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08/07/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140220861 - Shot peening flow rate control: A shot peening flow rate control that is useful for non-ferrous shot peening media. The control has an inlet for receiving media and an orifice through which the media may pass that is in communication with the inlet. A valve selectively blocks the orifice. The valve has a spindle that... Agent: Electronics Inc.

20140220862 - Film thickness monitoring method, film thickness monitoring device, and polishing apparatus: In accordance with an embodiment, a film thickness monitoring method includes polishing an opaque film on a transparent film on a substrate, irradiating the substrate with light concurrently with the polishing of the substrate, obtaining a first signal by detecting reflected light from the substrate, acquiring first data from the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140220863 - High throughput cmp platform: A chemical-mechanical polishing system has a first polishing apparatus configured to perform a first chemical-mechanical polish on a workpiece and a second polishing apparatus configured to perform a second chemical-mechanical polish on the workpiece. A rework polishing apparatus comprising a rework platen and a rework CMP head is configured to... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140220864 - Polishing apparatus: An object of the present invention is to improve the capability of lifting a substrate with the polishing performance of the substrate maintained. A polishing apparatus 100 includes a polishing table 110 to which a polishing pad 108 for polishing a substrate 102 is attached, a liquid feeding section configured... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140220865 - Apparatus, system, and method for sharpening a tool in a fixed geometry: A system for sharpening a tool bit in a fixed geometry has a base with a support platform and guide rod attached to and extending from the platform; a fixture including a longitudinal extending body with a plurality of linear bore holes extending through a transverse width of the fixture;... Agent: Glendo Corporation

20140220867 - Concrete cutting, polishing and coloring treatment solutions and methods: Systems and methods for treating concrete, which includes the steps of wetting a surface of concrete with a amorphous colloidal silica, allowing time for the colloidal silica to penetrate the concrete surface, and cutting the surface of the concrete with a bladed tool wherein the longitudinal blade portion is positioned... Agent: Global Polishing Systems LLC

20140220866 - Method of polishing back surface of substrate and substrate processing apparatus: A polishing method which can remove foreign matters from an entire back surface of a substrate at a high removal rate is provided. The polishing method includes placing a polishing tool in sliding contact with an outer circumferential region of a back surface of a substrate while holding a center-side... Agent:

20140220868 - System for dressing a centrifugal clutch: A system for dressing centrifugal clutches has a drum tool with an internal abrasive surface, and a flap tool with abrasive flaps. The drum tool can replace the clutch drum on the clutch driven shaft to dress the clutch shoes, or the flap tool can replace the clutch shoes and... Agent:

20140220869 - Subtle vortex polishing apparatus: A subtle vortex polishing apparatus includes a receiving unit; a stirring unit, movably provided in the receiving unit; and a transmission unit, connected to the stirring unit. The workpiece to be polished and the fluid abrasive are placed in the in the receiving unit. The stirring unit is driven by... Agent: Southern Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20140220870 - Sanding devices and methods: The present disclosure describes a sanding device that has a motor coupled to a base plate for inducing vibration in the base plate. Further, the sanding device has a face plate that is coupled to the base plate, and the face plate has a plurality of sleeves for receiving a... Agent: Silhouette Sander, LLC

20140220871 - Machining tool: A machining tool includes a power transmission mechanism, a circular machining belt, a tightening mechanism and a contact mechanism for tool contact with an object to be machined. The power transmission mechanism of the machining tool has a mechanical connection with a rotational power source. The contact mechanism and the... Agent: Jot Automation Oy

20140220872 - Grindstone tool and method for manufacturing same: Provided is a grindstone tool capable of grinding with high precision and a method for manufacturing same, the grindstone tool having improved chip discharge characteristics to thereby prevent chips clogging of the chip pocket. The grinding tool comprises: dimples (14) formed in the external peripheral surface (13a) of a base... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

07/31/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140206258 - Milling and grinding device and machining method using the same: A milling and grinding device, for machining a workpiece, includes a rack, a positioning tool, a spindle, a tool magazine, a milling cutter, a grinding wheel, and a controller. The rack defines a receiving chamber, and includes a workstation at a bottom of receiving chamber. The positioning tool is mounted... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140206259 - Reflectivity measurements during polishing using a camera: A substrate polishing system includes a platen to support a polishing surface, a carrier head configured to hold a substrate against the polishing surface during polishing, a light source configured to direct a light beam onto a surface of the substrate, a detector including an array of detection elements, and... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140206260 - Substance and related methods for cleaning instruments: Disclosed are substances and methods of cleaning musical instruments which are capable of abrading or removing dirt and grime from instrument surfaces or cracks. In one embodiment, the substance comprises a plastic flexible material mixed with at least one abrasive material. In one method of use: (1) a lubricant (such... Agent:

20140206261 - Method for polishing a semiconductor wafer: A method for polishing at least one wafer composed of semiconductor material that has a front side and the rear side includes performing at least one first polishing step including simultaneously polishing both front and rear sides of the at least one wafer at a process temperature between an upper... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20140206262 - Polishing apparatus and method of polishing semiconductor wafer: An aspect of the present embodiment, there is provided a polishing apparatus, including a stage configured to be placed a semiconductor wafer thereon and to be rotated with the semiconductor wafer, a first polishing unit configured to contact a polishing tape to one portion of the semiconductor wafer on the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140206263 - Methods and apparatus for conditioning of chemical mechanical polishing pads: A method and apparatus for conditioning a polishing pad is provided. In one embodiment, a pad conditioning device for a substrate polishing process is provided. The pad conditioning device includes an optical device coupled to a portion of a polishing station adjacent a polishing pad, the optical device comprising a... Agent:

20140206264 - Machine tool brake device: A machine tool brake device of a portable machine tool includes at least one magnetic-field-type brake unit that is configured to brake a spindle and/or a machining tool when the magnetic-field-type brake unit is in at least one braking position. The machine tool brake device further includes at least one... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140206265 - Power tool braking device: A power tool braking device of a portable power tool includes at least one braking unit that is configured to brake a spindle of the portable power tool and/or a machining tool in at least one braking position of the braking unit. The power tool braking device further includes at... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140206266 - Never lost grinder nut: The purpose of this invention is to retain an abhor nut to a power tool while the nut is not in use. More specifically it is intended to keep the abhor nut of an angle grinder attached to the grinder. Grinding abrasives for an angle grinder can be purchased with... Agent:

20140206267 - Scraper assembly: The invention pertains to a novel scraper assembly having a plurality of interchangeable scraper heads and handles and corresponding method for use. The scraper assembly further comprises a plurality of abrasive mechanisms, namely spring bristles, coiled springs, chainmail abraders and wire cloth abraders capable of effectively cleaning a surface without... Agent: Miw Associates, LLC

20140206268 - Polishing pad having polishing surface with continuous protrusions: Polishing pads having a polishing surface with continuous protrusions are described. Methods of fabricating polishing pads having a polishing surface with continuous protrusions are also described.... Agent: Nexplanar Corporation

20140206269 - Tool for grinding toothed workpieces having collision contours: A tool for generating tooth systems by grinding when the maximum tool diameter is limited by collision contours on the workpiece has a dressable grinding tool that is tightly connected to the tool holder. In one preferred arrangement, the dressable grinding tool is glued on the tool holder.... Agent: Liebherr-verzahntechnik Gmbh

07/17/2014 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140199917 - Eyeglass lens processing apparatus: An eyeglass lens processing apparatus includes: a lens rotation unit configured to rotate a lens chuck shaft; a processing tool rotational shaft to which a processing tool is attached; a shaft-to-shaft distance change unit that includes a carriage which holds the lens chuck shaft or the processing tool rotational shaft... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20140199916 - Eyeglass lens processing apparatus and processing control data generating program: An eyeglass lens processing apparatus configured to form, on a peripheral edge of a lens, a bevel or a groove for fitting the lens to a frame of an eyeglass, includes: a data calculating unit for calculating data of the bevel or the groove to be formed on the peripheral... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20140199918 - Process for surfacing a surface of a spectacle lens: A method of surfacing a surface of a spectacle lens, includes a step of determining a fixed rotation speed (Vrot) of the lens based on geometric characteristics of the surface, wherein the step of determining the rotation speed (Vrot) includes the following steps: generating (102), based on the geometric characteristics... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

20140199919 - Tool for rounding off corners of frets: A file having concave portion is most well-known. The use of this file has a risk of mining an effect of a leveling of frets due to undesirable scrape of a top portion of the fret and to losing a normal function of the fret due to a change of... Agent:

20140199920 - Honing method with centering of a workpiece on a rolling verification station: A method for honing a workpiece includes moving the workpiece onto an intermediate retention member which is rotatable about a vertical workpiece axis. Then, the workpiece is brought into a rolling engagement with a teaching wheel. An angular transfer position of the workpiece is established by the rotary sensor of... Agent: Felsomat Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140199921 - Method for manufacturing screw-shaped tool: A method for manufacturing a screw-shaped tool for grinding a face gear with high precision. The tool is formed in such a manner that the diameter thereof gradually increases from an axial end to an intermediate section in the axial direction, and is used for cutting a face gear. The... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140199922 - Drag and/or dip finishing machine for the surface machining of workpieces by means of grinding and/or polishing granules in the presence of a liquid machining agent: A drag and/or dip finishing machine has at least one workpiece holder for the releasable fastening of the workpieces to be machined and a container, disposed beneath the workpiece holder, for accommodating the grinding and/or polishing granules, wherein the workpiece holder and the container are movable relative to each other... Agent:

20140199923 - Apparatus for surface finishing workpieces and chucking device of an apparatus of this kind: An apparatus for surface finishing workpieces has a workpiece holder, on which a chucking device for releasably fixing the workpieces to be machined is secured, and a container arranged underneath the workpiece holder in order to receive grinding and/or polishing granules, which can be moved relative to the workpiece holder.... Agent: Otec Praezisionsfinish Gmbh

20140199924 - Honing machine with oil-tight operating tank: A honing machine includes a machine housing enclosing a workpiece spindle and a tool spindle. The workpiece spindle includes a spindle collar with a spindle head configured to hold a workpiece. The tool spindle includes a cup-shaped holder with a honing ring located on an inside of the cup shaped... Agent: Felsomat Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140199925 - Tool spindle for a honing machine with a bowl-shaped holder for a honing ring: A tool spindle for a honing machine includes a bowl-shaped holder having a circumferential peripheral wall connected to a bottom part. The bowl-shaped holder is configured to hold a honing ring on an inside of the bowl-shaped holder. At least one expansion element is formed on the inside of the... Agent: Felsomat Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140199926 - Cutting tool sharpener: Method and apparatus for sharpening a cutting tool. In some embodiments, an abrasive endless belt is rotated in tension along a neutral plane between spaced apart first and second rollers. A guide assembly has spaced apart first and second guide surfaces which collectively converge to an intervening base surface to... Agent: Darex, LLC

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