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Abrading January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/13

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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01/31/2013 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20130029562 - Damage prevention tool and method: A damage prevention tool and method is provided in which a free-floating disk is connected to an abrasion disk through a bearing structure. When the tool is actuated, the abrasion disk rotates substantially independent of the floating disk. The floating disk may have a slightly larger circumference and a non-marring... Agent: Omni Cubed, Inc.

20130029563 - Blasting agent and blasting method: A system including at least one means for mechanical processing of surfaces, in particular steel or cast iron beads using a blasting agent (5). An additive (6) for degreasing and cleaning of the surface to be blasted (2) and/or of the blasting agent is provided with the blasting agent (5),... Agent: Kompoferm Gmbh

20130029564 - Probe pin and method of manufacturing the same: A probe pin having a bent portion at its tip end portion is used for a probe card, the probe pin is configured such that an angle constituted by a direction of work groove generated at a time of machine-working of a tip end portion of the probe pin and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20130029565 - Center lap tool machine for large transmission gears: A machine system and method for simultaneously lapping a first machining surface of a hollow shaft and an opposing second machining surface of the hollow shaft, the machine system having a brake subsystem for securing the hollow shaft in a relatively stationary position while a drive subsystem rotates a lapping... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20130029566 - Polishing pad auxiliary plate and polishing device equipped with polishing pad auxiliary plate: A polishing pad auxiliary plate including: a lower auxiliary plate overlapping a top surface of a rotating surface plate of a polishing device; a first adhering member adhering the lower auxiliary plate to the rotating surface plate; an upper auxiliary plate with a pad support surface on which the polishing... Agent: Toho Engineering Kabushiki Kaisha

20130029567 - Machining apparatus: An apparatus for machining an elongated workpiece with a tool a support column having a generally planar and vertical front wall and a pair of generally planar, parallel, and vertical side walls projecting rearward from respective outer edges of the front wall. A workpiece holder on the front wall can... Agent:

20130029568 - Assembly for grinding electrodes: A device for processing welding electrodes with a grinding surface driven by a driving motor with a shaft, which faces the motor and runs in a housing, wherein at least one opening is provided in the housing for guiding a welding electrode for grinding in a defined position relative to... Agent:

20130029569 - Grinding head for a surface grinding machine: The invention relates to a grinding head for a grinding machine. The grinding head comprises a tool holder, which in use is moved in a plane, in particular rotated or translated back and forth, by the grinding machine. The grinding head furthermore comprises at least two tools which are connectable... Agent:

20130029570 - Inline handheld power tool: A powerhead for a hand held power tool includes a powerhead assembly, the powerhead assembly being operably couplable to a hand held motive source, the powerhead assembly having a rotatable implement, the implement being selectively rotated by the motive source when the motive source is operably coupled to the powerhead... Agent:

20130029571 - Double suction chamber plate: A plate for machining surfaces is provided, comprising a body with bores and channels for aspirating dust, on the top of which a deflector is hooked. Said deflector includes at least one vertical curved wall adapted to define a double suction chamber consisting of a peripheral chamber and of a... Agent:

01/24/2013 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20130023185 - Method of producing glass substrate for information recording medium: Disclosed is a method of producing a glass substrate for an information recording medium including a precision polishing step of using a polishing material containing colloidal silica and performing precision polishing, under acidic conditions, on a glass material in which the amount of iron adhered on the surface is 0.5... Agent:

20130023186 - Method and apparatus for polishing a substrate: A polishing apparatus polishes a surface of a substrate by pressing the substrate against a polishing pad on a polishing table. The polishing apparatus is configured to control a temperature of the polishing surface of the polishing pad by blowing a gas on the polishing pad during polishing. The polishing... Agent:

20130023187 - Method for grinding side portion of hard, brittle material substrate: An elastic abrasive with abrasive grains dispersed in or adhered to an elastic base material is ejected toward a side portion of a substrate together with compressed air. The elastic abrasive is ejected toward a predetermined processing area centered on a processing point in an ejection direction that intersects a... Agent: Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20130023188 - Apparatus for wafer grinding: A grinding wheel comprises an outer base with a first attached grain pad; and an inner frame with a second attached grain pad; and a spindle axis shared by the outer base and the inner frame, wherein at least one of the outer base and the inner frame can move... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20130023189 - Electric power tool: In a grinder, a motor is accommodated in a housing so that an output shaft faces forward, a paddle switch that turns on and off a drive switch of the motor is supported by the housing so that the paddle switch can be operated to move in a direction perpendicular... Agent: Makita Corporation

01/17/2013 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20130017761 - Method for detecting and/or preventing grind burn: The present invention provides a method of detecting and preventing grind burn from developing on a gear. The method includes performing acoustic emission testing while the gear is being ground during a grinding operation. The grinding wheel is evaluated during an eddy current test to detect material buildup on the... Agent: Allison Transmission, Inc.

20130017762 - Method and apparatus for determining a measure of a thickness of a polishing pad of a polishing machine: An apparatus for determining a measure of a thickness of a polishing pad of a polishing machine includes a detector and a determiner. The detector is configured to detect a position of a carrier of an element to be polished in a pressing direction while the element is pressed by... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20130017763 - Wafer polishing method: The method is a wafer polishing method in which wafers 20 are polished by supplying a polishing solution to surfaces 30a of a pair of polishing pads 30 positioned above and below carriers 10 each having a circular hole 11 for retaining the wafers 20, the carriers 10 being thinner... Agent:

20130017764 - Polishing pad with aperture: Polishing pads with apertures are described. Methods of fabricating polishing pads with apertures are also described.... Agent:

20130017765 - Lapping carrier and method of using the same: A lapping carrier includes a base having first and second opposed major surfaces and at least one aperture extending from the first major surface to the second major surface. A wear layer is disposed on the first major surface of the base. The wear layer includes an outer polymer layer... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20130017766 - Polishing pad, polishing method and polishing system: A polishing pad used in conjunction with a carrier ring to polish a substrate and has a motion direction when polishing is provided. The carrier ring has at least one carrier groove, and the substrate has a substrate radius. The polishing pad has a polishing layer and a surface pattern.... Agent: Iv Technologies Co., Ltd.

20130017767 - Shot-blasting machine: To provide a novel shot-blasting machine to eliminate a dead space for a cover that shuts an opening for feeding and taking out works and to open and close the cover by moving a rotary drum around an axis. The machine has a cabinet 11, a rotary drum 13 having... Agent:

20130017768 - Out-rigger grinding fixture: An outrigger grinding fixture to support a workpiece on a manual surface grinder having a worktable and a grinding wheel. The outrigger grinding fixture comprises a base member maintained on the worktable. A slide member has a V-shaped slot formed on an upper edge. A mechanism is for horizontally adjusting... Agent:

20130017769 - Polishing pad: An object of the present invention is to provide a polishing pad which enables high accuracy optical end-point detection in a state where polishing is carrying out, and which can prevent slurry leakage from a polishing layer to a cushion layer even in the case of being used for a... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

01/10/2013 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20130012102 - Polishing slurry and polishing method therefor: The present invention provides a polishing technique which enables polishing of silicon carbide, which is difficult to be polished, with high efficiency and high surface accuracy. The present invention relates to a polishing slurry for polishing a substrate, which comprises abrasive particles containing manganese oxide as a main component and... Agent:

20130012103 - Mobile cleaning and blasting cubicle: Mobile blasting cubicle (100) having two sides (204), a roof (112; 208) and a front cover (102), wherein the front cover has two openings (104) for the passage of human arms (202), and having a rear cover which can be opened, wherein the front cover can be displaced in the... Agent:

20130012107 - Laminate polishing pad: An object of the invention is to provide a laminate polishing pad having a polishing layer and a cushion layer, which resist peeling. A laminate polishing pad including: a polishing layer with no region passing therethrough; an adhesive member; and a cushion layer placed on the polishing layer with the... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20130012104 - Manufacturing method of a glass substrate for a magnetic disk: The present invention has an object to remove effectively metallic contaminants adhering to the glass substrate surfaces without increasing roughness of the glass substrate surfaces in the glass substrate for a magnetic disk. In a manufacturing method of a glass substrate for a magnetic disk having a cleaning step of... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20130012106 - Polishing pad: An object of the present invention is to provide a polishing pad having high planarization property and capable of making it possible to suppress the occurrence of scratches. A polishing pad of the present invention has a polishing layer having oval cells each with a long axis inclined by 5°... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20130012105 - Polishing pad and production method therefor, and production method for semiconductor device: A polishing pad, having a polishing layer comprising a thermoset polyurethane foam, wherein the polishing layer has an in-plane variation of 12 or less in microrubber A hardness, the variation being obtained by measuring the polishing layer from a polishing surface side of the layer, the thermoset polyurethane foam contains,... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20130012108 - Polishing pad and method of making the same: The disclosure is directed to polishing pads with porous polishing layers, methods of making such polishing pads, and methods of using such pads in a polishing process. The polishing pad includes a compliant layer having first and second opposing sides and a porous polishing layer disposed on the first side... Agent:

20130012109 - Polishing device: A polishing device is used for polishing at least one workpiece and includes a bracket, at least one loading device, a number of polishing tools having different roughness, a number of first driving devices, a supporting device, and a second driving device. The at least one loading device is positioned... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130012110 - Machine tool with ultrasonic device: A machine tool with an ultrasonic device includes a machine tool unit, a fastening unit, and an ultrasonic unit. The machine tool unit includes a working device and a worktable. The working device has a working member to process a workpiece. The fastening unit is disposed on the worktable to... Agent:

20130012111 - Hydrodynamic bearing intended to support a cylinder driven in rotation about its axis: A hydrodynamic bearing for supporting a hollow cylinder that may be deformable in the radial direction, driven in a rotational movement about its axis, the diameter being greater than or equal to one meter, the bearing essentially consisting of a bushing and a bushing support, and in which the bushing,... Agent: Fives Fcb

20130012112 - Nonwoven abrasive article with extended life: Abrasive articles including a non-woven web of staple fibers that form a single layer that is free of any additional layers of non-woven webs of staple fibers. The abrasive articles contain abrasive particles bound to the non-woven web. The abrasive articles can be compressed abrasive articles that include a non-woven... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasives, Inc.

01/03/2013 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20130005218 - Apparatus and method for formation of foil-shaped stent struts: A device and method is disclosed for reducing turbulent blood flow over stent struts of an intravascular stent implanted in, for example, a coronary artery. An abrasive slurry is passed over the struts of an intravascular stent in order to remove a portion of the stent struts to form an... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20130005219 - Chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion and chemical mechanical polishing method using same: A chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion includes (A) silica particles that include at least one functional group selected from the group consisting of a sulfo group or salts thereof, and (B) an acidic compound.... Agent: Jsr Corporation

20130005220 - Scraper and sandblaster assembly and methods of use: A scraper and sandblaster assembly including a sandblaster and a scraper is presented. The sandblaster has a gun-like configuration, including a handle portion having a trigger mechanism; an air inlet portion operably coupled to the handle portion and to an air supply source; a nozzle portion distally disposed with respect... Agent:

20130005221 - Method of polishing a workpiece with an abrasive segment comprising abrasive aggregates having silicon carbide particles: A method of polishing a workpiece can include placing a workpiece on a support structure. In an embodiment, the method can also include contacting the workpiece with an abrasive segment. The abrasive segment can include a plurality of abrasive aggregates that include silicon carbide particles bound together in a binder... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20130005222 - Glass edge finishing method: A method for finishing an edge of a glass sheet comprising a first grinding step and a second polishing step using different abrasive wheels. The method results in consistent finished edge quality and improved edge quality in term of sub-surface damage (SSD). The method can be advantageously utilized to finish... Agent:

20130005223 - Apparatus for altering a surface of a bowling ball: An apparatus (10) for altering a surface of a bowling ball (14) has a bowing ball holder (12) with a surface altering mechanism (16). The bowling ball holder (12) includes a portion (18) to receive the bowling ball (14). The surface altering mechanism (16) is positioned in the ball receiving... Agent:

20130005224 - Removable pad for interconnection to a high-speed driver system: A floor care machine is provided that includes a replaceable floor care element that is quickly and easily attached and detached. To attach the floor care element, an operator positions the floor care element under a motor and lifts the element up to a motor interface. The motor interface aligns... Agent: Karcher North America, Inc.

20130005225 - Automatic abrasive sand delivery machine especially for water-jet cutting machines: An automatic loader of abrasive sand into a storage and supply tank (T) of a machine tool that uses the abrasive sand, and in particular of a cutting machine, includes a loading chamber (1) for loading the abrasive sand arranged above the supply opening of the tank (T) and having... Agent:

20130005226 - Buffing apparatus for production of retreaded tire: A buffing apparatus for production of a retreaded tire. The buffing apparatus can reliably prevent the scatter of buffing swarf and allows smooth transfer of the tire after the buffing operation. The buffing apparatus for production of a retreaded tire includes a grinder facing the tire and buffing its periphery,... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20130005227 - Polishing head and tool change arm for a polishing head: A polishing head for use in a polishing machine for optical surfaces, having an axis of rotation and a base body having a holding structure intended to be arranged at a polishing spindle and having a transport element intended to be held at a tool change arm, the transport element... Agent: Schneider Gmbh & Co. Kg

20130005228 - Polishing pad: A polishing pad generates very few scratches on a surface of a polishing object, and is excellent in planarization property. The polishing pad has a high polishing rate and is excellent in planarization property. The polishing pad grooves become very little clogged with abrasive grains or polishing swarf during polishing... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20130005229 - Method and apparatus for polishing with abrasive charged polymer substrates: An abrasive article for polishing a surface of a workpiece. The abrasive article includes a plurality of polishing islands arranged to interact with a workpiece to maintain a substantially constant contact area. Abrasive features are associated with at least some of the plurality of polishing islands. The abrasive features apply... Agent:

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