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Hydraulic and earth engineering

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04/10/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140099166 - Floatation spar for an oil containment boom: A floatation spar for an oil containment boom having a vertically suspended oil containment curtain is provided. The floatation spar includes a buoyant body having an attachment surface and a retainer strip having a plurality of surface penetrating fasteners projecting from and spaced along an inwardly facing side of the... Agent: Canadian Floating Fence Corporation

20140099167 - Mine roof bolt assembly: A mine roof bolt assembly (10) comprises a bolt (20), a bearing plate (30), and a washer (40) situated between a ledge (24) of the bolt (20) and a lower face (33) of the bearing plate (30). The washer (40) includes an elbow (42), a radially inner portion (43) extending... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140093316 - Method for injecting surface water into the ground: A method and pumping/drainage channel member for injecting surface water into the soil beneath a ground area includes drilling a series of holes and inserting an elongated pumping/drainage members into each hole extending downwardly into the soil. The pumping/drainage channel members comprise a cluster of integrally joined channel features each... Agent:

20140093317 - Gravity driven pile tower based device for pipeline lifting and support and method of use: A system and method for securely cradling a subsea pipeline is claimed that lands on one side of the pipeline, is embedded into the sea floor, reaches under the pipeline, positions the cradling structure, and then lifts the pipeline. The system typically comprises a gravity driven pile based device, comprising... Agent: Oceaneering International, Inc.

20140093318 - Wave anchor soil reinforcing connector and methods: A facing anchor assembly for securing a facing to a soil reinforcing element, the facing anchor assembly including first and second horizontally-disposed plates vertically-offset from each other and having at least one transverse protrusion disposed on each plate. The transverse protrusions can receive and seat at least one transverse wire... Agent: T & B Structural Systems LLC

03/27/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140086686 - Low profile mine shaft liner plate system and method: A liner plate system for lining shafts or tunnels is provided. The system includes a plurality of curved liner plate units and a plurality of line lock plates. Each curved liner plate unit includes a radially outer side and a radially inner side, the radially inner side including a peripherally... Agent:

20140086687 - Underwater cable deployment system and method: An underwater cable deployment system for deploying an ocean bottom cable on the seabed including a cage having a lower frame and an upper frame, which lower frame is adapted to receive the ocean bottom cable and the upper frame is connected to an umbilical cable mounted on a vessel,... Agent: Sercel

20140086688 - Cable trailer: The present invention is directed to cable trailer that can carry a cable drum having a weight up to 10 ton. The cable trailer is designed to carry and unwind cable from the cable drum and direct and lay the cable in or along a trench. The cable trailer has... Agent:

20140086689 - Pipe splitting apparatus with replaceable blade: Pipe splitting apparatuses and systems including a replaceable blade, and methods therefor, are provided. In various examples, a pipe splitting apparatus includes an outer surface including a recess. A blade including a portion is disposed within the recess. A hardenable material is disposed within the recess. The hardenable material is... Agent: Tt Technologies, Inc.

20140086690 - Ice resistant jackup leg: The present invention provides an the ice resistant Jackup leg that comprises a plurality of chords, a plurality of plate structures, wherein the chords and plate structures are alternatively positioned so that the plate structures connect the chords to form the peripheral structure of the ice resistant Jackup leg, a... Agent:

20140086691 - Offshore foundation for wind energy installations: e

20140086692 - Device and method for introducing a filling material: The invention relates to a device for introducing a filling material into a hole in the ground, with a channel-like filling means which can be introduced into the hole and has an upper feed opening for feeding in the filling material and a lower discharge opening for discharging the filling... Agent: Bauer Spezial Tiefbau Gmbh

20140086693 - Pile with low noise generation during driving: A pile with a low effective Poisson's ratio is disclosed, which greatly reduces the sound coupling to the water and sediment or other ground when driving piles. In some embodiments the pile includes geometric features that reduce the radial amplitude of the compression wave generated during hammering by providing a... Agent: University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

03/20/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140079485 - Method for preventing shield casing catching due to too large frictional resistance in earth pressure balance shield machine: A method for preventing shield jamming by excessive frictional resistance in earth pressure balance shield which involves real-time monitoring of earth pressure signal for earth pressure on the shield body through sensors on the shield machine. Combined with the known parameters, resistance in the shield machine is calculated. The friction... Agent: China Railway Tunneling Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140079486 - Blocking device: Blocking device (1) to hold integrally an elongated body (EB) relative to an external reference (A); the blocking device (1) comprising a module (2) provided with a first, a second, and a third holding members (10) (20) (30) of substantially identical longitudinal extension, arranged in a substantially concentric manner relative... Agent: F.lli Righini S. R. L.

20140079487 - Laying machine and a blade assembly: The present disclosure presents a laying machine for laying at least one flexible casing or tube, cable, or wire. The laying machine includes a blade arrangement for making a trench in the ground. The laying machine can also include a consolidation and laying means being arranged behind the blade arrangement... Agent: Husqvarna Ab

20140079488 - Method and apparatus for rehabilitating an underground water conduit and detecting and drilling a service entrance in the conduit: A method and apparatus for rehabilitating an underground water conduit having at least one service entrance including a plug having a light emitter which is responsive to the presence of an electromagnetic field, wherein the at least one service entrance is plugged with the plug and a semi-transparent membrane lining... Agent: Sanexen Environmental Services Inc.

20140079489 - Method of and apparatus for installation of plate anchors: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for deploying one or more plate anchors on the seafloor prior to later installation (embedment) of the plate anchors using an installation tool such as a suction follower. The methods and apparatus may be used for batch-setting multiple plate anchors on the seafloor for a... Agent:

20140079490 - Supporting structure for offshore wind power generator: Disclosed herein is supporting structure for an offshore wind power generator. The supporting structure includes lower support part and main body part. The lower support part includes lower concrete part which is provided on a base installed on the sea floor and is reduced in width from the bottom thereto... Agent: Korea Institute Of Ocean Science And Technology

20140079491 - Ground engaging shaft: An apparatus and method for engaging a member within a soil formation. The apparatus comprises a shaft extending between top and bottom ends along a central axis and having at least one auger section therearound and a first plate, axially rotatably connected to the shaft. The apparatus may further comprise... Agent:

20140079492 - Alpine anchor for anchoring threaded rods in soil or rock: Alpine anchor for anchoring threaded rods in soil or rock, with a metal base plate having a number of threaded bores which are distributed about the circumference and into which the threaded rods can be screwed with an assembly machine, wherein at least one plug coupling is arranged between the... Agent: Spinnanker Gmbh

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