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Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology

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09/25/2014 > 112 patent applications in 64 patent subcategories.

20140287402 - Method for screening cells: The invention relates to high throughput screening methods for identifying, isolating and retrieving cells secreting antibodies of interest, e.g., having functional activity and/or multi-antigen specificities. It further provides methods for the cloning of said antibodies VH/VL sequences and the generation of recombinant monoclonal antibodies derived thereof having the features of... Agent: Valneva

20140287403 - Nanoscale motion detector: Motion detector comprising a flexible support (1,5) adapted to hold at least one object (6-9), a sensor (4) for measuring the displacement of said support (1) and processing means for differentiating the fluctuations of said support (1) from those induced by said object (6-9).... Agent: Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

20140287412 - Acf detection method: The present invention provides a method for detecting ACF by analyzing a test region of large intestine tissue at the molecular level. Namely, the present invention relates to a method for detecting aberrant crypt foci (ACF) that comprises detecting an ACF detection marker in a test region of large intestine... Agent: The University Of Tokushima

20140287411 - Compositions, kits and related methods for the detection and/or monitoring of listeria: Provided are compositions, kits, and methods for the identification of Listeria. In certain aspects and embodiments, the compositions, kits, and methods may provide improvements in relation to specificity, sensitivity, and speed of detection.... Agent:

20140287406 - Corn plant mon88017 and compositions and methods for detection thereof: The present invention provides a corn plant designated MON88017 and DNA compositions contained therein. Also provided are assays for detecting the presence of the corn plant MON88017 based on a DNA sequence and the use of this DNA sequence as a molecular marker in a DNA detection method.... Agent: Monsanto Technology LLC

20140287409 - Detection and assessment of cancer risk using telomere health: Compositions and methods related to assessing the risk of cancer, such as breast cancer, lung cancer and bladder cancer, through analyzing the length of telomeres, such as chromosome 9p, 15p, and/or Xp telomere, such as the short arm of the 9p, 15p, and/or Xp telomere.... Agent: Georgetown University

20140287404 - Detection of bisulfite converted nucleotide sequences: The invention is to improved compositions and methods for the detection of target bisulfite converted methylated nucleotide sequences.... Agent:

20140287405 - Method for detecting and quantifying wheat endogenous gene: Provided is a method of detecting or quantifying a wheat species-specific DNA in a test sample by polymerase chain reaction. The method comprises a step of amplifying a nucleic acid molecule having a partial sequence of a nucleotide sequence identified as SEQ ID NO: 1 using a nucleic acid molecule... Agent: Nisshin Seifun Group Inc.

20140287413 - Methods, compositions, and devices utilizing microrna to determine physiological conditions: Methods, compositions, and devices are disclosed which use microRNA to detect, predict, treat, and monitor physiological conditions such as disease or injury. microRNA are isolated and their differential expression is measured to provide diagnostic information. This information may then be utilized for evaluation and/or treatment purposes.... Agent: Institute For Systems Biology

20140287410 - Probe:antiprobe compositions for high specificity dna or rna detection: Probe systems and methods are provided for detecting nucleic acid targets using labeled polynucleotide probes and antiprobes that interact together and with complementary targets. These interactions result in signaling changes that indicate target frequency and provide error-checking functions that facilitate single base discrimination. These probe:antiprobe compositions enable real-time PCR detection,... Agent:

20140287407 - System and method for analysis of plant material for a set of unique exogenous genetic elements: This disclosure concerns a system and method for detecting heterologous DNA in plant materials.... Agent: Dow Agrosciences LLC

20140287408 - Target sequence enrichment: The present invention provides methods, systems, kits, and compositions for magnetically purifying target nucleic acid sequences from a sample using bait molecules configured to bind both target nucleic acid sequences and magnetic binding particles. In certain embodiments, the bait molecules comprise a short target capture sequence (e.g., 18 to 48... Agent: Abbott Molecular Inc.

20140287418 - Composition for amplifying nucleic acids: The invention relates to a concentrated and buffered liquid composition for amplifying nucleic acids, comprising at least one dNTP, at least one enzyme required for the amplification, at least one oligonucleotide primer, and at least one fluorescent nucleotide probe, in the presence of a polyol and/or of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP).... Agent: Bio-rad Innovations

20140287419 - Compositions having dicamba decarboxylase activity and methods of use: Compositions and methods comprising polynucleotides and polypeptides having dicamba decarboxylase activity are provided. Further provided are nucleic acid constructs, host cells, plants, plant cells, explants, seeds and grain having the dicamba decarboxylase sequences. Various methods of employing the dicamba decarboxylase sequences are provided. Such methods include, for example, methods for... Agent:

20140287423 - Device and method for apportionment and manipulation of sample volumes: The present invention relates to methods and apparatus for apportionment and manipulation of sample volumes into smaller discrete volumes. The method exploits the interplay of hydrophilic and hydrophobic forces to partition sample volumes. These compartmentalized volumes allow for isolation of samples and partitioning into a localized array that can subsequently... Agent:

20140287417 - Egfr blood monitoring: Improved methods of assessing status of a solid-tumor cancer in a subject involving detection of tumor-associated mutations in the subject's blood.... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

20140287421 - Gene expression markers for breast cancer prognosis: The present invention provides gene sets the expression of which is important in the diagnosis and/or prognosis of breast cancer.... Agent: Genomic Health, Inc.

20140287422 - Method for selecting a treatment for non-small cell lung cancer using gene expression profiles: The present invention identifies and quantifies changes in gene expression associated with non-small cell lung cancer NSCLC by examining gene expression in tissue from normal lung and diseased lung. The present invention also identifies and quantifies expression profiles which serve as useful diagnostic markers as well as markers that are... Agent: University Of Toledo

20140287420 - Microfluidics polymerase chain reaction and high resolution melt detection: The present invention relates to a method and system for Polymerase Chain Reaction (“PCR”), High Resolution Melt (“HRM”) analysis and microfluidics, and, more specifically, to a method and system for implementing the processes of PCR and HRM on a microscale in a microfluidics chamber for certain purposes including for purposes... Agent: Syracuse University

20140287416 - Polyelectrolyte-coated size-exclusion ion-exchange particles: A polyelectrolyte-coated particle, devices for using the particle, methods for using the particle for separating PCR reaction products and/or DNA sequencing reaction products, and compositions for coating the particle are provided.... Agent:

20140287415 - Polymerases: Modified DNA polymerases have an affinity for DNA such that the polymerase has an ability to incorporate one or more nucleotides into a plurality of separate DNA templates in each reaction cycle. The polymerases are capable of forming an increased number of productive polymerase-DNA complexes in each reaction cycle. The... Agent: Illumina, Inc.

20140287414 - System and method for analyzing dna using application of mobile device: A DNA analysis system that controls DNA analysis by wireless using an application of a mobile device and a very small DNA analysis apparatus, and that receives a DNA analysis result in real time on the spot is provided. Therefore, by performing DNA analysis by simultaneously controlling a plurality of... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140287424 - Slide chip for detection sensor of food-borne pathogens and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to a slide chip for a sensor for detection of food-borne bacteria and a fabrication method thereof. More particularly, the invention relates to a slide chip for a sensor for detection of food-borne bacteria and a fabrication method thereof, the slide chip comprising: a substrate coated... Agent: Korea Food Research Institute

20140287425 - Glucose and insulin senors and methods of use thereof: Described herein are glucose and insulin sensors. The sensors are composed of host cells with DNA specifically designed to produce fluorescence when the cells come into contact with glucose and/or insulin in the sample. Once the fluorescence has been quantified, it can be correlated with the amount of glucose and/or... Agent: International Park Of Creativity

20140287426 - Antibody and antibody mimetic for visualization and ablation of endogenous proteins: Provided are compositions and methods for labeling an endogenous protein, in particular, in a live cell, or for ablating an endogenous or target protein. The compositions relate to a fusion protein having a binding moiety such as an antibody, an antigen binding fragment of an antibody or an antibody mimetic... Agent: University Of Southern California

20140287430 - Absorbent paper and use thereof for breast cancer detection: Biological samples of mammary fluid or components thereof are obtained using a breast pump device coupled with an absorbent paper or membrane, optionally facilitated by administering oxytocin to the subject. The breast pump device stimulates expression of mammary fluid and provides for collection of diagnostic samples on the absorbent paper... Agent:

20140287431 - Antibody specific to profilaggrin c-terminal domain, and use thereof: The present invention provides an antibody specific to a C-terminal domain of a human profilaggrin gene, wherein the C-terminal domain is a peptide comprising the amino acid sequence set forth in SEQ ID NO:1 or a variant thereof, a method for detecting a filaggrin gene mutation using the antibody, and... Agent:

20140287427 - Compositions and methods for capture of cellular targets of bioactive agents: The present invention provides compositions and methods for capture and identification of the cellular targets of a bioactive agent. In particular, provided herein are bioactive agents tethered to capture ligand, cellular targets (optionally tagged with a reporter), capture proteins (optionally present as capture dimers), surfaces (e.g., displaying, capture ligands, capture... Agent: Promega Corporation

20140287428 - Method for detection of bacteria in milk: A method of detecting the presence of bacteria in milk is provided, wherein milk is contacted with a preparation which may comprise an effective amount of at least one type of antibodies, said antibodies being capable of specifically binding to bacteria to be detected; staining said antibodies, before or after... Agent:

20140287429 - Pretreatment solution for immunohistochemical staining and condensed solution thereof: Disclosed are a pretreatment solution for immunohistochemical staining, which elutes a paraffin-containing embedding medium from a glass slide with a tissue specimen embedded in the medium, and retrieves antigenicity of the tissue specimen, and which is usable three or more times, and a pretreatment solution concentrate for immunohistochemical staining which... Agent:

20140287435 - Kits, compositions and methods for detecting a biological: The present invention provides kits, apparatus and methods for determining a biological condition in a mammalian subject, the method includes incubating a specimen from a patient with at least one composition in a kit for a predetermined period of time to form at least one reaction product, when the subject... Agent:

20140287436 - Physical removal of biological agents detected by a magnecytometer: A system and method for analyzing a sample of liquid having an NMR signal in response to a magnetic field for the presence of an analyte. Included is an NMR device having a testing section that is adapted to contain a liquid and apply a magnetic field to the liquid.... Agent:

20140287437 - Magnetic separation of cells: An apparatus, system, and method for magnetic separation of cells are disclosed. By combining inkjet printing technology and magnetic labeling of cells, accurate cell counts are obtained using an optical microscope. Mouse CD4+ lymphocytes are attached to micron sized magnetic beads and printed through a modified, commercial inkjet printer. The... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System.

20140287438 - Rapid and inexpensive assay for evaluation of antibody efficacy with custom-designed fluorescent nanoparticles: A method for determining the efficacy of a vaccine comprising: providing serum from an animal inoculated with a vaccine; providing a plurality of antigen-linked nanoparticles; contacting the serum with the plurality of antigen linked nanoparticles; contacting the serum and the plurality of antigen linked nanoparticles with a plurality of Fc... Agent: South Dakota Board Of Regents

20140287432 - Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disorders characterized by undesirable cell proliferation: The present invention relates to methods for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of heart disease or heart failure in a subject. The present invention also relates to methods for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis with vulnerable plaque in a subject. Furthermore, the present invention relates to methods for... Agent:

20140287433 - Means and methods for determining clostridial neurotoxins: This invention relates to a method of determining presence, amount and/or activity of a clostridial neurotoxin in a sample, the method comprising or consisting of the following steps: (a) bringing said sample into contact with a liposome, said liposome comprising (aa) at least one receptor on its outer surface, said... Agent: Miprolab Gmbh

20140287434 - Methods of screening for and identifying compositions which modulate cellular kinase activities: The present invention relates to drug screening assays, therapeutic protocols and pharmaceutical compositions designed to target non-receptor tyrosine family kinases and components of the tyrosine kinase family signal transduction pathways. This includes primarily diseases or conditions associated with immune responses and can include treatment for cancers as well as various... Agent:

20140287439 - Method for manufacturing multiple-diagnosis membrane sensor by using screen printing: e

20140287443 - Characterization of cho-mif gene and protein, and use thereof: The present invention is concerned with the specific and highly sensitive detection of specific CHO-MIF (macrophage migration inhibitory factor from Chinese Ovarian Hamster cell line) complexes in the production of anti-MIF antibodies. The present invention is further concerned with the provision of specific antibodies which can be used for a... Agent:

20140287441 - Immunoassay for cyclopropylindole based synthetic cannabinoids, metabolites and derivatives thereof: The invention relates to the detection and quantification of cyclopropylindole based synthetic cannabinoids UR-144 and XLR-11 by providing antibodies based on novel immunogens. These antibodies can be incorporated into methods and kits for the detection of UR-144, XLR-11 and their metabolites.... Agent: Randox Laboratories Limited

20140287440 - Melittin peptide conjugates and methods employing same: Methods and reagents are disclosed for conducting assays for IgE specific for honey bee venom allergen. A reagent comprises a conjugate of a small molecule linked to a terminal glycine amino acid of a synthetic 26 amino acid melittin peptide. In the method a combination is provided that comprises a... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20140287442 - Method for determining degree of modified potency of bipathic medicament: The invention comprises a method for determining degree of modified potency of a bipathic medicament. A bipathic medicine is a medicament comprising a therapeutic component and a homeopathic component, wherein the homeopathic component has some physical, chemical or biological affect on the therapeutic component and/or the pharmacological efficacy thereof. An... Agent:

20140287444 - Method of lipid assay and reagent for use therein: A method of lipid assay characterized by assaying the lipids contained in a blood component in the presence of an organic silicon compound. The method can cause specific conditions for direct methods while satisfying requirements such as no influence on precision of assay, no burden on assay apparatus, and easy... Agent: Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

20140287445 - Flavin-binding glucose dehydrogenase, method for producing flavin-binding glucose dehydrogenase, and glucose measurement method using thereof: A flavin-binding glucose dehydrogenase (FAD-GDH), which in addition to having high substrate specificity and adequate desirable heat stability, is suitable for efficient production, preferably using E. coli, yeast or molds and the like as host cells. The FAD-GDH has amino acid substitutions at positions equivalent to one or more locations... Agent:

20140287446 - Monoclonal antibody for acetylamantadine: A method of producing an antibody comprises immunizing a mammal with an amine-derivative of acetylamantadine, immunizing the mammal with acetylamantadine, and producing the antibody from the mammal. The antibody recognizes acetylamantadine but does not recognize amantadine.... Agent: Biomark Technologies Inc.

20140287447 - Ultrasensitive methodology for quantifying the kinase catalytic activity of any protein kinase in biological/clinical samples or recombinant/purified proteins using near-infrared-fluorescence (nirf)-labeled, kinase-selective peptide substrates and a combi: A non-radioactive, ultrasensitive methodology for the quantification of protein kinase catalytic activity of any protein kinase in, for example, biological/clinical samples or recombinant/purified proteins, based on using near-infrared-fluorescence (NIRF)-labeled peptide substrates that are selective for individual protein kinases and using a combination of kinase-selective inhibitors to define the catalytic activity... Agent:

20140287448 - Method for determining degree of modified potency of a medicament: The invention comprises a method for determining degree of modified potency of a medicament. A medicine is a medicament comprising a therapeutic component and a homeopathic, i.e., activated-potentiated, component, wherein the activated-potentiated component has some physical, chemical or biological affect on the therapeutic component and/or the pharmacological efficacy thereof. The... Agent:

20140287451 - Flow chambers, methods of using the flow chamber, and methods of making the flow chamber: In accordance with the purpose(s) of the present disclosure, as embodied and broadly described herein, embodiments of the present disclosure, in one aspect, relate to a device (or “flow chamber”), methods of making a device, methods of using a device, and the like.... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated

20140287452 - Method for observing stem cells, method for removal of cell region in state tending toward differentiation, and device for observing stem cells: A method for observing stem cells by an observation device 1 comprises, placing stem cells C in a petri dish 11, mounting the petri dish 11 on a waveguide 21 via water 13, emitting illumination light L1 into the waveguide 21 and emitting the illumination light L1 to the stem... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140287450 - Methods for natural product optimization: Methods and compositions for natural product optimization are provided. In particular, methods and compositions for selecting bacterial strains (e.g., predatory bacteria such as myxobacteria) which produce a desired compound (e.g., antibiotic, antifungal, or anticancer agent) are provided.... Agent: The University Of Wyoming

20140287449 - Photosynthetic microorganism condition detection sensor: The present invention provides an optical probe apparatus and method for microorganism culture monitoring. The optical probe can be immersed within the microorganisms and include at least one emitter and at least two detectors that excite photosynthetic pigments in the culture medium. The optical probe can measure the culture spectral... Agent: 4-oem, LLC

20140287453 - Sample injection device for biochemical analysis, flow-type biochemical analysis device, and measurement method for hemoglobin component: When injecting a sample into carrier-liquid channels (3A and 3B), injection shock is prevented. Septa 13 and 14 constitute the upper wall and the lower wall of a sample injection part (11) of the carrier-liquid channels (3A and 3B). A needle (27) can vertically penetrate the septum (13) on the... Agent:

20140287454 - Susceptibility to selective cdk9 inhibitors: The present invention relates to a method of selecting (a) cell(s), (a) tissue(s) or (a) cell culture(s) with susceptibility to a selective CDK9 inhibitor. Also a method for determining the responsiveness of a mammalian tumor cell or cancer cell to treatment with a selective CDK9 inhibitor is described herein. In... Agent: Lead Discovery Center Gmbh

20140287455 - Microorganism detecting device evaluation kit, microorganism detecting device evaluation kit manufacturing method, and microorganism detecting device evaluating method: An evaluation kit for a microorganism detecting device includes an immobilized microorganism. A manufacturing method for an evaluation kit for a microorganism detecting device includes immobilizing a microorganism. An evaluating method for the microorganism detecting device includes detecting an immobilized microorganism by the microorganism detecting device. The immobilized microorganisms may... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20140287456 - Method of removing floatation liquid: A method of removing a floatation liquid from between a microscope slide and a paraffin embedded biological specimen including position the microscope slide with the paraffin embedded biological specimen floated thereon onto a slide support element. The slide support element is rotated to cause the microscope slide and the paraffin... Agent:

20140287461 - Method for producing sugar liquid: A method of producing a sugar liquid using a cellulose-containing biomass as a raw material includes (a) hydrolyzing a cellulose-containing biomass to produce an aqueous sugar solution and (b) filtering the obtained aqueous sugar solution through a reverse osmosis membrane to collect a purified sugar liquid from a feed side,... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20140287458 - Photosynthetic process: The present invention provides a method of producing a photosynthetic product, the method comprising maintaining a photosynthetic plant or algal cell suspension culture, in the presence of water, light and a carbonic acid-enriched growth medium. The carbonic acid may, for example be provided by feeding the photosynthetic plant cell suspension... Agent: Naturally Scientific Technologies Limited

20140287460 - Production of recombinant protein in insect cells using a baculovirus expression system: The present invention describes a novel method for recombinant protein production using a baculovirus protein expression system in insect cells, wherein baculovirus virion production is suppressed during recombinant protein production. The novel expression system produces reduced levels of baculovirus virions during recombinant protein production phase, thereby reducing the need for... Agent: Gbiotech Sarl

20140287457 - Synthetic genes for plant gums and other hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins: A new approach in the field of plant gums is described which presents a new solution to the production of hydroxyproline(Hyp)-rich glycoproteins (HRGPs), repetitive proline-rich proteins (RPRPs) and arabinogalactan-proteins (AGPs). The expression of synthetic genes designed from repetitive peptide sequences of such glycoproteins, including the peptide sequences of gum arabic... Agent:

20140287459 - Temperature shift for high yield expression of polypeptides in yeast and other transformed cells: Methods for producing heterologous proteins are disclosed. In particular, the present disclosure provides improved methods of producing desired proteins, including multi-subunit proteins such as antibodies, with a higher yield and improved purity. In exemplary embodiments, the transformed cells are a yeast, e.g., methylotrophic yeast such as Pichia pastoris.... Agent: Alderbio Holdings LLC

20140287462 - Gene inactivated mutants with altered protein production: A recombinant filamentous fungal cell (e.g. Aspergillus) having one or more inactivated chromosomal genes is provided. The chromosomal genes in some embodiments correspond to derA, derB, htmA, mnn9, mnn10, ochA, dpp4, dpp5, pepAa, pepAb, pepAc, pepAd, pepF and combinations thereof. The recombinant fungal cells may include further inactivated chromosomal genes... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140287463 - Engineered pichia strains with improved fermentation yield and n-glycosylation quality: The present invention relates to novel engineered Pichia strains with improved fermentation yields for expressing heterologous proteins with improved N-glycosylation quality, as well as to methods of generating such strains.... Agent:

20140287464 - In vivo unnatural amino acid expression in the methylotrophic yeast pichia pastoris: The invention provides orthogonal translation systems for the production of polypeptides comprising unnatural amino acids in methylotrophic yeast such as Pichia pastoris. Methods for producing polypeptides comprising unnatural amino acids in methylotrophic yeast such as Pichia pastoris are also provided.... Agent:

20140287465 - Polypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same: The present invention relates to polypeptides having xylanase activity, catalytic domains, and carbohydrate binding domains, and polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, catalytic domains, and carbohydrate binding domains. The present invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using... Agent:

20140287466 - Process for the conversion of lignocellulose material into an organic acid: The invention relates to a process for the conversion of lignocellulose into an organic acid including an alkaline pretreatment step and a fermentation step, wherein liquid phase obtained in the fermentation step is recycled to the alkaline pretreatment step and/or the fermentation step. Organic acid is recovered as its magnesium... Agent: Purac Biochem B.v.

20140287467 - Processing biomass: Feedstocks, obtained at least in part from a plant material that has been modified with respect to its wild type, are processed to produce useful intermediates and products, such as energy, fuels, foods or materials. For example, systems are described that can treat such feedstock materials, e.g., to reduce the... Agent:

20140287468 - Enrichment of target sequences: Methods and compositions are provided for enriching for target sequences from a population of nucleic acids, that includes combining in solution, a population of nucleic acids and a target isolation probe wherein the target isolation probe includes an affinity binding domain; permitting a single stranded region of the target isolation... Agent: Directed Genomics, LLC

20140287469 - Filtration: Biomass feedstocks (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) are processed to produce useful products, such as fuels. For example, systems are described that can be useful for separating solids from liquids of saccharified biomass material slurries.... Agent:

20140287470 - Processing biomass and energy: Biomass feedstocks (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) are processed to produce useful products, such as fuels, heat and energy.... Agent:

20140287471 - Variant cbh i polypeptides with reduced product inhibition: The present disclosure relates to variant CBH I polypeptides that have reduced product inhibition, and compositions, e.g., cellulase compositions, comprising variant CBH I polypeptides. The variant CBH I polypeptides and related compositions can be used in variety of agricultural and industrial applications. The present disclosure further relates to nucleic acids... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20140287472 - Method for producing l-amino acids using bacteriua of the enterobacteriaceae family: There is disclosed a method for producing L-amino acid, for example L-threonine, L-lysine, L-histidine, L-phenylalanine, L-arginine or L-glutamic acid, using a bacterium of the Enterobacteriaceae family, wherein the bacterium has been modified to enhance an activity of D-xylose permease.... Agent: Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

20140287473 - Methods and compositions for enhanced production of organic substances from fermenting microorganisms: The present invention relates methods and compositions for producing an organic substance from fermenting microorganism using simultaneous saccharification and fermentation. One aspect of the invention provides producing alcohol by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation by combining a cellulosic substrate, and whole fermentation broth, and an ethanologenic microorganism under conditions conducive both... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140287474 - Method of treating organic material to produce methane gas: The present invention relates to a method of treating organic materials to produce methane gas, comprising the steps of: a) subjecting an organic feedstock comprising organic materials to a liquefaction process at subcritical conditions in at least one reaction stage, to obtain a mixture containing low molecular weight materials and... Agent: Reacfuel Ab

20140287475 - Methods for eliminating or reducing the expression of a gene in a filamentous fungal strain: The present invention relates to methods for reducing or eliminating the expression of a target gene in a filamentous fungal strain, comprising: (a) inserting into the genome of the filamentous fungal strain a double-stranded transcribable nucleic acid construct comprising a first nucleotide sequence comprising a promoter operably linked to a... Agent: Novozymes, Inc.

20140287476 - Vibrio cholerae 0139 conjugate vaccines: The disclosure pertains to conjugates of the capsular polysaccharide of Vibrio cholerae O139, or a structurally and/or immunologically related oligo- or poly-saccharide, and a carrier. These conjugates are useful as pharmaceutical compositions and/or vaccines to induce serum antibodies which have bactericidal (vibriocidal) activity against V. cholerae, in particular V. cholerae... Agent:

20140287477 - Variant maltohexaose-forming alpha-amylase variants: Disclosed are compositions and methods relating to variant maltohexaose-forming alpha-amylases. The variant alpha-amylases are useful, for example, for starch liquefaction and saccharification, for cleaning starchy stains in laundry, dishwashing, and other applications, for textile processing (e.g., desizing), in animal feed for improving digestibility, and for baking and brewing.... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140287478 - Novel glucose dehydrogenase: An object of the present invention is to provide a novel glucose dehydrogenase, a method for producing the glucose dehydrogenase, and applications of the glucose dehydrogenase. An isolated flavin-binding glucose dehydrogenase comprising a polypeptide having an amino acid sequence with 80% or more identity to the amino acid sequence of... Agent:

20140287479 - Modified lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase enzymes: The invention provides compounds, pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, thrombosis, and for decreasing or prevention of accumulation of cholesterol in a subject by modifying LCAT polypeptide.... Agent: Amgen Inc.

20140287480 - Hbv polymerase mutants: The present invention relates to polymerase HBV mutant polypeptides comprising a mutated polymerase domain which is functionally disrupted for polymerase activity and fusion proteins comprising such polymerase mutant polypeptide. The present invention also relates to a nucleic acid molecule and an expression vector for expressing said polymerase mutant polypeptide as... Agent: Transgene S.a.

20140287481 - Savinase variants having an improved wash performance on egg stains: Subtilase variants having an improved wash performance on egg stains. These subtilases are useful exhibiting excellent or improved wash performance on egg stains when used in e.g. cleaning or detergent compositions, such as laundry detergent compositions and dish wash compositions, including automatic dish wash compositions.... Agent: Novozymes A/s

20140287482 - Method and apparatus for aseptic transfer of biological material: The present application discloses a novel biological material transfer apparatus and methods of using the same. The apparatus is made up of double walled barrel shaped tip chamber to house either the single tip or multiple tips of fixed size and a unique ball head to transfer the biological material... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology (kacst)

20140287483 - Methods for producing semiconductor nanoparticles: New semiconductor nanoparticles and manufacturing technologies, including novel methods, systems, and compositions, are provided herein. Robust, reproducible production of large amounts of semiconductor nanoparticles, such as quantum dots, from bacterial cultures during continuous growth is provided, without a need for extensive post growth processing or modification. The result is a... Agent: Lehigh University

20140287484 - Engineered enzymes with methionine-gamma-lyase enzymes and pharmacological preparations thereof: Methods and composition related to the engineering of a novel protein with methionine-γ-lyase enzyme activity are described. For example, in certain aspects there may be disclosed a modified cystathionine-γ-lyase (CGL) comprising one or more amino acid substitutions and capable of degrading methionine. Furthermore, certain aspects of the invention provide compositions... Agent: Aemase, Inc.

20140287485 - Product and method for the removal of biofilms: Composition for the removal of biofilms present on a substrate, characterized in that it comprises at least one detergent component comprising a sequestrant and also a wetting agent and a dispersant and at least one enzymatic component containing at least one protease, at least one laccase and at least one... Agent: S.a. Realco

20140287486 - Device for analysis of a target analyte: This disclosure is directed to a slide for analyzing target analytes of a suspension. The slide can be used to collect and hold the target analyte for imaging or further processing. The slide comprises a well section, including wells into which the target analyte can be stored. The wells may... Agent: Rarecyte, Inc.

20140287487 - Device, systems and methods for analyzing a target analyte: This disclosure is directed to a cap for obtaining a target analyte from a suspension. The cap introduces a magnetic field or a magnetic gradient to the tube to draw the target analyte bound to a particle to the cap. In one aspect, a cap includes a magnetic insert and... Agent: Rarecyte, Inc.

20140287488 - Algaculture system for biofuel and neutroceutical production and methods of production thereof: An algaculture system includes a pump/tank assembly and mixer that continuously mixes and lifts a quantity of algae, nutrients, water and carbon dioxide. A solar collector that includes a plurality of interconnected tubes communicates with an outlet of the assembly. A plurality of 180 degree fittings interconnects the vertically-oriented tubes... Agent:

20140287489 - Micro-incubation systems for microfluidic cell culture and methods: A micro-incubator manifold for improved microfluidic configurations and systems and methods of manufacture and operation for a manifold and automated microfluidic systems.... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20140287491 - Methods and compositions for enhancing the efficacy and specificity of single and double blunt-ended sirna: The present invention provides methods of enhancing the efficacy and specificity of RNAi using single or double blunt-ended siRNA. The invention also provides single and double-blunt ended siRNA compositions, vectors, and transgenes containing the same for mediating silencing of a target gene. Therapeutic methods are also featured.... Agent: University Of Massachusetts

20140287490 - Methods and compositions for generating an immune response by inducing cd40 and pattern recognition receptors and adaptors thereof: Provided are methods for activating an antigen-presenting cell and eliciting an immune response by inducing pattern recognition receptor activity, and CD40 activity. Also provided are methods for activating an antigen-presenting cell and eliciting an immune response by inducing CD40 activity without prostaglandin E2. Also provided are methods for activating an... Agent: Baylor College Of Medicine

20140287494 - Mesendoderm and mesoderm cell populations: The present invention provides cell populations that are enriched for mesendoderm and mesoderm, and cell populations that are enriched for endoderm. The cell populations of the invention are useful for generating cells for cell replacement therapy.... Agent: Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai

20140287493 - Method and device for performing biopsies on a vesicular object: A device for removing material from a vesicular object, said device being a pipette having a sealed tip at its distal end and an aperture whereby the distal tip of the device is inserted into the target object, the aperture aligned with the material to be removed from the object,... Agent:

20140287492 - Rna interference suppression of neurodegenerative diseases and methods of use thereof: The present invention is directed to small interfering RNA molecules (siRNA) targeted against nucleic acid sequence that encodes huntingtin or ataxin-1, and methods of using these siRNA molecules.... Agent: University Of Iowa Research Foundation

20140287495 - Methods of inducing differentiation of stem cells: The present invention relates to methods of inducing differentiation of stem cells. In particular, the invention relates to methods of inducing differentiation of embryonic stem cells into muscle cells or vascular endothelial cells. The invention also includes cells, cell lines, testing models and culture systems used in the methods of... Agent: Es Cell International Pte Ltd

20140287496 - Heat-resistant newcastle disease virus live vaccine vector system and use thereof: A heat-resistant NDV live vaccine vector system includes a transcription plasmid, three helper plasmids, and host cells. The transcription plasmid is constructed by through cloning complete genomic cDNA of a heat-resistant NDV vaccine strain to a pBR322 vector. The three helper plasmids are constructed by cloning sequences coding nucleoprotein (NP),... Agent:

20140287497 - Methods of modulating cold sensory perception: The present invention relates to regulation of cold sensation and pain. More particularly, the present invention is directed to nucleic acids encoding a member of the transient regulatory protein family, CMR1, which is involved in modulation of the perception of cold sensations and pain. The invention further relates to methods... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140287500 - Compositions for linking zinc finger modules: Disclosed herein are compositions for linking DNA binding modules to allow for specific and selective binding to module subsites separated by 1 or more base pairs. Also described are methods of making and using compositions comprising these linkers.... Agent:

20140287499 - Ligands for the glp-1 receptor and methods for discovery thereof: Disclosed is the three-dimensional (3-D) structure of the GLP-1 receptor (GLP-1R) and methods by which the structure may be used to develop compounds that bind to, and/or modulate the GLP-1R. The technology described herein may be applied to the development of compounds that target the GLP-1R, or may be used... Agent: Transtech Pharma, LLC

20140287498 - Simplified methods for generating endothelial cells from human pluripotent stem cells under defined conditions: Methods for generating human endothelial cells from human pluripotent stem cells under defined conditions in the absence of VEGF are described. Wnt/β-catenin signaling is activated in human pluripotent stem cells for a defined period, e.g., by inhibition of Gsk3, and then cultured without further exogenous activation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling to... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140287501 - Human disc tissue: This invention provides disc stem cells, processes for obtaining and culturing disc stem cells, and methods for repairing damaged or diseased disc tissue comprising the use of the disc stem cells of the invention.... Agent: Discgenics

20140287502 - Method for producing cell concentrate: The present invention provides a method that allows the preparation of a cell concentrate in a short time without loss of cells and great damage on cells by simple operations. The present invention provides a method for producing a cell concentrate using an inside-out filtration system for processing a cell... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20140287503 - Use of inhibitors of leukotriene b4 receptor blt2 for treating asthma: The present invention relates to the use of inhibitors of leukotriene B4 receptor BLT2 for treating asthma. More particularly, the present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for treating asthma comprising BLT2 inhibitors and a method for treating asthma using BLT2 inhibitors.... Agent: Korea University Research & Business Foundation

20140287504 - Endodermal cells from pluripotent cells: The present inventions describes a method that, starting from pluripotent cells, leads to the obtainment, in a reproducible and efficient manner, of endodermal cells precursor. These cells reveal useful also for application in the regenerative therapy.... Agent:

20140287505 - Peptide-presenting surfaces for long-term culture of pluripotent cells: The present invention relates to methods of growing and maintaining pluripotent cells on an insoluble substrate that presents a peptide that binds to glycosaminoglycans, such as heparin. Specifically, methods of growing and maintaining pluripotent cells on substrates having a chemically defined surface presenting at least one peptide having basic amino... Agent:

20140287506 - Defined cell culturing surfaces and methods of use: a cell culture surface having a film attached thereto, wherein the film includes one or more plasma polymerized monomers; and a coating on the film-coated surface, the coating deposited from a coating solution comprising one or more extracellular matrix proteins and an aqueous solvent, where the total extracellular matrix protein... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140287507 - Incorporation of plant virus particles and polymers as 2d and 3d scaffolds to manipulate cellular behaviors: Methods are generally disclosed for attaching a cell binding motif to a carboxy end of a coat protein of a Tobacco Mosaic Virus particle to form a modified-TMV particle; and attaching a cell to the cell binding motif of the modified-TMV particle.... Agent:

20140287508 - Method for applications of nano-sized materials as cell growth regulators / cell growth enhancers for plant, and agent including nano-sized materials: One aspect of the disclosure is directed to a method for activation/enhancement of cell growth of a plant. The method includes providing a nano-sized material contained agent, and treating the plant with the nano-sized material contained agent to allow sufficient interaction of cells of the plant with the nano-sized material... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

20140287509 - Intracellular delivery: A microfluidic system for causing perturbations in a cell membrane, the system including a microfluidic channel defining a lumen and being configured such that a cell suspended in a buffer can pass therethrough, wherein the microfluidic channel includes a cell-deforming constriction, wherein a diameter of the constriction is a function... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140287510 - Rod cell-specific promoter: The present invention provides an isolated nucleic acid molecule comprising, or consisting of, the nucleic acid sequence of SEQ ID NO:1 or a nucleic acid sequence of at least 200 bp having at least 70% identity to said sequence of SEQ ID NO:1, wherein said isolated nucleic acid molecule specifically... Agent: Novartis Forschungsstiftung, Zweigniederlassung Friedrich Miescher Institute

20140287512 - Method of cultivating cells on microcarriers in a bag: e

20140287511 - Use of zscan4 and zscan4-dependent genes for direct reprogramming of somatic cells: Disclosed herein is the finding that Zscan4 is an early embryonic factor that facilitates cellular reprogramming. In particular, Zscan4 can replace the oncogenic reprogramming factor c-Myc to produce induced pluripotent stem cells when co-expressed with Klf4, Oct4 and Sox2. In addition, several Zscan4-dependent genes were identified that promote iPSC formation... Agent:

20140287513 - Trichoplusia ni piggybac transposases with reduced integration activity: The present invention is directed to nucleic acid and amino acid sequences of a novel piggyBac transposase enzymes created by modifying the transposase of Trichoplusia ni. The piggyBac transposases of the present invention are functionally active or hyperactive for excision and have decreased integration activity compared to wild type Trichoplusia... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

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