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Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)

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12/18/2014 > 20 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140369834 - Method and system for harvesting drag force acting on moving vehicles: There is provided a system for harvesting drag force acting on a moving vehicle, the system comprising a fan comprising blades and a fan rotating shaft, the fan being configured to be mounted on the moving vehicle for receiving air flow resulting from the drag force acting on the moving... Agent:

20140369833 - Methods and systems for blade health monitoring: Systems and methods for blade health monitoring are provided. According to one embodiment of the disclosure, a system may include a feature extraction module and an anomaly detection module in communication with the extraction module. The feature extraction module may be configured to continuously receive blade passing signal data associated... Agent:

20140369852 - Cooled turbine blade with double compound angled holes and slots: A turbine blade for a gas turbine engine. The turbine blade includes a base having a blade root, a platform, a cooling air inlet, and a base air passageway. The turbine blade also includes an airfoil section adjoined to the base and having an outer wall, an airfoil air passageway,... Agent:

20140369835 - Electric fan with impediment buffering: An electric fan includes a fan body having a fan shaft coupled to a fan motor. A fan motor bracket is connected to a fixing portion of the fan motor. A swivel shaft is coupled to the fan motor bracket. A sleeve is mounted around the swivel shaft and is... Agent:

20140369837 - Turbine for a hydroelectric power plant and hydroelectric power plant: There is provided a turbine for a hydroelectric power plant comprising a hub, a plurality of turbine blades provided on the hub, a pitch angle adjusting unit coupled to the turbine blades for adjusting the pitch angle of the turbine blades, a double-acting hydraulic cylinder and a piston rod connected... Agent: Wobben Properties Gmbh

20140369836 - Turbine with hydraulic variable pitch system: A variable pitch system for a water or wind turbine includes a hydraulic system that includes a first hydraulic system and a second, redundant hydraulic system that are completely contained in a nose region of the turbine. The first and second hydraulic systems can each be used during operation on... Agent:

20140369838 - Locking arrangement for a wind turbine and wind turbine having such locking arrangement: A locking arrangement comprises a locking member having a longitudinal axis that is contained in a working plane where shear forces are concentrated when the locking member is in a locking position. The working plane is arranged substantially parallel to the axis of rotation of the parts to be locked... Agent:

20140369839 - Bearing mechanism and blower fan: A sleeve housing of a bearing mechanism according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention includes a cylindrical portion arranged to cover outer circumferences of a sleeve and a plate portion, and a bottom portion arranged to close a lower portion of the cylindrical portion. The bottom portion includes... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20140369840 - Connector: A connector for connecting an impeller to a shaft is provided. The connector is formed as a unitary body. The connector has a sleeve portion which is frictionally connected on a radially outer surface of a shaft-side hub extension of the impeller. The connector further has a threaded portion carrying... Agent: Napier Turbochargers Limited

20140369841 - Blade for a water current turbine rotor, water current turbine comprising such a blade, associated water current turbine and method for producing such a blade: A blade for a water current turbine rotor, which extends along a radial direction and comprises an outer surface, an inner surface, a leading edge, and a trailing edge. The leading edge is the edge of the blade that extends along the radial direction and is disposed upstream in the... Agent: Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd.

20140369842 - Method of manufacturing a ceramic core for mobile blade, ceramic core and mobile blade: A method of manufacturing a ceramic core for a blade including a lower part forming a core body, an upper part forming a squealer tip recess and a set of rods for holding the upper part and the lower part together, includes: coating the rods with a material that has... Agent:

20140369843 - Mixing rotor and internal mixer: A mixing rotor includes: a rotor shaft portion that includes a cooling passageway formed therein, and a mixing blade portion that is formed in an outer circumferential portion of the rotor shaft portion, wherein each of the long blades of the mixing blade portion includes a land portion as an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140369844 - Optimisation of the bearing points of the stilts of vanes in a method for machining said vanes: A method of machining a blade in a three-dimensional machining center, the blade including an airfoil, a platform including upstream and downstream supports formed respectively under the upstream and downstream portions thereof for supporting a sealing liner, a blade root, and a stilt interposed between the platform and the blade... Agent: Snecma

20140369846 - Erosion resistant impeller vane made of metallic laminate: An impeller vane includes at least a first metallic core material and at least a first wear resistant material, wherein the hardness of the at least first wear resistant material exceeds the hardness of the at least first metallic core material. The impeller vane consists of a plurality of layers... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20140369845 - Wind turbine blade with extended shell section: The present invention relates to a manufacturing method for wind turbine blade and a wind turbine manufactured according to that method. The wind turbine blade comprises two shell parts wherein each shell part has a leading edge connected to a trailing edge via an inner surface. One of the two... Agent:

20140369849 - Composite fibre component for a rotor blade, device for manufacturing a composite fibre component for a rotor blade and the method for manufacturing a composite fibre component for a rotor blade: A composite fibre component for a rotor blade of a wind power plant having a first surface, shaped in a predefined fashion, on a first side of the composite fibre component. The composite fibre component is developed such that the composite fibre component has a second surface, shaped in a... Agent:

20140369848 - Fiber preform for a turbine engine blade made of composite material and having an integrated platform, and a method of making it: A method of making a fiber preform, and the preform, for fabricating a turbine engine blade out of composite material, the method including: making a single-piece fiber blank by three-dimensional weaving with layers of longitudinal yarns interlinked by yarns of layers of transverse yarns; and shaping the fiber blank to... Agent: Snecma

20140369847 - Fibrous structure having variable numbering yarns: A fiber structure for reinforcing a composite material part, the structure being woven as a single piece by multilayer weaving between a first plurality of layers of yarns extending in a first direction and a second plurality of layers of yarns extending in a second direction. The second plurality of... Agent: Snecma

20140369850 - Cross-linkable coating composition and method of producing the same: The instant invention provides cross-linkable coating compositions, process for producing the same, and substrates coated therewith. The cross-linkable coating composition comprises: (a) polyaldehyde, or acetal or hemiacetal thereof; (b) an acid catalyst having pKa of less than 6; (c) a liquid media; (d) an acrylic polycarbamate comprising at least an... Agent:

20140369851 - Method of fabricating a surface for reducing ice adhesion strength: A method of fabricating a surface for reducing ice adhesion surface which includes providing a surface of a cured material and impacting the surface of the cured material with a pressurized jet of a fluid material to plastically deform the cured material to enable the surface to reduce ice adhesion... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

12/11/2014 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140363289 - Assembly for fixing a rotor blade of a wind power plant: The invention relates to an assembly and a method of fixing a rotor blade of a wind power plant. The wind power plant comprises a rotor blade, a pitch adjustment means, a bearing for the rotor blade and a brake disk. There is an electro-mechanical brake configured to apply a... Agent:

20140363292 - Estimating and controlling loading experienced in a structure: A method of estimating an amount of undesired loading experienced by at least a portion of a structure (100) is provided. The structure (100) may be, for example, a wind turbine generator (WTG) and the portion for which undesired loading is estimated may be, for example, a rotor (130) of... Agent:

20140363287 - Method and apparatus for wind and water power conversion: The fundamental wind or water generator concept comprises one or more than one lift producing device(s), which, when subject to a wind or water current C, autonomously pivot(s) and translate(s) linearly while transmitting power to energy conversion unit (such as a pump or electric generator) by way of a flexible... Agent:

20140363290 - Method and system for monitoring a gearbox of a wind energy installation and corresponding wind energy installation: The invention relates to a method for monitoring a gearbox of a wind energy installation comprising. The invention further relates to a corresponding computer program product, a corresponding monitoring system for monitoring a gearbox of a wind energy installation and a corresponding wind energy installation.... Agent:

20140363291 - Method for de-icing composite material structures, particularly blades of a wind turbine, suitable composition and suitable device: The method for de-icing composite material structures, particularly blades of a wind turbine made from composite materials, includes the following steps: disposing at least one layer of a formulation of conductive polymer on at least one portion of the surface of the structure, providing an appropriate electrical power supply for... Agent: Valeol

20140363288 - System and method for assisting in rotor speed control: A method of assisting in rotor speed control in a rotorcraft can include measuring a rotor speed with a sensor; detecting a droop in the rotor speed beyond a lower droop limit; and commanding a decrease in collective in response to the rotor speed drooping beyond the lower droop limit.... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140363293 - Wind turbine and a method for determining the presence and/or thickness of an ice layer on a blade body of a wind turbine: A wind turbine comprising an elongated blade body, a system for detecting an ice layer on the blade body, the system comprising a light source for emitting a light beam; a light splitting optical element optically connected to the light source so as to receive the light beam emitted from... Agent:

20140363294 - Thermographic inspection system for composite wind turbine blade: The present application provides a method of inspecting a bond joint. The method may include the steps of applying an exothermic adhesive to a first shell and/or a second shell, attaching the first shell to the second shell via the exothermic adhesive to create the bond joint, allowing the exothermic... Agent:

20140363295 - Adjustable double bladed water paddle: A water paddle comprising a first shaft having and a second shaft, a first cog collar located on an exterior surface of first shaft and having a first set of teeth extending radially from a mating end of first cog collar, a second cog collar located on an exterior surface... Agent:

20140363296 - Fan and impeller thereof: An impeller of a fan comprises a hub, a plurality of blades, a permeable shell and a permanent magnet. The hub includes a top portion and a side wall, and the inside of the top portion adjacent to the side wall includes a plurality of first balance rooms. The blades... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140363297 - Ni based forged alloy, and turbine disc, turbine spacer and gas turbine each using the same: The Ni based forged alloy has a composition containing, on the basis of mass percent, Al: 0.5 to 1.0%, Cr: 17 to 21%, Fe: 17 to 19%, Nb: 4.5 to 5.5%, Ti: 0.8 to 1.3%, W: 3.0 to 6.0%, B: 0.001 to 0.03%, C: 0.001 to 0.015%, and Mo: 1.0%... Agent: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

20140363298 - Diffuser-type endplate propeller: A diffuser-type endplate propeller for driving a hull is provided. The diffuser-type endplate propeller includes a propeller hub and a plurality of blades. The propeller hub is connected to a transmission shaft of the hull. Each of blades respectively has a blade-body and an endplate connected to each other, wherein... Agent: National Taiwan Ocean University

20140363299 - Composite material reinforcing part of pi-shaped section, in particular a platform for a turbine engine fan, and its method of fabrication: A reinforcing part of π-shaped section made out of composite material, and a method of making the part, the method including: making a first set of layers of interlinked yarns by three-dimensional weaving to form a first fiber blank portion to form a base preform; making a second set of... Agent: Snecma

20140363300 - Closure bucket for turbo-machine: A closure bucket for a turbo-machine. In one embodiment, the turbine closure bucket includes a blade section, and a base section positioned adjacent the blade section. The base section of the turbine closure bucket can engage a dovetail slot of a rotor. The base section includes a body having a... Agent:

20140363302 - Airfoil for gas turbine, blade and vane: The invention relates to an airfoil for a gas turbine, which comprises a compound fillet disposed between the airfoil and a platform. The compound fillet consists of a first arc and a second arc. A first end of the first arc tangentially adjoins an outer surface of the airfoil. A... Agent:

20140363301 - Bell turbine: Volumetric turbine blades are proposed that have the capacity to efficiently operate at low flow speeds and oriented in any direction to the incoming flow.... Agent:

20140363303 - Wind turbine blade with biplane section: A hybrid turbine blade having a box beam assembly structure and method of designing such a hybrid turbine blade are disclosed. The box beam assembly provides the primary structure for supporting loads on the blade, and comprises oppositely positioned spar caps joined by oppositely positioned shear webs. For a portion... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140363304 - Rotor blade and fan: A rotor blade main body includes multiple first composite sheet groups and multiple second composite sheet groups which are provided in a blade thickness direction. Each first composite sheet group includes multiple composite sheets which are stacked one on another from a blade thickness center side toward a dorsal surface.... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20140363305 - Hybrid turbine blade for improved engine performance or architecture: A method is provided for casting an article such as a blade having an attachment root and an airfoil, the airfoil having a proximal end and a distal end. The method comprises introducing a molten alloy into a mold; and varying a composition of the introduced alloy during the introduction... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140363306 - Axial-flow fan: An axial-flow fan has a blade with a recessed part that is recessed toward a front edge formed in a rear edge of the blade. A rounded stress-relieving part is formed in a positive pressure surface side and a negative pressure surface side of a front-edge-side edge part of the... Agent:

20140363307 - Rotor disc with fluid removal channels to enhance life of spindle bolt: A rotor disc configured to reduce the likelihood of fractures developing in spindle bolts in gas turbine engines is disclosed. The spindle bolts extend axially through the rotor disc to retain the rotor assembly in place in the gas turbine engine. The rotor disc may be formed from a rotor... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

12/04/2014 > 28 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140356161 - Method to individually optimize respective pitch angles of a plurality of blades in a wind turbine: A method to individually optimize respective pitch angles of blades in a wind turbine. The method allows supplying (102) a modulation signal to modulate a pitch angle of the individual blade being optimized. The method further allows filtering (104) output power of the turbine subject to the modulating frequency to... Agent:

20140356163 - Turbomachine: An alternative apparatus for utilizing wind and water energy on the basis of a cyclogyro rotor, which may be arranged as a small-size power plant, with increased efficiency and extended application spectrum. A turbomachine includes a substantially cylindrical rotor with the rotor body and a rotational axis, in which the... Agent:

20140356162 - Wind power turbine and wind power turbine control method: A wind power turbine control method, the wind power turbine having an electric machine, in turn having a stator, a rotor rotatable about an axis of rotation with respect to the stator, and a mechanical bearing assembly configured to couple the rotor in rotary manner to the stator; the stator... Agent:

20140356164 - Apparatus to detect aerodynamic conditions of blades of wind turbines: Apparatus for detecting aerodynamic conditions of a rotor blade (22) of a wind turbine (10). An acoustic sensor (24) may be remotely located from the rotor blade. The sensor may be focused to monitor a portion of a blade path swept by the rotor blade to detect an aerodynamic condition... Agent:

20140356166 - Clearance measuring sensor with abradable electrode: A capacitive sensor for measuring the clearance between the apex of the vanes of a rotor and the inner surface of an abradable coating covering the inner surface of a turbomachine casing, the clearance measuring capacitive sensor including a first electrode the material of which is abradable so as to... Agent:

20140356165 - Wind turbine blades with air pressure sensors: A wind turbine blade has a suction side shell member and a pressure side shell member. The shell members are joined along a leading and trailing edge from a root to a tip of the blade and defining an internal cavity of the blade. A pressure sensor is configured on... Agent:

20140356167 - Apparatus and methods for electricity generation from exhaust of condenser of hvac system: A low RPM permanent magnet generator mounted over the exhaust port of a HVAC condenser provides a direct drive generator that allows low cogging and low startup resistance to effectively produce electricity at low wind speeds.... Agent:

20140356187 - De-icing of a wind turbine blade: A heating assembly for a wind turbine: generator, the assembly comprising: a heat reservoir mounted within a blade of the wind turbine generator; a heat source for supplying heat to the heat reservoir; a plurality of thermal conductors projecting front said heat reservoir to a surface of said blade.... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140356186 - Method for manufacturing gas turbine blade, and gas turbine blade: h

20140356188 - Turbine blade airfoils including film cooling systems, and methods for forming an improved film cooled airfoil of a turbine blade: Turbine blade airfoils, film cooling systems thereof, and methods for forming improved film cooled components are provided. The turbine blade airfoil has an external wall surface and comprises leading and trailing edges, pressure and suction sidewalls both extending between the leading and the trailing edges, an internal cavity, one or... Agent: Honeywell International, Inc.

20140356168 - Centrifugal fan impeller with variable shape fan blades and method of assembly: In one aspect, a flexible fan blade for use in a centrifugal fan impeller having at least one of a rear plate and a front plate with an air inlet is provided. The flexible fan blade comprises a fixed central portion fixedly coupled to at least one of the front... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140356169 - Hub of a wind turbine: A wind turbine hub having both blades mounted thereon by means of blade bearings adjustable about the longitudinal axes thereof. The turbine includes means for effecting multi-axes adjustments of a plurality of elements relative to one another. The elements are rotatable about bearings having selectively oriented axes of rotation, each... Agent:

20140356170 - Oil return structure for fan: An oil return structure for fan includes a base, a bearing, a retaining ring and a rotor. The base has a bearing cup internally defining a receiving space for receiving the bearing therein. The bearing has a centered and axially extended shaft hole. The retaining ring is located at a... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20140356171 - Rotor for a centrifugal fan, particularly for the forced circulation of air in convention cooking ovens: A centrifugal fan rotor includes radial blades extending from a disc support connectable to a hub for connection to the rotor's shaft. The blades are produced by stamping metal sheet, each having a corresponding blade surface and opposite attachment projection to the disc support. The rotor includes at least a... Agent: Unox S.p.a.

20140356173 - Turbine engine wheel, in particular for a low pressure turbine: The invention relates to a turbine engine wheel (2), in particular for a low pressure turbine (1), the wheel having blades (4), each comprising an airfoil (5) connected by a platform (6) to a middle wall or tang (7) extending radially and itself extended radially inwards by a root (8)... Agent: Snecma

20140356172 - Turbine wheel in a turbine engine: The invention relates to a turbine wheel (104) comprising a plurality of blades having roots engaged axially and held radially in slots (34) in a disk (22) alternating between teeth (36) of the disk (22), the blades having platforms (100) arranged circumferentially end to end and each connected to a... Agent: Snecma

20140356175 - Lock plate: e

20140356174 - Self-tightening rotor: Systems, methods, and devices for propelling self-propelled movable objects are provided. In one aspect, a rotor assembly for a self-propelled movable object comprises: a hub comprising a first fastening feature; a drive shaft comprising a second fastening feature and directly coupled to the hub by a mating connection of the... Agent: Sz Dji Technology Co., Ltd

20140356176 - Rotor blade assembly having a stiffening root insert: A rotor blade assembly for a wind turbine having a rigid root insert is disclosed. The rotor blade assembly includes a blade root section having an end face with a substantially annular cross-section defined by an outer sidewall surface and an inner sidewall surface. The end face is configured to... Agent: General Electric Company

20140356178 - Blade of a turbine: The present invention relates to a blade of turbine having an aerofoil, a platform and a root portion configured to be slidingly received in mounting slots of a rotor disc. The blade further includes a locking member disposed on the root portion and engaged with the rotor disc to make... Agent:

20140356177 - Turbine segmented cover plate retention method: An improved gas turbine cover plate assembly is disclosed for use in connection with segmented cover plates in turbine configurations where it is not possible to stagger the blades to create assembly clearance. The improved turbine assembly also avoids cover plate loading slots in the disc which can cause high... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20140356179 - Impeller and rotating machine provided with same: The impeller is provided with: a disc section equipped with a tube section, the grip section of which is fixed by thermal deformation to a rotation shaft that is rotated around the axis line, and a main disc body, which is provided on the other end in the axial direction... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Inustries, Ltd.

20140356180 - Wind turbine for facilitating laminar flow: Vertical axis wind turbines are provided having foil design and geometry that facilitates lift, torque and laminar flow along a 360 degree radial. Contemplated foils are non-planar, and have a chord length that is at least three times greater than a distance between a trailing end of a leading foil,... Agent: Revair Inc.

20140356181 - Wind turbine blade having a tensile-only stiffener for passive control of flap movement: A wind turbine blade, including: an airfoil (50) having a pressure side (12), a suction side (14), and a trailing edge portion (20) deflectable from a trailing edge neutral position, and a tensile-only stiffener (52) secured to the trailing edge portion and having a tension center disposed toward the pressure... Agent:

20140356182 - Wind turbine blade and method of fabricating a wind turbine blade: A wind turbine blade (162) and a method of forming a wind turbine blade. The method includes: forming an inner segment (10) of an airfoil, leaving a portion (16) of an inner weave (12) extending from the inner segment; forming an outer segment (18) of the airfoil, leaving a portion... Agent:

20140356183 - Rhenium-free or rhenium-reduced nickel-base superalloy: A nickel-base superalloy is disclosed. The superally includes aluminium, cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, tantalum, titanium and tungsten, in addition to nickel, as alloy constituents, wherein rhenium can additionally be contained and the rhenium content is less than or equal to 2 wt. % and wherein the titanium content is greater than... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

20140356185 - Method, system and device for contributing to the assembly of a wind turbine: A contribution is made to the assembly of a wind turbine intended to comprise, in a final assembly condition, a tower (2) surmounted by a nacelle (4) cooperating with a rotor (5) receiving a plurality of blades (3a-3c). To this end, a temporary association is made between at least some... Agent:

20140356184 - Wind turbine flange connection: A wind turbine flange connection between a hub and a nacelle of the wind turbine, a wind turbine, a wind turbine hub and a wind turbine nacelle is provided. The hub of the wind turbine comprises a first flange and the nacelle of the wind turbine comprises a second flange.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

11/27/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.
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