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Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions

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12/18/2014 > 213 patent applications in 110 patent subcategories.

20140369925 - Antibodies: The present invention provides antibodies which bind to CXC chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) and which do not induce significant apoptosis of CXCR4 expressing cells. Also provided are inter alia immunoconjugates and compositions comprising such antibodies and methods and uses involving such antibodies, particularly in the medical and diagnostic fields.... Agent: Affitech Research As

20140369926 - Recombinant monoclonal antibodies and corresponding antigens for colon and pancreatic cancers: The present invention provides for recombinant monoclonal antibodies that bind to human colorectal and pancreatic carcinoma-associated antigens, along with nucleic acid sequences encoding the antibody chains, and the amino acid sequences corresponding to the nucleic acids, and uses for these antibodies, nucleic acids and amino acids.... Agent:

20140369924 - Synergistic anti-cd47 therapy for hematologic cancers: Methods are provided for treatment of hematologic cancers, particularly lymphomas and leukemias, including without limitation myelogenous and lymphocytic leukemias. A combination of antibodies specific for CD47; and specific for a cancer associated cell surface marker are administered to the patient, and provide for a synergistic decrease in cancer cell burden.... Agent:

20140369927 - Camptothecin conjugates of anti-cd22 antibodies for treatment of b cell diseases: Disclosed herein are compositions and methods of use comprising combinations of anti-CD22 antibodies with a therapeutic agent. The therapeutic agent may be attached to the anti-CD22 antibody or may be separately administered, either before, simultaneously with or after the anti-CD22 antibody. In preferred embodiments, the therapeutic agent is an antibody... Agent:

20140369928 - Automatic synthesizer apparatus for producing radiopharmaceutical tumor imaging agent gallium-68-dotatate and method thereof: The invention provides an automatic synthesizer apparatus and method for producing radiopharmaceutical tumor imaging agent Gallium-68-DOTATATE with one button control process to effectively isolate the medication in vials from the contamination of environment and manual operations, saving the costs of investment in production with alleviation of the critical standard required... Agent:

20140369930 - Cyclotides as immunosuppressive agents: The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising a cyclotide for use in immune suppression as well as to a method for immune suppression comprising the step of administering an effective amount of a pharmaceutical composition comprising such a cyclotide to a subject in need thereof. The present invention... Agent:

20140369929 - Ligands to radiation-induced molecules: A method for identifying a molecule that binds an irradiated tumor in a subject and molecules identified thereby. In some embodiments, the method includes the steps of (a) exposing a tumor to ionizing radiation; (b) administering to a subject a library of diverse molecules; and (c) isolating from the tumor... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20140369933 - Fluorine-18 labeled hydrogen ion probes: Fluorine-containing molecules include fluorine-18 labeled hydrogen ion indicator molecules and methods of making and using the same. Fluorine atoms incorporated into the indicator molecules provides novel structural modifications to the precursor molecules, shifting the absorbance maxima relative to their non-fluorinated precursor/cogeners. These molecules are useful for non-invasive in vivo measurement... Agent:

20140369931 - Psma-binding agents and uses thereof: Prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) binding compounds having radioisotope substituents are described, as well as chemical precursors thereof. Compounds include pyridine containing compounds, compounds having phenylhydrazine structures, and acylated lysine compounds. The compounds allow ready incorporation of radionuclides for single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and positron emission tomography (PET) for... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140369932 - Use of fluorinated derivatives of 4-aminopyridine in therapeutics and medical imaging: The present disclosure provides novel compounds, including compounds that bind to potassium channels, methods for their manufacture, and methods for their use, including their use to diagnose and/or assess traumatic brain injury and use to treat dymeylinating diseases, and/or in vivo imaging of the central nervous system, and to diagnose... Agent:

20140369934 - Dsrna/dna hybrid genome replication intermediate of metakaryotic stem cells: The invention provides methods of identifying metakaryotic stem cells, as well as methods of identifying agents that selectively modulate the growth, migration, replication, and/or survival of these cells by detecting an intermediate dsRNA/DNA duplex genome. Also provided are diagnostic, prognostic, and treatment methods for disorders, such as atherosclerosis, restenosis, and... Agent:

20140369937 - Activatable nanoprobes for intracellular drug delivery: An activatable nanoprobe is provided having a core component and an active agent associated with the core component via a bond configured to be cleaved upon exposure to an endogenous compound.... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140369938 - Curcumin coated magnetite nanoparticles for biomedical applications: The present invention discloses biocompatible, stable curcumin or its derivatives coated ultra-small super paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (USPION) for biomedical applications. Disclosed herein is also a simple one-pot process for the synthesis of biocompatible, stable curcumin or its derivatives coated ultra-small superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in absence of a linker... Agent: Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

20140369939 - Compositions for detecting analytes by magnetic resonance imaging: e

20140369940 - Anti-alpha synuclein binding molecules: Provided are anti-human α-synuclein-specific binding molecules, e.g., antibodies or antigen-binding fragments, variants or derivatives thereof, as methods related thereto. Further provided are anti-human α-synuclein binding molecules which bind to specific N-terminal and C-terminal epitopes on human α-synuclein. The binding molecules described herein can be used in pharmaceutical and diagnostic compositions... Agent: Biogen Idec International Neuroscience Gmbh

20140369936 - Compositions and methods for monitoring biometric indicators: Methods of measurement of biometric indicators in a mammalian subject are described. Biometric indicators of interest include hematocrit, plasma volume, volume of distribution, and glomerular filtration rate. The methods are especially applicable to subjects with rapid blood loss and to subjects with unstable hematocrits. Hematocrit may be measured by administering... Agent:

20140369935 - Liposome composite body: An object of the present invention is to provide a drug delivery system capable of sustainedly releasing a drug noninvasively at any given point in time. The present invention relates to a liposome complex comprising a liposome membrane-constituting substance bonded to a light-absorbing compound having an absorption wavelength in the... Agent:

20140369941 - Oral care compositions: Described herein are aqueous oral compositions comprising cationic steroidal compound and a quaternary ammonium compound; and methods for making and using the same.... Agent: Brigham Young University

20140369942 - Composition comprising tauroursodeoxycholic acid: Provided is a method for preventing or treating a periodontal disease; or a method for improving oral hygiene, including administering a pharmaceutical composition containing tauroursodeoxycholic acid as an active ingredient.... Agent:

20140369943 - Compositions comprising isosorbide monoesters and halogenated antimicrobial active compounds: o

20140369944 - Easily appliable, storage stable, radiation-curable, pigmented, artificial nail gel coatings: Limited shelf life due to pigment settling and the formation of hard packs in pigmented UV curable nail gels is solved by the present invention which describes a composition, method, and use of a UV curable, thixotropic, radiation curable, low viscosity gel comprised of a formulation containing thixotropic additive(s) and... Agent:

20140369945 - Apparatus and methods for concealing vitiligo: A method for concealing vitiligo is provided. The method comprises depressing a spring head. The spring head may be covered by a covering. Depression of the spring head may saturate the covering with a solution. The solution may include a bronzer and dihydroxyacetone (“DHA”). The method may also comprise guiding... Agent: Tanee Company LLC

20140369948 - Agent for keratinous fibres, containing at least one specific amphiphilic cationic polymer and at least one specific copolymer: An agent for treating keratinous fibres, in particular human hair, containing in a cosmetically acceptable carrier (a) at least one amphiphilic, cationic polymer, comprising in each case at least one structural unit of formulae (I) to (IV), wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, X1, X2, A1, and A2... Agent:

20140369947 - Cosmetic composition comprising an anionic or nonionic associative polymer, fixing polymer and a particular surfactant: The present invention relates to a cosmetic composition, especially a hair composition, comprising at least one anionic or nonionic associative polymer, at least one fixing polymer and at least one nonionic surfactant comprising predominantly fatty chains having from 8 to 14 carbon atoms, the weight content of nonionic surfactants comprising... Agent:

20140369946 - Product for keratin-containing fibers, containing at least a specific copolymer of the n-vinylpyrrolidone and at least a polymer with strucutral units derived from maleic acid ester: Agents for treating keratin-containing fibers, in particular human hair, and methods for the use of such agents are provided. The agent includes at least one copolymer (a) and at least one copolymer (b). The copolymer (a) includes at least one structural unit of a formula (I) and at least one... Agent:

20140369949 - Cosmetic treatment with nitric oxide, device for performing said treatment and manufacturing method therefor: A cosmetic treatment method, and a device therefor, are provided that allow for cosmetic treatment of cosmetic disorders, caused by chronological age, environmental factors, changes in physiological functions of skin, such as psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, cellulites, and viral and/or bacteriological attacks. The device comprises a nitric oxide (NO) eluting polymer... Agent:

20140369950 - Gel-based lipstick having improved rheology: Gel-based lipstick compositions are disclosed comprising an ester terminated poly(ester-amide) (ETPEA) polymeric gellant, a first wax component having a melting point above the sol-gel transition temperature of the ETPEA gellant, a second wax compositions having a melting point equal to of below the sol-gel transition temperature of the ETPEA gellant,... Agent: Avon Products, Inc.

20140369951 - Ophthalmic compositions comprising povidone-iodine: A topical ophthalmic composition comprised of povidone-iodine 0.01% to 10.0% combined with a steroid or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. This solution is useful in the treatment of active infections of at least one tissue of the eye (e.g., conjunctiva and cornea) from bacterial, mycobacterial, viral, fungal, or amoebic causes, as well... Agent: Cls Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140369952 - Biodegradable medical adhesive and preparation method and use thereof: A medical adhesive with good biodegradable performance capable of undergoing crosslinking copolymerization, comprising a mono-alpha-cyanoacrylate and a bis-alpha-cyanoacrylic acid diol ester monomer molecule. The olefinic bonds in the mono-alpha-cyanoacrylate structure are polymerized in the presence of infinitesimal anions to form a solid 3D high polymer; the 3D high polymer is... Agent:

20140369953 - Enhancing the antimicrobial activity of biocides with polymers: Disclosed are compositions comprising a) an antimicrobial agent, which is selected from the group consisting of biocides containing halogen atoms and/or containing phenolic moieties, formic acid, chlorine dioxide, chlorine dioxide generating compounds, dialdehydes; components containing an antimicrobial metal such as antimicrobial silver, and b) a polyamine, especially a polyethylenimine. The... Agent: Basf Se

20140369954 - D, l-cyclic peptide nanotube reinforcing agents: The disclosed subject matter can provide a nanotube-reinforced polymer composite material comprising a plurality of nanotubes, each nanotube being formed of a plurality of cyclic peptide molecules, disposed within a polymer matrix, such as a biodegradable polymer matrix. A cyclic polymer, such as a cyclic 8-mer, composed of amino acid... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20140369957 - Combination of growth factors, cytokines, antibacterial/antiviral factors, stem cell stimulating factors, complement proteins c3a/c4a, immunoglobulins and chemotactic factors: The present invention refers to a combination of growth factors, cytokines, antibacterial/antiviral factors, stem cell stimulating factors, complement proteins C3a/C4a, immunoglobulins and chemotactic factors. The invention also relates to a process for the preparation of said combination from serum, placenta or colostrum and to composition containing said combination for use... Agent:

20140369956 - Conjugates of gm-csf and il-7, compositions and methods related thereto: In certain embodiments, this disclosure relates to conjugates comprising GM-CSF and IL-7 and uses related thereto, e.g., enhancing the adaptive immune system. Typically the GM-CSF and IL-7 are connected by a polymer linker, e.g., polypeptide. In certain embodiments, the disclosure relates to nucleic acids encoding these polypeptide conjugates, vectors comprising... Agent:

20140369958 - Il-12 for radiation protection and radiation-induced toxicity mitigation: Aspects and embodiments of the instant disclosure provide therapeutic methods and compositions comprising inter-leukin 12 (IL-12) useful for treating radiation-induced damage in a subject. In particular, the instant disclosure provides methods and compositions for radiation protection and/or radiation toxicity mitigation for the treatment of acute radiation syndrome and radiation induced... Agent: Neumedicines, Inc.

20140369955 - Methods for autologous stem cell transplantation: Materials and methods for obtaining populations of lymphocytes and administering the population of lymphocytes to a subject are disclosed herein. In particular, disclosed herein are materials and methods for obtaining lymphocyte populations that contain at least about 0.5×109 NK cells per kilogram weight of the subject from which the cells... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20140369959 - 4'-azido, 3'-fluoro substituted nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of hcv rna replication: The present invention relates to the use of nucleoside derivatives of formula (I) wherein the symbols are as the specification, and of pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof and to pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds.... Agent:

20140369960 - Conjugated biological molecules and their preparation: Novel biologically active compounds of the general formula (I) in which one of X and X′ represents a polymer, and the other represents a hydrogen atom; each Q independently represents a linking group; W represents an electron-withdrawing moiety or a moiety preparable by reduction of an electron-withdrawing moiety; or, if... Agent:

20140369961 - Heterocyclic inhibitors of glutaminase: The invention relates to novel heterocyclic compounds and pharmaceutical preparations thereof. The invention further relates to methods of treatment using the novel heterocyclic compounds of the invention.... Agent:

20140369962 - Methods for the treatment of hepatitis b and hepatitis d infections: It is disclosed a method for the treatment of hepatitis B (HBV) infection or HBV/hepatitis D (HDV) co-infection, the method comprising administering to a subject in need of treatment a first pharmaceutically acceptable agent that removes the hepatitis B surface antigen from the blood and a second pharmaceutically acceptable agent... Agent: Replicor Inc

20140369963 - Methods for the treatment of hepatitis b and hepatitis d infections: It is disclosed a method for the treatment of hepatitis B (HBV) infection or HBV/hepatitis D (HDV) co-infection, the method comprising administering to a subject in need of treatment a first pharmaceutically acceptable agent that removes the hepatitis B surface antigen from the blood and a second pharmaceutically acceptable agent... Agent: Replicor Inc

20140369964 - Glycosylated polypeptide and pharmaceutical composition containing same: The object of the present invention is to provide a glycosylated polypeptide having uniform sugar chain structure which has interferon β activity. It was found that a glycosylated polypeptide having uniform sugar chain structure as well as having interferon β activity can be prepared by a method comprising a step... Agent:

20140369978 - Gdf-5 mutant for inducing cartilage formation: The present invention is directed to GDF-5 related proteins having an improved capability of inducing cartilage formation and a reduced capability of inducing bone formation. The novel proteins are particularly useful in the treatment of cartilage defects, wherein the formation of bone tissue is undesirable.... Agent: Biopharm Gesellschaft Zur Biotechnologischen Entwicklung Von Pharmaka Mbh

20140369980 - Methods and compositions for targeted cleavage and recombination: Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for targeted cleavage of a genomic sequence, targeted alteration of a genomic sequence, and targeted recombination between a genomic region and an exogenous polynucleotide homologous to the genomic region. The compositions include fusion proteins comprising a cleavage domain (or cleavage half-domain) and an engineered... Agent:

20140369977 - Targeting tumor neovasculature with modified chimeric antigen receptors: A T cell transduced with a chimeric antigen receptor can be administered to a host to kill cancer cells. The chimeric antigen receptor can include a targeting moiety with a strong binding affinity to αvβ3 integrin, including but not limited to an echistatin polypeptide. The targeting moiety can also be... Agent:

20140369979 - Vector simultaneously expressing dodecameric trail and hsv-tk suicide genes, and anticancer stem cell therapeutic agent using same: The present invention relates to a DNA cassette comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding dodecameric TRAIL and a suicide gene nucleotide sequence, a recombinant expression vector comprising the DNA cassette, a recombinant adenovirus prepared by using the recombinant expression vector, a host cell transduced with the recombinant adenovirus, a composition for... Agent:

20140369965 - Bifidobacterium cect 7765 and use thereof in the prevention and/or treatment of overweight, obesity and associated pathologies: The present invention relates to the Bifidobacterium CECT 7765 strain, to its cell components, metabolites, and secreted molecules, to the combinations thereof with other microorganisms, and to compositions comprising the aforementioned products, as well as to the use of a strain of the Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum species, or to using the... Agent:

20140369966 - Preventive and/or ameliorative agent for diseases, stamina enhancement agent, anti-fatigue agent, and pharmaceutical and food and drink using them: A purple non-sulfur bacteria useful in preventing and/or ameliorating at least one disease selected from the group consisting of inflammatory diseases, allergic diseases, and autoimmune diseases and having high safety is provided. A preventive and/or ameliorative agent is for at least one disease selected from the group consisting of inflammatory... Agent:

20140369982 - Prebiotic and preservative uses of oil emulsified probiotic encapsulations: An encapsulation system is provided comprising nitrogen-purge, instant bonding encapsulation method. Specifically, the encapsulation system comprises a composition, a two-piece capsule comprising a capsule cap and a capsule body; a gas to purge oxygen from the composition within the capsule; and a sealing solution to seal the capsule cap to... Agent:

20140369981 - Protective effects and application of a lactobacillus plantarum on the alleviation of lead toxicity: The Lactobacillus plantarum CCFM8661 is tolerant to acid and lead ions in vitro which can tolerate lead ions solution with the initial concentration of 150 mg/L, and has a strong capability of binding lead ions, which can reduce the lead level in mice blood, liver, kidney and stomach, significantly improve... Agent: Jiangnan University

20140369975 - Biomaterials comprising hyaluronic acid binding peptides and bifunctional biopolymer molecules for hyaluronic acid retention and tissue engineering applications: The present invention provides novel biomaterial compositions and methods having a technology to improve retention of hyaluronic acid (HA). The biomaterial compositions utilize small HA binding peptides that is tethered to synthetic biocompatible polymers. When tethered to the polymers, the peptide region allows the polymers to bind to HA. The... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140369974 - Combination therapy for a stable and long term engraftment using specific protocols for t/b cell depletion: A method of treating a subject in need of a non-syngeneic cell or tissue graft is disclosed. The methos comprising: (a) transplanting into a subject a dose of T cell depleted immature hematopoetic cells, wherein the T cell depleted immature hematopoetic cells comprise less than 5×105 CD3+ T cells per... Agent:

20140369973 - Compositions and methods for enhanced generation of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells: The present invention relates to methods, kits and compositions for expansion of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells and providing hematopoietic function to human patients in need thereof. In one aspect, it relates to kits and compositions comprising a Notch agonist and an aryl hydrocarbon receptor antagonist. Also provided herein are methods for... Agent: Research Foundation (gnf)

20140369972 - Enhanced stem cell composition: The invention provides improved methods for cell therapy. In particular, the invention provides therapeutic compositions of enhanced hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells having improved engraftment and homing properties, and methods of making the therapeutic compositions. The invention further provides methods of improving the efficacy of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell... Agent:

20140369968 - Generating vasculogenic cell populations: The present invention relates generally to methods and compositions useful for therapeutic vascular tissue engineering. In particular, the present invention provides methods for generating substantially pure populations of vasculogenic cells from human mesenchymal progenitors, and methods and compositions for clinical applications in the field of regenerative medicine.... Agent:

20140369971 - Method and composition for inducing human pluripotent stem cells: The present invention provides a fibromodulin (FMOD) reprogrammed (FReP) cell and a method of making therefor, a culture medium therefor, and a supernatant thereof, and methods of making and using these.... Agent:

20140369967 - Method of expanding hematopoietic stem cells: Described is a method of expanding hematopoietic stem or progenitor cells. The invention further includes a method of treating primary or secondary bone marrow failure syndrome.... Agent:

20140369976 - Method to amplify cardiac stem cells in vitro and in vivo: Compositions comprising stem cells delivered into infarcted myocardium by endocardial injection, engraft and differentiate into myocytes, endothelial cells, and vascular smooth muscle, and do so without the requirement for survival enhancing modification. These cells engraft whether injected acutely (days) or late (months) after myocardial infarction, and the efficiency of engraftment... Agent:

20140369969 - Methods for treating conditions by restoring central nervous system endocrine gland function, and compositions and devices for practicing the same: Methods of improving a condition in a subject are provided herein. Aspects of the methods include at least partially restoring normal function of a central nervous system endocrine gland in a manner sufficient to improve the condition in the subject. In some instances, the condition is an aging associated condition.... Agent:

20140369970 - Methods of using adipose tissue-derived cells in the treatment of the lymphatic system and malignant disease: Aspects of the invention provides methods for preparing and using adipose-tissue-derived stem and progenitor cells, adipose-tissue-derived lymphatic endothelial cells, and cells capable of differentiating into lymphatic endothelial cells to treat disorders of the lymphatic system and to modulate expansion, repair, and/or regeneration of the lymphatic system. The invention further provides... Agent:

20140369984 - Biomaterial for articular cartilage maintenance and treatment of arthritis: The present disclosure provides biomaterials and methods for preventing and minimizing progression of cartilage and/or connective tissue damage. Also provided herein are biomaterials and methods for alleviating and/or reducing the risk for developing arthritis (e.g., osteoarthritis) associated with joint injury and/or joint surgery.... Agent: Rhode Island Hospital

20140369983 - Ischemic tissue cell therapy: The present invention is directed to compositions and methods for treatment of ischemic diseases and conditions, particularly myocardial, CNS/brain and limb ischemia. More particularly, the present invention provides methods of treating disorders by administering monocytes obtained from blood, including umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood, or bone marrow to an individual... Agent: University Of South Florida

20140369985 - Removal of tumor cells from intraoperative autologous blood salvage: The invention relates to a method performed ex vivo for removal of tumor cells from intraoperatively collected blood salvage, to antibodies and scaffold proteins which mimic antibodies for use in said ex vivo method, to the use of said ex vivo method for removal of tumor cells from intraoperatively collected... Agent: Trion Pharma Gmbh

20140369987 - Dermaseptin b2 used as an inhibitor of the growth of a tumor: The invention relates to the use of peptides corresponding to dermaseptin B2 or fragments thereof for treating proliferative diseases such as cancer or ocular lesions, and to pharmaceutical compositions containing such peptides.... Agent:

20140369986 - Phage derived antimicrobial activities: The present invention provides methods and compositions to reduce growth of microbial colonies, including infections, and includes therapeutic compositions, methods for treatment of infections, and methods for identifying additional such compositions.... Agent: Gangagen, Inc.

20140369989 - Methods and compositions for reducing the environmental impact of animal waste: Methods for reducing the environmental impact of animal waste are described. In particular embodiments, the methods comprise administering to an animal an enzyme, such as alkaline phosphatase, that is effective to reduce the amount of a detrimental compound, such as ammonia or phosphorous, that is present in or released from... Agent:

20140369988 - Novel toxin-antitoxin system: Disclosed in certain embodiments is a method of inhibiting cell function comprising inducing the expression of a mRNA interferase that cleaves mRNA at GCU.... Agent:

20140369990 - Targeted antimicrobials and related compositions, methods and systems: Targeted antimicrobials are described and related, compositions, methods and systems.... Agent:

20140369992 - C-terminally tethered amino acids and their fibrinolytic therapeutic uses: The present disclosure provides a C-terminal tethered amino acid for modulating the thrombolytic, fibrinolytic and/or anticoagulant properties of a coagulation protein. The present disclosure also provides a coagulation protein having a catalytic site modified, either at the histidine or serine residue, with the C-terminal tethered amino acid as well as... Agent:

20140369995 - Combination therapy for treatment of patients with neurological disorders and cerebral infarction: The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating stroke patients using TCM and a Western medicament used for the treatment of stroke patients.... Agent:

20140369991 - Formulations for wound therapy: The present invention relates to novel formulations comprising a dry powder fibrin sealant comprised a mixture of fibrinogen and/or thrombin, for use in the treatment of wounds or injuries, in particular for use as a topical hemostatic composition or for surgical intervention.... Agent: Profibrix Bv

20140369994 - Method of producing recombinant vitamin k dependent proteins: Methods for producing cell lines with high levels of biologically active recombinant vitamin K dependent proteins are described. The transfected cell lines do not include heterologous genes for processing enzymes and are not subject to selection pressure such as methotrexate resistance. Cell lines producing Factor VII/VIIa and Factor IX are... Agent:

20140369993 - Stabilised protein compositions based on semifluorinated alkanes: The invention provides novel compositions of bioactive polypeptides and proteins with improved stability and shelf-life. The compositions are based on liquid vehicles selected from semifluorinated alkanes. These vehicles are remarkably effective in protecting polypeptides and proteins from degradation and/or aggregation. The compositions are useful for topical administration, e.g. into an... Agent:

20140369996 - Chymosin for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders: The present invention is directed to medical or dietary treatments comprising administration of a zymogen such as chymosin or other rennins. Embodiments of the invention are directed to treating infant colic, heartburn, gastro-esophageal reflux (GER), gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), irritable bowel syndrome, and recurrent abdominal pain. The invention is also... Agent:

20140369998 - Biomarkers for tuberculosis and hiv/aids: Described herein is a diagnostic test that identifies circulating biomarkers for the differentiation and classification of the pathogenesis of TB and/or HIV in a population.... Agent:

20140369997 - Pharmaceutical composition for a foaming eye drop: The present application describes a method of creating a foaming ophthalmic formulation. The described formulation includes the addition of a foaming agent. The resulting solution is designed to be distributed by a non-aerosol foaming bottle/or aerosol.... Agent: Pase

20140369999 - Screening method: This invention relates to a novel screening method that identifies simple molecular markers that are predictive of whether a particular disease condition is responsive to a specific treatment. Also, a method of diagnosing the susceptibility of an individual suffering from a disease to treatment with an HDAC inhibitor is provided.... Agent:

20140370000 - Stabilization of immunoglobulins through aqueous formulation with histidine at weak acidic to neutral ph: The present invention provides, among other aspects, storage stabile aqueous formulations of immunoglobulins with histidine at a mildly acidic to neutral pH. The present invention also provides methods for stabilizing immunoglobulin compositions by formulating with histidine at a mildly acidic to neutral pH. Advantageously, the methods and formulations provided herein... Agent:

20140370005 - Compounds and compositions for use in phototherapy and in treatment of ocular neovascular disease and cancers: The invention relates generally to anti-angiogenesis agents and related methods of using to anti-angiogenesis agents for biomedical applications including direct monotherapy and combination therapy for treatment of an angiogenesis related condition. In an embodiment, the invention provides a class of opioid compounds and structurally related opioid derivatives exhibiting anti-VEGF activity... Agent:

20140370006 - Compounds and compositions for use in phototherapy and in treatment of ocular neovascular disease and cancers: The invention relates generally to anti-angiogenesis agents and related methods of using to anti-angiogenesis agents for biomedical applications including direct monotherapy and combination therapy for treatment of an angiogenesis related condition. In an embodiment, the invention provides a class of opioid compounds and structurally related opioid derivatives exhibiting anti-VEGF activity... Agent:

20140370001 - Ige antibodies for the inhibition of tumor metastasis: The present invention provides novel IgE antibodies useful for inhibiting or preventing metastatic cancer. Also provided are methods to inhibit tumor metastasis by modulating the activity of at least one non-tumor cell, treating a patient to inhibit or prevent tumor metastases of a primary solid tumor, treating metastatic carcinoma, reducing... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20140370004 - Method of boosting the immune response in neonates: In an aspect, a method of augmenting an immune response in a subject in need thereof, comprising identifying the subject, and treating the subject to inhibit the immune suppressive effect of CD71+ cells is provided. Further provided is a method of preventing, treating or ameliorating an infection in a subject,... Agent:

20140370007 - Method of directed differentiation producing corneal endothelial cells, compositions thereof, and uses thereof: This disclosure generally relates to cell-based therapies for treatment of visual disorders, including disorders of the cornea. Methods are exemplified for directed differentiation of corneal cells from stem cells. Compositions of corneal endothelial cells and uses thereof are also provided. Exemplary compositions exhibit improved cell density and/or more “youthful” gene... Agent: Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.

20140370002 - Methods for the treatment of gout: Disclosed are methods for the treatment and/or prevention of gout, comprising administering to a subject an effective amount of anti-IL-1β antibody or fragment thereof.... Agent: Xoma (us) LLC

20140370011 - Methods of treating or preventing cognitive impairment using indane acetic acid derivatives: The present invention provides indane acetic acid and their derivatives and methods for the treating and/or preventing of cognitive disorders.... Agent: Dara Biosciences, Inc.

20140370003 - Process for concentration of antibodies and therapeutic products thereof: The present disclosure provides a process for concentrating proteins including an ultrafiltering, a diafiltering, and a second ultrafiltering sequence, at elevated temperatures, such as above about 30° C. The disclosure also includes a process for preparing highly concentrated antibody compositions, and highly concentrated antibody products.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140370009 - Therapeutic nanoparticles and methods of use thereof: Provided herein are therapeutic nanoparticles having a diameter of between 10 nm to 30 nm, and containing a polymer coating, and a nucleic acid containing a sequence complementary to a sequence within a micro-RNA identified as having a role in cancer cell metastasis or anti-apoptotic activity in a cancer cell... Agent:

20140370008 - Thrombin-binding antibody molecules and uses thereof: This invention relates to isolated antibodies which recognise the exosite 1 epitope of thrombin and selectively inhibit thrombin without promoting bleeding. These antibody molecules may be useful in the treatment and prevention of thrombosis, embolism and other conditions mediated by thrombin.... Agent:

20140370010 - Treatment of leukemias and chronic myeloproliferative diseases with antibodies to epha3: The invention provides methods and compositions comprising anti-EphA3 antibodies for the treatment of myeloproliferative disorders.... Agent:

20140370012 - Fusion proteins comprising igg2 hinge domains: The present invention relates to biologically active fusion proteins containing the IgG2 hinge as a multimerization domain capable of multimerizing proteins, peptides and small molecules which are active or more active in multimeric form; compositions comprising such fusion proteins; and methods of making and using such fusion proteins.... Agent: Gliknik Inc.

20140370017 - Methods for treatment of cancer: The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating cancer in a human. The invention includes relates to administering a genetically modified T cell to express a CAR wherein the CAR comprises an antigen binding domain, a transmembrane domain, a costimulatory signaling region, and a CD3 zeta signaling domain.... Agent:

20140370013 - Novel heterodimeric proteins: The invention provides novel heterodimeric proteins including heterodimeric antibodies.... Agent: Xencor, Inc.

20140370016 - Sparc binding scfvs: The invention provides compositions comprising SPARC binding ScFc and its use.... Agent: Abraxis Bioscience, LLC

20140370014 - Use of il-20 antagonists for alleviating obesity: Alleviating obesity in a subject (e.g., a human subject) having, being suspected of having, or at risk for obesity using an IL-20 antagonist, which can be an antibody that blocks a signaling pathway mediated by IL-20. Such antibodies include anti-IL-20 antibodies and anti-IL-20R antibodies that specifically block the IL-20 signaling... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20140370015 - Use of il-20 antagonists for alleviating spinal cord injury: Alleviating neural injury, such as spinal cord injury, in a subject (e.g., a human subject) in need of the treatment using an IL-20 antagonist, which can be an antibody that blocks a signaling pathway mediated by IL-20. Such antibodies include anti-IL-20 antibodies and anti-IL-20R antibodies that specifically block the IL-20... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20140370020 - Antigen-binding molecule having regulated conjugation between heavy-chain and light-chain: It was found that association between CH1 and CL can be suppressed by substituting amino acids that exist on the interface between CH 1 and CL with electrically-charged amino acids, and that formation of heterogeneous molecules is enabled more efficiently than by introducing knobs into holes mutations into CH3 domain.... Agent: Chugai Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140370019 - Bispecific antibodies specific for fap and dr5, antibodies specific for dr5 and methods of use: The present invention relates to bispecific antibodies comprising at least one antigen binding site specific for DR5 and at least one antigen binding site specific for FAP, antibodies specific for DR5, methods for their production, pharmaceutical compositions containing said antibodies, and uses thereof.... Agent: Roche Glycart Ag

20140370018 - Multi-specific antigen-binding molecules and uses thereof: Various bispecific antibodies that specifically bind to both blood coagulation factor IX/activated blood coagulation factor IX and blood coagulation factor X and functionally substitute for the cofactor function of blood coagulation factor VIII, that is, the function to promote activation of blood coagulation factor X by activated blood coagulation factor... Agent: Chugai Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140370022 - Antibodies cross-reactive to human and mouse c-met and uses thereof: The antibody of the invention has high specificity to human c-Met and is cross-reactive to mouse c-Met. The antibody or its antigen-binding fragment of the invention is capable of specifically binding to human c-Met as well as mouse c-Met, more accurate preclinical results can be confirmed in the efficacy evaluation... Agent: Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation

20140370021 - Optimized fc variants and methods for their generation: The present invention relates to optimized Fc variants, methods for their generation, and antibodies and Fc fusions comprising optimized Fc variants.... Agent: Xencor, Inc.

20140370026 - Cytomegalovirus surface protein complex for use in vaccines and as a drug target: Immunogenic compositions and prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines for use in protecting and treating against human cytomegalovirus (CMV) are disclosed. Subunit vaccines comprising a human CMV protein complex comprising pUL128 or pUL130, and nucleic acid vaccines comprising at least one nucleic acid encoding a CMV protein complex comprising pUL128 or pUL130... Agent:

20140370023 - Erg monoclonal antibodies: Monoclonal antibodies, or antigen-binding fragments thereof, that bind to ERG, and more specifically, to an epitope formed by amino acids 42-66 of ERG3 are disclosed. The monoclonal antibodies can be non-human antibodies (e.g., rabbit or mouse) or humanized monoclonal antibodies having the CDR regions derived from those non-human antibodies. In... Agent:

20140370024 - Methods of treating pain by inhibition of vgf activity: The present disclosure relates to a method of treating pain, in particular neuropathic pain, comprising administering a therapeutically effective amount of an inhibitor of VGF activity resulting from binding of VGF or a peptide of the type TLQP-21 to the receptor qC1qR. The disclosure also relates to and methods of... Agent: Imperial Innovations, Ltd.

20140370025 - Uses of mammalian cytokines and agonists; related reagents: Provided are methods of treatment for tumors. In particular, provided are methods of using of a cytokine molecule and its receptor.... Agent:

20140370027 - Inhibition of macrophage-synthesized wnt7b to inhibit tumor angiogenesis and metastasis: The present invention provides methods of inhibiting angiogenesis in a malignant tumor, inhibiting metastasis of a malignant tumor and of inhibiting transformation of a benign tumor to a malignant tumor. The present invention also provides assays for identifying inhibitors of angiogenesis in a malignant tumor, inhibitors of metastasis of a... Agent: Albert Einstein College Of Medicine Of Yeshiva University

20140370031 - Antibodies and pharmaceutical compositions containing same useful for inhibiting activity of metalloproteins: A method of producing a metalloprotein inhibitor, the method comprising generating antibodies directed at a composition including a metal ion-bound chelator, wherein the composition is selected having structural and electronic properties similar to a functional domain of the metalloprotein, thereby producing the metalloprotein inhibitor.... Agent:

20140370030 - Antibodies anti-spla2-x and uses thereof: The present invention relates to isolated antibodies against human sPLA2-X and uses thereof.... Agent:

20140370028 - Diagnosis and treatment of viral diseases: This disclosure relates to methods of diagnosing a viral disease such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, Castleman's disease, a lymphoma, a thymoma or a sarcoma in a patient by identifying one or more virus-specific elements such as a nucleic acid or a viral protein or a patient antibody to a virus-specific... Agent:

20140370029 - Method for predicting responsiveness to a treatment with an egfr inhibitor: The present invention relates to a method for predicting whether a patient with a cancer is likely to respond to an epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitor, which method comprises determining the expression level hsa-miR-31-3p miRNA in a sample of said patient. The invention also relates to therapeutic uses of... Agent:

20140370032 - Multi-strain-reactive antibodies for therapy and diagnosis of influenza: The invention relates to a method for isolating a polypeptide reactive to influenza A hemagglutinin, comprising the steps of preparing a library of nucleic acid sequences, wherein each member of said library is attached to a polypeptide sequence encoded thereby, selecting members of said library by contacting the members with... Agent: Universitat Zurich

20140370033 - Methods for the treatment or prevention of systemic sclerosis: The invention is in the field of molecular immunology, more in particular, in the field of the prevention or treatment of autoimmune diseases, more in particular, systemic sclerosis or scleroderma. The invention is based on the observation that SSC patients have an elevated plasma level of CXCL4. This was found... Agent:

20140370036 - Compositions of, and methods for, alpha-1 antitrypsin fcfusion molecules: A novel method of treating and preventing bacterial diseases is provided. In particular, the present invention relates to compositions and methods for inhibition of Gram negative, Gram positive and acid fast bacilli in general and tuberculosis (TB), mycobacterium avium complex (MAC), and anthrax in particular. Thus, the invention relates to... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

20140370035 - Methods of reducing immunogenicity against factor viii in individuals undergoing factor viii therapy: The present disclosure provides methods of administering chimeric and hybrid Factor VIII (FVIII) polypeptides comprising FVIII and Fc to subjects at risk of developing inhibitory FVIII immune responses, including anti-FVIII antibodies and/or cell-mediated immunity. The administration is sufficient to promote coagulation and to induce immune tolerance to FVIII. The chimeric... Agent:

20140370034 - Sdf-1 binding nucleic acids and the use thereof: The present invention is related to a nucleic acid molecule binding to SDF-1, whereby the nucleic acid molecule influences migration of cells.... Agent:

20140370037 - Dll3 modulators and methods of use: Novel modulators, including antibodies and derivatives thereof, and methods of using such modulators to treat proliferative disorders are provided.... Agent: Stem Centrx, Inc.

20140370038 - Cd4+ cd25+ t-cells activated to a specific antigen: The invention relates to a method of assessing whether a subject includes CD4+,CD25+ T cells that have been activated to a specific antigen. The method includes the steps of obtaining from the subject a sample of lymphocytes including CD4+,CD25+ T cells, incubating at least one portion of the sample of... Agent:

20140370039 - Il-12 immunotherapy for cancer: Compositions and methods for delivering immune modulatory molecules to result in a therapeutic effect are disclosed. The compositions and methods use stably integrating lentiviral delivery systems. The methods are useful for therapeutically and prophylactically treating cancer such as leukemia.... Agent: University Health Network

20140370040 - Methods for identifying tumor-specific polypeptides: The present invention provides methods for identifying tumor-specific polypeptides, polypeptides so identified, and methods for their use.... Agent:

20140370041 - Compositions and methods for treating influenza: The present application provides compositions and methods useful for treating influenza. As described herein, the compositions and methods are based on the development of peptides and peptide combinations which exhibit immunogenic properties against influenza. In some embodiments, the peptide combinations induce a protective response against multiple strains of influenza, e.g.,... Agent: Variation Biotechnologies, Inc.

20140370044 - Modified epitopes for boosting cd4+ t-cell responses: The present invention relates to immunogenic peptides comprising a T-cell epitope. Said peptides are modified such that CD4+ T-cell responses are obtainable that are much stronger than the CD4+ T-cell responses obtained with the same peptides not comprising said modification. In particular, the modification is the addition of a cysteine,... Agent:

20140370042 - Stabilized antiviral fusion helices: Internally cross-linked peptides useful for interfering with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infection is based on RSV-F protein. These peptides are capable of reducing infection in cellular and animal models.... Agent: Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.

20140370043 - Vesicular stomatitis virus for prime boost vaccine: The present invention relates to vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) matrix (M) protein mutants. One mutant M protein includes a glycine changed to a glutamic acid at position (21), a leucine changed to a phenylalanine at position (111) and a methionine changed to an arginine at position (51). Another M protein... Agent:

20140370045 - Use of the cd2 signaling domain in second-generation chimeric antigen receptors: The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating cancer in a human. The invention includes relates to administering a genetically modified T cell expressing a CAR having an antigen binding domain, a transmembrane domain, a CD2 signaling domain, and a CD3 zeta signaling domain. The invention also includes incorporating... Agent:

20140370046 - Beta-glucan compounds, compositions, and methods: Described herein are beta-glucan compounds, compositions, and methods. Generally, the methods exploit the observation that beta-glucan compounds can bind to B cells. Thus, the methods generally include administering a beta-glucan compound to a subject in an amount effective for the beta-glucan compound to bind to a B cell and modulate... Agent: Biothera, Inc.

20140370048 - Composition for treatment or prevention of hyperlipidemia, containing alcohol extracts of oligoporus tephroleucus: The present invention relates to a composition for the treatment or prevention of hyperlipidemia, the composition containing alcohol extracts of Oligoporus tephroleucus as an active ingredient, and to a medicine and a dietary supplement, containing the extracts.... Agent:

20140370047 - Products and methods: The invention relates to fungal cells and spores, as well as extracts of either, for use, in particular, in prevention or treatment of Chlamydia, or Helicobacter pylori or other infections, inflammation, inflammatory, lysosomal, acidic, SOD- or IgG or other immunoglobulin—peroxidases or hydrogen peroxide induced or other forms of oxidative damage,... Agent: Ip Science Limited

20140370049 - Method for formulating a vaccine containing at least two antigens capable of adsorbing onto aluminium oxyhydroxide: The subject matter of the invention is a method for preparing a vaccine composition comprising at least aluminium oxyhydroxide (AlOOH), and at least the hepatitis B surface antigen and the Haemophilus influenzae type b antigen. According to the invention, the hepatitis B surface antigen is kept adsorbed on the AlOOH,... Agent:

20140370050 - Piv5 as oncolytic agent: The present invention includes the Paramyxovirus Parainfluenza Virus 5 (PIV5) as an oncolytic agent for treating various cancers, including, but not limited to breast cancer, lung cancer and melanoma. PIV5 oncolytic agents include both wild type PIV5 and various recombinant PIV5 constructs. Recombinant PIV5 constructs may include PIV5 lacking the... Agent:

20140370051 - Chimeric non-integrating lentiviral genomes as vaccines against hiv-1: Novel nucleic acids include non-integrative chimeric retroviral genomes including the 5′ and 3′ long terminal repeat sequences (LTRs) of the caprine lentivirus: the Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus (CAEV) or of another retrovirus not integrating human cells and at least one viral gene of another retrovirus. A vector including such a... Agent:

20140370052 - Inhibitors of sialoadhesin for the treatment of diseases caused by enveloped viruses: The present invention refers to methods and compositions to prevent viral entry into cells expressing the CD169/sialoadhesin surface receptor by inhibiting the coupling of the sialyllactose molecule contained in the viral membrane gangliosides to the CD 169/sialoadhesin receptor. The invention also pertains to vaccine compositions based on dendritic cells loaded... Agent:

20140370053 - Adjuvant-sparing multi-dose influenza vaccination regimen: An influenza vaccine is administered by a multi-dose regimen, in which (i) a first dose is administered with an adjuvant and (ii) a later dose is administered either without an adjuvant or with a different adjuvant. Thus the invention provides the benefits of a two-dose regimen without also doubling the... Agent:

20140370054 - Methods for inhibition of type 1 diabetes: This disclosure is directed to methods of inhibiting the development of type 1 diabetes in a subject, including methods of preventing development of type 1 diabetes. The disclosed methods involve pre-partum vaccination of future mothers against rotavirus. Methods of decreasing the prevalence of type 1 diabetes are also disclosed.... Agent:

20140370055 - Compositions and methods for vaccinating against hsv-2: This invention relates to therapeutic polynucleotide compositions and methods for systemic immune activation which are effective for eliciting both a systemic, non-antigen specific immune response and a strong antigen-specific immune response in mammals. The polynucleotide compositions are particularly effective for protecting mammals from herpes simplex virus (HSV), such as HSV... Agent: The University Of Washington

20140370056 - Mucosal vaccine using cationic nanogel: A mucosal vaccine for the prevention or treatment of microbial infections is described that is capable of inducing vaccine antigen-specific immune responses in an organism without the addition of a mucosal adjuvant. The mucosal vaccine comprises a composite of a nanogel comprising a hydrophilic polysaccharide having a cationic functional group... Agent: National University Corporation Tokyo Medical And Dental University

20140370057 - Attenuated live bacteria with increased acid resistance and methods of use thereof: The present invention relates to inducing acid resistance in a bacterium and methods of increasing the acid resistance of an acid sensitive bacterium.... Agent:

20140370058 - One dose vaccination against mycoplasma infections of pigs: The present invention provides a one phase, aqueous vaccine composition for immunizing an animal against infection by Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, comprising: an immunizing amount of a Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae bacterin, an acrylic acid polymer in the concentration range between 0.8 and 1.2 mg/ml, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, and substantially no oil.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh

20140370059 - Use of mtor inhibitors to enhance t cell immune responses: It is disclosed herein that treatment of a subject with an mTOR inhibitor enhances antigen-specific T cell immune responses. Thus, provided herein is a method of enhancing an antigen-specific T cell response in a subject by administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of an mTOR inhibitor. The antigen... Agent:

20140370060 - Tear film stability: The present invention relates to a method of stabilising a tear film in an individual having an ocular surface inflammatory disorder by providing a compound to an ocular surface of the individual to reduce the synthesis of a cholesterol by a meibum-producing tissue.... Agent:

20140370061 - Combination of active ingredients for cosmetic preparations: A combination of active substances for cosmetic preparations contains hyaluronic acid and at least one of its derivatives. At least 10 percent by weight is used in long-chain form with a molecular weight of at least 1,000,000 daltons. At least 2 percent by weight is used in short-chain form with... Agent:

20140370062 - Composition with a continuous oil phase containing at least one lipophilic organic uv-screening agent and hydrophobic silica aerogel particles: The present invention relates to a composition comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium, at least one continuous oil phase, characterized in that the oil phase comprises a) at least one non-volatile non-cyclic silicone oil with a viscosity at 25° C. ranging from 4 to 5000 mm2/s, better still from 4... Agent:

20140370063 - Cosmetic composition comprising silica aerogel particles and an emulsifying silicone elastomer: A subject matter of the present invention is a composition for topical application comprising hydrophobic silica aerogel particles and at least one emulsifying silicone elastomer. Another subject matter of the invention is a method for the cosmetic treatment of keratinous substances which consists in applying, to the keratinous substances, a... Agent:

20140370065 - Anhydrous suspensions and antimicrobial gels comprising bioactive glasses and applications thereof: An anhydrous suspension including a) particles of bioactive glass having a mean particle size less than or equal to 20 μm; and an ester and/or amide with a molecular weight less than or equal to 100,000, and/or an alcohol. A gel obtainable by contacting the anhydrous suspension with water is... Agent: Oy Granula Ab Ltd

20140370064 - Film-forming compositions of self-crosslinkable nanogel star polymers: A film-forming composition comprises a solvent and unimolecular nanoparticles of a self-crosslinkable nanogel star polymer. The nanogel star polymer comprises i) a crosslinked polymer core (nanogel core) and ii) 6 or more independent polymer arms covalently linked to the core by respective first end groups. A plurality of the arms... Agent:

20140370066 - Antimicrobial glass-ceramics: The application discloses the formation of antimicrobial glass-ceramic articles having an amorphous phase and a crystalline phase and an antimicrobial agent selected from the group consisting of silver, copper and a mixture of silver and copper. The antimicrobial glass-ceramic can have a Log Reduction of >2.... Agent:

20140370067 - Method and applicator for the perioperative disinfection of medical instruments to be inserted through non-natural openings: The invention relates to means and methods for the disinfection of an insertion channel to prevent in particular catheter sepsis, which significantly reduces the carry-over of germs even out of deeper skin layers by means of medical instruments, such as catheters, to be introduced into non-natural openings and also permits... Agent:

20140370071 - Medical devices comprising polymeric drug delivery systems with drug solubility gradients: Disclosed are drug delivery systems comprising drugs admixed with polymers having drug solubility gradients and methods of making the polymers. Also disclosed are medical devices having coatings thereon comprising the drug solubility gradient-containing polymers and at least one drug.... Agent:

20140370070 - Methods for producing hair microfollicles and de novo papillae and their use for in vitro tests and in vivo implantations: The present invention relates to a method for producing hair microfollicles comprising the steps of: a) providing de novo papillae, b) providing other cell populations selected from the group of fibroblasts, keratinocytes and melanocytes, and co-culturing the de novo papillae with at least one other cell population in non-adherent culture... Agent:

20140370069 - Methods for treating an established myocardial infarction: Methods for treating an established myocardial infarction, including treatment with an epicardial construct containing stromal vascular fraction (SVF) from adipose tissue which may be seeded onto a biocompatible substrate, which preserves microvascular function and LV contractile mechanisms.... Agent:

20140370068 - Placental tissue grafts: A method for preparing placenta membrane tissue grafts for medical use, includes obtaining a placenta from a subject, cleaning the placenta, separating the chorion tissue from the amniotic membrane, mounting a selected layer of either the chorion tissue or the amniotic membrane onto a drying fixture, dehydrating the selected layer... Agent: Mimedx Group, Inc.

20140370072 - Prohealing piezoelectric coatings: Provided herein is a prohealing piezoelectric coating and the method of making and using the same.... Agent:

20140370073 - Biologically degradable compositions for medical applications: A medical article is disclosed, comprising a biologically degradable AB block copolymer and a biologically degradable polymer that is capable, at equilibrium and at room temperature, of absorbing less than about 5 mass % water.... Agent:

20140370074 - Adhering composition and methods of applying the same: A method of in-situ adhering comprising providing pre-gel that comprises a mixture of at least one phenol-based compound and at least one water miscible polymer selected from at least one of a naturally existing form of a carbohydrate, a synthetically prepared form of carbohydrate and a salt of an anionic... Agent: Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.

20140370075 - Reinforced, laminated, impregnated, and composite-like materials as crosslinked polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel structures: Reinforced, laminated, impregnated, and materials with composite properties as cross linked polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel structures in bulk or cellular matrix forms that can take essentially any physical shape, or can have essentially any size, degree of porosity and surface texture. They have a wide range of physical properties, unusual and... Agent:

20140370076 - Transdermal drug delivery system containing donepezil: The present invention provides a transdermal drug delivery system comprising donepezil or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt and method of making the same.... Agent:

20140370077 - Transdermal drug delivery system containing fentanyl: The present invention provides a transdermal drug delivery system comprising fentanyl or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt and method of making the same.... Agent:

20140370078 - Topical and transdermal delivery of hif-1 modulators to prevent and treat chronic wounds: Compositions and methods are provided for the prevention and treatment of chronic wounds, including, without limitation, pressure ulcers and diabetic ulcers, by transdermal delivery of an agent that increases activity of HIF-1α in the wound.... Agent:

20140370080 - Histone deacetylase (hdac) inhibitors for treatment of post-surgical adhesions: The present invention relates generally to methods, compounds and compositions for treatment of adhesions, such as surgical adhesions.... Agent:

20140370079 - Method for targeting vascular rhoj for inhibiting tumor angiogenesis: The present application describes a method of inhibiting tumor growth including contacting the tumor with a compound that inhibits activity of RhoJ protein.... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology (kaist)

20140370081 - Stable crystal modifications of dotap chloride: The invention relates to enantiomerically pure DOTAP chloride and stable crystal modifications of (2R,S)-, (25)- and (2R)-DOTAP chloride, to a process for the preparation of these modifications, and to the use thereof as constituent for the preparation of medicaments.... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20140370083 - 5-aminosalicylic acid capsule formulation: A dosage form comprising a capsule containing one or more tablets of 5-aminosalicylic acid or a salt thereof as an active ingredient where each of the one or more tablets is enterically coated is disclosed.... Agent:

20140370082 - Cyclosporine analogue mixtures and their use as immunomodulating agents: The invention is directed to isomeric mixtures of cyclosporine analogues that are structurally similar to cyclosporine A. The mixtures possess enhanced efficacy and reduced toxicity over the individual isomers and over naturally occurring and other presently known cyclosporines and cyclosporine derivatives. Embodiments of the present invention are directed toward cis... Agent:

20140370084 - Estradiol formulations and therapies: Estrogen and progesterone replacement therapies are provided herein. Among others, the following formulations are provided herein: solubilized estradiol without progesterone; micronized progesterone without estradiol; micronized progesterone with partially solubilized progesterone; solubilized estradiol with micronized progesterone; solubilized estradiol with micronized progesterone in combination with partially solubilized progesterone; and solubilized estradiol with... Agent: Therapeuticsmd, Inc.

20140370085 - Delayed release cysteamine bead formulation, and methods of making and using same: An enteric-coated bead dosage form of cysteamine, and related methods of manufacture and use, are disclosed.... Agent:

20140370086 - Sublingual immunotherapy with reduced oral itchiness: Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) with reduced oral itchiness is disclosed. The improved sublingual immunotherapy combines a monotonically increasing dose of allergen, along with a constant dose of mast cell stabilizer, thereby substantially avoiding the oral itchiness and other uncomfortable adverse reactions typically experienced with SLIT, which can improve patient compliance. An... Agent:

20140370088 - Compositions and methods for delivery of omeprazole plus acetylsalicylic acid: The present disclosure is directed to a method for delivering a pharmaceutical composition to a patient in need thereof, comprising: administering to said patient a pharmaceutical composition in unit dose form comprising acetylsalicylic acid, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and omeprazole, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.... Agent: Pozen Inc.

20140370089 - Diethyl-[6-(4-hydroxycarbamoyl-phenyl-carbamoyloxy-methyl)-naphthalen-2-yl-methyl]-ammonium chloride for use in the treatment of muscular dystrophy: e

20140370087 - Novel use of angiogenin: The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition for the prevention or treatment of glaucoma, wherein the pharmaceutical composition includes angiogenin or a fragment thereof as an active ingredient. Angiogenin or a fragment thereof according to the present invention activates aqueous humor outflow due to NO generation increase, Schlemm's canal expansion,... Agent: Chung-ang University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20140370092 - Formulations of (+)-2-[1-(3-ethoxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-2-methylsulfonylethyl]-4-acetylaminoisoindoline-1,3-dione: Pharmaceutical compositions and single unit dosage forms of apremilast, i.e., (+)-2-[1-(3-ethoxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-2-methylsulfonylethyl]-4-acetylaminoisoindoline-1,3-dione, or a pharmaceutically acceptable stereoisomer, prodrug, salt, solvate, hydrate, or clathrate, are provided herein. Also provided are methods of treating, managing, or preventing various disorders, such as diseases or disorders ameliorated by the inhibition of TNF-α production in mammals.... Agent:

20140370090 - In situ, liquid-activated film coated tablets and a process for making the same: Tablets and other objects are film coated by including in the tablet a film-forming polymer that is activated upon contact with an activating amount of liquid. The film-forming polymer, e.g., a cellulosic ether, is homogeneously mixed with the other ingredients of the tablet, shaped into any desirable form, loaded into... Agent:

20140370091 - Method for producing aqueous enteric coating liquid, solid preparation, and method for producing same: An enteric preparation having a film-forming property and acid resistance is provided by using a simple and efficient method without using a special cooling apparatus. More specifically, provided is a method for producing an aqueous enteric coating liquid including the steps of: partially neutralizing an aqueous suspension including a cellulosic... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140370093 - Oral antimicrobial pharmaceutical compositions: The present invention relates to oral pharmaceutical compositions with controlled and/or programmed release containing at least one active ingredient having antimicrobial and/or anti-infectious activity for the treatment of infections of the large intestine, in particular the colon.... Agent: Cosmo Technologies Limited

20140370094 - Silk-based scaffold platform for engineering tissue constructs: The inventions provided herein relate to silk-based scaffolds and methods of producing the same, which can be used for a range of tissue engineering applications. The fabrication methods described herein provide a versatile platform to incorporate hollow conduits (e.g., for nutrient/oxygen delivery) through three-dimensional silk-based scaffolds that have tunable bulk... Agent:

20140370101 - 2,2',6,6'-tetraisopropyl-4,4'-biphenol lipid microsphere preparations and preparation methods therefor: This invention relates to a 2,2′,6,6′-tetraisopropyl-4,4′-biphenol lipid microsphere preparation having 2,2′,6,6′-tetraisopropyl-4,4′-biphenol as its active ingredient and formed into said lipid microsphere preparation with common medically used injection-grade oil, emulsifier, and injection-grade water.... Agent: Xi'an Libang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

20140370099 - Artificial antigen presenting cells having a defined and dynamic shape: Compositions and methods comprising asymmetrical artificial antigen presenting cells (aAPCs) are disclosed. The non-spherical aAPCs more closely mimic endogenous cell-cell interactions and can be used for antigen-specific immunotherapy.... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140370100 - Bone filler composition: A bone filler composition comprises a mixture of a curable calcium phosphate based bone filler which is formed from a liquid component and a calcium phosphate based powder component, and a formulation which comprises a bisphosphonate in particulate form. The particles of the bisphosphonate being embedded in particles of a... Agent:

20140370096 - Gas transporting rheological medium, end uses and related apparatus-method: A two-phase mixture is provided having a dissolved gas and a suspension of bubbles in a liquid. Methods for making, maintaining, and using the two-phase mixture are also provided. The gas molecules may be introduced into the liquid at a high velocity under elevated pressure to form a supersaturated solution... Agent:

20140370102 - Method and composition for pharmaceutical product: This invention is directed to a composition comprising dry granulated tenofovir DF and emtricitabine, and a method for making same. Dry granulation was unexpectedly found to be important in preparing a tenofovir DF containing composition suitable for inclusion in a combination dosage form containing emtricitabine, efavirenz and tenofovir DF.... Agent:

20140370103 - Non-immunogenic delivery vehicle for betta-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherols and methods of using and making same: This disclosure provides microparticles for the delivery of non-immunogenic compositions providing delivery of β-, γ- and/or δ-tocopherols.... Agent:

20140370097 - Sterile pharmaceutical compositions: The present invention provides a method for the sterilization of a labile glucocorticosteroid, which method comprises heat-treating by moist heat the labile glucocorticosteroid in the form of a suspension for a sterilizing-effective time. The methods and compositions according to the invention are useful as therapeutic tools to prevent, reverse, and/or... Agent:

20140370098 - Tinted emulsion: The present invention relates to a cosmetic composition for caring for and/or making up keratin materials which is in the form of an oil-in-water emulsion which undergoes phase inversion when it is applied to said keratin materials, comprising: (i) at least one pigment having a particle size greater than 100... Agent:

20140370095 - Weight loss compositions and methods for appetite suppression: A beverage composition for weight loss is provided which includes cayenne pepper; a palate enhancing agent selected from the group consisting of fruits, herbs, vegetables and mixtures thereof, the agent including pulp of the fruits, the herbs, the vegetables or the mixtures thereof; a least two spices selected from the... Agent:

20140370106 - Beadlets comprising hop acid salts in a protein matrix: The present invention relates a process of production of beadlets comprising at least one hop acid salt in a matrix comprising at least one protein, to such beadlets and to the use of such specific beadlets in feed as well as in feed premixes.... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140370107 - Multilayer microincapuslated probiotic bacteria: A multilayer microencapsulated lactic bacteria and bifidobacteria, preferably bacteria with probiotic activity, and the use thereof to prepare a food product, supplement product, medical device or pharmaceutical composition or water- and/or fruit-based beverage are described. A process for preparing multilayer microencapsulated lactic bacteria and bifidobacteria, preferably bacteria with probiotic activity... Agent:

20140370104 - Pharmaceutical formulation and method for treating acid caused gastrointestinal disorders: Pharmaceutical formulations in the form of a powder for suspension comprising at least one proton pump inhibitor in micronized form; at least one antacid; and at least one suspending agents are provided herein. Also provided herein are methods for making and using pharmaceutical formulations comprising at least one proton pump... Agent: Santarus, Inc.

20140370108 - Pharmacokinetics of s-adenosylmethionine formulations: Compositions and methods to improve the pharmacokinetic profile of S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) are provided, as are methods of treating various disorders using SAMe formulations with improved pharmacokinetic profiles. More specifically, the invention is directed to methods of treating a disease or disorder in a subject and/or improving the nutritional status of... Agent:

20140370109 - Stabilized granules containing glyceryl trinitrate: Solid pharmaceutical preparation with the active substance glyceryl trinitrate for oromucosal or oral administration characterized in that it contains between 0.05 and 2 weight % glyceryl trinitrate, at least one carrier material, and at least one substance that reduces the volatility of the GTN, whereby this substance is a non-volatile... Agent:

20140370105 - Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease with 6-mercaptopurine: Methods of administering a delayed release 6-mercaptopurine pharmaceutical composition to patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease which provide for release of the 6-mercaptopurine after passage of the pharmaceutical composition through the stomach are disclosed. The methods result in significant clinical improvement despite leading to very little systemic absorption of 6-mercaptopurine... Agent: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.

20140370110 - Polymer conjugated protein micelles: The invention encompasses micelle assemblies, compositions having micelle assemblies, and methods for preparing micelle assemblies and compositions thereof. The invention also encompasses a prolamine protein conjugated to a polymer, such as a polyethylene glycol (PEG) chain, which conjugates can be used to prepare micelle assemblies. The invention further encompasses methods... Agent: South Dakota State University

20140370111 - Protein delivery from stem cell microcarriers: Disclosed are methods and compositions of microbead carriers for delivery of cells and other biologically active substances to diseased or damaged tissue in a subject in need thereof.... Agent:

20140370112 - Multiparticulate l-carnitine compositions and related methods: An oral controlled-release multiparticulate dosage form comprises a plurality of individually enteric coated particulates containing an L-carnitine that independently disperse in a patient's stomach after oral ingestion and travel through the stomach and past the pyloric sphincter without substantially releasing the L-carnitine in the stomach. The individual particulates contain (a)... Agent:

20140370113 - Hydrocortisone controlled release formulation: The disclosure relates to a pharmaceutical formulation comprising hydrocortisone and its use in the treatment of conditions that would benefit from a delayed release of hydrocortisone, in particular conditions such as adrenal insufficiency, inflammatory conditions and depression.... Agent: Diurnal Limited

20140370114 - Homopolymer nanoparticles by self-emulsion polymerization reaction and preparation method thereof: Disclosed herein is a preparation method of homopolymer nanoparticles without using a surfactant. The homopolymer nanoparticles prepared thereby are expected to be widely used not only as a template of a semiconductor metal oxide, a drug delivery system (DDS), an electron transport layer (ETL), and a seed having vertical structural... Agent:

20140370115 - Lipid extraction processes: The present invention provides improved processes for extracting and preparing lipids from biological sources for use in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and functional foods.... Agent:

20140370116 - Method and system for treatment of biological tissue: A composition for reconstruction, replacement or repair of damaged or diseased biological tissue comprising an extracellular matrix (ECM) composition that includes an ECM scaffold component and a bioactive agent component. In a preferred embodiment, the ECM scaffold component comprises mesothelial tissue and the bioactive agent comprises a statin.... Agent:

20140370117 - Low-concentration nutritional composition: The present invention provides an enteral nutritional composition with which the labor of administering water between meals can be saved. The enteral nutritional composition comprises proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, with the calories per ml of the composition being less than 1 kcal and the moisture content being 30 percent by... Agent: Nutri Co., Ltd.

20140370118 - Methods of treating malnutrition: Methods of treating malnutrition are provided, such methods not requiring the use of systemic drugs that have shown to (i) provide slow relief, (ii) cause adverse side effects, (iii) limit activities, (iv) worsen existing gastrointestinal conditions, (v) be unrecommended in several gastrointestinal conditions that include gastrointestinal spasms, or (vi) be... Agent:

20140370119 - Arsenic compound solution and albumin nanoparticle and lyophilized preparation entrapping arsenic compound prepared using same: An arsenic compound solution, and an albumin nanoparticle and a lyophilized preparation prepared using same and entrapping an arsenic compound. The arsenic compound solution is prepared using the following method: adding As2O3 powder in sterile deionized water to obtain a suspension, 6 to 25 mg of As2O3 powder being added... Agent: Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

20140370120 - Methods of nourishing animals: The present invention relates to methods of maintaining, and methods of restoring, a desired calcium homeostasis in a non-human terrestrial animal by administering an effective amount of one or more Calcium-Sensing Receptor modulators (CaSRs) to the animal. The invention further provides methods of reducing foot lesions in chickens. The invention... Agent: Marical, Inc.

20140370121 - Materials and method for inhibiting replication protein a and uses thereof: Targeting uncontrolled cell proliferation and resistance to DNA damaging chemotherapeutics with at least one reagent has significant potential in cancer treatment. Replication Protein A, the eukaryotic single-strand (ss) DNA binding protein, is essential for genomic maintenance and stability via roles in both DNA replication and repair. Reported herein are small... Agent:

20140370122 - Methods and compositions for promoting activity of anti-cancer therapies: The present invention relates to a method of inhibiting growth of a cancerous cell. The method includes the step of exposing the cancerous cell to an anti-cancer therapy and an effective amount of a steroid saponin.... Agent: Oncology Research International Limited

20140370123 - Skin external composition comprising a sea salt and sugar as active ingredients for preventing and treating vaginosis and the use thereof: A skin external composition comprising a combination of salt and sugar as an active ingredient in an amount effective to treat and prevent vaginosis, together with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, and the use thereof.... Agent:

20140370124 - Multi-purpose anti-itch treatment: There is disclosed a formulation of a transdermal skin treatment effective in inhibition of itch sensation. In an embodiment, the formulation includes a solvent mixture of alcohols, glycols and water combined to provide a solubility parameter between 20 Pa0.5 and 40 Pa0.5, the solvent mixture having an average normal boiling... Agent:

20140370125 - Method for producing no/n2 gaseous mixtures intended for the medical field: The invention relates to a method for producing an NO/N2 gaseous mixture, comprising the steps of effecting a purification of impure gaseous nitrogen containing impurities at least of the O2 type by putting the impure nitrogen in contact with a catalyst and then with a molecular sieve; mixing the pure... Agent:

20140370127 - Antiviral compositions comprising ethanol extract of tetracera scandens and use thereof: A composition for preventing or treating a viral infection, which includes an ethanol extract of Tetracera scandens as an effective component, is provided. The composition exhibits low toxicity and few side effects and effectively inhibits reverse transcriptase activities to suppress synthesis of DNA, and thus can be useful in preventing... Agent:

20140370126 - Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating inflammatory diseases or asthma, containing lagerstroemia ovalifolia extract or fraction thereof as active ingredient: The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating inflammatory diseases or asthma comprising a Lagerstroemia ovalifolia extract or a fraction thereof as an active ingredient, and a health functional food and a feed additive for preventing or improving inflammatory diseases or asthma comprising the extract or... Agent:

20140370128 - Composition for treating atopic dermatitis comprising extracts of bamboo and scutellaria: The present invention relates to a composition comprised of a plant extract as an active component, specifically, Bamboo extract and Scutellaria extract, for the treatment and prevention of atopic dermatitis. The present invention is a natural ingredient can be obtained from a plant. The present invention can control immune responses... Agent: Unigen, Inc.

20140370129 - Dosing regimen and method for treating cancer using a coix seed oil emulsion: A method for administering a Kanglaite Injection (KLTi) composition comprising coix seed oil to a subject diagnosed with cancer is described. The method comprises administering daily doses of the KLTi on consecutive days for at least a first and second time period with a rest period between the first and... Agent:

20140370130 - Products containing highly unsaturated fatty acids for use by women and their children during stages of preconception, pregnancy and lactation/post-partsum: A method and product for improving maternal and child health through nutrition. Omega-6 fatty acid and/or omega-3 fatty acid are provided to a woman and/or child prior to, during and/or after pregnancy to improve the health of the woman and her child. The ratios of the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty... Agent:

20140370131 - Pharmaceutical composition for protecting brain neurons comprising plumula nelumbinis extract as active ingredient: The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition and food composition comprising Nelumbo nucifera seed extract as an active ingredient for the protection of brain nerve cells. Particularly, the composition is characterized by having an activity of removing reactive oxygen species (ROS) or an antioxidant activity. More particularly, the antioxidant... Agent: National Institute Biological Resources

20140370132 - Composition contaiing jetbead extracts: The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating Parkinson's disease, which comprises, as an active ingredient, a Rhodotypos scandens extract obtained by extracting the stem of Rhodotypos scandens with an organic solvent, and a food additive showing the effect of preventing or treating Parkinson's disease, the... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Bioscience And Biotechnology

20140370133 - Cosmetic products for aged skin: A cosmetic product having a pH value of 3.0 to 5.2 is disclosed that is specifically suitable for treating aged skin and irritations occurring there. The cosmetic product is preferably a barrier-stabilizing lotion or a barrier-stabilizing cream that contains a dry extract obtained from lady's mantle (Alchemilla).... Agent:

20140370134 - Composition comprising rhizoma coptidis, cortex phellodendri and fructus gardeniae and for treating neurodegenerative diseases: This invention is in the field of pharmaceuticals, health supplements and chemical industries. In particular, this invention relates a herbal composition that compensates the Aβ increasing effects of existing treatment, and on the regulatory processing of amyloid-β protein precursor (APP), therefore presenting a significantly more potent treatment for neurodegenerative diseases... Agent:

20140370135 - Use of extracts of capraria biflora in the prevention and/or treatment of senile cataracts: The invention provides methods for treating and/or preventing the recurrence of a senile cataract, and/or for inhibiting the development of a senile cataract and/or an incipient senile cataract, in a human or animal subject. The invention further provides nutraceutical compositions suited for the same, derived from an extract of the... Agent: Burrows Enterprises, LLC

20140370136 - Fermented pomegranate oil composition and method of preparing the same: Disclosed are a fermented pomegranate oil composition wherein pomegranates are immersed in edible vegetable oil so that the pomegranates are fermented under anaerobic conditions and active ingredients of the pomegranates are efficiently released to the edible oil to obtain edible vegetable oil containing active ingredients of pomegranates which is useful... Agent:

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20140363371 - Telodendrimers with enhanced drug delivery: The present invention provides amphiphilic telodendrimers that aggregate to form nanocarriers characterized by a hydrophobic core and a hydrophilic exterior. The nanocarrier core may include amphiphilic functionality such as cholic acid or cholic acid derivatives, and the exterior may include branched or linear poly(ethylene glycol) segments. Nanocarrier cargo such as... Agent:

20140363373 - Method for combined imaging and treating organs and tissues: The present invention provides methods and compositions for detecting and treating malignant tissue, organs or cells in a mammal. The method comprises parenterally injecting a mammalian subject, at a locus or by a route providing access to the tissue or organ, with a composition comprising a monoclonal antibody (chimeric, humanized,... Agent:

20140363372 - Methods for suppressing cancer by inhibition of tmcc3: A method for treating cancer includes administering to a subject in need thereof an antibody against a transmembrane and coiled-coil domains protein 3 (TMCC3), wherein the antibody binds to an epitope in an extracellular domain of TMCC3. The antibody binds to an epitope in an intercoil domain of TMCC3. A... Agent: Academia Sinica

20140363374 - Coupled identification and treatment of cancer: Provided are methods to treat cancer, in which (1) a patient is first identified as having a cancer that is likely to be susceptible to gallium therapy, by the use of a gallium scan or other procedure that shows whether the cancer is gallium-avid, and (2) the patient is then... Agent:

20140363375 - Activation of bioluminescence by structural complementation: Provided herein are compositions and methods for the assembly of a bioluminescent complex from two or more non-luminescent (e.g., substantially non-luminescent) peptide and/or polypeptide units. In particular, bioluminescent activity is conferred upon a non-luminescent polypeptide via structural complementation with another, complementary non-luminescent peptide.... Agent: Promega Corporation

20140363376 - Molecular design toward dual-modality probes for radioisotope-based imaging (pet or spect) and mri: In some aspects, the present invention provides novel ligands, which may be used to make novel dual-modality imaging agents, for example, for PET and MRI imaging. In further aspects, by the present disclosure also provides methods of use and methods of preparation of the novel ligands, metal complexes, and imaging... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20140363377 - Procaspase 8-mediated disease targeting: The invention provides compositions and method for delivering a therapeutic or diagnostic agent to a disease site in a mammal, the method comprising administering to the mammal a therapeutically or diagnostically effective amount of a pharmaceutical composition, wherein the pharmaceutical composition comprises the therapeutic or diagnostic agent coupled to a... Agent:

20140363378 - Self-assembling molecules that accumulate in acidic tumor microenvironments: Disclosed are compositions that contain a plurality of biocompatible self-assembling molecules that transform from isolated molecules or spherical micelles in the circulation into cylindrical nanofibers in the acidic extracellular environment of tumors which can be used to achieve a higher relative concentration of imaging, drug delivery, or radiotherapeutic agents at... Agent:

20140363379 - Nutritional approach to the use of ergothioneine and vitamin d2 for hair, nail and skin growth: Nutritional products, including food and/or beverage compositions, pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations and methods of use are disclosed for the prevention, suppression and treatment of skin, hair, and nail conditions for the improvement of skin, hair and nail growth through the identification and/or use of stem cells, as well as maintenance... Agent:

20140363380 - Mex3c regulation and target to control obesity and diabetes: MEX3C deficiency impairs the development of white and brown adipose tissue. Hence the present invention provides, among other things, a method of screening a candidate compound for activity in inhibiting fat deposition in a subject in need thereof and/or treating a condition in a subject in need thereof, comprising: (a)... Agent: Wake Forest University Health Sciences

20140363382 - Implants and biodegradable fiducial markers: Implantable materials may be used in an iatrogenic site. Applications include radioopaque materials for fiducial marking.... Agent:

20140363381 - Method, compounds and preparations for the identification of sentinel lymph nodes: The present invention relates to methods for the identification of a sentinel lymph node and to compounds and preparations used in said methods.... Agent: Ge Healthcare As

20140363383 - Aerosol formulation for copd: The stable aerosol solution formulations comprising glycopyrronium chloride are useful for administration to patients with COPD and other respiratory conditions.... Agent: Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a

20140363384 - Combination therapy for copd: Aerosol formulations comprising glycopyrronium chloride in combination with formoterol may be administered by means of a pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI) for the prevention or treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The formulation further comprises a HFA propellant, a co-solvent, and an amount of inorganic acid sufficient to stabilize both... Agent: Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a

20140363387 - Cosmetic compositions and methods for enhanced uv protection: The present disclosure relates generally to cosmetic formulations having enhanced UV protection factors. The present disclosure relates particularly, but not by way of limitation, to UV-protecting cosmetic formulations comprising cosmetic powders and having low loadings of organic sunscreens.... Agent:

20140363386 - Dualistic molecules having uv radiation filtrating ability at wide spectrum and potent damping activity of the reactivity of free radicals (radical scavenging): e

20140363385 - Water resistant personal care polymers: Described are personal care compositions comprising a polymer comprising: (a) one or more polymer comprising, as polymerized units, (i) 75% to 35% by weight, based on the weight of said polymer, one or more (meth)acrylate monomer selected from at least one of C1-C4 (meth) acrylate, (meth)acrylic acid, styrene, or substituted... Agent:

20140363389 - Melanin production inhibitor: Disclosed is a melanin production inhibitor which has an excellent inhibitory activity on the production of melanin and is highly safe. The melanin production inhibitor is represented by general formula (1) (excluding clotrimazole) and/or a pharmacologically acceptable salt thereof. In the formula, A1, A2 and A3 are independently selected from... Agent:

20140363388 - Series of skin whitening (lightening) compounds: The present invention is directed to inhibitors of tyrosinase, pharmaceutical compositions comprising such tyrosinase inhibitors, and methods of making and using the same. Specifically, included in the present invention are compositions of matter comprised of at least one 2,4-dihydroxybenzene analog, which inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and which inhibit the... Agent: Unigen, Inc.

20140363390 - Lip gloss: Disclosed are compositions and methods for their use that include pomegranate extract having pomegranate sterols and shale extract having water-soluble minerals.... Agent:

20140363391 - System and method for administering poloxamers and anesthetics while performing cpr and minimizing reperfusion injury: According to an embodiment, a system for delivering a synthetic surfactant and an anesthetic to an individual to reduce reperfusion injury includes an anesthetic delivery device and a device for administering the synthetic surfactant intravenously or intraosseously. The anesthetic delivery device includes a patient connection mechanism for coupling with an... Agent:

20140363393 - Method and composition for in situ formation and/or expansion of a polymer-based hemostatic agent to control bleeding: A composition for in situ formation and/or expansion of a polymer-based hemostatic agent to control bleeding includes a suitable amount of a polymer or polymer-forming component, hydrogen peroxide or chemical(s) capable of forming hydrogen peroxide, or a combination of both, and a decomposing agent for hydrogen peroxide. The decomposing agent... Agent: Materials Modification, Inc.

20140363392 - Osteoinductive coatings for dental implants: The present invention relates to an osteoinductive coating for use in dental implants, which can be obtained using a sol-gel process from methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMOS) as a silicon base precursor, ethyl tetraorthosilicate (TEOS) as a hydrophilic silicon precursor and at least one silicon precursor selected from glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane and aminopropyltrimethoxysilane. The invention... Agent:

20140363394 - Formulation having mobilizing activity: The present innovation relates to a novel formulation capable of increasing the amount of stem cells and progenitor cells in circulation in the peripheral blood of a mammal; the formulation is characterized in that it contains defibrotide in combination with at least one haematopoietic factor having the capacity to mobilize... Agent:

20140363395 - Compounds, compositions and methods for treating or preventing pneumovirus infection and associated diseases: Compounds, compositions and methods are provided for the prophylaxis and treatment of infections caused by viruses of the Pneumovirinae subfamily of Paramyxoviridae and diseases associated with such infection.... Agent:

20140363396 - Once daily treatment of hepatitis c with ribavirin and taribavirin: Hepatitis C is treated by administering once daily ribavirin, taribavirin, other derivatives or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. Hepatitis C may also be treated by administering any of the foregoing compounds once daily in combination with interferon and/or direct-acting antivirals. Once daily dosage forms administered for treating hepatitis C may comprise... Agent: Kadmon Pharmaceuticals LLC

20140363408 - Extracellular matrix from pluripotent cells: Isolated extracellular matrix from marrow adherent stromal cells and their descendents, which stimulates the growth and survival of a number of different neural cell types, is provided, along with methods for preparation and uses.... Agent:

20140363407 - Neural stem cell therapy for obesity and diabetes: Methods are provided of treating obesity or an obesity comorbidity in a mammalian subject comprising administering to the subject an amount of an agent effective to treat obesity or the obesity comorbidity, which agent inhibits (i) IκB kinase β (IKKβ) activation of nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells (NF-κB)... Agent: Albert Einstein College Of Medicine Of Yeshiva University

20140363397 - Method for treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal system: There are provided novel synthetic stool preparations comprising bacteria isolated from a fecal sample from a healthy donor. The synthetic stool preparations are used for treating disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, including dysbiosis, Clostridium difficile infection and recurrent Clostridium difficile infection, prevention of recurrence of Clostridium difficile infection, treatment of... Agent: Kingston General Hospital

20140363398 - Microbiota restoration therapy (mrt), compositions and methods of manufacture: Microbiota restoration therapy compositions and methods for manufacturing, processing, and/or delivering microbiota restoration therapy compositions are disclosed. An example method for manufacturing a microbiota restoration therapy composition may include collecting a human fecal sample and adding a diluent to the human fecal sample to form a diluted sample. The diluent... Agent:

20140363399 - Microbiota restoration therapy (mrt), compositions and methods of manufacture: Microbiota restoration therapy compositions and methods for manufacturing, processing, and/or delivering microbiota restoration therapy compositions are disclosed. An example method for manufacturing a microbiota restoration therapy composition may include collecting a human fecal sample and adding a diluent to the human fecal sample to form a diluted sample. The diluent... Agent:

20140363400 - Microbiota restoration therapy (mrt), compositions and methods of manufacture: Microbiota restoration therapy compositions and methods for manufacturing, processing, and/or delivering microbiota restoration therapy compositions are disclosed. An example method for manufacturing a microbiota restoration therapy composition may include collecting a human fecal sample and adding a diluent to the human fecal sample to form a diluted sample. The diluent... Agent:

20140363410 - Lactobacillus reuteri dsm 17938 for the development of cognitive function: The invention relates to Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 for promoting the establishment of healthy and normal cognitive function in young mammals. In particular, the invention relates to the use of Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 for promoting development of the brain structures responsible for cognitive functions (e.g. cortex and hippocampus) and... Agent: Biogaia Ab

20140363409 - Lactobacillus reuteri dsm 17938 for the development of the enteric nervous system: The invention relates to Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938, and compositions comprising Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938, for promoting the healthy development and/or repair of the enteric nervous system in mammals. Humans or animals and, in particular, a foetus, pre-term or term-born infant, toddler or child may benefit from the invention. The... Agent: Biogaia Ab

20140363401 - Method for preventing and treating salmonella typhimurium infection: The present invention relates to a composition comprising STP-1, a bacteriophage isolated from nature, capable of infecting Salmonella Typhimurium so as to kill the same as an active ingredient, and a method for preventing and treating Salmonella Typhimurium infection using the said composition. According to the present invention, the bacteriophage... Agent: Intron Biotechnology, Inc

20140363403 - Apparatus for harvesting improved bone graft material utilizing an implantable biodegradable filter: The present invention provides for the harvesting of specific materials in multiple stages of filtration of bone graft materials from a reaming device, specifics of interconnected stages, related filtration materials, and techniques. The harvesting process collects large material in a first stage, and other materials of a limited geometric size... Agent: Genesis Medical Devices, LLC

20140363402 - Composition and method for muscle repair and regeneration: The invention provides methods for muscle repair or regeneration comprising administering therapeutically effective amounts of RAR agonists or stem cells that are pretreated with contact with a RAR agonist to a subject at a site of muscle damage. Additionally, the invention provides compositions comprising RAR agonist treated stem cells and... Agent: Thomas Jefferson University

20140363406 - Estrogen metabolite levels and cyp1b1 polymorphisms in lung cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and risk assessment: Systems and methods for determining the prognosis of a patient having CYP1B1-mediated lung cancer and for diagnosing a risk of developing CYP1B1-mediated lung cancer are provided. The systems and methods comprise determinations of the concentration of estrogen metabolites in the lung tissue or a proxy thereof, or polymorphisms in the... Agent:

20140363405 - Method for obtaining mab-like cells and uses thereof: The invention relates to the derivation of mesoangioblast-like (MAB-like) cells from pluripotent cells such as induced pluripotent (IPS) and embryonic stem (ES) cells, to cells obtained thereby and to medical uses of such cells, in particular in the treatment of muscular dystrophies.... Agent: Ucl Business PLC

20140363404 - Methods for increasing osteoblastic function: The present disclosure provides methods of increasing osteoblastic function in a subject, the method comprising systemically administering to the subject a population of stem cells and/or progeny thereof and/or soluble factors derived therefrom.... Agent: Mesoblast, Inc.

20140363411 - Human monocyte sub-population for treatment of central nervous system injury: A subpopulation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) that is substantially devoid of CD3+ cells, CD19+ cells, CD56+ cells and optionally of CD16+ cells, for use in treatment of CNS injury is provided.... Agent:

20140363412 - Platelet activation using long electric field pulses: Embodiments of the disclosure relate to platelet activation and/or aggregation using electric pulses. In one embodiment, a platelet-containing sample is exposed to electric pulses. At least one of the electric pulses has a duration greater than 1 microsecond and a field strength below 50 kV/cm. In another embodiment, the electric... Agent:

20140363413 - Formulation and method for the prevention and treatment of bone metastases or other bone diseases: A suspension of erythrocytes encapsulating a bisphosphonate is provided along with a method for its use for the prevention and treatment of bone metastases and other bone marrow diseases. The suspension of erythrocytes encapsulating a bisphosphonate may also be provided in which the erythrocytes have undergone a chemical treatment with... Agent:

20140363414 - Aggregate-free urate oxidase for preparation of non-immunogenic polymer conjugates: A naturally occurring or recombinant protein, especially a mutein of porcine urate oxidase (uricase), that is essentially free of large aggregates can be rendered substantially non-immunogenic by conjugation with a sufficiently small number of strands of polymer such that the bioactivity of the protein is essentially retained in the conjugate.... Agent: Duke University

20140363415 - Compositions and methods comprising glycyl-trna synthetases having non-canonical biological activities: Isolated glycyl-tRNA synthetase polypeptides and polynucleotides having non-canonical biological activities are provided, as well as compositions and methods related thereto.... Agent: Atyr Pharma, Inc.

20140363416 - Methods and compositions for promoting glucose homeostasis: A method of reducing blood glucose in a subject has been developed. In preferred embodiments, the method involves administering to the subject a specific activator of endogenous mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 6 (MKK3), mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 6 (MKK4), mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 6 (MKK6), p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (p38MAPK),... Agent: The Children's Medical Center Corporation

20140363417 - Human arginase and pegylated human arginase and the usethereof: The present invention provides a site-directed mutated arginase and the preparation method thereof, and the use of said site-directed mutated arginase in preparing a medicament for treating an arginase-related disease. The present invention also provides a pegylated arginase and the preparation method thereof, and the use of said pegylated arginase... Agent: Bio-cancer Treatment International Ltd.

20140363418 - Method of producing collagen from hydrolyzed egg membrane: A method of producing collagen from hydrolyzed egg membrane includes combining 95% alcohol, cold water, a bacterial neutralase and/or alcalase, 14L, sodium bisulfite, and egg membrane. Once combined the solution is mixed slowly and then heated to a desired pH range. Once a desired temperature is reached, the heated solution... Agent:

20140363419 - Short-acting factor vii polypeptides: Short-acting Factor VII peptides are disclosed. A shortened half-life is desirable for treatment of acute bleeding and similar disorders. Modification of the sialylation and/or glycosylation of Factor VII and variants thereof produced peptides useful in treating conditions of acute bleeding.... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20140363420 - Method and composition for topical pain relief: A method, product by process, and composition for aiding in pain relief. The user adds hot water to methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), then stirs the resulting mixture until the MSM is dissolved. The user then adds room temperature water, bromelain, aloe vera juice, and papain to the batch, and continues to stir.... Agent:

20140363421 - Bio-active peptide supplement: A colostrum derived bioactive supplement derived of a number of cleaved protein fragments. The colostrum supplement is utilized with milk protein and Leucine to provide improved muscular function and exercise recovery.... Agent: Isatori, Inc.

20140363422 - Method of providing monoclonal auto-antibodies with desired specificity: Provided are novel binding molecules of human origin, particularly human antibodies as well as fragments, derivatives and variants thereof that recognize antigens such as native endogenous proteins associated with, e.g., immune response, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, metabolic disorders, vascular function, neurodegenerative diseases or tumors. More particularly, a human Auto-Immunosome and... Agent:

20140363427 - Anti-human respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) antibodies and methods of use: Provided herein are antibodies or antigen-binding fragments thereof that immunospecifically bind to the fusion (F) protein of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Also provided are methods for of prevention, treatment and diagnosis of viral infection and/or the treatment of one more symptoms of RSV-mediated disease. Methods of generating antibodies that immunospecifically... Agent:

20140363429 - Binding molecules specific for her3 and uses thereof: The present invention relates to antibodies and antigen binding fragments thereof that bind the extracellular domain of the HER3 receptor and inhibit various HER3 receptor related functions via ligand-dependent and/or ligand-independent mechanisms. Also provided are compositions with increased half-life. In addition, the invention provides compositions and methods for diagnosing and... Agent: Medimmune LLC

20140363426 - Heterodimeric proteins: In one aspect, the present invention provides heterodimeric antibodies comprising a first monomer comprising a first heavy chain constant domain comprising a first variant Fc domain and a first antigen binding domain and a second monomer comprising a second heavy chain constant domain comprising a second variant Fc domain and... Agent:

20140363423 - Peptide compounds for inhibition of platelet aggregation: The invention relates to a peptide compound and its pharmaceutical composition for inhibiting platelet aggregation and preventing/treating thrombogenic diseases. The invention develops pentapeptides and hexapeptides derived from snake venom C-type lectin-like proteins (CLPs) fragments, which can inhibit platelet aggregation and have antithrombotic activity without hemorrhagic tendency. Accordingly, they can be... Agent:

20140363425 - Systems and methods for identifying cancers having activated progesterone receptors: Systems and methods for identifying tumors having activated progesterone receptors are provided. Patients suspected of having a tumor susceptible to growth inhibition by anti-progestins can be treated with an anti-progestin.... Agent:

20140363428 - Therapeutic antigen-binding molecule with a fcrn-binding domain that promotes antigen clearance: The present invention provides: a modified FcRn-binding domain having an enhanced affinity for the Fc Receptor neonatal (FcRn) at neutral pH; an antigen-binding molecule comprising said FcRn-binding domain, which has low immunogenicity, high stability and form only a few aggregates; a modified antigen-binding molecule having an increased FcRn-binding activity at... Agent: Chugai Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140363424 - Use of chimeric anti-cd20 antibody as in vitro or in vivo purging agent in patients receiving bmt or pbsc transplant: The use of anti-CD20 antibodies as in vivo purging agents for patients receiving bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cell transplant during treatment of B-cell-related diseases, e.g., B-cell lymphomas or leukemias, is disclosed. Such purging may enhance engraftment and/or prevent disease relapse in such patients.... Agent: Biogen Idec Inc.

20140363430 - Activatable antibodies that bind interleukin-6 receptor and methods of use thereof: The invention relates generally to activatable antibodies that include a masking moiety (MM), a cleavable moiety (CM), and an antibody (AB) that specifically binds to interleukin-6 receptor (IL-6R), and to methods of making and using these anti-IL-6R activatable antibodies in a variety of therapeutic, diagnostic and prophylactic indications.... Agent: Cytomx Therapeutics, Inc.

20140363434 - Binding agents to intracellular target molecules: The application provides polypeptides comprising or essentially consisting of at least one Alphabody, wherein said Alphabody is capable of internalization into a cell and specifically binds to an intracellular target molecule. The application further provides nucleic acids encoding such polypeptides; methods for preparing such polypeptides; host cells expressing or capable... Agent: Complix Nv

20140363431 - Methods for treating progressive multiple sclerosis: The present invention concerns methods for treating progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) in a patient, and an article of manufacture with instructions for such use.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140363433 - Methods of generating bioactive peptide-bearing antibodies and compositions comprising the same: In one aspect, the invention provides a method of making a bioactive peptide-bearing antibody, or fragment thereof, comprising (a) engrafting the amino acid sequence of at least one bioactive peptide of interest into (i) at least one of CDR-H1, CDR-H2 or CDR-H3 of a heavy chain variable region comprising one... Agent:

20140363432 - Vascular endothelial cell growth factor antagonists and uses thereof: The present invention provides vascular endothelial cell growth factor (VEGF) antagonists and methods of using VEGF antagonists. VEGF antagonists contemplated by the invention include VEGF antibodies and VEGF receptor fusion proteins. Methods of treating edema and stroke using VEGF antagonists are also provided.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140363435 - Klotho beta: The invention concerns uses of anti-KLβ agents, and detection of KLβ and/or FGF19 and/or FGFR4.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140363437 - Combination therapy for a stable and long term engraftment: A method of treating a subject in need of a non-syngeneic cell or tissue graft is disclosed. The method comprising: (a) transplanting into a subject a dose of T cell depleted immature hematopoietic cells, wherein the T cell depleted immature hematopoietic cells comprise less than 5×105 CD3+ T cells per... Agent:

20140363436 - Diagnosing and treating iga nephropathy: Provided are methods of diagnosing IgA nephropathy in a subject. Optionally, the methods comprise isolating an IgG from the subject and determining whether the IgG binds to a galactose-deficient IgA1. Optionally, the methods comprise providing a biological sample from the subject and detecting in the sample a mutation in a... Agent:

20140363439 - Anti-lrp6 antibodies: The invention provides anti-LRP6 antibodies and methods of using the same. A particular aspect of the invention provides for bispecific anti-LRP6 antibodies that inhibit signaling by multiple Wnt isoforms.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140363440 - Antibodies and their uses for diagnosis and treatment of cytomegalovirus infection and associated diseases: Anti CMV antibodies are provided. Thus an antibody of the present invention comprises an antigen recognition domain capable of binding an MHC molecule being complexed with a cytomegalovirus (CMV) pp65 or pp64 peptide, wherein the antibody does not bind said MHC molecule in an absence of said complexed peptide, and... Agent:

20140363438 - Neuregulin antibodies and uses thereof: The invention provides anti-neuregulin1 antibodies and methods of using the antibodies in treating diseases or disorders, such as cancer. In a particular embodiment, the anti-neuregulin1 antibodies bind to both neuregulin1α and neuregulin 1β isoforms.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140363441 - Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of influenza: The present invention provides novel human anti-influenza antibodies and related compositions and methods. These antibodies are used in the diagnosis and treatment of influenza infection.... Agent:

20140363442 - Therapeutic cd47 antibodies: Provided are monoclonal antibodies and antigen-binding fragments thereof that bind to CD47 of multiple mammalian species, block the binding of SIRPalpha and TSP1 to CD47, promote phagocytosis of susceptible cancer cells, and reverse TSP1 inhibition of nitric oxide signaling, as well as monoclonal antibodies and antigen binding fragments thereof that... Agent:

20140363443 - Tricyclic carbamate jak inhibitors: The present disclosure relates to 2,4-pyrimidinediamines substituted with tricyclic carbamates and the compositions and methods using these compounds in the treatment of conditions in which modulation of the JAK pathway or inhibition of JAK kinases, such as JAK2 or JAK3, is therapeutically useful.... Agent: Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140363444 - Anti-il-23 antibodies: The present invention relates to anti-IL-23p19 binding compounds, in particular new humanized anti-IL-23p19 antibodies and therapeutic and diagnostic methods and compositions for using the same.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20140363445 - Method of treating cancer comprising a vegf-b antagonist: The present invention relates generally to the field of cancer therapy and prophylaxis. More particularly, the present invention provides growth factor antagonists which inhibit the growth of cancers including tumors and pre-cancerous tissue. Even more particularly, the present invention is directed to antagonists of vascular endothelial growth factor-B and their... Agent: Zenyth Operations Pty Ltd

20140363446 - Polypeptides and polynucleotides, and uses thereof as a drug target for producing drugs and biologics: This invention relates to a novel target for production of immune and non-immune based therapeutics and for disease diagnosis. More particularly, the invention provides therapeutic antibodies against VSIG1, ILDR1, LOC253012, AI216611, C1ORF32 or FXYD3 antigens, which are predicted co-stimulatory family members and which are differentially expressed in cancers including, lung... Agent:

20140363447 - Protofibril-binding antibodies and their use in therapeutic and diagnostic methods for parkinson's disease, dementia with lewy bodies and other alpha-synucleinopathies: Antibodies and fragments thereof have high affinity for human α-synuclein protofibrils and low binding of α-synuclein monomers, wherein the antibodies or fragments have specified Complementarity Determining Region (CDR) sequences. Compositions comprise such an antibody or fragment and methods of detecting α-synuclein protofibrils use such an antibody or fragment. In further... Agent:

20140363448 - Cdcp1 and breast cancer: The present invention relates to a method for treating breast cancer in a subject having a hyperactivation of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 1 and/or 2 (EGFR and/or ErbB2 HER2), as compared to the normal subject population, or expressing deltaHER2, which method comprises the step of administering to said subject... Agent:

20140363449 - Methods, assays, and systems relating to sakt: The technology described herein is directed to methods, assays, and systems relating to determining the level of SAKT signaling activity in a sample obtained from a subject as well as methods relating to administering inhibitors and/or agonists of SAKT signaling.... Agent:

20140363450 - Oxidized cardiolipin as a novel pro-inflammatory factor: Low levels of antibodies reactive with oxidised Cardiolipin (oxCL) in mammals are related to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, auto-immune diseases or inflammatory conditions. High levels can have a protective function and in general there is a negative association between manifestations of these conditions and antibodies against oxCL.... Agent: Medirista Biotechnologies Ab

20140363451 - Anti-folr1 immunoconjugate dosing regimens: Methods of administering immunoconjugates that bind to FOLR1 are provided. The methods comprise administering an anti-FOLR1 immunoconjugate to a person in need thereof, for example, a cancer patient, at a therapeutically effective dosing regimen that results in minimal adverse effects.... Agent: Immunogen, Inc.

20140363452 - Cytotoxic peptides and antibody drug conjugates thereof: The present invention is directed to cytotoxic pentapeptides, to antibody drug conjugates thereof, and to methods for using the same to treat cancer.... Agent:

20140363454 - Antibody-drug conjugates, compositions and methods of use: Antibody-cytotoxin antibody-drug conjugates and related compounds, such as linker-cytotoxin conjugates and the linkers used to make them, tubulysin analogs, and intermediates in their synthesis; compositions; and methods, including methods of treating cancers.... Agent: Igenica Biotherapeutics, Inc.

20140363455 - Dll3 modulators and methods of use: Novel modulators, including antibodies and derivatives thereof, and methods of using such modulators to treat proliferative disorders are provided.... Agent: Stem Centrx, Inc.

20140363453 - Methods for increasing efficacy of folr1 cancer therapy: Methods to improve the success of cancer therapies that target the human folate receptor 1 are provided. Kits comprising reagent useful in the methods are further provided.... Agent: Immunogen, Inc.

20140363457 - 2-thio-1,3,4-oxadiazoles azetidine derivatives as sphingosine-1 phosphate receptors modulators: The present invention relates to 2-thio-1,3,4-oxadiazoles azetidine derivatives, processes for preparing them, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use as pharmaceuticals as modulators of sphingosine-1-phosphate receptors.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20140363456 - Tumor-specific gm-csf cytokine response as predictor of cancer vaccine effectiveness: The present invention relates to methods of treating cancer with a cancer vaccine using granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) as a biomarker; methods of prognosticating an outcome of cancer treatment with a cancer vaccine using GM-CSF as a biomarker; methods for qualifying subjects for cancer vaccination using GM-CSF as a biomarker;... Agent:

20140363460 - Combined antigen and dna vaccine for preventing and treating rsv infection: The present disclosure relates to treating and preventing symptoms of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection using a combination vaccine containing an RSV antigen and a DNA encoding the RSV antigen.... Agent:

20140363458 - Malaria vaccine: The present invention provides a particle comprising a polypeptide and at least one malaria antigen, and a composition or vaccine comprising thereof, its use in medicine, particularly in the prevention or treatment of malaria infections.... Agent: Vlp Therapeutics, LLC

20140363459 - Synthetic capsid proteins and uses thereof: The present invention relates to synthetic proteins and the uses thereof. More particularly, the invention relates to synthetic Circovirus type capsid proteins with improved properties. These proteins, or the coding nucleic acids, are useful e.g., to generate antibodies, immunogen compositions, or vaccines. The invention further relates to methods for treating... Agent: Ceva Sante Animale

20140363461 - Adjuvanted formulations of staphylococcus aureus antigens: The efficacy of S. aureus vaccines can be enhanced by adjuvanting S. aureus antigens with a mixture of a TLR agonist (preferably a TLR7 agonist) and an insoluble metal salt (preferably an aluminium salt). The TLR agonist is typically adsorbed to the metal salt. A S. aureus antigen can also... Agent:

20140363462 - Heterologous expression of neisserial proteins: Alternative and improved approaches to the heterologous expression of the proteins of Neisseria meningitidis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae are disclosed. These approaches typically affect the level of expression, the ease of purification, the cellular localization, and/or the immunological properties of the expressed protein.... Agent:

20140363463 - Shortened purification process for the production of capsular streptococcus pneumoniae polysaccharides: A shortened process for producing a solution containing substantially purified capsular polysaccharides from a cellular Streptococcus pneumoniae lysate broth is described. Ultrafiltering and diafiltering a clarified S. pneumoniae lysate followed by pH adjustment to less than 4.5, preferably about 3.5, precipitated at least 98% of the protein in the solution... Agent: Wyeth LLC

20140363464 - Pre- or post-exposure treatment for filovirus or arenavirus infection: The compositions and methods of the invention described herein provide pre- or post-exposure treatments against filovirus or arenavirus infection by expressing one or more genes (e.g., two or more genes) from filoviruses or arenaviruses in a delivery vehicle (e.g., a recombinant viral vector or a liposome).... Agent:

20140363465 - Mycobacterial vaccine vectors and methods of using the same: Mycobacterium bovis BCG is a potent stimulator of the cellular immune response and has potential as a recombinant vaccine vector. Disclosed are BCG strains that generate greater MHC class I presentation of a transgenic protein, relative to the unmutated parental strain, and that improve a recipient's CD8+ T cell response... Agent: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc.

20140363466 - Method of treating pregnant cows and/or heifers: The present invention relates to combination vaccines for the prophylaxis and treatment of microbiological infections in cattle which comprise an attenuated bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) for the the prophylaxis and treatment of BVDV caused infections. The invention also relates to a method of vaccinating a pregnant cow.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

20140363467 - Avian induced pluripotent stem cells and their use: The present invention relates to the production of avian induced pluripotent stem cells from non-pluripotent somatic cells, including embryonic fibroblasts and adult somatic cells. In this method, avian (including quail or chicken) somatic cells are reprogrammed into a state closely resembling embryonic stem cells including the expression of key stem... Agent: University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

20140363468 - Combined influenza vaccines for seasonal and pandemic protection: Current approaches to influenza vaccination focus either on seasonal strains or pandemic strains. Current seasonal vaccines typically include antigens from two influenza A strains (H1N1 and H3N2) and one influenza B strain. Current pandemic vaccines focus on H5N1 influenza A virus strains. It is an object of the invention to... Agent:

20140363469 - Viral attenuation and vaccine production: The present invention is directed to the generation of attenuated viruses or viral transcripts for the production of vaccines by incorporating microRNA binding sites within the viral target sequence of the pathogen.... Agent:

20140363470 - Pharmaceutical formulations and the use thereof for the treatment of peanut allergy: The present invention relates to compositions which can be used in immunotherapy and especially to compositions which can be used in immunotherapy for mammals, such as human mammals, suffering from peanut allergy. The present invention further relates to the use of the present compositions for the therapeutic treatment for desentizing... Agent:

20140363471 - Method of inducing autophagy and activating toll-like receptor: A method of inducing autophagy in a cell is achieved by contacting the cell with graphene oxide (GO) in an amount effective to induce autophagy in the cell, wherein the cell expresses at least one of TLR-4 (Toll-like receptor 4) and TLR-9 (Toll-like receptor 9). Differences between autophagy triggered by... Agent:

20140363472 - Methods for predicting the survival time of a patient suffering from a solid cancer based on density of b cells: The present invention relates to a method for predicting the survival time of a patient suffering from a solid cancer comprising the steps consisting of i) determining the density of B cells at the invasive margin of the tumor (im) in a tumor tissue sample obtained from said patient, ii)... Agent:

20140363474 - Adjuvanted influenza virus compositions: The present invention relates to influenza vaccine formulations and vaccination regimes for immunising against influenza disease, their use in medicine, in particular their use in augmenting immune responses to various antigens, and to methods of preparation. In particular, the invention relates to multivalent influenza immunogenic compositions comprising an influenza antigen... Agent:

20140363473 - Method for preparing spheroids of human primary hepatocytes: The present invention relates to a method for preparing spheroids of human primary hepatocytes. The method comprises culturing of isolated human primary hepatocytes on a polysaccharide scaffold under conditions that allow the formation of hepatocyte spheroids, and subsequently dissolving the polysaccharide scaffold to release the hepatocyte spheroids. The spheroids obtained... Agent:

20140363475 - Oil-in-water emulsified skin cosmetic composition: e

20140363476 - Stable vitamin c compositions: Disclosed is a composition comprising ascorbic acid or a derivative thereof, a silicone containing compound, and an essential oil, wherein at least 50% of the initial amount of the ascorbic acid in the composition remains stable when the composition is stored for at least 1 month at room temperature. The... Agent:

20140363477 - Vegan emulsion: The present invention relates to a vegan emulsion, in particular a food emulsion and/or a cosmetics emulsion. The emulsion according to the invention is a multiple emulsion in which at least 90% of the emulsion droplets of the multiple emulsion have a diameter of 2-10 μm, preferably 4-8 μm.... Agent: Planaturo Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140363478 - Composition: There is provided an anti-fouling composition comprising (i) a surface coating material; (ii) an enzyme obtained or obtainable from a marine organism; and (iii)(a) a substrate for the enzyme; and/or (b) a precursor enzyme and a precursor substrate, wherein the precursor enzyme and the precursor substrate are selected such that... Agent: Dupont Nutrition Biosciences Aps

20140363479 - Compositions and methods for treating extracellular parasitic infections: There is disclosed herein a composition for treating extracellular parasitic infections, the composition comprising one or more of the following combinations: at least one quinolone or fluoroquinolone together with at least one tetracycline, iodoquinol, an azole or imidazole; or at least two agents selected from the group consisting of iodoquinol,... Agent:

20140363480 - Device for discharging liquid: A device (13) for discharging liquid water from a water separator (12) in a fuel cell system (1), having a valve device (15), a liquid sensor (16) and a control unit (17) which controls the valve device (15) depending on measured values of the liquid sensor (16). The liquid sensor... Agent: Daimler Ag

20140363481 - Bone replacement implants with mechanically biocompatible cellular material: A methodology integrating multiscale analysis and design optimization to design a novel bone replacement implant made of a functionally graded cellular material that meets fatigue requirements imposed by cyclic loadings. The pore microarchitecture, described by interconnectivity, porosity, pore size as well as pore topology, is optimally designed for tissue regeneration... Agent:

20140363482 - Bioerodible sustained release drug delivery systems: The present invention relates to sustained release drug delivery systems, medical devices incorporating said systems, and methods of use and manufacture thereof. The inventive systems feature bioerodible drug delivery devices that include biocompatible solid and biocompatible fluid compositions to achieve desired sustained release drug delivery.... Agent:

20140363484 - Fibrous bio-degradable polymeric wafers system for the local delivery of therapeutic agents in combinations: The present invention is related to flexible, fibrous, biocompatible and biodegradable polymeric wafer; consists of more than one polymeric fibers, each one loaded with different therapeutic agents having mutually exclusive synergistic activity. The wafer is capable of delivering the drugs locally in to the diseased site like tumor, inflammation, wound,... Agent: Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

20140363483 - Pharmaceutical use of a composition including a carbonaceous material and an active particle: A method of treating or preventing Helicobacter pylori infection in a subject includes the step(s) of: administering to the subject a composition. The composition has a carbonaceous material and an active particle. The active particle is coated on the carbonaceous material and made of a material selected from the group... Agent: Feng Chia University

20140363485 - Wipe and methods for improving skin health: The present invention relates to methods and products, such as wet wipes and absorbent articles, that are capable of imparting a health benefit when used in the intended fashion. More specifically, the products described herein comprise one or more botanical compounds, which are capable of selectively controlling the balance of... Agent:

20140363486 - Methods for reducing or altering scar formation: Glycerophosphate salts have been found to hasten the healing of wounds and minimize the formation of scars, particularly when it is first applied to a wound about 0 to about 7 days after the wound is inflicted. Methods and compositions are provided for treating wounds using a composition comprising an... Agent:

20140363488 - Adhesive patch: A method of treating Herpes Labialis includes assembling a patch having hydrocolloid particles added to a layer of adhesive to so configure the patch to have a limited absorption of moisture into the patch combined with a permeability of moisture through and out of the patch. The method additionally includes... Agent:

20140363487 - Transdermal delivery system comprising buprenorphine: The invention relates to transdermal therapeutic system for the transdermal administration of buprenorphine, comprising a buprenorphine-containing self-adhesive layer structure comprising A) a buprenoφhine-impermeable backing layer, and B) a buprenorphine-containing pressure-sensitive adhesive layer on said buprenorphine-impermeable backing layer, the adhesive layer comprising a) at least one polymer-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, b) an... Agent:

20140363496 - Compositions and methods for inducing nanoparticle-mediated microvascular embolization of tumors: Nanoparticle mediated microvascular embolization (NME) of tumor tissue may occur after systemic administration of PEM, leading to widespread shutdown of vascular flow, hemorrhage, and necrosis. PEM constructs are developed that incorporate large amounts of iron-containing protein, possess high oxygen affinities, and demonstrate delayed nitric oxide binding. Such properties induce selective... Agent:

20140363498 - Hydrogel polymeric compositions and methods: Some aspects of this disclosure relate to a method of treating an ophthalmic disease affecting an eye of a patient comprising forming a covalently-crosslinked hydrogel in situ at a peri-ocular, intra-ocular, or intra-vitreal site for controlled release of a therapeutic agent.... Agent: Incept LLC

20140363492 - Intracutaneous injection: The delivery of biopharmaceutical and other therapeutic agents parenterally to an animal via a minimally invasive, low pain administration is provided. The agents are delivered to the patient via, e.g., the epidermal, dermal, or subcutaneous layer of the skin in a concentrated fours of injectable paste of slurry.... Agent: Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140363493 - Lipid nanoparticles for targeted sirna delivery: The present invention addresses a need for improved vehicles for delivering small interfering RNAs (siRNAs).... Agent: Albert Einstein College Of Medicine Of Yeshiva University

20140363497 - Nanocell drug delivery system: Nanocells allow the sequential delivery of two different therapeutic agents with different modes of action or different pharmacokinetics. A nanocell is formed by encapsulating a nanocore with a first agent inside a lipid vesicle containing a second agent. The agent in the outer lipid compartment is released first and may... Agent:

20140363495 - Native and agonist ctl epitopes of the muc1 tumor antigen: The invention provides peptides comprising a human cytolytic T lymphocyte (CTL) epitope from the human tumor-associated antigen (TAA) mucin 1 (MUC1) and analogs thereof, which can be used in vaccine prevention or therapy of cancer, as well as a nucleic acid encoding the peptide, a vector comprising the nucleic acid,... Agent:

20140363491 - Novel liposome compositions: The present disclosure provides lipid-containing compositions, including targeted liposomes encapsulating drug, and pharmaceutical formulations thereof, as well as methods for the making and using the lipid-containing compositions, including the use of the targeted liposomes in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.... Agent: Mebiopharm Co., Ltd.

20140363490 - Oligomer-contained nanoparticle complex release system: An oligomer-contained nanoparticle complex is provided. The oligomer-contained nanoparticle complex of the invention comprises (a) a nanoparticle, (b) a polymer with high molecule weigh, (c) a target molecule, (d) an oligomer, wherein the oligomer is crosslinked with the polymer by the intermolecular hydrogen bonds or electron bonds, and e) a... Agent: National Yang Ming University

20140363494 - Pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of tumors expressing egfr and gm3 n-glycolyl ganglioside (neugcgm3): The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of malignant tumors. Particularly those tumors that express EGFR and GM3 N-glycolyl ganglioside targets to enhance the therapeutic effect produced by separated therapies against these targets. The pharmaceutical compositions of the invention include antibodies and/or vaccines against each of the... Agent:

20140363489 - Treatment of eye disease: The present invention provides methods and compositions for treating retinal degeneration. One embodiment of the present invention is directed to a method of treating retinal degeneration by administering to a patient in need at least one thiosemicarbazone compound.... Agent:

20140363499 - Use of a particulate immunomodulator in cancer therapy: The current invention is directed to a particulate or vesicular formulation of an immune modulating molecule, like e.g. cytokines, as well as uses, methods, compounds thereof. The formulation may be used to treat a range of diseases and conditions, in particular cancer.... Agent:

20140363500 - Use of an antibody and a particulate immunomodulator: The current invention is directed to particulate or vesicular immunomodulators, like e.g. cytokines, for use in combination therapy with antibodies for treatments of a range of conditions and diseases, in particular cancer, as well as methods, compositions, and kits thereof.... Agent:

20140363502 - Resveratrol-containing compositions and methods of use for treatment of macular degeneration: The present invention relates to a resveratrol-containing composition capable of modulating gene expression to an extent greater than that observed with resveratrol alone or with calorie restriction. The invention particularly pertains to such resveratrol-containing compositions that comprise resveratrol, a chelator, hyaluronic acid, and/or vitamin D and which upon administration to... Agent:

20140363501 - The protective effects and application of a lactobacillus rhamnosus on the alleviation of chronic alcoholic liver injury: An anti-oxidative Lactobacillus rhamnosus CCFM1107 can relieve chronic alcoholic liver injury, and L. rhamnosus CCFM1107 can be used in preparing dairy products as starter culture. The dairy products of this invention include milk, milk powder, milk capsules or fermented milk containing L. rhamnosus CCFM1107. It has strong abilities of anti-oxidation,... Agent: Jiangnan University

20140363503 - Chewable soft capsules: A matrix formulation for a soft chewable capsule is provided which includes a gel-forming composition, a plasticizer, a polymer modifier, and water. The polymer modifier may be a carboxylic acid or other organic compound that alters the physical and/or chemical properties of the capsule formulation. A chewable soft capsule is... Agent: Banner Pharmacaps Inc.

20140363504 - Absorbable encapsulated calcium in hypromellose capsule: An absorbable encapsulated calcium in hypromellose capsule, characterized in that the encapsulated calcium comprises calcium amino acid chelate extracted from soya bean, aspartate, calcium amino acid chelate which is obtained from chelation of aspartate with calcium hydroxide, collagen, lecithin, soya bean extract, lactose, calcium carbonate, in the ratio of 4:8:8:10:8:12:10:40... Agent: The Beauty Nation Ptd Ltd

20140363505 - New combination: The invention relates to a new fixed dose combination of benazepril with pimobendan.... Agent:

20140363507 - Dentric polyglycerol sulfates and sulfonates and their use for inflammatory diseases: The present invention relates to the novel compound classes of dendritic polyglycerol sulfates and sulfonates as well as to their production and use for the treatment of diseases, particularly inflammatory diseases, and to their use as selectin inhibitors and selectin indicators. The dendritic polyglycerol sulfates and sulfonates are also suitable... Agent: Freie Universitat Berlin

20140363506 - Formulation for pulmonary administration of antifungal agents, and associated methods of manufacture and use: Formulations are provided for pulmonary administration of an antifungal agent to a patient. Methods of using the formulations in the treatment of antifungal infections are also provided, including treatment of pulmonary aspergillosis with amphotericin B-containing formulations. Methods of manufacturing the formulations to achieve optimum properties are provided as well.... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140363509 - Compositions for the treatment of mucous membrane diseases: Composition comprising at least one active principle, at least one vehicle for said active principle and particles of porous silica, in which the active principle is contained in at least one pore of at least a first portion of such silica particles and in that vehicle, for use in the... Agent: Miso S.r.i.

20140363511 - Method of treating middle ear infections: Aqueous suspension formulations containing dexamethasone and ciprofloxacin are disclosed for the treatment of middle ear infections in human patients having an open tympanic membrane.... Agent:

20140363510 - Pharmaceutical composition including pimobendan: A solid formulation includes pimobendan or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, which is homogenously dispersed with a polyvalent acid and a flavor suitable to animals.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh

20140363508 - Pharmaceutical formulations of flurbiprofen and glucosamin: The present invention relates to pharmaceutical formulations of flurbiprofen or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and glucosamine or salts thereof. Particularly, the present invention relates to a stable formulation of this combination having desired levels of dissolution rate and solubility which comprises at least one polymer having a low glass... Agent:

20140363513 - Octreotide depot formulation with constantly high exposure levels: The present invention relates to sustained release formulations comprising as active ingredient octreotide or a pharmaceutically-acceptable salt thereof and two different linear polylactide-co-glycolide polymers (PLGAs).... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140363512 - Oral pharmaceutical composition: e

20140363514 - Core-shell particle formulation for delivering multiple therapeutic agents: A core-shell particle formulation for delivering multiple therapeutic agents is disclosed. More particularly, core-shell particle formulation configured to independently release therapeutic agents from the core and the shell. Moreover, the core-shell particle bearing therapeutic agents enables treatment against the diseases such as cancer, inflammatory and auto-immune diseases.... Agent: Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

20140363515 - Beadlets comprising hop acid salts in a starch matrix: The present invention relates to a process for production of beadlets comprising hop acids salts in a matrix comprising at least one starch and/or starch derivative, to such beadlets and to the use of such specific beadlets.... Agent:

20140363516 - Multiple unit pellet tablet formulation comprising an opioid: The present invention relates to a sustained-release pharmaceutical formulation, in particular a multiple unit pellet tablet (MUT) formulation for oral administration comprising a plurality of sustained-release pellets. The invention further relates to sustained-release pellets wherein the active agent is an opioid. The sustained-release pellets are suitable for the preparation of... Agent: Hexal Aktiengesellschaft

20140363517 - Methods of using krill oil to treat risk factors for cardiovascular, metabolic, and inflammatory disorders: This invention discloses methods of using krill oil and compositions comprising krill oil to treat risk factors for metabolic, cardiovascular, and inflammatory disorders. The present invention also relates to methods of using compositions comprising krill oil to modulate biological processes selected from the group consisting of glucose metabolism, lipid biosynthesis,... Agent: Aker Biomarine As

20140363518 - Antiviral therapy with a whole, leech saliva extract: Methods are provided for isolating and using a whole-saliva leech extract. The methods can include feeding a phagostimulatory agent to a leech; inducing a regurgitation in the leech, the inducing including placing the leech in an environment having a temperature of less than about 0° C.; and, collecting an unrefined,... Agent: Biopep Solutions, Inc.

20140363519 - Activator of gene expression of molecular chaperone gene comprising eggshell membrane component and composition thereof: This activator of gene expression of molecular chaperone gene contains an eggshell membrane component, for example, a powder containing eggshell membrane or a soluble eggshell membrane component. Moreover, the powder containing eggshell membrane used in the present invention may be a fine powder preferably having 6 μm or less in... Agent: Almado Inc.

20140363520 - Wet hand towel and method for producing the same: A substrate contains a composition including VOSO4, K11H[(VO)3(SbW9O33)2], Na9[SbW9O33], oxacillin and 5-chloro-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)phenol.... Agent: Vb Japan Technology Co., Ltd.

20140363522 - Compositions and methods for treating and/or preventing cancer by inhibiting fatty acid binding proteins: The present invention concerns methods and compositions for the inhibition or reduction of the primary tumor and metastasis by inhibition of fatty acid binding proteins.... Agent:

20140363523 - Deuterated alpha-lipoic acid: The present invention provides a compound of Formula (I), wherein: each X is independently hydrogen or deuterium; and at least one X is deuterium.... Agent:

20140363521 - Methods and materials for assessing homologous recombination deficiency: This document provides methods and materials involved in assessing samples (e.g., cancer cells) for the presence of homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) or an HRD signature. For example, methods and materials for determining whether or not a cell (e.g., a cancer cell) contains an HRD signature are provided. Materials and methods... Agent:

20140363524 - Dialysis precursor composition: A dialysis acid precursor assembly including a dialysis acid precursor composition of dry components including anhydrous glucose, a dry acid, a magnesium chloride 4.5-hydrate (MgCl2.4.5H2O) and a potassium salt or calcium salt, and a moisture-resistant container with a water vapor transmission rate less than 0.2 g/m2/d at 38° C./90% RH,... Agent:

20140363525 - Method and apparatus for generating nitric oxide for medical use: A method and system for generating and delivering nitric oxide directly to a patient. A reaction chamber is provided that is located at or in close proximity to the patient and reactants within the reaction chamber react together to produce a predetermined amount of nitric oxide. The reaction is controlled... Agent:

20140363526 - Synergistic formulation of plant extracts for hepatic and adrenal disorders: A composition of matter comprising a synergistic formulation of plant extracts for hepatic and adrenal disorders is provided. In an implementation, an example extraction method for concentrating pharmacologically active fractions of plants provides a synergistically active compound containing approximately 5%-25% extract of Andrographis paniculata, approximately 10%-30% extract of Boerhavia diffusa,... Agent: Bioved Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140363527 - Broad spectrum pest repellent compositions and pest management system: The present invention provides compositions and methods for the control and management of wildlife populations (including domesticated animals) and pests such as birds including geese, deer and other herbivore such as rabbits, ground hogs, raccoons, moose and elk, tunneling animals such as moles, voles and gophers and insects, carnivores and... Agent:

20140363528 - Composition for preventing or ameliorating snoring: A composition for preventing or ameliorating snoring includes olive oil, sunflower oil and mentha oil. An agent or food is provided including the composition. A process for the preparation of the composition includes mixing olive oil, sunflower oil and mentha oil, optionally with any other components of the composition, in... Agent:

20140363529 - Compounds influencing fatty acid uptake and metabolism and methods of isolating from cocoa products: The invention provides compounds and plant extract compositions that inhibit pancreatic enzymes, such as lipases and amylases, and most particularly pancreatic lipase and phospholipase A2 (PLA2), and COX-2 enzyme, and improve the inflammatory state or response conditions in animals. The compounds and plant extracts can be used in methods and... Agent: The Hershey Company

20140363530 - Composition comprising the extract of pine tree leaf or the compounds isolated therefrom for the prevention and treatment of cancer disease by inhibiting hpv virus and the uses thereby: A composition contains an extract of pine leaf extract or a compound isolated therefrom. It showed potent inhibitory effect on human papillomavirus (HPV) as well as anti-cancer effect on various cancer diseases through various in vitro test and in vivo tests, and therefore, it can be used as the effective... Agent: Gueulri

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