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Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture

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04/16/2015 > 30 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150101730 - Wet glue: An aqueous adhesive composition including a certain emulsion polymer and an epoxysilane wherein the adhesive composition is substantially free from crosslinking agent is provided. A method for providing a substrate bearing a paper label, the adhered label having ice water resistance, and a method for removing the paper label from... Agent:

20150101731 - Method and apparatus for electrical gap setting for a piezoelectric pressure sensor: A method for electrically setting a gap for a piezoelectric pressure sensor. The method includes positioning a piezoelectric flex element on a tray; attaching a voltage source to the piezoelectric flex element of a piezoelectric pressure sensor; applying a voltage from the voltage source to the piezoelectric flex element; curing... Agent: Sercel Inc.

20150101732 - Method of manufacturing liquid ejecting head: Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a liquid ejecting head where first and second members with different sizes which are formed of silicon are laminated with an adhesive agent. The method includes measuring a distance between a reference point which is positionally aligned in the laminating direction with respect to... Agent:

20150101733 - Repair and preventive maintenance system and method for fiberglass boats: A method for preventive maintenance of a boat hull to restore the integrity of a fiberglass boat hull and prevent new water infiltration damage to a boat hull. The wet area repair guidelines using a surface moisture meter. Any balsa cored area reading 15% or above is considered a wet... Agent:

20150101734 - Method for manufacturing a flexible strip brush: A method for manufacturing a flexible strip brush element is disclosed. A multiplicity of thermoplastic monofilaments respectively having first ends and second ends are arranged in substantially parallel fashion and at a prescribed density. Heat is applied to the first ends of the monofilaments so as to melt the first... Agent:

20150101735 - Tray assembly and method of manufacturing donor film using the same: A tray assembly configured to stretch an object film includes a main frame on which the object film is placed and a fixing unit at sides of the main frame and configured to couple the object film to the main frame. The fixing unit includes an adhesive film coupled to... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150101736 - Method of manufacturing laminated glass for vehicle: A method of manufacturing a vehicle laminated glass according to the present invention includes: stacking a thermal insulating film between two resin intermediate films; stacking these films between two curved glass plates, thereby forming a stacked body; degassing the stacked body; and, after the degassing, thermocompression bonding the stacked body... Agent:

20150101737 - Device for inserting a wire into a tire: The needle (12) of the device for inserting a wire into a tire has: a piercing zone (18) having an axis of symmetry, and a duct (30) having a proximal opening and a distal opening (36) opening into the zone (18) and off-centre relative to the axis, the duct consisting... Agent:

20150101738 - Bends in composite panels: A method and apparatus for forming a bend in composite panel. A method for forming a bend in a composite panel comprises forming a slot having a curved flange in the composite panel, inserting a sheet into the curved flange, and bending the composite panel with the slot and the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150101739 - Method of making prefastened refastenable disposable absorbent articles: The present disclosure relates to methods for manufacturing absorbent articles, and in particular, methods for making pre-fastened refastenable pant diapers. Aspects of the methods according to the present disclosure relate to the fabrication of refastenable pant diapers wherein discrete chassis are advanced in a machine direction such that the lateral... Agent:

20150101740 - Offset printing for high-speed corrugation applications: The present application provides systems, apparatus, and methods for providing high quality printed corrugated boxes through the use of a variable sleeve offset press. In one embodiment a method is provided comprising the steps of: printing a linerboard web to provide ink to the linerboard web. The printing step may... Agent: Color-box, LLC

20150101741 - Chlorine-free packaging sheet with tear-resistance properties: A chlorine-free packaging sheet having a first rigid component, a second rigid component and a multilayer film positioned between the first rigid component and the second rigid component, a package comprising such packaging sheet and a method of manufacturing such sheet. The packaging sheet has a normalized combined tear initiation... Agent:

20150101742 - Continuous extrusion process for manufacturing a z-directed component for a printed circuit board: A method for manufacturing a Z-directed component for insertion into a mounting hole in a printed circuit board according to one example embodiment includes simultaneously extruding a plurality of materials according to the structure of the Z-directed component to form an extruded object and forming the Z-directed component from the... Agent:

20150101743 - Methods and materials for fabricating laminate nanomolds and nanoparticles therefrom: A laminate nanomold includes a layer of perfluoropolyether defining a cavity that has a predetermined shape and a support layer coupled with the layer of perfluoropolyether. The laminate can also include a tie-layer coupling the layer of perfluoropolyether with the support layer. The tie-layer can also include a photocurable component... Agent: Liquidia Technologies, Inc.

20150101744 - Debonding temporarily bonded semiconductor wafers: Described methods and apparatus provide a controlled perturbation to an adhesive bond between a device wafer and a carrier wafer. The controlled perturbation, which can be mechanical, chemical, thermal, or radiative, facilitates the separation of the two wafers without damaging the device wafer. The controlled perturbation initiates a crack either... Agent:

20150101745 - Manufacturing of high resolution conductive patterns using organometallic ink and banded anilox rolls: Disclosed herein are systems methods for using ink comprising organometallics in a flexographic printing process using engraved anilox rolls to transfer ink to an impression roll that prints a pattern on a substrate. A banded anilox roll with more than one geometry and/or volume of cells may be used in... Agent:

20150101746 - Method and device for welding profiled elements in plastic material, in particular pvc: A method for welding profiled elements in plastic material, includes the steps of: preparing two profiled elements, arranged with respective zones to be facing one another; making a groove in correspondence to at least one zone, by a removal operation on a peripheral edge of at least one profiled element;... Agent: Graf Synergy S.r.l.

20150101747 - Methods of making containers: A hermetically sealed container is disclosed that may be produced by an effective and economical process for an in-plant system. The container comprises a coated unitary tray component having a base portion, a side wall portion, and a flange portion; and a lid component hermetically sealed to the flange portion... Agent:

20150101748 - Flexible stent with hinged connectors: A composite implantable prosthesis including a scaffold with a plurality of axially spaced apart sections connected by one or more bridges, each bridge including one or more hinges, and methods of making the prosthesis. The material of the bridges may be generally distinct from the material of the scaffold.... Agent:

20150101749 - Melamine decorative board: Provided is a melamine decorative board having a milky-white core layer and less warpage. When the melamine decorative board is bonded onto a base plate such as a plywood, a particle board, and a steel board, a color tone of the base plate does not appear through to a decorative... Agent: Aica Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20150101750 - Bonding apparatus of fuel cell stack and method thereof: A bonding apparatus of fuel cell stack includes a lower heat plate provided at one side of a gas diffusion layer provided at both sides of a membrane electrode assembly, the lower heat plate supplying heat to the gas diffusion layer and including a steam supply line for supplying steam... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150101751 - Lignocellulosic biomass fermentation process syrup binder and adhesive: Lignocellulosic syrup is produced as a co-product in a lignocellulosic biomass fermentation process, such as one producing ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass. The lignocellulosic syrup may be used as a binder of particulate materials. In addition, the syrup may be used as an adhesive.... Agent:

20150101752 - Substrate peripheral portion measuring device, and substrate peripheral portion polishing apparatus: A projecting/receiving unit (52) projects a laser light to a peripheral portion (30) and receives the reflected light while a liquid is being fed to a substrate (14) and is flowing on the peripheral portion (30). A signal processing controller (54) processes the electric signal of the reflected light to... Agent:

20150101753 - Etching tray and lid for acid etching pcd cutting inserts: An etching tray for etching PCD cutting inserts is provided. The etching system includes a tray having a bottom and side walls extending upwardly from the tray bottom and a lid attachable to the top of the tray. The lid may include a funnel formed as an integral part of... Agent: Stingray Group, LLC

20150101754 - Apparatus for treating substrate and method for carrying substrate: Provided is an apparatus for treating a substrate. The apparatus for treating the substrate includes a carrying unit between a second chamber and a loadlock chamber. The carrying unit includes an arm, a blade for supporting the substrate, and a rotation driver for rotating the arm. The carrying unit disposed... Agent:

20150101755 - Substrate processing apparatus: An insulating film having features such as a low dielectric constant, a low etching rate and a high insulating property is formed. An oxycarbonitride film is formed on a substrate by performing a cycle a predetermined number of times, the cycle including: (a) supplying a gas containing an element to... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20150101756 - Process: The present invention relates to a process and assembly for preparing a dry thermoplastic prepreg comprising reinforcing fiber spread tow (2) and airborne or melt-borne discrete thermoplastic fibers (4).... Agent: University Of Leeds

20150101757 - Plastic film heat seal apparatus: In a plastic film heat seal apparatus in which a plastic film includes opposite side edge portions superposed with each other, the opposite side edge portions being heat sealed with each other longitudinally thereof, the apparatus is improved to make the side edge portions heat sealed with each other adequately... Agent: Totani Corporation

20150101758 - Peel-off apparatus, peel-off system, peel-off method and computer storage medium: Disclosed is a peel-off apparatus comprising: a first holding unit configured to hold a first substrate of a superimposed substrate; a second holding unit configured to hold a second substrate of the superimposed substrate; and a moving unit configured to move a part of outer periphery of the first holding... Agent:

20150101759 - Film peeling apparatus: A film peeling apparatus that peels a film attached to a substrate includes a chamber, a transfer unit, and first peeling rollers. The transfer unit is disposed in the chamber to transfer the substrate. The first peeling rollers are disposed in the chamber, each of the first peeling rollers includes... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 33 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150096660 - Method of making a mechanical fastener using a crowned surface: A method of making a mechanical fastener. The method includes providing a slit web having mechanical fastening elements, applying tension to the slit web in the machine direction, and spreading the slit web in the cross-machine direction by moving the slit web over a crowned surface to provide a spread... Agent:

20150096659 - Method of making a mechanical fastener using diverging disks: A method of making a mechanical fastener. The method includes providing a slit web having mechanical fastening elements, applying tension to the slit web in the machine direction, and spreading the slit web in the cross-machine direction by directing its side edges over two rotating diverging disks to provide a... Agent:

20150096661 - Processes and machines for decorating articles of manufacture: Processes and machines for decorating exterior surfaces of elongated, three-dimensional, discrete articles of manufacture, with decorative indicia and textural patterns.... Agent:

20150096662 - Asphalt shingle, roof covering therewith and method of making the same with synchronized adhesive positioning thereon: A method of making the asphalt shingles includes applying a substrate to a layer of shingle-forming material, the substrate having indicators at predetermined spaced-apart distances, with the indicators being sensed as the shingle-forming layer is moved along a predetermined path, with adhesive zones being applied to the shingle such that... Agent:

20150096663 - Method and apparatus for forming and adhering panel and bracket structures: The present invention includes a method for the attachment of a bracket to a panel structure comprising providing an adhesive for attaching the bracket to the panel structure; placing the bracket in a desired location on the panel structure; heating the adhesive; and hardening the adhesive so the bracket is... Agent:

20150096664 - Phenolic foam board: A rigid insulating phenolic foam body has at least one perforated facing. The facing is preferably perforated before the facing is adhered to the foam body. The facing may be a gas impermeable material such as a metallic foil. The perforations in the gas impermeable material reduce the drying and... Agent:

20150096665 - System and method of installing and removing a temporary concrete barrier from a bridge deck: A system for installing and removing a temporary concrete barrier from a bridge deck includes a bolt, a star washer, a flat washer, a two-part sleeve, and a barbed nut. A method of using the system includes the steps of positioning the temporary concrete barrier at a desired location on... Agent:

20150096666 - Stretch frame for stretching process: An apparatus comprising a frame and a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to at least a portion of the frame, where the pressure sensitive adhesive is arranged to bond a pre-strained film to the frame is disclosed. A method of making the apparatus also is disclosed. Also disclosed is a method... Agent:

20150096667 - Composite pipe and method of manufacture: A composite pipe is disclosed. The composite pipe includes a thermoplastic inner layer and a tape layer. The tape layer is exterior to and bonded with the thermoplastic inner layer. The composite pipe also includes a protective layer formed exterior to the tape layer.... Agent:

20150096668 - Methods for packaging products: The present disclosure provides methods for packaging products by applying a first portion of an adhesive strip to an outer surface of a packaging product. The packaging product includes a plurality of stack containers forming a rim, an outer surface, and an inner surface. The second portion of the adhesive... Agent: Durable Packaging International, Inc.

20150096669 - Method for manufacturing picture frame and system thereof: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a picture frame and a system thereof. The method adopts a wire as workpiece to manufacture the picture frame and comprises the steps of edge milling, glue application, workpiece turnover, folding and picture frame solidifying. The system is a production line... Agent:

20150096670 - Fuel cell: An example fuel cell assembly may include a proton exchange membrane (or membrane electrode assembly) that has a first major surface and a second major surface. An anode electrode, which may include a patterned metal layer with a plurality of apertures extending through the patterned metal layer, may also be... Agent:

20150096671 - Method for producing medical oversleeves and production system: The present invention provides a method for producing medical oversleeves and a production system. The method comprises steps of unreeling, gluing, agglutinating, cutting and finished product collecting, etc. The system comprises an unreeling device, a gluing device, an agglutinating device, a cutting device and a finished product collecting device, etc.... Agent:

20150096672 - Method for manufacturing carbon fiber rim: A method for manufacturing a carbon fiber rim is disclosed, which includes: preparing a carbon fiber composite material and a thermosetting resin-based composite material; preparing a mold to place the carbon fiber composite material into the mold so that the carbon fiber composite material forms a pre-molded rim according to... Agent: Tien Hsin Industries Co., Ltd.

20150096673 - Dual adhesive bonding with perforated wafer: The embodiments of the present invention relate to semiconductor device manufacturing, and more particularly, a method of temporarily bonding a semiconductor wafer to a wafer carrier with a multi-layered contact layer as well as a structure. A method is disclosed that includes: forming a first layer on a surface of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150096674 - Method of producing perforated retroreflective trim: A method for producing a perforated retroreflective trim that includes the steps of providing a substrate having first and second sides and a plurality of openings extending between the sides, providing a backing on the first side of the substrate, providing a retroreflective layer on the second side of the... Agent:

20150096676 - Labelling machine for labels printed on continuous film: A method for labelling containers with labels printed on a continuous film. The method comprises supplying individual containers to be labelled on a support of a rotating carousel; turning the containers about their own axis by turning the support; providing a reel of printed continuous film pretreated with adhesive and... Agent:

20150096675 - System and method for applying tubular shrink sleeve material to containers: Aa machine for applying tubular film to products includes a mandrel assembly about which tubular film is passed. The mandrel assembly includes a film cutter for cutting the tubular film into lengths sized for application to containers passing below the mandrel assembly. A sleeve ejection arrangement is associated with the... Agent:

20150096677 - Method of producing a multi-layered printed absorbent article: A method for producing a multi-layered absorbent article is disclosed. At least two of the layers include a colored region.... Agent:

20150096678 - Method and apparatus for adhesion of inserts: The present invention contemplates a method for the attachment of a component to a honeycomb structure comprising forming a cavity in the honeycomb structure whereby the cavity is formed within one or more honeycomb cells; placing an insert adapted to enable the attachment of the component to the honeycomb structure... Agent:

20150096679 - Apparatus and method for applying a covering film to a book: An apparatus is provided for applying a covering film to a book. The apparatus has a gate mechanism having open and closed states, which in the closed state presents a front surface against which a covering film may be overlaid. The spine of a book is pressed onto the covering... Agent:

20150096680 - Aqueous primer composition for enhanced film formation and method of using the same: A water-based bonding primer composition and a method of applying the same onto a metallic surface prior to adhesive bonding. The bonding primer composition is a water-based dispersion containing water, one or more epoxy resins, one or more curing agents, a silane compound, a low amount of propylene carbonate (PC),... Agent: Cytec Industries Inc.

20150096681 - Heat-curing reactive systems: The present application provides heat-curing preparations containing (a) a triglyceride fraction, the fatty acid distribution of which has a proportion of at least 5 wt. %, in particular at least 60 wt. %, of one or more Ω-3 fatty acids and/or one or more Ω-6 fatty acids, (b) at least... Agent:

20150096682 - Chemical liquid container replacement device, container mounting module, chemical liquid container replacement method, and substrate processing apparatus: In a chemical liquid container replacement device D2 configured to replace a chemical liquid container 50, multiple chemical liquid containers 50 respectively connected to base end sides of chemical liquid supply paths configured to supply chemical liquids, and a nozzle attachment/detachment device 61 is configured to attach/detach the base end... Agent:

20150096683 - Led based optical source coupled with plasma source: An apparatus configured to remove metal etch byproducts from the surface of substrates and from the interior of a substrate processing chamber. A plasma is used in combination with a solid state light source, such as an LED, to desorb metal etch byproducts. The desorbed byproducts may then be removed... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150096684 - Plasma processing apparatus: In a plasma processing apparatus, when pulse-modulating the high frequency power RF1 for plasma generation and the high frequency power RF2 for ion attraction with a first pulse PS1 and a second pulse PS2 having different frequencies, respectively, an impedance sensor 96A in a matching device 40 of a plasma... Agent:

20150096685 - Vacuum processing apparatus: A plasma processing apparatus includes processing units, each of which subjects a sample to processing inside a processing chamber in a vacuum vessel, vacuum transfer chambers which are coupled to the processing units and each have an interior where a sample is transferred under reduced pressure, an intermediate chamber which... Agent:

20150096686 - Device for producing a skirting strip prefinished at the factory: The present invention relates to a device for producing a skirting strip prefinished at the factory of the nature of a skirting for floor coverings made of plastic, PVC, rubber, linoleum, or related materials for producing a moisture-tight wall transition. The device consists of a melting and application unit (10)... Agent:

20150096687 - Bonding apparatus: A bonding apparatus includes: a backup unit including a light-transmissive transmission member having a support surface which supports at least a bonding region of a light-transmissive board from below; a pressure-bonding unit which presses an electronic component placed on the bonding region via a photo-curable adhesive agent; and a light... Agent:

20150096688 - Hand-carried taping machine with non-powered guide system: A hand-carried taping machine for taping an elongated object is disclosed. The machine includes a powered gear set operably coupled to a body and powered by a drive system. An applicator head includes a substantially C-shaped gear in meshing engagement with the powered gear set such that the substantially C-shaped... Agent: General Electric Company

20150096689 - Flexible substrate holder, device and method for detaching a first substrate: A flexible substrate mount for holding a first substrate when the first substrate is being detached from a second substrate, and detachment means for debonding of the second substrate by bending the first substrate. Furthermore, this invention relates to a device for detaching a first substrate from a second substrate... Agent: Ev Group E. Thallner Gmbh

20150096690 - Method for stripping a product substrate from a carrier substrate: Device for stripping a product substrate from a carrier substrate connected to the product substrate by an interconnect layer by means of a flexible film that is mounted on a film frame and that comprises an adhesive layer for holding the product substrate in a bonding surface section of the... Agent: Ev Group Gmbh

20150096691 - Peeling mechanism and peeling method using the same: A peeling mechanism configured to cooperate with a mechanical arm to remove a protecting film from a workpiece can include a driver, two clamping members coupled to the driver and spaced from each other, and two cutting members respectively coupled to the clamping members oppositely to each other. Each cutting... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150090388 - Exterior member attaching device and exterior member attaching method: An exterior member attaching device for attaching a sheet member to an electric wire of a wire harness, the sheet member being formed into a long sheet shape having an adhesive surface at one side and an exterior surface at the other side, includes a sheet member feeding portion that... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150090391 - Chip-resistant film: A chip-resistant film includes a composite substrate having an ionomer layer and a polyolefin-based polymer layer, with a strength at upper yield point of 10 to 40 N/10 mm, wherein a pressure-sensitive adhesive, which may be an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, is placed over the polyolefin-based polymer layer. The chip-resistant film... Agent: Nichiban Co., Ltd.

20150090389 - Device and method for stacking units for secondary battery: Provided is a unit stacking device for a secondary battery, which stacks one or more first radical units having a first size and one or more second radical units having a second size greater than the first size and includes a stack jig, which includes a first inner space having... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150090390 - Printed circuit board assembly methods: A method includes aligning a first portion of a magnetic core with respect to a first side of a PCB using a first alignment device. The method includes applying a first bonding material to a surface of at least one of the first portion of the magnetic core and a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150090392 - Automated production and installation of patches for reworking structures: An area of a composite laminate structure is reworked by scarfing the area, generating a 3-D map of the scarfed area, and installing a rework patch that is built based on the 3-D map.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150090393 - Apparatus and method for isolating a broken elastic strand: The present disclosure relates to manufacturing elastomeric laminates that may include a first substrate, a second substrate, and an elastic material located between the first substrate and second substrate. Methods and apparatuses may be configured to automatically isolate elastic strands that may break during the assembly process. As discussed in... Agent:

20150090394 - Apparatus and tab-forming process for adhesive backed products: The present invention relates to apparatuses and processes for forming tabs on adhesive backed products. Specifically, the apparatus of the present invention provides a sequential series of mechanisms to form a tab on an adhesive-backed product, such as adhesive tape, so that the same may be easy to remove from... Agent:

20150090395 - Touch panel and manufacturing method thereof: A touch panel is formed by firstly forming a film layer on a first plate, and next, sequentially forming a buffer layer on the film layer, forming a sensing layer on the buffer layer, forming a second plate on the sensing layer. After the foregoing formation procedures, the first substrate... Agent:

20150090396 - Set of tools for producing a composite part: The present disclosure relates to a set of tools for producing a composite part with a circumference higher than 180° having at least one convex surface which cannot be stripped. The set of tools includes at least one core and a plurality of keys. One of the keys includes supporting... Agent:

20150090397 - Flexographic printing plate precursor for laser engraving, process for producing same and process for making flexographic printing plate: Disclosed is a process for producing a flexographic printing plate precursor for laser engraving, comprising, in order, steps of: forming a curable resin composition layer, which comprises (Component A) an ethylenically unsaturated compound, (Component B) a polymerization initiator, and (Component C) a binder, on a temporary support; forming a resin... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150090398 - Economical nasal dilator and method of manufacture: A nasal dilator comprises a laminate of vertically stacked layers each comprising at least one member or component. The layers form a unitary, or single body, truss. The truss features horizontal regions adapted to engage outer wall tissues of first and second nasal passages and to traverse the bridge of... Agent:

20150090399 - Economical nasal dilator and method of manufacture: A nasal dilator comprises a laminate of vertically stacked layers each comprising at least one member or component. The layers form a unitary, or single body, truss. The truss features horizontal regions adapted to engage outer wall tissues of first and second nasal passages and to traverse the bridge of... Agent:

20150090400 - Lamella core and a method for producing it: A semi product for building panels or structural elements comprising several wood lamellas (5) fixed by distance elements (4), a building panel with such a semi product and a method of producing the semi product and the building panel. A method of producing a semi-product for a structural element or... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Innovation Ab

20150090401 - Novel electrodes for etch: An electrode having a first portion and a second portion is formed over a substrate to couple to a bias RF power. The first portion is configured to compensate for an electric field at the second portion to even out a distribution of an etching strength over a workpiece placed... Agent:

20150090402 - Tracing figures from a display of an electronic device: A manufacture for tracing figures from a display of an electronic device includes a sheet of transparent or semitransparent material having a shape corresponding to the electronic device or the display, and first and second sides. The first and second sides include a tracing area in which a figure displayed... Agent:

20150090403 - Plasma process and reactor for treating metallic pieces: The plasma reactor defines a reaction chamber provided with a support for the metallic pieces and an anode-cathode system, and a heating means is mounted externally to said plasma reactor. The plasma process, for a cleaning operation, includes the steps of connecting the support to the grounded anode and the... Agent:

20150090404 - Apparatus for forming packaging units: An apparatus for producing bundles of containers received from a wide container stream that is converted into plural single-track container streams. The apparatus has a dividing-off and/or compactor unit that divides off and compacts a predetermined number of containers to form a partial bundle to be combined with other partial... Agent: Khs Gmbh

20150090405 - Stepped sonotrode and anvil energy director grids for narrow/complex ultrasonic welds of improved durability: A sonotrode and anvil are adapted for ultrasonic welding of work pieces, to produce a narrower weld region that exhibits greater durability, permitting use of less material per package. The horn-to-anvil contact is through a plurality of energy directors arranged into a three-dimensional grid pattern to be capable of distributed... Agent:

20150090406 - Method for disassembling photovoltaic module: Provided is a method of disassembling a photovoltaic module. The method includes: applying heat to the photovoltaic module in an oxidizing atmosphere; removing an insulating protective layer wrapping a photovoltaic cell of the photovoltaic module; and obtaining the photovoltaic cell of the photovoltaic module.... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 44 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150083301 - Tyre layer application assembly and method: A tyre layer application assembly and a method for applying a tyre layer around a substantially circular circumferential surface of an object. The assembly is provided with a drive which, during application, is coupled to the object for driving the object in a driven rotation about a concentric axis of... Agent: Vmi Holland B.v.

20150083302 - Method of sealing containers and lids by melt adhesion by laser: t

20150083303 - Joint compound, wall assembly, and methods and products related thereto: Disclosed are aspects of board finishing systems. For example, in various aspects, disclosed are joint compound compositions, wall assemblies, methods of treating walls, and products related to any of the foregoing, including reinforcement trim, e.g., for protecting corners where boards meet, fasteners, and tape. The joint compound preferably is a... Agent:

20150083304 - Waterproof sheet for use in bridge pier repair and waterproof working method using the same: When a bridge pier is reinforced or repaired by wrapping a reinforcement around the pier, a waterproof sheet having a sufficient flexibility to attach to and cover the interface between the pier and the reinforcement in a liquid-tight manner is useful. The waterproof sheet is attached to the interface between... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150083305 - Method for applying heat resistant protection components onto a surface of a heat exposed component: The invention refers to a method for applying heat resistant protection components onto the surface of a heat exposed component. The method including providing at least two separate heat protection components, and joining the at least two separate heat protection components onto their top surface and/or bottom surface and/or at... Agent:

20150083306 - Tire treads with reduced undertread thickness: The invention comprises a tire tread, and tire, and a method of forming a tire having the tire tread. Particular embodiments of the tire tread have a tread thickness bounded by a top side and a bottom side, and a groove extending into the tread thickness from the top side... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20150083307 - Machine and method of forming a bead-apex assembly for tires.: A tyre building machine for applying an apex to a bead to form a bead-apex assembly for a green tyre, including a bead holder for holding the bead, wherein the tyre building machine includes a first gripper and a second gripper for engaging and moving the apex in a direction... Agent: Vmi Holland B.v.

20150083308 - Alignment film material and manufacturing method for liquid crystal display panel: The present invention discloses an alignment film and the manufacturing method for liquid crystal display panel. The method comprises preparing a first substrate, a second substrate and a liquid crystal, at least one of the first substrate and the second substrate being provided with an alignment film; the material of... Agent:

20150083309 - Apparatus and method for making side seams on absorbent articles: The present disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses configured to bond elastic laminates together between a rotating drum and anvil. The drum includes a fluid nozzle and a press member. As such, a first elastic laminate and a second elastics laminate may be advanced in a machine direction onto the... Agent:

20150083310 - Textured laminate structure, absorbent articles with textured laminate structure, and method for manufacturing: A method for producing a textured laminate structure is disclosed. The method may include the steps of forming a first bonded nonwoven material of polymeric fibers constituting a first layer, creating a pattern of apertures through the first bonded nonwoven material, and following the aperture pattern creating step, discontinuously bonding... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150083311 - Collector member, power generator, and method of manufacturing collector member for power generator: According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a collector member 10 comprising a sheet-shaped base material 11 having a carbon-containing fiber 11a and catalyst particles 12 adhered to an outer periphery of the fiber 11a, containing a noble metal or an alloy thereof, and having an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150083312 - Method of bonding and debonding substrate: A substrate bonding and debonding method includes the steps of: providing a substrate; forming a first silicone glue layer on a peel-off region of the substrate and a second silicone glue layer on a peripheral region of the substrate, in which the first and second silicone glue layers contain the... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20150083313 - Portable microfluidic assay devices and methods of manufacture and use: A method of forming a pneumatically controlled microfluidic device containing a micro-fluidic network that includes micro-elements in the form of micro-particles or micro-length hollow flow elements, and a pneumatic network that includes pneumatic micro-channels and micro-valve features enabling membrane valves to operate to control fluid conditions in the microfluidic network,... Agent:

20150083314 - Reinforced multi-body optical devices: Disclosed in one example embodiment is a method for fabricating a reinforced multi-body optical device. One method involves applying a coating to sides of an interior plate and bonding two plates to either side of the interior plate. The bonded plates are diced at an angle that is not orthogonal... Agent:

20150083315 - Method and device for manufacturing capacitor element: A method for manufacturing a capacitor element includes singulating a mother block into a plurality of laminate blocks having a shape of an elongated, substantially rectangular parallelepiped, by dividing the mother block in rows; rolling each of the plurality of laminate blocks; and singulating each of the plurality of laminate... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150083316 - Method of manufacturing joint body of conductive ceramic body and metal body: A method of manufacturing a joint body of a ceramic body and a metal body includes a step of joining them together by passing a current to an abutment surface between them. The joining step includes a step of heating up the abutment surface to a temperature T1 within a... Agent:

20150083317 - Triply curable optically clear adhesive: The present invention provides an adhesive composition, which can be cured through three ways: UV-radiation curing, thermal-radiation curing and moisture-curing. The adhesive composition comprises a) an oligomer having an isocyanate group and a (meth)acryloxy group; b) a (meth)acrylic monomer and/or oligomer not having an isocyanate group; c) a photoinitiator; and... Agent:

20150083318 - Multi-seasonal camouflage pattern fabrics and coatings for hunting: A method of making fabrics and coatings in a camouflage pattern with a printed camouflage pattern ink layer covered by a temperature activated color changing ink layer or layers printed in a camouflage pattern, which matches the pattern in the underlying printed camouflage fabric ink layer. The temperature activated color... Agent:

20150083319 - Method of applying a photocatalytic dispersion: A method of applying a photocatalytic dispersion (10) on a paper (2), including impregnating a paper (2) with a thermosetting resin, drying the resin impregnated paper (2), applying a photocatalytic dispersion (10) comprising photocatalytic nanoparticles on the dried, resin impregnated paper (2), and drying the resin impregnated paper (2) having... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Photocatalytic Ab

20150083321 - Curable composite manufacturing adhesive: A curable adhesive that is modified to allow spray application and polymerization seamlessly during the process of epoxy resin vacuum infusion.... Agent:

20150083320 - Microfluidic assay assemblies and methods of manufacture: In assembling a portion of a microfluidic device by conducting bonding action by contacting faces of opposed bondable materials, one comprising a flexible sheet, the method, while maintaining continual contact of the faces in a region R1 until bonding is completed, of employing repeated make-and-break-contact manufacturing protocol on a second... Agent:

20150083322 - Idle air control valve with plastic housing and retention features: A method provides a plastic housing for an actuator. The actuator has a stator assembly coupled to a connector structure and a rotor assembly that rotates with respect to the stator assembly. The method inserts the stator assembly with connector structure connected thereto into an interior of the plastic housing... Agent:

20150083323 - Seaming tape and method for using same: A seaming tape for joining pieces of floor-covering together, such as carpet or resilient floor covering material, and a method for using the same to join adjacent pieces of planar material is provided. The seaming tape can include an upper mesh tape portion and a lower blocking tape portion that... Agent:

20150083324 - Crosslinkable compositions based on organyloxysilane-terminated polymers: Moisture curable silicone adhesives used for sealing joints and for the bonding of substrates such as PVC, concrete, mineral substrates, metals, glass, ceramic, wood, or painted surfaces are prepared from crosslinkable compositions containing both hydrophilic and hydrophobic fumed silicas in a mass ratio of 1:10 to 10:1.... Agent:

20150083325 - Die for forming honeycomb structure and manufacturing method therefor: Disclosed is a die for forming a honeycomb structure, including: a second plate-shaped portion that is formed of iron and the like and has back holes; and a first plate-shaped portion that is formed of tungsten carbide based cemented carbide and has cavities communicating with the back holes and slits... Agent:

20150083326 - Adhesive compositions and methods: The present invention encompasses polyurethane adhesive compositions comprising aliphatic polycarbonate chains. In one aspect, the present invention encompasses polyurethane adhesives derived from aliphatic polycarbonate polyols and polyisocyanates wherein the polyol chains contain a primary repeating unit having a structure. In another aspect, the invention provides articles comprising the inventive polyurethane... Agent:

20150083327 - Adhesives having adhesion promoters with sulphonamide groups: Adhesive for adhering synthetic and/or metal substrates, selected from liquid or thermoplastic adhesives which have urethane groups in the polymer chain, wherein the adhesive is selected from NCO-reactive adhesives, silane-reactive adhesives or thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) and include as a constituent 0.01 to 10 wt. % of at least one compound... Agent:

20150083328 - Analysis method and semiconductor etching apparatus: There is provided a method of analyzing data obtained from an etching apparatus for micromachining a wafer using plasma. This method includes the following steps: acquiring the plasma light-emission data indicating light-emission intensities at a plurality of different wavelengths and times, the plasma light-emission data being measured under a plurality... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150083329 - Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method: In a plasma processing apparatus including a processing room disposed in a vacuum vessel, a sample stage located in the processing room, a dielectric film disposed on the top surface of the sample stage and serving as the sample mounting surface of the sample stage, and a plurality of electrodes... Agent:

20150083330 - Gas apparatus, systems, and methods for chamber ports: An electronic device manufacturing system may include a chamber port assembly that provides an interface between a transfer chamber and a process chamber. In some embodiments, the chamber port assembly may be configured to direct a flow of purge gas into a substrate transfer area of the chamber port assembly.... Agent:

20150083331 - Process chamber, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and substrate processing method having the same: Disclosed herein is a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus including a transfer chamber provided with a substrate moving device to move substrates, a load lock chamber to align the substrates and to load and unload the substrates into and out of the transfer chamber, and at least one process chamber to process... Agent:

20150083332 - Plasma processor and plasma processing method: An etching chamber 1 incorporates a focus ring 9 so as to surround a semiconductor wafer W provided on a lower electrode 4. The plasma processor is provided with an electric potential control DC power supply 33 to control the electric potential of this focus ring 9, and so constituted... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150083333 - Plasma processor and plasma processing method: An etching chamber 1 incorporates a focus ring 9 so as to surround a semiconductor wafer W provided on a lower electrode 4. The plasma processor is provided with an electric potential control DC power supply 33 to control the electric potential of this focus ring 9, and so constituted... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150083334 - Film adhering apparatus: A film adhering apparatus for adhering a protective film on a work piece includes a controller, a conveyor belt, a rotating bracket configured to assemble the protective film, a suction driving member, a sensor, a first suction member, a cutting assembly, and a moving assembly. When the work piece is... Agent:

20150083335 - Component mounting apparatus: A component mounting apparatus includes a tape attaching unit, a component mounting unit and a component compression unit provided in this order. A time measuring unit measures time having passed after attachment of the adhesive tape in the tape attaching unit. When a predetermined time has passed after the start... Agent:

20150083336 - Component mounting apparatus: A component mounting apparatus includes a tape attaching unit, a component mounting unit and a component compression unit provided in this order. A time measuring unit measures time having passed after completion of predetermined work performed on all the substrates transferred to the tape attaching unit, the component mounting unit,... Agent:

20150083337 - Labeling apparatus including spring-loaded applicators: An apparatus and method is described herein for applying labels to containers. The apparatus includes a guidance mechanism configured to provide a path for receiving a plurality of labels having a back surface with a fluid activatable adhesive that is non-tacky until activated, an adhesive activation station aligned with at... Agent:

20150083338 - Fiber bundle processing device: A fiber bundle processing device (filament winding device (100)) that processes a fiber bundle (Fb) having a heat-curable resin impregnated therein, characterized by: comprising a curing device (45A) capable of applying heat to the fiber bundle (Fb); and the curing device (45A) curing or semi-curing some of the resin impregnated... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150083339 - Device for feeding self-adhesive or \"pressure sensitive\" labels to a labelling machine: A device (1) for feeding self-adhesive or “pressure sensitive” labels to a labelling machine comprises a frame (2), supporting means (3) for a reel of a web with the labels attached to it, a station (5) for detaching the labels from the web, recovery means (6), return means (8), and... Agent: Kosme S.r.l. Unipersonale

20150083340 - Display module reworkability: Techniques are disclosed for a cutting apparatus that can be used to cut a target layer within a display module, e.g., a liquid crystal display that includes a protective cover glass. The cutting apparatus includes a platform that supports a track. The cutting apparatus also includes a linear slide that... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150083341 - Heat detachable adhesive constructions, articles made therefrom and method of use thereof: An adhesive article includes a first substrate, a first adhesive layer positioned adjacent the first substrate, a second substrate, and a first meltable layer positioned adjacent to the first adhesive layer and the second substrate. The meltable layer has a ring and ball (R&B) softening point of between about 60°... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150083342 - Method for thermal-slide debonding of temporary bonded semiconductor wafers: A method for debonding two temporary bonded wafers, includes providing a debonder comprising a top chuck assembly, a bottom chuck assembly, a static gantry supporting the top chuck assembly, an X-axis carriage drive supporting the bottom chuck assembly and an X-axis drive control configured to drive horizontally the X-axis carriage... Agent: Suss Microtec Lithography, Gmbh

20150083343 - Supporting member separation method and supporting member separation apparatus: A supporting member separation method of separating a laminate formed by laminating a substrate, an adhesive layer, a release layer which is changed in quality by absorbing light, and a support plate in this order, the method including an irradiation step in which irradiation of laser light which is pulse-oscillated... Agent:

20150083344 - Separation device and pickup system: A separation device includes a mount table, projecting portion, and drawing port. The mount table includes a mount surface on which a pressure sensitive adhesive sheet, on which an electronic component is stuck, is mounted. The electronic component is stuck on one surface of the pressure sensitive adhesive sheet, and... Agent: Tesec Corporation

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