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Abrading March listing by industry category 03/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110076922 - Method for surface treatment of metal plate and vehicle treated thereby: When surface grinding finish for decoration or other purposes is performed by applying a film to the front surface of a metal plate that is welded linearly with penetration from the rear surface side thereof. In this manner, the metal plate can be subjected to the surface grinding finish such... Agent: The Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd.

20110076923 - Eyeglass lens processing apparatus: An eyeglass lens processing apparatus for processing a peripheral edge of an eyeglass lens, includes: a processing unit including a plurality of processing tools that process the peripheral edge of the eyeglass lens held by a lens chuck shaft; a calibrating lens; a mode selector that selects a calibration mode;... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20110076924 - Method of determining the lubrication mechanism in cmp: The present invention is a method for obtaining data easily, accurately and effectively that may be used in determination of Sommerfeld Numbers and COF for CMP polishing. Using the Sommerfeld Numbers and COF values thus obtained the lubrication mechanism of CMP polishing with particular materials and under particular conditions can... Agent: Araca Inc.

20110076925 - System for evaluating and/or improving performance of a cmp pad dresser: Methods and systems for evaluating and/or increasing CMP pad dresser performance are provided. In one aspect, for example, a method of identifying overly-aggressive superabrasive particles in a CMP pad dresser can include positioning a CMP pad dresser having a plurality of superabrasive particles on an indicator substrate such that at... Agent:

20110076926 - Gear grinding tool and method of using gear grinding tool: A gear grinding tool, which includes a helical tooth with grinding faces on surfaces thereof, grinds tooth faces of a gear as a workpiece with the grinding faces. The grinding face includes a rough grinding face for performing a rough grinding process. The grinding face includes a rough grinding face... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110076927 - Power tool holding article: A power tool holding article is provided and fastened to a power output element by clamping. The power output element has a fastening portion which has at least one protrusive fastening element to hold the holding article. The holding article has an article body and a mating portion connecting to... Agent:

20110076928 - Dual-pore structure polishing pad: The polishing pad is useful for polishing at least one of magnetic, optical and semiconductor substrates. A porous polishing layer includes a dual porosity structure within a polyurethane matrix. The dual porosity structure has a primary set of pores having pore walls with a thickness of 15 to 55 μm... Agent:

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110070807 - Machining apparatus using rotary grinder: According to one embodiment, a machining apparatus includes a disk-like grinder, and a nozzle for discharging a cutting fluid toward the grinder. The grinder cuts or grooves a workpiece by rotating. The grinder is provided with a cutting portion at a periphery of the grinder. The nozzle is provided to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110070808 - Substrate polishing metrology using interference signals: A polishing pad assembly for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus includes a polishing pad having a polishing surface and a surface opposite the polishing surface for attachment to a platen, and a solid light-transmissive window formed in the polishing pad. The light-transmissive window is more transmissive to light than the... Agent:

20110070809 - Apparatus and method for spiral polishing with electromagnetic abrasive: An apparatus and method for spiral polishing with electromagnetic abrasive has adopted the principle of electromagnetic and magnetic abrasive along with a lead screw to polish the inner or outer surface of a precise screw or a complicated part. The apparatus includes a clamp, a lead screw, a first electromagnet,... Agent: Southern Taiwan University

20110070810 - Multiple zone carrier head with flexible membrane: A carrier head for chemical mechanical polishing of a substrate includes a base and a flexible membrane extending beneath the base. The flexible membrane includes a central portion with an outer surface providing a substrate receiving surface, a perimeter portion connecting the central portion to the base, and at least... Agent:

20110070811 - Point of use recycling system for cmp slurry: The present invention generally relates to apparatus and method for recycling both polishing slurry and rinse water from CMP processes. The present invention also relates to rheology measurements and agglomeration prevention using centrifugal pumps.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110070812 - Circular path generating device: A circular path generating device comprises a base, a sliding stage, a working portion, and a driving device. The sliding stage is movable on the base along a first axial direction while the working portion is movable on the sliding stage along a second axial direction. The driving device has... Agent: National Formosa University

20110070813 - Method for manufacturing polishing head and polishing apparatus: A method for manufacturing a polishing head having an annular rigid ring; a rubber film bonded to the rigid ring with uniform tension; a mid plate joined to the rigid ring, forming a space together with the rubber film and the rigid ring; and a mechanism for changing pressure of... Agent: Fujikoshi Machinery Corp.

20110070814 - Method for manufacturing polishing pad and polishing pad: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a polishing pad. The method of the invention includes the steps of forming a polishing layer from a polyurethane solution has a solid content more than about 90 wt % and drying the polyurethane solution at a temperature from about 130°... Agent: San Fang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110065361 - Device for finish-machining of optically effective surfaces of, in particular, spectacle lenses: A device for finish-machining of the optically effective surfaces of, in particular, spectacle lenses has a spindle shaft, which has a tool mount section and which is mounted in a spindle housing to be rotatable about a workpiece rotational axis (A). An electric rotary drive has a rotor and a... Agent: Satisloh Ag

20110065362 - Structured abrasive article and method of using the same: A structured abrasive article includes a backing having a structured abrasive layer disposed on and secured thereto. The structured abrasive layer includes shaped abrasive composites that comprise abrasive particles and nonionic polyether surfactant dispersed in a crosslinked polymeric binder. The abrasive particles have a mean particle size of less than... Agent:

20110065363 - Scale removing method and scale removing apparatus: A scale removing apparatus 7 in accordance with the present invention subjects the internal surface of the steel pipe 3 to a blasting process wherein abrasive particles (not shown) are ejected through a high-pressure jet nozzle 2 and collide with the internal surface of the steel pipe 3. The scale... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.

20110065364 - Metal cations for initiating polishing: The invention provides methods for planarizing or polishing a metal surface. The method comprises a composition comprising an abrasive, cesium ions, and a liquid carrier comprising water.... Agent: Cabot Microelectronics Corporation

20110065365 - Grinding method and grinding apparatus for polishing pad for use in double-side polishing device: The present invention provides an apparatus capable of uniformly grinding an polishing pad. Further, the present invention provides a method of grinding an polishing pad by using the grinding apparatus. Specifically, the present invention provides a method of, in a double-side polishing device having a carrier for holding a work,... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Fine Technology Co., Ltd.

20110065366 - Clamping assembly for a waterjet: An air-actuated clamping assembly that is quickly actuated to secure a workpiece in place during machining operations, such as on a waterjet machine. The clamping operation is completed within seconds after a workpiece is placed (for example, when used in conjunction with a waterjet machine) onto the waterjet machine slats.... Agent:

20110065367 - Arc surface grinding device: A grinding device includes a fixed barrel, a moving barrel, a grinding plate, and an actuator. The fixed barrel defines a chamber and includes a number of inner surfaces substantially parallel to a central axis, each of which defines a holding groove therein for holding a workpiece. The moving barrel... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110065368 - Retaining ring for chemical mechanical polishing: An improved retaining ring used for chemical mechanical polishing of substrates, such as semiconductor wafers, to hold a substrate in place during the polishing process. The retaining rings are configured with inserts through which fasteners are positioned to securely affix the retaining ring to the polishing head. The inserts assist... Agent: Spm Technology, Inc.

20110065369 - Roughing-grinding disc: A roughing-grinding disc consists of a plurality of part discs, which are flat in design, are located closely against one another, unconnected and uncovered, in an outer working region, are rigidly connected to one another in an inner connecting region located within the working region and are provided with a... Agent: August R&#xdc Ggeberg Gmbh & Co. Kg

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110059679 - Method for slicing workpiece: The present invention is a method for slicing a workpiece into wafers by pressing a cylindrical workpiece held with a workpiece holder against a wire row formed by a wire spirally wound between a plurality of wire guides and making the wire travel while supplying a slurry to a contact... Agent: Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

20110059680 - Aqueous dispersion for chemical mechanical polishing and chemical mechanical polishing method: A chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion includes (A) a graft polymer that includes an anionic functional group in a trunk polymer, and (B) abrasive grains.... Agent: Jsr Corporation

20110059681 - Co2 nozzles: A nozzle and method of providing CO2 for cleaning includes providing a CO2 flow; phase transferring the CO2 flow into gaseous CO2 and CO2 pellets; interrupting the CO2 flow with a screen member; retaining the CO2 pellets of a select larger size upstream of the screen member; permitting the CO2... Agent:

20110059682 - Adhesive sheet and process for manufacturing electronic part: An adhesive sheet comprising a sheetlike base material and, superimposed on one major surface thereof, an adhesive layer, wherein the average surface roughness on one major surface of the base material is in the range of 0.1 to 3.5 μm and on the other major surface thereof is in the... Agent: Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110059683 - Polishing composition: A polishing composition includes a copolymer and an abrasive. The copolymer has a constitutional unit expressed as the following formula (I) and at least one of constitutional units expressed as the following formulae (II) to (IV). Methoxypolyethylene glycol methacrylate etc. are used as monomers for forming the constitutional unit of... Agent:

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110053458 - Method and apparatus for through-cut verification: A method and apparatus for verifying the complete cut through of a tubular member by a fluid cut through device. A follower runs in the kerf created in the tubular member by the fluid cut through device until the follower encounters an incomplete cut, or hanger. The follower rotates away... Agent:

20110053459 - Slow speed spindle for micropunch grinding: An apparatus has a motor, a shaft attached to the motor arranged to be turned by the motor when the motor operates, an attachment at an end of the shaft opposite the motor arranged to allow mounting of components to be ground, a loading block arranged under the end of... Agent:

20110053461 - Polishing apparatus and polishing method: A plate material, while being transferred by a transfer mechanism, is sandwiched by two polishing heads. The plate material is transferred by the transfer mechanism while the two polishing heads are vibrated by a vibration mechanism in a direction crossing a transfer direction T of the plate material.... Agent:

20110053460 - Structured abrasive article and method of using the same: A structured abrasive article comprises a backing, and an abrasive layer disposed on and secured to the backing. The abrasive layer comprises shaped abrasive composites, each comprising abrasive particles dispersed in a binder. Each the shaped abrasive composites independently comprises: a base disposed on the backing; a plurality of walls... Agent:

20110053462 - Aqueous dispersion for chemical mechanical polishing and chemical mechanical polishing method: A chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion including (A) silica particles, and (B1) an organic acid, the sodium content, the potassium content, and the ammonium ion content of the silica particles (A) determined by ICP atomic emission spectrometry, ICP mass spectrometry, or ammonium ion quantitative analysis using ion chromatography having a... Agent:

20110053463 - Shot blasting particles: Shot blasting particles are constituted by a ceramic material having an apparent relative density of more than 4.0 and less than 5.0 and comprising more than 5% of silica, as a percentage by weight based on the oxides.... Agent:

20110053464 - System and method for removing a coating from a substrate: A system and a method for removing a coating from a substrate. The system provides a compressed air source, a heated water source, a particulate cleaning medium source, and a mixing valve including an air input, a water input, and a particulate cleaning medium input. The inputs are positioned on... Agent:

20110053465 - Method and apparatus for local polishing control: A method and apparatus for local polishing and deposition control in a process cell is generally provided. In one embodiment, an apparatus for electrochemically processing a substrate is provided that selectively polishes discrete conductive portions of a substrate by controlling an electrical bias profile across a processing area, thereby controlling... Agent:

20110053466 - Glass substrate spacer separating system and glass substrate fabricating method: A glass substrate spacer separating apparatus includes: a cassette adapted to load a plurality of glass substrates with spacers attached thereto in such a state that the plurality of glass substrates are separated piece by piece; a liquid tank adapted to store a liquid in which the cassette is to... Agent:

20110053467 - Method of and apparatus for grinding cylindrical and curved surfaces: A workpiece has two cylindrical workpiece surfaces centered on respective parallel axes and each flanked by a pair of arcuately rounded and annular corners also centered on the respective axes. Some of the corners have a small radius of curvature and others of the corners have a large radius of... Agent:

20110053468 - Thermal mechanical skive for composite machining: An apparatus for thermal mechanical machining of composite materials includes a head, a drive, and a shaft. The head has an abrasive face. The drive is coupled to the apparatus to move the head to produce abrasion of the composite material by the abrasive face. The shaft includes a passageway... Agent:

20110053469 - Abrasive cutting tool: A tool for removing material from a surface includes a body defining a longitudinal bore and an opening connecting an outer surface of the body to the longitudinal bore. A cutting element comprising a cutting surface is dimensioned to be at least partially received by the opening. The cutting surface... Agent:

20110053470 - Workpiece double-disc grinding apparatus and workpiece double-disc grinding method: A workpiece double-disc grinding apparatus including a holder that supports a thin-plate-like workpiece from an outer periphery along a radial direction and is rotatable; a pair of static pressure support members that support the holder from both sides along an axial direction of the rotation thereof in a contactless manner... Agent:

20110053471 - Apparatus for stress shot peening of coil spring: An apparatus for stress shot peening of a coil spring is disclosed. The apparatus of the present invention is constructed such that coil springs, which are compressed and clamped by corresponding spring clamping units (20) facing each other, are rotated on their own axes and are simultaneously supplied into the... Agent:

20110053472 - Grinding device with cleaning assembly: An exemplary grinding device includes a fixed barrel, a rotatable barrel, a grinding plate, an actuator and a cleaning assembly. The fixed barrel defines a chamber and includes a number of inner sidewall substantially parallel to a central axis, each of which defines a holding groove for holding a workpiece.... Agent:

20110053473 - Apparatus and grinding block for the treatment of an edge or a cutting edge: A grinding apparatus includes at least two oppositely arranged series of surfaces in slanting relative orientation and alternately overlapping each other, forming this way a groove into which an edge or cutting edge is insertable for polishing by the surfaces. The surfaces of each series of surfaces are arranged in... Agent:

20110053474 - Polishing apparatus: The polishing apparatus is capable of improving accuracy of polishing a work. The work is pressed onto a polishing cloth, with an elastic sheet, by a pressing force generated by second pressing means and applied to a carrier and inner pressure of a first fluid chamber generated by a fluid... Agent:

20110053475 - Sanding glove for a drywall installer: A sanding glove for use by a drywall installer in making drywall installations with joints of drywall sheets, joint cement and reinforcing tape. The sanding glove is in the form of a mitten with all of its outside surfaces having adhesive and abrasive adhered thereto. The sanding glove also is... Agent:

20110053476 - Abrasive article having a line of weakness: A coated abrasive article (1) comprises a backing (3) having an abrasive coating (5) on one side, an attachment layer (7) on the other side of the backing, and a line of weakness (9) that does not penetrate the front face of the abrasive coating (5). The line of weakness,... Agent:

20110053478 - Fused and coated silica grains: The present invention provides a coated grain comprising a fused base grain at least partially covered with a coating comprising silica, the base grain comprising more than 40% of alumina as a percentage by weight based on the weight of the base grain.... Agent:

20110053477 - Windshield wiper resurfacing tool: A hand-held tool for resurfacing wiper blades which may be utilized with the wiper blade still installed on a vehicle. The tool includes a case having a rectangular cross section. Enclosed within the case are two resurfacing stones: a first resurfacing stone having a rougher surface and a second polishing... Agent:

20110053479 - Hydrophobic cutting tool and method for manufacturing the same: A method of manufacturing a cutting tool is disclosed. An object of the manufacturing method of a cutting tool is to reduce contamination of an abrasive layer surface, particularly, agglomeration contamination due to slurry by improving hydrophobicity maintaining performance of an abrasive layer. A cutting tool according to the method... Agent:

20110053480 - Scraper and sharpening tool combination and sharpening method: A scraper in combination with a sharpener provides consistent sharpening of the scraper blade. The scraper has a scraper blade, blade holder, and bearing surface. The sharpener has a sharpening element and a guide generally parallel to the sharpening element. The bearing surface of the scraper fits the guide of... Agent:

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