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Abrading July category listing 07/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110183578 - control system for a fluid/abrasive jet cutting arrangement: A control system for a high pressure cutting arrangement is disclosed. The cutting arrangement comprises a liquid stream and a slurry stream, the slurry comprising abrasive particles suspended in a fluid. The liquid stream and the slurry stream are both supplied under pressure of about 300 MPa to a cutting... Agent: Abrasive Cutting Technology Ltd.

20110183580 - Apparatus and method for intricate cuts: Certain embodiments disclosed herein relate to apparatuses and methods for intricate cuts. In particular, in one embodiment, a cutting apparatus is provided. The cutting apparatus includes a base member and an elongate member extending from the base member. The elongate member includes a tapered region having an abrasive surface. The... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110183579 - Polishing pad: The invention provides a polishing pad comprising a polishing layer having a polishing surface comprising plurality of grooves disposed into the polishing layer a measurable depth from the polishing surface, and a barrier region free of grooves, and a transparent window disposed in and surrounded by the barrier region.... Agent:

20110183581 - Polishing composition and polishing method using the same: There is provided a polishing composition, containing abrasive grains and an acid represented either by R2—R1—SO3H (wherein R1 is a linear alkylene or hydroxyalkylene group having 1 to 4 carbon atoms, and R2 is a hydroxy group, a carboxy group, or a sulfonic acid group when R1 is the linear... Agent: Fujimi Incorporated

20110183582 - Method for producing a semiconductor wafer: A method of producing a semiconductor wafer includes a plurality of steps carried out in the following order. Simultaneous double-side material-removal processing is carried out on a semiconductor wafer sliced from a single crystal by processing the semiconductor wafer between two rotating ring-shaped working disks. Each working disk includes first... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20110183583 - Polishing pad with floating elements and method of making and using the same: The disclosure is directed to polishing pads with floating polishing elements bonded to a support layer, for example by thermal bonding, and to methods of making and using such pads in a polishing process. In one exemplary embodiment, the polishing pad includes a multiplicity of polishing elements, at least some... Agent:

20110183584 - Method and apparatus for conditioning a cmp pad: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for conditioning a polishing pad used in chemical mechanical polishing in which a consistent pressing force can be provided between an abrasive conditioning member and the polishing pad. Specifically, a moveable weight member is provided that can be selectively moved along... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110183585 - Method for the grinding of a profile of a workpiece: The invention relates to a method for the grinding of a profile (1) of a workpiece (2) with a gear or profile grinding machine (3), wherein the profile (1) which has to be ground is successively at first ground during a roughing operation with a roughing grinding tool (4) and... Agent: Niles Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh

20110183586 - Abrading device having a front exhaust: A head for an orbital abrading machine comprising a housing, a shroud including inner and outer portions, defining a chamber between the inner and outer portions, a drive means for driving an abrading pad, the drive means at least partially enclosed by the housing and the shroud, wherein the drive... Agent: Dynabrade, Inc.

20110183587 - Ceiling grinder: A ceiling grinder comprising a drive unit, a grinding wheel, which can be set in rotation by means of the drive unit, a grinding head housing, which receives the grinding wheel and has an opening allowing the grinding wheel access to the surface to be ground and a holding element... Agent: C. & E. Fein Gmbh

20110183588 - Abrading device: An abrading device features a flexible abrading membrane supported by two supports. The device may be used in either linear or rotary configurations. The device can be used in conjunction with devices that impart continuous or vibratory linear or rotary motion.... Agent:

20110183589 - Universal interface pad conversion band: The “Universal Interface Pad Conversion Band” is a stretchable band that can convert any interface cushion pad with velour (loop) backing surface to be possible for manual sanding by hand. Such interface cushion pad was originally designed only for machine sanding only.... Agent:

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110177758 - Creep-resistant polishing pad window: The polishing pad is useful for polishing at least one of magnetic, optical and semiconductor substrates. The polishing pad includes a polishing layer having a polyurethane window. The polyurethane window has a cross-linked structure formed with an aliphatic or cycloaliphatic isocyanate and a polyol in a prepolymer mixture. The prepolymer... Agent:

20110177759 - Barge transportation system and refurbishing system and method of transporting and refurbishing barges: A transportation system and method of transferring a barge from a waterway and to a refurbishing system. The transportation system includes transport systems that move the barge out of water and onto to a position away from the water, then moves the barge into the refurbishing system. The transport systems... Agent: Paducah River Painting, Inc.

20110177760 - Spherical body polishing apparatus, method for polishing spherical body and method for manufacturing spherical member: A spherical body polishing apparatus capable of reducing polishing costs includes a rotating disk having a rotating disk polishing surface and a fixed disk having a fixed disk polishing surface opposed to the rotating disk polishing surface. The rotating disk polishing surface is capable of relative rotation while keeping being... Agent:

20110177761 - Sanding tape clip and methods of use: After the object is sanded, the user moves the loop of sandpaper to a position around the user's arm, freeing the user to perform a different task. When the sandpaper strip is needed again, the user moves the sandpaper up the user's arm and again places the loop of sandpaper... Agent:

20110177762 - Wafer unloading system and wafer processing equipment including the same: A wafer unloading system and wafer processing equipment (system) including the same are disclosed. The wafer unloading system includes a fluid supply tube for supplying a fluid, a nozzle for injecting the supplied fluid, and an injection hole defined in a plate to allow the injected fluid to reach a... Agent:

20110177763 - Rotary dust protection apparatus: A rotary abrasive device and for facilitating the removal of dust from a work surface. The rotary abrasive device may include a plenum, a plenum coupled to a vacuum source via a plenum exhaust. The shape of said plenum may be varied depending upon application. The plenum exhaust is right... Agent:

20110177764 - Knife sharpener with anti-rocking blade-conforming clamping members: A clamping-type knife sharpener is designed with anti-rocking blade holding capability. The knife sharpener includes first and second clamping members and a clamping member adjustment mechanism configured to adjustably manipulate the clamping members into clamping engagement with a knife blade to be sharpened. The knife blade is maintained by the... Agent: Arthur Lansky Levine & Associates (dba Lansky Sharpeners)

20110177765 - Sharpener for tweezers: The sharpener includes a generally conical body, a base upon which the body is mounted and a hollow head mounted over the body. A shaft extends beyond the body and into the head. A cutting disk with an abrasive surface is situated within the head and fixed to the shaft.... Agent:

20110177766 - Expansible sanding block exhibiting oblique extending surfaces: A sanding block for supporting an exteriorly mounted looped sanding belt having an elongated and planar shaped base. A planar shaped cover exhibits first and second oblique extending surfaces and, upon engaging with the base by a plurality of mating tabs and slots, collectively defines a three-dimensional article for supporting... Agent:

20110177767 - Sanding block: A sanding block comprises a support block having a right side and a left side. A gripping slot extends from the right side to the left side. The gripping slot is capable of receiving ends of a sheet of sandpaper folded around the support block.... Agent:

20110177768 - Abrasive wheel comprising a fan-like structure: The present invention provides an abrasive wheel that comprises a ring-shaped abrasive surface and an integrally formed central portion. The ring-shaped abrasive surface has an outer peripheral edge and an inner peripheral edge. The integrally formed central portion comprises an attachment portion for attaching the abrasive wheel to a rotation... Agent:

20110177769 - Blade sharpening assembly: A blade sharpening assembly generally including a pair of clamping members disposable in coextensive relationship, each providing end portions for receiving a blade therebetween with a cutting edge thereof disposed beyond the ends thereof; means interengaging the clamping members functional as a fulcrum in permitting the end portions to displace... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110171882 - Chemical-mechanical polishing apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor devices: A chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device. The apparatus includes: a spin chuck for supporting and rotating a semiconductor wafer; a polisher comprising a polishing pad for planarizing a surface of the semiconductor wafer, the polisher moving along the surface of the semiconductor wafer by a polishing... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110171883 - Cmp pad with local area transparency: c

20110171884 - Device for sharpening a twist drill point and a method for its use: A device for sharpening a twist drill pointby means of a rotating grindstone (12) in a grinding machine comprises a base plate (14) lockably articulated around an axis parallel with the axis of the grindstone (12), a drill holder (16) for releasably holding a twist drill (1) to be sharpened,... Agent: Tj Utveckling Ab

20110171885 - Method for shape modification of polishing pad: A polishing pad shape measured by a polishing pad shape measuring apparatus is modified into a target shape of a polishing pad by using a dressing tool so that a wafer has a desired surface shape. The invention is a method for shape modification of a polishing pad 14 for... Agent: Sumco Corporation

20110171886 - Wafer polishing apparatus: A wafer polishing apparatus is provided. The wafer polishing apparatus includes a first polishing roller disposed on a wafer, the first polishing roller extending in a direction in which the wafer extends and a second polishing roller disposed under the wafer, the second polishing roller extending in the direction in... Agent:

20110171887 - Power tool: An electric power tool includes a housing, a brushless motor, an output shaft, and a motor driver circuit. The housing defines an axial direction. The brushless motor is accommodated in the housing and having a drive shaft. The output shaft extends in a direction generally perpendicular to the drive shaft.... Agent: Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.

20110171888 - Apparatus and method for machining a bearing seat or a bearing journal supported therein: An apparatus for at least intermittent metal-cutting machining of a support face of a bearing seat (5) of a concentrically guided shaft (3) with the bearing (4) dismantled is proposed, having at least one cutting tool (1) that is rotationally movable, in particular on a shaft (3) slidingly supported by... Agent: Man Diesel, Filial Af Man Diesel Se, Tyskland

20110171889 - Drywall sponge sander: A sanding device for use with an abrasive sponge includes a base, at least one retaining mechanism, and at least one engaging mechanism. The base has opposite supporting and working surfaces, the working surface being shaped and sized for receiving the abrasive sponge. Each retaining mechanism is mountable onto the... Agent: A. Richard Tools Co./outils A. Richard Co.

20110171890 - Polishing pad and method for manufacturing the polishing pad: A polishing pad is disclosed which is less likely to cause scratches, and has an excellent planarization performance and polishing stability. In one aspect, the invention provides a polishing pad comprising an ultrafine fiber-entangled body formed of ultrafine fibers having an average fineness of 0.01 to 0.8 dtex, and a... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20110171891 - Sanding implement: A sanding implement for filing nails or for general sanding purposes includes a readily compressible elongated body having contoured sides, with a sheet of sand paper bonded to at least one of a pair of planar surfaces defined between the sides, the sides of a substantial thickness to provide smooth... Agent:

20110171892 - Sanding block: A sanding block for sanding high and extended surfaces configured for use in combination with an attached pole. The sanding block is round in shape and is rotationally mounted on a pole mount that interfaces between the sanding block and the pole, which attaches to a rotatable hub of the... Agent:

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110165822 - Rare earth magnet holding jig, cutting machine, and cutting method: A magnet holding jig comprises a platform and first and second holders disposed on opposite sides of the platform. The platform is provided with channels, the holders are comb-shaped to define digits and slits, the channels and the slits being aligned to define guide paths for permitting entry of a... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110165824 - Glass substrate for information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a glass substrate for an information recording medium having a high level of cleanness and superior smoothness. The manufacturing method includes a step for washing a disk-shaped glass plate with an acid washing liquid, a step for removing at least part... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110165823 - Semiconductor substrate planarization apparatus and planarization method: A planarization apparatus and method that thins and planarizes a substrate by grinding and polishing the rear surface of the substrate with high throughput, and that fabricates a semiconductor substrate with reduced adhered contaminants. A planarization apparatus that houses various mechanism elements in semiconductor substrate loading/unloading stage chamber, a rear-surface... Agent: Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd.

20110165825 - Polishing apparatus: A polishing apparatus according to the present invention is a polishing apparatus for polishing a periphery (a bevel portion, a notch portion, an edge-cut portion) of a substrate (W) by bringing a polishing tool (41) into sliding contact with the periphery of the substrate. The polishing apparatus includes a substrate... Agent:

20110165826 - Abrasive article incorporating an infiltrated abrasive segment: An abrasive article includes a base, an abrasive member comprising three distinct phases bonded to each other including abrasive particles, a metal matrix, and an infiltrant. The abrasive article further includes a backing region between the abrasive member and the base, wherein the backing region comprises a laser welded bond... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasifs

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