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04/16/2015 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150101880 - Method and apparatus for a stethoscope: A stethoscope including stethoscope tubing, and a device for covering the stethoscope tubing. The device for covering the stethoscope tubing may be made of a flexible and elastic material. The device for covering the stethoscope tubing may have a water proof outer shell. The water proof outer shell of the... Agent:

20150101881 - Method and apparatus for a stethoscope: A covering device having first, second, and third bores in which first, second, and third portions of tubing, respectively, of a stethoscope can be inserted when the covering device is attached to the stethoscope in a first state. Each of the first, second, and third bores may have a length... Agent:

20150101882 - System and method for multi-stage bypass, low operating temperature suppressor for automatic weapons: The present disclosure relates to a suppressor for use with a weapon. The suppressor may be formed to have a body portion having a bore extending concentric with a bore axis of the weapon barrel. An opening in the bore extends at least substantially circumferentially around the bore. A flow... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20150101883 - Sound attenuation module and oversized grill: A Sound Attenuation Module and Oversized Grill is disclosed which prevents noise generated by an HVAC system from traveling through the duct system and into the room to which the air is directed. The goal is accomplished by use of oversized duct grills and an module placed between the wall... Agent:

20150101884 - Structure of exhaust system for cda engine: A structure of an exhaust system for a CDA engine may include three baffles coupled in a main muffler in a lateral direction, and dividing an interior of the main muffler into a first space, a second space, a third space, and a fourth space, a first connecting pipe disposed... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150101885 - Structure of exhaust system for cda engine: A structure of an exhaust system for a cylinder deactivation (CDA) engine may include first, second and third baffles which are coupled in a main muffler, and divide an interior of the main muffler into first, second, third and fourth spaces respectively, a connecting pipe which connects the second space... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150101886 - Synthetic jet muffler: A synthetic jet muffler includes an exit end, a propagation path for conducting a first sound wave emitted by a synthetic jet generator to the exit end, and a shroud for conducting a second sound wave emitted from the synthetic jet generator in a direction opposite to the first sound... Agent: The Boeing Company

04/09/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150096827 - Compressional velocity correction apparatus, methods, and systems: In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to measure compressional wave velocities in a geological formation surrounding a first well, to provide measured compressional wave velocity data, and to subsequently determine corrected compressional wave velocities for the first well.... Agent: Landmark Graphics Corporation

20150096828 - Audio speaker with externally reinforced passive radiator attachment: A battery powered wireless audio speaker comprising a passive radiator is disclosed. The perimeter portion of the passive radiator is sandwiched between the speaker chassis and the retention gasket that resides between an external overlying perforated cover to firmly secure the passive radiator. The construction is capable of being well... Agent:

20150096829 - Acoustic damping device: An acoustic damper includes a neck and a damping volume. The neck has a mouth being in fluid connection with a chamber. The chamber is limited by an inner surface of at least one wall. The acoustic damper device includes a recess located between the mouth of the neck and... Agent:

20150096830 - Device and method for reducing noise: A device for and methods of reducing sound vibrations in a liquid resulting from a sound source arranged below the liquid level of a body of water are disclosed. The device includes an elongate tube which can be arranged over the sound source, the tube comprising an outer wall and... Agent:

20150096831 - Sound panel and method for assembly of a sound panel: A sound panel includes an outer fabric, an absorption member that at least indirectly connects to the outer fabric, and a frame that is at least indirectly connected to the absorption member, where the outer fabric is fastened to the frame.... Agent:

20150096832 - Acoustic panel: An acoustic panel device includes a panel member and a mount. The panel member includes a porous material. The mount is arranged to captively support the panel member. The mount can be a frame that surrounds the panel member. The frame can define a channel, and a portion of the... Agent: Stillpoints LLC

04/02/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150090521 - Modular acoustic horns and horn arrays: A modular horn type loudspeaker and a modular horn array formed of modular loudspeakers. An acoustic horn includes a first acoustic module. The first acoustic module includes a first acoustic driver and a first acoustic duct, for conducting acoustic energy from the first acoustic driver. The first acoustic duct has... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150090522 - Sound permeable wind noise reduction device: A wind absorbing and deflecting device attached to the leading strap on a cycling helmet to reduce wind noise while ambient sound passes through to the inner ear so that the user's hearing in not impaired. The device is located in front of the user's ear and against the temple.... Agent:

20150090523 - Intake apparatus of engine for outboard motor: There is provided an intake apparatus of an engine for an outboard motor. An intake manifold, a throttle body and an intake silencer box are arranged at one side of an engine block configured such that an axial direction of a cylinder coincides with a front and rear direction of... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20150090524 - Method for producing foam panels, especially for the field of aeronautics: The present disclosure is related to a method for producing a cellular panel which includes a cellular structure sandwiched between first and second stiff skins. The method includes the following steps: preparing at least two blocks of cellular material; disposing the two blocks on a base ply of dry fabric,... Agent:

20150090525 - Mold for making sound-absorbing duct and sound-absorbing duct using the same: A mold for manufacturing a sound-absorbing duct, may include an inner mold made of an elastic material and having a channel therein, a sound-absorbing pad disposed outside the inner mold, and an outer mold disposed outside the sound-absorbing pad and having at least one first injection groove on an inner... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150090526 - Sound absorbing (acoustic) board: A sound absorbing board (1) that is a sound absorbing board where a decorative layer (2) and a rigid substrate material (3) are laminated, and where the substrate material contains parallel grooves (4) spaced at a pre-determined distance, and also, where the cross sectional surface of the grooves in a... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150083518 - Acoustic source apparatus, systems, and methods: In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to rotate a rotatable driving member having at least one driving lobe, and to periodically contact at least one cam on a unitary driven member with the at least one driving lobe... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150083519 - System and method for producing high quality seismic records within bore holes: A sound source for geophysical studies of the earth for oil, gas and other natural resource exploration and more specifically a streamlined design of a hydraulically controlled impulsive sound source that may be inserted into oil wells and bore holes and a system and method for obtaining high quality seismic... Agent:

20150083520 - Underwater noise abatement panel and resonator structure: A system for reducing noise emissions in underwater environments is presented. The system can be extended to applications in any two-fluid environments where one fluid (gas) is contained in an enclosed resonator volume connected to the outside environment at an open end of the resonator body. The resonators act as... Agent:

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