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05/21/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150138907 - Member in contact with rubber material: The present invention provides a member in contact with a rubber material, the member being characterized in that the member has a surface in contact with the rubber material, and that the contact angle of the surface thereof in contact with the rubber material is 40° or more when a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150138908 - Kneading device: The present invention provides a kneading device including a hopper having a hopper body that stores raw powder, and a mixer that kneads material to be kneaded, which contains the raw powder, wherein the hopper includes a stirring device that stirs the raw powder in the hopper body, and a... Agent:

20150138909 - Multi-shaft extruder: In a multi-shaft extruder for the processing of free-flowing material having a barrel and a plurality of co-rotating, tightly intermeshing conveyor shafts (1 to 3) arranged in parallel which have at least two flights and are each guided in a bore (1′ to 3′) in the barrel, each conveyor shaft... Agent:

20150138910 - Dental vacuum mixer: Disclosed is a dental vacuum mixer which includes: a body comprising a magnet sensor, a mixing motor and a control means; a mixing unit coupler through which a driving shaft of the mixing motor passes to be combined; and a mixing unit composed of a mixing container, a cover combined... Agent:

20150138911 - Solids combining system for a solid feedstock: A system includes a solids combining system with a solids mixing section having a mixing chamber and a plurality of solids inlets configured to supply one or more solids into the mixing chamber. The system also includes a solids breakup section having a plurality of fluid inlets configured to supply... Agent: General Electric Company

20150138912 - Centrifugal microfluidic mixing apparatus and method: A centrifugal microfluidic device having a microfluidic mixing element with a microfluidic mixing chamber in which at least two flows emerging from channels into the chamber at separate places are redirected to land at substantially the same place on a mixing surface provides efficient mixing of two or more fluids... Agent:

20150138913 - Fluid mixing system with tiltable support housing: A fluid mixing system that can be used as a bioreactor or fermentor can include a stand and a support housing pivotably mounted to the stand. The support housing bounds a chamber into which a container assembly is removably disposed. The container assembly includes a flexible bag bounding a compartment... Agent:

20150138914 - Animal feed mixing and dispensing apparatus: A feed mixing and dispensing apparatus includes a container mountable on a transport. The container has a longitudinal axis, a transverse axis and a vertical axis, a pair of opposite end walls, a pair of opposite side walls and a base wail and a top opening. The longitudinal axis extends... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150131399 - Systems and methods of regulating temperature of a solid-state shear pulverization or solid-state melt extrusion device: Systems and methods for controlling the temperature of a solid-state screw extruder may include providing an extrusion screw that incorporates one or more screw shaft channels. The shaft channels may be configured to conduct a flow of a heat conducting medium along a length of the shaft. The shaft channels... Agent:

20150131400 - Kneading machine: A two-shaft continuous kneading machine is disclosed wherein airtightness in a housing is assured by a simple means without using a mechanical seal. A magnetic coupling mechanism is formed between the mechanism in the housing (2) including shafts (3) of the kneading machine (1) and a carrier (5) arranged outside... Agent:

20150131401 - Device for transporting viscous compounds and pastes: A device for the controlled transport of viscous compounds and pastes in at least one process space (8) by at least one shaft (2), on which transport bars (4) are arranged and which rotates about a shaft axis (A), wherein centre axes (B) of the transport bars (4) run at... Agent:

20150131402 - Apparatus and method for mixing and cooling a beverage: A beverage shaker for mixing ingredients, cooling the beverage, and, shaving ice and simultaneously producing shavings of flavoring ingredients and/or ice to enhance the flavor, appearance, and refreshment of the desired beverage. The beverage shaker has a tumbler, a top or cap, and a shaving tool incorporated within one of... Agent:

20150131403 - Substrate liquid processing apparatus and substrate liquid processing method: A substrate liquid processing apparatus includes a tank; a circulation line; a processing unit connected to the circulation line through a branch line and configured to perform a liquid processing on a substrate using a processing liquid flowing through the circulation line; a processing liquid producing mechanism configured to produce... Agent:

20150131404 - Laboratory mixer: A laboratory mixer for mixing a sample and a diluent in a bag. An enclosure defines a mixing chamber, and at least one movable mixing element is retained for mixing the sample and the diluent within the bag. At least one liquid detector is retained relative to the enclosure for... Agent:

20150131405 - Magnetic mixing for continuous latex preparation: A mixing process and system for mixing fluid such as a latex can include a first fluid and a second fluid that are combined to form, for example, a latex precursor. A plurality of magnetic particles are dispensed within the precursor. The precursor is dispensed within a mixing zone that... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150131406 - Apparatus and method for entraining a powder in a fluid: An apparatus for entraining a powder in a process fluid is provided. The apparatus (2′) has a process passage (22) having a passage inlet (24) connectable to a source of process fluid, and a passage outlet (26). A nozzle (30) opens into the process passage (22) intermediate the passage inlet... Agent:

20150131407 - Agitator and agitating hook provided therein: Provided are an agitator and an agitating hook provided therein. The agitator includes a rotary shaft rotatably installed in a reactor, rotor blades installed at an outer circumference of the rotary shaft and rotated with the rotary shaft to agitate a material therein, and an agitating hook constituted by a... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150124550 - Atmospheric storage mechanical weight batch blending plant: An atmospheric storage mechanical weigh batch blend plant is shown with atmospheric storage for providing a dry, pre-blend, oilfield cement ready for mixing at the wellhead for slurry injection into a well head upon adding the proper amount of water and other fluids. The batch blend plant has three separate... Agent:

20150124551 - Gear box with variably coupled oscillation and rotation for kneading machine: A gear box for a reciprocating kneader. A primary rotational gear is attached to a gear box primary shaft and rotates in concert therewith. A secondary rotational gear is engaged with the primary rotation gear and rotates therewith. A secondary shaft is attached to the secondary rotational gear and rotates... Agent: B & P Process Equipment & Systems, LLC

20150124552 - System and method for mixing a gas and a liquid: A system and method for mixing a gas and a liquid includes, receiving a liquid at a liquid inlet of a convergent nozzle and ejecting the liquid at a predetermined output velocity from a liquid outlet of the convergent nozzle into a mixing chamber, the mixing chamber comprising a cantilevered... Agent:

20150124553 - Method and apparatus for producing paint: The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for producing an aqueous paint from a plurality of premixed compositions at the point of sale wherein the apparatus is cleaned during the paint production. The premixed compositions include a pigment composition, a dispersant-thickening agent composition, a high resin content... Agent:

20150124554 - Apparatus and method for generating swirling flow: An apparatus and method for generating a swirl is disclosed that is used to induce an axi-symmetric swirling flow to an incoming flow. The disclosed subject matter induces a uniform and axi-symmetric swirl, circumferentially around a discharge location, thus imparting a more accurate, repeatable, continuous, and controllable swirl and mixing... Agent: U.s. Department Of Energy

20150124555 - Stirring device and stirring method: When a first electromagnetic valve of a first stirring tank is turned ON and a second electromagnetic valve of a second stirring tank is turned OFF, the air pressure inside the first stirring tank increases and the liquid in the first stirring tank is sent into the second stirring tank... Agent:

20150124556 - Automated mix in-cup apparatus and the method of operating the same: The present disclosure describes an automated blend in-cup apparatus and the related method of operation. The disclosure relates generally to the field of mixing consumable material. More specifically, the disclosure relates to a mixer that is automatically operable to lower a mixing blade into a cup or vessel that contains... Agent:

20150124557 - Device for stirring: A device for stirring a liquid or a granular material comprising a stirring agitator, a rotating drive shaft for rotating the stirring agitator, a rotating drive shaft for rotating the stirring agitator, a stationary axle extending in an essentially vertical direction about which the stirring agitator is adapted to rotate,... Agent: Metenova Holding Ab.

04/30/2015 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150117134 - Kneading system with closed-type rubber kneader: The system includes: a closed-type rubber kneader that kneads kneading materials that include raw rubber and carbon black; a rotation meter of a rotor; a power meter that measures the instantaneous power required to drive the rotation of the rotor; and a calculation device to which the measurement data is... Agent:

20150117137 - Blender assembly: A blending appliance includes a housing with a jar receiving area defined between an upper housing and a support base. A blender jar includes a base portion and a receptacle portion, and is configured to be laterally received within the jar receiving area of the housing. A magnetic coupling system... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150117136 - Magnetic stirrer with a temperature measuring device: A temperature measuring device (1) with a thermometer (2) has a plurality of temperature sensors (3) on one side (10), which function on an electrical basis. The thermometer (2) is immersed in a container or beaker (4) set up in a usage position on a heating plate (102) of a... Agent:

20150117135 - Slurry feed system and method of providing slurry to chemical mechanical planarization station: A slurry feed system includes a valve manifold, a mixing tank, a slurry feed pump, a surface tension meter and suction piping, discharge piping as well as slurry return piping. The valve manifold includes inlet piping, outlet piping fluidly coupled to the inlet piping, and a slurry discharge header for... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150117138 - Stirrer for stabilizing liquid binding unfinished products intended to form ceramic items: A stirrer (1; 100) for stabilizing liquid binding unfinished products intended to form ceramic items comprising a support shaft (2) individuating a longitudinal rotation axis (Y) and contained into a mixing tank (V) of the liquid binding unfinished product, motorization means (3) operatively connected with the support shaft (2) in... Agent:

20150117139 - Blender jar assembly: A blender jar for use with a blending appliance includes a receptacle portion defined between an open top and a base portion. A flexibly resilient lid is removeably received at the open top and includes a central aperture which opens into the receptacle portion of the blender jar. In assembly,... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150117140 - Three-component mixing apparatus and three-component mixing adhesive kit: A three-component mixing apparatus and a three-component mixing adhesive kit, which allow anyone to easily and uniformly mix three kinds of drugs in mixing a three-component adhesive used in, e.g., surgical procedure (or treatment) or dental procedure (or treatment), includes a syringe filled with a first drug; a plunger; and... Agent:

20150117141 - Magnetic disc coupler: A blending appliance includes a housing with a jar receiving area defined between an upper housing and a support base. A blender jar includes a base portion and a receptacle portion, and is configured to be laterally received within the jar receiving area of the housing. A magnetic coupling system... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150117142 - Fluid mixing system with flexible drive line and foldable impeller: A fluid mixing system includes a container, such as a flexible bag, bounding a compartment. A flexible drive line is disposed within the compartment, the drive line having a first end rotatably connected to a first end of the container and an opposing second end rotatably connected to a second... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

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