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02/05/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150034411 - Volume amplifying assembly and portable electronic device packing case using the volume amplifying assembly: A portable electronic device packing case includes a packing body and a volume amplifying assembly received in the packing body. The volume amplifying assembly includes a volume amplifying body. The volume amplifying body includes a top wall formed on one end of the volume amplifying body, a side wall connected... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20150034412 - Exhaust with an acoustic attenuation system: An aeroengine exhaust cone is arranged to extend from upstream to downstream along a longitudinal axis. The cone comprises a structural core of composite material made up of an axisymmetric part having an upstream endpiece at its upstream end and a downstream endpiece at its downstream end. The core provides... Agent:

20150034413 - Sound control apparatus: A sound control apparatus capable of improving the quality of the reproduction sound output from an electronic apparatus includes a sound control mat, and a support unit for supporting an electronic device having a speaker on the sound control mat. The sound control mat has a sound controlling structure configured... Agent: Interman Corporation

20150034414 - Sound insulation material: The performance of a sound insulation material in which chips are utilized is improved. The sound insulation material includes a chip layer containing many chips. The chip layer is covered with a coat, and the chip layer includes an unbreathable intermediate membrane layer dividing the chip layer into a plurality... Agent:

20150034415 - Sound insulating curtain: A sound-insulating curtain includes a sound-absorbing core formed by laminating porous sheets and films, is covered by covers, and sewn in an integrated manner. Even after being integrally laminated, adjacently laminated layers are not excessively restrained in places other than sewn areas, and therefore displacement and deformation between layers caused... Agent: Aural Sonic, Inc.

01/29/2015 > 6 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150027802 - Case for portable electronic device and sound channel: Disclosed is a device that in many embodiments may be comprised of what is commonly described as a “case” in the portable electronic device industry, which is largely a cavity which envelopes the portable electronic device. This case may be one solid piece, or be multiple pieces that then assemble... Agent: Catalyst Medium Four, Inc. (dba Cm4, Inc.)

20150027803 - Sealed speaker enclosure: A speaker enclosure includes a seal and a speaker grille with a tuned port. Mounting tabs are molded in the grille. The seal is engaged by a series of ribs which surround the grille mounting tabs and by a rib which surrounds the tuned port tube of the grille. The... Agent: Deere & Company

20150027804 - Speaker enclosure: A loud speaker enclosure and a method of forming the loudspeaker enclosure comprising the following steps: combining a first layer of a sheet material, a middle layer of a cored configuration and a second layer of the sheet material by using adhesive to form a panel; laminating a sheet of... Agent: Electro Acoustics Research (1999) Pte Ltd

20150027805 - Speaker enclosure and method for fabricating the same: The invention relates to a speaker enclosure and a method for fabricating the same. The speaker enclosure comprises a main housing, a top cover, and a bottom plate. The main housing fabricated by a molding process and having a continuous side wall, end faces, and an inner space, wherein, a... Agent:

20150027806 - Perforation acoustic muffler assembly and method of reducing noise transmission through objects: A noise muffler is configured to substantially surround a sound generating object, disposed in or to be disposed in, a structure including a wall or ceiling to be sound limited by, and attenuate sound emitted from the sound generating object, the wall or ceiling including a board having an exposed... Agent: Noiseout Inc.

20150027807 - Acoustic barrier support structure: An acoustic barrier structure can include a support structure that defines a plurality of cells, a weight attached to the support structure, and at least one resonant membrane covering one of the plurality of cells. The at least one resonant membrane can comprise at least one weight. The at least... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150021117 - Duct and method for damping pressure waves caused by thermoacoustic instability: A duct and a method for damping pressure waves caused b thermoacoustic instability, the duct comprising: a locking Helmholtz resonator positioned on the circumference of the duct, the locking Helmholtz resonator tuned to a first frequency, and one or more damping Helmholtz resonators positioned on the circumference of the duct... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150014087 - Television sound deflector: The present invention provides a device which is structured to direct the sound from the bottom of flat screen television sets to the listening audience. The device(s) is comprised of semi rigid black plastic resin and is of fire retardant grade. Adhesive tape is included for securing the article to... Agent:

20150014088 - Waterproof sound transmitting sheet, and method for producing same: Disclosed herein is a waterproof sound-transmitting sheet having high sound transfer efficiency and excellent water proofing performance and a method for producing same. The waterproof sound-transmitting sheet includes: a sound-transmitting layer made of a polymer material and formed in the shape of a web having a plurality of pores; and... Agent: Amogreentech Co., Ltd.

20150014089 - Loudspeaker horn: A horn for use with a loudspeaker may include an entrance disposed at a first axial end of the horn and configured to receive a driver. A mouth may be disposed at a second axial end of the horn opposite the entrance. A contoured surface may extend between the entrance... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20150014090 - Acoustic container: Methods and devices are disclosed for a gaseous liquid to audibly deform the shape of a closed container. One embodiment includes pushing inward to depress a plurality of deformations integral with an exterior of the plastic container having a bottom, a top, the exterior, and an interior, wherein the top... Agent:

20150014091 - Frequency-modifying muffler: A muffler for raising the audible pitch of an internal combustion engine's exhaust note that includes an enclosed case having an inlet and an outlet, and a plurality of flow-directing components which are adapted to subdivide an inlet flow into a plurality of discrete interior flows, including a first interior... Agent:

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