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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150144247 - Method for manufacturing winding parts for an electric machine: The disclosure refers to a method for manufacturing winding parts for an electric machine. The winding parts include a conductor and insulation around it. The method includes providing the conductor with an insulating tape around it, providing dies above the insulating tape, providing a thermosetting layer around the dies, impregnating... Agent:

20150144248 - Method of making intelligent sensing device with warning function: A method of making an intellectual sensing device with a warming function is used to manufacture an intellectual sensing device, wherein a method of making flexible sensing pad includes a screen stretching process and a screen printing process. Thereby, each sensing line set has a silver sensitive layer and a... Agent:

20150144250 - Modified cold applied asphalt emulsion: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to an adhesive asphalt emulsion. The adhesive asphalt emulsion can be prepared in liquid form and applied to a material, such as a film or fabric, to create a self-adhering membrane. In some embodiments, the adhesive can be water vapor permeable, and can... Agent:

20150144249 - Weather-resistive barriers from self collapsing polyurethane foams: The present invention provides a self-collapsing, moisture curable one component polyurethane foam (1K PU) composition from moisture curable polyurethane prepolymers and to methods of making weather resistant barriers and formed in place gaskets therefrom. The foam compositions are packed under pressure with a blowing agent. In the methods, the foams... Agent:

20150144251 - Method of manufacturing an absorbent article having a fin seam: A method for manufacturing absorbent articles includes folding each of the absorbent articles about a fold line generally bisecting the article such that front and back waist regions of the articles are positioned in facing relationship, and simultaneously bonding and one of trimming and weakening the front and back waist... Agent:

20150144252 - High speed differential wiring in glass ceramic mcms: The embodiments of the present invention relate generally to the fabrication of integrated circuits, and more particularly to a structure and method for fabricating differential wiring patterns in multilayer glass-ceramic (MLC) modules. A structure and method of forming a MLC having layers with staggered, or offset, pairs of lines formed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150144253 - Fiber-containing prepregs and methods and systems of making: Methods of making a fiber-containing prepregs may include drawing unsized fibers from a batch of molten glass. The method may also include applying a sizing composition to the unsized fibers to form a plurality of sized fibers, where the sizing composition includes a first polymerization agent for polymerizing caprolactam. The... Agent: Johns Manville

20150144254 - Method for producing an endless transport belt: A method for producing an endless transport belt for guiding substrates during the printing operation of a printing press is disclosed. The ends of a transport belt are welded together. The transport belt is ground, after one or multiple welding operations without or with the addition of material, to a... Agent: Manroland Web Systems Gmbh

20150144255 - Method of forming a touch panel: A method of forming a touch panel includes bonding a transparent conductive transfer film (TCTF) with a cover layer, followed by patterning the TCTF into a first electrode layer. A second electrode layer is formed on a top surface of a transparent substrate, followed by forming an adhesive layer above... Agent: Henghao Technology Co. Ltd

20150144256 - Part comprising a structure and a shape memory alloy element: A part includes a structure and at least one shape memory alloy element that is prestressed and embedded at least in part within said structure. The shape memory alloy is suitable for dissipating the mechanical energy of said structure when it vibrates in a given frequency band.... Agent: Snecma

20150144257 - Marking tape, method of applying and method of manufacturing the marking tape: A marking tape for application on pavement which comprises a core layer and an adhesive layer outside the core layer. The core layer is formed of a combination of a conforming layer of a thermoplastic material, a marking layer of a cross-linked material, and a fibrous layer. The conforming layer... Agent:

20150144258 - Golf ball with aggregated layer core and method of making: A golf ball is provided capable of having various characteristics based on having an aggregated layer core. The golf ball includes an inner core, an outer shell enclosing the inner core, and an intermediate core enclosing the inner core. The intermediate core includes sublayers thermoplastically fused together to form an... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150144259 - Quick-release adhesive tapes: Methods and compositions for securing to and removing adhesive tapes from substrates, e.g., delicate substrates such as skin, are described. The methods include providing an adhesive tape comprising an adhesive layer and a support layer in contact with the adhesive layer. A first adhesion level between the adhesive layer and... Agent:

20150144260 - Device and method for adhering different kinds of materials: A device for adhering different kinds of materials is configured to adhere a metal material and a composite material having an adhering hole. The device includes a frame having first and second free ends that face each other. A laser head is provided at the first free end of the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150144261 - Method of manufacturing flexible laminate structure: A method of manufacturing a flexible non-porous laminate film structure is provided comprising a textile substrate having a fluorinated film laminated thereto, which is laminated at a temperature lower than the softening point of the predominant polymeric component of the fluoropolymer fiber. The resulting product is resistant to delamination.... Agent:

20150144262 - Methods of making a prosthetic valve with a durable high strength polymer composite leaflet: Methods are provided to make a prosthetic valve having a thin, biocompatible, high-strength, composite material. In one aspect, the composite material maintains flexibility in high-cycle flexural applications, making it particularly applicable to high-flex implants such as a heart valve leaflet. The composite material includes a porous expanded fluoropolymer membrane and... Agent:

20150144263 - Substrate heating pedestal having ceramic balls: A substrate heating pedestal for a process chamber for processing substrates is described. The pedestal comprises an annular plate comprising a surface having an array of recesses. A plurality of ceramic balls are each positioned in a recess on the surface of the annular plate to define a substrate receiving... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150144264 - Plasma generating apparatus using mutual inductive coupling and substrate treating apparatus comprising the same: Provided are a plasma generating apparatus using mutual inductive coupling and a substrate treating apparatus including the same. According to an embodiment of the present invention, a plasma generating apparatus includes: an RF power supply providing an RF signal; a plurality of electromagnetic field applying units inducing an electromagnetic field... Agent:

20150144265 - Plasma processing apparatus and microwave introduction device: A plasma processing apparatus includes a microwave introduction device which introduces a microwave into a process chamber. The microwave introduction device includes a plurality of microwave transmitting plates which is fitted into a plurality of openings of a ceiling. The microwave transmitting plates are arranged on one virtual plane parallel... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150144266 - Substrate processing apparatus: The substrate processing apparatus includes a lower electrode on which a substrate is capable of being held, a high frequency power source electrically connected to the lower electrode, an upper electrode facing the lower electrode, a plasma processing space being formed between the lower electrode and the upper electrode, wherein... Agent:

20150144267 - Liquid crystal sealant forming device and display panel assembly apparatus using the same: The present invention provides a liquid crystal sealant forming device and a display panel assembly apparatus using the same. The display panel assembly apparatus comprises the liquid crystal sealant forming device, an alignment assembly device, a transporting device and a curing device. The liquid crystal sealant forming device comprises a... Agent:

20150144268 - Air cushion inflation machine: A machine converts a web of preformed pouches, which are defined by transverse seals extending from a remote edge, into inflated dunnage units. A sealing arrangement is positioned to provide a longitudinal seal intersecting the transverse seals to close the preformed pouches and form a dunnage unit. The sealing arrangement... Agent:

20150144269 - Method and apparatus for adjusting a tire building machine: A method supports a tire building assembly. The method comprises the steps of: supporting one end portion of a radially collapsible building drum for assembling a green tire; moving the end portion in a first direction by an actuator acting in the first direction; and moving the end portion in... Agent:

20150144270 - Device for manufacturing absorbent article: A device including: a plurality of protruding portions of an anvil roll; an ultrasonically vibrating horn; a suction hole for drawing granular particles together with non-woven fabric sheets so as to carry the non-woven fabric sheets and to prevent the granular particles from being placed on the non-woven fabric sheets... Agent: Zuiko Corporation

20150144271 - Method of separating plates: It is an object of the present invention to provide a method that can separate two plates laminated via a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, smoothly, efficiently, and accurately without such force (load) that large strain (deformation) leading to breakage or cracking occurs being substantially applied to the plates. The method of... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 34 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150136301 - Adhesive material composition and method: An adhesive material includes a vinyl polymer and a solvent that includes xylene and toluene. The adhesive material has a viscosity in the range from about 1.0 cP to about 20.0 cP such that the adhesive material can be applied to a surface using an ink jet print head.... Agent:

20150136303 - Method for manufacturing compound heat sink: The present invention provides a method for manufacturing a compound heat sink. Firstly, providing an artificial graphite sheet, and then performing a surface treatment process on the artificial graphite sheet to form a rugged structure on the artificial graphite sheet as a first embedding structure. Finally, forming a metal layer... Agent:

20150136300 - Method for producing a formed article comprised of a fiber: A task of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a formed article comprised of a fiber without using a frame having a fixed form. A method for producing a formed article having a layer comprising a fiber, wherein the method comprises the steps of: (1) forming... Agent: Nomaguchi Incorporation

20150136299 - Polymeric composition with intermixed color balloons: According to one or more embodiments, a polymeric article includes a polymeric composition which in turn includes a volume of polymer intermixed with a number of color balloons, at least a portion of the number of color balloons each including a shell enclosing a colored agent.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150136302 - Valve impact type dispensing pump: A dispensing pump, and more particularly, a valve impact type dispensing pump that may be used in a process of manufacturing an electronic product and may dispense an accurate amount of a liquid, such as a liquid synthetic resin, at high speed. The valve impact type dispensing pump can descend... Agent:

20150136304 - Method of friction welding and apparatus of friction welding: To provide a method of friction welding and an apparatus of friction welding in which a length of time for manufacturing one product is reduced as much as possible regardless of the dimension errors of works. The fast forwarding distance Lx1 is calculated for the fast forwarding by using the... Agent: Nittan Valve Co., Ltd.

20150136305 - Rotor blade production device and corresponding method: A device is proved for measuring surfaces of joint locations of at least two joint parts to be connected, e.g., for connection thereof. The device comprises an application mechanism for applying an application agent to the joint locations, at least one measurement mechanism for measuring the surfaces of the joint... Agent:

20150136306 - Method for manufacturing light distribution member, and method for manufacturing light emitting device: A method for manufacturing a light distribution member has steps of providing a plurality of first light blocking film members, each of which including a first light blocking film covering a surface of a light-transmissive board, bonding a plurality of first light blocking film members, such that each first light... Agent:

20150136307 - Method and apparatus for punching and connecting plastic parts: A top tool and a bottom tool which can be set relative to one another along an axis perpendicular to a workpiece plane are provided in an apparatus for punching and welding plastic parts. A punch die and a sonotrode are fastened to one of the tools.... Agent:

20150136308 - Field repair kits for structural panel: A kit for repairing an opening formed in a composite panel having a laminate skin arranged on opposing sides of a first core material is provided including a plug and a patch. The plug is formed from a second core material and has a cured filler material arranged within at... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150136309 - Strip rubber adhering method and strip rubber adhering apparatus: A strip rubber adhering method includes: extruding strip rubber of a shape having an apex portion in cross section from an extruder and moving the same forward toward a drum; pressing a surface of the strip rubber on the apex portion side by a pressure bonding roller, adhering the strip... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20150136310 - Method for producing composite member: The invention provides a novel method for producing a composite member by fixing a surface member to the outer peripheral surface of a core member. A method for producing a composite member having a core member and a surface member fixed to the outer peripheral surface of the core member... Agent:

20150136311 - Fillable stencil pattern: A pool stencil pattern includes a frame anchoring hard curing decorative material in a swimming pool plaster coat. The frame includes a perimeter wall with an exterior surface and interior surface, both having ridges near their centerlines. The frame also includes interior walls circumscribed by the perimeter wall defining compartments... Agent:

20150136312 - Workpiece processing method: A method for processing a workpiece including: a supporting plate preparing step of preparing a supporting plate having, on a top surface side of the supporting plate, a recessed portion configured to house a projecting portion provided in a device region of the workpiece; a positioning step of mounting the... Agent:

20150136313 - Lift systems with continuous in-rail charging: Rail-mounted lift systems are disclosed. In one embodiment, the lift system includes a rail having at least one conductor positioned on an upper interior surface of the rail. A carriage may be slidably disposed in the rail for relative movement to the rail. The carriage generally includes a carriage body,... Agent: Liko Research & Development Ab

20150136314 - Methods and systems for installing screen protectors for electronic devices: In some embodiments, the instant invention is a kit having at least: a tray, having: a first cutout, a second cutout, and a third cutout; and a protective film for an electronic device, where a first alignment tab and a second alignment tab are attached to the protective film, where... Agent:

20150136315 - Transfer film for attaching protection film to flat panel display and method for manufacturing the flat panel display using the same: The present disclosure relates to a transfer film for attaching protection film to flat panel display and method for manufacturing the flat panel display using the same. The present disclosure suggests a transfer film comprising: a lower film; and a protection film temporarily attached on the lower film and including... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150136316 - Method of manufacturing a structured adsorbent bed for capture of co2 from low pressure and low concentration sources: A method of forming a structured adsorbent sheet is provided. The method includes, combining a nano-adsorbent powder and a binder material to form an adsorbent material, and sandwiching a porous electrical heating substrate between two layers of adsorbent material. The nano-adsorbent powder may be a nano-particle adsorbent. The nano-adsorbent powder... Agent: L'air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour I'etude Et I'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20150136317 - Double-sided adhesive tape and adhesion method using double-sided adhesive tape: A double-sided adhesive tape (1) having adhesive layers (3, 4) comprising an adhesive composition, provided on both surfaces of a base material (2). The adhesive composition is a thermoplastic elastomer-based adhesive or an acrylic-based adhesive. The thickness of the adhesive layers (3, 4) is set to at least 70 μm.... Agent: Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd.

20150136318 - System and method of controlled bonding manufacturing: A controlled-bonding manufacturing system for creating objects from a material sheet without the use of adhesives. The system comprises a flat base, a laser welding assembly, a feeding element, and a computing element. The flat base is adapted to receive a plurality of layers of the material sheet layered thereon.... Agent:

20150136319 - Uv-curing hot melt adhesive containing low content of oligomers: A reactive hot melt adhesive comprising a blend of a (meth)acrylate polymer, a polyurethane polymer containing (meth)acrylate groups and a polyurethane prepolymer containing NCO-groups wherein the content of low molecular weight (meth)acrylate urethanes is less than 1 wt % of the adhesive. The adhesive provides a fast and improved green... Agent:

20150136320 - Manual and automatic fastening device for a bonding element and method therefor: A manual and an automatic fastening device for fastening a bonding element to a surface by means of a light-curing adhesive is disclosed. The fastening devices apply the bonding element to the surface with a specific contact pressure, before the light is irradiated onto the bonding element for curing the... Agent:

20150136321 - Method of bonding a thermoplastic component to a carpeted component and the carpeted component to a cellulose-based core in a single pressing step: A method of bonding a thermoplastic component to a carpeted component and the carpeted component to cellulose-based core in a single pressing step is provided. The method includes providing a base component of a reinforced thermoplastic material, the thermoplastic component, a fibrous thermoplastic carpet or mat between the components, a... Agent:

20150136322 - Curable resin composition and primer composition: wherein in the general formula 1, n represents 0 to 2, R each independently represents an alkyl group having 1 to 10 carbon numbers or a derivative of the alkyl group, R′ represents methyl group, ethyl group or propyl group, and in the general formula 2, m represents 1 to... Agent:

20150136323 - Anaerobic curable compositions: The invention provides anaerobic curable compositions comprising a (meth)acrylate component, at least a portion which comprises a (meth)acrylate-functionalized bio-renewable oleaginous polyurethane polymer, and methods of their production and use. These compositions provide excellent adhesion especially on oily surfaces.... Agent:

20150136324 - Imprint lithography method and apparatus: In an embodiment, there is provided an imprint lithography method that includes providing a first amount of imprintable medium on a first area of a substrate, the first amount of imprintable medium, when fixed, having a first etch rate; and providing a second amount of imprintable medium on a second,... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150136325 - Plasma processing using multiple radio frequency power feeds for improved uniformity: A system for modifying the uniformity pattern of a thin film deposited in a plasma processing chamber includes a single radio-frequency (RF) power source that is coupled to multiple points on the discharge electrode of the plasma processing chamber. Positioning of the multiple coupling points, a power distribution between the... Agent:

20150136326 - Screen printer and component mounting line: A screen printer includes: a mask with a pattern hole; a substrate holder that clamps and holds a substrate at sides of the substrate by a pair of clamping members below the mask; a substrate holder elevation mechanism that moves the substrate holder up and down to contact the substrate... Agent:

20150136327 - Method and apparatus for making fiber reinforced composite tubes: A composite tube is made by applying a mixture of individual reinforcing fibers and a resin onto the interior cylindrical wall of the spinning mandrel.... Agent:

20150136328 - Apparatus for applying film material to elongate members: An apparatus including a carriage adapted to be mounted on and movable along the elongate composite stringer, and a compaction roller mounted on the carriage for compacting film material against the flange surface as the carriage moves along the stringer. The apparatus also includes a film feed roll assembly on... Agent:

20150136329 - Novel positioning and application device for the placement of adhesive tapes and the like: An adhesive tape application placement device for applying an elongated adhesive material to an adherend is disclosed. In preferred embodiments, the device comprises: an elongated connection rod having a first end and a second end configured to pass through a plurality of connection rod receiving apertures; a spool having a... Agent:

20150136330 - Method and apparatus for providing liquid-proof seams for corrugated elastic laminates and articles made therefrom: A liquid-proof seamed article including an elastic laminated panel and a corrugated elastic laminated panel joined at the sealing regions of the laminated panels is provided. In exemplary embodiments, both of the laminated panels are corrugated. The laminated panels each include a textile layer and a protective layer. At least... Agent:

20150136331 - Peeling system: Disclosed is a peeling system which includes a peeling device, a plurality of first cleaning devices, an inversion device, a second cleaning device, and first to third conveyance devices. The peeling device is configured to separate a superimposed substrate into a first substrate and a second substrate. The plurality of... Agent:

20150136332 - Device for feeding self-adhesive or \"pressure sensitive\" labels to a labelling machine: A device (1) for feeding self-adhesive or “pressure sensitive” labels to a labelling machine comprises a frame (2) and supporting means (3) comprising a supporting plate (17) for supporting a reel (4) of web (5) with labels applied to it, and also comprises at least one guide element (28, 29)... Agent:

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