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10/02/2014 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140291440 - Vehicle: The present invention discloses a vehicle (1) capable of being converted between a flying condition and an automotive riding condition. The vehicle has a telescopically extendable tail (10) comprising a first tubular tail segment (11) and a second tail segment (12) disposed axially slideable within the first tubular tail segment.... Agent: Pal-v Europe, N.v.

20140291441 - Rocket nozzle assembly: In one example, a rocket nozzle assembly is disclosed that has stowed and deployed positions, and includes a casing including an outer wall and an inner surface, at least a portion of the inner surface defining a diverging region, wherein the casing defines a plurality of fin slots, and wherein... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20140291442 - Aerial vehicle hold-down harpoon: The present invention regards an aerial vehicle harpoon device for securing an aerial vehicle (31, 55) to a grid (9) of a landing site, the aerial vehicle (31, 55) comprises an undercarriage (11) having a supporting surface (13) for supporting the aerial vehicle (31, 55) when being in contact with... Agent: Saab Ab

20140291443 - Aircraft grounding system: Liquid dispensing assemblies including adhesive anchoring assemblies configured to adhere to a support surface external to a device such as a vehicle. An air vehicle includes (a) a fluid adhesive container assembly detachably attached to the air vehicle, wherein the fluid adhesive container assembly comprises: (i) an adhesive container comprising... Agent: Aerovironment, Inc.

20140291444 - Aircraft having a cockpit with optimized outside visibility, and a method: An aircraft having a cockpit, said cockpit including a canopy provided with transparent surfaces fastened to bars, a central console, and two seats arranged transversely on either side of the central console. The aircraft includes at least one support (31, 33) connected to the central console and at least one... Agent: Airbus Helicopters

20140291446 - Lavatory monument with storage compartment: A lavatory monument assembly configured to be positioned in the interior of a vehicle. The lavatory monument assembly includes an enclosure that defines a first lavatory interior and includes at least a front wall and first and second side walls extending rearwardly from the front wall. The first lavatory interior... Agent:

20140291445 - Space saving aircraft wheelchair accessible lavatory: A space saving aircraft wheelchair accessible lavatory for a passenger aircraft interior cabin includes an exterior wall having a first portion spaced apart from an emergency exit path a sufficient distance to define a space for a crew member to assist passengers exiting the airplane in an emergency. A second... Agent: B/e Aerospace, Inc.

20140291447 - Aircraft fuselage structure: Provided is an aircraft fuselage structure having an outer skin, a support structure arrangement comprising a multiplicity of frame elements and a floor structure arrangement having a multiplicity of floor support struts. The aircraft fuselage structure provides a connection between the floor structure arrangement and the support structure arrangement which... Agent:

20140291448 - Structural element: Using the lowest possible amount of resources, a system is to be provided with a structural element (1), which system allows the characteristics of a vacuum to be used in the construction sector in a particularly simple manner. In particular, with a substantial freedom from thermal bridges, it is possible... Agent:

20140291449 - Device for heating a portion of a cabin floor in an aircraft cabin: The invention relates to an arrangement for heating a portion of the cabin floor in an aircraft cabin, wherein the cabin floor has an upper side which can be walked on and a lower side opposite the upper side, comprising a fuel cell and, connected or connectable thereto, a removal... Agent: Diehl Aerospace Gmbh

20140291450 - Aircraft based non-dedicated special mission pod mounting apparatus: Particular embodiments comprise a non-dedicated, temporarily installed, airborne special mission payload mounting system which is mechanically interfaced to the Air Deployment System (ADS) rails of a host cargo aircraft. An Adaptive Mounting Plate (AMP) is placed over an ADS rail section and restrained in position. Once the AMP is secured,... Agent: 1281329 Alberta Ltd.

20140291451 - Autonomous spontaneous deployment deployable mast and satellite including at least one such mast: An autonomous spontaneous deployment deployable mast includes at least one elementary structural unit having a longitudinal deployment axis X and two platforms parallel to a plane YZ orthogonal to the axis X. The elementary structural unit includes N stages stacked above one another parallel to the longitudinal deployment axis X,... Agent:

20140291452 - Isolators having damper-external thermal compensators and spacecraft isolation systems employing the same: Embodiments of an isolator are provided, as are embodiments of a spacecraft isolation system employing a number of three parameter isolators. In one embodiment, the isolator includes an externally-pressurized damper assembly and a thermal compensator, which is located external to the externally-pressurized damper assembly. The damper assembly includes, in turn,... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140291453 - Wing load alleviation methods and apparatus: Wing load alleviation methods and apparatus are disclosed. An example winglet system for an aircraft includes a first winglet including a body portion having a leading edge and a trailing edge, a base portion to be coupled to an outboard end of a wing such that the body portion projects... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140284419 - Aircraft: An aircraft includes a fuselage or wing; a rotor mast; two rotors spaced axially along, and rotatably connected to the rotor mast; permanent and/or electro magnets on each of the rotors; and a rotor mast joint connecting the rotor mast to the fuselage or wing, wherein the rotor mast joint,... Agent:

20140284420 - Helicopter external life raft pod: An emergency pod configured for use with a rotary wing aircraft is provided including a rigid, generally hollow shell. The shell includes a movable portion configured to move between a closed position and an open position. An inflatable raft is arranged within an interior portion of the hollow shell. The... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20140284421 - Between-wheel bogie mounted taxi system: A motor-driven landing gear apparatus for an aircraft may include one or more motors attached to a bogie of the landing gear. At least one wheel-driving device may be attached to an axle of the landing gear. At least one telescoping shaft may interconnect the at least one motor and... Agent:

20140284431 - Aircraft structure with structural non-fiber reinforcing bonding resin layer: The present invention regards an aircraft structure comprising an aerodynamic composite shell (7), the interior face (9) of which in whole or in part is bonded with at least one two- or three-dimensional structural composite part (11) by means of a bonding material (15). It also regards a method of... Agent: Saab Ab

20140284422 - Hovering surveillance air vehicle: A hovering surveillance device. An electronic imaging device is disposed on a housing having a primary lift element, at least one compressed lighter-than-air gas element, a pitch adjustment element, and, a steering element. The compressed lighter-than-air gas is channeled to the primary lift element and the pitch adjustment element to... Agent:

20140284423 - Method for landing an airship on a landing device placed on the ground: A method for landing an airship on a landing device placed on the ground by: aligning, in particular horizontally aligning, the airship relative to the landing device with the aid of driving mechanisms arranged on the airship; lowering the airship onto a landing platform element of the landing device; arresting... Agent: Datanion Gmbh

20140284424 - Component having a box structure for an airplane airfoil: The present invention relates to a panel, especially for a component having a box structure in an airplane airfoil, comprising a surface shaped body and grid-like reinforcement bars protruding from the body on one side of the body, and the body and the grid-like reinforcement bars are integral molded. Since... Agent: Airbus Sas

20140284425 - Radio frequency shielding system: An assembly for shielding an aircraft from electromagnetic energy may include a window mounting configured to be conductively coupled to an aperture in a fuselage of an aircraft. The window mounting may include a window pane having an electromagnetically-reflective coating for reflecting electromagnetic energy. The window pane may remain electrically... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140284426 - Joint assembly to form a sealed flow conduit: An apparatus comprising an elongated structure, a first plate, and a second plate. The elongated structure has a channel. The elongated structure is configured to be associated with a primary structure on a first side of the primary structure. The first plate is configured to be connected to the primary... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140284427 - Handle for dual mode airborne vehicle landing: An apparatus for reorientation of an airborne vehicle during decent employs a handle rotatably attached to the airborne vehicle and connected to a parachute. Once the parachute is deployed, rotation of the handle reorients a deck angle of the airborne vehicle with respect to the parachute.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140284428 - Method and apparatus for the thermal protection of a space vehicle.:

20140284429 - Modular miniature unmanned aircraft with vectored thrust control: An aircraft for unmanned aviation is described. The aircraft includes an airframe, a pair of fins attached to a rear portion of the airframe, a pair of dihedral braces attached to a bottom portion of the airframe, a first thrust vectoring module and a second thrust vectoring module, and an... Agent: Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

20140284430 - Synchronization of fluidic actuators: A fluidic system is disclosed. The system comprises a plurality of fluidic oscillatory actuators, and at least one synchronization conduit connecting two or more of the actuators such as to effect synchronization between oscillations in the two or more connected actuators.... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 37 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140263830 - Launch lightning risk mitigation system and method: A system and method for launching a launch vehicle in the presence of lightning. A processor detects potential sources of lightning and maneuvers one or more charge mitigation vehicles to locations proximate to the potential source of lightning such that at least one charge mitigation vehicle remains a better path... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20140263831 - Cross-wing twin-fuselage aircraft: Efficiencies of operation derive from: 1) a low overall weight/revenue seat ratio, 2) large and adaptable passenger floor plans, 3) compatibility with existing ground terminal facilities, 4) multiple engine configuration selections enabled by this aircraft layout, both turbo-fan and turbo-prop, and 5) opportunities of growth within this configuration. It is... Agent:

20140263851 - Water vehicles: Equipment and methods which combine the use of wave powered vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones). A UAV can be launched from a wave-powered vehicle, observe another vessel and report the results of its observation to the wave-powered vehicle and the waves-powered vehicle can report the results of... Agent:

20140263855 - Spindle mounted tiltrotor pylon with fixed engine arrangement: A rotor system for tilt rotor aircraft comprises an engine disposed at a first fixed location on a wing member; a prop-rotor pylon mechanically coupled to the engine along a drive path, and a gearbox disposed in the drive path. The prop-rotor pylon is rotatably mounted on a spindle, and... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140263854 - Tiltrotor aircraft with inboard wing mounted fixed engine arrangement: A rotor system for tilt rotor aircraft comprises an engine disposed at a first fixed position on a wing member, and a prop-rotor pylon mechanically coupled to the engine along a drive path extending through the wing member. The engine is disposed adjacent a fuselage of the tilt rotor aircraft,... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140263819 - Helicopter drip pan: A drip pan apparatus for use in a helicopter includes a drip pan and a frame having a plurality of frame sides and a plurality of frame corners that define an inwardly-facing peripheral surface. A first frame angle is formed between a first inwardly-facing surface and a second inwardly-facing surface.... Agent: Phoenix Products, Inc.

20140263821 - Automatic pitch change rotary wing rotor system and method of rotor control: A helicopter main rotor control system includes a trunnion head mountable to a rotatable helicopter mast wherein the trunnion head has a control bar pivot supported by the trunnion head and pivotal about an axis substantially at a right angle to the helicopter mast. A control bar extends through the... Agent:

20140263820 - Autorotative enhancement system: Embodiments refer generally to systems and methods for providing autorotative enhancement for helicopters using an autorotative assist unit coupled to the transmission of the helicopter. Methods of utilizing an autorotative assist unit as well as retrofitting an autorotative assist unit to an existing helicopter are also disclosed. By employing an... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140263823 - Transformable aerial vehicle: Systems, devices, and methods for a transformable aerial vehicle are provided. In one aspect, a transformable aerial vehicle includes: a central body and at least two transformable frames assemblies respectively disposed on the central body, each of the at least two transformable frame assemblies having a proximal portion pivotally coupled... Agent: Sz Dji Technology Co., Ltd

20140263822 - Vertical take off and landing autonomous/semiautonomous/remote controlled aerial agricultural sensor platform: The invention provides for a vertical takeoff and landing capable aerial vehicle with multiple rotors that is designed to carry agricultural sensors and telemetry allowing for real time control of agricultural equipment in accord with sensor data. The ability to carry a suite of agricultural sensors combined with multiple rotors... Agent:

20140263849 - Personal propulsion devices with improved balance: A personal propulsion device, including a platform configured to support a passenger's body; and at least one fluid discharge nozzle coupled to the platform and angled with respect to the platform, where the angle defined between the nozzle and the platform is between approximately 95° and 120°; where the personal... Agent: Jlip, LLC

20140263853 - Methods utilizing cold spray techniques for repairing and protecting rotary components of aviation propulsion systems: A method of repairing a component comprises identifying a non-compliant surface of the component, wherein the non-compliant surface is not within an allowable tolerance, cold spraying a powder comprising a metal onto the non-compliant surface, and forming a coating comprising the metal over the non-compliant surface, wherein an outer surface... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140263852 - Spooler for unmanned aerial vehicle system: In an aspect, in general, a spooling apparatus includes a filament feeding mechanism for deploying and retracting filament from the spooling apparatus to an aerial vehicle, an exit geometry sensor for sensing an exit geometry of the filament from the spooling apparatus, and a controller for controlling the feeding mechanism... Agent: Cyphy Works, Inc.

20140263824 - Generator for flight vehicle: A flight vehicle includes a fuselage and a gas turbine engine. The gas turbine engine is coupled to the fuselage to provide thrust when air surrounding the flight vehicle is admitted to the gas turbine engine and combusted with fuel. The flight vehicle further includes a generator coupled to the... Agent:

20140263825 - Active vibration isolation system: An apparatus is disclosed includes an active vibration isolation system that includes a vibration isolator, a dual fluid pump in fluid communication with the vibration isolator and a hydraulic system, wherein the dual fluid pump is configured to segregate a tuning fluid from a hydraulic fluid and an electric-hydraulic servo... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140263826 - Wing flapping mechanism and method: The wing flapping mechanism (100) includes a main frame (110), a pair of opposite wings (120) laterally projecting from the main frame (110), and a linkage arrangement to convert rotation of a motor (150) into a three-dimensional cyclic wing motion of each of the wings (120). The linkage arrangement includes... Agent:

20140263827 - Airship pitch trim and directional control system: An example can include a pod detachably coupled to a hull. At least one thrust generator can be fixed to the pod. A power source can be mounted to the pod and slideable fore and aft. A power source actuator can be coupled between the pod and the power source... Agent:

20140263828 - Telescopic strut: A telescopic strut for electrically connecting a fixed structure of an aircraft to a movable structure mounted to the fixed structure, wherein the strut is adapted to be mechanically connected to the fixed structure by its one end and to be mechanically connected to the movable structure by its opposite... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20140263829 - Apparatus for use on an aircraft: An actuator is arranged to move an aircraft component such as a landing gear leg, flap or aileron between a first position and a second position, net load from external forces acting on the aircraft component tending to drive it towards the first position. The actuator comprises a threaded screw... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20140263832 - Multifunction device for an undercarriage: A multifunction device for an undercarriage, the device comprising at least a first shaft rotatably mounted on the aircraft to rotate about an axis of rotation that is substantially parallel to a hinge axis hinging the undercarriage to the aircraft, a telescopic second shaft rotatably mounted in the undercarriage and... Agent: Messier-bugatti-dowty

20140263833 - Landing gear: In the retracted position, aircraft landing gear of an aircraft is supported by an uplock hook. The deployment of the aircraft landing gear includes the steps of supporting at least part of the weight of the landing gear by a releasable catch in the form of an uplock hook, applying... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20140263834 - Swing down mount for helicopter and method for operating same: A swing down mount system for mounting a camera gimbal or other viewing/recording device to a helicopter is disclosed. The system comprises a frame, an axle mounted on the frame, an arm attached to the axle, a camera gimbal or other device mounted on the arm, and one or more... Agent: Spacecam Systems, Inc.

20140263835 - Integrated aircraft galley system: An integrated aircraft galley structure includes a service module having a plurality of galley inserts including at least one oven and at least one refrigeration unit. The service module is formed with a plurality of bays sized to receive the plurality of galley inserts, along with a human machine interface... Agent: B/e Aerospace, Inc.

20140263836 - Fish joint device having an improved mechanical hold: The invention relates to a fish joint device intended to attach securely first and second structural elements of an aircraft to one another, having two fishplates positioned either side of the structural elements, and attached to them by a set of fishplate through fastenings. According to the invention, the fish... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s)

20140263837 - Nacelle inlet thermal anti-ice spray duct: An anti-icing system for a nacelle inlet of an aircraft engine includes a spray tube for directing hot gasses toward a portion of the nacelle inlet. The spray tube includes a plurality of sections arranged such that the ends of adjacent sections are separated by a space thereby defining a... Agent: Spirit Aerosystems, Inc.

20140263838 - Methods and system for deicing a surface: A method of an embodiment includes receiving data from a sensor that is configured to supply data related to an ice layer thickness on a skin surface, calculating the ice layer thickness, comparing the ice layer thickness to a threshold thickness, vibrating the skin surface using at least one mechanical... Agent:

20140263839 - Flight recorder deployment mechanism: Embodiments of the invention are directed to a release device that uses an electro-mechanical mechanism instead of an explosive to deploy a deployable unit such as a flight data recorder. In one embodiment of the invention, a solenoid is activated that causes a piston surrounded by the solenoid to move... Agent: Drs C3 & Aviation Company

20140263840 - Methods and systems for mass distribution of supply packs: An aerial distribution system and method for deploying items is disclosed. The system includes a bulk shipping container comprised of a single piece of corrugated plastic, cut and folded into a closable box, a plurality of deployment boxes within the bulk shipping container, each deployment box containing at least one... Agent: Skylife Technology Holdings, LLC

20140263841 - Launch vehicles with ring-shaped external elements, and associated systems and methods: Launch vehicles with ring-shaped external elements, and associated systems and methods are disclosed. An aerospace system in accordance with a particular embodiment includes a launch vehicle having a first end and a second end generally opposite the first end, with the launch vehicle being elongated along a vehicle axis extending... Agent: Blue Origin, LLC

20140263842 - Reusable global launcher: A reusable unmanned single-stage boost-glide suborbital Earth launcher, able to propel large or smaller payloads from Earth surface or from air launch, to a nearly Earth-orbital condition, then glide circum-globally to horizontal airstrip landing at its launch site or similar circum-global recovery site. The payload, using its own propulsion, is... Agent:

20140263843 - Universal spacecraft architecture: A system and method for assembling a spacecraft in orbit using orbiting modules. Each module has a function such as fuel, transport, communication and payload. A command and control system and logic assembles the modules for missions. After use the modules may be disassembled and parked in orbit. The assembly... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20140263844 - Component deployment system: A method and apparatus for deploying a group of panels. An apparatus comprises a group of panels in a folded configuration against a side of a spacecraft, a group of flexible members connected to the group of panels, and an interface system associated with the group of panels and the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140263845 - Space vehicle and guidance and control system for same: A space vehicle has a frame with a configuration of fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) and control moment gyroscopes (CMGs) at the outer perimeter of the frame. The FOGs and CMGs provide guidance and control for the space vehicle. This arrangement results in the largest possible FOG and CMG diameters, and... Agent: Space Photonics, Inc.

20140263846 - Centrifugal force amplification method and system for generating vehicle lift: A method and system generate lift for a vehicle relative to a planetary body rotating at a rotational speed. The vehicle incorporates two concentric lift rings in a common plane. The lift rings are positioned such that their common plane is approximately perpendicular to a force of gravity on the... Agent:

20140263847 - Solar arrays, deployment mechanisms therefor, and related methods: Mechanisms for deploying a solar array include an elongated deployment member routed along a first panel, along an extension, and at least partially along a second panel. The elongated deployment member is configured to, upon retraction of the elongated deployment member by the deployment motor, move the extension into an... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20140263848 - Reversible flight control systems: An improved flight control system is described, providing for increased or reduced pilot input forces necessary to cause desired control surface deflections.... Agent: Cessna Aircraft Company

20140263850 - Control member provided with a blade collective pitch lever and yaw control means, and an aircraft: A control member (10) having a collective pitch lever (20) extending from a first end (21) to a second end (22). Said control member (10) has a handle (30) for controlling a yaw movement control device, said handle (30) being secured to an inner ring (40) that is guided to... Agent: Airbus Helicopters

09/11/2014 > 34 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140252164 - Aircraft with electrically conductive nanocoating: A device has a first electrically conductive component, a second electrically conductive component, and an electrically conductive nanocoating (ECN) electrically connecting the first electrically conductive component to the second electrically conductive component. An aircraft has an engine, a fuselage, and a device having a first electrically conductive component, a second... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140252156 - High altitude aircraft, aircraft unit and method for operating an aircraft unit: A high-altitude unmanned stratosphere aerial vehicle includes a fuselage, wings, control surfaces, and a propulsion system including an engine and a propeller. Each wing has a plurality of hoses and wing spars extending in a direction perpendicularly to the longitudinal fuselage axis and are surrounded by a skin forming a... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20140252157 - Aircraft with protective nanocoating: An aircraft component has an exterior surface and a protective nanocoating carried by the exterior surface. An aircraft has an engine, a fuselage, and a component having an exterior surface and a protective nano coating carried by the exterior surface. A method of protecting an aircraft component includes selecting at... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140252158 - System and method of adaptively governing rotor speed for optimal performance: The system for adaptively governing a speed of a rotor assembly in an aircraft can include a processor configured for comparing receivable data to limit data in an algorithm and subsequently making one or more commands that affect the speed of the rotor assembly, the algorithm being configured for analyzing... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140252159 - Engine installation: A fuselage mounted gas turbine engine installation the installation includes at least one propeller stage and a gas turbine core arranged in use to drive the propeller stage. The core is external to the fuselage and the rotational axes of the core and propeller stage are offset with respect to... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140252160 - Reverse flow gas turbine engine removable core: An engine mounting arrangement includes a propulsor mounted to an aircraft wing, and an engine core aerodynamically connected to the propulsor and positioned rearward of the propulsor.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140252161 - De-couple geared turbo-fan engine and aircraft: A turbofan engine includes a core engine section including a compressor section feeding air to a combustor to generate high speed exhaust gases that drive a turbine section all disposed about an engine axis, a geartrain driven by the core engine section, a fan section driven by the geartrain about... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140252162 - Uav launching from moving platform: A system for launching an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from a moving platform, the system comprising: a platform configured to carry the UAV; one or more sensors configured to measure forces acting between said platform and said UAV in one or more directions; a mooring mechanism configured to moor said... Agent:

20140252163 - Altitude control via rotation of balloon to adjust balloon density: A balloon having an envelope, a gas contained within the envelope, a payload connected to the envelope, wherein the envelope has a first portion that has a first absorptive or reflective property with respect to allowing solar energy to be transferred to the gas within the envelope, and a second... Agent: Google Inc.

20140252165 - Crash load attenuator for water ditching and floatation: A flotation device is described herein. The floatation device comprising an air bladder; a girt coupled to the air bladder; and a load attenuator coupled to the girt. The load attenuator is further coupled to an airframe of an aircraft. The float bag is used in water landings of the... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140252166 - Crash load attenuator for water ditching and floatation: An apparatus comprising a float bag comprising an air bladder configured to inflate when an aircraft lands in the water, a girt coupled to the air bladder and configured to attach the air bladder to the aircraft via at least one airframe fitting, and a load attenuator coupled to the... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140252167 - Reverse core engine thrust reverser for under wing: A gas turbine engine for mounting under a wing of an aircraft has a propulsor that rotates on a first axis, and an engine core including a compressor section, a combustor section, and a turbine section, with the turbine section being closer to the propulsor than the compressor section. The... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140252168 - Heliport: Embodiments of a heliport incorporate commercial and residential spaces with a plurality of helipads at multiple levels or floors, within a multi-story building. In various embodiments, the helipads cantilever out from the sides of the building or may simply span between oppositely faced sides of adjacent building structures. In some... Agent: Xti Air Transit, Inc.

20140252169 - System for fastening a load to a rotorcraft, and a rotorcraft: A fastener system (10) having attachment means (15) for attaching an external load to a rotorcraft, said fastener system (10) having a support beam (20) for attaching the attachment means (15) to a rotorcraft, said support beam (20) having a horizontal core (25) and two lateral section members (30) extending... Agent: Airbus Helicopters

20140252170 - Device for protecting a rotorcraft against a pyramid-shaped structure for carrying a load: A protection device (20) for protecting a fuselage (2) of a rotorcraft (1) against a pyramid-shaped structure (10) for carrying a load, which structure has a frame having a quadrilateral shape together with a first pair of two arms (12) and a second pair of two arms (14), each arm... Agent: Airbus Helicopters

20140252171 - Nitrogen bubbler system in fuel tank and method: An assembly of fuel tank and bubbler system comprises a fuel tank defining a storage volume adapted to receive fuel therein. The fuel tank comprises at least one fuel inlet, at least one fuel outlet, and at least one gas inlet adapted to be connected to an inert gas source... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140252172 - Single surface electro-mechanical actuator assembly: The current invention is directed to a self-contained electro-expulsive actuator assembly capable of being attached and operating external to an object, and methods of providing an electro-expulsive force external to an object. During operation the deformation or flexing of the electro-expulsive actuator causes deformation of an integral outer skin which... Agent:

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