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Electricity: electrical systems and devices

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01/22/2015 > 72 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20150022920 - Chip with electrostatic discharge protection function: A chip with electrostatic discharge protection function includes two power rails, a pin, a P-type FinFET, an N-type FinFET, two Fin-resistors, two diodes and an ESD unit. The pin is electrically connected to one power rail sequentially through one Fin-resistor and the P-type FinFET and electrically connected to the other... Agent:

20150022922 - Power supply circuit for power control chips: A power supply circuit for power control chips includes a voltage control circuit, a voltage output circuit and a feedback protect circuit. The voltage control circuit receives a first DC voltage, and outputs a voltage driving signal according to the first DC voltage. The voltage output circuit receives the voltage... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150022921 - Semiconductor structure for enhanced esd protection: A semiconductor structure for enhanced ESD protection is disclosed. The semiconductor structure includes a plurality of fingers, wherein each finger of the plurality of fingers includes a plurality of voltage clamps, and each voltage clamp of the plurality of voltage clamps includes at least a first well having a first... Agent: Intersil Americas LLC

20150022923 - Driver current control apparatus and methods: Apparatus and methods disclosed herein implement steady-state and fast transient electronic current limiting through power transistors, including power transistors used as pass elements associated with general purpose drivers. Embodiments herein prevent excessive steady-state current flow through one or more driver pass elements and/or through load elements in series with the... Agent:

20150022924 - Circuitry and method for monitoring a power supply of an electronic device: The disclosure relates to a circuitry including a first contact connected to a power supply, a first compare unit connected to the first contact and to a first reference signal, wherein the first compare unit is configured to compare a voltage at the first contact with the first reference signal... Agent:

20150022925 - Electronic module, electronic arrangement and method for producing an electronic module: An electronic module (100) has a first and a second circuit (200, 300) with respective first and second output connections (230, 330), respective first and second reference potential connections (220, 320), and respective first and second sensing connections (240, 340), each circuit (200, 300) comprising a respective sensing block (250,... Agent: Ams Ag

20150022926 - Method and circuitry for battery protection: There is disclosed a method comprising providing a first signal to an apparatus comprising a protection circuit and an output for providing electric power. The protection circuit comprises at least an overdischarge detection element and a discharging control output. The first signal is used to change a voltage level at... Agent:

20150022928 - Hybrid dc circuit breaking device: A dc breaker is connected in a main current path between a first dc circuit and a second dc circuit. The dc breaker has a primary current path connected to the main current path. A mechanical interrupter switch and an electronic breaker switch are connected in series in the primary... Agent:

20150022927 - Protection circuit for fan: A fan with a protection circuit includes a connector, a fan operation circuit, and a protection circuit. The protection circuit includes a first resistor, a controller, and an electronic switch. The controller controls the electronic switch to be turned off when a current flowing through the first resistor is greater... Agent:

20150022929 - Over-current protection device: An over-current protection apparatus applied to a secondary battery comprises a lead frame, an IC and a PTC device. The lead frame has a carrier portion and two end portions bending therefrom to form an accommodating space. The two end portions electrically connect to positive and negative electrodes of the... Agent: Polytronics Technology Corp.

20150022930 - Protection device for electricity supply circuit: When a power switch is turned off, a protection device for an electricity supply circuit starts keeping time using a timer and turns on a disconnection flag. Then the protection device turns off the disconnection flag when the timer has counted a predetermined time. When the power switch is turned... Agent:

20150022931 - Overcurrent protection apparatus: An overcurrent protection apparatus that is connectable to a battery control unit to protect the battery control unit from an overcurrent. The overcurrent protection apparatus includes a fuse member that is provided with a fuse and a fusible wire that is connected in series to the fuse. The fusible wire... Agent:

20150022932 - Fault-tolerant self-indicating surge protection system for aircraft: A fault-tolerant self-indicating surge protector system and methods are presented. An unwanted surge of electrical energy induced by a lightning strike is directed away from a sensitive electrical or electronic component, and the unwanted surge of electrical energy is directed through series connected pairs of varistors. A voltage signal is... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150022933 - Device for controling electrically actuable valves in different operating modes: A device for controlling an electrically actuable valve having a valve coil, including a main switch, situated in the current circuit of the valve coil, for adjusting the current flowing through the valve coil, and a freewheeling path, which has a freewheeling diode and is switched in parallel with the... Agent:

20150022934 - Switching device for air purifier: The switching device for an air purifier contains a circuit board, a timing and switching module, a manual switch, a fan module, a positive and negative ion production module, and a negative ion production module. The timing and switching module is configured on the circuit board, and the fan module... Agent: Tsung Shin International Co., Ltd.

20150022936 - Electrostatic chuck for high temperature process applications: Embodiments of the present invention provide a substrate support assembly including an electrostatic chuck with enhanced heat resistance. In one embodiment, an electrostatic chuck includes a support base, an electrode assembly having interleaved electrode fingers formed therein, and an encapsulating member disposed on the electrode assembly, wherein the encapsulating member... Agent:

20150022935 - End effector for transferring a substrate: Embodiments of the present invention provide an end effector capable of generating an electrostatic chucking force to chuck a substrate disposed therein without damaging the substrate. In one embodiment, an end effector for a robot, the end effector includes a body having an electrostatic chucking force generating assembly, and a... Agent:

20150022937 - Composite electronic component and board having the same: A composite electronic component may include: a composite element in which a capacitor and an inductor are spaced apart from each other, the capacitor including a ceramic body, and the inductor including a magnetic body; a first external electrode disposed on a second end surface of the ceramic body, second... Agent:

20150022938 - Chip capacitor and method for manufacturing the same: [Theme] To provide a chip capacitor capable of easily and rapidly accommodating a plurality of types of capacitance values using a common design and a method for manufacturing the chip capacitor. [Solution] A chip capacitor 1 includes a substrate 2, a first external electrode 3, a second external electrode 4,... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20150022939 - Capacitor and method of fabricating the same: Disclosed are a capacitor and a method of fabricating the same. The capacitor includes a first electrode; a second electrode spaced apart from the first electrode while facing the first electrode; a driving member connected to the second electrode to move the second electrode relative to the first electrode; and... Agent:

20150022947 - Capacitors for high voltage charge and high current discharge rates: A capacitor including: a first conductive plate; a second conductive pate arranged parallel to the first conductive plate to define a spacing between a surface of the first conductive plate and an opposing surface of the second conductive plate; a dielectric material disposed in the plate; and a capacitor lead... Agent: Omnitek Partners LLC

20150022940 - Conductive paste composition for external electrode and multilayer ceramic electronic component including the same: There is provided a conductive paste composition for an external electrode, the conductive paste composition including a polymer resin, spherical first conductive metal particles included in the polymer resin and being hollow in at least a portion thereof, and second conductive metal particles of a flake shape included in the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150022942 - Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same: A multilayer ceramic capacitor includes a ceramic body; an active layer including a plurality of first and second internal electrodes alternately exposed to both end surfaces of the ceramic body with a dielectric layer interposed therebetween; upper and lower cover layers formed on upper and lower surfaces of the active... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150022946 - Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same: There is provided a multilayer ceramic capacitor including: a ceramic body including a plurality of dielectric layers laminated in a width direction, first and second external electrodes formed on the first main surface of the ceramic body to be spaced apart from each other, third and fourth external electrodes formed... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150022943 - Multilayer ceramic capacitor to be embedded in board, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing board having multilayer ceramic capacitor embedded therein: There is provided a multilayer ceramic capacitor to be embedded in a board, including: a ceramic body; first and second internal electrodes alternately exposed through end surfaces of the ceramic body; first and second external electrodes formed on end surfaces of the ceramic body; and first and second plating layers... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150022945 - Multilayer ceramic capacitor, board having the same mounted thereon, and method of manufacturing the same: There is provided a multilayer ceramic capacitor including: a ceramic body including a plurality of dielectric layers; a plurality of first and second internal electrodes disposed in the ceramic body to be alternately exposed to the third and fourth end surfaces, having the dielectric layers interposed therebetween; and first and... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150022941 - Multilayer ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same: There is provided a multilayer ceramic electronic component includes a ceramic body including a dielectric layer; and an internal electrode formed in the ceramic body, wherein on a cross-section of the ceramic body in a width-thickness direction, a thickness Te of the internal electrode satisfies 0.1 μm≦Te≦1.0 μm, and when... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150022944 - Multilayer ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same: There is provided a multilayer ceramic electronic component including a ceramic body including dielectric layers, internal electrodes formed in the ceramic body and including pores, and first and second external electrodes formed on both end portions of the ceramic body, wherein in a cross section of the ceramic body in... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150022948 - Capacitor structure: A capacitor structure includes a first electrode structure and a second electrode structure. The first electrode structure includes a first negative plate and a first positive plate spaced apart from each other. The first electrode structure has a first horizontal capacitance between the first negative plate and the first positive... Agent:

20150022949 - Connector arranged between two cylindrical energy storage assemblies: The invention relates to a module comprising at least two electrical energy storage assemblies (20), each storage assembly comprising: a tubular element (21) comprising a so-called side face (23), and at least one cover (50) for covering one of the ends of the tubular element. Said module is characterised in... Agent:

20150022950 - Cover for connecting energy storage assemblies: The invention relates to a cover for covering a tubular element of a first electrical energy storage assembly (20), said cover comprising a covering wall (50). The cover is characterised in that it comprises a radially extending electroconductive tongue (60, 70) comprising a contact face (71) intended to come into... Agent:

20150022951 - Separator for electrolytic capacitor and electrolytic capacitor: A cellulose solution obtained by dissolving cellulose in an amine oxide solvent is formed in a film form, and the resulting cellulose solution is immersed in water or a poor solvent of the amine oxide solvent, so as to coagulate and regenerate the cellulose. The regenerated cellulose is washed with... Agent: Nippon Kodoshi Corporation

20150022952 - Busbar: Disclosed is a busbar mounted on a board and electrically connected to an external element other than the board, including: a base portion; and a conductive pin body protruding from the base portion, wherein the base portion has a fixing portion where a fixing member for fixing the board and... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150022957 - Electronic device: An electronic device of a novel embodiment, specifically an arm-worn electronic device used while being worn on an arm, is provided. An arm-worn secondary battery used while being worn on an arm is provided. An electronic device is provided, which includes a structure body having a curved surface as a... Agent:

20150022956 - Electronic pull tab for battery protection: A battery powered device is configured to allow the device to be stored for extended periods of time with a lithium battery installed and operable. An electronic switch is coupled between the battery and processing logic of the device and is biased off to block all current flow to the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150022953 - Flexible printed circuit film and display device including the same: A display device includes: a display substrate, and a flexible printed circuit film connected to the display substrate. The flexible printed circuit film includes a main body including a bending region, and a first cover layer disposed on a first side of the main body, and the first cover layer... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150022955 - Lid structure and electronic device: A lid structure includes: a housing; a lid body configured to open and close an opening of the housing; an elastic member configured to be compressed by the housing and the lid body around the opening in a closing position where the lid body closes the opening; and a shaft... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150022954 - Measuring machine: A measuring machine includes a measuring device and a protective cover covering the measuring device. The measuring device is configured to measure parameters of a work piece. The measuring device includes a control box, a supporting board, a light ring configured to illuminate the work piece, and a camera module... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150022958 - Part engaging structure and apparatus having the same: A part engaging structure having sufficient intensity while reducing the use amount of material, and having high positioning accuracy is provided. An engaging structure allows a protruding portion formed at a first part to be received by a receiving portion formed at a second part and engages the first part... Agent:

20150022959 - Server and indicating tag of the same: A server includes a main body and a plurality of indicating tags. The main body includes a plurality of electronic elements. A separating plate is located between each two adjacent electronic elements. The main body defines a plurality of engaging holes corresponding to the electronic elements. A gap is defined... Agent:

20150022960 - Computer assembly incorporating coupling within pantograph: A computer system with an input assembly may include a fastener positioned through a bottom chassis and into a pre-existing opening of a pantograph. In a keyboard assembly, the fastener may couple to a boss axially aligned with the pantograph housed at least partially within a keyboard key. In a... Agent:

20150022962 - Display device and laptop computer: A display device and a laptop computer including the same are disclosed. The display device includes a display module, a front cover including a front horizontal part, which covers an edge of a front surface of the display module and extends in a horizontal direction, and a front vertical part,... Agent:

20150022961 - Support component for an apparatus: A support component for an apparatus is described. In at least some implementations, a support component is attached to an apparatus (e.g., a computing device) via a hinge mechanism. The support component can serve as a “kickstand” that can be positioned via the hinge mechanism to support the apparatus in... Agent:

20150022963 - Storage device: A storage device includes a connector with first to ninth pins, a serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) control chip, a universal serial bus (USB) control chip, and a storage chip. Voltage terminals of the SATA control chip, the USB control chip, and the storage chip are connected to the first... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20150022964 - Mounting apparatus assembly: A mounting apparatus includes a bracket and a pivoting member. A first sliding slot, a second sliding slot, a first guiding slot and a locating hole are defined in the bracket. A pivoting hole, a first guiding portion, a second guiding portion and a resisting wall are located on the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20150022965 - Expansion chassis for laptop computers with bus multiplier and multifunction usb cable: The present invention relates to an expansion chassis for a laptop computer. Specifically, the expansion chassis provides additional expansion bays for increased functionality, storage and/or battery power for the laptop computer. One or more BUS multipliers are integrated into a native SATA BUS, and one or more multifunction USB interconnect... Agent:

20150022966 - Port replicator: A port replicator is applicable to an electronic device having one or more connecting port and includes a shell including an abutting portion and an extending portion connected with each other and a replicating circuit module. The insides of the abutting portion and the extending portion communicate with each other... Agent: Ozaki International Co., Ltd.

20150022967 - System for using constricted convection with closed loop cooling system as the convection plate: A gas cooling system for an electronic display is disclosed herein. A closed loop of circulating gas is preferably positioned to surround the electronic display. An open loop of cooling air preferably travels along the rear surface of the electronic display. In an exemplary embodiment the cooling air does not... Agent:

20150022968 - Plugboard heat dissipation system: A plugboard heat dissipation system is provided. The system may include a plugboard, an enclosure, and an air supply apparatus that provides an air source for heat dissipation, a length of a first board edge on the plugboard is greater than a length of a second board edge, an output... Agent:

20150022969 - Computer case with recorded open and closed states: A computer case includes a backplane, a trigger switch, a first connector, a motherboard, a second connector on the motherboard, and a first cable. The trigger switch is used to detect whether a cover of the computer case is open or closed and outputs different signals accordingly. The first cable... Agent:

20150022971 - Computer case provided with a side plate having power supply lines: The present invention relates to a computer case provided with aside plate having power supply lines, in which a plurality of electronic components including a power supplier and wirings are disposed, and a main board is mounted on one side of the side plate, and the computer case including: power... Agent:

20150022970 - Ratchet module and electronic apparatus having the same: A ratchet module disposed in an electronic apparatus realizes one-way push-push function for a functional module. The ratchet module includes a first member and a second member meshed with each other with axially extending ratchet such that the second member may be pushed to rotate in one direction with respect... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150022972 - Cooling device: The present disclosure provides a cooling device, the cooling device including a case including a first region and a second region isolated from the first region, a first cooling unit arranged at the first region to cool a first heat generating unit using an outside air, and a second cooling... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150022973 - Method and apparatus for controlling a coolant circuit thermally coupled to a power electronics device: A vehicle system includes a power electronics device and a coolant circuit thermally coupled to the power electronics device. The coolant circuit includes a fluidic pump and a fluid/air heat exchanger, an air pump configured to transfer air across the fluid/air heat exchanger, and a shutter device configured to control... Agent:

20150022974 - Power conversion apparatus and electric vehicle: The metallic case of a power conversion apparatus includes a casing having a side wall, as well as an upper case and a lower case, a first area being formed between a cooling jacket provided at the inner periphery of the side wall and the lower case, the metal base... Agent:

20150022975 - Method and system for an immersion boiling heat sink: A method and system for cooling a heat-generating component are provided. The system includes a heat generating electronic component including a heat conductive face, a heat sink device including at least one open face pin fin array surface directly coupled to the conductive face, each fin including a distal end... Agent: General Electric Company

20150022976 - Electronic module for a control unit: An electronic module for a vehicle includes a covering element, a component-carrier printed circuit board element, a carrier element having a first side and a second side, a printed circuit board element, and at least one contact-connection element. The contact-connection element is configured to provide a conductive contact-connection between the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150022977 - Power module substrate, power module, and method for manufacturing power module substrate: A power module substrate includes: a ceramics substrate having a surface; and a metal plate connected to the surface of the ceramics substrate, composed of aluminum, and including Cu at a joint interface between the ceramics substrate and the metal plate, wherein a Cu concentration at the joint interface is... Agent:

20150022978 - Circuit assembly and corresponding methods: A circuit assembly (1800) includes a first circuit substrate (1200) defining a first major face (1201) and a second circuit substrate (1500) defining a second major face (1502). A plurality of electrical components (1203,1204,1205) can be disposed on one or more of the first major face or the second major... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150022979 - Display device: A display device according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: a display panel displaying an image; a window disposed on a first surface of the display panel; a first cover film disposed on a second surface of the display panel; a flexible printed circuit (FPC) disposed under... Agent:

20150022980 - Print media with inductive secondary: An item of print media (30) including an inductive secondary (50) for providing power to a load (32). The inductive secondary is responsive to an electromagnetic flux to generate a time-varying current or voltage therein. The current or voltage induced in the inductive secondary directly or indirectly powers the load... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20150022981 - Electronic card connection device and electronic device: The present disclosure relates to an electronic card connection device and an electronic device. The electronic card connection device comprises a connector, an electronic card tray and a switch. The connector comprises a terminal housing and a shell, the shell and the terminal housing define a mating space. The electronic... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150022982 - Wiring board and method for manufacturing the same: A wiring board includes a substrate having an opening portion, electronic components positioned in the opening portion of the substrate and including first and second electronic components, and an insulation layer formed over the substrate and the first and second components. The first component has first and second electrodes having... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150022984 - Embedded printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same: An embedded printed circuit board and a method of manufacturing the same. The embedded printed circuit board includes: an insulating layer on which a cavity is formed; a chip mounted on the cavity; and a circuit layer formed on the insulating layer, wherein the insulating layer is made of photosensitive... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150022983 - Techniques for bonding substrates using an intermediate layer: A method includes depositing a thin film on a first surface of a first substrate and moving a second surface of a second substrate into contact with the thin film such that the thin film is located between the first and second surfaces. The method further includes generating electromagnetic (EM)... Agent:

20150022985 - Device-embedded package substrate and semiconductor package including the same: A package substrate includes a core layer having a core top surface and a core bottom surface, and a build-up layer having a stacked structure in which a plurality of interconnection layers and a plurality of insulating layers are alternately stacked on the core top surface. The core bottom surface... Agent:

20150022986 - Circuit assembly and corresponding methods: A circuit assembly (1800) includes a first circuit substrate (1200) defining a first major face (1201) and a second circuit substrate (1500) defining a second major face (1502). A plurality of electrical components (1203,1204,1205) can be disposed on one or more of the first major face or the second major... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150022987 - Electronic device comprising an integrated circuit chip provided with projecting electrical connection pads: An electronic device includes an integrated circuit chip with an insulating passivation layer. An opening in the passivation layer uncovers a first region of an electrical contact. An electrical connection pad is formed to fill the opening by covering the first region and extend in projection in such a way... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (grenoble 2) Sas

20150022988 - Lid body portion and electronic device package using the lid body portion and electronic device: To provide a lid body portion with an improved mounting ratio of an electronic device component, an electronic device package and an electronic device including the same. There is provided a lid body portion including a concave portion in which a space portion is formed by a bottom portion and... Agent:

20150022989 - Utilizing chip-on-glass technology to jumper routing traces: A chip-on-glass device comprises a chip-on-glass substrate, a metal layer, and a plurality of chip-on-glass connection bumps. The metal layer comprises a plurality of passive jumper routing traces. The plurality of chip-on-glass connection humps is coupled with passive jumper routing traces of the plurality of passive jumper routing traces.... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20150022990 - Vertical blindmate scaling of identical system boards: Two system boards may be connected by a blind plug connector assembly. The top system board supports a first connector and has a hole adjacent the first connector that secures a guide bracket. The blind plug connector assembly is selectively received in the guide bracket to position a proximal connector... Agent:

20150022991 - Capacitor with multiple elements for multiple replacement applications: An apparatus includes a case having an elliptical cross-section capable of receiving a plurality of capacitive elements. One or more of the capacitive elements provide at least one capacitor having a first capacitor terminal and a second capacitor terminal. The apparatus also includes a cover assembly that includes a deformable... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 88 patent applications in 58 patent subcategories.

20150015997 - Passive arc protection for main breaker line side power conductors: In a switchgear cabinet, the line side power conductors upstream of the main breaker are surrounded with are attenuating/extinguishing channels and protective conduit in a location prior to the conductor's attachment to the main breaker. Thus, passive arc attenuation can be had prior to the breakers, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20150015998 - Solid state switch: A solid-state switch includes a plurality of transistors connected in parallel and a plurality of fuses. Each fuse is connected in series with a separate one of the plurality of transistors. A combination of current ratings of the plurality of fuses is greater than a load current of a load... Agent:

20150015999 - Method of tripping a circuit interrupter in a back fed configuration: A method a tripping a circuit interrupter in a back fed configuration is provided, wherein the circuit interrupter has separable contacts and an actuator, such as a solenoid, operatively coupled to the separable contacts. The method includes detecting within the circuit interrupter that a fault condition exists, and subsequent to... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20150016000 - Preventing moisture damage to a device: A device including a system for preventing moisture damage to the device includes a processor and a module operable on the processor for monitoring for a predetermined capacitance criterion on a surface of the device. The device is automatically powered off in response to detecting the predetermined capacitance criterion.... Agent:

20150016001 - Preventing moisture damage to a device: A method, device and computer program product for preventing moisture damage to electronic circuitry of a device may include monitoring for a predetermined capacitance criterion on a surface of the device; and automatically powering off the device in response to detecting the predetermined capacitance criterion.... Agent:

20150016002 - Power battery assembly and electric vehicle comprising the same: A power battery assembly may include a battery circuit and a circuit protecting unit. The circuit protecting unit may be connected in series with the battery circuit. The circuit protecting unit may include a relay and a current sensing unit connected in series with the battery circuit. A switching unit... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20150016003 - Methods and apparatus to clamp overvoltages for alternating current systems: Methods and apparatus to clamp overvoltages for inductive power transfer systems are described herein. An example overvoltage protection circuit is described, including a first terminal configured to receive an alternating current signal for conversion to a second signal, a capacitor, a first switch configured to selectively electrically couple the capacitor... Agent:

20150016004 - Over-current protection circuit: A circuit protecting the components of a power circuit against passing an over-current is connected to an enable terminal of a pulse width modulation (PWM) controller of a power supply circuit on a motherboard, protecting the field effect transistors (FETs) of a first power circuit of the power supply circuit.... Agent:

20150016005 - Inrush control with multiple switches: A novel system is offered for supplying power from an input node to a load coupled to an output node. The system may have multiple switches coupled between the input node and the output node. One or more limiting circuits may be configured for controlling the switches so as to... Agent:

20150016006 - Method and apparatus for demagnetizing transformer cores in closed loop magnetic current sensors: Automated degaussing methods and apparatus are presented for degaussing a magnetic core in close loop fashion, in which a plurality of pulses are applied to a compensation coil magnetically coupled with the core with duration or energy being decreased in succeeding pulse cycles according to a discrete feedback algorithm, and... Agent: Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

20150016007 - Safety relay circuit: Safety relay circuit, in particular, comprising two series-connected or parallel-connected relay switches (k1, k2) in a load current circuit (LN). The relay switch (k1) is assigned a switch position indicator circuit (A1). An evaluation circuit compares the command input to the relay (k1) with the display of the indicator circuit... Agent:

20150016008 - Grounding structure: Provided is a grounding structure including a grounding member that is grounded, an electrical conduction member that includes a protection section which is placed to protect a protection object, and an elastic portion which is connected to the protection section and is elastically deformed, the electrical conduction member being conductible,... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150016009 - Electrostatic charge dissipation system: An electrostatic charge dissipation system including an electrostatic discharge assembly configured to connect to a conductive article, the electrostatic discharge assembly including a conductor, an insulator positioned between the conductor and the conductive article, and an indicator electrically connected to the conductor and the conductive article, the indicator being configured... Agent:

20150016010 - Carrier device and ceramic member: A ceramic member, in a carrier device, including: a plurality of ceramic layers; a clamping electrode formed on a first ceramic layer among the plurality of ceramic layers and inside of the plurality of ceramic layers, and configured to attract a dielectric material by electrostatic force; an electric heating element... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150016011 - Electrostatic check with multi-zone control: An electrostatic chuck for clamping a warped workpiece has a clamping surface comprising a dielectric layer. The dielectric layer has a field and one or more zones formed of differing dielectric materials. One or more electrodes are coupled to a power supply, and a controller controls a clamping voltage supplied... Agent:

20150016012 - Capacitor with multiple elements for multiple replacement applications: A capacitor provides a plurality of selectable capacitance values, by selective connection of six capacitor sections of a capacitive element each having a capacitance value. The capacitor sections are provided in a plurality of wound cylindrical capacitive elements. Two vertically stacked wound cylindrical capacitance elements may each provide three capacitor... Agent:

20150016016 - Array-type multilayer ceramic electronic component and mounting board therefor: An array-type multilayer ceramic electronic component includes a ceramic body in which a plurality of dielectric layers are stacked in a length direction; a plurality of capacitor parts having different capacitances and including a plurality of first and second internal electrodes disposed with predetermined intervals therebetween in the length direction... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150016018 - Ceramic electronic component and method for manufacturing the same: External electrodes, electrically connected to exposed portions of internal electrodes, are arranged on end surfaces of a ceramic main body of a laminated ceramic capacitor. Alloy layers of a metal contained in internal electrodes, and a metal contained in external electrodes, are arranged at the boundaries between external electrodes, and... Agent:

20150016017 - Dielectric composition and multi-layered ceramic capacitor: A dielectric composition may include a first dielectric powder; and a second dielectric powder having an average grain size smaller than that of the first dielectric powder and included in the dielectric composition in an amount of 0.01 to 1.5 parts by weight based on 100 parts by weight of... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150016015 - Multi-layered capacitor: Disclosed herein is a multi-layered capacitor including: a multi-layered body which includes a capacity part formed by multi-layering a dielectric layer and an internal electrode and a cover part formed by multi-layering the dielectric layer; and a pair of external terminals disposed on both sides of the multi-layered body, in... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150016013 - Multilayer ceramic capacitor: There is provided a multilayer ceramic capacitor including, a ceramic body; a plurality of first and second internal electrodes disposed to be alternately exposed through first and second side surfaces facing each other in a width direction; and first and second external electrodes formed on the surfaces of the ceramic... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150016014 - Multilayer ceramic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof: There is provided a multilayer ceramic capacitor including, a ceramic body having a plurality dielectric layers stacked therein and a groove portion recessed inwardly in a lower surface thereof in a width direction, a plurality of first and second internal electrodes disposed in the ceramic body to be alternately exposed... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150016020 - Multilayer ceramic electronic component: There is provided a multilayer ceramic electronic component, including: a ceramic body formed by laminating dielectric layers having an average thickness of 0.7 μm or less; external electrodes formed on external surfaces of the ceramic body; and internal electrodes respectively disposed on the dielectric layer so as to have a... Agent:

20150016019 - Multilayer ceramic electronic component to be embedded in board: A multilayer ceramic electronic component to be embedded in a board may include: a ceramic body in which a plurality of dielectric layers are stacked; a plurality of first and second internal electrodes alternately exposed through both end surfaces of the ceramic body, respectively, with at least one of the... Agent:

20150016022 - Multi-layered graphene films, energy storage devices using multi-layered graphene films as electrodes, and methods of manufacturing multi-layered graphene films and energy storage devices: Provided are a multi-layered graphene film, a method of manufacturing the multi-layered graphene film, and an energy storage device using the multi-layered graphene film as an electrode. The multi-layered graphene film includes a first graphene layer, a spacer layer provided on the first graphene layer, and an upper graphene layer... Agent: Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20150016023 - Positioning spacer, energy storage module using said spacer and method for assembling the module: The invention concerns a positioning spacer for positioning electrical energy storage elements, such as supercapacitors or ultracapacitors connected in series, in an electrical energy storage module, wherein the spacer comprises a first support part and a second part forming a rim relative to the first part, the positioning spacer comprising,... Agent: Blue Solutions

20150016021 - Stability enhancing additive for electrochemical devices: e

20150016024 - Cathode active material having core-shell structure and producing method thereof: Disclosed is a cathode active material having a core-shell structure. The core-shell cathode active material includes a core including a lithium transition metal oxide with excellent electrochemical properties and a shell formed by coating the surface of the core with a transition metal oxide. The formation of the shell by... Agent: Korea Insitiute Of Science And Technology

20150016025 - Aluminum electrolytic capacitor and rubber seal for same: A lead terminal is passed through a terminal passage hole of a rubber seal, without imposing an excessive burden such that the characteristics of the capacitor element would be degraded, and while maintaining a state of reliable isolation from the outside air. In an aluminum electrolytic capacitor in which the... Agent: Elna Co., Ltd.

20150016026 - Solid electrolytic capacitor: Disclosed is (1) an anode body for capacitors, which is composed of a sintered body containing tungsten dioxide in amount of 80 mass % or more and preferably silicon element in amount of 3.4 mass % or less, (2) a powder as a raw material of the sintered body containing... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20150016027 - Electrical distribution system: A portable electrical power distribution assembly using a bucket as a structural supporting element. A power socket and at least one power receptacle are mounted to the bucket. The power socket and power receptacle are electrically connected to establish a complete circuit such that when power is connected to the... Agent:

20150016028 - Power distribution box: An integrated power distribution box including an upper level assembly including a printed circuit board comprising at least one electrical component, a lower housing configured to receive at least a portion of the printed circuit board, an intermediate housing configured to be coupled with at least one fuse, a master... Agent:

20150016029 - Power distribution panel with modular circuit protection elements: A power panel and modules for use in a power panel are disclosed. One disclosed chassis includes a top, a bottom, a front, a rear, and left and right sides, and an input power bus having a plurality of connection apertures therethrough. A plurality of circuit modules are mounted within... Agent:

20150016032 - Display device: Disclosed is a display device that includes a display panel and a multi-layered panel provided adjacent the display panel. The multi-layered panel may include a front plate located toward the display panel, a rear plate provided parallel to the front plate, and a honeycomb mesh interposed between the front plate... Agent:

20150016033 - Display device substrate, display device, and related fabrication method: A substrate is for use in a display device. The substrate may include a plurality of non-uniform surface portions, the non-uniform surface portions being spaced from each other and including a first non-uniform surface portion and a second non-uniform surface portion. The substrate may further include a plurality of substantially... Agent: Samsung Display Co. Ltd.

20150016034 - Electronic display mounting system: An electronic sign having slotted frame cabinets whereby each slotted frame cabinet can conveniently be attached to one or more vertically or horizontally positioned adjacent slotted frame cabinets by using connecting components which are generally located around the periphery of one or more slotted frame cabinets. Connecting components, including splice... Agent: Daktronics, Inc.

20150016031 - Packing piece and packing member formed from the packing piece: A packing member attached to non-coplanar outer surfaces of an electronic component includes a number of non-coplanar plates attached to the outer surfaces of the electronic component. A junction of every two adjacent plates defines a row of a plurality of through holes. A middle line of each row of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150016030 - Reducing appearance of physical damage on cosmetic surfaces: The described embodiments relate generally to cosmetic surfaces and associated treatments to form cosmetic surfaces. Cosmetic surface treatments as described herein both increase durability and decrease the appearance of physical damage through implementation of an intermediate barrier layer having a first physical attribute (e.g., color of barrier layer) of a... Agent:

20150016035 - Accessory for wearable computer: An accessory for a wearable computer includes a strap having a cover that covers a plurality of batteries; a first connector that joins a first end of the strap to a first end of the wearable computer; a second connector that joins a second end of the strap to a... Agent:

20150016038 - Electronic device with a reduced friction surface: A surface of an electronic device includes a reduced friction surface that comprises a glass beaded film. The glass beaded film includes glass beads disposed in a polymer layer or in an adhesive layer, where a portion of the glass beads protrude from a surface of the polymer or adhesive... Agent:

20150016037 - Information terminal device: An information terminal device which is portable and capable of charging a charge target device includes: a first body part including a display panel and a case which covers the display panel; and a power transmission coil provided at a position on a back surface of the case opposite to... Agent:

20150016039 - Keyboard protection mechanism: Particular embodiments described herein provide for an electronic device that could include a circuit board coupled to a plurality of electronic components (which includes any type of components, elements, circuitry, etc.). One particular example implementation of the electronic device may include a keyboard that includes a plurality of keys and... Agent:

20150016040 - Information handling system housing lid with synchronized motion provided by a flexible compressive member: An information handling system converts from a closed position to a tablet position by rotating a lid with a display 360 degrees about a hinge having synchronized and continuous motion. The hinge has first and second axles held in a spaced and substantially parallel orientation by a support. A flexible... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20150016041 - Electronic apparatus and module: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a first attachment part; a second attachment part separated from the first attachment part; a flexible printed circuit board including a first connection part fixed to the first attachment part, a second connection part fixed to the second attachment part, a coupling... Agent:

20150016036 - Translucent panel attachment structure and portable electronic device: A translucent panel attachment structure according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a translucent panel, a casing, and a silicone resin layer. The casing has an opening into which the translucent panel is fitted. The opening has an inner wall surface which faces a peripheral surface of the... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150016043 - Integrated circuit package with a conductive grid formed in a packaging substrate: An integrated circuit package includes a packaging substrate, which has an electrically conductive grid formed on a dielectric layer, and an integrated circuit die electrically coupled to the electrically conductive grid at one or more locations. In this embodiment, the electrically conductive grid includes a plurality of electrically conductive portions,... Agent:

20150016042 - Packaging substrate that has electroplated pads that are free of plating tails: An integrated circuit package includes a packaging substrate with an electrical connection pad formed thereon and an integrated circuit die coupled to the electrical connection pad. The electrical connection pad includes an electroplated surface finish layer, but does not include an electrical trace configured as a plating tail. Because the... Agent:

20150016044 - Socket interposer and computer system using the socket interposer: Exemplary embodiments include a socket interposer having a plurality of connectors and at least one of on-board memory and an external communication controller. The plurality of connectors is configured to fit with a form factor of a socket on a server board. The server board includes at least one processor... Agent:

20150016046 - Ina cabled memory appliance: According to one general aspect, an apparatus may include an expansion memory device, a connection printed circuit board, and a connection cable. The expansion memory device may include a plurality of memory chips. The connection printed circuit board may be configured to be physically coupled with a memory socket. The... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150016045 - Memory assembly with processor matching pin-out: A memory device includes one or more memory semiconductor chips housed in a surface-mount semiconductor package and formed on a package substrate. The package substrate includes a two-dimensional array of package leads for connecting signals of the one or more memory semiconductor chips to an external system. The memory assembly... Agent:

20150016047 - Memory module: A memory module that includes: a printed circuit board having a connecting terminal; memory chips arranged on the printed circuit board; data buffers disposed on a first surface of the printed circuit board and corresponding to the memory chips; and resistance units disposed on a second surface of the printed... Agent:

20150016048 - Printed circuit arrangement and method of forming the same: In various embodiments, a printed circuit arrangement may be provided. The printed circuit arrangement may include a processor circuit. The printed circuit arrangement may further include a printed main circuit arrangement in electrical connection with a first input node of the processor circuit. The printed main circuit arrangement may be... Agent:

20150016049 - Semiconductor memory card, printed circuit board for memory card and method of fabricating the same: A printed circuit board for a memory card includes an insulating layer; a mounting part on a first surface of the insulating layer, the mounting part being electrically connected to a memory device; and a terminal part on a second surface of the insulating layer, the terminal part being electrically... Agent:

20150016050 - Server device and data storage device replacement mechanism thereof: A server device has a case, a backplane board mounted inside the case, a plurality of data storage device replacement mechanisms inserted inside the case, a plurality of first data storage devices and a plurality of second data storage devices. The data storage device replacement mechanism includes a tray, a... Agent:

20150016051 - Display assembly having graduated magnetic fastening characteristics: A display assembly is provided. The display may include a holder defining a first portion and an electronic device defining a corresponding second portion that is in magnetic attraction to the first portion when the electronic device is positioned about the holder. At least one of the first portion and... Agent:

20150016052 - Cooling electronic devices: Techniques for providing airflow through an electronic device are described herein. An example of an electronic device includes an integrated display and a circuit board comprising a processor, a memory, and a driver circuit coupled to the integrated display. A housing encloses the integrated display and the circuit board, wherein... Agent:

20150016053 - Housing for at least one electric or electronic device, and electric or electronic device comprising the housing: Housing for at least one electric or electronic device, the housing surrounding a housing interior comprising a storage space, the electric or electronic device being arrangeable in the storage space, the housing comprising a housing upper part, which delimits the housing interior, the housing comprising at least one intermediate ceiling... Agent: Diehl Aerospace Gmbh

20150016054 - Notebook auxiliary device: A notebook auxiliary device includes a first rigid body, a second rigid body and a folding portion. The first rigid body is disposed on a top surface of a screen body of a notebook. The second rigid body is disposed on a bottom surface of a mainframe body of the... Agent:

20150016055 - Piping connection structure, cooling system, and electronic equipment: A piping connection structure includes: a pipe; and an elastic tube connected to the pipe, the tube including a connection into which the pipe is inserted and fitted, and a main body linked seamlessly with the connection, wherein the main body includes a projection that is formed circularly along a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150016056 - Module-type data center: A module type data center includes: a casing having an intake vent and an exhaust vent; a rack accommodating an electronic device; an air blower configured to introduce outside air into the casing through the intake vent and pass air through the rack from one of surfaces of the rack... Agent:

20150016057 - Foot cushion mechanism and electronic device therewith: A foot cushion mechanism with lifting function is disclosed. The foot cushion mechanism includes a foot cushion member, a holding base and at least one shape memory material member. The foot cushion member is installed on a housing and abuts against a supporting surface. The holding base and the foot... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150016058 - Glass enclosure: A handheld computing device that includes an enclosure having structural walls formed from a glass material that can be radio-transparent. The enclosure can be formed from a hollow glass tube or two glass members bonded together. A laser frit bonding process may be used to hermetically seal the two glass... Agent:

20150016060 - Apparatus and method for cooling a transformer having a non-linear core: A three-phase non-linear transformer is cooled by first (30) and second fans (40). The first fan (30) is attached to the first core clamps (12) of the transformer using a first mounting structure (15). The second fan (40) is attached to the second core clamps (24) of the transformer using... Agent:

20150016059 - Apparatus and method for preventing component overheating and extending system survivability: An example apparatus and method for preventing component overheating and extending system survivability of an appliance is provided and may include a component assembly configured to be inserted in a first slot of the appliance. The component assembly may include a door disposed on its side and extending substantially along... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150016061 - Centrifugal fan module and electronic device using the centrifugal fan module: A centrifugal fan module comprising a fan housing and an impeller is provided. The fan housing includes an air inlet and a sidewall. The sidewall is pivotally disposed in the fan housing to rotate in the rotational direction relative to the fan housing. A tongue portion is formed between the... Agent:

20150016062 - Highly integrated power electronic module assembly: A power electronic module assembly according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a vapor chamber and a substrate integrated with a first surface of the vapor chamber. At least one cooling feature is integrated with a second surface of the vapor chamber.... Agent:

20150016063 - Power semiconductor module: To achieve the above object, each power semiconductor module includes a can-type cooling case that is formed with a plate spring portion that generates compressive stress in the semiconductor circuit unit, an adjustment portion that is deformed to adjust elastic deformation of the plate spring portion, and a sidewall portion... Agent:

20150016064 - Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor: The purpose is to provide a fin-integrated type semiconductor device that is a simple structure and has a high heat dissipating characteristic, and to provide a manufacturing method therefor. The semiconductor device includes a base plate having a first major plane and a second major plane opposite to each other,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150016065 - Electronic device having movable display: An electronic device includes a base, a display slidably covering the base, a slide apparatus installed between the base and the display, and an operation apparatus. The slide apparatus includes a rack mounted to the display, a gear pivotably installed in the base, and a pole protruding out from the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150016066 - Circuit module and method of producing the same: A circuit module includes a wiring substrate, an electronic component, a sealing layer, and a conductive shield. The wiring substrate has a mount surface. The electronic component is mounted on the mount surface. The sealing layer is formed of an insulating material, covers the electronic component, and has a first... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20150016067 - High frequency module and manufacturing method thereof: A high frequency (HF) module and a manufacturing method thereof. The HF module has a single airtight box-like structure formed by a first PCB, a second PCB, and a third PCB. On a lower surface of the third PCB facing the first PCB, a second electronic component is mounted at... Agent:

20150016068 - 3dic package integration for high-frequency rf system: A three-Dimensional Integrated Circuit (3DIC) Chip on Wafer on Substrate (CoWoS) packaging structure or system includes a silicon oxide interposer with no metal ingredients, and with electrically conductive TVs and RDLs. The silicon oxide interposer has a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface. The electrically... Agent:

20150016073 - Circuit carrier having a conducting path and an electric shield, and method for producing said circuit carrier: The invention relates to a circuit carrier (11), comprising a digital circuit, which contains at least two components (12, 14) that are electrically connected to each other (19, 21, 20). Additionally, an electric shield (24) is provided. According to the invention, the electric shield (24) and a conducting path (21)... Agent:

20150016070 - Conductive structure and device with the conductive structure as electrode: Provided is a conductive structure and a device with the conductive structure as an electrode. The conductive structure includes a reduced metal layer and an overlapping structure formed by nano metal wires. The overlapping structure has at least one connecting portion, and the reduced metal layer covers the nano metal... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150016072 - Dry film, printed wiring board using same, method for producing printed wiring board, and flip chip mounting substrate: A dry film comprising: a carrier film and a photocurable resin composition layer (L1) formed by applying and drying a photocurable resin composition; and at least a thermosetting resin composition layer (L2) formed by applying and drying a thermosetting resin composition in a gap between the photocurable resin composition layer... Agent: Taiyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150016071 - Electronic component thickness measurement method, method for manufacturing a series of electronic components using the measurement method, a series of electronic components manufactured by the manufacturing method, and electronic component inspection app: An electronic component thickness measurement method includes extracting, from a plurality of second reference lines in first image data and a plurality of second reference lines in second image data, only a second reference line at which a difference in intensity peak between respective second reference lines at a same... Agent:

20150016069 - Printed circuit board: A printed circuit board (PCB) is disclosed. The PCB includes a main body. A first surface of the main body is a connecting surface for electrical components. A second surface of the main body is a conductive cooper foil layer operating as ground wires. A plurality of grooves is arranged... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150016074 - Device housing package: A device housing package includes a substrate in a form of a rectangle, having a mounting region of a device at an upper surface thereof; a frame body disposed on the substrate so as to extend along an outer periphery of the mounting region, the frame body having a cutout... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150016075 - Measurement transmitter: A measurement transmitter for providing a measured value to a control system, comprising: a sensor having a transducer for outputting a primary signal dependent on the measured value; a first electronic circuit for processing the primary signal to an intermediate signal; a second electronic circuit for processing the intermediate signal... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20150016076 - Electrical junction box: An electrical junction box includes a case that includes a bottom plate portion and a case-side peripheral wall portion, the case having an opening that opens to a lateral side, and a cover that closes the opening of the case and includes a lid plate portion and a cover-side peripheral... Agent:

20150016077 - Electrical center for a vehicle: An electrical center for distributing electrical power to an electrical system of a vehicle is provided. The electrical center includes a printed circuit board (PCB) that is configured to fit inside of a cover. The PCB includes a first electrical component that is electrically connected to the electrical system. A... Agent:

20150016078 - Partitioned hybrid substrate for radio frequency applications: The presently claimed invention is to provide a package for compact RF signal system, and a method to form the package thereof in order to miniaturize the size of package, improve signal integrity, and reduce manufacturing cost. The package comprises a hybrid substrate with a sandwiched structure, in which the... Agent:

20150016079 - Printed wiring board: A wiring board includes a first resin insulation layer, an electronic component positioned on first surface of the first insulation layer, a second resin insulation layer formed on the first surface of the first insulation layer such that the second insulation layer is embedding the electronic component, a conductive layer... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150016080 - Method for manufacturing an embedded package and structure thereof: A method for manufacturing an embedded package comprises the steps of: coupling at least one first embedded body including at least one connection port with a first circuit substrate and packaging the first embedded body and the first circuit substrate to form a package; and exposing the connection port of... Agent:

20150016081 - Electronic device with integrated circuit chip provided with an external electrical connection network: An electronic device may include a substrate, and an integrated circuit over the substrate. The substrate may be provided with an electrical connection network including electrical links for linking the integrated circuit to another electrical device. Some of the electrical links may include an impedance-compensating inductor.... Agent:

20150016082 - Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same: A printed circuit board includes an insulating layer; a via in the insulating layer, a first circuit layer formed at a first side of the insulating layer and having a portion buried in the via; a second circuit layer formed at a second side of the insulating layer and electrically... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150016083 - Thermocompression bonding apparatus and method: A multi-layer aluminum nitride ceramic, multi-heating element substrate is provided for forming electrical bonds between integrated circuits and an interposer structure using a thermocompression bonding process. The individually energizable heater element traces can be run through common regions of the heater surface platform. A network of cooling vias can be... Agent:

20150016084 - Breaker secondary terminal block isolation chamber: The disclosed concept pertains generally to secondary terminal blocks and, more particularly, to apparatus and methods for isolating the secondary terminal blocks and associated wiring in electrical switching assembly enclosures. The apparatus includes a housing having an outer surface structured to form a cavity therein. The apparatus is positioned in... Agent: Eaton Corporation

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20150009594 - Control circuit: The control circuit includes first and second primary terminals for connection to a DC network, a secondary terminal connected in series between the first and second primary terminals and at least one auxiliary energy conversion element and an auxiliary terminal. The first and second primary terminals have a plurality of... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20150009593 - Device and method for protecting against leakage currents: e

20150009592 - Manual reset ground fault circuit interruptor (gfci) with a quick connect load input: A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) interrupts the flow of current through a pair of lines extending between a source of power and a load. The GFCI includes a circuit breaker, a relay circuit including a solenoid, a latch circuit, and a fault detecting circuit packaged in a circuit assembly.... Agent:

20150009595 - Abnormality detection device: An abnormality detection device includes a temperature detection unit that has a resistor section which varies a resistance value depending on a temperature, a resistance detection unit that detects a resistance value of the resistor section, and a short-circuit unit that short-circuits the resistor section, in which the short-circuit unit... Agent:

20150009596 - Device of protection against transient electrical overvoltages: A device of protection against transient electrical overvoltages, including two voltage-limiting passive components, disconnectors sensitive to the state of these components and adapted to individually disconnect each end of life component therefrom, the components are joined in parallel between a first and a second terminal of the device, where the... Agent:

20150009597 - Electronic fuse circuit and method of controlling the same: An electronic fuse circuit for interrupting a current flowing through a power circuit includes: a trip switch structured to open and close to interrupt and permit, respectively, the current flowing through the power circuit; a current sensing circuit structured to sense when a magnitude of the current flowing through the... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20150009598 - Method, device and circuitry for detecting a failure on a differential bus: An exemplary embodiment relates to a method for detecting a failure on a differential bus. The method may include: determining an allowed voltage range of the differential bus based on a minimum load and a maximum load; comparing a differential bus voltage with the allowed voltage range; and determining a... Agent:

20150009599 - Gate driving circuit and array substrate: Disclosed are a gate driving circuit and an array substrate relating to the field of display technique and capable of ensuring that, when there is a malfunction such as a short-circuit and the like among input paths of clock signals for a certain gate driving unit, other gate driving units... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20150009600 - Power cord apparatus for remotely detecting excessive operational parameters in an electrically powered machine: A power cord apparatus for remotely detecting excessive operational parameters in an alternating current (AC) powered machine (e.g., dehumidifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines) is provided. The power cord apparatus includes a cooperative remote parametric sensing device (e.g., heat sensing, vibration transducer) in the vicinity of... Agent:

20150009601 - Differential protection device for a switchgear apparatus, and electric switchgear apparatus comprising one such device: p

20150009602 - Electrostatic chuck system and semiconductor fabrication device: An electrostatic chuck system comprising a chuck body 1 having a clamping face 4 for electrostatically clamping a substrate 5, an electrode portion 2 generating a clamping force on the clamping face 4, a temperature-regulating portion 3 regulating the temperature of the substrate 5 to maintain it at a predetermined... Agent: Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.

20150009603 - Variable vacuum capacitor: A variable vacuum capacitor includes two pairs of electrodes ganged together in series such that no moving parts are required to connect electrically to any static pans. Two sets, or gangs, of movable electrodes are connected mechanically and electrically together such that they move together and such that they require... Agent: Comet Ag

20150009604 - Dielectric ceramic material and multilayer ceramic capacitor using the same: A dielectric ceramic material comprises a primary component of barium titanate (BaTiO3) and at least one additive component. The additive component has a mole percentage from 1% to 50% and is selected from the group consisting of lithium tantalite [lithium tantalate (LiTaO3)], barium cerate (BaCeO3), sodium metaniobate [sodium niobate (NaNbO3)]... Agent:

20150009605 - Solid electrochemical supercapacitor: A process for fabricating an electrochemical supercapacitor is disclosed herein. The process comprises depositing a carbon nanotube layer onto a first substrate; depositing a layer of metal oxide material onto the substrate forming a first electrode; depositing an electrolytic material onto the electrode; and joining the electrode to a first... Agent: Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of Canada, As Represented By The Minister Of National Defence

20150009606 - Conductive paste and solid electrolytic capacitor including the same: A solid electrolytic capacitor that includes a valve action metal base, an insulating layer, a solid electrolyte layer, a carbon layer and an electrode layer sequentially formed in one of two parts of the valve action metal base. The electrode layer is formed from a conductive paste that includes at... Agent:

20150009607 - Busbar connection system for use with a power distribution system, and electrical device including the busbar connection system: The invention relates to an improved busbar connection system, an electrical device incorporating same, and an electrical system comprising at least one electrical device. Such a busbar connection system comprises for receiving and for electrically contacting at least two conductors of a busbar, and a signal connector for receiving and... Agent:

20150009608 - Marking device docking stations having security features and methods of using same: Docking stations and docking methods are provided for use with marking devices used for marking the presence or absence of an underground facility in a dig area. The docking station may serve as a home base for storage of a marking device, for charging the battery of a marking device,... Agent: Certusview Technologies, LLC

20150009609 - Electronic device: According to one embodiment, electronic device includes first board, second board, first component, and second component. The first board includes first and second faces and to which opening and cutout portion is provided. The opening penetrates through the first board. The cutout portion extends to side separating from center of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150009610 - Electronic device case: A handle for an electronic-device case includes a hand strap and a switch. The switch may be integrated into the hand strap such that when the user secures his or her hand to the electronic-device case with the hand strap, the switch is accessible to the secured hand, thereby enabling... Agent:

20150009611 - Slide housing for an electronic communication device: An electronic communication device having a touch-sensitive display panel in a display module and a keypad in a keypad module is disclosed. The two modules are connected to one another and can be moved relative to one another into an open position and a closed position. The touch-sensitive display panel... Agent:

20150009612 - Detachable pivoting chassis for electronic devices: A detachable pivoting chassis includes an accommodating base, a seat, a keyboard, a pivot module and a movable stand, and the accommodating base has an accommodating part for accommodating an electronic device, and the seat has an accommodating part for accommodating a keyboard, and the pivot module has at least... Agent:

20150009613 - Electronic device: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a bendable display device, an electric component, a first member, and a second member. The bendable display device includes an edge portion, a first face on which an image is visible, and a second face opposite the first face. The first member... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150009614 - Hinge module and foldable device: A hinge module is disposed between a first body and a second body. A first bracket is fixed on the first body to fix a shaft. A second bracket is fixed on the second body and passed through by the shaft, so that the second bracket can be rotated relative... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150009615 - Pad structure and printed circuit board and memory storage device using the same: A pad structure for disposing an electronic component on a printed circuit board is provided. The pad structure includes a first pad and a plurality of second pads. The first pad is configured to couple to a terminal of the electronic component. Each of the second pads is configured to... Agent: Phison Electronics Corp.

20150009617 - Expansion card module: An electronic device includes an enclosure, a motherboard received in the enclosure, and an expansion card module received in the enclosure. The expansion card module includes a bracket, a conversion card with a connector, and an expansion card. The bracket includes a main plate and a seat. The conversion card... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150009618 - Flash drive with a snap hook: A portable flash drive with snap hook for attaching the drive to an object such as a key, key chain, etc. is disclosed herein. The portable flash drive includes a housing defining a chamber, a memory unit disposed in the chamber of the housing, and a slot hook attached to... Agent: Pny Technologies, Inc.

20150009616 - Modular dense storage array: Modular dense storage arrays are disclosed. In some embodiments, a modular storage array may include a chassis configured to receive a plurality of drive bay modules, a first of the plurality of drive bay modules configured to receive a first plurality of storage drives in the absence of a drive... Agent: Dell Inc

20150009619 - Fastening device for data storage device: A screwless fastening device for a data storage device includes an enclosure, a first rail, a second rail, and a fastening member. The enclosure includes a first side plate, a second side plate, and a connector. The first and second rails are fastened to the two side plates. The fastening... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150009620 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus includes: an electronic device including a housing that accommodates a heat producing part, a heat transfer member configured to be exposed to an outer surface of the housing, and a heat pipe accommodated in the housing and configured to connect the heat producing part and the heat... Agent:

20150009622 - Module-type data center and method of controlling the same: A module-type data center includes: a casing including a first intake opening, a second intake opening, and an exhaust opening; an air conditioner provided in the casing and configured to generate a first airflow by taking in outside air through the first intake opening and bringing the outside air into... Agent:

20150009621 - Server tunnel: A computing center module with a module casing and a module area in which electronic devices are arrangeable, at least one access path being provided in the module area. The module area has a hot air outlet region, and the module casing tapers towards the hot air outlet region such... Agent:

20150009623 - Tablet having a flexible and transparent sensing area: The present invention relates to a tablet having a flexible and transparent sensing area, comprising: an insulating transparent base material having a first loop antenna and a plurality of comb-shaped first line antennas; and a control substrate having, mounted thereon, a first multiplexer (MUX) for selecting one of the ends... Agent:

20150009624 - Stackable cooling rail based system: Systems and methods providing for packaging of scalable machines are discussed herein. Some embodiments may include a stackable cooling rail based system with a plurality of stackable frames. A stackable frame may contain one or more modules that may contain functional components; one or more cooling elements to remove heat... Agent:

20150009625 - Digital sign and method of driving the same: A digital sign and a method of driving a digital sign are provided. The digital sign may include a case, a display panel provided in the case, and a circuit unit to drive the display panel. An inner space of the case may include a first space and a second... Agent:

20150009626 - Electric equipment and air conditioner: An electric equipment includes: an electric component box; a control board accommodated in the electric component box and provided thereon with a heat-generating electric component; a heat sink thermally connected with the electric component; and a sheet material provided between the electric component box and the control board, wherein the... Agent:

20150009627 - Figure eight closed loop cooling system for electronic display: The exemplary embodiments herein provide a figure eight closed loop of circulating gas pathways wrapping around an electronic display. One or more open loop ambient air pathways may pass through the figure eight but do not allow the circulating gas and the ambient air to mix. In some embodiments, the... Agent:

20150009628 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus includes: a substrate; a display panel on the substrate; and a sealing substrate opposite to the display panel. The display apparatus includes further includes a heat dissipating layer which is between the display panel and the sealing substrate and dissipates heat generated from the display panel; and... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150009629 - Electronic control apparatus for vehicle using radiation board and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed are an electronic control apparatus for a vehicle and provides an electronic control apparatus for a vehicle using a radiation board in which a radiation plate having a slide fixing structure (for example, “U” shaped) is attached onto a portion opposite to a portion which requires the radiation in... Agent: Hyundai Autron Co., Ltd.

20150009630 - Electronic signal transmitting device and integrated circuit thereof: An electronic signal transmitting device is disposed in a housing of an integrated circuit. The integrated circuit includes at least one first signal end and at least one second signal end. The electronic signal transmitting device includes at least one electromagnetic transmitting unit, coupled between the first signal end and... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150009631 - Cooling assemblies and power electronics modules having multiple-porosity structures: Cooling assemblies and power electronics modules having multiple-level porosity structures with both a micro- and macro-level porosity are disclosed. In one embodiment, a cooling assembly includes a jet impingement assembly including a fluid inlet channel fluidly coupled an array of orifices provided in a jet plate, and a heat transfer... Agent:

20150009632 - Display device: A display device includes: a display module; a window disposed on the display module; and an adhesive layer disposed between the display module and the window, where the adhesive layer includes a pressure sensitive adhesive including an impregnation region impregnated with a fiber, and a density of the fiber in... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150009633 - Display apparatus and circuit board module thereof: A circuit board module includes a first circuit board, an electrically conductive structure, a first bump, a second circuit board and an electrically conductive film. The electrically conductive structure and the first bump are disposed on the supporting surface of the first circuit board. The electrically conductive structure and the... Agent:

20150009634 - Electronic device having self-emitting display panel: An electronic device includes a self-emitting display panel, a first transparent substrate, a second transparent substrate and two combining elements. The first transparent substrate includes two first edge portions and a first cover portion. The second transparent substrate includes two second edge portions and a second cover portion. The self-emitting... Agent: Au Optronics Corp

20150009636 - Flexible display device and method for controlling same: A flexible display device includes a flexible display panel, a first roller configured to wind the flexible display panel thereon, and a roller controller configured to rotate the first roller in a first direction and in a second direction opposite to the first direction, and to select from between the... Agent:

20150009635 - Image display device: An image display device includes a flexible display unit bendable by an external force between a first state and a second state having different radii of curvature from each other, a pressing member disposed to face the flexible display unit and configured to apply the external force to the flexible... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150009637 - Electromagnetic shielding film, flexible printed wiring board with electromagnetic shielding film, electronic device and method for forming the same: A electromagnetic shielding film includes a conductive supporting substrate which includes a cured material of a thermosetting resin including a conductive filler; a metal thin film layer which covers one surface of the conductive supporting substrate; a thermosetting adhesive layer which covers a surface of the metal thin film layer;... Agent:

20150009638 - Method for electroless nickel-phosphorous alloy deposition onto flexible substrates: The present invention relates to a method for electroless deposition of a bendable nickel-phosphorous alloy layer onto flexible substrates such as flexible printed circuit boards and the like. The nickel-phosphorous alloy layer is deposited from an aqueous plating bath comprising nickel ions, hypophosphite ions, at least one complexing agent and... Agent: Atotech Deutschland Gmbh

20150009641 - Circuit card configuration: The present disclosure relates to a circuit card configuration having a card element arranged to be attached via assembly points and to support connection points for signal connection and ground connection. The respective assembly points as well as the respective connection points each have a metallic bushing arranged to be... Agent: Bae Systems H&#xe4 Gglunds Aktiebolag

20150009640 - Environmentally sealed electrical housing assembly with integrated connector: An environmentally sealed electrical housing assembly with an integrated connector and a method for manufacturing same is presented. The assembly includes a non-accessible electrical component, such an electromechanical relay, and a plurality of terminals connected to a circuit board. A dielectric housing encases the non-accessible electrical component. The housing is... Agent:

20150009639 - System and method for housing circuit boards of different physical dimensions: A system and corresponding method for housing circuit boards is provided. The circuit boards may differ in two physical dimensions. The circuit boards are placed in circuit board housings within an enclosure. Substantially planar positionable enclosure partitions of various lengths are strategically placed within the enclosure in order to form... Agent:

20150009642 - Electronic unit with a pcb and two housing parts: An electronic unit (1) having a circuit board, PCB, (2) arranged to be mounted in a main housing (6, 7 and having a first housing part (6) and a second housing part (7), where the first housing part (6) is at least partly electrically conducting. The PCB (2) having a... Agent: Autoliv Development Ab

20150009643 - System and method for a high retention module interface: A device includes a substrate, a first antenna connection, and a first retention mechanism. The substrate has atop surface and a bottom surface. The first antenna connection is mounted directly to the top surface of the substrate, and is configured to connect with a first antenna. The first retention mechanism... Agent:

20150009644 - Method for making electronic device with cover layer with openings and related devices: A method of making an electronic device includes forming an electrically conductive pattern on a substrate, forming a cover layer on the substrate and the electrically conductive pattern, and forming openings in the cover layer and being aligned with the electrically conductive pattern. The method also includes positioning an IC... Agent:

20150009645 - Wiring substrate and semiconductor package: A wiring substrate includes an insulating layer that is an outermost layer of the wiring substrate and includes an external exposed surface, a pad forming part formed on a side of the external exposed surface, and a pad that projects from the external exposed surface. The pad forming part includes... Agent:

20150009646 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus includes a first substrate having a sealing area and a peripheral area surrounding the sealing area, a pixel disposed in the sealing area, a second substrate opposite to the first substrate, a sealing member disposed at a boundary of the sealing area and the peripheral area, and... Agent:

20150009647 - Mounting apparatus for display device: A mounting apparatus includes a supporting board, a first adjusting member including a rotating board and a fixing plate, a second adjusting member to install a display device. The rotating board includes a tab, is mounted on the supporting board, and is rotatable about an axis perpendicular to the supporting... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

01/01/2015 > 69 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories.

20150002966 - Electric field gap device and manufacturing method: The invention provides a method of forming an electric field gap device, such as a lateral field emission ESD protection structure, in which a cathode layer is formed between dielectric layers. Anode channels are formed and they are lined with a sacrificial dielectric layer. Conductive anode pillars are formed in... Agent:

20150002965 - Esd protection circuit, semiconductor device, on-vehicle electronic device, and on-vehicle electronic system: Provided is an ESD protection circuit including: a power MOS transistor provided between an external connection terminal and a reference voltage terminal; a clamping circuit that is provided between the external connection terminal and a gate of the power MOS transistor and clamps a voltage between the external connection terminal... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150002969 - Ic emi filter with esd protection incorporating lc resonance tanks for rejection enhancement: An integrated circuit (IC) electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter with electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection incorporating inductor-capacitor (LC) resonance tanks is disclosed. The filter comprises at least one circuit composed of a diode and an inductor connected in series, wherein the diode induces a parasitic capacitance and the circuit is grounded. When... Agent:

20150002968 - Integrated emi filter circuit with esd protection and incorporating capacitors: An integrated electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter circuit with electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and incorporating capacitors is provided. At least one passive element, i.e. resistor or inductor is connected between an input terminal and an output terminal. A first capacitor is connected between ground and the input terminal, and a second... Agent:

20150002967 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes a first terminal and a second terminal at which a signal line is attachable. A first diode is connected between the first and second terminals with an anode connected to the first terminal. A second diode and a third diode are connected in series with each... Agent:

20150002971 - Communication line driver protection circuitry, systems and methods: Embodiments relate to fault detection comparator circuitry and methods that can operate in conjunction with a power-on-reset (POR) scheme to put a chip into a reliable power-down mode upon fault detection to avoid disrupting the communication bus link such that other connected chips and the host can continue to operate.... Agent:

20150002970 - Protection circuit, circuit protection method using the same and display device: A protection circuit includes: a temperature measuring unit which compares a voltage corresponding to a temperature at each of a plurality of sense points with a reference voltage, and generates a measurement result based on a result of comparison; a controller which generates a plurality of current control signals, which... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150002972 - Protection device and power supply device with the same: Protection device includes a group of lines, a protection board, and a connector. The group of the lines includes a first line and a second line. The first line is a ground wire and the second line is a power wire. The protection board includes a number of protection members.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150002973 - Overheat protection circuit and overheat protection method: An overheat protection circuit for protecting a switching element from abnormal overheat is provided, the switching element configured to supply electric power from a power source to a side of a load, including an interruption function part configured to detect a layer short inside the switching element and configured to... Agent:

20150002974 - Protection circuit: A protection circuit used to protect a first metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) includes a control circuit and a conversion circuit. The control circuit includes a negative temperature coefficient thermistor. When a temperature of the first MOSFET is not higher than a preset value, the control circuit controls the conversion... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150002976 - Method and system for ultra miniaturized packages for transient voltage suppressors: A high temperature electronic system includes an electronics unit configured for exposure to an environment having a temperature greater than approximately 150.0° C. The remote electronics unit includes a transient voltage suppressor (TVS) assembly coupled in operative relationship with at least some electronic components of the electronics unit. The TVS... Agent:

20150002975 - Solid state circuit-breaker switch devices: A solid state circuit-breaker switch has a first solid state switch coupled to a positive terminal of a high voltage source, a second solid state switch coupled to a return terminal of the high voltage source, and a diode connected between the switches. A load is coupled between the switches... Agent:

20150002977 - Mechatronic circuit breaker device and associated tripping method and use thereof in interrupting a high direct current: The invention relates to a new mechatronic circuit-breaker and its associated triggering method for breaking either alternating currents or direct currents at high voltages.... Agent:

20150002978 - Power over ethernet surge protector: An electrical surge protection device can provide surge protection and electrostatic discharge protection to power over Ethernet (PoE) ports and devices attached thereto. The PoE surge protection device includes connectors on each side thereof with a surge protection circuit disposed between the connectors. The surge protection circuit offers low capacitance... Agent:

20150002979 - Switch structure and electronic device employing same: A switch structure includes a power element, a keypad, a first magnetic component, and a second magnetic component. The second magnetic component is positioned adjacent to the first magnetic component. When the keypad is deactivated, a magnetic attractive force is generated between the first magnetic component and the second magnetic... Agent:

20150002980 - Decoration plate and electronic apparatus having the same: A decoration plate and an electronic apparatus having the same are provided. The decoration plate includes a cover plate, a conductive ring, an insulating layer, and a conductive element. The conductive ring is disposed on a surface of the cover plate. The insulating layer is disposed on the surface of... Agent: Wintek Corporation

20150002981 - Electronic weaponry with manifold for electrode launch matching: An electronic weapon with an installed deployment unit, from which wire-tethered electrodes are launched, provides a stimulus current through a target to inhibit locomotion by the target. A canister of compressed gas propels the electrodes. The canister is located in the deployment unit in a manner that facilitates the design... Agent:

20150002982 - Recovery system and methods for mems devices: Various embodiments of the invention reduce stiction in a wide range of MEMS devices and increase device reliability without negatively impacting performance. In certain embodiments, stiction recover is accomplished by applying electrostatic forces to electrodes via optimized voltage signals that generate a restoring force that aids in overcoming stiction forces... Agent:

20150002983 - Multi-resistivity johnsen-rahbek electrostatic clamp: A Johnsen-Rahbek (J-R) electrostatic clamp is provided for clamping a workpiece, wherein the J-R clamp has a dielectric layer having a clamping surface associated with the workpiece and a backside surface generally opposing the clamping surface. The dielectric layer has a plurality of regions, wherein each of the plurality of... Agent:

20150002984 - Method of forming a magnetic mems tunable capacitor: An apparatus including a die; a carrier coupled to the die; and at least one capacitor positioned in or on the carrier, the at least one capacitor including a first electrode, a second electrode and a dielectric material; and a magnet positioned such that a magnetic field at least partially... Agent:

20150002986 - Energy storage device, method of manufacturing a porous structure for same, and microelectronic assembly and system containing same: An energy storage device comprises at least one porous structure (500, 900) containing multiple channels (510), each one of which has an opening to a surface (505) of the porous structure. Each one of the channels has a first end (511) having a first average width (513) and a second... Agent:

20150002985 - Energy storage devices having enhanced specific energy and associated methods: Ultracapacitor electrodes having an enhanced electrolyte-accessible surface area are provided. Such electrodes can include a porous substrate having a solution side and a collector side, the collector side operable to couple to a current collector and the solution side positioned to interact with an electrolytic solution when in use. The... Agent:

20150002987 - High temperature energy storage device: An ultracapacitor that includes an energy storage cell immersed in an electrolyte and disposed within an hermetically sealed housing, the cell electrically coupled to a positive contact and a negative contact, wherein the ultracapacitor is configured to output electrical energy within a temperature range between about 80 degrees Celsius to... Agent: Fastcap Systems Corporation

20150002989 - Method for manufacturing a unit for storing electrical energy: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a unit for storing electrical energy, comprising a cover and an outer casing, the method including a closing step (400) consisting of contactlessly applying a compressive force to one of the parts forming the storage unit, such that the cover and the... Agent: Blue Solutions

20150002988 - Storage cell: A storage cell includes a positive electrode that includes a positive electrode current collector and a positive electrode active material layer which is formed on a surface of the positive electrode current collector and contains activated carbon, a negative electrode that includes a negative electrode current collector and a negative... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150002990 - Packaging structures of an energy storage device: The invention relates to a packaging structure of an energy storage device. At least one unit cell of capacitor is stacked and packaged into the energy storage device. The unit cell is a sandwich structure comprising a solid-state polymer electrolyte between two modified carbonaceous electrodes. An assembly of at least... Agent: Feng Chia University

20150002991 - Display screen arrangement and method of assembly: A display screen arrangement is disclosed herein. The arrangement includes, but is not limited to a concealable feature adapted to be mounted to an interior surface of a vehicle. The arrangement further includes, but is not limited to, a display screen that is adapted to be mounted to the interior... Agent:

20150002993 - Method of manufacturing fingerprint recognition home key having offset structure of decorative part and structure of fingerprint recognition home key: Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a fingerprint recognition home key having an offset structure of a decorative part. The method includes: (a) preparing an injection molded product having a shape of a home key and provided with a fingerprint recognition sensor, (b) applying a bonding material or an adhesive... Agent: Dreamtech Co., Ltd

20150002995 - Keyboard: A keyboard includes a frame, a keyboard module, and a shielding member. The frame defines an opening and comprises a lateral flange. The keyboard module is located in the opening and includes a plurality of keys. A gap is defined between the keyboard and the lateral flange. The shielding member... Agent:

20150002996 - Keyboard assembly: Keyboard assembly includes a base, a keyboard, and a fixing structure. The base includes a main body, and the main body defines a recess portion. The keyboard is received in the recess portion, and a first magnet is located on the keyboard. The fixing structure includes a fixing piece engaged... Agent:

20150002997 - Electronic device with keyboard: An electronic device with a clip-fixed keyboard includes a cover; a first magnetic member moveably attached to the cover, a base, and a keyboard. A first resilient member is located between the cover and the first magnetic member. A second magnetic member is movable attached to the base. The keyboard... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150002992 - Keyboard with macro keys made up of positionally adjustable micro keys: An adjustable keyboard where a macro key is (or can be) made up of multiple, proximate micro keys by adjusting a vertical, at-rest position of the micro keys individually. More specifically, the micro keys forming the macro key are set in a high position, while micro keys surrounding the micro... Agent:

20150002998 - Information terminal apparatus and information processing method: An apparatus includes a first body, a second body, and a linking mechanism. The first body includes an input unit on an input side of the first body. The second body includes a display on a display side of the second body. The linking mechanism is configured to link the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150002994 - Tablet information handling system display stand with flexible power connection: A tablet information handling system has power contacts disposed on an outer surface of a planar housing to accept power from a power connector without affixing the power connector to the power contacts at the planar housing. For example, the power connector is disposed at a support surface of a... Agent:

20150002999 - Electronic device and method for adjusting fan of electronic device: In a method for adjusting a fan of an electronic device, a sensor of the electronic device detects an instant work environment temperature of an electronic component of the electronic device. The detected temperature is obtained from the sensor. The speed of the fan under the detected temperature and a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150003002 - Expansion card: An expansion card includes a control chip, memory storage chips, and solid state drive (SSD) storage chips connected to the control chip. A first edge connector is set on a bottom edge of the expansion card and engages in a memory slot. The first edge connector includes first power pins... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150003000 - Methods of forming molded panel embedded die structures: Methods of forming molded panel coreless package structures are described. Those methods and structures may include fabrication of embedded die packages using large panel format and use of molding to improve rigidity of the panel, as well as to embed the die in a non-sacrificial mold material. The methods and... Agent:

20150003001 - Mounting apparatus for expansion card: A mounting apparatus for an expansion card includes a bracket, a circuit board mounted in the bracket, and a latching member. The bracket includes a bottom wall, a supporting wall perpendicularly mounted on the bottom wall, and a first end wall and a second end wall extending from two opposite... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150003004 - Peripheral component interconnect express slot expansion system: A Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) slot expansion system includes a cable adapter, at least one card docking station, and a plurality of standard USB3.0 2-in-1 internal cables. The cable adapter includes a plurality of first PCIe connecting ports and a PCIe male connector, the PCIe male connector is configured... Agent: Ioi Technology Corporation

20150003003 - Storage apparatus and production method thereof: A storage apparatus including a storage element and a fitting member is provided. The storage element includes a body, a first pad set and a second pad set. The first and the second pad sets are exposed out of the body and located at opposite sides of the body. The... Agent: Phison Electronics Corp.

20150003005 - Electronic device and data storage module: A data storage module includes a carrier, a first hard disk drive, and a second hard disk drive. The carrier includes a bottom plate, a first side plate and a second side plate extending up from two opposite sides of the bottom plate, a top plate extending from a top... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150003006 - Casing structure and electronic device using the same: A casing structure including a frame having a capacity space and a fastener at a side of the capacity space that an electronic unit assembled therein, a first linking member slidably coupled to the frame, and a second linking member pivoted to the frame having a first and a second... Agent: Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited

20150003007 - Techniques for improved volumetric resistance blower apparatus, system and method: Embodiments of an apparatus, system, method and techniques are described for an improved volumetric resistance blower and rotor. An apparatus may comprise, for example a motor, a casing having one or more inlets and one or more outlets, and a cylindrical rotor to create a volumetric resistance inside the casing,... Agent:

20150003008 - Thermally actuated vents for electronic devices: Thermally actuated vents for electronic devices. An embodiment of an apparatus includes a vent having a first position and a second position, wherein the first position is an open position and the second position is a closed position; a muscle wire, a first end of the muscle wire being coupled... Agent:

20150003009 - Rack cooling system with a cooling section: Examples of the present disclosure may include methods and systems for cooling electronic components housed in a rack. An example system for cooling a rack may include a frame (100, 200a, 200b, 200c, 300a, 300b, 300c, 450, 452, 454) including a number of dividers (108-1, 208-1, 308-1, 408-1) internal to... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150003010 - Pressure-activated server cooling system: A pressure-activated server cooling system includes a server rack that houses one or more servers. The server rack has an interior plenum. A fan is coupled to the server rack that exhausts air from inside the plenum to outside the server rack. A differential pressure sensor collects pressure sensor data... Agent: Silicon Graphics International Corp.

20150003011 - Electronic device housing: An electronic device housing is described that includes a substantially flat support plate comprising a composite material and an edge frame comprising a foam material. The edge frame is coupled to the support plate at a perimeter of the support plate and defines a cavity. One or more electronic components... Agent:

20150003012 - Electronic device and method for manufacturing same: An electronic device includes: a support member; an electronic component stacked over the support member with a plurality of connections therebetween; and a refrigerant pipe through which a refrigerant passes, the refrigerant pipe being provided between at least some connections among the plurality of connections. A method for manufacturing an... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150003014 - Electric apparatus: An electric apparatus is disclosed having at least two cooling elements and a first fan arrangement for cooling the at least two cooling elements with a first air flow. A second fan arrangement can cool the at least two cooling elements with a second air flow. The second fan arrangement... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20150003013 - Electronic device having maximum heat dissipating properties: An electronic device includes a casing with plurality of openings, a printed circuit board (PCB), a heat radiation member, and a conductive member. The PCB with at least one heating element and a plurality of connectors is received in the casing. The heat radiation member is mounted on the PCB... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150003015 - Cooling arrangements for drive systems: In an embodiment, a drive system includes a transformer enclosed in an enclosure including a heat exchanger to cool a fluid medium. In addition, the system includes a plurality of power cubes each including a rectifier, a DC-link, and an inverter. Each power cube may include a plurality of cold... Agent:

20150003016 - Semiconductor device and semiconductor system: It is an object of the present invention to provide a semiconductor device which is easily replaceable and a semiconductor system using the semiconductor device. The semiconductor device of the present invention includes a semiconductor chip, a cooler that cools the semiconductor chip, a housing that houses the semiconductor chip... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150003017 - System for regulating the temperature of an assembly of electronic components or for recovering the thermal energy dissipated by an assembly of electronic components: A system for regulating the temperature of printed circuit boards comprises a first assembly of at least one Peltier element, for regulating the temperature of a second assembly of at least one electronic component or for harvesting thermal energy dissipated by the second assembly. At least one Peltier element of... Agent:

20150003018 - Heat dissipating component and electronic device: A heat dissipating component includes a plurality of heat absorbers each provided for a corresponding one of a plurality of electronic components and to absorb heat from the corresponding one of the plurality of electronic components, and a heat dissipator thermally connected to the plurality of heat absorbers and to... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150003019 - Power semiconductor module and power module: An insulation layer 700 is provided between a power semiconductor module 302 and a heat dissipation portion 307B. The power semiconductor module 302 includes a resin sealer 348, which covers a circumferential side surface of a conductor plate 315, and a plurality of recesses 348D are provided in the resin... Agent:

20150003020 - Electronic component-embedded printed circuit board having cooling member: An electronic component-embedded printed circuit board includes: a core substrate having a cavity; an electronic component in the cavity; an inner circuit layer formed on the core substrate; a cooling member provided on the first surface of the core substrate at a position over the cavity; and an outer insulating... Agent: C/o Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150003021 - Inverter module: An inverter module converts a DC current generated by a photovoltaic panel to an AC current. The inverter module includes a housing and a PCB. The housing has a through hole. The PCB is received within the housing. An inverter circuit and a connection circuit are welded on a side... Agent:

20150003023 - Electronic component module, board, and method of manufacturing electronic component module: An electronic component module includes a board having an electronic component mounted on a surface of the board and a shield case mounted on the surface of the board and covering the electronic component. The board includes a projecting part projecting from the surface of the board. The projecting part... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20150003022 - Electronic device having display module: An electronic device includes a cover glass, two supporting frames, and a display module. The cover glass includes a central portion and two curve portions extending from two opposite edges of the central portion. The central portion includes an outer surface and an inner surface opposite to the outer surface,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150003025 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus includes a frame, a plurality of flexible circuit boards, and a plurality of hardware devices. The frame includes a first frame body and a second frame body. The first frame body and the second frame body are spaced apart from each other, and define an accommodation space... Agent: E Ink Holdings Inc.

20150003024 - Flexible electronic device: A flexible electronic device includes a flexible film, an electronic element layer, and a protecting film, wherein the electronic element layer is disposed on a top surface of the flexible film, and the protecting film is disposed on the top surface of the flexible film and covers the electronic element... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20150003027 - Laundry treating apparatus: A laundry treating apparatus is provided that may include a cabinet having a laundry opening formed therein, a door mounted to the cabinet to open and close the laundry opening, and a control panel arranged at or on the cabinet. The control panel may include a control panel body that... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150003026 - Led lamp assembly and a cable organization device thereof: An LED lamp assembly includes a base, a circuit board, an LED lamp, a cable, and a cable organization device. The base includes a base body, and a fixed post disposed on the base body. The circuit board is disposed on the base body. The fixed post extends upwardly from... Agent: T.y.c. Brother Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150003028 - Housing and method for making same: A housing for an electronic device includes a ceramic base comprising ceramic material, at least one electronic element embedded in the ceramic base, and a buffer layer made of resin. The ceramic base includes an inner surface. The buffer layer is formed on the inner surface. A method for making... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20150003029 - Stacked semiconductor device, printed circuit board, and method for manufacturing stacked semiconductor device: A stacked semiconductor device includes a first semiconductor package and a second semiconductor package stacked thereon, and further includes a plate member interposed between the first semiconductor package and the second semiconductor package. The plate member has a plate body, protruding strips protruding toward its edges from the plate body,... Agent:

20150003030 - Electronic device capable of reducing electromagnetic interference: An example of an electronic device includes a mother board and a slave board. The mother board is electrically connected to the slave board via one cable. The electronic device further includes a first filter element and a second filter element. The first filter element is connected between a first... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150003031 - Vertically mounted capacitor assembly: A capacitor assembly comprises a plurality of capacitor elements, a clamping assembly, and a conductive path. The clamping assembly retains the plurality of capacitor elements longitudinally perpendicular to an adjacent mounting surface. The conductive path electrically connects the plurality of capacitor elements to one or more circuit elements disposed proximate... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150003032 - Icm optimization and standardization for automation: An apparatus may be provided. The apparatus may comprise a circuit board. In addition, the apparatus may comprise an integrated connector mounted to the circuit board. A choke, external to the integrated connector, may be included in the apparatus. The choke may be electrically connected to the integrated connector through... Agent:

20150003033 - Three dimensional energy storage device, method of manufacturing same, and mobile electronic device containing same: An energy storage device includes an electrode made from an active material in which a plurality of channels have been etched. The channels are coated with an electrically functional substance selected from a conductor and an electrolyte.... Agent:

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