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Abrading April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110097971 - Grinding machine and grinding method: In a grinding machine, a retraction grinding is performed after a first advance grinding. Within a rotational range for a cylindrical workpiece to rotate from a present rotational phase to a target rotational phase in the retraction grinding, target grinding resistances in respective rotational phases are generated based on residual... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20110097972 - method for shot peening and a machine therefor (as amended): A method for shot peening wherein the work is processed by being hit by shot materials that are shot by compressed air, and a machine for carrying out the method are provided. By the present invention the status of a work can be measured while the work is being processed.... Agent:

20110097973 - Method and apparatus for removing scale from hot-rolled steel strip: A method for continuously removing scale from a hot-rolled carbon steel strip includes: cracking the scale on the hot-rolled steel strip; shot-blasting the cracked scale to remove the scale; deforming the hot-rolled steel strip so as to weaken the bond between scale remaining after the shot-blasting and the hot-rolled steel... Agent: Posco

20110097974 - Method for polishing a semiconductor wafer: A method of polishing a semiconductor wafer using a holding system including a lined cutout the size of the semiconductor wafer that is fixed to a carrier. The method includes holding the semiconductor wafer in the cutout through adhesion of a first side of the semiconductor wafer to a bearing... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20110097975 - Method for producing a semiconductor wafer: A method for producing a semiconductor wafer sliced from a single crystal includes rounding an edge using a grinding disk containing abrasives with an average grain size of 20.0-60.0 μm. A first simultaneous double-side material-removing process is performed wherein the semiconductor wafers are processed between two rotating ring-shaped working disks,... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20110097976 - Twist drill and method for producing a twist drill which method includes forming a flute of a twist drill: There is now provided a twist drill and a method for producing a twist drill which method includes forming a flute of a twist drill. The drill has drill material and a tip portion with a cutting lip. The drill has a land structure and a flute to remove chip... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20110097977 - Multiple-sided cmp pad conditioning disk: A conditioning tool for restoring a used CMP polishing pad to an operable condition. The tool includes a base that attaches to a driven machine and has a surface from which a shoulder protrudes that receives a peripheral edge of a disk. The disk has two opposing surfaces, each of... Agent: Abrasive Technology, Inc.

20110097978 - System with a tool-holding fixture: c

20110097979 - Fusion bonded epoxy removal tool: A tool for removing fusion bonded epoxy coating from the surface of a pipe has an elongate rotatable shaft suitable for being received in a rotating tool holder of a machine. Extending radially outward of the distal end of the shaft are a plurality of fingers, the outer ends of... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110092137 - Abrasive material product, its production method and use method: To provide an abrasive material with improved adhesion strength of an abrasive part to a substrate and durable to a severe abrasive work with applying high load and a long time abrading work. The abrasive material product comprises a substrate and an abrasive part having a plurality of shaped structures... Agent:

20110092136 - Methods and tool for maintenance of hard surfaces, and a method for manufacturing such a tool: A method is disclosed for treating or maintaining a hard surface comprising a stone or stone-like material, the method comprising treatment of the surface with a flexible pad, in the presence of abrasive particles, bonded to the pad, on a contact surface between the pad and the hard surface, wherein... Agent: Htc Sweden Ab

20110092138 - Method of manufacturing ferrule assemblies: A method of manufacturing a ferrule assembly. The method including first and second polishing operations. The first polishing operation including polishing only the end face of a ferrule of an assembly. The second polishing operation including polishing only the optical fiber of the assembly.... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20110092139 - Grinding machine: A first angular grinding wheel and a straight grinding wheel having rotation axes parallel to each other are arranged on a swivel slide that turns about a turning axis. A reference symmetry plane (MA) that is parallel to a grinding wheel rotation axis and that includes the turning axis and... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20110092140 - Ginder with built-in grinding agent dispenser: A grinder with built-in grinding agent dispenser includes a driving shank having an adapter end for operatively coupling with a grinder machine for being driven to rotate, a grinding shaft operatively coupling with the driving shank for being driven to rotate, an abrasive arrangement provided at the grinding shaft for... Agent: Ningbo Jinghengkaixiang Machinery Co., Ltd.

20110092141 - Dust shroud for a grinder: A dust shroud apparatus for a work tool includes a housing having at least two perpendicularly aligned side walls, an exhaust tube coupled to the housing, and a mounting system coupled to the housing. The mounting system is adjustable to permit the housing to be secured to a plurality of... Agent:

20110092142 - Retaining rings: Retaining rings are presented with specially designed inserts that increase rigidity and improve heat dissipation. Inserts that are more rigid, and that have better ability to conduct heat, are inserted into pockets positioned along the outer portion of the rings. The pockets do not compromise the upper, lower or inner... Agent:

20110092143 - Hand sanding block for use with continuous sanding belts: A hand sanding block accepts the continuous sanding belts that are normally used on electrically powered belt sanders. Shoulder stops and biasing springs within the device allow for two positions of the block and keep the movable tensioning arm from coming apart from the block. One position, the withdrawn position,... Agent:

20110092144 - Accessory for power tool: A power tool accessory is adapted to be mounted to a spindle of a power tool having a power tool housing. The power tool accessory includes a hub, a working element, a bolt, and a nut. The hub includes a first surface and a second surface that is opposite to... Agent: Pferd Inc.

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110086578 - Apparatus and method for optical manufacturing: An apparatus and method for lens surfacing. The apparatus includes a voice coil, piezo stack and cutter connected by a connection mechanism and regulated by a hierarchical sliding mode control system. The invention allows for both coarse and fine movements of the cutter during surfacing.... Agent: Gerber Scientific International, Inc.

20110086579 - Waterjet cutting systems, including waterjet cutting systems having light alignment devices, and associated methods: Various embodiments of waterjet cutting systems are described herein. In one embodiment, a waterjet cutting system includes a high-pressure water source and a waterjet cutting head coupled to the high-pressure water source via a high-pressure water supply. The waterjet cutting head has an orifice and a mixing tube. The orifice... Agent:

20110086580 - Wafer back side grinding process: A wafer back side grinding process. A workpiece comprising a first assembly having a first semiconductor wafer and a second assembly having a second semiconductor wafer is provided. A first back side of the first semiconductor wafer is grinded by using the second assembly as a carrier. Thereafter, a second... Agent:

20110086581 - Thread inspection and polishing device: A system and method providing improved capability for inspecting and repairing threads of bolts and threaded holes is disclosed. Polishing stones comprised of epoxy and metallic oxide are used in conjunction with dye to identify threads in need of repair and make them visible to a maintenance worker.... Agent:

20110086582 - Mounting device for disk-shaped rotating tool: An annular retaining groove is formed on the inner circumferential portion of the disk-shaped rotating tool, and a ringlike cushioning member is fitted in this annular retaining groove so as to be partially exposed. Both sides of the inner circumferential portion of the disk-shaped rotating tool are held by first... Agent:

20110086583 - Power tool, particularly a hand-held power tool: The invention relates to a power tool, comprising a protective guard, and a clamping band to be positioned about a clamping collar for attaching a protective guard to the clamping collar of the power tool. The clamping band is tensioned by a fastening device associated with the protective guard by... Agent:

20110086584 - Glass setting plate for glass polishing system: A glass setting plate for a glass polishing system supports a lower surface of a glass in a glass polishing system for polishing a glass used for liquid crystal displays. The glass setting plate is made of a composite material obtained by molding and curing a mixture of granite particles... Agent:

20110086585 - Pipe tool: A pipe tool comprises a head mounted on a shaft. The head has a primary channel having a circular profile of a primary channel diameter and a secondary channel having a circular profile of a secondary channel diameter. The secondary channel diameter is smaller than the primary channel diameter. The... Agent:

20110086586 - Industrial finishing files: An industrial file is constructed by securing a non-woven abrasive impregnated fabric material to one or both sides of a structural support. The non-woven abrasive impregnated fabric material provides for an industrial file that may be used to contour, smooth and generally prepare a surface.... Agent:

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110081828 - Edge break details and processing: A method and an apparatus for shaping an edge at a juncture of two adjoining surfaces of a part. A first surface and a second surface of the part are abraded by contacting a polishing surface of a polishing wheel to the first surface and to the second surface. The... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110081829 - Polishing endpoint detection method and polishing endpoint detection apparatus: Method and apparatus for detecting an accurate polishing endpoint of a substrate based on a change in polishing rate are provided. The method includes: applying a light to the surface of the substrate and receiving a reflected light from the substrate; obtaining a plurality of spectral profiles at predetermined time... Agent:

20110081831 - Lapping system: A lapping system includes a shaft. A stabilizing member is coupled to the shaft. A lapping tool is coupled to the shaft and spaced apart on the shaft from the stabilizing member. An adjustable force device is coupled to the shaft, the stabilizing member, and the lapping tool. The adjustable... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

20110081830 - Method for finishing and fitting dental restorations and an abrasive material for doing same: A method for finishing and fitting dental restorations is provided. The method comprises the steps of contacting the restoration surface with a stainless steel abrasive material and working the stainless steel abrasive material against the restoration surface to shape and smooth the restoration surface. The stainless steel abrasive material comprises... Agent:

20110081833 - Method for the operation of a gear or profile grinding machine and gear or profile grinding machine: The invention relates to a method for the operation of a gear or profile grinding machine (1) for the grinding of pre-geared or pre-profiled workpieces (2), wherein the machine comprises at least one tool spindle (3) which can carry at least one grinding tool (4) and wherein the machine comprises... Agent: Niles Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh

20110081832 - Polishing device and polishing method: In one embodiment, a polishing device includes: a rotatable turntable, a holding unit, a separation wall, a slurry supply tube, and a cooling medium supply tube. On an upper surface of the rotatable turntable, a polishing pad is attached. The holding unit rotatably holds an object to be polished and... Agent:

20110081834 - Method for working on workpieces with a water jet that contains abrasive and emerges under high pressure from a nozzle, water jet installation useful for executing the method, and application of the method: In a method for producing a water jet (45) that contains abrasive and emerges under high pressure from a nozzle (44), uninterrupted operation with, at the same time, greater working performance and lower costs is made possible in that, in a first step, an abrasive suspension (34) containing abrasive and... Agent:

20110081836 - Method for grinding a semiconductor wafer: A method for processing a semiconductor wafer includes bringing at least one grinding tool in contact with the semiconductor wafer; removing material from the semiconductor wafer using the grinding tool; disposing a liquid medium having a viscosity of at least 3×10−3 N/m2·s and at most 100×10−3 N/m2·s between the at... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20110081835 - Method for making polished gemstones and an abrasive material for doing same: A method for shaping a gemstone comprising the steps of 1) attaching a gemstone to a dop, 2) holding the gemstone against a rotating lap wheel, and 3) shaping the gemstone on the lap wheel. The surface of the lap wheel is a metal abrasive material comprising a base having... Agent:

20110081837 - Complex geographical edge polishing: A complex geographical edge finishing system includes a fixture that holds an external part having a complex three-dimensional edge, a track disposed around the fixture and surrounding the edge of the part held in the fixture, and one or more finishing apparatuses that can sand, polish, buff, paint and/or apply... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110081838 - Sharpener for rotary cutters: Apparatus, systems and methods in accordance with the present invention are related to sharpening blades for rotary cutters. In one illustrative embodiment of a system in accordance with the present invention, an elongated sharpening stone is held at a desired angle between underlying support structures on a base and a... Agent:

20110081839 - Method and apparatus for polishing a curved edge: A method and an apparatus for polishing a curved edge of a molded part. A surface of the curved edge is abraded by contacting a polishing surface of a first polishing wheel to the curved edge repeatedly in a first direction concurrent with a rotational spinning direction of the first... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110081840 - Method for polishing semiconductor wafers: A method for polishing a plurality of semiconductor wafers includes providing a polishing pad containing an abrasive substance bonded in the polishing pad; providing an alkaline polishing agent at a volumetric flowrate greater than or equal to 5 liters/min.; polishing the plurality of semiconductor wafers using the polishing pad; and... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20110081841 - Wafer support member, method for manufacturing the same and wafer polishing unit comprising the same: Disclosed is a wafer support member including a base substrate, a support adhered at a predetermined width to the edge of the base substrate, the support having a round outermost part, and a coating layer provided on the outermost edge of the support.... Agent:

20110081842 - Distributor for continuously feeding abrasive material in a water-jet cutting machine: A machine for cutting, with a hydro-abrasive jet, materials such as, for example, glass, stone, granite, marble, metal materials in general, and all the materials that can be machined using the aforesaid technology, comprises a cutting head (7) mobile according to one or more axes (X, Y, Z, 11, 13).... Agent: Biesse S.p.a

20110081843 - Hard finish machine for hard finishing of a workpiece: The invention relates to a hard finish machine (1) for hard finishing of a workpiece (2), comprising at least two different hard finish tools (3, 4) which are arranged on a tool spindle (5), wherein the tool spindle (5) is arranged movable in the direction (Y) of its axis (6)... Agent: Niles Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh

20110081844 - Hard finish machine for hard finishing of a workpiece: The invention relates to a hard finish machine (1) for hard finishing of a workpiece (2), comprising at least two different hard finish tools (3, 4) which are arranged on a tool spindle (5), wherein the tool spindle (5) is arranged movable in the direction (Y) of its axis (6)... Agent: Niles Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh

20110081845 - Hard finish machine for hard finishing of a workpiece: The invention relates to a hard finish machine (1) for hard finishing of a workpiece (2), comprising at least two different hard finish tools (3, 4) which are arranged on a tool spindle (5), wherein the tool spindle (5) is arranged movable in the direction (Y) of its axis (6)... Agent: Niles Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh

20110081846 - Internal rotation type direct motor-drive portable angle grinder: The present invention relates to an internal rotation type direct motor-drive portable angle grinder. By means of the direct drive, the present invention prevents the emission of noise made by angle type transmission devices; and/or an inertial body is installed on the motor rotating part to form a flywheel to... Agent:

20110081847 - Motor parallel transmission portable angle grinder: The present invention relates to a motor parallel transmission portable angle grinder with a motor rotating part spindle parallel installed in a position adjacent to a grinding wheel spindle to form a parallel transmission device driving the grinding wheel. By means of the parallel transmission device, the present invention prevents... Agent:

20110081848 - Grinding tool and method of manufacturing the grinding tool: A manufacturing method for grinding tool includes following steps. Step 1 is providing a substrate. Step 2 is fixing diamond or abrasive grit in a predetermined position or base by DIAMAP (Diamond Implant Array Mapping & Arrangement Process). The last step is providing a second fixing layer onto the first... Agent:

20110081849 - Flap-type rotary finishing device: A rotary finishing device including a generally circular hub having an inner periphery and an outer periphery. The outer periphery includes a plurality of slots formed thereabout, which are defined by a pair of side portions. The plurality of slots are generally uniformly spaced about the outer periphery of the... Agent:

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