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Abrading January USPTO class patent listing 01/07

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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01/25/2007 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20070021036 - Apparatus and a method of polishing an optical surface; an optical component; and a method of manufacturing a polishing tool: An apparatus for polishing an optical surface, in particular an optical surface of a spectacle lens, is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a polishing head having a polishing tool, the polishing tool being provided along a common axis, one behind another, with a first preferably rigid member, a second elastic member,... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20070021037 - Polishing assembly with a window: The polishing pad for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus, and a method of making the same. The polishing pad has a covering layer with a polishing surface and a backing layer which is adjacent to the platen. A first opening in the covering layer with a first cross-sectional area and... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20070021038 - Cmp apparatus and process sequence method: A CMP apparatus and process sequence. The CMP apparatus includes multiple polishing pads or belts and an in-line metrology tool which is interposed between adjacent polishing pads or belts in the apparatus. A material layer on each of multiple wafers is successively polished on the polishing pads or belts. The... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Hostemeyer & Risley LLP

20070021039 - Glass etching: An apparatus for etching a workpiece in which a first abrasive particulate material, for example aluminium oxide, and a second particulate material, for example glass dust, are entrained together in a stream of gas. The apparatus recycles exhaust particulate material by introducing it into said gas stream, the exhaust particulate... Agent: Van Dyke, Gardner, Linn And Burkhart, LLP

20070021040 - Polishing composition and polishing method: A first polishing composition includes abrasive grains and an iodine compound and has a pH of 6 or more. The first polishing composition can suitably polish the Si [0001] plane of a single crystal silicon carbide substrate. A second polishing composition includes an iodine compound and has a pH of... Agent: Vidas, Arrett & Steinkraus, P.A.

20070021041 - Dressing method in vertical duplex-head surface grinding machine: A dressing method capable of dressing the grinding stone of a vertical duplex-head surface grinding machine without incorporating a special dressing device therein. The vertical duplex-head surface grinding machine comprises a pair of upper and lower grinding wheels (2) and (3) rotated around the vertical axis thereof and a work... Agent: Crowell & Moring LLP Intellectual Property Group

20070021042 - Method for machining a semiconductor wafer on both sides in a carrier, carrier, and a semiconductor wafer produced by the method: A semiconductor wafer is guided in a cutout in a carrier while a thickness of the semiconductor wafer is reduced to a target thickness by material removal from the front and back surfaces simultaneously. The semiconductor wafer is machined until it is thinner than a carrier body and thicker than... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C.

20070021043 - Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus with rotating belt: A chemical mechanical polishing apparatus has a movable platen, a drive mechanism and a chucking mechanism. The drive mechanism is attached to the platen, is configured to support a generally linear polishing sheet with a portion of the polishing sheet extending over the platen, and is configured to incrementally advance... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20070021044 - Mandrel and accessory and related combination for use with a rotary tool: A mandrel and accessory and related combination for use with a rotary tool are disclosed. For instance, the mandrel and accessory combination includes a mandrel assembly and an accessory. The mandrel assembly includes (i) a shaft component defining an axis and having a first portion configured to be received in... Agent: Maginot, Moore & Beck, LLP Chase Tower

20070021045 - Polyurethane urea polishing pad with window: The present invention relates to an article for altering a surface of a work piece, or a polishing pad having a window. In particular, the polishing pad includes a polyurethane urea material wherein the polyurethane urea material contains cells which are at least partially filled with gas. The polyurethane urea... Agent: Deborah M. Altman Ppg Industries, Inc.

01/18/2007 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20070015440 - Eyeglass lens processing apparatus: An eyeglass lens processing apparatus includes a lens holding unit for holding an eyeglass lens, a roughing tool, a finishing tool, a drilling tool, a processing water supply unit for applying processing water to a processed part of the lens held by the lens holding unit, and a controller for... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20070015441 - Apparatus and method for in-situ endpoint detection for chemical mechanical polishing operations: An apparatus and method of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of a wafer employing a device for determining, in-situ, during the CMP process, an endpoint where the process is to be terminated. This device includes a laser interferometer capable of generating a laser beam directed towards the wafer and detecting light... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20070015442 - Method and apparatus for measuring abrasion amount and pad friction force of polishing pad using thickness change of slurry film: A method and apparatus for measuring an abrasion amount and a friction force of a polishing pad using a thickness change of a slurry film in a chemical mechanical polishing operation are provided. In a preferred method, for example, a first displacement of a semiconductor wafer with respect to a... Agent: Marger Johnson & Mccollom, P.C.

20070015443 - Semiconductor processor systems, systems configured to provide a semiconductor workpiece process fluid, semiconductor workpiece processing methods, methods of preparing semiconductor workpiece process fluid, and methods of delivering semiconductor workpie: Semiconductor processor systems, systems configured to provide a semiconductor workpiece process fluid, semiconductor workpiece processing methods, methods of preparing semiconductor workpiece process fluid, and methods of delivering semiconductor workpiece process fluid to a semiconductor processor are provided. One aspect of the invention provides a semiconductor processor system including a process... Agent: Wells St. John P.s.

20070015444 - Smoothing pad for bare semiconductor wafers: One embodiment of the present invention is a smoothing pad for bare semiconductor wafers the smoothing pad for bare semiconductor wafers. The smoothing pad comprises a smoothing body having a closed-cell thermoplastic foam comprising an ethylene vinyl acetate block copolymer comprising a vinyl acetate content ranging from about 1 to... Agent: Hitt Gaines P.C.

20070015445 - Sharpening guidelines for blades: The patent feature on this knife blade is having knife sharpening guide lines etched or inked onto the length of the knife blade's surface as a proper, linear guide for maintaining the best knife sharpening pattern for a specific knife shape. The etch lines on the surface of the knife... Agent: Kathleen Harden

20070015446 - Systems and methods for removing microfeature workpiece surface defects: Systems and methods for removing microfeature workpiece surface defects are disclosed. A method for processing a microfeature workpiece in accordance with one embodiment includes removing surface defects from a surface of a microfeature workpiece by engaging the surface with a buffing medium having a first hardness, and moving at least... Agent: Perkins Coie LLP Patent-sea

20070015447 - Vibration stabilizing guide wheel: A fixed guide wheel that when coupled to a saw blade or a grinding wheel provides a sawing or grinding system that will control the exact depth at which the tools are allowed to perform. The guide wheel also rolls along the top surface of the work piece pushing down... Agent: Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP

20070015448 - Polishing pad having edge surface treatment: A polishing pad has a sublayer and a polishing layer, wherein the surface of the outer peripheral edge of the sublayer can be at least partially treated to reduce the absorption or permeation of polishing fluid into the sublayer through the outer peripheral edge. The application of the surface treatment... Agent: Deborah M. Altman Ppg Industries, Inc.

01/11/2007 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20070010167 - Method and apparatus for reconditioning digital discs: An automated method for reconditioning a plurality of digital discs within a reconditioning apparatus is disclosed. The method comprises holding the digital discs in a load area, and then transferring each of the digital discs from the load area to at least one workstation with a disc transfer mechanism. The... Agent: Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP Attn: Patent Group

20070010168 - Methods and systems for planarizing workpieces, e.g., microelectronic workpieces: This disclosure provides methods and apparatus for predictably changing the thickness of a microfeature workpiece. One implementation provides a planarizing method in which a first workpiece is planarized in first and second planarizing processes and a total change in thickness is determined. This thickness change is modified by a thickness... Agent: Perkins Coie LLP Patent-sea

20070010169 - Polishing pad with window for planarization: A polishing pad including a window can be useful for polishing articles and can be especially useful for chemical mechanical polishing or planarization of a microelectronic device, such as a semiconductor wafer. The window of the polishing pad is at least partially transparent and thus, can be particularly useful with... Agent: Deborah M. Altman Ppg Industries, Inc.

20070010170 - Methods and systems for conditioning planarizing pads used in planarizing substrates: Monitoring the process of planarizing a workpiece, e.g., conditioning a CMP pad, can present some difficulties. Aspects of this invention provide methods and systems for monitoring and/or controlling such a planarization cycle. For example, a control system may monitor the proximity of a workpiece holder and an abrasion member by... Agent: Perkins Coie LLP Patent-sea

20070010172 - Enhanced end effector arm arrangement for cmp pad conditioning: A CMP conditioning apparatus enhanced end effector arm for improving the reliability of the apparatus and the quality of the conditioning and polishing operations includes a conditioner head with features that provide for simplified alignment/attachment of a conditioning disk to the arm, while also providing a “quick release” mechanism for... Agent: Wendy W. Koba

20070010171 - Superfinishing machine and method: A superfinishing system and method, wherein an abrasive is employed to process a workpiece, and wherein the system simultaneously mounts a plurality of workpieces in a diagonal turret, or mounts a plurality of different types of workpieces in a plurality of chucks for different operations thereon, or performs a plurality... Agent: Milde & Hoffberg, LLP

20070010173 - Apparatus for forming microscopic recesses on a cylindrical bore surface and method of forming the microscopic recesses on the cylindrical bore surface by using the apparatus: An apparatus for forming microscopic recesses on a circumferential surface that defines a cylindrical bore in a workpiece, including a tool holder rotatably about a rotation axis, a form roller support moveable in a direction perpendicular to the rotation axis of the tool holder, a form roller rotatable about a... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20070010174 - Method for feeding an injection material under pressure, a method for blasting using the method, a device for pressurized feeding an injection material under pressure, and a blasting device having the device: A fixed quantity of the injection material is introduced from the injection material tank 2 to a cylindrical pressurizing tank 11 provided between the injection material tank 2 of the blasting device 1 and a blast nozzle, and introduction of compressed stirring gas is started at a deposition part of... Agent: Donn K. Harms Patent & Trademark Law Center

20070010176 - Fixed abrasive pad having different real contact areas and fabrication method thereof: Disclosed is a method for fabricating a fixed abrasive pad in use of a chemical mechanical polishing process. The method includes: forming one or more etching molds providing a plurality of different real contact areas; attaching the etching mold(s) to a roller or press; and forming a fixed abrasive pad... Agent: The Law Offices Of Andrew D. Fortney, Ph.d., P.C.

20070010175 - Polishing pad and method of producing same: The present invention relates to a method of producing a polishing pad, comprising steps of: (a) providing a base material comprising a plurality of fibers; said base material having a surface for polishing a substrate; (b) impregnating the surface of the base material with an elastomer solution; (c) curing the... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20070010177 - Stone fabrication scheme: Methods and systems of fabricating stone products are provided. The method comprises the steps of providing a stone piece, separating the stone piece into a plurality of sawed stone slabs by cutting with at least one saw blade, separating the plurality of sawed stone slabs into split stone slabs by... Agent: Dinsmore & Shohl LLP

20070010178 - Continuous grinding machine for machining a level workpiece surface: The subject matter of the invention is a continuous grinding machine for machining a level workpiece surface with at least two grinding tools (16) rotating about a vertical axis (24), each grinding tool (16) including a spindle (18) rotating about the vertical axis (24) and a disc grinder (20) mounted... Agent: Welsh & Katz, Ltd

20070010179 - Hand grinder, flange for accomodating a grinding tool, and balancing unit: e

20070010180 - Carrier employing snap-fitted membrane retainer: Disclosed herein is an improved carrier design for use in a chemical mechanical polishing process. The carrier employs a retainer ring that is fastened to the side of carrier, as opposed to the front of the carrier, which alleviates undesired uneven wear of the retainer ring surface. Specifically exemplified herein... Agent: Hitt Gaines, PC Agere Systems Inc.

20070010181 - Independent edge control for cmp carriers: A wafer carrier for controlling the edge effect during chemical mechanical planarization. A first bladder is disposed within the retaining ring to control the height of the retaining ring relative to the bottom surface of the wafer carrier. A second bladder is disposed within the carrier such that if the... Agent: Crockett & Crockett

20070010182 - Belt sander eraser attachment: A Belt Sander Eraser Attachment is disclosed. The attachment is configured to be attached to a conventional belt sander such that it provides the operator with the ability to remove built up sawdust and the like from the sanding belt. The device removably replaces the conventional front handle on a... Agent: Karl M. Steins Steins & Associates

20070010183 - Brush module for a grinding brush: A brush module (6) for a rotating grinding brush, said brush module comprising: an elongate body part (7); at least one abrasive cloth (9) protruding from the body part (7); a plurality of bristles (8) extending from the body part (7) essentially in the same direction as the abrasive cloth... Agent: Dykema Gossett

20070010184 - Tool with a carrier part and a disc-shaped working part: A tool exhibits a carrier part and a disc-shaped working part for chip-forming machining. The two parts are detachably connected with each other by means of a coupling part and a counter-coupling part that inter-lock. They exhibit convex and concave wall sections adapted to each other. Moreover, there is created... Agent: Barnes & Thornburg LLP

01/04/2007 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.
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