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Abrading August inventions list 08/12

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/30/2012 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120220194 - Smart automation of robotic surface finishing: A method and an apparatus for smart automation of robotic surface finishing of a three-dimensional surface of a work piece is described. A three-dimensional motion path is created along the surface of the work piece. A variable contact force profile is specified along the three-dimensional motion path. The three-dimensional motion... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120220195 - Cmp apparatus, polishing pad and cmp method: According to one embodiment, a CMP apparatus includes a supplying portion supplying a slurry to a surface portion of a polishing pad including water-soluble particles, a holding portion contacting an object to be polished with the surface portion of the polishing pad in a condition of holding the object, a... Agent:

20120220196 - Polishing apparatus having temperature regulator for polishing pad: A substrate polishing apparatus includes: a polishing table supporting a polishing pad; a top ring configured to press the substrate against the polishing pad; and a pad temperature regulator configured to regulate a surface temperature of the polishing pad. The pad temperature regulator includes a pad contact element and a... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20120220197 - Device and method for the double-sided processing of flat work pieces: The invention relates to a device for the double-sided processing of flat work pieces, comprising an upper working disc and a lower working disc, wherein the working discs between the working surfaces thereof facing each other, form a working gap for processing the work pieces, and wherein at least one... Agent: Peter Wolters Gmbh

20120220198 - Method of producing platelets comprising a layered material: A method of producing from particles of a layered material platelets comprising the layered material, the method comprising the steps of: mixing the particles of the layered material in a liquid medium; and exposing said mixed-in particles to a mechanical grinding treatment, thereby exfoliating at least some of the particles... Agent: Friedrich-alexandria-universitat Erlangen-nuemberg

20120220199 - Wet sanding compositions: A wet sanding adjuvant is comprised of a composition comprising: (1) an alkali metal or ammonium salt of an alkoxylated alkyl sulfate; (2) an alkali metal or ammonium salt of an alphaolefin sulfonate; (3) a cellulose derivative selected from the group consisting of hydroxyalkyl cellulose, a carboxyalkyl cellulose and combinations... Agent:

20120220200 - Polishing method and polishing apparatus: To propose a method for realizing appropriate delivering of works to carriers in the conventional transfer process. Specifically, in a polishing method for polishing a work retained in a carrier, at least one carrier for retaining a work to be polished is placed between an upper plate and a lower... Agent:

20120220201 - Core cleaning apparatus: Apparatus for removing remnants of debris from the exterior surface of cores includes an assembly moveable from a position spaced from the exterior surface of the cores to a position adjacent the exterior surface. One or more abrasion belts are looped around rotatable shafts which move the belts to abrade... Agent:

20120220202 - Apparatus for the truncation of railway rails: A portable cutting apparatus (1) for the in situ truncation of railway rails (9) comprises a rail saw (2) having a motor (3) with a cyclic movement output member (4), a plate holder (5) adapted to carry an abrasive blade (6) and a movement transmitter (7) engaging the motor output... Agent:

20120220203 - Multi-sander: A tool for moving an abrasive media can include a tool body and a drive system housed in the tool body. The drive system can include an output member. A retaining member can be disposed on the tool body. A first platen having a first attachment hub can be selectively... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20120220205 - Chemical mechanical polishing conditioner: A chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) conditioner includes a ceramic substrate having a major surface, and an abrasive coating overlying the major surface. The major surface can include micro-protrusions arranged in a curved pattern. Alternatively, the micro-protrusions can be arranged in an irregular pattern.... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasives, Inc.

20120220204 - Cleaning device for grinding plate: A cleaning device is used for cleaning scrap blocking a spiral slot of a grinding plate. The cleaning device includes a base, a sliding device, and at least one blade. The base includes two sliding poles. The sliding device slidably sleeves on the two sliding poles. The at least one... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120220206 - Method and device for the injection of cmp slurry: Disclosed is an apparatus for injecting slurry onto the polishing pad surface of a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) tool. The disclosed apparatus includes a rectilinear shaped injector bottom, where multiple slots are created in the top surface of the injector bottom, allowing the injector bottom to flex and to conform... Agent: Araca, Inc.

20120220207 - Substrate preparation tool system and method: A surface substrate preparation tool system comprised of a flexible foam member, a flexible abrasive member, and an adhesive member being affixed on one side to the foam member and on the other side to the abrasive member, wherein the foam member retains at least one liquid agent therein, and... Agent:

20120220208 - Brazed diamond tools and methods for making the same: Superabrasive tools and methods for the making thereof are disclosed and described. In one aspect, superabrasive particles are chemically bonded to a matrix support material according to a predetermined pattern by a braze alloy. The brazing alloy may be provided as a powder, thin sheet, or sheet of amorphous alloy.... Agent:

08/23/2012 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120214383 - Systems and methods providing an air zone for a chucking stage: A system includes a chuck with a retaining ring on a first surface thereof. The first surface and the retaining ring are both circular, the retaining ring having a first inner circumference. The system also includes a platen with a second surface, and the second surface faces the first surface... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120214385 - Polyalkylene glycol-grafted polycarboxylate suspension and dispersing agent for cutting fluids and slurries: Cutting fluids for brittle materials, e.g., silicon ingot, comprise, in weight percent: A. 70-99% polyalkylene glycol (PAG), e.g., polyethylene glycol; B. 0.01-10% PAG-grafted polycarboxylate; and C. 0-30% water. These cutting fluids are used with abrasive materials, e.g., silicon carbide (SiC), to form cutting slurries. The slurry is sprayed on the... Agent:

20120214384 - Stent and method and device for fabricating the stent: Stent, as well as a method and device for fabricating the stent, wherein the stent has a tubular lattice structure comprising individual struts and at least one strut of which at least one longitudinal section runs with at least one directional component in the radial circumferential direction of the stent,... Agent: Biotronik Vi Patent Ag

20120214386 - Abrasive water jet processing machine: An abrasive water jet processing machine for jetting a fluid and performing a cutting includes a fluid supply device, an abrasive supply device, an injection pressure controller, wherein the abrasive supply device includes a reservoir hopper consisting of a pressure vessel for reserving the abrasive, an abrasive supply tube for... Agent: Sugino Machined Limited

20120214387 - Honing machine comprising a device for the mechanical surface machining of workpieces: A honing machine comprises a machining unit for honing equipped with a tool spindle. It includes a machine base with an upper side and an upper machine part with an underside. The upper machine part has a vertical column, which has on its outer surface in an upper column region... Agent: Kadia Produktion Gmbh + Co.

20120214388 - Position adjustment mechanism of grinding wheels: A position adjustment mechanism for grinding wheels includes a rotating body, a first grinding unit, a second grinding unit, and a fixing nut. The rotating body includes a fixing surface and a first thread portion. The first grinding unit includes a first grinding portion and a fixing portion fixedly engaged... Agent: Green Energy Technology Inc.

08/16/2012 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120208436 - Method for hard fine machining of the tooth flanks of a gear wheel: The invention relates to a method for hard fine machining of a pre-manufactured flank (11) of a gear wheel by a machine having at least five axes controlled in coordination and one additional tool axis (WA). According to the invention, a rotation-symmetrical tool (20.1) is driven on the machine side... Agent:

20120208437 - Polishing apparatus and polishing method: A polishing apparatus polishes a periphery of a substrate. This polishing apparatus includes a rotary holding mechanism configured to hold the substrate horizontally and rotate the substrate, plural polishing head assemblies provided around the substrate, plural tape supplying and recovering mechanisms configured to supply polishing tapes to the plural polishing... Agent:

20120208438 - Polishing system having a track: Embodiments described herein relate to a track system in a polishing system. One embodiment described herein provides a track system configured to transfer polishing heads in a polishing system. The track system comprises a supporting frame, a track coupled to the supporting frame and defining a path along which the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120208439 - Method for polishing semiconductor wafer: In a method for polishing a semiconductor wafer by rotating a work carrier and a table while pressing the semiconductor wafer retained by the work carrier against a polishing cloth mounted on the table, at a time when the table and the work carrier both having been at rest are... Agent: Sumco Corporation

20120208440 - Flexure assembly: A flexure assembly comprising a flexure stack comprising a plurality of individual webs connected together with a force in an x-direction to produce a friction in a z-direction orthogonal to the x-direction between the plurality of webs, the friction holding the plurality of webs in engagement. In some embodiments, the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120208441 - End face processing apparatus, end face processing system, end face processing method for honeycomb molded body, and manufacturing method for honeycomb structure: The end face processing apparatus of the present invention is an end face processing apparatus for processing the cut face of a cut ceramic molded body, which comprises an air blowing outlet and an extraneous material removal member, and is configured to remove burrs remaining on the cut face from... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd

08/09/2012 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120202404 - Bore machining method and apparatus: A method of machining the internal bore of a hollow pipe comprises honing material from inner surface of the bore the pipe. A honing apparatus for use in the method comprises a machining tool comprising a honing head adapted for insertion into the end of a pipe to remove material... Agent: Pipeline Technique Limited

20120202405 - Method of tip grinding the blades of a gas turbine rotor: A method of grinding the tip of a blade which forms part of a rotor for a gas turbine engine is provided. The method includes mounting a plurality of blades in a disc to provide a blade assembly; mounting the blade assembly in a grinding apparatus; aligning the plurality of... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20120202406 - Apparatus and method for surface grinding and edge trimming workpieces: An apparatus for performing both edge trimming and surface grinding includes two spindles for holding two workpieces, a bridge element laterally movable relative to the spindles, and two grinding wheels coupled to the bridge element. The apparatus may be a surface grinding apparatus that includes a system for enabling the... Agent: Axus Technology, LLC

20120202407 - Air blast blowdown silencer system for blast pot: The blowdown silencing system includes an initial restrictor in communication with a blast pot vessel for controlling the flow of pressurized air from the vessel into a first expansion chamber. The outlet of the first expansion chamber is in communication with a reducer. The reducer outlet is in communication with... Agent:

20120202408 - Pressure regulation in remote zones: A pressure control system remotely controls pressure within one or more remote zones, each respectively connected to an enclosure through a conduit, by controlling flow of a fluid into and out of each enclosure. The pressure of the fluid is measured within each enclosure. An estimated pressure within each zone... Agent: Mks Instruments, Inc.

20120202409 - Two-component urethane resin composition for polishing pad, polyurethane polishing pad, and method for producing polyurethane polishing pad: The present invention relates to a two-component urethane resin composition for a polishing pad including a base resin containing an isocyanate group-terminated urethane prepolymer (A) and a curing agent containing an isocyanate group reactive compound (B), and characterized in that the prepolymer (A) is a prepolymer having an isocyanate group... Agent: Dic Corporation

20120202410 - Sharpening tool: A portion of the sharpener handle is recessed to receive the curved blade of a lopper. The cutaway allows the sharpening element to sharpen the lopper blade along its entire length. Additional sharpening elements can be positioned along the handle to provide a multipurpose sharpening tool.... Agent:

08/02/2012 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120196510 - Machining process and tools: A method and an apparatus for machining an exterior surface of a metal alloy casing of a portable electronic device to form a combination of a flat edge surface, a curved edge surface and a flat bottom surface is disclosed. The flat edge surface is abraded by contacting a first... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120196511 - Gathering spectra from multiple optical heads: A polishing apparatus includes a platen to hold a polishing pad having a plurality of optical apertures, a carrier head to hold a substrate against the polishing pad, a motor to generate relative motion between the carrier head and the platen, and an optical monitoring system. The optical monitoring system... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120196512 - Polishing pad and method of fabricating semiconductor device: A polishing pad includes a first pad portion and a second pad portion disposed therearound, and each of the first and second pad portions is replaced individually. A CMP apparatus with the polishing pad (first and second pad portions) attached thereto conducts polishing of a semiconductor wafer. The second pad... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20120196513 - Sharpener for rotary cutters: Apparatus, systems and methods in accordance with the present invention are related to sharpening blades for rotary cutters. In one illustrative embodiment of a system in accordance with the present invention, an elongated sharpening stone is held at a desired angle between underlying support structures on a base and a... Agent:

20120196514 - Methods and devices for enhancing chemical mechanical polishing pad processes: The present invention discloses a CMP device and methods that are capable of improving CMP processing through incorporation of vibration sources which produce vibrations in a direction substantially parallel to the working surface of the CMP pad. The CMP device includes a CMP pad dresser. Such a method can include... Agent:

20120196515 - Polishing pad: To provide a polishing pad (14) useful for polishing semiconductor materials having a high hardness. The polishing pad (14) is used for polishing a workpiece (16) in combination with loose grains and comprises a polishing surface (15) comprising a textile of high-tenacity organic fibers, the fiber has a tenacity of... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20120196516 - Abrasive water jet processing machine: An abrasive water jet processing machine for jetting a fluid and performing a cutting includes a fluid supply device, an abrasive supply device, an injection pressure controller, wherein the abrasive supply device includes a reservoir hopper consisting of a pressure vessel for reserving the abrasive, an abrasive supply tube for... Agent:

20120196517 - Grinding apparatus for removing processing debris: A grinding apparatus includes a base, a case, a transmission module, an inlet water module and drain module. The case is positioned on the base. The transmission module is positioned on the base, and includes a motor and a grinding plate. The motor drives the grinding plate to rotate. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120196518 - Grinding mechanism: A grinding mechanism includes a rotating body, a first grinding wheel, a second grinding wheel, a first fastening means, a second fastening means, and a spacer assembly, a first fastening means passing through the first body portion and fastening into the rotating body, a second grinding wheel including a second... Agent: Green Energy Technology Inc.

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