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Abrading September class, title,number 09/10

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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09/30/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100248589 - Precision guidang device in a machine for machining cylindrical components: The part to be machined (2) is attached so that its axis lies in a position exactly determined relative to the base of the machine (1) and to the pedestal (3) due to the flanges (8) and the rear face (9) of the V formed on the pedestal, and due... Agent: Cliffor W. Browning Krieg Devault LLP

20100248590 - Eyeglass lens processing apparatus: An eyeglass lens processing apparatus includes: a processing chamber; a pair of lens chuck shafts which chucks an eyeglass lens; a lens rotating unit including a motor for rotating the lens chuck shafts; a processing tool which processes a periphery of the lens; an axis-to-axis distance changing unit for changing... Agent: Sughrue-265550

20100248591 - Belt grinding machine tool with device for controlling the position of the abrasive belt: A belt grinding machine tool with an operating head comprising an endless abrasive belt wound and stretched between at least two spaced rollers arranged parallel one another, of which a first is a driving roller and a second is a tensioning roller being supported to be adjustable in a direction... Agent: Holland & Hart, LLP

20100248592 - Buffing composition and method of finishing a surface of a material: A buffing composition includes an emulsion having an aqueous liquid phase and an oily liquid phase; a solubilized zirconium carboxylate; and fine abrasive particles having a Mohs hardness of at least 4. The fine abrasive particles have a particle size distribution having at least one mode with a particle size... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100248593 - Polishing slurry, process for producing the same, polishing method and process for producing glass substrate for magnetic disk: A process for producing a polishing slurry having a pH of from 2 to 7, comprising preparing a polishing slurry liquid containing abrasive particles, a dispersing agent and water, wherein the abrasive particles comprise ceria particles or ceria-zirconia solid solution particles and the dispersing agent comprises 2-pyridine carboxylic acid or... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100248594 - Setup tool for grinder sharpening jigs: A tool for setting the grind angle for sharpening jigs accurately and repeatably positions a movable support arm so that a consistent angle is ground into chisels regardless of the grinding wheel diameter and particular chisel.... Agent: BatemanIPLaw Group

20100248595 - Abrasive tool for use as a chemical mechanical planarization pad conditioner: An abrasive tool including a CMP pad conditioner having a substrate including a first major surface, a second major surface opposite the first major surface, and a side surface extending between the first major surface and the second major, wherein a first layer of abrasive grains is attached to the... Agent: Larson Newman & Abel, LLP

20100248596 - Cmp pad dressers with hybridized abrasive surface and related methods: The present invention provides CMP pad dressers and methods for dressing or conditioning CMP pads. In one aspect, a method for conditioning a CMP pad can include cutting the CMP pad with superabrasive cutting elements and controlling a degree of contact between the CMP pad and the cutting elements using... Agent: Thorpe North & Western, LLP.

20100248597 - Equipment and method for cleaning polishing cloth: The equipment for cleaning polishing cloth is capable of increasing pressure of washing water received by the polishing cloth, securely removing deposits from the polishing cloth and improving polishing efficiency. The equipment is used in a polishing apparatus, in which a work piece is pressed onto the polishing cloth adhered... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100248598 - Sharpener: A sharpening device operable to maintain a stable angle of a cutting edge during sharpening is disclosed. A sharpening member reciprocates parallel to a first direction. The sharpening member comprises a sharpening surface comprising at least one groove along the first direction. Reciprocation can reduce a presence of a sharpening... Agent: Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

20100248599 - Guard for an electric machine tool, electric machine tool, and system comprising a guard and electric machine tool: A guard for a power tool with a rotatably driven insertion tool (14) is configured to cover at least portions of the insertion tool (14). At least one blocking means (32, 40) prevents the insertion tool (14) from turning around an axis of rotation (18).... Agent: Striker, Striker & Stenby

20100248600 - Dust collection for an abrasive tool: Dust collection for an abrasive tool is disclosed. In one embodiment, a first dust extraction component extracts dust from an upper part of material that is machined, while a second dust extraction component extracts dust from a lower part of the material by the abrasive tool. The first dust extraction... Agent: Hoffman Warnick LLC

20100248601 - Abrasive articles: The subject invention provides abrasive articles for finely polishing surfaces, particularly ceramic containing surfaces. An abrasive article formed in accordance with the subject invention includes a metallic support scaffold having an open, three-dimensional plexus of metallic elements; and, diamond powder interspersed in the plexus. Advantageously, with the subject invention, average... Agent: Hoffmann & Baron, LLP

20100248602 - Shaft portion finishing device: A shaft portion finishing device for finishing the surface of a work having a shaft portion comprises a first shoe and a second shoe clamping the shaft portion, and an abrasive cloth interposed between the first and second shoes and the shaft portion. On the end face of the first... Agent: Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P.

09/23/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100240281 - Substrate polishing metrology using interference signals: A method of polishing a substrate includes holding the substrate on a polishing pad with a polishing head, wherein the polishing pad is supported by a platen, creating relative motion between the substrate and the polishing pad to polish a side of the substrate, generating a light beam and directing... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20100240282 - Epoxy terrazzo flooring and method for polishing the same: A method of polishing a marble terrazzo floor, including shaving the surface with a first plurality of first diamond abrasive particles, and shaving the surface with a second plurality of second diamond abrasive particles. The first diamond abrasive particles are MBG-type mesh crystals characterized by a first average size, wherein... Agent: Brannon & Sowers PC

20100240283 - Method of chemical mechanical polishing: [Solution Method] Pressing the revolving head or carrier 34 that holds fixed the semiconductor wafer 10 to the polishing pad or polishing cloth 30 attached to rotating polishing table 32 in this CMP device and while rotating carrier 34 and polishing table 32 respectively, and supplying liquid slurry to polishing... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100240284 - Device and method for elid honing: An ELID honing device includes a honing tool 10 positioned above a workpiece 1 having a hollow cylindrical inner surface, and vertically movable and rotationally drivable about a vertical rotation axis while being rockably suspended from an upper end, and a honing guide 20 positioned in proximity to an upper... Agent: Griffin & Szipl, PC

20100240285 - Polishing apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the same: A polishing apparatus includes: a wafer polishing unit including a polishing surface plate, an abrasive supply part supplying an abrasive to a polishing pad placed on the polishing surface plate, and a wafer holding part holding a semiconductor wafer; and a dressing unit including a dresser. The dresser has a... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20100240286 - Sander having a brushless motor: A sander may include a wand having a proximal end and a distal end, a sanding head mounted to the proximal end of the wand, and a brushless motor mounted on the distal end of the wand that is configured to provide rotational motion to the sanding head.... Agent: The Black & Decker Corporation

20100240287 - Flexible membrane for carrier head: A carrier head that has a base assembly, a retaining ring assembly, a carrier ring, and a flexible membrane is described. The flexible membrane has a main portion and an outer annular portion, wherein a junction between the main portion and the outer annular portion comprises a peripheral edge hinge... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

09/16/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100233937 - Method for predicting worked shape, method for determining working conditions, working method, working system, semiconductor device manufacturing method, computer program and computer program storage medium: The relationship between polishing conditions constituting elements and the worked shape (amount of polishing) obtained by means of these polishing conditions is input beforehand into polishing condition determining means along with the type of the object of polishing, and polishing conditions (invariable polishing conditions) that are used in common for... Agent: Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP

20100233938 - Dust reducing sanding system: A dust reducing sanding system for collecting dust created during the sanding of gypsum board includes a shroud including a top wall and a peripheral wall coupled to the top wall to define an interior space. A distal edge of the peripheral wall opposite the top wall defines an open... Agent: Baker & Hostetler LLP

20100233939 - Method of and apparatus for grinding cams of a camshaft: The invention relates to a method and a device for grinding cams of a camshaft (7) in a clamp with two grinding spindles (10, 11), wherein the cams or cam pairs are each arranged in a mirror image relative to the workpiece rotation axis (16), wherein the camshaft (7) is... Agent: Kf Ross PC

20100233940 - Systems and methods for polishing a magnetic disk: A polishing system and associated methods are described for polishing a magnetic disk used in a disk drive system. The polishing system includes a polishing film that is used to polish the magnetic disk. The polishing system also includes an actuator operable to move the polishing film across a surface... Agent: Duft Bornsen & Fishman, LLP

20100233941 - Pressure differential nano grinding and dispersing assembly: A nano grinding and dispersing assembly has a raw material feeder, a liquid supply unit connecting to the delivering pipe of the raw material feeder, a gas supply unit connecting to the delivering pipe of the raw material feeder, a pressure equalized assembly and a subsequent treatment plant. The raw... Agent: Law Offices Of Khalilian Sira, LLC

20100233942 - Apparatus for applying a finish to a metal surface and method of apparatus construction: An apparatus for applying a lightly scratched surface to a metal sample comprises a motor, a disk, a frame, a motion guidance unit, and a plurality of springs. The motor may provide a rotational motion to the disk which includes abrasive elements configured to create a plurality of microscopic scratches... Agent: Hovey Williams LLP

20100233943 - Burnish head design with multiple pads on side rail: A disc burnishing head includes an array of burnishing pads and a first and second side rail projecting from a bottom surface of a slider body. The side rails each have an inside surface facing the burnishing pads and an outside surface facing outward. The outside surface of at least... Agent: Kinney & Lange, P.A.

20100233944 - Sander: A clamp device for a sander includes: a clamp body slidable on a plate between a clamping position and an unclamping position at which positions a clamp strip contacts with or is away from a side surface of the plate; a support shaft provided on the plate close to the... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100233945 - Polishing head, polishing apparatus and method for demounting workpiece: A polishing head having a disklike carrier in which an annular projecting portion and a carrier-engagement portion are formed in a peripheral portion, a disklike head body in which a head-body-engagement portion is formed outside, a diaphragm for connecting the head body with the carrier, a spacer located between the... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100233946 - Polishing holder for workpiece end surface: A polishing holder for a workpiece end surface comprises a main body and a framework, in which the main body is coupled to a plurality of fixtures used for coupling to polished-to-be workpieces, a periphery of the main body is provided with a ring first supporting portion; a framework, provided... Agent: G. Link Co., Ltd.

20100233947 - Inner surface grinding tool: An inner surface grinding tool is provided with a plurality of machining units for simultaneously machining inner surfaces of a plurality of portions of a workpiece. The plurality of machining units respectively include expanding and contracting mechanisms and grinding blade portions. In the respective machining units, outer diameters of the... Agent: Rankin, Hill & Clark LLP

09/09/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100227531 - Acrylate color-stabilized phenolic bound abrasive products and methods for making same: Described is a color-stable abrasive article that includes a phenolic resin binder; a color stabilizer, a colorant, and abrasive grains. The color stabilizer includes at least one acrylate. The color-stable abrasive article is formed by a method including the steps of blending a resole and a color stabilizer to form... Agent: Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds, P.C.

20100227532 - Method of surface treatment of group iii nitride crystal film, group iii nitride crystal substrate, group iii nitride crystal substrate with epitaxial layer, and semiconductor device: A method of surface treatment of a Group III nitride crystal film includes polishing a surface of the Group III nitride crystal film, wherein a pH value x and an oxidation-reduction potential value y (mV) of a polishing liquid used for the polishing satisfy both relationships of y≧−50x+1,000 and y≦−50x+1,900.... Agent: Venable LLP

20100227533 - Chemical mechanical polishing pad having window with integral identification feature: Chemical mechanical polishing pads having a window with an integral identification feature, wherein the window has a polishing face and a nonpolishing face, wherein the integral identification feature is observable through the window, and wherein the integral identification feature identifies the chemical mechanical polishing pad as a type of chemical... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials Cmp Holdings, Inc.

20100227534 - Lower unit for glass polishing system and glass polishing method using the same: A lower unit for a glass polishing system includes a support installed to a rotatable turntable, and a carrier having a supporting part for supporting a glass to be polished, and a placing part formed in a surface opposite to the supporting part and fixed and placed to the support.... Agent: Mckenna Long & Aldridge LLP

20100227535 - System and method for polishing glass: A system for polishing a glass includes a lower unit capable of rotating a glass placed at a fixed position, an upper unit capable of contacting with the glass and being passively rotated due to the rotation of the glass, and a moving unit for moving the upper unit in... Agent: Mckenna Long & Aldridge LLP

20100227536 - Glass polishing system: A glass polishing system includes a lower unit capable of rotating a glass placed at a fixed position, an upper unit contacting with the glass and capable of being passively rotated due to the rotation of the glass, a moving unit for moving the upper unit in a horizontal or... Agent: Mckenna Long & Aldridge LLP

20100227537 - Glass polishing system: A glass polishing system includes a lower unit capable of rotating a glass placed at a fixed position, an upper unit capable of contacting with the glass and being passively rotated due to the rotation of the glass, and a moving unit for moving the upper unit in a horizontal... Agent: Mckenna Long & Aldridge LLP

20100227538 - Sharpening device for knife blades: A sharpening device 1 for knife blades comprising a base plate 2 with a guiding slot 6, designed as an incision in the base plate 2, for a knife blade to be sharpened and sharpening rods 10a, 10b disposed on both sides of the guiding slot 6 to be pivotable... Agent: Kohler Schmid Moebus

09/02/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100221982 - Kit having two types of clay: A customizable sanding clay kit in accordance with the principles of the invention includes an aggressive flexible sanding composite and a mild flexible sanding composite. The aggressive flexible sanding composite may have a level of coarseness approximately equal to sandpaper grit of between about 600 and about 800, while the... Agent: Setter Roche LLP

20100221981 - Sanding clay: A flexible sanding composite in accordance with the principles of the invention includes about 10% to about 70% by weight liquid component, such as polybutene and/or oleic acid; about 30% to about 80% by weight abrasive material including calcium carbonate and aluminum oxide; and about 0% to about 5% by... Agent: Setter Roche LLP

20100221983 - Multi-layered chemical-mechanical planarization pad: The present disclosure relates to a chemical mechanical planarization pad and a method of making and using a chemical mechanical planarization pad. The chemical mechanical planarization pad may include a first component including a water soluble composition and water insoluble composition exhibiting a solubility in water of less than that... Agent: Grossman, Tucker, Perreault & Pfleger, PLLC

20100221985 - Chemical-mechanical planarization pad including patterned structural domains: An aspect of the present disclosure relates to a chemical mechanical planarization pad including a first domain and a second continuous domain wherein the first domain includes discrete elements regularly spaced within the second continuous domain. The pad may be formed by forming a plurality of openings for a first... Agent: Grossman, Tucker, Perreault & Pfleger, PLLC

20100221984 - Polishing pad manufacturing method: A method for manufacturing a polishing pad prevents slurry leaks and provides a pad that can be used to provide high optical detection accuracy. The method for manufacturing a polishing pad includes forming a groove for injecting a light-transmitting region forming material on the back surface of a polishing layer;... Agent: Morrison & Foerster LLP

20100221986 - Electron-beam-assisted eem method: To provide an electron beam assisted EEM method that can realize ultraprecision machining of workpieces, including glass ceramic materials, in which at least two component materials different from each other in machining speed in a machining process are present in a refined mixed state and the surface state is not... Agent: Kratz, Quintos & Hanson, LLP

20100221987 - Double side polishing machine: The present invention is to provide a double side polishing machine which can apply a load by the upper lapping plate uniformly to works and the deflection of the upper lapping plate is restrained, which comprises a rotatable lower lapping plate, a rotatable upper lapping plate and movable to the... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20100221988 - Superhard cutters and associated methods: A cutting device comprises a base having a solidified organic material layer disposed thereon. A plurality of individual polycrystalline cutting elements are secured in the solidified organic material layer. Each of the plurality of individual polycrystalline cutting elements has a substantially matching geometric configuration.... Agent: Thorpe North & Western, LLP.

20100221989 - Fan nozzle: A fan nozzle for cleaning a surface with an abrasive blast media is constructed of a longitudinal body having an axial pathway through which the media is passed under pressure for release from a substantially rectangular cross-sectional outlet to release the media in a substantially flat, wide path. A first... Agent: Robert C. Curfiss

20100221990 - Methods of bonding superabrasive particles in an organic matrix: Superabrasive tools and their methods of manufacture are disclosed. In one aspect, a method of improving retention of superabrasive particles held in a solidified organic material layer of an abrading tool, a portion of each of said superabrasive particles protruding out of the solidified organic material layer is provided. The... Agent: Thorpe North & Western, LLP.

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