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05/21/2015 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150136897 - Aircraft, preferably unmanned: The invention relates to an aircraft (1), preferably an unmanned aircraft (UAV), drone, or Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), comprising a rigid wing (2) which enables aerodynamic horizontal flight, and at least four rotors (4, 4′) which are driven by means of controllable electric motors (5) and which can be pivoted... Agent: Logo-team Ug (haftungsbeschrankt)

20150136898 - Telescopic wing and rack system for automotive airplane: The invention is a vehicle for personal transportation with the ability to convert between two alternate modes of transport, as an automobile for transportation on roads and as a personal aircraft for travel between municipal airports, utilizing retractable telescoping wings and a foldable frame.... Agent:

20150136899 - Aircraft wheel: An aircraft wheel which is provided with rotational driving unit (110). The driving unit comprises a driving ring (111) which is associated with structure (112) for attaching the ring to a rim of the wheel. The attachment structure is fixed to treads (119) of the rim which further serve to... Agent: Messier-bugatti-dowty

20150136900 - Helicopter transmission mount system: A mount system for supporting a transmission in an aircraft can include a first link coupled between a structure of the aircraft and the transmission, the first link having a first axis; a second link coupled between the structure of the aircraft and the transmission, the second link having second... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20150136901 - Rotor hub elastomeric bearing: An apparatus comprising a drivelink comprising a housing including a socket, wherein the socket comprises a cross-sectional area, and a bearing cartridge disposed within the socket, wherein a cross-sectional area of the cartridge is less than the cross-sectional area of the socket. An apparatus comprising a drivelink comprising a housing... Agent:

20150136902 - Aircraft brake assembly: An aircraft brake assembly comprising a support leg, a main wheel rotatably mounted on the support leg, a brake comprising a first sub-assembly fixed to the main wheel and a second sub-assembly moveably mounted on the support leg and a ground reaction wheel coupled to the second sub-assembly, wherein on... Agent:

20150136903 - Toilet arrangement for a vehicle: A toilet assembly for a vehicle comprises a first toilet compartment including a first opening, a first foldable toilet compartment door for closing the first opening, and a first toilet opposite to the first opening. An adjacent second toilet compartment includes a second opening, a second toilet compartment door for... Agent:

20150136905 - Aircraft seating configuration: A passenger seating arrangement for an aircraft cabin that includes first and second adjacent columns of at least two seats that define a first longitudinally extending center axis that extends approximately parallel to a longitudinal axis of the aircraft cabin. The seats in the first column face away from and... Agent:

20150136904 - Seating arrangement convertible to a bunk bed: A seating arrangement includes a seat with a seating surface and a top bunk disposed adjacent to the seat. The seat and the top bunk are configurable between a first configuration and a second configuration. In the first configuration, the seat accommodates a user in a seated position and the... Agent: Bombardier Inc.

20150136906 - Rotary wing aircraft airframe: A rotary wing aircraft airframe (2) with a longitudinal axis comprising: a subfloor structure (15) for supporting cabin floor panels (13) and/or at least one fuel tank bladder (12). Said subfloor structure (15) has a bottom shell (16), longitudinal support beams (21), ribs (20), main frames (23) and floor panels... Agent:

20150136907 - Deployable barrier arrangement for selectively blocking a passage in an aircraft cabin: A deployable barrier arrangement for selectively blocking a passage in an aircraft cabin, wherein the barrier arrangement comprises a substantially longitudinal barrier member and a joint unit for fixing the barrier member to an inner wall of the aircraft cabin. The joint unit is configured to allow for a movement... Agent:

20150136908 - Passenger door corner component and manufacturing method for passenger door corner component of aircraft or spacecraft: A manufacturing method for passenger door corner components of aircraft or spacecraft includes using additive layer manufacturing, ALM, to form an integral passenger door corner component. The integral passenger door corner component includes a substantially cruciform shape having a frame coupling member with two frame couplings as end pieces. The... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150136909 - Virtual aerodynamic surface systems: A method of generating a pressure wave proximate an airflow surface and altering airflow to promote a localized lowering of skin friction over the airflow surface is described herein. A series of pressure waves may be configured to create a virtual riblet to control turbulent vortices in a boundary layer... Agent: Rohr, Inc.

20150136910 - Composite material suitable for a morphing skin: A morphing skin for an air vehicle structure, the skin being formed by a composite material which includes: a multiplicity of fibres, a matrix incorporating the fibres, and a thermo-sensitive material, such as a thermo-plastic. The thermo-sensitive material can be reversibly transitionable in response to a change in temperature, between... Agent: Mbda Uk Limited

20150136911 - Devices, systems and methods for refueling air vehicles: A variety of refueling devices, systems and methods are disclosed for use in in-flight refueling. In one example one such device is towed by a tanker aircraft via a fuel hose at least during in-flight refueling, and has a boom member with a boom axis. The boom member enables fuel... Agent: Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

20150136912 - Parachute harness container with bio-contoured load distributing vest: A harness container for a parachutist has a bio-contoured support cradle or load distributing vest. The load distributing vest, which is generally U-shaped and includes an upper yoke and two straps integral with the yoke, has a multi-layer construction that includes an outer layer and an inner layer mounted on... Agent: Airborne Systems North America Of Nj Inc.

20150136913 - Systems and methods for launching space vehicles: Systems and methods for launching space vehicles into orbit involve placing a space vehicle into a protective container. The protective container is placed on a sled in a maglev tunnel and then launched into the atmosphere. Once the protective container reaches a certain height the space vehicle is released from... Agent:

20150136914 - Load bearing interface ring for spacecraft: The invention relates to a load bearing interface ring (1) for a space craft. The load bearing interface ring (1) comprises a first part (3) and a second part (4). The first part (3) is arranged to carry compression loads and is mounted on an inside surface (11) of the... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150129711 - Rotary-wing drone with gearless-drive and fast-mounting propellers: Each propulsion unit of the drone comprises a propeller (20) and a rotary-cage synchronous electric motor whose stator is connected to the drone body. The propulsion unit in of the gearless type, the rotor of the motor being rotationally integral with the propeller hub (24). The rotor is integral with... Agent:

20150129712 - Method for improving airport ramp throughput: A method for improving airport and ramp throughput is provided. The method minimizes the time interval between an aircraft's landing and takeoff by independently moving the aircraft with an onboard electric driver that drives at least one of the aircraft's wheels on the ground without the aircraft's engines. Turnaround time... Agent: Borealis Technical Limited

20150129713 - Steering control in an aircraft equipped with a wheel drive system: Control of aircraft steering during ground travel is provided in an aircraft equipped with an engines-off wheel drive system controllable to move the aircraft autonomously on the ground without reliance on the aircraft's main engines or external tow vehicles. The wheel drive system is designed to interact with the aircraft's... Agent:

20150129714 - Connection device for means of airplane: The disclosure disclosed a connection device for connecting first means of the airplane to second means of the airplane. The first means and the second means are provided with connection regions, which lengthwise extend in a first direction and are connected with each other, respectively. A plurality of finger-like grooves,... Agent:

20150129715 - Shape memory alloy rods for actuation of continuous surfaces: A system for connecting two relatively movable structures on an aircraft, comprising: a first rigid structure attached to one of the relatively movable rigid structures; a second rigid structure attached to another of the relatively movable structures; a flexible skin connected to the first and second rigid structures; a sleeve... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150129716 - Point take-off and landing of unmanned flying objects: Point take-off and landing systems for an unmanned flying object. In one embodiment, the flying object is guided along a flight trajectory and approaches a landing body such that a latching element, coupled with a suspension cable suspended from the flying body, latches with a receiving latch, coupled with an... Agent:

20150129717 - Aircraft lavatory unit and structure for arranging same: Provided are an aircraft lavatory unit and a structure for arranging the same. A space section of a uniform width extends in a straight line from a rear wall to a front wall between a first side wall and a second side wall. A toilet bowl is disposed near the... Agent:

20150129718 - Aircraft lavatory unit and structure for arranging same: An aircraft lavatory unit includes a second side wall having a long-space-section side wall and a wide-space-section side wall. The long-space-section side wall forms, between it and a first side wall, a long space section that extends with a uniform width. The wide-space-section side wall forms, between it and the... Agent:

20150129719 - Force-balancing mechanisms especially useful for assisted lifting/lowering of aircraft stairs: The disclosed embodiments herein are generally directed toward force-balancing mechanisms for weighted members and/or loads. According to one embodiment, the force-balancing mechanism includes at least one gear rack, at least one spring assembly comprising a spring member operatively connected to the at least one gear rack, a pinion gear intermeshed... Agent: Embraer S.a.

20150129720 - Device and method for deicing and/or preventing ice formation and profile element and aircraft having such a device: In order to maintain a surface region of an aircraft free of ice in a particularly energy-efficient manner, a device for deicing and/or for preventing ice formation is provided on an aircraft. The device includes a heat emitting device for emitting heat at a surface region of the aircraft, the... Agent:

20150129721 - In-flight kite deflation and control systems: A massive de-powering system for a kite wing used in kite boarding comprises a deflation control line that connects to a valve on the kite wing's leading edge bladder. In the preferred embodiment, disengaging the tether line from the harness causes the deflation control line to tension and to open... Agent: Ocean Rodeo Sports Inc.

05/07/2015 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150122953 - Drive link for tiltrotor rotor system: According to one embodiment, a drive link includes a first bearing housing, a second bearing housing, and a central portion coupled between the first bearing housing and the second bearing housing. The central portion has less torsional stiffness than the first and second bearing housings such that the central portion... Agent: Bell Hellicopter Textron Inc.

20150122940 - Rotorcraft fuselage structure incorporating a load-bearing middle floor interposed between a cabin space and an equipment space: A fuselage structure for a rotorcraft (1), the structure comprising load-bearing members including middle frames (9a, 9b) carrying a top floor (12a) and a middle floor (12b). The middle floor (12b) internally partitions the fuselage into two compartments (6, 7), including a cabin-forming top compartment (6) and a bottom compartment... Agent:

20150122939 - Rotorcraft having fuel tanks mounted in suspension under a load-bearing middle floor of the fuselage of the rotorcraft: A rotorcraft (1) having a feed unit for feeding fuel to a power plant (13) of the rotorcraft (1). A middle floor (12b) is securely engaged with at least two frames (9a, 9b) of the fuselage, and being load-bearing relative to general forces supported by the fuselage. A bottom compartment... Agent:

20150122941 - Counter-rotating rotor system with fairing: A coaxial, dual rotor system for an aircraft includes a first rotor assembly located at a rotor axis and a second rotor assembly located at the rotor axis. An aerodynamic fairing is positioned between the first rotor assembly and the second rotor assembly along the rotor axis. A planetary gear... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150122942 - Method for generating lift and a device for implementing method: The object of the invention is a method for generating lift for an airborne flying device, which has a wing part and/or a fuselage part generating lift by means of interactive movement between the air and the device. In the method, in the frontal view area of the lift-generating part... Agent:

20150122952 - Gas turbine engine inlet wall design: A gas turbine engine has an inlet duct formed to have a shape with a first ellipse in one half and a second ellipse in a second half. The second half has an upstream most end which is smaller than the first ellipse. The inlet duct has a surface defining... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150122943 - Integrated pylon structure for propulsion system: An integrated pylon structure for a propulsion system is suitable for one end to be connected to an aircraft wing and the other end to be connected to an aircraft engine. The pylon structure includes a pylon box section (110) formed from an upper and a lower bean, a frame... Agent:

20150122944 - Method and architecture for the optimized transfer of power between an auxiliary power motor and the main engines of a helicopter: A method and architecture to optimize an entire traction system available on a helicopter by using an auxiliary engine to provide energy to equipment and accessories of the helicopter connected to the engines. Main engines and an APU unit, as an auxiliary engine, include a gas generator connected to, for... Agent: Microturbo Sa

20150122954 - Variable geometry helicopter engine inlet: A variable area engine inlet of a helicopter is provided and includes first inlet portions disposed to face one another in opposite directions and at a distance from one another and second inlet portions extending between the first inlet portions and being disposed to face one another in opposite directions... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150122945 - Passenger aircraft with automatically deployable and/or retractable landing gear: In embodiments, a passenger aircraft includes a body and a landing gear member that is retractable and deployable with respect to the body. The passenger aircraft also includes an altitude detection system. The landing gear member may become deployed automatically if a deploy condition related to the detected altitude is... Agent:

20150122946 - Aircraft galley: An aircraft galley is disclosed having a stand-alone beverage station and a stand-alone food preparation station. Each station is equipped with extendable work decks and integrated equipment for plug and play exchange. The beverage station is equipped with brewing stations and a top loading refuse compartment, and the food preparation... Agent:

20150122947 - Multi-layer de-icing skin for aircraft platforms: An ice resistant structure is provided which includes a self-supporting, structural platform, a retaining, protective layer and a subsurface anti-icing (AI) and/or de-icing (DI) layer. The retaining, protective layer is disposed over the self-supporting, structural platform. The subsurface anti-icing (AI) and/or de-icing (DI) layer is located between the self-supporting, structural... Agent: Sunlight Photonics Inc.

20150122948 - Aircraft fuel tank arrangement: An aircraft fuel tank arrangement for the relief of a pressure differential between the interior of the aircraft fuel tank and the ambient atmosphere is provided. The aircraft fuel tank arrangement comprises a removable cartridge received within a cartridge-receiving body located at least partially in the fuel tank, said cartridge... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20150122949 - Hydro-pneumatic ejection assembly for an aircraft: Device for engaging and ejecting a load suspended below an aircraft, comprising at least two ejection pistons (4, 5) which are connected, on the one hand, to the load to be engaged/ejected and, on the other hand, to a control circuit (1) which comprises a pneumatic circuit (2, 3, 8),... Agent:

20150122950 - Aerial beneficial insect distribution vehicle: A remotely-piloted aircraft for distributing beneficial insects on a target area is provided. The aircraft includes an enclosure, including a top lid, one or more internal compartments, a door for each of the one or more internal compartments, and an actuator to open and close each of the doors. The... Agent:

20150122951 - Morphing aerofoil: A morphing aerofoil comprising: a leading edge; a trailing edge; and upper and lower surfaces extending between the leading and trailing edges. An upper thermal actuation member is provided proximate the upper surface; and a lower thermal actuation member is provided proximate the lower surface opposite the upper thermal actuator.... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

04/30/2015 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150115096 - Convertible compounded rotorcraft: A compound rotorcraft including a rotary wing aircraft having a fuselage and at least one rotor and a fixed-wing aircraft coupled to the rotary wing aircraft, wherein the rotary wing aircraft can fly on the rotor or the fixed-wing aircraft, and wherein the fixed-wing aircraft is detachable from the rotary... Agent:

20150115097 - Air vehicle flight mechanism and control method: Heavier-than-air, aircraft having flapping wings, e.g., ornithopters, where angular orientation control is effected by variable differential sweep angles of deflection of the flappable wings in the course of sweep angles of travel and/or the control of variable wing membrane tension.... Agent: Aerovironment, Inc.

20150115108 - Aircraft electric motor system: A method and apparatus for controlling an electric aircraft is presented. An apparatus comprises a controller. The controller is configured to identify a state for an electric aircraft. The controller is further configured to identify a group of recharging parameters for a group of electric motors in an electric propulsion... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150115098 - Mechanical connection device: An aircraft comprising a mechanical connection device including a body that extends along a longitudinal axis. The body comprises two opposite end portions disposed along the longitudinal axis and adapted to receive external axial loads in compression and in tension, a spring member that is adapted to be compressed axially,... Agent:

20150115099 - Auxiliary power unit inlet door having openings formed therein: An inlet door system includes a duct, an inlet door, and a plurality of openings. The duct is configured to extend from the auxiliary power unit (APU) to an intake opening formed in an outer surface of an aircraft. The duct includes an inlet port, an outlet port, and a... Agent:

20150115100 - Storage cabinet for a means of transport: A stowage closet for storing equipment for a passenger cabin of a means of transport is provided. Furthermore, an aircraft with such stowage closet is provided. The stowage closet comprises a corpus with a height of at least 140 cm and solely one attachment device. The attachment device is arranged... Agent:

20150115101 - Floor connection assembly of an aircraft seat: The invention relates to a floor connection assembly for the mechanical connection of an aircraft seat to a floor structure of an aircraft, comprising at least three fastening points, wherein the floor connection assembly can be fastened on at least three fastening points with in each case one fastening element... Agent: Lufthansa Technik Ag

20150115102 - Decompression panel for use in an aircraft: A decompression panel includes a body portion having a first end and a second end opposing the first end. The decompression panel also includes a tab extending along the first end and a flange coupled to the body portion. The flange defines a slot adjacent the second end. The decompression... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150115103 - Decompression panel for use in an aircraft assembly: A decompression panel for use in an aircraft assembly is provided. The decompression panel includes a body portion including a top end and a bottom end, and an array of openings formed in the body portion. The openings in the array progressively decrease in size along a height of the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150115104 - Decompression panel for use in an aircraft assembly: A decompression panel for use in an aircraft assembly is provided. The decompression panel includes a body portion including a top edge and a bottom edge, and a front surface and a rear surface opposing the front surface. A plurality of openings are formed in the body portion, and a... Agent:

20150115105 - Aircraft icing detector: A system capable of detecting the hazardous accumulation of ice on the surfaces, engines, instruments and air intakes of aircrafts or other objects of interest. The system consists of an electromagnetic microwave resonator capable of detecting the formation of ice directly where it could cause problems. The sensor could be... Agent:

20150115106 - Separation system and burn wire release mechanism for tethered spacecraft: A tethered spacecraft has a first endmass and a second endmass with a telescoping stacer spring and a tether arranged between the endmasses. The spring is coiled around a center rod and initially contained within a housing, the spring being biased to push the first endmass away from the second... Agent: The Government Of The Us, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150115107 - Space debris remover: A space debris remover aiming to remove a space debris object in earth orbits. Angular thrust calculation unit calculates angular thrust. Radial thrust calculation unit calculates radial thrust based on the angular thrust, estimated angular momentum and estimated space debris mass. A foam bonding mechanism connects the space debris remover... Agent:

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