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Coating implements with material supply

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01/22/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150023713 - Coil spring for cosmetic material and cosmetic container: A coil spring for cosmetic material 5 is a one spring where a first spring part 5a and a second spring part 5b whose winding wire diameters and spring constants differ from one another are continuously and integrally formed via a stepped part 5d. Accordingly, the use of the first... Agent:

20150023714 - Mechanical pencil: A mechanical pencil is provided which does not require operation of removing or re-fitting a cap but allows writing immediately after supplying a writing lead. A lead fixing chuck 4 which is moved back and forth in conjunction with knock operation of a knock bar 22 to release and grip... Agent: Mitsubishi Pencil Company, Limited

20150023715 - Stick-shaped material propelling container: A stick-shaped material propelling container is disclosed which comprises a barrel having a spiral groove formed in its inner peripheral surface, a guide tube having slits and inserted in the barrel so as to be rotatable relative to the barrel and axially unmovable, and a stick-shaped material holding member provided... Agent: Kotobuki & Co., Ltd.

20150023716 - Case for cosmetics or other products: A container or case for cosmetics or other products that are applied by an applicator tool, the container or case comprising a housing adapted to receive an exchangeable cartridge and a handle adapted to receive an exchangeable applicator tool. In some embodiments, the housing comprises a window for viewing the... Agent:

20150023717 - Liquid condiment applicator: A liquid condiment applicator device is provided. The present invention comprises a liquid-containing bottle with a threaded opening, a bottle head having a complementary threaded connector and an internal pump assembly, a rigid elongated tube extending from the head, and at least two different removable attachments that are affixable to... Agent:

20150023718 - Modular magnet writing instrument and hobby tool: A modular magnet writing instrument and hobby tool comprises a plurality of permanent magnet segments and a writing cartridge. Each magnet segment is magnetized axially. An aperture extends longitudinally through the entirety of each magnet segment. The writing cartridge has an elongate body, which is sized for coaxial insertion within... Agent:

20150023719 - Application tool: A crayon or pencil type application tool (1) for applying a coating material to a substrate surface, having a shaft (2) where the tool (1) can be grasped and a reservoir (3), housed in the shaft (2), to be filled with the coating material. The tool (1) is provided with... Agent:

20150023720 - Oil-based ink composition for ball-point pen, and oil-based ball-point pen refill using the same: Provided are: an oil-based ink composition for a ball-point pen having a favorable feeling of writing, the favorable deepness of a written trace, favorable light resistance, favorable ink stability over time, and favorable pigment dispersibility; and an oil-based ball-point pen refill using the oil-based ink composition. An oil-based ink composition... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Pilot Corporation

20150023721 - Applicator for a fluid product such as a cosmetic product: An applicator for a fluid product is provided that offers a thermal effect by creating a cold sensation upon application to a surface. The applicator comprises a reservoir containing a fluid product; an end-piece with a dispensing face having an orifice for dispensing the fluid product onto the surface to... Agent:

20150023722 - Device and method for mixing hair coloring chemicals: A device and method for mixing and applying hair coloring chemicals to a user's hair. The device comprises a brush applicator, a first compartment capable of holding the brush applicator, a second compartment containing a first hair coloring chemical, a third compartment containing a second hair coloring chemical, and a... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150016857 - Liquid cosmetic: Provided is a liquid cosmetic suited for a liquid cosmetic applicator using a brush or a pen feed as an applying means and suited for use in an eyeliner or an eyebrow, which has a good water resistance and is excellent in a skin adhesive property and which is free... Agent:

20150016858 - Lipstick identifiers: A band, sleeve, or tag that encircles and fits around the case or tube of lipstick, lip gloss, chap stick, or similar item. The band, sleeve or tag has different textures, patterns, designs, colors, shapes, width, and the like, so that the user can identify the different case or tubes... Agent:

20150016859 - Decorative insert: A writing instrument with a decorative element is provided including a housing having a first portion and a second portion, wherein at least one of the first and second housing portions has a recess positioned at a terminal edge thereof, and an decorative insert having a body and at least... Agent:

20150016860 - Tooth paste brush: A toothbrush having a detachable head and a hollow cylindrical handle capable of containing toothpaste. A plunger pushes toothpaste from the hollow cylindrical handle through a detachable head and out a hole onto the bristles of the brush. An embodiment includes toothpaste contained in a removable cartridge.... Agent:

20150016861 - Automatic coloring device for moving coloring tool along a curve: An automatic coloring device for moving coloring tool along a curve includes a guide-bar, a moving platform, a coloring tool, a first moving member and a second moving member. The moving platform is movably disposed on the guide-bar, and the coloring tool is disposed on the moving platform. The first... Agent: Zong Jing Investment, Inc.

20150016862 - Applicator for applying compositions that smooth wrinkles and skin texture imperfections: An applicator for applying a skin smoothing composition comprising a head and a body, the head having a portion of its surface coated with flock fibers, bristles, cloth, sponge, polymeric mesh, nonwovens, and mixtures thereof, the skin smoothing composition comprises sodium silicate, polyvalent silicate and water, or the skin smoothing... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150010340 - Applicator for applying a composition to the eyelashes or the eyebrows: The present invention relates to an applicator for applying a composition to keratinous fibers, in particular the eyelashes or the eyebrows, the applicator comprising: a stem having a longitudinal axis and including at least one elastically-deformable flexible portion that is suitable for flexing during application and/or wiping; and an applicator... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150003884 - Liquid applicator device: A liquid applicator (10, 10A, 10B, 10C, 10D, 10E, 10F) having (i) a container in the form of a collapsible bladder (11, 11A, 11B, 11C) for containing a supply of liquid in use; (ii) a positive displacement pump (12, 12A) in flow communication with the container (11, 11A, 11B, 11C)... Agent:

20150003885 - Screw-based dispenser having locking elevator and elevator retention mechanism: A screw-based dispenser for the application of cosmetic products and other applicable gels, liquids, and solids. The screw-based dispenser may have one or more of the following features: a cylindrical outer casing having at least two diametrically opposed feedback struts, a threaded screw connected to a base that is rotatable... Agent:

20150003886 - Lipstick painting tool: A lipstick painting tool having a cover sleeve that is moveable between a proximal position exposing painting bristles and a distal position covering the painting bristles. The cover sleeve is moveable through relative rotation of the same along a base shaft such that engaged internal and external threads cause movement... Agent: Arigala Painting, Inc.

20150003887 - Upper pen tube structure for pen: An upper pen tube structure for pen is disclosed, wherein the spring is covered around an outer portion of the middle column, and two ends of the spring are pressed against an outwardly protruded rim of the middle column and a stopping portion of the tube respectively. Thereby, when a... Agent:

20150003888 - Coupler sleeve for pen and pen using the same: A coupler sleeve for a pen and the pen using the coupler sleeve are provided, wherein the sleeve portion at the lower end of the main body is used for inserting into the upper opening of the lower pen tube to engage the outer protruded ring on the upper opening... Agent:

20150003889 - Functional dynamic cosmetic package: Packages for cosmetics are provided including an applicator that engages with a wiper component of a container in a manner such that the applicator and wiper are capable of moving together in one or more directions within the container, including without limitation, vertically, horizontally, diagonally, rotationally, and any combination of... Agent:

20150003890 - Wall mounted back scratcher: A back scrubber for a shower enclosure comprising: a base, where the base includes a means to adhere a back side of the base to a shower wall; a soap dispenser, where the soap dispenser is integrated into a top edge of the base; and a sponge, where the sponge... Agent:

20150003891 - Hydrogen peroxide toothbrush: The hydrogen peroxide toothbrush is a hand-held teeth cleaning instrument. The instrument has a removable twist-in-place bottom container that is filled with hydrogen peroxide. Once the twist-in-place container is filled with hydrogen peroxide, the flexible hose is inserted into the bottom container. Then, the bottom container is attached to the... Agent:

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