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Abrading June invention type 06/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110159782 - Substrate polishing apparatus, substrate polishing method, and apparatus for regulating temperature of polishing surface of polishing pad used in polishing apparatus: An apparatus for polishing a substrate is provided. The apparatus includes: a rotatable polishing table supporting a polishing pad; a substrate holder configured to hold a substrate and press the substrate against a polishing surface of the polishing pad on the rotating polishing table so as to polish the substrate;... Agent:

20110159783 - Method and apparatus for polishing a substrate: A polishing method is used for polishing a substrate such as a semiconductor wafer to a flat mirror finish. A method of polishing a substrate by a polishing apparatus includes a polishing table (100) having a polishing surface, a top ring (1) for holding a substrate and pressing the substrate... Agent:

20110159784 - Abrasive article with array of gimballed abrasive members and method of use: An abrasive article with an array of independently gimballed abrasive members that are capable of selectively engaging with nanometer-scale and/or micrometer-scale height variations and micrometer-scale and/or millimeter-scale wavelengths of waviness, on the surfaces of substrates. Each abrasive member maintains a fluid bearing (air is the typical fluid) with the substrate.... Agent: First Principles LLC

20110159786 - Polishing pad with porous elements and method of making and using the same: The disclosure is directed to polishing pads with porous polishing elements, and to methods of making and using such pads in a polishing process. In one exemplary embodiment, the polishing pad includes a multiplicity of polishing elements, at least some of which are porous, each polishing element affixed to a... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110159785 - Preparation of synthetic quartz glass substrates: A synthetic quartz glass substrate is prepared by (1) polishing a synthetic quartz glass substrate with a polishing slurry comprising colloidal particles, an ionic organic compound having an electric charge of the same type as the colloidal particles, and water, and (2) immersing the polished substrate in an acidic or... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110159787 - Gear grinding machine and method of dressing a grinding tool: A gear grinding machine, whose tool spindle (18) is supported on a first swivel-motion unit (17) seated on a first linear-motion unit (15), has a second linear-motion unit (19) which is arranged on the first linear-motion unit (15) and carries a dressing spindle (21) that is capable of being driven... Agent: Gleason-pfauter Maschinenfabrik Gmbh

20110159788 - Method for producing pulley for belt-type continuously variable transmission: A method includes a grinding step of forming the shape of a contact surface, a grooving step of roughening the shaped contact surface to form grooves therein, and a contact surface lapping step of lapping the contact surface having the grooves with a lapping film to form oil grooves for... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110159789 - Power sander having a sanding plate locking mechanism: A sander according to the present application provides a sander with a rotatable plate which can be locked by hand. Specifically, the sander of the present application has a main body and a sanding head mounted below the main body. The main body has a housing, a motor and a... Agent: Chervon Limited

20110159790 - Speed sand 90: Speed Sand 90 is a device designed to quickly and efficiently create accurate ninety-degree angles while sanding new drywall. It may comprise two main parts: a replacement pad and a tool portion (a perpendicularly-angled mounting beam and manipulator securer). The replacement pad may be a ninety-degree sponge with two aggregated.... Agent:

20110159791 - Blade sharpening assembly: A blade sharpening assembly generally consisting of a base member; a clamping member disposed on the base member, cooperable therewith for releasably securing a blade thereon with a cutting edge thereof protruding therefrom; a guide post mountable on the base member; a carrier member mounted on the guide post, displaceable... Agent:

20110159792 - Multi-functional grinding apparatus: A multi-functional grinding apparatus includes a fixed barrel, a moving barrel, a cutting device, a grinding plate, and an actuator. The fixed barrel defines a chamber therein and includes a number of inner side surfaces, the inner side surfaces are substantially parallel to a central axis of the fixed barrel.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110159793 - Method of manufacturing polishing pad having detection window and polishing pad having detection window: A polishing pad having a detection window and a method of manufacturing the polishing pad are provided. A dummy detection window is pre-disposed in a mold. A polishing layer precursor is filled into the mold, and then a solidifying process is performed to form a polishing layer, wherein the polishing... Agent: Iv Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110159794 - Abrasive article with open structure: An abrasive article includes a fabric comprising a front face and a back face. The front face is formed of first knitted yarns. Each yarn of the first knitted yarns includes a plurality of filaments. A plurality of threads intertwines with the first knitted yarns and extending between the front... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasifs

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110151750 - Grinding machine for grinding workpieces: Grinding machine for grinding workpieces, in particular cams, a grinding machine holder and a method for grinding cam sets using such a grinding machine. Grinding machine comprising a machine bed, at least one grinding spindle, two grinding wheel holders, on which in each case at least one grinding wheel is... Agent: Schaudt Mikrosa Gmbh

20110151751 - Method of manufacturing semiconductor device: A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device includes the step of polishing a conductive film formed over a semiconductor substrate. The conductive film is formed by a barrier film that is in contact with second and third interlayer insulating films, and a copper film that is in contact with the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110151752 - Process for producing glass substrate: The present invention relates to a process for producing a glass substrate, the process including: a lapping step of grinding a main surface of a glass substrate; and a main-surface polishing step of polishing the main surface of the glass substrate after the lapping step, in which the lapping step... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110151753 - Edge grinding apparatus: An edge grinding apparatus for sheets of glass includes a conveyance device coupled to a support structure, wherein the conveyance device includes a conveying position and a grinding position, a carriage support disposed adjacent the conveyor, and a grinding carriage slidingly coupled to the carriage support, the grinding carriage including... Agent:

20110151754 - Polisher: A polisher includes a connecting member, a polishing member mounted on the connecting member, an elastic member sleeved on the connecting member, and a fixing assembly for movably receiving the connecting member. An end of the elastic member resists the polishing member, and the other end of the elastic member... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110151755 - Cmp retaining ring: An improved chemical mechanical polishing retaining ring. A representative embodiment comprises a base portion made from a wear-resistant plastic material, and an upper portion, or backbone portion, made from a stiffer and more wear resistant material. One of the base or backbone portion is preferably overmolded onto the other. The... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20110151756 - Full profile dressing roll for dressing multi-start cylindrical grinding worms: Full profile dressing roll (1) for dressing multi-start grinding worms for the generation grinding of small-module gears, comprising a groove-shaped axial section profile of the outer envelope surface (2), covered with hard material grains, and profile-cut hard-material profile combs (3) embedded in this envelope surface and having a multi-ribbed rack... Agent: Reishauer Ag

20110151757 - Grinder having mechanism for regulating rotation of wheel guard: A grinder includes a housing, a gear cover attached to the housing by a plurality of screws, a spindle case attached to the gear cover, a wheel guard rotatably mounted on the spindle case for covering approximately a half of a disc-shaped tool bit attached to a spindle, a stop... Agent: Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.

20110151758 - Finger adhesible abrasive pad: A finger adhesible abrasive pad that comprises an abrasive layer, a substantially planar substrate for the abrasive layer which is made of flexible material, an adhesive layer applied to the underside of the substrate, and a peelable layer applied to the adhesive layer. The abrasive pad is attachable to a... Agent: Telamim Tel Katzir Ltd.

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110143636 - Optical disk restoration method and apparatus: An optical disk restoration apparatus and optical disk restoration method are provided, which are capable of achieving a high level of capability of restoring a scratched optical disk, without consuming the time and labor of an operator, while reducing the production cost of the apparatus. During a polishing process, an... Agent: Elm Inc.

20110143637 - Method of producing retread tire and grinding apparatus for used tire: An object of the present invention is to reliably detect a belt to form a base tire having a desired shape and dimensions even in a case where a belt layer or a belt reinforcing layer is made of a non-metal material. Specifically, the present invention provides a method of... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20110143638 - Method and apparatus for manufacturing a polishing article with uniform height abrasive particles: A method of making an abrasive article including the step of preparing a master plate with a surface having a shape. Depositing a spacer layer on the surface of the master plate. A slurry containing an adhesive and abrasive particles is deposited on a surface of the spacer layer. A... Agent:

20110143639 - Glass-plate working method and glass-plate working apparatus: A glass-plate working apparatus includes a glass-plate supporting portion 20a of a feed conveyor 7, a glass-plate supporting portion 20b of a cutting section 2, a glass-plate supporting portion 20c of a bend-breaking section 4, a glass-plate supporting portion 20d of a grinding section 3, and a glass-plate supporting portion... Agent:

20110143640 - Pad conditioner and method: A polishing pad conditioning apparatus includes a laser beam generating unit for providing a laser beam, a fluid delivery system for providing a fluid stream and a vacuum line for removing debris. The laser beam may directly impinge on a surface of a polishing pad thereby creating cutting action, while... Agent:

20110143641 - Abrasive article for use with a grinding wheel: An abrasive article for use with a grinding wheel including an abrasive body having abrasive grains contained within a matrix of bond material, the abrasive body having a plurality of arm portions defining a twisted path having a plurality of linear portions joined by a plurality of turns.... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasifs

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110136407 - Method for predicting the polishing characteristics and life-span of a soft polishing pad: A method for predicting the polishing characteristics and life-span of a soft polishing pad includes the steps of: (a) establishing a matching database by means of performing a series of dynamic analysis tests on a new soft polishing pad by a contact probe at different frequencies and under different loads... Agent: National Chung Cheng University

20110136408 - Method for detecting and/or preventing grind burn: The present invention provides a method of detecting and preventing grind burn from developing on a gear. The method includes performing acoustic emission testing while the gear is being ground during a grinding operation. The grinding wheel is evaluated during an eddy current test to detect material buildup on the... Agent:

20110136409 - Method and apparatus for grinding axial workpieces: A method and an apparatus for grinding an axial workpiece are provided, which are capable of removing a turning lead portion of an axial workpiece having an oil seal fit portion on its outer circumferential surface by grinding without any grinding fluid. The apparatus for grinding an axial workpiece includes:... Agent:

20110136410 - Method for vibration polishing vehicle wheel: connecting a support shaft from a back side of the vehicle wheel; transversely situating the vehicle wheel with a rear surface of the disc portion oriented upward; dipping the vehicle wheel in the polishing medium of the polishing medium storage tank such that the rim portion is disposed between an... Agent: Rays Engineering Co., Ltd

20110136411 - Method and apparatus for polishing a substrate having a grinded back surface: A method capable of quickly polishing an angular portion formed by a grinded back surface and a circumferential surface of a substrate without causing damages on the thin substrate is provided. The method includes rotating the substrate about its center, and pressing a polishing tape against the angular portion formed... Agent:

20110136412 - Cutting tool sharpener: Method (300) and apparatus (100) for sharpening a cutting tool (114, 132, 204, 210, 216). A flexible abrasive belt (116, 116A, 116B, 162, 172) with a selected linear stiffness and an abrasive surface (128A, 128B) of selected abrasiveness level is driven (304) in a selected direction along a selected plane... Agent: Darex, LLC

20110136413 - Blade sharpening system for multiple blade shapes: A blade sharpening system using the interior surface of a grinding wheel against which a blade is drawn along its entire length for sharpening. The sharpening system includes a blade holding configuration having multiple hinged arms. A cam operating between two of the hinged arms serves to alter the angle... Agent:

20110136414 - Polishing head and polishing apparatus: A polishing head for holding a workpiece when a surface of the workpiece is polished and a polishing apparatus provided with the polishing head, and more particularly a polishing head for holding the workpiece on a rubber film and a polishing apparatus provided with the polishing head. The polishing head... Agent: Fujikoshi Machinery Corp.

20110136415 - Optical grade surfacing tool: Optical grade surfacing tool, including: a rigid support (60); an elastically compressible interface (12) attached to the rigid support (60); a flexible pad (13) adapted to be pressed against a surface (71) to be worked, attached to the interface (12) on the opposite side to the rigid support (60); and... Agent: Essilor International

20110136416 - Optical grade surfacing tool: An optical-grade surfacing tool includes: a rigid holder (60); an elastically compressible interface (12) secured to the rigid holder (60); and a flexible pad (13) that can be applied against a surface to be machined (71) and secured to the interface (12) opposite the rigid holder (60). The pad (13)... Agent: Essilor International

20110136417 - Floor treatment apparatus with solitary drive pulley: A floor treatment apparatus includes a frame, a housing which is rotatable with respect to the frame according to a main axis, at least three head pulleys which are rotatable with respect to the housing according to respective head axes which are regularly spaced around, and which are parallel to,... Agent: Design Technologies LLC

20110136418 - Floor treatment apparatus with tensioning pulley drive: A floor treatment apparatus includes a frame, a housing which is rotatable with respect to the frame according to a main axis, at least three head pulleys which are rotatable with respect to the housing according to respective head axes which are regularly spaced around, and which are parallel to,... Agent: Design Technologies LLC

20110136419 - Dust-proof structure for machine tools: A dust proof structure for a machine tool includes a flow guiding element located therein. The machine tool includes a housing chamber to hold a spindle and the flow guiding element. The housing chamber has an air intake section and an air discharge section communicating with the air intake section.... Agent:

20110136420 - Heat dissipating architecture for machine tools: A heat dissipating architecture for a machine tool is provided. The machine tool includes an accommodating space, a tool shaft mounted in the accommodating space, a counter balancing mass having a first balancing portion and a second balancing portion mounted on the tool shaft for causing an eccentric rotation stroke... Agent: X'pole Precision Tools Inc.

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110130073 - Wafer polishing method and double-side polishing apparatus: The present invention is a wafer polishing method including simultaneously polishing both surfaces of a wafer by pressing and rubbing the wafer, while holding the wafer with: a lower turn table having a flat polishing-upper-surface rotationally driven; an upper turn table having a flat polishing-lower-surface rotationally driven, the upper turn... Agent: Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

20110130074 - Magnetic particle carrying device, and developing unit, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus using the same, and surface treatment method of the same: A magnetic particle carrying device includes a magnetic field generator and a hollow cylindrical structure. The magnetic field generator generates a magnetic field. The hollow cylindrical structure encases the magnetic field generator and attracts magnetic particles on an external surface of the hollow structure using the magnetic field. The external... Agent:

20110130075 - Method of producing rust inhibitive sheet metal through scale removal with a slurry blasting descaling cell having improved grit flow: A method is provided for removing iron oxide scale from sheet metal and producing a sheet metal surface with rust inhibitive properties. The sheet metal is advanced through the descaling cell and a slurry mixture is propelled against at least one of the top surface and bottom surface of the... Agent: The Material Works, Ltd.

20110130076 - Alkaline earth carbonate containing mineral for surface cleaning: The present invention relates to a dry blasting process for the cleaning of solid surfaces as well as special abrasive pigments suitable therefor and a method for their production.... Agent:

20110130077 - Polishing pad, composition for the manufacture thereof, and method of making and using: A polyurethane layer for forming a polishing pad for a semiconductor wafer is described, wherein the polyurethane layer comprises: a foamed polyurethane, wherein the polyurethane foam has a density of about 640 to about 960 kg/m3, and a plurality of cells having an average diameter of about 20 to about... Agent:

20110130078 - Control of a grinding device with grinding rollers on winding shafts: The invention describes a control unit for a sanding machine, which winds and unwinds the abradant paper over a contact device. This control unit continuously detects the position of one or more of these sanding machines, the abradant unwinding, the movement of the transport system and the position of the... Agent:

20110130079 - Cutting and edge-coating removal head to be mounted on cutting benches of sheets of glass: There is provided a cutting and edge-coating removal head for sheets of glass (V) coated by a film (S) to be mounted on cutting benches. The cutting tool (20) is positioned inside the edge-coating removal tool (10), consisting of a diamond-tipped disc, a cup grinder or spark grinder, a pad,... Agent:

20110130080 - Flexible, flat substrate with an abrasive surface: Flexible, sheet-like substrates having an abrasive surface, which are obtainable by applying an aqueous solution or dispersion of at least one precondensate of a heat-curable resin to the top and/or bottom of a flexible, sheet-like substrate in an amount in the range from 0.1 to 90% by weight, based on... Agent: Basf Se

20110130081 - Grinding wheel, particularly for grinding work at a high feed speed: A grinding wheel is described, particularly for grinding work at a high feed speed, including a discoid body between the axially opposed faces of which an outside wall of cylindrical profile is defined, bearing the abrasive grinding material. The abrasive material is disposed circumferentially on the outside wall without a... Agent: Adi S.p.a.

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