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12/04/2014 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140353419 - Rotary wing rotorcraft having a plurality of propellers: A hybrid aircraft (1) having a fuselage (2) extending longitudinally along an anteroposterior plane of symmetry (PSYM) from the rear (4) of the aircraft (1) towards the front (3) of the aircraft (1). The aircraft (1) has a rotary wing (6) carried by the fuselage (2) of a lift surface... Agent: Airbus Helicopters

20140353420 - Rotary wing rotorcraft having a plurality of propellers: A hybrid aircraft (1) having a fuselage (2) extending longitudinally along an anteroposterior plane of symmetry (PSYM) from the rear (4) of the aircraft (1) towards the front (3) of the aircraft (1). The aircraft (1) has a rotary wing (6) carried by the fuselage (2) of a lift surface... Agent: Airbus Helicopters

20140353421 - Cable-tethered helicopter surveillance system: The invention aims to transfer a substantial volume of high-quality, high-volume real-time data, which currently cannot be achieved by wireless techniques, between a mobile airborne observation platform and the ground station via a tethered fiber connection between said platform and said ground station.... Agent:

20140353422 - Remotely-controlled emergency aerial vehicle: Devices, systems and methods for utilizing a remotely-controlled aerial vehicle for emergency situations are disclosed. In an aspect of the present disclosure, a remotely-controlled aerial vehicle consisting of a rotor with interchangeably attached blades, a camera, an antenna for transmitting data, and rescue equipment which may be used to assist... Agent:

20140353423 - Integrated hydrostatic transmission for electronic taxiing operations: A system, method and apparatus for propelling an object across a surface is disclosed. A motor is disposed at a location of a wheel of the object and draws electrical power directly from a power supply in order to generate a constant mechanical motion such as a constant rotation. A... Agent:

20140353424 - Umbrella valves to inflate bladder in balloon envelope: A balloon having a bladder positioned within a balloon envelope, a plate having a port, a housing secured to the plate, an impeller positioned within the housing, the port providing a passageway from an inside of the housing to an inside of the bladder, wherein a passive valve having a... Agent:

20140353425 - Aircraft lavatory and galley separated by an internal wall having an intermediate notch that improves the lavatory environment: An internal wall in an aircraft cabin separates a lavatory and a galley of the aircraft. The internal wall has an intermediate notch that increases a lateral width dimension of the lavatory above the notch and thereby improves the spatial environment of the lavatory.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140353426 - Aircraft comprising an improved connection zone between a front beam and a front lower fuselage section: An aircraft comprising a front beam having stiffeners and a front lower fuselage section having stiffeners, each stiffener comprising a core and at least one bearing surface. Each stiffener of the front beam is connected to a stiffener of the lower fuselage section by at least one batten which abuts... Agent:

20140353427 - Fire extinguishing system for an aircraft: The invention relates to a system for extinguishing and preventing a fire on board of an aircraft. According to the invention, an aircraft is equipped with an On-Board-Inert Gas Generating-System (OBIGGS) unit comprising a device with an OBIGGS inflow port connected to a source of gas mixture, said gas mixture... Agent:

20140353428 - Aircraft door and aircraft comprising the same: An aircraft door 18 which closes an opening of a storage space 16 for storing a RAT 13 as an accessory and which is opened in association with deployment of the RAT 13 from the storage space 16, the door including: a door body 20 that opens and closes the... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140353430 - Devices, systems and methods for refueling air vehicles: A variety of refueling devices, systems and methods are disclosed for use in in-flight refueling. In one example one such device is towed by a tanker aircraft via a fuel hose at least during in-flight refueling, and has a boom member with a boom axis. The boom member enables fuel... Agent:

20140353429 - Systems and methods for wireless data transfer during in-flight refueling of an aircraft: A refueling drogue assembly includes a drogue body coupled to a tanker aircraft, and at least one data transmission device coupled to the drogue body. The at least one data transmission device is configured to receive a transmission signal from a partner transmission device coupled to an airborne target aircraft.... Agent:

20140353431 - Soft landings system for a load in free fall, in particular for a vehicle, such as a piloted vehicle without a driver on board: A soft landing system (10) includes an air cushion structure (12) includes a housing portion (14), adapted to house a load (V); a support portion (15), connected to the housing portion (14) and inflatable with fluid under pressure. Tubular elements (16; 116) are adapted to be inflated, thus taking an... Agent:

20140353432 - Unmanned aerial vehicle drag augmentation by reverse propeller rotation: An air vehicle configured to augment effective drag to change the rate of descent of the air vehicle in flight via propeller shaft rotation direction reversal, i.e., thrust reversal.... Agent:

20140353433 - Rotorcraft flight control stick tiltably mounted on a support by a flexible rod with a fixed end: A fly-by-wire control mechanism for a rotorcraft, the mechanism comprising a stick (1) hinged to tilt in multiple directions on a support (2), detector means (6) for detecting the tilting position of the stick (1) and generating electrical signals (7), and force feedback means providing the pilot with a sensation... Agent: Airbus Helicopters

11/27/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140346283 - Aircraft using turbo-electric hybrid propulsion system for multi-mode operation: A vehicle incorporating a hybrid propulsion system. In one form, the vehicle may be an aircraft such that the system includes gas turbine engines as a first motive power source, and one or more battery packs as a second motive power source. Through selective coupling to an electric motor that... Agent:

20140346272 - Aircraft landing gear strut: A landing gear rod (1) for an aircraft, the rod comprising a tubular portion (3) for receiving a shock absorber and an axle-carrier portion (2) situated at the end of the tubular portion (3) and adapted to receive a landing gear wheel support mechanism. The tubular portion (3) and the... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20140346273 - Active semi-levered landing gear: An active oleo system for an aircraft semi-levered landing gear system disclosed herein includes a main strut, an auxiliary strut, bogie beam, and a pressure boost mechanism. During a takeoff roll phase, the pressure boost mechanism may increase the pressure in the main strut, forcing the main strut piston to... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140346275 - Aircraft class divider: Disclosed herein is a divider utilized to provide part of a visual separation between sections of a passenger cabin of a commercial aircraft, the divider comprising several components. One component is a support arm fixedly connected to the frame of an aircraft above a passenger seat. Another component may be... Agent:

20140346274 - High privacy passenger aircraft cabin arrangement: An aircraft that includes a cabin that has a floor, side walls, a ceiling and an interior, a first class section positioned in the interior that includes a longitudinally extending first aisle extending therethrough, a first door positioned fore of the first class section, an economy class section positioned in... Agent:

20140346276 - Support plate for the passage of systems between two zones with different pressurizations of an aircraft: A support plate for the passage of systems between two zones at different pressurizations of an aircraft, in the region of a bulkhead separating the two zones. The support plate comprises a connection plate including at least one retaining element and at least one sealing joint and is provided with... Agent:

20140346277 - Device for limiting the deflection on a door arranged in a fuselage cell of an aircraft: s

20140346278 - Thermal pneumatic deicing system for an aircraft ram air heat exchanger: A thermal pneumatic deicing system for deicing a RAM air heat exchanger includes an environmental control system (ECS) including a RAM air heat exchanger and an outlet, an electronics housing including a plurality of electronic components, and a duct fluidically connecting the RAM air heat exchanger and the electronics housing.... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140346279 - System and method for transferring fuel in flight from a tanker aircraft to multiple receiver aircraft: A trailing boom system for aerial refueling and a method for aerial refueling of multiple receiver aircraft. The trailing boom system for aerial refueling includes a parent pod capable of being connected to a wing of an aircraft, and a detachable pod releasable from the parent pod, the detachable pod... Agent: Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd.

20140346280 - System and method for controlling an aircraft: A system for controlling an aircraft control parameter including a control interface including a mobile element configured to move on a travel, of which at least two portions are separated by a neutral position; a return element bringing the mobile element back to the neutral position when it is not... Agent: Airbus Operations S.a.s.

20140346281 - Split blended winglet: A split winglet configured for attachment to a wing of an airplane. The split winglet may include an upper winglet smoothly extending from the wing tip above a chord plane of the wing and a ventral fin projecting below the chord plane from a lower surface of the upper winglet.... Agent:

20140346282 - Flap arrangement for a wing of an aircraft and an aircraft with a wing comprising such a flap arrangement: A flap arrangement for a wing of an aircraft includes a base member, at least one first flap, at least one second flap and at least one connecting assembly. The first flap is movably supported on the base member and the second flap is movably supported on the first flap.... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

11/20/2014 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140339372 - System, a method and a computer program product for maneuvering of an air vehicle with tiltable propulsion unit: A control system configured to control a deceleration process of an air vehicle which comprises at least one tiltable propulsion unit, each of the at least one tiltable propulsion units is tiltable to provide a thrust whose direction is variable at least between a general vertical thrust vector direction and... Agent:

20140339354 - Vertical takeoff and landing (\"vtol\") aircraft: The invention is to an optionally piloted aircraft that can takeoff and land conventionally or vertically, and can convert between the two. The aircraft is immune to one or more engine failures during vertical flight through multiple engines and the use of a virtual nozzle. Aerodynamic controls are similarly redundant.... Agent:

20140339355 - Compact unmanned rotary aircraft: A rotary wing aircraft apparatus has arms extending from a body, and a rotor assembly attached to an end of each arm. Each rotor assembly has a rotor blade releasably attached by a lock mechanism. A clockwise rotor blade is releasably attached to a first rotor assembly by engagement in... Agent: Draganfly Innovations Inc.

20140339356 - Aerial vehicle and method of flight: An aerial vehicle comprises an elongate envelope within which are at least one first compartment for holding a lighter than air gas and at least one second compartment for holding atmospheric air and said at least one second compartment having an inlet and an outlet and at least one pair... Agent:

20140339370 - Trailing edge of an aircraft aerodynamic surface: The invention discloses a trailing edge (2) of an aircraft aerodynamic surface, which comprises an upper skin (6) and a lower skin (7), being the upper and lower skins (6, 7) made of composite material. In the trailing edge (2) a lightweight part (1) is assembled at an end section... Agent: Airbus Operations, S.l.

20140339371 - Long range electric aircraft and method of operating same: Electric aircraft, including in-flight rechargeable electric aircraft, and methods of operating electric aircraft, including methods for recharging electric aircraft in-flight, through the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) packs flying independent of and in proximity to the electric aircraft.... Agent:

20140339357 - System and method for cooling an aircraft wing: An aircraft comprises a turbine engine suspended from a wing by means of a pylon. Compressed hot air is bled off from the turbine engine. A bleed air duct in the wing conveys the compressed hot air towards a fuselage. In order to prevent overheating of aircraft parts that are... Agent: Short Brothers PLC

20140339358 - Electrical conductor for lined track rollers used on actuation system for aircraft lift assisting devices: An electrical conductor for a bearing includes an electrically conductive spring ring having a split therein. The spring ring has a plurality of first electrical contact surfaces in electrical communication with a plurality of second electrical contact surfaces. The plurality of second electrical contact surfaces are positioned radially outward from... Agent: Roller Bearing Company Of America, Inc.

20140339359 - Float for an aircraft: A float for an aircraft, the float comprising: two buoyant side parts, a buoyant central part between the side parts, non-retractable main wheels, having their top part (a), that comprises at least 80% of the diameter (D) of the wheels, contained inside the float when viewed from the front, wherein... Agent:

20140339361 - Aircraft area: An aircraft area comprises at least one main aisle which extends along a longitudinal axis of an aircraft cabin, a door aisle which extends, substantially perpendicularly to the at least one main aisle, along a transverse axis of the aircraft cabin between a first and a second aircraft door, and... Agent:

20140339363 - Expandable aircraft monument: An aircraft monument for installation in an aircraft cabin including a first functional module, the first functional module including a side wall for delimiting the first functional module from a region of the aircraft cabin adjacent to the first functional module and/or from a region of the aircraft monument adjacent... Agent:

20140339360 - Modifiable aircraft monument: An aircraft monument for installation in an aircraft cabin comprising a first functional module, a second functional module and a side wall for delimiting the first module from at least one of a region of the aircraft cabin adjacent to the first module and a region of the aircraft monument... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140339362 - Multifunctional aircraft monument and aircraft area: An aircraft monument for installation in an aircraft cabin comprising a sanitary module. The sanitary module comprises a toilet which is adapted to be used as a sanitary facility for passengers when an aircraft equipped with the aircraft monument is in cruising flight. The toilet is further adapted to be... Agent:

20140339364 - Aircraft region: An aircraft region comprising a main aisle extending along a longitudinal axis of an aircraft cabin, a door aisle extending along a transverse axis of the aircraft cabin substantially perpendicularly to the main aisle and an aircraft monument arranged in the door aisle and comprising at least one flight attendant... Agent:

20140339365 - Window of an aircraft: An aircraft includes a fuselage including a plurality of frame members disposed at predetermined intervals in a longitudinal direction of the fuselage and a plurality of stringers extending substantially linearly in the longitudinal direction. The fuselage defines an aircraft interior. A compartment is located in the interior of the fuselage.... Agent: Honda Patents & Technologies North America, LLC

20140339366 - On-blade deice heater mat: A heater mat for a rotor blade includes a plurality of electrically conductive heater wires extending in a path along a span of the rotor blade and a plurality of yarn thread knitted to the plurality of heater wires, each of the yarn threads looping around at least one of... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20140339367 - Efficient low carbon emission airplane integrating jet fuel and cryogenic fuel systems: A hybrid fuel airplane and methods are presented. A cryogenic fuel is transferred to an airplane propulsor from an airplane fuel system comprising a cryogenic fuel tank and a jet fuel tank. The cryogenic fuel tank conforms to an outer mold line and carries a cryogenic fuel, and is located... Agent:

20140339368 - Eccentricity control for geosynchronous satellites: Eccentricity control for a geosynchronous satellite includes: setting initial conditions, duration, and schedule for the eccentricity control; defining a plurality of parameters including control loci for centroid, semi-major axis, semi-minor axis, uncontrolled eccentricity radius, right ascension of ascending node, and inclination, wherein the plurality of parameters are defined such that... Agent: Kratos Integral Holdings, LLC

20140339369 - Composite annular seal assembly for bearings in aircraft: An edge flap arrangement is provided for an aircraft wing and includes a main flap element and an actuator for moving the main flap element relative to the wing. A linkage arrangement supports the main flap element from the aircraft wing for movement relative to the wing, and includes including... Agent: Roller Bearing Company Of America, Inc.

11/13/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140332620 - Unmanned aerial vehicle: An unmanned aerial vehicle, comprising: a fuselage having a first side board and a second side board spaced apart and connected by at least one transverse board; the first side board, the second side board, and the at least one transverse board being printed circuit boards; at least one of... Agent: Winehawk Inc.

20140332621 - Variable lower limit collective governor to improve recovery: A flight control system uses a governor configured to regulate the speed of a rotor in the aircraft through collective pitch control of a rotor blade, and a limiter configured to selectively remove the threshold limit of the governor when the collective pitch control exceeds a threshold limit, so as... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140332634 - Multi-purpose personal propulsion system: A personal propulsion system, including an assembly adapted to support a passenger and achieve flight through the discharge of pressurized fluid; and a pressurized fluid source in fluid communication with the assembly, where the pressurized fluid source does not achieve flight, and where the pressurized fluid source is constructed at... Agent: Jlip, LLC

20140332635 - Tandem personal propulsion device: A personal propulsion device, including a passenger assembly configured to support a plurality of passengers, the passenger assembly including one or more nozzles adapted to discharge pressurized fluid; and a pressurized fluid source in fluid communication with the passenger assembly, where the passenger assembly is capable of achieving flight by... Agent: Jlip, LLC

20140332622 - Aircraft selectively engageable electric taxi system: An electric taxi system (ETS) for an aircraft may include an annular output gearbox positioned between a wheel and a main strut of a main landing gear of the aircraft. The output gearbox may surround a brake piston assembly of the wheel of the aircraft. One or more selectively operable... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140332624 - Inlet duct screen assembly: An example inlet duct screen assembly includes a grid portion including a plurality of apertures and a frame portion circumscribing the grid portion. The grid portion and the frame portion are formed from a single sheet of material.... Agent:

20140332623 - Transfer tube for a ram air fan (raf) assembly: A transfer tube including a tube member extends from a first end to a second end through an intermediate portion having an outer surface and an inner surface. The outer surface has an outside diameter. A flange is mounted at one of the first and second ends of the tube... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140332625 - Subsonic plane or flight simulator thereof, adjustable fuselage control surface, computer program product and method: The invention relates to a subsonic plane or flight simulator, actually or simulatedly comprising an elongate fuselage with a cockpit placed near a first, front end of the fuselage, two wings disposed on opposite sides of the fuselage, provided with ailerons, and a tail located near a second, rear end... Agent:

20140332626 - Aircraft reaction link and moving surface drive unit: An aircraft reaction link includes a head portion and a link body portion that is made of fiber reinforced plastic and formed integrally. The link body portion has a pair of leg portions, and a connecting portion that connects one end portion of each of the pair of leg portions... Agent: Nabtesco Corporation

20140332627 - Control and safety system for an airplane: A Safety and Control System for an airplane that allows a pilot to adjust the direction of an airplane and protect the plane in emergency situations. The engine of the plane can create thrust in more than one direction for improved maneuverability. A plurality of parachutes and landing pads can... Agent:

20140332628 - Luggage compartment and means of transport: A luggage compartment for a means of transport and a means of transport with a luggage compartment are provided. The luggage compartment comprises a housing with a pivotably attached connecting element and with a sliding element. The connecting element is adapted for being pivotably attached to a first structural element... Agent:

20140332629 - Wall mounted stowage compartment: A wall mounted stowage compartment for a passenger cabin of an aircraft includes a housing having a rearwardly facing wall mounted to a forwardly facing interior monument wall. The stowage compartment is located under an aft most passenger seat adjacent to the forwardly facing interior monument wall. The stowage compartment... Agent: B/e Aerospace, Inc.

20140332630 - Superplastically formed ultrasonically welded metallic structure: Disclosed herein is a method of making a structure by ultrasonic welding and superplastic forming. The method comprises assembling a plurality of workpieces comprising a first workpiece including a first material having superplastic characteristics; ultrasonically welding the first workpiece to a second workpiece, to form an assembly; heating the assembly... Agent:

20140332631 - Amorphous metal riblets: An array of aerodynamic riblets is created by a plurality of high stiffness tips with a layer supporting the tips in predetermined spaced relation and adhering the tips to a vehicle surface.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140332632 - Isolation of payload from launch vehicle dynamic loads: An adapter arrangement includes a first adapter ring for interfacing with a launch vehicle payload interface ring, a second adapter ring for interfacing with a payload launch vehicle interface ring, and a plurality of vibration isolation devices disposed between and attached to each of the first adapter ring and the... Agent: Space Systems/loral, LLC

20140332633 - Emergency collective actuator and method for a helicopter: A helicopter includes a rotor system having a rotor with an adjustable pitch that is controlled at least in part by a pilot using a collective control and which helicopter generates a Low RPM signal that is indicative of a threshold low rotational speed of the rotor. An actuator arrangement... Agent: Merlin Technology Inc.

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