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Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture

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11/13/2014 > 30 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140332138 - Method and apparatus for making sealed pouches: A method and apparatus for making pouches is disclosed. It includes using one or more of the following features: using two servo motors to drive a platen, providing a calibration routine is run at start-up and/or after the machine has been operating; controlling in response to feed back from the... Agent: Cmd Corporation

20140332139 - Method for producing an air mattress: An internal tensioning structure for use in an inflatable product fulfills the basic function of maintaining two adjacent inflatable surfaces in a desired geometric arrangement when the inflatable product is pressurized. The tensioning structure is formed by connecting a pair of plastic strips sheets via spaced-apart strands, such as strings... Agent:

20140332140 - Apparatus and method for laminating anisotropic conductive film on flat display panel: The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for laminating an anisotropic conductive film on a flat display panel. The apparatus includes: a feeding device, a cutting device, a pressing device, and a collection device. The feeding device supplies an anisotropic conductive film. The anisotropic conductive film includes a... Agent:

20140332141 - Methods and appartus for transfer of films among substrates: A method is disclosed which includes: forming at least one layer of material on at least part of a surface of a first substrate, wherein a first surface of the at least one layer of material is in contact with the first substrate thereby defining an interface; attaching a second... Agent:

20140332142 - Method for producing an inflatable product: An internal tensioning structure for use in an inflatable product fulfills the basic function of maintaining two adjacent inflatable surfaces in a desired geometric arrangement when the inflatable product is pressurized. The tensioning structure is formed by connecting a pair of plastic strips sheets via spaced-apart strands, such as strings... Agent:

20140332143 - Pneumatic tire for heavy load, and method for producing the same: In the method according to the invention for producing a pneumatic tire for heavy load, it is important that the following vulcanizing conditions are satisfied, the temperature for vulcanizing the tread region is 140° C. or lower, a vulcanization calorie given to the bead regions is a calorie corresponding to... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20140332144 - Fabric adhesion improvement for epdm based low cost timing belt: The present invention is directed to timing belts having improved fabric adhesion to the tooth facing which can be achieved by the use of a combination of a RFL treated fabric and an EPDM body provided the RFL treatment or the body include ZDA or the RF latex is an... Agent: Veyance Technologies, Inc.

20140332145 - Methods and devices for printing seals for fuel cell stacks: Various embodiments include a fuel cell stack seal application method including the step of applying a seal paste to a fuel cell, placing the fuel cell in a fuel cell stack, and thermally treating the fuel cell stack to set the seal paste into a seal. Further embodiments include applying... Agent: Bloom Energy Corporation

20140332146 - Method and apparatus for producing three-dimensional decoration piece made of thermoplastic synthetic resin: A method and an apparatus for producing a three-dimensional decoration piece that does not damage the tacky bonding or adhesion strength of the lower layer material of the decoration piece. The method includes putting an upper layer material on a first table operating as cathode; lowering an upper mold operating... Agent:

20140332147 - Sticking apparatus and sticking method: A sticking apparatus including a pair of plate members sandwiching a laminate between the pair of plate members, and supporting members supporting the plate members. The supporting members supporting at least one of the plate members are located in a form of multiple dots or lines adjacent to each other... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20140332148 - Article with metal grid composite and methods of preparing: A laminate donor element can be used to transfer a composite of a metal grid and an electronically conductive polymer to a receiver sheet for use in various devices. The laminate donor element has a donor substrate, a metal grid that is disposed over only portions of the donor substrate,... Agent:

20140332149 - Method for processing mold material and method for manufacturing structural body: A method for processing a mold material which includes a heating step of heating a mold material layer formed of the mold material to discharge gas from the mold material constituting the mold material layer.... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20140332151 - Colored polyvinyl chloride adhesive film: The present invention provides an adhesive film comprising a colored polyvinyl chloride film having opposite first and second major sides, the first major side having an adhesive layer protected by a release liner and a primer layer arranged between the colored polyvinyl chloride film and the adhesive layer, the primer... Agent:

20140332150 - Separation method and separation apparatus: A method and an apparatus for manufacturing an object which involve a separation technique are provided. A first substrate provided with an object is attached to a second substrate and is then suction-fixed by using a suction chuck (also referred to as a suction stage or a vacuum chuck) including... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140332152 - Card overlay trimmer: Systems and methods for utilizing a trimming device to trim an edge of a plastic card having round corners, are provided. The plastic card has an overlay laminated on a major surface of the plastic card. The periphery of the overlay overhangs the edge of the plastic card. The trimming... Agent: Datacard Corporation

20140332153 - Method of fabricating a composite engineered wood material floor board: The described method of fabricating a composite engineered wood material floor board, having a top wood layer secured to a wood material substrate layer, minimizes the effect of telegraphy in the resulting floor board. The method includes selecting a top wood layer from a top surface quality wood material having... Agent: Boa-franc S.e.n.c.

20140332154 - Process of drilling organic glasses: e

20140332155 - Method for connecting a connector coupling to a fluid line: A method for connecting a connector coupling to a fluid conducting line, wherein the line consists of plastic. A line end of the line is inserted in a receiving receptacle encompassing the circumference of the connector coupling. At least one metal element is disposed in or on the receiving receptacle.... Agent:

20140332156 - Laser induced thermal imaging apparatus and laser induced thermal imaging method using the same: A laser induced thermal imaging apparatus includes a nozzle part disposed over a donor film in a vacuum chamber so as to be spaced apart from the donor film, and configured to spray an inactive gas onto an upper surface of the donor film. Also included is a shielding layer... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140332157 - Laser joining method: The present invention provides a method for stably and robustly laser-welding transparent resins together without compromising transparency. Before laser welding, the joining surface of at least a second transparent resin is subjected to photooxidation, thereby reducing the laser transmittance without reducing the visible light transmittance. A laser beam in the... Agent:

20140332158 - Hollow, composite-material rebar fabrication methodology: A method of making an elongate, composite-material, hollow rebar structure including (a) forming an elongate, composite-material, hollow core, (b) in association with such forming, preparing along the core's length an elongate, composite-material, core-circumsurrounding, hollow sleeve having inner and outer surfaces, (c) in association with such preparing, creating, unitarily with the... Agent:

20140332159 - Method for producing prepreg and laminate: This invention relates to a method for storing a naphthol aralkyl type cyanate ester resin solution, which is difficult to precipitate due to long term storage in a solution state, and particularly relates to a method for storing a naphthol aralkyl type cyanate ester resin solution (AB), which comprises: preparing... Agent:

20140332160 - Sport ball with an inflation-retention bladder: A sport ball may include a casing, a bladder, and a valve. The casing forms at least a portion of an exterior surface of the ball. The bladder is located within the casing for enclosing a pressurized fluid, and the bladder may be formed from a material that includes a... Agent:

20140332161 - Apparatus for spatial and temporal control of temperature on a substrate: An apparatus for control of a temperature of a substrate has a temperature-controlled base, a heater, a metal plate, a layer of dielectric material. The heater is thermally coupled to an underside of the metal plate while being electrically insulated from the metal plate. A first layer of adhesive material... Agent:

20140332162 - System for manufacturing laminated circuit boards: The present invention relates to a pin-less registration and inductive heating system involving the use of a pre-alignment station for imaging an initial position of a laminate element, an imaging and computer operation control system for determining a required correction factor between an alignment of the laminate element at the... Agent: Duetto Integrated Systems, Inc.

20140332163 - Laminating apparatus of manufacturing organic light emitting display: A laminating apparatus for an organic light emitting display includes a vacuum chamber, a stage disposed in the vacuum chamber, the stage being configured to mounted receive an organic light emitting display substrate module, a sealing unit disposed in the vacuum chamber, the sealing unit being configured to heat and... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140332164 - System and atraumatic mandrel for creating graft devices: In some aspects, a system for applying a fiber matrix on a tubular conduit is provided. The system can include a tubular conduit, a mandrel and a fiber matrix delivery assembly. The mandrel can comprise an elongate shaft and a rolling membrane configured to atraumatically engage the tubular conduit.... Agent:

20140332165 - Packing tape dispenser: The present invention discloses a packing tape dispenser which comprises a frame for mounting a roll of tape, a cutting blade fastened to a front end of the frame, the cutting blade not being able to move relative to the frame, a first plate slidably engaging the frame and being... Agent:

20140332166 - Peeling device, peeling system, and peeling method: A peeling device separates a superposed substrate, in which a target substrate and a support substrate are joined to each other with an adhesive, into the target substrate and the support substrate. The peeling device includes a holding unit configured to hold the superposed substrate, and a plurality of position... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140332167 - Tape dispenser and take-up reel for tape backing: This invention generally relates to a method for dispensing tape with automatic backing removal more particularly suited for tape and an associated backing, employing a frame and affixed thereto a tape supply spindle rotatably mounted for receiving a roll of tape; said tape supply spindle having thereon a friction disc... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 29 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140326388 - Method of manufacture for decorative works of art: A method of making a decorative shattered-glass screen or other work of art, including providing a planar main member, applying a two-dimensional graphical decorative work to the main member, applying a substantially clear viscous liquid adhesive over the decorative work of art, applying a shatterable clear glass pane onto the... Agent:

20140326389 - Bonded patches with bond line control: A patch may be used to rework a composite structure in the field. The patch is bonded to the structure by a layer of adhesive and includes perforations that allow the escape of air from the adhesive as the patch is compressed against the structure. A spacer may be introduced... Agent:

20140326391 - Method for producing cell culture vessel: This invention provides a cost-effective technique for mass-production of a cell culture vessel that allows mass cell culture to be performed in a manner that allows cells to be stably detached from the culture vessel. Specifically, the invention provides a method for producing a cell culture vessel suitable for large-capacity... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20140326390 - Method of manufacturing a body adhering absorbent article orientated in the cross-machine direction with reduced curl: The present disclosure provides a method of manufacturing body adhering absorbent articles orientated in the cross-machine direction, body adhering absorbent article having reduced or eliminated curl. The articles are manufactured with reduced curl by selectively reducing or eliminating the shell elastic tension in regions where components of the body adhering... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140326392 - Welding tool comprising a rotating probe, welding method and workpiece: A welding tool for joining at least two workpieces at a joining region by friction stir welding includes a tool pin arranged along one axis of the welding tool, for applying frictional heat to the workpieces. The welding tool also includes a shoulder surrounding the tool pin, for separating the... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20140326393 - Vanadium-based frit materials, and/or methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments relate to improved seals for glass articles. Certain example embodiments relate to a composition used for sealing an insulted glass unit. In certain example embodiments the composition includes vanadium oxide, barium oxide, zinc oxide, and at least one additional additive. For instance, another additive that is a... Agent:

20140326394 - Tire manufacturing method and tire: A tire manufacturing method including cure-molding a top rubber, which serves as the tread surface coming in contact with the road surface, cure-molding abase tire having abase rubber on its outer periphery to which the top rubber is bonded, and forming a tire by integrating the top rubber and the... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20140326395 - Method of hose manufacture: A flexible, stretchable, crush resistant hose particularly well suited for supplying breathing gases to patients in medical applications and the like is formed by providing a helix of coils of thermoplastic material that are bonded to a web of thermoplastic material, preferably along inner diameter surface portions of the coils.... Agent:

20140326396 - Method and tooling station for manufacturing a lining part: f

20140326397 - Method of making a printed elastic laminate: A method of making a printed, elastic laminate has the steps of printing a motif on a longitudinally elongated elastic film. The printed elastic film is cut into longitudinally extending strips that are then bonded transversely next to each other between two surface webs through at least one of which... Agent:

20140326398 - Method of making polarizing beam splitters providing high resolution images and systems utilizing such beam splitters: Polarizing beam splitters, methods of making such beam splitters, and systems incorporating such beam splitters are described. More specifically, polarizing beam splitters, methods of making such beams splitters, and systems with such beam splitters that incorporate multilayer optical films and reflect imaged light towards a viewer or viewing screen with... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140326399 - Laser induced thermal imaging apparatus and laser induced thermal imaging method using the same: A laser induced thermal imaging apparatus comprises a substrate support configured to support a substrate, a donor film holder configured to hold a donor film at a position over the substrate support, and a press unit comprising a first elastic member and a second elastic member disposed over the substrate... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140326400 - Robust monolithic micromechanical valves for high density microfluidic very large scale integration: A fabrication method of a micromechanical valve includes: (1) forming a control layer according to a first weight ratio of cross linker: elastomer base; (2) forming a flow layer according to a second weight ratio of cross linker: elastomer base; (3) forming a membrane layer according to a third weight... Agent:

20140326401 - Photovoltaic roofing tiles and methods for making them: The present invention relates to photovoltaic roofing tiles and methods of manufacturing them. One aspect of the present invention is a photovoltaic roofing tile comprising: a polymeric carrier tile having a top surface and a bottom surface; and a photovoltaic element affixed to the polymeric carrier tile, the photovoltaic element... Agent:

20140326402 - Method for manufacturing metal encapsulation member: A method for manufacturing a metal encapsulation member is disclosed. The method comprises: preparing a substrate on one side of which an adhesive material is applied; adhering a metal member onto the one side of the substrate; attaching an adhesive member onto the metal member; and removing predetermined portions of... Agent: Tgo Tech. Corporation

20140326403 - Self-bonding of chemically vapor deposited sic articles: Method and system for bonding two or more CVD SiC articles together without the use of interface materials using applied forces from about 0.0035 MPa to about 0.035 MPa. The articles are pretreated for bonding. Graphite or other fixtures are used to apply forces in a vacuum or inert gas... Agent:

20140326404 - Laminating apparatus and laminating method using the same: Provided are a laminating apparatus and a laminating method using the same. In an aspect, the laminating apparatus includes a stage, a heating bar, and a press part. In an aspect, the laminating may be performed in a state where the donor film is closely attached to the substrate to... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140326405 - Baseball or softball bat with modified restitution characteristics: A softball or baseball bat with modified restitution characteristics is provided. The bat can comprise a substantially rigid shell coupled with a single or multi-piece insert. The shell can comprise a tip end, a barrel, a handle taper, and a handle. The insert can be press-fit or adhered to the... Agent:

20140326406 - Device and method for bonding auxiliary secondary barrier for liquefied natural gas storage tank: Disclosed are a device and a method for bonding an auxiliary secondary barrier for an LNG storage tank. The device for bonding an auxiliary secondary barrier includes: a frame; a driving unit, a portion of which is arranged in the frame, and which enables the frame to move on an... Agent: Samsung Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd

20140326407 - Cyanoacrylate compositions: Cyanoacrylate-containing compositions that include, in addition to the cyanoacrylate component, an anhydride and a maleimide-, itaconimide-, or nadimide-containing compound, are provided. Cured products of the inventive cyanoacrylate compositions demonstrate improved moisture and/or heat resistance.... Agent: Henkel USIPLLC

20140326409 - Plasma processing apparatus and method: An apparatus includes an upper electrode and a lower electrode for supporting a wafer disposed opposite each other within a process chamber. A first RF power supply configured to apply a first RF power having a relatively higher frequency is connected to the upper electrode. A second RF power supply... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140326408 - Mask pattern for hole patterning and method for fabricating semiconductor device using the same: A method for fabricating a semiconductor device includes forming an etching target layer over a substrate including a first region and a second region; forming a hard mask layer over the etching target layer; forming a first etch mask over the hard mask layer, wherein the first etch mask includes... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140326410 - Portable system for bonding pipes: A kit for fusing piping includes a plurality of couplings, each coupling having a susceptor layer concentric with a weld zone. A control unit provides a current to a wand with a handle for gripping by a user. The handle has opposing jaws mounted on the distal end, each jaw... Agent: Watts Water Technologies, Inc.

20140326411 - Welding device and method for welding thermoplastic resin articles, and pressing unit for the welding device: A welding device includes a compressor configured to compress a welding part and its adjoining surfaces of thermoplastic resin articles (2a, 2b) in directions perpendicular to the axis of a core (1), and a heater, and is configured such that: the surface of the welding part of the thermoplastic resin... Agent:

20140326412 - Method and apparatus for reinforcing a pipeline: Systems and methods for reinforcing an existing pipeline. In some embodiments, the methods include positioning a pipeline wrapping apparatus on the existing pipeline, wherein the pipeline wrapping apparatus comprises a winding head, feeding a strip of material through the winding head, attaching an end of the strip of material to... Agent: Pipestream B.v.

20140326413 - Hot gas generation device: A hot gas generation device with which a gas flow, for example, an air flow, is heated. This device is used for heating an edge band or another coating material, in particular an adhesive layer provided on this coating material. In this way, the coating material is prepared for being... Agent:

20140326414 - Apparatus for linear friction welding: The linear friction welding apparatus of this invention includes two vibrating assemblies, which simultaneously vibrate both work pieces along different weld axis within the plane of the weld interface during the weld process. The LFW apparatus allows one or both work pieces to be independently vibrated against one another along... Agent:

20140326415 - Roll device: The invention relates to a roll device (300) that comprises: a roll (100) removably connectable to a support structure (200); —a heating element (7) seated within the roll (100); an electrical connector for supplying the heating element (7). The roll device is characterised in that the connector comprises: —a first... Agent: Automatic Lamination Technologies S.r.l.

20140326416 - Method for separating a layer from a composite structure: The disclosure relates to a method for separating a layer from a composite structure, the structure comprising a composite stack formed from at least a support substrate, which is partially transparent at a determined wavelength, the layer to be separated and a separation layer interposed between the support substrate and... Agent: Soitec

10/30/2014 > 35 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140318680 - Bonding apparatus, bonding system and bonding method: A bonding apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure includes a first holding unit, a second holding unit, a pressing mechanism and a holding mechanism. The first holding unit is provided with a first heating mechanism and holds a first substrate. The second holding unit disposed facing... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140318681 - Device and method for joining rubber members: When overlapping and joining together end portions of a rubber member, it becomes possible to join them at a joining area smaller than a conventional one by increasing the joining area. There is provided a joining device for overlapping end portions, of a rubber member (tire constituent member) with one... Agent:

20140318683 - Apparatus and method for semiconductor wafer leveling, force balancing and contact sensing: A wafer bonder apparatus, includes a lower chuck, an upper chuck, a process chamber and three adjustment mechanisms. The three adjustment mechanisms are arranged around a top lid spaced apart from each other and are located outside of the process chamber. Each adjustment mechanism includes a component for sensing contact... Agent:

20140318682 - Device and method for manufacturing tube bodies: A device for manufacturing circumferentially closed tubular tube bodies, comprising conveying means for conveying the substrate in a conveying direction, and also comprising tube-forming means which are designed to form a web-like substrate, which has a first and a second longitudinal edge, into a tubular form in which, in the... Agent: Packsys Global (switzerland) Ltd.

20140318684 - Circular stapler and staple line reinforcement material: A surgical stapling instrument includes a staple cartridge assembly having a plurality of rows of staple receiving slots and an anvil assembly having a plurality of rows of staple forming recesses. The staple cartridge assembly, the anvil assembly, or both have one or more attachment members overmolded thereon. A staple... Agent:

20140318685 - System and method for light assisted friction stir processing and welding of metallic and non-metallic materials: An apparatus for use in a friction stir operation, such as friction stir welding (FSW) or friction stir processing (FSP). The apparatus may have a rotating tool adapted to be plunged into a material, where the material is susceptible to being softened by heating. The rotating tool may further be... Agent:

20140318686 - Process for providing an extended tubular article with a corrosion protection coating system having self-repairing properties: The present invention A process for providing an extended tubular article or one or more sections of the extended tubular article with a corrosion protecting system, wherein (a) a layer of an adhesive composition is applied to the surface of the extended tubular article or the one or more sections... Agent: Frans Nooren Afdichtingssystemen B.v.

20140318687 - Multi-material joints and methods: A multi-material joint includes first and second body members, a staple, a wire ladder, and an adhesive. The first body member includes a first layer of fiber reinforced material which has first upper and lower surfaces. The second body member includes a metal. The staple includes first and second prongs... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140318688 - Methods and apparatus for hot recapping of a retreaded tire: Particular embodiments of the present invention comprise methods for retreading a tire and a retreaded tire formed by such methods. Such methods include assembling a retreaded tire by: applying a bonding layer along an outer side of a pre-existing tread layer of a tire carcass and within the one or... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20140318689 - Dense barrier-coating system and method: A method of making a coated polymer-matrix composite (PMC) having high-temperature oxidation protection includes bonding a first surface of a flexible sublayer that is free of water to a first surface of a dry PMC substrate having a first coefficient of thermal expansion. The flexible sublayer includes an electrically conductive... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140318690 - Method of manufacturing a flexible display substrate and process film for manufacturing a flexible display substrate: A method of manufacturing a flexible display substrate using a process film and a process film for manufacturing a flexible display substrate are provided. The method of manufacturing the flexible display substrate using the process film is as follows. A base layer for the flexible display substrate is prepared on... Agent:

20140318691 - Boss seal for composite overwrapped pressure vessel: A pressure vessel is disclosed. The pressure vessel may include a boss, a liner, an O-ring, and a composite overwrap of shell. A boss may comprise a through aperture, a first groove encircling the through aperture, and a first engagement mechanism. A liner may comprise an interior surface, exterior surface,... Agent:

20140318692 - Composite flywheel: A flywheel includes a wheel having a composite rim structure with multiple radial layers of steel material. Epoxy type adhesive can bond the multiple layers of stainless steel together.... Agent:

20140318693 - Staged cocuring of composite structures: A composite structure is fabricated by staging at least a portion of an uncured, first composite component. The first composite component is assembled with a second composite component, and the staged portion of the first composite component is cocured with the second composite component.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140318694 - Process for producing absorbent core structures: The present invention is method for forming a sandwich structure having a pattern of particulate material enveloped between a carrier material and a cover material. The method allows accurate forming of pre-determined pattern at high production speed. Such a method is particularly useful in the manufacture of disposable absorbent articles,... Agent:

20140318695 - Methods and apparatuses for assembling disposable diaper pants: An apparatus for assembling diaper pants includes a drum rotatable about an axis of rotation. The drum has an outer surface. The outer surface includes a first lane of folding devices and a second lane of folding devices. Each folding device includes a chassis support member, a chassis folding member... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140318696 - Method for producing membrane electrode assembly: An object of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a membrane electrode assembly with excellent electrode transfer ability to electrolyte membrane. Disclosed is a method for producing a membrane electrode assembly, the assembly comprising an electrolyte membrane and an electrode which are attached to each other,... Agent:

20140318698 - Dielectric bond plies for circuits and multilayer circuits, and methods of manufacture thereof: A bond ply, comprising a first outer layer comprising a thermosetting composition and a filler composition; a second outer layer comprising a thermosetting composition and a filler composition that is of the same type as that of the first outer layer; and an intermediate layer disposed between the first and... Agent:

20140318697 - Manufacturing method of semiconductor device: A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device with a treated member, includes: subjecting an adhesive support having a substrate and an adhesive layer capable of increasing or decreasing in adhesiveness upon irradiation with an actinic ray or radiation to pattern exposure of the adhesive layer to provide a high adhesive... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140318699 - Methods of making garments having stretchable and conductive ink: Methods of forming garments having one or more stretchable conductive ink patterns. Described herein are method of making garments (including compression garments) having one or more highly stretchable conductive ink pattern formed of a composite of an insulative adhesive, a conductive ink, and an intermediate gradient zone between the adhesive... Agent:

20140318700 - Apparatus for dispensing pressure sensitive adhesive labels onto a substrate: A labeling apparatus comprises a separation member configured to promote detachment of an adhesive label from liner web. Adhesive labels are fed to the separation member such that a surface of the facestock contacts the separation member. The separation member has a surface exhibiting a tack such that the tack... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20140318701 - Sandwich panel with integrated reinforcing structure and method for the production thereof: A Sandwich panel with a core structure, in particular with a honeycomb-shaped core structure, and plane-parallel cover layers applied to both sides of this core structure, to form a floor surface in a fuselage airframe of an aircraft, the core structure having at least one recess into which at least... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140318702 - Magnetically guided catheters: A magnetically-guided catheter includes a tip positioning magnet in the distal electrode assembly configured to interact with externally applied magnetic fields for magnetically-guided movement. A magnetically-guided mapping catheter includes an electrically-conductive capsule in the form of a casing that includes a distal ablation surface and isolates the positioning magnet from... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.

20140318703 - Continuous production process for polytetrafluoroethylene functional film for electro-mechanical energy conversion: A continuous production process for a polytetrafluoroethylene functional film for electro-mechanical energy conversion is disclosed. The process includes a step of thermal bonding a composite film having a micro-porous structure and electrically charging the composite film. The composite film having a micro-porous structure includes one layer of porous polytetrafluoroethylene film... Agent: Shanghai Dagong New Materials Co., Ltd.

20140318704 - Method of formation of compression-bonded structure: In a bonding structure for bonding a bonding attachment, having an insertion hole formed to allow insertion of a rebar therein, to the rebar, an application liquid mixed with a granular fine powder is previously applied on the rebar or the inside of the insertion hole of the bonding attachment,... Agent: Fuji Bolt Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140318705 - Multi-functional aircraft structures: A method for manufacturing a composite structure. A filler material with a barrier material for a channel in the filler material is formed. A composite material and the filler material with the barrier material are laid up onto a tool in a shape of the composite structure. The composite material... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140318706 - Method to align covers on structured layers and resulting devices: A method for forming a fluidic module for a continuous flow reactor includes providing at least one planar glass or ceramic sheet having one or more through-holes, forming at least one patterned glass or ceramic layer having at least one patterned surface such that the patterned surface comprises channels defined... Agent:

20140318707 - Method for manufacturing electornic device: Provided is a method of manufacturing an electronic device. An electronic device having excellent moisture blocking property and durability may be provided by the method.... Agent:

20140318708 - Methods of making ground containment liners: The present invention provides methods of making containment liners to protect the environment from spills and leaks at oil and/or gas production sites and other sites. The containment liners comprise a first felt geotextile layer and a polymeric barrier layer embedded partially into the felt geotextile layer.... Agent:

20140318709 - Electrically conductive adhesive agent, and method for connecting electronic component: There are provided an electrically conductive adhesive agent capable of providing good electrical continuity to a substrate to which a preflux treatment has been applied, and a method for connecting electronic components. The electrically conductive adhesive agent to be used includes a polymerizable acrylic compound, an organic peroxide, and the... Agent:

20140318710 - Apparatus for generating plasma using electromagnetic field applicator and apparatus for treating substrate comprising the same: A plasma generating apparatus is provided which includes an RF power which provides an RF signal; a plasma chamber which generates a plasma using the RF signal; a plurality of isolation loops which are formed along a circumference of the plasma chamber; and a plurality of electromagnetic applicators which are... Agent: Psk Inc.

20140318711 - Bonding apparatus, bonding system and bonding method: A bonding apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure includes a first holding unit, a second holding unit, a first cooling mechanism, a second cooling mechanism, a third heating mechanism and a fourth heating mechanism. The first holding unit has a first heating mechanism and holds a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140318712 - Device for forming multi-row packing units: An apparatus for producing container packs from containers in a container stream or a plurality of transport lines includes guide elements, entraining elements, applicator elements, and a compartmentalizing and/or compressing unit configured for compartmentalizing and compressing a predetermined number of containers that are combined to form a container pack. The... Agent:

20140318713 - Interchangeable cut tape / leaderless feeder finger adaptable to various surface mount assembly machine feeders for chip mounters: Provided is a cut tape/leaderless feeder finger for use in tape feeders for component mounters. The cut tape/leaderless feeder finger can be attached to existing component tape feeders to allow feeding of component tape without a leader. The cut tape/leaderless feeder finger includes a stripping mechanism that folds and creases... Agent:

20140318714 - Supporting member separation apparatus and supporting member separation method: A supporting member separation apparatus that separates a supporting member from a laminate having a substrate, an adhesive layer, a release layer which has a property that changes when it absorbs light, and the supporting member which are laminated in this order. The apparatus includes a holding unit that holds... Agent:

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20140311653 - Joining device and joining position adjustment method using joining device: A joining device includes a first holding unit configured to load and hold the first member on its top surface; a second holding unit disposed above the first holding unit while facing the first holding unit and configured to hold the second member; and a position adjustment mechanism configured to... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140311652 - Method and apparatus for mounting electronic or optical components on a substrate: A method for mounting components on a substrate includes receiving a component with a suction member which is mounted on a bonding head, displacing the bonding head relative to the substrate by means of a first movement axis and a second movement axis in order to position the component in... Agent: Besi Switzerland Ag

20140311651 - Offset 3d printing: This document describes techniques and apparatuses for offset three-dimensional (3D) printing. These techniques are capable of creating smoother surfaces and more-accurate structures than many current techniques. In some cases, the techniques provide a first stage of filaments separated by offsets and, at a second stage, provide filaments over these offsets.... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140311654 - Method and device for joining transfer or laminating film webs: A description is given of a method for joining a first and a second film web (2, 2′) of a transfer film or laminating film, wherein the film webs (2, 2′) comprise a thermoplastic carrier film (21) and a decorative layer (23). Formed between the first and second film webs... Agent: Ovd Kinegram Ag

20140311655 - Process and plant for manufacturing mutually different tyres: Production of carcass structures and/or production of crown structures includes: positioning a first continuous elongated element so that its end stretch is aligned with a cutting position; positioning a second continuous elongated element so that its end stretch is in side by side relationship with the end stretch of the... Agent:

20140311656 - Methods for manufacturing an embosser drum for use in pre-formatting optical tape media: Various embodiments herein include utilities for generating embosser drums that are used to pre-format optical media such as optical tape with a pattern of nanostructures such as wobbled grooves. One utility includes generating a plurality of replicas from an embossing master and bonding the replicas together to form a bonded... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140311657 - Vacuum roll system for forming and applying handle on substrate: r

20140311658 - Method of manufacturing dressings containing at least one active ingredient: A method of manufacturing dressings, preferably with thinner edges, is described. The method involves the steps of a) forming a first laminated element by securing together a backing film and a layer of a malleable adhesive material; b) shaping the laminated element to obtain an intermediate product that includes a... Agent:

20140311659 - Corrugated processing unit and method thereof: Provided is a unit for manufacturing corrugated board from sheets of paper material, including: corrugation means configured to heat-corrugate a first sheet of paper material to make a corrugated sheet, heating means configured to heat sheets of paper material to provide the heat needed to optimise at least the processing... Agent: Italdry S.r.l.

20140311660 - Textured structure and method of making a textured structure: The present application is directed to textured surfaces and methods for forming textured surfaces. The textured surfaces of the present application comprise a conformable film, which conforms to a texture pattern. In certain embodiments, the texture pattern comprises inks having a desired thickness. The methods of the present application may... Agent:

20140311661 - Process for producing a liquid ejection head: A process for producing a liquid ejection head having a substrate and an ejection orifice forming member having an ejection orifice for ejecting liquid, including forming, on the substrate, a photocationically polymerizable resin layer which includes a photocationically polymerizable resin material and becomes the ejection orifice forming member; laminating, on... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140311662 - Method for fabricating an embedded pattern using a transfer-based imprinting: In a method for fabricating an embedded pattern using a transfer-based imprinting, an adhesive layer is formed on a substrate. The adhesive layer has a photo curable resin. A stamp having a protruded pattern is prepared. A thin-film layer is formed on an outer surface of the protruded pattern of... Agent: Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials

20140311664 - Label application devices: Label application devices and methods of printing and applying labels are described herein. One label application device can comprise a feed component configured to deliver a sheet of label material to a position, a product identification component configured to identify a type of a product that is approaching the position,... Agent: Computype, Inc.

20140311663 - Method of fabricating flexible color filter and flexible color display device: Methods of fabricating a flexible color filter and a flexible color display device are provided. A bonding substrate is firstly provided. The bonding substrate includes a rigid supporting substrate and a carrier-free adhesive layer, in which the carrier-free adhesive layer is disposed on the rigid supporting substrate. Next, a flexible... Agent: Sumika Technology Co., Ltd.

20140311665 - Cushioning elements for apparel and other products and methods of manufacturing the cushioning elements: A method for manufacturing the cushioning elements may include utilizing a die with a plurality of die elements positioned in a particular arrangement. A polymer material, which may be a polymer foam material, is located between the die and an extractor. The polymer material is compressed between the die and... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140311666 - Label sheet for cleaning and conveying member having cleaning function: A label sheet for cleaning is formed of a label for cleaning including a cleaning layer having a 180° peeling adhesion to a silicon wafer of 0.20 N/10 mm or less after receiving an active energy and an adhesive layer provided on one of surfaces of said cleaning layer, and... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140311667 - Wrinkle free geometric opening in a vacuum insulated panel: At least one puck is used to manufacture a vacuum insulated panel with a shaped opening. A pair of barrier films are positioned about an insulated core having a shaped opening such as a through bore, cutout, or relief. The puck includes a protrusion having a shape similar to that... Agent:

20140311668 - Method for producing organic el panel and device for sealing organic el panel: A method for producing an organic EL panel includes an application step of applying a filler, a desiccant, a sealant and a fixing agent to positions on a encapsulation substrate opposing the position of an element, a positioning step of positioning an element substrate and the encapsulation substrate, a heating... Agent:

20140311669 - Methods of joining metallic protective layers: In various embodiments, protective layers are bonded to a steel layer, overlapped, and at least partially covered by a layer of unmelted metal powder produced by cold spray.... Agent:

20140311670 - Assembling system and assembling method for a backlight module: An assembling system for assembling a backlight light module includes a receiving device, a pressing unit, a driving unit, an image module and a platform. The platform defines a bearing area to accommodate the receiving device. The receiving device includes a receiving room configured for receiving components of a backlight... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140311671 - Method and apparatus for making sheets of composite material: A product sheet of composite material can be made by disposing composite materials of composite material in adjacent (side-by-side) relation with each other. The composite materials comprise fibers in a thermoplastic matrix material. The adjacent composite materials are bonded together to provide a product sheet of composite material. Preferably, a... Agent: Gordon Holdings, Inc.

20140311672 - Method for producing composite elements: The invention relates to a method for the production of composite elements with at least one outer layer a) and a layer b) firmly bonded to it, an adhesion promoter c) being applied between the outer layer a) and the layer b) firmly bonded to it, the outer layer a)... Agent: Basf Se

20140311673 - Method and apparatus for adhesive bonding in an aqueous medium: The disclosure is directed to an adhesive material which can be applied underwater comprising hydrophilic adhesive molecules. In other embodiments, the adhesive material may also include hydrophilic polymers and/or an oxidizing agent.... Agent:

20140311674 - Cross-linkable masses based on organyl-oxysilane-terminated polyurethanes: Adhesives having high tensile strength are prepared from moisture-curable alkoxysilyl-terminated polyurethanes.... Agent:

20140311675 - Single wafer etching apparatus: Provided is a single wafer etching apparatus etching wafers one at a time. According to the present invention, the single wafer etching apparatus may not only discharge gas by vibrating the wafer even in the case that gas, a byproduct of an etching reaction, is generated, but may also prevent... Agent: Lg Siltron Inc.

20140311676 - Substrate mounting table and plasma treatment device: A substrate mounting table (94) is equipped with a mounting table (2), an electrostatic chuck (6), and a bevel covering (5). The electrostatic chuck (6) has a supporting surface (6e) which is in contact with the whole of the rear surface of a wafer (W). The annular bevel covering (5)... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140311678 - Automated placement of vibration damping materials: Damping material is installed on a structure by moving a material placement head over the structure, and using the head to place the material on the structure.... Agent:

20140311677 - Trigger-operated adhesive tape displenser: A trigger-operated adhesive dispenser includes a rack, a handle affixed to the rack, a swing frame pivotally mounted at the rack, a cutter blade fixedly mounted at the rack, a stopper member pivotally mounted at the rack, and a trigger mounted at the handle. When the trigger is not pressed,... Agent:

20140311679 - Assembly apparatus for a display device: An assembly apparatus for a display device includes a panel support member for supporting a display panel; a tape attaching module for attaching a cover panel tape to the display panel; and a pocket member holding a connector of a flexible printed circuit board attached to the cover panel tape.... Agent:

20140311680 - Laminated body and method for separating laminated body: A laminate including a supporting member which is light transmissive; a supported substrate which is supported by the supporting member; an adhesive layer which is provided on a surface of the supported substrate on which surface the supported substrate is supported by the supporting member; and a release layer, which... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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