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04/16/2015 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150102160 - Lightning protection fastener and aircraft: An aircraft of the present invention includes an outer panel 4 made of a fiber reinforced plastic material, a support member 5, and a lightning protection fastener 1. The fastener 1 includes a metal fastener body 2 having a shaft portion 10 and a head portion 20, and an insulating... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20150102161 - Method for a leading edge slat on a wing of an aircraft: A method for managing a flight control surface system. A leading edge device is moved on a leading edge from an undeployed position to a deployed position. The leading edge device has an outer surface, an inner surface, and a deformable fairing attached to the leading edge device such that... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150102162 - Quiet landing gear door: A quiet landing gear door and methods are presented. A landing gear door comprises a trailing edge and a leading edge and is operable to deploy to a landing gear door deployed position. A door flap comprises the trailing edge and is hinged to the landing gear door. The door... Agent:

20150102154 - Motor vehicle with captive aircraft: A motor vehicle system includes a motor vehicle including an aircraft landing portion, and an actively propelled unmanned aircraft configured to be supported on the aircraft landing portion. The vehicle and aircraft are configured such that the vehicle can provide at least one of fuel and electrical energy to the... Agent:

20150102155 - Road-and-air transport vehicle: The Road-and-air transport vehicle is intended to transport people (from 1 to 4 people] on the roads, as a light passenger vehicle, and in the air—as a small aircraft. It has a body (1] with a cabin (13), 4 wheels: 2 front wheels, controllable (2) and 2 rear wheels driven... Agent:

20150102175 - Fixed winged aircraft with foldable auto-rotation rotor: The subject matter discloses a fixed wing aircraft comprising one or more foldable auto-rotation rotors operating on the fixed wing aircraft, each of the one or more foldable auto-rotation rotors comprising one or more foldable blades; the one or more foldable auto-rotation rotors are stopped while the fixed wing aircraft... Agent:

20150102156 - Aircraft wing having continuously rotating wing tips: The present invention relates to a wing for an aircraft. The wing includes a main wing section extending from an inboard end to an outboard end along a lateral axis of the wing, the inboard end for connecting the main wing section to the aircraft. The wing also includes a... Agent:

20150102157 - Vertical take-off and landing aircraft: A VTOL aircraft includes at least one puller rotor and at least one pusher rotor. The VTOL aircraft, for example, may include three puller rotors and one pusher rotor. The combination of static puller and pusher rotors allows the rotors to remain in a fixed orientation (i.e., no moving mechanical... Agent:

20150102158 - Coaxial rotor yaw control: A method includes determining, by a computing device comprising a processor, a value for at least one parameter related to an operation of a coaxial rotary wing aircraft; processing, by the computing device, the at least one parameter to determine control power available from one or more flight controls comprising... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150102159 - Waterproof multi-rotor unmanned flying apparatus: Disclosed is an invention related to a waterproof unmanned flying apparatus, which is waterproof or water resistant and can perform in inclement weather conditions. The flying apparatus comprises of a main frame covering the outer structure of the flying apparatus that is constructed out of a single piece or multiple... Agent:

20150102163 - Shrink strut landing gear system, method, and apparatus: The landing gear systems, methods and apparatuses disclosed herein may comprise a shrink pump and a shrink valve that are capable of shrinking a landing gear by up to 40% of its available stroke, or more depending on the air spring configuration. The shrink pump may be configured to pump... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150102164 - Buoyancy system for an aircraft, and an aircraft: A buoyancy system (10) for an aircraft (1), the buoyancy system (10) being provided with at least one inflatable float (15). The buoyancy system (10) has at least one inflator (25) and at least one actuator (30) interposed between said inflator (25) and a float (15), said actuator (30) having... Agent:

20150102165 - Method and apparatus for changing a deployed position for a tail skid assembly: A method and apparatus for positioning a tail skid assembly for a maximum rotation angle for an aircraft may be provided. A determination may be made as to whether the tail skid assembly is to be deployed for takeoff or landing. A set of parameters may be identified based on... Agent:

20150102166 - System and method for reducing the stopping distance of an aircraft: A system for reducing a stopping distance of an aircraft may include an edge control system configured to control a leading edge device mounted to a wing of an aircraft. The edge control system may be configured to automatically command extension of the leading edge device from a first position... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150102167 - Method and apparatus for attaching a trim to a cover of a bin assembly: A method and apparatus for attaching a trim member for a stowage bin to a structure associated with the stowage bin. A bonding member of an attachment element may be bonded to the trim member. A portion of the structure may be received within a groove formed between the bonding... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150102168 - Aircraft fuselage structure: An aircraft fuselage structure is disclosed herein and includes an outer skin, with circumferential ribs, such that a recess is provided for receiving a wing torsion box in the outer skin, and the ribs are interrupted in the region of the recess. An object of the disclosure includes providing an... Agent:

20150102169 - Joint assembly and method of assembling same: A joint assembly for an aircraft is provided. The joint assembly includes a single main fitting including a first flange, a second flange, and a third flange, an external spar component coupled to the first flange using at least one fastener, an internal spar component coupled to the second flange... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150102170 - Self-aligning fitting assemblies and systems and methods including the same: The methods include translating a floor grid relative to a fuselage barrel, operatively aligning a plurality of alignment pin recesses with a corresponding plurality of fitting alignment recesses, and locating a plurality of alignment pins within the plurality of alignment pin recesses such that each of the plurality of alignment... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150102171 - Emergency parachute: An emergency parachute is a device for allowing the user to eject from a perilous high-altitude structure and float to safety once clear of the structure. The emergency parachute features a vest that may be donned by the user. The user is required to face toward the structure that he... Agent:

20150102172 - Burn wire release mechanism for spacecraft and terrestrial applications: A burn wire release mechanism for a spacecraft or other system having two masses initially held together by a pretensioned loop, with a spring configured to push the masses apart. The burn wire release system includes at least one burn wire held in contact with the pretensioned loop material. When... Agent: The Government Of The Us, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150102173 - Method of solar occultation: A method of solar occultation, and in particular solar coronagraphy, employing a spacecraft 200 is disclosed. The spacecraft is controlled to achieve a position within a target zone relative to a celestial body, such as the Moon, such that the celestial body occults the Sun, allowing observations of the Sun... Agent:

20150102174 - Side-by-side multiple launch configuration: A launch vehicle payload that includes at least two spacecraft is disclosed. The launch vehicle includes a single payload adapter. Each spacecraft has a launch vehicle adapter structure providing a respectively coplanar structural interface directly with the single launch vehicle payload adapter. The spacecraft share a launch vehicle payload fairing... Agent: Space Systems/loral, LLC

04/09/2015 > 17 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150097071 - Airborne kinetic energy conversion system: Methods and apparatus to harvest renewable energy are provided herein. In some embodiments, a wind-powered aircraft includes an airframe suitable for untethered flight in an open airspace; and an airborne kinetic energy conversion system attached to the airframe, the airborne kinetic energy conversion system comprising a turbine, a generator connected... Agent: Sunlight Photonics Inc.

20150097072 - Active vibration control actuator: A vibration control actuator includes a housing having a length between ends and a rotatable shaft located in the housing and extending along a housing length and which rotates about a shaft axis substantially parallel to the length. An inertia wheel assembly is operably connected to the rotatable shaft and... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150097073 - Self scavenging gear shield: A gearbox assembly includes a gearbox housing and a gear located in the housing and rotatable about a central axis. One or more gear shields are fixed in the housing and at least partially surround the gear. The one or more gear shields define a cavity between the gear and... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150097074 - Dual-frequency active vibration control: A system for active vibration control includes an actuator configured to reduce the impact of a vibratory load imposed on an airframe of a rotorcraft to an amount that is less than a threshold; and a controller configured to determine the vibratory load based on the data, and set an... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150097075 - Yaw control of co-axial rotor: A method for controlling rotor blades of a co-axial rotor assembly of an aircraft including a first rotor co-axial with a second rotor includes identifying a first zone of rotor rotation angles of the co-axial rotor assembly. The first zone defines a range of rotor rotation angles corresponding to an... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150097076 - Aircraft wing-to-fuselage joint with active suspension and method: An aircraft includes a fuselage, a wing, and a decoupled joint interconnecting the fuselage and the wing. The decoupled joint can be an active suspension system. A method of adapting an aircraft to attenuate forces between a main wing and a fuselage thereof includes providing a plurality of sensors upon... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150097078 - Drive unit for aircraft landing gear with integrated cooling: A drive unit for an aircraft ground wheel associated with a brake unit for braking the ground wheel includes: a driving motor drivingly coupleable to the ground wheel; and a cooling system including at least a drive cooling unit configured to generate a drive cooling air stream for cooling the... Agent: L-3 Communications Magnet-motor Gmbh

20150097077 - Passive fail safe coupling mechanism: A ground propulsion assembly for an aircraft includes an axle, a wheel rotatably connected to the axle, and a transmission. The transmission includes a housing mounted proximate the axle and a drive element disposed at least partially outside of the housing and operatively connected to a power input. A disengagement... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150097079 - Method for airborne kinetic energy conversion: Methods and apparatus to harvest renewable energy are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method to harvest renewable energy includes providing an aircraft suitable for untethered flight in an open airspace and an airborne kinetic energy conversion system attached to the airframe, the airborne kinetic energy conversion system comprising a... Agent: Sunlight Photonics Inc.

20150097080 - Rocking bogie mechanism: A rocking bogie mechanism may include an upper link, a lower link, a central link, a forward link, an articulation actuator, a trimmer, and a bell crank. The upper link may be coupled to a cylinder at a first joint. The lower link and trimmer may be coupled to the... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150097082 - Modular passenger service units and assemblies thereof: Elongate passenger service unit (PSU) assemblies are comprised of a plurality of modular passenger service units, and a plurality of variable-length modular spacer units. The modular spacer units are positioned between the modular passenger service units in an end-to-end manner so as to provide a desired lengthwise array of the... Agent:

20150097081 - Overhead bin system: Overhead bin assembly for transport vehicles (e.g., transport category aircraft) are provided with a generally U-shaped bin shell having a bottom wall, an outboard end wall and an upper wall defining an interior stowage space having an inboard opening opposite the end wall. A pair of separated transverse bin supports... Agent: Embraer S.a.

20150097083 - Evacuation slide readiness indicating systems: Evacuation systems including slide readiness indicators are detailed. The indicators may include lights colored, preferably, red and green and powered using either pre-existing or dedicated electricity sources. Associated switching equipment defaults to illumination of a red light until a slide is satisfactorily inflated and deployed, at which time the red... Agent:

20150097084 - Spacecraft system for debris disposal and other operations and methods pertaining to the same: A spacecraft system and method includes a platform with a dock and an umbilical payout device. A robot is connected to an umbilical paid out by the umbilical payout device and is repeatedly deployable from the dock. The robot includes one or more imagers, an inertial measurement unit, and a... Agent:

20150097085 - Printed spacecraft separation system: A spacecraft coupling system includes an integral component that can be deformed and placed into a stable state that locks one component into a mating component, and can easily be released from the deformed state, decoupling the two components. The integral component may include a central ring, a plurality of... Agent: Planetary Systems Corporation

20150097086 - Airborne wind energy conversion systems, devices, and methods: Wind energy conversion systems including an airborne wing, a tether, a generator, and a control system arranged to communicate with the airborne wing so that the control system directs the airborne wing to follow a predetermined flight path including a power generating phase. The predetermined flight path, during the power... Agent:

20150097087 - Swing wing tip system, assembly and method with dual load path structure: A swing wing tip system for an air vehicle is provided. The swing wing tip system has a swing wing tip assembly with an unfixed wing tip portion movably connected to a fixed wing portion of a wing. The swing wing tip assembly has a dual load path structure configured... Agent: The Boeing Company

04/02/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150090836 - Electromagnetic energy surface protection: An electromagnetic energy protection system and method disclosed herein that includes a plurality of conductive sheets ohmically connected by conductive interconnects. The conductive interconnects can be metal formed by a metal deposition process. The metal deposition process can include a plasma deposition process. The conductive interconnects can help prevent the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150090844 - Helicopter with engine air intakes: A helicopter with a fuselage, at least two engines substantially inside said fuselage, an air intake for each of said two engines and at least two separate lateral air inlet ports for said at least two engines in said fuselage. Said separate lateral air inlet ports being arranged on sides... Agent:

20150090837 - Attachment of a landing gear: A bracket (24) for connecting a traverse (20) of a landing gear to a cabin of a helicopter. A landing gear retainer (5) is fixed around the traverse (20) coaxially to the longitudinal direction of the traverse (20) and at least one cabin clamp mount (7) is fixed to the... Agent:

20150090839 - Passenger service unit and related systems: A passenger service unit (PSU) for a transport vessel has a unitary chassis with a plurality of apertures extending therethrough. Each one of the apertures is independently sized to receive at least one of a plurality of different modules. Each one of the modules includes one or more PSU fixtures... Agent: Peco Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20150090838 - Stowage bin systems: Provided are stowage bin systems for use on aircrafts and other like vehicles. A stowage bin system may include two disjoint supporting panels and a stowage bin bucket disposed between and pivotally supported by these panels after installation. The supporting panels may be attached to vertical frame members and, in... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150090840 - Cargo door arrangement: A cargo door arrangement for an aircraft includes a fuselage portion, a cargo door and a locking mechanism. The fuselage portion includes a skin portion, at least one fuselage former and an opening. The cargo door includes at least one door former. The locking mechanism includes a first engagement element,... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150090841 - Transport landing vehicle: A transport landing vehicle for transferring an astronaut to and from an extraterrestrial mass such as a moon, asteroid, or small planet is disclosed. The transport landing vehicle has a cage that is substantially open to the outside environment.... Agent: Bigelow Aerospace LLC

20150090842 - Airlock with enlarged viewports: An airlock that provides a substantially 360 view using enlarged viewports is disclosed.... Agent: Bigelow Aerospace LLC

20150090843 - High-lift trailing edge flap system for an aircraft wing unit: A high-lift trailing edge flap system for an aircraft wing unit is provided. In high-lift trailing edge flap system, the backward movement and the inclination of the trailing edge flap in the extended position are dissociated in order to allow for the incorporation of the actuating mechanism into the wing... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150083855 - Leading edge system and method for approach noise reduction: A slat control system for an aircraft may include a flight control computer configured to generate a gap command in response to an occurrence of a gap-command condition. The slat control system may further include an edge control system including an edge control device having a plurality of control device... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150083849 - Aerostat system: The invention provides an improved aerostat system including an aerostat, multiple tether groups and a base station. Spatially distinct tether groups allow for improved stability and controllability over a wide range of wind conditions. Independent actuation of the tether groups allows for control of the aerostat pitch and roll angle.... Agent:

20150083851 - Leading and trailng edge device deflections during descent of an aircraft: An system for increasing the descent rate of an aircraft may include a flight control computer, an edge control system, and a speedbrake control device. The flight control computer may be configured to compute a first setting for a leading edge device and/or a trailing edge device of an aircraft... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150083850 - System and method for optimizing performance of an aircraft: A system for optimizing performance of an aircraft may include a flight control computer for computing an optimum flap setting based on aircraft data. The system may further include a flap control system having a flap control device. The system may additionally include a flap actuation system coupled to the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150083853 - Adaptive trailing edge actuator system and method: An adaptive trailing edge system for an aircraft may include an adaptive trailing edge element mounted to a trailing edge. An electric motor actuator having an electric motor may be configured to actuate the adaptive trailing edge element. A linkage system may couple the electric motor actuator to the adaptive... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150083854 - Aerodynamic surface drive mechanism: There is described an aerodynamic surface drive mechanism (20) containing at least a drive combination (50, 50′), each drive combination (50, 50′) comprising a fixed element (21) associated to a fixed aircraft structure and a first mobile component (22) connected pivotably by a first end to the fixed element (21)... Agent:

20150083852 - Variable camber flap system and method: A variable camber system for an aircraft may include a variable camber trim unit (VCTU) positioned between an inboard device and an outboard device. The inboard device and the outboard device may be mounted to at least one of a leading edge and a trailing edge of a wing. The... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150083856 - Landing systems for air vehicles: An air cushioned landing system for an air vehicle comprises an inflatable and deflatable skirt (113) in the form of a tube having inner (101) and outer (100) walls. The inner wall defines a central plenum (116) within the skirt, the skirt including gas pockets (130) arranged to stiffen one... Agent:

20150083857 - Landing gear fairing: An aircraft landing gear including wheels and a fairing arranged to be moveable between a first and a second configuration, wherein in the first configuration the fairing is arranged to shield an element of the landing gear from incident airflow and wherein in the second configuration the fairing is arranged... Agent:

20150083859 - Monument complex for an aircraft rear area: A monument complex is provided for a rear area of a passenger cabin. The rear contour of the monument complex is adapted to the contour of the bulkhead so that an additional wash basin can be installed without there being any loss of space in the passenger cabin.... Agent:

20150083858 - Passenger aircraft overhead bin method: A method for utilizing a plurality of overhead bins within a passenger cabin of an aircraft. Each overhead bin is partitioned to form multiple storage spaces therein, wherein a number of storage spaces is equal to at least a number of passenger seats within a seat row. Each storage space... Agent:

20150083860 - Method for the assembly of an aircraft fuselage and fuselage manufacturing station: A method for the assembly of an aircraft fuselage, to a fuselage manufacturing station and to a construction kit includes providing a pre-assembled cockpit unit, a pre-assembled wing box, a pre-assembled tail unit and a plurality of pre-fabricated fuselage shell segments. Furthermore, the method involves positioning the cockpit unit, the... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150083861 - Structural element for an aircraft fuselage that prevents lateral-torsional buckling: The invention relates to a structural element for an aircraft fuselage, generally shaped in the form of a longitudinally elongate section. The element comprises two wings, each wing including: a portion that extends uninterrupted along the entire length of the section, and legs spaced apart from one another and extending... Agent:

20150083862 - Pressurized fuselage of an aircraft, with a fuselage structure and a pressure bulkhead specially mounted therein: A pressurized fuselage of an aircraft includes a fuselage structure and a pressure bulkhead mounted therein for forming a fuselage-internal pressure region. The pressure bulkhead is attached on the edge region, by way of mounting means, to the inside of the fuselage structure. The mounting means comprise at least one... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150083863 - Deicing of a surface of structures in general such as wind turbine blades, aircraft wings using induction or radiation: A method is provided which allows the facile deicing of a surface of a structure in general. Electromagnetic induction or IR/Microwave radiation is used to heat up a layer or a coating on said surface of the structure in general whereby said layer preferably contains conductive particles such as carbon... Agent: Jka Kemi Ab

20150083864 - System and method for indicating pressure in aerial refueling assembly: An aerial refueling assembly includes, for example, a pressure transducer, a processor, and one or more light sources. The processor is coupled to the pressure transducer. The one or more light sources are coupled to the processor. The pressure transducer is configured to sense a fuel pressure inside the aerial... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150083865 - Multiple spacecraft launch system: A system and method for propelling spacecraft is disclosed. An electrical propulsion system is mounted on a base stage. A plurality of spacecraft couplers are also mounted on the base stage. Each spacecraft coupler securedly attaches a spacecraft to the base stage. Each spacecraft includes an internal power source that... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150083866 - Apparatus and methods to operate laminar flow control doors: Apparatus and methods to operate laminar flow control system doors with improved reliability and serviceability are described herein. One described example apparatus includes a fin of an aircraft, a door assembly on a first side of the fin having a first door defining a first opening and second door defining... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150083867 - Leading edge variable camber system and method: A system for varying a wing camber of an aircraft wing may include a leading edge device coupled to the wing. The leading edge device may be configured to be actuated in an upward direction and a downward direction relative to a retracted position of the leading edge device.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150083868 - Mechanical and magnetic control system for magnetorheological actuators: In some embodiments, a method of provided boosted actuation to an aircraft flight control device includes receiving an input from a pilot input device via a mechanical input member, providing mechanical energy to a driving member of a controlled-slippage actuator, and varying the strength of a magnetic field applied to... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

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