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07/10/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140191088 - Aircraft with integrated lift and propulsion system: A vertical take off and landing (VTOL) aircraft is designed to be so efficient that it can be commercially competitive with runway dependent aircraft operating in a range of 100 to 1000 miles. Improvements include a high efficiency tilting rotor and wing design that enable both vertical takeoff and efficient... Agent:

20140191078 - Airplane emergency supplemental braking system and method: A system, an apparatus, and a method for an aerospace vehicle braking system for decelerating an aerospace vehicle on a landing surface. An arm is provided having a first portion connected to the aerospace vehicle and a second portion generally distal to the first portion. The second portion of the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140191079 - Disconnecting a rotor: According to one embodiment, a clutch may be coupled between a rotor system and a power train of a rotorcraft. The clutch may be operable to disengage the rotor system from the power train during operation of the power train. A clutch control system in communication with the clutch and... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140191080 - Aircraft propulsion system comprising an aft pylon fairing with lateral walls that are profiled for injecting cool air along a thermal protection floor: The invention proposes to protect a rear part of a floor of an aft fairing of a pylon of an aircraft bypass turbojet engine using a film of cool air formed of part of a bypass flow of the jet engine which is guided under the floor by two lateral... Agent:

20140191081 - Seat base for aircraft: A seat base for use in aircraft has a first cross member, a second cross member, a first leg, a second leg, and a base plate having a first bendable tab and a second bendable tab facing away from the first tab. The first cross member, the second cross member,... Agent: Cessna Aircraft Company

20140191082 - Method and arrangement for de-icing a structural element: The present invention relates to a de-icing arrangement for de-icing a structural element {170; 270; 370). The structural element could be made of a whole polymeric or metallic material. The arrangement comprises a power source (250) being electrically connected to an electrode configuration (200), said power source is arranged to,... Agent: Saab Ab

20140191084 - Ice detection and mitigation device: A method for deicing an aerostructure includes driving a sensing current through a heater element coated to an aerostructure, the heater element having a resistance that is temperature dependent. A resistance of the heater element is monitored. It is determined whether there is icing at the heater element using the... Agent: Mesocribe Technologies, Inc.

20140191083 - Ice protection system: An ice protection system (20) comprising an electrothermal device (30) responsible for maintaining an aircraft surface (14) at an anti-ice temperature greater than 0° C. An optimum power input to the electrothermal device (30) is based on outside air temperature sensed by an OAT sensor (30) and on liquid water... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20140191085 - Outer fuel tank access cover, wing and aircraft: An outer fuel access tank cover (FTAC) of an aircraft, a wing comprising such outer FTAC of an aircraft and an aircraft are provided. In one example, an outer fuel tank access cover (FTAC) (4) of an aircraft includes an inner surface and an outer surface. The outer FTAC is... Agent:

20140191086 - Method for forming lifting force for an aircraft and wing profile for realizing said method (alternatives): Unique aeroplane wing profiles substantially increasing the aerodynamic qualities of the wing are proposed. The advantage of the proposed profiles and novel method for forming lifting force for a wing on the basis of said profiles is the complete shifting of the interaction of the windstream onto the lower contour,... Agent:

20140191087 - Aircraft and aircraft control method: An aircraft is provided with a mechanical linkage that mechanically transmits an amount of manipulation of a control stick to a rudder controlling mechanism, an amount-of-manipulation sensor that detects the amount of manipulation, and an FBW control-law computing unit that calculates an FBW control-law command indicating an amount of control... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

07/03/2014 > 7 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140183300 - Tethered payload system and method: A vehicle, especially a maritime vessel, is provided with an autogyro drawn by a tether. The tether contains mechanical strengthening components that enable it to securely retain the autogyro to the vehicle. The tether also contains two electrical conductors carrying different phases of AC power to the autogyro, and four... Agent: L-3 Communications Corporation

20140183297 - Boomerang link with vibration filtering ability and aircraft engine mount provided with such link: A boomerang link for aircraft engine mounts, including a first orifice and a second orifice both designed to connect the boomerang link to an aircraft pylon, and a third orifice designed to connect the boomerang link to an aircraft engine. The third orifice is offset relative to a plane passing... Agent:

20140183298 - Flexible linking device for an aircraft propulsion system: A linking device including two hinge pins and having flexibility allowing vibrations between these two shafts to be filtered. The device includes a stack of plates connected to one another by layers of elastomer material. Plates of a first type are coupled to one of the shafts in relation to... Agent: Airbus Operations (sas)

20140183296 - Gas turbine engine having fan rotor driven by turbine exhaust and with a bypass: A gas turbine engine has a core engine incorporating a core engine turbine. A fan rotor is driven by a fan rotor turbine. The fan rotor turbine is in the path of gases downstream from the core engine turbine. A bypass door is moveable from a closed position at which... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140183299 - An aircraft comprising a cockpit delocalized outsided the nose: The invention concerns an aircraft comprising a cockpit situated outside the nose of the aircraft. The cockpit is situated in a lower part of a fin, the latter advantageously extending to a front end of the aircraft. Preferably, the aircraft has a lancet-shaped nose.... Agent: Airbus Sas

20140183302 - Aircraft cabin bin retrofit: Disclosed herein is an asymmetric luggage stowage bin arrangement, with a pair of compartments attached to a single bin housing. The compartments being unequal in length, to optimize the storage capacity of the bin housing relative to the most common luggage dimensions on the market. In one form, the asymmetric... Agent: Heath Tecna Inc

20140183301 - Aircraft ventral fairing with an improved storage capacity: The invention provides an aircraft with a ventral fairing able to store equipment and systems in lateral zones. The ventral fairing (20) comprises a first zone of length L1 along the X-axis, where the area of the cross-section perpendicular to the X-axis increases in the direction of the air flow... Agent: Airbus Operations Sl

06/26/2014 > 16 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140175214 - Vtol_twin_propeller_attitude_control_air_vehicle: A commonly assumed operational requirement for a multi-rotor vehicle, often referred to as a “Quad-Copter” or “Quad-Rotor”, is to have onboard a minimum of three motors, in order to provide a stable hover, and more frequently as many as eight motors. The Twin Propeller Attitude Control (TPAC) Air Vehicle, using... Agent:

20140175215 - Flying wing with side cargo compartment: Optimization of the use of the available volume in a flying wing for commercial passenger transport, in particular for short- or medium-haul routes. A flying wing is provided including a passenger cabin together with at least one hold for the transport of luggage and/or goods, in which the hold is... Agent:

20140175216 - Actuator device for flight control surface, flight control surface of aircraft, and aircraft: To provide an actuator device for a flight control surface which can reduce a stress applied to the flight control surface when one of two actuators is operated. The present invention relates to a hydraulically-operated actuator device 30 which drives a flight control surface of an aircraft 1, including a... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140175217 - Flap deploying device and aircraft: The flap deploying device deploys a flap provided at a leading edge or a trailing edge of a main wing of the aircraft, the deploying device including: a drive source; a moving mechanism with a moving body advancing and retracting by power of the drive source; a carriage mechanism that... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140175218 - Airplane with a fuselage having side outgrowth delimiting storage spaces: An aircraft of which the transversal section of the fuselage is reduced optimally at the price of a reduced carrying capacity of luggage or merchandise but adapted to short- and medium-haul type routes. The fuselage has for this purpose lateral protuberances defining storage areas arranged on either side of a... Agent:

20140175220 - Aircraft cockpit with emergency exit via a central pane: The present invention relates to an aircraft cockpit with a double flight deck in which a central pane of a windscreen can be removed in order to at least partially clear an opening in order to constitute an emergency exit and ensure natural ventilation of the cockpit. Moreover, a central... Agent:

20140175219 - Fixed aircraft aisle partition with lighting: A partition configured to be positioned within an aircraft. The partition includes a first divider wall having a first wall portion and a first divider assembly. The first divider assembly includes a first lighted member and first lighting for illuminating the first lighted member. The partition also includes a second... Agent: C&d Zodiac, Inc.

20140175222 - Aircraft cockpit with an adjustable ergonomic instrument panel: The invention concerns an aircraft cockpit comprising at least one instrument panel (4) and a seat (2) for a pilot characterized in that the instrument panel forms a single unit and is carried by a hinged support (6) enabling the pilot to adjust the position of the instrument panel (4)... Agent: Airbus Sas

20140175221 - Aircraft comprising a cockpit delocalized outside an upper part of the nose: The invention concerns an aircraft comprising a fuselage, a cockpit (10) and a cabin (11), characterized in that the cockpit (10) is situated below the cabin (11), outside the nose of the aircraft. the cabin (11) advantageously extends to a front end of the aircraft. Preferably, the aircraft has a... Agent: Airbus Sas

20140175223 - Aircraft front portion having an improved landing gear bay: An aircraft front portion in which the landing gear storage bay is arranged under a cockpit floor. The landing gear bay is mechanically connected to the fuselage frames of the aircraft front portion in order to perform the function of taking up the mechanical forces acting on the fuselage frames... Agent:

20140175225 - Aircraft cockpit having a lowered floor for walking on: A cockpit for an aircraft nose, the cockpit having a floor that acts solely as a floor for the crew to walk on and that is lower than the height of the cabin floor situated behind the cockpit. The cockpit also has a stair connected to the floor in order... Agent:

20140175224 - Aircraft nose with cockpit and avionics bay modules integrated therein: An aircraft nose comprising a primary fuselage structure, and housed inside said structure, a cockpit, and an avionics bay containing a plurality of avionics racks designed to receive electrical and/or electronic equipment. The cockpit and the avionics bay are each made in the form of a distinct module that is... Agent:

20140175226 - Avionics cargo hold module having an upper integrated floor: An integral avionics bay module. The module has a structure that has an integral cabin floor on top that closes the structure. Installing such an integral avionics bay structure in a single operation inside a primary fuselage structure considerably reduces the integration time on the final assembly line for the... Agent:

20140175227 - Fluid separation assembly and method: In an embodiment there is provided a fluid separation assembly. The assembly has a hollow fiber bundle with a plurality of hollow fiber membranes. The assembly further has a first tubesheet and a second tubesheet encapsulating respective ends of the hollow fiber bundle, wherein one of the tubesheets has a... Agent: Porogen Corporation

20140175228 - Method for automated and individualized processing of luggage in an aircraft and aircraft hold for implementing same: An aircraft hold including a device for automated processing of luggage is provided. The device includes at least one automated arm for handling the luggage. The automated arm, which is mounted so as to be able to move in translation along the longitudinal axis of the hold of the aircraft... Agent:

20140175229 - Method for automated and orderly processing of luggage in an aircraft: A method for automated processing of luggage in an aircraft is provided. The hold of the aircraft includes a device for automated processing of the luggage. The method includes the device for automated processing operating in an autonomous manner to load the luggage into the hold of the aircraft, with... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 16 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140166805 - Lightning conductor system comprising a lightning conductor strip mounted in an offset manner: A lightning conductor system for a support structure having an external face intended to be subjected to a flow of air and an internal face opposite the external face, the lightning conductor system comprising an electrically conducting lightning conductor strip, intended to be placed on the side of the internal... Agent:

20140166804 - Aircraft stabilization systems and methods of modifying an aircraft with the same: A method of modifying a helicopter includes providing a tail boom of the helicopter and modifying a surface profile of the tail boom on at least a first side of the tail boom to improve flow attachment of air flowing over the first side of the modified tail boom during... Agent:

20140166806 - Piece of furniture for an aircraft including means for distributing a carriage between two sections: A piece of furniture for an aircraft, including a plurality of carriages a first section forming an interface of use for a user with which at least one carriage may be taken and/or deposited in the piece of furniture and a second section allowing the said carriages to be circulated... Agent:

20140166807 - Aircraft configuration with ramp access to multiple decks: An aircraft may include a cabin having a first portion, a second portion, a first ramp and a second ramp. The first portion of the cabin may include an upper deck and a lower deck. The upper deck and the lower deck may be disposed proximate to each other with... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140166808 - Convertible cabin attendant seat: A cabin attendant seat comprises a seat element and a backrest. The backrest is movable relative to the seat element between an upright position, wherein a backrest surface of the backrest extends at an angle of approximately 80 to 100° relative to a seat surface of the seat element, and... Agent:

20140166809 - Improved aircraft windshield assembly: An aircraft windshield assembly includes at least one window pane, a frame against which the pane bears, at least one flange for clamping the pane against the frame, and at least one cavity delimited between the pane, the frame and the flange. A member of profiled cross-section substantially fills the... Agent: Airbus Operations S.a.s.

20140166810 - Profiled strip as a fire indication device in an aircraft: A door for a storage compartment of an aircraft includes a door leaf and a profiled strip connected to an edge of the door leaf. The profiled strip includes openings that provide a path for gas exchange such that smoke from the storage compartment is detectable outside of the storage... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140166811 - Method for the production of a connecting element, connecting element, and aircraft or spacecraft: A method for producing a connecting element for at least two components of an aircraft structure. A hollow initial profile is formed comprising a wall following a closed path in the initial profile cross-section. The wall has a first, second and third section. Material is removed from the wall in... Agent:

20140166812 - Condenser ice removal for environmental control system: Environmental control system bleed air is cooled by a heat exchanger. A fan pulls ambient air from a ram inlet duct across the at least heat exchanger and to an outlet. An air cycle machine drives the fan. The bleed air passes downstream of the at least heat exchanger to... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140166813 - Detection of icing conditions on an aircraft: A controller for determining when icing conditions are present on an outside surface of an aircraft may include a first input receiving a moisture condition on a windshield of the aircraft, a second input receiving an outside temperature, and an output that provides an icing condition determined as a function... Agent: Safe Flight Instrument Corporation

20140166814 - Method and system for sationing a satellite: A method for stationing a satellite, comprises: determining a predefined trajectory for stationing of the satellite based on a model of movement of the satellite; determining parameters of the predefined control law of approximation of the trajectory and by minimizing impact on the control law of deviation from a trajectory... Agent:

20140166815 - Tether for spacecraft reaction control system: A spacecraft reaction control system comprising: a spacecraft having a center of mass; a length of tether extending from said spacecraft and offset from said spacecraft's center of mass and means for controllably changing said extension of said offset such that a variable force is exerted upon said spacecraft by... Agent:

20140166816 - Automated hazard handling routine engagement: Disclosed herein are example embodiments for automated hazard handling routine engagement. For certain example embodiments, at least one machine, such as an unoccupied flying vehicle (UFV), may: (i) detect at least one motivation to engage at least one automated hazard handling routine of the UFV; or (ii) engage at least... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20140166817 - Inter-vehicle communication for hazard handling for an unoccupied flying vehicle (ufv): Disclosed herein are example embodiments for inter-vehicle communication for hazard handling with an unoccupied flying vehicle (UFV). For certain example embodiments, at least one machine may: (i) receive one or more flight attributes from a remote UFV, with the one or more flight attributes indicative of one or more flight... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20140166818 - Slat, wing of aircraft, flight control surface of aircraft, and aircraft: A flight control surface such as a slat capable of keeping and achieving a minimum basic functions even when it is damaged by collisions of birds or the like, and a wing using the same are provided. Both ends of one wire cable 15 or more are fixed to paired... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140166819 - Flap system for an aircraft, method for adjusting the lift of an aircraft and aircraft comprising a main wing and at least one flap system: A flap system for an aircraft includes a flow body, a trailing flap and a movement means. The flow body includes an upper surface and a lower surface, the lower surface having a recess. The movement means is attachable to the flow body and the trailing flap. The trailing flap... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

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