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Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers)

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05/21/2015 > 19 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150139796 - Method for controlling the pitch angle of at least one wind turbine blade: The invention regards a method for controlling the pitch angle of at least one wind turbine blade in a rotor connected to a main shaft on a wind turbine, the method comprises the steps of determining; a first component of the wind vector which is upwind, horizontal and aligned with... Agent:

20150139798 - System and method for electronic propeller blade angle position feedback: A system and method for blade angle position feedback. The system comprises an annular member operatively connected to rotate with a propeller, a sensor fixedly mounted adjacent the annular member and configured for detecting a passage of each singularity as the annular member is rotated and axially displaced and for... Agent:

20150139797 - Wind turbine control: The present invention relates to methods, apparatus and computer program products for controlling a wind turbine that comprises a nacelle and one or more turbine blades to reduce or prevent edgewise vibrations building up on the one or more turbine blades. It is identified 202 whether the nacelle is unable... Agent:

20150139814 - Gas turbine blade: A gas turbine blade 1 comprises: an internal trailing-edge cooling channel formed by a suction-side cooling target surface 6a and a pressure-side cooling target surface 6b that face each other; and multiple vortex-generator-shaped fins 10 disposed between the two cooling target surfaces 6a and 6b such that the fins 10... Agent:

20150139813 - Turbine: Provided is a turbine including a rotor; a blade provided on the rotor and comprising a cooling flow path through which a cooling fluid flows; and a shroud surrounding an exterior of the blade, wherein the blade includes: at least one rib turbulator protruding into the cooling flow path; and... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150139799 - Counter-rotating rotor system with static mast: A coaxial, dual rotor system includes a first rotor assembly positioned at a rotor axis. A first rotor quill shaft is operably connected to the first rotor assembly at the rotor axis to drive rotation of the first rotor assembly about the rotor axis. A nonrotating static mast extends along... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150139800 - Helicopter transmission mount system: A restraint system for a transmission in an aircraft can include a first strut having a first fluid chamber, a first piston resiliently coupled to a first housing with a first elastomeric member. The restraint system can include a second strut having second fluid chamber, a second piston resiliently coupled... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20150139801 - Propeller arrangement for marine vehicles: The present invention relates to a marine propeller arrangement comprising a propeller communicating with a shaft connected to the motor of a marine vehicle, the propeller having a hub and demountable blades, wherein each blade comprises a hub portion being integral with each blade and having plurality of bores for... Agent:

20150139802 - Device for supplying oil under pressure to a linear actuator of a turbine engine: Device for supplying oil under pressure to a linear actuator of a turbine engine, this actuator comprising an internal fixed portion and an external movable portion and means for regulating and supplying oil to chambers of the actuator, these regulating means being mounted radially outside the movable portion of the... Agent: Snecma

20150139803 - Electrically driven, retractable rudder propeller including a step-down gear unit: A driving device for a ship is described, including a rudder propeller with a propeller shaft and with a vertical shaft which drives the propeller shaft via an angular gear unit and which is rotatable and driven by an electric driving motor, and including a lifting device for moving the... Agent: Schottel Gmbh

20150139804 - Flow-based power generating plant with twist bearing in the blade root: A flow-based power generating plant with a turbine, which can be acted on by a fluid flow and having a plurality of blades that extend from a blade base to a blade tip and are fastened by the blade base to a rotating rotor. The action of the fluid flow... Agent:

20150139805 - Rotary machine: Provided is a rotary machine including: a shaft that rotates; a disc that has a substantially cylindrical hub fitted into the shaft and is provided so as to widen outward in a radial direction from a front end to a rear end of the hub; and an impeller having a... Agent:

20150139806 - Rotary machine: Provided is a rotary machine including: a shaft that rotates; a disc that has a substantially cylindrical hub fitted into the shaft and is provided so as to widen outward in a radial direction from a front end to a rear end of the hub; and an impeller having a... Agent:

20150139807 - Rotary machine: Provided is a rotary machine including: a shaft that rotates; a disc that has a substantially cylindrical hub fitted into the shaft and is provided so as to widen outward in a radial direction from a front end to a rear end of the hub; and an impeller having a... Agent:

20150139808 - Rotor of a turbomachine: A rotor of a turbomachine. The rotor includes at least one blade (4, 6, 8) that has a blade leaf (20) and a blade root (54, 55, 58), and a rotor base body (2), in particular a disk (2), that has an outwardly open, circumferential groove (12) for receiving the... Agent:

20150139809 - Roller bearing arrangement for mounting parts of a wind power plant and a wind power plant having a blade bearing designed in such a manner: The invention relates to a rolling bearing arrangement (5) for mounting parts of a wind power plant (1), comprising three relatively rotatable annular elements (6-8) arranged concentrically with one another and at least regionally inside one another for connection to relatively rotatable parts of the wind power plant, wherein two... Agent:

20150139810 - Noise reducing extension plate for rotor blade in wind turbine: Rotor blade assemblies and methods for constructing rotor blade assemblies are provided. A rotor blade assembly may include a rotor blade having exterior surfaces defining a pressure side, a suction side, a leading edge and a trailing edge each extending between a tip and a root, the rotor blade defining... Agent: General Electric Company

20150139811 - Blade-disk assembly, method and turbomachine: Disclosed is a blade-disk assembly of a turbomachine, the blade-disk assembly having a plurality of adjacent rotor blades and a closure blade which are tilted into an anchoring groove, and at least one circumferential retention element which interlockingly cooperates with at least one blade, as well as a plurality of... Agent:

20150139812 - Steam turbine: A stationary blade includes a main unit having a hollow blade structure formed from a metal plate by plastic forming. The stationary blade includes a blade tail section. In a blade tail upper portion, the metal plate has a concave-shaped recess and a rib formed on an inner surface side... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150132129 - Method of operating a wind turbine as well as a system suitable therefore: A method of operating a wind turbine is provided. The wind turbine comprises a turbine rotor with at least two blades, each blade having a variable pitch angle. The method comprises determining mechanical loads on the blades, determining an asymmetric load moment experienced by the turbine rotor based on the... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20150132127 - Turbomachine airfoil erosion determination: A system may include at least one computer device configured to attain a two-dimensional used profile of a leading edge at a specified radial position on a turbomachine airfoil after use. The system aligns opposing substantially straight alignment portions of the two-dimensional used profile with opposing substantially straight alignment portions... Agent: General Electric Company

20150132128 - Wind turbine with a load controller: The invention provides a wind turbine, a control system for a wind turbine and a method for controlling a wind turbine where asymmetry in load on the rotor is compensated by individual pitching by comparing a load distribution over the rotor plane with a threshold value. To avoid unnecessary compensation,... Agent:

20150132130 - Wind turbine noise and fatigue control: Embodiments of wind turbine control systems, and related methods, are disclosed herein. For example, a wind turbine control system may include: a measurement system, including one or more measurement devices disposed on a blade of a wind turbine, to generate a measurement signal representative of a response of the blade... Agent:

20150132146 - Propulsion mechanism: A propulsion mechanism (100) for a maritime vessel (200) including a rotor (75) mounted for rotation about a rotor axis. The rotor (75) includes a plurality of vanes (20) extending essentially radial to the rotor axis and the vanes are arranged to define spaces (25) in between the vanes (20).... Agent:

20150132147 - Turbine airfoil with laterally extending snubber having internal cooling system: A turbine airfoil usable in a turbine engine and having at least one snubber with a snubber cooling system positioned therein and in communication with an airfoil cooling system is disclosed. The snubber may extend from the outer housing of the airfoil toward an adjacent turbine airfoil positioned within a... Agent:

20150132131 - Rotor balancing apparatus: A balancing apparatus for a rotary element is provided and includes a central hub portion and radial elements extending outwardly from the central hub portion. The balancing apparatus includes a conduit extending along the radial elements via the central hub portion, a mass movable within the conduit between the radial... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150132132 - Rotor balancing apparatus: A balancing apparatus for a rotary element is provided and includes a central hub portion and radial elements extending outwardly from the central hub portion. The balancing apparatus includes a conduit extending along the radial elements via the central hub portion, a mass movable within the conduit between the radial... Agent:

20150132133 - Lightning transfer unit for a wind turbine: A lightning current transfer unit (100) for a wind turbine, the lightning current transfer unit (100) comprising a first portion (20a) configured to be electrically coupled to an electrically conducting portion of a blade of a wind turbine electrically connected to a down conductor of the blade and a second... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20150132134 - Injection molded composite fan platform: A fan platform for a gas turbine engine may include an outer flow path surface extending between a first side and a second side. An inner surface extends between the first side and the second side, and faces radially oppositely the outer flow path surface. A plurality of platform hooks... Agent:

20150132136 - Rotor having a basic rotor body and a plurality of rotating blades mounted thereon: A rotor (10) has a basic rotor body (12) and a plurality of rotating blades (14) mounted on the basic rotor body (12). The rotating blades (14) in this case are mounted rigidly or non-detachably, in particular, cohesively, on the basic rotor body (12). Thus, at least one rotating blade... Agent:

20150132135 - Template for aligning surface features on a rotor blade: A rigid template for aligning surface features on a rotor blade is disclosed. The rigid template is shaped to correspond to the surface of the rotor blade. Further, the rigid template includes a base end and a tail end opposite the base end. The base end is configured to connect... Agent: General Electric Company

20150132137 - Assembly of sections of structural parts: A wing or blade in at least two sections facing each other. Each section has a longitudinal bearing structure provided with at least one sole of which the link between the sections includes at least one first link plate linking the end of the soles of the sections facing each... Agent: Airbus Defence And Space Sas

20150132139 - Foundry core assembly for manufacturing a turbomachine blade, associated method of manufacturing a blade and associated blade: A foundry core for manufacturing a blade of a turbomachine including a tip section offset, including a core element for forming various internal cavities, the core element including a leading-edge cavity internal core, central cavity internal cores, and a trailing-edge cavity internal core. The internal core for the central cavity... Agent: Snecma

20150132138 - Rotor blade fence for a wind turbine: The present invention is directed to a rotor blade assembly for a wind turbine. The rotor blade assembly includes a rotor blade extending from a blade root to a blade tip. The rotor blade has a pressure side surface and a suction side surface. The pressure side surface and the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150132140 - Erosion shield for a wind turbine blade: An erosion shield for a wind turbine blade is described, the erosion shield having a plurality of layers of erosion resistant material. The layers of erosion resistant material have an adhesive bond strength between adjacent layers less than the cohesive tensile strength of the layers, such that the outer layers... Agent: Lm Wp Patent Holding A/s

20150132141 - Rotor blade of a wind turbine: A rotor blade of a wind turbine with a raked tip portion is provided. The tip portion is raked, i.e. curved, in a rotor blade plane comprising the tip base chord and a line which is parallel to the pitch axis of the rotor blade. Additionally, the orientation of the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150132142 - Rotor blade with bonded cover: An airfoil comprises an airfoil body with an internal cavity and inner and outer covers. The airfoil body defines a first major surface of the airfoil, and a rib extends along the internal cavity. The inner cover is bonded to the airfoil body over the internal cavity, and includes a... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150132144 - Precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel, turbine component formed of said martensitic stainless steel, and turbine including said turbine component: It is an objective of the invention to provide a precipitation-hardening martensitic stainless steel having a far better balance between a high mechanical strength and a high toughness than conventional ones as well as having good corrosion resistance properties. There is provided a precipitation-hardening martensitic stainless steel throughout which precipitates... Agent:

20150132143 - Welding process and reduced restraint weld joint: A weld joint (30) having asymmetric sides and providing reduced restraint of weld metal shrinkage and a reduced propensity for weld centerline cracking. The weld joint may have a first side (38) formed at an angle (A1) of 35-60° relative to the component surface (36), and a second side (40)... Agent:

20150132145 - Boat propeller nut: A propeller nut designed to replace a conventional hexagonal nut to secure a boat propeller to a motor. The propeller nut includes a leading portion and a trailing portion. The leading portion has a nut part having internal threads sized and configured to engage external threads of a drive shaft... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150125294 - Aerodynamic wind energy conversion device and method for controlling such a device: The invention relates to an aerodynamic wind energy conversion device and a method for controlling such a device. The aerodynamic wind energy conversion device comprises an aerodynamic wing; at least a first tractive line and a second tractive line; wherein ends of the tractive lines are connected to line connection... Agent:

20150125295 - Wind turbine load mitigation: A wind turbine blade assembly comprises a rotatable hub, a blade secured to the hub, and a pitch system. The pitch system is disposed to rotate the blade with respect to the hub about a pitch axis not extending through an aerodynamic centroid of the blade. The pitch system comprises... Agent:

20150125296 - Illuminated multipurpose paddle system: A paddle is provided with lighting devices in the blade of the paddle.... Agent:

20150125297 - De-icing of a wind turbine blade: A heating assembly for a blade of a wind turbine generator, said heating assembly comprising: a heat reservoir positioned within a cavity of said blade, said heat reservoir in communication with a heat source; said heat reservoir including a plurality of orifices for venting hot air from said heat reservoir.... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20150125310 - Gas turbine airfoil: A gas turbine airfoil is provided that is superior in the cooling performance of an end wall and in the thermal efficiency of a gas turbine. A gas turbine airfoil includes an airfoil portion having a cooling passage therein; and an end wall portion located at an inner band end... Agent:

20150125309 - Wind turbine blade: A wind turbine blade having an elongated blade body extending along a longitudinal axis and having an upper skin and a lower skin, the lower skin spaced from the upper skin in a thickness direction of the blade body, the upper skin and/or lower skin having a laminated layer, the... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20150125298 - Fluid turbine for power generation: A fluid turbine comprising a rotor, having an axis of rotation, comprising at least two rotor blades disposed at a radius from the axis of rotation, each rotor blade having a pitch axis and a variable pitch angle. The fluid turbine comprises a mechanism operable to control the pitch angle... Agent:

20150125299 - Counter-rotating rotor system with stationary standpipe: A rotor system includes a first rotor located at a rotor axis that imparts a first axial load and a first moment, and a first shaft connected to the first rotor at the axis. A first bearing connects a gearbox to the first shaft, transferring the first axial load from... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150125300 - Rotor hub for a rotorcraft: A drive mechanism for a rotary aircraft includes an outer drive member having a plurality of drive trunnions extending therefrom; a middle drive member resiliently coupled to the outer drive member; and an inner drive member resiliently coupled to the middle drive member.... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20150125301 - Platform seal strip, turbine blade assembly and method for assembling it: A platform seal strip, in particular for use in a gas turbine blade assembly, is provided. The platform seal strip includes an upper side, a lower side, a first portion and a second portion. The width of the first portion is smaller than the width of the second portion. The... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150125302 - Impeller for a fluid energy machine: In an impeller for a fluid energy machine with a hub and a plurality of rotor blades which are mounted on the hub and around which a medium may flow through the fluid energy machine and which form a blade duct between two neighboring rotor blades with a blade duct... Agent:

20150125303 - Impeller, impeller cutting jig, and method of machining impeller: Provided is an impeller in which a through hole is provided in a center of a base member of the impeller and a plurality of recessed parts are formed on a bottom surface of the base member. Meanwhile, a jig using in a cutting work of the impeller includes a... Agent:

20150125304 - Mass offset for damping performance: A gas turbine engine rotor assembly includes a plurality of blades spaced apart from each other for rotation about an axis. Each of the blades includes a platform having an inner surface and an outer surface. Adjacent platforms are separated from each other by a gap. A damper is positioned... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150125305 - Low profile fan platform attachment: A platform for a fan of a gas turbine engine includes a body portion, a forward flange at a front of the body portion that includes an engagement feature that interacts with a forward flange of a lug of a hub of a fan of a gas turbine engine, and... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150125306 - Method for connecting a shaft to a rotary component and turbocharger shaft produced by said method: A method for producing a connection of at least one rotary component with a central opening to a shaft with a first section along the shaft and a second section on an end face of the shaft includes fixing the shaft at the first section in the central opening of... Agent:

20150125307 - Propeller fan, fluid feeder, electric fan, and molding die: A propeller fan includes a boss hub portion and a blade including a front edge portion, a rear edge portion, and an outer edge portion. The outer edge portion has a front outer edge portion, a rear outer edge portion, and a connection portion connecting the front outer edge portion... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150125308 - Manufacture of filled aerofoil: A method of manufacturing a filled aerofoil component (100) for a gas turbine engine (10) comprises using a capping panel (200) to cover a pocket (310) in a pocketed aerofoil body (300). During manufacture, a pre-formed filler insert (400) is provided to support the capping panel (200) in the correct... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150118045 - Method and systems for providing cooling for a turbine assembly: A system for providing cooling of a turbine rotor wheel includes a rotor wheel including a plurality of dovetail slots spaced circumferentially about a peripheral surface of the rotor wheel. Each of the dovetail slots includes a pair of opposite upper slot tangs and a pair of opposite lower slot... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118046 - Systems and methods to detect an electric arc and a lightning strike: An electric arc detection system is presented. The electric arc detection system comprises a receiving antenna that receives electromagnetic radiation generated by an electric arc formed in an internal cavity of a non-conductive hollow structure, and a processing subsystem for determining an existence of the electric arc in the internal... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118047 - Wind turbine and method for determining parameters of wind turbine: A method for determining parameters of a wind turbine is disclosed. The method may generally include receiving signals from at least one Micro Inertial Measurement Unit (MIMU) mounted on or within a component of the wind turbine and determining at least one parameter of the wind turbine based on the... Agent:

20150118048 - Gas turbine engine rotors including intra-hub stress relief features and methods for the manufacture thereof: Embodiments of a gas turbine engine rotor including stress relief features are provided, as are embodiments of method for producing a gas turbine engine rotor. In one embodiment, the method includes producing a hub preform in which a plurality of elongated sacrificial cores are embedded. Blades are attached to an... Agent:

20150118062 - Bucket assembly for use in a turbine engine: An assembly for use in a turbine engine is provided. The assembly includes a first bucket, a second bucket circumferentially adjacent to the first bucket, a shroud extending between the first and second buckets, and an aerodynamic shell substantially encircling the shroud such that a cavity is formed between the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118064 - Gas turbine engine airfoil trailing edge passage and core for making same: An airfoil has a body that includes leading and trailing edges that adjoin pressure and suction sides to provide an exterior airfoil surface. A cooling passage extends in a radial direction from a root to a tip. A trailing edge cooling passage interconnects the cooling passage to the trailing edge.... Agent:

20150118063 - Turbine airfoil tip shelf and squealer pocket cooling: An airfoil comprises pressure and suction surfaces extending from a root section to a tip section of the airfoil. The airfoil also comprises a leading edge and trailing edge defining a chord length therebetween. A tip shelf is formed along the tip section between the pressure surface and a tip... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150118049 - Flybarless helicopter rotor head system: A helicopter rotor head system has direct mounted mechanical phasing and pitch control levers. The system reduces drag and friction from the conventional four-point connection used today by using a two-point connection at the swash plate. Input movements from the swash plate are transmitted through a linkage arm fixed to... Agent:

20150118050 - Wind turbine, its use and a vane for use in the turbine: A wind turbine for converting wind into mechanical energy, includes a support and a vane rotatably connected to the support, the vane including a wind receptacle that can adopt a first configuration when the vane is in a position to travel in the direction of the wind, in which first... Agent:

20150118051 - Wind sail receptor: An improved wind sail receptor for turning in a wind flow to turn an axle that operates a generator to produce an electrical power output for performing work. With the improved wind sail receptor blade design and the inclusion of a unique shape of nose cone fitted over a forward... Agent:

20150118052 - Pivoting blade counterweight: A propeller system includes at least one propeller hub having a plurality of hub arms formed therein. The plurality of hub arms are arranged circumferentially on the at least one propeller hub and are spaced apart from one another by a hub distance. The propeller system further includes a plurality... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150118053 - High efficiency vertical axis wind turbine apparatus: A high efficiency vertical axis wind turbine apparatus for generating energy from wind power. The apparatus includes a generator in communication with a rotatable shaft, wherein the rotatable shaft is disposed along a central axis. A support bearing is coupled to the rotatable shaft for rotatably supporting the rotatable shaft.... Agent: Abundant Energy, LLC

20150118054 - Radial blower: The invention relates to a radial blower for delivering an air flow, having a drive motor, having a motor holder and having a fan impeller which has a hub bell at least partially overlapping the drive motor, wherein the fan impeller can be driven by the drive motor via an... Agent: Mahle Behr Gmbh & Co., Kg

20150118055 - Gas turbine engine rotor assembly and method of assembling the same: A rotor assembly includes a rotor disc including a plurality of circumferentially-spaced diskposts and a plurality of dovetail slots. Each dovetail slot is defined between a pair of circumferentially-adjacent diskposts. A plurality of rotor blades are coupled to the rotor disc. Each rotor blade includes a dovetail portion that is... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118056 - Rotor turning system and method: A rotor turning system includes a fixture plate configured for attachment to a gearbox, a locking mechanism configured for attachment to the fixture plate, and a reaction fixture configured for attachment to the locking mechanism. The rotor turning system is configured to permit rotation of the rotor only when rotational... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118058 - Chord extenders for a wind turbine rotor blade assembly: In one aspect, a rotor blade assembly for a wind turbine may generally include a rotor blade extending lengthwise between a root and a tip. The rotor blade may include a pressure side and a suction side extending between a leading edge and a trailing edge. Additionally, the rotor blade... Agent:

20150118057 - Multi-wall gas turbine airfoil cast using a ceramic core formed with a fugitive insert and method of manufacturing same: A multi-wall gas turbine airfoil (192) and method of forming same using a casting core (150) having a monolithic body configured to define a pressure side wall (12), a suction side wall (14), and a third wall (16). The casting core is formed around a fugitive insert (96) during a... Agent:

20150118059 - Turbomachine rotor blade: A turbomachine rotor blade including a blade root and a blade tip spaced apart by a blade height, including at least one intermediate segment between the blade root and the blade tip that presents forward sweep over at least 50% of the blade height, and a distal segment with backward... Agent: Snecma

20150118060 - Turbine engine blades, related articles, and methods: A compressor blade generally used in turbine engines is presented. The compressor blade includes a protective covering bonded to a tip portion of the blade with a braze material. The braze material includes from about 1 weight percent to about 10 weight percent of an active metal element, based on... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118061 - Radial compressor: A radial compressor has at least one compressor stage. The compressor stage includes: an impeller having moving blades on a rotor side arranged in a flow channel of the compressor stage. The flow channel is bounded by a hub contour and a housing contour or cover disc contour. Each moving... Agent:

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