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05/14/2015 > 71 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20150131257 - Strobe device and imaging device equipped with srobe device: A strobe device according to the present invention includes: a strobe main body; a light-emitting unit rotatably connected to the strobe main body; a variable mechanism capable of changing an angle of the light-emitting unit; a drive unit for driving the variable mechanism; and a control unit for controlling the... Agent: Panasonic Intellectural Property Management Co., Ltd.

20150131258 - Illumination system: An illumination system defined a primary optical axis is provided. The illumination system comprises a light source, a first lens group, an integrator rod, and a second lens group successively located on the primary optical axis. The light source is configured to output a light. The first lens group is... Agent:

20150131261 - High na optical system and device: Embodiments described herein provide an optical system having a light source (e.g., LED) and a high numerical aperture multi-element optical stack. According to one embodiment, the optical stack can reimage an entrance aperture. The multi-element optical stack can include a number of optical elements forming a series of lenses. The... Agent:

20150131259 - Hybrid light bulbs using combinations of remote phosphor leds and direct emitting leds: A light source suitable for general lighting applications combines at least one remote phosphor LED and at least one direct emitting LED in a single unit. Both the remote phosphor LED and the direct emitting LED are carried by a base and covered by a bulb or other suitable cover... Agent:

20150131260 - Light-emitting device comprising a hollow retro-reflector: The present invention relates to a light-emitting device (11) comprising a hollow retro reflector (15) having a reflective internal surface comprising at least three surface segments (17a-c) connected at an apex (18); and a solid state light-source (16a-c) attached to said internal surface of the hollow retro reflector and arranged... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150131262 - Electronic apparatus for hose attachment to enhance visibility and safety and method therefor: An illumination device for attachment to a hose has a housing coupled to the hose. The housing allows a substance from the hose to flow through the housing. An electronic circuit is stored in an interior of the housing to illuminate an area in front of the hose and to... Agent: All Clear Fire Systems, LLC

20150131263 - Inflatable solar-powered light: An inflatable solar-powered light is disclosed. In some embodiments, the inflatable solar-powered light includes the following: an expandable bladder including a plurality of surfaces; a solar-powered light assembly positioned on at least one of the plurality of surfaces of the bladder; and one or more cover portions positioned over the... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City New York

20150131264 - Display device: A display device includes a display panel, a rear face housing, a substrate, at least one light source, a reflective sheet, and a fixing member. The display panel is configured to display an image. The rear face housing is disposed rearward with respect to a rear face of the display... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20150131265 - Light flux controlling member, light-emitting device, surface light source device and display apparatus: Light flux controlling member (300) includes: first main surface (310) having first incidence surface (313) and second incidence surface (314); second main surface (320) having total reflection surface (321); and side surface (330) that outputs light reflected by total reflection surface (321). First incidence surface (313) is a recessed surface... Agent:

20150131266 - Light emitting device package and backlight unit using the same: A light emitting device package including light emitting devices, and optical lenses respectively disposed over the light emitting devices. Further, a respective optical lens includes an extending member extending from a body of the respective optical lens, and including a first portion laterally extending in a first direction substantially perpendicular... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150131268 - Bulkhead light fitting and lighting method: A light fitting and method for illuminating the exterior of spas, swimming pools, hot tubs, garden baths, and the like, the light fitting having a base component mounted through a spa wall; a lens or light diffuser on an exterior end of the base component; a light source on, in,... Agent:

20150131267 - Eyelid spa light and lighting method: A spa light fitting and method for blocking a portion of light emanating from the spa light fitting, the spa light fitting having a base component having a cylindrical body that is mounted through a spa shell, the body having a first end and second end; a lens or light... Agent:

20150131269 - Magnetic gun barrel attachment: A magnetic gun barrel attachment is provided. The magnetic gun barrel attachment includes a body. The body includes an outer surface, a front end, and a rear end. A plurality of concave channels may be formed on the outer surface from the front end to the rear end. The concave... Agent:

20150131270 - Rack mounted light: Generally, the present disclosure provides for a light engine, in particular a rack-mounted light engine that can be used in a lighting system. The rack mounted light engine can be positioned in an electronics component rack such a light distribution system using hollow light ducts may distribute the light over... Agent:

20150131271 - Adjustable hanger bar for luminaires: A hanger bar assembly includes a first hanger bar member that includes a first rail segment. The first hanger bar member also includes a first channel segment that includes a first channel. The first hanger bar member also includes a first transitional middle segment extending between the first rail segment... Agent:

20150131272 - Lighted cup holder and lighting method: A lighted cup holder and method for illuminating a cup holder, the cup holder having a base component having a cylindrical body for mounting through a spa shell, a first end, a second end, and a hollow interior; a lens or light diffuser at the first end of the body... Agent:

20150131273 - Bottle illuminating base: A device for illuminating bottles provides a housing with an upper casing and a lower casing that serve to enclose electrical components. The electrical components include a power source, illumination source, and a circuit which electrically connects said power source and illumination source. A three-way switch allows a user to... Agent:

20150131274 - Solar powered led system for carbon dioxide reduction: A net amount of carbon dioxide in earth's atmosphere can be reduced by a system that combines solar panels that are capable of converting sun light into electricity and LED light sources which are tuned to emit photons with wavelength concentrated around 460 nm or 650 nm or around both... Agent:

20150131275 - Decorative lighting assembly: A decorative lighting assembly incorporating at least a first rectangular sheet having upper and lower edges and having lateral edges; a plurality of fold scores impressed into the at least first rectangular sheet, the fold scores defining a laterally extending series of adjacent lantern wall faces; an adhesive pad fixedly... Agent:

20150131276 - Lighting device: A lamp (10) constructed as a hand lamp and for static use. The lamp includes a lamp housing (12), a light source in the lamp housing, a lamp mounting (14) for mounting the lamp in a desired position on a surface and a universal joint (24, 26) coupling the lamp... Agent: Jack Sealey Limited

20150131277 - Led tube: An LED tube comprises a glass tube, a PCB disposed in the glass tube, a heat-dissipating colloid disposed in the glass tube, a plurality of LED lights disposed on the PCB, and two electrode caps respectively connected to both ends of the glass tube. By densely filling a room between... Agent: Shenzhen Jiawei Photovoltaic Lighting Co., Ltd.

20150131280 - Color conversion cavities for led-based illumination modules: An illumination module includes a plurality of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Multiple color conversion cavities are present, each with sidewalls coated with wavelength converting materials. One or more LEDs are located within each color conversion cavity. A transmissive layer may be deposited over the color conversion cavities and may include... Agent:

20150131278 - Globular illuminant device: A globular illuminant device includes a hemispherical carrier, a circuit layer, a plurality of LED dies, an enclosure resin, and a hemispherical cover. The hemispherical carrier includes a carrying surface, a first cambered surface, and a first protrusion including a first surface. The circuit layer is placed on the first... Agent: Lediamond Opto Corporation

20150131279 - Led illumination system: An illumination system includes an illumination base. The illumination base has two common lines, a plurality of parallel branching lines extending between the common lines respectively, and a plurality of sockets disposed on the branching lines. The same number of sockets are disposed on each branching line, and the sockets... Agent: Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150131281 - System for directional control of light and associated methods: A lighting device for emitting light in selective directions including a light source structure member, a plurality of lighting devices attached to the light source structure member, a controller, a power supply, and an optic carried by the light source structure member and including a plurality of facets. Each light... Agent: Lighting Science Group Corporation

20150131283 - Manufacturing method for support substrate, and led display device: Disclosed are a manufacturing method for a support substrate (14), and an LED display device. The support substrate (14) is made of a carbon fibre material. The manufacturing method for the support substrate (14) comprises the steps of: S1: preparing a carbon fibre prepreg fabric; S2: preparing a support substrate... Agent:

20150131282 - Solid state outdoor overhead lamp assembly: An outdoor overhead lamp assembly uses light emitting diodes to provide illumination for an area to be illuminated. The lamp assembly includes a unitary housing, which may be formed from a single casting. The housing includes mechanical mounting structure for mounting the housing to a mast arm. The housing includes... Agent:

20150131284 - Led light bulb assembly: A light bulb assembly comprising a base, a helical body portion, a LED assembly and an electrical drive. The base includes a cap electrically connectable to a power source. The helical body portion has an outer cylindrical upstanding portion. The helical body portion extends from the base upwardly and has... Agent:

20150131285 - Integrated multiple light head: A lighting apparatus is configured to adjustably project light from multiple light sources. The lighting apparatus may include a fixture mountable to a mounting surface and a plurality of light heads. Each light head includes a light source and can have a perimeter surrounding a light projection surface, where the... Agent:

20150131287 - Convertible lighting fixture for multiple light sources: A convertible lighting fixture includes a first housing defining a first compartment and a second housing defining a second compartment and movably attached to the first housing. The lighting fixture further includes a mounting plate attached to the second housing, a light source attached to the mounting plate and electrically... Agent:

20150131286 - Illumination device: Provided is an illumination device containing a light source configured to emit an excitation light, a phosphor layer containing a phosphor and configured to allow the excitation light of the light source to be transmitted and emitted therethrough, and a coating film formed by applying a paint containing a pigment... Agent:

20150131288 - Spotlight: A spotlight has a light base, a supporting base, a power supply, a motor, a lighting module, a multi-surface refractive lens and a beam-splitter lens light shade. The supporting base is connected with the light base. The power supply, the motor, the lighting module, and the multi-surface refractive lens are... Agent: Gemmy Industries Corporation

20150131289 - Fixture design for flexible led circuit boards: Techniques are disclosed for designing light fixtures for flexible LED circuit boards. The flexible LED circuit boards include an array of LED packages and the surface of the flexible circuit boards is highly reflective. A flexible LED circuit board may be shaped to conform to a rigid preform and the... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20150131290 - Fixture design for flexible led circuit boards: Techniques are disclosed for designing light fixtures for flexible LED circuit boards. The flexible LED circuit boards include an array of LED packages and the surface of the flexible circuit boards is highly reflective. A flexible LED circuit board may be shaped to conform to a rigid preform and the... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20150131291 - Apparatus and method for use in different ambient lighting conditions: An apparatus comprises: an artificial visible light source (8); a layer of photochromic material (2) overlying the artificial light source (8); a layer of opaque material (4) overlying the layer of photochromic material; and one or more apertures (6) through the layer of opaque material (4). The apparatus and a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150131292 - Organic phosphorescent materials and methods for their preparation and use: Methods of forming an organic phosphorescent material are provided. The methods include dissolving a cellulosic material in a solvent to form a cellulosic mixture and filtering the cellulosic mixture. The methods also include heating the cellulosic mixture to form an organic phosphorescent material that includes a plurality of aliphatic compounds.... Agent:

20150131293 - Led lamp: A lamp includes an enclosure that is at least partially optically transmissive and a base. One or more LEDs are located in the enclosure and are operable to emit light when energized through an electrical path from the base. A heat sink having a heat dissipating portion that is at... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20150131294 - Optics system for solid state lighting apparatus: An optical element for transmission of light produced by a solid state emitter includes at least one diffuser element, and a reflector supported by the at least one diffuser element and paced-apart from the emitter, the reflector defining an annular lip having an aperture therein and an axis normal to... Agent:

20150131295 - Thin-film coating for improved outdoor led reflectors: Provided is a light emitting diode (LED) reflector assembly. The reflector assembly includes a metallic substrate, a porcelain coating overlaying a metallic substrate, and a multi-layer thin-film layer overlaying the porcelain coating.... Agent: Ge Lighting Solutions, LLC

20150131296 - Sealing cover for a recessed light: A recessed lighting fixture includes a housing, a baffle, a trim ring, a cover, and at least one attachment element. The housing includes an inner wall and side walls extending to an open outer end. The baffle is secured to the housing by at least one fastening element and includes... Agent:

20150131297 - Variable index light extraction layer with microreplicated posts and methods of making the same: Variable index light extraction layers (100) that contain a plurality of microreplicated posts (120) are described. The variable index light extraction layers contain a plurality of microreplicated posts (120), a first region including a first lower-index substance (130) and a second region including a second higher-index substance (140). Optical films... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150131298 - Ornamental fixture and a method for servicing or cleaning an ornamental fixture: An ornamental fixture having a support structure and a plurality of ornaments mounted to the support structure in a substantially completely spherical arrangement of ornaments. The ornaments may be glass crystal ornaments, for example, octagonal glass crystals, and a light may be mounted within the fixture. The support structure may... Agent: Swarovski Lighting, Ltd.

20150131299 - Array holder and led module with same: A holder is configured to support an LED array and includes terminals that have an insulation displacement portion (IDP) and contacts to electrically connect to the LED array. An LED module can be provided that supports a holder and an LED array. The LED module includes a housing with a... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150131300 - Led device: An illumination device comprises a holder, a plurality of light emitting elements, a translucent cover and a lamp cap structure. The holder comprises a heat dissipating base body and a carrying unit. The carrying unit is connected to a top portion of the heat dissipating base body and comprises a... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150131301 - Led holder: A holder comprises a base body, at least two terminals, a connector and at least two wires. The base body defines a receiving hole for receiving the light emitting module. The terminals are provided to the base body and each have a pressing contact portion and a wire insertion structure,... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150131302 - Organic compound, light-emitting element, display module, lighting module, light-emitting device, display device, electronic device, and lighting device: A novel organic compound is provided. Alternatively, an organic compound that can be used as an electron-transport material of a light-emitting element is provided. An organic compound in which heteroaromatic groups each including two pyridine rings are bonded to the 2- and 8-positions of dibenzofuran is provided. The organic compound... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150131303 - Vehicle for supporting lighting control function: A vehicle for supporting a lighting control function includes: interior lighting apparatuses configured to include a lighting apparatus of a driver's seat supporting a lighting of the driver's seat and lighting apparatuses for each seat supporting each lighting for each seat; a control apparatus of a driver's seat configured to... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150131304 - Illuminated display ornament for automobiles: It is an object of the present invention to provide a novel illumination system and methods that can be used on the outside of an automobile. The illumination system may preferably be displayed on the outside of a door panel of an automobile, but may also be displayed on any... Agent:

20150131305 - Primary optical element, lighting module and headlamp for a motor vehicle: A primary optical element for a motor vehicle lighting module, comprising a single monoblock input member and a corrective part, the input member having at least one input face intended to receive light, the input member being connected at output to the corrective part. The corrective part comprises a light... Agent:

20150131306 - Light diffusing optical fibers and light emitting apparatuses including light diffusing optical fibers: Light diffusing optical fibers and light emitting apparatuses including light diffusing optical fibers are disclosed. In one embodiment, a light emitting apparatus includes a base, a transparent or translucent enclosure affixed to the base, a light diffusing optical fiber including a coiled filament enclosed within the enclosure, and a light... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20150131307 - Backlight module: A backlight module is provided and includes a back plate, a light guide plate, a light source, a frame, at least one first positioning member and at least one second positioning member. The back plate includes at least one first limiting hole. The light guide plate is disposed on the... Agent: Radiant Opto-electronics Corporation

20150131308 - Backlight module: A backlight module includes a light guide plate and a supporting assembly. The light guide plate has a light input surface, a light output surface and a back surface. The supporting assembly includes a supporting frame and a light source. The supporting frame includes a first component and a second... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150131312 - Display device and backlight module: A display device and a backlight module thereof are provided. The display device comprises a backlight module and a panel. The backlight module includes a bottom frame, a light guide, an optical film structure and a top frame. The light guide is disposed above the bottom frame. The optical film... Agent:

20150131309 - Illumination device and display device: Provided are an illumination device capable of improving the uniformity in brightness of the illumination light, and a display device using the same. An illumination device is provided with: a plurality of light sources arranged in a row in one direction; and a light guide plate which has, along a... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150131310 - Lighting assembly with configurable illumination profile: A lighting assembly includes an edge-lit light guide and a light redirecting member. Light extracting elements at the light guide extract light from the light guide as intermediate light. Light redirecting elements at the light redirecting film are configured to redirect the intermediate light received from the light guide to... Agent:

20150131311 - Optical constructions incorporating a light guide and low reflective index films: Optical constructions use a low index of refraction layer disposed between a low absorption layer and a high absorption layer to increase confinement of light to the low absorption region of the optical constructions. Low index layers can be used in optical constructions that have multi-tiered light confinement. In these... Agent:

20150131313 - Light adjusting sheet and backlight module using the same: A light adjusting sheet includes a base and a first light adjusting structure layer. The base includes a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface. The first light adjusting structure layer is disposed on the first surface of the base, and the first light adjusting structure... Agent:

20150131314 - Side-light type backlight module: A side-light type backlight module includes an optical film, a front frame, a reflective plate, a back cover, and a light source panel. The front frame includes a step-shaped receiving portion configured to receive the optical film. The light source panel is positioned at one side of the back cover.... Agent:

20150131315 - Direct type backlight module: A backlight module includes a light guide assembly and a light source assembly. The light guide assembly includes a back cover, a reflective sheet, a light guide plate, and an optical film. The light source assembly includes a lamp cover, a light plate, and a plurality of light sources. The... Agent:

20150131316 - Light guide body, light emitting apparatus, and amusement machine: A light guide body configured to guide light from a light source that enters the light guide body has a light exit surface having at least one light emitting region from which light from the light source is emitted, and a plurality of reflection patterns arranged in a reflection region... Agent:

20150131317 - Illumination device, and display device: The present invention aims at providing an illumination device and a display device that can suppress uneven brightness while improving light use efficiency and brightness. The illumination device includes a plurality of light sources arranged next to each other, a light guide member that guides light from the light sources,... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150131319 - Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same: A backlight assembly includes a light source unit configured to generate light, a lower receiving container having a bottom portion and a side wall and being configured to receive the light source unit, the lower receiving container shaped to cover a lower surface of the light source unit and a... Agent:

20150131318 - Backlight module and display device: A backlight module and a display device are provided. The backlight module includes a light guide, a bottom frame, and a first light bar. The light guide has a first light incident surface. The bottom frame has a clip portion, a first hole, and a first tongue piece, wherein the... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20150131321 - Backlight assembly and display apparatus including the same: A backlight assembly includes a plurality of first light sources configured to emit a first color, and a plurality of second light sources configured to emit a second color different from the first color, where the backlight assembly is divided in a first boundary area, a second boundary area spaced... Agent:

20150131320 - Backlight module: A backlight module including a light guide plate is disclosed. The light guide plate has a light emitting plane, a bottom plane opposite to the light emitting plane and a light incident plane connecting the light emitting plane and the bottom plane, a plurality of arc protrusions disposed on the... Agent:

20150131322 - Backlight frame and backlight module: The present disclosure relates to a backlight frame including a frame body, which has a first and a second side wall opposite to each other, and a third and a fourth side wall opposite to each other, wherein at least one first protrusion is arranged in the frame body close... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150131323 - Illumination apparatus, method for manufaturing light guide plate, back light module and method for manufacturing the same: A method for manufacturing a light guide apparatus includes the following steps. A first mold and a second mold are provided. The first mold and the second mold respectively include a first molding surface and a second molding surface facing each other. A protrusion is disposed at the first or... Agent:

20150131324 - Lighting device including a light ray guide: A lighting and/or signaling device and a light ray guide (N) formed by a guide plate comprising a light entry face, a light exit face and a reflection face having an elliptical profile toward the rear adapted to assure reflection of light rays entering the guide plate through the light... Agent:

20150131325 - Display device: A display device includes a display element, a planar light source device disposed on an opposite side of a display surface of the display element, a protective plate disposed on a display surface side of the display element, and a black frame member covering a peripheral edge part on a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150131326 - Led light with special effects: An LED light device with special effects utilizes persistence of vision theory to cause an LED(s) or LED array to change faster than the human eye response time of 1/16 to 1/24 second to display a special message, time, drawing, light patterns, or color changes. In addition, the light device... Agent:

20150131327 - Solid state lamp using modular light emitting elements: A solid state lamp, such as one that can replace an incandescent light bulb, has a base portion having an electrical connector for connection to a source of power, such as an Edison-type connector for connection to the mains voltage. An AC/DC converter in the base converts the mains voltage... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 61 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20150124426 - Light sources adapted to spectral sensitivity of diurnal avians and humans: Various apparatus and associated methods involve a light source that provides light at wavelengths that substantially correlate to local maxima in the spectral sensitivity of a diurnal avian. In an illustrative example, the light source may output light primarily in wavelength bands that are not substantially absorbed by colored oil... Agent:

20150124427 - Photographic lighting system and method: Photographic lighting devices and systems having multiple electrical energy storage/discharge (EESD) elements and/or multiple light sources in a single photographic lighting device to perform one or more photographic lighting effects. In one exemplary aspect, independent control of one or more light sources connected to a first EESD bank and another... Agent: Lab Partners Associates, Inc.

20150124431 - Illumination apparatus: An illumination apparatus includes a first unit, a second unit, and a third unit. The first unit includes an excitation light source that produces excitation light. The second unit includes a light-for-illumination phosphor. The light-for-illumination phosphor produces and outputs light for illumination when the light-for-illumination phosphor receives excitation light. Furthermore,... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

20150124428 - Lens having an internal reflection layer: A lens (12; 32; 42; 52) comprising a transparent main body (13; 43; 53), wherein a surface (14, 15; 14, 45; 54, 55) of the main body (13; 43; 53) is at least partly covered with an internally reflecting reflection layer (17), the lens (12; 32; 42; 52) has at... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20150124432 - Light emitting device, illumination device, and vehicle headlamp: An illumination device 1 which is a light emitting device capable of emitting white light, includes: a laser element 2 for emitting a blue laser beam; a light emitting section 4 for generating fluorescence by be being irradiated with the blue laser beam emitted from the laser element 2; and... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150124429 - Light module for generating wavelength-converted light: Various embodiments relate to a light module having an excitation radiation source, a rotatable color wheel having a plurality of sectors which can be irradiated sequentially by the excitation radiation source upon a rotation of the color wheel. In this case, a wavelength conversion element is arranged in a first... Agent:

20150124430 - Lighting device and method for generating light by means of a wavelength conversion arrangement and a band-stop filter, and method for providing a band-stop filter: The invention proposes a lighting device (1) comprising a wavelength conversion arrangement (12) and a static band-stop filter (14). The wavelength conversion arrangement (12) comprises two wavelength conversion elements, which can be excited to emit conversion light by means of excitation radiation emitted by an excitation source (2). In order... Agent:

20150124433 - Visible light communication system: A visible light communication system includes a light transmitter including a group III nitride semiconductor laser element and a wavelength converter provided to face a light exit surface of the nitride semiconductor laser element and containing a fluorescent material. The visible light communication system further includes a wavelength filter configured... Agent:

20150124434 - Direct type backlight module: A backlight module includes an optical film, a light source panel, a number of light sources mounted on the light source panel, and a reflective frame positioned between the optical film and the light source panel. The reflective frame includes an upper frame, a lower frame, and a reflective plate... Agent:

20150124435 - Removable lighting assemblies: Pool lighting assemblies, lens and methods of installing, maintaining and servicing are disclosed. A pool lighting assembly can include a light fixture body forming an elongated housing with a generally open interior, where the light fixture body constructed for insertion into a structure, such a pool wall. Additionally, a light... Agent: Next Step Products LLC

20150124436 - Pistol mounted light and operation thereof: A novel flashlight assembly that includes an interface integrated into the housing thereof to facilitate mounting of the flashlight to the interface positioned ahead of the trigger on a modern firearm. Generally, the outer body of the flashlight includes a head mounted to a flashlight body at one end and... Agent: Emissive Energy Corporation

20150124437 - Led mini-linear light engine: Solid state light engines are disclosed that emit a bright, non-symmetrical emission pattern, with a relatively high luminous flux and from a relatively small area. The light engines can be used in many different types and sizes of light sources, with some embodiments providing a light quantity, quality and distribution... Agent: Cree Hong Kong Limited

20150124438 - Tactical flashlight tail cap: A flashlight tail cap that operates both as a tactical tail cap as well as allowing tail standing.... Agent: Janlincia LLC

20150124439 - Lamp tube: A lamp tube is provided, including a cover, a heat sink, and a light bar. The cover includes a first connection portion and a second connection portion opposite to each other. The heat sink includes a base, a first supporting portion, and a second supporting portion extended upwardly from the... Agent:

20150124440 - Lighting housing with led illumination insert: A LED assembly and method for retrofitting a fluorescent lighting fixture into an LED lighting fixture. The resulting retrofit LED lighting fixture includes the preexisting fluorescent lighting housing, a lens door, a sheet metal LED insert, and a modular LED printed wiring assembly.... Agent:

20150124441 - Rotary lighting fixture having speaker with playback function: A rotary lighting fixture having a speaker with a playback function is revealed herein, comprising a shell having an opening, a speaker fitted inside the shell, and an annular LED module having plural LEDs fitted at the opening of the shell for illumination and playback functions. In addition, the lighting... Agent: Tongfang Global Limited

20150124442 - Seven-colored swinging electronic candle: The present invention discloses a seven-colored swinging electronic candle, which comprises a candle body, a cavity is arranged in said candle body, a support is arranged in said cavity, a support frame which can swing around, is installed on said support, a candle wick is fixed in said support frame,... Agent: Nantong Ya Tai Candle Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

20150124447 - Heatable lens for luminaires, and/or methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to heatable glass substrates that may be used in connection with lighting applications, and/or methods of making the same. In certain example embodiments, a glass substrate supports an antireflective (AR) coating on a first major surface thereof, and a conductive coating on a... Agent:

20150124444 - Led lamp having reflector with high heat dissipation rate: A lamp reflector includes a body including a plurality of sheets; a plurality of heat sinks connecting the sheets to form a corn shape; and a plurality of light emitting modules disposed on a surface of the heat sink in such a manner that the light emitting modules face an... Agent:

20150124445 - Light emitting diode light box: There is provided a light emitting box, comprising a main body having an open region in upper part, closed sides and a space in the main body; a light emitting module placed on the bottom of the space of the main body, having a plurality of light emitting units for... Agent:

20150124448 - Lighting apparatus having improved light output uniformity and thermal dissipation: The present disclosure involves a lighting apparatus. The lighting apparatus includes a photonic device that generates light. The lighting apparatus includes a printed circuit board (PCB) on which the photonic device is located. The lighting apparatus includes a diffuser cap having a curved profile covering the PCB and the photonic... Agent:

20150124446 - Lighting device: Disclosed is a lighting device comprising: a driving unit; a body which is disposed under the driving unit and includes one side including a first area and a second area surrounding the first area; a first light emitting module which receives electric power from the driving unit and is disposed... Agent:

20150124443 - Semiconductor retrofit lamp having connecting elements arranged on two sides: Various embodiments may relate to a semiconductor retrofit bulb, in particular a retrofit festoon bulb, having connecting elements that are arranged on two sides. The semiconductor retrofit bulb may include at least a tubular cooling body having at least one outer face support surface, wherein there is arranged on the... Agent:

20150124449 - Led light fixtures with arrangement for electrical connection: An LED light fixture includes a heat sink structure, at least one LED board in thermal engagement with the heat sink structure, the at least one LED board having at least one LED emitter thereon, and an on-board connector on the LED board for connecting electrical wiring to the LED... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20150124450 - Removable window frame for lighting module: A lighting module has an array of light-emitting elements, a housing defining at least one opening, and a window frame that is selectively removable from the opening of the housing. The window frame has a frame and a window that is operably secured to the frame. The array of light-emitting... Agent:

20150124451 - Mounting support for solid-state light radiation sources and light source therefor: A mounting support for solid-state light radiation sources and for drive circuitry associated therewith may include a printed circuit board having a mounting surface for the light radiation sources, the printed circuit board having at least one through hole extending through it, and at least one electrical component of the... Agent:

20150124452 - System and method for an adjustable optics assembly: An optics system for controlling the projection of LEDs using removable and adjustable inserts. The optics system includes, for example, a receptacle apparatus, a receptacle bowl and a rear entry insert that contains one or more LEDs of any wavelength. The receptacle apparatus contains a top surface; the receptacle bowl... Agent: 4s Industries, Inc. D/b/a/ Bulldog-lighting, Inc.

20150124453 - Anti-tip and retention assembly for appliance support plate: A shelving assembly includes a support plate, left and right side supports, and rear and front anti-tip and retention features. The side supports each include a front end located adjacent to a front edge of the support plate, and a rear end located adjacent to a rear edge of the... Agent:

20150124455 - Led module: Provided is an LED module that can be easily manufactured while maintaining good reflective characteristics even when a plurality of LED elements and other electronic components are packaged on a circuit substrate. This LED module is characterized by having: a sub-mounting substrate for packaging a plurality of LED elements; a... Agent: Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150124454 - Led retrofit lamp: A retrofit LED lamp comprising at least LED light-emitting means, a lampholder, a heat sink and a diffuser envelope, wherein a high-voltage LED module is used as LED light-emitting means, voltage is supplied to said high-voltage LED module via an integrated circuit in the form of a microchip, and this... Agent:

20150124456 - Light emitting arrangement: A light emitting arrangement (100) is provided, comprising: -a solid state light source (101, 201) adapted to emit primary light; and -a wavelength converting member (105, 205) arranged to receive said primary light and capable of converting said primary light into secondary light, the wavelength converting member and the solid... Agent:

20150124457 - Light emitting device and method of manufacturing light emitting device: A light emitting device can further improve light extraction efficiency. A method of manufacturing such a light emitting device can also prove advantageous. The light emitting device includes a light emitting element, a light-transmissive member which is disposed on a light extracting surface side of the light emitting element, and... Agent:

20150124459 - Lens, led module and illumination system having same: A lens, LED module and an illumination system includes an illuminated area; and at least an LED module for illuminating the illuminated area. The LED module includes an LED, and a lens mounted in the light path of the LED. The lens includes an optical axis, a light source recess... Agent: Self Electronics Usa Corporation

20150124458 - Luminaire with leds and cylindrical lens: A lamp is provided having at least one module that includes a plurality of LEDs distributed over a module surface. The plurality of LEDs are arranged in a row of a plurality of rows in a longitudinal direction of the at least one module. Each of the plurality of rows... Agent:

20150124460 - Lens and led module having the same: A lens includes an optical axis, a light source recess arranged through the optical axis, a reflection surface crossing through the optical axis, and a critical reflection surface which is arranged in a spaced relationship with the optical axis. The critical reflection surface is arranged between the light source recess... Agent: Self Electronics Usa Corporation

20150124461 - Welding structure and welding apparatus: Disclosed is a welding structure including a first member, and a light-transmissive second member. The second member includes a surface having an indented area. The first and second members are welded to each other at closely contacted surfaces thereof by projecting a spot light from the second member side in... Agent:

20150124462 - Light emitting diode device and light emitting diode lamp: A light emitting diode (LED) substrate includes a substrate body, a positive circuit and a negative circuit. The substrate body includes a light source disposing face having a main disposing surface and at least one sub-disposing surface, in which the at least one sub-disposing surface is disposed around the main... Agent:

20150124463 - Mounting device for lighting sources and associated method: A mounting device for mounting on a substrate a plate or board-like lighting source may include a frame member for surrounding the plate or board-like lighting source, anchoring formations for anchoring the frame member onto the substrate while permitting movement of the frame member towards and away from the substrate,... Agent:

20150124464 - Dynamic simulating electronic candle: The present invention discloses a dynamic simulating electronic candle, which includes a candle body, wherein a cavity is arranged inside the candle body, a light-emitting unit including a power supply box and a lamp holder arranged above the power supply box is installed inside the cavity. A bottom plate is... Agent: Nantong Ya Tai Candle Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

20150124465 - Adb head-lamp system and beam control method using the same: The present invention relates to an ADB head lamp system and a beam control method using the ADB head lamp system, the ADB head lamp system includes an ADB head lamp which is installed in a vehicle; a driving unit which drives the ADB head lamp; a road circumstance detecting... Agent:

20150124466 - Vehicle headlight: A vehicle headlight including a common light distribution unit and a variable light distribution unit and a headlight system including the headlight can form a common light distribution pattern and a variable light distribution pattern using the common and the variable light distribution units. The variable distribution unit can include... Agent:

20150124467 - Headlight device of motorcycle: A high beam reflector (341) is disposed below a high beam LED light source (46) and reflects light from the high beam LED light source (46) in front of a vehicle. Low beam reflectors (342, 343) are disposed below a low beam LED light source (45) and reflect light from... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150124468 - Headlight module: A headlight module comprising separate phosphors which can be excited by electromagnetic radiation to emit light, and at least one radiation source for exciting the phosphors. Each phosphor is associated with an optical device, so that light emitted by the optical devices is merged into an overall image. Beam splitter... Agent:

20150124469 - Lighting device for a motor vehicle headlight: The invention relates to a lighting device (100) for a motor vehicle headlight, comprising a number of light sources (1), at least one attachment optical unit (2), having a light entrance surface (2a) and a light exit surface (2b), wherein the at least one attachment optical unit (2) comprises a... Agent:

20150124470 - Sealed bulb connector system for a headlamp assembly: A headlamp assembly includes a headlamp housing, a lens affixed to the housing, thereby defining an interior space of the assembly, and a reflector defining an aperture and arranged within the interior space. The assembly also includes a retention bracket mounted to the reflector and a first seal attached to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150124471 - Integral air vent and lamp assembly: An integral air vent and lamp assembly for a vehicle passenger cabin includes a rotary vent housing and a hub defining an opening centered on a center axis of the vent housing having vent doors which open and close to admit or block airflow into the cabin. A lamp subassembly... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150124473 - Locomotive led/optics headlight assembly: A headlamp assembly comprising a housing forming an internal chamber and forming an opening to one side, at least a first light source having a first illumination axis, the first light source mounted in a central portion of the internal chamber substantially at a first depth, at least a second... Agent:

20150124472 - Motor vehicle headlight having a complex headlight lens: The invention relates to a motor vehicle headlight having at least one first light source and a headlight lens which comprising, for example, a blank-molded integrally formed body which is made from a transparent material, and which comprises at least one light tunnel and a light-conducting part having at least... Agent: Docter Optics Se

20150124474 - Electronic candle: The present invention discloses an electronic candle, which includes a candle body, wherein a cavity is formed inside the candle body, a lamp hole is formed in the upper surface of the candle body, a light-emitting unit is installed inside the cavity and includes a base, a first through hole... Agent: Nantong Ya Tai Candle Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

20150124476 - Lighting apparatus and wavelength converting apparatus thereof: A lighting apparatus includes a wavelength converting apparatus. The wavelength converting apparatus includes a hollow tube and a wavelength converting material. The hollow tube has an accommodating chamber. The wavelength converting material is positioned in the accommodating chamber.... Agent:

20150124475 - Systems and methods for displaying advertising and other information on athletic surfaces: A system for displaying information on a basketball court, boxing ring or other athletic surface. The system includes: a plurality of light arrays configured to be embedded in a top layer of the athletic surface and oriented to emit light upwards through the athletic surface; and a control system for... Agent:

20150124477 - Light-guiding tool shank, high light-guide tool shank, and light-emitting fastening tool: A light-guiding tool shank, a handle unit, a light-emitting element and a power allocation unit are assembled together to form a light-emitting fastening tool. The light-guiding tool shank includes a shank body, a light-guiding portion and a fastener fixing head. The shank body has a first and a second end;... Agent:

20150124478 - Light-emitting unit and display: Provided is a light-emitting unit that includes: a light-guide section having a light entering surface; and a plurality of light sources opposed to the light entering surface of the light-guide section and arrayed in a first direction, and each having an anisotropy in emission intensity. A pattern shape of light... Agent:

20150124479 - Light source module and backlight unit having the same: A light source including a circuit board, at least one light emitting device mounted on the circuit board by flip-chip bonding or surface mount technology (SMT), and a reflective portion formed on the circuit board and enclosing the light emitting device. The reflective portion formed on the circuit board reflects... Agent:

20150124480 - Methods and apparatus for providing display components: Methods and apparatus for providing one or more components for a display system, particularly for producing diffused light.... Agent:

20150124482 - Light source device and display device: Provided are a light source device and a display device capable of preventing the user from recognizing unevenness in luminance due to reflection, by a reflection sheet, of the unevenness in luminance occurring at a cut-out part of a light guide plate. For cut-out parts formed on a light guide... Agent: Sakai Display Products Corporation

20150124481 - Transparent illumination panels: Windows, or other types of transparent materials, may be constructed to passively allow light from alternate sources to pass therethrough, while also being able to actively produce artificial light for providing illumination from one side of the window by means of an incorporated optical waveguide that accepts light from an... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20150124483 - Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same: A display apparatus includes a display panel configured to display an image using light, a backlight assembly including a light source unit configured to generate the light, a lower receiving container including a bottom portion covering a lower surface of the light source unit and a side wall extended from... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd

20150124484 - Backlight module and display apparatus: The present invention provides a backlight module and a display apparatus. The backlight module comprises a substrate, a plurality of light sources disposed on the substrate; and a light guild sheet disposed on the substrate. The light guild sheet includes first recesses and second recesses, and the light sources are... Agent:

20150124485 - Field instrument with display device: A field instrument (1) with a display device (4) that allows a flexibility of display that is as great as possible for a hardware structure that is as small as possible by the display device (4) having a light guide device (8) and a luminous unit (12, 14) which emits... Agent: Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh

20150124486 - Hanging accessory for night lighting: The present patent application provides a hanging accessory for night lighting. The hanging accessory includes a main body part which includes a front housing and a rear housing a clamping component mounted on the rear housing and a plurality of electrical elements.... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 84 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20150116977 - Transparent illuminated display system for automobiles: A transparent illuminated display system, typically for use in automobile race events, including a highly flexible and transparent PCB board with ultra-low profile LED's mounted to it. The flexible and transparent PCB boards can be in the shape of a single or multiple numeric or alphanumeric displays. The face of... Agent:

20150116978 - Light-emitting button key and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a light-emitting button key and a manufacturing method thereof. The manufacturing method in which a symbol printed on the button key is lightened when light is emitted from a rear side thereof, includes a pressing step of pressing a metal plate and forming a button... Agent:

20150116979 - Illuminated knob for a shifter assembly and corresponding illumination method: A knob for a shifter assembly of a vehicle includes a housing having an interior surface defining a cavity and an opening. A body is at least partially disposed within the cavity, has first and second surfaces, extends to a periphery, and is formed of an at least partially transparent... Agent: Kongsberg Automotive Ab

20150116980 - Illumination system: The invention is an illumination system comprising a semiconductor light source module. The illumination system comprises a reflector comprising a curved reflective surface, a holder coupled to the reflector, and a semiconductor light source module comprising a first light-emitting unit and a second light-emitting unit. The holder comprises a second... Agent: Formosa Epitaxy Incorporation

20150116983 - Lighting source using solid state emitter and phosphor materials: A light-emitting apparatus includes a substrate, a light source configured to emit light and arranged on the substrate, a phosphor layer being apart from the light source and configured to convert the light into forward transmitted light and backward transmitted light, and an optic device, being narrower than the substrate... Agent:

20150116981 - Phsophor wheel and white light illumination device utilizing the same: Disclosed is a phosphor wheel including a substrate, a first phosphor region on the substrate, and a second phosphor region on the substrate. The first phosphor region and the second phosphor region are concentric patterns without any space between their interface. Moreover, the second phosphor region is set to around... Agent:

20150116982 - Wavelength conversion and filtering module and light source system: A wavelength conversion and filtering module that includes a plurality of optical regions is provided. The optical regions are adapted to move, and at least one of the optical regions includes a reflection unit, a wavelength conversion unit, a prism sheet, and a filter unit. The wavelength conversion unit is... Agent: Coretronic Corporation

20150116985 - Display device using semiconductor light emitting device: Discussed is a display device including a substrate having at least one of a first and a second electrode, a conductive adhesive layer configured to cover the wiring substrate, and a plurality of semiconductor light emitting devices coupled to the conductive adhesive layer, and electrically connected to the first and... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150116984 - Lens with light-diffusion capping layers and backlight module incorporating the same: A lens includes a main lens, a first light-diffusion capping layer and a second light-diffusion capping layer formed on the top of the main lens in sequence. The main lens includes a light incident surface and a light exit surface opposite to the light incident surface. The main lens defines... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150116986 - Heat conductive device, backlight module, and liquid crystal device: A heat conductive device is disclosed. The heat conductive device includes at least one collecting frame and at least one conductive plate vertically connected to each other. The collecting frame is for surrounding LEDs and is tightly attached to a mounting surface of the circuit board, and the conductive plate... Agent:

20150116987 - Illumination apparatus: An illumination apparatus that includes a housing assembly made up of a housing, seat and top with optional attachment. A light source, power source, switch and controller are further included with the assembly. A light-altering device is also included in or proximate to the housing. The light source emits light... Agent:

20150116988 - Personal illumination device with variable lighting patterns: A personal illumination device is described and taught. The personal illumination device is intended for use by motorcyclists, however, it may be used by any number of individuals looking to increase their visibility in environments where high visibility and safety is paramount. The illumination device has two illuminated strips that... Agent:

20150116989 - Lighted lacrosse stick handle: An illuminated handle for a lacrosse or other sport/recreational stick includes: (1) an elongated, cylindrical member, (2) an axial aligned bore located in one of the ends of this member, (3) a light source having an illumination surface which is configured to allow it to be mounted flush against the... Agent:

20150116990 - Linear light fixture: A light fixture is provided that includes a plurality of light emitting sources, such as e.g., LEDs, that are arranged along a longitudinal direction. A heat sink provides a support structure for the lights while also assisting with the dissipation of heat. A diffuser covers the light emitting sources and... Agent:

20150116991 - Multi-function and portable device for forming separately an illuminator and a barrier and for forming in combination an illuminated barrier: A multi-function and portable device forming separately an illuminator and a barrier and forming in combination an illuminated barrier. The multi-function and portable device includes a traffic cone and a hand-held light wand. The hand-held light wand extends replaceably from the traffic cone without a need for cone adaptors so... Agent:

20150116992 - Led device for lighting a fishing line at the pole: A simple and affordable LED device for illuminating part of the rod and the fishing line. The device made of at least one LED; a manner for removably attaching the LED to the fishing pole; a power source for the LED; a way for electrically connecting the power source to... Agent:

20150116993 - Led work lamp: An LED work lamp comprises a hook, a cap, a lamp hood, a lamp plate, a transparent hood, a battery chamber, a battery, and a handle. The hook and the cap are disposed closely at one end of the lamp hood. One end of the hook is located in the... Agent: Luc-power Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150116994 - Lighting device: A portable, battery-operated flashlight having improved pivoting, switching and focusing features is disclosed. In one aspect of the invention, the flashlight takes the form of an attachment to a head gear for hands free use. In another aspect of the invention, the flashlight takes the form of a head lamp... Agent: Mag Instrument, Inc.

20150116995 - Linear led lighting fixture with improved viewing angle: Disclosed is an LED lighting fixture that includes a linear lighting mounting member having a first longitudinal axis and a plurality of adjacent multicolor LEDs, such as RGB LEDs, operably connected to the linear mounting member along the first axis. Each multicolor LED has a first end portion, a first... Agent:

20150116996 - Electric lamps and methods of manufacture of electrical devices: An electric lamp (10) comprises: a plurality of electrically-powered light sources (such as LEDs 34); at least one electrical connector (35) electrically connected to the light sources; and a structure to which the light sources are mounted with different orientations and to which the connector(s) is/are mounted. The structure has... Agent: Zeta Specialist Lighting Limited

20150116997 - Led lighting system for promoting biological growth: The invention is directed to an LED lighting system for use in promoting biological growth. In one embodiment, the lighting system includes a plurality of “N” bar-like LED modules. Each of the LED modules is of the same length and the length is determined by the number of same-length LED... Agent: Acrooptics, LLC

20150117001 - Flexible circuit board and method for manufacturing the same, and led flexible strip light: A flexible circuit board is disclosed, including a first insulation layer, a second insulation layer and a circuit layer, wherein the first insulation layer is attached to one side of the circuit layer and the second insulation layer is attached to the other side of the circuit layer, each of... Agent:

20150116998 - Led lighting fixture: Embodiments of the present invention provide a light emitting diode (LED) lighting fixture and methods of manufacturing the same. In various embodiments, the LED lighting fixture comprises a lighting fixture body and one or more luminaires. The one or more LED modules are operatively and securely fixed to the lighting... Agent: Feit Electric Company, Inc.

20150117000 - Lens and illumination device comprising the lens: Various embodiments may relate to a lens for an illumination device. The lens includes a bottom wall, a top wall, and a circumferential wall. The circumferential wall connects the bottom wall and the top wall. A plurality of regions of the bottom wall respectively arch towards the top wall to... Agent:

20150116999 - Mono-axial lens for multiple light sources: A package for multiple light sources is described. The package includes a plurality of light sources aligned along a first axis and a lens substantially encapsulating the plurality of light source. The lens is designed as a mono-optical lens meaning that a radius of curvature is only created along the... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd

20150117002 - Holographic ornament: An ornament includes: a shell (18, 118, 318); a hologram (24, 124, 324) mounted inside the shell (18, 118, 318), the hologram (24, 124, 324) comprising a substrate containing a recorded interference pattern, and having a viewing side (26, 126) and an opposed backside (28, 128); and a light source... Agent:

20150117003 - Light output apparatus and method for manufacturing light output apparatus: A light output apparatus includes a plurality of light source sections (first light source section and second light source section) each of which outputs light along a predetermined flat surface to form a light layer along the predetermined flat surface, a frame to which the plurality of light source sections... Agent:

20150117004 - Omnidirectional led and reflector with sharp horizontal cutoff: The present disclosure relates generally to an omnidirectional light optic. In one embodiment, the omnidirectional light includes a plurality of reflectors, wherein each one of the plurality of reflectors comprises at least two reflective sides, wherein each one of the at least two reflective sides has an associated optical axis,... Agent:

20150117007 - Led lead frame and lamp thereof: An LED lead frame mounted on a platform of a lightbulb includes a metal polarity substrate, a metal retaining substrate and a casing for partially covering the metal polarity substrate and the metal retaining substrate. The metal retaining substrate is a sheet bent into a disposing portion and a carrying... Agent: Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd.

20150117006 - Led matrix display screen: The embodiment of the utility patent discloses a LED matrix display screen, which comprises multiple horizontal circuit board and vertical circuit board. The multiple horizontal circuit board, equidistantly welded with LED beads, are equidistantly welded on the vertical circuit board. And the vertical circuit board is equipped with the controller... Agent: Anmingli Stage Lighting Manufacturer Co., Ltd

20150117009 - Automatically folded led display screen and application method: The present invention disclosed an automatically folded LED display screen and application method. The automatically folded LED display screen includes LED sub-displays hinged to each other, of which the LED sub-displays arranged at the top are provided with a fixture, with motors and winding reels, and the LED sub-displays screen... Agent:

20150117008 - Rotatable illumination system: A rotatable illumination system includes a base and an illumination apparatus. The base includes a first housing, a rotating axis, a first brush and a second brush. The illumination apparatus includes a second housing, at least one light source, and a first electrode set. The second housing includes a bottom... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20150117005 - Light fixture: A light fixture may include a plurality of elongate members, each extending between opposed ends and carrying one or more light radiation sources, such as LEDs, and at least one hinge member which mechanically couples one end of one of the elongate members to one end of another of the... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20150117010 - Light-emitting device and method for producing such a device: A radiation-emitting device and a method for producing a radiation-emitting device are disclosed. In an embodiment, a radiation-emitting device comprises an optoelectronic semiconductor component and an optical element disposed downstream of the semiconductor component in an emission direction. The optical element is mechanically fixed to the semiconductor component by a... Agent:

20150117011 - Laser emitting device: A laser emitting device includes a laser plane source for providing planar surrounding light, a reflector, and a connection mechanism. The reflector surrounds the laser plane source and has a reflective sidewall facing the laser plane source. The reflective sidewall includes a plurality of reflective surfaces connected to each other.... Agent: Arima Lasers Corp.

20150117015 - Apparatus for outputting directional light and light interconnection system having the same: An apparatus for outputting directional light includes a light-emitting structure including a light-emitting layer that emits light, and an optical antenna layer disposed on the light-emitting structure, wherein the optical antenna layer includes a light feeder configured to resonate light output from the light-emitting layer and a light reflector configure... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117013 - Light conversion assembly, a lamp and a luminaire: A light conversion assembly 100, a lamp and a luminaire is provided. The light conversion assembly 100 comprises a first layer 108 and a second layer 106. The first layer 108 comprises first luminescent material. The first luminescent material comprises particles showing quantum confinement and have at least in one... Agent:

20150117012 - Light emitting diode device and light emitting diode lamp: A light emitting diode (LED) device includes a transparent substrate, a first reflection layer, a LED chip, a positive electrode, a negative electrode and a wavelength-converting layer. The LED chip is disposed on a surface of the transparent substrate, and the first reflection layer is disposed between the LED chip... Agent: Lextar Electronics Corporation

20150117016 - Light emitting module and lens: A lens including an upper surface having a curved portion having a changing curvature in a direction extending away from a central axis of the lens, and a lower surface having a concave portion disposed on the central axis of the lens. The concave portion of the lower surface includes... Agent:

20150117014 - Open light flow optics: High efficiency optical collimator utilizing an open central light flow feature reduces losses while maintaining high intensity. Many degrees of collimation are possible including wide beam angles which traditionally exhibit high back-reflection losses.... Agent:

20150117022 - Flexible strip lighting apparatus and methods: The present invention is directed to the use of light emitting diode (LED) lighting in flexible strips, where the color of the lighting emitted from the flexible strip is consequential to the encapsulation process and heat from the lights is adequately dissipated.... Agent:

20150117019 - Lamp with heat sink and active cooling device: A lamp comprising a light source comprising at least one solid state emitter. The lamp comprises a heat sink body in thermal communication with said light source. At least one air flow nozzle is present in the lamp to direct air flow across at least a portion of the heat... Agent:

20150117020 - Light source device and illumination device: The light source device has a substrate 2, a board-like first reflector 3 erected vertically to traverse a center section on the substrate 2 while both side surfaces face outward, and a plurality of LED chips 4 positioned on the substrate 2 as a plurality of light emitting elements so... Agent:

20150117018 - Light-emitting diode (led) lamp bulb: A light-emitting diode (LED) lamp bulb, comprises a lampshade, a lamp holder and a fixing base, wherein internal threads are formed in the lamp holder; external threads are formed on an outer wall of the fixing base; the fixing base is extended into the lamp holder from an open end... Agent:

20150117021 - Omnidirectional light emitting diode lens: Provided is an omnidirectional lens, having a housing having a closed end and an open end, a series of facets circumferentially arranged on the housing; and a series of concentric facets disposed on the closed end.... Agent:

20150117017 - Solid state area light and spotlight with light guide and integrated thermal guide: A solid state area light and spotlight having a solid state light source such as LEDs, tapered light guides, and external thermal guides. The area light includes a flared light guide, and the spotlight includes a light guide with a closed end. The light guides are coupled to the light... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150117023 - Lens and led unit using the same: A lens includes a bottom face, a light incident face defined in the bottom face, a plurality of light reflective faces connecting the light incident face with the bottom face, and a light emerging face opposite to the light incident face. The light incident face includes a first face and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150117024 - Light emitting apparatus: Disclosed is a light emitting apparatus. The light emitting apparatus includes a package body; first and second electrodes; a light emitting device electrically connected to the first and second electrodes and including a first conductive semiconductor layer, a second conductive semiconductor layer, and an active layer between the first and... Agent:

20150117025 - Light fixture: The lighting fixture comprises a receptacle having a first sidewall and a second sidewall disposed in opposed relationship and a first end wall and a second end wall disposed in opposed relationship. A back wall extends from the first and second sidewalls from the first and second end walls. The... Agent:

20150117026 - Lamp having lens element for distributing light: Embodiments of a lamp that distributes light from one or more light emitting diode (LED) devices with an intensity distribution having a batwing appearance. These embodiments can comprise a lens having a lens body with different types of optics to achieve the preferred distribution. In one example, the lens body... Agent: Ge Lighting Solutions, LLC

20150117028 - Lens with divergent structure and backlight module incorporating the same: A lens includes a main lens and a divergent structure positioned on the top of the main lens. The main lens has a light incident surface for receiving light generated by an LED light source and a light exit surface opposite to the light incident surface. The divergent structure includes... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150117027 - Light source module: The present disclosure relates to a light source module. The light source module includes a light source and a lens facing the light source. The lens includes a bottom surface, a light input surface, a light output surface and a transparent ball. The light input surface is a curved surface... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150117029 - Optical lens and light source module having the same: A light source module includes a light source and an optical lens facing the light source. The optical lens includes a light incident face facing the light source, a light emitting face opposite to the light incident face, and a connecting face connecting the light incident face and the light... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150117030 - Flexible light control grid with collapsible frame: A light control grid has a collapsible frame having an outer flexible band with straight sides supported by flexible strips, where each side is sewn to an adjacent side to form an enclosed polygonal perimeter, and the sewn junctions of the adjacent sides form pockets. Intersecting sets of flexible light... Agent:

20150117031 - Lens with discontinuous sub-light emerging faces: A lens includes a bottom face, a light incident face defined in the bottom face, a light emerging face opposite to the bottom face and a lateral face connecting the light emerging face with the bottom face. An optical axis extends through centers of the light incident face and the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150117032 - Optical element and method for manufacturing the same: An optical element includes a lens and a light diffusion layer formed on the lens. The lens includes a light incident face and a light emerging face. The light emerging face includes a concave face opposite to the light incident face and a convex face surrounding the concave face. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150117033 - Light-emitting structure: A light-emitting structure comprises a carrier, a light-emitting diode package, and a fixing module. The light-emitting diode package comprises a brittle substrate and a light-emitting unit. The brittle substrate is disposed on the carrier and the light-emitting unit is disposed on the brittle substrate. The fixing module comprises at least... Agent:

20150117035 - Heat sink for chip mounting substrate and method for manufacturing the same: Provided is a heat sink for a chip mounting substrate in which a heat dissipation material is embedded. The heat sink includes: an accommodation portion configured to accommodate a substrate whereon a chip is mounted or to be mounted, and support or fix the accommodated substrate; and a heat dissipation... Agent:

20150117034 - Illuminating ventilator: An illuminating ventilator including a fan, a connecting frame, a lamp seat and a cover is provided. The fan has a housing and a fan wheel, wherein the housing has a first coupling portion, an inlet, an outlet and an inner space communicating with said inlet and outlet, and the... Agent:

20150117036 - Lighting device: A lighting device may be provided that comprises: a light emitting module; a heat sink disposed on the light emitting module; a heat radiating fan disposed on the heat sink; and a housing which receives the light emitting module, the heat sink and the heat radiating fan, and includes an... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150117037 - Lamp structure: A lamp structure includes a shell, a light board, at least one light emitting diode, two electrical connecting elements, an electrical terminal, and a driving module. The shell has a first end and a second end opposite to each other. The light board is disposed on the first end of... Agent: Lextar Electronics Corporation

20150117038 - Mechanically adjustable light bulb for use in high temperature areas: A sturdy mechanically adjustable light bulb, employing a semiconductor-based light source, is disclosed wherein the semiconductor light source is thermally isolated from the remaining portion of the light bulb assembly, so that the light source may be placed outside of thermally harsh climate located at the bulb's plug.... Agent: Chefled Inc.

20150117039 - Substrate gap mounted led: A substrate gap mounted LED light includes an LED chip having an LED chip first terminal and an LED chip second terminal. A plurality of substrates have a metal construction, and the plurality of substrates includes a first substrate and a second substrate. A frame retains the plurality of substrates.... Agent:

20150117040 - Reading lamp for installation in a cabin trim element of a vehicle: wherein the clamping ring (9) is connected to the installation frame (1) by means of tension spring elements (10), such that the lamp housing (7) is forced against the support surface (6) of the inner surface of the ring element (2) by means of the clamping ring (9) and may... Agent: Diehl Aerospace Gmbh

20150117041 - Optical apparatus and automobile lighting: An optical apparatus includes first and second substrates disposed to oppose each other, the first substrate having a first electrode provided on a surface of the first substrate nearer to the second substrate, and the second substrate having a second electrode provided on a surface of the second substrate nearer... Agent: Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

20150117042 - Synchronized lamp adjuster: A synchronized lamp adjuster assembly allows for adjustment of vehicle lamp assemblies that can be adjusted synchronously or by using the same adjuster assembly. Two or more adjuster assemblies are connected together by at least one shaft drive assembly having a shaft drive head that interacts with an input shaft... Agent: Burton Technologies, LLC

20150117043 - Vehicular lamp unit: Disclosed is a lamp unit including a plurality of light sources and a mechanism configured to adjust a reference position of an axis according to the light sources. A projection lens unit includes a first projection lens and a second projection lens. At least some of light emitted from a... Agent:

20150117044 - Apparatus for radiating light from a virtual source: A lighting assembly that includes an LED source that generates a light cone (solid angle); and a transparent near field lens having a front surface, a collimating surface, and an aspherical groove. The collimating surface collimates the light cone into a beam that reflects off of the front surface toward... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150117045 - Head lamp for vehicle: A head lamp for a vehicle includes a light source configured to emit a light and a reflective mirror configured to reflect the light. A reflective mirror extended portion extends toward a front of the head lamp from the reflective mirror. An upper shield protrudes radially toward an inner side... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150117046 - Combination led fog lamp and daytime running lamp: A combination lamp for use in a vehicle includes a number of reflector modules, with each reflector module including a reflector, a first light emitting diode (“LED”) positioned at a focus of the reflector, and a second LED offset from the focus of the reflector. The lamp may also include... Agent:

20150117047 - Vehicle lamp: A vehicle lamp 10 includes a lamp body 11, a sealing material 42, and a lens member 12 and a leg portion 41. A groove portion 31 is formed in the lamp body 11. The sealing material 42 is filled in the groove portion 31. The leg portion 41 is... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150117049 - Assembly for forming an air-guiding element for a motor vehicle: An assembly for forming an air-guiding element for a motor vehicle, comprising a shell-shaped air-guiding body and a brake lamp. The air-guiding body has an elongated opening which extends through the air-guiding body. To form an air-guiding element, the elongated opening can be closed off at least in regions by... Agent: Rehau Ag+ Co

20150117048 - Vehicle auxiliary light assembly: A vehicle auxiliary light assembly (VALA) that is comprised of a first LED section that is vertically attached adjacent the right side of a vehicle's rear window and a similar second LED section that is vertically attached adjacent the left side of a vehicle's rear window. Each LED section is... Agent:

20150117050 - Fastener for a vehicle lamp assembly: A fastener for a vehicle lamp assembly has an adjustable stud and grommet. Positioning grooves on the stud interact with positioning fingers on the grommet in a ratcheting fashion to allow more accurate alignment of the lamp assembly prior to securing the lamp assembly to a vehicle.... Agent: Burton Technologies, LLC

20150117052 - Backlight module and display panel using the same: A backlight module includes a frame, a light source, a light guide plate, a wavelength conversion layer, and an optical film group. The light source is disposed in the frame. The light guide plate is disposed in the frame, and the light guide plate includes a light emitting surface, a... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20150117051 - Display device and backlight module: A backlight module includes a bottom frame, a light guide plate, a lighting bar and a supporting bar. The light guide plate is disposed on the bottom plate of the bottom frame. The lighting elements are arranged in a row on a setting surface of the flexible circuit board of... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150117053 - Light guide plate: A light guide plate including a plate body and a plurality of microstructures formed thereon is provided. The plate body has a light entrance surface, a light exit surface orthogonal to the light entrance surface, and at least one side surface neighboring the light exit surface and the light entrance... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150117054 - Display device: A display device includes a display panel, a light guide plate (LGP), a light source, and a positioning component. The LGP is disposed on a display surface of the display panel and has an upper surface and a lower surface opposite to each other, a light-incident surface, a first light-guiding... Agent: E Ink Holdings Inc.

20150117056 - Aroma machine using replaceable aroma container: An aroma machine that uses a replaceable aroma container is provided. The aroma machine includes a housing, a top cap, and a light-guiding accommodation unit coupled between the housing and the top cap. The light-guiding accommodation unit serves as a basic limiting component for the production of the aroma machine,... Agent:

20150117055 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus is provided. A display unit has a display region. A protecting cover has a patterned region, wherein the patterned region does not overlap the display region. A light guide plate is disposed between the display unit and the protecting cover and has a first light scattering region... Agent: E Ink Holdings Inc.

20150117057 - Light guide element and light source device using the light guide element: A light guide element and a light source device using the same are provided. The light guide element has a main body. The main body has a hollow portion with a cone shape and a microstructure pattern formed on the main body. The cone-shaped hollow portion has a bottom portion... Agent:

20150117058 - Led tube with light guiding plate: An LED tube includes an envelope, three light guiding plates received in the envelope, three LEDs mounted on the light guiding plates, and two covers fixed to two opposite ends of the envelope. The three light guiding plates each have an end face confronting a corresponding LED, an inner face... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150117059 - Multidirectional lighting module for implementing multiple colors and electronic device having the same: A multidirectional lighting module for implementing multiple colors and an electronic device having the same are provided. The multidirectional lighting module includes Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), a circuit board on which the LEDs are mounted, and a light guide plate that emits light incident from the LEDs in at least... Agent:

20150117060 - Light emitting diode bulb: A light-emitting diode includes an electrical connecting base, a lamp holder, a power driving module, an adapter plate and a lamp plate. One end of the lamp holder is connected to the electrical connecting base and the other end of the lamp holder is configured to be a supporting surface.... Agent:

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