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20150147744 - Method and system for removing oxygen and carbon dioxide during red cell blood processing using an inert carrier gas and manifold assembly: A portable assembly for processing red blood cells RBCs including a disposable blood collection set including a blood bag, an anaerobic storage bag and an oxygen and/or oxygen and carbon dioxide depletion device disposed between the blood collection bag and anaerobic storage bag. The portable assembly further provides for a... Agent: New Health Sciences, Inc.

20150147745 - Method for operating a biogas system in a batch mode: A biogas system operates according to the principle of dry fermentation with multiple biogas fermenters that are run in batch mode. One of the biogas fermenters has just been loaded with fresh biomass and the other biogas fermenters are in the state of producing biogas with a higher concentration of... Agent:

20150147747 - Composition comprising of a conducting polymer for detecting, capturing, releasing, and collecting cell: The present invention relates to a composition in which a conducting polymer is doped with a dopant, and a diagnostic apparatus, and more particularly, to a composition which is used to diagnose a disease and detect a biomaterial and also used for qualification and diagnosis by effectively and non-destructively collecting... Agent: National Cancer Center

20150147749 - Compositions and methods including recombinant b lymphocyte cell line including an exogenously incorporated nucleic acid expressing an exogenous membrane immunoglobulin reactive to a first antigen and including an endogenous gene expressing an endogenous: Compositions and methods are disclosed herein for producing one or more immunoglobulins in an isolated B lymphocyte cell line. An isolated cell line includes an isolated B lymphocyte cell line capable of expressing at least one exogenously incorporated membrane immunoglobulin reactive to a first antigen and at least one endogenous... Agent:

20150147748 - In situ detection of early stages and late stages hpv infection: Embodiments of the invention provide methods, monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, assays, and kits for detecting HPV infection and HPV related cancer diagnosis, including infection by various HPV genotypes, early and/or late stage HPV-associated or HPV-specific cancers. The anti-HPV antibodies are used in performing immunological assays on clinical samples. Various immunological... Agent:

20150147746 - Means and methods using paramagnetic agents for in vitro diagnostic applications: A method of detecting a target biochemical molecular species or at least one property correlated with the occurrence of the biochemical molecular species in a sample whose main component is water. The method includes: obtaining a sample whose main component is water; providing Functionalized Paramagnetic Particles (FPP) including a paramagnetic... Agent: Aspect Imaging Ltd.

20150147750 - New iridium-based complexes for ecl: The present invention relates to novel iridium-based Ir(III) luminescent complexes, conjugates comprising these complexes as a label and their application, e.g. in the electrochemiluminescence based detection of an analyte.... Agent:

20150147751 - New iridium-based complexes for ecl: The present invention relates to novel iridium-based Ir(III) luminescent complexes, conjugates comprising these complexes as a label and their application, e.g. in the electrochemiluminescence based detection of an analyte.... Agent:

20150147752 - New iridium-based complexes for ecl: The present invention relates to novel iridium-based Ir(III) luminescent complexes, conjugates comprising these complexes as a label and their application, e.g. in the electrochemiluminescence based detection of an analyte.... Agent:

20150147753 - Method for producing hyperactive transposase mutants: The present invention provides a method for producing a hyperactive MuA transposase variant comprising at least one single-amino-acid change, the method comprising the steps of modifying the nucleic acid encoding wild type MuA transposase in at least one of the positions 59, 97, 160, 179, 233, 254, 258, 302, 335,... Agent:

20150147757 - Brassica genomic assays: Methods and compositions for detecting, identifying, and quantifying Brassica A genomic DNA are described. The methods are specific to the Brassica A genome and do not cross-react with other Brassica species, crops or weedy relatives that could contribute to contamination of a canola field.... Agent:

20150147759 - Chimeric oligonucleotides for ligation-enhanced nucleic acid detection, methods and compositions therefor: Ligation-enhanced nucleic acid detection assay embodiments for detection of RNA or DNA are described. The assay embodiments rely on ligation of chimeric oligonucleotide probes to generate a template for amplification and detection. The assay embodiments are substantially independent of the fidelity of a polymerase for copying compromised nucleic acid. Very... Agent:

20150147758 - Dot1 histone methyltransferases as a target for identifying therapeutic agents for leukemia: The present invention provides polypeptides with histone H3 lysine 79 methyltransferase activity as well as nucleic acids encoding the same. Also provided are methods of using the polypeptides and nucleic acids of the invention in screening assays to identify compounds of interest. Further provided are diagnostic methods for leukemia and... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20150147754 - Herbicide-resistant sunflower plants with multiple herbicide resistant alleles of ahasl1 and methods of use: Herbicide resistant sunflower plants comprising two different herbicide-resistant alleles of the sunflower acetohydroxyacid synthase large subunit 1 (AHASL1) gene are described. Methods for making these sunflower plants and methods for controlling weeds or other undesired vegetation growing in the vicinity of these sunflower plants are disclosed. Such methods involve the... Agent: Basf Agrochemical Products B.v.

20150147760 - Methods for the enrichment of mutated nucleic acid from a mixture: The detection of the presence of rare somatic mutations from a biological sample is often challenging due to the simultaneous presence of a vast excess of wild-type DNA. The present invention describes methods that would allow the enrichment of mutant DNA by depleting amplifiable wild-type DNA.... Agent:

20150147755 - Probe based nucleic acid detection: The invention provides a method for detecting a target nucleotide sequence by tagging the nucleotide sequence with a nucleotide tag, providing a probe oligonucleotide with a melting temperature Tm1, comprising a regulatory sequence and a nucleotide tag recognition sequence; incorporating the probe oligonucleotide into the tagged polynucleotide in a polynucleotide... Agent:

20150147756 - Sensor device and method for label-free detecting of nucleic acid sequences: A sensor device (100), which is adapted for detecting target molecules having a target nucleic acid sequence, comprises an optical whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonator (10) having a resonance frequency, wherein the WGM resonator is functionalized with a double-strand DNA precursor compound and the 10 resonance frequency depends on a... Agent:

20150147761 - Specific biomarkers for hepatocellular carcinoma (hcc): The invention relates to specific marker proteins (biomarkers) for Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The invention relates to a method for the diagnostic study of biological samples of a human for Hepatocellular carcinoma, the sample being studied for one or more proteins as a marker for Hepatocellular carcinoma, a concentration of the... Agent:

20150147763 - Antibodies against claudin 18.2 useful in cancer diagnosis: The invention relates to antibodies directed against an epitope located within the C-terminal portion of CLDN18.2 which are useful, for example, in diagnosing cancer and/or in determining whether cancer cells express CLDN18.2.... Agent:

20150147762 - Method for detecting cancer, and antibody capable of recognizing pancreatic ribonuclease 1: Pancreatic cancer can be detected using a monoclonal antibody which binds to pancreatic RNase 1 when a site in pancreatic RNase 1 capable of being modified with an N-glycan chain is not linked to a glycan chain, but which does not bind to pancreatic RNase 1 when an N-glycan chain... Agent: Tosoh Corporation

20150147764 - Polypeptide substrate for the detection of von williebrand factor cleaving protease adamts13: In a first aspect, there is provided an isolated polypeptide substrate for a disintegrin-like and metallopeptidase with thrombospondin type-1 motif, 13 (ADAMTS13) that is from 45 to 70 amino acids in length and has an amino acid sequence that is substantially similar to part of the von Willebrand factor A2... Agent:

20150147767 - Bag3 as biochemical serum and tissue marker: The present invention concerns the field of diagnostic biological markers. Specifically the invention relates to anti-BAG3 antibodies for use as biological markers for the diagnosis of a pathological state. Furthermore, the invention involves specific ELISA methods and kits, for detecting and evaluating, anti-BAG3 antibodies or BAG3/antibody complexes in a biological... Agent:

20150147766 - Method for determining disease severity in tauopathy-related neurodegenerative disorders: A method for determining disease severity in a subject afflicted with a tauopathy-related neurodegenerative disease comprises detecting the level of a PINCH protein or isoform thereof in a test sample comprising brain tissue or cerebrospinal fluid. The PINCH protein level in the test sample indicates the relative severity of the... Agent:

20150147765 - Serological markers for cancer diagnosis using blood sample: The present invention relates to a method for diagnosing cancer using information on the aberrant glycosylation of a glycoprotein involved in cancer progress. More particularly, the present invention relates to a cancer diagnosis peptide marker which is screened by the steps of: separating a glycoprotein aberrantly glycosylated according to the... Agent:

20150147768 - Microtiter plates for controlled release of culture components to cell cultures: The invention provides a culture plate made from a polymer incorporating a culture component releasable into culture media in the well, methods of culturing a microorganisms in the culture plate, and a methods of making the culture plate.... Agent: Danisco US Inc

20150147769 - Method of testing sample and microfluidic device: A method of testing a sample to determine a concentration of a target material included in the sample and a microfluidic device in which a reaction of the sample and a reagent occurs are provided. The method includes mixing a sample with a reagent that changes optical characteristics in accordance... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150147770 - Embryo quality assessment based on blastocyst development: The present invention relates to a method and to a system for selecting embryos for in vitro fertilization based on observed cell kinetics and cell morphology. One embodiment of the invention relates to a method for determining embryo quality comprising monitoring the embryo for a time period, said time period... Agent:

20150147772 - Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, program, and recording medium: The present invention provides an information processing apparatus capable of selecting a region of cancer cells in any tissue sample image and easily and accurately counting the number of the cancer cells. The information processing apparatus is an information processing apparatus 100 including: an acquisition unit 110 for acquiring image... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150147771 - Microperfusion tissue interrogator: A cell layer measurement device includes a first zone, a second zone, and a porous membrane between the first and second zones. A tissue sample includes the cell layer on the porous membrane. A fluid is on at least a first side of the tissue. A fluid inflow line and... Agent:

20150147773 - Combined sterilization indicator incubator and reader system: A combined sterilization indicator incubator and reader system, including a sterilization indicator vial containing one of a variety of selected biological indicators and a liquid, at least two incubator blocks, each incubator block independently operable to incubate the sterilization indicator vial at a plurality of independently selectable temperatures, each of... Agent: American Sterilizer Company

20150147774 - Expression construct for yeast and a method of using the construct: The present disclosure provides an isolated linear expression cassette. The disclosed cassette comprises a bidirectional promoter; a first gene and a second gene that the genes are respectively and operably linked to one end of the bidirectional promoter; a terminator located immediately next to end of each gene; a 5′-homogolgous... Agent:

20150147775 - Test method for efficacy of silver surfaces as a sanitizer: A method that includes the steps: inoculating nutrient agar with bacterial stock to form a culture; incubating the culture to form a first incubated culture; incubating a portion of the first culture with nutrient agar to form a second culture; incubating a portion of the second culture to form a... Agent:

20150147776 - Mass spectrometry analysis of microorganisms in samples: The invention generally relates to systems and methods for mass spectrometry analysis of microorganisms in samples.... Agent:

20150147777 - Passive microfluidic metering device: An integrated fluidic device comprising includes an input chamber that provides an input of a sample fluid, and a first overspill chamber in fluid communication with the input chamber. A metering conduit is in fluid communication with the fluid input chamber and the first overspill chamber. The metering conduit meters... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150147779 - Clearing agent and mounting medium for microscopy: A clearing agent and mounting solution for microscopy is disclosed comprising (a) trichloroethanol, (b) optionally, trichloroacetic acid, (c) optionally, glycerol and (d) optionally, water, where the refractive index of the solution is greater than or equal to about 1.3810. The solution can further comprise a C1-C6 alcohol, other acids, and/or... Agent:

20150147778 - Cryo-preparation systems and methods for near-instantaneous vitrification of biological samples: A sample vitrification system includes a capsule structure configured for carrying a biological sample within a compartment while the sample is subjected to ultra-rapid freezing by way of a cryogenic coolant jet, and while the sample is exposed to pulsed microwave radiation in a manner that disrupts water molecule pentamer... Agent:

20150147780 - Method for harvesting organic compounds from genetically modified organisms: Disclosed herein are embodiments for a novel method of producing an organic compound, including harvesting at least one organic compound from an organism or cell line genetically engineered with a gene for at least one proton-pump protein.... Agent:

20150147781 - Method for producing a recombinant protein of interest: Disclosed is a method for producing a recombinant protein of interest, characterised in by the following steps: (a) providing a fusion protein comprising an Npro autoprotease moiety and a protein of interest moiety in inclusion bodies, (b) solubilising the fusion protein in the inclusion bodies by subjecting the inclusion bodies... Agent: Sandoz Ag

20150147782 - Light-inducible promoter and gene expression system containing same: The present invention relates to a light-inducible promoter and a gene expression system containing the same, and provides: a light-inducible promoter comprising a nucleotide sequence represented by SEQ ID NO: 12; and a method for producing heterologous proteins using the same. Since the light-inducible promoter of the present invention induces... Agent:

20150147783 - Eubacterial rna-polymerase mutants with altered product production: The present invention relates to an isolated mutant eubacterium comprising at least one mutation resulting in a substitution of at least one amino acid in the beta-subunit of the RNA-polymerase encoded for by the rpoB-gene providing an altered production of a product of interest when said production of a product... Agent:

20150147784 - Reagents and methods for detecting influenza virus proteins: Two universally conserved sequences from influenza type A neuraminidases were identified by large scale sequence analysis then chemically modified and conjugated to carrier proteins to generate mono-specific and monoclonal antibodies. The two antibodies, one targeting the N-terminus of the type A neuraminidase and the other sequence close to enzymatic active... Agent:

20150147785 - 5' protection dependent amplification: optionally modifying the extension product of said nucleic acids without 5′ protecting group either on the 5′ end of the template strand or on the 3′ end of the complementary strand, or both, and labelling a complementary nucleic acid of a double stranded nucleic acid not modified, wherein therefore the... Agent:

20150147786 - High force and high stress destructuring for starch biomass processing: A process for mechanical destructuring of starch-based biomass was developed that makes use of a short application of high compression, impact, and shearing forces. The biomass may be destructured using a specific energy input that is less than 40% of the total combustible energy of the biomass. The destructured starch-based... Agent:

20150147787 - Process of producing sugar solution: A method produces a sugar liquid from a cellulosic biomass material, which sugar liquid has improved fermentability. The method produces a sugar liquid by: adding an alkali(s) to a concentrated cellulosic biomass sugar liquid to adjust the pH to not less than 7 to precipitate an insoluble substance(s) containing at... Agent:

20150147788 - Microorganism of the genus escherichia having enhanced l-tryptophan productivity and a method for producing l-tryptophan using the same: The present invention relates to microorganisms of Escherichia coli having enhanced L-tryptophan productivity and to a method for producing L-tryptophan using the same. More particularly, the present invention relates to an Escherichia coli variant in which repression and attenuation control of the tryptophan operon is released and accumulation of anthranilate... Agent:

20150147789 - Recombinant non-animal cell for making biliverdin: Methods for producing biliverdin in a microorganism, methods for producing biliverdin from a non-animal source, cells for producing biliverdin and methods for producing cells for producing biliverdin are disclosed.... Agent: Utah State University

20150147790 - Acyl-acp thioesterase genes and uses therefor: The present invention provides novel genes encoding Class II acyl-ACP thioesterases and variants thereof that are active on C8, C10, C12, C14, C16, and C18 acyl-ACP substrates. The thioesterases can be introduced into transgenic organisms, including microorganisms and photosynthetic organisms, for producing fatty acids and fatty acid products.... Agent: Synthetic Genomics, Inc.

20150147791 - Methane-to-acetate pathway for producing liquid biofuels and biorenewables: The engineering of a pathway converting CH4 to acetate and eventually to liquid fuels is disclosed. The engineered pathway involves an engineered reversal of the natural pathway for acetate conversion to CH4 by microbes and coupling the engineered pathway to existing and future technologies for microbial or chemical conversion of... Agent:

20150147792 - Betaine enhancement of fermentation to make c4 diacids: A method of making a C4 diacid from a sugar source by fermentation with a microorganism is described that includes supplementing the fermentation medium with relatively low amounts of betaine. The use of betaine can substantially reduce or even completely eliminate the need for complex nutrient source such as yeast... Agent: Archer Daniels Midland Company

20150147793 - Method for the preparation of 2,4-dihydroxybutyrate: A method for the preparation of 2,4-dihydroxybutyric acid from homoserine includes a first step of conversion of the primary amino group of homoserine to a carbonyl group to obtain 2-oxo-4-hydroxybutyrate, and a second step of reduction of the obtained 2-oxo-4-hydroxybutyrate (OHB) to 2,4-dihydroxybutyrate.... Agent:

20150147794 - Ethane-1,2-diol producing microorganism and a method for producing ethane-1,2-diol from d-xylose using the same: Disclosed herein is a microorganism capable of producing ethane-1,2-diol from D-xylose, and a method for producing ethane-1,2-diol using the same. More specifically, the present invention relates to an engineered Escherichia coli (E. coli) prepared by knocking out a D-xylose isomerase gene and/or an aldehyde dehydrogenase gene within the genomic DNA... Agent:

20150147795 - Microorganism modified for the production of 1,3-propanediol: The invention relates to a modified microorganism for the production of PDO from a carbon substrate wherein the microorganism includes a three-step metabolic pathway including a first step of conversion of 2,4-dihydroxybutyrate (DHB) to obtain 2-oxo-4-hydroxybutyrate (OHB) by an enzyme having 2,4-DHB dehydrogenase activity, a second step of decarboxylation of... Agent:

20150147796 - Method for processing a biomass containing lignocellulose: There is disclosed a method for processing a biomass (for example straw) containing lignocellulose such that cellulose and hemicellulose are made accessible for further processing, typically by decomposition, without needing energy-consuming dissolution of the biomass in water. The method includes repeated compressions of the biomass in a reciprocating piston press,... Agent:

20150147797 - Systems and methods for automated biomass sampling and analysis: An apparatus for measuring moisture content of biomass is disclosed. Systems and methods for measuring the compositional content of biomass is disclosed, which assists in gauging quality of the biomass for any given purpose, and may assist in properly valuing the biomass during transactions. The system includes a coring probe... Agent:

20150147798 - Method for stabilizing ascorbic acid oxidase: Provided are: a method for stabilizing an ascorbic acid oxidase; a method for preserving an ascorbic acid oxidase; and a stabilized composition of an ascorbic acid oxidase. A method for stabilizing an ascorbic acid oxidase and a method for preserving an ascorbic acid oxidase, each of the methods comprising allowing... Agent:

20150147799 - Halogen-free high-frequency resin composition: Disclosed is a halogen-free high-frequency resin composition calculated according to parts by weight, and including 20-50 parts by weight of dicyclopentadiene epoxy resin, 10-40 parts by weight of styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer, 10-30 parts by weight of benzoxazine resin, 5-20 parts by weight of polyfunctional epoxy resin and 20-40 parts by... Agent:

20150147800 - Malonate decarboxylases for industrial applications: The present invention relates to a method for the enzymatic decarboxylation of malonic acid (propanedioic acid) derivatives catalyzed by enzymes structurally and/or functionally related to arylmalonate decarboxylase (AMDase) as isolated from microorganisms of the genus Bordetella. The present invention also relates to novel enzymes with a decarboxylase activity, useful for... Agent:

20150147801 - Method of promoting growth of green algae: Provided is a method of culturing green algae which promotes the growth of the green algae which is in a state of being a green swarm cell by irradiating the green algae that accumulate astaxanthin with an artificial light, in which the green algae are grown in a liquid medium... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20150147802 - Cleaning agent composition for medical-instrument cleaner: wherein R represents an alkyl group having not less than 6 and not more than 18 carbon atoms; EO represents an ethanediyloxy group; PO represents a propanediyloxy group; m and n each represent an average molar number of addition of the ethanediyloxy or propanediyloxy group, and are each independently a... Agent: Kao Corporation

20150147803 - Coatings of semiconductor quantum dots for improved visibility of electrodes and pipettes: A glass pipette such as an electrode for electrophysiological recording is coated with quantum dots. This greatly aids the ability to observe the glass pipette, particular in tissue as the quantum dots provide an excellent performance under two-photon illumination used to visualize objects at depths of hundreds of microns.... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150147804 - Biochemical analysis cartridge having improved operability: The present invention relates to a biochemical analysis cartridge having improved operability. More particularly, the present invention provides a biochemical analysis cartridge including an insertion-type sample cartridge and a reaction cartridge receiving the insertion-type sample cartridge, in which,as the sample cartridge is inserted into the reaction cartridge,a reaction solution chamber... Agent:

20150147805 - Vectors, host cells, and methods of production and uses: Antibody expression vectors and plasmids can incorporate various antibody gene portions for transcription of the antibody DNA and expression of the antibody in an appropriate host cell. The expression vectors and plasmids have restriction enzyme sites that facilitate ligation of antibody-encoding DNA into the vectors. The vectors incorporate enhancer and... Agent:

20150147806 - Method for preparing transferrable nanoscale transferrable membrane and use thereof: Disclosed is a method for preparing a transferable membrane having a nanometer scale dimension in thickness and pore size by non-solvent vapor-induced phase separation process, comprising spin-casting a polymer solution in a closed humid chamber and controlling the relative humidity (RH) of the chamber using at least one supersaturated salts... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20150147807 - High-throughput image-based chemical screening in zebrafish blastomere cell culture: Disclosed are methods of inducing differentiation of stem into myogenic cells without gene manipulation and for inducing proliferation of satellite cells. The cells can be used as a source of cells for transplantation in a subject in need thereof. Also disclosed is a screening assay for screening test compounds using... Agent:

20150147808 - Use of a warmer for promoting a biological reaction: The present invention relates to the use of warmers, or autonomous heat packs, for heating and maintaining a solution on at a suitable temperature, for the period of time required to accomplish a chemical, biochemical or biological reaction, in particular in molecular biology or cell biology applications. Biology kits containing... Agent: Laboratoires Genevrier

20150147809 - Cell seeding device and method: Described is a device comprising an anchor, a tray including a well adapted to receive the anchor, and a cover adapted to engage the tray and cover the well. The device may be used to form a membrane-cell matrix having a substantially uniform distribution of the cells on the membrane... Agent:

20150147810 - Ultrathin parylene-c semipermeable membranes for biomedical applications: Thin parylene C membranes having smooth front sides and ultrathin regions (e.g., 0.01 μm to 5 μm thick) interspersed with thicker regions are disclosed. The back sides of the membranes can be rough compared with the smooth front sides. The membranes can be used in vitro to grow monolayers of... Agent:

20150147811 - Filtration of cell culture supernatants: The invention relates to a method for separating off a liquid supernatant from cells, comprising the steps: providing a mixture of the cells with a liquid, charging a first filter housing with the mixture, wherein in the filter housing a filter having a pore size of between 4 μm and... Agent:

20150147812 - Carrier for gene introduction use, gene introduction agent, methods for producing said carrier and said gene introduction agent, and method for introducing gene into cell: The present invention provides; a novel gene introduction method which enables a gene to be introduced more safely and more freely, particularly a method for introducing a gene into a specified site in the brain safely and freely; a carrier for gene introduction use, which comprises a nano-particle and a... Agent: Lsip, LLC

20150147813 - Methods and materials for increasing potency of cells: Disclosed herein are methods and materials for producing a more developmentally potent cell from a less developmentally potent cell. Specifically exemplified herein are methods that comprise introducing an expressible dedifferentiating polynucleotide sequence into a less developmentally potent cell, wherein the transfected less developmentally potent cell becomes a more developmentally potent... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

05/21/2015 > 124 patent applications in 68 patent subcategories.

20150140543 - Compositions and methods for enhancing the viability of animal cells, tissues, and organ explants: Disclosed are compositions and methods for the preservation, storage, and transport of living biological tissues, organs, and populations of isolated cells. In particular, the disclosed compositions and processes permit mammalian cells, tissues, and organs to be harvested from suitable donor animals, stored for prolonged periods, and transported to the site... Agent:

20150140545 - Actuation of parallel microfluidic arrays: An improved actuator for use in a microfluidic particle sorting system utilizes a staggered packing scheme for a plurality of actuators used to selectively deflect a particle in an associated sorting channel from a stream of channels. An actuator block may be provided for housing a two-dimensional array of actuators,... Agent:

20150140544 - Bioreactor system and method for cloning the physiological state of microorganisms: Bioreactor system and method for cloning the physiological state of microorganisms comprises in preferred embodiment of a mother-reactor and one or more daughter-reactors with sensors, stirrers, fluid and gas flow channels, scales, pumps, controllers, computer, software, valves and accessory devices. The bioreactors are inter-connected with culture transfer hose. To achieve... Agent:

20150140546 - Detecting components of a composite fluid: Described are embodiments for determining components of a composite liquid and controlling the flow of the components into containers. In one embodiment, components of whole blood, after separation, are determined and directed to different containers for collection and storage. Embodiments may be implemented on an apparatus configured to separate multiple... Agent: Terumo Bct, Inc.

20150140551 - Device and method for investigating one or a plurality of phase objects: A method for investigating one or a plurality of phase objects is described, in which a grid made up of elements is used, which is illuminated with light of a light source, the coherence length of which is larger than the average spacing of adjacent elements of the grid. A... Agent:

20150140548 - Extraction control for rna: The present invention relates to compounds for use in the control of extraction procedures, in particular in connection with nucleic acid material for use in PCR, in particular RT-PCR and more preferably real-time RT-PCR (quantitative PGR). The extraction control according to the present invention is based on plant virus material... Agent: Vela Operations Pte. Ltd.

20150140547 - Methods and compositions for assessing copy number of target polynecleotides: The present invention relates to methods and compositions for assessing copy number of a target polynucleotide in a sample, methods and compositions for establishing a standard curve for a target polynucleotide, and the uses of the methods and compositions for detecting a pathogen, e.g., human papillomavirus (HPV).... Agent: Ningbo Health Gene Technology Co., Ltd.

20150140550 - Methods for diagnosing pervasive development disorders, dysautonomia and other neurological conditions: Methods for aiding in the diagnosis of disorders including, but not limited to, PDDs (Pervasive Development Disorders), Dysautonomic disorders, Parkinson's disease and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In one aspect, a diagnosis method comprises analyzing a stool sample of an individual for the presence of a biological marker (or marker... Agent:

20150140549 - Polymersome encapsulation of hydrophobic fluorescent polymers: Described herein are aqueous soluble polymersomes that encapsulate one or more hydrophobic fluorescent polymers and methods of their preparation and use.... Agent:

20150140552 - Quantitative analyte assay device and method: The present invention related to a quantitative assay device and a method for the determination of an analyte, based on a test strip, which contains a porous test membrane allowing for capillary flow of the analyte and complexes of the analyte, a porous upstream membrane in fluid connection with the... Agent:

20150140553 - High efficiency multiplexed nucleic acid capture in a structured microenvironment: Provided herein is a method for sample analysis. In some embodiments, the method may involve: a) enzymatically attaching a reactive group to nucleic acid molecules in a sample; b) covalently reacting the reactive group with surface exposed reactive sites on a porous support, thereby covalently tethering the nucleic acid molecules... Agent:

20150140560 - Asynchronous magnetic bead rotation (ambr) microviscometer for analysis of analytes: The disclosure provides a label-free viscosity-based analyte detection system using paramagnetic beads as an asynchronous magnetic bead rotation (AMBR) microviscometer. It is disclosed herein that the bead rotation period is linearly proportional to the viscosity of a solution comprising analytes surrounding the paramagnetic bead. Optical measurement of asynchronous microbead motion... Agent:

20150140561 - Compound for sequencing by synthesis: The present invention provides deoxynucleoside tri- or tetraphosphate comprising a 3′ nitrate and a detectable label covalently bound to the oxygen atom of an oxymethyl or oxyallyl or oxypropargyl substitution of a nucleobase. Such compounds provide new possibilities for future Sequencing by Synthesis technologies.... Agent:

20150140554 - Detection methods for target dna: The invention pertains to a safe, quick and reliable method of detecting the presence of a target DNA sequence in a sample. The invention also pertains to a system for detecting presence of a target DNA sequence in a biological sample. The system includes an ITC template that includes a... Agent:

20150140563 - Lab on chip cartridge: A cartridge for an optical analysis, including a supporting body, having a first face and a second face opposite to one another; a plurality of wells adapted to receive a biological solution to be analyzed, the wells extending in the supporting body on the first face; at least one biocompatible... Agent:

20150140562 - Lab on chip image analysis: An optical analyzer, configured to receiving a cartridge for biochemical analyses including a plurality of wells, and carrying out fluorescence analysis of the cartridge, in particular of the wells. The analyzer comprises a control unit (microprocessor and memory) configured to: (a) acquiring an image associated to the fluorescence emitted by... Agent:

20150140555 - Method of identifying foetal erythroblast: There is provided a method for identifying at least one foetal erythroblast the method comprising: (a) detecting the expression of at least one foetal erythroblast specific marker selected from the group consisting of neutral amino acid transporter B (SLC1A5), solute carrier family 3 (activators of dibasic and neutral amino acid... Agent:

20150140558 - Methods of identifying and isolating cells using molecular beacons: Methods are provided for isolating lineage-specific cells from a population of cells using molecular beacons which bind to mRNA markers and then isolating the lineage specific cells from the population of cells based on the label of the molecular beacon.... Agent:

20150140557 - Methods, compositions, and kits for detecting allelic variants: In some embodiments, the present inventions relates generally to compositions, methods and kits for use in discriminating sequence variation between different alleles. More specifically, in some embodiments, the present invention provides for compositions, methods and kits for quantitating rare (e.g., mutant) allelic variants, such as SNPs, or nucleotide (NT) insertions... Agent:

20150140559 - Nucleotides and nucleosides and methods for their use in dna sequencing: The present invention relates generally to labeled and unlabled cleavable terminating groups and methods for DNA sequencing and other types of DNA analysis. More particularly, the invention relates in part to nucleotides and nucleosides with chemically cleavable, photocleavable, enzymatically cleavable, or non-photocleavable groups and methods for their use in DNA... Agent: Lasergen, Inc.

20150140556 - Optical fiber with grating and particulate coating: The present invention provides, in addition to other things, methods, systems, and apparatuses that involve the use of an optical fiber with grating and particulate coating that enables simultaneous heating; optical detection; and optionally temperature measurement. Methods, systems, and apparatuses of the present invention may be used in many applications... Agent:

20150140566 - Inflammation-enabling polypeptides and uses thereof: This present technology relates to the use of inflammation-enabling polypeptides (or their coding sequences) to screen for agents useful for the prevention, treatment and/or alleviations of symptoms associated with an inflammatory disorder, to identify individuals susceptible of developing an exacerbated inflammatory response as well as to determine if a therapeutic... Agent:

20150140565 - Method for digesting biological cells: A method for digesting biological cells in a reaction container includes treating the cells with pressure pulses. The pressure pulses are generated by at least one eddy current actuator in conjunction with an electric conductor arranged on or in the reaction container.... Agent:

20150140567 - Nucleic acid amplification: Methods and compositions for the amplification of nucleic acids and generation of concatemers are disclosed. Amplification methods provided herein may be performed under isothermal conditions. Methods and compositions may include reagents such as nucleic acid polymerases and primers.... Agent:

20150140568 - Reference markers for biological samples: DNA oligomers comprising sequences that are absent from the genome of one or more organisms of interest are used as reference markers (RMs). The RMs are added to biological samples to “tag” and subsequently identify the samples as authentic and to distinguish tagged samples from samples obtained without said markers,... Agent:

20150140564 - Selective-competitive primer and method of use: Disclosed herein is a self-competitive primer for preferentially amplifying a sample nucleic acid based on whether a selected region thereof has a nucleotide variation, in comparison with a selected region of a reference nucleic acid. The self-competitive primer includes a 5′-competing domain and a 3′-elongating domain. Sequences of the 5′-competing... Agent: Mackay Memorial Hospital

20150140571 - Antigen detection method which uses lectin and comprises enzyme treatment step: An antigen detection method detects an antigen having a specific sugar chain in a sample with a lectin that binds to plural kinds of sugar chains including the specific sugar chain. The detection method includes: a first step of bringing the lectin into contact with the sample; a second step... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150140572 - Composition for use in mycobacteria diagnosis: The present invention relates to a composition having the activity of degrading the cell wall of a Mycobacterium species comprising: (a) a first fusion protein including (i) a domain with a first enzymatic activity, the enzymatic activity being at least one or more of the following: N-acetyl-b-D-muramidase (lysozyme, lytic transglycosylase),... Agent:

20150140569 - Elispot diagnostic kit for neuromyelitis optica and its application: An ELISpot diagnosis kit for NMO and its application are characterized in that, the polypeptide fragment specific to NMO effector T-cell is obtained through topological conformation analysis of aquaporin-4 (AQP-4), followed by the structural analyses of the related polypeptides after combination and rearrangement so as to screen out the brand-new... Agent:

20150140570 - High-speed two-step incubation method and apparatus for in-vitro diagnostic testing: An incubator including a container having an interior chamber capable of receiving a sample holder having samples, a lower heated surface disposed within the interior chamber of the container, and a movement mechanism coupled to the container and the lower heated surface. In one embodiment, the movement mechanism is configured... Agent:

20150140576 - Cancer specific glycans and use thereof: The present invention describes glycans, which are specifically expressed by certain cancer cells, tumours and other malignant tissues. The present invention describes methods to detect cancer specific glycans as well as methods for the production of reagents binding to said glycans. The invention is also directed to the use of... Agent: Glykos Finland Oy

20150140577 - Optical engine for flow cytometer, flow cytometer system and methods of use: An optical engine for use in a bench top flow cytometer, the optical engine comprising a set of lasers; a different set of beam shaping optics for each laser, wherein each set comprises two lenses to adjustably focus light horizontally along an x-axis to a same horizontal position and vertically... Agent:

20150140579 - In vitro diagnosis device and uses thereof: The invention relates to an in vitro diagnosis device (10) for the detection of at least one reaction between an erythrocytic phenotype antigen and an antibody specifically directed against said antigen in a sample of blood or one of the components thereof. The device is characterised in that it comprises:... Agent: Abo Diag

20150140578 - Methods and devices for sample testing and evaluation: Methods and devices for evaluating a sample from a subject for the presence of a mixed population of cells, e.g., a sample having more than one distinct populations of cells, e.g., red blood cells (RBCs). Also included are methods and devices for Coombs crossmatch and DAT testing.... Agent:

20150140573 - Assays for detecting glucosidase activity: The present invention relates to a method of detecting α-(1→6)-glucosidase activity in a sample. The method is for example useful for determining the limit dextrinase activity in a sample. The method involves use of an oligosaccharide substrate of the formula X-(glucoside)n-*(glucoside)m-Z—Y, where X is a blocking group, -* is a... Agent:

20150140574 - Method for producing horseradish peroxidase recombinant protein using filamentous fungus: A modified polynucleotide has a different base sequence in at least one codon from a wild-type base sequence encoding a horseradish peroxidase polypeptide. The usage frequency of the modified codon of the polynucleotide corresponds to the codon usage frequencies of three filamentous fungal species in Humicola, Aspergillus, and Trichoderma. The... Agent: Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.

20150140575 - Methods for determining ligand binding to a target protein using a thermal shift assay: The invention is directed to a method of determining whether a non-purified sample contains a target protein bound to a ligand of interest comprising the steps of: a) exposing said non-purified sample to a temperature which is capable of causing or enhancing precipitation of the unbound target protein to a... Agent: Evitraproteoma Ab

20150140580 - Antibodies to matrix metalloproteinase 9: The present disclosure provides compositions and methods of use involving binding proteins, e.g., antibodies and antigen-binding fragments thereof, that bind to the matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP9) protein (MMP9 is also known as gelatinase-B), such as where the binding proteins comprise an immunoglobulin (Ig) heavy chain (or functional fragment thereof) and an... Agent: Gilead Biologics, Inc.

20150140581 - Microfluidic device for generating neural cells to simulate post-stroke conditions: This application provides devices for modeling ischemic stroke conditions. The devices can be used to culture neurons and to subject a first population of the neurons to low-oxygen conditions and a second population of neurons to normoxic conditions. The neurons are cultured on a porous barrier, and on the other... Agent:

20150140582 - Immunological test element with improved control zone: The invention concerns a test element for carrying out an immunological sandwich test for determining an analyte from a liquid sample containing a reagent zone or conjugate zone which contains a conjugate of an analyte binding partner and a label which can be detected directly or indirectly by visual, optical... Agent:

20150140583 - Methods, devices, and systems of detecting microorganisms: A rapid, sensitive method of separating and detecting microorganisms from a sample containing microorganisms, such as but not limited to bacteria, fungi, yeast, viruses, and the like. The method relies on separation techniques to separate and concentrate the cells from the sample, together with chemical techniques to amplify the amount... Agent: Celsis International Limited

20150140584 - Reagent materials and associated test elements: Reagent materials and associated test elements are provided. In one embodiment, a test element having dual functionality includes a first coenzyme-dependent enzyme or a substrate for the first enzyme, a second coenzyme-dependent enzyme or a substrate for the second enzyme, and a coenzyme selected from the group consisting of thio-NAD,... Agent:

20150140585 - Gas biosensors: Microbial biosensors that generate gas outputs in hard-to-image materials using exogenous methyl halide transferase (MHT) genes. By varying the promoter that is fused to the MHT gene, biosensors for different triggers can be made.... Agent:

20150140586 - Device for online measurement of neurotransmitters using enzymatic reactors: The invention relates to a device and a method for measuring neurotransmitters in the brain dialysate of mammals using enzymatic reactors specific to a certain neurotransmitter, which generate fluorescent derivatives when mixed. The mixture is introduced into an incubation chamber and passes through a temperature controlling system in order to... Agent:

20150140587 - Method of immobilizing a protein or molecule via a mutant dehalogenase that is bound to an immobilized dehalogenase substrate and linked directly or indirectly to the protein or molecule: A mutant hydrolase optionally fused to a protein of interest is provided. The mutant hydrolase is capable of forming a bond with a substrate for the corresponding nonmutant (wild-type) hydrolase which is more stable than the bond formed between the wild-type hydrolase and the substrate and has at least two... Agent:

20150140588 - Lipase variants and polynucleotides encoding same: The present invention relates to variants with improved activity in an amide-bond reaction. The present invention also relates to polynucleotides encoding the variants; nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides; and methods of using the variants.... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20150140589 - Automated protein digestion, recovery, and analysis: The present disclosure provides an automated system and method for protein digestion, recovery, and analysis. The present disclosure also provides a buffer solution for use therein.... Agent:

20150140590 - Fluorescent probe for cell observation and method using same: The separase sensor of the present invention has two types of fluorescent proteins different in fluorescence wavelength at both ends of an amino acid sequence containing a separase cleavage site and a localization-targeting sequence targeting to a specific site within a cell. Since timing of activating separase and location of... Agent:

20150140591 - Cell engineering using rnas: The invention concerns the field of cell culture technology. It concerns RNA having a specific sequence, expression vectors encoding said RNA, production host cell lines comprising said RNA, and methods of producing recombinant biopharmaceutical products using engineered host cell with altered levels of said RNAs, such as small non-coding RNAs,... Agent:

20150140592 - Development of microorganisms for hydrogen production: Methods and compositions are provided for engineering microorganisms, which permit enhanced H2 production. The methods and compositions provided include novel chimeric gene constructs encoding H2-forming H2ase and maturation proteins, allowing for generation of H2 continuously in large quantities. In one illustrated embodiment, novel engineered algae are provided with increased levels... Agent:

20150140595 - Formulations for the synthesis of paramagnetic particles and methods that utilize the particles for biochemical applications: A set of paramagnetic particles synthesized by co-precipitation methods wherein an alkaline hydroxide solution is mixed with a metal salt solution. The alkaline hydroxide features ammonium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, or mixtures thereof. The metal salt solution features at least one ferrous salt and at least one tetravalent metal... Agent:

20150140594 - Human taste cells capable of continuous proliferation: The present invention relates to proliferating human taste cells, wherein the cells are the cells deposited under the DSMZ deposit accession number DSM ACC3169 or taste cells derived thereof. The present invention further relates to the proliferating human taste cells of the invention for use in research. Further, the present... Agent:

20150140600 - Mass spectrometry quantitation of p450 isoforms in hepatocytes: A method for screening a drug for cytochrome P450 (CYP) induction is provided and can include incubating the drug with a microsome-containing biological sample and then quantitating at least one cytochrome P450 isoform. The isoforms can be selected from 2B6, 3A4, 1A2, and 3A5 isoforms. In some embodiments, the method... Agent:

20150140598 - Methods of screening sulfated polysaccharides for therapeutic activity for a glycocalyx-related disease: Methods are disclosed for screening sulfated polysaccharides to identify one or more therapeutic agents that can be used for the treatment of a variety of disorders that affect the glycocalyx of a subject. A glycocalyx disease inhibitor identified by the method may increase the production of heparin sulfate or of... Agent:

20150140596 - Microfluidic device, system, and method for tracking single cells and single cell lineages: The present invention relates to a microfluidic device, a microfluidic system, and methods for tracking single cells, multiple cells, single cell lineages, and multiple cell lineages in series and/or in parallel. The microfluidic device comprises a substrate having one microfluidic channel formed therein or a plurality of microfluidic channels formed... Agent: Cornell University

20150140597 - Novel methods of measuring effective density of nanoparticles in fluids: The invention includes a method of determining the effective density of nanomaterial agglomerates in liquids, such as but not limited to physiological fluids, using volumetric centrifugation. The method of the invention allows for the development of reliable and efficient in vitro dosimetry and methods for toxicological testing of engineered nanomaterials.... Agent:

20150140599 - Plant growth regulator and use thereof: A plant growth regulator containing glutathione allows increasing harvest index. This provides a technique for specifying a control factor for a plant, thereby effectively controlling germination, growth, anthesis etc. of the plant.... Agent:

20150140593 - Retention index standards for liquid chromatography: A homologous series of neutrally charged compounds having at least one functional group bearing a positive charge and at least one functional group bearing a negative charge are advantageous retention index standards for liquid chromatography, especially for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) methods, more especially for LC-MS methods employing electrospray (ESI)... Agent:

20150140601 - Fixing tissue samples using nitrogen-containing compounds that release aldehydes: A method (100) for fixing at least one tissue sample (1) is carried out using a tissue processor (10). The tissue sample (1) is introduced at a first temperature level and a first pressure level into a fixing reagent (2) containing at least one nitrogen-containing compound capable of pressure- and/or... Agent:

20150140602 - Methods and microbial cultures for improved conversion of lignocellulosic biomass: The present technology pertains to methods and microbial co-cultures for converting lignocellulosic biomass to biofuels and/or other carbon-based chemicals. Aspects of the present disclosure relate to novel consolidated bioprocessing (CBP) methods by which the efficiency of the production of biofuels and/or other carbon-based chemicals from cellulosic biomass-containing materials can be... Agent:

20150140604 - Immobilized cycloaliphatic peptide acyltransferase and preparation method and uses thereof: Disclosed in the present invention are an immobilized cycloaliphatic peptide acyltransferase and a preparation method and use thereof. The cycloaliphatic peptide acyltransferase is immobilized on a carrier; the cycloaliphatic peptide acyltransferase is derived from natural or artificial mutants or variants thereof, or can be obtained by introducing a foreign cyclic... Agent:

20150140603 - Method for the production of a lysate used for cell-free protein biosyntheses: The invention relates to a method for producing a lysate used for cell-fee protein biosynthesis, comprising the following steps: a) a genomic sequence in an organism, which codes for an essential translation product that reduces the yield of cell-fee protein biosynthesis, is replaced by the foreign DNA located under a... Agent: Rina-netzwerk Rna Technologien Gmbh

20150140605 - One step n-terminal tagging of proteins: The invention includes a selective method of modifying the N-terminus of a protein using an aminoacyl tRNA transferase. In certain embodiments, the method comprises contacting a solution of the protein or peptide with a transferase and a derivative of a molecule, whereby the N-terminus of the protein or peptide is... Agent:

20150140607 - Cho expression system: The present invention is within the field of industrial protein production. The inventors have designed and constructed a new expression system comprising an expression vector coding for a glutamine synthetase of human or dog origin, and a CHO cell line. More specifically, the invention pertains to a combination of (i)... Agent: Sanofi

20150140606 - Method of producing sugar liquid: A method of producing a sugar liquid from cellulose-containing biomass includes (1) to (4): (1) subjecting a cellulose-containing biomass to a dilute sulfuric acid treatment and thereafter separating the treated cellulose-containing biomass into a dilute sulfuric acid-treated liquid and a cellulose-containing solid content; (2) adding a cellulase to the cellulose-containing... Agent:

20150140609 - Anti-alpha(v)beta(6) antibodies: Monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind to M.96. Also included are methods of using these antibodies to treat mammals having or at risk of having 006-mediated diseases, or to diagnose % Q mediated diseases.... Agent:

20150140608 - Methods related to omalizumab: The present invention relates to the characterization and production of omalizumab.... Agent: Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150140610 - Sulfilimine and sulphoxide methods for producing festinavir: A process for making the compound of Formula I utilizes the starting compound, together with sulfilimine and sulfoxide process steps later on.... Agent:

20150140611 - Portable preparation, analysis, and detection apparatus for nucleic acid processing: The present teachings comprise a device and method for lysing and/or purifying biological sample. The device can comprise a cartridge having a chamber containing a biological sample receiving region, a plurality of electrodes, and one or more sieving matrices. The electrodes can be configured to lyse the biological sample through... Agent:

20150140612 - Methods for increasing enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulosic material: The present invention relates to methods for increasing hydrolysis of a pretreated cellulosic material, comprising subjecting the pretreated cellulosic material to a cellulolytic enzyme composition; a polypeptide having cellulolytic enhancing activity; a Peroxidase; and a nonionic surfactant and/or cationic surfactant, at conditions suitable for hydrolyzing the pretreated lignocellulosic material. The... Agent:

20150140613 - Enhanced fermentation process using molasses: Described herein are compositions and methods for enhanced fermentation of molasses using transglucosidase.... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20150140614 - Variants of the promoter of the gap gene coding for glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase: The invention relates to an isolated polynucleotide having promoter activity, a variant of the promoter of the gap gene coding for glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase; and to a microorganism which produces and/or secretes a fine chemical, the microorganism including the isolated polynucleotide having promoter activity, which enables various genes to be overexpressed... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20150140615 - Method for preparing organic acid by fed-batch-feeding carbon source substrate and base: The present invention provides a fed-batch culture method comprising a step of fed-batch-feeding a carbon source base and a base in such a manner that the pH level can be maintained at a level suitable for the growth of microorganisms for fermentation of a carbon source. The present invention also... Agent:

20150140616 - Process for making furfural: Processes are described for producing furfural from a mixture of pentoses and hexoses, by dehydrating and cyclizing pentoses to provide furfural using a water-soluble acid at elevated temperatures in the presence of a low-boiling, water-immiscible organic solvent, such as toluene, which is effective for extracting the furfural into an organic... Agent: Archer Daniels Midland Company

20150140617 - Candida tropicalis cells and use thereof: The invention relates to genetically engineered Candida tropicalis cells, use thereof and a method of production of ω-hydroxycarboxylic acids and ω-hydroxycarboxylic acid esters.... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20150140618 - Lipase in short-chain esterification of fatty acids: Patatin, a lipase obtainable from potatoes, has been found to have advantages in the esterification reaction of fatty acids to yield fatty acid alkyl esters. Methods for application of this lipase activity are described, as well as the use of patatin in various industrial processes.... Agent:

20150140619 - Use of marine algae for co-producing alkenones, alkenone derivatives, and co-products: A method comprising a series of selective extraction techniques for the parallel production of biodiesel and isolation of several valuable co-products including an alkenone hydrocarbon mixture of the kerosene/jet fuel range (primarily C10-, C12-, and C17-hydrocarbons) and fucoxanthin, a high-valued carotenoid, from the marine alkenone-producing microalgae Isochrysis.... Agent:

20150140620 - Biosynthetic pathways, recombinant cells, and methods: This disclosure describes engineered biosynthetic pathways, recombinant cells, and methods relating to biosynthesis of esters. The recombinant cells may be modified to exhibit increased biosynthesis of an ester compared to a wild-type control. The recombinant cell may be incubated in medium that includes a carbon source under conditions effective for... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20150140621 - Polyhydroxyalkanoate production and related processes: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to processes for the production and processing of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) from carbon sources. In several embodiments, PHAs are produced at high efficiencies from carbon-containing gases through the utilization of a regenerative polymerization system.... Agent:

20150140622 - Reagents and methods for cyanobacterial production of bioplastics and biomaterials: The present invention provides reagents and methods for biomaterial production from cyanobacteria.... Agent:

20150140623 - Synthesis of diester-based lubricants from enzymatically-directed epoxides: The present invention is generally directed to methods of making diester-based lubricant compositions, wherein formation of diester species proceeds via esterification of epoxide intermediates, and wherein the epoxide intermediates are generated via an enzymatically-driven mechanism. In some embodiments, the methods for making such diester-based lubricants utilize a biomass precursor and/or... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150140625 - Genetically engineered yeast cell capable of producing lactate, method of producing the same, and method of producing lactate by using the cell: A genetically engineered yeast cell capable of producing lactate having increased TPI activity, a method of preparing the yeast cell, and a method of producing lactate by using the yeast cell.... Agent:

20150140626 - Genetically engineered yeast cell producing lactate including acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, method of producing yeast cell, and method of producing lactate using the same: Provided is a genetically engineered yeast cell with lactate production capacity, including an enzyme that catalyzes conversion of acetaldehyde to acetyl-CoA and an enzyme that catalyzes conversion of pyruvate to lactate, which activities are increased compared to a parent cell of the yeast cell, as well as a method of... Agent:

20150140624 - Production of lactic acid from fermentations using mixed bacterial cultures: A method and system for producing lactic acid from biomass materials uses a mixed bacteria culture of at least one homofermentative lactic acid bacteria and at least one heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria in an integrated production system to increase the productivity and yield of lactic acid.... Agent: Jiangsu University

20150140627 - Method for producing bioproducts using hydrolyzed organic wastes of fermentation: Provided is a method for producing bioproducts, including the steps of: culturing a first microorganism to produce bioalcohol; hydrolyzing the first microorganism; separating the bioalcohol; obtaining wastes from the hydrolyzed bioalcohol fermentation; and inoculating a second microorganism into the wastes from the hydrolyzed bioalcohol fermentation.... Agent:

20150140628 - Volatile organic compound recovery system and method: The present invention provides for passive V0C recovery in the fermentation process that does not affect or minimally affects the conditions within the fermentor vessel and does not affect or minimally affects the conditions within the headspace of the fermentor vessel itself while using the production of CO2 emitted during... Agent:

20150140629 - Alcoholic fermentation process in the presence of a high alcohol tolerant yeast and a maltotriose positive yeast: The invention relates to an alcoholic fermentation process in the presence of one or more high alcohol tolerant yeast and one or more maltotriose positive yeast. The process of the present invention can be a fermentation process for the production of ethanol, for the production of beer, for the production... Agent: Cargill, Incorporated

20150140630 - Manure treatment process with anaerobic digester: A process is provided for converting waste fibers to solid fuel. The process includes providing a supply of animal waste including the waste fibers in a predetermined quantity, subjecting the supply of animal waste to anaerobic digestion, producing a waste byproduct, dewatering the waste byproduct, and compressing the dewatered waste... Agent:

20150140631 - Production of volatile dienes by enzymatic dehydration of light alkenols: Described is a method for generating conjugated dienes through a biological process. More specifically, the application describes a method for producing conjugated dienes (for example butadiene, isoprene or dimethylbutadiene) from light alkenols via enzymatic dehydration, in particular by making use of an alkenol dehydratase.... Agent:

20150140632 - System and method for renewable resource production, for example, hydrogen production by microbial, electrolysis, fermentation, and/or photosynthesis: System and method for sustainable economic development which includes hydrogen extracted from substances, for example, sea water, industrial waste water, agricultural waste water, sewage, and landfill waste water. The hydrogen extraction is accomplished by thermal dissociation, electrical dissociation, optical dissociation, and magnetic dissociation. The hydrogen extraction further includes operation in... Agent:

20150140633 - System and method for proliferation of stem cells in cellular tissue: A method and a system are provided for subjecting organic cells in a region of a subject to an extremely low frequency magnetic field. At least one resonance medium is operably connected to a generator. The generator produces a sinusoidal non-harmonic current signal, having a predetermined frequency of substantially between... Agent:

20150140634 - Method for producing a polymer product from multidimensional aggregated components as barrier or carriers of living microbial cells and biological barriers in plastic and textile: This invention relates to a polymer product comprising the components consisting of a polymer in form of granules; a multidimensional structure containing amphiphilic molecules, such as lipids, surfactants or polymers, wherein said polymer product has an active and/or passive oxygen or CO2 barrier, with an UV blocking activity or with... Agent:

20150140635 - Boronic and borinic acid compound as inhibitors of sulfenic acid-containing proteins: A boronic or borinic acid compound is used to inhibit the activity of a sulfenic acid-containing protein. Thus, a biologically-active sulfenic acid-containing protein is contacted with an activity-inhibiting effective amount of a boronic or borinic acid compound of Formula I or a salt, hydrate or solvate thereof, whose components are... Agent:

20150140636 - Polynucleotides encoding mutant hydrolase proteins with enhanced kinetics and functional expression: The invention provides a mutant hydrolase protein with enhanced kinetics and functional expression, as well as polynucleotides encoding the mutant proteins and methods of using the polynucleotides and mutant proteins.... Agent: Promega Corporation

20150140637 - Process for the separation of a mixture of a protein and its reaction product with a polyalkylene glycol: The present invention relates to a process for the separation of a mixture of a protein and its reaction product with a polyalkylene glycol, comprising the steps: a) providing a mixture comprising the protein and the reaction product in a fluid, b) bringing the mixture of step a) into contact... Agent:

20150140638 - Polypeptides having endoglucanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same: The present invention relates to isolated polypeptides having endoglucanase activity and polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. The invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides.... Agent:

20150140639 - Vectors with modified initiation codon for the translation of aav-rep78 useful for production of aav: The present invention relates nucleic acid constructs for the production of recombinant parvoviral (e.g. adeno-associated viral) vectors in insect cells, to insect cells comprising such constructs and to methods wherein the cells are used to produce recombinant parvoviral virions. The insect cells preferably comprise a first nucleotide sequence encoding the... Agent:

20150140640 - Process for growing natural or engineered high lipid accumulating strain on crude glycerol and/or other sources of waste carbon for the production of oils, fuels, oleochemicals, and other valuable organic compounds: Disclosed herein are microorganisms capable of growing on crude glycerol and/or glycerol and/or methanol, or combinations thereof. In some embodiments the microorganisms are knallgas bacteria that produce or secrete at least 10% of lipid by weight. Also disclosed are methods of converting crude glycerol and/or glycerol and/or methanol produced as... Agent: Kiverdi, Inc.

20150140641 - Endoglucanase variants: The present invention relates to variant endoglucanases having improved thermoactivity, improved thermostability, and improved viscosity reduction activity over wild-type M. thermophila endoglucanase.... Agent:

20150140642 - Method of promoting growth of green algae: Provided is a method of culturing green algae which promotes the growth of the green algae which is in a state of being a green swarm cell by irradiating the green algae that accumulate astaxanthin with an artificial light, in which the green algae are grown in a liquid medium... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20150140643 - Biological odor control system: A biological odor control system includes a vessel and a nutrient tank mounted and attached to an outer surface of the vessel such that the nutrient tank does not extend into a housing of the vessel. The vessel can include a housing, a gas inlet, a gas outlet, a first... Agent:

20150140644 - Treatment of leaf tissue for the recovery of interstitial recombinant proteins by the application of cell wall degrading enzymes: The present disclosure relates to methods of increasing the purity of an apoplast-targeted recombinant protein recovered from a plant tissue, and increasing the yield of recovery of an apoplast-targeted recombinant protein from a plant tissue.... Agent:

20150140645 - Microfluidic analysis system: A thermal cycling device (3) device a number of fixed thermal zones (11, 12, 13) and a fixed conduit (10) passing through the thermal zones. A controller maintains each thermal zone including its section of conduit (10) at a constant temperature. A series of droplets flows through the conduit (10)... Agent:

20150140646 - Systems and methods for detection and quantification of analytes: Devices, systems, and methods for detecting molecules of interest within a collected sample are described herein. In certain embodiments, self-contained sample analysis systems are disclosed, which include a reusable reader component, a disposable cartridge component, and a disposable sample collection component. In some embodiments, the reader component communicates with a... Agent:

20150140647 - System for the execution, traceability, monitoring and control of a method of reducing the bacterial count in a confined environment: A system (1) for the execution, traceability, monitoring and control of reducing the bacterial count in a confined environment, includes an environment identification device (2) arranged to contain information relating to the confined environment. A device (3) for micronizing air-dispersed decontaminant substances is arranged to diffuse through a diffuser (9)... Agent:

20150140648 - Disposable chip-type flow cell and flow cytometer using same: The present invention provides an apparatus for analyzing particles in a solution including a unit configured to place a flow cell having a flow path for flowing a sample solution containing the particles; a unit configured to illuminate the sample solution flowing through the flow path of the flow cell;... Agent: On-chip Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.

20150140649 - Nucleic acid extraction device: A nucleic acid extraction device includes: a tube section in which are disposed in this order a first plug formed of oil, a second plug formed of a washing liquid immiscible with oil and for washing a substance adsorbing a nucleic acid, a third plug formed of oil, a fourth... Agent:

20150140650 - Systems and methods for cryopreservation of cells: An auto-nucleating device includes a tube containing a crystalline cholesterol matrix. The ends of the tube are closed by a membrane that is impermeable to the cholesterol but permeable to liquids contained in a cryopreservation vessel. The auto-nucleating device provides a site for ice nucleation during freezing of the liquid... Agent:

20150140655 - Apparatus and methods for sperm separation: Various embodiments of methods and apparatuses for separating sperm, including apparatus having an inlet and an outlet reservoir, and either: i) a radial array of microchannels disposed between the inlet and outlet reservoirs to provide fluid communication therebetween and to direct motile sperm inwardly from the inlet reservoir to the... Agent: The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning/mcgill University

20150140653 - Expanding cells in a bioreactor: Described are embodiments for expanding cells in a bioreactor. In one embodiment, methods are provided that distribute cells throughout the bioreactor and attach cells to specific portions of a bioreactor to improve the expansion of the cells in the bioreactor. Embodiments may be implemented on a cell expansion system configured... Agent: Terumo Bct, Inc.

20150140654 - Expanding cells in a bioreactor: Described are embodiments for expanding cells in a bioreactor. In one embodiment, methods are provided that distribute cells throughout the bioreactor and attach cells to specific portions of a bioreactor to improve the expansion of the cells in the bioreactor. Embodiments may be implemented on a cell expansion system configured... Agent: Terumo Bct, Inc.

20150140651 - Surgical technique for harvesting autogenous symphysis graft: A surgical technique for harvesting an autogenous symphysis bone graft including making a single vertical incision to the symphysis area of a patient and harvesting bone from the symphysis area of the patient's mandible. The single vertical incision is made parallel to muscle fibers of the patient's chin.... Agent:

20150140652 - Vessel for culturing human es cells: Provided are a culture vessel with which an embryonic body can be formed efficiently from human embryonic stem cells, and a method for culturing human embryonic stem cells using the vessel. There is provided a vessel for culturing human embryonic stem cells, the culture vessel having two or more wells... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

20150140656 - Method of freezing cells: The present invention is a method of freezing cells comprising the steps of incubating said cells in a solution comprising a cryoprotective agent, concentrating the cells resulting from the previous step withdrawing the eluent essentially free of cells, and freezing the resulting concentrated cells. The cells frozen by the invention's... Agent:

20150140658 - Lineage reprogramming to induced cardiac progenitor cells (icpc) by defined factors: Animal cells, notably adult fibroblasts, are advantageously reprogrammed in direct lineage reprogramming methods using defined factors to produce proliferative and multipotent induced cardiac progenitor cells (iCPC). The iCPC thus produced can be differentiated under suitable differentiation conditions to cardiac lineage cells including cardiomyocytes, smooth muscle cells, and endothelial cells, as... Agent:

20150140657 - Method of generating natural killer cells and dendritic cells from human embryonic stem cell-derived hemangioblasts: This invention provides methods of generating natural killer (NK) cells and dendritic cells (DCs). The methods utilize human hemangioblasts as intermediate cells to generate the NK cells and DCs. In various embodiments, the methods do not require the use of stromal feeder layers.... Agent: Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine International, Inc.

20150140660 - Hydrogen cyanide-based polymer surface coatings and hydrogels: The present invention provides a process of coating at least a portion of a substrate surface comprising contacting the surface with hydrogen cyanide monomeric units under conditions permitting polymerisation of the hydrogen cyanide monomeric units to form a polymer that coats the surface. Also provided is a substrate coated by... Agent:

20150140659 - Three-dimensional cell culture system and manufacturing method thereof: A three-dimensional cell culture system for an imaging system to observe a cell image includes at least two cell culture layers formed by a solution having a photo-polymerizable monomer, a bio-molecule, an acoustic scattering medium solution and a cell culture medium. After placing a cell into the two cell culture... Agent: National Taiwan University

20150140661 - Method for producing pancreatic hormone-producing cell, pancreatic hormone-producing cell, and differentiation/induction promoter: The method for producing a pancreatic hormone-producing cell according to the present invention is characterized in that a specific differentiation/induction promoter is added to a culture medium in the process of differentiating/inducing of a pluripotent stem cell or a pancreatic tissue stem/progenitor cell into the pancreatic hormone-producing cell. The differentiation/induction... Agent:

20150140662 - Method of producing induced pluripotent stem cells using a dominant negative mutant of p53: Provided is a method of producing an iPS cell, comprising bringing (a) Oct3/4 or a nucleic acid that encodes the same, (b) Klf4 or a nucleic acid that encodes the same, and (c) Sox2 or a nucleic acid that encodes the same, as well as (d1) L-Myc or a nucleic... Agent:

20150140663 - In vitro reconstituted plant virus capsids for delivering rna genes to mammalian cells: The invention provides compositions of matter comprising a cowpea chlorotic mottle virus capsid protein (CCMV CP) and a ribonucleic acid, as well as methods for using such compositions. In such compositions, the cowpea chlorotic mottle virus capsid protein envelops the ribonucleic acid so as to for a capsid that can... Agent:

20150140664 - Large gene excision and insertion: Methods of simultaneously excising large nucleic acid sequences from a target nucleic acid and inserting large foreign nucleic sequences into the target nucleic acid sequence using DNA binding protein nucleases are described.... Agent:

20150140665 - Site-specific integration of transgenes into human cells: Methods for inserting a polynucleotide sequence into the genome of a human cell are provided. The present methods result in insertion of a polynucleotide sequence of interest into the H11 locus in the genome of a human cell. Also provided are nucleic acids that include sequences for integrating a polynucleotide... Agent:

20150140666 - Microbes with controlled adhesive properties: The present invention encompasses a phototrophic microorganism with altered and controlled adhesive properties. One aspect of the present invention encompasses a genetically modified phototrophic microorganism capable of controlled adhesion. The microorganism comprises a recombinant nucleic acid construct, wherein the nucleic acid construct comprises an inducible promoter operably-linked to a nucleic... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

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