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Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)

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04/16/2015 > 21 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150104307 - Actuation system for an active blade element of a rotor blade: One example of an actuation system for an active blade element of a rotor blade includes an actuator system coupled to a linear transmission system. The actuator system attaches to a structure within a rotor blade and provides a linear motion in a direction that is spanwise to the rotor... Agent:

20150104309 - Aircraft control system and method: An aircraft control system includes a co-axial, counter-rotating propeller shaft assembly. Also included is a first rotor operatively coupled to the propeller shaft assembly, the first rotor having a first plurality of blades mounted thereto, wherein the first plurality of blades are disposed at a substantially identical nominal pitch during... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150104308 - Brush design for propeller deicing system: A propeller assembly is provided including a plurality of blades arranged in diametrically opposed pairs. Each of the plurality of blades has an electrical deicer located thereon. The propeller assembly also includes a slip ring, and a stationary brush arranged in contact with the slip ring. The brush is configured... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150104311 - Externally programmable fan: A fan comprising: (a) an impeller, (b) a motor connected to the impeller so that during operation the motor drives the impeller to move a fluid; (c) an instrumentation assembly that includes one or more components for controlling one or more operations of the fan; (d) an interface in communication... Agent:

20150104310 - Frequency response and health tracker for a synthetic jet generator: A jet generator is controlled by providing an input signal at a variable frequency to the jet generator and to a simulated electrical load of the jet generator, measuring a difference in signals between the jet generator and the simulated electrical load to identify an optimum flow of a jet... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150104312 - Trillium wind turbine: A trillium wind turbine can have a plurality of blades. Together, the swept-back, complexly-curved blades can be attached to an electricity-generating nacelle. Each blade has a main blade, and a trailing edge blade, and can optionally have a diversion blade. Wind is directed down the length of the blade and... Agent:

20150104313 - Brush design for propeller deicing system: A brush configured to engage a rotating component to transfer an electrical signal and/or power is provided including a body formed from a core material. A coating material is disposed over a portion of the body configured to contact the rotating component. A contact area between the brush and the... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150104326 - Turbine rotor blades with improved tip portion cooling holes: A turbine rotor blade is provided for a turbine section of an engine. The turbine rotor blade includes a platform and an airfoil extending from the platform into a mainstream gas path of the turbine section. The airfoil includes a first side wall; a second side wall joined to the... Agent:

20150104327 - Turbine rotor blades with tip portion parapet wall cavities: In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a turbine rotor blade is provided for a turbine section of an engine. The turbine rotor blade includes a platform and an airfoil extending from the platform into a mainstream gas path of the turbine section. The airfoil includes a first side wall; a... Agent:

20150104314 - Adaptively-twistable blade, and an aircraft including such a blade: A blade (1) having an outer covering (2) defining a cavity (8). A carriage (20) is arranged in said cavity (8), the carriage (20) being provided with a torsion bar (21) and at least two arms (22) secured to the torsion bar (21). The blade has one connection per arm... Agent:

20150104315 - Fan blade root integrated sealing solution: A gas turbine engine, a fan section for a gas turbine engine, and a method for assembling a fan section of a gas turbine engine are disclosed. The fan section may include a fan hub having a slot, a spinner having a castellated spinner seal, a fan blade including an... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150104316 - Turbine blades: A turbomachine apparatus for driving a compressor is disclosed. The turbomachine apparatus contains at least one rotor stage and at least one retaining element. The at least one rotor stage contains a plurality of blades and is configured to rotate about an axis. The at least one retaining element is... Agent:

20150104317 - Reduced stress superback wheel: Turbocharger turbine wheels are designed to accelerate rapidly and to rotate at very high RPM. A turbine wheel is provided with improved low cycle fatigue resistance. The wheel can be balanced by conventional methods.... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20150104318 - Turbine rotor for an exhaust-gas turbine and method for producing the turbine rotor: A turbine rotor as a turbine impeller made of a high-temperature-resistant metal alloy and a rotor shaft made of steel. The impeller hub and the rotor shaft end are connected together in a metallurgically bonded manner by way of a brazed connection. Between the end faces of the impeller hub... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20150104319 - Turbine with bucket fixing means: Provided is a turbine including a rotor wheel including a plurality of dovetail grooves and a insertion groove, the insertion groove including a first catching groove; a plurality of first buckets, each of the plurality of first buckets including a vane, a platform provided at a first end portion of... Agent: Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

20150104320 - Turbine with bucket fixing means: There is provided a turbine including a rotor wheel including a plurality of dovetail grooves and at least one insertion groove, the dovetail grooves and the insertion groove arranged in a circumferential direction of the rotor wheel; a plurality of first buckets, each of the first buckets including a vane,... Agent: Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

20150104323 - Method for creating a metal reinforcement with insert for protecting a leading edge made of composite: A method for producing a metal reinforcement for protecting a leading edge of a compressor blade of composite, including: creating a core that has a shape of an internal cavity of the reinforcement; creating an insert made of an alloy of a hardness greater than that of the reinforcement; shaping... Agent: Snecma

20150104322 - Thermal management article and method of forming the same, and method of thermal management of a substrate: A thermal management article, a method for forming a thermal management article and a thermal management method are disclosed. Forming a thermal management article includes forming a duct adapted to be inserted into a groove on the surface of a substrate, and attaching the duct to the groove so that... Agent: General Electric Company

20150104321 - Wind spinner: A wind spinner includes a body, at least one rod attached to the body for rotation about a blade axis, at least two blades disposed at opposing ends of the rod, forming at least one pair of blades, and at least one blade support disposed within each blade. The at... Agent: Premier Kites, Inc.

20150104324 - Fan rotor blade of aircraft jet engine: A fan rotor blade includes a blade body made from a composite material of a resin and fibers, and having a pressure surface and a suction surface. A dovetail capable of being fitted into a fitting groove in a fan disk is provided in a base end of the blade... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150104325 - Fan rotor blade of aircraft jet engine: A fan rotor blade includes a blade body made from a composite material of a resin and fibers, and having a pressure surface facing one side in a rotation direction and a suction surface facing the other side in the rotation direction. The blade body is provided with a sheath... Agent: Ihi Corporation

04/09/2015 > 17 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150098819 - Detecting and tracking damage to an aeroengine fan or an impact of a foreign object thereagainst: A system for detecting deformation of a fan for an aeroengine, the fan including a rotor including plural blades made of composite material including woven fibers. At least one of the fibers in each of the blades is an optical fiber including at least one portion defining a Bragg grating.... Agent: Snecma

20150098820 - Method and apparatus for reduction of fatigue and gust loads on wind turbine blades: An adjustable lift regulating device (30, 32, 40, 50, 52, 56, 60, 68, 72, 76) on an inboard portion of a wind turbine blade (28). The lift regulating device is activated to reduce lift on the inboard portion of the blade by causing flow separation (41) on the suction side... Agent:

20150098821 - Reverse flow load mitigation device for a wind turbine blade: A reverse wind load mitigation device (30) is provided for a wind turbine blade (20). The device (30) comprises a hinge member (32) attachable to a trailing edge (26) of a wind turbine blade (20). The separated flow inducer (34) is associated with the hinge member (32) and is configured... Agent:

20150098822 - Paddle handle: A paddle handle has a handle having a handle outside member connected to a handle inside member by a handle lateral member. A handle attachment member is connected to the handle at the handle inside member. A swivel is connected to the handle attachment member. The swivel has a first... Agent:

20150098834 - All-supersonic ducted fan for propelling aircraft at high subsonic speeds: A supersonic fan has at least two fan blades extending radially from a rim surface of a hub and is circumscribed by a duct. An inboard leading edge having an inboard sweep angle rotates at approximately Mach 1 or greater. A low-pressure zone generates propulsion. An inboard flow regime may... Agent:

20150098835 - Castings, casting cores, and methods: The pattern has a pattern material and a casting core combination. The pattern material has an airfoil. The casting core combination is at least partially embedded in the pattern material. The casting core combination comprises a metallic casting core and at least one additional casting core. The metallic casting core... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150098823 - Lightning protection system with integrated anti-icing system for wind turbine blades: Lightning protection system (LPS) with an integrated anti-icing system for wind turbine blades that comprises a smart protection system (10), an integrated IPS characterized by some conductive sheets (13) embedded in the carbon laminate of the wind turbine blade (1), some overvoltage dischargers (11) installed between the conductive sheets (13)... Agent:

20150098824 - Propulsion apparatus for ship: Provided is a ship propelling apparatus including a rotation shaft on which a rear propeller is fixed; a front propeller rotatably supported on the rotation shaft in front of the rear propeller; and a counter-rotating device through which the rotation shaft passes, which includes a gear box including therein a... Agent: Samsung Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd.

20150098826 - Apparatus and method for assembling a damper bearing assembly: A damper bearing assembly for a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The damper bearing assembly is designed to define forward and aft axial gaps which allow for normal deflection under standard operating thrust loads, but then close during a fan blade out event to allow the increased load to transfer... Agent:

20150098825 - Bearing arrangement: A bearing arrangement, comprising a rolling bearing, which includes an inner ring, an outer ring, rolling elements interposed therebetween, and a cage for holding and separating the rolling elements, wherein the inner ring presents an inner circumferential surface. A shaft is also present, wherein the rolling bearing is mounted on... Agent:

20150098827 - Device for connecting a centerless auger to a rotatable member: An auger assembly according to one example embodiment includes an auger having a helical flight extending along a longitudinal axis. The auger has a central opening running along the longitudinal axis. The auger has an end that includes at least a portion of a turn having substantially zero pitch. A... Agent: Lexmark International, Inc.

20150098828 - Windturbine and building having such a wind turbine: Wind turbine (1) comprising a rotor (2) around a rotation shaft (3), having a plurality of blades (4) at a distance around the rotation shaft (3), in which the blades (4) can drive the rotor (2); a cavity (10) which extends between the ends (15) of the blades (4) closest... Agent:

20150098829 - Shroud assembly and seal for a gas turbine engine: A shroud assembly having rope seals disposed between the shroud hangers and the surrounding case structure.... Agent:

20150098830 - Assembly fixture for a stator vane assembly: A fixture for assembling a stator vane assembly for a gas turbine engine includes, an outer locating ring including a plurality of outer locating pins defining a position for each of a plurality of vanes relative to an outer fairing. An inner locating ring includes a plurality of inner locating... Agent:

20150098831 - Rotor blade arrangement and gas turbine: A rotor blade arrangement (20), especially for a gas turbine, which can be fastened on a blade carrier (19) and includes in each case a blade aerofoil element (10) and a platform element (14), wherein the platform elements (14) of a blade row form a continuous inner shroud. With such... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20150098832 - Method and system for relieving turbine rotor blade dovetail stress: A system for relieving stress on a turbine rotor blade dovetail in a gas turbine is provided. At least one turbine rotor blade includes a dovetail that is axially insertable into a correspondingly-shaped slot defined in a turbine disk. At least one axially-extending tang is defined on the dovetail. At... Agent: General Electric Company

20150098833 - Fibre reinforced composites: Prepregs and stacks of prepregs based on reactive epoxy resins that can be cured at lower externally applied temperatures such as from 70° C. to 110° C. with acceptably short cycle times comprise epoxy resins of epoxy equivalent weight from 200 to 500 containing a curing agent but no hardener.... Agent: Hexcel Holding Gmbh

04/02/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150093242 - Adjusting a rotor blade pitch angle: A method of adjusting a pitch angle of a rotor blade of a rotor of a wind turbine is provided. The method comprises varying the pitch angle of the rotor blade during wind operation of the wind turbine from a starting angle to reach a limit angle (α1, α2) at... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150093243 - Wind turbine with a wind sensing apparatus: A wind turbine including a rotor, a nacelle, a support structure for the nacelle and at least one wind sensing apparatus mounted on the support structure.... Agent:

20150093244 - Total air temperature sensors: A total air temperature sensor includes an airfoil body extending from an airfoil base to an opposed airfoil tip along a longitudinal axis. The airfoil body defines a leading edge and opposed trailing edge. The airfoil body defines an interior flow passage with an inlet for fluid communication of fluid... Agent: Rosemount Aerospace Inc.

20150093251 - Cooling module design and method for cooling components of a gas turbine system: A cooling arrangement in a gas turbine system (120). The arrangement includes a plurality of flow network units (208) to transfer heat to cooling fluid, at least one unit including first (218), second (220), and third (222) flow sections between openings (64a) in a first wall (66) and an opening... Agent:

20150093252 - Internally cooled airfoil: An internally cooled airfoil for a gas turbine engine has a hollow airfoil body defining a core cavity. An insert is mounted in the core cavity. A cooling gap is provided between the insert and the hollow airfoil body. A plurality of standoffs project across the cooling gap. Trip-strips projecting... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20150093245 - Motion controlled helicopter and rotation rate switched fluid lead lag damper: A method for controlling helicopter ground resonance and air resonance motions as well as centrifugal force switching dampers are disclosed. A helicopter lead-lag damper (30) has a first ground resonance motion damping rate stage (FDR) and a second air resonance motion damping rate stage (SDR). The damper (30) includes a... Agent:

20150093246 - Blade pitch controller for small-scale wind power generation system: Disclosed is a blade pitch controller for a small-scale wind power generation system. Movable segments are integrally formed on an outer circumferential surface of the movable block, have moving grooves, and move backward and forward along with the movable block. Pitch adjustment pieces have adjustment pins formed at one end... Agent: Gu Co., Ltd.

20150093247 - Turbo machine: The present invention is a turbo machine that is provided with an impeller that is rotated, and with a shaft that transmits rotation power to this impeller, wherein there is provided a differential screw having an impeller screw portion that is provided at one end thereof and that is screwed... Agent:

20150093248 - Retainer plate: A retainer plate is provided for retaining a dovetail root of a fan blade of a gas turbine engine in a corresponding axially-extending slot in the rim of a fan disc. In use, the plate locates in a cavity formed at an end of the slot such that a first... Agent:

20150093249 - Blade for a gas turbine: Disclosed is a blade for a gas turbine, in particular for an aircraft engine, wherein the blade comprises at least one internal and/or external supporting structure of a metallic and/or intermetallic material. Also disclosed are a blade cluster having at least one such blade for a gas turbine, a method... Agent:

20150093250 - Root stiffener assembly for a wind turbine rotor blade: In one aspect, a rotor blade for a wind turbine may include a body extending between a root end and a tip end. The body may include a root portion extending from the root end. The root portion may include an inner surface defining an inner circumference. In addition, the... Agent: General Electric Company

03/26/2015 > 25 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150086361 - Axial rotor portion and turbine rotor blade for a gas turbine: A turbine rotor blade is provided with a blade root, platform adjoining it, and turbine blade on that side of the platform which faces away from the blade root, with at least one opening for feeding coolant into the turbine rotor blade interior on an underside of the blade root,... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150086362 - Control system and method for mitigating rotor imbalance on a wind turbine: A wind turbine includes a rotor comprising multiple blades mounted on a hub, MIMUs mounted on each blade for sensing parameter signals thereof, and a control system. The control system includes a wind speed calculation unit, a wind shear calculation unit, a pitch angle compensation command calculation unit, and a... Agent:

20150086360 - Method for controlling a wind turbine during shutdown: A method for controlling an individually pitched wind turbine during shutdown is disclosed, the wind turbine comprising at least three wind turbine blades (1a, 1b, 1c). In response to a shutdown command for stopping operation of the wind turbine, a blade parameter of each of the wind turbine blades (1a,... Agent:

20150086359 - Rotor blade assembly with shim plate for mitigating pitch bearing loads: The invention is directed to a rotor blade assembly for a wind turbine designed to mitigate pitch bearing loads. The rotor blade assembly includes a rotor blade, a pitch bearing, and at least one shim plate. The rotor blade includes a body extending between a blade root and a blade... Agent: General Electric Company

20150086358 - Rotorcraft rotor including primary pitch horns and secondary horns: A rotorcraft rotor comprises a blade having a pitch axis, a primary pitch horn for the blade, and a secondary horn opposite the primary pitch horn with respect to the pitch axis.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150086356 - System and method for preventing excessive loading on a wind turbine: Systems and methods for preventing excessive loading on a wind turbine are disclosed. The method includes determining a current wind turbine parameter using at least one operating condition via a processor, the operating condition indicative of wind turbine operation; storing the current wind turbine parameter in a memory store over... Agent: General Electric Company

20150086357 - Wind turbine and method for adjusting yaw bias in wind turbine: Wind turbines and method for adjusting yaw bias in wind turbines are provided. In one embodiment, a method includes defining an operational condition for the wind turbine, the operational condition including a turbine speed range, a pitch angle range, and a wind speed range. The method further includes operating the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150086363 - Led lamp integrated to electric fan: An LED lamp, integrated to electric fan, comprising at least one flat LED lamp that comprises a light box containing, light diffuser, light reflector, multiplicity of packaged LEDs, heat sink, vent holes and printed circuit board, is powered by a programmable LED driver unit. The lamp employs multiplicity of packaged... Agent:

20150086373 - Jet propulsion watercraft: A jet propulsion watercraft includes a vessel body, a steering nozzle, and a bucket. The steering nozzle includes a jet port from which a jet of water is ejected to propel the vessel body. The bucket is configured to move to a retracted position away from the jet of water... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150086364 - Underwater propeller device with pulsed jets: A device, which is autonomous or which can be associated with another structure, for propulsion in a liquid environment is described. The device has a bladder body made of a soft material, developing along and around a central longitudinal axis, defining an internal chamber between a dorsal wall and a... Agent:

20150086365 - Retractable composite rotor blade assembly: A retractable rotor blade assembly includes a rotor hub assembly having a rotor hub wall, a pitch disc mounted to the rotor hub wall for undergoing rotation about a longitudinal axis, and retractable rotor blades configured to be extended and retracted relative to the rotor hub assembly. Each of the... Agent:

20150086380 - Wind power generation device: A wind power generation device, comprising a base (1), a wind concentrating tower (2), a vertical generator (3), a vertical spiral turbine (4), a turbine air inlet duct (5), a trumpet-shaped wind pushing duct (6) and an umbrella-shaped wind drawing duct (7). The wind concentrating tower concentrates the wind, the... Agent:

20150086381 - Internally cooled airfoil: An internally cooled airfoil for a gas turbine engine has a hollow airfoil body including pressure and suction sidewalls defining a cooling passage therebetween. A combination of pedestal and trip-strips are used in the cooling passage to enhance heat transfer while minimizing the coolant pressure drop across these features.... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20150086366 - Wind turbine blade and blade hub:

20150086368 - Piezoelectric-based vertical axis wind turbine: A system and method for a piezoelectric-based vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) are disclosed. The piezoelectric-based VAWT may generate electricity in response to a deformation (e.g., a stretching or bending) of piezoelectric material. For example, the piezoelectric material may be included on or within a wind turbine blade. The wind... Agent:

20150086367 - Portable crane for use in wind turbines: Portable cranes for wind turbines are provided. In one embodiment, a crane includes a boom, a support shaft connected to the boom, and a plurality of interchangeable mount assemblies. Each of the plurality of mount assemblies is removably connectable to the support shaft and mountable to a wind turbine component.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150086369 - Wind turbine rotor: A wind turbine rotor is provided which comprises a hub (2) and at least one blade (20) supported by said hub (2). The blade (20) comprises a first blade section (3) and a second blade section (4), wherein said first blade section (3) is mounted to said hub (2) stationary... Agent: Youwinenergy Gmbh

20150086370 - Self-adjustable pitch propeller: A self-adjustable pitch marine vessel propeller attached to a shaft is driven by an engine of a marine vessel, and includes a substantially cylindrical hollow hub and a plurality of blades extending radially outwardly from the hub and being capable of rotating around an axis being in a radial direction... Agent:

20150086371 - Impeller for a ventilation unit and ventilation unit comprising said impeller: The present invention refers to an impeller (1) for a ventilation unit (10), especially for use in plants for the aerobic treatment of organic waste. According to the invention, said impeller (1) comprises means (9a) adapted to create an under-pressure zone in the central region of the impeller itself, at... Agent:

20150086375 - Ceiling fan: A ceiling fan includes blade (11) that is integrally formed of root (12), vane (13), and step (14) for maintaining vane (13) in a state inclined from horizontal. Blade (11) includes bend (16), first reinforcement (17) on upstream side (11c), and a plurality of second reinforcements (18) between bend (16)... Agent:

20150086374 - Propeller assembly and propeller blade retention assembly: A propeller assembly having a hub having at least one receiver opening, a receiver located within the receiver opening and having a first collar defining a blade opening, a blade having a second collar and a protrusion with the second collar abutting the first collar and the protrusion received within... Agent: Ge Aviation Systems Limited

20150086376 - Erosion shield, method of fabricating a shield, and method of fabricating an article having a shield: A method of fabricating a near-net shape erosion shield, a method of forming a shielded article, and a near-net shape erosion shield are provided. The method of fabricating a near-net shape erosion shield includes providing a base, positioning an energy source relative to the base, and depositing at least one... Agent: General Electric Company

20150086377 - Method of making a metal reinforcing member for a blade of a turbine engine: A method of making a metal reinforcing member that is to be mounted on a leading edge or a trailing edge of a composite blade of a turbine engine, the method including: shaping two metal sheets, positioning them on either side of a core including at least one recess that... Agent: Snecma

20150086378 - Metal structural reinforcement for a composite turbine engine blade: In structural reinforcement for a composite blade of a turbine engine, the reinforcement being for adhesively bonding to a leading edge of the blade and presenting over its full height a section that is substantially V-shaped, having a base that is extended by two lateral flanks, there is provided an... Agent: Snecma

20150086379 - Propeller blade assembly: A propeller blade assembly having a propeller blade having a leading edge, a trailing edge, and a tip edge extending between the leading and trailing edge, a replaceable guard selectively mountable to the propeller blade to cover at least the leading edge, and multiple fasteners selectively coupling the replaceable guard... Agent: Ge Aviation Systems Limited

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