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Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture

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20140261954 - Method of preparing mat-faced article: Disclosed is a method of preparing a mat-faced cementitious article composite. A mat-faced article (e.g., board) is formed and the composite is formed upon application of a finish composition (e.g., hydrophobic). In one aspect, the mat-faced gypsum article comprises a mat having an inner surface adjacent to a cementitious core... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20140261955 - Manufacturing method for optical element: The outer shape of a surface to be bonded of a first optical crystal member is formed as a shape in which the length in a direction parallel to an optical axis of the first optical crystal member differs from the length in a direction perpendicular to the optical axis... Agent:

20140261956 - Tool for removing sealant around a seal cap: A method and apparatus for sealing a fastener element. A structure may be positioned over a seal cap that has been adhered and sealed to the fastener element. A number of projections associated with the structure may be moved along an interface formed between the seal cap and an object... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140261958 - Decorative winged insects and methods of making decorative winged insects: A decorative winged insect includes a single piece of translucent material in the shape of two or more insect wings; a crease in the single piece of translucent material between at least two of the two or more insect wings; and a body adhered to the piece of translucent material... Agent: Linda Schneider Art, LLC

20140261957 - Kit for sculpturing three-dimensional objects and a method of using the same: A sculpting kit is provided that allows individuals with a means to sculpt a three-dimensional object. Components which form the armature of the three-dimensional object may be adfixed to a planar surface as two-dimensional elements. The sculptured object may be prepared by using the kit to lay down successive layers... Agent:

20140261962 - Automated film pickup and placement method for insulating glass units: A method of automatically mounting a sheet from a cutting table onto a spacer frame of an insulating glass unit begins with identifying a position and orientation of a specified sheet on the cutting table and moving a robotic sheet pickup apparatus to a corresponding position to that identified for... Agent: Southwall Technologies Inc.

20140261963 - Masking system using masking piece: In a masking system a robot performs first conveyance work of making an object gripping unit grip an object and set the object at a predetermined position based on positional information of the object which was detected by a first detection unit, coating work of making a coating unit coat... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140261959 - System and method for use in fabricating a structure: A system for use in fabricating a laminate structure from a plurality of layers of material is provided. The system includes a marker coupled to at least two of the plurality of layers, and a positioning system configured to arrange the plurality of layers in a predetermined layup position based... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140261961 - Transferable film including readable conductive image, and methods for providing transferable film: A transferable film includes a carrier layer and an intermediate film portion. The carrier layer is configured to receive one or more additional layers and to be releasable from the one or more additional layers temporally proximate to an application of the transferable film to an object. The intermediate film... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140261960 - Wafer-to-wafer oxide fusion bonding: Oxide-oxide fusion bonding of wafers that includes performing a van der Waals force bonding process with a chuck having at least a flat central zone and an outer annular zone lower than the central zone, an edge portion of a mounted wafer is biased towards the outer annular zone. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140261964 - Method of transitioning preform stacks in a system for making window treatments: A method of making a plurality of foldable, collapsible window shades from a continuously moving strip of material. The method described herein is directed to a variety of methods of handling and processing preforms generated from the strip of material in order to ensure continuous movement of the strip of... Agent: Comfortex Corporation

20140261965 - Bonding adhesive and adhered roofing systems prepared using the same: A bond adhesive composition comprising a polymer having a silicon-containing hydrolyzable terminal group and a hydrocarbon resin, where the composition is substantially devoid of phenolic resin.... Agent:

20140261966 - Pneumatic vehicle tire with improved imbalance: The invention relates to a pneumatic vehicle tire of a radial construction having a gas-tight inner layer, wherein on the side of the gas-tight inner layer that in the vulcanized and mounted pneumatic vehicle tire is directed towards the wheel rim there is at least one patch containing one or... Agent:

20140261967 - Method of manufacturing a personal hygiene product: A method of manufacturing a disposable absorbent personal hygiene product, including a stretched elastic strand and a flat substrate portion, includes mixing a pressurized gas and hot melt adhesive to form a foamed adhesive and contact dispensing the foamed adhesive onto the stretched elastic strand by contacting the stretched elastic... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20140261968 - Composite and methods of making and using the same: Disclosed herein are composites as well as methods of making these composites. The composite may, for example, be used as light-weight, high-strength structural members and wall panels. In some embodiments, the composites can be prepared from a light-weight assembly using simple procedures. Also disclosed herein are assemblies for preparing the... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140261969 - Esd protection device and method for manufacturing the same: An ESD protection device is manufactured such that its ESD characteristics are easily adjusted and stabilized. The ESD protection device includes an insulating substrate, a cavity provided in the insulating substrate, at least one pair of discharge electrodes each including a portion exposed in the cavity, the exposed portions being... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140261970 - Method of making a laminate component and method of removing voids from a pre-preg ply and a pre-preg component: A method of making a laminate component and method of removing voids from a pre-preg ply and pre-preg component are provided. The method of making a laminate includes laying up a plurality of pre-preg plies in a desired geometry, the plurality of pre-preg plies having a plurality of fibers and... Agent: General Electric Company

20140261971 - Method of manufacturing multilayer piezoelectric devices: A process that permits existing thick film printing technology to be utilized with existing conductive adhesives to form multi-layer dielectric devices, more specifically to form multi-layer ferroelectric devices, and more specifically to form multilayer piezoelectric devices. A conductive paste is applied to a first surface of a piezoelectric element in... Agent: Solid State Ceramics, Inc.

20140261972 - Flexible barrier composite fabrics via an adhered film process: A composite fabric includes: a fabric backing; an adhesive layer; a midlayer barrier bonded to the fabric backing by the adhesive layer; and an external barrier bonded to the midlayer barrier, wherein the composite fabric has a hydrostatic pressure resistance of at least 100 psi and is sufficiently flexible such... Agent: Dartex Coatings, Inc.

20140261973 - Methods for retreading tires employing tread composites made with dry-transfer cement composite: A process for retreading a tire, the process comprising the steps of providing a liquid rubber cement composition including a solvent, providing a release liner, applying the liquid cement composition to the release liner to form a wet film on said release liner, allowing the solvent to evaporate to thereby... Agent:

20140261974 - In-line tunnel oven and method for treating insulating glass units: A thermal treatment method for insulating glass units or IGUs having one or more suspended polymer films includes first curing a sealant at a first elevated temperature for a specified duration, then shrinking the suspended film at a second, higher, elevated temperature for a specified duration, and then cooling the... Agent: Southwall Technologies, Inc.

20140261975 - Microwave sealing of inorganic substrates using low melting glass systems: A frit-based hermetic sealing system for sealing glass plates to one another, or sealing glass to ceramics is disclosed. Seal materials, the methods to apply these seal materials, and the seal designs for selective and controlled absorption of microwave energy to heat and seal the system are presented. The hermetic... Agent:

20140261976 - Method for manufacturing pneumatic tire: In a method for manufacturing a pneumatic tire, molding of a green tire has an assembly step of bonding an inner liner and an unvulcanized rubber sheet with end portions thereof in a width direction being displaced from each other by 50 mm to 500 mm in the width direction... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20140261977 - Methods of cutting tubular devices: Vascular treatment and methods include a plurality of self-expanding bulbs and a hypotube including interspersed patterns of longitudinally spaced rows of kerfs. Joints between woven structures and hypotubes include solder. Woven structures include patterns of radiopaque filaments measureable under x-ray. Structures are heat treated to include at least shapes at... Agent: Insera Therapeutics, Inc.

20140261978 - Temporary adhesive composition, and method of producing thin wafer: A temporary adhesive for which temporary adhesion and subsequent detachment are simple. The temporary adhesive composition includes: (A) an organopolysiloxane having a weight-average molecular weight of at least 15,000, obtained by a hydrosilylation reaction between (A1) and (A2) described below, and (B) an organic solvent having a boiling point of... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140261979 - Product portion enrobing machines and methods: An apparatus for enrobing a product portion can include at least one polymer spray head adapted to create at least one flow of polymeric fibers to produce at least one polymer enrobing zone and a conveyor system adapted to move at least one product portion from at least one position... Agent:

20140261980 - Apparatus and method for producing a multi-axis laminate: A system and method of forming a multi-axis laminate including a production surface, a reinforcement material supply, and a resin supply, wherein the reinforcement material supply supplies a first layer of reinforcement material having a first fiber orientation to the production surface and a second layer of reinforcement material having... Agent: Millport Associates S.a.

20140261981 - Cathode composite structure and methods thereof for improved fuel cell performance under high humidity: Disclosed are methods for fabricating a cathode composite structure to improve fuel cell performance. The methods comprise preparing a cathode composition for a cathode layer, the cathode composition having an average particle size distribution of from about 0.1 to about 30 microns, and simultaneously depositing the cathode composition and at... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140261983 - Manufacturability of eptfe laminated membranes: Methods for manufacturing laminated membranes for MEAs, such methods comprising (i) providing a substrate, a catalyst ink fluid, and a first membrane fluid; (ii) providing a second membrane fluid; (iii) simultaneously coating the catalyst ink fluid onto the substrate, the first membrane fluid onto the catalyst ink fluid, and the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140261982 - Simultaneous coating of fuel cell components: Disclosed are methods for simultaneous application of multiple fuel cell component coatings onto a substrate. The method comprises providing a substrate, and simultaneously coating two or more solutions onto the substrate under laminar flow.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140261984 - Z axis winding for filament wound materials: A rotatable mandrel for use in a filament winding process to form a composite material includes a body having at least one peak and at least one valley on an external surface of the body. The mandrel is rotatable and is configured to receive fibers on the at least one... Agent:

20140261985 - Method for making a low ohmic pressure-contact electrical connection between split ring electrode and lead wire: A method for attaching a split ring electrode to a catheter tip section includes providing a tubing with a lumen and an opening in the tubing side wall, passing an electrode lead wire through the opening, and wrapping the lead wire around the tubing. A split ring electrode is mounted... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel), Ltd.

20140261986 - Method for making gas turbine engine composite structure: A method for making a gas turbine engine matrix composite structure. The method includes providing at least one metal core element, fabricating a matrix composite component about the metal core element, and removing at least part of the metal core element from the matrix composite component by introduction of a... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140261987 - Novel process for preparing an absorbent article: The present invention is directed to a novel process for manufacturing an absorbent article comprising the steps of: providing a first sheet layer (2); providing an array of pockets (4, 4a) into said first sheet layer; providing a pre-metered amount of SAP particulate material (6); said pre-metered amount of SAP... Agent: Bostik Inc.

20140261988 - Reinforcement to prevent tearing and provide structural support and moisture elimination in corrugated paper board: Embodiments of a reinforcing tape for preventing or minimizing structural instability of corrugated paper board that may be exposed to an aqueous liquid are disclosed. The reinforcing tape comprises (i) an extruded mesh substrate including a plurality of parallel thermoplastic polymer elements oriented in a first direction and a plurality... Agent: Adalis Corporation

20140261989 - Multi-ply pad: A multi-ply pad includes a base layer, an intermediate member and a top layer, which are made of a resilient material. The intermediate member is sandwiched between the base layer and the top layer and provided with a plurality of through holes each having a predetermined shape. A plurality of... Agent:

20140261990 - Multi-layer films having uniform content: The present invention relates to a method of forming a multi-layered film product, including the steps of forming a single-layered film having a length and a width and folding said single-layered film over on itself along said length at least once to form a multi-layered film having at least 2... Agent: Monosol Rx, LLC

20140261991 - Automated door assembly and methods, press used therewith, and adhesive therefor: A door pressing system for pressing interior passage doors, exterior entry doors, bi-fold doors, and/or closet doors features a multi-door pressing station including first and second presses, a loading device, and a discharging device. The pressing station is configured to alternatively move the first and second presses into operative alignment... Agent: Masonite Corporation

20140261992 - Microcavity carrier with image enhancement for laser ablation: A carrier belt for fabricating a device or component such as an anisotropic conductive film. The carrier belt includes a substrate having a sacrificial image enhancing layer. Microcavities are formed in the carrier by laser ablation through the image enhancing layer. After the image enhancement layer is removed, a plurality... Agent: Trillion Science Inc.

20140261993 - Method for producing preform and method for producing fiber-reinforced plastic molding: A method for producing a preform for manufacture of a fiber-reinforced plastic molding. The method includes: fixing a resin-equipped film rolled out from a roll state including a release film and a fixing resin and containing a partially-cured thermosetting resin, to a surface of the dry fiber fabric rolled out... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140261996 - Methods of manufacturing an article of footwear including sintering a copolymer powder: A method of manufacturing an article of footwear includes providing a powder including a plurality of particles each comprising ethylene vinyl acetate, delivering the powder to a cavity of a mold, the mold being at an elevated temperature, pressing the powder in the cavity of the mold between the mold... Agent:

20140261994 - Seal molding system and method: A seal molding system may include a mold body having a mold inner geometry formed complementary to a fitting outer geometry of a fitting. The mold body may have a mold base formed complementary to a panel surface. The mold body may include an injection hole for injecting sealant into... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140261995 - Systems and methods for imprinting font on a key cap: Some embodiments of the invention provide a method for imprinting fonts on a flexible key cap. In some embodiments, the method for imprinting font on a flexible key cap includes mixing polyurethane (PU) and one or more laser additives to form a PU clay mixture. The PU clay mixture can... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a.

20140261999 - Method of separating an atomically thin material from a substrate: A method of separating an atomically thin material, such as graphene, from a substrate, such as copper, is disclosed. The method provides a composite sheet, such as a graphene-copper sheet, and then applies hypersonic waves to the composite sheet so as to break the bonds therebetween and separate a graphene... Agent:

20140261998 - Methods for low-temperature graphene precipitation onto glass, and associated articles/devices: Certain example embodiments relate to methods for large area graphene precipitation onto glass, and associated articles/devices. For example, coated articles including graphene-inclusive films on substrates, and/or methods of making the same, are provided. A metal-inclusive catalyst layer (e.g., of or including Ni and/or the like) is disposed on the substrate.... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140262000 - Microstructure, micromachine, and manufacturing method of microstructure and micromachine: Without sacrificial layer etching, a microstructure and a micromachine are manufactured. A separation layer 102 is formed over a substrate 101, and a layer 103 to be a movable electrode is formed over the separation layer 102. At an interface of the separation layer 102, the layer 103 to be... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140261997 - Selective curing method of adhesive on substrate: Embodiments of the present disclosure include methods of forming a semiconductor device. An embodiment is a method for forming a semiconductor device, the method including applying a substrate to a carrier with an adhesive layer between the carrier and the substrate, curing a portion of the adhesive layer, the cured... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140262002 - Micro-structured optically clear adhesives: A micro-structured optically clear adhesive, including a first major surface and a second major surface, wherein at least one of the first and second major surfaces comprises a micro-structured surface of interconnected micro-structures in at least one of the planar dimensions (x-y), is disclosed. The micro-structured optically clear adhesive has... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140262001 - Portable labeling device and method involving same: A portable labeling device is provided for applying labels to a film used in sealing a product package. The labeling device includes a platform mounted for adjustable positioning in relation to the film and a belt that is moveable around rollers associated with the platform. The belt is operable to... Agent:

20140262003 - Transfer substrate for forming metal wiring line and method for forming metal wiring line by means of said transfer substrate: A transfer substrate for transferring a metal wiring material to a transfer target including a substrate, at least one metal wiring material formed on the substrate, at least one coating layer formed on a surface of the metal wiring material, and an underlying metal film formed between the substrate and... Agent: Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.k.

20140262004 - Method and apparatus for forming thermoformed ophthalmic insert devices: The present invention describes methods for creating single-piece or multi-piece Rigid Inserts that may be included in an Ophthalmic Lenses or may comprise the Ophthalmic Lens, wherein the Rigid Insert may be formed through the processing of thin sheet material by thermoforming Single piece annular Rigid Inserts may perform the... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140262005 - Method and apparatus for partially laminating a component, in particular a motor vehicle component: The invention relates to a method and an apparatus at least for partially laminating a component (1), in particular of a motor vehicle, having a film (2) which is cut to a width which is selected to be slightly greater than a region (1.1) to be laminated of the component... Agent: Johnson Controls Interiors Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140262006 - Biodegradable polymeric nanocomposite materials and applications of the same: A method for producing a polymer film includes: obtaining a load graph representing a functional relationship between a weight percentage of tissue forming nanoparticles in a polymer film and a maximum load of that polymer film; obtaining a stress graph representing a functional relationship between the weight percentage of tissue... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

20140262009 - Catalytically ignited ceramic infrared emitter for fusion welding pipe joints: Disclosed herein is an infrared emitter welder for fusion welding pipe joints. In one representative embodiment, the welder comprises a fuel tank adapted to contain a fuel under pressure and a heating element in fluid communication with the fuel tank. The heating element includes a pair of porous ceramic plates,... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20140262008 - Heated roller head bonding process: A laminating device for bonding a protective layer to a substrate, including a driver and a roller head having a shape with a contour to fit a geometric feature of the substrate, is provided. The roller head has a cylindrical symmetry with an axis; the laminating device includes a coupler... Agent:

20140262007 - Methods of fine forming sapphire tubes and joining sapphire components for nuclear reactor fuel elements and assemblies: A method of fine surface finishing a cladding tube for a nuclear fuel element comprising a cladding tube containing fuel pellets, comprises heating the tube to thermal creep temperatures (e.g., 1750-2000 degrees Celsius) for sapphire and forming inner and outer surfaces of the tube to reduce ridge heights while limiting... Agent:

20140262010 - Microwave bonding of eva and rubber items: Aspects of the present invention relate to systems and methods for customizing microwave energy distribution within a chamber to accommodate various load characteristics. Aspects of the present invention customized configurations of ports, deflectors, waveguides, conducting rods, and slots to shape and distribute energy.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140262011 - Structural composite preform wet-out and curing system and method: In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, the invention comprises a continuous structural composite preform wet out system and method which takes as an input pre-formed structural composite structures with a structural foam core, passes these structures through a wetting system which may comprise sprayers, brushes, a die... Agent:

20140262013 - Adhering graphic films on irregular substrates: Methods of adhering graphic film on an irregular substrate are disclosed. The methods includes providing a polymer film composite having two or more layers with at least one layer having a glass transition temperature of at least about 40° C., the polymer film composite having a first side and a... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140262012 - Methods and devices for jetting viscous medium on workpiece: In a method for jetting droplets of viscous medium on a workpiece, a jetting machine iteratively jets the droplets of viscous medium from a jetting nozzle onto a first surface of the workpiece to form a single continuous mass of material at an edge of the first surface of the... Agent: Micronic Mydata Ab

20140262014 - Prepreg curing process for preparing composites having superior surface finish and high fiber consolidation: A prepreg curing process for preparing composites having superior surface finish and high fiber consolidation is provided.... Agent: Henkel Corporation

20140262015 - High pressure soft lithography for micro-topographical patterning of molded polymers and composites: A soft lithography template or stamp is made by casting a polydimethysiloxane (PDMS) or other suitable elastomeric precursor onto a master pattern. The master pattern may be formed utilizing known micro-fabrication techniques. The PDMS template includes an inverse copy of the micro-structures on the master pattern, and can be placed... Agent: U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

20140262017 - Hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives that include highly-plasticized cellulose esters and methods and articles relating thereto: Hot melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives may comprise highly-plasticized cellulose esters, e.g., a cellulose ester and a plasticizer, the plasticizer included in an amount of about 30% to about 60% by weight of the cellulose ester. A highly-plasticized cellulose ester adhesive that is tacky at room temperature may be utilized by... Agent: Celanese Acetate LLC

20140262018 - Hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives that include highly-plasticized cellulose esters and methods and articles relating thereto: Hot melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives may comprise highly-plasticized cellulose esters, e.g., a cellulose ester and a plasticizer, the plasticizer included in an amount of about 30% to about 60% by weight of the adhesive. A highly-plasticized cellulose ester adhesive may be utilized in a sheet form by disposing the adhesive... Agent: Celanese Acetate LLC

20140262016 - Hot melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives that include highly-plasticized cellulose esters and methods and articles relating thereto: Hot melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives may comprise highly-plasticized cellulose esters, e.g., a cellulose ester and a plasticizer, the plasticizer included in an amount of about 30% to about 60% by weight of the cellulose ester. A highly-plasticized cellulose ester adhesive that is non-tacky at room temperature may be utilized by... Agent:

20140262019 - Urea mixtures and methods for making and using same: Urea mixtures and methods for making and using same are provided. In at least one specific embodiment, the urea mixture can include urea, a urea-aldehyde resin, a liquid medium, and a sugar. The urea mixture can have an aldehyde to urea molar ratio of about 0.2:1 to about 0.7:1. The... Agent: Georgia-pacific Chemicals LLC

20140262020 - Primer compositions for improved adhesion of polymer sheets: Primer compositions for adhering two sheets of polymer material to one another are provided. The primer compositions include polyurethanes that are the reaction product of an isocyanate, and at least one of a polyol, a chain extender, and a diamine. The polyurethanes may include pure polyurethanes, or commercially available varieties... Agent: Schott Corporation

20140262021 - Cyanoacrylate compositions: Allyl-cyanoacrylate-containing compositions with an anhydride aromatic component, which when cured confers improved moisture resistance, are provided.... Agent: Henkel Ireland Limited

20140262022 - Anaerobic curable compositions: The invention provides anaerobic curable compositions, and methods of their production and use. These compositions provide excellent adhesion especially on oily surfaces.... Agent: Henkel Corporation

20140262023 - Mucilages for hydraulic setting compositions: The present invention provides an additive blend containing cellulose ether and psyllium suitable for use in dry mix compositions containing a hydraulic binder. The dry mix compositions are particularly useful as a mortar composition, especially for tile adhesives because the compositions improve slip resistance of cement containing tile adhesives, the... Agent:

20140262025 - Plasma processing apparatus and plasma etching apparatus: Uniformity of a plasma process on a surface of a substrate is to be improved. In a plasma processing apparatus that processes a substrate by generating plasma from a processing gas introduced in a processing container, a ratio between an introducing amount of the processing gas introduced to a center... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140262024 - Substrate treatment systems using supercritical fluid: Substrate treatment systems are provided. The substrate treatment systems may include a treating device configured to treat a substrate with a supercritical fluid, and a supplying device configured to supply the supercritical fluid to the treating device. The treating device may include a supercritical process zone in which the substrate... Agent:

20140262027 - Apparatus for measuring surface properties of polishing pad: The present invention relates to an apparatus for measuring surface properties of a polishing pad which measures surface properties such as surface topography or surface condition of a polishing pad used for polishing a substrate such as a semiconductor wafer. The apparatus for measuring surface properties of a polishing pad... Agent: Kyushu Institute Of Technology

20140262028 - Non-contact wet-process cell confining liquid to a region of a solid surface by differential pressure: An open-bottomed reactor cell for wet processing of substrates can be configured to confine a process liquid to an area under the cell (processing the “internal site”), or alternatively to exclude the process liquid from most of the area under the cell (processing the “external site”) without physical contact between... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20140262029 - Semiconductor etching apparatus and analyzing apparatus: An etching apparatus calculates an emission intensity in the vicinity of each of a plurality of wavelengths, at which a specified element should emit light, from information indicating light emission measured by an optical emission spectroscope during etching processing and, if it is determined that the calculated emission intensity information... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140262030 - Fast response fluid control system: A plasma processing apparatus and method to control a temperature of a chamber component therein are described. A process chamber may include a temperature controlled chamber component and at least one remote heat transfer fluid loop comprising a first heat exchanger having a primary side in fluid communication with a... Agent:

20140262032 - Method and apparatus for generating a variable clock used to control a component of a substrate processing system: Methods and apparatus for generating a variable clock used to control a component of a substrate processing system are provided herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus for controlling a substrate processing system includes: a phase locked loop circuit for generating a relative clock that is phase locked to a variable... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc

20140262031 - Multi-mode etch chamber source assembly: A multi-chambered processing platform includes one or more multi-mode plasma processing systems. In embodiments, a multi-mode plasma processing system includes a multi-mode source assembly having a primary source to drive an RF signal on a showerhead electrode within the process chamber and a secondary source to generate a plasma with... Agent:

20140262033 - Gas sleeve for foreline plasma abatement system: Methods and apparatus for protecting an inner wall of a foreline of a substrate processing system are provided herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus for treating an exhaust gas in a foreline of a substrate processing system includes a gas sleeve generator including a gas sleeve generator comprising a body... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140262034 - Plasma processing apparatus: This microwave plasma processing apparatus has, as a gas introduction mechanism for introducing a working gas inside a chamber (10), electrical discharge prevention members (96(1) to 96(8)), each of which is provided to a plurality of dielectric window gas passages (94(1) to (94(8)) through which a dielectric window (54) passes.... Agent:

20140262026 - Process kit for deposition and etching: Variable geometry process kits for use in semiconductor process chambers have been provided herein. In some embodiments, a process kit for use in a semiconductor process chamber includes: an annular body configured to rest about a periphery of a substrate support; a first ring positioned coaxially with the annular body... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140262036 - Process load lock apparatus, lift assemblies, electronic device processing systems, and methods of processing substrates in load lock locations: A process load lock apparatus is disclosed. The process load lock apparatus includes a load lock chamber adapted to couple between a mainframe section and a factory interface, the load lock chamber including an entry and an exit each having a slit valve, and a load lock process chamber located... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140262035 - Semiconductor device manufacturing platform with single and twinned processing chambers: A transfer chamber for semiconductor device manufacturing includes (1) a plurality of sides that define a region configured to maintain a vacuum level and allow transport of substrates between processing chambers, the plurality of sides defining a first portion and a second portion of the transfer chamber and including (a)... Agent:

20140262037 - Transparent yttria coated quartz showerhead: Embodiments of the invention generally relate to a quartz showerhead having an aerosol-deposited yttria coating thereon. The yttria coating is sprayed on the quartz surface of the showerhead through a high pressure nozzle in a vacuum chamber. The yttria coating is transparent in the UV wavelength range, and allows the... Agent:

20140262038 - Processing systems and methods for halide scavenging: Systems, chambers, and processes are provided for controlling process defects caused by moisture contamination. The systems may provide configurations for chambers to perform multiple operations in a vacuum or controlled environment. The chambers may include configurations to provide additional processing capabilities in combination chamber designs. The methods may provide for... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140262039 - Method of forming asymmetric spacers and methods of fabricating semiconductor device using asymmetric spacers: A method of fabricating asymmetrical spacers, structures fabricated using asymmetrical spacers and an apparatus for fabricating asymmetrical spacers. The method includes: forming on a substrate, a structure having a top surface and opposite first and second sidewalls and having a longitudinal axis parallel to the sidewalls; forming a conformal layer... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140262040 - Method and system using plasma tuning rods for plasma processing: A plasma-tuning rod configured for use with a microwave processing system. The waveguide includes a first dielectric portion having a first outer diameter. A second dielectric portion, with a second outer diameter greater than the first outer diameter surrounds the first dielectric portion, and may be coaxial therewith. In some... Agent:

20140262041 - Microwave surface-wave plasma device: A processing system is disclosed, having a power transmission element with an interior cavity that propagates electromagnetic energy proximate to a continuous slit in the interior cavity. The continuous slit forms an opening between the interior cavity and a substrate processing chamber. The electromagnetic energy may generate an alternating charge... Agent:

20140262042 - Microwave surface-wave plasma device: A processing system is disclosed, having a power transmission element with an interior cavity that propagates electromagnetic energy proximate to a continuous slit in the interior cavity. The continuous slit forms an opening between the interior cavity and a substrate processing chamber. The electromagnetic energy may generate an alternating charge... Agent:

20140262044 - Mu metal shield cover: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to an apparatus for processing substrates having improved magnetic shielding. One embodiment of the present invention provides a plasma processing chamber having an RF match, a plasma source and a plasma region defined between a chamber ceiling and a substrate support. At least... Agent:

20140262043 - Substrate support for plasma etch operations: Methods and apparatus for processing substrates are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, a substrate support to support a substrate in a processing chamber includes a dielectric insulator plate; a conductive plate supported on the dielectric insulator plate, the conductive plate comprising a top surface and a bottom surface defining a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140262045 - Pressuring module, pressuring apparatus, substrate bonding apparatus, substrate bonding method, and bonded substrate: A pressuring module includes a stage having a mounting surface on which an object to be pressured is mounted; a plurality of pressure detecting sections that detect a pressure applied on the mounting surface; and a pressure varying section that varies a pressure distribution across a plane of the mounting... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140262046 - Impregnation mandrel with vacuum liner for making a gas turbine casing made of composite material: An impregnation mandrel for production of a gas turbine casing made from composite material, including: a mandrel having a central wall and two side plates; compaction bars, each including (i) a wedge configured to bear against a fibrous reinforcing part covering angles formed between the central wall and the side... Agent: Snecma

20140262047 - Systems for three-dimensional weaving of composite preforms and products with varying cross-sectional topology: A system fabricating composite preforms includes a layer assembly stage with a first stage for receiving new layers, such as layer N; and a second stage for holding up to K layers, such as layers N−1 to N-K. An interlayer reinforcement insertion mechanism inserts interlayer reinforcements Q through layer N... Agent:

20140262048 - Conveying device: A conveying device which receives a curved rubber member supplied from a supply device and delivers the rubber member to a supply target device, the conveying device including a rotary table having an annular mounting surface on which the curved rubber member is placed, and a moving mechanism capable of... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20140262049 - Thread material cutting device: A thread material cutting device is provided which is used in an extraction bag sheet manufacturing apparatus, the thread material cutting device having a compact apparatus configuration without the use of a cutter. An extraction bag manufacturing apparatus with the thread material cutting device incorporated therein includes welding means (first... Agent: Tsubakimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20140262050 - Package bag sealing machine: A package bag sealing machine includes a first clamping unit and a second clamping unit respectively connected to a first bracket and a second bracket and movable relative to each other to clamp a package bag therebetween, a first sealing unit, a second sealing unit connected to the second bracket,... Agent: Chan Li Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140262051 - Passive feeder cartridge driven by pickup head: A pick-and-place machine and method includes use of a passive component feeder cartridge including a feeder gear. Rotation of the feeder gear causes a component-bearing tape to be fed through the feeder cartridge. A pickup head includes a vacuum nozzle to pick up the components from the tape and a... Agent:

20140262052 - Detaping process for foils taped on semiconductor wafers: In another implementing mode, the detaping process comprises, during the removing of the protective foil, a spray of an electrically dissipative liquid in the region adjacent to the detaping line between the semiconductor wafer and the protective foil or an injection of an electrically dissipative liquid along this detaping line.... Agent: Em Microlectronic-marin Sa

20140262053 - Debonders and related devices and methods for semiconductor fabrication: Disclosed are systems, devices and methodologies for debonding wafers from carrier plates. In certain wafer processing operations, it is desirable to temporarily mount a wafer on a carrier plate for support and ease of handling. Such a mounting can be achieved by bonding the wafer and the carrier plate with... Agent: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

09/11/2014 > 54 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140251524 - Automobile surface protector: Implementations of a protector for the interior surfaces of an automobile are provided. In some implementations, the protector may comprise one or more strips. In some implementations, a strip may protect one or more edges of an automobile sun visor, for example, where the sun visor is prone to being... Agent:

20140251523 - Labeling machine and method for labeling containers: A labeling machine and a method for labeling containers are provided. The labeling machine comprises at least one a labeling module for labeling containers with a label, and a connection device for connecting a labeling module to an electric current line with which electric current can be supplied to the... Agent: Krones Ag

20140251525 - Method and device for sealing insulating glass blanks: A method for sealing insulating glass blanks (1), in which a sealing compound (3) is introduced from a sealing nozzle (7) into the outwardly open edge joint (2) of the insulating glass blank (1). A material tongue (15) of the sealing compound (3) emerging from the sealing nozzle (7) forms... Agent: Losec Aistroa G,bj

20140251526 - Carrier-free adhesive film: A method of installing flooring with an adhesive system that comprises a layer of adhesive without any adhesive carrier layer or screen or the like, covered on a first release surface and covered on the opposite side by a second release surface.... Agent: W.f. Taylor Co., Inc.

20140251527 - Methods and apparatus for curing retreaded tires: Embodiments of the invention include methods and apparatus for constraining a tread in a desired arrangement about a tire carcass during retreading operations. Such methods include the steps of providing a annular tire carcass configured for receiving a tread. Such methods also include the step of arranging a tread annularly... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20140251528 - Apparatus and methods for forming a butt splice on a running web: Methods are provided for forming a butt splice to join a first web of material to a second web of material is provided. The first web of material is cut or trimmed to form a first edge. The second web of material is cut or trimmed to form a second... Agent: Martin Automatic, Inc.

20140251529 - Method for producing an extruded stiffened panel, and device for implementing same: A method for producing a part made of a composite material, including a skin and at least one stiffener made of strips, which are in turn made of one or more plies of fibers impregnated with a non-polymerized resin. The method includes the steps of: producing a preform of the... Agent: Airbus Operations (sas)

20140251530 - Apparatus and process for the production of paper web material: Apparatus for the production of a paper web, comprising: a first embossing unit (1) with a first embossing cylinder (2) and a corresponding counter-cylinder (3) for embossing a first paper ply (4); a second embossing unit (5) with a second embossing cylinder (6) and a corresponding counter-cylinder (7) for embossing... Agent:

20140251531 - Method for producing a composite sheet metal part having a metallic region, and corresponding molding tool: The invention relates to a method for producing a composite sheet metal part having at least one metallic region from a composite sheet metal blank which has two outer cover sheets of metal and at least one layer which is arranged between the cover sheets and consists of plastics material.... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag

20140251532 - Method for forming a layered tube and layer therein: A method includes premixing an anti-static additive and a first crosslinker to form an anti-static intermediate mixture where the anti-static additive is dispersed in the first crosslinker. The method also includes compounding the anti-static intermediate mixture and at least a portion of the first fluoropolymer to form a first compounded... Agent: Agc Chemicals Americas, Inc.

20140251533 - Substrate peeling device, method for peeling substrate, and method for fabricating flexible display device: A method for fabricating a display device is provided. A laser having a power density is provided to a substrate coupling body. The substrate coupling body includes a first substrate and a second substrate coupled to the first substrate. The second substrate is separated from the first substrate. An optical... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140251534 - Wireless phone wallet: A method includes removing an adhesive backing from the back of a self-adhesive wallet and adhering the wallet to a handheld device or a case for the handheld device.... Agent:

20140251535 - Collet cleaning method and die bonder using the same: A die bonder includes a pickup device, a bonding head unit having a collet that absorbs dies from a wafer at the timing of lifting of the pickup device, and a control unit that controls the pickup device and the bonding head unit. The collet is moved to a position... Agent: Hitachi High-tech Instruments Co., Ltd.

20140251536 - Methods for manufacturing a catheter using an aluminum nitride bonding apparatus: Apparatuses and methods for joining one or more tubing sections together to form a tubular catheter device, for shaping one or more tubular sections of a catheter device, and/or for fusing elements (e.g., a radiopaque marker) onto a portion of the catheter. Each section of the catheter is typically fabricated... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140251537 - Insulating resin film, bonded structure using insulating resin film, and production method of bonded structure: To provide an insulating resin film, which contains: a first adhesive layer; and a second adhesive layer, wherein the insulating resin film is configured to bond a substrate and an electronic part together, and the first adhesive layer is provided at a side of the substrate and the second adhesive... Agent: Dexerials Corporation

20140251538 - Recyclable surface covering and method and system for manufacturing a recyclable surface covering: A process and system for making a laminated surface covering and the surface covering itself are described. The covering includes several layers bonded to each other. The system performs the process. One example of the process includes passing a first material across a first conveyor, passing a second material across... Agent: Ecore International Inc.

20140251539 - Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method: Disclosed are a substrate processing apparatus and a substrate processing method configured to perform a processing of a substrate by a processing liquid, in which the processing liquid is supplied to a substrate which rotates to process the substrate. The substrate processing apparatus includes a substrate rotating unit that rotates... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140251540 - Substrate supporter and substrate processing apparatus including the same: Provided is a substrate processing apparatus including a chamber provided with a reaction space and formed with an exhaustion opening in a center of a bottom, a substrate supporter provided in the chamber and supporting a substrate, a gas injection assembly provided to be opposite to the substrate supporter, injecting... Agent: Charm Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140251541 - Plasma processing apparatus: Disclosed is a plasma processing apparatus including: a processing container having a cylindrical columnar shape centering around a predetermined axis and defining a processing space therein; a plurality of columnar dielectric bodies installed at a top side of the processing space; a microwave generator configured to generate microwaves; a waveguide... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140251542 - Wafer susceptor for forming a semiconductor device and method therefor: In one embodiment, a wafer susceptor is formed to have portion of the susceptor that is positioned between a wafer pocket and an outside edge of the susceptor to have a non-uniform and/or a non-planar surface. In another embodiment, the non-uniform and/or non-planar surface includes one of a recess into... Agent:

20140251543 - Device for assembling lens element on substrate: A device for precisely assembling a lens element on a substrate includes a vacuum nozzle for lifting and carrying the lens element and a driver for moving and positioning the nozzle to position the lens element onto the substrate. The substrate supports a light receiver. The lens element includes a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140251544 - Method and apparatus for manufacturing pneumatic tyres: On a building drum, anchoring structures to beads, carcass plies, a belt structure and/or other annular composite components are sequentially assembled with a liner, sidewalls, sidewall inserts, under-belt inserts or other annular elastomer components. Each of the sidewall inserts, sidewalls, or under-belt inserts is made as a one piece construction... Agent: Pirelli Tyre S.p.a.

20140251545 - Process and method for recycling carpet or other fibrous plastic materials: A process and method for recycling carpet is disclosed. The process and method involves the liberation and separation of desirable carpet face fibers from the carpet backing materials. The present invention eliminates face fiber shearing. In the present process, the secondary layer of the carpet backing is removed either manually... Agent:

20140251546 - Peeling device, peeling system and peeling method: A peeling device according to the present disclosure includes a holding unit, a plurality of suction moving units, a state detection unit and a control unit. The holding unit is configured to hold a first substrate of a superposed substrate having the first substrate and a second substrate joined. The... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140251547 - Epitaxial lift off systems and methods: Epitaxial lift off systems and methods are presented. In one embodiment a tape is disposed on the opposite side of the epitaxial material than the substrate is used to hold the epitaxial material during the etching and removal steps of the ELO process. In various embodiments, the apparatus for removing... Agent: Alta Devices, Inc.

20140251548 - Method for improving surface quality of spalled substrates: A compliant material is formed between a base substrate and a support structure prior to performing a controlled spalling process. By positioning the compliant material between the base substrate and the support structure, the localized effects of surface perturbations (particles, wafer artifacts, etc.) on spalling mode fracture can be reduced.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140251549 - Peel-off module of printing device: A peel-off module of a printing device is provided for peeling off consumables from a consumable tape. The peel-off module is located on a cover of the printing device and comprises at least a main body, a peeling bar, and a peeling roller module. The main body has at least... Agent: Tsc Auto Id Technology Co., Ltd.

09/04/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 45 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140238574 - Design of a mold for forming complex 3d mems components: A mold structure having high-precision multi-dimensional components includes: depositing an oxide layer on a top surface of a plurality of semiconductor substrates, patterning a design integrated in one or more of the oxide layers; repositioning the substrates to enable the oxide layers make contact with one another; bonding in sequential... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140238575 - Method for formation and application of adhesive: An improved approach toward the formation of an adhesive comprising a separated liquid component and solid component and application of the adhesive to a substrate immediately upon mixing the liquid and solid components.... Agent:

20140238576 - Low cost high performance electrode for energy storage devices and systems and method of making same: The present invention is directed to a low cost, high performance electrode for energy storage devices and energy storage systems and a method for making same is disclosed, where a flexible binder is mixed with partial active and conductive materials in the electrode formulation and activated by mixing with a... Agent:

20140238577 - Adjustable pant-like disposable undergarment with fully severed front panel and method of manufacture with product defect detection system: A method that includes conveying a moving web for use as a body panel on a web stability control module is disclosed. A fastener assembly is supplied that may be used to attach and connect portions of the moving web. Prior to attaching the fastener assembly to the moving web,... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140238578 - Method for manufacturing monolithic ceramic electronic component: In a method for manufacturing a monolithic ceramic electronic component, electrically conductive paste layers are formed such that each of the electrically conductive paste layers includes a plurality of electrically conductive paste portions isolated from each other and each of the plurality of electrically conductive paste portions includes a first... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140238579 - Structural bonded patch with tapered adhesive design: A method and apparatus for reworking a composite structure. A composite rework patch system comprises a composite rework patch and a plurality of adhesive layers. The composite rework patch includes a first side having a contour conforming to an inconsistent area on the composite structure. The composite re patch comprises... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140238580 - Dual-curable adhesive composition, use thereof, and process for bonding substrates: The present invention provides a dual-curable adhesive composition, comprising: component (a): an epoxy resin; at least one selected from component (b) and component (c), wherein component (b) is a (meth)acrylate monomer, and component (c) is an oligomer containing a (meth)acryloxy group; component (d): a thermal polymerization catalyst which catalyzes the... Agent:

20140238581 - Method for preparing a tension member, in particular a carbon tension member, in the production of a belt: A method for treating a tension member in the production of a belt. The belt includes at least a belt body made of a polymer material having elastic properties, a cover layer as a belt backing, and a substructure having a force-transmission zone. The tension member has a ribbed design... Agent: Contitech Antriebssysteme Gmbh

20140238582 - Flexible substrates and method of manufacturing the same: A flexible substrate includes a flexible mother substrate and a planarization layer on the flexible mother substrate. Here, the flexible mother substrate includes a transparent textile and a resin layer. The transparent textile includes a plurality of first transparent fibers and a plurality of second transparent fibers crossing the plurality... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140238583 - Methods for manufacturing a paint roller and component parts thereof with strips of compounded material: Described are methods of making a paint roller using preformed strips or core material made from a compound of polypropylene and calcium carbonate having between 5% and 66% calcium carbonate by weight. One or various compounds may be used to form portions of one or multiple components that make up... Agent:

20140238584 - Methods for manufacturing a paint roller and component parts thereof with composite cover having compounded material: Described are methods of making a paint roller using material made from a compound of polypropylene and calcium carbonate having between 5% and 66% calcium carbonate by weight. One or various compounds may be used to form portions of one or multiple components that make up the paint roller, including,... Agent:

20140238585 - Radio-frequency sealable polymer and articles thereof: The present invention relates to a reactor-grade copolyester composition having radio-frequency sealing capability. The present invention further relates to films and thermoformable packaging prepared from the reactor-grade copolyester composition and the methods for making such films and articles therefrom.... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20140238586 - Adhesive having insulative properties: An improved adhesive composition having increased insulative properties is provided. The adhesive composition having improved insulative properties includes a starch component; an alkaline component; sodium tetraborate; water; and a plurality of expandable microspheres. Products having improved insulation capabilities and methods of making the products having improved insulation capabilities are also... Agent: Henkel USIPLLC

20140238587 - Method for producing an interior trim part of a vehicle: A method of producing an interior trim part of a vehicle. The method includes forming a carrier having a carrier surface. The carrier surface is at least partially uneven. The method further includes applying a decorative paper layer on the carrier surface. The decorative paper layer is selectively folded at... Agent:

20140238588 - Devices and methods for introducing a disposal bag into the production of disposable diapers: The invention discloses methods and devices for inserting compressed plastic disposal bags into a diaper production line. The bags are generally placed between the inner rear wall and an absorbent layer of the diaper so as to allow both facile access to the bag as well as protection of the... Agent:

20140238589 - Methods for joining strips of synthetic turf and for covering a site with synthetic turf: A method for covering a site with synthetic turf includes laying down a first elongate strip of synthetic turf, laying down a second elongate strip of synthetic turf, with the second elongate strip of synthetic turf is laid down substantially adjacent to the first elongate strip of synthetic turf in... Agent: Watershed Geosynthetics LLC

20140238590 - Method for manufacturing a composite: A method for manufacturing a composite using an adhesive for fixating different layers of fibre material in a correct position is provided. The method includes at least partly dissolving the adhesive by wetting the adhesive with a thermoset resin containing components acting as solvents for the adhesive. The adhesive may... Agent:

20140238591 - Method of transferring graphene: A method of transferring graphene is provided. A method of transferring graphene in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the present invention may include forming a graphene layer by composing graphene and a base layer, depositing a self-assembled monolayer on the graphene layer, and separating a combination layer comprising the... Agent:

20140238592 - Selective laser-assisted transfer of discrete components: Electronic components are often assembled using robotic equipment, such as pick-and-place machines, that is not optimized for components such as ultra-thin semiconductor bare dice. Selective laser-assisted die transfer is described based on the unique blistering behavior of a multilayer dynamic release layer when irradiated by low energy focused laser pulse(s)... Agent: Ndsu Research Foundation

20140238593 - Multiple-layer edgebanding: Composite of shaped bodies made from wooden materials with film-shaped substrates, wherein a surface of the shaped body has a first layer comprising a crosslinked radiation-curing hot-melt adhesive, said layer is covered with a second adhesive layer of a hot-melt adhesive, and said second adhesive layer is adhesively bonded to... Agent:

20140238594 - Method for manufacturing colorless transparent glass-fabric reinforced polyimide film for flexible displays: A method of manufacturing a colorless transparent polyimide film having reinforced glass fabric for flexible displays, suitable for use in increasing optical transmittance of a polyimide substrate having reinforced glass fabric for flexible displays. This method enables the glass fabric and the colorless transparent polyimide film to be matched in... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20140238595 - Joining a thermoplastic material and a metal: A method and apparatus comprising a sol-gel solution. Zirconium n-propoxide is aged in a solvent to form a first part for the sol-gel solution. The first part is combined with deionized water to form a second part for the sol-gel solution. Aminoaryltrialkoxysilane is combined with an alcohol to form a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140238596 - Method for making multi-ply fibrous structures: Embossed multi-ply fibrous structures and methods for making such embossed multi-ply fibrous structures are provided.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140238597 - Composite pressure vessel and method of assembling the same: A method for assembling a composite pressure vessel includes disposing a sealant into each of a plurality of annular slots defined in an exterior surface of a body portion of an end cap. The end cap is aligned with an end portion of a tubular member such that the exterior... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140238598 - Laminate structure, method for forming, and method of use thereof: A method for forming a laminate structure is provided. The method includes selecting a sheet layer that includes a melamine-based resin and selecting a substrate that includes wood, phenolic resin, zinc borate, and a water repellant agent. Heat and pressure are applied to the sheet layer and substrate at a... Agent:

20140238599 - Laminated microfluidic structures and method for making: A method for making a polymeric microfluidic structure in which two or more components (layers) of the microfluidic structure are fixedly bonded or laminated with a weak solvent bonding agent, particularly acetonitrile or a mixture of acetonitrile and alcohol. In an aspect, acetonitrile can be used as a weak solvent... Agent: Rheonix, Inc.

20140238600 - Decal transfer press: A transfer press comprising a frame, an upper platen assembly having an induction heatable upper platen, a lower platen assembly attached to the frame. The lower platen assembly is disposed below the upper platen assembly, and an apparatus is attached to the frame and to the upper platen for moving... Agent:

20140238601 - Applying biaxially oriented polyester onto a metal substrate: The invention is a laminating process which is directed toward economical production methods for scalable amounts of production which develop properties suitable for a broad based product line. In particular, the product is capable of important key components of commercial properties such as adhesion, scratch resistance, chemical inertness, and bending... Agent:

20140238602 - Carpet backing adhesive: The present invention relates to a starch-based binder for carpet backings and carpets made therewith. The binder comprises water, a polymer and an oligomeric or polymeric starch hydrolysate compound.... Agent: Styron Europe Gmbh

20140238603 - Hot melt adhesive comprising cyanoacrylate curing compounds: A curable adhesive composition comprising (i) 10 to 80 wt-% of a derivatives of cyanoacrylic esters, cyanopentadienoate esters, methyliden malonate esters (ii) 15 to 50 wt-% non-reactive (co)polymer(s) based on unsaturated monomers selected from vinyl esters or alkyl(meth)acrylates, iii) hydrocarbon resins and optionally iv) additives.... Agent: Henkel Corporation

20140238604 - Life enhancement of ring assembly in semiconductor manufacturing chambers: The present invention generally relates to a ring assembly that may be used in an etching or other plasma processing chamber. The ring assembly generally includes an inner ring body having a top planar surface and a bottom planar surface, and an outer ring body having a top surface, a... Agent:

20140238605 - Film thickness monitoring method, film thickness monitoring device, and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus: In accordance with an embodiment, a film thickness monitoring method includes applying light to a laminated body, detecting reflected light from the laminated body and outputting signals corresponding to the detected light, and judging whether a film thickness of an opaque film which is a polishing target has reached a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140238606 - Method for manufacturing glass clichÉusing laser etching and apparatus for laser irradiation therefor: A method for manufacturing a glass cliché using laser etching includes a dipping step for dipping a glass cliché, which will be etched, into an etching solution, a patterning step for irradiating laser to the glass cliché dipped in the etching solution to form a pattern therein, and a washing... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140238607 - Plasma processing apparatus: A plasma processing apparatus includes a processing chamber configured to partition a processing space and a microwave generator configured to generate microwaves for plasma excitation. Further, the plasma processing apparatus includes a dielectric member mounted in the processing chamber so as to seal the processing space, and configured to introduce... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140238608 - Ceramic showerhead with embedded rf electrode for capacitively coupled plasma reactor: A showerhead assembly for a substrate processing system includes a back plate connected to a gas channel. A face plate is connected adjacent to a first surface of the back plate and includes a gas diffusion surface. An electrode is arranged in one of the back plate and the face... Agent: Novellus Systems, Inc.

20140238609 - Mounting table and plasma processing apparatus: A mounting table includes a base and an electrostatic chuck provided on the base. The base has first and second top surface on which the electrostatic chuck and a focus ring are respectively provided. The second top surface is provided below the first top surface. A coolant path in the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140238610 - Assembling and shaping laminate panel: A method of assembling and shaping a laminate panel. An intermediate member is mounted on a lay-up table and a lay-up is assembling by laying a series of plies onto the intermediate member on the lay-up table. The intermediate member and the lay-up are then removed from the lay-up table... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20140238611 - Apparatus for adhering a soft slab and a covering material together: The present invention relates to an apparatus for adhering a soft slab and a covering material together. The apparatus for adhering the soft slab and the covering material together includes: a moving unit consisting of a plurality of rollers for moving the soft slab; a conveyor unit including a belt... Agent: Hyundai Dymos Incorporated

20140238612 - Device for fabricating a composite structure: A device for fabricating a composite structure comprises a multi-axis positioner and an attached end effector comprising an integrated head and creel. The head has a clamp, cut and restart mechanism and a compaction roller with a rotary axis. The creel has a prismatic shape with a coupling device on... Agent:

20140238613 - Labeling machine: A labeling machine with a rotatably driven carousel in which drive shafts for pallet shafts being parallel to the axis of rotation are rotatable, and having shaft control for rotating the drive shafts in an oscillating manner via translating gear mechanisms that are drivable by roller levers co-acting with a... Agent: Krones Ag

20140238614 - Transfer apparatus: To provide a transfer apparatus in which a transferred image is not displaced during image transfer and further, finish is excellent on the rear end side of a recording medium subjected to transfer, in a transfer apparatus for nipping a transfer film 96 and recording medium K with a transfer... Agent: Nisca Corporation

20140238615 - Ultrasonic collet horn for ultrasonic welder: An ultrasonic collet horn for an ultrasonic welder has a body and a collet over which a replaceable horn tip is receivable. The collet has a plurality of axial slits therein that divide the collet into sections and a tapered axially extending bore that tapers outwardly as it extends axially... Agent:

20140238616 - Press pads: A press pad is provided for use in a laminate press. The pad comprises a woven fabric of heat resistant strands wherein at least a proportion of the weft comprises a core made up of a bundle of strands within a sheath of an elastomeric material and at least a... Agent: Marathon Belting Limited

20140238617 - System and method for removal of a layer: A system includes a first drive unit used for driving at least one of a release device, a gripper device, and a second drive unit used for driving a support device. The release device is a vacuum device. The vacuum device is coupled to a vacuum source and applies a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140238618 - Die ejector and die separation method: A die ejector includes a supporting unit configured to support a bottom surface of a film on which a die may be attached. The supporting unit may have a hole formed at a center thereof. The die ejector may further include a ring-shaped elevating unit in the hole and configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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