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10/02/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140293728 - Bag and its use to provide admixture for a hydraulic composition: A bag is used to provide an admixture for a hydraulic composition, wherein a wall of the bag includes a layer, the layer including a water-soluble polymer, and wherein an admixture is present in the wall of the bag.... Agent:

20140293729 - Apparatus and method for applying oscillatory motion: A method and apparatus for applying oscillatory motion to a substance in a vessel to provide improved mixing, in particular to enable different mixing patterns to be applied to a substance in a vessel without “stop, change and start” protocol, has a member and a control means operatively linked such... Agent:

20140293730 - Storage case for a hand mixer: A storage case is removably attachable to a hand mixer for mixing foodstuffs. The storage case includes a bottom wall that extends generally parallel to a bottom surface of the hand mixer when the storage case is attached to the hand mixer. A pair of spaced-apart and generally opposing side... Agent:

20140293732 - Exhaust gas mixer and constant volume sampling apparatus: The present invention is intended to reduce noise or vibration occurring in an exhaust gas mixer, and provided with: a mixer main body that has a hollow part extending in an axial direction; an inner pipe part that is provided in the hollow part along the axial direction; a gas... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20140293731 - Method and apparatus for contactless mixing of liquids: The invention generally relates to an apparatus and a method for mixing of liquids (50) or of particles with a liquid (50). In a volume of liquid (50), a thermal convection flow is generated at at least one surface of the volume of liquid by irradiating IR radiation (30) into... Agent:

20140293733 - Advanced laboratory platform rocker: This document describes an advanced laboratory platform rocker. An electronic circuit controls the rotation of the shaft of a motor. The shaft is coupled to the platform, such that the angular position of the platform is controllable, as a function of time, enabling non-periodic and non-steady motion. The rotation of... Agent:

20140293734 - Reactor: The invention relates to a reactor driven in an oscillatory-rotary manner about its fixed, preferably vertical, axis, for preferably biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications. By means of its process-intensifying properties for mixing, suspension, gaseous material transport, heat transfer, irradiation and particle retention, the applicability on the industrial scale is ensured. The... Agent:

20140293735 - Sample-tube cassette and mounting plate for use with homogenizing device: A mounting apparatus for holding tubes of samples for processing by a homogenizer. The mounting apparatus includes a processing plate and at least one cassette, with the plate for mounting to the homogenizer, the cassette for mounting to the plate, and the tube for holding by the cassette. In some... Agent: Omni International, Inc.

09/25/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140286120 - Powered blending container: A blending device is shown and described. The blending device may include a blending container and a power source operatively connected to the blending container. The power source may be configured to supply power to the blending container. The blending container may also include a feature that is powered by... Agent: Vita-mix Corporation

20140286121 - Dynamic mixing pump: Apparatus (1) for admixing additives to a medium to be pumped, comprising at least one gear pump (2) for pumping a medium to be pumped, said gear pump (2) comprising at least one shaft (3) having a first driving torque; at least one injector (5) for introducing an additive into... Agent: Styron Europe Gmbh

20140286122 - Method of dynamic mixing of fluids: Methods are provided for achieving dynamic mixing of two or more fluid streams using a mixing device. The methods include providing at least two integrated concentric contours that are configured to simultaneously direct fluid flow and transform the kinetic energy level of the first and second fluid streams, and directing... Agent:

20140286123 - Blending system: A blending system is shown and described herein. A blending system may include a base including a motor and a first shell that encases the motor. The blending system may also include a container that is removably coupled to the blender base. The blending system may also have a second... Agent: Vita-mix Corporation

20140286124 - Automated reagent manager of a diagnostic analyzer system: A reagent manager for a diagnostic analyzer system includes a reagent manager housing, a high-speed reagent bottle spinning device, a processor, and a memory. The reagent manager housing is for housing reagent bottles. The high-speed reagent bottle spinning device is disposed within the reagent manager housing for spinning at least... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 19 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140269142 - Concrete mixing device: A concrete mixing apparatus having a truck, an engine, a frame, and a drum rotatably associated with the truck automates the need for increasing the throttle on the primary power source to increase speed of the secondary system so that the speed of rotation of the drum may be increased... Agent:

20140269143 - Asphalt recycling system and method for producing a new asphalt layer from the asphalt to be recycled: A hot asphalt recycling system, in order to obtain RAC, which is to be used in the production of one of the asphalt layers, from RAP material, characterized by comprising an inner air channel (25) which is positioned in the inner volume of the body (20), connects an air inlet... Agent: E-mak Makine Insaat Ticaret Ve Sanayi A.s.

20140269144 - Direct slurry weight sensor for well operation mixing process: A slurry mixing system calculates a density of a slurry using measured pressure differential and bulk velocity of the slurry. Slurry from mixing of dry blend and mix fluid enters a one or more tanks having agitators. A pump then pumps the slurry from the tank(s) to the well, and... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140269145 - Charge hopper assembly: A concrete mixer includes a chassis, a cab coupled to the chassis, and a mixing drum rotatably coupled to the chassis and defining an opening. The concrete mixer also includes a charge hopper assembly positioned at the opening of the mixing drum. The charge hopper assembly includes a latch, an... Agent: Oshkosh Corporation

20140269146 - Concrete mixing drum drive system: A mixing drum system is disclosed. The mixing drum system includes a mixing drum connected to a frame, wherein the mixing drum is configured to rotate about a first axis with respect to the frame. The mixing drum system further includes a motor connected to the frame and having an... Agent: Oshkosh Corporation

20140269147 - Bone cement mixing and delivery system with reduced fume exposure: A device for mixing and containing fumes for a bone cement component including a base. The base includes an inner wall defines a chamber having a first sealable opening and a passageway. A handle extends between a proximal end and a distal end and includes a seal at the distal... Agent: Kyphon Sarl

20140269148 - Kneading apparatus: A plurality of paddles Pn (n=1 to 17) is provided on an external periphery of a rotary shaft 3 so as to be arranged helically at a predetermined angular pitch of 90°, and a plurality of paddles Qn is provided on an external periphery of a rotary shaft 4 so... Agent: Shin Nichinan Co., Ltd.

20140269149 - Fixture assembly for securing a spray gun to a shaker: A fixture assembly for securing a spray gun to a shaking device includes a body securable to the shaking device. The body includes an open receptacle for at least partially receiving a reservoir of the spray gun. A support member is secured to the body and is configured to support... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140269150 - Bulk material handling assembly having a clamp mounted vibrator and method related to the same: A bulk material handling assembly comprises a pair of spaced-apart walls, an elongate vibrator, a pair of saddle clamps, and a pair of locking members. The saddle clamps encircle and releasably secure the axial end portions of the vibrator to the spaced-apart walls of the bulk material handling assembly. The... Agent: Martin Engineering Company

20140269151 - Emat enhanced dispersion of particles in liquid: Particulate matter is dispersed in a fluid material. A sample including a first material in a fluid state and second material comprising particulate matter are placed into a chamber. The second material is spatially dispersed in the first material utilizing EMAT force. The dispersion process continues until spatial distribution of... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20140269152 - Hand mixer: A hand mixer includes a container with an open end closed by a head. A passageway through the head receives a screw slidable through but rotationally engaged with the passageway. A handle is rotationally mounted on one end of the screw. A mixer wheel is fixed to the other end... Agent: Mastrad, S.a.

20140269153 - Chemical solution mixing and dispensing apparatus: Example embodiments of the present invention provide a chemical solution mixing a dispensing system for making a customized chemical solution for industrial applications. For example, the embodiments of the present invention can include a chlorination system that mixes and then dispenses a chlorine solution into a water supply line for... Agent: Nkd Technologies, LLC

20140269154 - Wireless blending device and system: A blending device includes a motor, a motor controller, and a wireless controller configured to receive a wireless signal. The motor controller may be configured to alter the operations of the motor based the wireless signal. The wireless signal may include a blending program to be carried out by the... Agent: Vita-mix Corporation

20140269155 - Low profile side drive blending appliance: A blending appliance having a housing includes a motor compartment and a jar receiving portion spaced laterally from the motor compartment. The housing includes an upper retaining member and a support pad extending outwardly from the housing, such that a jar receiving portion is defined therebetween. A motor is disposed... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140269156 - Compact device for enhancing the mixing of gaseous species: Apparatus and system for mixing gas comprising a first valve coupled to a first conduit controlling flow of a first gas, a second valve coupled to a second conduit controlling flow of a second gas, a controller controlling the valves, a base block with a first gas input coupled to... Agent:

20140269157 - Apparatus using multiple jets for gas delivery and methods of fluidizing: The present invention relates to apparatuses for fluidized bed using multiple jets to introduce gas into a fluidized bed region and methods of fluidizing. The apparatus for introducing fluidizing medium to a fluidized bed reactor comprises a vessel defining a fluidized bed region and in which solid feed stock is... Agent:

20140269158 - Methods and apparatus to agitate a liquid: Method and apparatus to agitate a liquid are disclosed herein. An example apparatus includes a first sidewall and a second sidewall substantially parallel to the first sidewall. The example apparatus also includes a top wall coupled to the first sidewall and the second sidewall. The example apparatus further includes a... Agent:

20140269159 - Apparatus for indexing and agitating fluid containers: An apparatus configured for mixing the contents of one or more fluid containers includes a fluid container support platform configured to hold one or more fluid containers. The fluid container support platform is configured to index the container to one or more specified locations and to be moved in an... Agent: Gen-probe Incorporated

20140269160 - Mixing element for container assemblies: A container assembly with improved mixing dynamics for mixing substances in preparation for injection by an injection device or for the dispersion of additives in the collection and analysis of biological samples is disclosed. In one configuration, the container assembly includes a first mixing element protruding into an interior of... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 12 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140254301 - Shearing paddles in a drum mixer for low slump concrete: A batch mixer for mixing concrete materials into a mixed concrete includes a mixing drum having a plurality of paddles fixed to the drum for rotation with the mixing drum about the longitudinal axis of the mixing drum. The paddles include mixing paddles oriented to urge the concrete materials away... Agent:

20140254303 - Mixing syringe: A movable mixing disc may be utilized in connection with a syringe. The mixing disc may comprise a hole which may be covered by a fine screen or coupled to a porous member, allowing only certain elements of a solution to pass through the mixing disc. Actuation of a plunger... Agent: Ikomed Technologies, Inc.

20140254302 - Structure of press-to-operate stirring container: A press-to-operate stirring container includes a container, a fixing base, a rotating device, an actuation member, and an elastic body. The rotating device is mounted in the fixing base and includes a rotor having a unidirectional rotation driving member coupled to the container so that the container is driven by... Agent:

20140254304 - Disposable beverage cup: A disposable beverage cup, comprising: a wall, in a form of a rolled foil; a bottom; and a mixing device made of substantially the same material as the wall, the mixing device comprising: an adherent strip adhered at a relatively low portion of the wall; a movable flap, extending from... Agent:

20140254305 - Auto-controlled air-oxygen blender: A gas mixing apparatus comprising an oxygen input-source, the oxygen input-source further comprising an oxygen sensor, a gas input-source, the gas input further comprises a first gas flow sensor and a combined gas output-source. The gas output source further comprises a second gas flow sensor. The gas mixing apparatus further... Agent:

20140254306 - Device for enhancing the mobility of a standard mixer: A device for enhancing the mobility of a standard mixer, the device including a housing attached to a mixer, the housing having at least one shoulder attached thereto, the at least one shoulder having at least one nodule jutting out therefrom, a lever pivotally connected to the housing, a rod... Agent:

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