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Abrading May archived by USPTO category 05/12

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05/31/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120135668 - Method of polishing a substrate using a polishing tape having fixed abrasive: A method of polishing a peripheral portion of a substrate is provided. This method includes: causing sliding contact between the peripheral portion of the substrate and a polishing tape; and supplying a polishing liquid onto the polishing tape contacting the peripheral portion of the substrate. The polishing tape includes a... Agent:

20120135669 - Lapping carrier and method: Provided is a lapping carrier including a base carrier having a first major surface, a second major surface and at least one aperture for holding a workpiece. The aperture extends from the first major surface through the base carrier to the second major surface. The base carrier includes a first... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120135670 - Inside diameter cylindrical blast cleaning attachment apparatus: As a means of increasing the productivity and improving the safety of an internal diameter cylindrical blast cleaning, the introduction of an attachment apparatus makes it possible to eliminate or dramatically reduce the use of personnel inside a blast chamber while the process is ongoing thus improving safety of the... Agent:

20120135671 - Grinder having dust extraction system: Disclosed is a grinder, in particular an oscillating grinder, having a grinding spindle, to which a grinding tool can be attached, and having a housing, and having a dust extraction duct which can be attached to the housing by means of a pivot joint and a latching connection.... Agent:

20120135672 - Polishing tool for finishing optically effective surfaces on spectacle lenses in particular: The proposed polishing tool has a base body with an open interior space with which the polishing tool can be slidably fitted onto a holder of a tool spindle, initially as far as a latching position. A retaining ring placed in an annular groove of the interior space engages in... Agent:

05/24/2012 > 6 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120129431 - Apparatus and method for target thickness and surface profile uniformity control of multi-head chemical mechanical polishing process: An apparatus and method for providing target thickness and surface profile uniformity control of a multi-head chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process is disclosed. An exemplary method includes providing at least two wafers; determining a surface profile of each of the at least two wafers; determining an operation mode for a... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120129432 - Automated bore finishing process: An automated bore finishing process particularly adapted for lapping automatically corrects one or more bore parameters, such as diameter, geometry, surface finish, in an iterative manner to reach a final value, controlled by algorithms that process feedback from a measurement process. The process determines bore parameter information and determines an... Agent:

20120129433 - Method and device for preventing slip of work piece: A master servo motor and a slave servo motor that synchronously drive for rotation a master main spindle provided with a center that supports one end of a work piece and a slave main spindle provided with a center that supports the other end of the work piece are included.... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20120129434 - Tool grinding machine: A multi-axis computer controlled machine tool for relief grinding of single and multiple start threaded hobs (46). The machine comprises an angular oriented spindle (65) that can be angularly (swivel) positioned thereby providing the flexibility to utilize both cup-shaped grinding wheels (55) and pencil-shaped grinding wheels (52) for grinding of... Agent: Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation

20120129435 - Rotary tool: A hand-held rotary tool is provided which can offer improved usability while realizing reduction of vibration of a tool body. The rotary tool has a tool body, a drive shaft disposed in the tool body, a driven shaft to which a tool bit is attached, an Oldham's coupling that transmits... Agent: Makita Corporation

20120129436 - Power tool: An improved hand-held power tool is provided which can effectively reduce whirling vibration caused by imbalance of a rotating element. The power tool has a grip that is connected to a tool body and designed to be held by a user and a self-synchronous mechanism that reduces whirling vibration caused... Agent: Makita Corporation

05/17/2012 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120122373 - Precise real time and position low pressure control of chemical mechanical polish (cmp) head: A method and system for detecting and controller wafer surface pressure distribution. Detecting and controlling wafer surface pressure distribution comprises measuring in situ wafer uniformity of a wafer at a plurality of locations of the wafer; and in response to the measured wafer uniformity controlling through a feedback loop in... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20120122374 - Grinding device for rollers: A grinding device for the surface treatment of rolls, for example of rolls for machines producing, finishing and/or processing webs, such as paper, cardboard or tissue machines, includes stationary components and mobile components which can be separated from each other. The stationary components include guide rails, which extend substantially in... Agent:

20120122375 - Device for measuring the feed motion of a finishing belt: A device for measuring the feed motion of a finishing belt includes a movable contact section for contacting the finishing belt, wherein a movement of the finishing belt can be transferred to the contact section, and a sensor device including a sensor and a reference section cooperating with the sensor,... Agent: Supfina Grieshaber Gmbh & Co., Kg

20120122376 - Pre-honed doctor blade with a curved profile lamella and method for producing said doctor blade: A method of producing a doctor blade from a band. A grinding wheel is positioned above the band with its axis of rotation not at right angles to the edge of the doctor blade. The grinding wheel then is rotated and the band is moved beneath the grinding wheel parallel... Agent: C.b.g. Acciai S.r.l.

20120122377 - Abrasive tool with flat and consistent surface topography for conditioning a cmp pad and method for making: An abrasive tool with flat and consistent surface topography for conditioning a CMP pad and method for making are disclosed. The abrasive tool includes abrasive grains coupled to a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) substrate through a metal bond. There is an overall CTE mismatch that ranges from about... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasives, Inc.

20120122378 - Grinding head for a surface grinding machine: The invention relates to a grinding head for a grinding machine. The grinding head comprises a tool holder, which in use is moved in a plane, in particular rotated or translated back and forth, by the grinding machine. The grinding head furthermore comprises at least two tools which are connectable... Agent: Blastrac B.v.

20120122379 - Foam finishing device: A hand-held device is used in finishing an elongated workpiece, such as molding, which has a profiled front surface, the profiled front surface including a specific contour in transverse cross-section. The device has a finishing portion and a gripping portion. The finishing portion is formed from an open-cell foam material... Agent:

20120122380 - Abrasive article with array of composite polishing pads: A polishing article with a plurality of polishing pads adapted to polish a substrate. Gimbal structures are attached to the polishing pads that permit the polishing pads to move independently along at least a pitch axis and a roll axis. Stems supported by preload flexures apply preloads through dimple structures... Agent:

20120122382 - Method for manufacturing a flexible abrasive disc, and a flexible abrasive disc: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a flexible abrasive disc, and to such an abrasive disc. The abrasive disc comprises a backing with an upper side and a lower side. The upper side has an abrasive agent coating for forming a surface layer. In order to form... Agent: Oy Kwh Mirka Ab

20120122381 - Silicate composite polishing pad: The invention provides a polishing pad useful for polishing at least one of semiconductor, magnetic and optical substrates. It includes a polymeric matrix having a polishing surface. Polymeric microelements are distributed within the polymeric matrix and at the polishing surface of the polymeric matrix. Silicate-containing regions distributed within each of... Agent:

20120122383 - Doated abrasive article and methods of ablating coated abrasive atricles: A coated abrasive article comprises an abrasive layer secured to a backing. The abrasive layer comprises abrasive particles secured by at least one binder to a first major surface of the backing. A supersize is disposed on at least a portion of the abrasive layer. The coated abrasive article has... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120122384 - Abrasive disc with universal hole pattern: An abrasive disc for use with a sanding tool having a plurality of dust collection holes includes a hole pattern consisting of six openings arranged for substantial alignment with the dust collection holes provided in the sanding tool.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

05/10/2012 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120115398 - Chemical-mechanical polishing wafer and method of use: The present invention is directed to systems and methods for assisting personnel in discerning which side of a dummy wafer has been polished more and for differentiating one side of a dummy wafer from the other. In a preferred embodiment, dummy wafers include a first plurality of depth indicia on... Agent:

20120115399 - Device and method for processing substrate, and method for producing a processed substrate: Disclosed are a simple device for processing substrate which can make a surface of a processed substrate smooth, a method for processing substrate with the use of the processing device, and a method for producing a processed substrate with the use of the processing method. The device of the present... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120115400 - Surface treatment method, shower head, processing container, and processing apparatus using them: The method of the present invention includes: a first blasting step of carrying out blasting of the surface of a metal base material, such as a shower head or a processing container, by using a blasting material composed of a non-sublimable material (e.g. alumina); and a second blasting step of... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120115401 - Floor finish removal and cleaning apparatus: A floor care apparatus is provided that utilizes at least one cylindrical pad to remove a floor finish. More specifically, a cylindrical pad having an abrasive surface is integrated onto a cylindrical scrubber brush or associated core or roller commonly used in the art. The main outwardly-facing surface of the... Agent: Karcher North America, Inc.

20120115402 - Chemical mechanical planarization pad conditioner and methods of forming thereof: A CMP pad conditioner is provided that includes a substrate having a surface and three dimensional structures protruding relative to the surface of the substrate. The three dimensional structures include CVD carbon-containing material selected from the group consisting of carbon nanotubes and diamond, and may be arranged in a ordered... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasives, Inc.

20120115403 - Pad conditioner head for conditioning a polishing pad: The pad conditioner head for conditioning a polishing pad comprises a bearing seat, a spindle, a protective cover, an annular pressure plate, a self-adaptive platen, a diamond disk and a flexible ring. A flange is mounted on the lower end of the spindle. A press ring is mounted onto a... Agent:

20120115404 - Handheld, portable drum sander: A hand held drum sander is disclosed. The sander is a self-contained power driven device having a novel method of driving and supporting the sanding drum and retaining the sanding substrate. The present invention relates to a device for the finishing of irregular shape objects by using a drum sander.... Agent:

20120115405 - Double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and polishing member: A double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape 10 according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a first pressure-sensitive layer 30 that serves as a pressure-sensitive adhesive surface to a surface plate; a second pressure-sensitive adhesive layer 40 that serves as a pressure-sensitive adhesive surface to a polishing member; and a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

05/03/2012 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120108144 - Predictive calculation method for calculating a simulated shape of an engagement ridge to be arranged on the edge face of an ophthalmic lens of a pair of eyeglasses, and a method of beveling: P

20120108145 - Device and method for sharpening dental curettes: A device for sharpening one or more cutting edges of a dental curette has a base support with a frame articulated thereon, and at least one sharpening guide. The frame supports a grinding wheel rotationally driven by a motor and a sharpening guide support intended to receive the sharpening guide(s).... Agent:

20120108146 - Grinding method, grinding system and multifunction grinding machine: A rough grinding process grinds the workpiece W supported by the supporting device by the rough grinding wheel until remaining a removed amount for finish grinding being preset, and then finish grinds the removed amount while the workpiece W is continuously supported by the supporting device. The removed amount for... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20120108147 - Removable airwash cartridge or cassette for grit drying system: An abrasive blasting system including a magnetic drum, an airflow generator configured to create airflow, and a removable airwash cartridge that includes one or more angular feedplates with lips extending therefrom.... Agent:

20120108149 - Method for manufacturing polishing pad: A method for manufacturing a polishing pad, which may be laminated, with a small number of manufacturing steps, high productivity and no peeling between a polishing layer and a cushion layer includes preparing a cell-dispersed urethane composition by a mechanical foaming method; continuously discharging the cell-dispersed urethane composition onto a... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20120108148 - Method of modifying flat glass surface and apparatus for carrying out the method: The method of modifying the flat glass surface is based on that the surface of a glass is worked by abrasive grains of synthetic diamond which are situated in the mass of plastic threads that are a part of a rotating brush. The glass is first tarnished using brushes with... Agent: Ing. Zbysek Panchartek

20120108151 - Multiple blade sharpening apparatus and method: The competitive and technological evolution of sports with ice skates such as ice hockey, speed skating, and figure skating as well as the conditioning and training of these athletes places increased demands on their equipment. Amongst these are the ability to vary the blade profile at different points to increase... Agent:

20120108150 - Portable power sharpener for hand held rotary cutter blades: Apparatus, systems and methods related to sharpening blades for rotary cutters. In one illustrative embodiment, a power sharpener system secures a rotary cutting blade between upper and lower columns that form a rotating axle in contact with upper and lower sharpening stones, each positioned at an appropriate angle to contact... Agent:

20120108152 - Electrode securing platens and electrode polishing assemblies incorporating the same: In one embodiment, an electrode polishing assembly may include an electrode securing platen, a plurality of electrode locating fasteners, and an electrode. Each of the electrode locating fasteners may include an electrode spacing shoulder, a variance cancelling shoulder extending from the electrode spacing shoulder, a threaded platen clamping portion extending... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20120108153 - Rotary dresser: A rotary dresser is provided with a roll having an outer circumferential surface which includes an arc portion or inclined portion differing in diameter in dependence on the axial position thereof, and a plurality of diamond abrasive grains embedded on the outer circumferential surface of the roll. The number of... Agent: Toyoda Van Moppes Ltd.

20120108154 - Disc grinders: A disc grinder includes a grinding wheel cover rotatably mounted to a gear housing about an axis of a spindle. A stopper device can restrict a position adjustable range of the grinding wheel cover of the spindle and includes a first stopper on the side of the grinding wheel cover... Agent: Makita Corporation

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