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Abrading June invention type 06/12

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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06/28/2012 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120164916 - Method and apparatus for measurement and control of magnetic particle concentration in a magnetorheological fluid: A system for sensing and controlling concentration of magnetic particles in magnetorheological fluid comprising a wire coil and an AC voltage generator that, when energized, creates a magnetic flux field including a fringing field. When the fringing field extends through the magnetorheological fluid, the impedance in the circuit is proportional... Agent: Qed Technologies International, Inc.

20120164918 - Chemical mechanical polish process control for improvement in within-wafer thickness uniformity: A method of performing chemical mechanical polish (CMP) processes on a wafer includes providing the wafer; determining a thickness profile of a feature on a surface of the wafer; and, after the step of determining the thickness profile, performing a high-rate CMP process on the feature using a polish recipe... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120164917 - Polishing apparatus and polishing method: A polishing apparatus for polishing a substrate is provided. The polishing apparatus includes: a polishing table holding a polishing pad; a top ring configured to press the substrate against the polishing pad; first and second optical heads each configured to apply the light to the substrate and to receive reflected... Agent:

20120164919 - Method for machining flat workpieces: The invention relates to a method for machining flat workpieces in a double-sided machining tool, which has an upper and a lower work disk, wherein at least one of the work disks is rotatingly driven and the work disks each have an annular work surface, wherein the work surfaces amongst... Agent: Peter Wolters Gmbh

20120164920 - Machine tool and machining method: A control unit that relatively moves a headstock and tailstock and a tool to thereby machine a peripheral surface of a workpiece in a radial direction executes control such that a relative feed speed of the tool in the radial direction in a transitional state where an amount of warpage... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20120164921 - Method and apparatus for polishing and grinding a radius surface on the axial end of a cylinder: An apparatus and a method for forming or polishing a concave or convex radius surface on a work-piece is described herein. The apparatus includes a carrier that is configured to support a work-piece. A substantially hollow rotatable tool, which includes a circumferential surface for either forming or polishing the radius... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

20120164922 - Method for cleaning a polishing pad: A method for cleaning a polishing pad includes dispensing a first amount of deionized water on the polishing pad; cleaning the polishing pad with an acidity/alkalinity solution after dispensing the first amount of deionized water on the polishing pad; rinsing the polishing pad with a second amount of deionized water... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20120164923 - Polishing method: A polishing method is disclosed, which includes: conditioning a polishing pad, after polishing metal material of a previous wafer; spraying organic acid solution to the polishing pad; spraying deionized water to the polishing pad; performing a water-removing treatment on the polishing pad; and spraying polishing liquid to the polishing pad... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (beijing) Corporation

20120164924 - Compositions and methods for removing scratches from plastic surfaces: A composition including an abrasive, a suspension agent, a surfactant, and a lubricant, is provided for removing scratches, hazing, discoloration, and other defects from plastic surfaces. The composition is applied to a surface and used to polish the surface. The defects within the surface are removed without the removal of... Agent: Plastek LLC

20120164925 - System for magnetorheological finishing of substrates: A system for magnetorheological finishing of a substrate. An integrated fluid management module (IFMM) provides dynamic control of the rheological fluid properties of the MR fluid on a conventional MR finishing apparatus, and dispensing of the fluid to the wheel. A magnetically shielded chamber charged with MR fluid is in... Agent: Qed Technologies International, Inc.

20120164926 - Grinding-supporting device: In a method and apparatus for multiple-bearing grinding of workpieces, such as crankshafts, wherein a support element seat occurs at a bearing point at the same time as the grinding of the main bearing a grinding-supporting unit is used that contains a grinding spindle head having at least one grinding... Agent:

20120164927 - Cutting/polishing tool and manufacturing method thereof: There are provided a cutting/polishing tool that may be readily manufactured and have an improved cutting performance, and a manufacturing method thereof. The method for manufacturing the cutting/polishing tool including at least one cutting/polishing body may comprise preparing a tool body, and forming a cladding layer including cutting material particles... Agent:

06/21/2012 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120156964 - Automated instrument sharpening and cleaning system: An automated knife sharpening and cleaning system is provided. The system comprises a container body that is configured to hold a utensil holder that is configured to releasably couple to the container body, the utensil holder configured to hold a utensil. The system further includes a drive assembly and a... Agent:

20120156965 - Method and apparatus for the production of extraoral dental prostheses: The disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for the extraoral production of a tooth replacement part, whereby the method comprises providing a base body (300); rotary grinding of the base body; and grinding of the base body. Further, a milling step is possible. The presented method significantly reduces the... Agent:

20120156963 - Method of monitoring gear grinding operations: A method for monitoring a grinding operation using a computer system is provided. The method includes determining, by the computer system, a first plurality of operating characteristics associated with a pre-grinding operation. The method also includes determining, by the computer system, a second plurality of operating characteristics associated with the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120156966 - Apparatus with variable fixturing arms for abrasive environment: An apparatus includes a base, a table rotatable on the base, and a plurality of arms extending above the table's top surface and extending laterally for supporting differently sized cylindrical objects above the top surface. An adjustment mechanism simultaneously adjusts the arms rotationally, such that the ends of the arms... Agent:

20120156967 - Manufacturing method of diffraction grating: A manufacturing method of a Blazed diffraction grating configured to diffract incident light and made of a CdTe or CdZnTe crystal material includes the step of forming a plurality of grating grooves in a processed surface of a work through machining using a processing machine for the Blazed diffraction grating.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120156968 - Polishing liquid composition for magnetic disk substrate: The present invention provides a polishing liquid composition for a magnetic disk substrate that can reduce residual inorganic particles and scratches without loss of productivity and a method of producing a magnetic disk substrate using the polishing liquid composition. The polishing liquid composition contains inorganic particles, a diallylamine polymer, an... Agent:

20120156969 - Abrasive jet systems, including abrasive jet systems utilizing fluid repelling materials, and associated methods: Various embodiments of abrasive jet systems are described herein. In one embodiment, an abrasive jet system includes an abrasive container and a nozzle assembly. The nozzle assembly has a mixing region or cavity and an abrasive inlet. The abrasive jet system can also include an abrasive supply conduit that is... Agent:

20120156971 - Method and tool for maintenance of hard surfaces, and a method for manufacturing such a tool: r

20120156970 - Method for the simultaneous material-removing processing of both sides of at least three semiconductor wafers: where N* denotes a ratio of the round angle and an angle at which adjacent carriers are inserted into the rolling apparatus with the greatest distance with respect to one another, r denotes a radius of each opening for receiving a respective semiconductor wafer, e denotes a radius of a... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20120156972 - Glass edge finish system, belt assembly, and method for using same: A glass edge finishing system, a belt assembly and a method are described herein for finishing an edge of a glass sheet. The glass edge finishing system comprises: (a) a base; and (b) one or more belt assemblies located on the base, where each belt assembly includes: (i) a support... Agent:

20120156973 - Sharpener for a snow travel member such as a ski or a snowboard: In one aspect, the invention is directed to a sharpener for sharpening a corner edge of a snow travel member, which may be, for example, a ski or a snowboard. The corner edge is between a bottom face and a side face of the snow travel member. The sharpener includes... Agent:

20120156974 - Surface preparation apparatus: A hand-held surface preparation apparatus comprising a frame, a hollow semi-circular shaped housing member connected to said frame, a drive housing connected to said housing member, a motor secured to said drive housing aligned directly over said hollow semi-circular shaped housing member, a roller rotatably positioned inside of the semi-circular... Agent:

06/14/2012 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120149279 - Abrasive article with array of composite polishing pads: An abrasive article for polishing a substrate surface. The abrasive article includes a holder pad assembly and an abrasive member held in place with respect to a holder pad. The abrasive member further includes a first surface engaged with the holder pad assembly, and a second surface including an abrasive.... Agent:

20120149281 - Distance measurement systems and methods: A distance measurement system comprises an optical distance sensor configured to generate a light beam, a first optical module, and a processor. The first optical module is configured to receive the light beam, and generate and selectively transmit a plurality of light beams having different light channels for projection onto... Agent:

20120149280 - Method of deburring a ball: A controller controls the position of an abrasive. The abrasive is moved to a first desired position adjacent a ball. The ball is rotated while in contact with the abrasive. The abrasive abrades the outer surface of the ball and burrs on the outer surface to remove the burrs. A... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120149282 - Apparatus and method for processing piston: A piston processing apparatus includes a work attaching head capable of fixing a piston material, a work rotating device, a grinding wheel, a grinding wheel rotating device, first and second moving mechanisms for moving the grinding wheel, a rotational angle detector for detecting a rotational angle of the work attaching... Agent: Koganei Seiki Co., Ltd.

20120149283 - Abrasive slurry and dressing bar for embedding abrasive particles into substrates: An abrasive polishing slurry including abrasive particles in a carrier fluid and micro-nano members. A system and method for making an abrasive article using the polishing slurry is also disclosed. The system includes a gimballed dressing bar adapted to provide a compressive force sufficient to embed the abrasive particles into... Agent:

20120149284 - Devices, systems, and methods for recovery and recycling of carpet components: Devices, systems and methods for the recycling and recovery of carpet are disclosed herein. Devices, systems and methods for disassembling carpet into the various components used for carpet construction by abrasive removal and separation of components are also disclosed herein.... Agent: Carpet Processing & Recycling, LLC.

20120149285 - Golf ball deburring apparatus: A structure for deburring a ball is provided. The structure includes an arm, a gear structure for changing the effective length of the arm, and a cam structure for changing the effective angular position of the arm. A finger having an abrasive surface reciprocates on the arm. A ball is... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120149286 - Wafer polishing apparatus and method: A wafer polishing apparatus includes a rotatable turntable for holding a polishing pad and at least one rotatable polishing head adapted for attachment of at least one wafer alignment assembly. A wafer alignment assembly includes an upper plate and a lower plate connected by three lever assemblies symmetrically positioned about... Agent:

20120149287 - Chemical mechanical planarization (cmp) pad conditioner and method of making: A method of forming a chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) pad conditioner includes placing abrasive grains on a major surface of a substrate, forming a binding composition at an exterior surface of the abrasive grains, and depositing a bonding layer over the surface of the substrate and a portion of the... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasives, Inc.

20120149288 - Combined processing tool: A combined processing tool includes a shank of a cylindrical shape, a mandrel fixed to the shank, a frame rotation-universally fitted outside the mandrel, a burnishing unit for performing a burnishing to an inner peripheral surface of a workpiece by rolling members, a dimple forming unit for performing a dimple... Agent: Sugino Machine Limited

20120149289 - Composition for cutting wheel and cutting wheel by using the same: Disclosed are a cutting wheel composition, and a cutting wheel using the cutting wheel composition. The disclosed composition includes 50 to 85 wt % of abrasive particles, 10 to 25 wt % of binder resin, and balance filler, wherein the binder resin includes a phenolic resin as a first binder... Agent:

06/07/2012 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120142254 - Polishing apparatus and exception handling method thereof: A polishing apparatus and exception handling method thereof is disclosed, the exception handling method of polishing apparatus includes: sending an alarm signal when an alarm is generated because of an exception during polishing; and processing a wafer in the polishing apparatus with organic acid solution according to the received alarm... Agent: Seminconductor Manufacturing International (beijing) Corporation

20120142256 - Method and apparatus for handling slabs for grinding the surfaces of the slabs: The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for handling slabs (2a, 2b), produced in particular by continuous casting, the surfaces of which are ground before they are rolled in a rolling train, wherein the slab, lying on a reversible grinding table (12a, 12b), is moved back and forth... Agent:

20120142255 - Robotic surface preparation by a random orbital device: An apparatus includes a surface preparation device for moving a backing pad in a random orbital motion, a first ball joint connected to the device, a second ball joint connected to the first ball joint; and a robotic end effector, connected to the second ball joint, for pressing the device... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120142257 - Tool: A tool for a rotary drive apparatus having a housing and a rotary drive, such as a handheld power device, the tool including a shaft having a projecting portion and a retrieving portion, the received portion of the shaft being adapted to be received into the rotary drive; first and... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20120142258 - Polishing composition and polishing method using the same: A polishing composition contains at least abrasive grains and water and is used in polishing an object to be polished. The abrasive grains are selected so as to satisfy the relationship X1×Y1≦0 and the relationship X2×Y2>0, where X1 [mV] represents the zeta potential of the abrasive grains measured during polishing... Agent: Fujimi Incorporated

20120142259 - Systems and methods for grinding refractory metals and refractory metal alloys: A system for grinding surgical needles made of refractory metal alloys such as tungsten-rhenium alloys includes a rotatable grinding wheel having a grinding surface, a layer of a binding material, such as a nickel binding material layer, overlying the grinding surface, and a plurality of abrasive particles, such as ABN600... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20120142260 - Abrasive article for shaping of industrial materials: An abrasive article including a base having an annular shape defining a central opening; and a mounting assembly coupled to the base, wherein a portion of the mounting assembly is under a compressive force, and a grinding segment coupled to the mounting member.... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasives, Inc.

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