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Abrading November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/12

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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11/29/2012 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120302138 - Continuous grinding machine: In a continuous grinding machine for grinding the surface of flat workpieces (20) with at least one grinding station and a transport device (10) for moving the workpieces (20) relative to the grinding station, the grinding station having at least one grinding assembly (22) with a grinding belt (26) and... Agent: Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik Gmbh

20120302139 - Methods of finishing an edge of a glass sheet: Methods of finishing an edge of a glass sheet comprise the step of machining the edge of the glass sheet into a predetermined cross-sectional profile along a plane taken transverse to the edge of the glass sheet with an initial average edge strength ESi. The methods also include the step... Agent:

20120302140 - Sodium bicarbonate puck cleaning and painting: An article of footwear is made by (a) providing a component having a contaminant on a receiving area of a surface; (b) blast cleaning the receiving area of the surface by propelling an abrasive alkali, alkaline earth, or ammonium compound in a pressurized gas stream against the receiving area; (c)... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120302141 - Quality multi-spectral zinc sulfide: Low scatter water clear zinc sulfide with reduced metal contamination is prepared by coating a chuck which holds zinc sulfide and machining the zinc sulfide with uncoated particles. An inert foil is cleaned with an acid cleaning method and also cleaning the zinc sulfide. The zinc sulfide is wrapped in... Agent: Rohm And Haas Company

20120302142 - Polishing pad and method of producing the same: The present invention mainly relates to a polishing pad and method of producing the same. The polishing pad comprises a base material having a surface for polishing a substrate, wherein the surface comprises a plurality of bundles of first long fibers and an elastomer embedded into the bundles. The bundles... Agent: San Fang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

20120302143 - Handheld machine: A handheld machine, comprising a first grip (106) for receiving a first hand of a user of the machine, a second grip (118) for receiving a second hand of the user of the machine, and at least one coupling (114) for connecting the handheld machine to a flexible line (116).... Agent: Oy Kwh Mirka Ab

20120302144 - Low height quarter sheet sander: A reduced height quarter sheet sander has a housing having first and second halves mated together. An upper portion of the housing provides a handle. A pair of brush boxes is disposed in the housing on opposite sides of a commutator of an electric motor disposed in the housing.... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20120302145 - Optical fiber polishing jig for use with optical connectors of differing sizes and types: A polishing jig is provided that is capable of being used with different types, styles, and numbers of optical axes. For example, the polishing jig may be used with a variety of simplex connectors and with duplex connectors of at least first and second types. The first and second types... Agent: Avago Technologies FiberIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120302146 - Cmp pad dresser having leveled tips and associated methods: CMP pad dressers having leveled tips and associated methods are provided. In one aspect, for example, a CMP pad dresser can include a matrix layer and a monolayer of a plurality of superabrasive particles embedded in the matrix layer, where each superabrasive particle in the monolayer protrudes from the matrix... Agent:

20120302147 - Airfolw arrangement for a power tool: The present invention is directed to an airflow generation and particle dispersion arrangement for a power tool (e.g., an angle grinder). The arrangement includes a motor, an airflow generation assembly, and a particle dispersion assembly. The airflow generation assembly includes a fan driven by the motor. When engaged, the driven... Agent: Black And Decker Inc.

20120302148 - Polishing pad with homogeneous body having discrete protrusions thereon: Polishing pads with homogeneous bodies having discrete protrusions thereon are described. In an example, a polishing pad for polishing a substrate includes a homogeneous body having a polishing side and a back side. The homogeneous body is composed of a material having a first hardness. A plurality of discrete protrusions... Agent:

11/22/2012 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120295516 - Multi-carriage symmetrical numerically controlled coordinate grinding machine: The present invention includes a base, a work table, upright posts, several carriages and a grinding head. Wherein, the upright posts include for example a first upright post and a second upright post which are installed in parallel to each other on the base, and the carriages include a first... Agent: Xiangtan Sanfeng Cnc Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

20120295517 - Electrical component, manufacturing system and method: Disclosed herein is an electrical component comprising a segment having a diameter in the range of about 1 micrometers to about 10 cm, the segment comprising a plurality of non-metallic, resistive fibers in a non-metallic binder. The segment is precisely trimmed to impart to the segment an electrical resistance within... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120295518 - Method for mounting an optical lens to be polished: Method for mounting an optical lens (10) to be polished on a spindle (20) of a polishing device, the optical lens (10) comprising a first and a second main surface (101, 102), the method comprising: an optical lens (10) providing step (S1), in which an optical lens (10) whose first... Agent:

20120295519 - Cutting tap and method of making same: A method of making a cutting tap includes the steps of: grinding a blank to form a threaded body portion at an axially forward end of the cutting tap, grinding one or more flutes in the threaded body portion to form cutting edges; grinding the threaded body portion to form... Agent:

20120295520 - Method for sharpening microprobe tips: The probes have a constant thickness and a chisel-shaped tip portion. The probes are attached to the slanted side of a wedge-shaped carrier, with the probe tips placed in close proximity to the edge of the carrier, for example extending over said edge. The base of the carrier is then... Agent: Imec

20120295521 - Method for producing a composite mirror and composite mirror obtained with same: A method for producing a composite mirror. It comprises the steps of providing a glass blank with low coefficient of expansion, machining a convex shape (4) in the glass blank, laying a front skin (6) impregnated with resin over the convex shape (4) of the glass blank (2), machining in... Agent: Astrium Sas

20120295522 - Pattern sander device, system and method: The invention relates to a device for sanding a predetermined impression into a workpiece. The device has a pattern belt positioned inside the area formed by a sanding belt. A pad is positioned inside the area formed by the pattern belt. A raised pattern is formed on the outer surface... Agent:

20120295523 - Machining station and apparatus for machining a workpiece: An apparatus for machining a planar metal workpiece, having at least one machining unit, with which a machining belt, which is driven in circulation, can be guided in an at least approximately linear manner past the region of the workpiece to be machined in an oblique or transverse manner with... Agent: Lissmac Maschinebau Gmbh

20120295524 - Grinder: A grinder includes a lock mechanism, attached to a bearing box, that inhibits detachment/rotation of a cylindrical portion of a wheel cover. The lock mechanism includes a ring-shaped lock member, with a larger diameter than the cylindrical portion, that surrounds the bearing box and has a front side inner edge... Agent: Makita Corporation

20120295525 - Abrasive articles, rotationally reciprocating tools, and methods: Methods of abrading surfaces by rotationally reciprocating abrasive surfaces in contact with the surfaces, abrasive articles for use in rotationally reciprocating tools, and methods of removing defects in a surface, where the methods include sanding using a rotationally reciprocating abrasive surface followed by one or more polishing operations are disclosed.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

11/15/2012 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120289124 - Endpoint detection using spectrum feature trajectories: A method of polishing includes polishing a substrate, making a sequence of measurements of light reflected from the substrate while the substrate is being polished, at least some of the measurements of the sequence of measurements differing due to material being removed during polishing, for each measurement in the sequence,... Agent:

20120289125 - Method of polishing transparent armor: A method of polishing transparent armor, preferably to optical clarity. The method can be used on flat or contoured armor, manually or via robotic automation. The method includes using a step-wise progression of diamond, structured abrasive articles.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120289126 - Sapphire substrates and methods of making same: A sapphire substrate includes a generally planar surface having a crystallographic orientation selected from the group consisting of a-plane, r-plane, m-plane, and c-plane orientations, and having a nTTV of not greater than about 0.037 μm/cm2, wherein nTTV is total thickness variation normalized for surface area of the generally planar surface,... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20120289127 - Lens spherical surface grinding method using dish-shaped grindstone: A spherical core type lens grinding device (1) performs an operation wherein a dish-shaped grindstone (8) provided with a spherical grindstone surface (8a) which is equipped with diamond abrasive grains, is pressed against a surface-to-be-ground (7a) of a lens blank (7) to be ground, and wherein the dish-shaped grindstone (8)... Agent: Kojima Engineering Co., Ltd.

20120289128 - Chemical mechanical polishing system: A chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) system includes a wafer polishing unit comprising a waste liquid sink for receiving a used slurry and a waste slurry drain piping for draining the used slurry; and a post-CMP cleaning unit coupled to the wafer polishing unit such that a used base chemical such... Agent:

20120289129 - Polishing head and polishing apparatus: A polishing head including, below a polishing head body, a rubber film held by a disk-shaped mid plate and an annular guide ring disposed around the rubber film holding the back surface of the workpiece on a lower face portion of the rubber film. The polishing head also includes a... Agent: Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

20120289130 - Assembly for grinding electrodes and grinding wheel: A device for processing welding electrodes with a grinding wheel having a selected grain size driven by a driving motor with a shaft, which runs in a housing, wherein at least one opening is provided in the housing for guiding a welding electrode for processing in a defined position relative... Agent:

20120289131 - Cmp apparatus and method: A CMP apparatus includes an enclosure; a platen disposed within the enclosure, and a carrier for holding and rotating a wafer. The platen consists of a central, circular-shaped segment and a peripheral, annular-shaped segment with a gap formed therebetween. A first polishing pad is mounted on the central, circular-shaped segment.... Agent:

20120289132 - Arrangement for guiding tools: An arrangement (1) including a tool (7) and a feeler device (11) is movably guided along the edge of a workpiece (5) so that the workpiece is machined, for example, trimmed, along the edges (3) of the workpiece by the tool. The arrangement (1) can be adjusted perpendicularly to the... Agent: Inova Lisec Technologiezentrum Gmbh

20120289133 - Chemical mechanical polishing system: A chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) system includes a wafer polishing unit producing a used slurry; a slurry treatment system for receiving and treating the used slurry to thereby produce an extracted basic solution; and a post-CMP cleaning unit utilizing the extracted basic solution to wash a polished wafer surface. The... Agent:

20120289134 - Cmp slurry mix and delivery system: A CMP slurry mix and delivery system includes at least one container for holding a polishing agent; a pump connected to the container for pumping the polishing agent to a point of use; and a slurry dispersion unit installed between the pump and the point of use, wherein slurry dispersion... Agent:

20120289136 - Abrading or polishing tool with improved motor chamber: The present invention relates to an abrading or polishing tool with an improved motor chamber, and more particularly to a tool with a motor chamber having a sleeve or liner lining the inside surface of the motor chamber. In one embodiment, an abrading or polishing tool includes a body defining... Agent: Hutchins Manufacturing Company

20120289135 - Foamed rigid bottom sanding block: A foamed rigid bottom sanding block includes a sanding block formed of polyfoam material having a bottom portion with an integrally formed rigid member made of a material to lend weight as well as rigidity to said bottom portion, said rigid member nearly spanning a length and a width of... Agent:

11/08/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120282845 - Substrate processing apparatus and method of operating the same: Provided is a substrate processing apparatus including a first conduit configured to supply a processing solution to a substrate loaded on a supporter, and a second conduit in fluid communication with the first conduit, the second conduit configured to supply a gas to the first conduit to be mixed with... Agent:

20120282846 - Motor-driven angle grinder: A motor driven angle grinder is described and which includes an electric motor; a transmission coupled to the electric motor and which includes a motor shaft and a tool spindle; a crown wheel in the form of a hat is provided and which forms a recess that receives the tool... Agent:

20120282847 - Method and apparatus for multiple cutoff machining of rare earth magnet block, cutting fluid feed nozzle, and magnet block securing jig: In a method for multiple cutoff machining a rare earth magnet block, a cutting fluid feed nozzle having a plurality of slits is combined with a plurality of cutoff abrasive blades coaxially mounted on a rotating shaft, each said blade comprising a base disk and a peripheral cutting part. The... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20120282848 - Method and apparatus for multiple cutoff machining of rare earth magnet block, cutting fluid feed nozzle, and magnet block securing jig: In a method for multiple cutoff machining a rare earth magnet block, a cutting fluid feed nozzle having a plurality of slits is combined with a plurality of cutoff abrasive blades coaxially mounted on a rotating shaft, each said blade comprising a base disk and a peripheral cutting part. The... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20120282849 - Polishing pad with alignment feature: Polishing pads with alignment marks are described. Methods of fabricating polishing pads with alignment marks are also described.... Agent:

11/01/2012 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120276813 - Machine tools and methods of operation thereof: A machine tool is provided which comprises a machine base; a first support provided on a first rotational machine axis, the first rotational axis being mounted on the base in a fixed position relative to the base; a second support provided on a second rotational machine axis, the second rotational... Agent: Cinetic Landis Limited

20120276815 - varying optical coefficients to generate spectra for polishing control: A method of generating a library of reference spectra includes storing an optical model for a layer stack having at a plurality of layers, receiving user input identifying a set of one or more refractive index functions and a set of one or more extinction coefficient functions a first layer... Agent:

20120276814 - Automatic selection of reference spectra library: A computer-implemented method of generating reference spectra includes polishing a plurality of set-up substrates, the plurality of set-up substrates comprising at least three set-up substrates, measuring a sequence of spectra from each of the plurality of set-up substrates during polishing with an in-situ optical monitoring system to provide a plurality... Agent:

20120276816 - Polishing method: A polishing method for reducing an amount of polishing liquid used without lowering a polishing rate is provided. The polishing method comprises determining, in advance, the relationship between a supply flow rate of a polishing liquid and a polishing rate at the time the substrate is polished without controlling a... Agent:

20120276817 - Eddy current monitoring of metal residue or metal pillars: A method of chemical mechanical polishing a substrate includes polishing a metal layer on the substrate at a polishing station, monitoring thickness of the metal layer during polishing at the polishing station with an eddy current monitoring system, and halting polishing when the eddy current monitoring system indicates that residue... Agent:

20120276818 - Multi-jet nozzle: Some embodiments can be implemented as a system, method, or nozzle and can include some of these features. A fluid jet cutting system can include a frame, a cutting head, a high-pressure fluid source, an abrasive source, and an actuator. The cutting head can include a fluid inlet, an orifice,... Agent: Lai International, Inc.

20120276819 - Chemical mechanical polishing composition and method for polishing phase change alloys: A method for chemical mechanical polishing of a substrate comprising a germanium-antimony-tellurium chalcogenide phase change alloy (GST) using a chemical mechanical polishing composition comprising, as initial components: water; an abrasive; at least one of a phthalic acid, a phthalic anhydride, a phthalate compound and a phthalic acid derivative; a chelating... Agent:

20120276820 - Method for adjusting metal polishing rate and reducing defects arisen in a polishing process: The invention discloses a method for adjusting metal polishing rate and reducing defects arisen in a polishing process, in which a electric conduction system is additionally provided to a polishing apparatus to electrify the polishing fluid; in the polishing process, the polishing fluid flows through the polishing pad and the... Agent: Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation

20120276821 - Method and system enabling premature use of a textile garment made of denim fabric: The invention relates to a method of premature wear of a fabric garment made of a colored denim canvas, wherein the aforementioned garment is placed into a rotating machine including a drum, characterized by the fact that the aforementioned method comprises a step during which the garment is rotated in... Agent:

20120276822 - Apparatus for grinding heated plane of cooler: A method for making heated plane of a cooler to obtain better flatness and roughness includes a grinder with a grinding plate and a fixture. Then, the cooler is arranged onto the fixture. Next, the abrasive is injected into the gap between the grinding plate and the heated plane, making... Agent:

20120276823 - Portable working machine: A portable working machine is provided with a wheel guard partially covering a wheel rotated by a drive source such as an engine, and the wheel guard is retained by a retaining portion of an arm via rubber dampers serving as elastic members. Concave-convex portions are formed on the rubber... Agent: Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.

20120276824 - Surface treating apparatus and method: A back-up apparatus for use with a surface treating apparatus can include a back-up plate having a pad attachment face and a back-up pad having a first pad face and a second pad face. The back-up apparatus can also include a porous interface layer. The interface layer can include an... Agent:

20120276825 - Chemical mechanical polisher and polishing pad component thereof: This disclosure is directed to a chemical mechanical polisher and a polishing pad component thereof. The chemical mechanical polisher comprises a polishing platen having a flat surface, and the polishing platen comprises: an electromagnet disposed under the flat surface and configured to fix a polishing pad base on the flat... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20120276826 - Cutting tool with blade made of fine-crystalline diamond: The present invention relates to a cutting tool, in particular in the form of a razor blade, a scalpel, a knife, a machine knife, scissors etc., which has a synthetic diamond layer with a cutting edge. The diamond layer thereby consists of fine-crystalline diamond.... Agent: Gfd Gesellschaft F&#xfc R Diamantprodukte Mbh.

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