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Coating implements with material supply

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09/04/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140241781 - Liquid applicator: When the cap is released, the application body that is urged to the applicator front end side slides to the applicator front end side, and in this condition, the click button is actuated in linkage by the inclined part of the click button being pushed by the application body projection... Agent: Mitsubishi Pencil Company, Limited

20140241782 - Applicator for drive chain liquid dispensing: Liquid dispensing applicators adapted to be mounted to a container of lubricating oil or degreaser and used to lubricate or apply degreaser to a drive chain of a bicycle or motorcycle are disclosed. The applicator housing has an open slot to receive the chain. A wear-resistant and absorbent pad is... Agent: Left Field Design, LLC

20140241783 - Writing implement: A writing implement may include a housing with an operating side and a writing side, a nib assembly longitudinally axially displaceably arranged in the housing with an ink reservoir and a piston longitudinally axially adjustably arranged therein, and an operating element, arranged on the operating side, which is rotatable and... Agent: Montblanc-simplo Gmbh

08/21/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140234004 - Applicator device or dispenser with applicator tip assembly: An applicator device or dispenser includes an applicator tip assembly and a housing which may, in some examples, have a reservoir for containing a product, such as a cosmetics product or a medicinal product. The applicator tip assembly may be coupled to the housing and may comprise a thermal storage... Agent: Hct Asia Ltd.

20140234003 - Cuticle care system: An applicator system for dispensing a product and/or operating on a cuticle of a user includes a housing having a reservoir for storing a product, such as a cosmetic product or a medicinal product and a cuticle care tip. The cuticle care tip comprises one of a variety of surfaces... Agent: Hct Packaging, Inc.

20140234005 - Skin care device having function for moving vertically: The present invention relates to a beauty apparatus comprising: a case unit comprising an upper case for accommodating powder and a lower case detachably attached to the upper case; a guide mounted to the lower case between the upper case and the lower case; a magnetic field generating unit mounted... Agent: Amorepacific Corporation

20140234006 - Modular wall painting and printing systems and devices: The present disclosure is directed to modular painting devices for painting and/or printing a surface. In some examples, the modular painting devices include a paint cartridge and a handle attached to a roller assembly. The roller assembly includes a housing and one or more rollers rotatably attached to the housing.... Agent:

20140234007 - Spouting-type cosmetic container: A spouting-type cosmetic container. The spouting-type cosmetic container is disclosed. The container includes: a main container provided with an opening; a pipette tube spouting cosmetic; a cap unit detachably installed to the opening of the main container and including an inner cap and an outer cap encasing the inner cap;... Agent: Pum-tech Korea Co., Ltd.

20140234008 - Semi-rigid concave applicator of encapsulated liquids: A hand applicator of encapsulated liquids for their even distribution on surfaces includes an upper side (1) (an impermeable membrane), a capsule (10) of a liquid, an evenly perforated dissector (12), and a working side (3) (an absorber) and is characterized in that the dissector (12) is semi-rigid concave and... Agent:

20140234009 - Writing implement sensing a user's hand cleanliness: Described embodiments include a device. The device includes a hand-holdable housing carrying a writing element, a cleanliness sensor, and a cleanliness notification circuit. The device includes the writing element configured to form a mark on a surface in response to a touch or movement of the writing element with respect... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140234010 - Applicator device or dispenser with stone tip: An applicator device or dispenser includes a stone applicator tip and a housing which may, in some examples, have a reservoir for containing a product, such as a cosmetics product or a medicinal product. The stone tip comprises a material that is capable of storing and retaining and/or transferring thermal... Agent: Hct Asia Ltd.

20140234011 - Fluid application device: A method and apparatus for applying a viscous fluid onto a surface. An applicator associated with an extension member may be positioned over the surface using a robotic operator. The extension member may be configured to maintain a selected distance between the applicator and a fluid source for the viscous... Agent: The Boeing Company

08/14/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140227018 - Device for packaging and applying a solid cosmetic product: The invention relates to a device for packaging a cosmetic product (P) in solid form and applying it to the skin, having a longitudinal axis X, comprising: a sleeve (70) containing the cosmetic product (P), an elevator means (50) able to support the cosmetic product (P) at a current position... Agent:

20140227019 - Dispenser and process: A dispenser (10) for dispensing flowable materials has a container (12) having an outer wall (16) and a membrane (34) collectively defining a first chamber (18) configured to contain a flowable material. The membrane (34) extends from the outer wall (16) at an angle. The membrane (34) has a thickness... Agent: James Alexander Corporation

20140227020 - Poultice applicator: A poultice applicator in which a plurality of disposable rubber sponges, cloths or resins are attached to the poultice applicator in advance, used rubber sponges, cloths or resins are removed sequentially, and unused rubber sponges, cloths or resins are used to apply a drug to skin. For example, an analgesic... Agent: Sanfreund Corporation

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