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11/13/2014 > 61 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140334124 - Camera flash gun diffuser: A camera flash gun diffuser fits over a camera flash gun. A light input opening over the camera flash gun is angled with respect to a light output window of the diffuser. The inner surface of the casing is reflective so that light is redirected from the flash gun output... Agent:

20140334125 - Backlit keyboard and light guide module and manufacture method thereof: A backlit keyboard includes a keyboard module having a plurality of key units and a light guide module including a light guide plate, a metal layer, and an insulation layer. The light guide plate has a light-exit surface and a bottom surface. The metal layer has an upper surface and... Agent: Darfon Electronics Corp.

20140334127 - Color shift sign: The present application is directed to an illumination device comprising a recycling cavity defined by recycling surfaces and a light emission surface; a light source within the cavity. A spectrum modifying layer is on a portion of the recycling surface, the spectrum modifying layer producing a spectral response different from... Agent:

20140334126 - Light-emitting device with total internal reflection (tir) extractor: A variety of light-emitting devices are disclosed that are configured to output light provided by a light source. In general, embodiments of the light-emitting devices feature a light source and an extractor element coupled to the light source, where the extractor element includes, at least in part, a total internal... Agent:

20140334128 - Bulb socket and lighting device: A pair of terminal portions of a bus bar (i.e. a terminal clamp) includes spring portions each of which is arranged to exert a pushing force in a direction of sandwiching a base portion of a bulb, and contact portions each provided at a tip portion of the spring portion.... Agent:

20140334129 - Flameless candle with fragrance diffusion: According to embodiments of the present invention, a flameless candle includes a housing, a reservoir, and a lamp. The reservoir can retain a fragrant source (e.g., solid, liquid, or mix thereof. The housing has a hollow region and a recessed area within the top surface of the housing. The recessed... Agent:

20140334130 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus includes a back light unit that has a light source, an optical member that is arranged so as to face the irradiation direction of the light of the light source, and a spacer that supports the optical member from the light source side and is arranged in... Agent:

20140334131 - Baton light: A lightweight plastic baton includes a hollow cylindrical body which telescopically supports a flexible cylindrical plastic baton shaft. One or more slideways support and concentrically center the baton shaft within the hollow body. A flashlight having a strobed light operating mode is coupled to the baton body to provide a... Agent:

20140334133 - Medical headlamp assembly having interchangeable headlamp types: A medical headlamp assembly has a headband subassembly, including an electrical network, including a battery and an electrical jack and a headlamp mount. An electrical headlamp subassembly, has a mounting element that is matingly and removably engaged to the headlamp mount, and an electrical plug that is matingly and removably... Agent: River Point, LLC

20140334132 - Medical headlamp optics: A lamp having a front surface from which a beam of light is emitted and that includes a housing. An optical assembly is supported and partially enclosed by the housing, and includes an LED assembly, a prime lens and an exit lens, with light emitted from the LED assembly passing... Agent: River Point, LLC

20140334134 - Architecture for routing mutli-channel commands via a tree column: Apparatus and associated methods may relate to an artificial tree apparatus having a plurality of trunk segments that couple together to provide a plurality of information or command signals to load devices connected thereto. In an illustrative example, one or more branch segments having light emitting devices are connected to... Agent: Loominocity, Inc.

20140334135 - Variable planform shelving system: Variable planform shelving systems include a variable support platform and a support surface assembly that is supported by the variable support platform. The variable support platform includes frames that can be repositioned relative to each other to vary the planform of the variable support platform. The support surface assembly provides... Agent:

20140334136 - Accent lighting for demountable wall system: A demountable Wall system that includes a base trim that receives an accent lighting assembly. The lower trim of the demountable wall system includes one or more lighting base trim sections that receive an accent lighting assembly. The accent lighting assembly includes an extruded diffuser formed from a transparent plastic... Agent: Krueger International, Inc.

20140334137 - Bidirectional light sheet: A solid state light sheet and method of fabricating the sheet are disclosed. In one embodiment, bare LED chips have top and bottom electrodes, where the bottom electrode is a large reflective electrode. The bottom electrodes of an array of LEDs (e.g., greater than 1,000 LEDs) are bonded to an... Agent:

20140334138 - Coupling for a sealed, lockable battery pack and power adapter and a high intensity search light: A coupling for a powered search light includes a body that has a power device that provides electrical power or access to electrical power and a head coupled to the body including an lighting device which provides light when electrically powered. An end is coupled to or included as part... Agent: Surefire LLC

20140334139 - Enclosure lighting system: The present invention provides a lighting system for lighting the interior of an enclosure. The enclosure has at least one movable door or drawer for opening and accessing the interior of the enclosure. The lighting system includes a light assembly with a lower casing and an upper casing. The light... Agent:

20140334140 - Combined light emitting device: A combined light emitting device includes: a multi-way connection tube and a light emitting member. The multi-way connection tube is provided with a plurality of sub-tubes which are connected at one jointing point, and each of the sub-tubes has a connecting portion within the sub-tube. A light emitting member is... Agent:

20140334141 - Led fluorescent tube: The invention relates to an LED fluorescent tube, characterized in that the tube comprises: a light guide column; two round aluminum substrates or round copper-aluminum bases distributed symmetrically at both sides of the light guide column in the axial direction of the light guide column, gradually far away from the... Agent: Xi'an Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Group Weinan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140334142 - Extended length flexible led light strip system: An extended length flexible LED light strip system for extending the length of a flexible LED light strip. The extended length flexible LED light strip system generally includes a protective covering having a passage, a light strip extending within the passage of the protective covering, a first power bus and... Agent: Inspired Led, LLC

20140334144 - Light source apparatus: A light source apparatus includes a plurality of light emission clusters arranged in a matrix pattern, wherein the light emission cluster has four sub light emission clusters of two rows and two columns, the sub light emission cluster has a plurality of light sources, the plurality of light sources having... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140334143 - Light-emitting device, light-emitting panel, and display panel: A novel light-emitting device or light-emitting panel in which reflected external light is reduced is provided. A novel display panel in which reflected external light is reduced is provided. The present inventors have conceived a light-emitting device including a light-emitting module that emits light with a spectrum having a peak... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140334145 - Lamp with a reflector: A lamp is disclosed. The lamp has a housing, at least one light source in the housing, and a reflector. The reflector has a light reflective surface facing said light source. The reflector and its light reflective surface is movable with respect to said light source along a path-of-movement to... Agent:

20140334148 - Backlight module, method for driving same and display device using same: An LED lighting apparatus is provided. The LED lighting apparatus comprises: an LED module; a heat dissipation member; and a connection member for connecting the LED module and the heat dissipation member mechanically and heat-conductively. The heat dissipation member comprises a reflective surface for reflecting light from the LED module.... Agent: Seoul Semiconducstor Co., Ltd.

20140334149 - High intensity light-emitting diode luminaire assembly: A low-cost, efficient, high intensity LED luminaire (HILL) assembly for use indoors or outdoors in wet, damp, or dry environments. In various embodiments, the HILL assembly can be powered by a universal AC or a DC electrical supply and can operate in a temperature range from about −40° C. to... Agent:

20140334147 - Led bulb with a gas medium having a uniform light-distribution profile: An LED bulb includes a base, a shell, and a plurality of LEDs. The shell is connected to the base and the plurality of LEDs is disposed within the shell. The LEDs are configured to provide the LED bulb with a uniform light-distribution profile.... Agent:

20140334146 - Lighting devices including transparent organic light emitting device light panels and having independent control of direct to indirect light: A lighting device for emitting direct light and indirect light, includes a first transparent light panel comprising at least one organic light emitting device, the first transparent light panel emitting direct light and indirect light during operation thereof; and at least a second transparent light panel comprising at least one... Agent:

20140334154 - Device for lighting a subjacent area: This device (1) comprises:-means for attaching to and suspending from a support member,-a printed circuit (2) comprising (i) an upper face (13), tilted in the direction of the support, (ii) a lower face supporting and linking electronically amongst one another a plurality of electroluminescent diodes, (iii) a first end attached... Agent:

20140334152 - Illumination device: An illumination device includes a supporting base, at least two supports and at least two semiconductor light emitting elements. The supports are disposed on the supporting base and coupled to each other. The semiconductor light emitting elements are respectively coupled to the supports. The semiconductor light emitting element includes a... Agent:

20140334150 - Light emitting diode traffic light: An LED (light emitting diode) traffic light includes a circuit board, a plurality of LEDs, and a masking plate. The masking plate has a plurality of through-holes. The masking plate is provided such that a back side of the masking plate faces a front side of the circuit board and... Agent: Nichia Corporation

20140334151 - Lighting device: The invention relates to a lighting device, comprising a housing having a cover (1) which is at least sectionally transparent and a supporting plate (2) opposite the cover (1), on which supporting plate a printed circuit board (5) populated with a plurality of LEDs (6) on its upper side (O)... Agent: Diehl Aerospace Gmbh

20140334153 - Solid state lighting module with improved heat spreader: A solid state lighting module (102) for attachment to a socket (103) through rotation of the solid state lighting module around an axis of rotation (111). The solid state lighting module (102) comprises at least one solid state light-source (112); a heat spreading member (104) having two surfaces arranged opposite... Agent:

20140334155 - Folding worklight with attachment mechanism: A worklight includes a center core comprising an inner cavity, a first panel coupled to the center core, in which the first panel comprises at least one first LED module, and a second panel coupled to the center core opposite the first panel, in which the second panel comprises at... Agent:

20140334156 - Led module and luminaire having an led module: An LED module includes a first and a second partial chain of LEDs, wherein the LED module has a first input terminal and a second input terminal, via which said LED module is connectable to a light emitting diode module connected upstream or to a voltage source, and wherein the... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140334157 - Medical headlamp optical arrangement permitting variable beam width: A medical headlamp having a front from which light is selectively emitted. The headlamp includes a beam origination portion that produces a light beam and an iris assembly, positioned in front of the beam origination portion, having a user accessible actuator and an iris, responsive to the actuator to block... Agent: River Point, LLC

20140334158 - Led lamp with controlled distribution: An LED lamp includes a heat dissipating base. The LED lamp further includes an LED assembly, including a plurality if LEDs. The LED assembly is in thermal communication with the heat dissipating base. The LED lamp further includes a bulb disposed over the LED assembly and coupled to the heat... Agent: Technical Consumer Products, Inc.

20140334161 - Focusing structure for led lamp: A focusing structure for an LED lamp is provided. LED chips are provided in a main body of the LED lamp, a front end of the main body 1 is provided with a lens assembly. At least one of the LED chips 2 is not located on the axis of... Agent:

20140334160 - Light extraction substrate for oled, and oled including the same: A light extraction substrate for an organic light-emitting device (OLED) which can improve the light extraction efficiency of an OLED, a method of fabricating the same and an OLED including the same. The light extraction substrate is disposed on one surface of an OLED through which light generated from the... Agent: Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20140334159 - Medical headlamp optical arrangement: A lamp having a front surface from which light is emitted and that includes a high efficiency light source assembly producing a beam having a 3 dB beamwidth of greater than 100 AE, and which includes a substrate, a high efficiency light source supported by the substrate; and a dome-lens... Agent: River Point, LLC

20140334162 - Led lamp: A light emitting diode (LED) lamp comprises a casing part inserted into the region on which the lamp is installed. A PCB part is seated on the casing part in two stage. A connector part connects and fixes the PCB part to the casing part to supply power to the... Agent:

20140334163 - Inter-locking mechanism for lighting components and method thereof: Embodiments of the disclosure provide a locking mechanism for securing lighting components to each other, particularly a light-emitting diode (LED) or light engine to a heat sink. The locking mechanism comprises: a base component and a retention ring. The base component comprises: a mounting component comprising a lighting component compartment;... Agent:

20140334165 - Light emitting diode (led) assembly and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to an improved light emitting diode (LED) assembly and method of manufacture which enables the fixing of LED chips to a much broader range of surfaces or objects, amongst other benefits. In particular, the invention relates to a metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) including on... Agent:

20140334164 - Wiring board and light emitting device using same: A wiring board includes an insulated substrate, a wiring pattern and a folded part. The insulated substrate has an elongated shape with shorter sides extending along a width direction. The wiring pattern is provided on the substrate. The wiring pattern extends between both ends in the width direction of the... Agent: Nichia Corporation

20140334166 - Magnetic pivot connector structure for lamp: A magnetic pivot connector structure is provided. The structure comprises a magnetic socket and a magnetic plug. The magnetic socket includes negative and positive grooves at the center. A magnet is disposed on one side of the positive and negative grooves. The positive and negative grooves are connected electrically to... Agent:

20140334167 - Safety device for headlights with laser light sources and method for shutting down laser light sources in case of safety-critical conditions: A device and a method for safety shutdown of the at least one laser light source (2) of at least one headlight (1) for a motor vehicle, the safety device having a vehicle-side subsystem and a headlight-side subsystem, wherein the two subsystems are connected to one another via an interface... Agent:

20140334168 - Method and control unit for activating at least one headlight of a vehicle using a traffic density: A method for activating at least one headlight of a vehicle has: a step of ascertaining a traffic density from an item of information about road users in the surroundings of the vehicle; a step of determining a control parameter for controlling an emission characteristic of the headlight using the... Agent:

20140334169 - Utility vehicle with assistance system for positioning lateral ground supports: Utility vehicle, in particular a firefighting vehicle (10), comprising an aerial apparatus like a turnable ladder (12) and/or an aerial rescue platform and lateral ground supports (16) that are movable between retracted positions and extracted operating positions in which the ends of the supports (16) rest on the ground, characterized... Agent: Iveco Magirus Ag

20140334170 - Led light source assembly for automotive forward lighting apparatus: A LED light source assembly for an automotive forward lighting apparatus may include a LED lighting unit assembly provided with a LED lighting unit, a housing, and a heat transfer body which is assembled to the housing and to which the LED lighting unit assembly is assembled, wherein a mounting... Agent:

20140334171 - Lighting device: Lighting device, which is intended especially for external end lighting of motor vehicles, consists of an elongated light guide, provided with a light source at least at one of its ends and located in the space between the white rear cover of the lighting device and its front lens, while... Agent: Varroc Lighting Systems, S.r.o.

20140334172 - Vehicle lighting device: A vehicle lighting device according to embodiments includes a light emitting unit, a holding unit, a light guide, a cover and an attachment unit. The light emitting unit has one or more light emitting elements. The holding unit holds the light emitting unit. The light guide guides light emitted from... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140334173 - Uniform illumination of lamps: One embodiment of a vehicle lamp assembly may include a housing, which includes a pair of opposing reflective surfaces defining a chamber therebetween. The assembly may further have a single light emitting diode (LED) disposed within the chamber and a lens carried by the housing. At least one of the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140334176 - Design part installation structure for vehicle: A design part installation structure includes a lamp body exposed on a vehicle design surface, an outer panel having an installation section for installing the lamp body and defining the design surface, and a parting line, which includes a curved third parting line segment, is formed between the lamp body... Agent:

20140334174 - Led light unit and method of producing an led light unit: An LED light unit comprises a support portion, a light source having at least one LED, the light source being arranged on the support portion and having a source-side light intensity distribution (LISS), and a refractive optical element having an inner surface and an outer surface, with at least one... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140334175 - Led light unit and method of replacing an led light unit: An LED light unit, in particular for a passenger transportation vehicle, such as an aircraft, a road vehicle, a ship or a rail car, has a support portion a light source having at least one LED, the light source being arranged on the support portion, and a refractive optical element... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140334177 - Lens for an optical module of a motor vehicle: A lens for a motor vehicle optical module, wherein it comprises a series of patterns on an optical surface, said patterns extending in a preferred direction.... Agent:

20140334178 - Car nameplate with a backlight: The invention relates to decorative elements for a car. The aim of the proposed invention is to increase the effectiveness of illumination. The invention is realized as follows. A basic element with an external surface and with a first internal surface, a translucent element with a second internal surface and... Agent:

20140334179 - Led-based lamp including shaped light guide: A light guide (302) for a lamp includes a proximal end (510) configured to receive light from at least one LED. The received light forms an internal beam inside the light guide. The light guide angularly redistributes the LED light to have a specified angular output distribution. The light guide... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140334180 - Light-directing device: A light-directing device adapted for directing light emitted by a light source. The light-directing device includes a light-guiding plate and a directing unit that is disposed adjacent to the light-guiding plate such that a portion of the light emitted by the light source into the light-guiding plate is internally reflected... Agent: Radiant Opto-electronics Corporation

20140334181 - Backlight unit of display device and white led: A backlight unit of a display device includes a light bar and a light guide plate (LGP), where a plurality of ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diodes (LEDs) are arranged on the light bar, and a light incident surface of the LGP and the UV LEDs are oppositely arranged. at least... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20140334182 - Back light module and display device using the same: A back light module includes a bezel, a light source assembly and a first circuit board. The bezel has a carrier surface, a first back surface opposite to the first back surface, and a through hole passing through the bezel from the carrier surface to the first back surface. The... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20140334183 - Bulb socket and lighting system: A bulb socket and a lighting system, which can reduce components and dimensions and improve a force for holding a bulb, are provided. A housing has an insertion hole including an opening for receiving a base portion of a bulb, and a plurality of projection portions projecting from a deep... Agent:

20140334184 - Bulb socket and lighting system: A pair of terminal portions of a bus bar is composed of a first terminal portion and a second terminal portion extended along a sidewall of the base portion. Each of the first and second terminal portions has a spring portion for generating biasing force toward a direction of holding... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 43 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140328043 - Illumination energy management in surface inspection: The disclosure is directed to a system and method of managing illumination energy applied to illuminated portions of a scanned wafer to mitigate illumination-induced damage without unnecessarily compromising SNR of an inspection system. The wafer may be rotated at a selected spin frequency for scanning wafer defects utilizing the inspection... Agent:

20140328044 - Lighting apparatus with luminophore on a movable carrier: The lighting device (11) has at least one light generation device (12) for generating a primary light (P), a first luminophore (16) for converting the wavelength of the primary light (P) to a first secondary light (S1), and a second luminophore (20) for converting the wavelength of the primary light... Agent:

20140328045 - Lighting device for forming an illumination spot of variable diamater and of variable color temperature: A lighting device comprises a first light source (10) at a first color temperature (Tk1), a second light source (20) at a second color temperature (Tk2) that is different from the first color temperature, and an optical system that forms an illumination spot (3) at an intermediate color temperature (Tkr).... Agent: Maquet Sas

20140328046 - Light emitting diode component: In a lighting package, a printed circuit board supports at least one light emitting die. A light transmissive cover is disposed over the at least one light emitting die. A phosphor is disposed on or inside of the light transmissive dome-shaped cover. The phosphor outputs converted light responsive to irradiation... Agent:

20140328047 - Light source device: A light source device includes a primary light source unit and a light converting unit. The primary light source unit includes a primary light emitting portion. The light converting unit includes a light converting member and a secondary light emitting portion. In the two-dimensional shape of the secondary light emitting... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140328048 - Lighting device with semiconductor light source and spaced-apart phosphor region: A lighting may include at least one semiconductor light source which emits primary light, at least one phosphor region spaced apart from the at least one semiconductor light source and serving for at least partly converting the primary light into secondary light, and at least one filter disposed downstream of... Agent:

20140328049 - Optical arrangement with diffractive optics: The present invention relates to an optical arrangement (1), comprising an optical chamber (2) comprising a light exit window, wherein the chamber is defined by a bottom (21) and at least one surrounding wall (22, 23, 24, 25), and wherein a surface (4a) of the bottom (21) of the chamber... Agent: Koninklike Philips N.v.

20140328050 - Backlight unit, display device therewith, and lighting system therewith: Embodiments relate to a backlight unit, a display device therewith, and a lighting system therewith, the backlight unit including a first reflector and a second reflector, at least one light source disposed between the first reflector and the second reflector, an upper cover plate and a lower cover plate separate... Agent:

20140328051 - Display device: A liquid crystal display device 1 is provided with a liquid crystal display panel 10, which displays an image, and a case 2, which is disposed on the side of the liquid crystal display panel 10 opposite to the display surface side, and covers the side of the liquid crystal... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140328052 - Light-emitting assembly and light-emitting floor system containing the same: Disclosed is a light-emitting assembly containing a panel having a first side and an opposing second side, a plurality of bores extending from the first side to the second side, an LED light source, such as a printed circuit board, having first side and an opposing second side, the first... Agent:

20140328053 - Illumination device: According to one or more aspects, an illumination device is provided. The illumination device includes a housing, a power source, a light source, a connection device, one or more covers, and an actuating member. The power source, the light source, the connection device, etc. may be disposed inside the housing... Agent:

20140328054 - Modular flash light with magnetic connection: A modular lighting system with a magnetic plug and socket connection between a battery module, light module, and other modules is provided. The plug and socket include magnets which are attached magnetically to each other to hold the battery module and light module together. Electricity is transmitted through the magnets... Agent:

20140328055 - Configurable linear light assembly and associated methods: A linear light assembly having an elongate tray and a plurality of moveable lighting packages. The elongate tray may provide both mechanical support and thermal management for the plurality of moveable lighting packages. The elongate tray may comprise a medial channel portion with a planar track member and two opposing... Agent: Lighting Science Group Corporation

20140328056 - Ac light emitting device with long-persistent phosphor and light emitting device module having the same: An AC light emitting device includes a first light emitting diode chip and a second light emitting diode chip, each of which has a plurality of light emitting cells on a single substrate. A first long-persistent phosphor is positioned on the first light emitting diode chip to perform wavelength conversion... Agent: Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd.

20140328059 - Backlight unit and display device using the same: Disclosed is a backlight unit and a display device using the same, which includes a first reflector, a second reflector 300 and at least one light source module 100 disposed between the first and second reflectors, wherein a back surface of the first reflector comprises an inclined plane 201 and... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140328060 - Light collecting system with a number of reflector pairs: The present invention relates to a light collector for an illumination device collecting light from a plurality of light sources and combing the collected light into a common light beam, where the common light beam is coupled through an optical gate. The light sources are distributed offset and around an... Agent:

20140328058 - Solid state lamp using light emitting strips: In one embodiment, an LED lamp has a generally bulb shape. The LEDs are low power types and are encapsulated in thin, narrow, flexible strips. The LEDs are connected in series in the strips to drop a desired voltage. The strips are affixed to the outer surface of a bulb... Agent:

20140328057 - Stringed led capsule lighting apparatus: A plurality of adjacent capsules, each comprising a base component, a body component carrying an LED circuit board, and a lens component, wherein the body and the base snap together and the lens snap-fits to the body. Such capsules are attached to a flexible electrical power cable by electrical connector... Agent: Tempo Industries, LLC

20140328061 - Light emitting device package and illumination apparatus: Embodiments provide a light emitting device package including a body, a light emitting device the body, and a lens disposed on the light emitting device, wherein the lens includes a lower surface portion, an upper surface portion parallel to the lower surface portion, and a lateral surface portion positioned between... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140328062 - Optical element, illumination device including the optical element, and illumination module including the illumination device: b

20140328063 - Light source system: A light source system includes an intermediary adapter which mechanically connects a first light source module, a first irradiation module, a second light source module and a second irradiation module, a first connection mechanism which connects the first light source module and the intermediary adapter and a second connection mechanism... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140328064 - Lamp: A lamp achieves high output power like an HID lamp by using a light emitting element(s) as a light source. A mount board having LED mounted thereon is provided on the surface of a base member, and there are provided plural flat plate type light source units arranged around an... Agent: Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.

20140328065 - Retrofit led lighting system for replacement of fluorescent lamp: A LED retrofit lamp for replacement of socket fitted CFL lamp driven by fluorescent ballast is provided. The retrofit lamp comprises a plurality of LEDS in connection with the fluorescent ballast. The circuit of the lamp comprises a bridge rectifier that converts the AC waveform into DC.... Agent: Lunera Lighting, Inc.

20140328066 - Retrofit led lighting system for replacement of fluorescent lamp: A 4 pin LED retrofit lamp for replacement of socket fitted CFL lamp driven by fluorescent ballast is provided. The retrofit lamp comprises a plurality of LEDS in connection with the fluorescent ballast. The circuit of the lamp comprises a bridge rectifier that converts the AC waveform into DC and... Agent: Lunera Lighting, Inc.

20140328067 - Light guide element for controlling light shape: A light guide element for controlling light shape includes a light-incident surface, a light-emitting surface, a first reflecting surface, and a second reflecting surface. The light-incident surface includes a first outer peripheral edge and a first inner peripheral edge. The light-emitting surface includes a second outer peripheral edge and a... Agent: Radiant Opto-electronics Corporation

20140328068 - Lighting apparatus: A lighting apparatus according to an embodiment includes an optical unit and a body. The Optical unit includes a light emitting module that has a light emitting element, a reflector that controls distribution of light from the light emitting module, and a unit supporting member that supports the light emitting... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140328069 - Optical lens: Disclosed is an optical lens having an incident surface on which the light emitted from a light emitting diode is incident and having a concave portion into which the light is received and an emitting surface emitting the light incident on the incident surface therethrough, the optical lens including: a... Agent: Asiabridge Japan Co., Ltd.

20140328070 - Universal mounting system for a light fixture: A universal mounting system for a light fixture is disclosed. The system includes a channel adapted to be secured proximate a top end of a light pole, a rotatably adjustable knuckle, a flange disposed on a first end of the knuckle and configured to slidingly engage and seat within the... Agent:

20140328071 - Guide lamp for vehicle: A guide lamp for a vehicle is provided that guides nearby vehicles or pedestrians as to the path of a vehicle. The guide lamp includes a sensing unit that is configured to sense a path change attempt of the vehicle and a lamp unit that is configured to generate a... Agent: Sl Corporation

20140328072 - Vehicle mirror assembly with wide angle element: A mirror reflective element assembly for a vehicular exterior rearview mirror assembly includes a principal mirror element, a wide angle mirror element and an illumination element that at least partially circumscribes the wide angle mirror element. The illumination element emits illumination at least partially around the wide angle mirror element... Agent:

20140328073 - Method and system for determination of performance and response to electromagnetic radiation: A method of selecting a lighting pattern of an aircraft is disclosed herein. The method comprises exposing a photoluminescent element to electromagnetic radiation emitted from a light source of the aircraft. The light source has (a) a spectral power distribution and (b) an illumination level. The method also comprises calculating... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140328074 - Strobe light unit and aircraft comprising the same: A strobe light unit, particularly wing anti-collision strobe light unit for an aircraft, comprises at least one light source, particularly at least one LED; a reflector element, the at least one light source and the reflector element being configured for projecting light into a desired range of directions; and a... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140328075 - Optical unit, in particular for a motor vehicle: at least one convergent multifocal lens, comprising at least one undulated face, the undulated face comprising at least three distinct portions, two of these portions being focused substantially on the first luminous source and the other portion being positioned between these two portions and being focused substantially on the second... Agent: Valeo Vision

20140328077 - Arrangement for covering a component, component and motor vehicle: An arrangement for covering a component, in particular a steering wheel rim, of a motor vehicle, which component has an in particular encircling fastening depression. The arrangement has a cover composed in particular of a flexible and/or non-slip material, and at least one fastening element, in particular a clamping element,... Agent:

20140328076 - Usb power outlet/charger direct replacement for automotive cigar lighter/power outlet: A power outlet/charger for a portable electronic device, the power outlet/charger comprising an electrically insulating housing having a proximal end having an opening and a distal end having a first electrical connector; an electronic converter circuit fixedly housed in the housing for receiving a first voltage from a vehicle electrical... Agent:

20140328078 - Vehicle headlamp assmebly: One embodiment of a vehicle headlamp assembly may include a film, which may be configured to receive a voltage and have a variable opacity selectively adjusted between a transparent condition and an opaque condition in response to a magnitude of the voltage. The assembly may also have a lens carrying... Agent: Ford Global Technologies LLC

20140328079 - Led light source module: An LED light source module is disclosed, which can replace a halogen bulb. The LED light source module includes an LED light source, a heat sink, an electric fan unit, a driver circuit, and an attachment, and all of these constituent elements are integrated. A structure of the attachment is... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140328080 - Arc lamp having dual paraboloid retroreflector: An illumination system comprises an arc lamp having a cathode and an anode which emit light from a hot spot. A dual paraboloid retroreflector comprising upper and lower halves intercept light emitted rearwardly from the arc lamp and reflects the intercepted light back towards the hot spot. The retroreflector is... Agent: Wavien, Inc.

20140328081 - Light guide bar and light emitting device: A light guide bar includes a light guide member and a light scattering member. The light guide member defines a cutout. The light guide member includes a first end surface, a second end surface, and a circumferential surface interconnected between the first end surface and the second end surface. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140328082 - Lighting panel: A lighting panel and method of production thereof is described. The lighting panel comprises a transparent substrate (7), upon a first surface of which are mounted one or more light sources (1) is described. The lighting panel further comprises a guide layer (9) wherein the guide layer is arranged so... Agent:

20140328083 - Light emitting device package and backlight unit comprising the same: Disclosed is a light emitting element package having excellent heat radiation performance and high luminance, and a backlight unit including the same. The light emitting element package includes a package including a lead frame, a light emitting element provided on the lead frame, and a molded material combined with the... Agent:

20140328084 - Electronic device and display module with sensing antenna: An electronic device and a display module used therein are provided. The display module includes a display panel, a backlight module and a sensing antenna. The backlight module has a light exit surface and a reflective plate opposite to the light exit surface, and the display panel is stacked on... Agent: Jieng Tai International Electric Corp.

20140328085 - System for projecting a simulated liquid surface: A projector apparatus that may include a first plurality of adjacent translucent lenses on at least one side of an inner lens, said inner lens configured to rotate and translate about an axis (A) of the inner lens; a second plurality of adjacent translucent lenses formed on at least one... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 67 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20140321098 - Invisible, light-transmissive display system: An invisible, light-transmissive display system with a light resistant material is provided. Substantially invisible holes penetrate through at least a portion of the light resistant material in a predetermined light-transmissive display pattern.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140321101 - Color conversion substrate, display device, and color conversion substrate fabricating method: A color conversion substrate includes a main plate having a first main surface and including a transparent substrate, and a fluorescent material layer including a light scattering layer formed at the first main surface for scattering incident light and emitting the light outside, and having a hole formed, and a... Agent:

20140321100 - Led lighting device including module which is changeable according to power consumption and having improved heat radiation and waterproof: Disclosed is an LED lighting device of which the number of LED modules thereof is changeable according to power consumption. Through a structural change of the module, heat radiation and waterproof can be greatly improved and the size, weight and manufacturing cost can be reduced. Also, a fastening bolt allows... Agent:

20140321099 - Phosphor, light-emitting apparatus including the same, and phosphor production method: A phosphor is provided which is represented by the general formula MxCeySi6−zBzN8+w. M is at least one element selected from the group consisting of La, Y, Tb and Lu. And w, x, y, and z satisfy 2.0<w<4.0, 2.0<x<3.5, 0<y<1.0, and 0<z<2.0, respectively. The phosphor can be efficiently excited by light... Agent: Nichia Corporation

20140321102 - Direct-type light emitting diode backlight module: A direct-type LED backlight module includes a backlight plate, an LED mounted on the backlight plate to emit light, and a lens mounted on the backlight plate and encapsulating the LED therein. The lens includes a light input part to allow the light in, a light output part extending from... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140321103 - Expanded heat sink for electronic displays: A system for cooling various components of an electronic display. One or more heat-generating components are preferably placed in thermal communication with a plate and ribs. One or more fans are placed to draw cooling air along the ribs to remove the heat removed from the component. Some embodiments may... Agent:

20140321104 - Structure of tree-shaped lighting decoration: A structure of tree-shaped lighting decoration includes an extension cable assembly, which is a modularized assembly adapted to carry a regular voltage supplied from an electric main and has an end forming a cylindrical socket and an opposite end forming a cylindrical plug, a tree-segment tube having an end section... Agent:

20140321105 - Lighted mounting apparatus: A lighted mounting apparatus for a promotional glass holder including a channel which is lined on the bottom by a LED strip, a pair of extrusions to receive and hold a promotional glass, and a low voltage power supply.... Agent: Tagnetics, Inc.

20140321106 - Mobile lantern lighting device: A lantern lighting device includes a base portion defining a user interface, an upper portion coupled to the base portion and having an upper cover, an energy storage device disposed within at least one of the base portion and the upper cover, a first LED and a second LED coupled... Agent:

20140321107 - Wide-range portable illumination device: A wide-range portable illumination device is an apparatus that produces a wide horizontal band of light in order to illuminate a wider scope of objects within the dark. The apparatus evenly distributes a plurality of illumination device along a circular arc. Each illumination device is physically separate from each other,... Agent:

20140321108 - Led light source: An LED light source includes a plurality of longitudinal extrusions arranged in an array, the extrusions having an upper and lower end, an interior longitudinal slot, and outside longitudinal grooves. A printed circuit board is fitted and supported within the extrusion slots and has wiring. A plurality of LEDs is... Agent:

20140321109 - Light emitting diode (led) light tube: A light emitting diode (LED) light tube includes a heat dissipation base having a light emitting side formed with a recess and at least one illumination unit and a bridging unit disposed on a bottom surface of the recess. The illumination unit and the bridging unit are connected electrically relative... Agent: Gem Weltronics Twn Corporation

20140321110 - Light tube device: A light tube device includes a light bar section and a heat dissipation structure. The light bar section and a heat dissipation structure is a single-piece integrally formed structure, and collectively form a hollow tube. An insulating layer, a copper foil layer and a solder mask layer are sequentially formed... Agent: Lextar Electronics Corporation

20140321111 - Light guide and illumination assembly incorporating the same: A light guide (15) for delivering an illumination, in particular a reference or background illumination, the light guide comprising: a mirror box (21) which defines a mirror cavity (23), which receives a light source (19) therein, and includes an illumination aperture (25) from which an illumination is delivered; a transmissive... Agent:

20140321112 - Bulb structure and light guide lamp cover thereof: A bulb structure and a light guide lamp cover thereof are provided. The bulb structure comprises a light source and a lamp body. The light source includes a circuit board and a plurality of light emitting elements disposed on the circuit board. The lamp body includes a light guide lamp... Agent: Lite-on It Corporation

20140321114 - Illumination apparatus: A light with higher luminance is radiated while lights of a plurality of different wavelengths are appropriately selected and light guiding efficiency is improved. An illumination apparatus including three or more light sources which are arranged so that optical axes of the light sources intersect at one point and which... Agent:

20140321115 - Led-based direct-view luminaire with uniform mixing of light output: Methods and apparatus are provided for producing mixed light in a direct-view luminaire. The luminaire includes a plurality of light sources (132) that, in combination, are configured to generate a plurality of different colors of light, a first light mixing chamber (110) and at least one second light mixing chamber... Agent:

20140321113 - Lighting element, a lighting system and a luminaire providing a skylight appearance: A lighting element (100), a lighting system and a luminaire are provided. The lighting element (100) is used for obtaining a skylight appearance and comprises a white light emitting means (104) for emitting white light, a blue light emitting means 106 for emitting blue light and a Fresnel lens (102).... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140321117 - Driver-free light-emitting device: A light source includes a plurality of solid state light emitters configured to be powered directly from an AC source, and means for providing an electrically insulating and thermally conductive attachment between the solid state light emitters and a heat sink.... Agent:

20140321116 - Led device for wide beam generation and method of making the same: A predetermined illuminated surface pattern is generated from a predetermined energy distribution pattern of an LED light source within an LED package having a light transmitting dome. An estimated optical transfer function of a lens shape of an optic is defined by the shape of an exterior and inner surface... Agent:

20140321118 - Lighting device: A lighting device (100) has a light-emitting element (120) positioned on a substrate (110), and a light beam control member (130) that reflects some of the light emitted by the light-emitting element (120), and allows some of the light to pass through. The light beam control member (130) has a... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20140321119 - Electric candle: The invention relates to an electric candle (1), comprising a candle body (2) and at least one luminous means (16). In order to technically develop the electric candle (1) further in such a way, the invention proposes that the candle body (2) is at least partly composted of a gel... Agent:

20140321120 - Lighting device, and lighting system: A lighting device (100) has a support structure having lighting elements (422) arranged thereon. The support structure has an internal cooling duct having a duct wall. At least a part of duct wall is in thermal contact with the lighting elements. The cooling duct is configured to allow a natural... Agent: Nobel Groep B.v.

20140321121 - Optical assembly for an end cap of a lighting fixture: Disclosed is an apparatus for an optical assembly for an end cap (30) of a lighting fixture (10). The optical assembly includes an outer lens (50) and an inner lens (40) interior of the outer lens (50). The end cap (30) may be coupled to a lighting fixture main housing... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140321122 - Led lighting devices: An LED-based lighting device may comprise a substrate having a top surface with a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs) disposed on the top surface of the substrate. The LEDs can be arranged in a plurality of concentric rings on the substrate with each LED having a major length being... Agent:

20140321123 - Led lighting device and manufacturing method thereof: A LED lighting device is disclosed, which includes a LED lighting source, a printed circuit board, a heat sink and a transparent cover. The LED lighting source is provided on the printed circuit board, and the cover is attached to the heat sink for protecting the LED lighting source and... Agent:

20140321124 - Edge illumination of an ion-exchanged glass sheet: A planar ion-exchanged glass sheet for out-of-plane light beam coupling includes a first surface, a ion-exchanged first glass region adjacent and parallel to the first surface, a core glass region adjacent and parallel to the first glass region, a ion-exchanged second glass region adjacent and parallel to the core glass... Agent:

20140321125 - Illumination tool: An illumination tool has an LED light source; and a light reflecting part which is provided at a front of the LED light source. The light reflecting part is given a slant so as to approach the LED light source toward a center.... Agent:

20140321126 - Flexible light emitting semiconductor device having a three dimensional structure: Provided is an article comprising a flexible circuit comprising a polymeric dielectric layer having first and second major surfaces, one or both of the first and second major surfaces having a conductive layer thereon, wherein at least one conductive layer comprises an electrical circuit configured to power one or more... Agent:

20140321127 - Light emitting diode module for direct-type backlight module: An LED module for use in a direct-type backlight module includes a printed circuit board, an LED arrange on the printed circuit board and electrically connected to the printed circuit board, and a lens covering the LED and fixed on the printed circuit board. A reflective layer is arranged on... Agent: Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc.

20140321128 - Optical lens and light source device: An optical lens including a first light exit surface, a total internal reflection (TIR) surface, a second light exit surface and a third light exit surface connected in an order, and correspondingly has a first intersection, a second intersection and a third intersection therebetween. A first line between the first... Agent: Wintek Corporation

20140321129 - Light emitting diode module: An LED module includes a circuit board with circuit arranged thereon and an LED package mounted on the circuit board via flip-chip mounting. The LED package includes a substrate, a pin structure and a reflector arranged on the substrate, an LED chip disposed on the pin structure and an encapsulation... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140321130 - Tree topper with trunk attachable deformable conduit: Apparatus and associated methods relate to a tree-top ornament apparatus configured to present a removeably attachable ornament above a top of a tree and supporting the presented ornament by clamping an ornament-connected deformable conduit to a secure portion of a tree trunk below the top of the tree. In an... Agent:

20140321131 - Wall pack light fixture: A lighting fixture includes a first housing portion and a second housing portion. The first housing portion includes a base and a wall extending outwardly from substantially the perimeter of the base. A top portion of the wall includes one or more hinges extending outwardly therefrom. The second housing portion... Agent:

20140321132 - Vehicle lamp: A vehicle lamp includes a light source, a projection lens through which at least a portion of light emitted from the light source passes, and an adjustment mechanism configured to adjust a reference position of an optical axis of the projection lens. The adjustment mechanism includes a first member having... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140321133 - Lighting device for vehicles: A lighting device for vehicles with a minimum of two light modules, each comprising a number of LED light sources for the generation of a first light function and a second light function. One light module is a basic light module and the other light module is a long-range light... Agent: Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.

20140321134 - Center lamp bracket: A lamp assembly is mounted to a vehicle, such as a trailer, and is generally centrally located along the length of a sidewall of the vehicle. The lamp assembly includes a lamp bracket and a lamp coupled to the bracket. The lamp bracket includes a mounting plate coupled to the... Agent:

20140321135 - Long distance high intensity led light with adjustable focus: The present invention provides a lighting device comprising (i) one or more LED chips positioned on one or more LED chip bases; (ii) one or more lens bases each of which comprises one or more lenses, said lens comprises coatings for changing color temperature of the light produced by said... Agent:

20140321141 - Led projection module: The invention relates to an LED projection module (1), comprising two or more LED light sources (2, 3, 4), wherein each LED light source (2, 3, 4) consists of one or more light-emitting diodes, wherein each LED light source (2, 3, 4) couples light via a light coupling-in point (21,... Agent:

20140321140 - Light module for a motor vehicle headlamp: The present invention is directed toward light module for a motor vehicle headlamp that has numerous light sources, a primary lens, and a secondary lens. The primary lens is configured to collect light emitted from the light sources, and to convert this light to an intermediate light distribution having the... Agent:

20140321139 - Lighting device for vehicles: A lighting device for vehicles with an elongated light guide comprising an end face for the coupling-in of light, into which a light beam radiated from a light source can be coupled-in. The lighting device further comprises elements for the coupling-out of light for the deflection of the coupled-in light... Agent:

20140321136 - Lighting device with 3d-effect: A lighting device for a motor vehicle includes several flat light-conducting elements that are arranged in layers one behind the other in a layer arrangement. The individual light-conducting elements do not touch one another and are clearly spaced apart from one another. Each of the light-conducting elements includes a light-scattering... Agent: Audi Ag

20140321138 - Lighting system for vehicle: In a lighting system for a vehicle provided with a main light, an extension arranged between a reflector of the main light and an outer lens, a light guide member located in the vicinity of the extension, and a light source for the light guide member provided separately from a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140321137 - Vehicle headlamp: A vehicle headlamp includes an LED light source, a light guide plate optically coupled to the LED light source, and a convergent lens positioned therebetween to converge light from the LED light source to an optical fiber bundle which is connected with the light guide plate. The light guide plate... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140321147 - Lamp unit: A lamp unit for a vehicle lamp can include: a lens having an aspherical shape, including a first lens portion, and a second lens portion disposed adjacent to the first lens portion and forming a concave portion on at least a part of a rear side surface thereof; a first... Agent: Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

20140321143 - Light module for a motor vehicle headlamp: The present invention is directed toward a light module for a motor vehicle headlamp having a primary lens which conducts light emitted by a light source to an intermediate light distribution, wherein an aperture shutter is disposed in relation to a secondary lens such that light in the intermediate light... Agent:

20140321144 - Module assembly for arrangement in a headlamp: A module assembly (1) for arrangement in a headlamp of a vehicle with a carrier frame (10) on which at least one light module (11) is supported. The light module (11) comprises at least one heat sink (12) on which at least one semiconductor light source (13) is supported for... Agent:

20140321142 - Motor vehicle headlamp module for illuminating the road: A module for a headlamp for a motor vehicle, this module comprising a concave reflector, a light source arranged in the concave region of the reflector and an exit lens exhibiting a median line on its exit surface forming a space curve, wherein the exit lens and the reflector are... Agent: Valeo Vision

20140321146 - Vehicle headlamp: A headlamp of a vehicle is disclosed having an optical system arranged after a light source in a path of a light beam emitted by the light source. The light beam has a directed main beam and a component of undirected diffused light. A cover screen is arranged parallel to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140321148 - Vehicle headlight with laser light source: The invention relates to a vehicle headlight (1) comprising at least one laser light source (2), at least one luminous element (3) that may be stimulated to emit visible light which can be irradiated by means of the laser light source (2), and at least one imaging optical element, for... Agent: Zizala Lichtsysteme Gmbh

20140321145 - Vehicle lighting unit: A vehicle lighting unit can include at least one optical module including: first and second light sources; first and second optical member configured to control light from the first and second light sources, respectively; and an outer peripheral optical member configured to surround the first optical member. The first optical... Agent: Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

20140321149 - Tail light device for vehicle: A tail light device for a vehicle is provided in which a stop lamp, blinkers and a tail lamp are arranged in a common housing. The device allows for reducing component parts and making the device smaller. There are provided a stop lamp reflector for reflecting light through an inner... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140321150 - Decorative lighting device for skateboards: Decorative skateboard lighting devices are disclosed. In an aspect, a light device comprising a light source, a housing, a power source, and a microcontroller is disclosed, configured to removably attached to an underside of a skateboard deck and provide a decorative lighting effect. The housing is configured to contain the... Agent: Sandiford Enterprises, LLC

20140321151 - Illumination apparatus, vehicle headlamp, and downlight: A headlamp includes a plurality of laser devices that emit laser light and a light emitting section that generates light upon receiving light. The laser light sources generate laser light of a plurality of wavelengths different from one another and each generate laser light of a wavelength that causes the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140321152 - Light up centerpiece: A light up centerpiece including a plurality of optical fibers, a plurality of non-light up strands and other decorative elements, a molded opening, a plurality of light emitting diodes, a base portion, and a power source. The optical fibers each have first and second ends. The light emitting diodes illuminate... Agent:

20140321154 - Backlight module: A reflective back cover made of plastic material having micro cellular structures is processed by compression molding and cutting so as to have a monolithical structure. The white material of the reflective back cover reflects lights such that the back cover can be an integral component featuring multiple functions of... Agent:

20140321155 - Light guide plate structure controlling uniformity from central portion to edge, and lighting lamp using same: The objective of the present invention is to orient an LED emitting surface not toward an upper surface, but rather toward a portion of a light guide plate on which the light is incident by using the scattering pattern of the light guide plate, and then maintain the uniformity of... Agent: Techsign Light Panel Co., Ltd.

20140321153 - Optical element and backlight module incorporating the same: An optical element includes a light guide plate, a reflector received in a mounting hole of the light guide plate, and a supporting rod secured to and extending upwardly from the reflector. The light guide plate defines the mounting hole extending through the light guide plate from a top face... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140321156 - Backlight device: A backlight device (10) includes a chassis (11), reflective sheets (16L and 16R) on the surface of the chassis, and an edge-lit light guide plate (13) on the reflective sheets. The two reflective sheets cover the chassis. Adjacent edges of the reflective sheets overlap each other, and a housing portion... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140321157 - Back light unit with light guide plate preventing dark area between leds: A backlight unit with a light guide plate preventing a dark area between LEDs is provided, wherein dark area-preventing patterns may adequately compensate for the brightness in a gap between the LEDs that may be a dark area even under the condition that the gap is relatively large and greater... Agent: Hb Technology Co., Ltd.

20140321160 - Display sub-assembly for an hvac controller: An HVAC Controller including a printed circuit board (PCB) and a display sub-assembly. The display sub-assembly may include a frame, a display, and a light guide. The frame may be secured relative to the PCB and may have a front side facing away from the PCB and a back side... Agent:

20140321159 - Light guide plate and backlight module having same: A backlight module includes a light guide plate and a light source module. The light guide plate includes a light incident surface. The light incident surface forms a sector-cylinder-shaped cutout on the light guide plate. The light source module includes tricolor lasers, two spectroscopes and a MEMS mirror. The tricolor... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140321158 - Light source module: A light source module with a wide angle of illumination into a light guide plate includes a light source unit and a light guide plate. The light source unit includes a laser light source, a light converging member, and a reflective member. The laser light source emits a synthesized white... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140321161 - Backlight module and fixture thereof: The present invention is related to a technology of liquid crystal display, and specially to a fixture incorporated in a backlight module for the liquid crystal display. The fixture for backlight module comprises a backboard having a bottom board, a sidewall, and a bent portion. The sidewall has a first... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technolgoy Co., Ltd

20140321162 - Illumination control: The methods, devices, and/or compositions described herein can used to reduce variations, such as spatial and temporal variations, in luminance intensity. Luminance variation is reduced by varying some aspect of transmittance with respect to the intensity of light.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140321163 - Light guide device and backlight module containing the same: A light guide device includes a light guide plate and a reflector. The light guide plate includes a light transmissive body with opposite first and second surfaces, and a plurality of first and second light guide structures extending along a first direction. The first light guide structures are disposed on... Agent: Radiant Opto-electronics Corporation

20140321164 - Composite light guide plate, device and method for making same: Composite light guide plate includes a substrate, a first transparent layer, and a second transparent layer. The substrate includes an upper surface and an opposite lower surface. The substrate is made of polycarbonate, and a number of diffusion particles made of polymethyl methacrylate are embedded in the substrate. The first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

10/23/2014 > 91 patent applications in 64 patent subcategories.

20140313690 - Apparatus, methods, and non-transitory computer readable storage mediums for controlling light emitted by a flash unit: An apparatus comprising: a first optical member configured to receive light from a flash unit, in a first direction, to refract the received light, and to output the refracted light in a second direction, different to the first direction; and a first actuator configured to move the first optical member... Agent:

20140313691 - Image display device and method for manufacturing image display device: An image display device includes a light source unit emitting light, a light shutter arranged on the light source unit and selectively causing light received from the light source unit to exit therefrom, and a phosphor substrate arranged on the light shutter such that light from the light shutter enters... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140313692 - Optical member, display device having the same and method of fabricating the same: Disclosed are an optical member, a display device including the optical member and a method of fabricating the optical member. The display device includes a light source; a wavelength conversion member into which light generated from the light source is incident; and a display panel into which light is incident... Agent:

20140313693 - Low temperature storage apparatus and a method of operating the same: A low temperature storage apparatus may include a main body, a door opening and closing a storage chamber formed in the main body, a tray including storage slots receiving items to be stored, a light emitting device, a light sensing device including light receiving sensors sensing light incident on the... Agent:

20140313694 - Electric candles: Various embodiments of electric lights are described, including those capable of being inserted and powered by a light socket. The electric lights can include a base that can be rotatably coupled to a housing coupled to the base. A flame element can at least partially extend from the housing and... Agent:

20140313696 - Backlight unit: Provided is a backlight unit including a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs) that emit light; a plurality of LED modules having a printed circuit board (PCB) which supports and drives the plurality of LEDs; a plurality of optical sheets that are attached to the top surfaces of the respective... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140313695 - Light diffuser and backlight module having same: A light diffuser for a backlight module includes a main body, a diffusing micro-structure, and a micro-prism structure. The main body includes a light incident surface and a light emergent surface opposite to the light incident surface, the diffusing micro-structure is formed on the light incident surface, and the micro-prism... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140313697 - Micro lens array sheet and backlight unit comprising the same: There are provided a micro lens array (MLA) sheet including a plurality of lens units two-dimensionally arranged thereon, wherein each lens unit has a conic lens shape of which a vertical cross-section taken in a lens center is represented by Expression 1, and a backlight unit including the same.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140313698 - Cooling assembly for an electronic display: The exemplary embodiments herein provide a system for cooling an electronic display where a plate is positioned behind the electronic display, the space between the plate and the electronic display defining a first channel. A first fan is preferably positioned to force a first flow of external air through the... Agent: Manufacturing Resources International, Inc.

20140313699 - Information handling system display panel having offset supporting electronic components: An information handling system provides connectors along a housing periphery with a reduced vertical footprint by adjusting a display circuit portion relative to a display panel portion to provide vertical space for the connectors. For example, the circuit portion aligns with the display panel portion along one side of the... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140313700 - Illuminable indicator for a bed: An illuminable indicator for a bed includes a body configured to be attached to the bed. The body can include a resilient portion and a light-transmitting portion. The body can be shaped to protrude from an outer perimeter of the bed. A light source can be positioned to emit light... Agent:

20140313701 - Spotlight with wind shroud: Embodiments of the invention are directed to a handheld light assembly including: a housing having a light source; a handle coupled to and extending at a length from the housing and configured to be grasped by a user; a shroud coupled to at least one of the housing or the... Agent:

20140313702 - Multi-fuel lantern: A lantern comprising a tank, a chimney, an ignition bowl, and a chimney tube. There is also a mixing subassembly, a fuel line, a nozzle and a chimney cap. There is an igniter subassembly, an outflow subassembly and a pump. The igniter subassembly is angled to the right, and inward,... Agent:

20140313703 - Led lighting module having battery power and photovoltaic charging: A lighting module (10) having a bank (28) of LEDs powered by a lithium ion battery bank (24) under the operation of a control regulator (26) with the battery bank powered by a photovoltaic panel (16).... Agent: Spring Grove Trading Company LLC

20140313705 - Rechargeable flameless candle systems and methods: According to an embodiment of the present invention, a recharging device includes a recharging port that receives a flameless candle and recharges a battery in the candle. The recharging device includes a first stacking structure that has a top portion and a bottom portion. There is a top stacking contact... Agent:

20140313704 - Solar-powered, illuminated decorator balls: Decorator balls are illuminated from the inside-out using a self-contained, battery-powered LED module. The decorator ball itself is made from one or more elongated elements creating a hollow form with gaps or apertures in areas where the elements do not overlap. The module has a battery powered light-emitting diode (LED)... Agent: Rsr Sales, Inc. D/b/a Echo Valley Quality Home & Garden Products

20140313706 - Electric device outputting light, wind, heat or sound: This invention provides an electrical apparatus that includes a main body portion, a battery pack, and a frame portion. The main body portion comprises a converting portion that may convert electric power to one of light, wind, heat, and sound; and an outputting portion. The battery pack may detachably mounted... Agent: Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.

20140313707 - Indoor holiday lights: Indoor holiday lights comprising a strand of lights and ornaments wherein the ornaments comprise a specially designed picture frame inside of which the user can insert a favorite photograph or other printed image, wherein the picture frame is positioned on the surface of an ornament. Also provided is a strand... Agent:

20140313708 - Lighting apparatus and method for surface lighting using leds: A lighting apparatus and method is disclosed for illuminating a surface using solid-state light emitting diodes (LEDs). The lighting apparatus consists of a plurality of LEDs arranged in an array form, a base for mounting the LEDs, an electrical power supply, and a fixing means for attaching said lighting apparatus... Agent:

20140313709 - Flashlight: The present invention provides a flashlight, including an LED lamp holder, a battery compartment and a tail coupled sequentially, LED lamps arranged inside the LED lamp holder, batteries arranged inside the battery compartment, wherein the tail includes a button rubber cap and a control circuit board used to adjust the... Agent: Klarus Light Technology Co., Ltd.

20140313710 - Lighting structure and system: A lighting structure and system, particularly for merchandizers, is disclosed. The structure is a lighting strip with a housing pedestal, embedded lights, which are preferred to be LED's, and a connection strip which interfaces with the C-bracket (which is usually used to hold pricing and product information) of most merchandizers.... Agent:

20140313711 - Light emitting diode (led) light tube: A Light Emitting Diode (LED) light tube includes a heat dissipation base having a light emitting side formed with a recess and at least one illumination unit and a bridging unit disposed on a bottom surface of the recess. The illumination unit and the bridging unit are connected electrically relative... Agent: Gem Weltronics Twn Corporation

20140313712 - Led lamp: An LED lamp A1 includes an LED unit 1 in the shape of a straight tube with a plurality of LED modules 12 fixed therein, and also includes a pair of bases 2 that receive electric power from outside and are attached to the ends of the LED unit 1... Agent:

20140313713 - Led assembly: An LED assembly comprises a string of LEDs. An electrical connector electrically connects the plurality of LEDs and provides the physical support between the LEDs. Lamps incorporating the LED assembly are provided. Methods of making the LED assembly are also provided.... Agent:

20140313714 - Led lamp apparatus and method of making an led lamp apparatus: A device for illuminating a space comprising is discussed. In one variation, the device includes: a central body portion, with a length and a width, and including two plates running along the length of the central body portion wherein the two plates are separated by a spacer; an opening for... Agent: Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc.

20140313715 - Light source apparatus: A light source apparatus of the present invention has a plurality of semiconductor laser devices and a holding member; the semiconductor laser device includes: a semiconductor laser element; a placing body on which the semiconductor laser element is mounted; a substrate on which the placing body is biased to one... Agent: Nichia Corporation

20140313716 - Systems, methods and/or devices for providing led lighting: Certain embodiments are directed to a lighting device comprising one or more of the following: a plurality of LEDs; a plurality of optic devices corresponding to the plurality of LEDs; at least one optical separator for substantially preventing the light emitted from one LED from effecting the other LEDs; a... Agent: Photon Holding LLC

20140313717 - Led lamp having a selectable beam angle: An LED lamp having a lamp housing including a lamp base capable of connecting to a source of electrical power and at least one LED lighting device having at least one LED, the lighting device being electrically connected to the lamp base offset from a center line running vertically through... Agent:

20140313718 - Externally mounted shield for led luminaire: A shield for a light emitting diode (LED) luminaire includes a frame mountable to the LED luminaire such that the shield is removable therefrom. A plurality of rows of shield surfaces contact the frame and have a first side that faces a row of LEDs located on the LED luminaire... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20140313719 - Lighting system with customized intensity and profile: A lighting and energy conservation system for low temperature applications includes LEDs as a light source. The LEDs are provided in a modular LED light fixture. The fixture includes a frame supporting a reflector having a plurality of elongated channels. Mounting strips are removably installed in each of the elongated... Agent:

20140313720 - Lighting device: The invention relates to a method and a lighting device (100) for generating light. The lighting device (100) comprises at least one light source (105a, 105b, 105c) connected to two receiving-electrodes (106a, 106b, 106c). Moreover, it comprises at least two supply-electrodes (103A, 103B, 103C, 103D) for generating an electrical field... Agent:

20140313721 - Led lighting strip: An electric lighting arrangement including a plurality of lighting units each containing a plurality of LED lights, to form a strip of lights. The units are adapted to be joined together by means of a ball joint arrangement, which comprises two conjoined balls, each ball being adapted to be mounted... Agent:

20140313722 - Flexible decorative lighted strip, cabinet including same, and installation method: A flexible lighting strip in the form of a T-molding covers a board edge of a video or arcade game cabinet, allowing decorative lighting to be applied to the cabinet. The T-molding includes a flexible casing having a head portion with an upper surface formed of a transparent or translucent... Agent: Raw Thrills, Inc.

20140313723 - Led light string: An LED light string includes a socket, electrical wires, and an LED-based luminous element. The LED luminous element has two conductive terminals respectively set in abutting contact with or to pierce through the electrical wires. The socket is composed of two unsymmetrical casing members. The electrical wires and the luminous... Agent:

20140313724 - Lighting device including light-emitting element and method for manufacturing the same: In accordance with an aspect of the present inventive subject matter, a lighting device includes light-emitting elements that are mounted in a circular mounting area to be directed in a same direction in the circular mounting area between a first connecting electrode and a second connecting electrode disposed on a... Agent: Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.

20140313725 - The strip led: A strip LED comprises an LED chip, an embedded resistor, a magnet, a magnetic material, a strip encapsulation bracket and a power source. An installation bracket for the embedded resistor and the LED chip is provided between connection brackets. The connection bracket metal strips a and b and metal strips... Agent:

20140313726 - Light string with diversified lighting: The present invention provides a light string with diversified lighting, mainly disposing a controller having multiple blink and jump models on a electric wire at power supply leading edge of a light string formed by combining a plurality of lamp strings strung with several lamps together, thereby to allow the... Agent:

20140313727 - Hinge-mounted rotating base spotlight: This disclosure includes adjustable light fixtures and methods for using the same. Some light fixtures use or include a base having a stationary portion with first and second ends, where the first end defines an opening and the second end is configured to secure the fixture to a structure, and... Agent: Lucifer Lighting Company

20140313728 - Arrangement comprising a light emitting diode: An arrangement for generating light comprising a light emitting diode, comprising a conversion element, is proposed, wherein the conversion element is arranged above the light emitting diode and is provided for at least partly changing the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the light emitting diode, wherein the conversion... Agent: Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

20140313731 - Lighting device: A lighting device may be provided that comprises: a heat sink comprising a top surface and coupling structures which comprise a first coupling structure and a second coupling structure formed on a side surface of the heat sink; a light source disposed on the top surface of the heat sink;... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140313732 - Lighting device: A lighting device includes a heat sink for dissipating heat from a light source. The heat sink is located between an inner case and an outer case, and a power controller is located in the inner case. The light source may include one or more light emitting diodes.... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140313729 - Omni-directional led lamp: A lamp includes an LED assembly and a heat sink in thermal communication with the LED assembly. The heat sink includes a plurality of fins disposed around a body and extending away from the body. The lamp includes a plurality of lenses disposed around the body, in between the plurality... Agent: Technical Consumer Products, Inc.

20140313730 - Smooth led par lamp: An LED lamp includes an LED assembly including a plurality of LEDs. The LED lamp includes a circular base plate in thermal communication with the LED assembly. The LED lamp includes an electrical module electrically coupled to the LED assembly and configured to supply power to the LED assembly. The... Agent: Technical Consumer Products, Inc.

20140313733 - Light source device and display device: There are provided a light source device and a display device which do not generate a wrinkle on an optical sheet even if the optical sheet is held on an LED substrate. A reflection sheet is disposed between each of head portions possessed by a rivet, a positioning rivet and... Agent:

20140313734 - Luminous flux control member, light emitting apparatus, and illuminating apparatus: A luminous flux control member (120) has: a light input surface (121) having inputted thereto light that has been outputted from a light emitting element (110); a total reflecting surface (122) which totally reflects a part of the light inputted from the light input surface (121); and a light output... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20140313735 - Lightweight lighting fixture with improved heat management configuration: A lighting fixture configured for lightweight and improved thermal management. The lighting fixture includes a metallic sheet ballast housing configured to house a ballast, and a metallic sheet reflector coupled to the metallic sheet ballast housing via an interface member. The ballast is disposed on one side of the interface... Agent: P.t. Padma Soode Indonesia

20140313736 - Lighting device and a road lighting luminaire comprising the lighting device: The invention discloses a lighting device for a road lighting luminaire and a lighting luminaire comprising the lighting device. The lighting device comprises a reflector (301), which comprises a reflecting surface (3011) formed by revolving a parabolic curve around a first axis (y) through a predetermined angle, wherein said parabolic... Agent:

20140313737 - Wall washing lamp: This disclosure includes light fixtures, some of which include a lower housing that defines a first channel and has first and second ends, where the first end defines an aperture and the second end has a first mounting surface disposed at a non-parallel first angle relative to a plane of... Agent: Lucifer Lighting Company

20140313738 - Light guide, illuminating device and image reading apparatus: A light guide having; an entrance portion; a light-splitting portion; a first and a second light guide portion; and a first and a second reflective portion provided in or on the first and second light guide portions, respectively. The first and second light guide portions emit light reflected by the... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140313739 - Led-based light source reflector with shell elements: An optical element that may be replaceably mounted to an LED based illumination device. The optical element includes a hollow shell reflector and a plurality of annular shell elements disposed within the hollow shell reflector at different distances from the input port of the optical element. An annular shell element... Agent:

20140313740 - Led illuminating device: An LED illuminating device includes a printed circuit board, at least one LED chip group arranged on the printed circuit board, and a lens assembly, wherein the LED illuminating device further includes a reflector provided between the LED chip group and the lens assembly, wherein the reflector is configured to... Agent:

20140313741 - Lamp having an annular light-guiding body: A lamp having an annular light-guiding body includes a light-emitting diode module, a light-emitting diode substrate, a circuit board, a power supply base and a bulb. The bulb is a semi-circular casing structure. An annular light-guiding body is disposed at the edge of the bulb proximal to the power supply... Agent:

20140313744 - Led fresnel lighting instrument: A Fresnel lighting instrument for use in film and video production, having a LED light engine mounted to a heat sink defining a first plane, a dual basket type focusing assembly adapted to longitudinally extend or retract a Fresnel lens away from and back to the first plane substantially without... Agent: Zylight, LLC

20140313742 - Light-influencing element for influencing the light emission of essentially point light sources and luminaire having a light-influencing element: A light-influencing element for influencing the light emission of essentially point light sources having at least one lens which has a cavity defining a light entrance section of the lens, and a light exit surface opposite the light entrance section, a beam splitter being formed in the light entrance section... Agent: Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh

20140313743 - Method for assembling a microelectronic chip device in a fabric, chip device, and fabric incorporating a crimped chip device: The method for assembling a microelectronic chip device (101) in a fabric (104) comprises the following steps: providing a microelectronic chip device (101) comprising a base (102) and a protruding element (103) rising from a face of the base (102), said protruding element (103) comprising a free end opposite the... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140313745 - Illumination device: An illumination device including at least one light emitting element and a transparent lampshade is provided. The transparent lampshade is disposed on one side of the light emitting element and located on a light emitting path of the light emitting element. The transparent lampshade has a sealed space, a first... Agent: Genesis Photonics Inc.

20140313747 - Light emitting diode light bulb troffer: A light emitting diode light bulb troffer is provided. The present invention includes a light fixture with a recessed cavity portion. At least one bulb housing can is attached to the recessed cavity portion of the light fixture. A light emitting diode light bulb may be inserted and used with... Agent:

20140313746 - Mobile terminal: There is disclosed a mobile terminal including a display unit, a first film having one surface coated with a first adhesive material, the surface coupled to a back surface of the display unit by the first adhesive material, and a front case having a second adhesive material disposed on one... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140313748 - Filament led lamp: An LED lamp includes a thermally conductive base including an appendage protruding from a center of a first end and an opening to cavity on a second end. The appendage includes a channel coupled to the cavity. The LED lamp further includes an LED assembly disposed at an end of... Agent: Technical Consumer Products, Inc.

20140313749 - High intensity light source: A light source comprises a heat-sink having a mounting region, and heat-dissipating fins, a base housing having an inner cavity and coupled to the heat-sink, and an integrated lighting module including: a printed circuit board; an LED on a substrate coupled to the printed circuit board within a first lateral... Agent:

20140313750 - Heat radiation device and illuminating device having said heat radiation device: Various embodiments relate to a heat radiation device for a heat source. The heat radiation device includes a body and a coating layer, wherein the body has a first section and at least one second section projecting from the first section, the first section has a mounting surface for mounting... Agent:

20140313751 - Vehicle cabin arrangement comprising a lighting device: A vehicle cabin arrangement for a vehicle body and a method for lighting a vehicle cabin and for displaying information using such a vehicle cabin arrangement are disclosed. A lighting device with a light-emitting surface directed towards the cabin interior space is provided on a ceiling section. The lighting device... Agent:

20140313752 - Method for controlling a headlamp system for a vehicle, and headlamp system: In a method for controlling a headlamp system for a vehicle, the headlamp system having two headlamps, set apart from each other, road users are detected in front of the vehicle in the driving direction, and a first total light pattern is able to be produced, in which the illumination... Agent:

20140313753 - Apparatus for displaying a tire pressure state for vehicle tires of a truck trailer: An apparatus for displaying the state of the tire pressure for a vehicle tire of a truck trailer includes a lamp to optically display the tire pressure state. An arm is provided with the lamp arranged thereon. A mount fixes the arm to the truck trailer and the arm is... Agent:

20140313754 - Vehicle lamp system: A vehicle lamp system includes a laser source, a reflecting mirror, a light converting element and a reflecting plate. The reflecting mirror is located at a position towards a light emitting direction of the laser source. Light generated from the laser source is reflected to the light converting element by... Agent:

20140313756 - Adjustable downlighter: v

20140313755 - Vehicular lamp: A vehicular lamp includes: a movable reflector that has a reflecting surface and changes a direction of reflected light from the reflecting surface, according to an operating position thereof; a first light-emitting unit that emits light toward the reflecting surface; a second light-emitting unit that emits light toward the reflecting... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140313757 - Illuminating lamp and vehicle head lamp, using light emitting diode: An illuminating lamp and a vehicle head lamp, using a light emitting diode, respectively, are capable of not only keeping the same brightness as obtained at the time of lighting after many hours from the lighting, but also being usable for many hours without deterioration in efficiency besides advantages of... Agent:

20140313758 - Lighting unit for vehicle lamp: A lighting unit for a vehicle lamp, can include a lens body including an incident surface, a light exit surface, and a reflecting surface configured to internally reflect light having entered the lens body through the incident surface, toward the light exit surface; and a horizontally long light-emitting section disposed... Agent: Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

20140313759 - Method for the arrangement of a retaining ring on a reflector: A method for the arrangement of a retaining ring (10) for holding a light source in the opening (11) of a reflector (12) for a vehicle headlamp. The retaining ring (10) extends in a plane and is arranged on the back side flush with the opening (11) on the reflector... Agent:

20140313760 - Vehicular lamp: In a plurality of light source units (20A, 20BL, 20BR), which are of a projector-type vehicular lamp and provided more towards a rear side than the rear side focal point (F) of a projection lens (12), the luminance of a light-emitting element (22A) of the first light source unit (20A)... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140313761 - Wheel chair lighting: Provided is device for attaching to a wheelchair. The device provides lighting and makes the wheelchair more visible to motor vehicles.... Agent:

20140313762 - Vehicle headlight and projection lens: A vehicle headlight can form a predetermined high-beam light distribution pattern, while being capable of causing the chromaticity of the entire light distribution pattern to fall within a white range (JIS D5500). The vehicle headlight can include: a projection lens that can control light incident on its light incident surface... Agent: Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

20140313764 - Assembly of a headlight and a device for mounting same, which reduces the amount of repairs to the adjacent fender upon an impact, and related vehicle: An assembly includes a motor vehicle headlamp and a mounting device to mount the headlamp on the vehicle. The headlamp includes a casing. The mounting device includes a pivot connection that pivots about a fixed rotation axis with respect to the technical front end of the vehicle, which carries the... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140313763 - Vibration absorbing features for plastic assemblies: An instrument cluster assembly having a biasable member for reducing noise produced by vibration, where the instrument cluster assembly includes a light housing, a perimeter sidewall formed as part of the light housing, and at least one biasable member integrally formed with the perimeter sidewall. A mask is selectively connected... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20140313765 - Annulus shaped luminaire: An annulus shaped luminaire includes an annular structure that includes one or more luminous panels, and transition structure that couples a support structure of the luminaire with the annular structure. The one or more luminous panels emit light that illuminates an area adjacent to the luminaire.... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20140313766 - Illumination device and related systems and methods: Illumination devices include a light source including a substantially planar light-emitting surface and an optical rod or optical taper disposed proximate to the substantially planar light-emitting surface to optically couple the optical rod and the substantially planar light-emitting surface.... Agent:

20140313767 - Electronic incense assembly: An electronic incense assembly includes a light guide member, a light combining member, a substantially hemispherical member, a first light source and a second light source. The light guide member includes a light incident end and a light output end. The light combining member is located at the light incident... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140313768 - Light guide plate and backlight module having the light guide plate: A light guide plate includes a light incident surface for incident light, a light emitting surface for emitting the light, and microstructures formed on the light emitting surface to collimate the light.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140313769 - Backlight module having point light sources: A backlight module includes a light guide plate, a number of point light sources, and a prism sheet. The light guide plate includes a light incident surface and a light emitting surface perpendicularly connected with the light incident surface. The point light sources are positioned in front of the light... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140313770 - Display device: Disclosed is a display device. The display device includes a light source, a light guide part to receive a light emitted from the light source, a light conversion member between the light source and the light guide part, and a spacer between the light source and the light conversion member.... Agent:

20140313771 - Backlight unit: A backlight unit includes: a light guide plate of an entirely flat structure; a light emitting element disposed on at least one side of the light guide plate; a first reflection part disposed under the light guide plate and having one side thereof extended to a region where the light... Agent:

20140313772 - Illumination device, and display device provided therewith: An illumination device capable of increasing the luminance of an entire screen is provided. In this illumination device (10), a plurality of scattering dots (12e) are disposed on a light guide plate (12), and a plurality of high-luminance center points (intersections (O1)) are arranged in a matrix at prescribed intervals... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140313776 - Edge-lit light fixture: An edge-lit light fixture includes a first edge-lit light guide panel that has a first light guide. The edge-lit light fixture also includes a second edge-lit light guide panel that has a second light guide. The edge-lit light fixture further includes a center spine that has a protrusion. The first... Agent: Cooper Technologies Company

20140313775 - Led light fixture and assembly method therefor: An LED panel light fixture and method for assembling the same includes (a) selecting a set of specifications of the LED panel light fixture, the set of specifications comprising a fixture/base specification comprising a form factor of the LED panel light fixture; and a top specification comprising a visual feature... Agent: Pixi Lighting, Inc.

20140313773 - Light guide plate fixing structure and a backlight module using the same: A light guide plate fixing structure and a backlight module using the same, comprising a first abutting wall formed at the side edge of the light guide plate, a second abutting wall formed on the backplane, and a constant-force spring arranged between the first abutting wall and the second abutting... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140313774 - Lighting assembly: The light fixture includes a frame, an optically transmissive panel assembly, a set of light emitting diodes (LEDs), and driving circuitry. The frame has a frame length measured along a length axis and a frame width measured along a width axis, wherein the frame length is greater than the frame... Agent: Pixi Lighting, Inc.

20140313777 - Light guiding plate and backlight module using same: A light guiding plate includes a bottom surface, a light emitting surface opposite to the bottom surface, and a light incident surface perpendicularly connected between the bottom surface and the light emitting surface. The light guiding plate defines a plurality of recesses in the light incident surface. Each recess includes... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140313778 - Multi-wing edge-lit structure: A multi-wing edge-lit structure includes a first edge-lit light guide panel, a second edge-lit light guide panel, and a joiner unit. The first edge-lit light guide panel is adjustably attached to the joiner unit on a first side of the joiner unit. The second edge-lit light guide panel is adjustably... Agent:

20140313779 - Light diffraction device: The exemplary embodiments disclosed herein provide a light diffraction device positioned adjacent to a wall and comprising a laser and a diffractive imaging element. The diffractive imaging film having an image and positioned relative to the laser so as to create a projection of the image upon the wall. The... Agent: Laserscapes LLC

20140313780 - Field-serviceable flat panel lighting device: The light fixture includes a light emitting panel assembly; and a power circuit module releasably attachable to the light emitting panel assembly. The light emitting panel assembly includes a frame, and a light emitting diode (LED) panel that is substantially flat and disposed within the frame and that includes an... Agent: Pixi Lighting, Inc.

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