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Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture

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12/04/2014 > 27 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140352866 - Neutral aqueous wax emulsions: Wax emulsions for the manufacture of wallboard include water; a lignosulfonic acid or a salt thereof; and at least one wax selected from the group consisting of slack wax, paraffin wax and montan wax. The emulsions may have a pH of between about 6.5 and 7.9. Such emulsions can provide... Agent: Henry Company LLC

20140352867 - Integrated wire cable twisting, wrapping, and testing apparatus and method of operating same: A single machine configured to manufacture a wire cable assembly including an twisted wire pair and a drain wire having a conductive tape and an insulative tape spirally wrapped about said wire pair. The machine includes a first clamp that secures an end of the wire pair and a second... Agent:

20140352868 - Apparatus for forming packaging units: A handling apparatus includes a container input, a furnishing carousel, a furnishing module, an application element, and a grouping device. The furnishing carousel rotates about a central axis and has the furnishing module and application element nearby. The furnishing module applies a furnishing feature to a surface of a container,... Agent: Khs Gmbh

20140352869 - Method of fabricating bulk carbon nanotube and metallic composites: In one embodiment, a bulk carbon nanotube and metallic composite is provided. The bulk carbon nanotube and metallic composite includes a bulk carbon nanotube material layer including a plurality of carbon nanotubes, and a metal film applied across the bulk carbon nanotube material layer. The metal film penetrates into the... Agent:

20140352870 - Method of manufacturing honeycomb structured body: In a method of manufacturing a honeycomb structured body, a ceramic block is formed by binding multiple pillar-shaped honeycomb fired bodies with adhesive layers interposed therebetween. The multiple pillar-shaped honeycomb fired bodies are bound on a support by piling up the multiple pillar-shaped honeycomb fired bodies successively. A placing position... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20140352871 - Methods for manufacturing non-prolapsing catheters with linerless tube: A method for manufacturing a catheter member having at least one lumen is disclosed herein. The method includes, winding a sacrificial coil over a mandrel in a first direction and winding a reinforcement coil over the sacrificial coil in a second direction. A polymer is then laminated over the sacrificial... Agent:

20140352872 - Belt ply feeding support frame and feeding method thereof: The belt ply feeder and a feeding method thereof comprise: when a belt ply is conveyed to the front end of a conveying forming board, a force is exerted by a perpendicular adjustment device to drive a conveying forming board bracket to swing upward and rotate around a pivot shaft... Agent:

20140352873 - Winding method for the production of a rotationally symmetric, tube-like hollow body preform, device and method for the production of a device for producing the same: Winding method for the production of a rotationally symmetric, tube-like hollow body preform, device (10) for the production of a rotationally symmetric, tube-like hollow body preform and a method for the production of a device for producing a rotationally symmetric, tube-like hollow body preform, wherein reinforcing fibres soaked with a... Agent:

20140352874 - Method for laying a fibre material on a mould surface: A method for laying a fibre material on a mould surface is provided, in which rovings of the fibre material are laid on the mould surface or on a fibre material already laid on the mould surface, wherein the rovings are rolled from a reel which is held by a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140352875 - Apparatus and methods for conduits and materials: The present invention provides apparatus and methods for a conduit, such as an implantable conduit for a vessel. The conduit may comprise a main member and a side-branch member. The conduit may be implanted with the side-branch member initially disposed within the main member. When positioned, the side-branch member may... Agent:

20140352876 - Method for making and joining composite sandwich shell edge joint: A method for joining fittings to a composite sandwich shell edge includes laying up an inner facesheet and positioning a wrapped flute mandrel on top; applying a layer of adhesive on the inner facesheet and positioning spacer-supported fittings on top; applying adhesive over the co-bonded fittings and laying up an... Agent:

20140352877 - Hybrid tool for curing pieces of composite material: A hybrid tool for curing composite structures for aircrafts, such as stringers, torsion boxes, skin panels, wing surfaces, horizontal tail or vertical stabilizers, etc. The hybrid tool comprises a metallic portion and an elastic portion arranged on a surface of the metallic portion. The elastic portion and the metallic portion... Agent: Airbus Operations, S.l.

20140352878 - Apparatus and method for continuous coating of solid dosage forms and solid objects: The invention provides a new method and apparatus for continuously coating solid dosage forms such as caplets by aligning and dispensing multiple solid dosage forms between two sheets of coating material as they enter cavities of a mold. The coating sheets must be flexible and ductile to practice the invention... Agent:

20140352879 - Techniques for fabricating an actuator element: A process of fabricating an actuator element is provided. In the process, a dielectric elastomer film having first and second sides is provided. An electrode material is applied on a portion of the first and second side of the dielectric elastomer film. A compressive material is applied to the first... Agent:

20140352880 - Connecting arrangement for connecting a fiber composite component to a second component: Disclosed are a connecting arrangement of a fiber composite component with a second component and a process for producing the arrangement. The second component comprises at least one flat section having one or more cut-outs which pass through the flat section. The flat section is arranged between at least two... Agent:

20140352881 - Double- and multi-sided adhesive devices: The invention provides unique releasable adhesive devices and related methods that are capable of simultaneously adhering to two or multiple target surfaces of various nature and allow high load capacity, are reusable, easy release and suitable for extended and repeated use.... Agent: University Of Massachusetts

20140352882 - Material application system: wherein the knife element and the non-vacuum anvil roll are positioned along the path of the material and engage the material to cut the material into the cut length of material for applying to the substrate, and wherein the material contacts the peripheral surface of the non-vacuum anvil roll only... Agent:

20140352883 - Adhesive composition for optical device and adhering method using the same: This invention relates to an adhesive composition for an optical device, including pigment balls having a core-shell structure, a thermocurable monomer or oligomer, a photocurable monomer or oligomer, a photoinitiator and a thermal initiator, and to a method of adhering an optical device using the adhesive composition. The adhesive for... Agent:

20140352884 - Reversible polymer adhesive composition: A method of joining two objects includes applying an adhesive composition between and in contact with a first object and a second object, and allowing the adhesive composition to harden to form an adhesive bond between the first and second objects, wherein the adhesive composition consists essentially of an optional... Agent:

20140352886 - Battery pack case assembly for electric and hybrid vehicles using a plastic composite and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed is a battery pack case assembly for an electric or hybrid vehicle and a method for manufacturing the same. The battery pack case assembly includes a case body and a cover. The case body receives a battery pack, and the cover is coupled to the case body. The case... Agent:

20140352885 - Method of blocking an optical lens: A method of blocking a lens member having a surface to be manufactured on a lens holding unit, the method comprising: a lens member providing step during which a lens member comprising engraved markings is provided, a contrast providing step during which contrast elements are placed on the engraved markings,... Agent:

20140352887 - Peelable adhesive composition: The invention also relates to a membrane obtained after drying the adhesive composition according to the invention, to a combination of a flexible surface coating with an adhesive composition according to the invention, to a method for applying a flexible surface coating onto a substrate as well as a substrate... Agent: Bostik Sa

20140352888 - Adhesive agent, and method for connecting electronic component: Provided are an adhesive agent capable of providing sufficient electrical continuity to a substrate to which a preflux treatment has been applied and a method for connecting electronic components. There is used an adhesive agent including a (meth)acrylate having an epoxy group in one molecule and a radical polymerization initiator... Agent:

20140352889 - Apparatus for processing a semiconductor workpiece: An apparatus for processing a semiconductor workpiece includes a first chamber having a first plasma production source and a first gas supply for introducing a supply of gas into the first chamber, a second chamber having a second plasma production source and a second gas supply for introducing a supply... Agent: Spts Technologies Limited

20140352890 - Substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus includes: a cylindrical shaped chamber configured to accommodate a substrate; a movable electrode capable of moving along a central axis of the cylindrical shaped chamber within the cylindrical shaped chamber; a facing electrode facing the movable electrode within the cylindrical shaped chamber; and an expansible/contractible partition... Agent:

20140352891 - Electromagnetic induction heater: An electromagnetic inductive heating device is described for bonding a sheet to anchoring members comprising a conductive base and a thermoplastic resin layer, characterized by bonding the anchoring members to the sheet by heat deposition of the thermoplastic resin layer by heating of the conductive base. The device can include:... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20140352892 - Substrate separation apparatus and methodkasn03436 us: Provided are a substrate separation apparatus and method. The substrate separation apparatus includes: an upper transfer part which fixes the upper substrate and transfers the upper substrate in a positive X-axis direction in an XY coordinate system composed of an X axis and a Y axis intersecting each other; and... Agent: Samsung Display Co. Ltd.

11/27/2014 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140345779 - Manufacturing method for monolithic ceramic electronic component: In a manufacturing method for a monolithic ceramic electronic component, a plurality of green chips arrayed in row and column directions which are obtained after cutting a mother block are spaced apart from each other and then tumbled, thereby uniformly making the side surface of each of the green chips... Agent:

20140345780 - Mounting element for fastening a tensioning frame part of a tensioning frame and method for fastening a tensioning frame part of a tensioning frame by means of the mounting: Mounting element (3) for fastening a tensioning frame part of a tensioning frame on flat or uneven surfaces. The mounting element (3) has a frame-like fastening section (5), which can be clipped onto the tensioning frame part of the tensioning frame on a first side and has a plurality of... Agent:

20140345781 - Process for manufacturing a gas-filled multiple glazing unit: A process for manufacturing a gas-filled multiple glazing unit including at least two glass sheets, the process including a preassembly step in which each glass sheet is positioned inclined at an angle strictly greater than 0° and less than or equal to 10° to the adjacent glass sheet, so as... Agent:

20140345782 - Structural glazing spacer: A method of preparing a window module includes providing a metal frame having a first major surface, applying a structural glazing tape to the first major surface of the metal frame, and positioning a glass panel overtop the structural glazing tape. The structural glazing tape includes a polymer foam tape... Agent:

20140345783 - Method for managing the production cycle of a plant in a process for building tyres for vehicle wheels: A method and a plant for managing the production cycle of a plant for building tyres for vehicle wheels, wherein the plant provides for a storage region for anchoring annular structures and a plurality of processing stations at least one of which is associated with a forming drum, includes feeding... Agent:

20140345784 - Method for controlling deposition of a layer of sealing polymeric material on a forming drum and process for producing self-sealing tyres for vehicle wheels: In a process for producing self-sealing tyres for vehicle wheels, a continuous sealing assembly, including a self-supporting thermoplastic film and a layer of polymeric sealing material, is wound from a reel holder on which is stocked, separated by a protective film associated with the layer of polymeric sealing material, cut... Agent:

20140345785 - Tire bead transfer ring and transfer method thereof: The invention provides a tire bead transfer ring and a transfer method thereof. The tire bead transfer ring and the transfer method adopts a complete magnetic attachment method and a photoelectric detection approach to improve the stability of picking, clamping and transferring of tire beads, prevent tire beads from slippage... Agent:

20140345786 - Method for applying adhesive on an elastic strand in assembly of a personal disposable hygiene product: A method of dispensing adhesive onto a stretched elastic strand includes applying a first volume of adhesive onto a first portion of the elastic strand, applying a second volume of adhesive onto a second portion of the elastic strand, and applying a third volume of adhesive onto a third portion... Agent:

20140345787 - Card de-bowing mechanism: A substrate de-bowing mechanism, system and method are described. The mechanism can include a substrate support, one or more stationary contact members, and one or more dynamic or movable contact members that are adapted to contact the substrate and bend the substrate in a desired direction to reduce or eliminate... Agent: Datacard Corporation

20140345788 - Method of forming a containment system for an absorbent article: A method of forming a containment system for an absorbent article that includes a front end region, rear end region, a first elasticized leg cuff and a second elasticized leg cuff. The method includes providing a first containment flap and a second containment flap that can each include a stem,... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140345789 - Direct mold for rotor blades for wind turbines: A direct mold includes a plank frame and a mold surface body held in shape by the plank frame. The plank frame is made of a plurality of planar panels that are aligned transversely to the longitudinal extension of the rotor blade and are arranged spaced with respect to each... Agent:

20140345790 - Applicator and method for applying wrapping to edges of materials: An improved device and method for the application of adhesive-backed foil to the edges of stained glass and other materials is provided, the device comprising a groove comprising three or five segments—a base segment against which the glass edge is pressed onto the adhesive face of the foil; and second... Agent:

20140345792 - Device for bonding window and method for manufacturing display device using the same: A window bonding apparatus is provided. The window bonding apparatus includes a resilient display panel supporter supporting a flexible display panel thereon, a holding member supporting and squeezing inwardly opposed ends of the display panel supporter so as to attain a desired degree of curvature, a first jig disposed under... Agent: Yodogawa Medec Co., Ltd.

20140345791 - Laminating device and laminating method using the same: A laminating apparatus and method are disclosed. The laminating device includes a first jig, a second jig facing the first jig, an auxiliary film fixing unit and a driving unit. A partially curved cover window is seated on the first jig. An auxiliary film and a panel member are seated... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140345793 - Presses for forming composite articles: l

20140345794 - Transfer printing substrate, manufacturing method thereof, and method of transfer printing: Disclosed herein is a transfer printing technology. A transfer printing substrate includes a plurality of pillar structures and a sacrificial layer applied thereon. In situ alignment of a transfer layer is performed by the pillar structures and a structural confinement by a concave structure formed on a bottom surface of... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Sicence And Technology

20140345795 - Composite panel having perforated foam core and method of making the same: A composite panel configured for use with a sidewall of a trailer includes an outer metal sheet, an inner metal sheet, and a core member positioned between the inner and outer metal sheets. The core member includes a plurality of apertures formed therethrough such that each aperture extends from an... Agent:

20140345796 - Filling film and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus by using the same: Provided are a filling film and a method of manufacturing an organic light-emitting display apparatus by using the filling film. The filling film includes a filling material, a first releasing film attached to a surface of the filling film, a second releasing film attached to another surface of the filling... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140345797 - Pressure sensitive adhesives based on fatty acids: o

20140345798 - Re-usable uv curing insert for machining thin walled consumer electronic systems: Manufacturing techniques are provided herein. In one embodiment, a reusable insert is used within a pocket disposed within a thin walled enclosure to prevent deformation of the thin walled enclosure during a machining operation. The insert includes a body including a transparent material and having a size and shape in... Agent:

20140345799 - Printing method for touch panel device: A printing method for a touch panel device is disclosed. The method includes the following steps: firstly, providing a substrate; then, printing a first shielding layer on a surface of the substrate; and afterwards, printing a second shielding layer on the first shielding layer, wherein the second shielding layer covers... Agent: Henghao Technology Co. Ltd

20140345800 - Automated device for plasma surface preparation of a thermoplastic part: An automated device for plasma surface preparation of a thermoplastic part including a first support mechanism for a thermoplastic part and a second support mechanism for a plasma torch including a rotating cylindrical tip, the first and/or second support mechanism being movable so that the torch and the part have... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140345801 - Apparatus for processing substrate for supplying reaction gas having phase difference: Provided is a substrate processing apparatus. The substrate processing apparatus in which processes with respect to substrates are performed includes a lower chamber having an opened upper side, the lower chamber including a passage allowing the substrates to pass therethrough in a side thereof, an external reaction tube closing the... Agent: Eugene Technology Co., Ltd.

20140345802 - Plasma processing apparatus: In a plasma processing apparatus, first to third RF power monitors 94, 94 and 98 are configured to monitor high frequency powers (progressive wave powers), which propagate on first to third high frequency power supply lines 88, 90 and 92 from first to third high frequency power supplies 36, 38... Agent:

20140345803 - Method and apparatus for stable plasma processing: A method and apparatus for etching a substrate using a spatially modified plasma is provided herein. In one embodiment, the method includes providing a process chamber having a plasma stabilizer disposed above a substrate support pedestal. A substrate is placed upon the pedestal. A process gas is introduced into the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140345804 - Arrangement for producing a corrugated board web laminated on one side: The invention relates to an arrangement for producing a corrugated board web. The arrangement comprises corrugating rollers to produce a corrugated web. It also has a glue application mechanism and a pressure belt module, which comprises a deflection roller with a deflection roller longitudinal centre axis, a belt tensioning and... Agent: Bhs Corrugated Maschinen-und Anlagenbau Gmbh

20140345805 - Substrate holder and substrate bonding apparatus: A substrate holder that holds a substrate when the substrate is being aligned with another substrate and transports the substrate in a held state, comprising a mounting portion on which the substrate is mounted; a supported section that is provided on the mounting portion and is supported by another member... Agent:

20140345806 - Device for bonding or welding a membrane: A device (20) for bonding or welding a membrane, including an undercarriage (30) for supporting the device on the membrane at least at one contact point, which is formed by a pressing element (40) for pressing the membrane onto a metal plate to be bonded or welded thereto, and at... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 31 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140338813 - Bonding method, bonding apparatus, and bonding system: A bonding method includes: holding a substrate to be processed by a first holding unit; holding a glass substrate by a second holding unit in a first holding state of seating the glass substrate thereon or in a second holding state of electrostatically attracting the glass substrate; depressurizing the interior... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140338812 - Thermal curing of cell-based structural arrays: Cells of a composite cell array are cured by placing tool blocks in the cells and inserting thermally conductive elements in each of the tool blocks. The thermally conductive elements are convectively heated by a flow of hot air. The heated conductive elements conduct heat to the tooling blocks, which... Agent:

20140338815 - Mould shell section for a mould shell for a wind turbine blade, mould shell and method using the mould shell sections: A mould shell for forming a wind turbine blade (20) comprises at least two mould shell sections (401, 402) each having a mould surface with a recessed portion (419, 420) adjoining the connecting edges (407, 408) between the mould shell sections. A bridging sheet (421) is accommodated in the recessed... Agent:

20140338814 - Vibration welders with high frequency vibration, position motion control, and delayed weld motion: A vibration welding system and method having an operating vibration frequency of 260 Hz or higher. A pressing action between two workpieces is effected by directly controlling, with a control system and a sensor, the relative positions of the workpieces during some or all of the weld cycle, or by... Agent: Dukane Corporation

20140338816 - Ducting for a fluid transfer pipeline for an aircraft or spacecraft, method for producing same and aeronautical structure incorporating same: A ducting and associated method is provide in which the ducting includes a pipe with a thermoplastic or thermoplastic elastomeric layer and a reinforcing layer. The pipe has a curved or bent geometry and the reinforcing layer is made of a composite material based on reinforcement in intimate and direct... Agent:

20140338817 - All solid state secondary battery: This is an all solid state secondary battery containing a laminated material in which a positive-electrode unit and a negative-electrode unit are laminated alternately through an ion conductive inorganic-material layer, the positive-electrode unit has positive active material layers on both surfaces of a positive-electrode collector layer, the above-mentioned negative-electrode unit... Agent:

20140338818 - Method for manufacturing motorcycle tire: A method for manufacturing a motorcycle tire comprises: building a raw tire main body, building a breaker, sticking the breaker, and building a band. The building of the breaker comprises: moving two cylindrical support rings to operating positions, swelling the raw tire main body to have its crown portion protruding... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20140338819 - Film treating apparatus and film treating method using the same: A film treating apparatus includes a film feeder configured to feed a film having first and second surfaces, a film processor configured to process the film fed from the film feeder, a film collector configured to collect the film processed by the film processor, a fixed support unit configured to... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140338820 - Slip agent for protecting glass: This disclosure features use of a paper or polymer film that includes a slip agent that can transfer to its surfaces. Once the paper or film is pressed against a glass sheet, this will leave a thin surface roughness of slip agent that can prevent or reduce glass surface scratches... Agent:

20140338821 - Seep resistant masking material: A masking material and method of forming a masking tape that includes a substrate and an adhesive layer disposed on the substrate. The adhesive layer is preferably thicker than the substrate and formed of a material that has a modulus of elasticity combined with a viscoelastic component that allows the... Agent:

20140338822 - Method of manufacturing absorbent article: A method of manufacturing as absorbed article includes a first absorption layer-forming step of forming a first absolution layer configuring the absorber, and a second absorption layer-forming step of forming a second absorption layer configuring the absorber, and laminated on to the first absorption layer. In the first absorption layer-forming... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20140338823 - Heat sealing systems and methods, and related articles and materials: A bag may be formed from a tube of high strength packaging material by forming a heat seal in the end of the tube. As part of forming the heat seal, one or more supplying apparatuses, which may be air outlets, are positioned for being in opposing face-to-face relation with,... Agent:

20140338824 - Apparatus and method for manufacturing composite membrane: An electrolyte membrane with a backsheet is sent out from an electrolyte membrane unwinding roller, and is separated with its second side sucked on a suction roller by a first press roller. While the electrolyte membrane from which the backsheet has been separated is transported with the electrolyte membrane sucked... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140338825 - Method of manufacturing multiple fuel cell separator plate assemblies: A method of manufacturing a flow field plate includes mixing graphite and resin materials to provide a mixture. The mixture is formed into a continuous flow field plate, for example, by ram extrusion or one or more press belts. The continuous flow field plate is separated into discrete flow field... Agent: Ballard Power Systems Inc.

20140338826 - Airway device: An airway device for human or animal use comprising an airway tube having a distal end and a proximal end, the distal end of which is surrounded by a laryngeal cuff, adapted to fit anatomically over the laryngeal structure of a patient, wherein the device optionally further comprises a buccal... Agent:

20140338827 - Substrate removal from a carrier: Methods and apparatuses are provided where a parting agent is applied to at least one portion of a substrate. The at least one portion of the substrate is removed from a carrier.... Agent:

20140338828 - Substrate separation apparatus and method: An apparatus for separating a first substrate and a second substrate which are in contact with each other, includes an upper transfer part which fixes the first substrate and transfers the first substrate in a positive X-axis direction in an XY coordinate system comprised of an X axis and an... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140338829 - Protective film installation apparatus and method: Disclosed is an apparatus for the application of protective films to electronic devices and a method for applying the same. The apparatus utilizes a base shoe and modular framing system that is adaptable for many devices and, when fitted with a device and installed in the shoe, precisely holds the... Agent: Invisible Gadget Guard, Inc.

20140338830 - Composite enhancement: Provided is a composite laminate including an inorganic layer and a composite reinforcement layer. Further provided is a method for coating a first composite laminate with an inorganic layer including the step of applying an inorganic layer to a composite reinforcement layer of a first composite laminate.... Agent:

20140338831 - Fire resistant roofing products: A fire resistant roofing material includes a core sheet and a sheet of conductive material having a thermal conductivity greater than about 25 W/m-K. The sheet of conductive material is coextensively bonded with the core sheet, and coated with a polymer-modified bituminous material having fire-resistant properties.... Agent:

20140338832 - Method for producing silicon foam using dissimilar materials: A method for producing a silicon foam using dissimilar materials is disclosed. The method includes partially melting one side of a polyurethane foam using a torch to give the one side adhesiveness, attaching a non-woven fabric to the one side of the polyurethane foam having the adhesiveness, pressing a composite... Agent:

20140338833 - Process for bonding interstitial epoxy adhesive for fabrication of printhead structures in high density printheads: A method for forming an ink jet printhead comprises processing an epoxy adhesive such that negative effects from physical contact with particular inks are reduced or eliminated. Conventional adhesives processed using conventional techniques are known to gain weight and squeeze out when exposed to certain inks such as ultraviolet inks... Agent:

20140338834 - Magnesium aluminate-based sintered body and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus member: A magnesium aluminate-based sintered body and a member for a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus. The magnesium aluminate-based sintered body contains magnesium aluminate as a main crystal phase. The magnesium aluminate-based sintered body also contains Zn and K such that a sum of zinc content in terms of ZnO and potassium content... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140338835 - Electron beam plasma source with reduced metal contamination: In a plasma reactor for processing a workpiece, an electron beam is employed as the plasma source, and sputtered metal atoms are removed from the electron beam to reduce contamination.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140338836 - Etching apparatus: An etching apparatus includes a chamber capable of being evacuated, a first electrode provided in the chamber and including a tray support portion configured to support a tray which can hold a plurality of substrates and load/unload the substrates into/from the chamber, and a voltage applying unit configured to apply... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20140338837 - Method for producing a fiber preform by means of winding and set of tools for implementing the method: A method for producing a fiber preform by winding at least one thread in a groove of a mold. The method involves using a flexible element which is capable of becoming deformed by means of flexion, in a plane which contains the winding axis, in order to penetrate into the... Agent:

20140338838 - Apparatus and method for manufacturing reinforced containers: Various embodiments of the apparatus and methods are configured to make containers such as disposable reinforced cups using reinforcing members configured to be respectively attached to cups. The apparatus and method of various embodiments of the present disclosure sequentially heat different or selective portions of the heat activated adhesive on... Agent:

20140338839 - Label affixing machine: A label affixing machine includes a feeding assembly, a transmission assembly, a pressing assembly, a stripper assembly and an unloading assembly. A strap configured for carrying labels is wound around the feeding assembly. The pressing assembly is located above the transmission assembly. The stripper assembly includes a board. The transmission... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140338840 - Automated label application device: An apparatus and method is described herein for automatically labeling using labels having a fluid activatable adhesive along the back surface of the label. The apparatus includes a dispensing magazine for retaining a stack of labels, a first rotating transfer member, and an adhesive activation station aligned with the rotating... Agent:

20140338841 - Apparatus for linear friction welding: The linear friction welding (LFW) apparatus of this invention, in various embodiments includes a vibrating assembly or assemblies, which simultaneously vibrates both work pieces along the weld axis during the weld process. In one embodiment, separate vibrating assemblies are used to vibrate each work piece along the weld axis relative... Agent:

20140338842 - Stepped sonotrode and anvil energy director grids for narrow/complex ultrasonic welds of improved durability: A specially designed sonotrode and anvil are adapted to be used in combination for ultrasonic welding of work pieces, to produce a narrower weld region, but one exhibiting greater durability, thereby permitting use of less packaging material. The contact surfaces comprise a surface of the anvil having a plurality of... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 30 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140332138 - Method and apparatus for making sealed pouches: A method and apparatus for making pouches is disclosed. It includes using one or more of the following features: using two servo motors to drive a platen, providing a calibration routine is run at start-up and/or after the machine has been operating; controlling in response to feed back from the... Agent: Cmd Corporation

20140332139 - Method for producing an air mattress: An internal tensioning structure for use in an inflatable product fulfills the basic function of maintaining two adjacent inflatable surfaces in a desired geometric arrangement when the inflatable product is pressurized. The tensioning structure is formed by connecting a pair of plastic strips sheets via spaced-apart strands, such as strings... Agent:

20140332140 - Apparatus and method for laminating anisotropic conductive film on flat display panel: The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for laminating an anisotropic conductive film on a flat display panel. The apparatus includes: a feeding device, a cutting device, a pressing device, and a collection device. The feeding device supplies an anisotropic conductive film. The anisotropic conductive film includes a... Agent:

20140332141 - Methods and appartus for transfer of films among substrates: A method is disclosed which includes: forming at least one layer of material on at least part of a surface of a first substrate, wherein a first surface of the at least one layer of material is in contact with the first substrate thereby defining an interface; attaching a second... Agent:

20140332142 - Method for producing an inflatable product: An internal tensioning structure for use in an inflatable product fulfills the basic function of maintaining two adjacent inflatable surfaces in a desired geometric arrangement when the inflatable product is pressurized. The tensioning structure is formed by connecting a pair of plastic strips sheets via spaced-apart strands, such as strings... Agent:

20140332143 - Pneumatic tire for heavy load, and method for producing the same: In the method according to the invention for producing a pneumatic tire for heavy load, it is important that the following vulcanizing conditions are satisfied, the temperature for vulcanizing the tread region is 140° C. or lower, a vulcanization calorie given to the bead regions is a calorie corresponding to... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20140332144 - Fabric adhesion improvement for epdm based low cost timing belt: The present invention is directed to timing belts having improved fabric adhesion to the tooth facing which can be achieved by the use of a combination of a RFL treated fabric and an EPDM body provided the RFL treatment or the body include ZDA or the RF latex is an... Agent: Veyance Technologies, Inc.

20140332145 - Methods and devices for printing seals for fuel cell stacks: Various embodiments include a fuel cell stack seal application method including the step of applying a seal paste to a fuel cell, placing the fuel cell in a fuel cell stack, and thermally treating the fuel cell stack to set the seal paste into a seal. Further embodiments include applying... Agent: Bloom Energy Corporation

20140332146 - Method and apparatus for producing three-dimensional decoration piece made of thermoplastic synthetic resin: A method and an apparatus for producing a three-dimensional decoration piece that does not damage the tacky bonding or adhesion strength of the lower layer material of the decoration piece. The method includes putting an upper layer material on a first table operating as cathode; lowering an upper mold operating... Agent:

20140332147 - Sticking apparatus and sticking method: A sticking apparatus including a pair of plate members sandwiching a laminate between the pair of plate members, and supporting members supporting the plate members. The supporting members supporting at least one of the plate members are located in a form of multiple dots or lines adjacent to each other... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20140332148 - Article with metal grid composite and methods of preparing: A laminate donor element can be used to transfer a composite of a metal grid and an electronically conductive polymer to a receiver sheet for use in various devices. The laminate donor element has a donor substrate, a metal grid that is disposed over only portions of the donor substrate,... Agent:

20140332149 - Method for processing mold material and method for manufacturing structural body: A method for processing a mold material which includes a heating step of heating a mold material layer formed of the mold material to discharge gas from the mold material constituting the mold material layer.... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20140332151 - Colored polyvinyl chloride adhesive film: The present invention provides an adhesive film comprising a colored polyvinyl chloride film having opposite first and second major sides, the first major side having an adhesive layer protected by a release liner and a primer layer arranged between the colored polyvinyl chloride film and the adhesive layer, the primer... Agent:

20140332150 - Separation method and separation apparatus: A method and an apparatus for manufacturing an object which involve a separation technique are provided. A first substrate provided with an object is attached to a second substrate and is then suction-fixed by using a suction chuck (also referred to as a suction stage or a vacuum chuck) including... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140332152 - Card overlay trimmer: Systems and methods for utilizing a trimming device to trim an edge of a plastic card having round corners, are provided. The plastic card has an overlay laminated on a major surface of the plastic card. The periphery of the overlay overhangs the edge of the plastic card. The trimming... Agent: Datacard Corporation

20140332153 - Method of fabricating a composite engineered wood material floor board: The described method of fabricating a composite engineered wood material floor board, having a top wood layer secured to a wood material substrate layer, minimizes the effect of telegraphy in the resulting floor board. The method includes selecting a top wood layer from a top surface quality wood material having... Agent: Boa-franc S.e.n.c.

20140332154 - Process of drilling organic glasses: e

20140332155 - Method for connecting a connector coupling to a fluid line: A method for connecting a connector coupling to a fluid conducting line, wherein the line consists of plastic. A line end of the line is inserted in a receiving receptacle encompassing the circumference of the connector coupling. At least one metal element is disposed in or on the receiving receptacle.... Agent:

20140332156 - Laser induced thermal imaging apparatus and laser induced thermal imaging method using the same: A laser induced thermal imaging apparatus includes a nozzle part disposed over a donor film in a vacuum chamber so as to be spaced apart from the donor film, and configured to spray an inactive gas onto an upper surface of the donor film. Also included is a shielding layer... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140332157 - Laser joining method: The present invention provides a method for stably and robustly laser-welding transparent resins together without compromising transparency. Before laser welding, the joining surface of at least a second transparent resin is subjected to photooxidation, thereby reducing the laser transmittance without reducing the visible light transmittance. A laser beam in the... Agent:

20140332158 - Hollow, composite-material rebar fabrication methodology: A method of making an elongate, composite-material, hollow rebar structure including (a) forming an elongate, composite-material, hollow core, (b) in association with such forming, preparing along the core's length an elongate, composite-material, core-circumsurrounding, hollow sleeve having inner and outer surfaces, (c) in association with such preparing, creating, unitarily with the... Agent:

20140332159 - Method for producing prepreg and laminate: This invention relates to a method for storing a naphthol aralkyl type cyanate ester resin solution, which is difficult to precipitate due to long term storage in a solution state, and particularly relates to a method for storing a naphthol aralkyl type cyanate ester resin solution (AB), which comprises: preparing... Agent:

20140332160 - Sport ball with an inflation-retention bladder: A sport ball may include a casing, a bladder, and a valve. The casing forms at least a portion of an exterior surface of the ball. The bladder is located within the casing for enclosing a pressurized fluid, and the bladder may be formed from a material that includes a... Agent:

20140332161 - Apparatus for spatial and temporal control of temperature on a substrate: An apparatus for control of a temperature of a substrate has a temperature-controlled base, a heater, a metal plate, a layer of dielectric material. The heater is thermally coupled to an underside of the metal plate while being electrically insulated from the metal plate. A first layer of adhesive material... Agent:

20140332162 - System for manufacturing laminated circuit boards: The present invention relates to a pin-less registration and inductive heating system involving the use of a pre-alignment station for imaging an initial position of a laminate element, an imaging and computer operation control system for determining a required correction factor between an alignment of the laminate element at the... Agent: Duetto Integrated Systems, Inc.

20140332163 - Laminating apparatus of manufacturing organic light emitting display: A laminating apparatus for an organic light emitting display includes a vacuum chamber, a stage disposed in the vacuum chamber, the stage being configured to mounted receive an organic light emitting display substrate module, a sealing unit disposed in the vacuum chamber, the sealing unit being configured to heat and... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140332164 - System and atraumatic mandrel for creating graft devices: In some aspects, a system for applying a fiber matrix on a tubular conduit is provided. The system can include a tubular conduit, a mandrel and a fiber matrix delivery assembly. The mandrel can comprise an elongate shaft and a rolling membrane configured to atraumatically engage the tubular conduit.... Agent:

20140332165 - Packing tape dispenser: The present invention discloses a packing tape dispenser which comprises a frame for mounting a roll of tape, a cutting blade fastened to a front end of the frame, the cutting blade not being able to move relative to the frame, a first plate slidably engaging the frame and being... Agent:

20140332166 - Peeling device, peeling system, and peeling method: A peeling device separates a superposed substrate, in which a target substrate and a support substrate are joined to each other with an adhesive, into the target substrate and the support substrate. The peeling device includes a holding unit configured to hold the superposed substrate, and a plurality of position... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140332167 - Tape dispenser and take-up reel for tape backing: This invention generally relates to a method for dispensing tape with automatic backing removal more particularly suited for tape and an associated backing, employing a frame and affixed thereto a tape supply spindle rotatably mounted for receiving a roll of tape; said tape supply spindle having thereon a friction disc... Agent:

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