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Hydraulic and earth engineering

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07/10/2014 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140193199 - Coastal recovery utilizing repositionable shoal module: A coastal recovery module including a body portion defining an interior compartment. The coastal recovery module may also include a selectively sealable fluid conduit. The selectively sealable fluid conduit may provide a fluid communication between the interior compartment and an exterior of the body portion, the fluid conduit configured for... Agent:

20140193200 - Moisture control grid: A moisture collection apparatus is provided to collect and store percolating ground water for increased water absorption by foliage growing above the moisture collection apparatus. In one embodiment, the moisture collection apparatus includes a first plurality of strands extending along a first direction, a second plurality of strands extending along... Agent:

20140193201 - River bottom siphon for hydro-electric generation and irrigation: The invention is David Stauffer's river bottom siphon and hydroelectricity generator for a pollution-free hydroelectric energy generator using a submerged river pipeline and gravity for the delivery of fresh river-water for agriculture and drinking through a fabricated ecosystem to ease the problems of global warming, rising ocean levels, flooding, drought,... Agent:

20140193202 - Door structure for floating flap gate: To make it possible to raise a door body even if it is damaged by an impact of vehicle traffic or falling objects when it is in a lowered state, and to keep the door body in a raised state even if it is damaged by a water pressure of... Agent: Hitachi Zosen Corporation

20140193203 - Sandbag and sandbag kits: The present invention is directed to a unique, elongated sandbag for use as the bottom layer(s) in a sandbag barrier wall and a kit containing such an elongated sandbag as well as a sufficient number of other, shorter, sandbags for forming a barrier wall for an opening, such as a... Agent:

20140193204 - Tubbing having a thermoplastic sealing layer: For a tubbing made of concrete for lining a tunnel, such as a traffic tunnel, the tubbing can have a convexly curved outer surface and a concavely curved inner surface opposite the outer surface. The tubbing can be provided with a thermoplastic sealing layer on the outer surface of the... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20140193205 - Methods, apparatus and systems for conveying fluids: Disclosed are pipeline systems, methods and apparatus for handling fluids in offshore oil and gas production. The systems disclosed allow subsea functional lines having diameters which differ by more than 2 standard API 5L pipeline diameters to be placed in fluid communication in such a way that the systems are... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140193206 - Underwater personal submersible: An underwater personal submersible is provided. The underwater personal submersible can include a main body comprising a tripod structure of two forward-swept stabilizing surfaces and a main section including a user compartment, a plurality of oxygen tanks, and a propulsion mechanism. The placement of the propulsion mechanism and the stabilizing... Agent:

20140193207 - Honeycomb buoyant island structures: Multi-cylinder buoyant island structures, such as may be used for staging and storage related to offshore oil and gas production activities, and methods of use and manufacture.... Agent:

20140193210 - Adjustable raked pile driver using the push pull method: A pile driver assembly consisting of a plurality of pile driver units interconnected together to a rigid base frame that uses the push and pull method to drive a group of raked piles. The pile driver units progressively push one pile at a time for a short distance into the... Agent:

20140193208 - Load cell for screw piling power head: A system to measure the installation torque of a screw pile comprises machinery suitable to drive the screw pile into the ground, said machinery further comprising a rotary drive suspended by means of a universal joint-type coupler. A load pin, having at least one sensor, is mounted through the universal... Agent:

20140193209 - Pile guide: A pile guide for supporting a pile as it is driven into a substrate, comprises: a base frame; and a pile guide member (100) which is mounted on the base frame and defines a passageway with an inner peripheral surface (102) to which a plurality of elongate members (104) are... Agent: Ihc Sea Steel Ltd

07/03/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140186118 - Barrier system: The invention relates to a barrier system comprising a barrier wall for stopping a flow of a substance to one side of said wall, wherein said barrier wall comprises a fabric impervious to the flow of said substance and containing high strength polyolefin fibers.... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140186119 - Sequestration of greenhouse gasses by generating an unstable gas/saline front within a formation: A method is provided for sequestration of a greenhouse gas in a water-laden formation by injection of a fluid comprising greenhouse gas (GHG) into a formation under conditions suitable for generating an unstable front of said greenhouse gas within the formation. The injection may comprise a first stage wherein a... Agent:

20140186120 - Subsea arrangement: A subsea arrangement for connecting an end of a first tubular member to an end of a second tubular member, comprising a base structure, a landing structure which rests on or is configured to be fixed to the base structure using connecting members. The subsea arrangement further comprises a holding... Agent: Vetco Gray Scandinavia.as

20140186121 - Flush joint pipe: A pipe has a tubular body with a male end and a female end. The male end has an external surface with a first engagement groove. The female end has an internal surface with a second engagement groove, and an aperture extending from an outer surface of the tubular body... Agent:

20140186122 - Method and system for deployment of ocean bottom seismometers: Systems and methods for deployment and retrieval of ocean bottom seismic receivers. In some embodiments, the system includes a carrier containing receivers. The carrier can include a frame having a mounted structure (e.g., a movable carousel, movable conveyor, fixed parallel rails, or a barrel) for seating and releasing the receivers... Agent: Fairfield Industries Incorporated

20140186123 - Method and system for deployment of ocean bottom seismometers: Systems and methods for deployment and retrieval of ocean bottom seismic receivers. In some embodiments, the system includes a carrier containing receivers. The carrier can include a frame having a mounted structure (e.g., a movable carousel, movable conveyor, fixed parallel rails, or a barrel) for seating and releasing the receivers... Agent: Fairfield Industries Incorporated

20140186124 - Riser assembly and method: A riser assembly and method of producing a riser assembly are disclosed. The riser assembly includes a riser having a plurality of buoyancy elements provided at predetermined intervals along the length of the riser for supporting the riser, and at least one further buoyancy element arranged to support the riser... Agent: Wellstream International Limited

20140186125 - Restraining device for a tensioner assembly: An apparatus for restraining an assembly suspended by a structure on an offshore platform or vessel, includes a movable carrier configured for controllable movement on a structure of the platform or vessel. A restraining member is movably connected to the carrier via a joint and the restraining member includes an... Agent: Aker Mh As

20140186126 - Pile with platform: Embodiments of a helical pile, comprising a shaft that is provided with an axis, a first end, and a second end, a lead located at the first end, a first plate that is attached to the helical pile, and a second plate that is attached to the first plate.... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140178129 - Watercraft vehicle lift: Embodiments described herein disclose a watercraft vehicle lift. The watercraft vehicle lift may comprise a pivoting hinge configured to rotate around a fixed axis, a lift configured to extend and contract an arm to apply force and a scissor hinge with a plurality of pivoting points configured to extend and... Agent:

20140178130 - Wave dissipating device: The inventive wave dissipating device includes a sea surface sheet to be installed along a sea surface, a sea submergence sheet to be installed below the sea surface sheet generally parallel to the sea surface sheet in sea, and connection ropes connecting the sheets to each other. The sea surface... Agent:

20140178131 - Efficiency of geothermal ground improvement system: Provided herein are apparatus, systems and methods for use in ground construction. New ground improvement methods have been developed using pervious concrete piles, the piles having material properties of the pervious concrete, as well as positive response to different vertical loads. The methods produce piles that are superior to aggregate... Agent: Lehigh University

20140178132 - Device and method for soil compaction and/or soil stabilization: A device for compaction is provided that includes a compaction tool and a vibration device. The compaction tool is adapted to be lowered vertically into a soil area to be compacted. The vibration device being configured to be placed at an upper end on the compaction tool. The compaction tool... Agent:

20140178133 - Oval pan and pan system for rib and roof surface control in subterranean excavation applications: A pan (10) and a pan system (100) for surface control of wall and/or roof material in a subterranean tunnel or room, the oval pan (10) having a convex central portion (20) held at an angle above a horizontal plane and an outermost edge angling downwards and meeting a planar... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140169883 - Self-actuating shoreline flood guard: A series of self-actuating flood guard units each including a buoyant gate flanked by a pair of the boundary walls and pivotable about a horizontal axis transverse to the flanking boundary walls runs along a shoreline of an adjacent body of water The axis is located at a selected elevation... Agent: Floodbreak, L.L.C.

20140169884 - Fluidified inert material spreading device for burying an underwater pipeline, and method of spreading fluidified inert material over an underwater pipeline: A fluidified inert material spreading device configured to bury a pipeline in a body of water is configured to travel in the body of water in a travelling direction along and over the pipeline, and has a hull, which extends along a longitudinal axis, houses at least one expansion chamber... Agent: Saipem S.p.a.

20140169885 - Marine pipeline-installation tower and tensioning assembly: A marine pipeline-installation tower comprising at least two opposing legs, and one or more tensioning assemblies supported by the opposing legs for surrounding and supporting an intermediate pipeline during installation, at least one of the intermediate tensioning assemblies comprising two or more discrete segments, the segments being moveable between: a... Agent:

20140169886 - Lateral reinstatement cutter and single access point method of use: A pivot drive, a pivot, a cutter drive, a cutting head, and a camera are mounted to a base, and a remote control system operates the pivot drive to pivot the cutter drive from a stored to a use position, operates the cutter drive to rotationally drive the cutting head,... Agent:

20140169887 - Tensioner latch with pivoting segmented base: A tensioner assembly for applying tension to a tubular member, such as a riser, can include an upper latch connected to the tubular member, a platform with a bore, and a plurality of lower latch segments, each having a base that is pivotally connected to the platform. After applying tension... Agent:

20140169888 - Method and an apparatus for attenuating pressure pulses: An apparatus and a method for attenuating water pressure pulses generated during sea piling when a percussion mechanism is used, including the stage of driving at least one pile into an earth by a percussion mechanism, while along at least a part of its axial extension, the pile is surrounded... Agent:

20140169889 - Trench shoring apparatuses: Trench shoring apparatuses configured to be moved by construction equipment and including major vertical arms, struts attached to the lower ends of the major vertical arms, connectors rigidly connected to the major vertical arms proximate the upper ends of the major vertical arms, the connectors being configured to detachably couple... Agent:

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