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Abrading October categorized by USPTO classification 10/11

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10/27/2011 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20110263183 - Polishing solution distribution apparatus and polishing apparatus having the same: The present invention provides a polishing solution distribution apparatus capable of reducing distribution deviation of polishing solution even when leveling for installation is insufficient or inclination of an installation location varies and a polishing apparatus having the same. The polishing solution distribution apparatus includes a cone-shaped branch body in which... Agent: Sumco Corporation

20110263184 - Grinding machine: A grinding machine includes a machine frame with a work piece support surface on which a work piece may be transporter through the machine. A grinding bar arrangement including two grinding shoes positioned in parallel is arranged transversely with respect to a work piece feeding direction across the width of... Agent: Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik Gmbh

20110263185 - Hand held machine for grinding and like operations: A hand held machine for grinding and like operations, includes a housing, a motor mounted in the housing and which rotates an axle connected to a tool carrying mechanism, and a front bearing arrangement provided between the housing and the axle, including a front bearing, and a vibration insulator which... Agent:

20110263186 - Bench top vibrating sanding table: A bench top vibrating table, in particular an oscillating sanding table, with is controlled by a variable controlled motor, running an off set cam. This sanding table has the working surface of which an installable abrasive sheet rests, whereby said abrasive sheet is installed using an adhesive method or loop... Agent:

20110263187 - Wire saw and method for fabricating the same: The present invention relates to a wire saw and a method for fabricating the same. The method for fabricating a wire saw according to the present invention includes: providing a core wire; coating an intermediate layer over the core wire, and embedding a plurality of abrasives in the intermediate layer;... Agent:

10/20/2011 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110256805 - Adaptively tracking spectrum features for endpoint detection: A method of controlling polishing includes polishing a substrate, monitoring a substrate during polishing with an in-situ monitoring system, generating a sequence of values from measurements from the in-situ monitoring system, fitting a non-linear function to the sequence of values, determining a projected time at which the non-linear function reaches... Agent:

20110256802 - Cyclic self-limiting cmp removal and associated processing tool: A cyclic method of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) a wafer having a surface includes placing the wafer on a platen in a CMP apparatus and then performing a multi-step CMP comprising process. The multi-step CMP process includes delivering a first chemical composition onto the wafer while on the platen for... Agent: Sinmat, Inc.

20110256803 - Fluidized web polishing apparatus and method using contact pressure feedback: An abrasive article with an abrasive element fabricated on a flexible foil suspended by a hydrostatic preloader, a gimball mechanism or a soft pad capable of selectively engaging with substrate to remove material while monitoring the contact pressure. A hydrostatic pressure bed is applied to the non-abrasive surface of the... Agent: Boutaghou LLC

20110256804 - Method for shaping an ophthalmic lens for eyeglasses:

20110256806 - Ophthalmic machine and method for machining and/or polishing a lens: The invention relates to an ophthalmic machining machine comprising machining means and means for supporting a blank. The invention is characterised in that the machine is capable of transferring marks to said blank that can be identified by monitoring means for repositioning the blank on said supporting means after machining... Agent:

20110256807 - Method for stripping nitride coatings: Methods for stripping partially oxidized nitride wear or release coatings from metal workpieces comprise disrupting surface oxidation layers present on the coatings following use, and causing electrical current to flow from the workpiece and release coating to a counter electrode while the workpiece, release coating and counter electrode are immersed... Agent:

20110256808 - High speed barrel polishing device: A high speed polishing device useful for polishing a large number of miniature components, such as multi-layer electronic components, is disclosed. In various embodiments of the present invention, a vertical planetary ball mill or other barrel polishing device is modified to rotate polishing containers having a modified interior cavity structure.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110256809 - Method of polishing bladed disks for a turbomachine and polishing device: A device for polishing centrifugal impellers for a turbomachine including a vat configured to be filled with a polishing agent, and an impeller support configured to make the impeller rotate around its axis and move it along its axis such that all of points of the impeller have a helical... Agent: Snecma

20110256810 - Method of manufacturing chuck plate for use in electrostatic chuck: There is provided a method of manufacturing a chuck plate for an electrostatic chuck of good productivity which is free from poor releasing of a wafer which is a to-be-processed substrate, from the initial time of putting the electrostatic chuck to a new use. The method of manufacturing a chuck... Agent:

20110256811 - Polishing method: A polishing method can obtain a good polishing profile which, for example, will not cause peeling of a semiconductor layer from a silicon substrate. The polishing method includes: positioning a polishing head at a position above a polishing start position in an edge portion of a rotating substrate; lowering a... Agent:

20110256812 - Closed-loop control for improved polishing pad profiles: Embodiments described herein use closed-loop control (CLC) of conditioning sweep to enable uniform groove depth removal across the pad, throughout pad life. A sensor integrated into the conditioning arm enables the pad stack thickness to be monitored in-situ and in real time. Feedback from the thickness sensor is used to... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110256813 - Coated carrier for lapping and methods of making and using: A lapping carrier (110) including a base carrier (112) having first and second major surfaces and at least one aperture for holding a workpiece extending from the first major surface to the second major surface, the aperture circumference defined by a third surface of the base carrier, at least a... Agent:

20110256814 - Material removing tool: A material removing tool, such as a cutting or grinding tool, adapted to be oscillated by the output shaft of a manually operable motor-driven apparatus, is provided with at least one elongated cutting edge defined by teeth or analogous cutting elements arranged in at least one at least substantially straight... Agent:

20110256815 - Method for polishing silicon wafer, method for producing silicon wafer, apparatus for polishing disk-shaped workpiece, and silicon wafer: The present invention is a method for polishing a silicon wafer, in which an oxide film is formed on a back surface side of the wafer, wherein the oxide film on a chamfered portion of the silicon wafer is removed, and the oxide film on a peripheral portion of the... Agent: Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

20110256816 - Abrasive apparatus of a sander: An abrasive apparatus of a sander is provided. The abrasive apparatus is disposed above a worktable of the sander and includes a base and a lift unit. At least one abrasive wheel is provided in the base. The base has a top formed with at least one slot. The lift... Agent:

20110256817 - Polishing pad and method for producing same: An object of the invention is to provide a polishing pad that achieves a high polishing rate and has high thickness precision so that the break-in time (dummy polishing time) can be shortened, and to provide a method for producing same. The invention is directed to a polishing pad including... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20110256818 - Molding windows in thin pads: A polishing pad includes a polishing layer having a polishing surface, an adhesive layer on a side of the polishing layer opposite the polishing layer, and a solid light-transmitting window extending through and molded to the polishing layer. The solid light-transmitting window has an upper portion with a first lateral... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

10/13/2011 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20110250823 - Lens blocking method and related device: Method of blocking an unfinished optical lens to be machined, the unfinished optical lens comprising an unfinished face and a second face, the method comprising: an unfinished optical lens providing step in which the unfinished optical lens is provided; a positioning step in which the unfinished optical lens is positioned... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

20110250824 - Polishing method and polishing apparatus: A polishing method that carries out a multi-step polishing process with improved polishing conditions (polishing recipe) while omitting measurement of the surface conditions of a substrate, as carried out between polishing steps thereby increasing the throughput. The polishing method for polishing workpieces by repeating the sequential operations of taking a... Agent:

20110250825 - Tool for removing grout, mortar and the like: A grout removal tool includes a cover shaped to define a substantially enclosed interior cavity and a grinding assembly designed to simultaneously abrade grout from multiple, non-linear tile joints. The grinding assembly includes a motor-driven shaft that is rotatably coupled to the cover by a pair of ball bearings. The... Agent:

20110250826 - Pad conditioner having reduced friction and method of manufacturing the same: This invention relates to a conditioner for a chemical mechanical planarization pad, which is necessary for global planarization of a wafer in order to increase the degree of integration of a semiconductor device, and more particularly to a pad conditioner having a structure able to reduce friction with a pad... Agent: Ehwa Diamond Ind. Co., Ltd.

20110250827 - Power tool blade mount with radial fluid flow channels: A mount is disclosed for mounting a blade on a rotary spindle of a power tool. The spindle has an axial bore through which a cooling fluid may flow. The mount includes a disk configured for directing cooling fluid outward in a generally radial direction with respect to the axis... Agent: Gran Quartz Trading, Inc.

20110250828 - Negative pressure dust collection structure for power tools: A negative pressure dust collection structure aims to be used on a power tool which is coupled with an application tool operable in a working space surrounded by a dust collection hood. The dust collection hood includes at least one flow conduction vent communicating with an airflow duct through a... Agent:

10/06/2011 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110244759 - Orthopaedic component manufacturing method and equipment: A system for use in preparing an articulating surface of a component of an orthopaedic implant is provided. The system includes a magnetorheological polishing fluid including a carrier fluid and a plurality of particles suspendable in said carrier fluid. The system also includes a vessel for containing the Magnetorheological polishing... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20110244760 - Method for polishing a semiconductor wafer: A method of polishing a semiconductor wafer includes applying a polishing pad to the semiconductor wafer so as to subject the semiconductor wafer to a polishing process and supplying an aqueous polishing agent solution between the polishing pad and the semiconductor wafer. The polishing pad includes fixedly bonded abrasives of... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20110244762 - Method for the double-side polishing of a semiconductor wafer: A method for double-side polishing of a semiconductor wafer includes situating the semiconductor wafer in a cutout of a carrier that is disposed in a working gap between an upper polishing plate covered by a first polishing pad and a lower polishing plate covered by a second polishing pad. The... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20110244761 - Method of making conductive group lll nitride single crystal substrate: A method of making a conductive group III nitride single crystal substrate includes feeding to a seed crystal a group III raw material gas, a group V raw material gas, and a doping raw material gas diluted with N2 or Ar to have a predetermined concentration, growing a group III... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20110244764 - Chemical-mechanical polishing pad conditioning system: Polishing pad conditioning system. The system includes a first rotatable platen supporting a polishing pad containing asperities having a radius of curvature. A second rotatable platen supports a disk of bulk material having holes therethrough, the second rotatable platen supported for translation as well as rotation. Means are provided for... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110244763 - Side pad design for edge pedestal: A method and apparatus for facilitating equalized conditioning of a polishing surface of a polishing pad is described. The apparatus includes an extension device coupled to a base adjacent a peripheral edge of a polishing pad that is adapted to support a conditioning device, the extension device includes a body... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110244765 - Burr removal apparatus: Apparatus for removing a burr from an aperture in a workpiece, using a rotating deburring tool having a flexible of partly flexible shaft, an abrasive mechanism that rotates on the shaft and a collar that protects the workpiece from abrasion when the abrasive mechanism is being positioned for deburring. Optionally,... Agent:

20110244766 - Electric abrasive sharpener having adjustable abrasive wheels: An electric sharpener having two pairs of interlocking abrasives for sharpening the edge of blades to different sharpening angles. An adjustment assembly simultaneously moves the wheels of each pair either toward or away from each other to adjust the sharpening angle produced by pair of abrasive wheels in a sharpening... Agent:

20110244767 - Knife sharpener for asian and european/american knives: A knife sharpener sharpens a wide range of knives and blades. The knife sharpener includes an angle guide associated with a first stage abrasive surface at an angle in the range of 12-18 degrees. A second stage is provided at an angle in the range of 17-23 degrees. A third... Agent:

20110244768 - Polishing pad and method of use: A polishing pad has one or more polishing elements made from a hydrogel material having an intrinsic ability to absorb water. The hydrogel material may or may not have micropores, but has a water absorption capability of 4%-60% by weight, a wet tensile strength greater than 1000 psi, a flexural... Agent:

20110244769 - Abrasive article having a plurality of precisely-shaped abrasive composites: A method of making an abrasive article including the steps of treating a plurality of cavities in a contacting surface of a production tool by plasma deposition of a thin film thereby forming a plurality of plasma treated cavities. Filling the plurality of plasma treated cavities in the production tool... Agent:

20110244770 - Abrasive slurry formulations containing nano and micro spheres additives or self-assembled monolayers: This invention relates to methods for plate dressing using slurry charged with abrasives and soft polymeric or metallic micro-nano spheres additives to produce substantially uniform abrasive height. Additionally, methods for plate dressing using slurry charged with abrasives and self-assembled polymers to produce substantially uniform abrasive height are disclosed.... Agent: Boutaghou LLC

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