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05/14/2015 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150133032 - Polishing cleaning mechanism, substrate processing apparatus, and substrate processing method: There is disclosed a polishing cleaning mechanism configured to be in contact with a rear surface of a substrate which is held in a substrate holding unit for holding the rear surface of the substrate and perform a polishing process and a cleaning process on the rear surface of the... Agent:

20150133034 - Machine tool comprising a spindle head and method for positioning a spindle head of a machine tool: The present disclosure relates to a machine tool for machining workpieces, particularly a grinding machine, and to a method for positioning a spindle head of such a machine tool. The machine tool comprises a workpiece holder for receiving a workpiece, and a spindle head for receiving a tool, particularly a... Agent:

20150133033 - Platen assembly, chemical-mechanical polisher, and method for polishing substrate: A platen assembly includes a platen body, a polishing pad, and a fountain slurry supplier. The platen body has an upper surface. The polishing pad is disposed on the upper surface of the platen body. The fountain slurry supplier is at least partially disposed on the upper surface of the... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150133035 - Method for finely feeding granular solids into liquid: A method for finely feeding granular solids into a liquid, in which method granular solids and a liquid are fed into a mixing space and mixed together, and a mixture of small solid particles and liquid is discharged from the mixing space. The granular solid matter in the mixing space... Agent:

20150133036 - Cmp pad dressers having leveled tips and associated methods: CMP pad dressers having leveled tips and associated methods are provided. In one aspect, for example, a CMP pad dresser can include a support substrate and a plurality of superabrasive particles secured to the support substrate with each superabrasive particle extending away from the support substrate to a protrusion distance,... Agent:

20150133037 - Devices, methods and systems for restoring optical discs: The invention relates to devices, systems and methods for restoring optical discs, including CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray discs. The invention provides an easy to use device for user's to repair optical discs without having to clean or remove rotating pads in the device between uses for the life of the... Agent: Venmill Industries

20150133038 - Substrate holder, polishing apparatus, polishing method, and retaining ring: A substrate holder capable of preventing an increase in a polishing rate of an edge portion of a substrate, even when polishing a plurality of substrates successively, is disclosed. The substrate holder includes: a top ring body configured to hold the substrate; and a retaining ring disposed so as to... Agent:

20150133039 - Polishing pad and method for manufacturing same: Polishing pad and method of manufacturing the same, the method, whereby materials for forming a polishing layer are mixed and solidified by a chemical reaction so as to manufacture the polishing pad, the method including: grinding organic materials by using a physical method so as to form micro-organic particles; mixing... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 6 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150126095 - Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and polishing method using the same: A chemical mechanical polishing apparatus includes a platen, a polishing head, a magnetizable polishing pad, and an electromagnetic component. The magnetizable polishing pad is disposed between the polishing head and the platen. The electromagnetic component is configured for fastening the magnetizable polishing pad on the platen.... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150126096 - System and method for contoured peel grinding: A method for grinding out a contoured workpiece including providing a grinding wheel having a first abrasive work surface location and a second abrasive work surface location, the first abrasive work surface location having a first tangential radius and the second abrasive work surface location having a second tangential radius,... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150126097 - Nano fluid electrostatic atomization controllable jet minimal quantity lubrication grinding system: The present invention relates to a nano fluid electrostatic atomizing controllable jet minimal lubricating for grinding system. A grinding system is provided with a corona charging nozzle, a nozzle body of the corona charging nozzle is connected with a liquid supply system and an air supply system, a high-voltage direct-current... Agent:

20150126098 - Coated abrasive article: Provided are abrasive articles in which the make layer, abrasive particle layer, and size layer are coated onto a backing according to a coating pattern characterized by a pattern of discrete islands, or features, having an areal density ranging from about 30 features to about 300 features per square centimeter... Agent:

20150126100 - Polishing pad with secondary window seal: A polishing article has a polishing surface and an aperture, the aperture including a first section and a second section. The polishing article includes a projection extending inwardly into the aperture. The polishing article includes a lower portion on a side of the first surface farther from the polishing surface.... Agent:

20150126099 - Printed chemical mechanical polishing pad having abrasives therein: A method of fabricating a polishing layer of a polishing pad includes determining a desired distribution of particles to be embedded within a polymer matrix of the polishing layer. A plurality of layers of the polymer matrix is successively deposited with a 3D printer, each layer of the plurality of... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150118938 - Tooth flank machining device and gear manufacturing method: A tooth flank machining device includes a helical teeth grinding wheel, a position adjusting unit] capable of moving a relative position of a rotational axis of the helical teeth grinding wheel to a rotational axis of a work gear, and a controlling unit having a relative position controller activating the... Agent: Aisin Ai Co., Ltd.

20150118939 - Portable grinding apparatus: Embodiments of the invention are directed to a portable grinding apparatus comprising: a frame; a boring bar operatively coupled to the frame; and a grinding assembly operatively coupled to the boring bar, wherein the grinding assembly is adjustable in one or more axes by adjusting the frame or the grinding... Agent:

20150118940 - Method for dismantling a battery cell using fluid jets: A method for recycling a plurality of battery cells, the method includes the steps of orienting a plurality of battery cells along a processing path having at least two fluid jets, moving the plurality of battery cells along the processing path proximate the at least two fluid jets, wherein the... Agent:

20150118941 - Method and apparatus for shortening the rotor blades of a turbomachine: A method for shortening one or more rotor blade(s) (2) of a turbomachine (3) by removal of material at the blade tip, and apparatus (1;19) for carrying out the method: a belt grinding apparatus (1;19) shortens the rotor blades (2) and a contour of the blade tip is generated by... Agent:

20150118942 - Fluid jet cutting systems, components and methods that facilitate improved work environments: Fluid jet systems, components and related methods are provided which are well adapted for processing workpieces under particularly work-friendly conditions. Embodiments include fluid jet systems and related methods that reduce, minimize or eliminate a gap between a workpiece being processed and jet receiving devices that receive and dissipate the energy... Agent:

20150118943 - Surface applied abrasive cleaning apparatus and method: A rotor assembly is provided for blast processing. The rotor assembly includes multiple lofting elements to create a vortex to loft particulate material to be used to process a target, and multiple impelling elements to project the particulate material toward the target. The rotor assembly is enclosed within an operating... Agent: Accelabrator Technologies, LLC

20150118944 - Polishing apparatus, method for attaching polishing pad, and method for replacing polishing pad: The work of replacing a polishing pad is easily performed, and thermal damage is prevented from occurring in a polishing table. A polishing apparatus 100 includes a polishing table 110 having an attachment surface 110a to which a polishing pad 108 used to polish a substrate 102 is attached. The... Agent:

20150118945 - Handle arrangement for sander: An improved handle arrangement is provided for a power tool, such as a sander. The sander may include: a housing; a primary handle extending in a rearward direction away from an upper rear portion of the housing; a secondary handle positioned at an upper front portion of the housing, where... Agent:

04/25/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.
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