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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150144734 - Aircraft interior panel with acoustic materials: A panel assembly that includes a first panel having an inner surface and an outer surface, and a second panel having an inner surface and an outer surface. The second panel includes a plurality of rib members formed therein that extend inwardly. The rib members include an inner surface and... Agent:

20150144731 - Stratosphere tethered photovoltaic power platform: The present invention is realized by apparatus and methods for placing a large utility scale photovoltaic array in the low stratosphere of earth's atmosphere at an altitude of about 20 km, above clouds, moisture, dust, and wind. This is accomplished using a large light-weight, rigid, buoyant structure to support the... Agent:

20150144732 - Aerodynamic fairing divided into sub-portions: An aerodynamic fairing including at least one sub-assembly, each sub-assembly having a frame which is orientated transversely relative to the longitudinal axis of the fairing and a floor portion which is provided with an inner face, via which the floor portion is fixed to the frame. The fairing further comprises... Agent:

20150144733 - Motor pylons for a kite and airborne power generation system using same: A motor pylon system adapted for use with an airborne power generations system is disclosed. The pylons may support turbine driven generators for wind based electrical power generation which also function as electric motors in some aspects. The pylons may be designed to provide side force useful for turning a... Agent:

20150144735 - Method for reducing the apparent manoeuvring time for landing gear of an aircraft: The invention relates to a method for controlling the manoeuvring of the landing gear of an aircraft, in which at least one of the steps of pulling on the doors of the bay to relieve the door retaining hook, actuating the door hook or hooks to free the doors and... Agent: Messier-bugatti-dowty

20150144736 - Pressure bulkhead for an aircraft and device as well as method for manufacturing an aircraft structural component: A pressure bulkhead made of fiber composite material for an aircraft fuselage for the pressure-tight axial closure of a fuselage region configured to be put under internal pressure. The bulkhead comprises a first area element, at least one second area element and a plurality of core elements. The first area... Agent:

20150144737 - Method for manufacturing an integrated composite trailing edge and integrated composite trailing edge: An integrated composite trailing edge and its method of manufacturing. The trailing edge comprises an integrated main structure having an upper cover, lower flanges, and a set of ribs extending between the upper cover and the lower flanges, with a set of sandwich type lower panels attachable to the lower... Agent:

20150144738 - Spacecraft fitted with a de-orbiting device comprising a detonation engine: A spacecraft including at least one main propellant tank, a main engine fed with propellant by the main tank, and a de-orbiting device. The de-orbiting device includes a detonation engine fed with propellant by the main tank.... Agent: Snecma

20150144739 - Cryogenically cooled radiation shield device and associated method: A cryogenically cooled radiation shield device and method are provided to shield an area, such as the capsule of a space vehicle, from radiation. A cryogenically cooled radiation shield device may include at least one first coil comprised of a superconducting material extending about an area to be shielded from... Agent:

20150144740 - Extendible boom: An asymmetric mast is disclosed that can be used for solar arrays. The asymmetric mast can have an asymmetry out of the plane of the solar blanket. The mast may include two or more booms that comprise slit tube longerons. In some embodiments, a single mast can be used with... Agent:

20150144741 - Aerodynamic sealing member for aircraft: A sealing member for forming a seal in an aircraft, the sealing member comprising: a sealing material; and a stiffening element which provides structural support to the sealing material and comprises a material with a glass transition temperature below +50° C. The stiffening element is relatively flexible when the aircraft... Agent:

20150144742 - Aircraft: An aircraft (40). The aircraft (40) comprises a propulsion system comprising a pair of internal combustion engines (10) each driving an electrical power generator (56), each electrical power generator (56) being electrically coupled to a plurality of electrically driven propulsors (46). The propulsors (46) are located forward of a leading... Agent:

20150144743 - Control device of aircraft steering apparatus: A control device 20 for an aircraft steering apparatus controls an aircraft steering apparatus 1 comprising an operation unit including rudder pedals 4, a main pilot steering handle 2 and a co-pilot steering handle 3 which are provided in a cockpit of an aircraft, and an actuator 6 driven in... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150136897 - Aircraft, preferably unmanned: The invention relates to an aircraft (1), preferably an unmanned aircraft (UAV), drone, or Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), comprising a rigid wing (2) which enables aerodynamic horizontal flight, and at least four rotors (4, 4′) which are driven by means of controllable electric motors (5) and which can be pivoted... Agent: Logo-team Ug (haftungsbeschrankt)

20150136898 - Telescopic wing and rack system for automotive airplane: The invention is a vehicle for personal transportation with the ability to convert between two alternate modes of transport, as an automobile for transportation on roads and as a personal aircraft for travel between municipal airports, utilizing retractable telescoping wings and a foldable frame.... Agent:

20150136899 - Aircraft wheel: An aircraft wheel which is provided with rotational driving unit (110). The driving unit comprises a driving ring (111) which is associated with structure (112) for attaching the ring to a rim of the wheel. The attachment structure is fixed to treads (119) of the rim which further serve to... Agent: Messier-bugatti-dowty

20150136900 - Helicopter transmission mount system: A mount system for supporting a transmission in an aircraft can include a first link coupled between a structure of the aircraft and the transmission, the first link having a first axis; a second link coupled between the structure of the aircraft and the transmission, the second link having second... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20150136901 - Rotor hub elastomeric bearing: An apparatus comprising a drivelink comprising a housing including a socket, wherein the socket comprises a cross-sectional area, and a bearing cartridge disposed within the socket, wherein a cross-sectional area of the cartridge is less than the cross-sectional area of the socket. An apparatus comprising a drivelink comprising a housing... Agent:

20150136902 - Aircraft brake assembly: An aircraft brake assembly comprising a support leg, a main wheel rotatably mounted on the support leg, a brake comprising a first sub-assembly fixed to the main wheel and a second sub-assembly moveably mounted on the support leg and a ground reaction wheel coupled to the second sub-assembly, wherein on... Agent:

20150136903 - Toilet arrangement for a vehicle: A toilet assembly for a vehicle comprises a first toilet compartment including a first opening, a first foldable toilet compartment door for closing the first opening, and a first toilet opposite to the first opening. An adjacent second toilet compartment includes a second opening, a second toilet compartment door for... Agent:

20150136905 - Aircraft seating configuration: A passenger seating arrangement for an aircraft cabin that includes first and second adjacent columns of at least two seats that define a first longitudinally extending center axis that extends approximately parallel to a longitudinal axis of the aircraft cabin. The seats in the first column face away from and... Agent:

20150136904 - Seating arrangement convertible to a bunk bed: A seating arrangement includes a seat with a seating surface and a top bunk disposed adjacent to the seat. The seat and the top bunk are configurable between a first configuration and a second configuration. In the first configuration, the seat accommodates a user in a seated position and the... Agent: Bombardier Inc.

20150136906 - Rotary wing aircraft airframe: A rotary wing aircraft airframe (2) with a longitudinal axis comprising: a subfloor structure (15) for supporting cabin floor panels (13) and/or at least one fuel tank bladder (12). Said subfloor structure (15) has a bottom shell (16), longitudinal support beams (21), ribs (20), main frames (23) and floor panels... Agent:

20150136907 - Deployable barrier arrangement for selectively blocking a passage in an aircraft cabin: A deployable barrier arrangement for selectively blocking a passage in an aircraft cabin, wherein the barrier arrangement comprises a substantially longitudinal barrier member and a joint unit for fixing the barrier member to an inner wall of the aircraft cabin. The joint unit is configured to allow for a movement... Agent:

20150136908 - Passenger door corner component and manufacturing method for passenger door corner component of aircraft or spacecraft: A manufacturing method for passenger door corner components of aircraft or spacecraft includes using additive layer manufacturing, ALM, to form an integral passenger door corner component. The integral passenger door corner component includes a substantially cruciform shape having a frame coupling member with two frame couplings as end pieces. The... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150136909 - Virtual aerodynamic surface systems: A method of generating a pressure wave proximate an airflow surface and altering airflow to promote a localized lowering of skin friction over the airflow surface is described herein. A series of pressure waves may be configured to create a virtual riblet to control turbulent vortices in a boundary layer... Agent: Rohr, Inc.

20150136910 - Composite material suitable for a morphing skin: A morphing skin for an air vehicle structure, the skin being formed by a composite material which includes: a multiplicity of fibres, a matrix incorporating the fibres, and a thermo-sensitive material, such as a thermo-plastic. The thermo-sensitive material can be reversibly transitionable in response to a change in temperature, between... Agent: Mbda Uk Limited

20150136911 - Devices, systems and methods for refueling air vehicles: A variety of refueling devices, systems and methods are disclosed for use in in-flight refueling. In one example one such device is towed by a tanker aircraft via a fuel hose at least during in-flight refueling, and has a boom member with a boom axis. The boom member enables fuel... Agent: Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

20150136912 - Parachute harness container with bio-contoured load distributing vest: A harness container for a parachutist has a bio-contoured support cradle or load distributing vest. The load distributing vest, which is generally U-shaped and includes an upper yoke and two straps integral with the yoke, has a multi-layer construction that includes an outer layer and an inner layer mounted on... Agent: Airborne Systems North America Of Nj Inc.

20150136913 - Systems and methods for launching space vehicles: Systems and methods for launching space vehicles into orbit involve placing a space vehicle into a protective container. The protective container is placed on a sled in a maglev tunnel and then launched into the atmosphere. Once the protective container reaches a certain height the space vehicle is released from... Agent:

20150136914 - Load bearing interface ring for spacecraft: The invention relates to a load bearing interface ring (1) for a space craft. The load bearing interface ring (1) comprises a first part (3) and a second part (4). The first part (3) is arranged to carry compression loads and is mounted on an inside surface (11) of the... Agent:

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