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Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series

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09/18/2014 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140275448 - Methods and apparatus for controlled single electron transfer living radical polymerization: This invention provides methods for controlled single electron transfer living radical polymerization (SET-LRP) of monomers with increased conversion, high molecular weights and low polydispersity by allowing the polymerization to proceed at low temperatures via a tubular reactor either made of copper or containing copper metal surface.... Agent: Henkel Corporation

20140275449 - Interfacial processes for preparing photoactive additives: Different interfacial processes for producing photoactive additives are disclosed. Generally, the photoactive additives are cross-linkable polycarbonate resins formed from a dihydroxybenzophenone, a first linker moiety, a diol chain extender, and an end-capping agent. The resulting additives can be crosslinked with other polymers upon exposure to UV radiation.... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140275450 - Polyolefin production with different diluents in multiple polymerization reactors: A system and method for producing polyolefin, including a polyolefin reactor system having: a first reactor to produce a first reactor discharge stream having a first polyolefin and a first diluent; and a second reactor to receive at least a portion of the first reactor discharge stream and to produce... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, Lp

20140275451 - Internal and external donor compounds for olefin polymerization catalysts iv: The present disclosure relates to solid catalyst components comprising titanium, magnesium, halogen and an internal electron donor compound containing at least one 9-(alkoxymethyl)-9H-fluorene compound. The 9-(alkoxymethyl)-9H-fluorene compound include octyl-9-(methoxymethyl)-9H-fluorene-9-carboxylate; 7-methyloctyl-9-(methoxymethyl)-9H-fluorene-9-carboxylate; 2-ethylhexyl-9-(methoxymethyl)-9H-fluorene-9-carboxylate; and 9-(methoxymethyl)-9H-fluorene-9-yl benzoate. The present disclosure further relates to catalyst systems containing the catalyst solid components, organoaluminum compounds, and... Agent: Basf Catalysts LLC

20140275452 - Mixed internal donor structures for 1-olefin polymerization catalysts: wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, A, and B are described herein. Catalyst systems containing the catalyst solid components, organoaluminum compounds, and organosilicon compounds are also discussed. This disclosure relates to methods of making the solid catalyst components and the catalyst systems, and methods of polymerizing or... Agent: Basf Catalysts LLC

20140275453 - Polymerization initiating system and method to produce highly reactive olefin functional polymers: A method for producing highly reactive olefin polymers wherein at least 50 mol. % of the polymer chains have terminal double bonds, and a novel polymerization initiating system for accomplishing same.... Agent: University Of Massachusetts

20140275455 - Bis(2-indenyl) metallocene complex: wherein R1 and R2 are the same or different and are a substituted or unsubstituted, linear or branched, hydrocarbyl group comprising 1 to 30 carbon atoms; M is titanium, zirconium, or hafnium and X1 and X2 are the same and are halogen or a hydrocarbyl group comprising 1 to 20... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20140275454 - Diphenylamine salan catalyst: Catalysts comprising Salan ligands with bridged or unbridged diphenyl amine moieties. Also, catalyst systems comprising the catalyst and an activator; methods to prepare the ligands, catalysts and catalyst systems; processes to polymerize olefins using the catalysts and/or catalyst systems; and the olefin polymers prepared according to the processes.... Agent: Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.

20140275456 - Non-phthalate compounds as electron donors for polyolefin catalysts: and a method for using same are provided as electron donors in the Ziegler-Natta type catalyst system for the homopolymerization or copolymerization of alpha olefins. The non-phthalate compounds may be used in the preparation of the solid catalyst component, thus serving as “internal electron donors”, or employed during or prior... Agent: Formosa Plastics Corporation, Usa

20140275458 - Methods of preparing a polymerization catalyst: A method comprising contacting a silica support material with a sulfating agent to form a sulfated silica support material comprising sulfate anions; thermally treating the sulfated silica support material to form a thermally treated sulfated silica support material; contacting the thermally treated sulfated silica support material with a chromium-containing compound... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp

20140275457 - Polymerization catalysts and polymers: A method comprising contacting a support material with a transition metal compound to produce a mixture; thermally treating the mixture in the presence of oxygen at a temperature in a range of from about 100° C. to about 500° C. for a period of from about 1 hour to about... Agent:

20140275459 - Conjugated polymer and semiconductor devices including the same: The present invention relates to conjugated polymers. In various embodiments, the present invention provides a conjugated polymer including a repeating unit including a benzene ring conjugated with the polymer backbone, wherein the benzene ring is fused to two 5-membered rings, wherein each fused 5-membered ring includes N and at least... Agent: Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.

20140275460 - Acrylate-olefin copolymers, methods for producing same and compositions utilizing same: The present invention relates to a thickeners that are the polymerization product of a monomer mixture comprising: (a) at least one C3 to C30 olefin; (b) at least one monomer that contains at least one carboxylic acid group; (c) at least one ethylenically unsaturated ester monomer; and (d) one or... Agent: Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

20140275461 - Sulfone-containing polythioethers, compositions thereof, and methods of synthesis: Sulfone-containing polythioethers, compositions containing sulfone-containing polythioethers, methods of synthesizing sulfone-containing polythioethers and the use of sulfone-containing polythioethers in aerospace sealant applications are disclosed. The sulfone-containing polythioethers have sulfone groups incorporated into the backbone of the polythioether. Cured sealant compositions comprising the sulfone-containing polythioethers exhibit enhanced thermal resistance.... Agent: Prc-desoto International, Inc.

20140275462 - Radically coupled resins and methods of making and using same: An ethylene polymer having a density greater than about 0.930 g/ml and a level of long chain branching ranging from about 0.001 LCB/103 carbons to about 1.5 LCB/103 carbons as determined by SEC-MALS. An ethylene polymer having a level of short chain branching ranging from about 0 to about 10... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 26 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140256890 - Apparatus: The present invention relates to slurry polymerisation, and in particular, to a slurry heater apparatus comprising at least two heating sections connected in fluid communication in series to form an initial slurry heater, wherein the slurry heater apparatus is adapted such that it can be reconfigured to form a subsequent... Agent:

20140256889 - Energy efficient polyolefin process: A manufacturing system for producing polyolefin includes a polymerization reactor, a flash chamber, and a purge column. In certain embodiments, the purge column may receive a solids stream directly from the flash chamber. Further, the purge column may function as a feed tank for an extruder within an extrusion/loadout system.... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp

20140256891 - Polyisobutylene prepared with low diluent content reaction medium: A method of making a polyisobutylene polymer in a recirculating loop reactor with one or more reaction tubes in contact with a heat transfer medium includes: (a) providing a feed mixture consisting essentially of polymerizable monomer and catalyst to a residual reactor stream at a feed rate to form a... Agent: Tpc Group LLC

20140256892 - Olefin olegomerization process: An olefin oligomerization process comprises contacting an olefin feed with a catalyst composition. The catalyst composition includes a crystalline aluminosilicate having FAU, EMT or a combination of FAU and EMT framework type. The crystalline aluminosilicate has cobalt and at least one alkaline earth metal selected from calcium, barium, strontium and... Agent:

20140256893 - Reversible chain-transfer in polyolefin polymerization with pyridyldiamide catalysts: A process of producing ethylene a-olefin copolymers, especially ethylene block copolymers, comprising contacting ethylene and a C3 to C10 α-olefin with a transition metal pyridyldiamide (MPN3) catalyst component and an activator, as well as from 10 equivalents to 1000 equivalents relative to the catalyst component of chain transfer agent; isolating... Agent:

20140256894 - Difluoro benzotriazolyl organic semiconductor material, preparation method and use thereof: wherein both R1 and R2 are C1 to C20 alkyl, and n is an integer from 10 to 50. In the difluoro benzotriazolyl organic semiconductor material, since the 1,2,3-benzotriazole organic semiconductor material contains two fluorine atoms, the HOMO energy level is reduced by 0.11 eV, while the fluorine-substituted 1,2,3-benzotriazole has... Agent: Ocean's King Lighting Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

20140256895 - Fluoropolymer resin treatment employing sorbent to reduce fluoropolymer resin discoloration: e

20140256896 - Polymerizable liquid crystal composition and thin film using same:

20140256897 - Low viscosity suspending vinyl copolymers: A rheology modifier copolymer of formula (I), wherein A is a macromonomer; B is an acrylic or methacrylic acid or salt thereof; C is a polyacidic vinyl monomer selected from maleic, fumaric, itaconic, citraconic and acids combinations thereof and anhydrides and salts thereof; and D optionally when present is a... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20140256898 - Process for preparing branched polymer: A process for preparing a branched polymer, belonging to the fields of polymer synthesis and preparation of functional polymers. A vinyl monomer, such as styrene, toluene (benzene, xylene) as a solvent, is subjected to a self-initiated free radical polymerization at 60˜100° C. with a new type of compound (methyl (meth)acrylate... Agent: Changzhou University

20140256899 - Polymer films having improved heat sealing properties: A polymer composition comprising an ethylene alpha-olefin copolymer, wherein the polymer composition is characterized as having (a) a density in the range of from greater than about 0.910 g/cc to about 0.930 g/cc, as determined according to ASTM D1505; (b) a melt index in the range of from greater than... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp

20140256900 - System and process for olefin polymerization: The present invention provides a system and process for olefin polymerization. The inventive system and process for olefin polymerization facilitate lower operating vacuum pressures in the polymer recovery system by requiring at least two sequential condensing units, wherein at least one of the condensing units operates at significantly lower temperature... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140256901 - Novel medium density polyethylene compositions: An ethylene alpha-olefin copolymer having (a) a density of from about 0.910 g/cc to about 0.940 g/cc; (b) a weight average molecular weight of from about 150,000 g/mol to about 300,000 g/mol; and (c) a melt index at a load of 2.16 kg of from about 0.01 dg/10 min. to... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp

09/04/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140249281 - Method for preparation of platinum-carbonyl-siloxane compounds: The invention relates to a method for preparation of platinum siloxane compounds containing at least one CO ligand molecule (Pt carbonyl siloxanes). The method comprises reacting gaseous carbon monoxide (CO) with a platinum siloxane compound, preferably a platinum vinyl-cyclosiloxane compound, in solution with an organic solvent. The method is straightforward... Agent: Umicore Ag & Co. Kg

20140249282 - Process for the preparation of a copolymer of ethylene: A process for the preparation of an elastomeric polymer of ethylene which comprises polymerizing, in suspension, a mixture of monomers comprising ethylene, at least one a-olefin having from 3 to 12 carbon atoms, possibly at least one non-conjugated diene having from 4 to 20 carbon atoms, in the presence of... Agent:

20140249283 - Borane activated titanium catalyst system comprising guanidine and diene ligands: The invention relates to a catalyst system for the polymerization of olefms comprising a metal complex of formula and an activating cocatalyst, wherein M is titanium, Cy is a cyclopentadienyl-type ligand, D is a diene, L is a guanidinate-containing ligand of the formula wherein each A is independently selected from... Agent: Lanxess Elastomers B.v.

20140249284 - Cross-linked polyaminocarboxylates for the removal of metal ions from aqueous solutions: The cross-linked polyaminocarboxylates for the removal of metal ions from aqueous solutions of the present invention are cross-linked anionic polyelectrolytes CAPE 6 and CAPE 9, containing pH-responsive amino acid residues. The cross-linked anionic polyelectrolytes have been synthesized via cycloco-polymerization and ter-polymerization of a diallylammonioethanoate monomer (90 mol %) and a... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140249285 - Renewable bio-based (meth) acrylated monomers as vinyl ester cross-linkers: Anhydrosugar-based monomers prepared from isosorbide, isomannide, and isoidide and resin systems containing these anhydrosugar-based monomers that are partially to fully bio-based, which may produce materials having properties that meet or exceed the properties of similar petroleum derived vinyl ester resins.... Agent: Drexel University

20140249286 - Catalyst composition comprising shuttling agent for ethylene multi-block copolymer formation: h

20140249287 - Polymer degassing process control: The present invention relates to a process for operating a vertical fixed bed polymer powder degasser.... Agent: Ineos Europe Ag

08/28/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140243488 - Method for producing conjugated polymer, conjugated polymer, photoelectric conversion element, solar cell, and solar cell module: The invention addresses a problem of obtaining a conjugated polymer having a higher molecular weight through coupling reaction of monomers using a transition metal catalyst. The invention relates to a method for producing a conjugated polymer, which comprises polymerizing one or more monomers through a coupling reaction, wherein the coupling... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20140243489 - Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins: R to R12 groups, equal to or different from each other, are hydrogen, halogen or C1-C15 hydrocarbon groups, optionally containing an heteroatom selected from halogen, P, S, N and Si, with the proviso that R groups cannot be hydrogen and that the carboxylate groups are in trans configuration with respect... Agent: Basell Poliolefine Italia S.r.l.

20140243490 - Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins: R to R4 groups, equal to or different from each other, are hydrogen, halogen or C1-C15 hydrocarbon groups, optionally containing an heteroatom selected from halogen, P, S, N and Si, which may be linked to form a saturated or unsaturated mono or polycycle and R5 groups are selected from C1-C15... Agent:

20140243491 - Half-metallocene compounds and catalyst compositions: The present invention provides polymerization catalyst compositions employing half-metallocene compounds with a heteroatom-containing ligand bound to the transition metal. Methods for making these hybrid metallocene compounds and for using such compounds in catalyst compositions for the polymerization of olefins also are provided.... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp

20140243492 - Method for producing condensed polycyclic aromatic compound, and conjugated polymer: The invention addresses a problem of purifying a monomer to be a precursor according to a simpler and milder method so as to obtain a polymer having a higher molecular weight. The invention relates to a method for producing a condensed polycyclic aromatic compound having n active groups (wherein n... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20140243493 - (meth) acrylate resin composition and cured product of same: A (meth)acrylate resin composition of the present invention contains: a (meth)acrylic resin composition (A) containing a (meth)acrylic acid ester and a poly(meth)acrylic acid ester; and a crosslinking agent (B) containing a bifunctional (meth)acrylic monomer (C) represented by chemical formula 1 and a polyfunctional unsaturated ester compound (D) containing three or... Agent:

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