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11/13/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140332620 - Unmanned aerial vehicle: An unmanned aerial vehicle, comprising: a fuselage having a first side board and a second side board spaced apart and connected by at least one transverse board; the first side board, the second side board, and the at least one transverse board being printed circuit boards; at least one of... Agent: Winehawk Inc.

20140332621 - Variable lower limit collective governor to improve recovery: A flight control system uses a governor configured to regulate the speed of a rotor in the aircraft through collective pitch control of a rotor blade, and a limiter configured to selectively remove the threshold limit of the governor when the collective pitch control exceeds a threshold limit, so as... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140332634 - Multi-purpose personal propulsion system: A personal propulsion system, including an assembly adapted to support a passenger and achieve flight through the discharge of pressurized fluid; and a pressurized fluid source in fluid communication with the assembly, where the pressurized fluid source does not achieve flight, and where the pressurized fluid source is constructed at... Agent: Jlip, LLC

20140332635 - Tandem personal propulsion device: A personal propulsion device, including a passenger assembly configured to support a plurality of passengers, the passenger assembly including one or more nozzles adapted to discharge pressurized fluid; and a pressurized fluid source in fluid communication with the passenger assembly, where the passenger assembly is capable of achieving flight by... Agent: Jlip, LLC

20140332622 - Aircraft selectively engageable electric taxi system: An electric taxi system (ETS) for an aircraft may include an annular output gearbox positioned between a wheel and a main strut of a main landing gear of the aircraft. The output gearbox may surround a brake piston assembly of the wheel of the aircraft. One or more selectively operable... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140332624 - Inlet duct screen assembly: An example inlet duct screen assembly includes a grid portion including a plurality of apertures and a frame portion circumscribing the grid portion. The grid portion and the frame portion are formed from a single sheet of material.... Agent:

20140332623 - Transfer tube for a ram air fan (raf) assembly: A transfer tube including a tube member extends from a first end to a second end through an intermediate portion having an outer surface and an inner surface. The outer surface has an outside diameter. A flange is mounted at one of the first and second ends of the tube... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140332625 - Subsonic plane or flight simulator thereof, adjustable fuselage control surface, computer program product and method: The invention relates to a subsonic plane or flight simulator, actually or simulatedly comprising an elongate fuselage with a cockpit placed near a first, front end of the fuselage, two wings disposed on opposite sides of the fuselage, provided with ailerons, and a tail located near a second, rear end... Agent:

20140332626 - Aircraft reaction link and moving surface drive unit: An aircraft reaction link includes a head portion and a link body portion that is made of fiber reinforced plastic and formed integrally. The link body portion has a pair of leg portions, and a connecting portion that connects one end portion of each of the pair of leg portions... Agent: Nabtesco Corporation

20140332627 - Control and safety system for an airplane: A Safety and Control System for an airplane that allows a pilot to adjust the direction of an airplane and protect the plane in emergency situations. The engine of the plane can create thrust in more than one direction for improved maneuverability. A plurality of parachutes and landing pads can... Agent:

20140332628 - Luggage compartment and means of transport: A luggage compartment for a means of transport and a means of transport with a luggage compartment are provided. The luggage compartment comprises a housing with a pivotably attached connecting element and with a sliding element. The connecting element is adapted for being pivotably attached to a first structural element... Agent:

20140332629 - Wall mounted stowage compartment: A wall mounted stowage compartment for a passenger cabin of an aircraft includes a housing having a rearwardly facing wall mounted to a forwardly facing interior monument wall. The stowage compartment is located under an aft most passenger seat adjacent to the forwardly facing interior monument wall. The stowage compartment... Agent: B/e Aerospace, Inc.

20140332630 - Superplastically formed ultrasonically welded metallic structure: Disclosed herein is a method of making a structure by ultrasonic welding and superplastic forming. The method comprises assembling a plurality of workpieces comprising a first workpiece including a first material having superplastic characteristics; ultrasonically welding the first workpiece to a second workpiece, to form an assembly; heating the assembly... Agent:

20140332631 - Amorphous metal riblets: An array of aerodynamic riblets is created by a plurality of high stiffness tips with a layer supporting the tips in predetermined spaced relation and adhering the tips to a vehicle surface.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140332632 - Isolation of payload from launch vehicle dynamic loads: An adapter arrangement includes a first adapter ring for interfacing with a launch vehicle payload interface ring, a second adapter ring for interfacing with a payload launch vehicle interface ring, and a plurality of vibration isolation devices disposed between and attached to each of the first adapter ring and the... Agent: Space Systems/loral, LLC

20140332633 - Emergency collective actuator and method for a helicopter: A helicopter includes a rotor system having a rotor with an adjustable pitch that is controlled at least in part by a pilot using a collective control and which helicopter generates a Low RPM signal that is indicative of a threshold low rotational speed of the rotor. An actuator arrangement... Agent: Merlin Technology Inc.

11/06/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140326824 - Determination of angle of incidence: The invention relates to a method for determining angle of incidence for a projectile in the path of the projectile from launcher to target, which projectile is guidable and substantially or partially roll-stable and comprises a control system and at least two actuators with associated control members, in which the... Agent: Bae Systems Bofors Ab

20140326825 - System and a method for controlling pitching stabilizer means of an aircraft: A control system (20) for controlling pitching stabilizer means of an aircraft, said system (20) being provided with at least one outlet shaft (21) and with a first actuator (31) and a second actuator (36). The first and second actuators (31 and 36) are different, and the first actuator (31)... Agent: Airbus Helicopters

20140326826 - Ducted rotor for an aircraft and a rotorcraft: A rotorcraft ducted rotor comprising a rotary assembly arranged in a passage to rotate about an axis of symmetry (AX1). The rotary assembly (15) has a plurality of blades (20), each fastened to a hub (16), each blade (20) complies with a twisting relationship defining an angle of twist lying... Agent: Airbus Helicopters

20140326828 - An electromechanical actuator for an aircraft control surface, and an aircraft provided with such an actuator: An electromechanical actuator for a movable flight control surface of an aircraft, the actuator comprising an electric motor having an outlet shaft with first and second directions of rotation, a movement transmission arranged to connect the outlet shaft of the motor to the movable flight control surface, and a control... Agent:

20140326829 - Cabin attendant seat with additional support: A cabin attendant seat for an aircraft, a seat system comprising such a cabin attendant seat, an aircraft monument comprising such a cabin attendant seat and an aircraft comprising such an aircraft monument. The cabin attendant seat comprises a backrest element and a seat element. The cabin attendant seat is... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140326830 - Gasket having a pliable reslient body with a perimeter having characteristics different than the body: A single piece gasket is disclosed having a skeletal member, typically metallic, and a pliable body. The pliable body includes a first portion having a first firmness and a second perimeter portion have a firmer consistency. When such a composite body is placed under compression, the perimeter will tend to... Agent:

20140326831 - Bridles for stability of a powered kite and a system and method for use of same: The system may include a ground station, a tether attached to a ground station on a first end and to two or more bridles on a second, and a kite. The kite may include a main wing. Each bridle of the two or more bridles may be attached to the... Agent:

20140326832 - Method and system for feeding jet engines: A method for feeding a ramjet of a spacecraft beyond the dense layers of the atmosphere includes providing a fueling apparatus having an amount of a propellant for feeding a ramjet of the spacecraft. The propellant is ejected from the fueling apparatus in form of a solid and flexible propellant... Agent:

20140326833 - Directionally controlled elastically deployable roll-out array: A directionally-controlled roll-out elastically deployable solar array structure is disclosed. The structure includes one or more longitudinal elastic roll out booms that may be closed section or open section to allow for efficient rolled packaging onto a lateral mandrel. A flexible photovoltaic blanket is attached to a tip structure and... Agent:

20140326834 - Laminar flow panel: An aerodynamic body operable to both promote laminar flow and satisfy structural requirements is disclosed. A perforated panel skin comprises an inner surface and an outer surface of the aerodynamic body. At least one hollow member is coupled to the inner surface and is operable to suction air from the... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140319265 - Method of automatically triggering an emergency buoyancy system for a hybrid helicopter: A method of automatically triggering an emergency buoyancy system (10) for a hybrid helicopter (20) having a fuselage (21), two half-wings (23, 23′), and two propulsive propellers (24, 24′). During the method, said emergency buoyancy system (10) is primed, and then if a risk of said hybrid helicopter (20) ditching... Agent: Eurocopter

20140319266 - Remotely controlled micro/nanoscale aerial vehicle comprising a system for traveling on the ground, vertical takeoff, and landing: A microscale radio-controlled aerial micro-drone vehicle, having a fixed wing (as opposed to a rotary wing) having a propulsion device the vehicle including wheels for traveling on the ground, which are attached to the side ends of a section of the wing. The rotational axis Y1 of the wheels being... Agent: Institut Superieur De L'aeronautique Et De L'espace

20140319267 - Controlled transitory or sustained gliding flight with dihedral angle and trailing flaps: A micro aerial vehicle capable of controlled transitory or sustained gliding flight. The vehicle includes a fuselage. A pair of articulated wings are forward of a center of gravity of the vehicle, the wings being articulated and having trailing edge flaps, and having actuators for controlling the dihedral angles of... Agent:

20140319268 - System for latching and locking a foldable airfoil: An aircraft comprises a foldable airfoil. The airfoil includes inboard and outboard sections that are hinged together about a hinge line. The airfoil further includes a first latching mechanism on an inboard side of the hinge line, and a second latching mechanism on an outboard side of the hinge line... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140319269 - Inner cowl structure for aircraft turbine engine: An inner cowl structure for circumscribing at least a portion of a jet engine extending from an aircraft includes an apron configured to mount directly to the engine independent of the pylon and overly an upper portion of the jet engine, and an inner body configured to circumscribe a portion... Agent: Mra Systems, Inc.

20140319270 - Relative positioning of balloons with altitude control and wind data: The positions of balloons in a communication network of balloons, such as a mesh network of high-altitude balloons, may be adjusted relative to one another in order to try to maintain a desired network topology. In one approach, the position of each balloon may be adjusted relative to one or... Agent:

20140319271 - Relative positioning of balloons with altitude control and wind data: The positions of balloons in a communication network of balloons, such as a mesh network of high-altitude balloons, may be adjusted relative to one another in order to try to maintain a desired network topology. In one approach, the position of each balloon may be adjusted relative to one or... Agent:

20140319272 - Device and method for use with unmanned aerial vehicles: An autonomous battery replacement station for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is provided. The UAV includes a replaceable battery. The station includes (a) a landing platform configured to receive the UAV, (b) a storage location configured to store a replacement battery for the UAV, and (c) a means for swapping... Agent:

20140319273 - Device for a helicopter deck: A device is for a helicopter deck comprising a supporting, fluid-tight floor. The helicopter deck comprises an overlying, draining top cover formed out of at least two top-cover sections arranged side by side. Each of the top-cover sections comprise a surface portion provided with several drain openings and at least... Agent: Marine Aluminium As

20140319274 - Aircraft including a passenger cabin extending around a space defined outside the cabin and inside the aircraft: The sealed bottoms of aircraft passenger cabin have to be fastened with heavily sized fasteners so as to withstand loads induced by the cabin pressurization. Besides, the increase in aircrafts seating capacity makes an increase in passenger cabin widths of interest. Such a width increase however makes the structure delimiting... Agent:

20140319275 - Compact cabin attendant seat stowage: An aircraft monument that includes an enclosure with an enclosure interior, a compartment with a compartment interior positioned in the enclosure interior, and a stowable seat assembly disposed in the compartment. The compartment includes at least a first vertically oriented wall. The seat assembly includes a chair assembly with a... Agent:

20140319276 - Aircraft window and aircraft: A window body constituting a window of an aircraft includes an electromagnetic shield film, and a conductive paint is applied to an outer perimeter edge face of the window body. A fixing member secures the window body to an airframe with a gasket seal and a window frame interposed therebetween.... Agent:

20140319277 - Window of aircraft, aircraft, and assembly method for window of aircraft: To easily and inexpensively provide a window of an aircraft having sufficient electromagnetic shielding performance and environment-resistant sealing performance, an aircraft, and an assembly method for a window of an aircraft. A conductive seal member 60 is sandwiched between a conductive film 41 and an outer retainer 22. In the... Agent:

20140319278 - Resistive-inductive de-icing of aircraft flight control surfaces: Embodiments of the disclosure include a de-icing system for an aircraft. The de-icing system includes a plurality of resistive-inductive heating elements inserted adjacent to a flight control surface and a controller configured to provide a supply current to each of the plurality of resistive-inductive heating elements. Each of the plurality... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140319279 - Aircraft refueling system and method of refueling an aircraft: An aircraft refueling system for use with a supplying aircraft is provided. The refueling system includes at least two strips of material coupled to a lower portion of the supplying aircraft. The at least two strips are separated by a distance and comprise a material that facilitates the at least... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140319280 - Supply packs and methods and systems for manufacturing supply packs: A cost-effective pack adapted to be distributed from an aircraft in the event of a natural, military, political, or other disaster includes an outer package, at least one item in the outer package for aerial delivery, and at least one aerodynamic component formed on the outer package and methods and... Agent:

20140319281 - Space shuttle orbiter and return system: A launch system comprises a nose section comprising a nose coupling surface, a tail section comprising a tail coupling surface facing the nose coupling surface and a mast coupling the nose and tail sections. The mast is configured to expand and retract to displace the nose and tail sections within... Agent: Biosphere Aerospace LLC

20140319282 - Space station configuration: An inflatable module space station is disclosed. The module has an avionics architecture designed for the module serving as a space station. The module also has at least one hundred and eighty cubic meters of internal habitable volume and at least one window. The module is capable of supporting at... Agent: Bigelow Development Aerospace

20140319283 - Canisterized satellite dispenser: A canisterized satellite dispenser includes one or more of: a pair of guide rails that eliminate the requirement of a rectangular profile for the satellite; a preload system that secures the canisterized satellite during transport and launch, and releases to deploy the canisterized satellite; a constant-force spring to provide a... Agent: Planetary Systems Corporation

20140319284 - Systems for interconnecting dual manifested spacecraft: Systems and methods for interconnecting dual manifested spacecraft for launch by a launch vehicle are disclosed. Different motive forces are utilized to couple a first spacecraft to a second spacecraft and to restrict demating of the second spacecraft from the first spacecraft. Some systems and methods utilize pneumatic pressure to... Agent: The Boeing Company

10/23/2014 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140312160 - Flight vehicles including scribed frangible seals and methods for the manufacture thereof: Embodiments of a flight vehicle including a scribed frangible seal are provided, as are embodiments of a scribed frangible seal and a method for equipping a flight vehicle with a scribed frangible seal. In one embodiment, the flight vehicle includes a vehicle body having a deployment opening therein, and a... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140312161 - Dual-mode sal/ir imaging: Dual mode SAL/IR imaging seekers are described herein. In some embodiments, a dual-mode SAL/IR imaging seeker described herein includes a focal plane array (FPA), an objective optical assembly providing a common optical path to the FPA for incident laser radiation of a first wavelength band and incident ambient radiation of... Agent: Rosemount Aerospace Inc.

20140312162 - Rolling vehicle having collar with passively controlled ailerons: A spinning, rolling, or roll-stabilized vehicle, such as a projectile, includes a fuselage that rotates about its longitudinal axis (spins) during flight. A collar is positionable relative to the fuselage to steer the projectile, with the collar having ailerons to provide a roll force to position the collar. The collar... Agent:

20140312163 - Bidirectional control surfaces for use with high speed vehicles, and associated systems and methods: Vehicles with bidirectional control surfaces and associated systems and methods are disclosed. In a particular embodiment, a rocket can include a plurality of bidirectional control surfaces positioned toward an aft portion of the rocket. In this embodiment, the bidirectional control surfaces can be operable to control the orientation and/or flight... Agent: Blue Origin, LLC

20140312177 - Coaxial rotor/wing aircraft: A system and method which enable efficient, rapid and safe transition between rotary-wing and fixed-wing flight mode in rotor/wings aircrafts is disclosed. The aircraft comprises of two rotor/wings on the same axis of rotation, one above the fuselage and the other one under the fuselage. During rotary-wing mode, the rotor/wings... Agent:

20140312165 - Methods, apparatus and systems for aerial assessment of ground surfaces: A hand-launched unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to determine various characteristics of ground surfaces. The UAV includes a lightweight and robust body/wing assembly, and is equipped with multiple consumer-grade digital cameras that are synchronized to acquire high-resolution images in different spectra. In one example, one camera acquires a visible spectrum image... Agent:

20140312164 - Portable unmanned aircraft for near-instant aerial surveillance: A portable unmanned aerial vehicle or aircraft, capable of being easily carried by a single individual by means of a mounting device, which can be fastened on a belt or strap. The aerial vehicle comprises a wing attached at one end to a fan or turbine assembly. The fan or... Agent:

20140312166 - Helicopter and aircraft power device: A helicopter and aircraft power device has a plurality of fluid inlets on a windward side of a blade housing and a plurality of fluid outlets on a leeward side in a manner that the fluid inlets communicate with the fluid outlets. The path where the fluid flows in the... Agent:

20140312167 - Ram air fan mounting bracket: A bracket has an axial rear wall to be secured to a housing for a ram air fan and a base floor defined between lateral sidewalls. The base floor has a slot extending for an axial length and for a lateral width, with a ratio of the length to the... Agent:

20140312168 - Control surface for creating variable camber along a wing: An apparatus and method for controlling a shape of an outer surface of a control surface. In one illustrative embodiment, an apparatus comprises a control surface and a shaping system associated with the control surface. The control surface is associated with a portion of an aft edge of a wing.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140312169 - Aircraft system for reduced observer visibility: An aircraft apparatus is disclosed that has a fuselage boom having proximal and distal ends, a wing coupled to a proximal end of the fuselage boom and at least one transparent stabilizer coupled to a distal end of the fuselage boom.... Agent:

20140312170 - Actuator device for aircraft, and aircraft: The present invention provides an actuator device which can prevent a rapid change in deflection angle when an active actuator and a standby actuator are switched. A first actuator 21A drives an aileron upon supply of hydraulic oil through a hydraulic system 31L from a hydraulic power source 35L. A... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140312171 - Gauge: A gauge for indicating whether the oil level in an oleo-pneumatic shock absorber requires modification. The gauge comprises a substrate for positioning relative to the oleo-pneumatic shock absorber. The substrate has a first region arranged to encompass a range of possible oil levels within the shock absorber, a second region... Agent:

20140312172 - Anchoring device in a helicopter deck: An anchoring device in a helicopter deck, where a housing that is provided with an open top and lowered into the helicopter deck, contains a fastener which is vertically displaceable between a withdrawn, inactive position and an active position where an upper fastener portion extends at least partly up from... Agent: Marine Aluminium As

20140312173 - Double cabin attendant seat: A cabin attendant seat for an aircraft, an aircraft monument comprising such a cabin attendant seat and an aircraft comprising such an aircraft monument. The cabin attendant seat is movable from a starting position into at least one end position. The cabin attendant seat includes at least one backrest element... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140312174 - Wing tip shape for a wing, in particular of aircraft: A wing for of aircraft has a wing tip shape that has a profile that extends in the direction of the span of the wing, and across the direction of the span of the wing extends from the wing leading edge to the wing trailing edge. The profile is delimited... Agent: Deutsches Zentrum F&#xfc R Luft-und Raumfahrt E.v. (dlr)

20140312175 - High-positioned 2-position variable camber krueger: A variable camber Krueger flap deployment linkage mechanism is presented. A first linkage assembly couples a flap assembly and an airfoil, and comprising a first drive arm, a first drive link, and a support arm. A second linkage assembly couples the flap assembly and the first drive arm, and comprises... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140312176 - Combination comprising an aircraft wing trailing edge section and an adjustment body: A combination comprises an aircraft wing trailing edge section and an adjustment body. The adjustment body comprises a tapered cross section in a local chord axis direction of the wing trailing edge section, a lower adjustment body surface connected to a top surface of the aircraft wing trailing edge section... Agent:

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