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Abrading May archived by USPTO category 05/11

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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110124269 - Eddy current sensor and polishing method and apparatus: An eddy current sensor is used for detecting a metal film (or conductive film) formed on a surface of a substrate such as a semiconductor wafer. The eddy current sensor includes a sensor coil disposed near a metal film or a conductive film formed on a substrate, and the sensor... Agent:

20110124270 - Fluid/abrasive jet cutting arrangement: A high pressure cutting arrangement is formed by combining a liquid stream, such as water, and a slurry stream, the slurry comprising abrasive particles suspended in a liquid. Energy is supplied to the liquid stream by a first energising means, such as a constant pressure pump. Energy is supplied to... Agent: Abrasive Cutting Technology Ltd.

20110124271 - Carrier for double-side polishing apparatus, double-side polishing apparatus using the same, and double-side polishing method: A carrier for a double-side polishing apparatus, including at least: a carrier base placed between upper and lower turn tables, the carrier base having a holding hole therein, the holding hole holds the wafer sandwiched between the upper and lower turn tables. A ring-shaped resin ring disposed along an inner... Agent: Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

20110124272 - Lens blocking and deblocking method and related device: A method for blocking and/or deblocking an optical lens (100) on a heat conducting holding unit (200) comprising an upper assembling surface (210) comprising the steps of: a) providing first layer consisting of an adhesive tape (330) on the upper assembling surface (210) of the holding unit; b) providing a... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

20110124273 - Wafer polishing apparatus for adjusting height of wheel tip: In a wafer polishing apparatus, the height of the wheel tip can be adjusted. The wafer polishing apparatus includes a wheel tip constructed and arranged to be in direct contact with a wafer; a spindle shaft configured to receive power to enable rotation of the wheel tip; a wheel shank... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110124274 - Drywall sander: A drywall sander includes a replaceable sanding pad having a layer of resilient material, and an abrasive surface. The sanding pad includes one or more edge portions that project beyond the edges of a sander head. The edges of the sanding pad can be deformed during use when the sander... Agent: Ec Sander, L.L.C.

20110124275 - Finishing pad and method of making: A composite abrasive or finishing pad for use in sanding includes a sandpaper sheet having a paper based substrate having a front surface which has an abrasive grit adhered thereto and a back surface, a polyfoam backing reaction bonded to the back surface, wherein the polyfoam backing includes a first... Agent:

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110117821 - Chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion, chemical mechanical polishing method using the same, and method of recycling chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion: A chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion includes (A) abrasive grains, (B) an organic acid, and (C1) copper ions or (C2) at least one kind of metal atoms selected from Ta, Ti, and Rb, the chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion including the copper ions (C1) at a concentration of 1×101 to... Agent: Jsr Corporation

20110117820 - Magnetic fixture: A fixture is provided for retaining a metal workpiece for contact by finishing media during operation of a media based finishing operation. The fixture comprises a body and a magnet for retaining the workpiece in contact with the body. By use of super-magnetic materials a significant holding force may be... Agent:

20110117822 - Dressing jig for glass substrate polishing pad: Dressing treatment of a polishing pad, adjusting a polishing surface of the polishing pad to given flatness and surface roughness without deteriorating productivity, a method for polishing a glass substrate, including polishing a main surface of a glass substrate using the polishing pad adjusted by the dressing treatment, and a... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110117823 - Containment barrier for use with surface treatment: A containment system comprising a rigid support panel separating a treatment area from a work area, the rigid support panel having an access aperture within which a spherical orb is rotatably and pivotably supported. The spherical orb has a port for accommodating a surface treatment equipment and the spherical orb... Agent:

20110117824 - Vane, mounting assembly and throwing wheel apparatus having a locking member tapered in two planes: A vane of a throwing wheel apparatus including a particle throwing portion, extending between first and second ends, having a first throwing face, a second throwing face, and two side edges. Each of the side edges extend substantially parallel to one another and includes a locking member adapted to be... Agent:

20110117825 - Partial-area polishing device for optical disc: An optical disc polishing device includes a housing in which a disc turntable assembly is arranged for carrying an optical disc on a rotation surface thereof. The housing includes a cover that carries a polishing assembly. The cover forms a slot serving as a track extending in a radial direction... Agent:

20110117826 - Manual locking means for bit holder with micro/macro adjustment: A locking means for a bit holder fixture for use with grinding apparatus for grinding the hard metal inserts of rock drill bits is provided. The locking means has a macro adjustment for quick positioning of a pressure plate against the body of the bit(s) and a micro adjustment to... Agent: C.m.e. Blasting & Mining Equipment Ltd.

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110111676 - Multiple-phase surfaces, and method therefor: A workpiece having a multiple-phase working surface, and a lapping process for producing the surface, the process including: (a) providing a system including: (i) a workpiece having a multiple-phase working surface having a first continuous solid phase, and a second solid phase, intimately dispersed within the continuous phase in the... Agent: Fricsco Ltd.

20110111677 - Method for polishing a semiconductor wafer: A method for polishing a semiconductor wafer having a first side and a second side, the method includes polishing the first side using a Fixed Abrasive Polishing (FAP) with a polishing pad including fixedly bonded abrasives having an average particle size of 0.1-1.0 μm; applying a cement layer with a... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20110111678 - Abrasive article with improved grain retention and performance: An abrasive article with improved grain retention and performance and method of making are disclosed. The abrasive article with improved grain retention results in an article with improved performance and longer article life.... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasifs

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110104987 - Endpoint method using peak location of spectra contour plots versus time: In one aspect, a method of polishing includes polishing a substrate, and receiving an identification of a selected spectral feature and a characteristic of the selected spectral feature to monitor during polishing. The method includes measuring a sequence of spectra of light reflected from the substrate while the substrate is... Agent:

20110104988 - Process and apparatus for automatically grinding edges of glass sheets under clean room conditions: An embodiment of the invention relates to a method and an apparatus for the automatic edge grinding of glass sheets under clean room conditions, comprising the following: a) a multi-axis robot at a gripper arm thereof carries a suction frame having a plurality of suction units for receiving a glass... Agent: Grenzebach Maschinenbau Gmbh

20110104989 - Dressing bar for embedding abrasive particles into substrates: One or more individually gimballed dressing bars for embedding abrasive particles into a substrate at a substantially uniform height. A hydrostatic and/or hydrodynamic fluid bearing (air is the typical fluid) is maintained between the dressing bar and the substrate. The fluid bearing permits the dressing bar to follow micrometer-scale and/or... Agent: First Principles LLC

20110104990 - Substrate retainer: A retainer is used with an apparatus for polishing a substrate. The substrate has upper and lower surfaces and a lateral, substantially circular, perimeter. The apparatus has a polishing pad with an upper polishing surface for contacting and polishing the lower face of the substrate. The retainer has an inward... Agent:

20110104991 - Nozzle configurations for abrasive blasting: Disclosed herein are nozzle configurations for an abrasive blasting system. The system can comprise multiple hoppers for feeding separate powders streams to a fluid jet. The separate powder streams can be mixed in a frustoconical or conical mixer prior to delivery to the substrate surface. Also disclosed are methods of... Agent: Enbio Limited

20110104992 - Polishing solution for metal films and polishing method using the same: A polishing solution for metal films that comprises an oxidizing agent, a metal oxide solubilizer, a metal corrosion preventing agent, a water-soluble polymer and water, wherein the water-soluble polymer is a copolymer of acrylic acid and methacrylic acid, the copolymerization ratio of methacrylic acid in the copolymer being 1-20 mol... Agent:

20110104993 - Blast celaning method and method and device for producing solid carbon dioxide to be used for the same: The blast cleaning method includes the steps of: forming plate-shaped solid carbon dioxide, crushed pieces of which are used as a shot material (Step S10), transporting the formed plate-shaped solid carbon dioxide to a site of work (Step S20), crushing the plate-shaped carbon dioxide at the site of work, etc.... Agent:

20110104995 - Carrier for a double-side polishing apparatus, double-side polishing apparatus using this carrier, and double-side polishing method: A carrier for a double-side polishing apparatus comprising at least: a metallic carrier base that is arranged between upper and lower turn tables having polishing pads attached thereto and has a holding hole formed therein to hold a wafer sandwiched between the upper and lower turn tables at the time... Agent: Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

20110104994 - Semiconductor wafer re-use using chemical mechanical polishing: Methods and apparatus for reducing damage of a semiconductor donor wafer include the steps of: (a) rotating a polishing pad, rotating the semiconductor donor wafer, applying a polishing slurry to the polishing pad, and pressing the semiconductor donor wafer and the polishing pad together; and (b) rotating the polishing pad... Agent:

20110104996 - Finishing machine: A finishing machine comprises a motor mounted on a support frame and connected to a drive shaft and two or more finishing heads and an impeller fan driven by the drive shaft via a serpentine belt drive which rotates the finishing heads in opposite directions. The impeller fan impels dust... Agent:

20110104997 - Apparatuses and methods for polishing and cleaning semiconductor wafers: Wafer processing apparatuses and methods for polishing and cleaning semiconductor wafers with high productivity, small footprint, easy maintenance and low defectivity are provided. The apparatuses comprise a polishing apparatus and a cleaning apparatus. The polishing apparatus comprises at least one polishing module. Each module comprises at least one polishing surface,... Agent:

20110104998 - Tool for polishing conventional and free-form optical surfaces: A tool for polishing optical surfaces including a rigid base having a spherical surface which carries a resilient cushion with a polishing face. The diameter of the rigid base is between 50 and 65 mm, the radius of curvature of the spherical surface is between 54 and 60 mm, the... Agent:

20110104999 - Abrasive pad: Disclosed is an exemplary abrasive pad having a plurality of first elongated members and a plurality of second elongated members arranged crosswise relative to the first elongated members to form a mat having a first side and an opposite second side. The second elongated members alternately pass over and under... Agent:

20110105000 - Chemical mechanical planarization pad with surface characteristics: A polishing pad includes a polymer matrix and polyhedral oligomeric silsequioxane (“POSS”) molecules or soluble particles and a surfactant dispersed within the polymer matrix. A polishing pad can be formed by casting a liquid polymer on a conveyer belt having a casting surface with a set of projections and curing... Agent:

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