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Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions

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04/16/2015 > 153 patent applications in 89 patent subcategories.
04/09/2015 > 129 patent applications in 81 patent subcategories.

20150098894 - Set and method for the production of a radiopharmaceutical: A set for producing a radiopharmaceutical, having a cation exchange cartridge; a reaction vial containing a precursor marker; a solution vial containing a solvent; an elution vial containing a sterile solution that includes sodium chloride (NaCl) and hydrochloric acid (HCl); a buffer salt. A method for producing a radiopharmaceutical is... Agent:

20150098895 - Set and method for the production of a radiopharmaceutical: A set for producing a radiopharmaceutical, having a cation exchange cartridge; a reaction vial containing a precursor marker; a solution vial containing a solvent; an elution vial containing a sterile solution that includes sodium chloride (NaCl) and hydrochloric acid (HCl); a buffer salt. A method for producing a radiopharmaceutical is... Agent:

20150098896 - Set and method for the production of a radiopharmaceutical: A set for producing a radiopharmaceutical, having: a cation exchange cartridge; a reaction vial containing a precursor marker; a solution vial containing a solvent; an elution vial containing a sterile solution that includes sodium chloride (NaCl) and hydrochloric acid (HCl); a buffer salt. A method for producing a radiopharmaceutical is... Agent:

20150098897 - Combination tumor treatment with drug-loaded, bispecific ligand-targeted minicells and interferon-gamma: Compositions and methods are provided for cancer treatments. The methodology entails, for instance, administering to a cancer patient a first composition comprising a plurality of bacterially derived intact minicells or intact killed bacterial cells, each of which encompasses an anti-neoplastic agent and carries a bispecific ligand on the surface, the... Agent: Engenelc Molecular Delivery Pty Ltd

20150098898 - Pharmaceutical composition, method and kit for detecting human melanoma cells: The present disclosure is related to a pharmaceutical composition for detecting human melanoma cells, including: a liposome, a biomolecule having specificity for αvβ3 integrin and a radionuclide. The present disclosure also provides a method using the pharmaceutical composition for detecting human melanoma cells and a kit performing the method. By... Agent:

20150098899 - Particulate materials and compositions for radio therapy: Timed-bioresorbable particulates, particularly microspheres or fibers, may be used as a vehicle for delivery of radioisotopes, such as Y-90 and Pd-103 for localized radiotherapy, or as an embolic device. These particulates may also be embedded in polymers, or dispersed in injectable gels or other injectable media for the treatment of... Agent: Xl Sci-tech, Inc.

20150098901 - Actinium-225 compositions of matter and methods of their use: The present invention is directed to improved methods for generating compositions comprising actinium-225.... Agent:

20150098900 - Anti-fcrh5 antibodies: The invention provides anti-FcRH5 antibodies and immunoconjugates and methods of using the same.... Agent:

20150098903 - Compounds and compositions for the detection and treatment of alzheimer's disease and related disorders: One aspect of the present invention relates to compounds, compositions and methods for diagnosis and/or treatment of a subject suffering from an amyloidosis-associated pathological condition. In certain embodiments, the imaging and/or therapeutic agents of the instant invention may be administered to a subject for identification and/or treatment of amyloid deposits.... Agent:

20150098902 - Fluorinated 2-amino-4-(benzylamino)phenylcarbamate derivatives: The invention relates to fluorinated compounds and their use as anti-epileptic, muscle-relaxing, fever-reducing and peripherally analgesically acting medications and as imaging agents. Novel fluorinated 2-amino-4-(benzylamino)phenyl carbamate derivatives of ezogabine and pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates thereof and their use are described.... Agent:

20150098904 - Eye drop composition: The present invention relates to an eye-drop composition comprising 2-amino-9-[[(1S,2R)-1,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)cyclopropyl]methyl]-1,9-dihydro-6H-Purin-6-one, and the use thereof for the diagnosis and treatment of herpetic eye infections in companion animals.... Agent: Aratana Therapeutics Nv

20150098905 - Methods to detect a fungal cell: The present invention relates to targeting agents and methods: of using the targeting agents to detect a fungal cell in a subject.... Agent: Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

20150098906 - Medicinally marked rolling papers: A method of manufacturing a cigarette and its constituent components including one or more formulations of filler materials and one or more rolling papers each printed with indicia indicative of the respective formulations of filler material. Also the provision of printed material that associates the particular indicia with its associated... Agent:

20150098907 - Foamable composition and uses thereof: The present invention provides a safe and effective insecticide composition suitable for treating a subject infested with a parasitic anthropode or to prevent infestation by an arthropod. The insecticide composition is a foamable composition, including a first insecticide; at least one organic carrier selected from a hydrophobic organic carrier, a... Agent:

20150098910 - Biofilm disruptive compositions: In certain embodiments, the present invention relates to compounds, compositions, and methods for disrupting biofilms. In some embodiments, the compounds and compositions comprise unsaturated long chain alcohols and/or aldehydes, or combinations of such compounds. In further embodiments, the present invention contains therapeutic actives to help reduce and/or eradicate the bacteria... Agent:

20150098908 - Biolubricant polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof: The invention relates to the field of medicine. In particular, it relates to recombinant cationic polypeptides and their use as biolubricant. Provided is a biolubricant substance comprising the amino acid sequence[(GKGVP)9]n, wherein n is ≧5.... Agent: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

20150098909 - Soluble fiber lozenge: A soluble fiber lozenge provided herein includes a body that is partially or wholly receivable in an oral cavity. The body includes a soluble-fiber matrix and one or more additives dispersed in the soluble-fiber matrix. In some cases, a soluble fiber lozenge provided herein includes at least 40 weight percent... Agent:

20150098911 - Oral composition: Provided is an oral composition that can sufficiently remove protein staining present on a tooth surface, can effectively prevent adhesion of protein staining on a tooth surface and can provide a good actual feeling of the cleaning effect in the oral cavity. The oral composition comprises the following components (A)... Agent: Kao Corporation

20150098912 - Branched polyether-polyamide block copolymers and methods of making and using the same: Described herein is a polyether polyamide block copolymer as well compositions and products containing the polyether polyamide block copolymer. Methods of making and using the copolymer, the compositions, and products are also described herein.... Agent: Croda International PLC

20150098918 - Cream gels comprising at least one retinoid and benzoyl peroxide: Stable cream gel dermatological/cosmetic compositions useful, e.g., for the treatment of acne vulgaris, contain, formulated into a physiologically acceptable medium, a homogeneous dispersion of at least one dispersed retinoid, dispersed benzoyl peroxide, at least one lipophilic compound and at least one gelling agent.... Agent:

20150098914 - Glucuronolactone derivatives as self-tanning substances: The invention relates to the use of specific glucuronolactone derivatives as self-tanning substances, as tanning enhancers for dihydroxyacetone or for a mixture of self-tanning substances comprising dihydroxyacetone, for modulation of the colour shade achieved in the case of tanning with dihydroxyacetone or by the mixture or preparation comprising dihydroxyacetone, as... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20150098917 - Method for preventing or treating skin tumor: Methods, compositions and products for preventing skin tumor formation or inhibiting the development of an existing skin tumor in a subject are described. The methods involve administering to the subject a composition containing an α2 adrenergic receptor agonist, such as brimonidine.... Agent:

20150098915 - Novel surfactant-free self-reversible reverse latex, and use of same as a thickening agent in a cosmetic composition: Disclosed is a self-reversible reverse latex including: a) 25-80% by mass of a cross-linked anionic polyelectrolyte (P), resulting from the polymerisation, for 100 mole percent: i)—of a molar proportion 30% and 95% of monomeric units from at least one monomer including a free, partially- or totally-salified strong acid function; and... Agent: Societe D'exploitation De Produits Pour Les Industries Chimiques Seppic

20150098916 - Sunscreen compositions containing an ultraviolet radiation-absorbing polyester: Compositions including an oil phase emulsified in a continuous water phase, the oil phase including a sunscreen agent that includes a UV-absorbing polyester in an amount effective to provide the composition with an SPF of about 10 or greater and which is the polymerization reaction product of monomers including a... Agent:

20150098913 - Sunscreen reapplication reminder device and method: In one general aspect, an apparatus for managing exposure to the sun is disclosed. It includes an aquatic activity control responsive to user interaction and an aquatic activity indicator associated with the aquatic activity control and operative to identify the aquatic activity control. It also includes a terrestrial activity control... Agent:

20150098919 - Skin lightening formulations: A skin care formulation which provides a skin lightening effect virtually immediately upon topical application to the skin and which includes a combination of one or more poly(ethylene) oxides and an acrylic emulsion polymer film former comprising emulsion polymers derived from one or more ethylenically unsaturated monomers.... Agent:

20150098921 - Dihydroxyalkyl substituted polygalactomannan, and methods for producing and using the same: Disclosed are compositions including dihydroxyalkyl substituted polygalactomannan, and the optional further substitution of such with cationic and/or hydrophobic moieties. Method of making such compositions is also disclosed as well as the use of such compositions in industrial applications, fabric laundering, and personal and household care.... Agent:

20150098920 - Personal cleansing compositions and methods: A personal care composition includes a surfactant, a water soluble cationic polymer, a hydrophobic benefit agent, and a hydrophobic cationic polyethylene polymer.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150098922 - Compositions comprising polyamine polymer compatible perfume materials: Compositions comprising polyamine polymers and polyamine polymer compatible perfume materials, more specifically, perfume aldehydes that do not react with polyamine polymers are provided.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150098923 - Solid form sodium lauryl sulfate (sls) crawling pest elimination composition: A composition and method of eliminating pests combines water and a solid form of sodium lauryl sulfate to form a pesticide composition effective to cause mortality in pests. The composition is applied to the indoor structure in an area which the pests inhabit. The sodium lauryl sulfate can be in... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20150098924 - Method for ex-vivo purging in autologous transplantation: The present invention concerns a new method for ex-vivo purging of cells in autologous transplantation, wherein the sample of taken cells is treated with a sufficient amount of a multimeric form of the soluble portion of FasL to kill malignant cells without substantially affecting viability of cells to be transplanted.... Agent: Topotarget Switzerland Sa

20150098925 - Compositions and methods for treating cardiovascular diseases using disease-specific promoter: The methods and systems of the present invention provide for an expression vector containing a disease-specific promoter linked to a gene encoding a therapeutic agent, such as a protein, microRNA, siRNA or other therapeutical molecule, e.g., other oligonucletide. A variety of different promoters may be used with the present invention,... Agent:

20150098926 - Methods of treating hepatitis c virus infection: The present invention provides methods of treating hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection; methods of reducing the incidence of complications associated with HCV and cirrhosis of the liver; and methods of reducing viral load, or reducing the time to viral clearance, or reducing morbidity or mortality in the clinical outcomes, in... Agent:

20150098927 - Methods for treatment and diagnosis of cancer: The present invention relates to methods for the treatment of cancer based on the induction of the choline kinase beta (hereinafter ChoKβ) activity as well as to methods for the design of personalized therapies and for determining the response of an agent capable of inducing choline kinase beta (hereinafter ChoKβ)... Agent: Traslational Cancer Drugs Pharma, S.l.

20150098928 - Isoxazoline insecticides: Also disclosed are compositions containing the compounds of Formula 1 and methods for controlling an invertebrate pest comprising contacting the invertebrate pest or its environment with a biologically effective amount of a compound or a composition of the invention.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20150098929 - Probiotic formulation: A probiotic organism which is capable of proliferation in iron-rich media, an environment which is generally unfavourable to probiotic organisms, is described.... Agent: The University Of Bristol

20150098931 - Cooperative medication combination systems: This invention aims to capture and teach the high-level concept of combining doses of medications in unconventionally substandard amounts, for the treatment of medical. pathologies. By combining multiple medications each of which is aimed at treating the same disease process and each in a given substandard dosage, it should allow... Agent:

20150098930 - Diabetic nutritional composition: The present invention provides nutritional compositions as powders, lozenges, tablets or liquids that are employed as oral supplementation to the human diet. The compositions of the present invention provide for supplementation to the diet of the human system, and specifically for those humans predisposed to, or suffering from, the diabetic... Agent:

20150098932 - Compositions and methods for treatment of vitiligo: Compositions and methods are disclosed for treating vitiligo and promoting the formation of collagen.... Agent:

20150098933 - Truncated lysosomal acid lipase: Recombinant human lysosomal acid lipase (rhLAL) containing an N-terminal truncation, a composition of truncated recombinant human LAL (TLAL), an isolated mixture comprising TLAL and at least one other form of rhLAL are disclosed. A method of purifying TLAL from a mixture of LAL proteins, pharmaceutical compositions comprising TLAL and methods... Agent: Synageva Biopharma Corp.

20150098934 - Topical preparations comprising grape seed, folic acid, biotin, bifidobacterium longum and echinacea purpurea: Topical compositions comprising grape seed and at least three of folic acid, biotin, Bifidobacterium longum extract and Echinacea purpurea.... Agent:

20150098935 - Induction of highly specific antibodies to a hapten but not to a carrier peptide by immunization: In this application Is described a composition and method for Inducing In a subject anti-hapten antibodies without Inducing antibodies to the carrier protein. Kits for designing and making compositions with desired haptens are also described. In this application Is disclosed a synthetic liposome composition comprising liposomes (L) containing monophosphoryl lipid... Agent: Walter Reed Army Institute Of Research

20150098936 - Reimmunization and antibody design: The present invention relates to methods for harvesting of antibodies from an antibody library. The antibodies are harvested by utilising a certain epitope that is analogous to the epitope of the antigen used for immunization but that may differ in global physical and biochemical properties allowing the production of antibodies... Agent:

20150098941 - Anti-glypican-3 antibody: An anti-glypican-3 antibody comprising one or more amino acid substitutions introduced in the Fc region is disclosed. Preferably, in the anti-glypican-3 antibody, one or more of the amino acid residues at the positions 239, 298, 326, 330 and 332 in the Fc region are substituted with other amino acid residues.... Agent: Xencor, Inc.

20150098940 - Biomarkers for systemic lupus erythematosus disease activity, and intensity and flare: The present invention involves the identification of biomarkers that are predictive of impeding systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) disease flare. Methods for treating patients so identified are also provided.... Agent: Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

20150098937 - Identification of genetic variants: The present disclosure provides a method for identifying whether a subject is more or less likely to be responsive to VEGF-based therapy, comprising screening a nucleic acid sample obtained from the subject to provide output information which identifies the presence or absence of an allelic variant, wherein the presence or... Agent:

20150098938 - Modulators of acyl-coa lysocardiolipin acyltransferase 1 (alcat1) and uses thereof: Compositions of modulators of acyl-CoA lysocardiolipin acyf transferase 1 (ALCAT1) expression, function or activity are provided. In particular, inhibitors of ALCAT1 are useful in treating metabolic diseases, cardiac diseases and, in general diseases associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. Assays for identification of novel ALCAT1 modulators are provided.... Agent: The Penn State Research Foundation

20150098939 - Novel antagonist antibodies and their fab fragments against gpvi and uses thereof: The present invention discloses novel antibodies that specifically bind to the human platelet membrane protein Glycoprotein VI (GPVI) and their monovalent fragments or derivatives. The antibodies of the invention are antibodies from hybridoma clone 390 and fragment antibodies thereof able to induce a GPVI depletion phenotype. These antibodies and Fab... Agent: Sanofi

20150098942 - Cancer treatment and monitoring methods using ox40 agonists: OX40 is a potent immune stimulating target. Provided herein are methods for the treatment of cancer patients using (3X40 agonists methods to predict clinical outcome of the treatment by correlation of the treatment and an increase in OX40-induced T cell proliferation.... Agent: Providence Health & Services - Oregon D/b/a Providence Portland Medical Center

20150098944 - Fusion constructs containing active sections of tnf ligands: Disclosed is a recombinant fusion protein containing an amino-acid sequence which comprises: (a) the Fc section or part of an Fc section of an immunoglobulin as component (A) or a functional variant of component (A); (b) the extracellular part of a TNF ligand or a partial sequence of the extracellular... Agent:

20150098943 - Protein constructs designed for targeting and lysis of cells: The invention relates to a protein construct, comprising (i) a targeting moiety that is capable of binding to a target cell, and (ii) an effector immunogenic moiety that is capable of triggering an existing, vaccine-induced or natural, immune response. The protein construct, that is preferably in the form of a... Agent:

20150098945 - Anti-robo4 antibody: The present invention relates to an antibody having an anti-angiogenesis activity. More specifically, the present invention relates to an antibody against ROBO4 and a pharmaceutical composition containing the antibody. An object of the present invention is to provide an anti-ROBO4 antibody having an anti-angiogenesis effect, a pharmaceutical composition or the... Agent: Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited

20150098946 - Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor: The present invention is directed to compositions of matter useful for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor in mammals and to methods of using those compositions of matter for the same. In certain aspects, the isolated nucleic acid molecule comprises a nucleotide sequence having at least about 80% nucleic acid... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20150098947 - Monoclonal olfml-3 antibodies and uses thereof: Provided herein are monoclonal antibodies against Olfml-3. In some aspects, methods for treating angiogenesis-related conditions, such as cancer, are provided comprising administering an Olfml-3-binding antibody of the embodiments.... Agent: Research Development Foundation

20150098948 - Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of influenza: The present invention provides novel human anti-influenza antibodies and related compositions and methods. These antibodies are used in the diagnosis and treatment of influenza infection.... Agent:

20150098950 - Liquid formulations of tumor necrosis factor-binding proteins: The invention relates to a stable, pharmaceutically acceptable, aqueous formulation of TNF-binding protein, comprising a TNF-binding protein, a buffer and an isotonicity agent.... Agent: Ares Trading S.a.

20150098949 - Vegf/dll4 binding agents and uses thereof: The present invention relates to VEGF-binding agents, DLL4-binding agents, VEGF/DLL4 bispecific binding agents, and methods of using the agents for treating diseases such as cancer. The present invention provides antibodies that specifically bind human VEGF, antibodies that specifically bind human DLL4, and bispecific antibodies that specifically bind human VEGF and/or... Agent: Oncomed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150098951 - Modulators of candida hyphal morphogenesis and uses thereof: The invention relates to modulation of fungal morphology between yeast-to-hyphal growth transition by controlling muramyl-L-alanine concentration and uses thereof.... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20150098952 - Novel therapeutic target and diagnostic marker for asthma and related conditions: CD48, a surface-marker molecule present in eosinophils, is disclosed herein as a key molecule in allergic conditions, particularly in allergic airway inflammations like asthma, allergy and nasal polyposis. CD48 is thus presented as a target molecule in the treatment of said conditions. In addition, diagnostic methods, and a kit for... Agent:

20150098953 - Methods of treating a patient having an autoimmune disorder by administering a baff antagonist: Therapeutic regimens for administration of BAFF antagonists for treatment of immunologic and related disorder are described. Regimens involve a short-term BAFF antagonist administration course followed by an extended no-treatment period prior the round or administration.... Agent:

20150098954 - Compositions and methods related to crispr targeting: Disclosed herein include embodiments related to addition, deletion, or modification of DNA, RNA, or protein in a subject. In an embodiment, the DNA, RNA, or protein is endogenous. In an embodiment, the DNA, RNA, or protein is exogenous. Further embodiments relate to computerized systems for assisting in the disclosed methods.... Agent:

20150098955 - Cd40l-specific tn3-derived scaffolds and methods of use thereof: The present invention provides Tenascin-3 FnIII domain-based scaffolds that specifically bind to CD40L. The invention further provides engineered variants with increased affinity for the target. The present invention is also related to engineered scaffolds as prophylactic, diagnostic, or therapeutic agents, in particular for therapeutic uses against SLE and other autoimmune... Agent:

20150098957 - Pcsk9 vaccine: The present invention relates to the provision of novel immunogens comprising an antigenic PCSK9 peptide linked to an immunogenic carrier for the prevention, treatment or alleviation of PCSK9-mediated disorders. The invention further relates to methods for production of these medicaments, immunogenic compositions and pharmaceutical compositing thereof and their use in... Agent: Pfizer Vaccines LLC

20150098956 - Recombinant polypeptides comprising mhc class ii a1 domains: Recombinant polypeptides comprising a DRα1 domain, an antigenic peptide, and a linker sequence are disclosed. The linker sequence comprises a first glycine-serine spacer, a thrombin cleavage site and a second glycine-serine spacer. Further disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions comprising the recombinant polypeptides, methods of treating inflammatory disease using said pharmaceutical compositions,... Agent: The United States Government As Represented By The Department Of Veterans Affairs

20150098958 - Influenza nucleoprotein vaccines: The present invention is related to a fusion protein comprising a variant of a nucleoprotein antigen from Influenza strain A, B or C, and a variant of a C4bp oligomerization domain for increasing the cellular immunogenicity of the nucleoprotein antigen from Influenza. The invention is also related to nucleic acids,... Agent:

20150098959 - Mucosal immunity-stimulating agent, and oral pharmaceutical composition for treating hpv infection: A mucosal immunity-stimulating agent contains a Kampo preparation having a revitalizing activity and a mucosal adjuvant. An oral pharmaceutical composition for treating HPV infection contains at least HPV E7 polypeptide and a Kampo preparation having a revitalizing activity.... Agent:

20150098960 - Treatment of cancers with immunostimulatory hiv tat derivative polypeptides: Disclosed herein are compositions comprising a Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) trans-activator of transcription (Tat) derivative polypeptide with increased immunostimulatory properties relative to the native Tat polypeptide, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the Tat derivative polypeptide, and methods of treating cancer using the Tat derivative polypeptide.... Agent:

20150098961 - Recombinant polypeptide construct comprising multiple enterotoxigenic escherichia coli fimbrial subunits: The inventive subject matter relates to a recombinant polypeptide construct comprising enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli fimbrial subunits. The recombinant polypeptide constructs comprise multiple subunits to the same or different ETEC fimbrial types. The constructs are useful for inclusion in immunogenic formulations for the inductin of immunity against entertoxigenic Escherichia coli. The... Agent:

20150098962 - Modulators of candida hyphal morphogenesis and uses thereof: The invention relates to modulation of fungal morphology between yeast-to-hyphal growth transition by controlling muramyl-L-alanine concentration and uses thereof.... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20150098963 - Methods and compositions for improving the appearance of skin: A method for stimulating collagen synthesis in aging skin cells in need of treatment by topically applying a composition comprising at least one extract from Laminaria genus, at least one extract from the Narcissus genus, and at least one peptide that stimulates SIRT6 activity in the form of a peptide... Agent:

20150098964 - Suppressor cell function inhibition following listeria vaccine treatment: This invention provides methods and compositions for using a live attenuated Listeria for inhibiting cell-mediated suppression of anti-disease infiltrating T lymphocytes in a subject having the disease.... Agent:

20150098965 - Materials and methods for detecting, preventing, and treating retroviral infection: The subject invention pertains to materials and methods for detecting, preventing and treating retroviral infections in humans and other animals susceptible to infection by retrovirus. It has been discovered that FIV can be transmitted from cats to humans and that the FIV can infect human cells in vivo and that... Agent:

20150098966 - Influenza vaccines: An influenza vaccine comprising an influenza hemagglutinin-containing antigen which is subjected to a treatment at a suitable low pH or other suitable conditions to obtain a suitable degree of loss of potency, and the method of making it are provided. The vaccine not only induces an increased cross-reactive immune response... Agent: Kj Biosciences LLC

20150098967 - Rotavirus vaccine compositions and process for preparing the same: Invention provides novel rotavirus vaccine compositions comprising rotavirus antigens, stabilizers and buffers. The buffers in the invention are pre-mixed in the rotavirus vaccine compositions to neutralize the high acidic pH of the stomach without requiring separate administration of an antacid before vaccine administration. Vaccine compositions with buffers of the invention... Agent:

20150098968 - Haemophilus parasuis vaccine serovar type four: The present invention is a Haemophilus parasuis vaccine against serovar type 4 capable of triggering a protective immune response when administered to pigs as a killed vaccine. The present invention is also a method for vaccinating swine against Haemophilus parasuis infection, serovar type 4, by a) clonally propagating one or... Agent: Merial Limited

20150098969 - Alternaria peptides: Pharmaceutical formulations, which may be used for preventing or treating allergy to moulds of the Alternaria and/or Cladosporium genus, comprising a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier or diluent and a polypeptide or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof selected from at least three of: (a) a polypeptide comprising the amino acid sequence of... Agent:

20150098970 - Biomaterial and methods of use thereof for the prevention of post-operative adhesions: Biofunctional films and methods of use thereof for the prevention of post-operative adhesions are disclosed.... Agent:

20150098972 - Coated, wet-chemically oxidized aluminum effect pigments, method for the production thereof, coating agent and coated object: A coated wet-chemically oxidized aluminum effect pigment is provided having at least one metal oxide layer having at least one metal oxide which differs from aluminum oxide and an enveloping organic polymer layer, wherein the weight ratio of the metal oxide of the metal oxide layer to aluminum oxide in... Agent:

20150098973 - Composition for application to the skin comprising silsesquioxane resin wax and solid particulate: Provided in various embodiments are compositions for topical application to the skin, comprising a silsesquioxane resin wax, at least one solid particulate with an average particle size greater than 1 micron, and one or more additional waxes.... Agent:

20150098971 - Nail polish compositions: Personal care products for maintaining fingernail and toenail appearance. In particular, nail polish compositions that have a formulation that is both safer and more environmentally-friendly to use. The present nail polish compositions comprise anionic polyester resins such as sodio-sulfonated polyesters and sodio-sulfonated co-polyester-co-polysiloxane copolymers as base resin vehicles.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150098974 - Compositions, methods of making a composition, and methods of use: Embodiments of the present disclosure, in one aspect, relate to compositions including a copper/silica nanocomposite and a polymer, methods of making a composition, methods of using a composition, and the like.... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20150098975 - Insecticidal water-in-oil (w/o) formulation: The invention relates to an insecticidal water-in-oil (W/O) formulation with at least one insecticidal active substance and at least one burning salt and to the preparation of this formulation. The formulation according to the invention is particularly suitable for the treatment of suitable supports, in particular of paper supports, in... Agent:

20150098976 - Antimicrobial and antifouling catechol-containing polycarbonates for medical applications: Catechol-bearing polycarbonates (catechol polymers) were prepared comprising i) a catechol repeat unit comprising a side chain catechol group, ii) a cationic repeat unit comprising a side chain cationic group selected from the group consisting of quaternary amine groups, quaternary phosphine groups, and combinations thereof, and iii) a PEG repeat unit... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150098977 - Implantable devices formed of non-fouling methacrylate or acrylate polymers: Implantable devices formed of or coated with a material that includes a polymer having a non-fouling acrylate or methacrylate polymer are provided. The implantable device can be used for treating or preventing a disorder such as atherosclerosis, thrombosis, restenosis, hemorrhage, vascular dissection or perforation, vascular aneurysm, vulnerable plaque, chronic total... Agent:

20150098978 - Dissolvable-chewable tablet: A tablet that includes a solid solution of soluble fiber and one or more sugar alcohols, the solid solution having a glass transition temperature of less than 40° C., and one or more additives dispersed in the solid solution such that at least one additive is released from the tablet... Agent:

20150098980 - Dexmedetomidine transdermal delivery devices and methods for using the same: Aspects of the invention include transdermal delivery devices for delivering dexmedetomine to a subject, where the transdermal delivery devices include a single layer matrix dexmedetomine composition. Transdermal delivery devices according to certain embodiments include dexmedetomidine and a pressure sensitive adhesive provided as a single layer formulation. Also provide are methods... Agent:

20150098979 - Method for imparting enduring beneficial features to flocked surfaces: A method of imparting enduring beneficial features to a hard flocked surface of an article is provided. The method includes encapsulating a desired beneficial agent as a core material in a polymeric microcapsule, and transferring polymeric microcapsule to the surface by a dipping, spraying, or padding application. The beneficial agent,... Agent:

20150098982 - Methods and compositions for managing pain comprising dexmedetomidine transdermal compositions: Aspects of the invention include methods of managing pain in a subject by applying a transdermal delivery device containing a dexmedetomidine composition formulated to deliver a pain relieving effective amount of dexmedetomidine to a subject experiencing pain. In practicing methods according to certain embodiments, a transdermal delivery device having a... Agent:

20150098981 - Methods and compositions for transdermal delivery of a non-sedative amount of dexmedetomidine: Aspects of the invention include methods for applying to a subject a transdermal delivery device configured to deliver a non-sedative amount of a dexmedetomidine composition. In practicing methods according to certain embodiments, a non-sedative amount of a dexmedetomidine composition is transdermally applied to a subject and is maintained in contact... Agent:

20150098983 - Methods and compositions for treating withdrawal syndromes using non-sedative dexmedetomidine transdermal compositions: Aspects of the invention include methods of treating withdrawal syndrome by applying a transdermal delivery device containing a dexmedetomidine composition formulated to deliver a non-sedative amount of dexmedetomidine to a subject diagnosed as having withdrawal syndrome. In practicing methods according to certain embodiments, a transdermal delivery device having a dexmedetomidine... Agent:

20150098984 - Nanolithography using light scattering from particles and its applications in controlled material release: The present disclosure provides hollow nanostructures, methods of forming thereof, and methods of delivery of further nanomaterials utilizing the hollow nanostructures. The hollow nanostructures can be formed by illuminating particles, such as spherical particles, to create a scattering pattern that can be captured on, for example, a photoresist. Thus formed... Agent:

20150098985 - Wound dressings for the controlled release of therapeutic: A wound dressing material for controlled activation of a wound healing therapeutic compound in the presence of a protease enzyme in a wound fluid, the material comprising: a medically acceptable polymer; a wound healing therapeutic agent; an inhibitor of the protease enzyme; and a linker group which is cleavable by... Agent:

20150098988 - Combination therapy for the treatment of ovarian cancer: This invention concerns methods of treating a patient diagnosed with a platinum-resistant ovarian cancer comprising administering to said patient an effective amount of an anti-VEGF antibody and a chemotherapeutic.... Agent: Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

20150098989 - Compounds which inhibit neuronal exocytosis: Compounds of general formula (I): R1—Wn—Xm-AA1-AA2-AA3-AA4-AA5-AA6-AA7-Yp—Zq—R2, their stereoisomers, mixtures thereof and/or their cosmetically or pharmaceutically acceptable salts, preparation processes, cosmetic or pharmaceutical compositions which contain them and their use in medicine, particularly in the treatment and/or prevention of pain, inflammation, itching, neurological, compulsive and/or neuropsychiatric diseases and/or disorders and in... Agent:

20150098986 - Method for producing elastic vesicles: A method for producing elastic vesicles enveloping active ingredients includes pre-emulsification of a formulation of elastic vesicles and a homogenization step. The pre-emulsification of a formulation of elastic vesicles includes heating and uniformly mixing water of a water phase of the formulation and active ingredients until the active ingredients completely... Agent:

20150098990 - Peptides that target dorsal root ganglion neurons: The present invention concerns methods and compositions that employ peptides that target dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons. In particular, the peptides are used to target therapeutic agents, such as proteins, liposomes, or viral particles comprising therapeutic polynucleotides, to one or more peripheral neuropathies or neuropathic pain, for example. In particular... Agent:

20150098987 - Trans-resveratrol polysaccharide, method of producing thereof, and composition comprising thereof: An object of the present invention is to provide a trans-resveratrol derivative that resists isomerization to the cis-form. This object can be achieved by a method for producing a trans-resveratrol polysaccharide, the method comprising the step of bringing a trans-resveratrol glucoside into contact with sugar in the presence of γ-cyclodextrin... Agent:

20150098992 - Composite formulation comprising multi-unit spheroidal tablet (must) encapsulated in hard capsule and method for preparing same: Provided is a composite formulation comprising multi-unit spheroidal tablets (MUSTs) encapsulated in a hard capsule and a method for preparing same. The inventive hard capsule composite formulation can effectively charge the MUSTs in the limited space of the capsule, which allows charging a high dose of different pharmaceutically active ingredients... Agent: Hanmi Pharm. Co., Ltd

20150098991 - Oral administration: The present invention is within the field of administration of biopharmaceuticals. More specifically, the invention provides for oral administration of a compound comprising a moiety which confers a desired therapeutic activity; and a polypeptide moiety which binds to albumin.... Agent:

20150098993 - Compositions, process of preparation of said compositions and method of treating inflammatory diseases: The present invention describes a composition and a kit, each having a plurality of compounds, for use in the treatment of inflammatory joint diseases and chronic inflammatory connective tissue diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The invention also relates to a process of obtaining the composition and a method of... Agent:

20150098994 - Pharmaceutical compositions for sleep apnea: Pharmaceutical compositions are provided for the pharmacological treatment of breathing disorders and, more specifically, to compositions containing agents having serotonin receptor modulating activity for the alleviation of sleep apnea (central and obstructive) and other sleep-related breathing disorders wherein the active ingredients are released such as to extend effective blood plasma... Agent: Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc.

20150098996 - Nicotine lozenge: A nicotine lozenge provided herein includes a body that is partially or wholly receivable in an oral cavity. The body includes a soluble-fiber matrix and nicotine or a derivative thereof dispersed in the soluble-fiber matrix. In some cases, a nicotine lozenge provided herein includes at least 40 weight percent of... Agent:

20150098995 - Tabletting process: A process for producing a compressed solid dosage form containing an active ingredient. The process includes a step of preparing core elements containing the active ingredient. Optionally the core elements are coated with a pharmaceutically acceptable coating layer to form coated pellets. The core elements or pellets are treated with... Agent:

20150098997 - Methods and compositions for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and insomnia using dexmedetomidine transdermal compositions: Aspects of the invention include methods of treating ADHD, anxiety or insomnia by applying a transdermal delivery device containing a dexmedetomidine composition formulated to deliver an amount of dexmedetomidine to a subject diagnosed as having ADHD, anxiety or insomnia. In practicing methods according to certain embodiments, a transdermal delivery device... Agent:

20150098998 - Continuous matrix with osteoconductive particles dispersed therein, method of forming thereof, and method of regenerating bone therewith: The present disclosure provides compositions useful in regeneration of connective tissue, particularly bone. The compositions comprise a continuous matrix formed of a polypeptide crosslinked with a second polymer and further comprise particles of a porous, osteoconductive material dispersed in the continuous matrix. The composition can be provided in a dehydrated... Agent:

20150098999 - Pharmaceutical products and composition comprising specific antiocholinergic agents, beta-2 agonists and corticosteroids: This invention relates to pharmaceutical products and compositions for use in the treatment of asthma and related disorders, and especially but not exclusively for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). More particularly, the invention provides pharmaceutical products and compositions comprising specific anticholinergic agents, β-2 agonists and corticosteroids.... Agent:

20150099000 - Polyamine derivatives: Disclosed are compounds, compositions and methods for systemic and local delivery of biologically active molecules.... Agent: Clsn Laboratories, Inc.

20150099001 - Nanocell drug delivery system: Nanocells allow the sequential delivery of two different therapeutic agents with different modes of action or different pharmacokinetics. A nanocell is formed by encapsulating a nanocore with a first agent inside a lipid vesicle containing a second agent. The agent in the outer lipid compartment is released first and may... Agent:

20150099002 - Means and methods for enhancing weight gain in poultry: The present invention relates to means and methods for enhancing intestinal function in poultry, leading to an increase in food conversion ratio and in total weight gain. Particularly, the present invention relates to insulin-containing feed formulations enhancing intestinal function and weight gain in poultry.... Agent:

20150099003 - Topiramate sustained-release pharmaceutical composition, method for preparing same, and uses thereof: A sustained-release pharmaceutical composition of topiramate, which is free of binding agent. The sustained-release pharmaceutical composition of topiramate is a sustained-release pellet, comprising a blank pellet core, a drug layer, and a sustained-release coating layer.... Agent: Institute Of Pharmacology And Toxicology Academy Of Military Medical Sciences P.l.a. China

20150099004 - Aprepitant oral liquid formulations: A liquid pharmaceutical compositions comprising Aprepitant is preferably prepared as an oral suspension dosage form for the prevention and control of acute and delayed chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting, and/or for prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting.... Agent:

20150099005 - High drug loading system to co-deliver anticancer drugs and nucleic acids for cancer therapy: A high drug loading system is described comprising of at least one anticancer drug; at least one peptide; and at least one nucleic acid.... Agent:

20150099006 - Antibacterial therapy with a whole, leech saliva extract: Methods are provided for isolating and using a whole-saliva leech extract. The methods can include feeding a phagostimulatory agent to a leech; inducing a regurgitation in the leech, the inducing including placing the leech in an environment having a temperature of less than about 0° C.; and, collecting an unrefined,... Agent:

20150099007 - Method and system for treatment of biological tissue: A composition for reconstruction, replacement or repair of damaged or diseased biological tissue comprising an extracellular matrix (ECM) composition that includes mesothelial tissue.... Agent:

20150099008 - Antimicrobial composition: A composition that includes ethylhexyl sulfate or a salt thereof, an alkylbenzenesulfonic acid or a salt thereof, and a carrier. The ethylhexyl sulfate, or salt thereof, and the alkylbenzenesulfonic acid, or salt thereof, are present in a weight ratio of at least about 1:2. The composition can be used for... Agent:

20150099009 - Compositions for treating biofilms and methods for using same: Compositions containing a surface active agent and a sub-lethal amount of an antimicrobial agent and methods for using such compositions are provided herein.... Agent:

20150099010 - Redox signaling gel formulation: Redox signaling gels are disclosed. Such gels include a composition with at least one reactive oxygen species (ROS) and a rheology modifier. Also presented herein is a process for making the gels which includes making the composition by taking the steps of purifying water to produce ultra-pure water, combining a... Agent:

20150099011 - Inactivation of papillomavirus: A method of treating early papillomavirus infection of an orifice of a human or animal body including any canal associated with an orifice, comprising applying a viral inactivation agent to the orifice and/or canal in an amount effective to inactivate a portion of the virus infecting the orifice or canal.... Agent:

20150099012 - Methods for activating retrovirus in latent infected cells, and compounds for use therein: The present invention relates to a method for increasing retrovirus transcription in an infected eukaryotic cell, comprising increasing Wnt pathway signaling in said cell such that transcription of said retrovirus is increased. Also, the present invention relates to a method of treating a subject infected with a retrovirus, said method... Agent:

20150099013 - Sodium thiosulphate for the treatment of ectopic calcifications: The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising sodium thiosulphate dispersed in a hydrophile-in-lipophile emulsion, and the use thereof for topical administration for the treatment of an ectopic calcification and/or of the consequences thereof in an individual, the sodium thiosulphate being in the form of a pharmaceutical composition comprising, in... Agent: Institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale (inserm)

20150099014 - Method for preparing biocidal and antifouling aqueous compositions comprising hydrobromic acid, urea and sodium hypochlorite: The invention provides a biocidal and antifouling composition comprising hydrobromic acid, urea and sodium hypo-chloride from highly concentrated precursors and a process for manufacturing the composition.... Agent:

20150099015 - Sorbic and benzoic acid and derivatives thereof enhance the activity of a neuropharmaceutical: Methods and compositions are provided for treating neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, depression, attention deficit disorder, mild cognitive impairment, dementia, and bipolar disorder. The methods entail administering to a patient diagnosed as having a neuropsychiatric disorder (e.g., schizophrenia, depression, attention deficit disorder, mild cognitive impairment, dementia bipolar disorder, etc.) or... Agent:

20150099016 - Herbal medicinal composition and extract thereof for inducing proliferation of cranial nerve cells and method of manufacturing the same: An herbal medicinal composition and an extract thereof for inducing proliferation of cranial nerve cells and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The herbal medicinal composition includes Ginseng Radix and Aconiti Tuber.... Agent:

20150099017 - Cosmetic formulation: Disclosed are cosmetic toner formulations and methods for their use comprising botanical plant extracts and a cosmetic vehicle.... Agent:

20150099018 - Cosmetic formulation: Disclosed is a topical skin cleanser comprising Silybum marianum fruit extract, Momordica grosvenorii fruit extract, and a cosmetic vehicle comprising at least 50% by weight of the composition of water and disodium EDTA, glycerin, phenoxyethanol, triethanolamine, 3-Iodo-2-propynyl butyl carbamate, and benzyl alcohol.... Agent:

20150099019 - Methods and compositions for treating and preventing signs or symptoms of eye disease: Compositions and methods for the treatment and prevention of at least one of a sign and a symptom associated with an eye disease are disclosed. Preferred compositions could comprise a liquid formulation including Cineraria maritima and at least one of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, a carnosine, and a cannabinoid.... Agent:

20150099020 - Aqueous disinfectant composition: A disinfectant composition is provided comprising an extract comprising phenolic compounds obtainable from Rubus species berries, at least one surfactant and water. This aqueous solution can be used for disinfecting solid surfaces, especially those, which do not tolerate solvents such as high concentration ethanol or isopropanol, preferably touch screens or... Agent:

20150099021 - Medicinal composition of extract of seed of emblica officinalis and method of preparing the same: A composition having an extract of seed of Emblica officinalis. Methods of preparing extract of seed of Emblica officinalis. An amla seed blend composition having various ratios of extracts of seeds of Emblica officinalis. Nutraceutical or pharmaceutical methods for decreasing the total cholesterol, decreasing triglyceride, decreasing blood glucose level, enhancing... Agent:

20150099022 - Phytoecdysones for use in improving the muscle quality of obese and/or sarcopenic mammals: Phytoecdysones for use in improving muscle quality in obese and/or sarcopenic mammals, preferably, obese mammals subjected to a low-calorie diet. The phytoecdysones are advantageously incorporated into a food composition. The phytoecdysones can be derived from plants, such as quinoa.... Agent:

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