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Abrading August inventions list 08/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110207383 - Methods and tool for maintenance of hard surfaces, and a method for manufacturing such a tool: A method is disclosed for treating or maintaining a hard surface comprising a stone or stone-like material, the method comprising treatment of the surface with a flexible pad, in the presence of abrasive particles, bonded to the pad, on a contact surface between the pad and the hard surface, wherein... Agent: Htc Sweden Ab

20110207384 - Method and device for machining shafts: The invention relates to a device (1) for machining a stepped shaft (2), having a workpiece rest (6); having a disk arrangement (3) which has a grinding disk (4) and a control disk (5); and having an axial stop arrangement (7), wherein the axial stop arrangement (7) has a contact... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20110207385 - Controlling powder delivery rate in air abrasive instruments: A micro-abrasive blasting device and method for perturbation control may use a plurality of delivery conduits of various lengths and/or apertures, or a single moveable delivery conduit. The user is able to individually open and close bypass conduit pinch valve(s) external to micro-abrasive blasting device to affect the perturbation intensity... Agent:

20110207386 - Aging apparatus for aging an artificial stone: The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for aging a stone, preferably an artificial stone. The aging device comprises a rotary support operatively connected to a rotary shaft, at least one abrasive tool mounted to the rotary support for roughing and/or polishing a surface of the artificial stone... Agent: Oldcastle Building Products Canada Inc.

20110207387 - Sanding apparatus: Sanding apparatus comprises a rigid non-expanding cylindrical sanding drum (1) formed with splines on its outer surface (4) and a separate cylindrical cover (2) formed of elastomeric material fitted removably onto the drum and formed with splines on its inner surface (8) adapted to engage with the outer surface of... Agent: Hire Technicians Group Ltd

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110201255 - Eyeglass lens processing device: An eyeglass lens processing apparatus includes: a marking unit forming a mark on a lens; a mark position detector detecting a position of the mark; a controller performing roughing process and finishing process after the roughing process; and a positional deviation detector detecting a rotational deviation of the lens after... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20110201254 - Methods and systems for process control during backgrinding of through-via substrates: Methods and systems for process control during backgrinding of a through-via substrate, such as an embedded through silicon via wafer. A process property value may be sensed and used to determine if a process endpoint has been reached.... Agent:

20110201256 - Undoped silicon heat spreader window: A system and method for thermal management of a device under test (DUT). In particular, a system is described for performing optical microscopy. The system includes a heat spreader window that consists of substantially undoped silicon. The window is configured to be coupled to a back side of a substrate... Agent:

20110201257 - Adjustable knife sharpener: A motorized knife sharpener and related methods of sharpening knives, wherein the knife sharpener is capable of sharpening knives of varying types and styles. The motorized knife sharpener includes a housing, motorized grinding assembly and an adjustable blade guide assembly. The adjustable blade guide assembly includes a selector switch accessible... Agent:

20110201258 - Mower blade sharpening device: A mower blade sharpening device comprising a guide body having a sharpening rod guide, a sharpening rod having a sharpener end, and an operator end. The sharpening rod is disposed in the sharpening rod guide. A sharpener is disposed on the sharpener end of the sharpening rod. Also disclosed is... Agent:

20110201259 - Oil composition for use in trace oil supply cutting/grinding work: This invention provides an oil composition for cutting and grinding by minimum quantity lubrication system, characterized by comprising an ester oil with a kinematic viscosity of 0.5-20 mm2/s at 100° C., and an ester-based polymer with a kinematic viscosity exceeding 20 mm2/s at 100° C. and an average molecular weight... Agent: Nippon Oil Corporation

20110201260 - Methods and systems for retaining grinding efficiency during backgrinding of through-via substrates: Methods and systems for retaining grinding efficiency during a backgrinding process such as, for example, backgrinding of a through-via substrate such as an embedded through silicon via wafer. A grinding fluid may include a chemical agent that is configured to remove accumulated materials from the grinding wheel.... Agent: Sematech, Inc.

20110201261 - Scraper accommodating different sizes of blades: A scraper has a blade holder that tapers from a wider width to a narrower width. A blade with a scraping edge is mounted on the blade holder with the scraping edge near to the narrower width of the blade holder. The blade is interchangeably mounted and can be replaced... Agent:

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110195635 - Method and grinding machine for the complete grinding of short and/or rod-shaped workpieces: Short and/or rod-shaped workpieces are completely machined by grinding two parallel end faces and the longitudinal sides of the workpiece with very short cycle times. The grinding machine includes two grinding spindles that are arranged in a tandem arrangement with parallel rotational axes on a shared grinding headstock and that... Agent: Erwin Junker Maschinenfabrik Gmbh

20110195636 - Method for controlling polishing wafer: A method for controlling polishing a wafer includes the following step. Firstly, a database storing a number of status data of a polished film of a wafer and a number of polishing parameters corresponding to the status data is established. Each of the polishing parameters includes a head sweep of... Agent: United Microelectronics Corporation

20110195637 - Orbital smoothing device: Disclosed are an orbital smoothing device for smoothing a surface of a substrate and a method of smoothing a surface of a substrate using the orbital smoothing device. The orbital smoothing device includes a rotatable plate that is driveable by a motor in at least one of a clockwise or... Agent:

20110195638 - Method for producing glass substrate and method for producing magnetic recording medium: Disclosed is a method for producing a glass substrate, which involves a first polishing step and a second polishing step both for polishing the surface of the glass substrate with a polishing solution containing a polishing agent. The method is characterized by additionally involving a heating step for heating the... Agent:

20110195639 - Retaining ring with shaped surface: A retaining ring can be shaped by machining or lapping the bottom surface of the ring to form a shaped profile in the bottom surface. The bottom surface of the retaining ring can include flat, sloped and curved portions. The lapping can be performed using a machine that dedicated for... Agent:

20110195640 - Applying different pressures through sub-pad to fixed abrasive cmp pad: A chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) system includes a rotating polishing table including a platen providing at least two pressure zones having different pressures; a sub-pad positioned on the platen, the sub-pad including a plurality of openings allowing for transmission of the different pressures therethrough; a fixed abrasive pad positioned on... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110195641 - Cutting head and cutting nozzle for a liquid/abrasive jet cutting arrangement: A nozzle for a high pressure cutting arrangement is disclosed. The cutting arrangement comprises a liquid stream and a slurry stream, the slurry comprising abrasive particles suspended in a fluid, with both fluids being supplied into the nozzle under pressure. The nozzle has a combining chamber, having an entry region... Agent: Abrasive Cutting Technology Ltd.

20110195642 - Power tool packing apparatus: A power tool packing apparatus provides a packing force to form a compact coupling between an application tool and an output shaft of a power tool. The packing apparatus comprises a pressing disk, a crank set, a movable wheel and a plurality of steel balls. The movable wheel and the... Agent:

20110195643 - Power tool with a shield: A power tool includes a housing accommodating a motor therein, a bearing base having a lower surface and an upper end that is connected to the housing, an output shaft that is mounted in the bearing base and protrudes out of the lower surface of the bearing base, a shield... Agent: Chervon (hk) Limited

20110195644 - Tool holder with tapered slot for a grinding machine: A tool holder for a grinding machine, where the tool holder is mounted to a grinding platform of the grinding machine. The tool holder includes a plate member having a tapered slot where opposing stop elements are provided within the slot at a central location. The tool includes a pair... Agent:

20110195645 - Tool for smoothing or polishing optical surfaces: There is disclosed a tool for smoothing or polishing an optical surface. The tool comprises: a body part which is rotatable about an axis of rotation; and a plurality of pads arranged in an array to bear against said optical surface for movement across the surface as the tool is... Agent: Qioptiq Limited

20110195646 - Polishing pad having a tricot mesh faberic as a base: Disclosed herein is a polishing pad having a substrate woven in a network form, capable of adsorbing dust generated during polishing of an object into meshes formed in the substrate to discharge the adsorbed dust to an external dust suction system or receive the dust in the meshes in a... Agent:

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110189925 - High sensitivity real time profile control eddy current monitoring system: An apparatus for chemical mechanical polishing includes a platen having a surface to support a polishing pad, and an eddy current monitoring system to generate an eddy current signal. The eddy current monitoring system includes a core and a coil wound around a portion of the core. The core includes... Agent:

20110189926 - Method and system for endpoint detection: A method and system are presented for monitoring a process sequentially applied to a stream of substantially identical articles by a processing tool, so as to terminate the operation of the processing tool upon detecting an end-point signal corresponding to a predetermined value of a desired parameter of the article... Agent: Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd.

20110189924 - Method of machining between contoured surfaces with cup shaped tool: A method of machining a rotor disk includes the step of detecting accessible contact areas on a rotor surface and corresponding abrasive disk orientations at contact points within that contact area. The detected accessible area and orientations are then utilized to map a machining path and corresponding abrasive disk movements.... Agent:

20110189927 - Composite pads for buffing and polishing painted vehicle body surfaces and other applications: A composite pad includes an outer pad portion having a surface with a firmness, stiffness or abrasiveness, and an inner pad portion disposed on or in the outer pad portion, the inner pad portion having a surface with a firmness, stiffness or abrasiveness which is greater than that of the... Agent:

20110189928 - Wafer mount tape, wafer processing apparatus and method of using the same for use in thinning wafers: A wafer mount tape, a wafer processing apparatus and an associated method of using the wafer mount tape for use in wafer thinning operations is presented. The wafer mount tape includes a tape body, a first adhesive member and a second adhesive member. The tape body has a first region,... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110189929 - Brush gate accessory for faceting machine splash pan: A brush gate accessory for a faceting machine splash pan including a mounting bracket having an arcuate cross-member interconnecting first and second attachment arms, each of the first and second attachment arms defining a clip about their free for retaining the brush gate in place over a sidewall of a... Agent:

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