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Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)

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11/13/2014 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140334927 - Shutdown controller for a wind turbine and a method of shutting down a wind turbine: The invention provides a shutdown controller for a wind turbine. To improve the estimation of a state of the wind turbine, the controller comprises at least two sensors being adapted to provide sensor data significant for different mechanical states in the wind turbine. The controller can provide an estimated state... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140334928 - Wind turbine blade control method: A control method for a wind turbine, in particular for a wind turbine blade is described. The control method makes use of the blade mode shapes, or natural vibration shapes, of the blade to detect the excitement level of the blade natural vibrations, and controls active lift devices on the... Agent:

20140334931 - Propulsion unit for a ship: It is characteristic for the propulsion unit for a ship (10) that it has the propulsion unit's main body (12) that rotates around the rotation axis X, extending along the propulsive direction of the ship, the inlet port (16) set on the surface of the propulsion unit's main body (12),... Agent: Ip Management Services

20140334929 - Compressor rotor heat shield: A heat shield for a rotor in a turbine engine is provided. The heat shield includes a main body having a first pair of recesses. The first pair of recesses is adapted to fit around a portion of one or more rotor blades or between two axially adjacent rotor wheels.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140334930 - Wind turbine blade assembled from inboard part and outboard part having different types of load carrying structures: A blade (10) for a rotor of a wind turbine (2) is disclosed. The blade is assembled from an inboard blade part (50) closest to the hub and an outboard blade part (110) farthest from the hub of the wind turbine. The inboard part (50) comprises a load carrying structure... Agent:

20140334932 - Split blade retention race with inner and outer chamfers: A blade shank assembly for an aircraft propeller blade includes a blade shank; and a split blade retention race encircling the blade shank, the split blade retention race comprising two sections separated by two splits, the two splits being perpendicular to a race surface of the split blade retention race,... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140334933 - Coning resistant rotor for a seal assembly: A coning-resistant rotor and a seal assembly including a coning-resistant rotor are disclosed. An embodiment of the rotor includes a rotor base, a rotor head, and an axially-extending web interposed between the rotor base and rotor head, wherein the web includes axial and radial web regions defined by at least... Agent:

20140334934 - Rotor blade and connecting device: A rotor blade of a wind power installation for fixing to a rotor hub and having a rotor blade longitudinal axis, including a rotor blade inner part towards the rotor hub, and a rotor blade outer part away from the rotor hub, wherein the rotor blade inner part and the... Agent:

20140334935 - Fibrous reinforcement structure for composite material part having a reduced thickness portion: A fiber structure reinforcing a composite material part woven as a single piece by multilayer weaving between plural first and second layers of yarns. The fiber structure includes a portion of decreasing thickness that presents: plural yarn withdrawal parts in surface continuity, with yarns interrupted from the first plural layers... Agent: Snecma

20140334936 - Laser casting blade repair: A method for repairing a rotor wheel including an airfoil using a blade repair assembly is disclosed. The blade repair assembly includes a first block and a second block, each including a contact surface with a shape of at least a portion of the airfoil and a cavity surface adjacent... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140334937 - Composite material: Mechanical strength of a composite material is enhanced by a simple process. In a composite material comprising a resin or a rubber and an oxide glass, the resin or the rubber is dispersed in the oxide glass, or the oxide glass is dispersed in the resin or the rubber, and... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140334938 - Airflow modifying assembly for a rotor blade of a wind turbine: A method and assembly for aligning airflow modifying elements on a rotor blade is disclosed. The airflow modifying assembly may be mounted onto a suction side surface or a pressure side surface of the rotor blade. Further, the airflow modifying assembly includes an alignment structure having a chord-wise extending face... Agent: General Electric Company

20140334939 - High purity powders: This invention relates to high purity yttria or ytterbia stabilized zirconia powders comprising from about 0 to about 0.15 weight percent impurity oxides, from about 0 to about 2 weight percent hafnium oxide (hafnia), from about 6 to about 25 weight percent yttrium oxide (yttria) or from about 10 to... Agent: Praxair S.t. Technology, Inc.

20140334940 - Protective cover for fan: Protective cover for a fan includes a center pole and two protecting members connected to opposite ends of the center pole. Each protecting member includes an outer frame, a plurality of connecting poles connected to the center pole and the outer frame, and a plurality of protecting bars connected to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

11/06/2014 > 17 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140328679 - Hydraulic pitch system for a wind turbine: The present invention relates to a hydraulic pitch system for pitching a blade of a wind turbine having a hub by means of a hydraulic fluid. The system comprises at least one hydraulic cylinder for adjusting a pitch angle of the blade, the hydraulic cylinder comprising a pitch piston movable... Agent:

20140328678 - Method of operating a wind turbine: The present invention provides a method of operating a wind turbine having a rotor with a plurality of blades, a system for determining one or more loads on the wind turbine, a historical register of data on the wind turbine operation, and a control system for controlling one or more... Agent: Alstom Renovables Espa&#xd1 A, S.l.

20140328681 - Ptich system for a wind turbine: A wind turbine comprises a hub, a blade rotatably mounted to the hub, and a pitch system. The pitch system includes a support, a first drive configured to rotate the blade relative to the support, a second drive configured to rotate the support relative to the hub. The support is... Agent:

20140328680 - Support for water turbine: An underwater turbine mounting includes a rigid tether having one end attached thereto at a pivot, and the other end adapted for connection to an underwater anchorage. The rigid tether is pivotable between a deployment condition and an anchorage condition. The mounting is pivotable between a deployment condition and an... Agent:

20140328682 - Propulsion device for use with a fluid: In one embodiment, a propulsion device for use with a fluid may include a shaft coupled to a drive system that rotates the shaft, one or more cranks rigidly coupled to the shaft, and one or more connecting structures that are movably coupled to one of the one or more... Agent:

20140328683 - Compressor: A compressor that includes a frame, a rotor assembly, and a heat sink assembly. The rotor assembly includes a shaft to which an impeller, a bearing assembly and a rotor core are secured. The heat sink assembly is then secured to the bearing assembly and to the frame.... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20140328684 - Compressor: A compressor that includes a frame, a rotor assembly, and a heat sink assembly. The rotor assembly includes a bearing assembly to which the heat sink assembly is secured. The compressor is configured such that, during use, air is drawn through the interior of the frame. The heat sink assembly... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20140328685 - Hybrid sliding element and elastomeric bearing: According to one embodiment, a bearing is situated in a rotor system. The bearing features a housing having a first opening therethrough, a first member disposed within the first opening and having a second opening therethrough, and an elastomeric bearing disposed within the second opening and having a third opening... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140328686 - Fan: Fan includes a hub, a mounting ring encircling the hub, a plurality of connection poles rotatably connected to the mounting ring, and a plurality of blades fastened to the connection poles. A center of lift of each blade is located between a lower end of the blade and the connection... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140328687 - Wind turbine rotor blade assembly with surface features: Rotor blade assemblies for wind turbines are provided. A rotor blade assembly includes a rotor blade. In some embodiments, the rotor blade assembly further includes a surface feature configured on an exterior surface of the rotor blade, the surface feature having an exterior mounting surface. At least a portion of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140328689 - Method for manufacturing impeller: An impeller in which a plurality of vanes are provided so as to overlap each other back and forth as viewed in the direction of axis has a first impeller part on a front side and a second impeller part on a rear side. A method for manufacturing impeller includes... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140328688 - Rotor blade assembly having vortex generators for wind turbine: Rotor blade assemblies for wind turbines are provided. In one embodiment, a rotor blade assembly includes a rotor blade, and a plurality of vortex generators configured on at least one of a suction side or a pressure side and disposed within an inboard area of the rotor blade. The plurality... Agent:

20140328690 - Perforated vacuum membrane for fibre reinforced laminates: A composite component for a wind turbine blade is provided. The composite component includes a stack of at least one fibre layer and a membrane which has a first surface and a second surface which is an opposite surface with respect to the first surface. The membrane is arranged with... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140328691 - Rear casing, rotor blade with rear casing, and a wind turbine that comprises such a rotor blade: The invention concerns a rear box section for a rotor blade, in particular of a wind power installation, comprising a pressure-side surface, a suction-side surface, a trailing edge separating the pressure-side and suction-side surfaces, and a connecting side which is opposite to the trailing edge and which is adapted for... Agent:

20140328692 - Attachment system and method for wind turbine vortex generators: A rotor blade assembly for a wind turbine includes a rotor blade having a pressure side, a suction side, a leading edge, and a trailing edge. A vortex generator accessory is mounted to either of the suction side or pressure side and includes a base portion and a protrusion member... Agent: General Electric Company

20140328693 - Rotor blade assembly having vortex generators for wind turbine: Rotor blade assemblies for wind turbines are provided. The rotor blade assembly includes a rotor blade having exterior surfaces defining a pressure side, a suction side, a leading edge, and a trailing edge each extending between a tip and a root. The rotor blade further defines a span and a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140328694 - Protective finish for wing tip devices: The present disclosure provides a system, method, and apparatus for a protective finish for an airfoil. In one or more embodiments, the disclosed method involves providing a sheath, and applying the sheath to the surface of the airfoil. In one or more embodiments, the sheath wraps around the surface of... Agent: The Boeing Company

10/30/2014 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140322010 - Constant-velocity joint link with reduced axial stiffness: The present application provides a drive link for a constant-velocity joint of an aircraft rotor, the link connecting a drive hub attached to a driveshaft to a rotor yoke. The link comprises a leading bearing connected to the drive hub, a trailing bearing connected to the yoke, a central portion... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140322008 - Method and apparatus for cooling gas turbine and rotor blades: Apparatuses and methods are taught for cooling a turbine blade wherein at least one circuit is isolated along a cool suction side of the blade and the circuit turns aft toward a trailing edge.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140322011 - Rotary blood pump with opposing spindle magnets, bore and drive windings: Various “contactless” bearing mechanisms including hydrodynamic and magnetic bearings are provided for a rotary pump as alternatives to mechanical contact bearings. In one embodiment, a pump apparatus includes a pump housing defining a pumping chamber. The housing has a spindle extending into the pumping chamber. A spindle magnet assembly includes... Agent:

20140322009 - Simplified propeller balancing system and method: A propeller balancing device includes at least one stationary outer disc and a drive wheel arranged adjacent to the outer disc. The drive wheel includes magnets arranged at the periphery. A balancing weight is arranged in a groove formed in one of the outer disc or the drive wheel. A... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140322012 - Flow driven engine: A system for converting between fluid movement, such as wind, and mechanical rotation is disclosed. The system includes a support which is rotatable about a first axis orthogonal to the direction of fluid movement and at least one panel mounted on the support for rotation about a said axis. The... Agent:

20140322027 - Wind turbine rotor blade and a method for deicing a wind turbine rotor blade: There is provided a wind power installation rotor blade comprising a rotor blade nose, a rotor blade trailing edge, a rotor blade root region for fixing the rotor blade to a hub of a wind power installation and a rotor blade tip. The rotor blade extends from the rotor blade... Agent: Wobben Properties Gmbh

20140322028 - Gas turbine blade with tip sections offset towards the pressure side and with cooling channels: A hollow blade including an airfoil extending along a longitudinal direction, a root, a tip, an internal cooling passage, and an open cavity defined by an end wall and a rim, together with cooling channels connecting the internal cooling passage to a pressure side. The cooling channels slope relative to... Agent: Snecma

20140322013 - Independent variable blade pitch and geometry wind turbine control: A variable blade pitch wind turbine and method of passively varying the blade pitch is presented. Each blade of the turbine rotor can individually and passively rotate about a respective blade axis to continuously vary the pitch of the blades to adjust to the ever changing wind speed and direction... Agent:

20140322014 - Vertical axis wind turbine: This Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is designed differently to currently viewed Wind Turbines. It comprises of multiple pairs of boom projections spirally twinned around a Turbine Column, essentially they're opposed Helicoids. During favourable winds, arranged lines of equidistantly spaced identical swivelling Vanes mounted within skeletal booms lever a Turbine Column... Agent:

20140322015 - Predictive blade adjustment: Predictively adjusting the pitch of blades and/or sections of a blade based on fluid velocity measurements. In one embodiment, the measurements are obtained of an upstream portion of a fluid flow using a laser Doppler velocimeter. The pitch of the blade(s) and/or blade section(s) are then adjusted to achieve a... Agent:

20140322017 - Rotary mechanical system with contactless actuation: A mechanical system including: a shaft rotatably mounted about a primary axis thereof in relation to a structural element; a movable member mounted on the shaft to be fixed to the shaft for rotation therewith about the primary axis and configured to be moved selectively in relation to the shaft;... Agent: Hispano Suiza

20140322016 - System for controlling the pitch of the propeller blades of a turbomachine, and a turbomachine with a propeller for an aircraft with such a system: The control system (23) comprises a power actuator (24) coaxial with the axis of rotation (A) of the propeller, and a transmission device (25) connecting the power actuator to pivots (15), of the blades to be controlled (16), arranged substantially radially with respect to said axis of rotation. Advantageously, said... Agent: Snecma

20140322018 - Locking device for wind turbines: Locking device for positive locking a rotor of a wind turbine, with a rotor shaft of a drive train rotatably mounted on a machine frame of the wind turbine, a locking disk and a locking bolt, the rotor shaft being non-rotatably connected with the locking disk, which has one or... Agent:

20140322019 - Rotary element and compressor device comprised thereof: This disclosure describes new construction for rotary elements that find use in compressor devices, e.g., centrifugal compressors and blowers. This construction utilizes composite materials (e.g., carbon fiber composites) that require less machine time and reduce the weight of the rotary element, while meeting the operational characteristics of compressor devices for... Agent: Dresser Inc.

20140322020 - Rotary blood pump: Various “contactless” bearing mechanisms including hydrodynamic, hydrostatic, and magnetic bearings are provided for a rotary pump as alternatives to mechanical contact bearings. These design features may be combined. In one embodiment, the pump apparatus includes a rotor having a bore, a ring-shaped upper rotor bearing magnet, and a ring-shaped lower... Agent:

20140322021 - Method of and a device for reducing the azimuthal torque acting on a pulling pod unit or azimuth thruster: This invention relates to a device and method of reducing the azimuthal torque acting on a pulling pod unit or azimuth thruster (1) having a rotary pod housing (2) with a substantially vertical slewing axis (3) and a fixed downwardly directed first fm (4) carried by the pod housing (2)... Agent: Rolls-royce Ab

20140322023 - Method and production facility for manufacturing a wind turbine blade: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a wind turbine blade in a production facility. The method comprises the steps of positioning a first overhung gantry to extend transversely over an elongated first mould part for manufacturing one of a first part and a second part of the... Agent:

20140322022 - Platinum-cobalt-boron blood pump element: A magnetic impeller for a blood pump such as a magnetically driven, rotary ventricular assist device for pumping blood of a patient, the impeller comprising a magnetic alloy including platinum, cobalt, and boron.... Agent: Heartware, Inc.

20140322024 - Ceramic matrix composite member and method of manufacturing the same: A ceramic matrix composite member used as a turbine blade includes a principal part forming a blade part and a dovetail part, and a subordinate part forming a platform part. A principal fiber in a ceramic fiber fabric forming the principal part is a continuous fiber. An extension direction of... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20140322025 - Structural member with x-web: Disclosed is a structure that may include a first flange, a second flange, and a web connecting the first flange to the second flange. In example embodiments, the web may include at least one end with at least two angled members attaching to one of the first flange and the... Agent: Wetzel Engineering, Inc.

20140322026 - Cone of entry of blower of turboshaft engine: A nose dome for a turbomachine blower that has a conical exterior surface and a base, which dome includes: a plurality of removal mechanism, a plurality of fasteners created by machining the exterior surface, the fasteners including a first, blind borehole that is capable of forming a bearing surface; an... Agent: Snecma

10/23/2014 > 19 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140314566 - Electronic device, and control device and method for controlling fan employed in the electronic device: An electronic device includes a fan and a control device for controlling the fan. The control device includes a control unit, a first signal generation unit and a second signal generation unit each connected to the fan. The control unit has a first signal output terminal and a second signal... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140314567 - Gas turbine engine tip clearance control: A gas turbine engine is disclosed having a thermoelectric device capable of changing a tip clearance in a turbomachinery component. In one non-limiting form the turbomachinery component is a compressor. The thermoelectric device can be used in some forms to harvest power derived from a waste heat. The tip clearance... Agent:

20140314568 - Gas turbine engine tip clearance control: A gas turbine engine is disclosed having a thermoelectric device capable of changing a tip clearance in a turbomachinery component. In one non-limiting form the turbomachinery component is a compressor. The thermoelectric device can be used in some forms to harvest power derived from a waste heat. The tip clearance... Agent:

20140314570 - Method of dynamic balancing for magnetic levitation molecular pump (4): A rotor dynamic balancing method for magnetic levitation molecular pump, includes activating an open loop feed forward control module after activating a motor of the magnetic levitation molecular pump; if the maximum radial vibration amplitude does not exceed ½ of a protective clearance during the acceleration of the rotor under... Agent:

20140314565 - System for protecting a rotatable shaft of a motor from excessive bending moments: A motor assembly that includes a motor having a motor casing, a rotatable shaft extending from said motor casing to a shaft length and a hub coupled to said rotatable shaft, the hub having a circumferential skid surface disposed immediately proximal to the motor casing and having a channel configured... Agent:

20140314563 - Vibration control of a swashplateless coaxial rotor: A rotary wing aircraft is provided including a dual counter-rotating, coaxial rotor system having an upper rotor system and a lower rotor system rotatable about a common axis. A plurality of blade assemblies is mounted to a portion of either the upper rotor system or the lower rotor system. A... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20140314564 - Wear sensor for a wind turbine: A system comprising a first wind turbine structure and a second wind turbine structure, wherein the first wind turbine structure and the second wind turbine structure are rotatable with respect to each other is provided. A safety bearing element is mounted to the first wind turbine structure such that the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140314569 - Wind turbine gearbox lubrication system: A wind-turbine gearbox system includes an input gear stage having mating gear surfaces finished to a surface roughness of less than 0.25 micron and at least one bearing supporting the input gear stage. A lubrication circuit is arranged to deliver lubricant to the input gear stage and the bearing during... Agent:

20140314571 - Ceiling light assembly: A ceiling light assembly which comprises: a main body comprising (a) an upper shell developing an upper shell space inside and one group of suction holes at its surface and (b) a lower shell on which a lower through hole is centrally opened; a fan unit held in the upper... Agent: W. K. Wu Products Inc.

20140314572 - Impeller internal thermal cooling holes: An impeller may include a hub section, a plurality of blades, and a shroud. The hub section may be mounted on a rotatable shaft. The hub section may define a central opening for the rotatable shaft to extend therethrough and may define a plurality of holes disposed in a circular... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

20140314581 - Method for forming single crystal parts using additive manufacturing and remelt: A method of forming a metal single crystal turbine component with internal passageways includes forming a polycrystalline turbine blade with internal passageways by additive manufacturing and filling the passageways with a core ceramic slurry. The ceramic slurry is then treated to harden the core and the turbine component is encased... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140314573 - Integration of rotary electrical actuator for swashplateless individual blade control: An individual blade control system (IBCS) for a rotor system having a rotor hub is provided including a plurality of blade cuffs mounted to the rotor hub. Each blade cuff is configured to receive a rotor blade and rotate about a blade axis. A plurality of electrical actuators is mounted... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20140314574 - Variable pitch fans: An axial air movement fan having a plurality of variable pitch fan blades (2), extending radially from a hub (4) rotatable about a main axis (3), each blade (2) further being pivotable about its radial axis to vary the blade pitch. The blades (2) each are mounted on an associated... Agent: Solyvent Flakt Ab

20140314575 - Turbo fan: Provided is a turbo fan. The turbo fan includes a main plate rotating by a fan motor providing power and a plurality of blades having one ends connected to the main plate, the plurality of blades being disposed along a circumferential direction on the main plate. Each of the plurality... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140314577 - Propellor blade retention: A propeller blade retention arrangement having a propeller blade comprising in radial sequence an aerofoil portion, a shank portion and a root portion. The root portion having first cross-sectional area close to the shank portion and second cross-sectional area at the end distal to the aerofoil portion, wherein the second... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140314578 - Securing segment for the vibration damping of turbine blades and rotor device: A retaining segment for axially securing at least one rotor blade on a disk wheel of a rotor device of a jet engine is operatively connectable to at least one rotor blade and to a disk wheel. In a first peripheral area of the retaining segment that is laterally disposed... Agent: Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg

20140314576 - Wind turbine blade holding arrangement: A wind turbine blade holding arrangement is described comprising a root frame for securing to a root portion of a blade; an airfoil clamp for arranging about an airfoil portion of the blade; and an airfoil frame for supporting the airfoil clamp wherein the root frame and tip clamp are... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140314579 - Turbine: The turbine related to the invention is a turbine including blades and a structure rotating relative to the blades and having a fluid flowing thereto. The turbine includes step portions that are provided in either radial tip portions of the blades or areas of the structure that face the radial... Agent: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

20140314580 - Wind turbine: A wind turbine including a load carrying component made of or at least comprising a fibre-reinforced composite material is provided. The wind turbine also includes a stator endplate or rotor endplate of a direct drive generator where in the stator endplate or rotor endplate is made of or includes a... Agent:

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