has a high pressure kneading zone and a pressure reduction zone; a screw in the plasticizing cylinder; a downstream side seal mechanism which shuts off communication between the high pressure kneading zone and the pressure reduction zone; and... Agent:

20150103616 - Vacuum indicator system that avoid release without the proper vacuum level: A device for storing and mixing bone cement components. The device includes a housing, a safety device, and a vacuum indicator. The housing defines a mixing chamber configured to store a first bone cement component therein. In a first safety position, the safety device prevents contact between the first bone... Agent: Biomet Sas

20150103617 - Driven fluid mixer and related methods: A manner of providing an improved fluid processing arrangement, and bioprocessing in particular, is adapted to agitate the fluid, and also simultaneously provide for the distribution of gas throughout the fluid in order to maintain desirable processing conditions (such as an increased level of dissolved oxygen, in the case of... Agent:

20150103618 - Whisk assembly: A whisk assembly, including: a handle having a first end, a second end, a first portion, a second portion, and a third portion, the first portion hingedly secured to the second portion by a first hinge and the second portion hingedly secured to the third portion by a second hinge;... Agent:

20150103619 - Mixing device: The invention relates to a mixing device for mixing a fluid in a container, in particular of a fluid system, comprising a fluid supply and at least one outlet arm with an outlet opening, the fluid supply being connected to the at least one outlet arm in a fluid-communicating fashion.... Agent:

20150103620 - Bulk mixing container and locking bearing therefor: A bulk mixing container that includes a container housing, an agitator mounting structure, an agitator assembly, and a bearing. The bearing is mounted in an opening in the agitator mounting structure with a shaft of the agitator assembly extending through a central bore in the bearing. The bearing has a... Agent:

20150103621 - Paint storage and mixing system: A novel canister storage system, mixing system, canister assembly, dispensing system, and tracking system. In one or more embodiments, the systems are used for storing, mixing and dispensing fluids. In one application, the fluid includes one or more paint toners.... Agent:

20150103622 - Jar with integrated stirring device: A jar or other storage container with an integrated stirring device, where the contents of the jar or storage container can be stirred and mixed together without having to completely open the jar or storage container. The core components in one embodiment are a top portion that contains external threads,... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150098298 - Blender: A food-processing device for blending and mixing food comprises a mixing vessel, a blade holder, and a motor base. The motor is a high power motor. The device has various safety features designed for the high power motor. The blade holder comprises a safety mechanism that prevents the motor base... Agent:

20150098299 - Blender: A food-processing device for blending and mixing food comprises a mixing vessel, a blade holder, and a motor base. The motor is a high power motor. The device has various safety features designed for the high power motor. The blade holder comprises a safety mechanism that prevents the motor base... Agent: Homeland Housewares, LLC

20150098300 - Apparatus and method for producing an orbital movement in a plane for a fluid sample: An apparatus (10) for producing an orbital movement in a plane (20) is disclosed. The apparatus (10) comprises a lower shaft (40) and an upper shaft (30), being parallelly and eccentrically attached to one another, and a platform (50) mounted on the upper shaft (30). A ring gear (60)... Agent:

20150098301 - Mixing cartridges, mixing stations, and related kits, systems, and methods: Cartridges useful for mixing materials, such as fluidic materials are provided. A cartridge typically includes a body structure having surfaces that define a cavity with upper and lower portions. A rotatable member generally extends along a horizontal axis in the upper portion of the cavity. One or more protrusions typically... Agent: Ibis Biosciences, Inc.

04/02/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150092511 - Shear-thinning of slurries: A method of shear-thinning a slurry includes transferring slurry to be shear-thinned from a primary vessel or reservoir to a secondary vessel or reservoir, withdrawing at least a portion of the slurry in the secondary vessel or reservoir by means of a pump or motive device as a shear device... Agent:

20150092512 - Vortex mixing apparatus and method of use thereof: A apparatus comprising: a vessel component comprising a flow-through interior chamber having an interior sidewall and an exterior sidewall; at least two inlets for introducing chemical components into the flow-through interior chamber; at least one outlet for removing product from the flow-through interior chamber; and an off center rotation component... Agent:

20150092513 - Multiphase flow mixing apparatus and method of mixing: An apparatus and associated method for mixing at least a first fluid phase having a first density and a second fluid phase having a second density, the apparatus comprising; at least one container (1), the container comprising at least one inlet (2) for a multiphase flow and at least one... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150085597 - Single-screw extruder with grooved infeed system: A single-screw extruder includes a grooved infeed system, a cylinder, and an extruder screw rotatably supported in the cylinder. The extruder screw has a softening zone, a main plasticizing zone, and a post-plasticizing zone and is at least double-threaded in the area of the main plasticizing zone. The cylinder at... Agent: Kraussmaffei Technologies Gmbh

20150085598 - System and method for starting up stirring machines in a sediment: A system and an associated method for starting up stirring machines in a sediment in a controlled manner are provided, which system has the following: a container for receiving materials to be processed; a stirring device with stirring blades for stirring the materials to be processed in the container; a... Agent: Ekato Ruhr-und Mischtechnik Gmbh

20150085600 - Apparatus and method for contacting a gas and a liquid: wherein at least some of the plates, preferably all plates are provided with gas passage openings, which openings have been arranged downstream of the gas supply and have been provided with projecting channels with downstream directed flow openings on the liquid side that is in contact with the liquid; and... Agent:

20150085599 - Continuous magnetic mixing system with flexible geometric mixing zone: A mixing process and system can include a plurality of magnetic particles within a fluid such as a liquid or solid to be mixed. The fluid to be mixed is dispensed within a mixing zone that may include a mixing tube. Two or more opposing electromagnets are independently activated out... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150085601 - Vortex mixing and ratio adjustment system: A matter displacement and mixing system having a mixing chamber for material to enter, and a vortex aperture that directs air into the mixing chamber at either a high velocity for violent shearing or lower velocity for gentle mixing. This would depend on the shape of the vortex aperture, or... Agent:

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