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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing

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01/22/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150023647 - Data synchronous reproduction apparatus, data synchronous reproduction method, and data synchronization control program: A data synchronous reproduction apparatus capable of synchronously reproducing image frames and numerical data at high speed, including: a data storage section configured to store image data including multiple image frames of monitored objects captured by cameras, and process data including multiple numerical data acquired from the monitored objects in... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20150023648 - Method and apparatus for resource utilization in a source device for wireless display: This disclosure relates to techniques for resource utilization in a source device when transmitting video data in a Wireless Display (WD) system. A method for wireless display of compressed content may comprise determining, by a source device, a decoding capability of a sink device, receiving, by the source device, a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150023649 - Network connection configuration method for multimedia player and related computer system: A network connection configuration method for a multimedia player includes establishing a Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) connection between a mobile device and a network connection device, such that the mobile device obtains a service set identification (SSID) and a password thereof of the network connection device; utilizing an image capture module... Agent: Ali Corporation

20150023651 - Automatic generation of video from structured content: Device for providing a playable sequence in renderable manner comprises: a providing unit for providing defined functions, said functions for applying playable effects to objects, a time unit for adding time boundaries to said functions, to provide time bounded functions, an ordering unit for ordering said time bounded functions into... Agent:

20150023650 - Small-screen movie-watching using a viewport: This document describes techniques and apparatuses for small-screen movie-watching using a viewport. These techniques enable viewers to experience movies and other media programs using a small screen as a viewport to the movie rather than dramatically compressing or cropping the movie to fit the small screen. A viewer may select... Agent:

20150023652 - Updating of advertising content during playback of locally recorded content: A DVR parses advertising audiovisual content, i.e., commercials, from a received audiovisual signal during recording. The DVR stores only commercial-free content and replaces parsed commercials with their URLs for retrieval during playback. During playback, the DVR requests commercial audiovisual content to be played back in place of the parsed commercials... Agent:

20150023653 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium: The present invention comprises an input part for inputting image data, a receiving part for receiving production information relating to production transmitted from another apparatus, a recording part for recording the production information received by the receiving part and image data input by the input part, a detection part for... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150023654 - System and method for distributed trick play resolution using user preferences: Distributed trick play resolution in a distributed video viewing group network includes determining trick play preferences for each device of a plurality of nodes in the distributed video viewing group network with respect to a video item. Conflicting trick play preferences between the nodes is determined based on one or... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150016797 - Media recognition and synchronisation to a motion signal: The present document describes a device and method for synchronizing a motion signal corresponding to a media content with a media signal for the media content, the motion signal being for controlling a motion feedback system. The method comprises: receiving a portion of the media signal; obtaining a fingerprint corresponding... Agent:

20150016798 - Tracking assistance device, a tracking assistance system and a tracking assistance method: A tracking assistance device includes: a target-to-be-tracked setting unit that, in response to an input operation performed by a monitoring person on one of display views to designate a moving object to be tracked, sets the designated moving object as a target to be tracked, the display views displaying captured... Agent:

20150016799 - Method for capturing content provided on tv screen and connecting contents with social service by using second device, and system therefor: Disclosed are a method for capturing content provided on a TV screen and connecting the content with a social service by using a second device, and a system therefor. A capture service system comprises: a service server for obtaining profile information on a user from a social service server in... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20150016800 - Systems and methods of facilitating installment-by-installment consumption of discrete installments of a unitary media program: An exemplary method includes a computer-implemented media service system 1) dividing a unitary media program into a plurality of contiguous segments, 2) forming, from the plurality of contiguous segments, a plurality of discrete installments of the unitary media program, and 3) providing an end user of a media service with... Agent: Verizon And Redbox Digital Entertainment Services, LLC

20150016801 - Information processing device, information processing method and program: There is provided an information processing device including a display control unit that controls display of a display screen containing a content display area and a subtitles display area, and an operation recognition unit that, when a first operation on the subtitles display area is detected, recognizes that an operation... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150016802 - Goal-based video delivery system: A system is provided that facilitates achieving a goal associated with a particular video asset. The system may provide an interface through which a user may specify control parameters that are to be the targets of testing, and a goal or combination of goals. The system may control a controller... Agent:

20150016803 - Method and apparatus for processing requests for recording content: A method and apparatus are disclosed for processing content recording requests. The method includes producing a prioritized set of recording requests from all pending recording requests, analyzing the prioritized set of requests with respect to available resources, and producing a list of content requests to be excluded from a recording... Agent:

20150016806 - Signaling tier information to assist mmco stream manipulation: In one embodiment, a method that provides tier information corresponding to a picture, the tier information provided in an adaptation field of a transport packet, the transport packet comprising a first byte of a header of a packetized elementary stream (PES) containing the picture; and provides the first transport packet.... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150016805 - Systems and methods for modifying commercials: Methods and products to deliver at least a portion of an advertisement to a viewer at normal playback speeds after receiving a command from the viewer to fast-forward through an advertisement faster than normal playback speeds is described. In certain embodiments, the invention delivers a portion of the advertisement to... Agent:

20150016804 - Trick play in digital video streaming: System and methods for improved playback of a video stream are presented. Video snippets are identified that include a number of consecutive frames for playback. Snippets may be evenly temporally spaced in the video stream or may be content adaptive. Then the first frame of a snippet may be selected... Agent:

20150016807 - Video processing method and video appliance implementing the method: It is disclosed a video processing method for generating a reverse video stream from an original video stream. Coded frames of the original video stream are buffered and decoded, whereby a reverse video stream is generated wherein the decoded frames are organized according to an order which is opposite to... Agent: Advanced Digital Broadcast S.a.

01/08/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150010284 - Video processing system and video processing method: A video processing system includes: a merge server configured to decode a plurality of individual videos provided from video providing units, encode the plurality of individual videos by adjusting an amount of data of each of the individual videos to generate a preliminary video, and provide the preliminary video; a... Agent:

20150010285 - Imaging device: A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium stores an image processing program executable by a processor to reproduce images from an imaging signal supplied from an imaging sensor that captures subject light. The program includes instructions to (i) generate a first movie image focused to a first region set in a through-image... Agent:

20150010286 - Encoding and decoding selectively retrievable representations of video content: A system and method disposed to enable encoding, decoding and manipulation of digital video with substantially less processing load than would otherwise be required. In particular, one disclosed method is directed to generating a compressed video data structure that is selectively decodable to a plurality of resolutions including the full... Agent:

20150010287 - Video image display device, video image display method, program, and video image processing/display system: A video image display device, video image display method, program, and video image processing/display system allow real-time switching of the video images at angles, while suppressing the load on the machine. A video image display device includes a read-out unit which reads, among from time/angle video image data, frames corresponded... Agent:

20150010288 - Media information server, apparatus and method for searching for media information related to media content, and computer-readable recording medium: A method for searching for media information related to media content includes selecting at least one frame included in a plurality of frames from the media content, extracting at least one text information included in each of the selected at least one frame, and requesting media information related to the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150010289 - Multiple retail device universal data gateway: Auditing images including the steps of acquiring events and images, storing of images for later retrieval and viewing, distributing filmstrips, viewing stored images, viewing distributed images, recycling images on storage media based on business rules, acquiring images from a live or recorded local video source by extracting images from the... Agent:

20150010290 - Identifying media relating to a primary media on a personal video recorder: A method and apparatus for presenting media content by identifying media content relating to a primary media recordable on a Personal Video Recorder, PVR. A PVR receives an identifier of the primary media, and identifies secondary media available at a media source. The primary media is recordable on the PVR,... Agent:

20150010291 - Video compilation greeting system and method: A video compilation greeting system which allows a number of collaborators to provide video segments for use in a combined video greeting or presentation. The video is submitted by the individual invitee collaborators and is automatically reformatted by the system into the desired format. The original organizer, who may optionally... Agent:

20150010292 - Method and system for fail-safe program recording in personal video recorders: A method, system, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for implementing backup recording of events are disclosed. The method may include detecting, by a personal video recorder (PVR) cluster coordinator, an interruption in a current or scheduled recording of an event at a first PVR. The method may further include determining,... Agent: Wipro Limited

01/01/2015 > 20 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150003797 - Alignment of closed captions: In embodiments, apparatuses, methods and storage media are described that are associated with alignment of closed captions. Video content (along with associated audio) may be analyzed to determine various times associated with speech in the video content. The video content may also be analyzed to determine various times associated with... Agent:

20150003798 - Alternate view video playback on a second screen: The present disclosure is directed towards a method and system for providing an alternate view of content being displayed on a first or primary screen on a second screen device. This alternate view can be synched with the primary view and displayed on the second screen device without interrupting the... Agent:

20150003799 - Method and device for generating and detecting fingerprints for synchronizing audio and video: This invention relates to a device and a method of generating a first and a second fingerprint (102,104) usable for synchronisation of at least two signals (101,103) and corresponding method and device for synchronising two or more signals. A fingerprint pair is generated on the basis of a segment of... Agent:

20150003800 - System and method for capturing and processing a live event: A system comprising a lead computer a plurality of receivers and transmitters for capturing audio and/or video signals and converting the audio and/or video signals to a transmittable form, wherein at least one of the plurality of receivers and transmitters is associated with at least one individual of a group,... Agent: First Principles, Inc.

20150003801 - Video camera: Embodiments provide a video camera configured to capture, compress, and store video image data in a memory of the video camera at a rate of at least about twenty three frames per second. The video image data can be mosaiced image data, and the compressed, mosaiced image data may remain... Agent:

20150003802 - Audio/video methods and systems: Audio and or video data is structurally and persistently associated with auxiliary sensor data (e.g., relating to acceleration, orientation or tilt) through use of a unitary data object, such as a modified MPEG file or data stream. In this form, different rendering devices can employ co-conveyed sensor data to alter... Agent:

20150003804 - Data playback method and handheld device support using same: A computer-aided method executed on a handheld device support is disclosed. The method allows the handheld device support to read data from a mobile storage device coupled to the handheld device support and transmits the data and commands capable of automatically opening a corresponding data playback program installed on a... Agent:

20150003803 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, which facilitates a terminal to be used in further consideration of user's convenience. The present invention includes a touchscreen, a memory, and a controller outputting a play screen of a video to the touchscreen, the controller, if receiving a touch drag... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150003805 - Producing video bits for space time video summary: A computer-assisted method for producing a space time summary for one or more original videos includes automatically recognizing a key element in an original video, extracting pixels related to the key element from a series of video frames of the original video, producing a video bit comprising a series of... Agent:

20150003807 - Electronic device and control method: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes an execution module, and an execution controller. The execution controller is configured to, when a key operation is entered while demonstration data is being executed, move an execution position in the demonstration data in units of blocks correspondingly to the key operation.... Agent:

20150003806 - Electronic device and method for controlling: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes, a reception module, a determination module, and a displaying controller. The reception module receives controllable information on a target for activation/control. The determination module determines that the target for activation/control can be activated/controlled on the basis of the controllable information received by... Agent:

20150003809 - Content receiving device, content receiving method and digital broadcast transmitting and receiving system: A content receiving device for receiving broadcast waves includes: a receiving unit which receives the broadcast waves; an input unit which inputs a user input; a recording unit which records content included in the broadcast waves on a recording medium; and a control unit, and in the content receiving device,... Agent:

20150003808 - Network storage device and method: A network device can manage the storing of content. In one aspect, the content may be managed to prevent the storing of multiple versions of the same content. A deduplication process may be performed by comparing digests generated at user devices. Based on the comparison of the digests, the network... Agent:

20150003810 - Alternative advertising in prerecorded media: Presenting viewers with an alternative brief version of a recorded advertisement when they choose to fast-forward through or skip (or any other trick play event) the recorded advertisement. The alternative advertisement may be displayed instead of or in conjunction with the recorded advertisement (i.e., fast-forwarding advertisement is displayed in one... Agent:

20150003811 - Providing advance content alerts to a mobile device during playback of a media item: Systems and methods are disclosed for providing advance content alerts during playback of a media item. In one embodiment, upcoming content in the media item is analyzed based on a received advance content alert configuration. Content is detected that substantially satisfies the received advanced content alert configuration. An advance content... Agent:

20150003812 - Method for collaborative creation of shareable secondary digital media programs: There is disclosed an apparatus and method for collaborative creation of shareable secondary digital media programs. The method comprises accessing data comprising a primary program generated using an authoring tool and enabling acceptance of a channel of a secondary program, the channel comprising a set of rich metadata time-synchronized with... Agent:

20150003813 - System and method for a centralized intelligence network: A system and method for a centralized intelligence network are presented. A user connects to a control gateway. The control gateway is configured to access a control module. The control module is configured to perform at least one operation associated with the user device. The control module performs the operation.... Agent:

20150003815 - Method and system for a program guide: The disclosed embodiments relate to a system and method for a touchscreen device. The method includes presenting a program guide. The program guide includes a cell associated with a content item. The cell is selected in response to a first user input. The method also includes determining, in response to... Agent:

20150003814 - Systems and methods for visualizing storage availability of a dvr: Systems and methods for visualizing storage availability are provided. Storage usage activity on a recording device is analyzed and used to determine storage availability over time. Change in storage availability is visualized using a graphic. A user may select a portion of the graphic corresponding to storage availability of the... Agent:

20150003816 - Presentation of a multi-frame segment of video content: In embodiments, apparatuses, methods and storage media are described that are associated with presentation of video data during pause. In embodiments, upon receipt of a pause command, a video presentation engine may repeatedly present a multi-frame segment of video content until a resume command is received. In embodiments, the multi-frame... Agent:

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