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Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)

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08/07/2014 > 26 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140219794 - Bore cavity thermal conditioning system: A gas turbine engine includes a rotor having at least one rotor bore cavity and a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is fluidically connected to a conditioning air source and to the rotor bore cavity for flowing air from the conditioning air source to the rotor bore cavity. The heat... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140219798 - De-icing apparatus and a method of using the same: g

20140219793 - Health monitoring for hollow blades: A system for detecting a defect in a hollow blade includes a pressure sensor mounted within a cavity of the hollow blade, wherein the pressure sensor measures a pressure within the cavity and provides an output indicative of measured pressure; and a controller to receive the output from the pressure... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140219795 - Method and apparatus for wind turbine noise reduction: A method for operating a horizontal axis wind turbine is provided, the wind turbine including: a rotor including a rotor blade, wherein the rotor is rotatably coupled to a nacelle, and the rotor is rotatable about a horizontal rotor axis extending through the nacelle, and the nacelle is rotatably coupled... Agent: General Electric Company

20140219797 - Partial pitch wind turbine with floating foundation: The present invention relates a wind turbine comprising a wind turbine tower with a nacelle provided on the top to which a rotor hub with one or more wind turbine blades is rotatably mounted so that they form a rotor plane. A floating foundation having a upper section is mounted... Agent: Envision Energy (denmark) Aps

20140219796 - Wind turbine control system having a thrust sensor: A wind turbine control system comprising a thrust sensor and a braking system. The system allows an increase in wind speed to be detected instantaneously and corrective action to be initiated. The system comprises additional features such as deceleration control.... Agent: Condor Wind Energy Limited

20140219799 - Stationary co-axial multi-rotor wind turbine supported by continuous central driveshaft: Multiple horizontal axis type rotors are coaxially attached along the upper section of an elongate torque transmitting tower/driveshaft, The tower/driveshaft projects upward from a cantilevered bearing means, and is bent downwind, until the rotors become sufficiently aligned with the wind to rotate the entire tower/driveshaft, Power is drawn from the... Agent:

20140219800 - Power generation apparatus and ship propelling apparatus including buoyancy body as well as web-structured wing portions provided thereto: The present invention relates to various types of power generation apparatuses and ship propelling apparatuses including a buoyancy body as well as wing portions thereto, which include wing frames with a multistage, lattice web structure foldable and rollable wings which are connected to the wing frames, wherein the power generation... Agent:

20140219801 - Nacelle construction for a wind turbine: A heli-hoist pad (18) that is incorporated into a wind turbine nacelle (12) in a manner that is optimized for helicopter approach and positioning of the heli-hoist pad (18), such as by being located within a recess (20) in an upper surface (28) of the wind turbine nacelle (12). Heat... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140219814 - Film-cooled turbine blade for a turbomachine: A turbine blade for a turbomachine has an outer wall which delimits an inner cavity. Cooling fluid flows in the inner cavity. A through duct is arranged in the outer wall through which the cooling fluid flows from the inner cavity to an outside of the turbine blade. The through... Agent:

20140219813 - Gas turbine engine serpentine cooling passage: A gas turbine engine component includes a structure having a cooling passage providing upstream and downstream portions separated from one another by an inner wall and fluidly connected by a bend. The downstream portion includes an outer wall opposite the inner wall to provide a downstream region extending between the... Agent:

20140219816 - High pressure turbine blade cooling hole distribution: A turbine blade for a gas turbine engine with an airfoil portion defined by a perimeter wall surrounding at least one enclosure, the perimeter wall having a plurality of cooling holes defined therethrough and providing fluid communication between the at least one enclosure and a gaspath of the gas turbine... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140219817 - High pressure turbine blade cooling hole distribution: A turbine blade for a gas turbine engine with an airfoil portion defined by a perimeter wall surrounding at least one enclosure, the perimeter wall having a plurality of cooling holes defined therethrough and providing fluid communication between the at least one enclosure and a gaspath of the gas turbine... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140219815 - Multi-lobed cooling hole: A gas turbine engine component subjected to a flow of high temperature gas includes a wall having first and second wall surfaces and a cooling hole extending through the wall. The cooling hole includes an inlet located at the first wall surface, an outlet located at the second wall surface,... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140219818 - Turbine component cooling channel mesh with intersection chambers: A mesh (35) of cooling channels (35A, 35B) with an array of cooling channel intersections (42) in a wall (21, 22) of a turbine component. A mixing chamber (42A-C) at each intersection is wider (W1, W2)) than a width (W) of each of the cooling channels connected to the mixing... Agent:

20140219802 - Vertical axis wind\tidal turbine with dynamically positioned blades: This invention is a Vertical Axis Turbine with blades [0012] which are continuously, accurately, and positively re-positioned during the rotation of the turbine shaft [0017] allowing the turbine to be more effective at transferring the kinetic energy in the moving air\water “flow” to the turbine shaft, it also allows for... Agent:

20140219803 - Attaching the blades of an axial turbocompressor to the compressor drum: The present application relates to the compressor drum of an axial turbomachine. The drum includes a wall of revolution that forms a hollow body. The wall includes two annular retaining surfaces of the blades which mate with corresponding retaining surfaces of the said blades. These surfaces are generally directed away... Agent: Techspace Aero S.a.

20140219804 - Hub for a wind turbine: The invention provides a hub for a wind turbine, the hub comprising a continuous shell being assembled from at least two shell parts. To improve stiffness of the hub, a plate element is attached within blade flanges of the assembled hub. Due to the combination between shell parts and a... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140219805 - Low radius ratio fan for a gas turbine engine: A fan blade for a gas turbine engine includes: a straight axial dovetail, an airfoil, and a transition section disposed between the dovetail and the airfoil, the fan blade having opposed pressure and suction sides, and further including at least one shoulder protruding from a nominal surface of a selected... Agent:

20140219806 - Rotor blade support structure: The purpose of the invention is to provide a rotor blade support structure, wherein the concentration of stress near the rotor blade groove in which the rotor blade is embedded is limited even as increase in production cost is limited. A rotor blade support structure, in which rotor blades (30)... Agent: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

20140219807 - Under-root spacer for gas turbine engine fan blade: A gas turbine engine rotor includes a hub having a slot. A blade includes a root received in the slot. An under-root area is provided between the root and the fan hub in the slot. A spacer includes first and second portions that cooperate with one another to provide an... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140219808 - Sheath with extended wings: A sheath for a fan airfoil having a leading edge and a trailing edge in a chordwise direction, a tip and a root in a spanwise direction, a suction side and a pressure side includes a solid portion to wrap around the airfoil leading edge; a first wing attached to... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140219809 - Casting core for twisted gas turbine engine airfoil having a twisted rib: A casting core (200) for a twisted gas turbine engine blade, including: an airfoil portion (202) having: an airfoil base end (208), an airfoil tip end (210), a concave side exterior surface (212), a convex side exterior surface (214), a leading edge (204), and a trailing edge (206). The airfoil... Agent:

20140219810 - Vortex generator arrangement for an airfoil: A particular arrangement of vortex generators for an airfoil is described. The vortex generators are provided in pairs, preferably on a wind turbine blade, wherein by arranging the vortex generators according to specified characteristics, a surprising improvement in blade performance is provided over the prior art systems.... Agent: Lm Wp Patent Holding A/s

20140219811 - Twisted gas turbine engine airfoil having a twisted rib: A gas turbine engine blade (20), including: an airfoil (24) including a pressure side exterior surface (34), a suction side exterior surface (36), and a first rib (130) spanning between the pressure side exterior surface and the suction side exterior surface. The airfoil (24) is twisted from a base end... Agent:

20140219812 - Apparatus for accessing the nacelle of a wind turbine and associated methods: A wind turbine includes a tower having an interior, an exterior, a lower end and an upper end; a nacelle coupled to the tower adjacent the upper end and movable to define at least two yaw positions of the nacelle; a rotor coupled to the nacelle; and an access apparatus... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

07/31/2014 > 26 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140205452 - Wind turbine blade: A rotor blade including a blade root, an aft-swept portion, and straight portion. The blade root defines a pitch axis for the rotor blade. The aft-swept portion is at an end of the rotor blade opposite the blade root. The straight portion is between the blade root and the aft-swept... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140205453 - Aquatic propulsion by means of oscillating fins: The aquatic propulsion proposed uses oscillating blades provided with independent, mutually parallel vertical shafts affixed, at the upper end thereof, to a single horizontal oar of planar profile. The blades or fins being of different length on the basis of the distance between the fastening point of the actual oscillation... Agent:

20140205454 - Methods of manufacturing turbomachines blades with shaped channels by additive manufacturing, turbomachine blades and turbomachines: A hollow blade for a turbomachine comprises an airfoil portion; the airfoil portion extends longitudinally for a length; the airfoil portion is defined laterally by an external surface; the airfoil portion has at least one internal cavity extending along said length and defined laterally by an internal surface; the airfoil... Agent: Nuovo Pignone Srl

20140205455 - Shock absorber for propeller unit, propeller unit, and vessel propulsion apparatus: A damper is disposed between an outer peripheral surface of a bushing and an inner peripheral surface of an inner hub. The damper includes a first portion facing a rib of the bushing, a second portion facing a rib of the inner hub, and a connection portion by which the... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140205456 - Wind turbine auxiliary drive system: Wind turbine auxiliary drive system comprising a motor, a drive pinion, a bearing and a lubrication system, the bearing comprising an outer bearing ring, an inner bearing ring and, between these two bearing rings, one or more rows of rolling elements which allow both bearing rings to rotate relative to... Agent: Alstom Renovables Espa&#xd1 A, S.l.

20140205457 - System for changing the pitch of the blades of a propeller: The system comprises a linear-displacement fluidic actuator (22) coaxial with the propeller, and a transmission device (23) connecting the actuator to the blades that are to be controlled. Advantageously, the transmission device (23) comprises at least two radial arms (36) arranged symmetrically with respect to the actuator and connected, on... Agent: Snecma

20140205458 - Structures and methods for forcing coupling of flow fields of adjacent bladed elements of turbomachines, and turbomachines incorporating the same: Turbomachines having close-coupling flow guides (CCFGs) that are designed and configured to closely-couple flow fields of adjacent bladed elements. In some embodiments, the CCFGs may be located in regions extending between the adjacent bladed elements, described herein as coupling avoidance zones, where conventional turbomachine design would suggest no structure should... Agent: Concepts Eti, Inc.

20140205459 - High output fan wheel: A high output bent fin type of fan wheel for use in appliances such as but not limited to microwave ovens. The fan wheel is made by single 90-degree bends for each fan blade relative to the flat mounting plate. Unique to fan wheel is the large fan blade surface... Agent: Standex International Corporation

20140205460 - Method and system for self-locking a closure bucket in a rotary machine: A system includes a turbomachine that includes at least one rotor disk or stage having a peripheral portion disposed about a rotational axis of the rotor disk or stage. The peripheral portion includes a groove that extends circumferentially about the peripheral portion. The groove has a first groove surface and... Agent: General Electric Company

20140205462 - Hvata-hybrid vertical axis turbine assembly operable under omni-directional flow for power generating systems: A hybrid, vertical axis helical turbine assembly capable of providing unidirectional rotation under an omni-directional low speed obverse fluid flow (gas or liquid), respectively gas flow is disclosed. The assembly comprises a minimum (but not limited to) of three hybrid (airfoil enhanced helical vane profile) wings, which are substantially spaced... Agent:

20140205461 - Vacuum degassing laser-blocking material system and procses: A method of injecting laser-blocking material into a workpiece includes communicating molten laser-blocking material through the workpiece as the workpiece is subjected to at least a partial vacuum within an enclosed environment such that the partial vacuum expands any air bubbles in the laser-blocking material and transports the air bubbles... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140205463 - Turbine engine rotor including blade made of composite material and having an added root: A turbine rotor includes a plurality of blades of composite material comprising fiber reinforcement densified by a matrix. Each blade comprises a blade body extending between an inner end having a blade root and an outer end forming the tip of the blade. The rotor also includes outer platform elements... Agent: Herakles

07/17/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140199168 - Integrated ceiling device with mechanical arrangement for a light source: An integrated ceiling device (80, 120) includes an electronics assembly (56) and a mechanical arrangement (20). The mechanical arrangement includes a housing (22), a heat dissipating structure (24), and support arms (26). The housing is configured to retain the electronics assembly. The heat dissipating structure includes a lamp seat (50)... Agent:

20140199169 - Method and apparatus for controlling an operational parameter of a wind turbine: A method for operating a wind turbine is described. The wind turbine includes a tower having a tower axis, and a nacelle being rotatable about the tower axis. The method includes providing a data set of one or more operational parameters of the wind turbine. The one or more operational... Agent: General Electric Company

20140199170 - Wind turbine rotor blade de-icing arrangement: A de-icing arrangement of a wind turbine rotor blade is provided. The de-icing arrangement includes an electrically conductive mat, an electrically conductive band for distributing an electric current along a first edge of the mat, and a current supply connector for connecting the band to a current supply, wherein at... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140199177 - Airfoil and method of making: An airfoil includes leading and trailing edges, a first exterior wall extending from the leading edge to the trailing edge and having inner and outer surfaces, a second exterior wall extending from the leading edge to the trailing edge generally opposite the first exterior wall and having inner and outer... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140199171 - Large rolling bearing: The invention concerns a large-size rolling bearing which is in the form of a multi-row ball-bearing rotary joint for carrying axial loads, radial loads and tilting moments. The large-size rolling bearing has an outer race, an inner race, a first ball row and a second ball row. The first ball... Agent: Wobben Properties Gmbh

20140199172 - Turbomachine and method of handling turbomachine components: A turbomachine is provided and includes a blade wheel having an outer radial portion defining first and second nested pockets, a blade having a root section, which is receivable in the first pocket and thereby securable in the first pocket in circumferential and radial dimensions and an insert, which is... Agent: General Electric Company

20140199173 - Ceramic matrix composite article and process of fabricating a ceramic matrix composite article: A ceramic matrix composite article and a process of fabricating a ceramic matrix composite are disclosed. The ceramic matrix composite article includes a matrix distribution pattern formed by a manifold and ceramic matrix composite plies laid up on the matrix distribution pattern, includes the manifold, or a combination thereof. The... Agent: General Electric Company

20140199174 - Method of forming a ceramic matrix composite component, a ceramic matrix composite component and a tip member: A method of forming a ceramic matrix composite (CMC) component, a CMC component and a tip member are provided. The method of form the CMC component includes providing a component preform having a first end, a second end, and a cavity, the cavity having a pre-determined shape and a first... Agent: General Electric Company

20140199175 - Gas turbine engine components and methods for their manufacture using additive manufacturing techniques: In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a method for manufacturing a component using additive manufacturing techniques includes providing a 3D design model for the component, adding one or more crack resistant features to the 3D design model of the component to produce an enhanced design model, and manufacturing the component... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140199176 - Gas turbine engine nose cone attachment configuration: A gas turbine engine fan section includes a fan hub configured to rotate about an axis. A nose cone includes a spinner operatively mounted to the fan hub. The spinner supports a first fastening element and the nose cone includes an annular cover arranged over the fastening element. The spinner... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

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