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01/22/2015 > 17 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150021433 - System and method for a towable and inflatable recreational device with a retractable wind foil: Our system and method for a towable and inflatable recreational device with a retractable wind foil. This towable and inflatable recreational device expands the existing field of art in the water sports recreational devices.... Agent:

20150021427 - Airship launch from a cargo airship: A method for launch of an airship includes connecting a cargo airship to a second airship that is not positively buoyant at the launch site, launching the cargo airship, transferring lifting gas from the cargo airship to the second airship where said lifting gas is carried by the cargo airship... Agent:

20150021428 - Pressure-equalizing cradle for booster rocket mounting: A launch system and method improve the launch efficiency of a booster rocket and payload. A launch aircraft atop which the booster rocket is mounted in a cradle, is flown or towed to an elevation at which the booster rocket is released. The cradle provides for reduced structural requirements for... Agent:

20150021429 - Remote-controlled aerial device platform: The invention relates to an aircraft (10) for conveying one or more recording apparatuses, such as recorders, sensors, cameras, infrared cameras, microphones or the like, through the air. For this purpose, the aircraft (10) has one or more rotors (11) which control the flight movement, as well as a holder... Agent:

20150021430 - System, apparatus and method for long endurance vertical takeoff and landing vehicle: A vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft according to an aspect of the present invention comprises a fuselage, an empennage having an all-moving horizontal stabilizer located at a tail end of the fuselage, a wing having the fuselage positioned approximately halfway between the distal ends of the wing, wherein the... Agent:

20150021431 - Method for accelerated powered self push back of an aircraft: A method for accelerated power push back of an aircraft equipped with a pilot-controlled engines-off taxi system that drives the aircraft without reliance on the aircraft's main engines or tugs is provided. An aircraft is quickly and efficiently moved out of a gate where it is positioned in a nose-in... Agent:

20150021442 - Solar relay aircraft powered by ground based solar concentrator mirrors in dual use with power towers: A solar relay aircraft system includes a solar relay aircraft having an upper surface, and a lower surface, and equipped with a solar radiation receiver on said lower surface and capable of converting solar energy to electrical energy. An electric motor in electrical connection with said solar radiation receiver to... Agent:

20150021443 - Method and apparatus for minimizing dynamic structural loads of an aircraft: A method for dynamically alleviating loads generated on an aircraft by a disturbance of gust involves automatically detecting a disturbance due to gust on a flight of the aircraft. When a disturbance due to gust is detected, control commands for control surfaces are automatically generated and the control commands are... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20150021432 - Control box: safety actuation means (23) for causing the shaft to slide from the rest position in which anti-rotation means (27, 28) prevent the shaft from turning to the active position in which the anti-rotation means (27, 28) leave the shaft free to turn under drive from the rotary drive means (15).... Agent: Messier-bugatti-dowty

20150021434 - Self-orienting aircraft landing gear: An aircraft landing gear self-orients so to align itself within a plane parallel to the plane defined by the aircraft's roll and yaw axis. A nose gear of a tricycle landing gear configuration includes the ability to not only caster 360 degrees but also self-orient itself to be aligned parallel... Agent: Icon Aircraft, Inc.

20150021435 - Apparatus for causing an aircraft wheel to rotate: A rotator assembly for rotating an aircraft landing wheel by the action of the airstream flowing thereby has a circular plate mounted on the wheel and a plurality of independently movable cone shape connected to the outer surface of the plate in circumferentially spaced relation. Each cone shape member has... Agent:

20150021436 - Wing mount adjustment: A mounting apparatus includes a fixed mounting structure that is fixed relative to a vehicle wing, the fixed mounting structure including a first fixed fitting and a second fixed fitting. The mounting apparatus further includes a rotatable mounting structure having a swivel fitting configured to engage the first fixed fitting... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150021437 - Monobeam seat with housing receptacle: A seat-floor assembly for a vehicle comprises a floor element and at least one monobeam seat fixed to the floor element by a beam. A seat cushion and a seat backrest fixed to the beam. The floor element comprises a stiffened panel structure, one face of which forms a top... Agent:

20150021438 - Drainage mast of the compartment of an aircraft subjected to a negative pressure: A drainage mast able to drain effectively the liquid contained in the compartment of an aircraft when the pressure within the compartment is lower than the outside pressure without using any pressure control active device and without causing any significant perturbation to the aerodynamic behavior of the aircraft. The drainage... Agent:

20150021439 - Space vehicle with electric propulsion and solid propellant chemical propulsion: A space vehicle (1), in particular a satellite or a probe, capable of executing high-thrust maneuvers or high specific impulse maneuvers. According to the invention, the space vehicle (1) includes at least one solid-propellant chemical thruster (10-14) and at least one electric thruster (20-24).... Agent:

20150021440 - Debris management system and method of operation thereof: A debris management system for use in space and a method of controlling space debris is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system includes: (1) a frame, (2) a plurality of material sections, coupled to the frame, that cooperate to form a material structure when deployed from the frame and (3)... Agent:

20150021441 - Redundant current-sum feedback actuator: A system and methods for redundant current-sum feedback control of an actuator system is presented. An actuator comprises actuation coils configured to actuate the actuator, and an actuation coil current sensor senses a measured total coil current comprising a sum of coil currents of each of the actuation coils. Actuator... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150014475 - Vertical takeoff and landing (vtol) air vehicle: A flight control apparatus for fixed-wing aircraft includes a first port wing and first starboard wing, a first port swash plate coupled between a first port rotor and first port electric motor, the first port electric motor coupled to the first port wing, and a first starboard swash plate coupled... Agent:

20150014476 - Flexbeam rotor attachment to rotor blade: A rotor blade assembly includes a flex-beam member and a torque tube surrounding the flex-beam member and extending partially along a rotor blade assembly length. A rotor blade surrounds the flex beam member and extends from the torque tube to a blade tip. A connecting pin assembly secures the rotor... Agent:

20150014477 - Vibration reducing apparatus: A compact vibration reducing apparatus includes a dynamic mass; elastic member which apply elastic force to the dynamic mass so that the dynamic mass vibrates in a parallel to a vibration damping direction; a control mass; an actuator which move in parallel to a length change direction; and a motion... Agent:

20150014478 - Wing fold controller: Illustrative embodiments may provide for an apparatus and method of controlling the folding of a wing. The apparatus may include a sensor, an actuator, and a wing fold controller. The method may include receiving a status of at least one of an aircraft and a wing fold system of the... Agent:

20150014479 - Independent power generation in aircraft: A method includes generating thrust at one or more engines of an aircraft. The method includes generating first electricity at a first power unit concurrently with generating second electricity at a second power unit. The first power unit and the second power unit are independent of the one or more... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150014480 - Coupling mechanism between a manual flight control member and a trim actuator of an aircraft: A coupling mechanism between a control member (1′) that generates manual flight commands and a trim actuator (4) forming part of a mechanical transmission train for transmitting flight commands in an aircraft. The coupling mechanism comprises axial engagement means between a lever arm (3) mechanically connected to the control member... Agent:

20150014481 - Rail mounted beverage dispenser for commercial airplanes: A galley cart is suspended from a rail or track that extends along the length of an aircraft cabin above the aisle and rows of passenger seats of the aircraft. The galley cart is automated to move along the track above the aisle in response to movements of a flight... Agent:

20150014482 - Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with inter-connecting wing sections: An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is described. The UAV may include a fuselage assembly and a plurality of inter-connecting wing sections. The inter-connecting wing section may include a connecting assembly on opposing lateral ends. The connecting assembly may be complementary on opposing ends. The fuselage assembly may include a complementary... Agent:

20150014483 - Connection assembly for aircraft door: A connection assembly for an emergency aircraft door. The assembly includes a first pair of non parallel links pivotally attached to the fuselage and a second pair of non parallel links attached to the door. One of the links of the first pair is pivotally connected to both links of... Agent: Bombardier Inc.

20150014484 - Apparatus and methods for joining composite structures of aircrafts: Apparatus and method for joining composite structures of aircrafts are disclosed. An example apparatus disclosed herein includes an inboard composite wing panel having a first end portion configured to be coupled to upper and lower inboard fittings composed of a metallic material and an outboard composite wing panel having a... Agent:

20150014485 - Suspension system for carrying an external load with an aircraft, and an aircraft: A suspension system (10) of an aircraft (1). The suspension system (10) comprises a fastener device (15) including a coupling member (20) suitable for carrying a load (5) with a sling (21). The suspension system (10) has a return device (30) that comprises a linkage (40) provided with a plurality... Agent:

20150014486 - Control system and control bar for a traction wing: A control system for a traction wing includes a control bar having first and second ends. A first fixing arm is connected to each end of the bar. Each fixing arm has a fixing point for attachment of a respective wing control line. At least one of the fixing arms... Agent: Neil Pryde Limited

20150014487 - Kite control bar with integrated line adjustment means: A hollow kite control bar is provided with means for sliding access to the bar for one or multiple lines or groups of lines. Each line has one end towards the kite and the other towards the bar. The length of each line between the kite and the bar can... Agent: Ocean Rodeo Sports Inc

01/08/2015 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150008281 - Aircraft interior trim panel, and aircraft fitted with such panels: A trim panel for the interior of an aircraft, the panel having a multilayer structure and including an outer layer made of material impervious to air, and which is positioned in use facing the fuselage of the aircraft; an inner layer made of trim material, and which in use defines... Agent:

20150008279 - Air vehicle flight mechanism and control method: Heavier-than-air, aircraft having flapping wings, e.g., ornithopters, where angular orientation control is effected by variable differential sweep angles of deflection of the flappable wings in the course of sweep angles of travel and/or the control of variable wing membrane tension.... Agent: Aerovironment, Inc.

20150008280 - Launched air vehicle system: A launch canister for ejection from a submerged launch platform, the launch canister being adapted for ejection in a direction substantially along a first axis of the launch canister and comprising: an enclosure for carrying a UAV; a nose cap releasably located in a launch opening at a forward end... Agent:

20150008283 - Aircraft seating unit with fixture member: The invention relates to an aircraft passenger service arrangement comprising one or more passenger service units for arrangement above a passenger seat, and a fixture member. The passenger service arrangement is characterized in that the fixture member is adapted for directly fixing the passenger service unit to a passenger seat... Agent:

20150008282 - Virtual star illumination in a cabin of an aircraft and cabin attendant signal in such cabin: The invention relates to a display device for an aircraft cabin, comprising a display adapted to display a plurality of stars. A further aspect of the invention is an aircraft cabin comprising such a display device and an aircraft cabin wall compartment comprising a plurality of wall sections and a... Agent:

20150008285 - Pressure fuselage of an aircraft with a fuselage shell and a pressure bulkhead disposed therein: A pressure bulkhead of an aircraft with a fuselage shell and a pressure bulkhead disposed therein preferably in the rear region for forming a fuselage-internal pressure region, which pressure bulkhead is attached on the edge in the interior of the fuselage shell, wherein the pressure bulkhead has a lenticular cross-section... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150008284 - Pressure panels: Anisotropic pressure panels are disclosed. The pressure panels include at least two distinct regions, with one region yielding to lateral deformation more than at least one other region. The regions each independently may include a plurality of beads, such beads optionally integrally formed in the body of the pressure panel.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150008286 - System and method for improving efficiency of aircraft gate services and turnaround: A system and method is provided for improving efficiency of aircraft gate services and reducing time spent by an aircraft parked parallel to an airport terminal wherein aircraft utilities and gate services provided during turnaround are supported by an arrangement of flexibly movable, service and utility-carrying extendable passenger boarding bridges... Agent:

20150008287 - Spacecraft's parachutes with straps for compensating the oscillations: Spacecraft's (40) parachutes (50) equipped with additional small compensating oscillations straps (45, 46), that are installed on the spacecraft (40) and are used especially during the activation and the operation of the parachutes (50) during the return with entrance into the Earth's atmosphere, with aim to pause the spacecraft's oscillations... Agent:

20150008288 - Standard transit tug: A standard transit tug is disclosed. The tug can dock with spacecraft to provide propulsion for the spacecraft. Further, the tug may dock with other specialty tugs to form a custom transport system.... Agent: Bigelow Aerospace LLC

20150008289 - Solar generator tug: A solar generator tug is disclosed. The tug can dock with spacecraft to provide power for the spacecraft. Further, the tug may dock with other specialty tugs to form a custom transport system.... Agent: Bigelow Aerospace LLC

20150008290 - Docking node transporter tug: A docking node transporter tug is disclosed. The tug can dock with various spacecraft to allow access by people between the spacecraft. Further, the tug may dock with other specialty tugs to form a custom system.... Agent: Bigelow Aerospace LLC

20150008291 - Active winglet: An active winglet includes a body portion substantially parallel to a wing of an aircraft, as if it were an extension of the wing. The body portion is attachable to an aircraft wing and includes a controllable airflow modification device coupled thereto. By virtue of having a controllable airflow modification... Agent: Tamarack Aerospace Group, Inc.

20150008292 - Flow control structure and associated method for controlling attachment with a control surface: A wing assembly, a wing applique and an associated method for controlling the flow of air over a wing are provided. A wing assembly may include a wing having leading and trailing edges. The wing assembly also includes a flow control structure, such as an applique, carried by the surface... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150001334 - Discoidal seaplane: A flying vehicle, comprising a discoidal secondary wing and two airfoil primary wings. The airfoil primary wings provide out-of-surface-effect lift that acts as the main lift force for the vehicle. The discoidal secondary wing provides lift via the surface effect, stabilizes the vehicle, provides a mounting surface for solar panels,... Agent:

20150001335 - Brake panel for a detonator or a projectile: The invention relates to a brake panel (3, 3′) for a projectile (1), in which those surfaces (A) of the brake panel (3, 3′) which are facing in the direction of travel of the projectile are wholly or partially angled in such a way that the normal from the said... Agent: Bae Systems Bofors Ab

20150001336 - Device for assisting in piloting hybrid helicopter, hybrid helicopter provided with such device, and method implemented by such device: A hybrid helicopter includes a rotary wing, two half-wings with respective propellers, and an engine installation continuously driving the rotary wing and the propellers by meshing with a mechanical interconnection system. A piloting assistance device for the hybrid helicopter is configured to determine maximum mean pitch (βmax) applicable to the... Agent:

20150001337 - Independent hydraulic control system for rotorcraft secondary rotor: According to some embodiments, a rotorcraft includes a secondary rotor control system located proximate to the empennage of the rotorcraft. The secondary rotor control system includes at least one hydraulic pump and at least one hydraulic actuator. The at least one hydraulic pump is located proximate to the empennage. The... Agent:

20150001338 - Aircraft and system for supplying electrical power to an aircraft electrical load: One embodiment of the present disclosure is a unique aircraft. Another embodiment is a unique system for supplying electrical power to an aircraft electrical load during flight operations. Other embodiments include apparatuses, systems, devices, hardware, methods, and combinations for fluid driven actuation systems.... Agent: Rolls-royce North American

20150001339 - Propulsion, electrical, and thermal management device for a small unmanned aerial vehicle: An aircraft is provided with a gas turbine engine having a plurality of shafts. A first shaft provides power to an electrical generator and a propeller, while a second shaft provides power to a refrigeration system. The refrigeration system may be integrated to the propeller, like a ducted fan, or... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20150001340 - Method for recovering a uav: An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) recovery system comprises a base and a pneumatic capture net, including a set of upwardly extending, flexible, inflatable tubes, supported by a capture net support assembly. Drag forces are exerted on a UAV by the set of tubes when the UAV flies into them. In... Agent: Arcturus Uav LLC

20150001341 - High density aircraft seat arrangement: An aircraft cabin (26) has a plurality of seat units (10) including first (10) and second (12) seat units in a first row (22) and a third seat unit (14) in a second row (24). The first and second seat units (10, 12) are separated by an aisle (38). The... Agent:

20150001343 - Linking an aircraft fuselage member and a frame by a clip and a spacer: An aircraft fuselage member and a frame are linked by a clip and a spacer. An assembly includes an aircraft fuselage member, having a skin and stringers linked to the skin, a reinforcing frame, and a clip rigidly linking the fuselage member and the frame. The clip is rigidly linked... Agent:

20150001342 - Main landing gear bay of aircraft and aircraft: A main landing gear bay 15 which is formed inward of a fuselage 11 of an aircraft 10 from an opening portion provided in a surface of the fuselage 11 so as to store a main landing gear 13 of the aircraft 10, the main landing gear bay 15 including... Agent:

20150001344 - Satellite positioning system: A satellite positioning system including a booster configured to launch and subsequently release a plurality of satellites is provided. Each satellite includes first and second stages and an interface to couple the first and second stages. The first stage includes a housing, satellite components disposed within the housing, a first... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150001345 - Method of controlling the attitude of a satellite and an attitude-controlled satellite: A method of controlling the attitude of a satellite in orbit around a celestial body. The attitude of the satellite being controlled by a momentum storage device and controllable surfaces of the satellite configured to create desaturation torques in the storage device by using solar pressure. The controllable surfaces are... Agent:

20150001346 - Long life thruster: A thruster includes a reactor including bundled metal elongate members therein configured to disassociate an introduced propellant flowing between the members, a combustor for combusting products of the disassociation, and a nozzle downstream of the combustor.... Agent: Busek Co., Inc.

20150001348 - Multiple space vehicle launch system: A multiple space vehicle launch system that may be adapted to be disposed within a payload region of a launch vehicle fairing is disclosed. The vehicle launch system may include a first space vehicle including a first core structure and a second space vehicle including a second core structure. The... Agent:

20150001347 - Propulsion bay: This invention relates to a propulsion bay to be transported, at least temporarily, in a space launch vehicle and comprising an adapter that co-operates with at least one system located, at least temporarily, on board the bay, said system comprising an electrical power supply. The bay is characterized in that... Agent: Centre National D'etudes Spatiales

20150001349 - Cooling device for regulating the temperature of a heat source of a satellite, and method for producing the associated cooling device and satellite: A cooling device for regulating the temperature of a heat source of a satellite. The cooling device comprises at least one fluid loop is formed by an evaporator comprising a tank, at least one condenser, two conduits connecting the evaporator to the condenser, a heat transfer fluid flowing inside the... Agent:

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