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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing

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08/07/2014 > 15 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140219627 - Image recording apparatus, dynamic image processing apparatus, dynamic image reproduction apparatus, dynamic image recording apparatus, information recording/reproduction apparatus and methods employed therein, recording medium with computer program store: The image recording apparatus according to the present invention is provided with a conversion device that converts an optical image of a subject to an electrical signal, a recording circuit that records the electrical signal achieved through the conversion device in a storage device as image data and a display... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140219626 - Video display device: A device includes a housing body that has a top surface, a bottom surface, and an edge portion, where the housing body also houses a display screen. The device further includes a cover panel that has an inner surface and an outer surface, where the cover is pivotally attached to... Agent:

20140219628 - Storage and editing of video and sensor data from athletic performances of multiple individuals in a venue: Video and sensor data from multiple locations in a venue, in which multiple individuals are engaged in athletic performances, is stored and edited to create individualized video programs of athletic performances of individuals. Each camera provides a video feed that is continuously stored. Each video feed is stored in a... Agent: Fleye, Inc.

20140219631 - Methods and apparatus for client aggregation of television programming in a networked personal video recording system: A networked personal video recording (“PVR”) system couples a plurality of clients to one or more PVR media servers over a network. One or more PVR media servers include television tuners to tune television signals. A storage medium buffers the television signals to implement PVR functionality. For example, the PVR... Agent: Rovi Solutions Corporation

20140219632 - Recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, recording/reproducing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, recording method and program: A recording apparatus is disclosed. The recording apparatus includes a data input portion configured to input data, a first moving image signal recording portion configured to record, based on the input data, a first moving image signal having a first image quality attribute, a condition detector configured to detect that... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140219629 - User interface for video preview creation: Providing a method for creating and displaying portions of videos called video previews. The video previews may be associated with a predefined duration of a full video, such that the video preview is generated from a portion of the full video. The video previews are configured to play a series... Agent: Redux, Inc.

20140219630 - Video map responsive to a video release: An apparatus for and a method of obtaining, responsive to a user video preference and from a remote video provider, a particular one of a plurality of video releases of a video; obtaining a release ID identifying the particular one of the plurality of video releases of the video; obtaining,... Agent: Customplay LLC

20140219635 - System and method for distributed and parallel video editing, tagging and indexing: A system and method for having a media engine, client, workflow engine and server. The media engine takes digital or analog real-time video or video-on-demand as an input. Clients connect to the media engine, workflow engine and server. Depending on the client's capabilities, including software features, training and location, the... Agent: Synergy Sports Technology, LLC

20140219633 - Systems and methods for performing selective video rendering: Various embodiments are disclosed for facilitating selective rendering during video editing. In accordance with one embodiment, a method of editing video comprises obtaining a video editing project, the video editing project including at least one video clip and timing information corresponding to the at least one video clip. The method... Agent: Cyberlink Corp.

20140219634 - Video preview creation based on environment: Providing a method for creating and displaying portions of videos called video previews. The video previews may be created using an encoding technique or palette-based optimization technique for the particular user device, application, or network that will display the video preview generated from a portion of the full video. The... Agent: Redux, Inc.

20140219636 - Method and apparatus for context-aware automatic zooming of a video sequence: A computer implemented method and apparatus for context-aware automatic zooming of a video sequence. The method comprises receiving a command to alter a selected video clip of a video sequence visualized on a timeline display; automatically adjusting a timeline display representative of the video sequence to a calculated zoom level,... Agent: Adobe Systems Inc.

20140219637 - Video preview creation with audio: Providing a method for creating and displaying portions of videos called video previews. The video previews may be associated with audio, such that when the video previews are activated, the audio may play with the video preview. When multiple video previews are organized to play as a playable group or... Agent: Redux, Inc.

20140219638 - Multi-tier recorder to enable seek-back unique copy recording: Multi-tier recording to enable, for example, seek-back unique copy recording may be provided. First, content may be recorded to a time-shift buffer. Recording instructions may be received and a virtual recorder corresponding to a user may be instantiated. Next, content from the time-shift buffer may be obtained according to the... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140219640 - Method and apparatus for storing and playing 3d video source: Embodiments of the present disclosure disclose a method and apparatus for storing and playing a 3D video source. The method includes: alternately storing video frames of a left-eye video source and a right-eye video source in media data storage units of a multimedia storage file in a chronological order; and... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140219639 - Recording apparatus: In a recording mode for simultaneously recording moving image files onto a plurality of recording mediums, a recording apparatus adds same identification information to the respective moving image files to be simultaneously recorded onto the plurality of recording mediums and record the obtained files in such a manner that when... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

07/31/2014 > 15 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140205260 - Haptic sensation recording and playback: A system includes a video recorder configured to record video data, a sensor configured to sense movement of an object and output sensor data representative of the movement of the object, a transformer configured to transform the sensor data into a haptic output signal, a haptic output device configured to... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20140205259 - Screen recording for creating contents in mobile devices: The embodiments herein relate to screen recording and more particularly to creating and recording whiteboard contents along with audio and camera inputs in a mobile device. When the screen recording application is initialized, a canvas is created in sandbox of the screen recording application in the mobile device. Further a... Agent:

20140205261 - Interactive audio/video system and method: There is provided an interactive audio/video system for making an interactive audio/video clip of one or more participant each provided with a green neck and torso bib and a microphone. One or more audio/video camera is aimed at the at least one participant in front of a green screen. An... Agent:

20140205262 - Terminal apparatus, content transmission method, content transmission program, and content playback system: A terminal apparatus includes: by way of a gateway apparatus configured to perform communication with an in-vehicle apparatus capable of playing back a content through a CAN bus, a first communication section configured to transmit command information for changing a mode of the in-vehicle apparatus to the in-vehicle apparatus; and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140205263 - Video processing system for demultiplexing received compressed and non-compressed video signals and transmitting demultiplexed signals: The present invention is intended to permit both real-time display of a picture represented by a non-compressed video signal on a television and display of a picture represented by a compressed video signal at any desired time by simultaneously transmitting the compressed video signal and non-compressed video signal via one... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140205264 - Video playing method, terminal and computer readable medium: A video playing method including: retrieving description information associated with a requested video according to a video playing request, wherein the description information includes information describing at least one supported definition of the requested video; and detecting the current network condition, and selecting a definition matching to the current network... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140205265 - Video content distribution package: Systems and methods are provided for a content distribution system, packaged as executable instructions stored on a non-transitory computer readable medium. The system includes a cross-platform video player, implemented as machine executable instructions executable on a host computer having any of a plurality of different operating environments and a video... Agent:

20140205266 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for summarizing media content: In accordance with an example embodiment a method and apparatus is provided. The method comprises facilitating receiving of a preference information associated with a media content comprising a set of frames. A score is assigned to at least one frame of the set of frames by at least one filter.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140205267 - Multifunction multimedia device: A method for interpreting messages, user-defined alert conditions, voice commands and performing an action in response is described. A method for annotating media content is described. A method for presenting additional content associated with media content identified based on a fingerprint is described. A method for identifying that an advertisement... Agent: Tivo Inc.

20140205268 - Video pictures pattern detection: Some embodiments compute (i) a frame difference value for each consecutive frames, (ii) a correlation score for the first and second fields of each frame, and (iii) a correlation score for the second field of each frame and the first field of a succeeding frame. Frame difference values are compared... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140205270 - Automated video production system and method: The invention provides a method and system for the automated post production of a single video file, the method comprising the steps of gathering video data from a plurality of camera sources; gathering audio data from a plurality of microphone sources; using an automated tracking offline algorithm to track a... Agent: The Provost Fellows And Scholars Of The College Of The Holy And Undivided Trinity Of Queen Elizabeth

20140205269 - V-cdrtpersonalize/personalized methods of greeting video(audio,dvd) products production and service: My this invention patent is called V-CDRT personalize/personalized methods of greeting video (audio, DVD) products production and service. The V-CDRT products production service are showed and provided on/via network system (internet system), media system (television and radio system) and any commercial market/place. V-CDRT is a world-wide and unique methods and... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140199041 - Method and apparatus for operating a camera: A method and apparatus for operating a camera are provided herein. During operation of the camera, a first field of view (FOV) for the camera will be determined along with “undesirable” camera directions. A determination is made whether or not to obtain images from the camera based on whether or... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20140199043 - Method and computing device for performing virtual camera functions during playback of media content: A method and computing device are provided for performing virtual camera functions during playback of media content. In the method, the computing device selects a region of interest (RoI) during a playback of media content, and represents the RoI as an ensemble of disparate hypotheses. Then the computing device identifies... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140199042 - Recordable display apparatus: The invention provides a recordable display apparatus, which uses a converting unit to convert the digital image signal into a specific image signal, in which the specific image signal has a signal format acceptable by the multimedia processor. The multimedia processor is used for integrating the specific image signal and... Agent: Coretronic Corporation

20140199044 - Supporting transport diversity and time-shifted buffers for media streaming over a network: A device for processing media data includes one or more processors configured to receive a session description protocol (SDP) message including an attribute that defines a time-shifted buffer (TSB) depth, determine an amount of memory for the TSB based on a value of the attribute, allocate the determined amount of... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140199045 - Video segmenting: Methods and apparatus for creating in-video objects for a video file include identifying a number of segments of the video file, creating a metadata file containing attributes of the segment for each of the segments, and creating a table of contents for the video content, the table of contents including... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140199046 - Conversations on time-shifted content: Techniques for providing conversations on time-shifted contents for social interaction include playing a time-shifted content with a timeline in a window of an application; and displaying one or more comments and respective time points sequentially over the time-shifted content in the window as the time-shifted content is played to the... Agent: Framebuzz, LLC

20140199047 - Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus and digital photographing apparatus using the same: Provided is a method of controlling a digital photographing apparatus recording moving image data being input to a recording medium in a moving image photographing mode. The method includes creating a moving image file in the recording medium and storing the moving image data being input in the moving image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140199048 - Video generating apparatus and video generating method: A video generating apparatus includes: a segmentation unit dividing each of pictures included in an input video sequence into multiple regions as divided regions, and generating partial video sequences each having a set of the divided regions associated with one another between the pictures; a removal region determining unit determining,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140199049 - Method and apparatus for automatically generating a tilt-shift effect in a video: A computer implemented method and apparatus for automatically generating a tilt-shift effect in a video. The method comprises detecting one or more objects within a sequence of frames; determining a movement of the one or more objects; determining a direction of the determined movement of the one or more objects;... Agent: Adobe Systems Inc.

20140199050 - Systems and methods for compiling and storing video with static panoramic background: A computerized system receives a source video stream presenting a panning view of a panoramic environment at a plurality of different viewing angles. The system stores angular metadata and sequential timestamp of each frame of the video stream, and extracts overlapping frames from the video stream which may be optically... Agent: Spherical, Inc.

20140199051 - Method and apparatus for automatic recording according to user preferences: A method and apparatus searches a program for automatic recording according to user preferences, which include channel names or genres entered by a user and keywords entered by a user. The method and apparatus allows the user to enter a recording score threshold, searches programs in an electronic program guide... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140199052 - Image compression and lossless reconstruction of digital image: The present invention is related to a system and method that provides 100% numerically lossless reconstruction of the image as compared from its uncompressed source. The method of the present invention is configured to compress the raw Red-Green-Blue (RGB) data from a digital image stored on a device and the... Agent: Brainwave Innovations Private Limited

20140199053 - Systems and methods to modify playout or playback: Systems and methods to modify playout/playback include responding to a trick mode request (e.g., fast forward, rewind). First, the system generates a transmission that includes primary content and a secondary information identifier. Next, the system communicates the transmission to a receiving device that stores the transmission in a local storage... Agent: Opentv, Inc.

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