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Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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04/16/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150104998 - Apparatus, system and method for aero-contouring a surface of an aerodynamically functional coating: An aero-contouring apparatus is provided. The aero-contouring apparatus has a housing assembly and a motor assembly disposed therein. The motor assembly has a motor unit and a drive unit. The aero-contouring apparatus further has an engagement force/tilt limiting member coupled to the housing assembly, which has a central opening and... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150104999 - Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method: A substrate processing apparatus capable of accurately aligning a center of a substrate, such as a wafer, with an axis of a substrate stage and capable of processing the substrate without bending the substrate is disclosed. The substrate processing apparatus includes a first substrate stage having a first substrate-holding surface... Agent:

20150105000 - Non-embedding method for heavy metal stabilization using beef bone meal and blast media: Methods are disclosed for stabilizing a heavy metal in a heavy metal bearing paint residue to reduce leaching of the heavy metal from a waste subject to natural or induced leaching conditions by addition of environmentally safe, worker safe, and multi-media compatible stabilizing agent comprising beef bone meal. Beef bone... Agent:

20150105001 - Pressure control circuits for blasting systems: A blasting system having a pressure control circuit that automatically sets and balances pressures in the system to provide a more efficient blasting process. The pressure control circuits provide the ability and enable an operator to more easily and efficiently set the operating pressures of a wet abrasive blasting system,... Agent: Ecoquip, Inc.

20150105002 - Tool for the polishing of optical surfaces: A tool for the polishing of an optical surface has a base which has an active surface facing the optical surface. An intermediate layer is arranged on the active surface of the base. A polishing agent carrier is arranged on the elastic intermediate layer. The elastic intermediate layer projects radially... Agent:

20150105003 - Media-bearing polisher and restorer: A media-bearing polisher and restorer removes surface and subsurface contaminants from a vehicle, household or other surface. The media-bearing polisher and restorer comprises an ovoid body with a planar bottom. The body comprises a resilient or rigid material and one or more flutes for receiving one or more user fingers.... Agent:

20150105004 - Polishing apparatus: A polishing apparatus connected to a robot arm and used to polish a workpiece includes a bracket, a polishing assembly, and a positioning assembly. The polishing assembly is mounted on the bracket and includes a driver and a polishing plate connected to the driver. The driver is capable of driving... Agent:

20150105005 - Chemical mechanical polisher with hub arms mounted: A chemical mechanical polishing system is provided. The chemical mechanical polishing system includes a platen, a load cup, a hub, a first polishing arm cantilevered from the hub and rotatable around the centerline of the hub between the platen and load cup, and a second polishing arm cantilevered from the... Agent:

20150105006 - Method to sustain minimum required aspect ratios of diamond grinding blades throughout service lifetime: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a blade for isolating devices within a wafer and the method of isolating. The blade has a core material, a cutting material disposed on the core material, and a plating material covering a portion of the core and cutting materials. The edge... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

04/09/2015 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150099422 - Method and system for the ply-by-ply machining of a component made of composite material, by applying energy: The invention relates to machine a component made of composite material in order to eliminate singularities, defects or damage to the component using a method that is repeatable and adaptable. To do this, it is proposed that the defects and their type be identified by image processing of the surface... Agent: Jedo Technologies

20150099424 - Polishing method: A polishing method includes: rotating a polishing table that supports a polishing pad; polishing a conductive film by pressing a substrate having the conductive film against the polishing pad; obtaining a film thickness signal with use of an eddy current film-thickness sensor disposed in the polishing table; determining a thickness... Agent:

20150099423 - Tsv wafer thinning controlling method and system: A TSV wafer thinning controlling method and system is provided, which can improve the accuracy of the wafer thinning technique. The system includes a chuck table used for carrying a wafer and a grinding device used for thinning the wafer; and further includes: an infrared sensor equipped on the chuck... Agent: National Center For Advanced Packaging Co., Ltd.

20150099425 - Automated sanding system: A method and apparatus for sanding a number of surface features on a surface of an object. A first type of operation may be performed on the number of surface features on the surface of the object using a first end effector. Feedback laser data may be generated about the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150099426 - Lapping device with lapping control feature and method: A head structure for a lapping assembly including a lapping control feature is disclosed. The lapping control feature includes a raised contact surface elevated from a front surface of the head structure of the lapping assembly. A relative position of the workpiece and raised contact surface are aligned to control... Agent:

20150099427 - Slider level lapping carrier: A carrier may be configured and operated to engage a lapping plate with a plurality of physically separated sliders attached to a common adhesive of the carrier. The carrier can be constructed to have at least one finger adjacent to and capable of translating a single slider of the plurality... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150099428 - Dicing device and dicing method: To stably perform cutting process even on a workpiece formed from a brittle material, in a ductile mode with high precision, without causing cracking and/or breaking in the workpiece. A dicing device which performs cutting process on a workpiece includes: a dicing blade that is formed into a discoid shape... Agent:

20150099429 - Refurbishing system: A system for refurbishing at least one article attached to an assembly includes a refurbishing vessel that contains at least one wall and at least one open portion; means for providing an abrasive media to the vessel, wherein the abrasive media is caused to flow around the surfaces of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150099430 - Pocket sized adjustable knife sharpener: A knife blade sharpener including two generally circular sharpening members pivotally mounted about a pivot axis and having opposed grinding edges. The grinding edges are located along one side of a notch formed in each of the generally circular sharpening members and can be brought to face one another, adjustably... Agent:

20150099432 - Cmp equipment using magnet responsive composites: Embodiments described herein generally relate to devices and methods for magnetic-responsive chemical mechanical polishing. In one embodiment, a device including a support with one or more magnetic field generators formed therein is provided. The magnetic field generators can produce at least one magnetic field. A magnetic-responsive composite is positioned in... Agent:

20150099431 - Cmp slurry particle breakup: A method for breaking up Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) slurry particles includes receiving a CMP slurry comprising particles suspended in a solution, placing the slurry into a first agitation tank, and agitating the slurry at a first frequency. The first frequency is selected to break up particles having a size... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20150099433 - Substrate cleaning apparatus and substrate processing apparatus: A substrate cleaning apparatus for reducing a limitation of a layout of a chemical liquid nozzle and a rinsing liquid nozzle, while enabling a load cell to be installed at an optimal location and achieving a larger adjustment range, is disclosed. The substrate cleaning apparatus includes a roll assembly including... Agent:

20150099434 - Transform mechanism of a finishing wheel for an abrasive belt polishing finisher: The invention discloses a transform mechanism of a finishing wheel for an abrasive belt polishing finisher in the field of mechanical technology. The invention is disposed on the inner side of the abrasive belt of the finisher, comprising several slide rails disposed on the side of the frame of the... Agent: Taizhou Federal Robot Technology Co., Ltd

20150099435 - High speed barrel polishing device: A high speed polishing device useful for polishing a large number of miniature components, such as multi-layer electronic components, is disclosed. In various embodiments of the present invention, a vertical planetary ball mill or other barrel polishing device is modified to rotate polishing containers having a modified interior cavity structure.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150099436 - Reciprocating skate blade sharpener: In one aspect, the invention is directed to a sharpener for sharpening a snow/ice travel member such as a skate blade, a ski or a snowboard, which includes a sharpening surface that is movable lengthwise along an edge face of the item to be sharpened. The sharpening surface may be... Agent: Magna Closures Inc.

20150099437 - Coated retaining ring: A retaining ring for a polishing system is disclosed. The retaining ring has a process-resistant coating over a portion thereof. The process-resistant coating is a thin, smooth, conformal layer that is resistant to wear and chemical attack. The process-resistant coating is formed by a method that includes vapor deposition from... Agent:

20150099438 - Universal carrier device and adaptive components for the carrier device: An assembly includes a carrier device having proximal and distal ends. The carrier device includes a workpiece platform along the proximal end. The workpiece platform supports one or more slider bars. The carrier device attaches to a lapping machine. An adaptive component, including at least one spring, has a first... Agent:

20150099439 - Polishing pad and method for making the same: The present invention relates to a polishing pad and a method for making the same. The polishing pad has a grinding layer. The grinding layer includes a plurality of fibers and a main body. The fineness of the fibers is 0.001 den to 6 den. The main body is a... Agent:

20150099440 - Method for manufacturing a polishing pad and polishing pad: A method for manufacturing a polishing pad for a hand tool having a working element performing an orbital, random orbital, and/or a rotational movement, the polishing pad having attached layers including: a resilient damping layer, an adhesive layer for connection to a corresponding layer located at a bottom surface of... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150093967 - Method for grinding workpieces, in particular for centering grinding of workpieces such as optical lenses: The invention relates to a method for centering grinding of workpieces, for example optical lenses by a grinding tool using an actuator for generating an advancing movement between the grinding tool and the workpiece, wherein the actuator and a current regulator for an actuator current which determines an advancing force... Agent:

20150093968 - Polishing apparatus and method: A polishing is used for polishing a substrate such as a semiconductor wafer to a flat mirror finish. The polishing apparatus includes a polishing table having a polishing surface, a substrate holding apparatus configured to hold the substrate and to press the substrate against the polishing surface, and a controller.... Agent:

20150093969 - Method and device for manufacturing elastic abrasive method for blasting the elastic abrasive including method for recycling the elastic abrasive and device for blasting the elastic abrasive including device for recycling the elastic abrasive: A circulation-type blasting device is provided with a device for recycling an elastic abrasive for recycling all or a part of elastic abrasive used in a cyclic way, and the device for recycling the elastic abrasive is provided with a mixing unit for mixing recovered abrasives recovered from an abrasive... Agent:

20150093970 - System and method of magnetic abrasive surface processing: Disclosed are various embodiments for a system and method of processing a surface using a mixture containing magnetic particles. A mixture is disposed on a workpiece and exposed to a dynamic magnetic field. In response to the dynamic magnetic field, the magnetic particles of the mixture may move along the... Agent:

20150093971 - Polishing apparatus and method: A polishing is used for polishing a substrate such as a semiconductor wafer to a flat mirror finish. The polishing apparatus includes a polishing table having a polishing surface, a substrate holding apparatus configured to hold the substrate and to press the substrate against the polishing surface, and a controller.... Agent:

20150093972 - Liquid diffuser adapter for center fed wet stone fabrication machine: The liquid diffuser adapter is intended to be attached to the arbor wheel of a center fed, wet stone fabrication machine to facilitate dust elimination. The adapter contains a fastener, a plurality of diffusing channels, and a protective coating. The fastener includes a main body, a flange, and a receptive... Agent:

20150093973 - Compact vacuum: A vacuum may include a housing, a filter, a motor-fan assembly, and a flue. The housing defines a chamber having a circular cross-section. The filter may have an annular shape and is disposed in the chamber of the housing. The motor-fan assembly includes a motor drivably coupled to a fan,... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20150093974 - Flow-bypassing structure of grinding tool and grinding tool having the same: The present invention relates to a flow-bypassing structure and a grinding tool having the same. The main body has an intake passage and an exhaust passage. A cylinder is disposed in an interior of the main body and has an air inlet communicated with the intake passage and an air... Agent: Hyphone Machine Industry Co., Ltd.

20150093975 - Flow-bypassing structure of grinding tool and grinding tool having the same: A flow-bypassing structure and a grinding tool having the same are provided. A main body of the grinding tool has an intake passage and an exhaust passage. A cylinder is disposed in an interior of the main body and has an air inlet communicated with the intake passage and an... Agent: Hyphone Machine Industry Co., Ltd.

20150093976 - Flexible sander: A flexible sanding apparatus includes a thin, relatively flat spring member and one or more coil spring members coupled to a first side of the flat spring member along a length of the flat spring member. A sanding surface may be coupled to a second side of the flat spring... Agent:

20150093977 - Methods for producing in-situ grooves in chemical mechanical planarization (cmp) pads, and novel cmp pad designs: Methods for producing in-situ grooves in CMP pads are provided. In general, the methods for producing in-situ grooves comprise the steps of patterning a silicone lining, placing the silicone lining in, or on, a mold, adding CMP pad material to the silicone lining, and allowing the CMP pad to solidify.... Agent:

20150093978 - Polishing film for plastic spectacle lenses: A polishing film for a polishing head for plastic spectacle lenses, for polishing zones on a front side or rear side of the spectacle lens, having a polishing surface which can be positioned against the spectacle lens and is bounded by a peripheral surface, wherein an edge is provided between... Agent: Schneider Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150093979 - Composite polishing pad and method for making the same: The present invention relates to a composite polishing pad and a method for making the same. The composite polishing pad includes a cushion layer and a polishing layer. The cushion layer includes a first polymeric elastomer with a hardness of 10 to 70 shore D, and is attached to the... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150087205 - Adaptive uniform polishing system: An adaptive uniform polishing system is equipped with feedback control to apply localized adjustments during a polishing operation. The adaptive uniform polishing system disclosed has particular application to the semiconductor industry. Such an adaptive uniform polishing system includes a rotatable head that holds a semiconductor wafer, and a processing unit... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20150087206 - Tools for lens processing: A lens processing system used for removing a lens blank (98, 110) from an edging block (40). The system includes an elongated collet (22) that engages the mating edging block (40). The block (40) includes an enlarged groove (41) that receives a pair of blades (65, 66) extended upwardly from... Agent:

20150087207 - Device wafer processing method: A device wafer includes a device area where a plurality of devices are formed on the front side of the device wafer and a peripheral marginal area surrounding the device area. Each device has an adhesion disliking region disliking adhesion to an adhesive tape. An ultraviolet curable protective tape is... Agent:

20150087208 - Apparatus and method for manufacturing a semiconductor wafer: In a semiconductor wafer manufacturing apparatus, a rotation module is provided to hold the semiconductor wafer at a plane. The semiconductor wafer is revolved by the rotation module around a first axis. The first axis is substantially perpendicular to the plane. A cleaning module is configured to revolve around a... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20150087209 - Dual control dead man system: A dual control shut off system, such as a dead man system for a blasting system, blasting equipment, or other equipment having both pneumatic and electric safety control circuits, may include an electric dead man's switch or a pneumatic dead man's switch. An embodiment of the dual control dead man... Agent: Graco Minnesota Inc.

20150087210 - Polishing apparatus: A polishing apparatus including a chuck for supporting a wafer while exposing a peripheral portion of the wafer, a polishing head for polishing the peripheral portion of the wafer, and a polishing solution supplying assembly provided above the chuck and configured to spray a polishing solution on the wafer and... Agent:

20150087211 - Machine tool braking device: A machine tool braking device, particularly a hand-held machine tool braking device, includes at least one braking unit and at least one control unit. The control unit includes a moveably-mounted control element that is configured to activate and/or deactivate the braking unit. The control element has a movement axis and... Agent:

20150087212 - Cmp conditioner pads with superabrasive grit enhancement: A pad conditioner for a CMP polishing pad. The pad conditioner includes a features having textured or roughened surfaces, with superabrasive grit seeds such as diamond interspersed on the roughened surface. A coating such as polycrystalline diamond can be applied over the surfaces and the grit seeds. In one embodiment,... Agent:

20150087213 - Wall trim finishing apparatus: A wall trim finishing apparatus includes a base member having a bottom surface. The bottom surface is configured to mate with, and apply relatively even force to, at least one curve or crevice of a front surface of a piece of wall trim. The bottom surface may be configured to... Agent:

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