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Coating implements with material supply

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12/04/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140356044 - Writing device with input unit: A writing device with input unit includes a case and an input unit receiving in the case. The input unit includes a flexible main body, a sensing electrode layer and a protection layer. The flexible main body has a first face and a second face. The sensing electrode layer has... Agent:

20140356045 - Device for applying a cosmetic product with a rotary applicator: The hub (13) comprises at least one inner channel (67) for distributing the cosmetic product communicating with the distribution opening (7), the inner channel (67) having at least one outlet opening (77, 79) emerging on an outer surface (73) of the hub (13) covered by the porous applicator (15), the... Agent: L'oreal

11/27/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140348564 - Writing instrument sheath: The various embodiments of the present invention provide writing instrument sheaths and methods of fabricating and using the writing instrument sheaths. In an embodiment, the writing instrument sheath includes a contiguous wall and a polymer layer that provides a comfortable and controllable writing experience.... Agent:

20140348565 - Cosmetic fluid dispenser with container controlled wand positioning: A cosmetic fluid dispenser, comprising in combination a generally tubular body, a generally tubular body extension forming a cosmetic fluid container, a longitudinally elongated wand received endwise into the container, the wand having a fluid applicator at one end of the wand to contact the fluid, and means responsive to... Agent: Lava Industries, Inc.

20140348566 - Cosmetic application device: This cosmetic application device (1) includes an application tool (2) and a container (3), the application tool (2) being insertable into and removable from the container (3) through an opening (33) of the container (3). When the application tool (2) is tilted in a state where the fixation between the... Agent: Kao Corporation

20140348567 - Apparatus for carrying and dispensing chalk: An apparatus for carrying and dispensing chalk for use by an athlete engaged in an activity such as gymnastics, weight lifting, rock climbing or other sports in which reduction of moisture from the palms of the hands and replacing it with friction to grip, a bar, dumbbell, rock, or other... Agent:

20140348568 - Collector-type applicator implement: A collector-type applicator implement includes: a barrel body having a front barrel and a main barrel on a rear side of the front barrel, the main barrel being fitted with the front barrel; a collector having comb-like fins and arranged in a front part of the barrel body; and, a... Agent: Mitsubishi Pencil Company, Limited

20140348569 - Brush, in particular toothbrush, and associated production method: The invention relates to a brush, specifically a toothbrush, a head part with a cleaning structure that includes bristles, a hand part and a neck part, a cavity of at least one outlet opening for an active substance being located in the head or neck part. In one embodiment, the... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140341631 - Multipurpose cosmetic carrying system: An apparatus and series of accompanying methods for compact transportation and application of cosmetic compounds, hygiene products and the like, which affords the user the ability to travel with the requirement of carrying bulky products comprising packaging or heavy baggage. The apparatus employs individualized, removably attached compartments for retaining metered... Agent:

20140341632 - Rod-shaped cosmetic material feeding container: To provide a rod-shaped cosmetic material feeding container that can sufficiently protect a rod-shaped cosmetic material from impact acting in an axial direction. The rod-shaped cosmetic material feeding container includes a female thread part with a female thread. The female thread is screwed with a male thread of a movable... Agent: Tokiwa Corporation

11/13/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140334862 - Assembly for dispensing a cosmetic stick: An assembly for dispensing a cosmetic stick includes a housing base and an extracting tube for extracting the remaining portion of a cosmetic stick from another dispenser. The assembly also includes a plunger with a plunger cap that moves within the extracting tube when the housing base is rotated with... Agent: Morestick, LLC

20140334863 - Process and formulation for a plastic pencil: A plastic pencil comprising a writing core, an interlayer coating material placed about the writing core, a porous casing enclosing the interlayer coating material on the writing core and a covering applied to the exterior surface of the porous casing.... Agent:

20140334864 - Slim type ballpoint pen: A slim type ballpoint pen includes a refill, a knock part, a spring and a spring stopper disposed in a shaft tube, a front hole or front slit and a rear slit 12 continuously provided in the shaft tube, and an insertion hole into which a button is inserted in... Agent:

20140334865 - Liquid dispensing applicator with radial locking system: A liquid dispensing applicator can include a container body containing a liquid and having an end with a projection; a head component cooperating with the container body and having a slot for receiving the projection; the container body and the head component being rotatable with respect to each other to... Agent:

20140334866 - Handheld devices and related methods: The invention relates to devices including rotary units and rotary mechanisms that are suitable for use in numerous applications. Rotary units typically include rotational components that are configured to rotate. In some embodiments, for example, multiple rotary units are assembled in rotary mechanisms such that neighboring pairs of rotational components... Agent:

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