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12/18/2014 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140370785 - Computer controlled multiple axis grinding machine for grinding saw blades: A saw grinding apparatus comprises a saw blade mount for mounting a saw blade thereto; a tool rack comprising multiple tool bays each for storing a grinding tool; and at least one computer numerically controlled (CNC) multiple axes grind wheel manipulator which uses each grinding tool to perform a saw... Agent:

20140370786 - Method for the double-side polishing of a semiconductor wafer: A method of simultaneous double-side polishing of at least one semiconductor material wafer includes disposing each wafer in a respective suitably dimensioned cutout in a carrier plate having a front and rear side. The at least one wafer is polished between an upper polishing plate covered with a first polishing... Agent:

20140370787 - Vacuum-grooved membrane abrasive polishing wafer workholder: Hard-material, flat-surfaced workpieces such as semiconductor wafers or sapphire disks are attached with vacuum to the flexible elastomeric membrane of a wafer carrier that allows one surface of the workpiece to be in conformal abrading contact with a moving flat-surfaced abrasive. The elastomeric membrane external wafer attachment surface has a... Agent:

20140370788 - Low surface roughness polishing pad: The invention provides a polishing pad comprising a polishing pad body comprising a polishing surface, wherein the polishing body comprises pores, and wherein the polishing surface has a surface roughness of about 0.1 μm to about 10 μm.... Agent:

20140370789 - Method of removing backing adhesive of carpet and the device thereof: Method of removing backing adhesive from a carpet by steps: (1) sorting collected waste carpet into various types according to the surface fiber materials, such as, nylon, PP, PET and wool, (2) removing PP mesh base from the sorted carpet, and (3) passing the carpet without the PP mesh base... Agent:

20140370790 - Durable sander and oscillation buffer element applied to sander: A durable sander comprises a body with a drive motor, a sanding disk driven by the drive motor to perform sanding movement against the body and at least one oscillation buffer element. The oscillation buffer element includes an upper connection bar fastened to the body, a lower connection bar fastened... Agent:

20140370791 - Hand-held power tool with an electromotive drive and at least a first housing part: A hand-held power tool comprises an electromotive drive that is configured to drive an output shaft and that is positioned in a first housing part, wherein the electromotive drive and the output shaft define a common first axis. The hand-held power tool further comprises an electronic system that is configured... Agent:

20140370792 - Power tool: A power tool, especially an angle grinder, includes at least one grip housing, at least one switching unit that has at least one latch element arranged on the grip housing, and at least one bearing unit configured to mount the latch element such that it is mobile at least with... Agent:

20140370793 - Protective hood rotation prevention device: A protective hood rotation prevention device for a power tool, in particular an angle grinder, includes a clamping unit that is configured to clamp a protective hood unit. The clamping unit includes at least one clamping element with a rotation prevention unit that has a rotation prevention element. The device... Agent:

20140370794 - Polishing apparatus: A polishing apparatus capable of precisely controlling a polishing profile, particularly a polishing profile in an edge portion, of a wafer is disclosed. The polishing apparatus includes: a top ring shaft; a housing fixed to the top ring shaft; a flexible membrane configured to press a wafer against a polishing... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140364038 - Cylindrical lapping: The described embodiments relate generally to lapping operations and related systems and apparatuses. Various embodiments of lapping tables are described for applying a lapping operation to a non-planar surface of a workpiece. For example, methods and apparatus are described which allow a lapping operation to be applied to a curved... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140364039 - Method of manufacturing an optical lens: A method of manufacturing an optical lens, comprising: providing a lens member comprising a first surface and a first reference system identified by engraved markings on the first surface, providing surface data corresponding to a second surface of the optical lens to be manufactured, providing second markings on the lens... Agent:

20140364040 - Substrate polishing apparatus, substrate polishing method, and apparatus for regulating temperature of polishing surface of polishing pad used in polishing apparatus: An apparatus for polishing a substrate includes a rotatable polishing table supporting a polishing pad, a substrate holder configured to hold the substrate and press the substrate against a polishing surface of the polishing pad on the rotating polishing table so as to polish the substrate, and a pad-temperature detector... Agent:

20140364041 - Apparatus and method for polishing wafer: Provided is an apparatus for polishing a wafer. The apparatus for polishing a wafer include a surface plate, a polishing pad disposed on the surface plate, the polishing pad including a plurality of fixed polishing particles, a head part disposed on the polishing pad, a retainer mounted on an outer... Agent:

20140364042 - Cylindrical surface profile cutting tool and process: A method of cutting a profile in a cylinder surface. The method includes simultaneously interpolating an axial portion of the cylindrical surface using a cutting tool to form a profile having a plurality of annular grooves and a pocket having a radius larger than the cylindrical surface prior to the... Agent:

20140364043 - Consumable abrasive tool for creating shiny chamfer: The disclosed embodiments relate generally to methods for creating smooth cosmetic surfaces along small features of an electronic device. The disclosed embodiments are well suited for reaching surfaces disposed in constrained spaces. More specifically a method for finishing a workpiece is described. For example, the method may be employed to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140364044 - Polishing pad and method of manufacturing the same: Polishing pad and method of manufacturing the same, the method including: (a) mixing materials for forming a polishing layer; (b) mixing at least two from among inert gas, a capsule type foaming agent, a chemical foaming agent, and liquid microelements that are capable of controlling sizes of pores, with the... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140357160 - Method and apparatus of symmetrically chamfering substrate: A method of symmetrically chamfering a substrate includes repeating, at least a plurality of times, the steps of chamfering an edge of the substrate using a chamfering wheel, measuring an asymmetric chamfering deviation (y) of the edge of the substrate which is chamfered, and controlling a relative position of the... Agent: Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20140357162 - Abrasive agent for substrates and substrate manufacturing method: Provided is an abrasive agent for substrates that includes, as an abrasive material component in the abrasive agent, cerium oxide as the main component. The abrasive agent for substrates includes soluble silica and cerium oxide. The concentration ratio of the soluble silica, calculated as Si content, and the cerium oxide... Agent: Konica Minolta Inc.

20140357161 - Center flex single side polishing head: A polishing head assembly for single side polishing of silicon wafers includes a polishing head and a cap. The polishing head includes a top surface and a bottom surface and defines a longitudinal axis extending therethrough. The cap is positioned coaxially with the polishing head and includes an upper surface... Agent:

20140357163 - Multilayer chemical mechanical polishing pad stack with soft and conditionable polishing layer: A multilayer chemical mechanical polishing pad stack is provided containing: a polishing layer; a rigid layer; and, a hot melt adhesive bonding the polishing layer to the rigid layer; wherein the polishing layer exhibits a density of greater than 0.6 g/cm3; a Shore D hardness of 5 to 40; an... Agent:

20140357164 - Polishing apparatus: A polishing apparatus has a polishing pad, a top ring for holding a semiconductor wafer, and a vertical movement mechanism operable to move the top ring in a vertical direction. The polishing apparatus also has a distance measuring sensor operable to detect a position of the top ring when a... Agent:

20140357165 - Motorized scrubbing, buffing, and polishing tool: A submersible, buoyant, and adaptable motorized tool for scrubbing, buffing, and polishing with a housing with a watertight inner volume, a motor retained within the housing, a rechargeable battery for providing electrical power to the motor, a switch, a base member moved in response to an operation of the motor,... Agent:

20140357166 - Blade sharpening system for agricultural implements: A blade sharpening system is provided that includes a base, and a pivoting member rotatably coupled to the base by a shaft. The blade sharpening system also includes a sharpener coupled to the pivoting member and configured to engage a generally circular blade of an agricultural implement while the generally... Agent: Cnh Industrial America LLC

20140357167 - Dressing method for drum-shaped gear-like grindstone, and disk dresser: A disk dresser and a dressing method enable high-precision dressing of a drum-shaped gear-like grindstone and shaping of the cutting teeth of the grindstone without changing the shape of the cutting teeth of the disk dresser. A drum-shaped gear-like grindstone is brought into linear contact with a workpiece so as... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140357168 - Dust collection system for an orbital sander: A dust collection system for an orbital sander is provided to assist a user in containing residual dust particles when sanding. The device includes a stretchable band, a flexible transparent housing, and a vacuum hose portal. The stretchable top band has a fastening system that fastens around the neck of... Agent:

20140357169 - Soft and conditionable chemical mechanical polishing pad stack: A chemical mechanical polishing pad stack is provided containing: a polishing layer; a rigid layer; and, a hot melt adhesive bonding the polishing layer to the rigid layer; wherein the polishing layer comprises the reaction product of ingredients, including: a polyfunctional isocyanate; and, a curative package; wherein the curative package... Agent:

20140357170 - Soft and conditionable chemical mechanical window polishing pad: A chemical mechanical polishing pad is provided containing: a polishing layer; a plug in place endpoint detection window block; a rigid layer; and, a hot melt adhesive bonding the polishing layer to the rigid layer; wherein the polishing layer comprises the reaction product of ingredients, including: a polyfunctional isocyanate; and,... Agent:

20140357171 - Grinding wheel manufacturing method and grinding wheel: A method of manufacturing a grinding wheel, and a grinding wheel. After a first overcoat layer is formed on each of CBN abrasive grains, a second overcoat layer that is plastically deformed under a pressure lower than a pressure under which the first overcoat layer is deformed, is formed on... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

11/27/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140349551 - Pattern sander device, system and method: The invention relates to a device and method for using same for sanding a predetermined impression into a workpiece. The device has a pattern belt positioned inside the area formed by a sanding belt. A pad is positioned inside the area formed by the pattern belt. A raised pattern is... Agent:

20140349552 - Dressing apparatus, polishing apparatus having the dressing apparatus, and polishing method: A dressing apparatus capable of bringing an overall dressing surface of a dresser into uniform sliding contact with a polishing surface of a polishing pad and capable of uniformly dressing the overall polishing surface of the polishing pad is disclosed. The dressing apparatus includes a dresser configured to rub against... Agent:

20140349553 - Apparatus for and method of refurbishing a lacrosse ball: This invention relates to an apparatus and method for refurbishing lacrosse balls by using a fast, convenient, automated, entertaining, energy efficient, portable, and modular machine/method of removing a thin layer of rubber from the surface of a used lacrosse ball, by applying even pressure and random rotation of abrasive, one... Agent:

20140349554 - Polish pad, polish method, and method manufacturing polish pad: A polish pad including a polish region contributing to polishing of a polish object; and a polish layer being disposed in the polish region and including unfoamed segments comprising unfoamed resin and foamed segments comprising resin including independent pores. The unfoamed segments and the foamed segments of the polish layer... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140349555 - Blade sharpening system for agricultural implements: A blade sharpening system is provided that includes a base, and a rod extending from the base. The blade sharpening system also includes a sharpener slidably coupled to the rod and configured to engage a generally circular blade of an agricultural implement while the generally circular blade is mounted on... Agent:

20140349556 - Working tool: A working tool includes a housing (10) and a lever (3) having a gap defined therein for accommodating a rotatable switch lock (1). The switch lock has a first engagement portion (1a) defined on a first side and a stopper portion (1b) defined on a second side, and the lever... Agent: Shanghai Ken Tools Co., Ltd.

20140349557 - Vitrified super-abrasive-grain grindstone: A vitrified superabrasive grain grinding stone includes superabrasive grains including a CBN abrasive grain as a main abrasive grain and a diamond abrasive grain as an auxiliary abrasive grain bonded together by use of a vitrified bond. The auxiliary abrasive grain has an average grain diameter equal to ½ to... Agent: Noritake Co., Limited

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