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Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture

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04/10/2014 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140096886 - Fire retardant materials and methods: Fire retardant materials are provided that contain carbon nanotubes and particles capable of endothermically reacting when exposed to elevated temperatures. The carbon nanotubes may be a buckypaper. Methods also are provided for making a fire retardant material and for improving the fire retardation capabilities of a material.... Agent:

20140096884 - Method for bonding heat-conducting substrate and metal layer: A method for bonding a heat-conducting substrate and a metal layer is provided. A heat-conducting substrate, a first metal layer and a preformed layer are provided. The preformed layer is between the heat-conducting substrate and the first metal layer. The preformed layer is a second metal layer or a metal... Agent: Subtron Technologiy Co., Ltd.

20140096885 - Method of manufacturing solar cell module: A method of manufacturing a solar cell module includes adhering a first silicone gel sheet to one surface of a transparent light receiving panel to be a sunlight incidence surface; adhering a second silicone gel sheet to one surface of a light non-receiving panel on the side opposite to the... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140096887 - Method and plant for producing material boards, and a device for compressing the narrow sides of a pressed-material mat: A method, a plant and a device for producing material boards in a press from spreading material, wherein a pressed-material mat made of the spreading material is spread by means of a spreading device onto an endlessly circulating forming belt and the pressed-material mat, during transport through the press, is... Agent: Dieffenbacher Gmbh Maschinen-und Anlagenbau

20140096888 - Rolled tubular centralizer: A method of forming a centralizer where a flat plate is created into a tubular where the flat plate is typically rolled so that two sides of the plate contact one another and are then linked, typically by welding. Openings are then created in the tubular such that there are... Agent: Antelope Oil Tool & Mfg. Co., LLC

20140096889 - Internal component adhesive securing systems for portable computing devices: Methods and systems for adhering internal components in a portable computing device are described. In some embodiments, an internal component adhesive removal system can include a conforming wrapper. In one embodiment, the conforming wrapper can wrap around a portion of an outer surface of the internal component. The conforming wrapper... Agent:

20140096890 - Method for manufacturing laminated ceramic electronic component: A method for manufacturing a laminated ceramic electronic component, which includes the steps of preparing a laminate chip having opposed end edges of internal electrodes exposed at opposed side surfaces of the laminate chip; forming a first insulator section and a second insulator section, respectively, on opposed side surfaces of... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140096891 - Electrified bird repellent track: An animal deterring device has a carrier with a first conductive trace that is separated from a second conductive trace. The carrier has a bottom with a first glue trough disposed beneath the first conductive trace. The first conductive trace is coupled to the carrier by a first fastener that... Agent: Bird-b-gone, Inc.

20140096892 - Device for bonding window and method for manufacturing display device using the same: A device for bonding a window includes a chamber having an internal space, a display panel fixing unit in the chamber and including a first curved surface, the first curved surface being configured to attach to a flexible display panel, a window fixing unit in the chamber and including a... Agent:

20140096893 - Methods of making laminated led array and/or products including the same: In certain example embodiments, light emitting diodes (LEDs) may be disposed on a deformable and flexible backbone sheet and chained together in an array, e.g., via flexible wiggle wires. Such flexible wiggle wires may also provide an electrical connection to an external power source. An optical out-coupling layer stack (OCLS)... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140096894 - Wirelaying apparatus and wirelaying method for electrofusion welding: A wirelaying apparatus includes a tool arm with a tool head which carries a wirelaying tool. The tool has a cutting tip through which a wire is laid into a working surface of a workpiece. The workpiece is retained in a retainer and is moved relative to the wirelaying tool.... Agent: Msa Engineering Systems Limited

20140096895 - Method for manufacturing gas tank: The present invention is a method of manufacturing a gas tank, this method including: a step of forming a fiber reinforced plastics layer by winding a fiber that is impregnated with thermosetting plastics around at least part of a mouthpiece and around a liner; and a step of thermally curing... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140096896 - Shape-distorting tooling system and method for curing composite parts: A tooling system may include a cure tool and a biasing element. The cure tool may have a cure tool coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and may be configured for curing a composite article formed of two or more components having dissimilar component CTEs. The biasing element may be fixedly... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140096897 - Article vacuum formation method and vacuum forming apparatus: A vacuum forming apparatus is provided that forms an article having a covering bonded to the surface of a substrate in a molding space using a first mold and a second mold. The vacuum forming apparatus is provided with clamps for grasping the covering between the first and second molds... Agent: Toyota Shatai Kabushiki Kaisha

20140096899 - Deluxe bias tape and covered piping making machine: A combined portable bias tape and covered piping cord making device. A spindle is rotatably disposed in a housing of a device for supporting a strip of material. Also, at least two folding tips are mountable in the housing—e.g., one for making bias tape and one for covering piping cord—each... Agent: Simplicity Pattern Co. Inc.

20140096898 - Method of composite tape lamination over convex radii: A tape laminating machine having a compaction roller lays up composite tape over a substrate having a convex radius. The compaction roller folds the tape as it moves over the convex radius, while simultaneously pivoting about a trailing edge of the tape to prevent the compaction roller from lifting off... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140096900 - Method and system to print and apply labels to products: The present application relates to a method and system for labeling one or more products such as packages transported along a conveyer, and more specifically to applying a label on a respective package by way of a vertically adjustable assembly positioned above the conveyor. The adjustable assembly includes at least... Agent: Bell And Howell, LLC.

20140096901 - Light emitting device and method of forming the same: A light-emitting device includes a transparent substrate, a transparent adhesive layer on the transparent substrate, a first transparent conductive layer on the transparent adhesive layer, a multi-layer epitaxial structure and a first electrode on the transparent conductive layer, and a second electrode on the multi-layer epitaxial structure. The multi-layer epitaxial... Agent: Epistar Corporation

20140096902 - Method and apparatus for fabricating an ultra-high molecular weight polymer structure: A polymer laminate is fabricated by laying down layers of an ultra-high molecular weight polymer material on top of each other, and fusing the layers to each other by cross-linking molecular chains of adjoining layers.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140096904 - Lamination apparatus with air pressure and method for non-contact lamination using lamination apparatus: A lamination apparatus, including: a substrate support; an adhesive film support that is disposed so as to be spaced from the substrate support; an air injection head that is disposed on a co-plane with the adhesive film support so as to be spaced apart from the substrate support or disposed... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140096903 - Method and apparatus for co-curing composite skins and stiffeners in an autoclave: A composite skin and composite stiffeners are co-cured in an autoclave. Uncured stiffeners are placed in channels of a tool, and an uncured skin is placed on the tool contacting the stiffeners. The vacuum bag is sealed over the tool. Bladders placed in the stiffeners are exposed to autoclave pressure... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140096905 - Composite stencils, methods of making, and methods of decorating with composite stencils: A composite stencil for applying designs to walls and other surfaces is disclosed. The stencil includes a porous textile support layer to which a flexible stencil mask is bonded by an adhesion layer. The support layer supports unconnected parts of the stencil mask without bridges common with traditional stencils. Further,... Agent:

20140096906 - Methods for making an encapsulated stent: A method for making an encapsulated stent includes providing first and second ePTFE layers and a stent positioned therebetween. The first ePTFE layer may be unsintered and have a node-fibril microstructure in which the fibrils are oriented perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. The second ePTFE layer may be unsintered and... Agent: Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc.

20140096907 - System and method for microelectronics lamination press: The system contains a lamination press. The first cavity is formed in a chassis. A film assembly is fitted within the chassis. A buffer mounts over the film assembly and within the chassis. A tool set is shaped to fit within the first cavity. The tool set and chassis are... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20140096908 - Distributed multi-zone plasma source systems, methods and apparatus: A processing chamber including multiple plasma sources in a process chamber top. Each one of the plasma sources is a ring plasma source including a primary winding and multiple ferrites. A plasma processing system is also described. A method of plasma processing is also described.... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140096909 - Heating plate with planar heater zones for semiconductor processing: A heating plate of a semiconductor substrate support for supporting a semiconductor substrate in a plasma processing chamber includes a first layer with an array of heater zones operable to tune a spatial temperature profile on the semiconductor substrate, and a second layer with one or more primary heaters to... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140096910 - Drywall trim autofolder, mastic applicator and cutter: A drywall trim application device that can hold a large role of drywall flex corner trim material and, as the material is being dispensed, pre-crease or form the material for use on an inside or outside corner, or any angle within the range of the trim material, apply a mastic... Agent:

20140096912 - Method and device for the assembly of insulating glass panes that are filled with a gas different from air: Disclosed is a method for assembling insulating glass panes filled with a gas other than air. According to said method, two glass sheets provided with a spacer are arranged in a vertical or inclined position and facing each other, gas that is different from air is introduced into a chamber... Agent: Bystronic Lenhardt Gmbh

20140096911 - Tape holding wheel for a tape dispenser: A tape holding wheel for a tape dispenser, cooperating with tape rolls of various sizes, comprises a tape holding wheel, a first engaging unit, and a second engaging unit. A plurality of supporting ribs are protruded on an external cambered surface of the tape holding wheel. A propping part is... Agent:

20140096913 - Heated tool assembly for forming a structural member: A heated tool assembly for forming a structural member may include a heated tool and a pressure bladder for mounting the structural member. The tool may have an inner surface, a liner in thermal contact with the inner surface of the tool, and a heating system for heating the tool.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140096914 - Cartridge and tubular container triming and refinishing apparatus for lnk and label removal and method of use: A device for removing a thin outer layer from the surface of a cartridge or tubular container such as a caulk cartridge for removal of ink, contaminant, adhesive, or printed or stamped label from the outside of the cartridge. The apparatus includes cartridge hopper and a cartridge handling mandrel or... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 21 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140090766 - Bond assembly jig and method: The present disclosure provides an apparatus and method for forming a composite structure. The apparatus comprises a bond assembly jig having a support plate, an anchor member attached to the support plate, and a block member connected to the anchor member such that the block member is permitted to move... Agent:

20140090767 - Dielectric materials, methods of forming subassemblies therefrom, and the subassemblies formed therewith: A circuit subassembly, comprising a dielectric layer formed from a dielectric composition comprising, based on the total volume of the composition: about 15 to about 65 volume percent of a dielectric filler; and about 35 to about 85 volume percent of a thermosetting composition comprising: a poly(arylene ether), and a... Agent:

20140090768 - Method of forming raceway knockout: A method for forming a knockout on a raceway includes removing a knockout from the raceway to form an opening, positioning the knockout within the opening, and thereafter attaching the knockout to the raceway by welding the knockout and the raceway together.... Agent: Bemis Manufacturing Company

20140090769 - Gap seals for electronic device structures: An electronic device may have structures such as housing structures, display structures and other device structures that form gaps when assembled. To prevent intrusion of moisture and other environmental contaminants, the gaps may be filled using gap sealing material. The gap sealing material may be a liquid polymer that is... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140090770 - Multi-layered grip: Disclosed are grips and methods of making grips for use with the handle of an article, and in particular for use with fishing poles and golf clubs. Grips preferably include a multi-layered gripping member and an inner sleeve or mounting body. The gripping member can include an outer layer with... Agent:

20140090771 - Waterproof sheet for use in bridge pier repair and waterproof working method using the same: When a bridge pier is reinforced or repaired by wrapping a reinforcement around the pier, a waterproof sheet having a sufficient flexibility to attach to and cover the interface between the pier and the reinforcement in a liquid-tight manner is useful. The waterproof sheet is attached to the interface between... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140090772 - Tape laying tool and method used in manufacturing composite material parts: A method of manufacturing composite material parts is provided. The method includes tape laying by means of fiber placement on the outer surface of a tape laying tool , such that at least one laminate with a geometry different from the end geometry of the part is obtained and forming... Agent:

20140090773 - Tool and method for bonding layers of a metallic axisymmetric structure having complex curvatures: A tool and method for bonding layers of a shell by the differential pressure bonding process. The tool and method includes a plurality of separable mandrel segments that combine to form a mandrel having a longitudinal axis, an outer surface, an upper end, and at least one substantially continuous inner... Agent: Rohr, Inc.

20140090774 - Mounting sheet, polishing apparatus, and method for making the same: The present invention relates to a mounting sheet comprising a mounting layer. The mounting layer comprises a mounting surface for mounting the substrate. The mounting surface comprises a first mounting area and a second mounting area, and wherein a mounting force of the first mounting area is stronger than a... Agent: San Fang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

20140090775 - Sheet pasting method and sheet pasting tool: An adherend surface of an adherend is stuck with a protection sheet being in substantially the same shape as the adherend surface and including base and adhesive layer by a method including: sticking the sheet on a first surface of a sticking tool foldable along a symmetry-axis position of the... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20140090776 - Fiber-reinforced film processes and films: A blown-film process for making a fiber-reinforced film comprises providing and melting at least one thermoplastic resin. The at least one thermoplastic resin is extruded through an extension die to form a film bubble. A plurality of fibers is introduced inside of the film bubble. The fibers are distributed inside... Agent: Reynolds Consumer Products Inc.

20140090777 - Method for making touch panel: The present disclosure provides a method for making touch panel. A carbon nanotube structure is formed on a substrate. The carbon nanotube structure includes a number of carbon nanotubes. The number of carbon nanotubes are arranged isotropically, arranged along a same direction, or arranged along different directions. Two electrodes are... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140090779 - Method for continuously producing optical display panel, and system for continuously producing optical display panel: A method includes a first bonding step including providing a first polarizing film obtained by transversely cutting a first long polarizing film having an absorption axis in its longitudinal direction, supplying the first polarizing film from a first optical film roll, and bonding the first polarizing film to a back... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140090778 - Method of manufacturing reverse-printed, pressure sensitive cut labels: The present invention provides a method of producing a reverse-printed pressure-sensitive cut label using thin or lighter liners in a continuous process and single pass. The invention eliminates the need for printing over the adhesive or silicone and permits reverse printing directly on the backside of the label face stock.... Agent: Outlook Group Corp

20140090780 - Sealing method and device of pouch type secondary battery: Provided are a sealing method and device of a pouch type secondary battery including a pouch and an electrode tab provided for electrical connection with the pouch, in which the electrode tab is heated so that heat may be supplied to a tab sealant bonding between a bonding surface of... Agent: Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.

20140090781 - Wind turbine rotor blade components and methods of making same: Structural preform layers of multiple rigid unidirectional strength elements or rods are constructed and arranged for use in fabricating load-bearing support structures and reinforcements of wind turbine blades. Individual preform layers include multiple elongate unidirectional strength elements or rods arranged in a single layer along a longitudinal axis of the... Agent: Neptco, Inc.

20140090782 - Etching method for manufacturing semiconductor device: An etching method includes: applying a radiation to an etching aqueous solution; and etching a material to be etched by using the etching aqueous solution irradiated with the radiation.... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140090783 - Apparatus for treating substrate: The present invention disclosed herein relates to a substrate treating apparatus, and more particularly, to an apparatus for treating a substrate using plasma. Embodiments of the present invention provide substrate treating apparatuses including a chamber having a treating space defined therein, a support member disposed in the chamber to support... Agent:

20140090784 - Device and method for raising and lowering a roller on an application table with a shielded switch: A raising/lowering device for a rollers of a laminator table, wherein the table comprises a table top (8) with two opposite and parallel sides (7), a horizontal guide rail (6) being parallel to and placed at each of said side edges, and a roller (2), each horizontal guide rail (6)... Agent:

20140090785 - Dual tape dispenser and method of dispensing reversed-conjoined tapes: A dual tape dispenser and method of dispensing reversed-conjoined tapes which includes housing panels configured with two rotatable tape-roll hubs mounted perpendicularly to the vertical housing panels to hold two rolls of tapes with one of the tapes is reversed so that an adhesive edge of the first tape is... Agent:

20140090786 - Protective member for graphic transfer process: A method of applying graphics to a set of articles with a graphic transfer assembly is disclosed. The method includes a step of selecting an article from a set of articles comprising different types of articles. After selecting a last that may be associated with the article, the last may... Agent: Nike, Inc.

03/27/2014 > 33 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140083592 - Method of producing an electrical insulation system for an electric machine: A method for producing an electrical insulation system of a conductor of a winding head of an electric machine is provided. The method includes applying a porous main insulation paper to the conductor of the electrical machine; applying a porous overhang corona shielding paper to the main insulation paper, as... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140083593 - Apparatus and method for manufacturing display device: An apparatus for manufacturing a display device, the apparatus includes, a drive mechanism for joining together a first substrate and a second substrate with an adhesive intervening between them by causing a first substrate retention unit and a second substrate retention unit to relatively approach each other, a measurement unit... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140083594 - Method to measure, install and fix a toilet seat: A method to measure, install and fix a toilet seat provides a contour measurement device, which includes a toilet seat contour line and a mounting base contour line, and depends on a process of shifting the toilet seat contour line on the contour measurement device along a boundary contour of... Agent: Bolane Comfortechco., Ltd.

20140083595 - Construction method for inflatable products: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a method for manufacturing an inflatable device, the method comprising positioning a layer of mesh fabric material onto a surface of a first layer of thermoplastic material, the mesh fabric material comprising a plurality of openings, positioning a second layer of... Agent: Aqua-leisure Industries, Inc.

20140083596 - Foam core composites: A method for manufacturing foam core materials comprising locating into a mold a solid activatable material, the activatable material being amenable to plastic deformation and pliable enough to take on the general contours and shape of the mold prior to activation of the activatable material. The method may further include... Agent: Zephyros, Inc.

20140083597 - Method for joining substrates: The invention relates to a method of joining substrates. It is the object of the invention in this respect to join substrates of substrate materials together without having to exert an increased effort for a coating with additional coating processes to be carried out and to be able to achieve... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur F&#xf6 Rderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20140083598 - Processes for making silane, hydrophobated silica, silica masterbatch and rubber products: The present invention provides a process for making silica-filled rubber masterbatch using silica hydrophobated with a trimethoxy silane coupling agent that is soluble in an alcohol-water solution containing at least about 70 wt % water. One embodiment uses a mixture of trimethoxy silanes, one or more of which react with... Agent:

20140083599 - Protective cover for a golf club head and method of application: A protective cover for a golf club, such as a driver or wood, is disclosed that remains in place during play to prevent scuffing, scratching, and the like of the surface finish. The golf club includes a head having a striking face portion and a non-planar body portion, and a... Agent:

20140083600 - Image sensor module and method of manufacturing the same, and imaging device including the image sensor and method of manufacturing the imaging device: An image sensor module and an imaging device. An image sensor package includes a plurality of image sensor chips for generating image signals and a lower transparent board over the image sensor chips. An upper transparent board is positioned over the lower transparent board and includes a lens for focusing... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140083601 - Electrodeionization device including ion exchange spacer and method of assembly: A method for assembling an electrodeionization device comprising providing in a sequential arrangement: an anode, membrane cell assembly, cathode; wherein the membrane cell assembly comprises at least one sequential arrangement of: a cation exchange membrane, concentrating chamber, anion exchange membrane, diluting chamber, cation exchange membrane, concentrating chamber and anion exchange... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140083602 - Apparatus and method for manufacturing tear-off lids: In case of manufacturing tear-off lids (28) out of lid rings (20′) with a tear-off foil (25) sealed on them and with a tear-off tab (29) the tear-off tab is fixed in a folded back position onto the tear-off foil of the lid by an adhesive patch (30). For this,... Agent: Soundronic Ag

20140083603 - Method for manufacturing extended content booklet labels: A method of manufacturing an extended content booklet label. A multi-up book includes folds that are parallel to the book's spine. The multi-up book is disposed on the label web and held in place by an overlaminate. The overlaminate, book log and labels are all pre-trimmed in the longitudinal direction.... Agent: Minigraphics, Inc.

20140083604 - Multilayer polymeric articles and methods for making same: A polymeric article may include a first layer and a second layer directly contacting the first layer. The first layer may include a low surface energy polymer and may have a contact index of at least 5%. The second layer may include an elastomer.... Agent: Saint-gobain Performance Plastics Corporation

20140083605 - Molding material installation method and installation apparatus and application nozzle: In a molding material installation method, an adhesive is separated into an upper side and a lower side from an application nozzle. The adhesive that has been separated on the lower side is applied to the surface of a multilayer glass panel. The adhesive that has been separated on the... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20140083606 - Process and system for manufacturing composite material products, as well as products manufactured with this process or system: curing the resin of the intermediate substrates in the molding assembly, so that the main component and the secondary components are joined to each other through the intermediate substrates. The present invention also relates to a system which can be used in such process.... Agent: Automobili Lamborghini S.p.a.

20140083607 - Display panel and manufacturing method thereof: A display panel includes a first substrate that has a first display area in which signal lines are formed, a second substrate that has a second display area corresponding to the first display area of the first substrate, and a sealant that is used to bond the first substrate and... Agent:

20140083608 - Method for increasing the adhesive properties of pressure-sensitive adhesive compounds on substrates by way of plasma treatment: A process increases adhesion between a layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive and a substrate, wherein the layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive has a first surface facing away from the substrate and a second surface facing toward the substrate and a third surface of the substrate. The process treats (i) the second surface... Agent: Tesa Se

20140083609 - Method and apparatus for evacuation of large composite structures: A method of making a compacted composite material preform including providing a pre-impregnated preform comprising a plurality of reinforcing fibers and a polymer matrix and positioning the preform on a base plate. The method includes enclosing the preform inside a vacuum bag defining a first cavity and enclosing the preform... Agent: General Electric Company

20140083610 - Carpet seam tape and method for joining carpet: A method for joining two carpet segments, each carpet segment having an underside and at least one edge. The method comprises abutting one edge of one carpet segment with one edge of the other carpet segment; positioning a length of seam tape under the abutting edges, and activating the adhesive... Agent:

20140083611 - Biocompatible adhesive for attaching ornamental accessories: A non-toxic, biodegradable, and water soluble adhesive made from a reduction of all natural substances. The adhesive is suited for gluing ornamental accessories to infants, children, young adults, adults or pets. The adhesive is further suited for temporarily attaching items to surfaces. The adhesive may comprise a reduction of a... Agent: Girlie Glue, L.L.C.

20140083612 - Baffle and method for treating surface of the baffle, and substrate treating apparatus and method for treating surface of the apparatus: Provided is a baffle. The baffle has holes for distributing a process gas excited in a plasma state. A surface of the baffle is treated by using a surface treating material containing an aromatic compound.... Agent: Psk Inc.

20140083613 - Gas supply device for a vacuum processing chamber, method of gas supplying and switching: The present disclosure provides a gas supply device used in vacuum processing chambers, which comprises: a first gas source and a second gas source; a first gas switch in which its input is connected to the first gas source and its output can be switchably connected to the gas inlets... Agent:

20140083614 - Substrate processing apparatus and gas supply apparatus: The gas supply unit includes first gas flow paths having an upstream side communicated with a common first gas supply hole and diverged on the way to have a downstream side, and second gas flow paths having an upstream side communicated with a common second gas supply hole and diverged... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140083615 - Antenna assembly and a plasma processing chamber having the same: A plasma processing chamber includes a chamber body having a substrate support on which the substrate to be processed is placed, a dielectric window forming a ceiling of the chamber body, an inductive antenna set on a upper part of the dielectric window and configured to supply an electromotive force... Agent: Gen Co., Ltd.

20140083616 - Laminating device and apparatus having the same: A laminating device for laminating at least one flexible substrate includes a frame, a pressing module, a driving module, a pressure sensor and a control module. The pressing module is disposed on the frame. The pressing module at least includes a first roller and a second roller which are used... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140083617 - Tape sticking apparatus: A tape sticking apparatus includes a rubber sheet that partitions an airtight space formed above a chamber into first and second airtight spaces and, a tape frame that holds a tape above the rubber sheet, and a supply/exhaust mechanism that switches between pressurizing and depressurizing by supplying gas to or... Agent:

20140083618 - Display label manufacturing apparatus: A label manufacturing apparatus manufactures a label L having a sub-label Lb bonded to a predetermined position on a main label La. A main label conveyance mechanism 10 conveys a main continuous label strip Ta in a first direction Da. A sub-label conveyance mechanism 20 conveys a sub-continuous label strip... Agent:

20140083619 - Multi bead type greentire manufacturing apparatus: Disclosed herein is a multi bead type greentire manufacturing apparatus. The apparatus includes a rubber plate made from a raw material of the greentire and mounted on a winding drum. Additionally, a plurality of gloves and bladders are formed separately to transform the rubber plate (91), thereby automating a manufacturing... Agent: Woosung Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140083620 - Fiber application head including a segmented compaction roller: A fiber application head for a fiber application machine for the production of parts made of composite materials, comprising a compacting roller, said compacting roller comprising several independent roller segments mounted side by side on an axial rod. Each roller segment comprises a tubular central portion through which said segment... Agent: Coriolis Composites

20140083621 - Vacuum-powered film-applying mechanism: A vacuum-powered film-applying mechanism for applying a flexible film to a workpiece includes a bracket, a suction member, and a rotating joint. The suction member is rotatably mounted on the bracket, and defines a peripheral surface and a plurality of suction chambers therein, and by virtue of a vacuum created... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140083622 - Sonotrode holder: A sonotrode holder for the oscillatable fastening of a sonotrode at a carrier is provided, wherein a direction of oscillation extends from the carrier to the sonotrode and the sonotrode holder has at least one oscillating body having at least one cut-out and the oscillating body is connected to the... Agent: Ms Spaichingen Gmbh

20140083623 - Ultrasonic welding device with rotary coupler: The present invention relates to an ultrasonic welding device with a generator for generating a high-frequency a.c. voltage, a converter for converting the a.c. voltage into a mechanical ultrasonic vibration and a sonotrdoe for transmitting the ultrasonic vibration to material to be worked, wherein the converter and the sonotrode are... Agent: Hermann Ultraschalltechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140083624 - Solution of aromatic polyamide for producing display element, optical element, or illumination element: The present disclosure is directed toward solutions, transparent films prepared from aromatic copolyamides, and a display element, an optical element or an illumination element using the solutions and/or the films. The copolyamides, which contain pendant carboxylic groups are solution cast into films using cresol, xylene, N,N-dimethylacetamide (DMAc), N-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone (NMP), dimethylsulfoxide... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

03/20/2014 > 27 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140076476 - Labelling apparatus and labelling process for the labelling of containers as well as plant for the treatment of containers: A labelling apparatus for the labelling of containers includes at least one first labelling device, a storage device and a control device. The at least one first labelling device applies a label from a first strip of labels to a container. The control device controls the labelling of the containers... Agent: Krones Ag

20140076477 - Method of forming a window cutout in an airframe: A method of forming cutouts in an aircraft fuselage may include forming a first cutout and a second cutout in side-by-side relation to one another in a side region of the fuselage. The method may further include configuring the first cutout and the second cutout such that a direct load... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140076478 - Plated through hole void detection in printed circuit boards by detecting a ph-sensitive component: An approach is provided in which a pH-indicating compound is incorporated in a printed circuit board. The printed circuit board includes a number of layers with the pH-sensitive indicator being incorporated in one of the layers. Conductive pathways are formed from a conductive sheet laminated onto an outer surface of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140076475 - Translating application labels: A method and computing device for translating application labels are included herein in which a selection of an application label for translation may be detected. A customized label to replace the application label may also be received. The application label may be replaced with the customized label. Also, the selection... Agent:

20140076479 - Method of forming a tube from a thermoplastic sandwich sheet: A method of forming a structural tube may include urging a substantially flat thermoplastic sandwich sheet against a mandrel and heating the thermoplastic sandwich sheet to a temperature below a glass transition temperature. The method may further include allowing the thermoplastic sandwich sheet to cool and removing the mandrel, thereby... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140076480 - Concentrating solar energy collector: Systems, methods, and apparatus by which solar energy may be collected to provide heat, electricity, or a combination of heat and electricity are disclosed herein.... Agent: Cogenra Solar

20140076481 - Discretely tailored multi-zone bondline for fail-safe structural repair: A repair patch for reworking an inconsistent area of a composite structure includes a patch body adapted to cover the inconsistent area and having a first patch region, a second patch region outside the first patch region and a first separation zone between the first patch region and the second... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140076482 - Fireproof system using jacketed fibrous endothermic mats: A fire protective composite comprising a jacketed fibrous endothermic mat and method of wrapping thereof, the jacket material preferably including impregnated fiberglass fabric, the composite designed for fire protection of structural elements such as steel I-beams and complex joints, electrical conduits and cable trays, LP-gas container and vessel skirts and... Agent:

20140076483 - Pipe joint coating: Exposed pipe joints formed of adjacent lengths of corrosion protective coated pipe sections have a protective sheet of synthetic resin material wound about the joint between the adjacent segments of coated pipe. The synthetic resin sheet is deployed from a reel on a coating applicator machine. The pipe joint and... Agent: Subsea Services International, Inc.

20140076484 - Prosthetic liner with continuous distal end area: A tubular liner has an open proximal end and a closed-end distal area, and a fabric layer continuously defining an exterior surface of the liner without interruption. A polymeric layer having first and second surfaces is bonded to an interior surface of the fabric layer. A seam is formed by... Agent: Ossur Hf

20140076485 - Plastic simulated stone and ceramic products manufactured from recyclable plastic and methods of making the same: Simulated stone, clay, and transferware and jewelry blanks and ornaments and a process for their preparation using new or reclaimed low density polyethylene sheets such as bags and or other suitable materials. Some implementations can include inclusions. The process can include heating layers of low density polyethylene plastic (LDPE) or... Agent:

20140076486 - Film attaching apparatus and film attaching method using the same: Film attaching apparatus and process for attaching the film by preparing a mother panel comprising a first panel, a second panel, and a third panel; preparing a first and a second set tables that are independently driven from each other on a moving path of the mother panel; preparing a... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140076487 - Method of making multi-colored printed surfaces on flexible implement grips: A method of forming a flexible implement grip utilizing a cured underlist. A sleeve is formed of uncured sheet stock laminated with a carrier having a design thereon of heat transferable colored ink. The laminate is cut to a pattern, wrapped on a core bar and heated in a mold... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140076489 - Method for manufacturing touch panel: A method of manufacturing a touch panel is disclosed. The method includes providing a plurality of substrates, each having a size, providing a carrier including a plurality of grooves each having a size corresponding with the size of the substrates. The method also includes placing the plurality of substrates into... Agent: Shanghai Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.

20140076488 - Method of label formation: This invention provides a label forming apparatus including a release sheet having a release surface from which an adhered adhesive material is releasable, an adhesive material layer stacked on the release surface of the release sheet, a coat layer stacked on a surface of the adhesive material layer opposite to... Agent: Casio Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140076490 - Transparent electrode and manufacturing method of the same: Disclosed is a transparent electrode containing a transparent support having thereon: a conductive layer A having a conductive fiber; and a conductive layer B having a conductive polymer, wherein the conductive layer A and the conductive layer B are disposed adjacent each other and the conductive layer A is located... Agent: Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.

20140076491 - Resin sheet manufacturing apparatus and resin sheet manufacturing method: A peeling sheet supply unit is formed along an endless belt and is configured to supply a peeling sheet having a peeling surface on the endless belt. A first resin sheet transfer device is provided at a downstream side of the peeling sheet supply unit, and is configured to form... Agent: Casio Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140076492 - Fabrication method of packaging substrate having embedded capacitors: A packaging substrate includes: a substrate having a core layer, a cavity penetrating the core layer and circuit layers formed on surfaces of the core layer; a first capacitor disposed in the cavity; a bonding layer formed on the first capacitor in the cavity of the substrate; a second capacitor... Agent: Unimicron Technology Corporation

20140076493 - Footwear parts gluing process using powder adhesive: A process of gluing footwear parts using a powder adhesive that eliminates the conventional stages of drying required after the application of liquid adhesive to the substrate surface and of cooling to solidify the glue after pressing is disclosed herein. The process comprises the stages of preparing the surface and... Agent: Artecola Industrias Qu&#xcd Micas Ltda

20140076494 - Processing system: A processing system includes a transfer chamber having therein a transfer unit for transferring a substrate and at least one processing unit connected to the transfer chamber. The transfer chamber is maintained in a vacuum state. The processing unit is configured to perform a processing on a substrate. The processing... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140076495 - Laminator table: The present application provides a laminator table, wherein the table comprises a table top (8) with two opposite and parallel side edges (7), a horizontal guide rail (6) parallel to and at each of said side edges, and a roller (2) arranged above the table top, each horizontal guide rail... Agent:

20140076496 - Machine for installing adhesive member: An attaching mechanism is used for attaching an adhesive member to an object. The adhesive member includes an adhesive side. The object includes a first side and a second side opposite to the first side. The attaching mechanism includes a positioning part, a pressing part, and a loading member. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140076498 - Film peeling method and film peeling device for film-coated flat wire: A film peeling method for a film-coated flat wire that is performed by a film peeling device including: a rotational holder that can rotationally convey in a perpendicular direction to a rotational axis; a positioning mechanism that positions a film-coated flat wire in a longitudinal direction; and a working section... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140076497 - Separation apparatus, separation system and separation method: A separation apparatus according to the present disclosure includes a first holding unit, a cutting unit, a measuring unit and a position adjusting unit. The first holding unit holds a first substrate of a superposed substrate formed by joining the first substrate and a second substrate. The cutting unit cuts... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140076499 - Compositions and methods for selective deposition modeling: There is provided compositions and methods for producing three-dimensional objects by selective deposition modeling with a polar build material and a non-polar support material. The build material comprises a hydrocarbon wax material and a viscosity modifier, and the support material comprises a hydrocarbon alcohol wax material and a viscosity modifier.... Agent: 3d Systems, Inc.

20140076500 - Delamination device: Provided is a delamination device of delaminating a laminated substrate obtained by bonding a first substrate and a second substrate, the laminated substrate being disposed in an opening of a frame, the opening having a diameter larger than that of the laminated substrate, and the laminated substrate being held by... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140076501 - Film peeling device: A film peeling device for peeling a film from a substrate including a transfer module configured to transfer the substrate that is arranged in a vertical direction with respect to a bottom surface of the substrate, and a peeling module configured to peel the film from the substrate transferred by... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

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