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Abrading September class, title,number 09/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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09/29/2011 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20110237159 - Grinding machine and measuring apparatus: A first grinding head is provided on a base frame via a first movable body and a first grinding base. The proximal portion of the tilt arm is tiltably fitted in the housing of the grinding head. A measuring device is rotatably coupled to a distal portion of the tilt... Agent: Komatsu Ntc Ltd.

20110237160 - Hydrostatic pad pressure modulation in a simultaneous double side wafer grinder: Systems and methods are disclosed for modulating the hydrostatic pressure in a double side wafer grinder having a pair of grinding wheels. The systems and methods use a processor to measure the amount of electrical current drawn by the grinding wheels. Pattern detection software is used to predict a grinding... Agent: Memc Electronic Materials, Inc.

20110237161 - Method and system for controlling chemical mechanical polishing by controllably moving a slurry outlet: A system and a method of operating a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) system comprises a slurry delivering unit configured for locally varying the supply of slurry while polishing the substrate. To this end, the slurry delivering unit may comprise at least one slurry outlet over a polishing pad of the... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20110237162 - Apparatus for aerohydrodynamic abrasive cleaning of surfaces, sprayer for the same, and method for aerohydrodynamic abrasive cleaning of surfaces: An apparatus for mechanical spray treatment of materials has a container for preparing an abrasive suspension, the container having a stirring mechanism including a stirrer provided with at least one blade, and a sprayer for spraying the abrasive suspension connected to the container and a compressed gas supply device. The... Agent:

20110237163 - Substrate polishing apparatus and method: A substrate polishing apparatus includes a substrate holding mechanism having a head for holding a substrate to be polished, and a polishing mechanism including a polishing table with a polishing pad mounted thereon. The substrate held by the head is pressed against the polishing pad on the polishing table to... Agent:

20110237164 - Polishing apparatus, polishing method and pressing member for pressing a polishing tool: A polishing apparatus polishes a top edge portion and/or a bottom edge portion of a substrate accurately and uniformly. The polishing apparatus includes a rotary holding mechanism 3 configured to hold the substrate W horizontally and to rotate the substrate W; and at least one polishing head 30 disposed near... Agent:

20110237165 - Sandpaper and method of use thereof: Disclosed herein is sandpaper that includes a first plurality of particles having a first grain size, the first plurality of particles having a first sanding surface covering a first area of the sandpaper. The sandpaper includes a second plurality of particles having a second grain size that is smaller than... Agent:

20110237166 - Bed-type circular saw blade grinder: A bed-type circular saw blade grinder includes: a bed section; a support section fixedly connected with the bed section, a circular saw blade being rotatably connected with the support section; a rotary seat pivotally disposed on the bed section via a pivot shaft and reciprocally rotatable about the pivot shaft... Agent:

20110237167 - Sanding and grinding tool having depth guide: A sanding or grinding tool has a drum provided with an abrasive cylindrical outer wall. The depth guide has a curved outer surface composed of a number of arcuate segments each having a radius which extends outward from the centre of the guide and which is of a differing defined... Agent:

20110237168 - Blade sharpening system: A knife sharpening system includes a substantially planar bed defining a first plane, a support base rigidly coupled to the bed and defining a second plane lying at a selected angle with respect to the first plane, first and second end rails are rigidly coupled to respective ends of the... Agent: Kai U.s.a. Ltd., Dba Kershaw Knives

09/22/2011 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20110230122 - Nanoscale cubic boron nitride: The invention relates to a method of manufacturing nanoscale cubic boron nitride and to the nanoscale cubic boron nitride thus obtained. The method according to the invention of manufacturing nanoscale boron nitride of cubic structure is characterized in that it comprises the following steps: a) compression of a pyrolytic boron... Agent: Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie (paris 6)

20110230123 - Polisher, pressure plate of the polisher and method of polishing: A polisher, a pressure plate (20) of the polisher, and a method of polishing are disclosed. The pressure plate (20) includes a main body, an air bag (50) mounted to one surface of the main body to adjust a pressure applied from the main body to a polishing object, and... Agent:

20110230124 - Device for cleaning safety razor blade: The present invention relates to a device and a method for sharpening and cleaning a safety razor blade. The device comprises a polymer-based mat and either one or more polymer-based holding elements (21-24) for holding the safety razor blade in a fixed relationship with the device, or a pair of... Agent:

20110230125 - Installation/uninstallation structure for tooling disk of a grinding tool: An installation/uninstallation structure for tooling disk of a grinding tool includes a rotary shaft mounted in the grinding tool and a securing assembly including a securing seat, a shift plate and a securing member. The securing member is movably mounted in the securing seat. The shift plate is pivotally disposed... Agent:

20110230126 - Composite polishing pad: An abrasive article referred to as composite polishing pad (CPP) includes a plurality of fixed abrasive elements or a plurality of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) pads attached to a plurality of pressure pads suspended to flexible structures capable to follow the wafer topography. A plurality of stems with dimpled ends... Agent: Boutaghou LLC

20110230127 - Nano-fabricated structured diamond abrasive article: The present invention describes a microfabricated or nanofabricated structured diamond abrasive with a high surface density array of geometrical protrusions of pyramidal, truncated pyramidal or other shape, of designed shapes, sizes and placements, which provides for improved conditioning of CMP polishing pads, or other abrasive roles. Three methods of fabricating... Agent: Advanced Diamond Technologies Inc.

09/15/2011 > 13 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20110223833 - Method and apparatus for the measurement-aided fine machining of workpiece surfaces, and measuring system: In the case of a method for the material-removing fine machining of a workpiece surface of a workpiece, in particular for the honing or finishing of workpiece portions having substantially rotationally symmetrically curved workpiece surfaces, at least one fine machining tool machines the workpiece surface and, by means of a... Agent: Nagel Maschinen-und Werkzeugfabrik Gmbh

20110223834 - Apparatus and method for monitoring glass plate polishing state: Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for monitoring a glass plate polishing state. The apparatus may include a location measuring unit for measuring a location on a glass plate being polished by a polishing machine, a current measuring unit for measuring an electric current flowing into the polishing machine,... Agent:

20110223838 - Fixed-spindle and floating-platen abrasive system using spherical mounts: A method and apparatus for releasably attaching flexible abrasive disks to a flat-surfaced platen that floats in three-point abrading contact with three flat-surfaced rotatable fixed-position workpiece spindles that are mounted on spherical-rotation two-piece spindle-mount devices that are attached to a nominally-flat abrading machine base. The spindle-top flat surfaces are precisely... Agent:

20110223837 - Fixed-spindle floating-platen workpiece loader apparatus: A method and apparatus for robotic devices that can be used to load and remove workpieces and abrasive disks for an abrading system having a floating, rotatable abrading platen that is three-point supported by annular, flat abrading-surface of the floating platen. The rotary spindles are mounted on the flat horizontal... Agent:

20110223839 - Grinder, grinding method using the grinder, manufacturing method of display device using the grinding method, and display device manufactured by the manufacturing method: A grinder including a grinding unit including a grinding surface and a shaft connected to the grinding unit for rotating the grinding unit. The grinding unit includes polyurethane and a mixture of a repairer and an abrasive, and an angle α between a plane perpendicular to a rotational axis of... Agent:

20110223840 - Polishing composition and polishing method using the same: A polishing composition contains at least abrasive grains and water and is used in polishing an object to be polished formed of a substrate material for optical devices, a substrate material for power devices, or a compound semiconductor material. The abrasive grains have a zeta potential satisfying the relationship X×Y≦0,... Agent: Fujimi Incorporated

20110223836 - Three-point fixed-spindle floating-platen abrasive system: A method and apparatus for releasably attaching flexible abrasive disks to a flat-surfaced platen that floats in three-point abrading contact with three rigid equal-height flat-surfaced rotatable fixed-position workpiece spindles that are mounted on a precision-flat abrading machine base where the spindle surfaces are in a common plane that is co-planar... Agent:

20110223835 - Three-point spindle-supported floating abrasive platen: A method and apparatus for releasably attaching flexible abrasive disks to a flat-surfaced platen that floats in three-point abrading contact with three rigid equal-height flat-surfaced rotatable fixed-position workpiece spindles that are mounted on a precision-flat abrading machine base where the spindle surfaces are in a common plane that is co-planar... Agent:

20110223841 - Method for polishing a semiconductor wafer: A method of polishing a semiconductor wafer includes polishing a surface of the semiconductor wafer using a polishing pad while supplying a polishing agent slurry containing abrasives during a first step. The polishing pad is free of abrasives and includes a first surface that contacts the semiconductor wafer, the first... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20110223842 - Sandblasting device: A sandblasting device includes a sandblasting apparatus and a sandblasting chamber. The sandblasting apparatus includes a spray head defining a number of outlet holes facing to different directions for spraying the abrasive particles to different directions. The sandblasting chamber is configured for providing an environment for sandblasting. The sandblasting head... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110223843 - Honing tool: A honing tool comprises a tubular tool body fastened with an end section in a tool shank and a cutting region on an opposite end section with at least one honing-stick accommodating opening. The dimensions of the honing-stick accommodating opening and of the honing stick are matched to one another... Agent: Kadia Produktion Gmbh & Co.

20110223844 - Polishing pad and method for making the same: The present invention relates to a polishing pad and method for making the same. The polishing pad comprises a plurality of fibers and a high polymeric elastomer compound. The fibers cross each other to form a fabric substrate. The high polymeric elastomer compound includes a first high polymeric elastomer resin... Agent: San Fang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

20110223845 - Double row abrasive disc: An abrasive disc (2) for grinding and/or polishing hard floor surfaces of stone, concrete or similar, the abrasive disc including a plurality of fixing means (3, 4) for mounting detachably mountable carrier plates (9), each with abrasive elements (11), to a grinding side (2a) of the abrasive disc (2), each... Agent: Huskvarna Ab

09/08/2011 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20110217905 - Grinding machine having the function of measuring distance: The invention relates to a grinding machine for grinding a workpiece, which has been set on a chuck top surface, by moving a rotating grinding wheel in relation to the workpiece. The grinding machine includes: a microscope configured to be vertically movable; a CCD camera configured to take an image... Agent: Toshiba Kikai Kabushiki Kaisha

20110217906 - Polishing apparatus and polishing method: A polishing apparatus can effectively prevent abrasive particles from falling off a polishing tape during polishing. The polishing apparatus includes: a polishing head for polishing a peripheral portion of a substrate by pressing a surface of a polishing tape, having abrasive particles fixed on the surface, against the peripheral portion... Agent:

20110217907 - Surface applied abrasive cleaning apparatus and method: A rotor assembly is provided for blast processing. The rotor assembly includes multiple lofting elements to create a vortex to loft particulate material to be used to process a target, and multiple elements to project the particulate material toward the target. The rotor assembly is enclosed within an operating chamber... Agent:

20110217908 - Coarse and fine grinding/polishing machine: A grinding/polishing machine includes first and second grinding units. The first grinding unit is mounted slidably on a column on a base support to move along a Z-axis direction, and has a first grinding wheel. The second grinding unit is mounted slidably on. the first grinding unit to move along... Agent:

20110217909 - Device in a pneumatic power tool and power tool: A speed control device is provided for a pneumatic power tool which includes a housing with a pressure air inlet, an output spindle, and an air turbine with a turbine wheel drivingly connected to the output spindle. Nozzles are arranged for directing motive air onto the turbine wheel. The speed... Agent:

20110217910 - Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus: A chemical mechanical polishing apparatus includes a platen having a first region configured to support a wafer, and a second region disposed outside the first region. The chemical mechanical polishing apparatus further includes a polishing pad disposed on the platen, a pad head to which the polishing pad is attached,... Agent:

20110217911 - Polishing pad for chemical mechanical polishing process and chemical mechanical polishing apparatus including the same: A chemical mechanical polishing apparatus includes a platen configured to support and rotate a wafer, and a polishing pad facing the platen. The polishing pad includes a body having a groove with a rotational symmetric pattern.... Agent:

20110217912 - Windshield wiper repairing device: A windshield wiper repairing device comprises of a hollow frame (1) having both ends thereof attached to a cover (11) respectively and a set of repairing means (2) incorporated into said frame (1). Said wiper repairing device is characterized in that two pyramid-shape grooves (12) which facing each other are... Agent:

09/01/2011 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20110212669 - Method for manufacturing glass substrate for magnetic recording medium: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a disk-shaped glass substrate for a magnetic recording medium, having a circular hole at the center thereof, the method including: a shape-forming step of performing shape forming to a glass substrate having a sheet shape; a polishing step of polishing a... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110212670 - Methods of bonding superabrasive particles in an organic matrix: Superabrasive tools and their methods of manufacture are disclosed. In one aspect, a method of improving retention of superabrasive particles held in a solidified organic material layer of an abrading tool, a portion of each of said superabrasive particles protruding out of the solidified organic material layer is provided. The... Agent:

20110212671 - Grinding machine and tool-support apparatus therefor: The invention is distinguished in that the tool-support (5, 6, 7) can be secured on the machine frame or housing (4) in such a way that it can be swivelled about the grinding-disc shaft (2) or about a swivel axis (10) parallel to the grinding-disc shaft (2) and can be... Agent: Scheppach Fabrikation Von Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen Gmbh

20110212672 - Flexible membrane for carrier head: A carrier head that has a base assembly, a retaining ring assembly, a carrier ring, and a flexible membrane is described. The flexible membrane has a main portion and an outer annular portion, wherein a junction between the main portion and the outer annular portion comprises a peripheral edge hinge... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110212673 - Polishing pad with partially recessed window: A polishing pad has an opaque polishing layer with an aperture therethrough and a polishing surface, and a solid light-transmissive window in the aperture. The solid light-transmissive window includes an outer portion secured to the polishing layer and an inner portion secured to the outer portion. The outer portion has... Agent:

20110212674 - Abrasive annular grinding wheel: A flat or center depressed abrasive grinding wheel, comprising an abrasive discoidal element which is associable, substantially coaxially, with the free end of a rotating shaft of a grinder, having at least one substantially central through hole, a first face which can be arranged, in the assembly configuration, so as... Agent:

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