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20150147593 - Electrodes for cost-effective bio-electrochemical systems: An electrode for use in bio-electrochemical systems is described, including: a substantially planar electrode material; a frame comprising a non-conductive substance; and one or more first conductive substances linked or secured to the frame. Bio-electrochemical systems, racks for inserting the electrode, and methods of using the racks are also described.... Agent:

20150147594 - Thin layer sonochemistry and sonoelectrochemistry devices and methods: A device which can increase the rates of interfacial reactions including heterogeneous electron transfer reactions, the device comprising at least one sono(electro)chemical cell adapted to hold a thin layer of condensed fluid which is optionally adapted to participate in a heterogeneous electron transfer reaction, wherein the cell is further adapted... Agent:

20150147599 - Battery pack: A battery pack includes one or more battery cells including a plurality of electrode tabs, a protective circuit module connected to the electrode tabs of the one or more battery cells, a frame accommodating the battery cells and the protective circuit module, and a protective tape covering the protective circuit... Agent:

20150147597 - Battery system, method for producing battery system, and battery control apparatus: The object of the present invention is to provide a battery system in which reductive decomposition of a Ge-containing solid electrolyte material is restricted. The present invention attains the object by providing a battery system including a battery and a control apparatus, wherein the battery has a cathode active material... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150147600 - Cap for electrochemical cell: An electrochemical cell includes: a cell can; electrolyte and an active-material roll in the cell can; and a cap that closes at least one opening of the cell can, the cap comprising: a substantially flat member that covers the opening, the substantially flat member having a separation portion defined therein;... Agent:

20150147595 - Energy storage device, system having an energy storage device, and method for operating an energy storage device: An energy storage device for generating an n-phase supply voltage includes a plurality of energy supply branches that are connected in parallel, each of which is connected to an output connector of the energy storage device. Each of the energy supply branches includes a plurality of energy storage modules that... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150147596 - Lead-acid battery: A lead-acid battery includes a battery chamber containing therein a sulfate-based electrolyte solution, a lead-based negative electrode unit, a lead dioxide-based positive electrode unit, a separator unit spaced apart from one of the lead-based negative electrode unit and the lead dioxide-based positive electrode unit by a gap unit, and a... Agent: Csb Battery Co., Ltd.

20150147598 - Method for producing battery and battery: A method for producing a battery resulting from the joining with a plurality of weld nuggets therebetween of a foil layered part, at which foil exposed portions exposing an aluminum foil overlap, and a positive terminal member made of aluminum, includes: a formation step for forming at the foil layered... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150147601 - Liquid reserve batteries for muntions: A liquid reserve battery including: a collapsible storage unit having a liquid electrolyte stored therein; a battery cell having an inlet in communication with an outlet of the collapsible storage unit, the battery cell having gaps dispersed therein; a first pyrotechnic material disposed adjacent the collapsible storage unit such that... Agent: Omnitek Partners LLC

20150147603 - Apparatus and method for controlling battery: An apparatus and method for controlling a battery are provided. The apparatus includes a battery pack and a battery management system (BMS). The BMS is configured to calculate a battery state by sensing the battery pack and perform a selective control to select a control object of a unit element... Agent:

20150147604 - Method for reducing the dendritic metal deposition on an electrode and lithium-ion rechargeable battery which uses this method: In a method for reducing the dendritic metal deposition on an electrode, a non-dendritic state of the metal deposition is ascertained, and a magnetic or electric field is generated at the electrode and is modulated in such a way that it stabilizes the non-dendritic state of the metal deposition. The... Agent:

20150147602 - Methods of inerting lithium-containing batteries and associated containers: The present disclosure is related to articles (e.g., containers, battery packs, etc.) including a lithium material (e.g., one or more lithium-containing batteries) housed therein. The articles include sulfur hexafluoride located within an interior compartment of the article to provide an inert atmosphere within the interior compartment. The present disclosure is... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150147606 - Sealing plate for prismatic secondary battery, method for producing the same, and prismatic secondary battery using the same: A sealing plate for a prismatic secondary battery includes a pair of mouths for attaching a negative and positive electrode terminals, one mouth being formed near one end in a longitudinal direction of the sealing plate, and the other mouth being formed near the other end, coining areas used for... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20150147605 - Secondary battery: A secondary battery includes a case, a cap plate, and a vent portion. The case accommodates an electrode assembly therein and has an open top. The cap plate seals the top of the case. The vent portion is at one area of the cap plate. A porous safety member is... Agent:

20150147607 - Insulating container for battery, battery control device, and battery-failure detection method: A battery assembly heat insulating container includes a box body and a lid body. The box body has an opening on its upper surface, and contains a battery module formed by connecting a plurality of battery cells in series or in parallel. The lid body is placed on the upper... Agent:

20150147608 - Estimating core temperatures of battery cells in a battery pack: A method and a system of estimating core temperatures of battery cells in a battery pack can include several steps. In one step, a surface temperature of one or more battery cell(s) is received, a current of the one or more battery cell(s) is received, an inlet temperature of coolant... Agent:

20150147609 - Systems and methods for rebalancing redox flow battery electrolytes: Various methods of rebalancing electrolytes in a redox flow battery system include various systems using a catalyzed hydrogen rebalance cell configured to minimize the risk of dissolved catalyst negatively affecting flow battery performance. Some systems described herein reduce the chance of catalyst contamination of RFB electrolytes by employing a mediator... Agent:

20150147610 - Battery system safety shield and method: Storage batteries connected in series in an uninterruptable or back-up power supply system may have voltage potential differences between exposed terminals or conductors that exceed safety limits. A demountable insulating shield having apertures may be positioned so that the series string may be broken into a plurality of series sub-strings... Agent:

20150147611 - Flow battery power module backplane: In an embodiment, a flow battery system with power producing components, having one or multiple stacks, pumps and related components wherein such components are mechanically mounted into, and fully supported by, a common backplane. Electrical and hydraulic interconnections are provided by the backplane and the backplane consists of one electromechanical... Agent:

20150147612 - Gas discharge structure for battery cover: A gas discharge structure for a battery cover has a battery cover that covers part or all of a battery, a first hose that is connected with the battery cover at a position of a through-hole provided on the battery cover. and an electric wire that is electrically connected to... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150147613 - Power storage module: A plurality of power storage cells and a plurality of power storage cell holders are stacked alternately in the stacking direction. End plates are superimposed at opposite ends of the power storage cells and power storage cell holders. The end plates are connected by a frame, the frame is covered... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150147614 - Voltage protection and health monitoring of batteries with reference electrodes: In some variations, an apparatus provides real-time monitoring of voltage and differential voltage of both anode and cathode in a battery configured with at least one reference electrode. Voltage monitors are connected to a computer programmed for receiving anode voltage signals; receiving cathode voltage signals; calculating the derivative of the... Agent:

20150147617 - Anode for secondary battery and secondary battery having the same: The present disclosure provides an anode for a secondary battery, comprising a wire-type current collector; a metallic anode active material layer formed on the surface of the wire-type current collector and comprising a metallic anode active material; and an inert metal layer formed on the surface of the metallic anode... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150147616 - Button cell casings suitable for non-aqueous cells: Provided herein are button cell housing components configured to be suitable for lithium ion battery cells.... Agent: Cornell University

20150147615 - Pouch for secondary battery and secondary battery including the same: Provided is a structure of a pouch which may be used in a high-capacity battery having high capacity and high stiffness, wherein the pouch may include an upper housing module which includes a metallic base plate having a concave-shaped accommodation space and polymer layers formed on one surface or both... Agent: Lg Chem,ltd.

20150147618 - Battery case: There is provided a battery case which is advantageous in enhancing durability of cables or connectors which are arranged inside and outside the battery case. When a motor-driven vehicle 10 comes into collision, in case where structural members such as an engine 14 or a fuel tank 16 existing adjacent... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150147619 - Sodium secondary battery: Provided is a sodium secondary battery capable of operating at a low temperature. More particularly, the sodium secondary battery according to the present invention includes: an anode containing sodium; a cathode containing a transition metal and an alkali metal halide; and a sodium ion conductive solid electrolyte provided between the... Agent:

20150147620 - Redox flow battery: A redox flow battery including: a cathode cell including a cathode, a catholyte, and a bipolar plate; an anode cell including an anode, an anolyte, and a bipolar plate; and an ion exchange membrane interposed between the cathode cell and the anode cell, wherein at least one of the cathode... Agent:

20150147621 - Methods for the formation of beta alumina electrolytes, and related structures and devices: A method for preparing an electrolyte separator for an electrochemical device is described. The method includes the step of applying a beta″-alumina coating composition, or a precursor thereof, to a porous substrate, by an atmospheric, thermal spray technique. An electrochemical device is also described. Some of these devices include an... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147622 - Cell module assembly: A cell module assembly is provided. The cell module assembly may include a plurality of cells that generates electrical energy, at least one heat plate interposed between the plurality of cells, to absorb heat from the plurality of cells, the at least one heat plate having a cooling channel defined... Agent:

20150147625 - Electric storage device and electric storage apparatus: The electric storage device includes: an electrode assembly; and an electrolytic solution at least part of which is impregnated into the electrode assembly, wherein the electrode assembly includes, as electrode assembly forming members, at least a positive electrode and a negative electrode that face each other, and contains lithium carbonate,... Agent:

20150147624 - Energy storage device and energy storage module: There is provided an energy storage device including an electrode assembly having a pair of electrodes overlapped with each other. At least one of the electrodes includes a current collecting substrate, an active material layer arranged on the current collecting substrate, an intermediate layer arranged between the current collecting substrate... Agent:

20150147623 - Method for connecting two battery terminals, made of dissimilar materials, of two battery cells and battery unit: A method is described for connecting two battery terminals, made of dissimilar materials, of two battery cells with the aid of a form-fitting, and/or force-locking and/or integrally bonded connection. The two battery terminals are interconnected in a connecting region with the aid of an electromagnetic pulse method, in particular by... Agent:

20150147626 - Power storage unit and electronic device including the same: To provide a power storage unit having a structure which is unlikely to break down by change in shape, such as bending. An electrode plate is covered with a sheet of an insulator which is folded in two. The sheet is preferably processed into a bag-like shape or an envelope-like... Agent:

20150147627 - Rechargeable lithium battery: A rechargeable lithium battery includes a negative electrode including a negative active material layer and a separator including a substrate and a coating layer formed on at least one of the substrate. The coating layer includes a fluorine-based polymer. The at least one coating layer faces the negative active material... Agent:

20150147628 - Aqueous electrolyte energy storage device: An electrochemical device including a housing and a stack of electrochemical cells in the housing. Each electrochemical cell includes an anode electrode, a cathode electrode, a separator located between the anode electrode and the cathode electrode and an electrolyte. The electrochemical device also includes a current collector located between adjacent... Agent:

20150147629 - Electrode assembly and electrochemical device including the same: Disclosed is a technology for preventing electrodes in a secondary battery from being short-circuited with each other. An electrode assembly includes a cathode and anode of which a cathode collector and anode collector are coated with a cathode active material and anode active material, respectively, and a separator disposed between... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150147630 - Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery: Provided is a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery in which the following are housed in a battery case: a nonaqueous electrolyte, a boron atom-containing oxalato complex compound, and an electrode assembly in which a positive electrode having a positive electrode active material and a negative electrode having a negative electrode active... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150147631 - Flat battery: There is provided a flat battery including a positive electrode can, a negative electrode can, a positive electrode material, a negative electrode material, and a positive electrode ring provided on an inner surface of a bottom of the positive electrode can to hold one of the positive electrode material and... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

20150147632 - Electrolyte composition and lithium battery: An electrolyte composition including a lithium salt (A), an first anion (B1) represented by formula (1), and an organic solvent (C) are provided. When the electrolyte composition is applied in a lithium battery, good structural stability, high battery efficiency, and long charge-discharge cycle life of the lithium battery can be... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20150147633 - Pouch for secondary battery and secondary battery including the same: Provided are a pouch for a secondary battery including a first sheet and a second sheet, and a frame unit which is sealed by the first sheet and the second sheet and includes an accommodating part for accommodating an electrode assembly including electrode tabs therein, and a secondary battery including... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150147634 - Self-healing battery pack cell-foil composite: A battery pouch cell film composite having at least one metal layer, at least two adhesion promotion layers, and at least two polymer layers, at least one of the polymer layers being configured in self-healing fashion and that layer having in the interior physically delimited regions that contain at least... Agent:

20150147638 - Battery pack: A battery pack includes a unit battery obtained by accommodating, in a casing film, a battery element in which positive and negative electrodes are stacked via separators, the unit battery having a sealing portion obtained by sealing opposing synthetic resin layers formed on inner surface of the casing film; and... Agent: Nec Energy Devices, Ltd.

20150147637 - Electric connector and battery comprising the same: An electric connector and a battery comprising the same may be provided. The electric connector (3) may comprise a core fixing part and an extension part (32) connected to the core fixing part. The core fixing part may include at least two hosting portions (31) each configured to hold an... Agent:

20150147635 - Secondary battery: A secondary battery includes an electrode assembly, the electrode assembly having first and second electrode plates and a separator therebetween, a case accommodating the electrode assembly, and first and second electrode tabs respectively connected to the first and second electrode plates, the first electrode tab being formed of an aluminum... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150147636 - Secondary battery: A secondary battery includes a case; a cap plate coupled to the case; at least one electrode assembly accommodated in the case, the electrode assembly including a positive electrode plate, a negative electrode plate, and a separator located between the positive and negative electrode plates; an electrode collector electrically connected... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150147639 - Packing and seal structure of battery module: A packing includes a base part that is attached to a duct, and a seal lip part that extends from the base part toward a battery module to press against the battery module. A first bend portion is provided midway in the seal lip part. A second bend portion is... Agent:

20150147640 - Seal tape and secondary battery using the same: A seal tape capable of preventing an electrode assembly from moving in a secondary battery, and a secondary battery using the same are disclosed. The seal tape for a secondary battery is attached to the outer surface of the electrode assembly which is received in a battery case, and includes... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150147642 - Boron-doped graphene sheet as sodium-ion battery anode: A sodium-ion battery having a boron-doped graphene sheet as an anode active material is provided. The boron-doped graphene sheet is of formula BxCy, where x and y satisfy a relation of x+y=4, and x is a number larger than 0 and less than or equal to 1.... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150147641 - Multifunction battery separator: Use of a flexible, nonconductive, porous, and thermally tolerant ceramic material as a separator in a lithium-ion battery or lithium-sulfur battery is described. The separator can be made of aluminum oxide and provides excellent mechanical and thermal properties that prevent wear and puncture of the separator caused by particles removed... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150147643 - Purified metal complex having oxalic acid as ligand, and method for producing purified solution of said metal complex in non-aqueous solvent: The present invention provides a purified metal complex having oxalic acid as a ligand and a method for industrially producing a purified non-aqueous solvent solution of the metal complex at low cost. In the method of the present invention, oxalic acid contained in a non-aqueous solvent solution of a metal... Agent:

20150147645 - Non-aqueous electrolyte and secondary battery comprising the same: Disclosed is a secondary battery including an electrolyte and/or an electrode, the electrolyte including an electrolyte salt and an electrolyte solvent, i) a cyclic carbonate compound substituted with at least one halogen element; and ii) a compound containing a vinyl group in a molecule thereof, and the electrode including a... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150147644 - Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery: (R represents an alkyl group having 1 to 4 carbon atoms, and X's each independently represent F, H, an alkyl group having 1 to 4 carbon atoms, or a group obtained by substituting at least one H of the above alkyl group by F.)... Agent:

20150147648 - Coating liquid, coating liquid for manufacturing electrode plate, undercoating agent, and use thereof: This invention relates to a coating formulation, a coating formulation for manufacturing an electrode plate and an undercoating formulation, and their use. These coating formulations are all characterized by containing, in a polar solvent, a hydroxyl-containing resin and an organic acid and/or a derivative thereof. The hydroxyl-containing resin is at... Agent:

20150147646 - Conductive primer compositions for a non-aqueous electrolyte electrical energy storage device: A conductive coating composition for use in electrical energy storage devices, which contain a non-aqueous electrolyte, is provided comprising an organic polymeric binder comprising one or more water-soluble polymers; water; solid conductive particles dispersed in the binder; and phosphorus based acid bound to at least one of the water-soluble polymers... Agent:

20150147647 - Copper doped svo compounds as high rate cathode materials: The present invention related to an electrochemical cell comprising an anode of a Group IA metal and a cathode of a composite material prepared from a combination of vanadium oxide and either a copper or a silver oxide and the other of a copper or a silver nitrate. The cathode... Agent:

20150147649 - Anode active material and a lithium secondary battery including the same: An anode active material for a lithium secondary battery, the anode active material including a metal silicide core, a silicon shell disposed on the core, and a metal nitride disposed on a surface of the silicon shell opposite the core.... Agent:

20150147650 - Antimony based anode material for rechargeable batteries and preparation method: An antimony based anode material for a rechargeable battery comprises nanoparticles of composition SbMxOy where M is a further element selected from the group consisting of Sn, Ni, Cu, In, Al, Ge, Pb, Bi, Fe, Co, Ga, with 0≦x<2 and 0≦y≦2.5+2x. The nanoparticles form a substantially monodisperse ensemble with an... Agent:

20150147652 - Manganese spinel-type lithium transition metal oxide: Provided is a new 5 V class spinel exhibiting an operating potential of 4.5 V or more (5 V class), which can suppress the amount of gas generation during high temperature cycles. Suggested is a manganese spinel-type lithium transition metal oxide represented by formula: Li[NiyMn2-(a+b)-y-zLiaTibMz]O4 (wherein 0≦z≦0.3, 0.3≦y<0.6, and M=at... Agent: Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.

20150147654 - Material for lithium secondary battery of high performance: Provided is a lithium mixed transition metal oxide having a composition represented by Formula I of LixMyO2 (M, x and y are as defined in the specification) having mixed transition metal oxide layers (“MO layers”) comprising Ni ions and lithium ions, wherein lithium ions intercalate into and deintercalate from the... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150147651 - Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing same, and rechargeable lithium battery including the same: o

20150147653 - Positive electrode for rechargeable lithium battery, preparing same, and rechargeable lithium battery:

20150147655 - Lithium transition metal composite particles, preparation method thereof, and cathode active material including the same: Provided are lithium transition metal composite particle including a lithium transition metal oxide particle, a metal-doped layer formed by doping the lithium transition metal oxide particle, and LiF formed on the lithium transition metal oxide particle including the metal-doped layer, a preparation method thereof, and a lithium secondary battery including... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150147657 - Graphite material for negative electrode of lithium-ion secondary battery, lithium-ion secondary battery including the graphite material, and method of manufacturing graphite material for lithium-ion secondary battery: A graphite material for a negative electrode of a lithium-ion secondary battery is provided. A ratio Lc(112)/Lc(006) defined as a ratio of expansion of graphene sheets to sheet displacement ranges from 0.08 to 0.11, both inclusive. A crystallite size Lc(006) calculated from a wide-angle X-ray diffraction line ranges from 30... Agent:

20150147656 - Negative electrode for lithium secondary batteries, lithium secondary battery, and method for producing the negative electrode for lithium secondary batteries: A negative electrode 1 for lithium secondary batteries, which can increase the charge/discharge capacity of a lithium secondary battery, includes a negative electrode current collector, a negative electrode active material layer, and a lithium layer. The negative electrode active material layer is disposed on regions and of the respective surfaces... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20150147658 - Silicon-containing material and secondary-battery active material including silicon-containing material: A silicon-containing material according to the present invention includes at least the following: a continuous phase including silicon with Si—Si bond, and possessing a bubble-shaped skeleton being continuous three-dimensionally; and a dispersion phase including silicon with Si—O bond, and involved in an area demarcated by said continuous phase to be... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150147659 - All-solid-state battery and method for manufacturing the same: An all-solid-state battery including a cathode layer, an anode layer, and an electrolyte layer arranged between the cathode layer and the anode layer, the electrolyte layer including a first solid electrolyte layer including a sulfide solid electrolyte, and a second solid electrolyte layer other than the first solid electrolyte layer,... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150147660 - All solid secondary battery and method of preparing all solid secondary battery: An all solid secondary battery including a positive electrode layer; a negative electrode layer; and a solid electrolyte layer disposed between the positive electrode layer and the negative electrode layer, wherein at least one of the positive electrode layer, the negative electrode layer, and the solid electrolyte layer includes a... Agent:

20150147661 - Fast charge apparatus for a battery: A fast charge system 20 including a fast charge composite 60 and a secondary battery 22 enables the secondary battery 22 to be charged in less time than is possible with traditional charging means. The fast charge composite 60 includes a separator 62 of cellulose wetted with a second electrolyte... Agent:

20150147662 - Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery including the same: f

20150147663 - Electrical energy storage device with non-aqueous electrolyte: An electrical energy storage device 20 is disclosed as a secondary battery device 22 having an anode 28 containing Aluminum and Indium and a cathode 38 that includes an electroactive layer 42 with a host lattice 44 having a conjugated system with delocalized it electrons. A dopant 48 containing Aluminum... Agent:

20150147664 - Method of operating a fuel cell in confined space: A method of operating a fuel cell in a vehicle includes the steps of initially charging a waste tank with a gas that is readily absorbable in water. A supply of fuel is passed across one electrode in a fuel cell, and a supply of oxygen containing gas across another... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150147665 - Method and arrangement for utilizing recirculation for high temperature fuel cell system: An arrangement utilizing recirculation for high temperature fuel cell system, each fuel cell including an anode side, a cathode side, and an electrolyte between the anode side and the cathode side, wherein the fuel cell system can perform anode side recirculation flow of reactants. The arrangement can accomplish a recycle... Agent: Convion Oy

20150147666 - Fluidic architecture for metal-halogen flow battery: A metal-halogen flow battery system includes a stack of flow cells, an electrolyte reservoir and one or more of a concentrated halogen return line fluidly connecting the stack to the reservoir, a venturi, a mixer, a concentrated halogen pump, or a concentrated halogen line heater.... Agent:

20150147667 - Gasifier having integrated fuel cell power generation system: A direct carbonaceous material to power generation system integrates one or more solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) into a fluidized bed gasifier. The fuel cell anode is in direct contact with bed material so that the H2 and CO generated in the bed are oxidized to H2O and CO2 to... Agent: Thermochem Recovery International

20150147669 - Fuel cell module: A fuel cell module includes a first area where an exhaust gas combustor and a start-up combustor are provided, an annular second area around the first area where a heat exchanger is provided, an annular third area around the second area where a reformer is provided, an annular fourth area... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150147668 - Sweep membrane separator and fuel processing systems: A sweep membrane separator includes a membrane that is selectively permeable to a selected gas, the membrane including a retentate side and a permeate side. A mixed gas stream including the selected gas enters the sweep membrane separator and contacts the retentate side of the membrane. At least part of... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20150147670 - Solid oxide fuel cell system: A suitable control in a system provided with a solid oxide fuel cell at the time of paralleling-off from a grid power source and switching to an autonomous operation, is provided. The generated electric power of the solid oxide fuel cell during the autonomous operation is set to a constant... Agent: Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

20150147671 - Fuel cell apparatus for vehicles: A vehicle fuel cell apparatus includes a fuel cell stack configured to take in air as a reaction gas and a coolant through an air intake aperture area, and discharge temperature-raised air through air discharging aperture areas. An air suction duct, air discharge ducts, and air discharge fans take in... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20150147672 - Power generation system and method of operating the same: A power generation system includes a fuel cell unit, a combustion apparatus, and a controller. The fuel cell unit includes a fuel cell, a casing, a ventilation fan (an air supply device), and a temperature detector configured to detect the temperature of outside air supplied to the casing. An air... Agent:

20150147673 - High-energy-density, aqueous, metal-polyiodide redox flow batteries: Improved metal-based redox flow batteries (RFBs) can utilize a metal and a divalent cation of the metal (M2+) as an active redox couple for a first electrode and electrolyte, respectively, in a first half-cell. For example, the metal can be Zn. The RFBs can also utilize a second electrolyte having... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20150147674 - Solid electrolyte laminate, method for manufacturing solid electrolyte laminate, and fuel cell: An object is to provide a solid electrolyte laminate that allows a large amount of gas to be supplied to a fuel electrode while having improved strength and a method for manufacturing such a solid electrolyte laminate. A solid electrolyte laminate 1 includes a solid electrolyte layer 2, a first... Agent:

20150147675 - Laminate body and method for manufacturing same: An object of the present invention is to provide a laminate having food adhesion between a support and a conductive layer. The laminate of the present invention comprises a conductive layer A formed on a support, the conductive layer A containing a conductive carbon material and a polymer, the polymer... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20150147676 - Fuel cell: A fuel cell having an air electrode provided on one surface of a solid oxide electrolyte layer; a fuel electrode on the other surface thereof; and a separator 11 on the air electrode. A middle layer is further provided between the separator and the air electrode in order to suppress... Agent:

20150147677 - Fabrication of solid oxide fuel cells with a thin (la0.9sr0.1)0.98(ga0.8mg0.2)o3-delta electrolyte on a sr0.8la0.2tio3 support: Methods and compositions for a low temperature operating solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) are provided. The SOFC includes a Sr0.8La0.2TiO3 (SLT) support layer, a (La0.9Sr0.1)0.98(Ga0.8Mg0.2)O3-δ (LSGM) electrolyte layer and□a cathode layer disposed on top of said electrolyte layer.... Agent:

20150147679 - Fuel cell interconnect with reduced voltage degradation over time: A method of making an interconnect for a solid oxide fuel cell stack includes providing a chromium alloy interconnect and providing a nickel mesh in contact with a fuel side of the interconnect. Formation of a chromium oxide layer is reduced or avoided in locations between the nickel mesh and... Agent:

20150147678 - Titanium or titanium alloy material for fuel cell separator having high contact conductivity with carbon and high durability, fuel cell separator including the same, and manufacturing method therefor: [Solution] The titanium or titanium alloy material includes an oxide film formed on a titanium or titanium alloy substrate by stabilization treatment performed after passivation treatment, and one or more kinds of conductive materials selected from carbide, nitride, carbonitride, and boride of tantalum, titanium, vanadium, zirconium, and chromium, the conductive... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20150147680 - Highly functional composite nanoparticles and method for producing same: The present invention relates to highly functional composite nanoparticles including a support body formed of nanoparticles and first phase nanoparticles which are condensed on the surfaces of the support body particles after being evaporated through a physical vapor deposition process, and to a method for producing same. According to the... Agent:

20150147682 - Nitride stabilized core/shell nanoparticles: Nitride stabilized metal nanoparticles and methods for their manufacture are disclosed. In one embodiment the metal nanoparticles have a continuous and nonporous noble metal shell with a nitride-stabilized non-noble metal core. The nitride-stabilized core provides a stabilizing effect under high oxidizing conditions suppressing the noble metal dissolution during potential cycling.... Agent:

20150147681 - Palladium-based catalysts for fuels electrooxidation prepared by sacrificial support method: A self-supporting porous alloyed metal material and methods for forming the same. The method utilizes a sacrificial support based technique that enables the formation of uniquely shaped voids in the material. The material is suitable for use as an electrocatalyst in a variety of fuel cell and other applications.... Agent: Stc.unm

20150147683 - Non-humidified fuel cell: A nonhumidified fuel cell is provided that includes a catalytic layer coupled to an anode or a cathode that is configured to accelerate an electrochemical reaction of a fuel gas or air, and a gas diffusion layer that has air pores diffusing the fuel gas or air to the catalytic... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

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20150140359 - Negative active material and negative electrode and lithium battery containing the material, and method of manufacturing the same: In an aspect, a negative active material, a negative electrode and a lithium battery including the negative active material, and a method of manufacturing the negative active material is provided. The negative active material includes a silicon-based active material substrate; a metal oxide nanoparticle disposed on a surface of the... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150140364 - Battery case: A battery case is disclosed. In one aspect, the battery case includes a front case and an attaching/detaching mechanism. The front case includes a first surface corresponding to a front end portion of a battery module placed in parallel to a bottom surface thereof, and a first flange portion extending... Agent:

20150140362 - Battery pack: A battery pack includes at least one battery cell, a protection circuit module electrically connected to the at least one battery cell, and a frame including the at least one battery cell and the protection circuit module. The battery pack also includes a label adjacent to the at least one... Agent:

20150140363 - Battery pack: A battery pack includes a plurality of bare cells, a protection device on the plurality of bare cells, a connecting tab configured to electrically couple the bare cells to the protection device, and a protective circuit module positioned on the bare cells. The protective circuit module has a plurality of... Agent:

20150140360 - Compositions, layerings, electrodes and methods for making: There is a cell comprising an article comprising a hydrocarbon ionomer. The article may be any element in the cell, such as an interior wall, or a modification to an element, such as a film, a membrane, and a coating. The hydrocarbon ionomer is any polymer with ionic functionality, and... Agent:

20150140361 - Method for producing a non-aqueous secondary battery: A non-aqueous secondary battery production method is provided. The method comprises constructing a preconditioning cell that comprises a positive electrode comprising a positive electrode active material, a preconditioning electrolyte solution comprising a supporting salt and a fluorine-containing non-ionic compound, and a preconditioning negative electrode (step S110); of carrying out a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150140365 - Fuel cell system: A fuel cell system includes a compressor provided in a cathode gas supply passage configured to feed the cathode gas under pressure to the fuel cell, a bypass passage configured to discharge the cathode gas fed under pressure by the compressor to a cathode gas discharge passage while bypassing the... Agent:

20150140367 - Battery module: According to one embodiment, a battery module includes, battery cells including an electrode group including an anode, a cathode, and a separator interposed between the anode and the cathode, a terminal electrically connected to the electrode group, and a packaging member which contains the electrode group and through which the... Agent:

20150140366 - Vehicle battery pack, a system for cooling a battery pack and a cooling plate for use in the system: A system for controlling the temperature of a rechargeable electric battery pack for a vehicle. The battery pack comprises a plurality of rechargeable electrochemical storage cells disposed in rows of one or more cells each. The system comprises two heat exchanger plates for each of said rows of one or... Agent:

20150140369 - Battery module: The case housing a plurality of cells is divided, by a circuit board provided at the same sides of the cells, into a housing space housing the cells and an exhaust duct for releasing a gas from the vents of the cells to outside the case. The vents of the... Agent:

20150140370 - Prismatic secondary battery: A prismatic secondary battery 10 includes a prismatic hollow outer body having a mouth and a bottom and storing an electrode assembly, a positive electrode collector, a negative electrode collector, and an electrolyte, a sealing plate 20 sealing up the mouth of the prismatic hollow outer body, and a positive... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20150140368 - Sealed battery: A sealed battery includes an electrode body; a battery case housing the electrode body and having an open surface; a lid member closing the case; a liquid inlet formed penetrating through the lid member; and a sealing member. The sealing member has: a metal sealing plate welded to the lid... Agent:

20150140371 - Curved battery container: A curved container for electrochemical battery cells manufactured with an open side into which the battery cells are placed along with a resilient structure such that when the lid is placed on the container and attached/sealed, the battery cells are sealed in the container and preloaded against the large top... Agent:

20150140372 - Hermetically-sealed battery: A hermetically-sealed battery including a case body made of a metal, power generation elements housed in the case body, and a lid plate made of a metal. The case has an opening. The lid plate is fitted into the opening of the case body. The lid plate has a periphery... Agent:

20150140374 - Battery state control circuit, battery state control apparatus, and battery pack: A battery state control circuit is provided for use in a battery pack including a plurality of battery units connected in series, and a plurality of coils connected in parallel with the plurality of battery units respectively. The battery state control circuit includes one or more switching elements each connected... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150140373 - Secondary battery module: A secondary battery module includes a plurality of secondary battery units each including at least one secondary battery, each secondary battery including an electrode assembly, a case accommodating the electrode assembly, and first and second electrode terminals electrically connected to the electrode assembly, wherein for at least the first secondary... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150140375 - Battery pack: Provided is a battery pack, and more particularly, a battery pack capable of preventing degradation of performance at a low temperature by allowing a portion of air exhausted through an exhaust port to be introduced into an inhalation port to optimize a temperature of external air introduced into a cell... Agent: Sk Innovation Co., Lt.d

20150140376 - Bipolar battery assembly: The invention relates to an article comprising; a) one or more stacks of battery plates comprising one or more bipolar plates; b) located between each plate is a separator and a liquid electrolyte; further comprising one of more of the features: 1) c) the one or more stacks of battery... Agent:

20150140377 - Battery structures: Battery structures are formed such that the use of wires and soldering is eliminated or reduced. The battery plates can be infused down their anode and the cathode edges with an electrically conductive epoxy or sealant that connects said plates to each other and takes the place of traditional copper... Agent:

20150140380 - Battery module equipped with sensing modules having improved coupling structure: According to one aspect of the present disclosure, a cost and time taken to manufacture the battery module may reduce by simplifying a connection structure of the plurality of battery cells, and simplifying a coupling structure between the battery cell and the sensing module installed to sense the voltage of... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150140378 - Molten salt battery and power supply system: A material design of a molten salt battery which is suitable for a temperature range in which the battery is used is shown, and a molten salt battery applicable even under a severe environment where vibrations are given is provided. In the molten salt battery according to the present invention,... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20150140379 - System and method for identifying batteries: Various embodiments of a system and method for identifying a battery are generally described. In some embodiments, the battery identification system comprises a battery with a portion of exposed can and electrodes configured to measure an electrical property of the battery. In some embodiments, the measured electrical property is the... Agent:

20150140383 - Anode for secondary battery and secondary battery having the same: The present invention relates to an anode for a secondary battery, comprising at least two anode wires which are parallel to each other and spirally twisted, each of the anode wires having an anode active material layer coated on the surface of a wire-type current collector; and a secondary battery... Agent:

20150140382 - Electric storage device and electric storage device module: An electric storage device includes an electrode assembly including a winding core and electrodes, and a case. The case and the winding core each have a rigidity satisfying 0.01≦P2/P1≦100, where P2/P1 is a ratio of a first pressure P1 applied to a first part as a specific part of the... Agent:

20150140381 - Rechargeable battery: A rechargeable battery with improved safety and increased capacity of a cell including: an electrode assembly including a first electrode, a second electrode, and a separator between the first and second electrodes; a case comprising an opening configured to receive the electrode assembly; a cap assembly coupled to the sides... Agent:

20150140384 - Cordless power tool batteries: In at least one illustrative embodiment, a cordless power tool battery may comprise a housing, a power storage unit, a first release button, and a second release button. The housing may have a first side wall and a second side wall spaced apart from the first side wall. The first... Agent:

20150140385 - Surgical tool: A battery pack for a use with a powered surgical tool. The battery pack may include a housing with an outer wall and opposing first and second ends. The housing may include an elongated shape that extends between the first and second ends. A first member may extend across the... Agent:

20150140386 - Battery pack, holster, and extendible processing and interface platform for mobile devices: Embodiments of this disclosure relate to battery packs and/or holsters and, more particular, to an external battery pack and/or holster for mobile electronic devices.... Agent:

20150140387 - Degradable implantable battery: A biodegradable battery is provided. The battery includes an anode comprising a material including an inner surface and an outer surface, wherein electrochemical oxidation of the anode material results in the formation of a reaction product that is substantially non-toxic and a cathode comprising a material including an inner surface... Agent:

20150140388 - Battery module: A battery module of includes a plurality of cells, a cooling plate, and a channel part formed in the cooling plate. The channel part includes a first channel part extending in an arrangement direction of the plurality of cells, a second channel part extending in parallel to the first channel... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20150140389 - Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery: A non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery includes a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a heat-resistant layer disposed between the positive electrode and the negative electrode. The positive electrode of this secondary battery contains a positive electrode active substance having a hollow structure, which has a shell portion and a hollow... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150140390 - Apparatus for preventing overcharge of battery: The present invention relates to an apparatus for preventing overcharge of a battery, and more particularly, to an apparatus for preventing overcharge of a battery, which interrupts power of the battery by inducing a fracture of a busbar to prevent overcharge and to this end, provided is an apparatus for... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150140392 - Bus bar module: A bus bar module includes an output terminal that has a male screw, a tab for preventing a wiring terminal from being rotated subserviently, and a terminal connecting portion with which a terminal of a battery element in a battery pack is connected, and a module main body from which... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140391 - Busbar for assembled battery and assembled battery: According to one embodiment, a connecting busbar includes a pair of first connecting portions provided on first end portions, a pair of second connecting portions provided on second end portions, and a coupling portion that couples the first end portions and the second end portions. Each of the first connecting... Agent:

20150140393 - Secondary battery connecting structure and secondary battery apparatus comprising the same: According to one embodiment, a battery connection structure for connecting a cylindrical electrode terminal provided on a battery cell, includes a connection member formed of conductive material, which integrally includes a connection part and a cylindrical engagement part extending from the connection part and to be engaged in an inner... Agent:

20150140394 - Battery: A battery includes a first conductive substrate portion having a first face, and a second conductive substrate portion having a second face opposed to the first face. Each of the first and second faces has a perimeter portion and an interior portion inside the perimeter portion. A first electrode material... Agent:

20150140395 - Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including same: An electrolyte for a rechargeable lithium battery includes a lithium salt, a non-aqueous organic solvent, and an additive, where the additive includes a compound represented by Chemical Formula 1. A rechargeable lithium battery including the electrolyte includes a positive electrode including a positive active material, a negative electrode including a... Agent:

20150140399 - Cable-type secondary battery: A cable-type secondary battery, includes an electrode assembly including first and second polarity electrodes with a thin and long shape, each electrode having a current collector whose cross-section perpendicular to its longitudinal direction is a circular, asymmetrical oval or polygonal shape, and an electrode active material applied onto the surface... Agent:

20150140397 - Multilayer film, exterior material for secondary battery, secondary battery, and electronic device: A novel multilayer film, a multilayer film suitable for an exterior material for a secondary battery, or a multilayer film that can be favorably used for a secondary battery suitable for a portable information terminal is provided. At least a metal layer and a resin layer are stacked as the... Agent:

20150140398 - Nonaqueous secondary battery: To provide a novel structure of a separator in a secondary battery. A nonaquesous secondary battery includes a positive electrode, a negative electrode, an electrolyte solution, a first separator, and a second separator. The first separator and the second separator are provided between the positive electrode and the negative electrode.... Agent:

20150140396 - Power storage unit and electronic device: One or each of a positive electrode and a negative electrode is covered by a bag-like insulating material. When bending is performed, the bag-like insulating material and an active material slide against each other, whereby lithium deposited on a surface of the active material can be removed. A power storage... Agent:

20150140400 - Power storage unit and electronic device including the same: A short-circuit between a positive electrode and a negative electrode due to a deposit on an electrode plate is prevented in a power storage unit such as a lithium-ion secondary battery. An electrode plate is covered by a folded insulating sheet. Bonding is performed on facing edges of the sheet... Agent:

20150140401 - Electricity storage device: A rechargeable battery includes positive and negative electrodes and first and second separator portions. The positive electrode includes a positive metal foil and a positive active material layer. A positive active material-free portion is formed on a first end of the positive electrode. The positive active material layer extends to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150140403 - Separator for lithium battery, lithium battery including the same, and method of manufacturing the lithium battery: A separator for a lithium battery includes a porous coating layer disposed on a surface of a porous base, and a first adhesive layer including a plurality of dots disposed at intervals at a surface of the porous coating layer, the plurality of dots of the first adhesive layer penetrating... Agent:

20150140402 - Separator, lithium battery including the same, method of manufacturing the separator, and method of manufacturing the lithium battery: A separator includes an organic-inorganic hybrid coating layer on at least one surface of a porous base and a pattern coating layer on a surface of the organic-inorganic hybrid coating layer. The pattern coating layer includes patterns having an average diameter of 0.1 mm or less that are regularly spaced... Agent:

20150140404 - Porous separator coated with organic/inorganic complex using aqueous coating solution, method for manufacturing same, and electrochemical device using same: There is provided a separator used in an electrochemical device and more particularly, to a porous separator in which an organic/inorganic complex coating layer is applied to a porous substrate, a method for preparing the same, and an electrochemical device using the same.... Agent: Samsung Total Petrochemicals Co., Ltd.

20150140405 - Electricity storage module: An electricity storage module includes a plurality of electricity storage cells, a plurality of holders, first and second end plates, and a fastening frame. The plurality of holders are stacked in a stacking direction together with the plurality of electricity storage cells to provide a stack. The fastening frame is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150140407 - Battery bundle: A battery bundle includes a first battery having a first outer surface with a first graphic, a second battery substantially identical to the first battery in all respects except that the second battery has a second outer surface with a second graphic distinct from the first graphic and a packaging... Agent:

20150140406 - Battery module: A battery module includes a plurality of battery cells, an end plate, and bush members. The plurality of battery cells are arranged along a direction. The end plate is adjacent to an outermost battery cell among the plurality of battery cells. The bush members are at respective sides of the... Agent:

20150140409 - Electricity storage module and electricity storage cell: An electricity storage module includes electricity storage cells. The electricity storage cells are stacked together and each have a positive terminal and a negative terminal. The electricity storage cells include a first electricity storage cell and a second electricity storage cell adjacent to the first electricity storage cell. The positive... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150140408 - Power storage module and fixing structure of power storage module: A power storage module that has a plurality of power storage cells stacked in a stacking direction, a pair of insulating end power storage cell holders superimposed at opposite ends in the stacking direction, and a pair of end plates superimposed at opposite ends in the stacking direction of the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150140410 - Rechargeable battery having fuse: A rechargeable battery includes: a plurality of electrode assemblies each including first and second electrodes; a case accommodating the electrode assemblies; a cap assembly coupled to the case and including a terminal; and a first current collector coupling the terminal with the first electrodes of the electrode assemblies. The first... Agent:

20150140411 - Battery cell coatings: A battery system includes a polyurea coating applied to a metal casing of a battery cell, wherein the polyurea coating is formed from a reaction mixture of an isocyanate component with ceramic particles, and an amine component with ceramic particles. The ceramic particle-filled polyurea coating exhibits a suitable thermal conductivity... Agent: The Bergquist Company

20150140413 - Rectangular battery and method of manufacturing rectangular battery: A battery case of a rectangular battery has a main body member that has the shape of a bottomed rectangular tube, and a lid member that has the shape of a rectangular plate. The main body member has a rectangular opening portion that is constituted of opening long side portions,... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150140412 - Soft-packaged lithium-ion battery: A soft-packaged lithium-ion battery includes: a battery cell, a package used for accommodating the battery cell and an electrolyte filled into the package, wherein the bottom and/or top of the battery cell are/is provided with a porous material layer. Compared with conventional art, the disclosure can realize a buffer function... Agent: Dongguan Amperex Technology Limited

20150140415 - Battery sealing member: A battery sealing member: has a power generating element, a case body member, a case lid member, and an electrode terminal member having an insert-through part inserted in a through-hole provided in the case lid member. The electrode terminal member is electrically connected to the power generating element. The battery... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150140416 - Rechargeable battery: An exemplary embodiment provides a rechargeable battery maintaining a bent state of a case by minimizing a deformation of the case of the bent state. A rechargeable battery according to an exemplary embodiment includes an electrode assembly; a case receiving the electrode assembly; a cap plate sealing an opening of... Agent:

20150140417 - Sealed battery: To obtain a configuration in which an insulator arranged between a lid plate and a terminal is not damaged by heat generated during welding in a sealed battery including a battery case obtained by welding an outer peripheral edge portion of a lid plate to an opening portion of an... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

20150140414 - Secondary battery: A secondary battery including a case, at least one electrode assembly housed in the case, and a cap plate coupled to the case includes a terminal protruding through the cap plate, a collector between the cap plate and the electrode assembly electrically coupling the terminal and the electrode assembly, and... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150140418 - Battery design and method of assembly: A monoblock battery assembly including an electrode assembly having at least one positive electrode, at least one negative electrode, one or more insulative sheets between the at least one positive electrode and the at least one negative electrode, and an outermost insulative layer which substantially encases the at least one... Agent: Saft Groupe Sa

20150140419 - Battery design with bussing integral to battery assembly: A Lithium-Ion monoblock battery assembly including a housing having a cavity for receiving an electrode assembly. Also including a cover sealingly attached to the housing, and a bussing integrally molded with at least one of the housing and the cover.... Agent: Saft Groupe Sa

20150140420 - Method for manufacturing carbon-sulfur composite, carbon-sulfur composite manufactured thereby, and electrochemical device including the same: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a carbon-sulfur composite, a carbon-sulfur composite manufactured by the method, and an electrochemical device including the same. Since the carbon-sulfur composite manufactured by the carbon-sulfur composite manufacturing method of the present invention includes the hollow carbon ball having the inner hollow... Agent: Iucf-hyu (inustry-university Cooperation Foundatio Hanyang University

20150140421 - Secondary battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, and electric power storage system: where X is one of a divalent chain hydrocarbon group, a divalent fluorinated chain hydrocarbon group, and nothing; Y is one of a cyano group (—C≡N) and an isocyano group (—N+≡C—); R is one of a monovalent fluorinated chain hydrocarbon group and a monovalent fluorinated cyclic hydrocarbon group; and x... Agent:

20150140422 - Mixed electrolytes for hybrid magnesium-alkali metal ion batteries: Embodiments of an electrolyte for a hybrid magnesium-alkali metal ion battery are disclosed. The electrolyte includes a magnesium salt, a Lewis acid, and an alkali metal salt. Embodiments of battery systems including the electrolyte also are disclosed.... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20150140423 - Composite particle: A composite particle for inclusion in a composite material of the sort used in electrochemical cells, metal ion batteries such as lithium-ion batteries, lithium air batteries, flow cell batteries, other energy storage devices such as fuel cells, thermal batteries, photovoltaic devices such as solar cells, filters and the like is... Agent: Nexeon Limited

20150140424 - Active electrode material composition, electrode and lithium-ion secondary battery: Provided are an active electrode material composition for a lithium-ion secondary battery, an electrode for a lithium-ion secondary battery, and a lithium-ion secondary battery using the active electrode material composition. The active electrode material composition includes an active electrode material and a binder. The binder is characterized by existing in... Agent:

20150140425 - Cathode material composition and methods of preparing and applying: A cathode material comprising an active material, a carbon material, a binder polymer, a lithium salt, and a solvent. The cathode material has a viscosity in the range from about from about 3.0 to about 30.0 cP such that the cathode material can be applied to a surface using an... Agent:

20150140426 - Method for preparing silicon-based negative electrode active material, negative electrode active material for lithium secondary battery, and lithium secondary battery containing same: The present invention relates to a method for preparing a silicon-based negative electrode active material, a negative electrode active material for a lithium secondary battery, and a lithium secondary battery comprising the same. More particularly, the method for preparing the silicon-based negative electrode active material comprises: preparing a porous silica... Agent: Sejin Innotech Co., Ltd

20150140427 - Nanoporous silicon network thin films as anodes for lithium ion batteries: Various embodiments of the invention describe nanoporous silicon (Si) network thin films with controllable porosity and thickness that are fabricated by a robust and scalable electrochemical process, and then released from Si wafers and transferred to flexible and conductive substrates. These nanoporous Si network thin films serve as high performance... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150140428 - Electrode material, electrode, and lithium ion battery: An electrode material having excellent electron conductivity, load characteristics, and cycle characteristics is provided. The electrode material includes an electrode active material represented by LixFeyAzBO4 (here, A represents either or both selected from a group consisting of Mn and Co, B represents one or more selected from a group consisting... Agent:

20150140429 - Power storage device: A power storage device a positive electrode including a positive electrode active material layer and a negative electrode including a negative electrode active material layer. The positive electrode active material layer includes a plurality of particles of x[Li2MnO3]-(1−x)[LiCo1/3Mn1/3Ni1/3O2] (obtained by assigning 0.5 to x, for example) which is a positive... Agent:

20150140430 - Lead-acid battery: A lead-acid battery of the present invention includes electrode plate units, each including a positive electrode plate, a negative electrode plate, and a separator. The positive electrode plate is a positive electrode grid filled with paste including powder of lead oxide as a main component. The negative electrode plate is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150140433 - Battery active material, nonaqueous electrolyte battery and battery pack: A battery active material of the present embodiment includes a first active material and a second active material. The first active material contains a neutral or acidic active material substrate formed of a titanium oxide or a titanate compound, and an inorganic compound layer covering a surface of the active... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150140431 - Method for producing positive electrode active material for nonaqueous secondary batteries, positive electrode for nonaqueous secondary batteries, and nonaqueous secondary battery: A method for producing a positive electrode active material for nonaqueous secondary batteries, the positive electrode active material using a polyanionic active material. The method includes the steps of mixing raw materials of the positive electrode active material with each other, pre-calcining the mixed raw materials in an oxidizing atmosphere... Agent:

20150140432 - Nonaqueous-solvent based electronic storage device: To provide an electric storage device that has excellent charging characteristics, particularly at a low temperature. Provided is a nonaqueous solvent-based electric storage device containing as positive electrode active materials, at least one of a lithium nickel aluminum complex oxides and a spinel-type lithium manganese oxide active material having LiMn2O4... Agent:

20150140434 - Negative electrode active material layer composition for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing and using the same: A negative electrode active material layer composition for a rechargeable lithium battery is disclosed. The negative electrode active material layer composition includes a negative active material including Li-doped SiOx (0<x<2), an aqueous binder, and pure water. In addition, a method of manufacturing the negative electrode active material layer composition, and... Agent:

20150140435 - Rechargeable lithium battery: A rechargeable lithium battery including a negative electrode, the negative electrode including a silicon-based material and graphite; a positive electrode; and an electrolyte, wherein the negative electrode includes silicon in an amount of greater than 0 wt % and less than or equal to about 2 wt %, based on... Agent:

20150140436 - Method of manufacturing an electrode, corresponding electrode and battery comprising such an electrode: A method of manufacturing an electrode, including: a) depositing catalytic growth seeds on an electrically conducting support by aerosol spraying, b) growth of oriented carbon nanotubes on the basis of the deposition of the catalytic growth seeds, c) a deposition of sulphur on the oriented carbon nanotubes formed in b),... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20150140438 - Graphene powder, method for producing graphene powder and electrode for lithium ion battery containing graphene powder: In order to prepare a highly conductive and highly dispersible graphene powder and to obtain an electrode for a lithium ion battery with excellent performance utilizing the highly conductive and highly dispersible graphene, a graphene powder and a preparation method thereof is provided. The graphene powder comprises a compound having... Agent:

20150140437 - Lithium electrode for a lithium-ion battery and method for producing the same: A method for producing a lithium electrode for a lithium-ion battery includes: a) provision of a basic body including an active material having in particular metallic lithium, a lithium alloy, and/or a lithium intercalation material; b) treatment of the basic body with a treatment composition in a wet-chemical process for... Agent:

20150140439 - Coating fluid, laminated porous film, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery: A coating liquid according to the present invention comprises polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), boric acid and/or an organometallic compound having the ability of cross-linking PVA, an inorganic filler, a water-soluble compound having a carboxyl group and/or a sulfonic group, and water. According to the present invention, a coating liquid can be... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20150140440 - Method for preparing polyacrylonitrile-methyl methacrylate gel electrolyte film, corresponding electrolyte and preparation method thereof: Provided is a method for preparing polyacrylonitrile-methyl methacrylate gel electrolyte film. The method comprises the following steps: dissolving polyacrylonitrile-methyl methacrylate in an organic solvent with the mass 1 to 3 times as high as that of polyacrylonitrile-methyl methacrylate, adding MCM-48 mesoporous molecular sieves with the mass 0.05 to 0.3 times... Agent:

20150140441 - Solid polymer electrolyte composition for lithium ion battery: A composition suitable as a solid polymer electrolyte for a lithium ion battery comprises a mixture of polyoctahedral silsesquioxane-phenyl7(BF3Li)3 and a poly(ethylene oxide).... Agent:

20150140442 - Electrolyte material composition and method: The electrolyte material includes a polymer, a salt, and a solvent. The electrolyte material has a viscosity in the range from about 3.0 cP to about 20.0 cP such that the electrolyte material can be applied to a substrate using an ink jet print head.... Agent:

20150140443 - Lithium secondary battery: The present invention relates to a secondary battery cg a positive electrode capable of absorbing and releasing lithium, and a electrolyte solution containing a non-aqueous electrolytic solvent, wherein the positive electrode has a positive electrode active material which operates at 4.5 V or more relative to lithium, and wherein the... Agent:

20150140444 - Lithium ion battery: A lithium ion battery that has a 5 V stabilized manganese cathode and a nonaqueous electrolyte comprising a phosphate additive is described. The lithium ion battery operates with a high voltage cathode (i.e. up to about 5 V) and has improved cycling performance at high temperature.... Agent:

20150140445 - Method for stabilizing lipf6, electrolyte solution for nonaqueous secondary batteries having excellent thermal stability, and nonaqueous secondary battery having excellent thermal stability: [Solution] To have a solution containing LiPF6 contain a phosphoric acid ester amide represented by general formula (I) in such an amount that the molar ratio of the phosphoric acid ester amide relative to LiPF6 is 0.001-2. (In the formula, m represents an integer of 1 or 2; each of... Agent: Tosoh F-tech, Inc.

20150140447 - Non-aqueous electrolyte and electrochemical device comprising the same: Disclosed is a non-aqueous electrolyte comprising: an acrylate compound; a sulfinyl group-containing compound; an organic solvent; and an electrolyte salt. Also, disclosed is an electrode comprising a coating layer formed partially or totally on a surface thereof, the coating layer comprising: (i) a reduced form of an acrylate compound; and... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150140448 - Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and nonaqueous electrolyte battery employing the same: (in General Formula (1), A1 is —R1 or —OR1, with R1 being an optionally substituted hydrocarbon group with 10 or fewer carbon atoms; A2 is an optionally substituted aryl group; each of j and k is independently 0 or an integer greater than 0, and at least one of j... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20150140446 - Use of lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl) imide (lifsi) in non-aqueous electrolyte solutions for use with 4.2v and higher cathode materials for lithium ion batteries: This invention relates to electrolytic solutions and secondary batteries containing same. The electrolytic solutions contain lithium bis (fluorosulfonyl) imide and asymmetric borates, asymmetric phosphates and mixtures thereof.... Agent: Basf Corporation

20150140449 - Compound, nonaqueous electrolyte, and power storage device: Provided are a nonaqueous solvent containing a compound with high conductivity and low viscosity and a high-performance power storage device using the nonaqueous solvent. The power storage device includes an ionic liquid. The ionic liquid contains an anion and a cation having a five-membered heteroaromatic ring having one or more... Agent:

20150140450 - Electrolyte solution, method of preparing the same, and magnesium battery including the electrolyte solution: o

20150140451 - Electrolyte for magnesium cell and magnesium cell containing the electrolyte: An electrolyte for a magnesium cell contains a solute, which is phenoxyl-Mg—Al-halogen complex, and an ether solvent. With respect to the entire electrolyte, the solute concentration is 0.2 to 1 mol/L. The electrolyte is capable of staying stable in the air. Also provided is a magnesium cell containing the electrolyte.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150140452 - Metal-air battery having folded structure and method of manufacturing the same: A metal-air battery including: a negative electrode metal layer; a negative electrode electrolyte layer disposed on the negative electrode metal layer; a positive electrode layer disposed on the negative electrode electrolyte layer, the positive electrode layer comprising a positive electrode material which is capable of using oxygen as an active... Agent:

20150140453 - Aqueous electrolyte for lithium-air battery: The present invention relates to an electrochemical device, in particular a lithium-air battery with an aqueous electrolyte, comprising: a negative electrode compartment containing lithium metal; a positive electrode compartment comprising at least one positive air electrode making contact with an aqueous solution containing lithium hydroxide; and a solid electrode separating,... Agent:

20150140455 - Iron-air assembled cell and method for using the same: Disclosed is a method for using an iron-air assembled cell, wherein, when iron (Fe) contained in a first anode is turned into an iron compound A and, as a result, the voltage of a first iron-air unit cell becomes less than 0.7 V, a second anode is changed to a... Agent:

20150140454 - Storage structure of an electrical energy storage cell: A storage structure of an electrical energy storage cell is provided having an active storage material, wherein the active storage material has a particle size distribution which has a d5 value of at least 0.1 μm and a d50 value of between 0.8 μm and 1.1 μm, wherein the d95... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150140456 - Battery cell having inward extending cup edge and method of manufacture: An electrochemical battery cell is provided having a housing formed by a can and a cup, with a sealing gasket disposed therebetween. First and second electrodes and electrolyte are disposed within the housing. The cup has a peripheral wall and a cup edge portion that extends inward, away from the... Agent: Eveready Battery Company, Inc.

20150140457 - Sofc hot box components: Various hot box fuel cell system components are provided, such as heat exchangers, steam generator and other components.... Agent:

20150140458 - Method and apparatus for cleaning catalyst of a power cell: A method of cleaning power cells in an array of power cells, comprising coupling at least one first power cell to second power cells in an array of power cells and causing the second power cells to drive the at least one first power cell with a voltage to clean... Agent:

20150140459 - Fuel cell system and method for controlling fuel cell system: The cooling capacity of a first heat exchanger for cooling a reformed gas introduced into an inlet of a circulation pump is increased as an output of a fuel cell increases. With this configuration, an inlet temperature of the circulation pump is relatively high during low power generation and decreases... Agent:

20150140460 - Secondary battery type fuel cell system: This secondary battery type fuel cell system is provided with a hydrogen generator (1) that generates hydrogen by an oxidation reaction with water and is capable of regeneration by a reduction reaction with hydrogen and a SOFC (5) having an electricity generating function and a water electrolysis function. The system... Agent: Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.

20150140461 - Method of operating a heater: A method is provided for operating a heater including a heater housing extending along a heater axis; a plurality of fuel cell stack assemblies disposed within the heater housing along the heater axis and having a plurality of fuel cells which convert chemical energy from a fuel cell fuel into... Agent:

20150140462 - Intelligent system for the dynamic modeling and operation of fuel cells: A system and method for controlling an output of a dynamic fuel cell is provided. A dynamic fuel cell has a membrane wherein a dimension of the membrane is variable during operation of the dynamic fuel cell in response to a control signal from an intelligent controller. By varying the... Agent:

20150140463 - Heater with a fuel cell stack assembly and a combustor and method of operating: A heater includes a heater housing extending along a heater axis. A fuel cell stack assembly is disposed within the heater housing and includes a plurality of fuel cells which convert chemical energy from a fuel cell fuel into heat and electricity through a chemical reaction with a fuel cell... Agent:

20150140464 - Derivation of control parameters of fuel cell systems for flexible fuel operation: A method of operating a fuel cell system includes characterizing the fuel or fuels being provided into the fuel cell system, characterizing the oxidizing gas or gases being provided into the fuel cell system, and calculating at least one of the steam:carbon ratio, fuel utilization and oxidizing gas utilization based... Agent:

20150140465 - Device for supplying at least one fuel cell: A supply device for supplying at least one fuel is provided. The supply device includes a first fluid circuit and a second fluid circuit, the former to supply the/each fuel cell with fuel and the latter to supply the/each fuel cell with combustion agent. The first circuit includes a first... Agent:

20150140466 - Fuel cell stack: A fuel cell stack includes bonding members for joining projecting sections of adjacent frames in cell modules, an inter-cell module seal member forming a seal between the cell modules, and supporting members disposed between adjacent frames in the cell modules. As viewed from above in the direction in which the... Agent:

20150140467 - Fuel cell with improved electric insulation: A fuel cell is provided. The fuel cell includes a stack of at least one electrochemical cell, suitable for generating an electric current from an oxidation-reduction reaction between an oxidizing fluid and a reducing fluid, the or each cell including an anode conductive plate, delimiting a channel for circulation of... Agent:

20150140468 - Fuel cell system components: A fuel cell stack module includes a plurality of fuel cell stacks, a base supporting the plurality of fuel cell stacks, and a metal shell located over the base and the fuel cell stacks. The metal shell contains an integrated heat exchanger.... Agent:

20150140469 - Compartmentless abiotic sucrose-air fuel cell: The present invention provides a fuel electrode including a substrate and a nanoporous metallic catalyst layer, characterized in that the metallic catalyst layer includes open interconnected 3D nanopores, and the pore and the pore connections have a size suitable for allowing hydrocarbons having alcohol groups to pass through the interconnected... Agent:

20150140470 - Microporous layer with hydrophilic additives: A microporous layer for use in a fuel cell includes a first carbon black having carboxyl groups at a concentration less than 0.1 mmol per gram of carbon, a hydrophobic additive and a hydrophilic additive. A method for producing a membrane electrode assembly includes preparing a microporous layer ink, applying... Agent: Ballard Power Systems Inc.

20150140471 - Redox flow battery electrolyte and redox flow battery: A redox flow battery electrolyte contains 5 mg/liter or less of an organic substance having a moiety containing an aliphatic hydrocarbon containing 8 carbon atoms to 24 carbon atoms, excluding a redox flow battery electrolyte containing at least one selected from the group consisting of 1-tetradecene, n-decane, 1-octanethiol, and ester-based... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20150140472 - Composite separator for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell and method for manufacturing the same: For this purpose, the present invention provides a method for manufacturing a composite separator for a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell, the method including: preparing a prepreg as a continuous carbon fiber-reinforced composite and a graphite foil; allowing the cut prepreg and graphite foil to pass through a stacking/compression roller... Agent:

20150140473 - Fluoropolymer film: The invention pertains to a process for manufacturing a fluoropolynner film comprising a fluoropolymer hybrid organic/inorganic composite, said process comprising the following steps: (i) providing a mixture of:—at least one fluoropolymer [polymer (F)];—at least one metal compound [compound (M)] having formula: X4-mAYm wherein m is an integer from 1 to... Agent:

20150140474 - Method for producing metal-supported carbon, method for producing crystals consisting of fullerene molecules and fullerene nanowhisker/nanofiber nanotubes, and apparatus for producing the same: The present invention provides a method for producing metal-supported carbon, which includes supporting metal microparticles on the surface of carbon black, by a liquid-phase reduction method, in a thin film fluid formed between processing surfaces arranged to be opposite to each other so as to be able to approach to... Agent: M. Technique Co., Ltd.

20150140475 - Process for producing anode material for solid oxide fuel cell: A process for producing an anode material for a solid oxide fuel cell, made of a composite powder comprising a composite oxide containing cerium element and gadolinium or samarium element, and oxygen element, and an oxide containing nickel element and oxygen element, which comprises a dissolving step of mixing raw... Agent: Agc Seimi Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150140476 - Nanoporous electrodes and related devices and methods: High surface area electrodes formed using sol-gel derived monoliths as electrode substrates or electrode templates, and methods for making high surface area electrodes are described. The high surface area electrodes may have tunable pore sizes and well-controlled pore size distributions. The high surface area electrodes may be used as electrodes... Agent: Nanotune Technologies Corp.

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