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Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing

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04/16/2015 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150104143 - Television system: A television system includes an image processing module, a display and an image capturing module. The image processing module and the image capturing module are integrated in a single chip. The image processing module performs an image processing procedure on an image input to generate an output image. The display... Agent:

20150104144 - Electronic apparatus and communication control method: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a decoder, a transmitter and an operation processor. The decoder decodes a control stream in encoded content data including an AV stream and the control stream for controlling the AV stream. The transmitter transmits the AV stream and the control stream to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150104145 - Analog signal recording system: One embodiment of the present invention provides a signal-recording system. During operation, the system receives a wideband multi-channel radio frequency (RF) signal, which includes a plurality of single-channel RF signals modulated at different carrier frequencies. The system down-converts the received wideband multi-channel RF signal to baseband, and records the down-converted... Agent:

20150104146 - Device and control method thereof: One embodiment provides a device including a processor, a detector and a controller. The processor acquires a first operation state of a network-connected device, a second operation state of a video recorder and content information regarding a content playable by the video recorder. The detector detects a movement of a... Agent:

20150104147 - Digest video generation apparatus: A terminal device includes circuitry configured to acquire designated image data stored in a memory. The circuitry may sort the designated image data based on a time at which the designated image data was captured. The circuitry may divide the sorted image data into a plurality of time slots and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150104148 - Method and apparatus for replacing a commercial in a recorded program: A method of playing back, by an electronic device, a recorded program having a first commercial inserted therein is disclosed. The method comprises steps of if a date of playing back the recorded program is less than a date associated with the recorded program, playing back the recorded program including... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150104150 - Recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, recording and reproducing apparatus, recording method, reproducing method, recording and reproducing method, and record medium: Changes of a user's emotion that occurs when content is reproduced and a user's surrounding environment that occurs when the content is reproduced are recorded as sensing meta data and content is reproduced in a reproducing mode corresponding to the recorded sensing meta data. Content supplied from a content providing... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150104151 - System and method for providing device with integrated time code generator, transmitter, and reader with interruptible feedback monitoring and talkback: A time code signal is transmitted. An audio input is provided. An audio signal is received through the audio input. A first time code signal is generated. A value of the first time code signal is displayed on a display. A data stream including the audio signal with the first... Agent:

20150104149 - Video summary apparatus and method: A video summary apparatus and method. The video summary apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment includes: an object extractor to extract an object by separating a background from each of original frames included in a video for a predetermined time; an object analyzer to analyze, according to an original frame... Agent:

20150104152 - Wirelessly triggered smart media guides: The invention is directed to wireless systems comprising one or more beacons that each emits a triggering data packet, and one or more smart media guides which upon receipt of a triggering packet, access the indicated track of digital content that has been preloaded into memory, and play that track... Agent:

20150104153 - Multimedia distribution system: A multimedia file and methods of generating, distributing and using the multimedia file are described. Multimedia files in accordance with embodiments of the present invention can contain multiple video tracks, multiple audio tracks, multiple subtitle tracks, data that can be used to generate a menu interface to access the contents... Agent: Sonic Ip, Inc.

20150104154 - Video processing system: A method and apparatus for producing video content. The method includes acquiring video data from a source. If the video data is not digitized, then the video data is digitized. The method includes generating scene indexes for the video data including a representative still image for each scene and combining... Agent:

20150104155 - Systems and methods for real-time pixel switching: Systems and accompanying methods are provided for real-time pixel switching in video. A video having first and second portions is provided and is presented to a user, with the first video portion being initially visible to the user and the second video portion not initially visible to the user. During... Agent:

20150104156 - Generating video data with a soundtrack: A method of generating video data with a soundtrack (114), the method including: receiving (204) video data (112) relating to a product or service; obtaining (208, 212) descriptive data relating to the product or service; generating (214, 216) audio data based on the descriptive data; adding (218) the audio data... Agent: Life On Show Limited

20150104157 - System and method for a centralized intelligence network: A system and method for a centralized intelligence network are presented. A user connects to a control gateway. The control gateway is configured to access a control module. The control module is configured to perform at least one operation associated with the user device. The control module performs the operation.... Agent:

20150104158 - Digital signal reproduction device: A digital signal reproduction device includes an audio decoder configured to decode an audio bit stream to output a resulting audio signal, an audio bit stream analyzer configured to analyze whether or not the audio bit stream contains human voice, a playback speed determiner configured to determine a playback speed... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150098685 - Motion detection method and device using the same: A motion detection method is provided. The method includes steps of: recording an input video having a plurality of windows of interest (WOIs), extracting a reference frame from the input video in every reference updating cycle, extracting a target frame from the input video and determining whether an event occurs... Agent: Sercomm Corporation

20150098686 - Cloud-based video monitoring: One embodiment of the present invention provides a cloud-based video monitoring system comprising a camera and a network video recorder (NVR). During operation, the camera stores in a buffer last predetermined temporal segment of a video. The camera also stores a first video file in a local storage corresponding to... Agent:

20150098688 - Automatic selection of video from active cameras: A method according to one embodiment includes: receiving, by a processing system, sensor data from a sensor device carried by a user or attached to the user's sports equipment during a sporting activity; identifying, by the processing system and based on the sensor data, an event engaged in by the... Agent:

20150098687 - Method of and apparatus for automatically controlling operation of a user-mounted recording device based on user motion and event context: An event in a public safety (PS) network is recorded by mounting a video recording device for capturing images in a field of view (FOV) on a PS person, by tracking the PS person's point of view (POV) by mounting a motion sensor on the PS person's head for joint... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc

20150098689 - Television control chip having data protection function and method for controlling television set: A control chip for controlling a player with a multimedia playback function and a data processing function is provided. The control chip includes: a multimedia playback module, being adapted to drive the multimedia playback function, configured to generate multimedia playback information associated with multimedia data that has been played; a... Agent:

20150098690 - Method of and system for automatic compilation of crowdsourced digital media productions: A method of and system for automatic compilation of crowdsourced digital media productions is presented. A system for automated compilation of a digital media program includes interfaces that receive audio/video information, associated temporal information, associated digital device metadata, and media characteristic preference information. The system includes a repository for the... Agent:

20150098692 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: An information processing device includes: a recording unit that records a flag representing that actual state information as an actual state of contents, which is referred to by reproduction information, is referred to by other reproduction information; a search unit that searches for the actual state information that is deletable... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150098691 - Technology for dynamically adjusting video playback speed: Technology for enhancing video playback is described. In some embodiments, the technology parses recorded event data into a plurality of segments. Data within each segment may then be analyzed in an attempt to identify the occurrence of potentially interesting events. Based on the analysis, a significance value is assigned to... Agent:

20150098693 - Geographical location information/signal quality-context based recording and playback of multimedia data from a conference session: Playback of multimedia data associated with a recorded conference session is simplified, particularly for a person who participated in the conference session from a mobile device. At a recording server that is in communication with a plurality of endpoints in a conference session, multimedia received from the plurality of endpoints... Agent:

20150098694 - Recording control apparatus, recording control method, and recording medium: A recording control apparatus includes a generation unit configured to generate metadata to determine whether a first subdirectory included in a first directory of a recording device includes an image to be restricted from being deleted from the recording device, and a recording control unit configured to cause the first... Agent:

20150098695 - Program managing system, program recorder and program managing method: In accordance with an embodiment, there is provided a program managing system for recording programs broadcasted through a plurality of channels over a predetermined term, and providing a designated program in response to a user's request through a network. In this system, a past program table showing program content in... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150093093 - Second screen subtitles function: Systems for, and methods of, displaying video information comprising: a second screen device obtaining current play position data of a video being played on a primary screen device (e.g., obtaining from the primary screen device an identification of a current play position of the video, or obtaining information to generate... Agent: Customplay LLC

20150093094 - Mobile terminal and control method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a mobile terminal and a control method thereof. A mobile terminal on which a video capturing function is executed according to one exemplary embodiment includes a camera that is configured to capture the video, a display unit that is configured to output a video frame... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150093095 - Recording medium containing moving picture data and additional information thereof and reproducing method and apparatus of the recording medium: A method and an apparatus for retrieving information for managing video data involving link information associating metadata with the video data. A metadata indicator is used to indicate that metadata exists in a stream with the linking information. Link information also associates the metadata with location information to identify where... Agent:

20150093096 - Audio and video synchronization: The invention relates to audio-video-synchronization, where light is captured from a light source. At least a timestamp is determined from the light. Audio stream is received from an audio source, and the audio stream is played from the point defined by the time stamp. The invention relates also to a... Agent:

20150093097 - Method and device for playing multimedia content: It is provided a method for resuming an interrupted session of multimedia content with a rendering device. It comprises the steps of reading a status information of the interrupted session, said information being stored in a portable device; and resuming the session of the multimedia content based on the status... Agent: Thomson Licensing

03/26/2015 > 13 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150086174 - Second screen dilemma function: Systems for, and methods of, displaying video information comprising: a second screen device obtaining current play position data of a video being played on a primary screen device (e.g., obtaining from the primary screen device an identification of a current play position of the video, or obtaining information to generate... Agent: Customplay LLC

20150086173 - Second screen locations function.: Systems for, and methods of, displaying video information comprising: a second screen device obtaining current play position data of a video being played on a primary screen device (e.g., obtaining from the primary screen device an identification of a current play position of the video, or obtaining information to generate... Agent: Customplay LLC

20150086172 - Synchronization of events and audio or video content during recording and playback of multimedia content items: A computer-implemented method for simultaneously recording a media recording and an event recording includes recording a media recording, recording an event recording simultaneously with the media recording, the event recording encoding a plurality of events, an event being related to one or more user interactions with an input device associated... Agent:

20150086176 - Imaging apparatus, imaging method and recording medium: An imaging apparatus includes: an imaging member; a specifying member to specify a change in an imaging environment when the imaging member performs imaging; a setting member to perform setting to determine whether an exposure condition is to be fixed or to be subjected to tracking, depending on the change... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150086175 - Integrated video and audio recording and transmission: A device includes a body-worn camera and small form factor digital video recorder that is integrated with a wireless microphone and transmitter that interoperates with an in-car video system.... Agent:

20150086177 - Recall device: A small wearable recall device is provided to capture images triggered by a combination of a detection of a capture condition (e.g., changes in motion, temperature or light level) followed by a relatively stable period, as detected by an accelerometer. By triggering on the combination of a detected capture condition... Agent:

20150086181 - Method for making a content sensitive video: A method is described for recording a video. The method comprises receiving one or more user content and then providing a 3D virtual world and a virtual camera having one or more parameters. The optimal 3D flight path of the virtual camera is then determined based on the user content... Agent: Skydoor Pte Ltd

20150086178 - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for displaying custom-tailored music video content: Applicants have created systems, methods, and computer readable media for displaying custom-tailored music video content. The method can include the step of providing a first selection of the media content and the step of outputting a first portion of first media data if first media data is selected or a... Agent:

20150086180 - System and method for delivering video program in a cloud: A video program delivery system comprises a digital television system, various mobile computing and communication devices and a communication network. A video program rendered by the television system or by anyone of the mobile devices can be paused. A bookmark is then created. The bookmark can be transmitted to a... Agent:

20150086179 - Techniques for analyzing operations of one or more restaurants: Embodiments of the invention provide techniques for using operational data and/or video footage to identify and diagnose operational issues. In some embodiments, business metrics represented in data produced by a restaurant's operational systems are identified and stored, conditions which warrant attention are identified, and the metrics that may indicate potential... Agent: Pumpernickel Associates, LLC

20150086182 - Method and apparatus for re-inserting a commercial during playback of a recorded program: A method of playing back, by an electronic device, a recorded program without a first commercial, the recorded program recorded from a first program having the first commercial inserted therein is disclosed. The method comprises steps of obtaining location information of the first commercial in the first program responsive to... Agent:

20150086183 - Lineage of user generated content: A system and method are disclosed where users are rewarded and acknowledged for generating content and for remixing (modifying) the user generated content of others. In examples, the content may be levels of a virtual world for a gaming system.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150086184 - Reception apparatus and reception method: A reception apparatus includes a wireless communication circuit configured to receive video content through wireless communication, a memory; and a processor coupled to the memory, configured to play back the video content, make a first determination as to whether or not sequential playback of first video content having a first... Agent:

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