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07/24/2014 > 57 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20140204556 - Back light structure and keyboard with back light: A back light structure for a keyboard with back light includes a supporting plate, a light guiding plate, a flexible circuit board, and a light-emitting component. Keyswitch structures of the keyboard are disposed on the supporting plate. The light guiding plate is disposed under the supporting plate and has a... Agent: Darfon Electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20140204557 - Illuminated knobs for an appliance: An improved assembly for illuminating knobs on an appliance is provided. Light from a light source is positioned below a surface of the appliance to shine through a light transmissive insert in an aperture in the surface to illuminate a bottom surface of a control knob and/or part of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140204558 - Split phosphor/slit color wheel segment for color generation in solid-state illumination system: Apparatus for generating blue color illumination for use in a projection system a color wheel with segments of respective different color light emitting phosphors formed over light non-transmitting portions and at least one blue color generating segment. The blue color generating segment has cyan color light emitting phosphor formed over... Agent:

20140204559 - Integrated carriage lighting system for concrete pavers: A concrete paver comprising a workbridge, which moves along a path to be paved. A carriage mounted on and reciprocating along a longitudinal axis of the workbridge, which is orthogonal to the path to be paved. A plurality of electrical lights disposed on and illuminating a surface which is fixed... Agent:

20140204560 - Illumination light source and lighting apparatus: An LED unit which serves as an illumination light source includes: a mounting board on which a light-emitting element, which emits light frontward, is provided; a support disposed behind the mounting board; and a case disposed so that the mounting board is sandwiched in a longitudinal direction by the case... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140204561 - Illumination light source and lighting apparatus: An LED unit which serves as an illumination light source includes: a light-emitting element; a circuit board provided in a drive circuit which drives the light-emitting element; a lead wire electrically connecting the light-emitting element and the drive circuit; and a case including a first opening which is an elongated... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140204562 - Illumination light source and lighting apparatus: An LED unit which serves as an illumination light source that is attached to lighting equipment includes: a light-emitting element; a circuit board provided in a drive circuit which drives the light-emitting element; a case inside of which the circuit board is disposed; and a connecting component at least a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140204564 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus includes a display panel, a backlight, a pair of inverter circuit boards that are respectively arranged in vicinities of end portions in a longitudinal direction of a hack side of the display panel, and an expansion slot unit having an expansion slot, a case that includes a... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20140204563 - Lens, led backlight module and display device: This invention is suitable for optical technology field. A lens, LED back light module and display device are provided. The lens receives light emitted by the light source through a light incident surface, the light emitted by the light source enters in the lens, a part of the light is... Agent: Shenzhen Coocaa Network Technology Co., Ltd

20140204565 - Illumination adaptor: A cap for a water bottle has an integral light director lens for guiding light into the bottle. A portable light is temporally retained on the top, outside of the cap. In that position light from the light is directed by the structure of the cap into the bottle. To... Agent:

20140204566 - Removable flashlight body or storage container for a firearm: Device for removable attachment to a mounting rail including a body having first and second lateral members movable along respective first and second slots between a retracted position and an extended position; the first and second lateral members in the extended position include portions extending beyond the body for attachment... Agent:

20140204567 - Plant illumination apparatus and plant illumination system: A plant illumination apparatus including a driving unit having a central axis, a first slide base, a second slide base, a light source, and a retractable arm having a retraction-control terminal and light-disposing terminal is provided. The first and second slide bases are disposed on the driving unit. The drive... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20140204568 - Solar or wind powered assembly device: An assembly comprising at least one energy consuming device; the at least one energy consuming device being mounted to a support; at least one solar element for creating electric power from solar power; at least one energy storage device for storing electricity generated by the solar element; at least one... Agent:

20140204569 - Flashlight holding cradle with adjustable aim: A flashlight holding cradle device and method of making it, in which a semi-circular sleeve forms a cradle to hold various sizes of conventional flashlights. The cradle sleeve is manufactured by method of mold injection. A metal, two-piece casting mold of the cradle sleeve is produced and then injected with... Agent:

20140204570 - Explosion-proof led module: An explosion-proof LED module has at least one light-emitting diode, a heat sink connected to this and an LED cover that covers the LED at least in the emission direction. The LED cover extends into an insertion recess of the heat sink. In this insertion recess, the LED cover is... Agent:

20140204571 - Led lighting apparatus for use with ac-output lighting ballasts: An apparatus for interfacing a ballast to at least one light emitting diode (LED) includes a passive rectifier circuit and matching circuit coupled to an input port and/or an output port of the passive rectifier circuit and configured to at least partially match an impedance of the ballast.... Agent:

20140204572 - System for adapting an existing florescent light fixture with an led luminaire: A device and method for retrofitting a light fixture from a conventional fluorescent or tube or metal halide lamp, to use with a light emitting diode (LED) based lamp assembly. The lamp fixture has a magnetized flat wall curved extending outer from the base. The (LED) based lamp assembly includes... Agent:

20140204575 - Apparatus for planar lighting: An apparatus for planar lighting configurable with light emitting devices is disclosed. The apparatus for planar lighting includes a plurality of light sources arranged on a circuit board; a reflective layer disposed on the circuit board; a transmission regulation layer disposed on the reflective layer and provided with a hole... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140204573 - Light source module using lasers as light source: A light source module includes a double refraction prism, an optical plate, a first laser source, a second laser source, and a third laser source. A first laser beam emitted from the first laser source and a second laser beam emitted from the second laser source are mixed by the... Agent:

20140204577 - Light unit with light output pattern synthesized from multiple light sources: The present disclosure provides an LED based light unit that produces an output lighting pattern that meets desired lighting characteristics using a reduced number of LED elements. The present disclosure provides a number of point sources that are directed into a desired direction such that, when combined with other point... Agent: Evolucia Lighting, Inc.

20140204574 - Lighting apparatus and light source unit: According to one embodiment, a lighting apparatus includes a light source unit and a holding unit. The light source unit includes a substrate, light sources, and connection members. The substrate includes a main surface and a wiring pattern. The light sources are arranged on the main surface in a circular... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140204580 - Lighting device and liquid crystal display device having the same: Provided is a lighting device comprising: a base substrate; a plurality of LED light source disposed in a center area of the base substrate in a first direction; and a resin layer stacked in a structure which covers the plurality of LED light sources.... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140204581 - Lighting device with rf antenna: The present invention relates to a lighting device (1). The lighting device comprises a light source(7) arranged at a base (2) of the lighting device, the light source having a main forward emission direction (12). The lighting device further comprises a radio frequency, RF, antenna (10) configured to receive signals... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140204579 - Optical device for semiconductor based lamp: An optical device for a semiconductor based lamp comprises a semiconductor based light-emitting device and a light-redirecting member. The light-redirecting member has a reflective surface that redirects at least some of the light emitted from the semiconductor-based light-emitting device ambiently, away from the lamp, and into the surrounding environment in... Agent: Pinecone Energies, Inc.

20140204578 - Planar lighting device: Disclosed is a planar lighting device and more particularly, a planar lighting device including a light emitting device. The planar lighting device includes a plurality of light sources arranged on a first surface of a circuit substrate, the light sources mounted thereon, a light regulator disposed in an edge of... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140204576 - Reflective electrooptic lighting device: A reflection lighting device comprises a reflective member including a transforming plate and a reflective mirror plate, and a supporting member, wherein the reflective member includes a transforming plate and a reflective mirror plate, and the reflective mirror plate is provided with an aperture, the transforming plate and the reflective... Agent:

20140204582 - Illuminating apparatus: An illuminating apparatus includes a lamp member, a lighting member, a waterproof member, and cooling liquid. The lamp member has a closed chamber, in which the cooling liquid is filled. The lamp member has at least a metal heat sink in the chamber, and the heat sink has at least... Agent:

20140204583 - Light device with remote function: A light device with remote function includes a remote controller and a light stick. When the remote controller is switched on, the remote controller transmits a control message to the light stick, wherein one lighting mode datum is attached to the control message; the light stick lights according to one... Agent: Bespark Led Corporation

20140204584 - Modular led lamp structure with replaceable modules and rapid maintenance: A modular LED lamp structure includes a light emitting module, a driver module and a heat dissipating element. The heat dissipating element is utilized to reduce a working temperature of the LED lamp. The light emitting module is disposed on the heat dissipating element and connected electrically to the driver... Agent:

20140204585 - Integrated interconnect and reflector: A reflector interconnect having a front surface and a back surface is disclosed. The reflector interconnect comprises at least two segments of a reflector valve metal and at least one segment of an oxide of the reflector valve metal, wherein the at least two segments of the reflector valve metal... Agent: Bright Led Ltd.

20140204586 - Led-based lighting unit with optical component for mixing light output from a plurality of leds: Methods and apparatus related to an LED-based lighting unit (10, 110) having an optical component for mixing light output from a plurality of LEDs (34, 134). In some embodiments the optical component may include at least one reflective surface interiorly thereof and the LEDs (34, 134) may be vertically arranged... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140204587 - A light guide: A light guide (201) including a transparent element is presented. The transparent element includes a first end (203) including a place for a light source, a second end (204) opposite the first end, an outer surface (205) between the first and second ends, and an interior channel (206) extending from... Agent: Ledil Oy

20140204588 - Led luminous flux converting lens and lighting apparatus including the same: A light emitting device (LED) luminous flux converting lens including a bonding portion that bonds the LED luminous flux converting lens to a supporting plate to fix the LED luminous flux converting lens. The LED luminous flux converting lens includes a bonding portion that protrudes from a boundary of an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140204589 - Led light bulb emitting light rays in a downward direction: The present invention relates to an LED light bulb emitting light rays in a downward direction comprising a lamp cap, a base, a lamp body and a lamp cover, characterized in that, a reflector assembly is arranged in the center of a spherical cavity of the lamp cover; the reflector... Agent:

20140204590 - Frameless light modifying element: According to one implementation of the disclosed technology, a lens is provided. The lens includes one or more pieces of optical film configured for attaching to and modifying light from a light emitting device. The one or more pieces of optical film define: a lens aperture; a front light-emitting side... Agent: Southpac Trust International Inc, Trustee Of The Ldh Trust

20140204591 - Lens for controlling illuminance distribution and light-emitting diode package including the lens: A lens for controlling an illuminance distribution to realize high luminous flux efficiency by maintaining a required beam angle and uniformity on an illumination surface having a particular shape, such as a square shape, and a light-emitting diode (LED) package including the lens are provided. The lens includes an incidence... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140204592 - Lens member and light-emitting device using same: A lens member includes a light-incident side; a light-exit side that is opposite to the light-incident side, a Fresnel lens arranged on a center axis that passes through a center of the light-incident side, and a diffraction grating structure arranged around a periphery of the Fresnel lens and having a... Agent:

20140204593 - Light scattering and conversion plate for leds: The invention relates to an illumination system having a light scattering and conversion plate comprising a non-converting but scattering layer and a thinner converting layer. By separating scattering and conversion, the characteristics of the illumination system can greatly be increased.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140204594 - Illumination light source and lighting apparatus: An illumination light source which attaches to a lighting fixture by being rotated in a predetermined rotational direction R, the illumination light source including: a light-emitting unit (LED module), a case which includes a first opening and houses the light-emitting unit; and a translucent cover provided over the first opening,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140204595 - Led lamp having adjustable illumination angle: An LED lamp includes: a lamp housing configured to have LEDs for emitting light embedded therein, have the front thereof opened so that the light of the LEDs is radiated, have an angle adjustment groove formed laterally and lengthily, and having outside concave-convex parts formed in a convex and arc... Agent:

20140204596 - Theftproof lamp: A theftproof lamp (100), including a lamp body (110) and a lamp cap (120). A spring member (140) and a ratchet wheel mechanism (130) are provided inside the lamp for cooperating with each other and enabling theftproof effect. When turning the lamp clockwise, the lamp can be screwed down to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140204597 - Frame structure for light emitting diodes: The invention relates to a frame structure for light emitting diodes comprises plastic stand having a containing room with a conical opening and at least two metal frames being not connected, relatively arranged in the containing room of the plastic stand and one of the metal frames having a concave... Agent: Lumenmax Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

20140204598 - Regulation system of the headlights in a tilting vehicle with roll mechanism: A regulation system of one or more supports of the domes of the headlights in a vehicle having a chassis, a rear wheel, at least one front steering wheel and a roll and steering mechanism operatively connected with the chassis is described. The regulation system comprises articulated connection means between... Agent: Piaggio & C. S. P. A.

20140204599 - Vehicle functional component: A vehicle component includes a molded cover molded into a shape of a surface of a part attached to a vehicle and a surface-emitting device bonded or fitted and fixed along a back face of the molded cover. The molded cover is vacuum formed by solid decorative molding of a... Agent: Kohki Co., Ltd.

20140204601 - Illuminated glass panel for a vehicle, and manufacture thereof: An illuminating glazing unit for a vehicle includes a first sheet made of mineral or organic glass, a peripheral light source with a support profiled member referred to as source support, the emitting region or face of the source facing the edge face, referred to as injection face, of the... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20140204600 - Lighting appliance for vehicles: A lighting appliance has a flat light guide and multiple light sources radiating light beams and a section for coupling-in light of the flat light guide, wherein the flat light guide has a surface for coupling-in the light beam and a deflecting surface for deflecting the coupled-in light beam toward... Agent:

20140204602 - Led light-source module for an led motor vehicle headlight: The invention relates to an LED light source module (M1 to M4, M1′ to M4′) for an LED motor vehicle headlight (SWl, SWr), in particular for an LED motor vehicle headlight (SWl, SWr) for generating a dynamic light distribution, wherein the LED light source module (M1 to M4, M1′ to... Agent: Zizala Lichtsysteme Gmbh

20140204603 - Headlight: A headlight for motor vehicles including a box-shaped housing, a light unit arranged in the housing, a front pane sealing the housing to the front relative to the direction of travel, and mountings provided on the housing for connecting the housing to the vehicle. Impact protection is provided by a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140204604 - Imaging system and related techniques: A method and apparatus for imaging using a double-clad fiber is described.... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20140204606 - Candle light led light bulbs: A light bulb includes a light emitting device at the base of the bulb and a light guide (320) that guides the emitted light to a diffusion element (330) above the base of the bulb. The diffusion element is configured to diffuse the light so as to emulate the predominantly... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140204605 - Light-importing system, direct-lit backlight module and liquid crystal display device: The present invention provides a light-importing system, direct-lit backlight module and liquid crystal display device. The light-importing system includes ambient light collection system, facing and collecting ambient light, and outputting absorbed light; a plurality of light-guiding devices, each having light-entering end and light-exiting end, light-entering end adjacent to ambient light... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20140204607 - Narrow border backlight module and manufacturing method thereof: A narrow border backlight module includes a frame, a reflective isolation layer, and a light guide element. The frame includes a plural of sidewalls connected to each other, and the bottom of the frame is hollow. The sidewalls define a cavity. The reflective isolation layer is disposed on an inner... Agent: Au Optronics (xiamen) Corp.

20140204608 - Optical film having an atypical pattern, method for manufacturing the same, and backlight assembly to which the optical film is applied: The present invention relates to an optical film having an atypical pattern, a method for manufacturing same and a backlight assembly including the optical film. The optical film of the present invention includes: a base layer transmitting light incident from outside; and a pattern layer formed on one or both... Agent: Sekonix Co., Ltd.

20140204609 - Display device including backlight assembly: A display device includes: a backlight assembly which generates and outputs light; and a display panel which displays an image with the light from the backlight assembly. The backlight assembly includes: a light emitting unit which generates the light; a light guide plate which guides the light provided from the... Agent:

20140204610 - Backlight assembly and display device: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention relate to a backlight assembly and a display device, including a backlight unit including a light emitting diode (LED) light source of and a light guide, and a bottom chassis disposed at a rear surface of the backlight unit, wherein the bottom chassis includes... Agent:

20140204611 - Display apparatus and light emitting module thereof: A display apparatus comprising a display panel and a light emitting module disposed oppositely is provided. The light emitting module comprises a light guide plate, a plurality of light guide grooves and at least a light unit. The light guide plate has at least a light incident surface, a first... Agent: Innolux Corporation

20140204612 - Light guide plate for backlight and manufacturing method therefor: A light guide plate for a backlight. The light guide plate includes: a light source unit for generating light; a light guide plate proximate to the light source unit and including an upper surface and a lower surface; and a light emission pattern configured to diffuse a portion of the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

07/17/2014 > 57 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20140198476 - Illumination-type push button device: An illumination-type push button device including a board for light source, a diffusing lens having a dome shape, a first light source portion and a second light source portion, and a light guide member, where the diffusing lens is configured such that light of the second light source portion enters... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140198477 - Needle attaching structure of rotating shaft and meter device: When a press-in part 81 is pressed-in to a press-in hole 93, a vertex of the press-in part 81 deformed to a form along the inner surface of the press-in hole 93 comes into contact with the inner surface of the press-in hole 93 and a press-in force when the... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140198478 - Lighted tooth for a vegetable lantern and kit: A self-illuminating tooth for a vegetable lantern is provided. The self-illuminating tooth has a tooth portion with a front facing portion, a rear facing portion, and a cavity provided within the tooth portion provided on the rear facing portion. A tooth retention portion is coupled to the tooth portion and... Agent: Pumpkin Teeth LLC

20140198480 - Diffuser component having scattering particles: A diffuser component for a solid-state (LED) light emitting device comprises a light scattering material, wherein the light scattering material has an average particle size that is selected such that the light scattering material will scatter excitation light from a solid-state excitation source relatively more than the light scattering material... Agent: Intematix Corporation

20140198479 - Pixel structure of electroluminescent display panel: A pixel structure of an electroluminescent display panel includes display pixel units. Each display pixel unit is composed of one first sub-pixel, one second sub-pixel, and one third sub-pixel. Each first sub-pixel is disposed adjacent to another first sub-pixel along a column direction to form a first pixel unit with... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20140198481 - Lighting device: A lighting device may be provided that includes: a housing; a light source body which includes a terminal; a light emitting module; and a electrical connection means which includes a connector electrically connected to the terminal and physically connects the housing with the light source body.... Agent:

20140198482 - Apparatus for transmitting light: The present invention relates to an apparatus for transmitting light comprising a first portion adapted for receiving the light emitting member; a battery being mounted inside the said apparatus; and a floating means for allowing a portion of the apparatus to be floated above the water level comprising a weight... Agent: C P Industries Limited

20140198483 - Diffusion plate and direct type backlight module having same: A diffusion plate includes a substrate. The substrate has a light entrance surface, and a light emitting surface facing away from the light entrance surface. The diffusion plate also includes a plurality of Fresnel lenses. The Fresnel lenses are formed at the light emitting surface, and an ultraviolet absorbent layer... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140198484 - Wearable headlamp: A wearable headlamp is provided that may provide improved illumination control and adjustability. The wearable headlamp may include a primary light-emitting diode (LED) configured to illuminate an area in front of the headlamp and a photosensor configured to detect the level of ambient light surrounding the headlamp and adjust the... Agent: Led Lenser Corp. Ltd.

20140198485 - Apparatus and method for encapsulating tritium: A module comprising: one or more vials containing tritium; one or more tritium covers; and an open space within the one or more tritium covers, wherein the one or more vials containing tritium are located within the open space of the one or more tritium covers so that the one... Agent: Cammenga Company, LLC

20140198486 - Hand-power tool: A hand-power tool includes at least one tool spindle and a drive unit configured to drive the tool spindle at a rotational speed greater than 10,000 min−1. The hand-power tool further includes at least one lighting unit that has at least two lighting mechanisms that are configured to illuminate a... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140198487 - Led lamp with asymmetric cylindrical lens for poster display case: A replacement lamp for a cinema poster display case. Light is produced by a linear array of white-light LEDs. In one example, a cylindrical lens is mounted longitudinally adjacent to the LEDs, and collects a central portion of the light emitted from the LEDs. In this example, a pair of... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140198488 - Illumination system: An illumination system for defining and lighting around an object positioned on a base such as for example a mirror, includes at least one elongate profile that has a fastening section and a limitation section extending transversely, in particular perpendicularly to the latter, and at least one illuminant that is... Agent: Schlueter-systems Kg

20140198489 - Illumination system: An illumination system for indirectly or directly illuminating an outer edge arrangement of a structure covered in tiles, such as for example a step of a staircase, includes at least one elongate profile that forms a base arm, a decorative arm projecting from a free end of the base arm... Agent: Schlueter-systems Kg

20140198491 - Illumination system: An illumination system, in particular for illuminating tiled wall protrusions, includes at least one elongate, substantially U-shaped profile that has a base arm and two side arms projecting from the latter and arranged lying opposite one another, the first side arm being made longer than the second arm, at least... Agent: Schlueter-systems Kg

20140198490 - Lighted display wall: A display wall includes a wall with at least one T-slot extending horizontally along a length of the wall. At least one display shelf is removably coupled with the wall through a respective T-slot and includes at least one support bracket for supporting the shelf when coupled with the wall.... Agent:

20140198492 - Waterproof-breathable structure for flashlight: A waterproof-breathable structure for a flashlight includes a housing and a ventilative plug. The housing is penetrated by a hole with one or more chamfered segments, and the ventilative plug has an outer diameter greater than the hole to be closely fit therein. The ventilative plug has a capping portion,... Agent:

20140198493 - Interchangeable reflectors for light devices: A reflector device for a light source device having a light emitter, wherein the reflector device includes first and second reflectors. The first reflector has a first reflector surface adapted to produce a first light beam and the second reflector has a second reflector surface different from the first reflector... Agent: Snap-on Incorporated

20140198494 - Lighting unit and light bar having the same: A lighting unit is provided and includes a cup body, a substrate, a first conductive wire connector and a second conductive wire connector. The cup body has a light emitting surface, a first end portion, and a second end portion. The substrate is located in the concave accommodating cavity of... Agent: Lextar Electronics Corporation

20140198496 - Illumination apparatus: An illumination apparatus includes a transparent case, an opaque member, a ring-shaped light emitting device, and a ring-shaped transparent cover. The transparent case has a central region. The opaque member is disposed on the central region. The ring-shaped light emitting device is disposed in the transparent case corresponding to the... Agent: Wintek (china) Technology Ltd.

20140198495 - Led bulb laterally installed and projecting light beams onto ground: An LED bulb laterally installed and projecting light beams onto the ground includes a bulb holder assembly, a lamp carrier assembly, a luminosity module, a lampshade, a collar, and a clasper. The bulb holder assembly includes a bulb holder base and a bulb holder. The lamp carrier assembly includes a... Agent:

20140198497 - Led lamp with light-diffusing end cap: An LED lamp includes a plurality of LED modules arranged in direction x, a tubular enclosure for housing the LED modules that is open at ends spaced from each other in direction x, and end caps respectively closing the ends of the tubular enclosure in direction x. Each of the... Agent:

20140198498 - Runway sign having a replaceable single led lamp: A two-sided airfield runway sign with direct illumination by a single LED lamp. Light is produced by a linear array of white-light LEDs. A cylindrical lens is mounted longitudinally adjacent to the LEDs, and collects a central portion of the light emitted from the LEDs. A pair of inclined surfaces... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140198499 - Led lighting apparatus with flexible light modules: The present disclosure involves a street light. The street light includes a base, a lamp post coupled to the base, and a lamp head coupled to the lamp post. The lamp head includes a housing and a plurality of LED light modules disposed within the housing. The LED light modules... Agent:

20140198500 - Replaceable single led lamp for runway sign: A replacement lamp for an airport runway sign. Light is produced by a linear array of white-light LEDs. A cylindrical lens is mounted longitudinally adjacent to the LEDs, and collects a central portion of the light emitted from the LEDs. A pair of inclined surfaces extend from the lateral edges... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140198502 - High-power led lamp: A high-power LED lamp set is provided in the present invention. The high-power LED lamp set comprises: a power converting module; a power supply casing (2) for housing the power converting module; a light source casing (4), connected with the power supply casing; electrode rods (1), arranged at a rear... Agent:

20140198501 - Lighting base of the led lamp and its stamping mold: The present invention's technical method is that the top surface of the lighting base is surrounded with several axial-protruding raised pillars, with a circuit board placed on the top of the lighting base. This circuit board is equipped with vents that can fit tightly with the raised pillars, and the... Agent:

20140198503 - Lighting devices comprising solid state light emitters: A lighting device comprising a trim element, an electrical connector and at least one solid state light emitter, the lighting device weighing less than one kilogram. If current of about 12 watts (or in some cases about 15 watts, or in some cases not more than about 15 watts) is... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140198504 - Lighting system, space with a lighting system, and method of providing an illumination profile using such a lighting system: The invention provides a lighting system (1) comprising a plurality of elements (10) adjustably connected to a plurality of supports (11) arranged on a grid. Each of the plurality of elements (10) comprises a light source (L1). Each of the plurality of elements (10) further comprises at least two adjustable... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140198505 - Led flexible hanging display screen: An LED flexible hanging display screen comprises several discrete LED modules (1) and a flexible mesh (2). The LED modules (1) are arrange and fixed on the flexible mesh (2) in matrix form. Adjacent LED modules (1) have equal distances transversely and longitudinally. Compared with the original fixed rigid box... Agent: Guangzhou Night-rainbow Photoelectric Technology Development Co., Ltd.

20140198506 - Lighting device: A lighting device includes a light base, a light shade, a padding element, at least one light emitting element and a wavelength converting shell. The light shade is disposed on the light base and cooperating with the light base to define an accommodating space. The padding element is disposed on... Agent: Genesis Photonics Inc.

20140198507 - Compact light-mixing led light engine and white led lamp with narrow beam and high cri using same: A directional lamp comprises a light source, a beam forming optical system configured to form light from the light source into a light beam, and a light mixing diffuser arranged to diffuse the light beam. The light source, beam forming optical system, and light mixing diffuser are secured together as... Agent:

20140198508 - Wide-angle illumination device: Disclosed is a wide-angle illumination device including a base, a conical structure, a fixing structure, at least one light emitting diode and a lampshade, and the fixing structure is provided for fixing the conical structure onto the base, and the conical structure has at least three triangular sides and a... Agent:

20140198509 - Semiconductor laser positioning member and optical unit: A semiconductor laser positioning member includes: a base section having a through hole into which a semiconductor laser is to be inserted, the semiconductor laser being configured to be disposed in a terminal insertion hole and having a pair of engagement recesses, the terminal insertion hole being formed in a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140198510 - Methods and systems for truck bed led light strip with led flashlights: A modular in-bed lighting system with detachable flashlights for use with trucks having an open bed or one covered by a shell. The support member mounted on the side walls of the truck and across the front wall of the bed such that the lights are below the top surface... Agent:

20140198511 - Fixing system for lighting fixture parts, especially automobile lights: A fixing system for lighting fixture parts, especially the lights of an automobile, includes a thermoplastic outer lens (2), which is installed in a thermoplastic encircling housing (3) by means of a sealing adhesive (4) and secured by fastening elements. The fixing element is a brad pin (1) which is... Agent: Varroc Lighting Systems, S.r.o

20140198512 - Lighting module and method for assembling such a module: A lighting module comprising an elliptical collector for reflecting in the direction of an optical element a beam originating from a light source. The module comprises a screen assembled along the path of the light beam so as to form a cutoff edge. In accordance with the invention, the light... Agent:

20140198513 - Light module for a motor vehicle headlamp, configured to generate a stripe-shaped light distribution: A light module for a motor vehicle headlamp having an optical fiber configuration with at least one first optical fiber branch and one second optical fiber branch. Each of the two branches has a light exit surface each bordered by two narrow sides and disposed such that a narrow side... Agent:

20140198514 - Spotlight for a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a spotlight (2) for a motor vehicle, comprising a light source (4) producing a beam of light which is directed along a first axis (X) intended to be oriented towards the front of the vehicle, said spotlight comprising a lens (6), characterised in that said light... Agent: Aml Systems

20140198515 - Vehicle exterior mirror and light assemblies: A vehicle mirror assembly is provided with a housing adapted to be mounted to a vehicle exterior. A mirror is mounted in the housing. A plurality of light assemblies is oriented upon the housing for collectively illuminating a thoroughfare adjacent to the vehicle exterior. A vehicle is also provided with... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140198516 - Actuator and vehicle headlamp: A coupling member has a first driven portion and an output shaft to be coupled to a lamp unit, and is rotatable in the horizontal direction about the shaft center of the output shaft. A driven member has a second driven portion and a follower portion, and is rotatable relative... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140198517 - Vehicular headlamp: Disclosed is a vehicular headlamp including: a basic lamp unit configured to form a main light distribution pattern that is controlled in light distribution so as to satisfy illuminance requirements at a plurality of predetermined sites in a low beam light distribution pattern which is projected on a vertical virtual... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140198518 - Headlamp to bumper attachment structure: A system, apparatus and method for attaching a bumper cover to a headlamp housing. The system includes a plurality of holes defined in an upper portion of the bumper cover and a plurality of protrusions extending from a lower portion of the headlamp housing for engaging the plurality of holes... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20140198519 - Light projector and sensor: A light projector has a light emitting device having a light emitting surface, an optical fiber having an incident end-face to which light emitted from the light emitting surface enters, and a lens arranged between the light emitting surface of the light emitting device and the incident end-face of the... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140198520 - Light diffusing optical fiber bundles, illumination systems including light diffusing optical fiber bundles, and methods of affixing light diffusing optical fiber bundles to polymer optical fibers: Light diffusing optical fiber bundles, illumination systems including light diffusing optical fiber bundles, and methods of affixing light diffusing optical fiber bundles to polymer optical fibers are disclosed. A light diffusing optical fiber bundle includes an optically transmissive jacket and a plurality of light diffusing optical fibers disposed within the... Agent:

20140198521 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus includes a display panel which receives light to display an image, a backlight module and a receiving container receiving the display panel, the backlight module. The backlight module includes a combining bar, a light source, a light guiding plate. The combining bar includes an upper plate supporting... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140198523 - Light diffusion plate and backlight module using same: A light diffusion plate includes a light-emitting region and an atomization reinforcing region connected to the light-emitting region. Light passing through the atomization reinforcing region is more greatly diffused than light passing through the light-emitting region.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140198522 - Side-edge backlight module: The present invention provides a side-edge backlight module, which includes a backplane, a backlight source arranged inside the backplane, and a light guide plate arranged inside the backplane. The backplane and the backlight source receive an aluminum-extruded heat sink arranged therebetween. The aluminum-extruded heat sink includes a first mounting section... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20140198524 - Light guide plate with v-shaped micro-structures on light output surface: A light guide plate includes a bottom surface and a light output surface opposite to the bottom surface. A number of scattering domes are positioned on the bottom surface. A number of V-shaped micro-structures are positioned on the light output surface.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140198525 - Interactive image system and image display device: An interactive image system includes an image display device and a control device. The image display device includes a housing, a display unit, a light emitting component and at least one light guide element. The housing has a surface having a light output portion. The display unit is disposed in... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140198526 - Light guide plate and lighting lamp: A light guide plate (LGP) and a lighting lamp including the LGP. The LGP has no frame and is easy to be spliced together. The LGP includes at least one sub-LGP. The sub-LGP includes at least one light source portion that is opposite to the light source, and at least... Agent: Shenzhen Onwing Optoelectronics Products Co., Ltd

20140198527 - Visual media soft light system: Improved soft lighting systems for the arts, media, and entertainment industry are disclosed. In certain aspects, the systems employ one or more edge-lit LED light guide panels using high flux, optical grade, and/or binned LEDs to produce higher quality, uniform, diffused soft visual media light. In further preferred aspects the... Agent:

20140198528 - Wavelength conversion chip for a light emitting diode, and method for manufacturing same: There is provided a method of manufacturing a wavelength converted LED chip, including attaching a plurality of LED chips to a chip alignment region of an upper surface of a temporary support plate, forming a conductive bump on the electrode of the respective LED chips, forming a phosphor-containing resin encapsulation... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140198530 - Circuit board and flat panel display including the same: Provided are a circuit board for irradiating light to a light guide plate and a flat panel display having a structure for efficiently fixing the circuit board and the light guide plate, the circuit board, including: a support substrate comprising a first area and a second area, the second area... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140198529 - Reflecting component and backlight comprising the same: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a reflecting component and a backlight comprising the same. The reflecting component comprises a reflective layer and a first protective layer provided on the reflective layer, wherein the surface of the first protective layer away from the reflective layer is formed to have one... Agent: Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140198531 - Light guide plate: The light guide plate includes two layers having different particle concentrations, in which the thicknesses of the two layers are varied to change the combined particle concentration of the light guide plate, and conditional expressions of 0.3 mm≦Tlg≦4 mm and 0.3≦tcen/Tlg≦1 are satisfied when the thickness in the direction perpendicular... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140198532 - Light emitting apparatus: A lighting apparatus comprising a plurality of diodes and an electrical interface configured to receive an electrical signal and transmit the electrical signal to the plurality of diodes is provided.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

07/10/2014 > 51 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140192509 - Illumination device: An embodiment of an illumination device comprising a broad band artificial light source and a non-liquid chromatic diffuser transparent to visible light comprising a dispersion of elements of nanometrical dimensions of a first material with of certain refractive index in a second material with different refractive index, wherein the light... Agent: Light In Light S.r.l.

20140192510 - Foldable soft box: A foldable soft box includes a housing in which a hollow portion is formed in the central part thereof, a plurality of insertion grooves are radially formed on the front side thereof, and a rotation space is formed on the inner side thereof; a plurality of support bars which are... Agent:

20140192511 - Meter: A meter includes at least one meter unit, a visor provided around the meter unit; and a light-emitting part. The light-emitting part includes a light-guiding ring, a light source and a prism provided between the light guiding ring and the light source. The light-emitting part is annularly provided so as... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140192512 - Chemical glow devices with led lighting: The performance of chemical glow lights is enhanced by the provision of a battery-powered light-emitting diode (LED). The LED can be provided inside a pouch containing chemicals which, when mixed together, produce a glowing light. Multiple pouches can be provided in strip form as well as in individual form with... Agent:

20140192513 - Speaker including a speaker apparatus and a lighting apparatus: A speaker including a speaker apparatus and a lighting apparatus are provided. The speaker having a conical vibration portion, and a lighting apparatus insertedly disposed at a center of the conical vibration portion to emit light to the conical vibration portion, so that efficient lighting is ensured and light is... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140192514 - Backlight module, printed circuit board used for backlight module, and manufacturing method for the same: The present invention discloses a backlight module, a printed circuit board used for a backlight module, and a manufacturing method for the same. The printed circuit board comprises a light bar region and a heat dissipating region. The light bar region used for mounting a light bar of the backlight... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140192515 - Display device: A display device includes a display panel having a plurality of selective light transmitting regions through which light can be controllably transmitted and one or more light blocking regions. It further includes a backlighting unit disposed and configured to supply backlighting light to the display panel and a backlighting light... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140192516 - Auto-illuminating walking assistant: A walking cane is provided having an elongated length, a handle grip, a forward-directed illumination source, and an ambient light sensor. The device provides a cane-user with forward illumination during twilight and dark periods, whereby the ambient light sensor operably energizes the light source when in an appropriate operational mode.... Agent:

20140192517 - Belt with light: An adjustable belt worn around the waist of a person with a light attached to the front of the belt. The belt is made of webbing material and has a plastic side-release buckle adjustable on one side. The light is a light-emitting diode (LED) lamp. By pushing a single-button the... Agent:

20140192518 - Lighted hat: There is provided hands-free lighting, components thereof, and other accessories combined with the hands-free lighting. The hands-free lighting is preferably lighted headgear including hats or visors or other headgear. The hands-free lighting may include multiple light sources positioned at the brim of a lighted hat and configured to provide beams... Agent:

20140192519 - Multi-tool with artificial key and led: A faux key tool and light device has a head assembly and a faux key blade assembly. The head assembly has a head housing with a battery compartment, a lens opening and an actuating button opening. The faux key blade assembly has a pair of flat, opposing spaced walls having... Agent: Interdesign, Inc.

20140192520 - Rearview mirror assembly for vehicle: A mirror element sub-assembly for a vehicular exterior rearview mirror assembly includes a mirror reflective element, a mirror back plate and an indicator. The front side of the mirror back plate includes a reflective element attaching portion and the rear side of the mirror back plate includes (i) an actuator... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20140192521 - Light guide element: A light guide element (201) for modifying a light distribution pattern of a light source (202) is presented. The light source radiates first light beams to a first quarter-space and second light beams to a second quarter-space, where the first and second quarter-spaces are defined by mutually perpendicular spatial planes... Agent: Ledil Oy

20140192522 - Flashlight tamper-proof structure: A flashlight tamper-proof structure for preventing a lamp cover fastened to an end of a flashlight from being unfastened manually is characterized in that: an appropriate section of an end of an opening of a body of the flashlight extends to form a carrying portion; an internal thread section penetrates... Agent:

20140192523 - Flashlight tamper-proof structure: A flashlight tamper-proof structure for preventing a lamp cover fastened to an end of a flashlight from being unfastened manually is characterized in that: an appropriate section of an opening of a body of the flashlight forms a dented area having an internally threaded hole; an end of an opening... Agent:

20140192524 - Integrated optic lamp: An integrated optic lamp assembly includes a rigid mounting structure, a base, a light source, and a reflector. The base, light source, and reflector are supported by the mounting structure. The base is configured to operationally connect to a light source socket. The reflector is configured and positioned relative to... Agent:

20140192525 - Light projection device: A light projection device of the present invention includes a flash discharge tube and a reflector into which the flash discharge tube inserted. The reflector is composed of at least a first reflector and a second reflector. At least a joint between the first reflector and the second reflector is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140192526 - Self-adaptive led fluorescent lamp: The invention discloses an self-adaptive LED fluorescent lamp, comprising: a housing comprising a lampshade and a radiator fastened with each other, a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) consisting of one or more LED lamp sets and LED driving control units, and lamp caps sleeved on two sides of the housing; the... Agent: Ningbo Futai Electric Limited

20140192527 - Integrated led-based luminaire for general lighting: Lighting apparatus and methods employing LED light sources are described. The LED light sources are integrated with other components in the form of a luminaire or other general purpose lighting structure. Some of the lighting structures are formed as Parabolic Aluminum Reflector (PAR) luminaires, allowing them to be inserted into... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20140192528 - Light-emitting device and luminaire: A light-emitting device and a luminaire that can reduce glare are provided. A light-emitting device according to an embodiment includes a substrate, an LED chip mounted on the lower surface of the substrate, a light reflecting member arranged downward and on one side when viewed from the LED chip and... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140192529 - Led apparatus and method for accurate lens alignment: An LED apparatus of the type including (a) a mounting board having an LED-supporting surface with an LED device thereon and (b) a lens member over the LED device establishing a light path therebetween. The inventive LED apparatus includes a lens-aligning member having front and back surfaces. The lens member... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140192530 - Freely-foldable flexible led screen: A freely-foldable flexible LED screen includes multiple LED sub-screens, PCBs disposed inside casings of the LED sub-screens, LEDs disposed on the PCB, and conducting wires electrically connecting the PCBs. Adjacent LED sub-screens are connected using a connection mechanism capable of freely rotating, which includes a rotation rod, and rotation shafts... Agent:

20140192531 - Mechanical bypass light unit: A light unit includes a bulb having a light source with lead wires and a separator, a switch member that includes a support member and a pair of spring terminals, and a socket having two or more conductive terminals and adapted to receive the bulb and the switch member. The... Agent: Seasonal Specialities, LLC

20140192532 - Axial illumination for capillary electrophoresis: System and method for fluorescent light excitation and detection from samples to enhance the numerical aperture and/or reduce the cross-talk of the fluorescent light.... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20140192533 - Apparatus and method for speckle reduction in laser processing equipment: Embodiments described herein provide apparatus and methods for processing semiconductor substrates with uniform laser energy. A laser pulse or beam is directed to a spatial homogenizer, which may be a plurality of lenses arranged along a plane perpendicular to the optical path of the laser energy, an example being a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140192534 - Display device: A display device includes: a display panel; a resin layer on the display panel and having a first protrusion having a first style on a surface thereof; a first window on the resin layer and having a second protrusion having a second style on a surface thereof; and a second... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140192535 - Elastomeric indicator light lens: An indicator light includes at least one segment. Each segment includes a housing forming an interior and an exterior surface with a light source within. A light filter comprises a transparent or translucent stretchable elastomeric ring processed to pass a desired color and dimensioned to fit on the exterior surface... Agent:

20140192537 - Heat sink and lighting apparatus having same: Provided are a heat sink and a lighting apparatus having same, the heat sink including: a heat radiation plate having a mounting region formed on one side surface thereof on which a driving heat radiation element is mounted, and including a heat radiation hole formed in a central portion thereof,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140192536 - Modular lighting device: A modular lighting device includes a base and a lamp head unit. The base includes a base body and a first connecting module disposed at a top end of the base body and having a first connecting portion and a first conductive portion. The lamp head unit includes a bottom... Agent:

20140192539 - Led-based light source reflector with shell elements: An optical element that may be replaceably mounted to an LED based illumination device. The optical element includes a hollow shell reflector and a plurality of annular shell elements disposed within the hollow shell reflector at different distances from the input port of the optical element. An annular shell element... Agent: Xicato, Inc.

20140192538 - Polymer light armature: An armature for an illuminant can comprise: walls formed by an armature composition. The armature composition can comprise an armature polymer, 10 wt % to 20 wt % coated titanium dioxide, and greater than zero to 0.001 wt % carbon black, wherein the weight percentages are based upon a total... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140192540 - Illuminating member for reducing unified glare rating and lighting device using the same: Disclosed is a lighting device capable of reducing UGR (Unified Glare Rating). in a illuminating member, reflection efficiency of light significantly scattering to the left and right among light applied to the air gap through the diffusion plate is increased using the adhesion material pattern layer of periphery surrounding an... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140192541 - Securing a support and covering a lighting device: A lighting device may include: a mount, which is populated with at least one electronic component and with at least one semiconductor light source, a cover for covering at least one electronic component and at least one connecting element for fastening the cover to the mount, wherein the connecting element... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140192542 - Light-emitting apparatus: A light-emitting apparatus includes a substrate warped as a whole of which a central portion is most highly raised; a light-emitting device mounted on the central portion of the substrate; a support member disposed on the substrate so as to surround the light-emitting device; and a frame body disposed on... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140192543 - Collapsible light: A collapsible lighting device has a main body surrounded by a collar whose position is adjustable along the longitudinal axis of the main body. Pivotally connected or hinged legs are attached to the collar and to the main body with struts. When the collar is on one position, the legs... Agent: Pelican Products, Inc.

20140192544 - Reading light: A lighting assembly that includes an outer housing defining an outer housing axis, an inner housing defining an inner housing axis and a light member positioned in the inner housing. The outer housing includes a front surface having a front opening and an inner surface that defines an adjustment cavity... Agent: C&d Zodiac, Inc.

20140192545 - Aerodynamic spoiler for pickup truck with led lights: An aerodynamic spoiler adapted to be mounted on the tailgate of a pickup truck to enhance under certain driving conditions and to reduce turbulence in the cargo box and having LED lights having the functions of brake light, signal turn light, reverse light, and tail light, with power and signals... Agent:

20140192546 - Vehicular light guides and assemblies with uniform illumination: A light guide is provided that includes a light chamber defined by isotropically luminant top, bottom, and back surfaces, and a front surface having a translucent lens. The light guide also includes a reflective diaphragm within the chamber that defines a top gap between the diaphragm and the top surface,... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140192547 - Low profile highly efficient vehicular led modules and headlamps: A vehicle lighting module is provided that includes a lens having a plurality of near-field lens elements, an input surface, and an exit surface. The lighting module also includes an LED light source that directs incident light through the input surface and out of the exit surface. The plurality of... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140192548 - Vehicle headlight assembly: A reflector configured to receive and reflect illumination from an illumination device across a projector lens of a vehicle headlight assembly. The reflector includes a reflection surface, a curved edge adjacent to the reflection surface and defining a lower illumination aperture, and a wall member extending across the lower illumination... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140192549 - Vehicle headlamp assembly and method of installing a vehicle headlamp assembly: A vehicle headlamp assembly includes a first guiding component. Also included is a headlamp housing having a second guiding component for engaging the first guiding component in a sliding relationship for directing of the headlamp housing toward a loaded position. Further included is at least one locating pin integrally formed... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140192550 - Luminaire: The invention relates to a luminaire that enables the use of more sparsely distributed light sources, having a uniform fixture surface brightness and good color mixing. The luminaire comprises first and second light guide layers (10, 11) optically coupled together by at least one optical coupler (12a, 12b), which allows... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140192551 - Light source apparatus and light-adjusting method for light source apparatus: A light source apparatus includes: a lamp, a diaphragm device, a CPU that causes the diaphragm device to execute adjustment of an emission amount of illumination light on the basis of a target brightness signal generated based on brightness of an image obtained by picking up an image of a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140192552 - Backlight module: The present invention provides a backlight module which contains a collection device for collecting sunlight, an optical fiber cable, at least a light guide device connecting the collection device through the optical fiber cable, and a diffusion device and an optical member fixed at a distance from a side of... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140192553 - Backlight module with light-varying structures formed in a light guide plate: A backlight module is disclosed. A light guide plate includes a main body and a plurality of light-varying structures. The main body includes a top surface and a bottom surface. The light-varying structures are formed in the main body. A first optical film is formed on the top surface of... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20140192554 - Illumination device and display device provided therewith: Provided is an illumination device that can suppress uneven brightness in a member to be illuminated caused by the positioning structure of the light guide plate. An illumination device (10) includes light sources (11), a light guide plate (13) that guides light from the light sources, and positioning members (14)... Agent: Sharp Kabushikii Kaisha

20140192555 - Planar light apparatus: A planar light apparatus is disclosed and includes a reflection part, a secondary optic device, and a light-emitting device. The secondary optic device has a light incident surface, a light emitting surface, and a side surface, which is an elliptic surface, between the light incident surface and the light emitting... Agent: Dongguan Masstop Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.

20140192556 - Backlight unit: A back light unit includes a light source and a light guide unit having a first surface emitting light to a display panel, a second surface facing the first surface, and a plurality of connecting surfaces connecting the first surface and the second surface. The connecting surfaces includes a first... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140192557 - Edge-lit backlight module: Disclosed is an edge-lit backlight module having a rectangular back panel with a reflective microstructure, and a first light portion with an inclined plane or a camber is provided for reflecting lights emitted from a plurality of LEDs and with a relatively smaller normal included angle, and a second light... Agent: Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd.

20140192558 - Illumination systems providing direct and indirect illumination: Illumination devices are described for illuminating a target area, e.g., floors of a room, using solid-state light sources. In general, an illumination device includes a first light guide extending along a first plane, the first light guide to receive light from first light emitting elements (LEEs) and guide the light... Agent: Quarkstar LLC

20140192559 - Light guide structures and display devices: Light guide structures that include a transparent plate having a first end and a second end; and a plurality of transparent light guide members, each transparent light guide member extending from the first end to the second end along one surface of the transparent plate and being configured to emit... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

07/03/2014 > 59 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140185267 - Multilayered optical film and display device: An optical film includes: a first optical phase retardation layer having a relation nx1≧ny1≧nz1; a second optical phase retardation layer disposed under the first optical phase retardation layer and having a relation nx2≈ny2<nz2; and a third optical phase retardation layer disposed on the first optical phase retardation layer and having... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140185268 - Instrument with dial for a motor vehicle and method for producing the same: An instrument is provided with dial for a motor vehicle and a method for producing the same. The dial includes, but is not limited to a support disc, a display area on the support disc and a transparent chromatographically colored ring element, which surrounds the display area. The support disc... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140185271 - Display device and optical member: Disclosed are a display device and an optical member. The display device includes a light source, a wavelength conversion member provided adjacent to the light source, and a reflection-transmission part interposed between the light source and the wavelength conversion member.... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140185272 - Lighting device: Provided is a lighting device that can suppress decrease in its luminous efficiency and shortening of its life. A lighting device (1) includes a fluorescent member (4) which is irradiated with laser light emitted by a semiconductor laser (2) and emits fluorescent light, a rotation mechanism (6) which rotates the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140185270 - Lighting structure and illuminating device: A lighting structure includes a substrate, a light emitting diode, a cover unit, and a hollow column. The substrate has a top surface and a rear surface opposite to the top surface. The light emitting diode is disposed on the top surface and is electrically connected to the substrate. The... Agent: Genesis Photonics Inc.

20140185269 - Solid-state lamps utilizing photoluminescence wavelength conversion components: Disclosed are improved photoluminescence wavelength conversion components and lamps that incorporate such components. The photoluminescence wavelength conversion component comprises a hollow cylindrical tube having a given bore of diameter and an axial length. The relative dimensions and shape of the component can affect the radial emission pattern of the component... Agent: Intermatix Corporation

20140185273 - Backlight module for light field adjustment: A backlight module for light field adjustment includes a light source module, an optical structure layer, a first prism film, and a second prism film. The light source module has a light exit surface, and the light exit surface has a normal direction. The optical structure layer is disposed on... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20140185274 - Light-emitting-element encapsulating composition, light-emitting diode and liquid crystal display device: An encapsulating composition for a light emitting element, a light emitting diode (LED) and a liquid crystal display device (LCD) are provided. A silicone-cured product included as a main ingredient and a conductivity-providing agent having excellent compatibility and capable of providing superior conductivity can be used to significantly reduce the... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140185275 - Internally illuminated light diffusing footwear: An illumination system is housed in a footwear, the footwear including a sole and an upper. A structure and a liner form inner layers connected to the upper. A plurality of illumination sources are electrically connected to a power source and positioned adjacent to the liner. The illumination sources are... Agent:

20140185276 - Illuminating device for showcase: An illuminating device includes an aluminum extrusion profile fixed on a back panel of a showcase, and a lamp device. A face panel of the showcase is secured to an end of the aluminum extrusion profile away from the back panel. In the middle of the aluminum extrusion profile defines... Agent: Dongguan Heng Long Fixture Manufacturing Company Limited

20140185277 - Beverage container illuminated and controlled by motion or proximity sensing module device: An illuminating motion sensing module for a beverage container. The illuminating motion sensing module is removably coupled to the base of the beverage container. The top surface of the module is comprised of a translucent surface with a diffusion texture which allows light emitted from the module to be propagated... Agent:

20140185278 - Golf lighting system: A golf lighting system includes a golf cup light assembly having a cup housing sized to fit within a golf cup hole and a light source disposed within the housing and configured to illuminate a cup-shaped portion of the housing. The system also includes a plurality of partially removable lighting... Agent:

20140185279 - Tubular integrated light emitting diode (led) lamp housing having a heat radiation section and a light transmission section and method for making the same: An integrated LED lamp housing can include a heat radiation section and a light transmission section. The integrated LED lamp housing can be prepared by co-extruding different polycarbonate resin compositions.... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140185281 - Illuminating device and light module thereof: An illuminating device includes a first light module and a second light module. The first light module emits a first light beam to a first illuminating area, and the second light module emits a second light beam to a second illuminating area. The first light module includes a first blue... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140185283 - Lighting fixture: A lighting fixture includes: a frame; a housing that is supported so as to be swingable relative to the frame about a swing axis; a first light emitting part that is provided in the housing and emits light of a first color; and a second light emitting part that is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140185282 - Methods and apparatus for transparent display using scattering nanoparticles: Transparent displays enable many useful applications, including heads-up displays for cars and aircraft as well as displays on eyeglasses and glass windows. Unfortunately, transparent displays made of organic light-emitting diodes are typically expensive and opaque. Heads-up displays often require fixed light sources and have limited viewing angles. And transparent displays... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140185284 - Methods and apparatus for transparent display using up-converting nanoparticles: Disclosed herein are transparent color displays with nanoparticles made with nonlinear materials and/or designed to exhibit optical resonances. These nanoparticles are embedded in or hosted on a transparent substrate, such as a flexible piece of clear plastic or acrylic. Illuminating the nanoparticles with invisible light (e.g., infrared or ultraviolet light)... Agent:

20140185280 - Warning lighting system using led beacon arrays with a single master power supply: The present disclosure is directed to an obstruction lighting system for an elevated structure. In one embodiment, the obstruction lighting system for the elevated structure includes two obstruction light beacons that provide at a light output, wherein each one of the two obstruction light beacons comprises a plurality of light... Agent: Dialight Corporation

20140185285 - Color mixing illumination device: The present invention relates to an illumination device comprising a number of light sources generating light and a number of light collecting means adapted to collect the generated light and to convert the collected light into a number of light beams that propagate along an optical axis. The light sources... Agent: Martin Professional A/s

20140185286 - Apparatus for condensing light from multiple sources using bragg gratings: There is provided a colour sequential illumination device comprising in series: first and second light sources; a condenser lens; and a grating device. The grating device comprises at least one Bragg grating. The condenser lens directs light from the first and second sources into the grating device at first and... Agent:

20140185287 - Lighting fixture and light-emitting diode light source assembly: An improved LED light source assembly is described, suitable for use as a retrofit for prior lighting fixtures of a kind including a concave reflector, an incandescent lamp positioned with its filament(s) at or near a focal region of the reflector, and a lens assembly for projecting light reflected by... Agent:

20140185288 - Lighting fixture and light-emitting diode light source assembly: An improved LED light source assembly is described, suitable for use as a retrofit for prior lighting fixtures of a kind including a concave reflector, an incandescent lamp positioned with its filament(s) at or near a focal region of the reflector, and a lens assembly for projecting light reflected by... Agent:

20140185289 - Facade light comprising light-emitting diodes: A facade light having a housing for accommodating a lighting device, operating devices and terminals, including light-emitting diodes as the lighting device and lenses for distributing the light emitted by the light-emitting diodes, wherein at least two light-emitting diodes are combined to form LED clusters (1) and a lens (2)... Agent: Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh

20140185290 - Variable beam angle illumination: Light-emitting diodes, and related components, processes, systems, and methods are generally described.... Agent: Luminus Devices, Inc.

20140185291 - Partially recessed luminaire: A luminaire includes a fixture to be generally received in a recess of a support surface. A plurality of light engines are disposed within the fixture. The light engines each have at least one light source. A heat flange disposed about a distal end region of said fixture. The heat... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140185292 - Housing for electronic device: A housing of an electronic device includes a frame having a plurality of first opposite and second opposite sets of, a front cover, and a rear cover. The front cover and the rear cover are attached to two opposite sides of the frame to define a receiving space. The frame... Agent:

20140185293 - Interchangeable molding designs and lighting panels: A molding member may include at least one interchangeable panel that may be interchanged after the molding member has been installed to a support structure. The molding member may allow the molding design to be replaced to match the desired appearance of the room in which the molding is attached.... Agent:

20140185294 - Light emitting device: In a light emitting device, one of at least one reinforcing portion is disposed on a site for joining regions of two wiring portions. The site for joining regions is provided for at least a first joining region where the first groove portion and the third groove portion join, and... Agent: Nichia Corporation

20140185295 - Decorative light display: A three-dimensional frame for use with decorative light displays and, more particularly, a frame on which lights can be stung that has frame members formed with snap-fit connector ends, which are connected together by intersection pieces that include a plurality of snap-fit connector receptacles for receiving the connector ends, for... Agent:

20140185296 - Light emitting device: A light emitting device with good handling performance for storage, transportation, or in use, which can prevent stress from concentrating on the light emitting elements. The substrate member includes a first end portion, a middle portion, and a second end portion. The first end portion defines a locking hole for... Agent: Nichia Corporation

20140185297 - Grille light device: A grille light device includes a base having a plurality of receiving rooms. Each receiving room has a plurality of protrusions protruded from one side thereof. A conductor is disposed in the base and has a plurality of first power pins. A plurality of position members is pivotally assembled on... Agent:

20140185298 - Strobe device: A strobe device having small variations in the amount of light includes the following components: a flash discharge tube having an anode on one side and a cathode on the other side, the cathode having a metal sintered body at an end thereof; a conductive reflector composing an external trigger... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140185299 - Bandpass filter for use in light emitting device and light emitting device using the same: Provided is a bandpass filter for a light emitting device that can improve the light emission efficiency in use for a light emitting device, and a light emitting device that can obtain the high light emission efficiency by using the bandpass filter. The light emitting device includes a substrate; a... Agent: Nichia Coproration

20140185300 - Insulated led device: An LED device has an LED assembly connected to or abutting a heat sink, the heat sink connected to a cooling bridge and optionally enclosed within insulated connector end caps and crossover end caps and within a reflector cover and side cover. The cooling bridge conducts heat to the heat... Agent:

20140185301 - Energy star compliant led lamp: The present disclosure provides an illumination device. The illumination device includes a cap structure. The cap structure is partially coated with a reflective material operable to reflect light. The illumination device includes one or more lighting-emitting devices disposed within the cap structure. The light-emitting devices may be light-emitting diode (LED)... Agent:

20140185302 - Lighting device: According to embodiments, there is provided a lighting device that includes a lighting main body and a support portion. The lighting main body has an irradiation window that emits light. The support portion has a rotation stop member that is engaged with a protrusion provided in a first frame body... Agent: Toshiba Lighting And Technology Corporation

20140185303 - Waterproof decorative lamp: A decorative lamp, including a lampshade, a luminophor and conductive wires connected with the luminophor. The decorative lamp includes a wire trapper, one end portion is disposed between the conductive wires and a housing with opened inner space. The wire trapper is disposed inside the inner space, the conductive wires... Agent:

20140185304 - Optical plate with microstructures: An optical plate includes a substrate having a light emitting surface, a rear surface opposite to the light emitting surface, and a plurality of microstructures that cooperatively define the light emitting surface and each of which parallelly extends in a light traveling direction. Each of the microstructures includes first and... Agent: Chi Mei Corporation

20140185305 - Lighting device: A lighting device includes a face light emitter and a housing having an internal cavity. The internal cavity is defined by a wall and the face light emitter. The face light emitter is an electroluminescence panel having a permeable substrate to planarly radiate visible light. The electroluminescence panel has a... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20140185306 - Wrap-around window for lighting module: A lighting module may comprise a housing, a window frame mounted at a front side of the housing, a window mounted at a front plane of the window frame, the window comprising a window front face spanning a front plane length and first and second window sidewalls extending rearwards from... Agent:

20140185307 - Headlamp for vehicle: A headlamp for a vehicle, includes: a lower lamp module configured to form a first beam pattern at a front close range region of the vehicle while being fixed; and an upper lamp module including an ADB (adaptive drive beam) lamp module and a low beam lamp module, which are... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140185308 - Light emitting diode automobile lamp: An LED automobile lamp includes a light source, a light guiding plate and a lens. The light guiding plate is adjacent to the light source. The lens is spaced from the light source and the light guiding plate. The light guiding plate includes a top surface which includes a horizontal... Agent:

20140185309 - Lighting apparatus, headlamp, and mobile body: A lighting apparatus is provided that, while suppressing an increase in size, can change the illuminating direction. The lighting apparatus has: a laser generator which emits laser light; a light emitting member which is irradiated with the laser light emitted from the laser generator to emit light; an irradiated position... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140185310 - Light system: According to another aspect of the present invention, a light system for use in a rearview mirror assembly is provided and includes a light source and a first optical element. Said first optical element has a collection optic configured to direct light received from said light source, a reflector optic... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20140185311 - Systems for indicating visibility of a blind spot to a driver: Systems for indicating visibility of a blind spot to a driver are provided. In some embodiments, the systems comprise: a housing; a mirror coupled to the housing, wherein the mirror is adjustable in at least a horizontal direction with respect to the housing; and a directional light source rigidly coupled... Agent:

20140185312 - Method and apparatus for implementing optical modules in high temperatures: An optical module apparatus and method operates at high temperatures. The apparatus has a first printed circuit board with optoelectronics and electronics located on a thermoelectric cooler. The thermoelectric cooler is located on a second printed circuit board that also has electronics that control the thermoelectric cooler separately mounted thereon.... Agent:

20140185313 - Fan unit, electronic apparatus, and enclosure: An electronic apparatus includes a fan unit having a first connector part and a second connector part disposed at different positions, and a housing configured to accommodate the fan unit. The housing includes a connector and a connector protecting part. The connector is configured to be connected to one of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140185314 - Edge lit led header system: A LED illuminated system to illuminate a messaging panel may include a main housing, an edge lit messaging panel to be detachably connected to the main housing, a blackout panel to be detachably connected to the main housing and to cooperate with the edge lit messaging panel, a front LED... Agent:

20140185317 - Back light unit and image display device using the same: According to one embodiment, an edge light-type back light unit includes, a light source, a light guide plate and a light quantity controller. The light source configured to exit light. The light guide plate includes a lens configured to prevent diffusion of the light exiting the light source and being... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140185315 - Backlight module: The present invention provides a backlight module, which includes a backplane, a backlight source arranged inside the backplane, a reflector plate arranged inside the backplane, a light guide plate arranged on the reflector plate, and a mold frame mounted to the backplane. The mold frame forms a projection. The backplane... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140185316 - Display device and method of manufacturing the same: A display device according to an embodiment of the invention includes a display member configured to display images, a light source member configured to generate light, and a light guiding member disposed between the light source member and the display member. The light guiding member is configured to guide the... Agent:

20140185318 - Backlight assembly and a display device using the same: A backlight assembly includes a light guide member extending in a direction and having a light incident surface and a light exiting surface. A light source faces the light guide member and supplies light to the light guide member through the light incident surface. A reflecting member reflects light exiting... Agent:

20140185319 - Backlight module and display apparatus: The present invention provides a backlight module and a display apparatus. The display apparatus comprises the backlight module and a display panel. The backlight module comprises a light collector, at least one optical fiber, a fiber arrangement substrate and a light guide plate. The optical fiber is connected between the... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140185320 - Optical coupling device and backlight module: An optical coupling device is used for optically coupling light sources with a light guide plate. The optical coupling device includes transparent light guide portions. Each light guide portion has a light incident surface, a light emitting surface, a top surface, and a bottom surface. The light incident surface is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140185321 - Light guide plate and backlight module: A light guide plate includes a plate body and a light incident portion, wherein the plate body has a top plate surface. The light incident portion is formed on a side of the plate body and has a thickness increasing as the light incident portion extends away from a center... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20140185322 - Light guiding plate, backlight module and display device using the same: A light guiding plate includes a light guiding main body, a first light guiding unit and a second light guiding unit. The light guiding main body has a first surface, a second surface opposite to the first surface and a light inlet face connecting between the first and second surfaces.... Agent: Innolux Corporation

20140185323 - Anisotropic heat dissipation in a backlight unit: A backlight unit with a light source, a light guiding plate, a reflective film and an anisotropic heat dissipation layer is disclosed. At least some embodiments provide a display panel including the backlight unit and methods for reducing the temperature of a backlight unit by the anisotropic heat dissipation layer.... Agent:

20140185324 - Backlight assembly and display device having the same: A backlight assembly of a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is provided with improved heat dissipation capabilities. The improved dissipation capabilities come from one or more light-sourcing unit fixing frames that have extensions which protrude to outside a housing that houses light sourcing units of the LCD. The light-sourcing unit fixing... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140185325 - Led night-light: An LED night-light with a switch connected in series with an LED for switching the LED on and off is disclosed. A photo sensor that controls the switch as a function of the ambient light conditions is also disclosed. An LED night-light with a plurality of LEDs for achieving increased... Agent: Mary Elle Fashions, Inc.

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