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Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)

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07/10/2014 > 22 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140193255 - Apparatus for manipulating a wind turbine blade and method of blade handling: Apparatus for manipulating a wind turbine blade and method of blade handling An apparatus for manipulating a wind turbine blade having fixed lifting points (2) on the blade has a blade turner base (36,62,82,100), a frame like support structure (34,64,84,112) carried on the base and connecting structures such as brackets... Agent: Vestas Wind System

20140193254 - Method for optimizing the operation of a wind turbine: A method for optimizing the operation of a wind turbine having a rotor with at least one rotor blade, a tower, and a wind turbine controller, comprises determining a first load status of the wind turbine based on metereological data acquired by sensors, including a turbulence intensity; determining a second... Agent: General Electric Company

20140193253 - Propeller blade with relatively movable counterweight: A propeller rotor has a hub mounting a plurality of blades. A counterweight is movably mounted on the blade. A pitch change mechanism for changing an angle of incidence of an airfoil is associated with each of the blades. The counterweight twists the blades toward an increased pitch direction should... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140193256 - Wind power generation apparatus: There is provided a wind power generation apparatus capable of suppressing power consumption in an airflow generation device, and securely suppressing flow separation on a blade surface, thereby improving efficiency. A wind power generation apparatus 10 of an embodiment has wind turbine blades 32 each having, in a chord length... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140193257 - Acoustic noise monitoring system for a wind turbine: The present invention relates to an acoustic noise monitoring system for a wind turbine, comprising: a microphone for monitoring acoustic noise, the microphone adapted to be mounted to the exterior of a wind turbine nacelle; an input, the input adapted to receive operating conditions data from a wind turbine; a... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140193258 - Swing fan structure: A swing fan structure includes a main body and multiple blades. The main body has an upper face and a lower face. The main body also has a long side and a short side. The blades are side by side disposed on the upper face of the main body in... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20140193259 - Offshore wind turbine generator connection arrangement and tower system: An offshore wind turbine generator comprises an elongated, buoyant tower, having an internal service tube, the service tube extending from the lower end of the tower to above the waterline when in use, a connection arrangement comprising an upper connection assembly, and a lower connection assembly. An intermediate tension/torsion leg... Agent: Sway As

20140193260 - Methods and apparatuses for a pump: A radial pump for water has a drive motor, a pump chamber and an impeller revolving in the pump chamber. The impeller has a plurality of impeller blades which are designed, at least in regions, to be elastic and have a fixed mounting arranged in a region located near the... Agent: E.g.o. Elektro-geraetebau Gmbh

20140193272 - Gas turbine engine cooling systems and methods incorporating one or more cover plate assemblies having one or more apertures therein: Turbine cooling systems and methods are disclosed herein. The turbine cooling system may include a rotor disk having a bucket attached thereto. The bucket may include a shank cavity. The turbine cooling system may also include a cover plate positioned at least partially about the rotor disk and the shank... Agent: General Electric Company

20140193273 - Interior configuration for turbine rotor blade: An interior cooling configuration formed within an airfoil of a blade of a combustion turbine engine is provided. The interior cooling configuration may include a first flow passage and a second flow passage that have a side-by-side configuration for a segment, and multiple lateral crossover passages extending between and fluidly... Agent: General Electric Company

20140193274 - Fuel-cooled bladed rotor of a gas turbine engine: Liquid fuel from a rotary fluid trap is atomized by a sharp edge on an inside surface of an aft cavity of a bladed rotor of a gas turbine engine and directed into each of a plurality of associated hollow blades through corresponding blade inlet ducts that are in fluid... Agent: Williams International Co., L.L.C.

20140193261 - Hydraulic system for controlling the orientation of fan blades: A hydraulic system for controlling orientation of fan blades in a turbine engine including at least one set of adjustable pitch fan blades actuated by actuators that are connected to a hydraulic pump, and a small pitch protection valve controlled by an associated solenoid valve to make it possible on... Agent: Snecma

20140193262 - Direct-drive wind turbine: A direct driven wind turbine with a plain bearing and a service method for this bearing is provided. A rotor is directly connected with a rotatable drive train, which is directly connected with a rotor of an electrical generator. The rotatable drive train is connected with a stationary part via... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140193264 - Direct-drive wind turbine: A direct driven wind turbine and the main bearing used in such a wind turbine is provided. The rotating drive train is connected with a stationary part of the wind turbine via at least one bearing, which allows the rotation of the drive train in relation to the stationary part.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140193263 - Lubrication systems for bearing assemblies: A lubrication system is disclosed for a bearing assembly, the bearing assembly having at least one bearing. The lubrication system may comprise a pump circuit, an injection circuit, an extraction circuit and at least one three-way valve. The pump circuit may comprise at least a pump. The injection circuit may... Agent: Alstom Renovables Espa&#xd1 A, S.l.

20140193265 - Rotor disk including a plurality of hooks: A rotor disk comprises a plurality of circumferentially distributed hooks, the set of hooks defining an annular groove adapted to cooperate with at least two flange sectors. At least one of the hooks comprises a second element through which a recess is formed which opens up at each of the... Agent:

20140193266 - Coupling apparatuses and methods of forming the same: Coupling apparatuses and methods of forming coupling apparatuses are provided herein. In an embodiment, a coupling apparatus includes a first component that includes a first metal substrate and a second component that includes a second metal substrate. The first metal substrate includes a titanium-based material. The second component is adapted... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140193267 - Dmz fracture boundary limit: A method of establishing a boundary for a material improvement process on a workpiece is disclosed. The method may include identifying a maximum allowable damage depth on the workpiece; identifying a maximum constant thickness line on the workpiece at an extent of the maximum allowable damage depth; identifying a peak... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140193268 - Method of formation of impeller with shape defined by plurality of lines and such impeller: An impeller (10) where each of the blades (34) includes a first part (14) which is positioned at a base end side of the hub (5) and a second part (24) which is positioned at a distal end side of the hub, the first part being formed by connecting a... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140193269 - Triaxial fiber-reinforced composite laminate: Provided is a rotor blade that may include a first layer having first plurality of fibers oriented at first angle of about 10 to 30 degrees relative to a long axis of the rotor blade, a second plurality of fibers oriented at a second angle of about 60 to 75... Agent: Wetzel Engineering, Inc.

20140193270 - Ceramic composite matrix material bonded assembly and processes thereof: A method of making multipart assemblies by producing single parts from ceramic composite materials that are machined and bonded together to form the multipart assembly. The method is used to make turbine engine vanes.... Agent:

20140193271 - Method of making protective reinforcement for the leading edge of a blade: A method of making a reinforcement for reinforcing a leading edge of a blade, the method including depositing a metal coating on the leading edge by thermal spraying in compression. A blade, for example a blade for a turbine engine, a helicopter, or a propeller, can have the leading edge... Agent: Snecma

07/03/2014 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140186175 - Extension tip sleeve for wind turbine blade: A wind blade is provided. The wind blade includes a body having an aerodynamic contour extended between a blade root and a blade tip. The wind blade also includes an extension tip sleeve arranged over the blade tip. The extension tip sleeve further includes a first portion having an extension... Agent: General Electric Company

20140186177 - Method for operating a wind power plant: A method for operating a wind power plant having at least one rotor blade, the blade angle of which can be adjusted. The wind power plant is operated with a predefinable reduced energy output set point. To determine the potential output, at least one predefinable operating parameter of the wind... Agent: Senvion Se

20140186176 - Method of detecting a degree of yaw error of a wind turbine: A method of determining a degree of yaw error of a wind turbine is provided. The method includes obtaining wind pressure measurement values from in front of the rotor plane, which wind pressure measurement values exhibit a periodic nature related to a rotation of a spinner of the wind turbine,... Agent:

20140186178 - Device for fastening a fan: A device for fastening a fan in a housing of a lighting device, wherein the lighting device has a pot-shaped housing in which a number of lighting units are arranged, such that the fan can be fastened on a carrier frame at several fastening points by means of fasteners, wherein... Agent:

20140186179 - Self-positioning device for water turbine: A water generator assembly includes a water generator having two forwarding wings on the front end thereof and the forwarding wings are applied by current and generate a resistance force and a lifting force. The resistance force and the lifting force are combined as a composition force which has a... Agent: Kun Shan University

20140186180 - Switchable vortex generator and array formed therewith, and uses of the same: A vortex generator is useable in a model in a fluid-dynamic channel. In order to save time during the development of vehicles, in particular, aircraft, to save wind tunnel time, it is suggested to configure the vortex generator to be switchable. A switchable vortex generator can be used, in particular,... Agent: Airbus Deutschland Gmbh

20140186190 - Tip leakage flow directionality control: An airfoil according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a suction sidewall and a pressure sidewall, each sidewall extending spanwise from an airfoil base and extending chordwise between a leading edge and a trailing edge. A tip wall extends chordwise from the leading edge... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140186181 - Ship propulsion device and ship having the same: Disclosed are a ship propulsion device and a ship having the same. According to one embodiment of the present invention, the ship propulsion device includes a rear propeller fixed on a drive shaft; a front propeller supported on a drive shaft of the front of the rear propeller to be... Agent:

20140186182 - A device for feeding fluid to a hydraulic actuator for controlling the pitch of the fan blades of a two-propeller turboprop: A device for feeding fluid to a hydraulic actuator for controlling a pitch of fan blades of a two-propeller turboprop, the device including: a fluid manifold secured to a rotor of the turboprop and including a cylindrical portion including at least two fluid-circulation grooves, each presenting an outlet orifice; a... Agent: Snecma

20140186183 - Tool and a method for moving a wind turbine drivetrain component: The invention includes a tool for moving a drive train component in a nacelle of a horizontal axis wind turbine, the nacelle comprising a nacelle structure (55, 56), the component being connected, in operation of the wind turbine, to a rotor(51) of the wind turbine, the tool comprising—at least one... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140186184 - Watercraft propeller propulsion system having a hydraulic thrust bearing assembly: A thrust system for a watercraft including a propeller shaft, a propeller shaft housing and a hydraulic thrust bearing assembly. The propeller shaft has an enlarged diameter shoulder, and the housing is positioned around and allows axial movement of the propeller shaft. The hydraulic thrust bearing assembly is axially constrained... Agent:

20140186185 - Wind turbine blade mounting system: A wind turbine blade mounting system for use with variable-pitch wind turbine blades (100) having reduced diameter blade roots. For each wind turbine blade (100) to be installed on a nose cone structure (20) of a wind turbine nacelle, the mounting system incorporates a high capacity bearing assembly (106) configured... Agent: The Timken Company

20140186186 - Hydraulic machine: The invention relates to a hydraulic machine having an impeller wheel that comprises a plurality of impeller blades; having a spiral housing that encloses the impeller wheel and that is open toward said impeller wheel by a circumferential slit formed by two circumferential edges; having a traverse ring, comprising two... Agent: Voith Patent Gmbh

20140186187 - Non-integral fan blade platform: Described are a gas turbine engine fan blade platform, related rotor assembly and gas turbine engine, as well as a method of assembling the same. The platform has a forward portion proximal to an axis of rotation, an aft portion, and a transition portion between the forward and aft portions.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140186188 - Wind turbine blade and wind turbine generator havign the same: A wind turbine blade attached to a hub of a wind turbine generator is provided with a blade body; a first covering layer covering at least a leading edge in a first region including a tip part of the blade body; and a second covering layer covering at least the... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140186189 - Wind turbine rotor blade: A wind turbine rotor blade is provided. The wind turbine rotor blade includes at least two blade sections and a connector for connecting adjacent blade sections, which connector has an inner connecting part of a first blade section and an outer connecting part of a second blade section, wherein the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

06/26/2014 > 13 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140178197 - Control method for a wind turbine: A method of controlling a wind turbine comprising blades attached to a rotor hub for rotation in a rotor plane and a control system for individually pitching the blades relative to the hub. The method comprises dividing the rotor plane into a number of sectors, determining the individual sectors for... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140178195 - Method and system for shutting down a wind turbine: A method and system for shutting down a wind turbine is presented. The method includes determining one or more pitch positions for one or more rotor blades of the wind turbine such that a sum of potential energy and kinetic energy in the wind turbine is minimized. The method further... Agent: General Electric Company

20140178198 - Rotor blade root section with cooling passage and method for supplying cooling fluid to a rotor blade: A root section of a rotor blade for interacting with working fluid upon rotating the rotor blade is provided. The root section includes a curved cooling passage for guiding a cooling fluid within the root section. A cooling fluid entry plenum has an entry aperture for introducing the cooling fluid... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140178199 - System and method for linkage length adjustment: A rotor system has a rotor, an axis of rotation about which the rotor may be rotated, a linkage system having a first adjustable length portion and a second adjustable length portion, wherein the second adjustable length portion is configured to provide a relatively finer adjustment of an overall effective... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140178196 - Turbomachine with clamp coupling shaft and rotor hub together: A turbomachine includes a rotor hub that has a central opening there through. A shaft extends through the central opening. A clamp is coupled with the shaft and the rotor hub such that the rotor hub is rotatable with the shaft.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140178200 - Indicating circuit for indicating rotation speed of a fan and electronic device using the indicating circuit: An indicating circuit for indicating the rotation speed of a fan includes a rotation speed indicating module connected to the fan and receiving rotation speed signals from the fan. The indicating circuit includes a switch and a light emitting element. If the received signal is a high level signal, the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140178207 - Turbine blade: A rotor stage of a turbine has a rotational axis, a shroud and radially inward thereof a turbine blade defined partly by a pressure side wall, a suction side wall and a tip portion. The tip portion has a pressure side tip rib and a tip cavity floor defining a... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140178201 - Turbine blade having a shroud and a cutting tooth: A turbine blade (100) having an airfoil (1). In its radially outer region, the turbine blade (100) has at least one shroud (200) or at least one shroud segment, as well as at least one cutting tooth (300) which is intended to engage at least once into portions of a... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

20140178202 - Turbine engine impeller: A turbine engine rotor wheel including a disk including at least one slot formed in its outer periphery for mounting roots of blades, a presser being mounted between each blade root and a bottom of the slot. The presser is bistable in position and is capable of occupying a first... Agent: Snecma

20140178203 - Coating fixtures for gas turbine engine compressor disks: A method for coating a gas turbine engine compressor rotor having a compressor disk with axial slots includes inserting masking fixtures into the axial slots. Each masking fixture includes a masking root that matches the shape of a blade root of an axial blade configured to be inserted into the... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140178204 - Wind turbine rotor blades with fiber reinforced portions and methods for making the same: Methods of manufacturing a fiber reinforced portion of a wind turbine rotor blade include disposing a continuous fiber mat adjacent a prefabricated layer, wherein the continuous fiber mat comprises randomly arranged reinforcing fibers and wherein the prefabricated layer comprises reinforcing fibers and a cured polymeric resin. The method further includes... Agent: General Electric Company

20140178205 - Joints for connecting blade segments of a wind turbine rotor blade: Joints for connecting a first blade segment to a second blade segment of a wind turbine rotor blade include a first bolt comprising a first proximal end connected to the first blade segment and a first distal end connected to the second blade segment, a second bolt comprising a second... Agent: General Electric Company

20140178206 - Method for creating a blade for a flow engine and blade for a flow force engine: A method for creating a blade (11) for a turbo-engine and such a blade are disclosed. Components (19) of the blade are produced by an additive production method such as selective laser melting or fusion, while a main body (18) is produced by casting, for example. The blade components (19)... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140169964 - Control system and method for mitigating loads during yaw error on a wind turbine: A control system for mitigating loads on a wind turbine comprising a plurality of blades in yaw error events includes a yaw error calculation unit for calculating a yaw error of the wind turbine, a pitch angle reference command calculation unit for calculating a plurality of pitch angle reference commands... Agent: General Electric Company

20140169963 - Direct orientation vector rotor: A direct orientation vector rotor (DOVER) for use on rotary wing aircraft includes a gear set for multidirectional rotor orientation based on the spherical coordinate system; an inclination mechanism, wherein the rotor is moved from the 0° horizontal position to an inclined position; a rotational turret, wherein the rotor is... Agent:

20140169961 - Propeller rotor balancing system: A propeller rotor has a hub mounting a plurality of blades and a drive shaft for driving the hub and the blades about a central axis. A motor to change its position is operably connected to drive at least one counterweight. A sensor senses vibration on the propeller rotor and... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140169962 - Turbine blade with integrated serpentine and axial tip cooling circuits: An air cooled turbine blade including leading and trailing edges, and pressure and suction side walls extending between the leading and trailing edges. Leading and trailing edge cooling circuits extend spanwise adjacent to the leading and trailing edges, respectively. A forward flow mid-section serpentine cooling circuit extends spanwise and is... Agent:

20140169965 - Wind turbine and the operation method of the same: An operating method for a two-bladed wind turbine which comprises a rotor including two blades and a hub to which the two blades are coupled, the operating method includes a pitch-angle adjusting step of adjusting pitch angles of the two blades such that chords of the two blades are substantially... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140169966 - Magnet case and rotor incorporating the same: A magnet case for a rotor includes a hollow cylindrical supporting body for accommodating two magnetic bands, an annular flange extending outwardly from a top end of the supporting body, and a positioning plate extending inwardly from a bottom end of the supporting body. The annular flange of the magnet... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20140169967 - Helicopter with rotor blade load control method and device: Methods and devices are described for reducing the torque and the level of vibration on a helicopter rotor blade by maintaining a constant lift and constant (low) drag on each section of the blade throughout the entire revolution. A rotor system includes a trackway defining a continuous travel circuit, truck... Agent: Bluebirds Technology LLC

20140169981 - Uber-cooled turbine section component made by additive manufacturing: A gas turbine airfoil having internal cooling passages is formed by additive manufacturing. Layers of superalloy powder are fused by an energy beam using a two-dimensional pattern providing unmelted areas forming passageways therein. Layers of the powder are added and fused using sufficient two-dimensional patterns to form the entire airfoil... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140169968 - Collision avoidance system for a wind turbine: A collision avoidance system and a wind turbine includes a tower, a rotor coupled to the tower and a nacelle coupled to the rotor such that at least one of the tower, the rotor and the nacelle include one or more acoustic retroreflectors. Particularly, the acoustic retroreflectors are designed to... Agent: General Electric Company

20140169969 - Axial flow fan: The present invention provides an axial flow fan having conductive pins, each of which is configured to electrically connect a coil of a stator and a circuit board, and to hold a film conductor of the coil. In the conductive pin, one end is fixed to an electrical insulator covering... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20140169970 - Attached duct propeller system: An attached duct propeller system may include at least one propeller blade having at least one blade tip. A duct having an inner wall may surround the at least one propeller blade. The at least one propeller blade may attach to the inner wall of the duct. In certain embodiments,... Agent:

20140169971 - Additively manufactured impeller: An impeller including a blade section, a shroud section, and a hub is made of a monolithic structure. The impeller is made by loading a 3D image file into an additive manufacturing device, using it to generate 2D files which correspond to a plurality of cross-sectional layers of the impeller,... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140169972 - Fan with integral shroud: An integrally bladed rotor for use in a gas turbine engine includes a central hub; a plurality of airfoils extending from the central hub, each airfoil with a tip, a leading edge and a trailing edge; and a shroud with a metallic portion connecting to the tip of each airfoil... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140169973 - Ni-based heat resistant alloy, gas turbine component and gas turbine:

20140169974 - Tapered part-span shroud: A rotatable blade for use in a turbomachine includes an airfoil portion having a leading edge, a trailing edge a radially-inner end and a radially-outer end; a root section at to the radially-inner end of the airfoil portion, and a part-span shroud located on the airfoil portion between the root... Agent: General Electric Company

20140169976 - Rotor blade root spacer for arranging between a rotor disk and a root of a rotor blade: A rotor assembly is provided that includes a rotor blade, a root spacer, and a rotor disk with a slot. The rotor blade includes a blade root arranged within the slot. The blade root includes a root base segment and a pair of root side segments. The root base segment... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140169975 - Rotor blade root spacer with a fracture feature: A rotor assembly is provided that includes a rotor disk, a rotor blade and a root spacer. The rotor disk includes a slot. The rotor blade includes a blade root that is arranged within the slot. The root spacer is arranged within the slot between the rotor disk and the... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140169977 - Blade cascade and turbomachine: A blade cascade of a turbomachine having at least one shape variation of a blade situated on the blade side in the proximity of a side wall and extending downstream, and at least one side wall contouring of the side wall or at least one second shape variation of an... Agent:

20140169978 - Rotor blade assemblies and methods for assembling the same: Methods of assembling rotor blades include providing a first blade segment comprising a first shell portion and at least two first spar cap segments and providing a second blade segment comprising a second shell portion and at least two second spar cap segments. An access region is defined in at... Agent: General Electric Company

20140169979 - Gas turbine engine fan blade platform seal: A fan section for a gas turbine engine includes a fan blade having an airfoil with an exterior surface. A platform seal is adhered to the airfoil. A fan section for a gas turbine engine includes a fan hub having a slot. A fan blade includes an airfoil extending from... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140169980 - Root assemblies with external structural connection supports for rotor blades: Root assemblies for rotor blades include a root portion having an inner surface and an outer surface, wherein the root portion is configured to extend from an airfoil portion of the rotor blade. The root assemblies further include at least one external structural connection support connected to at least the... Agent: General Electric Company

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