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09/04/2014 > 45 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 61 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20140240950 - Flash device and image capture device provided with flash device: A flash device of the present invention includes a flash main body, a light emitting section rotatably coupled to the flash main body, and a variable mechanism that can vary the angle in the vertical direction of the light emitting section between a normal irradiation direction angle and a desired... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140240952 - Optical assembly and method for assembling the same, and optical module implemented with optical assembly: An optical assembly that installs red, green, blue laser diodes (LDs) within a single package is disclosed. The LDs are mounted on a base via respective sub-mounts. Light emitted from the LDs is collimated by collimating lenses and multiplexed by two wavelength filters so as to align optical axes of... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140240951 - Systems for providing illumination in optical metrology: The disclosure is directed to systems for providing illumination to a measurement head for optical metrology. In some embodiments of the disclosure, illumination beams from a plurality of illumination sources are combined to deliver illumination at one or more selected wavelengths to the measurement head. In some embodiments of the... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140240953 - Lighting structure of liquid crystal panel in gauge for vehicle: A lighting structure of a liquid crystal panel in a gauge for a vehicle includes a dial, a pointer member, a liquid crystal display panel, a pointer, and a pointer illuminating light source. The lighting structure further includes an illuminating light dividing and output part, and a luminance adjusting part.... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140240954 - Strip lighting device: A strip lighting device includes a main body having front and rear sides extending along a length of the main body. The front side is disposed towards a viewer of the device and the rear side includes a light scattering layer for scattering light from a source of illumination towards... Agent:

20140240957 - Led lamp with improved light output: The present disclosure involves an LED lamp. The LED lamp includes a plurality of light-emitting diode (LED) light sources located on a substrate. At least a subset of the LED light sources is free of a phosphor coating. The LED lamp includes a multi-layered cap structure located over at least... Agent:

20140240956 - Light source device: A light source device includes a light conversion unit, a heat radiation unit, and a heat storage unit. The light conversion unit emits illumination light. The heat radiation unit radiates heat generated in the light conversion unit. The heat storage unit is thermally connected to the light conversion unit or... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140240955 - Luminaire: According to one embodiment, a luminaire includes a main body section including a flat surface on one end side, a light-emitting module provided to be thermally joined to the flat surface and including a light-emitting element that emits light having a peak wavelength equal to or larger than 430 nm... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140240959 - Household appliance with at least one luminous surface in the treatment area: A household appliance includes a plurality of walls which delimit a treatment compartment. At least one of the walls, e.g. a rear wall of the treatment compartment, is configured predominantly or entirely with a luminous surface element. The luminous surface element can be sized to occupy at least 50% of... Agent:

20140240958 - Luminous water wall display: A water display is described having a lighting array emanating light that travels through a wall. Water flows down the wall to vary the appearance of the light that shines through the wall. The flow of water and particular lights being turned on and off may be controlled. Dramatic visual... Agent:

20140240961 - Display device and electronic apparatus: A hook portion projecting outward is provided on a side plate portion of an upper case. An upper case includes a support surface that supports a display surface of a display panel. A lower case includes a sidewall that faces an outer circumferential side of the side plate portion. The... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20140240960 - Display having a backplane with an edge surface that makes an angle with the top surface: A display is disclosed. The display has a backplane with a top surface and an edge surface. The edge surface makes an angle α with respect to the top surface. An optical system is used to create a collimated light beam that is coupled to the edge surface. The collimated... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140240962 - Cup with twinkling light effects: This invention provides a cup with twinkling light effects, primarily comprising an inner cup, an outer cup, and a light unit, with the lower half of the inner cup having a number of arched convex strips, and the base of which has diamond-facet of concave and convex cones. As a... Agent:

20140240963 - Multi-functional walking aid: An improved cane with an internal grasping apparatus including an actuator on the cane handle and a plurality of clamps that extends from the foot or base of the cane. A cord system within the casing of the cane connects the actuator to the clamps so that when the actuator... Agent:

20140240964 - Illuminated makeup mirror set: An illuminated makeup mirror set includes: a mirror unit having a mirror surface; side plates having attached thereto surface light sources with adjustable color; and a controller for driving the surface light sources according to an input operation and adjusting emission color and brightness of the surface light sources. The... Agent:

20140240965 - Hybrid light fixture housing: A hybrid light fixture housing comprising a roll formed or press fabricated metal housing substrate having ceiling interface side members formed from aluminum extrusion processes attached thereto. The ceiling interface side members may comprise a single extruded clip member configured to clip around the ends of the sidewalls of the... Agent:

20140240967 - Portable light chargeable from different sources: A portable light or device may comprise: a housing for receiving a battery; a light source or other operating element in the housing; an electrical switch actuatable from outside the housing; a control circuit in the housing connecting the operating element in circuit with a battery for selectively energizing the... Agent: Streamlight, Inc.

20140240968 - Solar powered led portable light tower: A solar powered LED portable light tower. A solar powered LED portable light tower may comprise: one or more photovoltaic modules, an adjustable masthead, one or more lamps, one or more batteries, an inverter, a controller, and a base. The lamps may be light emitting diodes. The controller may be... Agent: Cubed, LLC

20140240966 - Supplemental, backup or emergency lighting systems and methods: A supplemental lighting system includes a charging circuit having a reference voltage for the charging circuit set through changes to reference resistances, and/or having an output voltage, current or power set through a connector configuration. In one example, a battery storage connector can be used to select a particular resistance... Agent:

20140240969 - Dual-lens zooming flashlight: Disclosed is a dual-lens zooming flashlight, comprising a lamp cap, a cylinder body, a luminous element and two plano-convex lenses, characterized in that: the lamp cap is sleeved at the front part of the cylinder body, rotated together with the cylinder body and connected with the cylinder body in a... Agent:

20140240970 - Self-defense flashlight: A self-defense device that includes a flashlight with a weapon end, tissue-abrading and tissue-collecting features, and with or without a writing instrument.... Agent: Powertech, Inc.

20140240972 - Base, round tube housing and lamp including base and round tube housing: A base configured to carry a light emitting body and to be inserted into a round tube housing, may include: a rectangular portion configured to carry the light emitting body on a first surface of the rectangular portion; and first and second fixing portions configured to extend from first and... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140240971 - Multi-position led tube connector: The connector for connecting the LED tube to the electrical supply holder has a pair of metal connector pins each of which has a pair of electrical contact in two bores of a circumferential array of bore to allow the LED tube to be inserted into the electrical supply holder... Agent:

20140240973 - Completely plastic led tube light and manufacturing method thereof: A completely plastic LED tube light, may include plastic shell comprising wires embedded therein, wherein two or more projections having greater dimensions than that of the wires are formed on the wires, end caps located at two ends of the plastic shell, respectively, and LEDs positioned in a space enclosed... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140240974 - High voltage array light emitting diode (led) devices and fixtures: High voltage array light emitting devices and fixtures are disclosed. In one embodiment a light emitting device can include a submount, a light emission area disposed over the submount and a retention material adapted to be dispensed about the light emission area. The light emitting device can be operable at... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140240976 - Light emitting apparatus, and light irradiation apparatus provided with light emitting apparatus: A light emitting device (1) includes (i) a surface-mounted light emitting section (10a), (ii) a lens section (30) which is provided on a light exit side of the surface-mount light emitting section (10a), and (iii) a frame section (40) which fixes a periphery of the lens section (30). In the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240975 - Light emitting device: A light emitting device includes a first light emitting diode chip comprising a red wavelength, a second light emitting diode chip comprising a different red wavelength from the wavelength of the first light emitting diode chip, and a plurality of third light emitting diode chips disposed around the first and... Agent: Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20140240977 - Light source system and laser light source: Disclosed are a light source system and a laser light source (300). The laser light source includes two groups of laser groups (20a, 20b), wherein at least one group of laser groups includes at least two lasers (21a, 21b, 21c, 21d), and the light beams (L1) generated by the two... Agent: Appotronics Corporation Limited

20140240981 - Backlight and display system using same: A backlight that includes a front reflector and a back reflector that form a hollow light recycling cavity including an output surface is disclosed. The backlight further includes one or more light sources disposed to emit light into the light recycling cavity. The front reflector includes an on-axis average reflectivity... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140240978 - Illuminating apparatus: Disclosed is an illuminating apparatus including a housing including a lower plate and a side plate and a light emitting module including a substrate disposed on the lower plate and a plurality of light sources disposed on the substrate to be spaced apart from each other, wherein a height of... Agent:

20140240979 - Light source device: A light source device is disclosed and includes a reflective cup, a light-emitting chip, and a light transmissive substrate. The reflective cup has an opening. The light-emitting chip has a light-emitting layer, a first light-emitting surface, and a second light-emitting surface. The first and second light-emitting surfaces are opposite right... Agent: Dongguan Masstop Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.

20140240982 - Mounting arrangement: A mounting arrangement for mounting an optical member to an oblong luminaire, comprising a plurality of mounting members, arranged to be fixed to an end cap at the narrow side of an oblong luminaire and to accommodate the optical member, wherein the plurality of mounting members comprises a first type... Agent: Thorn Lighting Ltd.

20140240980 - Optical film compression lenses, overlays and assemblies: A compression lens assembly is disclosed that includes one or more pieces of optical film with a top edge defining an X-axis, a bottom edge, a left edge defining a Y-axis, a right edge at a distance W from the left edge, and a Z-axis perpendicular to the X- and... Agent: Southpac Trust International Inc., Trustee Of The Ldh Trust

20140240983 - Led street lamp: An LED street structures includes a pair of frames, a plurality of LED modules, an electrical box, a side cover and a back cover. Each frame has a cover plate, a supporting plate and a blocking plate. The LED modules are arranged between the frames. Two sides of the LED... Agent: Hergy Lighting Technology Corp.

20140240984 - Light emitting diode light bulb and incandescent lamp conversion apparatus: Apparatus and methods separate the functions of light emission, heat dissipation, and power conversion in LED lighting. Doing so may facilitate cost-effective LED lighting and enable the conversion of existing incandescent lamps to LED service. An LED light bulb includes a thermal path from LED dies to a thermal transfer... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140240985 - Electronic device with reduced-stress flexible display: The raised portions may create locally thinned regions in the flexible polymer substrate. The reduced thickness of the flexible polymer substrate in the thinned regions may help ensure that a neutral stress plane that is associated with bending the display along the bend axis is aligned with the display circuitry,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140240986 - Method for mounting light radiation sources and light source therefor: A method of placing on a mounting substrate light radiation sources arranged in successive sequences wherein each sequence includes light radiation sources from different bins having respective light emission characteristics and wherein the sequential order of recurrence of the light radiation sources of the various bins is repeated over the... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140240987 - Detection system and detection method for detecting distance value of back light module: A detection system for detecting a distance value between a light source and a group of optical films of a back light module includes a base, a luminance detection device, a transfer device, and a distance detection device. The base is configured for supporting the light source. The luminance detection... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140240988 - Ambient lighting jig assembly and method: An ambient lighting jig assembly generally includes a support assembly, a trim panel, an insert panel, and a light source. The support assembly defines an inner support cavity. The trim panel is configured to be coupled to the support assembly and at least partly defines a jig opening. The insert... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140240990 - Led lighting device: The present invention relates to an LED lighting device comprising: a power case main body wherein one side is opened to form a receiving space inside, and a lamp terminal is provided to be electrically connected to a lamp socket on an end of the other side; a main body... Agent: Hunix

20140240989 - Method of making a heat sink assembly, heat sink assemblies made therefrom, and illumants using the heat sink assembly: In an embodiment, a method of making a heat sink assembly (10) can comprise: forming an heat sink assembly (10) comprising a polymer heat sink (14) around a metal insert (12), the polymer heat sink (14) comprising a thermally conductive polymer material, wherein the heat sink assembly (10) has a... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140240991 - Ultra slim collimator for light emitting diode: Systems and devices for collimating beams of light emitted by a light emitting diode are disclosed. In one embodiment, an optical device comprises a bowl shaped reflector base, a light emitting diode (LED) physically attached to the bowl shaped reflector base, a central reflector in a shape of a hyperbolic... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140240992 - Device and method for coupling a light source to a printed circuit board in lamps: A lamp includes a collar with internal and outer surfaces, where two or more connection pins extend from the internal surface of the collar. At least two connection pins have a head portion distal from the collar internal surface. The head portions include a slot. The lamp includes a light... Agent: General Electric Company

20140240995 - Light-emitting element mounting substrate and light emitting device: A light-emitting element mounting substrate and a light-emitting device. The light-emitting element mounting substrate is composed of an alumina-based sintered body. The alumina-based sintered body contains 80 percent by mass or more of aluminum oxide with respect to 100% by mass of all constituent components. An O/Al atomic ratio of... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140240994 - Lighting device: A lighting device includes a heat sink including a first heat radiation part and a second heat radiation part; a light source module including a substrate disposed on the first heat radiation part, and a light emitting device disposed on the substrate; and a power supply unit which is disposed... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140240996 - Luminaire arrangement: There is provided a luminaire arrangement (30) comprising a luminaire holder (10) and a luminaire module (20). The luminaire holder (10) is arranged to be attached to a ground plane (32) and comprises electrical circuitry connectors (12), grommet seals (14) provided on said electrical circuitry connectors (12), and a shield... Agent:

20140240993 - System for cooling devices: A cooling system is provided. The cooling system includes an enclosure. The enclosure is defined by walls among which at least one is movable. The enclosure further includes at least one aperture on at least one wall. The system further includes an amplification element that is coupled with at least... Agent: General Electric Company

20140240997 - Light-signaling glazing for a vehicle: An illuminated vehicle signaling glazing unit, including: a first transparent sheet made of mineral glass including a first main face configured to be directed toward outside the vehicle, a second main face configured to be directed toward inside the vehicle, and an edge face; one or more light sources, or... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20140240999 - Illuminated chromatic emblem assembly with micro leds: An illuminated emblem assembly is provided that includes a power source, a backing member, and a light-producing assembly coupled to the power source and supported by the backing member. The light-producing assembly includes a plurality of light-emitting diode sources. The light-producing assembly may also include a plurality of micro-sized, dispersed... Agent: Colonial Plastics, Inc.

20140240998 - Luminous glazing unit for vehicle, manufacture thereof: A luminous glazing unit for a vehicle, includes a first pane of mineral or organic glass having a first main face, a second main face and a side face, a diode support, diodes facing an edge of the second face of the first pane, referred to as the injection face,... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20140241000 - Vehicular lamp: A vehicular lamp including at least three or more optical systems (10 to 50) that form respective illumination areas (15 to 55) in front of the lamp, thus forming a light distribution pattern in front of the lamp with the bombined illumination areas (15 to 55). The optical axes of... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140241001 - Vehicular lamp: A vehicular lamp includes a light source, a cooling fan configured to cool the light source, a light source power supply module configured to drive the light source for emission of light, and a control module configured to execute an abnormal rotation detection of the cooling fan and to control... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140241002 - Linear light source, light guide, and optical scanning module: A linear light source emits light beams for illuminating a target. The linear light source includes a light guide, and a light-emitting unit. The light guide has a bottom surface, first and second reflecting surfaces extending from opposite side edges of the bottom surface, and a light converging convex surface... Agent: Lite-on Technology Corp.

20140241003 - Mounting device for a sanitary element: A mounting device (26) for a sanitary element comprises a mounting frame (30) to hold the sanitary element and a lighting unit (B) connected to the mounting frame, which comprises a first optical means (1) having at least one light source (3) for providing a first glow of light (5)... Agent: Geberit International Ag

20140241004 - Led candle lamp with flame lighting effects: A LED candle lamp by controlling the coil to generate a magnetic attractive force to attract the magnet set, the translucent flame-shaped blade is vibrated when the emitted light of the LED lamp is guided by the light guide tube toward the blame-shaped blade body of the translucent flame-shaped blade,... Agent:

20140241005 - Mount arrangement for supporting a tapered light pipe: There is disclosed mount arrangement for supporting a tapered light pipe (5) of a type having a relatively wide end (8), a relatively narrow end (7), and an outer surface (9). The mount arrangement includes: a support assembly (25) provided within a housing (13) and having a central bore (28)... Agent: Qioptiq Limited

20140241006 - Light plate assembly: A light plate assembly having minimal light leakage and uniform luminosity. The light plate assembly has a housing, a trough within the housing and a cover. The cover has a transparent window with an opaque side edge that prevents undesired light leakage between an outer surface of the transparent window... Agent: Dakkota Lighting Technologies LLC

20140241007 - Reflector, light source module, and display device: A reflector, a light source module, and a display device are disclosed. The reflector includes a substrate and slant reflecting surfaces disposed on the substrate and arranged from a first side to an opposite second side of the reflector. Each slant reflecting surface has an arc-shaped orthogonal projection on the... Agent: Young Lighting Technology Inc.

20140241008 - Lighting module and lighting apparatus including the same: r

20140241009 - Spread illumination apparatus: A spread illumination apparatus includes: a light source; and a light guide plate having a light entrance surface on which the light source is disposed, and a light exit surface through which light introduced from the light entrance surface is emitted, wherein the light guide plate includes a light entrance... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20140241010 - Display device: A display device includes: a first chassis including a bottom surface, and a side wall which extends from an edge of the bottom surface; a light guide plate in the first chassis; a first fixing member which overlaps the side wall of the first chassis and contacts an upper surface... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

08/21/2014 > 56 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140233206 - Light source device, artificial sunlight radiation apparatus, and method for maintaining light source device: A light source device (10) according to the present invention includes a first light source (1) and a first condensing member (2) that has a first opening (24) and that outputs output light from the first light source (1) through the first opening (24). The first condensing member (2) is... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140233207 - Strobe device: A strobe device of the present invention includes a flash discharge tube having an anode electrode and a cathode electrode on both ends thereof, and a conductive reflector in contact with an outer peripheral surface of the flash discharge tube. The reflector houses a part of the flash discharge tube... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140233208 - Pointer-type display device: Disclosed is a pointer-type display device having a high degree of design freedom, with which a design can be efficiently illuminated. Said device is provided with a light guide letter board (10), a light guide body (20), and a pointer (30), and a first light source (51). The light guide... Agent: Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.

20140233213 - Led light system with various luminescent materials: An LED light system may include a primary LED radiation source, in particular at least one blue- or UV-emitting semiconductor element, wherein a first dome of transparent or translucent material, which acts as a conversion element, is placed in front of the primary light source in the emission direction, wherein... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140233211 - Led luminaires based on color mixing and remote phosphor arrangement: In various embodiments, a luminaire may include: two or more groups of light emitting elements, each group of light emitting elements having respective wavelength range; and a fluorescence component being capable of generating fluorescence under excitation of the light emitted from said light emitting elements, wherein said fluorescence component is... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140233209 - Light emitting device: Provided is a light emitting device with effectively improved color rendering properties. A light emitting device 1 includes: a light source 2 that emits light having the maximum intensity at a predetermined wavelength; a first phosphor (yellow phosphor) 51 that absorbs the light emitted by the light source 2 and... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140233212 - Optical member, display device, and light emitting device having the same: Disclosed are an optical member and a display device. The display device includes a light source; a light conversion layer to convert a wavelength of light emitted from the light source; and a display panel into which the light is incident from the light conversion layer, wherein the light conversion... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140233210 - Semiconductor light source apparatus: A semiconductor light source apparatus can emit various color lights having high brightness. The light source apparatus can include a phosphor layer directly disposed on a reflective layer and metallic bumps located between the reflective layer and a radiating substrate. The phosphor layer can be composed of at least one... Agent: Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

20140233214 - Wavelength converting element and arrangement comprising at least one licht-emitting diode and a wavelength converting element: A converting element for converting emitted light from one or more light-emitting diodes is disclosed. The converting element may include a matrix material, and at least one phosphor, wherein the converting element further comprises a component, which is either a thermochromic dye or a phase change medium.... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140233215 - Orientation dependent illumination device a dispensing container: A dispensing container is equipped with a battery powered orientation dependent illumination device.... Agent:

20140233216 - Backlight assembly and method of assembling the same and liquid crystal display including backlight assembly: A backlight assembly includes a light source unit including a circuit board, a light source disposed on a first plane of the circuit board, and at least one connection unit disposed on a second plane opposite to the first plane of the circuit board and electrically connected to the light... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140233217 - Surface light source device and display device: In a surface light source device (1), a positive reflective region (23) of a reflective member (20) that is disposed on the bottom surface (4) of a housing (2) reflects light output by a light emitting device (14) toward a direction away from the light emitting device (14). As a... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20140233218 - Transparent lcd window frame with adjustable led spot lights: This invention provides a Transparent LCD window frame with adjustable LED spot lights to be primarily use as an information screen when set in front of an object. The transparent LCD displays information, images or videos in front of objects or people that are properly lighted by the built in... Agent: Holografyx Canada Inc.

20140233219 - Love glow key: This invention relates to a key that will illuminate in the dark. Why is it needed? The concept serves as a niche for the market and has the potential for making keys. It's easily recognizable simply by associating the key color with homes, locks, garages, offices, machinery and ect. This... Agent:

20140233220 - Electroluminescent pet collars, leashes and personal safety devices: Collar, harness or leash mounted electroluminescent strips are powered by an electronic inverter circuit and batteries inside a plastic housing. A lid on the housing is thinned around a central push button. An extension of the push button activates or deactivates a push switch in the base. An O-ring in... Agent: Dogbrite LLP

20140233221 - Single maneuver setup standalone unit umbrella artificial tree: An umbrella Christmas tree comprising a slide ring, legs pivotably connected to the slide ring and branches rotationally connected to the legs is described. The tree is able to be transformed from a storage position into a continuum of display positions in one motion by sliding a slide ring along... Agent:

20140233222 - Lamp and illuminated hardscape: A lamp and a hardscape structure illuminated by the lamp are disclosed. The lamp is formed from a plate to which a light fixture is attached. The plate may have a flange, a decorative face plate and side panels attached to direct light from the fixture along the hardscape on... Agent:

20140233223 - Wall or picture frame mounted illumination device using light emitting diodes: A picture illuminating device for mounting on the wall above the picture, or on the back of the picture frame. The device utilizes a light emitting diode (LED) or array of LEDs or light tube with LEDs to produce uniform lighting and is powered by conventional or rechargeable batteries which... Agent:

20140233224 - Light-sensing illumination system: In one aspect, the present invention relates to an illumination system including a power source, a light source electrically coupled to the power source, and a light sensor electrically coupled to the power source and the light source. The light sensor activates the light source responsive to a pre-determined minimum-lumen... Agent:

20140233225 - Led lighting module, led lighting system and led lighting retrofit kit: The present document describes a LED lighting module forming part of a LED lighting system comprising a troffer, the LED lighting module comprising: a mounting surface comprising a first end and a second end; light emitting diodes (LEDs) located on the mounting surface; a LED module electrical connector assembly located... Agent: Sevlights

20140233226 - System and method for providing led tube lights with integrated sensors: A system is presented including a tube light mounted in a tube light socket. The tube light includes a printed wiring board, one or more LEDs mounted to the printed wiring board, and one or more sensors mounted to the printed wiring board. The tube light also includes a power... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140233227 - Holder element for holding at least one flat surface-light lamp, set of a plurality of lampholders and a plurality of elongate holding bodies and luminaire: A holder element for holding at least one flat surface-light lamp includes: an elongate, flat plate body having an upper plate side and a lower plate side arranged opposite the upper plate side, and one or more lampholders, which can be fitted on the plate body, for mechanically holding and... Agent: Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

20140233230 - Led luminary and method for fabricating the same: In various embodiments, an LED luminary may include: a plurality of LED light emitting elements; and an installation component for installing the plurality of LED light emitting elements in the LED luminary, wherein the plurality of LED light emitting elements are installed so that the LED light emitting elements are... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140233231 - Light fixtures and multi-plane light modifying elements: In an example embodiment, a light fixture is provided that includes an enclosure with an aperture plane and two or more linear light emitting diode (LED) arrays configured to mount within the enclosure on LED array mounting features that are oriented at an angle between about 80 degrees and about... Agent: Southpac Trust International Inc, Trustee Of The Ldh Trust

20140233228 - Lighting fixture: According to one embodiment, there is provided a lighting fixture including a light source module and a support unit. The light source module includes a case which has the shape of a tube extending in a first direction, includes an opening, a substrate on which plural light sources are provided,... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140233229 - Luminaire and output element coupling mechanism therefor: Described are various embodiments of a luminaire and output element coupling mechanism therefor. In one embodiment, a recessable luminaire comprises two or more luminaire modules, each one of which comprising a recessable housing having opposed side walls. The luminaire further comprises an output element securable along and between these side... Agent: Axis Lighting Inc.

20140233232 - Modular lighting system: The invention proposes a lighting system (1) comprising a plurality of modules (3;30), the modifies (3;30) respectively comprising:—a housing (4) provided with an exit window;—at least one light source (5;35) provided in the housing; wherein the lighting system further comprises:—a controller (2) arranged to drive light source(s) (5,35);—an electrical circuit... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140233233 - Led illumination device: Disclosed is an LED illumination device of a simple configuration, capable of suppressing thermal resistance to a low level, and of effectively dissipating heat generated from LED elements. Rigidity of a mounting plate is ensured by a wall of a certain height, and thereby the mounting plate now becomes possible... Agent:

20140233234 - Retractable light string inside an ornament device: An ornament device for storing and deploying ornamental lights is formed as a shell or housing. The shell or housing stores and provides for deploying a string of ornament lights. The sting of ornamental lights is formed with an electrical wire interconnecting a plurality of ornamental lights interspaced along the... Agent:

20140233235 - Ballistic shields: A novel hand carried ballistic shield is disclosed. Optimal shields have a shield plate, a forestock seat, and a forearm carrier generally provided as a plurality of adjustable straps. If fixed to the plate, the straps are aligned at an upward forearm angle; if the carrier is rotatably adjustable with... Agent:

20140233236 - Ground composite body comprising a glass body and a plastic: A decorative composite body includes a glass body and a plastic partly enclosing the glass body, wherein part of the surface of the glass body is arranged on the outside of the decorative composite body, wherein at least two adjacent glass and plastic areas arranged on the outside of the... Agent: D. Swarovski & Co.

20140233237 - Light concentrator assembly: A light concentrator assembly includes a concentrator portion having multiple light concentrators. The light concentrator assembly concentrates light received from different parts of a light source, such as a light emitting diode, and outputs light beams that have an angular spectrum narrower than the light beam received from the light... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140233238 - Stage lighting fixture: l

20140233239 - Light-emitting module, light-emitting device, and luminaire: According to one embodiment, a light-emitting module includes a substrate, a cover, a frame body, and a resin layer. A light-emitting section including a light-emitting element is provided on the substrate. The cover has translucency and is opposed to the light-emitting section. The frame body is interposed between the substrate... Agent:

20140233240 - Disk having an illuminated switch surface: A disk having an illuminated switch surface is described. The disk has a transparent substrate, an electrically conductive structure, which forms a switch surface, a flat conductor, which is electrically connected to the electrically conductive structure by means of an electrical connecting element, a light-irradiation means, which has at least... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20140233241 - Circuit board element having at least one led: The invention relates to a circuit board element (1) comprising a substrate (2), on which at least one dielectric layer (7) is arranged, and at least one LED (light-emitting diode) (10), wherein at least one channel-shaped waveguide cavity (11) leading away from the LED (10) is provided in the dielectric... Agent: At & S Austria Technologies & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft

20140233242 - Light source module and lighting apparatus having the same: A light source module including a light source, a first lens disposed above the light source and including a through hole penetrating through top and bottom surfaces thereof, and a second lens disposed to face the light source within the through hole and moving in an optical axis direction to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140233243 - Use of a light-diffusing polycarbonate sheet as a light cover: The present invention therefore provides for the use of a light-diffusing polycarbonate sheet based on a composition comprising A) 99.9 to 80% by weight of polycarbonate and B) 0.1 to 20% by weight of diffusing pigment selected from at least one from the group of the silicone resins and the... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

20140233244 - Lens slide for an automated luminaire: The described systems 200 provides a simplified slide system for longitudinal movement of optical light modulators 102 for automated luminaires 12 employing expansion and contractions slots 125, 126 which allow for precise smooth movement over a range of temperatures.... Agent:

20140233245 - Led-based lighting with reflector mounted on pcb: An LED-based lighting component is disclosed. It comprises of a plurality of LEDs mounted to a printed circuit board. Furthermore, a surface mount reflector of a metal sheet with punched out reflector surfaces is located on the printed circuit board. The surface mount reflector forms at least two reflectors at... Agent:

20140233246 - Pivoting thermal transfer joint: A recessed luminaire thermal management assembly (20) includes a recessed luminaire can (22) having an open lower end (26) and an upper end (24) with at least one sidewall (28) extending between the open lower end and the closed upper end, an intermediate heat sink (50) connected to the luminaire... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140233247 - Semiconductor lighting devices and methods: Lighting device embodiments having a housing enclosing one or more interior volumes, along with a serviceable port in the housing to allow venting of one or more of the interior volumes, are disclosed. The lighting devices may further include internal venting paths to allow transfer of contaminating gases to the... Agent: Deepsea Power And Light, Inc.

20140233248 - Cup-shaped heat dissipation member applicable in electric-powered light emitting unit: The present invention provides a novel cup-shaped heat dissipater structure for meeting the heat dissipation requirement of an electric luminous body; the outer and/or inner surface of the cup-shaped heat dissipater (100) is served for accommodating the electric luminous body (200), so the heat generated by the electric luminous body... Agent:

20140233249 - Tape package and flat panel display device including the same: Provided are a tape package and a flat panel display device including the tape package. The tape package includes a base film, a semiconductor chip mounted on one surface of the base film, a wire pattern including an input wire pattern and an output wire pattern formed on one surface... Agent:

20140233250 - Intelligent light device for a vehicle: An intelligent light device for a vehicle includes a light body, a light-controlling unit, a light-emitting unit and a condensing lens. The light-controlling unit has a MCU and a PWM. The light-controlling unit is used to sense a first illumination level of a surrounding area of a light projection region.... Agent:

20140233251 - Block light module: A light module for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The light module includes a light source and a reflecting unit. The light module also includes an optical waveguide, wherein the waveguide is formed by a plate-shaped body having an L-shaped cross section, the light-reflecting unit comprises a reflector arranged in... Agent: Varroc Lighting Systems S.r.o.

20140233252 - Vehicle lighting device: There is provided a lighting device which is to be mounted on a vehicle. The lighting device includes: a housing forming a lamp chamber, the housing including a wall having an opening therethrough; a light source which is disposed in the lamp chamber; a heat sink, wherein the light source... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140233253 - Vehicle headlight: A vehicle headlight utilizes a rotationally asymmetric projection lens with its light emitting surface inclined with respect to the optical axis thereof, whereby the light emitted from the light source and projected forward through the light emitting surface of the projection lens is diffused substantially uniformly with respect to the... Agent: Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

20140233254 - Lighting and/or signaling unit, notably for a motor vehicle: v

20140233255 - Headlamp device for automobile: A headlamp device of a vehicle is configured as follows: A headlamp housing 30 is provided with a shock-absorbing portion 33 which protrudes from the rear wall of the headlamp housing 30 toward the rear of the vehicle, and whose longitudinal section is formed in a U-shape which opens toward... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140233256 - Sunny bright solar lighting: Sunny Bright Solar Lighting is an easily mounted roof solar sunpipe that magnifies and concentrates the incoming sun light with an internally mounted and focused nonimaging Fresnel lens paired with a Kohler concentrator lens in order to magnify and concentrate the focused intense sun light onto a fiber optic illumination... Agent:

20140233257 - Light emitting module applied to display device: A light emitting module includes a first circuit board, a driver chip, two connectors, a second circuit board and a plurality of light emitting units. The driver chip is disposed on the first circuit board. The two connectors are disposed on the first circuit board and electrically connected to the... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20140233258 - Backlight module: A backlight module includes: a light guiding plate; at least one light guiding point which is formed on a bottom surface of the light guiding plate; an upper light-permeable thin film disposed on a top surface of the light guiding plate; a lower light-permeable thin film disposed on the bottom... Agent: Changshu Sunrex Technology Co., Ltd.

20140233259 - Display device: A display device includes a display module configured to output image information, a front case configured to cover a front edge portion of the display module, with an opening formed in a central portion, and a rear case coupled to the front case to cover a back side of the... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140233260 - Changing graphics in an apparatus including user interface illumination: An apparatus includes a light guide. A first light input section receives light in a first direction into said light guide. First direction-dependent outcoupling structures selectively couple out light propagating in said first direction in said light guide. A second light input section receives light in a second direction into... Agent: Core Wireless Licensing S.a.r.l.

20140233261 - Display device and multi-display device: A display device (100) includes: a display panel (110) having a display area where an image is displayed; a light guide member (150) that has an inner side face (150a) set at an 80 to 110° angle θ to the surface of the display panel (110) and that guides light... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

08/14/2014 > 66 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20140226299 - Flash lens and flash module employing the same: A flash lens and a flash module employing the same. The flash lens includes a lens unit including an incident surface, a reflecting surface, and a light-emitting surface; and a lens seating portion disposed at a lower portion of an edge of the light-emitting surface, extending and protruding from the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140226300 - Accessories for mobile electronic devices: Some embodiments disclosed herein relate to a case for a mobile electronic device having an onboard camera lens. The case may be removably attachable by a user to the mobile electronic device or to a second case that is attached to the mobile electronic device. The case may provide components... Agent: Olloclip, LLC

20140226301 - Phosphor wheel illumination using laser light reflective region: Image projection illumination apparatus and methods are provided. A color wheel has a blue laser light reflecting region and other regions respectively coated with different color light emitting phosphors. Blue laser light of a given polarization is directed by reflection or transmission by a blue laser light polarization selective filter... Agent:

20140226302 - Luminescent keyboard and light-guide board thereof: A luminescent keyboard includes a light-guide board, a thin-film circuit board, a key module and at least one light-emitting component. The thin-film circuit board is disposed on the light-guide board. The key module is disposed on the thin-film circuit board. The light-emitting component is disposed at a position corresponding to... Agent: Giga-byte Technology Co., Ltd.

20140226303 - Multi-color in-dash lighting system for changing vehicle backlighting: A vehicle interior lighting system for enabling a driver to control the intensity and color of interior lighting is presented. The system includes a controller that controls the color and intensity of interior lighting, a selector control that switches color and intensity controls to various groups of interior lights (such... Agent:

20140226304 - Adjustable surgical light device and system: An adjustable light for a medical environment comprises a first housing adapted for engagement with a handle of an overhead light, a second housing including a lamp operatively connected to a power source for generating illuminating light, and a flexible shaft extending between and interconnecting the first housing at a... Agent: Palmetto Biomedical Inc.

20140226306 - Color sequence illumination system with phosphor light filter: An illuminator for an imaging system using a spatial light modulator has first color laser light directed by a dichroic element to a first annular band on a rotatable member. The first band includes phosphor segments that respond to illumination by the first color light to emit second and third... Agent:

20140226307 - Led lamp with uniform omnidirectional light intensity output: A light emitting apparatus comprises: an LED-based light source; a spherical, spheroidal, or toroidal diffuser generating a Lambertian light intensity distribution output at any point on the diffuser surface responsive to illumination inside the diffuser; and a base including a base connector. The LED based light source, the diffuser, and... Agent:

20140226308 - Light-emitting device: A light-emitting device includes a light-emitting element and a wavelength conversion layer. The light-emitting device further includes the translucent member having a translucent base and the wavelength conversion layer formed on the translucent base. The wavelength conversion layer does not contact the light-emitting element, and is sealed in the light-emitting... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140226305 - Lighting device: A lighting device may be provided that includes a housing; a coupling member coupled to the housing; a reflector disposed between the housing and the coupling member; a light source unit connected to the coupling member; and an optical member connected to the light source unit, wherein the optical member... Agent:

20140226309 - Enhanced optical illusion fluid display device: A fluid display device that produces the illusion of fluid droplets traveling up, traveling down or levitating, in a stable, smooth, and non-jerky motion. The fluid display device includes a housing, a reservoir for storing the fluid, an outlet nozzle for dispensing the fluid, a pump pulsating the fluid, an... Agent:

20140226310 - Electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a housing, a panel, a back light, a sheet and a plurality of frame parts. The panel is within the housing. The back light emits light toward the panel. The sheet is between the panel and the back light. The frame parts... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140226311 - Light emitting device and display device: There are provided a light-emitting device for use in a backlight unit of a display apparatus equipped with a display panel, which can be made lower in profile and is capable of applying light to the display panel with uniformity in the brightness of the display panel in the planar... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140226312 - Light unit and a lcd liquid crystal display comprising the light unit: Provided is a light unit including a plurality of LED light sources formed on a PCB, a resin layer stacked on the PCB to diffuse and guide emitted light forwards, and a diffusion plate having an optical pattern printed thereon to shield light emitted from the LED light sources. The... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140226313 - Structure of luminous rotary container: A container includes a receptacle, a stationary base, a rotating device, a power supply device, and an actuator. The receptacle receives a substance therein. The rotating device and the power supply device are arranged in the stationary base. The stationary base includes at least one light-emitting element. The rotating device... Agent:

20140226314 - Helmet lighting system: A helmet including a lighting system integrated into said helmet, the lighting system comprising a first layer; light emitting means mounted to said first layer; controller means mounted to said first layer for controlling said light emitting means; wiring means for linking said light emitting means to said controller means;... Agent:

20140226315 - Low voltage power supply for a merchandise display system: A merchandise display system may include a low voltage power assembly may comprise a track that includes one or more conductive rods and one or more mechanical connections, wherein the track is powered from a power source; and a power connector assembly that connects to the track, wherein the one... Agent: Rtc Industries, Inc.

20140226317 - Barrier with integrated self cooling solid state light sources: An integrated barrier or partition (e.g. suspended ceiling, wall, etc.) containing lightweight solid state light sources wherein the light emitting surface of the light sources are the primary heat dissipating surfaces of the light sources. The light sources consisting of light emitting diodes (LED) in thermal contact to light transmitting... Agent: Goldeneye, Inc.

20140226316 - Modular led lighting system: This disclosure relates to LED based lighting systems, such as surface mounted lighting systems and lighting systems that can connected to an existing grid structure. These lighting systems can be utilized in many settings, for example, as primary lighting systems for a commercial building and for retrofit lighting improvement purposes.... Agent:

20140226318 - Door handle night-light: A night-light comprising an elastic cover for mounting on a door handle and circuitry for activation and deactivation of a light source.... Agent: 3d Lighting Innovations Inc.

20140226319 - Tactical throw light: An automatic tactical light bar includes a body having a plurality of illuminated sides including at least a first illuminated side and a second illuminated side arranged around a central chamber; a plurality of illumination elements fixed to the illuminated sides with at least one illumination element per illuminated side;... Agent:

20140226320 - Linear led lamp tube with internal driver and two- or three-prong polarized plug and methods of installing the same: In various embodiments, a light emitting diode (LED) tube lamp is provided along with a method of installing the LED tube lamp into a lighting fixture. In various embodiments, the LED tube lamp comprises: a tube; at least one LED positioned within the tube; and a passage formed through at... Agent: Feit Electric Company, Inc.

20140226321 - Linear led lamp tube with internal driver and interconnect to line voltage and methods of installing the same: In various embodiments, a light emitting diode (LED) lamp tube is provided along with a method of installing the LED tube lamp into a lighting fixture. In various embodiments, the LED tube lamp comprises: a tube; at least one LED positioned within the tube; a driver circuit positioned within the... Agent: Feit Electric Company, Inc.

20140226322 - Linear led light module: A linear light emitting diode (“LED”) light fixture includes LED modules that interface with one another to provide a substantially continuous array of LED's. This continuous array allows for substantially uniform light output from the LED light fixture. The LED modules can interface with one another via one or more... Agent:

20140226325 - Led track lighting: A light member includes a housing having a top side and a bottom side. The top side faces away from a space to be lit, and the bottom side faces the space to be lit. A lighting control region is disposed on the bottom side of the housing that illuminates... Agent:

20140226326 - Lighting device and lighting method: A lighting device comprising first and second groups of solid state light emitters, which emit light having peak wavelength in ranges of from 430 nm to 480 nm, and first and second groups of lumiphors which emit light having dominant wavelength in the range of from 555 nm to 585... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140226324 - Mixed light source: A mixed light source has a first semiconductor component, which is provided for generating a first radiation fraction, and a second semiconductor component, which is provided for generating radiation of a second radiation fraction different from the first radiation fraction. The first semiconductor component is mounted by a first mounting... Agent: Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

20140226323 - Pixel structure of organic light emitting display device: A pixel structure of an organic light emitting display device includes a substrate and a plurality of display pixel units disposed on the substrate. Each of the display pixel units includes a first sub-pixel, a second sub-pixel and a third sub-pixel disposed adjacently to one another. The first sub-pixel in... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20140226329 - Interlocking light sheet tiles: A system of interlocking LED panel tiles includes a first tile having at least one layer of light emitting diodes (LEDs) provided on a substrate, where the substrate is mounted on a substantially rectangular supporting plate having interlocking features. The substrate overlaps the interlocking features. The first tile has a... Agent: Nthdegree Technologies Worldwide Inc.

20140226328 - Lamp: A lamp has a plurality of LEDs which are arranged behind one another in the lamp's longitudinal direction and in LED spacing by means of an LED carrier. Each LED emits light in a certain solid angle area around a beam centre direction. The solid angle area is directed towards... Agent:

20140226330 - Light emitting devices and methods of manufacturing and controlling thereof: A light emitting device including a substrate having first and second power terminals, the substrate constructed and arranged to at least partially surround an inner region, the substrate having an inner surface that faces the inner region and an outer surface opposite the inner region; and a plurality of light... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140226327 - Luminaire and output element coupling mechanism therefor: Described are various embodiments of a luminaire and output element coupling mechanism therefor. In one embodiment, a recessable luminaire comprises two or more luminaire modules, each one of which comprising a recessable housing having opposed side walls. The luminaire further comprises an output element securable along and between these side... Agent: Axis Lighting, Inc.

20140226332 - Application-specific led module and associated led point source luminaires: LED downlight and other point source luminaires contain one or more Application-Specific LED modules with integrated optical, mechanical, and heat dissipation systems; a fluted extruded metal housing acts as a heat sink as well as the luminaire housing containing the AS-LED module(s) or receiving a rotatable spherical housing that contains... Agent: Sunlite Science & Technology, Inc.

20140226334 - Led lighting device and method for making the same: An LED lighting device and a method for making the LED lighting device are provided. A PCB board is configured over a cooling substrate provided on top of a metallic heat-dissipation lamp cup. LED light sources that include a positive electrode and a negative electrode are provided on the PCB... Agent: Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd

20140226333 - Led-based replacement for fluorescent light source: A light source that is adapted to replace existing fluorescent tubes in an existing fluorescent light fixture is disclosed. The light source includes a plurality of LEDs mounted on a heat-dissipating structure, first and second plug adapters that mate with the florescent tube connectors of the fluorescent tube the light... Agent: Bridgelux, Inc.

20140226331 - Light-fixture support assembly: An LED light fixture including a housing, a heat sink secured with respect to the housing and an LED illuminator secured with respect to the heat sink. The heat sink includes central and peripheral portions. The central portion has an LED-supporting surface and forward, rearward and lateral sides, the LED... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140226335 - Phosphor sheets: A light converter, and lights and displays incorporating the light converter are disclosed together with methods of making the light converter. The light converter has a substrate having a first layer of phosphor particles disposed on an area of one surface of the substrate. The first layer has a thickness... Agent: Phosphortech Corporation

20140226336 - Smart led light device with light color automatically changeable: A smart LED lighting device with light color automatically changeable comprises a LED lighting component, a driving motor, and a rotary light filtering member. The LED lighting component has a light emitting surface. The rotary light filtering member is connected with the driving motor. The rotary light filtering member covers... Agent:

20140226337 - Led light source: Proposed is a lighting module 100 and an illumination device 200 comprising such a module. The lighting module comprises an array of LEDs 120 mounted on a substrate 110 and an optical structure 130 encompassing the LED array for approximating in operation the LED array as a single homogeneous light... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140226338 - Triplet-triplet annihilation up-conversation for display and lighting applications: Novel devices comprising a layer including compounds that are capable of triplet triplet annihilation up conversation (TTA-UC) and techniques for operating the same are provided. In particular, the up-conversation layer absorbs light emitted by the OLED device and emits up-converted light with shorter wavelength in response. These devices and techniques... Agent: Universal Display Corporation

20140226341 - Diffusion globe led lighting device: Disclosed is a lighting fixture that provides approximately even illumination across a planar surface. Also enclosed is an LED light for producing the same. In one embodiment, the light fixture includes a plurality of hollow gradient diffusion globes; each diffusion globe is affixed to a planar reflector that forms an... Agent: Ecolivegreen Corp.

20140226339 - Led light fixture with integrated light shielding: An LED light fixture including a housing, a heat sink secured with respect to the housing and an LED illuminator secured with respect to the heat sink. The heat sink includes central and peripheral portions. The central portion has an LED-supporting surface and forward, rearward and lateral sides, the LED... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140226340 - Led lighting device: A LED lighting device comprises a lampshade, a thin aluminum heat dissipating plate, and a LED lighting component. The lampshade has an opening portion. The thin aluminum heat dissipating plate is provided with a supporting member perpendicular to the thin aluminum heat dissipating plate at a lower side portion or... Agent:

20140226342 - High reflectance polycarbonate: In an embodiment, a reflector comprises a polycarbonate composition, the polycarbonate composition comprises: polycarbonate; 10 wt % to 20 wt % titanium dioxide, based upon a total weight of the polycarbonate composition; an optional flame retardant; and an optional UV stabilizer. A plaque formed from the polycarbonate composition has a... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140226343 - Ornamental strand of glow-in-the-dark bulbs: Described is an ornamental strand of glow-in-the-dark bulbs comprising a plurality of bulbs having a means for glowing in the dark and that are arranged along a strand. The strand of glow-in-the-dark lights resembles a traditional strand of lights, but does not require a power source or any electrical components.... Agent:

20140226344 - Led flat lighting device: The present invention relates to an LED flat lighting device which facilitates heat emission, while being used in a small and medium imaging device for taking a picture or an image, and which is also formed into a thin and small size. The LED flat lighting device includes an LED... Agent:

20140226347 - Bendable circuit board for led mounting and interconnection: This invention is directed to bendable circuit substrate structures useful for LED mounting and interconnection.... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140226345 - Light-emitting device packages: The present application describes a light-emitting device package including a package substrate having first and second conductive layers that are spaced apart from each other. A light-emitting device is mounted on the package substrate to overlap with the first and second conductive layers. A portion of the first conductive layer... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140226346 - Wiring board and light emitting device: There is provided a wiring board. The wiring board includes: a first insulating layer; a plurality of wiring patterns on the first insulating layer so as to be spaced apart from each other; a plating layer on at least one of the wiring patterns; a second insulating layer containing silicone... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20140226348 - Integrated illumination device mount: Embodiments include a method and apparatus for an integrated illumination device mount and for mounting the integrated illumination device and mount to a firearm or helmet. In some embodiments, the integrated illumination device mount is a low profile mount. In some embodiments, the integrated illumination device mount allows rigid mounting... Agent: S & S Precision, LLC

20140226349 - Apparatus for detecting other vehicle lights and light control apparatus for vehicles: An on-vehicle apparatus detects other vehicle lights from an image picked up outside the vehicle. The apparatus acquires an image around the vehicle and extracts light sources from the image. The apparatus calculates a target area probability that is a probability of a light source in a target area being... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140226350 - Saddle type vehicle: A saddle type vehicle is provided wherein the visibility thereof can be improved. The saddle type vehicle includes a headlamp configured to illuminate the front of the vehicle and position lamps configured to emit light for the visibility of the vehicle or act as blinkers. The position lamps are disposed... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140226351 - Illuminated logo sunshade: A sunshade for use in a vehicle is provided including a core having at least one opening extending there through. A layer of material is positioned adjacent at least a first surface of the core. The sunshade also includes a light generation system arranged to direct light through the at... Agent:

20140226352 - Lighting device for a motor vehicle: A lighting device for a motor vehicle includes one or more lighting units, herein during operation a respective lighting unit generates a point-shaped light source via laser light. In addition, optical device is configured and arranged with respect to the lighting unit or lighting units in such a way that... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20140226353 - Extruded light pipe carrier: A lighting apparatus for a vehicle includes a light source and a light pipe. The light pipe has a first end coupled with the light source, a second end, and a side surface extending between the first and second ends for radially emitting light. A carrier surrounds the side surface... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140226354 - Optical system for an illumination device for vehicles: An optical system for an illumination device for vehicles includes at least one light unit for generating a lighting function, semi-transparent mirrored surfaces, and reflective mirrored surfaces, characterized in that the reflective mirrored surfaces and the semi-transparent mirrored surfaces are oriented in the direction of a main direction of emission... Agent: Hella Kgaa

20140226355 - Optical module with common part reference for motor vehicle lighting and/or signalling:

20140226356 - Vehicular lamp: A front surface 14a of a lens 14 is divided into 48 front surface areas 14a1, 14a2, 14a3 via ridge lines R1 to R5, and a rear surface 14b of the lens 14 is divided into 48 rear surface areas 14b1, 14b2, 14b3 via trough lines T1 to T5. The... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140226357 - Headlight for a motor vehicle having an interchangeable complex light source: A headlight (10) for a motor vehicle having a housing (14), a semiconductor light source (46), a cooling body (48), an optical system (50) which collects and directs light of the semiconductor source, a securing frame (20) which is mechanically connected to the housing (14) and which holds the semiconductor... Agent:

20140226358 - Stoller headlight: A stroller light or headlight that attaches to the front of the stroller for lighting the path ahead of the stroller and for making the stroller more visible to people at night.... Agent:

20140226359 - Lighting device for a motor vehicle: A lighting device for a motor vehicle, includes a light guide for total-reflective guiding of light along a direction of light propagation. The light originates from at least one light source and can be coupled-in via at least one coupling surface on one end face of the light guide. The... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20140226360 - Light-emitting panel with transparent cellular support panel: The present invention relates to alight-emitting panel (1) comprising: a first panel sheet (11), the first panel sheet being optically transparent; a second panel sheet (12); and a cellular support panel (10) sandwiched between the first panel sheet and the second panel sheet. The cellular support panel comprises optically transparent... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140226361 - Face-lit waveguide illumination systems: A face-lit waveguide illumination system employing a planar slab or plate of an optically transmissive material. A light source is optically coupled a linear optical element which is attached to a face of the waveguide and is configured to inject light at an angle permitting for light propagation by means... Agent:

20140226362 - Decoration element and electronic device: A decoration element comprising a light guiding shell, a light guiding panel and a light source is provided. The light guiding shell has a light entrance, and comprises a first inclined plate, a second inclined plate, a first flat plate and a second flat plate. The first inclined plate is... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140226363 - Backlight assembly and display device including the same: A backlight assembly includes a first light guide member; a second light guide member overlapping the first light guide member; a groove defined in the second light guide member; and a light source unit in the groove. The light source unit generates and supplies light to the first light guide... Agent:

20140226364 - Backlight device and display device including the same: A backlight device includes: a light guide plate; a pair of light sources which is provided along left and right sides of the light guide plate respectively; and a frame which defines positions of the light guide plate and the light sources, wherein the position of the light guide plate... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

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