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Abrading February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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02/23/2012 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120045968 - Substrate polishing method and device: A substrate polishing method includes starting to rotate a circular substrate and polishing an inner peripheral edge surface of a center circular hole formed in the circular substrate into a chamfered or rounded surface by pressing the inner peripheral edge surface against a bypass polishing part of a polishing tape... Agent: Sanshin Co., Ltd.

20120045970 - Oxidizing particles based slurry for nobel metal including ruthenium chemical mechanical planarization: A method for chemical mechanical planarization of ruthenium is provided. A semiconductor substrate comprising ruthenium is contacted with a chemical mechanical polishing system comprising an oxidizing particle, an abrasive, a polishing pad and a liquid carrier. The pH of the polishing composition is about 8 to 12. A high ruthenium... Agent: Basf Se

20120045969 - Polishing amorphous/crystalline glass: An apparatus and associated method for polishing a workpiece with a polishing slurry having ceria particulates and silica particulates.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120045972 - A cerium-based particle composition and the preparation thereof: A cerium based particle composition comprises: 50-90% by weight of cerium oxide, and at least 10% by weight of lanthanum oxide. The method to prepare the particle composition comprises: one or more water soluble salts of transition metal elements and/or alkaline metal elements are mixed with CeLaCl3 solution; the mixed... Agent: Rhodia (china) Co., Ltd.

20120045971 - Method of manufacturing glass substrate for magnetic recording media: The invention provides a method of manufacturing a glass substrate for magnetic recording media. And the glass substrate has high surface smoothness and little waviness. In the primary, secondary and tertiary lapping process, diamond pads 20A, 20B, and 20C are used, respectively. The diamond pad 20A has an average diamond... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20120045973 - Methods of fabricating a honeycomb extrusion die from a die body: Methods for fabricating a honeycomb extrusion die from a die body include the step of machining extrusion slots with at least one grinding wheel to provide a honeycomb pattern of extrusion slots. In further examples, a plurality of the extrusion slots of the honeycomb pattern of extrusion slots can be... Agent:

20120045974 - Method of producing substrate for magnetic recording media: t

20120045975 - Lens-processing device: A lens processing device (1) is adapted such that a lens (11) is sucked and held by a lens holder (12) rotatably and rockably supported on the front end of a lens holder shaft (13) through a pivot bearing mechanism (14) and then such that a lens surface (11a) is... Agent: Kojima Engineering Co., Ltd.

20120045976 - Handheld electric machine tool: A handheld electric machine tool is described including a housing with a grip area, a tool area for a tool that is drivable in a linear and/or oscillating manner, an operating part on the housing for activation of the tool and/or the electric machine tool by the user, a drive... Agent:

20120045977 - Flexible grinding product and method of producing the same: The present invention relates to a flexible grinding product and a method of producing the same. Such a grinding product comprises a flexible underlay (1) which consists of two layers laminated to each other. These comprise a lower base layer (2) and an upper layer (3), a cavity layer. The... Agent: Oy Kwh Mirka Ab

20120045978 - Grinding workpiece: A grinding workpiece comprises a main body having a joint surface with a predetermined area. A containing chamber with a predetermined depth is inwardly extended from a central position of the joint surface, and an opening is formed on the joint surface. A grinding material is disposed to a portion... Agent: Mueller-kueps, L.p.

02/16/2012 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120040589 - Methods of grinding workpieces comprising superabrasive materials: A method of grinding a superabrasive workpiece includes placing a bonded abrasive article in contact with a superabrasive workpiece, wherein the bonded abrasive article comprises a body including abrasive grains contained within a bond material, and the superabrasive workpiece has an average Vickers hardness of at least about 1 GPa,... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasives, Inc.

20120040590 - Non-newtonian lap: In a non-conventional lap tool, i.e., not a stiff tool nor a conformable tool, and related method for grinding/polishing a substrate surface, includes a rigid base plate and attached work surface to define a cavity containing a non-Newtonian fluid. The non-Newtonian fluid behaves as a solid when the work surface... Agent:

20120040591 - Replaceable cover for membrane carrier: A replaceable cover secured to the surface of a membrane positioned on a wafer carrier.... Agent: Strasbaugh, Inc.

20120040592 - Apparatus and method for temperature control during polishing: Embodiments of the present invention relate to apparatus and method for improve uniformity of a polishing process. Embodiments of the present invention provide a heating mechanism configured to apply thermal energy to a perimeter of a substrate during polishing, or a cooling mechanism configured to cool a central region of... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120040593 - Coating and cylindrical grinding apparatus: A coating and cylindrical grinding apparatus includes a main body defining a cavity, a roller device, a liquid jetting device, a heating device, a cylindrical grinding device, and a support device received in the cavity. The roller device includes a number of rollers positioned along a first direction and is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120040594 - Sanding apparatus and method of manufacture: An improved resilient sanding block of the type comprising a core having a plurality of exterior surfaces, including a first major surface and a second major surface and side surfaces, and having a layer of abrasive material disposed thereon. The resilient sanding block may have one or more apertures or... Agent:

20120040595 - Silicon carbide, sapphire, germanium, silicon and pattern wafer polishing templates holder: A template for polishing Silicon Carbide, Sapphire, Germanium, Silicon and pattern wafers having a slurry inlet, channels, outlets and pockets for holding said wafers terminating in peripheral vacuum ports in order to facilitate an efficient flow of slurry over the semiconductor wafers during a polishing process.... Agent:

02/09/2012 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120034844 - Spectrographic monitoring using index tracking after detection of layer clearing: A method of controlling polishing includes storing a library having a plurality of reference spectra, each reference spectrum of the plurality of reference spectra having a stored associated index value, polishing a substrate having a second layer overlying a first layer, measuring a sequence of spectra of light from the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120034845 - Techniques for matching measured spectra to reference spectra for in-situ optical monitoring: A method of controlling polishing includes storing a library having a plurality of reference spectra, polishing a substrate, measuring a sequence of spectra of light from the substrate during polishing, for each measured spectrum of the sequence of spectra, finding a best matching reference spectrum using a matching technique other... Agent:

20120034846 - Semiconductor device manufacturing method: According to one embodiment, a semiconductor device manufacturing method is disclosed. The method can include polishing a film on a semiconductor substrate by pressing the film against a polishing pad. Polishing the film comprises performing first polishing in which an entrance temperature of the polishing pad is adjusted to 40°... Agent:

20120034847 - Abrasive tool and a method for finishing complex shapes in workpieces: An abrasive tool includes a bonded abrasive body having abrasive grains contained within a bonding material, wherein the bonded abrasive body comprises a complex shape having a form depth (FD) of at least about 0.3. The form depth is described by the equation [(Rl−Rs)/Rl], wherein Rs is a smallest radius... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasives, Inc.

20120034849 - Carrier head with narrow inner ring and wide outer ring: A carrier head for a chemical mechanical polisher includes base, a substrate mounting surface, an annular inner ring, and an annular outer ring. The inner ring has an inner surface configured to circumferentially surround the edge of a substrate positioned on the substrate mounting surface, an outer surface, and a... Agent:

20120034848 - Substrate edge tuning with retaining ring: A carrier head for a chemical mechanical polisher includes a base, a substrate mounting surface, an annular inner ring and an outer ring. The inner ring has a lower surface configured to contact an upper surface of a substrate positioned on the substrate mounting surface, an outer surface, and an... Agent:

20120034850 - Method for producing silicon epitaxial wafer: The method for producing a silicon epitaxial wafer according to the present invention has: a growth step F at which an epitaxial layer is grown on a silicon single crystal substrate; a first polishing step D at which, before the growth step, at least a front surface of the silicon... Agent: Sumco Corporation

20120034851 - Easy rinsing polishing composition for polymer-based surfaces: A polishing composition and method for polishing polymer-based surfaces that can be rinsed from the polished polymer-based surface using water so as to leave substantially less polishing residue behind as compared to conventional polishing compositions. Polishing compositions according to the invention include abrasive particles and a rinsing agent dispersed in... Agent: Ferro Corporation

20120034852 - Multi-purpose machine for wall processing: A multi-purpose machine for wall processing includes a base, a working member and a sliding device that drives the working member slide up and down relative to the base. The base includes a bottom board with moving wheels therebelow, a top board, and several parallel upright posts therebetween. The working... Agent:

20120034853 - Method, system, and apparatus for modifying surfaces: The present disclosure is directed to method, apparatus, and system for uniformly supporting flexible surface modifying articles during surface modification as well as enabling replacing and repositioning thereof for improving their useful service life as well as improving dust and debris control management.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120034855 - Hand-held power tool system: A hand-held power tool system has a hand-held power tool, a guard unit, and a guard anti-rotation lock unit preventing rotation between the guard unit and the hand-held power tool during breakdown of a tool of the hand-held power tool and configured to prevent rotation between the guard unit and... Agent:

20120034854 - Thumb-operated detachable liquid polish dispenser for a hand-held surface finishing power tool: An elongated liquid polish dispenser is described that can be secured to and released from a bracket that stays on a hand-held rotary buffer such that a switch on the polisher is in a convenient position for an operator to press while gripping the polisher. A portion of the dispenser... Agent:

20120034856 - Dust box and electric tool with the dust box: A dust box includes: an attachment portion configured to be attached to a dust-discharging nozzle extending from a housing of an electric tool; and a dust-collecting portion connected to the attachment portion and configured to store dust particles to be discharged from the nozzle. The dust-collecting portion mainly consists of... Agent: Makita Corporation

02/02/2012 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120028543 - Grinding method and grinding machine: A core grinding wheel that has a grinding layer on an outer periphery of a core is used. An ultrasonic wave is output from an ultrasonic sensor to the grinding layer via grinding fluid. An ultrasonic measuring device control unit calculates a thickness of the grinding layer on the basis... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20120028544 - Fused alumina/zirconia grain mixture: A molten alumina/zirconia grain mixture having the following chemical composition, in wt %: ZrO2+HfO2: 35 to 45.5%; Al2O3: 43.7 to 65%; other oxides: <10%; SiO2: <0.8%, which simultaneously adheres to a granulometric condition and to a densimetric condition.... Agent: Saint-gobain Centre De Recherches Et D'etudes Europeen

20120028545 - Pivot-balanced floating platen lapping machine: A low friction flat-lapping abrading apparatus and method for releasably attaching flexible abrasive disks to a flat-surfaced platen that floats in three-point abrading contact with flat-surfaced workpieces that are attached to three rotary spindles. The rigid equal-height flat-surfaced rotatable fixed-position workpiece spindles are mounted on a flat abrading machine base.... Agent:

20120028546 - Method and apparatus for trimming the working layers of a double-side grinding apparatus: A method for trimming two working layers including bonded abrasive applied on mutually facing sides of an upper and a lower working disk of a grinding apparatus configured for simultaneous double-side processing of flat workpiece includes providing the grinding apparatus including the upper and lower working disks and providing at... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20120028547 - Semiconductor wafer polishing method and polishing pad shaping jig: Disclosed is a semiconductor wafer polishing method for polishing the surfaces to be polished of semiconductor wafers by use of polishing pads (16, 17) provided on fixing plates by relative movement of the polishing pads and the semiconductor wafers held by carriers. The shaping surfaces (25) of a polishing pad... Agent: Sumco Corporation

20120028548 - Retaining ring with shaped profile: Retaining rings with curved surfaces are described. The curved surfaces prevent damage to a fixed abrasive polishing pad when the retaining ring is used in a polishing process. The curved surfaces are on the bottom surface of the ring, such as along the outer diameter and/or along the sidewalls of... Agent:

20120028549 - Auto-scraping apparatus: An auto-scraping apparatus for a work piece of a hard rail has a tracking device, a driving device and a tool device. The tracking device has a connecting frame, a moving frame, a lifting frame and a tool frame. The moving frame is movably connected to the connecting frame. The... Agent: National Formosa University

20120028550 - Bore working tool: An arm 21 has a shape for grasping a part in a circumferential direction of a tool holder 7. The arm 21 is connected to the tool holder 7 with a bolt 23 inserted into a fixing hole 22 provided in a base side portion of the arm 21. A... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120028551 - Scraper assembly: The invention pertains to a novel scraper assembly having a plurality of interchangeable scraper heads and handles and corresponding method for use. The scraper assembly further comprises a plurality of abrasive mechanisms, namely spring bristles, coiled springs, chainmail abraders and wire cloth abraders capable of effectively cleaning a surface without... Agent: Miw Associates, LLC

20120028553 - Flexible abrasive grinding apparatus and related methods: Flexible abrasive articles and related methods are presented.... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasives, Inc.

20120028552 - Linear abrasive brush member, method for preparing linear abrasive brush member, and abrasive brush: To provide a linear abrasive brush member, in which filament parts are hardly broken, a substrate part is excellent in deformability, and also, abrasion ability is excellent. A linear abrasive brush member comprising: an embedded core material (9); a rod-shaped substrate part (7) having opposite long-narrow upper and bottom faces;... Agent:

20120028554 - Scraper assembly: The invention pertains to a novel scraper assembly having a plurality of interchangeable scraper heads and handles and corresponding method for use. The scraper assembly further comprises a plurality of abrasive mechanisms, namely spring bristles, coiled springs, chainmail abraders and wire cloth abraders capable of effectively cleaning a surface without... Agent: Miw Associates, LLC

20120028555 - Grinding tool for trapezoid grinding of a wafer: A grinding tool for trapezoid grinding of a wafer on a profiling machine includes an annular wheel including a central hole adapted for mounting the wheel on a spindle. The wheel includes at least two grooves disposed at an outer edge of the wheel and the grooves are sized for... Agent: Memc Electronic Materials, Inc.

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