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Abrading August inventions list 08/10

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/26/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100216373 - Method for cmp uniformity control: A method for injecting slurry between the wafer and the pad in chemical mechanical polishing of semiconductor wafers comprising a solid crescent shaped injector the concave trailing edge of which is fitted to the size and shape of leading edge of the polishing head with a gap of between 0... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100216374 - Mitigation of stress corrosion and fatigue by surface conditioning: Method and apparatus for surface conditioning a metal surface typically having irregular surface contours, by rubbing the metal surface with a surface conditioning device having a plurality of bristles which contact the metal surface during the rubbing and effect tensile stress reduction or degraded layer removal in the metal surface.... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye P.C.

20100216375 - Cylindrical grinder and cylindrical grinding method of ingot: A cylindrical grinder is disclosed that includes a support unit including an upper support device and a lower support device, in which an ingot of silicon single crystal is interposed in a direction of axis line between the upper support device and the lower support device and is clampingly held... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20100216376 - Process for producing a stent for angioplasty: A stent has surface sculpturing, preferably on its outer surface only, having, for example, microspheres, having the function of increasing the actual geometric surface area of the stent, of creating undercuts and roughness to encourage the application of coatings of active or activatable agents, as well as of improving the... Agent: Popovich, Wiles & O'connell, Pa

20100216377 - Grinding structure having micro ball: A micro-grinding device with a micro ball at an end is made. The micro ball is deposited with grinding particles. The grinding device is able to grind a surface having an arc degree more than 180 degrees. Thus, the present invention is suitable to be used for forming micro molds,... Agent: Jackson Intellectual Property Group PLLC

20100216378 - Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus: Provided is a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) apparatus. The CMP apparatus may include a polishing pad including a plurality of concave regions. These concave regions may be two-dimensionally arranged in the polishing pad in a first direction and a second direction that are not perpendicular to each other and not... Agent: F. Chau & Associates, LLC

08/19/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100210181 - Pre- and post-process bore gaging using a honing feed system equipped with feed force sensing: The method of the invention provides a capability for accurately and uniformly determining the sizes of bores of workpieces, both pre- and post-process, to improve process control, particularly compensation for tool or stone wear and other factors, and process data collection. The present method makes all required bore measurements, including... Agent: Matthews Edwards LLC

20100210182 - Glycerin by-products and methods of using same: Methods and compositions for grinding materials are provided. In an embodiment, the present invention provides a method of grinding solid materials. For example, the method can comprise mixing the solid material with the grinding aid, and using a grinding media such as steel balls to grind the solids. The grinding... Agent: Michael B. Martin Patent And Licensing Department

20100210183 - Method for manufacturing a golf club head: A method for manufacturing a golf club head having scorelines is disclosed herein. The method includes tumbling a raw cast golf club head in a tumbler containing a rough cut media. The tumbling occurs for at least six hours to create a tumbled golf cub head. The method also includes... Agent: Callaway Golf C0mpany

20100210184 - Cmp slurry for silicon film polishing and polishing method: Disclosed is a CMP slurry for silicon film polishing, comprising abrasive grains, an oxidizing agent, a cationic surfactant, and water. This CMP slurry is suitable for the CMP step of a silicon film of semiconductor devices, since it enables to obtain excellent planarity and excellent performance of controlling the remaining... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20100210185 - Conductive hydrocarbon fluid: The disclosure is directed to a processing fluid including at least 50 wt % of an aliphatic hydrocarbon having an average chain length of 8 to 16 carbons, 0.005 wt % to 10.0 wt % of Lewis active components, and not greater than 1.0 wt % water. The Lewis active... Agent: Larson Newman & Abel, LLP

20100210186 - Multi-head fluid jet cutting system: Embodiments of the invention provide multi-head fluid jet cutting systems and methods of utilizing such devices. A multi-head fluid jet cutting system includes a body having a plurality of fluid jet cutting heads installed therein. Each cutting head receives pressurized fluid from an intensifier and directs the fluid along a... Agent: Intellectual Property Group Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

20100210187 - Device and method for fine or finest processing of a rotationally symmetric work piece surface: A device for fine or finest processing of a rotationally symmetric work piece surface of a work piece (14), with a drive mechanism (12) for driving the work piece (14) around an axis of rotation (16), two guidance mechanisms (20, 22) acting in radial directions with respect to the axis... Agent: Dreiss, Fuhlendorf, Steimle & Becker

20100210188 - Carrier for holding semiconductor wafers during a double-side polishing of the semiconductor wafers: The invention relates to a carrier for holding semiconductor wafers during a double-side polishing of the semiconductor wafers, comprising cutouts for receiving the semiconductor wafers and passage openings for a polishing agent supplied during the polishing. Some of the passage openings are formed by holes which have a diameter of... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C.

20100210189 - Slurry dispenser for chemical mechanical polishing (cmp) apparatus and method: A chemical mechanical polishing method and apparatus provides a deformable, telescoping slurry dispenser arm coupled to a dispenser head that may be arcuate in shape and may also be a bendable telescoping member that can be adjusted to vary the number of slurry dispenser ports and the degree of curvature... Agent: Duane Morris LLP (tsmc)IPDepartment

20100210190 - Device for fine machining workpieces: The invention relates to a device for fine machining workpieces, preferably for honing and/or fineboring cylinder bores in crankcases of internal combustion engines, wherein inside a module (1) one or two horizontally displaceable machining units (10, 11, 12, 13) each are provided on two longitudinal sides (2, 3) that are... Agent: Gudrun E. Huckett Draudt

20100210191 - Abrasive air blast system with air cooler for blast nozzle and air dryer for storage tank: An abrasive blaster system includes a storage tank for storing dry granular abrasive media, a source of pressurized air and a metering valve for mixing the granular abrasive media with the pressurized air for release through a blast nozzle. A cooling system is in line with the source of pressurized... Agent: Robert C. Curfiss

20100210192 - Polishing head and polishing apparatus: The present invention is a polishing head having at least: an approximately discoid mid plate; a rubber film covering at least a lower face portion and a side face portion of the mid plate; and a space portion surrounded by the mid plate and the rubber film; in which pressure... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100210193 - Wobbling device of sand belt grinder: In a wobbling device of a sand belt grinder of the invention, a set of electromagnetic movable members is disposed outside a sand belt shaft base, and micro switches are disposed under two sides of the sand belt shaft base so that the control of continuously powering on and off... Agent: Tian Wang Wang

20100210194 - Grinding or polishing tool for an oscillating drive: The invention discloses a tool for grinding and polishing, comprising a drive motor, which has a given machine power (rated input power) and by which a work spindle can be driven about its longitudinal axis in rotatingly oscillating fashion, and further comprising a tool-mounting fixture on the work spindle intended... Agent: St. Onge Steward Johnston & Reens, LLC

20100210195 - Stopper device for grinding stone cover of grinder: A grinder can include a stopper projection provided to a grinding stone cover and position a stopper abutting portion on a side of a gear housing in order to restrict a position adjustable range through abutment of the stopper projection to the stopper abutting portion in a position where the... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100210196 - Power tool: According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a power tool including: a wheel guard detachably attached to an attachment portion of the power tool; a fastening portion connected to the wheel guard; and a manipulation lever connected to the fastening portion at one end thereof so... Agent: Kimble Intellectual Property Law, PLLC

20100210197 - Polishing pad: A polishing pad which suppresses occurrence of a scratch or a roll-off on an object to be polished so that flatness is improved is provided. A polishing pad 1 is comprised a polyurethane sheet 2 having a polishing surface P for performing polishing processing to an object to be polished... Agent: Roberts Mlotkowski Safran & Cole, P.C. Intellectual Property Department

20100210198 - Barrel worm-shaped tool: To provide a barrel worm-shaped tool capable of grinding processing in high precision, while maintaining the reduction of heavy load during the processing and partial wear. For this purpose, a barrel worm-shaped tool that is used in the gear machining of an internal gear (11) is formed with its diameter... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

08/12/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100203804 - Powder delivery rate control for air abrasive instruments: A micro-abrasive blasting device and method for perturbation control using a plurality of delivery conduits of various lengths and/or apertures. The user is able to individually open and close bypass conduit pinch valve(s) external to micro-abrasive blasting device to affect the perturbation intensity internal to the mixing chamber. By selectively... Agent: Gerald E. Linden C/o Stauffer

20100203805 - Grinding center and method for simultaneous grinding of a plurality of bearings and end-side surfaces of crankshafts: A grinding center for the simultaneous grinding of a plurality of main and rod bearings and/or central and end-side sections of crankshafts includes first and second stations. Two main bearing grinding spindles, of which the first is movable only in the Z-direction and the second only insignificantly movable in the... Agent: Jordan And Hamburg LLP

20100203806 - Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus: A semiconductor manufacturing apparatus comprising a platen holding a polishing pad; a polishing head including a pressurizing mechanism which presses a surface of a processing target substrate onto the polishing pad; and a plurality of temperature adjusters being provided in the platen in a radial direction of the platen and... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100203807 - Pressure control system of wafer polishing apparatus: A pressure control system of a wafer polishing apparatus includes a main input air pressure regulator, an air branch conduit, a plurality of first pipes, a plurality of auxiliary air pressure regulators, a plurality of second pipes, and a plurality of air pressure controlling devices. The air branch conduit is... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100203808 - Lathe gouge sharpening tool: A sharpening guide for use with a chisel and a grinding wheel comprising a rod having a first end and a second end, a pivot assembly carried by the first end, a tool clamp attached to the pivot assembly and movable relative to the rod and adapted to retain the... Agent: Sand & Sebolt

20100203809 - Method of polishing a magnetic hard disc substrate: Polishing particles are made of artificial diamond produced by a shock method, having density of 3.0-3.35 g/cm3 and including secondary particles with average particle diameter of 30 nm-500 nm. Such polishing particles are produced by firstly obtaining a product containing artificial diamond by a shock method, then subjecting this product... Agent: Weaver Austin Villeneuve & Sampson LLP

20100203810 - Sharpening system for scissors with complex curved blades: A device and method of sharpening hair cutting scissor blades passes a blade over the perimeter portion of a flexible sharpening pad to flex the perimeter portion out of the plane of the pad. The blade is held in an angled orientation over the pad and is moved horizontally and... Agent: Sven W. Hanson

20100203811 - Method and apparatus for accelerated wear testing of aggressive diamonds on diamond conditioning discs in cmp: The present invention is a method and apparatus for accelerated pulling and fracturing of aggressive diamonds on a CMP diamond conditioner disc wherein aggressive diamonds of known position are pulled or fractured by contacting the diamond conditioner disc to a plate or sheet of a hard material or a plate... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100203812 - Knife grinder: A knife grinder comprises a housing, wherein a grinding mechanism is arranged. A magnetic body is arranged under the grinding mechanism to attract metal scraps. Since the magnetic body is arranged under the opening, the knife grinder allows the metal scraps to be fully attracted to the bottom of the... Agent: Alix Yale & Ristas LLP

20100203814 - Abrasive preparation device with an improved abrasion element assembly: Disclosed is an exemplary abrasive surface preparation device for use with a rotary device having a rotatable housing and a support member extending obliquely from the housing. The exemplary abrasive hard surface preparation device includes a substantially planar substrate layer having a first end connectable to the support member and... Agent: Rader, Fishman & Grauer PLLC

20100203813 - Floor grinding machine and grinding head unit therefor: A grinding head unit mountable in a planetary disk of a surface grinding machine generally including a housing mountable on the planetary disk, a holder supported on the housing and a surface grinding member detachably connectable to the holder wherein the holder is provided with a recess and the holder... Agent: Novak Druce & Quigg LLP

20100203815 - Polishing pad: A polishing pad includes polishing elements interdigitated with one another over a surface of the polishing pad. Each of the polishing elements is secured so as to restrict lateral movement thereof with respect to others of the polishing elements, but remains moveable in an axis normal to a polishing surface... Agent: Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP

08/05/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100197198 - Eyeglass lens processing apparatus: An eyeglass lens processing apparatus includes: a lens rotation unit rotating a lens; a processing tool rotation unit processing the lens; an axis-to-axis distance changing unit for changing an axis-to-axis distance between the chuck shaft and the processing tool rotation shaft; a lens surface configuration acquiring unit which acquires a... Agent: Sughrue-265550

20100197197 - Polishing pad thickness measuring method and polishing pad thickness measuring device: A polishing pad thickness measuring method measures the thickness of a polishing pad attached to an upper surface of a surface plate. The polishing pad thickness measuring method measures a first distance between an upper surface of the polishing pad and a reference position on a vertical line perpendicular to... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20100197199 - Machine for creating non-cylindrical bore surfaces: The invention relates to a machine for creating non-cylindrical bore surfaces having a machine spindle (5), to which a machining tool (2-06, 3-04) can be connected, onto which a feed movement is transferred via a feed means (1-10). A direct axially parallel acting linear drive (1-06) is provided in the... Agent: Gudrun E. Huckett Draudt

20100197200 - Surface abrading method of photosensitive layer of electrophotographic photoreceptor: A surface abrading method of an electrophotographic photoreceptor is disclosed, comprising abrading the surface of a photosensitive layer with an abrading member entrained about a backup roll with feeding the abrading member and rotating the photoreceptor, while moving the abrading member parallel to a rotating shaft of the photoreceptor with... Agent: Lucas & Mercanti, LLP

20100197202 - Method and product for cutting materials: The present disclosure relates to a wire and a method of forming a wire including an iron based glass forming alloy including iron present in the range of 43.0 to 68.0 atomic percent, boron present in the range of 12.0 to 19.0 atomic percent, nickel present in the range of... Agent: Grossman, Tucker, Perreault & Pfleger, PLLC

20100197201 - Polishing liquid for metal and method of polishing: Disclosed is a metal-polishing liquid comprising: a metal-oxide-dissolving agent; a metal-oxidizing agent; a metal anticorrosive; a water-soluble polymer having a weight-average molecular weight of 8,000 or higher and having an anionic functional group and a nonionic functional group; and water, and having a pH within the range of 2.5 or... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20100197203 - Method for creating a complex surface on a substrate of glass: A method for creating a concave section of glass from a glass substrate having flat surfaces includes the use of a grinding wheel and a turntable. The method includes the steps of securing the glass substrates to the turntable. The turntable is then spun to create a turntable axis of... Agent: Reising Ethington P.C.

20100197204 - Apparatuses and methods for conditioning polishing pads used in polishing micro-device workpieces: Apparatuses and methods for conditioning polishing pads used in polishing micro-device workpieces are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, an end effector for conditioning a polishing pad includes a member having a first surface and a plurality of contact elements projecting from the first surface. The member also includes a plurality... Agent: Perkins Coie LLP Patent-sea

20100197205 - Grinding device using ultrasonic vibration: A grinding device (30) for grinding an object (31) at high accuracy has a support table (32) on which the object (31) is supported and fixed, a vertically movable rotating shaft (34) arranged above the support table, a drive device (35) for vertically moving the rotating shaft, a drive device... Agent: Nixon Peabody, LLP

20100197206 - Device for grinding spinning cots: A device for grinding spinning cots has a rotating grinding roller and a carriage that is linearly movable relative to the grinding roller. A pivot arm is pivotably supported on the carriage and movable between a loading position and a grinding position. A workpiece receptacle is mounted on the pivot... Agent: Gudrun E. Huckett Draudt

20100197207 - Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus: A chemical mechanical polishing apparatus includes a container, a platen, first and second brushes, a polishing pad, a carrier, and a slurry supplier. The container has a bottom wall and a side wall. The side wall has an inwardly-extending upper portion. The platen is supported over the bottom wall. The... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100197208 - Power-driven hand tool with clamping fixture for a tool: A power-driven hand tool is disclosed comprising a housing, a work spindle for driving a tool, which tool can be located between a tool end of the work spindle and a fixing mechanism, further comprising a displacing mechanism with a clamping lever, adapted to pivot about a pivot axis for... Agent: St. Onge Steward Johnston & Reens, LLC

20100197209 - Electric hand-held power tool for performing sanding work, in particular a finishing sander: An electric hand-held power tool for performing sanding work, in particular a finishing sander, is provided, that includes a drive plate (16)—which is drivable in a sanding motion using an electric motor—and a sanding plate (21′) attached thereto such that it is removable without the use of a tool, with... Agent: Michael J. Striker

20100197210 - Floor finishing machine: A floor finishing machine includes a base frame, a movable frame movably mounted to the base frame, and a plurality of floor finishing units carried by the movable frame, and being pivotable about a generally longitudinal pivot axis and a generally transverse pivot axis. The machine may also include a... Agent: Reising Ethington P.C.

20100197211 - Grinder and core drill with dust collection: A core drill or a grinder power tool design is disclosed herein also incorporated to a dust collection apparatus. The tool has a motor portion and a shaft portion, the shaft portion being characterized by a hollow shaft together with a casing forming a conduit for the dust created during... Agent: Lewis Kohn & Fitzwilliam LLP

20100197212 - Chamfering tool and drum sander: A device for chamfering and sanding is disclosed. The device comprises a cylindrical body containing a hollow cone lined with sandpaper attached to the surface of the cone with adhesive. Two corners of the sandpaper are inserted respectively into two slots contained in the sidewall of the cone to further... Agent: Steven H Greenfield

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