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11/13/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140335761 - Detection apparatus and method of chemical mechanical polishing conditioner: The present invention relates to a detection apparatus of chemical mechanical polishing conditioner, comprising: a working platform with a working plane; a placement base disposed on the working plane of the working platform, for carrying a chemical mechanical polishing conditioner; an image capture device forming one or a plurality of... Agent: Kinik Company

20140335762 - Polishing composition, and polishing method and substrate production method using same: A polishing composition of the present invention contains abrasive grains each having a surface with protrusions. Parts of the abrasive grains have larger particle diameters than the volume-based average particle diameter of the abrasive grains, and the average of values respectively obtained by dividing a height of each protrusion on... Agent:

20140335763 - Polishing liquid composition for magnetic disk substrate: The present invention provides a polishing composition for a magnetic disk substrate that can reduce scratches and surface roughness of a polished substrate without impairing the productivity, and a method for manufacturing a magnetic disk substrate using the polishing composition. The polishing composition for a magnetic disk substrate includes colloidal... Agent:

20140335764 - Linear pressure feed grinding with voice coil: The present invention is directed to an apparatus for grinding or polishing at least one edge of a glass substrate. The apparatus includes a grinding unit configured to remove a predetermined amount of material from the edge when in an aligned position. The grinding unit applies a predetermined force normal... Agent:

20140335765 - Adjustable sharpening apparatus and method for cutting implements: An apparatus for sharpening a cutting implement has a base, a first clamping member and a second clamping member extending above the base. The clamping members have opposite top portions, bottom portions, and vertical inside surfaces substantially parallel to a vertical plane of the cutting implement. At least one guide... Agent:

20140335766 - Method of dressing an abrasive wheel using a polycrystalline cvd synthetic diamond dresser and metho dof fabricating the same: A method of dressing a wheel using a polycrystalline CVD synthetic diamond dresser, the method comprising: rotating the wheel; and contacting a working surface of the wheel with a working surface of the polycrystalline CVD synthetic diamond dresser, wherein the polycrystalline CVD synthetic diamond dresser is oriented such that a... Agent:

20140335767 - Apparatus and method for deterministic control of surface figure during full aperture pad polishing: A polishing system configured to polish a lap includes a lap configured to contact a workpiece for polishing the workpiece; and a septum configured to contact the lap. The septum has an aperture formed therein. The radius of the aperture and radius the workpiece are substantially the same. The aperture... Agent:

20140335768 - Apparatus and method for reclaiming abrasive blasting material and screening device for separating abrasive blasting material: An apparatus for reclaiming abrasive blasting material comprises a prime mover, a vacuum pump and a separator unit for separating the abrasive blasting material in the contaminated abrasive blasting material from contaminants. The vacuum pick-up draws the contaminated abrasive blasting material. The separator unit includes a screening device for separating... Agent:

20140335769 - Grinding machine: A grinding machine includes: a grinding wheel of which movement in an X direction and a Z direction is controlled and that grinds a workpiece; and a truing unit that is installed at a predetermined position and that trues a machining surface of the grinding wheel. The truing unit includes:... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

11/06/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140329439 - Apparatus and methods for acoustical monitoring and control of through-silicon-via reveal processing: A TSV (through silicon via) reveal process using CMP (chemical mechanical polishing) may be acoustically monitored and controlled to detect TSV breakage and automatically respond thereto. Acoustic emissions received by one or more acoustic sensors positioned proximate a substrate holder and/or a polishing pad of a CMP system may be... Agent:

20140329440 - Dynamically tracking spectrum features for endpoint detection: A method of controlling polishing includes polishing a substrate and receiving an identification of a selected spectral feature, a wavelength range having a width, and a characteristic of the selected spectral feature to monitor during polishing. A sequence of spectra of light from the substrate is measured while the substrate... Agent:

20140329441 - Method for producing elastic grinding material, elastic grinding material, and blasting method using said elastic grinding material: A long-lasting elastic grinding material capable of subjecting surfaces of objects to mirror-finishing, glossifying and the like via blasting thereof. A nucleus (2) is obtained by granulating a crosslinked polyrotaxane compound having self-tackiness and a rubber hardness of 30 or less into particles of a prescribed diameter. The nucleus (2),... Agent:

20140329442 - Multimaterial block piece: The invention provides for a blocking piece comprised of at least two materials having different rigidity/stiffness/hardness, wherein at least one among the two materials is translucent and defines an annular junction surface with respect to the other material. The invention also provides for a process using such a block piece.... Agent:

20140329443 - Multi part blocking piece: The invention refers to a blocking piece, comprising at least two parts, at least one part being designed for multiple use and at least one part being designed for single use, wherein a surface for supporting one face of an optical article to be blocked is constituted at least in... Agent:

20140329444 - Apparatus for processing an object by projecting shots thereon: To provide a apparatus for processing an object by projecting shots thereon that can be downsized and can use shots of appropriate sizes. A pressure tank 42 is disposed below a position 24X where an object to be processed 12 is projected. The shots that have been projected are received... Agent:

20140329445 - Water-jet operating head for cutting materials with a hydro-abrasive high pressure jet: A water-jet operating head for cutting materials by a high pressure hydro-abrasive jet includes a main portion which is to be carried by an operating machine movably along one or more axes and a focusing nozzle for ejecting the high pressure hydro-abrasive jet, carried by a support removably connected to... Agent:

20140329446 - Polishing apparatus: A polishing apparatus has a polishing pad, a top ring for holding a semiconductor wafer, and a vertical movement mechanism operable to move the top ring in a vertical direction. The polishing apparatus also has a distance measuring sensor operable to detect a position of the top ring when a... Agent:

20140329447 - Hinge assembly for an angle grinder dust shroud: A hinge assembly for attaching a door member to a main structure is provided. The hinge assembly, in an embodiment, includes a first hinge member securely attached to one of the door member or the main structure; a second hinge member securely attached to the other of the door member... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20140329448 - Grinding wheel: A grinding wheel, including a base and a grinding ring disposed on the base. The grinding ring includes a grinding face including water outlets passing through the grinding ring. Each water outlet communicates with a corresponding water channel disposed inside the base and the water channels are connected to a... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140323016 - Polishing method and polishing apparatus: A method of polishing a substrate is disclosed. The method includes irradiating the substrate with light; measuring intensity of the reflected light; producing spectral waveform representing relationship between relative reflectance and wavelength of the light; performing a Fourier transform process on the spectral waveform to determine a thickness of the... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140323017 - Methods and apparatus using energized fluids to clean chemical mechanical planarization polishing pads: Methods adapted to clean a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) pad are disclosed. The methods include positioning an energized fluid delivery assembly over a CMP polishing pad; rotating the polishing pad on a platen; energizing a fluid within the energized fluid delivery assembly; applying the energized fluid to the polishing pad... Agent:

20140323018 - Polishing device for removing polishing byproducts: A method for removing polishing byproducts and a polishing device are provided. The method includes mounting a positive electrode on the center of a polishing platen and a negative electrode on an edge of the polishing platen, applying a voltage between the positive electrode and the negative electrode after a... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20140323019 - Machine tool clamping device: A machine tool clamping device for clamping a laminar machining tool to a tool holder that is eccentrically movably mounted includes at least one clamping unit with at least one movably mounted clamping element. The machine tool clamping device also includes at least one slotted link movement unit configured to... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140323020 - Grinding and polishing tool: A grinding tool includes a shank having an axis, and at least two abrasive portions mounted directly to and in contact with the shank without a hub therebetween. Each of the abrasive portions has a substantially identical profile formed therein.... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasifs

20140323021 - Leather head finishing system: A single and multiple abrasive structure support system has a multiple support structure which facilitates use of snail lock and Frankfurt shoe adaptive support with a stepped surface which enables the snail lock adapter to enabling support of an abrasive structure beyond and at a distance clearance from Frankfurt shoe... Agent:

20140323022 - Airfoil edge form transfer grinding tool: A grinding tool is provided that includes an axial grinding wheel having a circumferential cutting slot formed therein, the cutting slot having a cross-sectional profile that includes a floor having a first radius of curvature, a first side wall rising upward from the floor and having a second radius of... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

10/23/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140315472 - Method and device for blocking eyeglass lenses: A blocking device and a method for blocking of eyeglass lenses on blocking pieces with a base body, with a blocking piece receiver which is located on the base body for the blocking piece which is to be attached to the eyeglass lens and with a positioning unit which is... Agent:

20140315473 - Multi-disk chemical mechanical polishing pad conditioners and methods: A pad conditioner may include multiple independently mounted conditioning elements configured to condition a polishing pad used in, e.g., a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process. In some embodiments, the pad conditioner may include a main assembly disk and a main assembly base plate attached to the main assembly disk via... Agent:

20140315474 - Surface treatment device: A device used to smooth a material's surface with abrasion. More specifically, the device is in the form of a glove or mitten with an abrasive layer that is placed over, and secured on, a user's hand to protect the user's hand and to provide an agile and flexible range... Agent:

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