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20150146326 - Electric arc eliminating apparatus: An electric arc eliminating apparatus includes a power supply circuit, a voltage dividing circuit, a contacting unit, a triggering unit, a voltage control switch, an interface and a connector. When the connector is inserted into the interface but not completely connected with the interface, the contacting unit is in an... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20150146327 - Adaptive fault clearing based on power transistor temperature: A system includes a current measurement unit, an overload timer, and a processing unit. The current measuring unit measures current through a power transistor, and the overload timer measures an overload time associated with the measured current. The processing unit receives a user-specified overload time setting or a user-specified overload... Agent:

20150146329 - Reverse current detector circuit: A circuit (1) is described for detecting a reverse current condition of a DCDC converter (2). This circuit uses a simple logic gate such as an AND gate to sense the voltage on a determined node (7) of the DCDC converter, and the propagation of the gated signal (27) is... Agent: Em Microelectronic-marin Sa

20150146328 - Switching power supply and electronic control unit: A switching power supply converts an input voltage to a predetermined output voltage by controlling a switching device. The switching power supply includes a controller and a current detector. The controller controls the switching device. The current detector detects electric current flowing through the switching device. The controller starts a... Agent:

20150146331 - Discharge circuits of discharge paths for electromagnetic interference filters: A discharge circuit for an electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter is provided. The discharge circuit includes a switch circuit, a control circuit, and a detection circuit. The switch circuit is coupled to an X-capacitor of the EMI filter. The control circuit is coupled to the switch circuit and configured to turn... Agent:

20150146330 - Esd robust mos device: A semiconductor device includes a body and a transistor fabricated into the body. Isolation material at least partially encases the body. Biasing is coupled to the isolation material, wherein the biasing is for changing the electric potential of the isolation material in response to an electrostatic discharge event.... Agent:

20150146332 - Intrinsically safe voltage clamping device: An intrinsically safe voltage clamping device includes a regulated rail, a ground rail, and a shunt regulator assembly. The shunt regulator assembly is coupled to both the regulated rail and the ground rail and includes one or more regulating components. The shunt regulator assembly is configured to clamp a voltage... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20150146334 - Over-current protection device and protective circuit board containing the same: An over-current protection device adapted to be soldered onto a circuit board comprises a PTC material layer, a first electrode foil, a second electrode foil, a bonding section and a metal connecting member. The PTC material layer has opposite first and second surfaces. The first electrode foil is in physical... Agent: Polytronics Technology Corp.

20150146333 - Relay welding detector, relay equipment incorporating the same, and relay welding detecting method: A relay welding detector is adapted for detecting welding fault of a relay. The relay has a first electrical contact coupled to a neutral terminal of an alternating current (AC) power source through a first power line, and a second electrical contact coupled to a load through a second power... Agent: Lite-on Clean Energy Technology Corp.

20150146335 - Overcurrent protection device: An overcurrent protection device satisfactorily detects overcurrent without adding complicated component or occupying large space. Penetration member penetrates board face A having a first wiring circuit and face B with a second one, transmitting heat from face A to B. Connection/disconnection part is inserted into first wiring circuit, switching current... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20150146336 - Surge protector for a transmission line connector: An F connector coupled to a transmission line applies a radio frequency (RF) signal to an RF input of a filter of a set-top box via an impedance matching network that includes a first inductor and a second inductor that are coupled in series. A capacitor and a third inductor... Agent:

20150146337 - Electrical contactor: An electrical contactor for switching a load current having an AC waveform, has a fixed electrical contact, a movable electrical contact, an actuator arrangement having a drive coil drivable for opening and closing the movable and fixed electrical contacts, and a power supply having a controller for outputting truncated-waveform drive... Agent:

20150146338 - Underwater laser-guided discharge using lens-initiated optical filaments: Methods for producing a laser-guided underwater electrical discharge are provided. One or more electrodes defining a desired electrical discharge path are situated in a body of water and are attached to an external electrical power supply. A high-powered, intense laser beam is fired through one or more focusing lenses into... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150146339 - Pad design for electrostatic chuck surface: Embodiments are directed to an electrostatic chuck surface having minimum contact area features. More particularly, embodiments of the present invention provide an electrostatic chuck assembly having a pattern of raised, elongated surface features for providing reduced particle generation and reduced wear of substrates and chucking devices.... Agent:

20150146341 - Ald dielectric films with leakage-reducing impurity layers: A thin sub-layer (<15 Å) of an impurity is formed under, over, or inside a thicker layer (˜30-100 Å) of a high-k (k>12) host material. The sub-layer may be formed by atomic layer deposition (ALD). The layer and sub-layer are annealed to form a composite dielectric layer. The host material... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20150146343 - Capacitive structure: The invention relates to a capacitive structure comprising: first and second components, at least one component comprising a plurality of capacitive layers of a dielectric, each layer arranged between electrodes of different polarity, wherein the first and second components are arranged in a stack separated by a stress reducing layer... Agent:

20150146344 - Ceramic capacitor for suppressing high-frequency noise: According to an embodiment, first and second internal electrode layers are alternatively interposed between dielectric layers to form a laminated capacitor. The first internal electrode layer have a first base portion connected to a first external electrode, and is extended from the first base portion toward a second external electrode.... Agent:

20150146345 - Methods for forming electrically precise capacitors, and structures formed therefrom: High precision capacitors and methods for forming the same utilizing a precise and highly conformal deposition process for depositing an insulating layer on substrates of various roughness and composition. The method generally comprises the steps of depositing a first insulating layer on a metal substrate by atomic layer deposition (ALD);... Agent: Thin Film Electronics Asa

20150146342 - Multi-layer component having an external contact and method for producing a multi-layer component having an external contact: A multi-layer component has a base body that has a stack made of dielectric layers and internal electrode layers. An external contact is in electrical contact with the electrode layers. The external contact has a first layer and a second layer, where the first layer and the second layer are... Agent:

20150146340 - Multilayer ceramic capacitor including at least one slot: An apparatus includes a two-terminal MLCC. The two-terminal MLCC includes a conductive layer, where the conductive layer includes at least one slot. The apparatus may also include a second conductive layer that includes at least one slot and an insulating layer that separates the two conductive layers. In one example,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150146346 - Lithium ion capacitor: A lithium ion capacitor includes a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and an electrolyte. The positive electrode comprises a conductive polymer and an oxidation-reduction material having a lower oxidation-reduction potential than the conductive polymer as a positive electrode active material.... Agent:

20150146352 - Display device and display device frame: To provide a display device that gives a viewer a strong stereoscopic effect or sense of depth in a two-dimensional image and a display device that gives a viewer a natural stereoscopic effect or sense of depth in a two-dimensional image, a display device including a frame portion and a... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150146347 - Electronic control device for vehicle: The present invention relates to an electronic control device which is an electronic control device such as an engine ECU for a vehicle and has a tight sealing structure between a case and a connector. The present invention provides an electronic control device for a vehicle, which implements a new... Agent: Hyundai Autron Co., Ltd.

20150146351 - Electronic device: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a housing, a member, and an intervening portion. The housing includes a pair of first hook portions extending in one direction and an opening extending in the one direction and being between the pair of first hook portions. The member includes a... Agent:

20150146349 - Foldable display device, related electronic device, and related method: A display device may include a foldable display member. The foldable display member may include a first portion, a second portion, and a bendable portion. The first portion may be connected through the bendable portion to the second portion. The display device may further include a first controllable member that... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150146350 - Structure for holding display module: Provided is a structure for holding a display module, including: a display module; a housing member that is a box-like member which houses the display module, has openings in a surface facing a display surface of the display module housed therein, and has locking holes in side surface parts; and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150146348 - Wall adaptor: A wall adaptor includes an adaptor body, a terminal unit and a connector module. The terminal unit is disposed on the adaptor body and has a pin arrangement, and the connector module is detachably disposed on the adaptor body. The connector module has a module body and at least a... Agent:

20150146353 - Cable and backplane system for connecting multiple hard drives to a computer: Disclosed is a cable and backplane system for mounting a wiring system that permits connection of hard drives directly to a mother board of a computer. There is provided a mechanical backplane having multiple retainers defined in a top surface thereof. There is also a cable having a first end... Agent:

20150146354 - Remote actuated leveling machanism: A computer server rack has a platform, configured to support at least one server, with a front end and an opposed back end. The server rack also has a height adjuster coupled to the platform, and a control positioned a first distance from the front end and a second distance... Agent:

20150146355 - Alignment of components coupled to a flexible substrate for wearable devices: Embodiments relate generally to wearable electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and to wearable/mobile computing devices. More specifically, various embodiments are directed to, for example, aligning a flexible substrate and/or components thereof during fabrication to enhance reliability. In one example, a method includes forming a... Agent: Aliphcom

20150146357 - Antenna in or below keyboard: An electronic device may include a housing enclosing electronic components, the housing including an aperture on a top portion of the housing, a keyboard within the aperture of the housing, the keyboard comprising multiple keys, and an antenna extending around a subset of the multiple keys.... Agent: Google Inc.

20150146358 - Display assembly: A display assembly includes a front frame with an opening, a display panel, and a back frame. The display panel is mounted between the front frame and the back frame. The front frame includes a front frame body and a side frame portion surrounding the front frame body. A groove... Agent:

20150146359 - Display device: A shaft is rotatably supported by an upper housing (base), a raising and lowering gear for a monitor is rotatably supported by the shaft, and a pivot gear and a guide member are unrotatably supported by the shaft. A rack and a guide rail are disposed on the back face... Agent:

20150146361 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus comprises a display unit and a first cover member that is located on a surface of the electronic apparatus and includes a layer made of sapphire. The first cover member has a first surface opposed to a display surface of the display unit and a second surface... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150146360 - Human machine interface of electric bicycle: Disclosed is a human machine interface of an electric bicycle. The human machine interface includes a stand electrically connected to an electronic controller of the electric bicycle, the stand including a plurality of first contact point pairs, and an interface body slidably coupled to the stand, the interface body including... Agent:

20150146362 - Information handling system housing lid with synchronized motion provided by unequal gears: An information handling system converts from a closed position to a tablet position by rotating a lid with a display 360 degrees about a hinge having motion translated between lid and housing portions through first and second engage gears of different diameters. The hinge has first and second axles held... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20150146356 - Mobile computing device, apparatus and system: Embodiments of an apparatus, system and method are described for a mobile computing device. A mobile computing device may comprise, for example, an enclosure arranged to support a display and one or more processor circuits, the enclosure having an enlarged portion at one side of the enclosure arranged to allow... Agent:

20150146363 - Server: A server includes a chassis including a first sidewall, a second sidewall, a rear wall, a front wall, and a partition wall. A receiving space to receive a power module is bound by the front wall, the partition wall, and front portions of the first and second sidewalls. A number... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150146365 - Memory expansion apparatus: A memory expansion apparatus, comprising: a chassis, wherein a receiving space is generated in one side of the same; a printed circuit board (PCB) configuring a principle interface and a loading interface, said PCB mounting within said chassis, two interfaces sharing no common export; and a memory article is provided... Agent:

20150146364 - Solid state drive (ssd) assembly and an assembly method for ssd: A solid state drive (SSD) assembly and an assembly method for solid state drives, which does not require using screws. The assembly method includes aligning a printed circuit board with a first cover and a second cover, the first cover having pre-installed standoffs on an inner surface thereof. The printed... Agent: Kingston Technology Corporation

20150146366 - System, method and apparatus for disk drive fluid dynamic bearing: A disk drive can include an enclosure and a media disk rotatably mounted to the enclosure via a spindle. A fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) can be mounted between the enclosure and the spindle of the media disk. The FDB may include an integrally formed shaft and lower thrust bush formed... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20150146367 - Container data center and heat dissipation system: A heat dissipation system includes a number of condensers, an air distribution apparatus, a number of guiding pipes, and a controller. The air distribution apparatus includes a distribution box and a number of adjusting members. The distribution box defines an air inlet and a number of air outlets arranged along... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150146368 - Scalable liquid submersion cooling system: A scalable liquid submersion cooling system for electronics. The system includes a plurality of modular system components, such as electronics enclosures, manifolds, pumps, and heat exchanger units. The modular system components permit the liquid submersion cooling system to be scaled up or down to accommodate changing needs. In addition, the... Agent:

20150146369 - Portable electronic apparatus and expanding platform thereof: An expanding platform for a portable electronic apparatus is disclosed. The expanding platform includes a base, a moving element, an elastic element and a magnetic element. The moving element and the magnetic element are respectively and movably combined with the base. When the moving element is at an initial position,... Agent:

20150146370 - Cover: A cover for an electronic device includes a bottom plate, a first support plate, a top plate, two bending plates and a rubber trim. The bottom plate has a first end and a second end that are opposite to each other. The first support plate is connected to the first... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150146371 - Portable electronic module: A portable electronic module includes a portable electronic device having a back cover and a front frame, a magnet mechanism, and a support base including a support case and a third magnet. The magnet mechanism includes first and second magnets and a containing case disposed in the portable electronic device... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150146372 - Handle lockout mechanism for scaling blade-style servers: A system includes a chassis, first and second blade servers, and a scalability device. Each blade server is securable within the chassis and includes a scalability port, cam handle for selectively securing the blade server in the chassis, and handle latch for selectively latching the cam handle in a closed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150146373 - Foot pad structure for an apparatus: A foot pad structure adapted for a device housing includes a supporting pad and an engaging shell for containing the supporting pad. At least one engaging component is disposed on an outer surface of the engaging shell and is adapted for engaging with the device housing.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150146374 - Motor drive unit with heat sink dealing with drop of cutting fluid: A motor drive unit includes a housing in which a heat sink and at least one electronic component to be cooled by the heat sink are disposed. An end of the heat sink which is opposite to the electronic component is inclined relative to a horizontal plane so as to... Agent:

20150146375 - Power conversion device and power conversion assembly: A power conversion device is provided. The power conversion device includes a printed wiring board assembly, a grounding member, and a plurality of insulating struts. The printed wiring board assembly includes a printed circuit board and a plurality of electronic components. The printed circuit board has a plurality of through... Agent:

20150146376 - Heat-receiving device, cooling device, and electronic device: A heat-receiving device includes: a first heat receiver into which a refrigerant flows, and that receives heat from a heat-generating part; and a second heat receiver into which the refrigerant discharged from the first heat receiver flows, and that receives heat from the heat-generating part or another heat-generating part; wherein... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150146379 - Circuit board with ceramic inlays: A circuit board includes a plurality of conductive track levels disposed one above the other and insulation layers arranged between each of two adjacent conductive track levels. The circuit board includes a thermally conductive element, which includes ceramic, disposed between a first external insulation layer and a second external insulation... Agent:

20150146378 - Heat-dissipating base and electronic device: A heat-dissipating base is provided. The heat-dissipating base includes a main body and at least one first protrusion. The first protrusion is disposed on the main body. The first protrusion has at least one first protrusion top surface for thermally contacting at least one first component above the main body.... Agent:

20150146377 - Power conversion device and method for assembling the same: A method for assembling a power conversion device is provided. The method includes mounting an electronic component on a heat-dissipating base, and electrically connecting a printed wiring board with the electronic component mounted on the heat-dissipating base.... Agent:

20150146380 - Electronic device and method for assembling the same: An electronic device includes a bottom case, an accommodation unit, an electromagnetic induction module, a heat-dissipating component, an elastic clip, a printed wiring board, and an electronic component. The accommodation unit is disposed on the bottom case. At least one portion of the electromagnetic induction module is disposed in the... Agent:

20150146381 - Electronic device with component detaching function: An electronic device with component detaching function includes a casing, a cover and an electronic component. An opening is formed on the casing. The cover is adapted to shelter the opening. The cover is movably disposed on the casing close to the opening, and can move relative to the casing... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150146383 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector for electrically connecting a chip module to a circuit board, includes an insulating body, multiple conducting bodies, and multiple pieces of low melting point metal. The insulating body has multiple accommodating spaces. Each accommodating space runs through upper and lower surfaces of the insulating body. The multiple... Agent:

20150146382 - Package substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and power module package using package substrate: Disclosed herein are a package substrate, a method of manufacturing the same, and a power module package using the package substrate. The package substrate includes a substrate including an electronic device adhesive portion formed on one surface thereof and a protrusion portion formed on one side surface of the electronic... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150146384 - Multi connector, wiring method thereof and display apparatus having the same: Disclosed are a multi connector, a wiring method thereof and a display apparatus having the same that is configured to use a common interface (CI) module for data communication between an electronic apparatus and an external apparatus or a plug used for an electronic connection of elements, regardless of standard... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150146385 - Flexible display: A flexible display includes a flexible display substrate, a first fixing part at a first side of the display substrate, and a second fixing part at a second side of the display substrate opposite to the first side. The first fixing part includes a plurality of first unit fixing parts... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150146386 - Flexible display device: A flexible display device including a flexible display panel including a folding area and a peripheral area, and a first outer member including a groove pattern is disclosed. The groove pattern includes a flat surface and inclined portions connected to the flat surface and symmetrical with each other about the... Agent:

20150146387 - Foldable display device: A foldable display device includes a flexible display panel and a retainer. The flexible display panel includes a first non-folding area, a second non-folding area, and a first folding area between the first and second non-folding areas. The retainer includes at least one first electromagnetic region in the second non-folding... Agent:

20150146388 - Flexible display apparatus: A flexible display apparatus includes a flexible display unit, a flexible film and a molding compound. The flexible display unit has a first region and a second region surrounding the first region, and the flexible film is disposed on the flexible display unit and at least located within the first... Agent:

20150146390 - Display device: A display device may include a display module and a back cover positioned in a rear of the display module. The display module may include a display panel that includes a front substrate and a back substrate positioned opposite the front substrate, a film attached to a front surface of... Agent:

20150146389 - Display device and television receiver: An attachment member of the stand support part is attached to a main unit of the television receiver. A connecting member is attached to the stand base part. The connecting member attached to the stand base part is inserted into a pole member of the stand support part attached to... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150146391 - Electronic device and securing structure for fixing printed circuit board: A support block for securing a notched printed circuit board includes a first rib, a second rib, and a connector element. The second rib is opposite to and substantially parallel to the first rib. The connector element is positioned between, and substantially perpendicular to, the first rib and the second... Agent:

20150146392 - Grounding part, electronic device, imaging device, and grounding part production method: A grounding part, an electronic device, an imaging device, and a method of producing a grounding part are provided. The grounding part includes a first connecting component made of an electrically conductive material and connected to a circuit board having an electronic component thereon, and a second connecting component made... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150146395 - Electrically conductive material: An electrically conductive material includes a liquid gallium alloy mixed with multiple solid particles, so as to form an electrically conductive material in which solid and liquid coexist. The electrically conductive material is disposed between and electrically connecting a first conductor and a second conductor. The first conductor is disposed... Agent:

20150146396 - Electronic devices with internal moisture-resistant coatings: A moisture-resistant electronic device includes at least one electronic component at least partially covered by a moisture-resistant coating. The moisture-resistant coating may be located within an interior of the electronic device. The moisture-resistant coating may cover only portions of a boundary of an internal space within the electronic device. A... Agent:

20150146393 - High strength through-substrate vias: A component includes a support structure having first and second spaced-apart and parallel surfaces and a plurality of conductive elements extending in a direction between the first and second surfaces. Each conductive element contains an alloy of a wiring metal selected from the group consisting of copper, aluminum, nickel and... Agent: Invensas Corporation

20150146394 - Solder ball and electronic member: A solder ball which suppresses generation of voids in a joint, excels in a thermal fatigue property, and can also obtain a good drop impact resistance property, and an electronic member using the same are provided. The solder ball is formed of a Sn—Bi type alloy containing Sn as a... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumkin Materials Co., Ltd.

20150146397 - Wiring board and electronic device: There is provided a wiring board capable of strengthening the bonding between an external terminal and a wiring of an external circuit board. A wiring board includes an insulating substrate having two main surfaces facing each other, side surfaces connecting to the two main surfaces and concave portions concave from... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150146398 - Motor driving device with printed board including insulating component mounted thereon: A motor driving device including a printed board on which an insulating component is mounted. The insulating component integrally includes a plate-shaped insulation part formed by a heat resistant resin having an electrical insulation property, and a plate-shaped adhesive part provided at an end portion of the insulation part and... Agent:

20150146399 - Packaged semiconductor devices and methods of their fabrication: An embodiment of a method of attaching a semiconductor die to a substrate includes placing a bottom surface of the die over a top surface of the substrate with an intervening die attach material. The method further includes contacting a top surface of the semiconductor die and the top surface... Agent:

20150146400 - Two-piece unmate-assist standoff: A connector system includes a first substrate, a second substrate, and a standoff arranged between the first substrate and the second substrate. The standoff includes a first part with an external threading and a second part with an internal threading configured to engage with the external threading of the first... Agent:

20150146401 - Case for a portable electronic device having a cable to electrically couple the portable electronic device to an external device: Provided is a case for a portable electronic device including a first surface, a second surface, and sides between the first surface and the second surface. The portable electronic device is adapted to electrically connect to an external electronic device, and includes: a cover portion adapted to couple to the... Agent: Afc Trident, Inc.

20150146402 - Housing, bobbin, and electronic device: A housing covering an electronic component is provided. The housing includes a body, a first coupling portion, and a third coupling portion. The body has a first surface and a second surface connected to the first surface, and a normal direction of the first surface and a normal direction of... Agent:

20150146403 - Display device: Provided is a display device capable of reducing a bezel space. The display device includes: a display panel; a lower chassis receiving the display panel; and a metal line fixed to one edge of the display panel and the lower chassis.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

05/21/2015 > 71 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20150138677 - Method to provide a more robust gfci circuit breaker: A system and method include a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) supplying electricity to an appliance. The GFCI supplies direct current (DC) to an appliance upon connection to the GFCI, and the appliance automatically communicates data to the GFCI prior to startup of the appliance in response to receiving the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150138678 - Apparatus and method for protecting rf and microwave integrated circuits: Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection devices can protect electronic circuits. In the context of radio frequency (RF) circuits and the like, the insertion loss of conventional ESD protection devices can be undesirable. The amounts of parasitic capacitances at nodes of devices of an ESD protection device are not necessarily symmetrical, with... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150138679 - Electrostatic discharge clamp: An electrostatic discharge clamp may include a reference generator and a comparator. The electrostatic discharge clamp may be characterized by a time constant. A voltage difference caused by an electrostatic discharge event may activate the electrostatic discharge clamp. The comparator may hold the electrostatic discharge clamp in an active state... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150138680 - Semiconductor device: A first overcurrent detection unit detects whether a drain-source voltage of an output transistor is greater than or equal to a first reference value and outputs a first detection signal. A second overcurrent detection unit detects whether an output current passing through the output transistor is greater than or equal... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150138681 - Solid state power controller for an aircraft: A solid state power controller for an aircraft. The solid state power controller includes a solid state switching device for activating an electrical power output bus, a control unit for controlling the solid state switching device, and a current sensing circuit for monitoring current flowing in the electrical power output... Agent:

20150138682 - Switching circuit protector: A switching circuit protector switches a semiconductor device (11) provided in a switching circuit connecting a power supply (VB) to a load (RL), from a PWM drive state to a DC drive state when an estimated temperature of a cable of the switching circuit estimated by a temperature estimator (22)... Agent:

20150138683 - Fault current limiter: A fault current limiter is provided. According to an embodiment of the present disclosure, the fault current limiter includes a switch whose contact point is opened when a fault current occurs; a current limiting element configured to limit the fault current when the fault current occurs; and a diode being... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150138684 - Electric circuit breaker capable of circuit-breaking when detecting arc and over-load: Disclosed is a power off device which includes a micro arc detector for turning on a first switching element, based on a voltage induced in a high frequency choke coil by a high frequency pulse current caused by micro arc at a power line, a high current arc detector for... Agent:

20150138685 - Protection module for control and protective switching device: The present invention discloses a protection module for a control and protective switching device, comprising a control power supply processing unit, an auxiliary power supply processing unit, a power supply converting unit, a signal processing and controlling unit, a trip electromagnet driving unit, a control electromagnet driving unit, and a... Agent: Seari Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

20150138686 - Achieving uniform capacitance between an electrostatic chuck and a semiconductor wafer: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method for achieving uniform capacitance between a semiconductor wafer and an electrostatic chuck. In certain embodiments, the method comprises the step of forming a layer on a first side of the semiconductor wafer, wherein the layer has a specified resistivity. The method further... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150138687 - Control systems employing deflection sensors to control clamping forces applied by electrostatic chucks, and related methods: A control system that includes deflection sensors which can control clamping forces applied by electrostatic chucks, and related methods are disclosed. By using a sensor to determine a deflection of a workpiece supported by an electrostatic chuck, a control system may use the deflection measured to control a clamping force... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150138688 - Electrostatic clamp, lithographic apparatus and method: The present invention provides a method for containing unwanted electric charge that accumulates on the surface of the dielectric of an electrostatic clamp. One source of such charge is found to be from the triple points where conductive interconnect lines 28 and conductive burl coatings 26 contact the surface of... Agent:

20150138689 - Power module cooling system: A direct current (DC) link capacitor operable within an electrically drivable vehicle having a high-voltage battery is provided configured to facilitate output of a DC voltage to an inverter configured to process the DC voltage to facilitate powering an electric motor used to drive the vehicle. Thee DC link capacitor... Agent:

20150138690 - Capacitor with multiple elements for multiple replacement applications: A capacitor provides a plurality of selectable capacitance values, by selective connection of six capacitor sections of a capacitive element each having a capacitance value. The capacitor sections are provided in a plurality of wound cylindrical capacitive elements. Two vertically stacked wound cylindrical capacitance elements may each provide three capacitor... Agent:

20150138691 - Metallized film capacitor: A metallized film capacitor includes: a first dielectric film; a first metal deposition electrode provided to a first surface of the first dielectric film; a second dielectric film; and a second metal deposition electrode that is provided to a first surface of the second dielectric film and that faces the... Agent:

20150138692 - Coated structured surfaces: Disclosed is a method of coating a structured surface comprising the steps of providing nanoparticles of a first coating material, and depositing the nanoparticles onto a structured surface using electrophoretic deposition. The structured surface may comprise one or more carbon nanotubes which maybe an array. The coating material may be... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20150138694 - Method for manufacturing electrode for use in electrical storage device: A method for manufacturing an electrode for use in an electrical storage device includes bringing a porous material into contact with an oxidizing agent, then bringing the porous material into contact with a polymerizable monomer, so that the porous material is modified with an electrically-conductive polymer formed by a polymerization... Agent:

20150138693 - Polarizable electrode material and electric double layer capacitor using same: Disclosed are the polarizable electrode material used in an electric double layer capacitor and comprising porous carbon particles, a conductive assistant, a tungsten oxide powder and a binder, wherein the tungsten oxide is dispersed in the polarizable electrode material so that the tungsten oxide per 1 g of the polarizable... Agent:

20150138695 - Organic conductor, method for producing organic conductor, electronic device, and solid electrolytic capacitor: The present disclosure is to provide an organic conductor having high conductivity and heat resistance. The organic conductor in accordance with the present disclosure contains a conductive polymer, a quinone compound, and a vanadyl compound.... Agent:

20150138696 - Control system for modular jail cells: A method and system for controlling the electrical systems contained within a modular jail cell. The system includes a local control panel that is positioned near a block of jail cells. The local control panel is connected to the electrical systems contained within each of the jail cells. The control... Agent: Accurate Control, Inc.

20150138698 - Electronic device and holding element: The present disclosure discloses an electronic device and a connecting part. An electronic device according to an embodiment of the present disclosure comprises: a connecting part comprising a lateral portion, a bottom portion connected to a first end face of the lateral portion, and a top portion connected to a... Agent:

20150138697 - Protective cover for an electronic device and method of manufacturing the same: Provided for herein is a protection device for an electronic device, comprising (1) a cover having a cover width, cover height and cover thickness; and (2) a spindle attached to an edge of the cover, the spindle configured to cooperatively engage a groove formed in a housing of the electronic... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150138699 - Electronic device: An arm-worn electronic device used while being worn on an arm is proposed. A novel device that includes a display portion having a curved surface, a secondary battery having a curved surface, and a member for being worn on a user's upper arm so that the display portion and the... Agent:

20150138700 - Flexible substrates for wearable devices: Embodiments relate generally to wearable electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and to wearable/mobile computing devices. More specifically, various embodiments are directed to, for example, a flexible substrate. In one example, a wearable device may include a framework configured to be worn or attached, and... Agent: Aliphcom

20150138703 - Modular computer units: The present invention describes a modular computerized system that includes the ability to magnetically attach to another similar or identical unit, integrates both male and female ports into each unit so that when two or more units are attached side by side the ports become functional and do not require... Agent:

20150138706 - Supporting structure for portable electronic device: A supporting structure for portable electronic device includes a main body placed on a supporting surface, a supporting plate having a first side and a second side opposite to the first end, and a connecting unit having a first end part, a second end part opposite to the first end,... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20150138708 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus includes a display body, an operation member with an operation portion and a mounting portion, a bracket, and a gripping member. The operation member is slidably mounted on the inside of the bracket. The bracket includes a bracket body and a receiving member with a resisting portion.... Agent:

20150138707 - Display device capable of exchanging a display unit: A display device disclosed in the present invention includes a base and a first display unit. The base includes a body and an accommodating portion, the accommodating portion is disposed on the body. The first display unit includes a first casing. The first casing has a first dimension and is... Agent: Top Victory Investments Ltd.

20150138709 - Separable electronic device: A separable electronic device includes a display panel and a computer host. The display panel has a backside and a first connecting portion. The first connecting portion is provided at the backside. The computer host has a second connecting portion. The second connecting portion is detachably connected with the first... Agent: Pegatron Corporation

20150138711 - Auxiliary screen mounting system: An auxiliary screen support system for a computing device has mounting members arranged to be disposed on opposing lateral sides of a primary screen of the computing device in use. A retaining member extends between the mounting members, and is configured to hold the mounting members relative to the opposing... Agent:

20150138710 - Portable computer display structures: An electronic device housing may have upper and lower portions that are attached with a hinge. At least one portion of the housing may have a rear planar surface and peripheral sidewalls having edges. A display module may be mounted in the housing. The display module may have glass layers... Agent:

20150138712 - Electronic device and connecting part: The present application discloses an electronic device and a connecting part. The electronic device includes a first body and a second body, wherein the first body has at least a display screen arranged thereon; and the second body is connected to a first end face of the first body; wherein... Agent:

20150138713 - Hinge device and electronic device equipped with hinge device: A hinge device used in an electronic device used by opening a second housing from a closed state to a predetermined angle relative to a first housing, includes: a first housing connector configured to rotatably hold a hinge rotating shaft on the first housing; a second housing connector configured to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150138714 - System waveguide interface: A system can include a display unit that includes extremely high frequency (EHF) radio frequency band communication circuitry; a base unit that includes extremely high frequency (EHF) radio frequency band communication circuitry; a mechanism that releasably couples the display unit and the base unit to define a coupled state; a... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150138702 - Computer with high intensity screen: A computer includes various features that improve its functionality and/or ease of use. A modular electronics cartridge that includes a piston seal and opposed-direction latches removably engages a cartridge bay of the computer. A high intensity touch-screen display and a high power processor are disposed in a sealed compartment of... Agent:

20150138701 - Portable device, system, and method: Aspects of the present invention describe a computing device having a housing or casing in and/or on which a touch sensitive screen is coupled. The housing or casing is made of a flexible material, so that it can be partially bent or even rolled. For example, the casing is made... Agent:

20150138715 - Thermoelectric-enhanced, liquid-based cooling of a multi-component electronic system: Methods are provided for facilitating cooling of an electronic component. The methods include providing: a liquid-cooled structure, a thermal conduction path coupling the electronic component and the liquid-cooled structure, a coolant loop in fluid communication with a coolant-carrying channel of the liquid-cooled structure, and an outdoor-air-cooled heat exchange unit coupled... Agent:

20150138718 - Mounting apparatus for peripheral component interconnect cards: A mounting apparatus configured for securing a number of peripheral component interconnect (PCI) cards includes a number of positioning members. Each positioning member includes a positioning block positioning a corresponding PCI card, an inserting portion extending away from a first side of the positioning block, and a latching portion extending... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150138716 - Systems and methods for packaging high density ssds: In various embodiments, a high-density solid-state storage unit includes a base section and a cassette section having plurality of flash cards. The cassette section can be removably attached to the base section to provide security of data stored on the plurality of flash cards. The cassette section provides for physical... Agent: Skyera, Inc.

20150138717 - Systems and methods for securing high density ssds: In various embodiments, a high-density solid-state storage unit includes a base section and a cassette section having plurality of flash cards. The cassette section can be removably attached to the base section to provide security of data stored on the plurality of flash cards. The cassette section provides for physical... Agent: Skyera, Inc.

20150138719 - Small high performance computer enclosure:

20150138704 - Charge and data transfer system, apparatus, and method: Charge signal simulates a stock charger to connected portable device(s) to trigger a charging cycle. Monitoring charging port(s) for overcurrent and/or electrical short charging conditions allows charge current to be modified when necessary. While attached portable device(s) continue to charge, docking station automatically switches from charger mode to data transfer... Agent:

20150138720 - Computing device docking systems: Computing device docking systems are disclosed. According to an aspect, a computing device docking system includes a docking station component having an opening defined within a surface. The system includes a pin including a body and an end having a member extending laterally from the body. The end of the... Agent:

20150138721 - Fixing mechanism and external electronic device thereof: A fixing mechanism includes a base, a supporter, a torsional component, an actuating component and a resilient component. The supporter is rotatably disposed on the base. The torsional component is disposed on the base and has a first engaging portion. The actuating component is disposed on the supporter and is... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150138722 - Closed loop liquid cooling system for electronic packages: A closed loop liquid cooling system for electronic packages, the closed loop liquid cooling system including: a fan impeller configured so that air flows from the fan impeller through a radiator of the closed loop liquid cooling system; an electric motor coupled to the fan impeller, the electric motor configured... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150138723 - Method of cooling series-connected heat sink modules: A method of cooling two or more heat-providing surfaces using a cooling apparatus having two or more fluidly connected heat sink modules in a series configuration can include providing a flow of single-phase liquid coolant to a first heat sink module mounted on a first heat-providing surface. The method can... Agent:

20150138724 - Multi-module keying system: Multi-module keying systems and methods include a chassis. A first module slot and a second module slot are located on the chassis. A keying device is movably coupled to the chassis and includes a first keying member that is located adjacent the first module slot and a second keying member... Agent:

20150138725 - System and design of cost effective chassis design for networking products: An electrical equipment chassis includes a frame open to a first side and an opposite second side and a power board located near a mid-plane of the chassis coupling power supply modules to first networking modules and a second networking module. A first region open to the first side can... Agent:

20150138726 - Elastomeric member and a method for arranging components: An elastomeric member (13) and method wherein the elastomeric member (13) comprises a plurality of grooves (31) wherein the grooves (31) are configured to receive edge portions of a plurality of components (14) of an electronic apparatus (1).... Agent:

20150138727 - Connector structure and electronic apparatus using the same: An electronic apparatus including a body, a first connector, and a holder is provided. The body has a slot. The first connector is installed in the slot. The holder is pivoted to an internal wall of the slot to be rotated between a first position and a second position. The... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150138728 - Controlling access to components in a server housing to enforce use of a grounding strap: A method includes sensing ambient conditions in a datacenter containing a server, and determining whether the ambient conditions exceed predetermined threshold conditions representing risk of electrostatic discharge. A lid to the server is locked in a closed position in response to the ambient conditions exceeding the predetermined threshold conditions. However,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150138705 - Holding frame and housing assembly for electronic device: A holding frame and a housing assembly for an electronic device. The holding frame is used to hold a motherboard and at least one peripheral device. The holding frame includes a main holder, a linkage member, and a rotational holder. The motherboard is mounted onto the main holder via the... Agent: Gigazone International Co., Ltd.

20150138730 - Heat receiving apparatus, cooling apparatus, and electronic apparatus: A heat receiving apparatus includes a heat receiver including: a case that is provided at its inside with a flow path through which a refrigerant flows, and that conducts heat from a heat-generating part arranged outside the case; and a valve that is capable of changing a cross sectional area... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150138729 - Solar inverter: A solar inverter is provided having a cooling module, a DC module, an inverter module and an AC module provided side-by-side within a chassis. The DC module includes an input accessible from a first side of the chassis and a disconnection switch on a second side of the chassis, with... Agent:

20150138731 - Cooling apparatus with dynamic load adjustment: A cooling apparatus is disclosed, which may include multiple heat producing units. The cooling apparatus may also have a thermal interface material (TIM) to facilitate heat transfer away from the heat producing units. The cooling apparatus may also have multiple heat sink columns located above, and designed to conduct heat... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150138732 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes: a first output unit configured to output a first phase; a second output unit configured to output a second phase different from the first phase, the second output unit being disposed to be stacked on the first output unit; and a controller configured to control the... Agent:

20150138733 - Semiconductor device: Each of semiconductor module includes a semiconductor chip, a case surrounding the semiconductor chip, and a main electrode connected to the semiconductor chip and led out to an upper surface of case. A connecting electrode is connected and fixed to the main electrodes of the adjacent semiconductor modules. The connecting... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150138734 - 360 degree direct cooled power module: A power module for a motor traction inverter system of a vehicle includes a body portion configured to be inserted into a cooling device and having circuitry established thereat that generates heat during operation of the power module. The body portion has a surface area that is disposed in the... Agent:

20150138735 - Semiconductor memory device: A semiconductor memory device is included. The semiconductor device includes a semiconductor memory device, comprising: a first substrate including a first semiconductor device mounted on the first substrate and a first connection terminal disposed at an edge of the first substrate; a second substrate including a second semiconductor device mounted... Agent:

20150138737 - Display unit and electronic apparatus: A display unit includes: a display section (11) having flexibility; and a bending control section (12a, 12b) configured to limit a movable shaft in bending the display section (11) to one direction in a display surface and allowed to maintain the display section (11) in an arbitrary bending state.... Agent:

20150138736 - Electronic reading device: A flexible electronic reading device, the device comprising a display part and a handle, wherein said display part comprises: a display backplane on a flexible substrate; and a display mounted over said display backplane; wherein said handle is located at one edge of said display backplane and contains display interface... Agent: Plastic Logic Limited

20150138738 - Method and structure for limiting cover deflection in an ecu when exposed to high altitude environments: An engine control unit (ECU) includes a housing, a cover sealingly engaged with the housing, a circuit board disposed in the housing and support structure disposed in the housing and associated with an inner surface of the cover. At least one fastener couples both the support structure and the circuit... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20150138740 - Integrated silicone for protecting electronic devices, circuit module using the same and manufacturing method of ciruit module: An integrated silicone for protecting electronic devices includes a base resin, a thermal initiator, and a photoinitiator.... Agent:

20150138739 - Suspension board with circuit: A suspension board with circuit includes an electronic element, and a mounting portion having a terminal portion electrically connected to the electronic element. The electronic element and the mounting portion are bonded to each other via an adhesive containing a metal ion scavenger.... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150138741 - Chip embedded board and method of manufacturing the same: There are provided a chip embedded board and a method of manufacturing the same. The chip embedded board includes: a core substrate; a first build-up layer formed on one surface of the core substrate and having a cavity formed therein; a chip disposed in the cavity; and an insulating layer... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150138742 - Buttoned soldering pad for use with fine-pitch hot bar soldering: A method of soldering can include: providing a first electronic component having a first buttoned soldering pad including a first soldering pad and one or more first button heads protruding from a first surface of the soldering pad; providing a second electronic component having a soldering pad; and soldering the... Agent:

20150138743 - Weaved electrical components in a substrate package core: A substrate package includes a woven fabric having electrically non-conductive strands woven between electrically conductive strands including wire strands, co-axial strands, and/or an inductor pattern of strands. The package may be formed by an inexpensive and high throughput process that first weaves the non-conductive strands (e.g., glass) between the conductive... Agent:

20150138744 - Printed circuit board: A printed circuit board includes a baseboard, first and second conductive wires, a fuse, a 5V connector, a USB connector, and a CPU. The 5V connector is electrically connected to a first end of the fuse through the first conductive wire, and electrically connected to a voltage pin of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150138745 - Display device: A display device includes a facing plate that covers around a first display unit, a second display unit that is disposed on a position corresponding to an opening on the facing plate at a reverse side of the facing plate, and a panel that closes the opening on the facing... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150138747 - Mounting plate and security device using the same: A mounting plate and a security device using the same are provided. The mounting plate is for being fixed to a surface, wherein a mounting device is hanged up on the mounting plate, and the mounting plate comprises a first conductive sheet and a second conductive sheet electrically connected to... Agent:

20150138746 - Reworkable adhesive tape for joining device structures: Double-sided reworkable pressure sensitive adhesive tape joins electronic device structures. The reworkable pressure sensitive adhesive tape has a pair of polymer carrier layers that are attached to each other using a thermoplastic adhesive. Opposing outer surfaces of the carrier layers are coated with pressure sensitive adhesive. The thermoplastic material that... Agent:

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