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01/22/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150024659 - Method of controlling polishing: A method of controlling polishing includes polishing a substrate of a non-metallic layer undergoing polishing and a metal layer underlying the non-metallic layer; storing a metal reference spectrum, the metal reference spectrum being a spectrum of light reflected from a same metal material as the metal layer; measuring a sequence... Agent:

20150024660 - Method of treating surface of mold and mold having surface treated by said method: Provided is a method of treating a surface of a mold to achieve good demoldability and capable of preventing wearing of the mold by avoiding load concentration on one part of the surface of the mold. After a first blasting is performed on the surface of the mold to remove... Agent: Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150024662 - Flexible diaphragm post-type floating and rigid abrading workholder: Hard-material, flat-surfaced workpieces such as semiconductor wafers or sapphire disks are quickly attached with vacuum to a rotatable floating workpiece carrier. Fluid pressure in a sealed chamber applies uniform abrading pressure over the full abraded surface of the workpieces. A flexible diaphragm is used to form the sealed chamber and... Agent:

20150024661 - Mechanisms for removing debris from polishing pad: Embodiments of mechanisms for performing a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process are provided. A method for performing a CMP process includes polishing a wafer by using a polishing pad. The method also includes applying a cleaning liquid jet on the polishing pad to condition the polishing pad. A CMP system... Agent:

20150024663 - Component manufacturing method and polishing apparatus: A component manufacturing method includes causing a holding member to hold a workpiece such that a spherical center of a processed surface of the workpiece is located on a supporting member; rotating the workpiece by rotating the holding member; and polishing the workpiece by moving the supporting member to move... Agent:

20150024664 - System comprising a positioning and centering pin for an ophthalmic lens, an attachment member and a tool for positioning said attachment member on said positioning and centering pin: A system includes a positioning and centering pin (4) configured to be attached to an ophthalmic lens, an attachment member (5) configured to be positioned on and attached to the pin and to be attached to the lens, a tool (20) for positioning the attachment member on the pin, and... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

01/15/2015 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150017878 - Systems and methods for processing solar substrates: A method of removing at least a portion of an interaction layer on an electrode region of a solar substrate is provided. The method includes a step of providing a solar substrate including an absorbing region and an electrode region. The absorbing region including an absorbing layer configured to convert... Agent: Orthodyne Electronics Corporation

20150017879 - Destructive and visual measurement automation system for web thickness of microdrills and method thereof: An improved destructive and visual measurement automation system and a method for measuring a web thickness of a microdrill are provided. When a dual-axis motion platform module moves the microdrill to a first position, a reflection module reflects a first image in a first direction toward a second direction. A... Agent: National Taiwan Ocean University

20150017880 - Film-thickness measuring apparatus, film-thickness measuring method, and polishing apparatus having the film-thickness measuring apparatus: A film-thickness measuring apparatus and a film-thickness measuring method capable of improving an accuracy of the film-thickness measurement are disclosed. The film-thickness measuring apparatus includes a substrate stage configured to support a substrate horizontally, a rinsing water supply structure configured to supply rinsing water onto an entire surface of the... Agent:

20150017881 - Method of grinding spring ends and spring end grinding machine: A method of grinding spring ends of helical compression springs is carried out using a numerically controlled spring end grinding machine having a grinding unit, a loading unit and a control unit that controls the loading unit and the grinding unit. The grinding unit has a pair of grinding wheels... Agent:

20150017882 - Systems and methods for extending cutting tool life: In one embodiment, a system for extending cutting tool life includes a vise, a jig provided in the vise adapted to hold or support a magnetic cutting tool insert, a magnet holder positioned above the jig that can be rotated, a magnet held in proximity to the jig by the... Agent:

20150017883 - Method and assembly for grinding and/or cutting a slider bar on a lapping carrier: One or more slider bars are attached to at least one component of a multi-component carrier device. The multi-component carrier device is attached to a lapping arm of a lapping machine and the one or more slider bars attached to the carrier device are lapped. The at least one component... Agent:

20150017884 - Cmp pad dressers with hybridized abrasive surface and related methods: The present invention provides CMP pad dressers and methods for dressing or conditioning CMP pads. In one aspect, a method for conditioning a CMP pad can include cutting the CMP pad with superabrasive cutting elements and controlling a degree of contact between the CMP pad and the cutting elements using... Agent:

20150017885 - Method for forming a workpiece: A method of forming a workpiece having machinability rating not greater than a machinability rating of Inconel 718. The method may include removing material from the workpiece by moving at least one grinding tool relative to the workpiece and may be conducted at a specific grinding energy of not greater... Agent:

20150017886 - Method and apparatus for making v-belt: The V-belt is produced with inwardly tapered sidewalls using an apparatus having at least one motorized cutting wheel having first axis of rotation and a moving anvil system with an anvil wheel having a second axis of rotation not parallel to the first axis. The anvil system is motorized and... Agent:

20150017888 - Abrasive bristle, method for the manufacture thereof, brush with abrasive bristles and method for the surface treatment of a workpiece with a brush having abrasive bristles: For the manufacture of an abrasive bristle, a plastic material is melted, and a granular material made of abrasive particles is mixed into the melt. The melt is extruded together with the abrasive particles into a filament, and the filament is subsequently treated and cut up. The plastic material may... Agent:

20150017887 - Polishing apparatus and polished-state monitoring method: A polishing apparatus capable of achieving a highly-precise polishing result is disclosed. The polishing apparatus includes an in-line film-thickness measuring device configured to measure a film thickness of the substrate in a stationary state, and an in-situ spectral film-thickness monitor having a film thickness sensor disposed in a polishing table,... Agent:

20150017889 - Polishing apparatus: A polishing apparatus which can remove slurry which has entered into a gap between an elastic membrane for pressing a substrate such as a wafer and a retaining ring is disclosed. The polishing apparatus includes a top ring which has an elastic membrane configured to form a pressure chamber for... Agent:

20150017890 - Polishing head and polishing apparatus: The present invention provides a polishing head including: an annular rigid ring; an elastic film bonded to the rigid ring; and an upward and downward movable mid-plate, the mid-plate defining a first sealed space together with the rigid ring and the elastic film; an incompressible fluid enclosed in a sealed... Agent:

20150017891 - Compact electric grinding machine: The present invention particularly relates to a hand-held sanding machine with an outer housing (1), a tool shaft (2) and a brushless electric drive motor. In the present invention, the rotor of the drive motor is fastened to the tool shaft (2) of the sanding machine, and the stator (6)... Agent:

20150017892 - Angle grinder: The present invention relates to an angle grinder having a front transmission housing for enclosing a transmission arrangement which has a closing surface that faces away from a free end of the tool spindle, and wherein the maximum distance between the closing surface and an end face of the free... Agent: Metabowerke Gmbh

20150017893 - Disc for abrading flat surfaces and curved surfaces: The present invention relates to a disc for abrading which is fitted to an electrically driven tool and is able to freely abrade flat surfaces and curved surfaces. And provided is a disc for abrading flat surfaces and curved surfaces, wherein the disc comprises: a holder of a plastic material,... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150011142 - Double-side dresser: The present disclosure relates to an apparatus and to a method for dressing generating grinding tools or profile grinding tools for the gear cutting processing of toothed workpieces using at least two disk-shaped dressing tools with which one or more tool regions and/or profile regions of the tool are provided... Agent:

20150011143 - Tool rest with angle indicator for use with bench grinder: A bench grinder has a tool rest mounted on a bracket and disposed adjacent a grinding wheel of the grinder. The tool rest has a tool rest platform that is connected to the bracket by a pivot connection and that may be secured in different angular positions by a bolt,... Agent: Walter Meier (manufacturing) Inc.

01/01/2015 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150004878 - Manufacturing method of semiconductor device: In accordance with an embodiment, a manufacturing method of a semiconductor device includes forming a polish target film on a substrate and conducting a CMP process for the polish target film. The conducting the CMP process includes bringing a surface of the polish target film into contact with a surface... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150004879 - Method for producing laminated polishing pad: A method for producing a laminated polishing pad, which is free from warpage and does not cause peeling between a polishing layer and a cushion layer during polishing, includes the steps of: laminating a hot-melt adhesive sheet to a surface of a cushion layer with a base material in which... Agent:

20150004880 - Method for finishing complex shapes in workpieces: A method of forming a complex form in a workpiece includes moving a grinding tool having a complex shape relative to a surface of a workpiece to form a complex shape opening in the workpiece, and the grinding tool is tilted in a lateral plane relative to the workpiece.... Agent:

20150004881 - Tool for selective honing of a cylinders outer-diameter: A tool is disclosed for selective honing of the outer diameter of a cylinder using an abrasive belt in semi- circular contact upon the outer-diameter of a cylindrical work-piece to perform a similar function to honing the inner-diameter of a hollow cylinder. The belt is retained within the tool body... Agent:

20150004882 - Apparatus for grinding a surface of substrate: An apparatus for grinding a surface of a substrate, the apparatus including an inlet through which a jig accommodating the substrate is put; a grinding part that grinds the substrate conveyed from the inlet; and a washing part that washes the substrate conveyed from the grinding part, wherein the grinding... Agent:

20150004883 - Apparatus for grinding substrate: An apparatus for grinding a substrate is disclosed. In one aspect, the apparatus includes an inlet which receives a jig seated with a substrate including a curved surface, a grinding part grinding the substrate conveyed from the inlet, and a washing part washing the substrate conveyed from the grinding part.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150004884 - Eyeglass lens processing apparatus and eyeglass lens processing program: There is provided an eyeglass lens processing apparatus including a first rotational shaft which holds and rotates an eyeglass lens, a finishing tool, a chamfering tool which performs chamfering on an angular portion of an edge of the eyeglass lens, a second rotational shaft to which the chamfering tool is... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20150004885 - Angle grinder: An angle grinder is provided and may include a cutting arm on which a tool may be mounted in a rotating manner about an axis of the grinder and a guide element that is arranged on the axis to control a cutting depth of the tool during a workpiece cutting... Agent:

20150004886 - Polishing apparatus, polishing pad positioning method, and polishing pad: When a polishing pad is attached to a polishing table, the polishing pad can be easily positioned on and attached to the polishing table and air pockets are prevented from forming. As a position guide member 130 is inserted into a guide hole 109 with an attachment surface of a... Agent:

20150004887 - Vacuum buffer assembly: Disclosed are improvements to a high speed power buffer assembly provided with a dust evacuation system. The assembly includes a hood depending from the chassis to encircle the high speed rotating buffer pad, a peripheral skirt depended from the chassis, a dust collection aperture adjacent the buffer penetrating the hood... Agent: Surtec, Inc.

20150004888 - Polishing pad with two-section window having recess: A method of forming a polishing pad with a polishing layer having a polishing surface and a back surface. A plurality of grooves are formed on the polishing surface, and an indentation is formed in the back surface of the polishing layer. A region on the polishing surface corresponding to... Agent:

20150004889 - Coated abrasive article based on a sunflower pattern: An abrasive article having a plurality of abrasive areas arranged in a non-uniform distribution pattern, wherein the pattern is spiral or phyllotactic, such as a spiral lattice, and in particular those patterns described by the Vogel model, such as a sunflower pattern.... Agent:

20150004890 - Nickel coated diamond particles and method of making said particles: A method of evenly coating small abrasive particles, specifically a method of coating diamond particles≦10 μm with nickel, and an abrasive article containing the coated abrasive particles, for example, a fixed diamond wire. The method includes applying ultrasonic energy to the plating bath and adjusting the power of the ultrasonic... Agent:

20150004891 - Abrasive article having a dross ridge and method of forming same: An abrasive article having at least one edge, and a dross ridge extending from at least a portion of the edge. The edge can define the periphery of the abrasive article or an aperture formed in a portion the abrasive article. The dross ridge can have a width dimension of... Agent:

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