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Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing

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04/10/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140099233 - Wash monitor and method of use: The present disclosure provides a monitoring device comprising a test composition, a test element comprising a test portion to which the test composition is releasably adhered, a detection reagent, and a container comprising a first end with an opening and a second end opposite the first end. The test composition... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140099234 - Mems based filter and catalizer: The present invention provides a filter for separating particles and/or catalyzer for particle reaction in a fluid. The device comprising array of passageways fabricated on a die wherein the passageway size is controlled by actuators. The passageway size is monitored and the actuators controlling the passageway size are activated conditionally... Agent:

20140099235 - Blood perfusion system: An extracorporeal blood perfusion system includes a disposable assembly and a control unit having a control interface region. The interface region includes pump assemblies for selective pumping of venous blood, arterial blood, cardioplegia solution, suctioned blood and blood removed from the left ventricle. Valve assemblies control the flow of fluids... Agent: Sorin Group Usa, Inc.

20140099236 - Microchip solution sending system: A microchip solution sending system may include a flow passage assembly that is at least provided with a fine flow passage that is provided with a detection region including a formed reaction field to which an antibody that reacts with a specific antigen is fixed; and a micro pump that... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140099237 - Biomedical monitoring system combining a mobile device: The present invention provides a biomedical monitoring system combining a mobile device. Signals can be transmitted between the sensing device and the mobile device via the audio interface by modulating and demodulating the audio signals or encoding and decoding the digital signals. Thereby, it can be applied extensively to mobile... Agent: Alcor Micro Corp.

20140099238 - Chiral separation system: A system for separation of enantiomers includes a column packed with a stationary phase; a magnetic field generator generating a magnetic field, within which the column is placed, and the magnetic field interacts with the enantiomers as the enantiomers elute through the column with a mobile phase; and a control... Agent:

20140099239 - Reduced sorbent utilization for circulating dry scrubbers: Circulating dry scrubbing (CDS) systems and methods utilizes a particle classification unit operation to separate unreacted sorbent (such as lime, limestone, or sodium-based sorbent) such that a reactive fraction of the cut stream may be selectively recovered to a flue gas scrubbing system. This reduces the amount of fresh sorbent... Agent:

20140099240 - Stirring devices: r

20140099241 - Novel micropores and methods of making and using thereof: Disclosed herein are methods of making micropores of a desired height and/or width between two isotropic wet etched features in a substrate which comprises single-level isotropic wet etching the two features using an etchant and a mask distance that is less than 2× a set etch depth. Also disclosed herein... Agent: Sandia Corporation

20140099242 - Aliquot container: An aliquot container includes an opening and a main body section. The main body section communicates with an outside through the opening and includes a peripheral portion defining an inner space. The inner space is tapered in a direction opposite to the opening.... Agent: Aoi Seiki Co., Ltd.

20140099243 - Photosensitive resin composition for forming biochip, and biochip: It is intended to obtain a photosensitive resin composition that is capable of forming a highly fine pattern with a high aspect ratio while attaining the high adhesion of the pattern to a substrate, having low autofluorescence, and being exceedingly suitable for producing a biochip that causes exceedingly low damage... Agent: Kyoto University

04/03/2014 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140093421 - Chitosan-based hemostatic textile: A microfibrillar high molecular weight chitosan-based textile can be used as a hemostat. The chitosan has been treated in a nitrogen field by applying energy to ionize nitrogen in and around the chitosan textile. A single or multiple such treatments may be employed. For example, the chitosan textile may be... Agent: Loma Linda University Medical Center

20140093422 - Method for steam sterilization of medical articles: The invention relates to a method for thermal sterilization in particular of a container filled with medical material or product, the method comprising a sterilization method step in which a thermal sterilization in particular is carried out of a container filled with medical material or product in the presence of... Agent: Klosterfrau Berlin Gmbh

20140093425 - Specimen storage device, specimen storing method, and rack: To provide a specimen storage device capable of preventing liquid such as immersion oil and the like attached to the specimen plate from leaking to the outside of the rack and capable of enhancing the operation efficiency by automating the supply and discharge of the rack. Provided is a specimen... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140093424 - Specimen storage device, specimen storing method, and specimen testing system: A specimen storage device capable of easily identifying a specific specimen plate stored in a rack is proposed. The specimen storage device for storing a tested specimen plate in a rack capable of storing a plurality of specimen plates, the specimen storage device including specimen storage section configured to store... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140093423 - Specimen transporter and specimen imaging system: To provide a specimen transporter that can be suitably used by being connected to a specimen imaging apparatus that does not have a function of collecting an imaged specimen plate. There is provided a specimen transporter used by being connected to a specimen imaging apparatus, the specimen transporter including a... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140093426 - Automatic analytical device and method: The device uses a dispensing probe; a dispensing probe drive mechanism having at least one rotation drive shaft as a horizontal drive mechanism for the dispensing probe, a positioning member with a portion, which is contacted by the dispensing probe during positioning, is formed in a circular shape; a contact... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140093427 - Assay device for liquid sample: Disclosed is an assay device comprising liquid transport means adapted to take up a liquid sample and conduct the liquid to an analyte detection region operable to provide a test signal indicative of the presence and/or amount of an analyte in the liquid sample; the assay device further comprising a... Agent: Alere Switzerland Gmbh

20140093428 - Device and method for immunoassays: The present invention relates to a device for performing an immunoassay, the device including a) a support, b) a porous matrix, fixed on the support, the matrix including (i) a liquid sample application area, (ii) a labeling area and (iii) at least one reaction area which includes a test results... Agent: Biomerieux S.a.

20140093429 - Platelet aggregation test and device: An assembly for testing platelet aggregation including an electrode subassembly that is mounted in a cuvette subassembly for use with relatively small samples containing platelets.... Agent: Chrono-log Corporation

20140093430 - Method for fabricating a reaction vessel: A reaction vessel having a reaction chamber for holding a sample is fabricated by producing a housing having a rigid frame defining the minor walls of the chamber. The housing also defines a port for introducing fluid into the chamber. At least one sheet or film is attached to the... Agent: Cepheid

20140093431 - Microfluidic systems and methods: The systems and methods disclosed herein include a microfluidic system, comprising a pneumatic manifold having a plurality of apertures, and a chip manifold having channels disposed therein for routing pneumatic signals from respective ones of the apertures to a plurality of valves in a microfluidic chip, wherein the channels route... Agent: Rheonix, Inc.

20140093432 - Optical sensor of bio-molecules using thin-film interferometer: The present invention is directed to an assembly for use in detecting an analyte in a sample based on thin-film spectral interference. The assembly comprises a waveguide, a monolithic substrate optically coupled to the waveguide, and a thin-film layer directly bonded to the sensing side of the monolithic substrate. The... Agent:

20140093433 - Systems for hydroprocessing heavy oil: A hydroprocessing system involves introducing heavy oil and in situ formed metal sulfide catalyst particles, or a catalyst precursor capable of forming metal sulfide catalyst particles in situ within the heavy oil, into a hydroprocessing reactor. The metal sulfide catalyst particles are formed in situ by 1) premixing a catalyst... Agent: Headwaters Heavy Oil, LLC

20140093434 - Metering system: The invention relates to an electronically controlled metering system having at least one sensor for injection of a reducing agent, especially a urea solution, into the exhaust gas stream of an internal combustion engine for selective catalytic reduction, the metering system being connected/connectable to a tank from which the reducing... Agent:

20140093435 - Device for removing volatile particles from sample gas: For a particularly compact device for removing the volatile particles from a sample gas with a simple design and a maximum of energy efficiency it is suggested to provide for a removal device (3) with an evaporator (7) and a catalyst (8), with the catalyst (8) being installed downstream of... Agent: Avl List Gmbh

20140093436 - Honeycomb filter: A honeycomb filter 100 includes honeycomb segments 4, plugging portions 5, and joining layers 7, area of outflow end surface 12 of honeycomb segment is larger than area of inflow end surface 11, and shape of cross section of honeycomb segment vertical to axial direction X has a similarity in... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140093437 - Ammoximation reactor for cyclohexanone oxime production: Ammoximation reactor for cyclohexanone oxime production comprising: (a) a reactor vessel provided with a stirrer; (b) an internal filtering system; (c) an internal liquid ammonia evaporation coil; (d) an internal gaseous ammonia toroidal distributor; (e) an external cyclohexanone toroidal distributor; (f) an internal hydrogen peroxide toroidal distributor; (g) an internal... Agent: Versalis S.p.a.

20140093438 - Container holder and container carrier: Container holder suitable for receiving and holding a container, said container holder comprising a base frame for receiving said container, and at least one supporting member; characterized in that said at least one supporting member is pivotally mounted on the base frame such as to pivot between first position in... Agent: Symbion Medical Systems S&#xc0 Rl

03/27/2014 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140086793 - Systems and methods for reduction of pathogens in a biological fluid using variable fluid flow and ultraviolet light irradiation: A system and method for reducing pathogens in a biological fluid such as whole blood or blood-derived products includes a pump configured to propagate the fluid through a serpentine-shaped flow path while exposing the fluid to UV irradiation. Extensive mixing of flow is accomplished by causing the pump to vary... Agent: Hemalux Technologies LLC

20140086795 - Conjugated polyelectrolyte capsules: light activated antimicrobials: Hollow conjugated polyelectrolyte (HCPE) microcapsules contain at least one conjugated polyelectrolyte and at least one other polyelectrolyte of complementary charge and the microcapsule has a hollow core. The conjugated polyelectrolyte is a polymer with a multiplicity of charged repeating units where a portion of the charged repeating units form a... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140086794 - Prevention method and preventive solidified substance, method for applying preventive solidified substance, base material and material used in application of preventive solidified substance, and method for producing preventing solidified substance: Provided is an epidemic prevention method including providing a mixed slurry comprising an emulsion of a non-alkaline-thickening resin which is free from a coagulation-attributable viscosity increase even when mixed with an alkaline substance and an alkaline substance of which a diluted solution has pH 10.0 or more, and coating, drying,... Agent:

20140086796 - Strip dispenser and strips for use with the same: The present invention relates to product dispensers, and in particular dispensers for products in the form of strips. The product dispenser includes a container having a lid that may be pivotally attached to a base. According to an embodiment, the assembly includes a cartridge housing and a dispensing cartridge. The... Agent:

20140086797 - Method and apparatus for pre-heating recirculated flue gas to a dry scrubber during periods of low temperature: A method and system for preventing exclusions in an air quality control system (AQCS) of a type having a scrubber, either a circulating fluidized bed (CFB), transport reactor (TR) or spray-dryer absorber SDA, and in all three cases with a flue gas recirculation FGR system. The invention automatically pre-heats flue... Agent:

20140086798 - System for collecting carbon dioxide in flue gas: A system for collecting carbon dioxide in flue gas includes a stack that discharges flue gas discharged from an industrial facility to outside, a blower that is installed at the downstream side of the stack and draws the flue gas therein, a carbon-dioxide collecting device that collects carbon dioxide in... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140086799 - System for collecting carbon dioxide in flue gas: A system for collecting carbon dioxide in flue gas includes a stack that discharges flue gas discharged from an industrial facility to outside, a blower that is installed at the downstream side of the stack and draws the flue gas therein, a carbon-dioxide collecting device that collects carbon dioxide in... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140086800 - Apparatus of volatilizer for phytoncide air: Provided therein is an apparatus of a volatilizer for phytoncide air, which is a replaceable and exchangeable cartridge type volatilizer, which has an exchange sensor to sense whether or not Hinoki cypress diluted essential oil exists in a reservoir and to let a user know time to replace or exchange... Agent:

20140086801 - Polymerization reactor for butyl rubber production: A low temperature polymerization reactor for the production of butyl rubber by catalytic polymerization of isobutylene with small amount of a conjugated diolefin such as isoprene includes: an extended upper head with fluid deflector fixed to the top tube-sheet, the shapes of the head and deflector being optimized in order... Agent: Conser Spa

20140086802 - Exhaust gas-treating device: An exhaust gas-treating device (1) for an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine, especially of a motor vehicle, has a housing (2), which has a jacket (3) extending circumferentially on the side and two end-side end bottoms (4, 5). Maintenance is simplified with at least one mounting tube (6),... Agent: J. Ebersp&#xe4 Cher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140086803 - Nox reduction: A system for improving NOx reduction by incorporating an upstream treatment housing having a dual functionality catalyst that includes a diesel oxidation catalyst and a three-way catalyst, and which is positioned upstream of a main exhaust gas treatment system. The upstream treatment housing is positioned in relative close proximity to... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20140086804 - Power management system that includes a wet exhaust system: Some embodiments relate to a catalytic assembly for an engine. The catalytic assembly includes a cooling housing that receives a coolant (e.g., seawater). A catalyst housing is disposed within the cooling housing such that the coolant flows between the catalyst housing and the cooling housing. A catalyst substrate is positioned... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140086805 - Honeycomb catalyst body: The honeycomb catalyst body includes a honeycomb structure having porous partition walls, outflow side plugged portions, inflow side plugged portions, and catalyst layers formed on the surfaces of the partition walls on the side of the outflow cells, the cells are formed so that an open area of each outflow... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140086806 - Systems and methods for synthesizing molecules on substrates: Systems and methods for synthesizing molecules on a substrate surface are disclosed. In one aspect, a molecule synthesizing system includes a crossbar array with a planar arrangement of crossbar junctions. Each crossbar junction is independently switchable between a high-resistance state and a low-resistance state. The system also includes a slab... Agent:

20140086807 - Pipette for use with a pipette tip: A pipette (110) includes an ejector member (140) with an ejector end (142) configured to be moved from the retracted position (147a) to the extended position (147b) to eject a gripped pipette tip (120) from an end portion (132) of the body (130) of the pipette (110). The pipette (110)... Agent:

20140086808 - Specimen transport apparatus, specimen processing apparatus, and specimen transport method: A specimen transport apparatus according to an aspect is provided with a holder which holds a cup-like specimen container accommodating a specimen in an upright position, a chain member disposed along a predetermined transport path, and a supporting portion provided in a predetermined position on the chain member and configured... Agent: Aoi Seiki, Co., Ltd.

20140086809 - Dual vessel reactor: A dual vessel reactor and a method of carrying out a reaction using a dual vessel reactor are provided using a non-condensable gas to substantially isolate the inner vessel from the outer vessel during the reaction and limit the heating of the outer vessel when steam from the inner vessel... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140079586 - Dispensing device with fan directed air stream: A dispensing device for dispensing active ingredient such as insect repellant. The device. The device generates two distinct air streams. A first air stream contains the active ingredient and a second air stream generated by a mechanical blower assists in carrying the dispensed active ingredient.... Agent: The Schawbel Corporation

20140079587 - Decontamination apparatus and method: Provided is an apparatus for disinfecting an object by at least partially removing a biologically-active contaminant there from. A housing encloses a disinfection chamber in which a portion of the object is to be received to be disinfected, and includes an inlet aperture through which the object is introduced to... Agent: Daylight Medical, Inc.

20140079589 - Self-sealing filter for sterilization: Filter assemblies that comprise a temporary attachment mechanism disposed on a surface of a filter are disclosed, as well as methods and systems related to using such filter assemblies during sterilization. The disclosed filter assemblies can include sterilization indicator elements.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140079588 - Silver-based disinfectant composition with reduced staining: The present invention is drawn to compositions, systems, and methods of disinfecting surfaces without the undesired staining often associated with silver composition. In one example, the composition includes water, a silver component including silver ions, a fluorescing compound that that emits absorbed light in the range of 300 nm to... Agent: Solutions Biomed, LLC

20140079590 - Perfusion system with rfid feature activation: The disclosure pertains to a perfusion system that is easy to set-up, use and monitor during a bypass procedure. In some embodiments, the disclosure pertains to a perfusion system in which at least some of the disposable components used with the perfusion system are configured to be able to communicate... Agent: Sorin Group Italia, S.r.i.

20140079591 - Specimen analyzer: A specimen analyzer comprises a measurement mechanism section configured to measure a specimen by using a first consumable and a second consumable having a shape different from a shape of the first consumable, a first inlet for loading the first consumable, a supplying section configured to supply the first consumable... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140079592 - Bio-nanowire device and method of fabricating the same: A bio-nanowire device includes a substrate having a first surface, a first conductor, a second conductor, and a bio-nanowire. The first and second conductors are disposed on the first surface of the substrate, and are spaced apart from each other. The bio-nanowire has two ends respectively connected to the first... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20140079593 - Renewable energy storage system: A renewable energy storage system that stores renewable energy, includes: an electrical power generator that converts renewable energy into electrical power; an electrical storage device that stores the electrical power; a hydrogen production device that produces hydrogen using the electrical power from the electrical power generator and/or the electrical power... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140079594 - Systems and methods for underwater storage of carbon dioxide: An underwater carbon dioxide storage facility including a carbon dioxide deposit stored underwater as a clathrate includes a flexible barrier disposed at least partially over the carbon dioxide deposit. The carbon dioxide deposit may be stored in or at the bottom of a body of water.... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140079595 - Embedded multifunctional air purifier used in kitchen: An embedded multifunctional air purifier used in a kitchen is installed in a predetermined space of a cupboard and includes a casing, a front filter, an electrostatic dust collector, an air extraction module, a photocatalyst module and a vitamin C filter. An air inlet and an air outlet are formed... Agent: Kompass Technology Co., Ltd.

20140079596 - Fiberglass dielectric barrier ionization discharge device: A bipolar ionization device in which fiberglass is used as the dielectric. In one embodiment, a fiberglass board is used, with the anode on one side of the board and the cathode on the other side of the board. A number of flat boards can be stacked, with spacing between... Agent: Clean Air Group, Inc.

20140079597 - Apparatus for generating hydroxl radicals: The invention provides a consumable cartridge for use in a hydroxyl radical generating apparatus, the consumable cartridge comprising: a reactant supply comprising a supply of a substance that reacts with ozone to form hydroxyl radicals; and an ozone supply comprising an ozone generator; wherein the ozone supply is fixed to... Agent: Moving Sun Limited

20140079598 - Carbonizing device: The carbonizing apparatus includes a heating chamber that thermally decomposes a treatment object by heating, a preliminary chamber through which the treatment object is carried from an outside into the heating member in a state in which the heating chamber is substantially shielded from the outside, the preliminary chamber being... Agent:

20140079599 - Exhaust gas flow distribution system: An exhaust after-treatment system for treating an exhaust produced by an engine, including an exhaust passage in communication with the engine; an injector for dosing an exhaust treatment fluid into the exhaust passage, a mixing device positioned downstream from the injector, the mixing device operable to intermingle the exhaust treatment... Agent: Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

20140079600 - Facility and reactor for directly synthesizing hydrochloric acid from hydrogen and chlorine with heat recovery: A reactor for the synthesis of gaseous HCl from chlorine and hydrogen, including a convector and a furnace having in a bottom portion a burner supplied with chlorine and hydrogen in order to form gaseous HCl. The convector is arranged coaxially above the furnace, and includes a plurality of tubes... Agent: Mersen France Py Sas

20140079601 - High definition nanomaterials: A microfluidic device for manipulating particles can include a substrate and one or more obstacles, each obstacle comprising a plurality of aligned nanostructures including a plurality of nanoparticles or a plurality of polymer layers, or a combination thereof. The obstacle on a substrate can be forests with intra-carbon nanotube spacing... Agent:

20140079602 - Fluid handling apparatus: Microchannel chip (100) has film (120) adhered on the second surface of base (110) having a through-hole (111), and conductive layer (130). Film (120) has hole (121) and covers a second opening of the through-hole (111). Conductive layer (130) is integrally formed so as to extend from a portion of... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20140079603 - Dispensing device: A dispensing device for reducing the dead volume of a liquid sample includes a main channel connected to a sample inlet and a sample outlet, and branch channels connected to the main channel. Each branch channel is connected to a different liquid reservoir. High inflow-withstanding pressure sections are provided in... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140079604 - Apparatus for facilitating examination of tissue samples: Apparatuses for facilitating examination of tissue samples are provided. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a cassette for preparing a tissue specimen for examination includes a base having a continuous curvilinear wall that forms a cavity. The cavity is configured for receiving the tissue specimen and defines an opening. Further,... Agent:

20140079605 - Flow passage control mechanism for microchip: A channel control mechanism for a microchip has a laminated structure formed of members including elastic members, and includes: a sample reservoir for packing a sample therein; a reaction reservoir in which mixture and reaction of the sample are performed; and a channel formed in a middle layer of the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140079606 - Sample tray with magnetically closing drawer: A sample manager of a liquid chromatography system uses a sample tray having a base with side walls separated by a cross wall that divides the base into two compartments. The side walls and cross wall bound each compartment on three sides. A fourth side of each compartment is open.... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140079607 - Cartridge and sensor-dispensing instrument: A disposable cartridge adapted to be used with a sensor-dispensing instrument comprises a housing, test sensors, a mechanical mechanism and moveable seals. The housing forms at least one opening therethrough. The test sensors are stacked in the housing. The test sensors are adapted to assist in testing at least one... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20140079608 - Processing apparatus fabrication: A processing apparatus that is formed from a plurality of metal layers that are stacked and aligned together and then connected together to form one or more portions of the processing apparatus.... Agent:

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