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05/28/2015 > 48 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20150146269 - Holographic content providing method, and holographic content providing apparatus and display apparatus using the method: A holographic content providing method, and a holographic content providing apparatus and a display apparatus using the method may capture and generate holographic content using a real object, a virtual object and lighting information, and may conduct integrated processing on the generated holographic content, such as direct edition, advance visualization,... Agent:

20150146270 - Apparatus for digital projection using holographic techniques: An apparatus for generating and displaying a projected digital image includes an actuator, a holographic encoded medium with a holographic pattern, a light source, and a controller. The holographic encoded medium is disposed in operable communication with the actuator. The light source is configured to produce a coherent light disposed... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150146271 - Sub-hologram generation method and apparatus for holographic display: A sub-hologram generation method and an apparatus for a hologram display are provided, the apparatus including at least a first calculation unit configured to calculate a size of a first sub-hologram area corresponding to a first hologram object using a user viewing window, a second calculation unit configured to calculate... Agent:

20150146272 - Detection unit and confocal laser microscope: The number of detection channels of detecting sections is increased and the detecting sections are replaced easily and at low cost while suppressing loss in the quantity of returning light. Provided is a detection unit (5A) including a detector entrance port (75A) through which light in a predetermined optical form... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150146273 - Method and apparatus for front-lit semi-retro-reflective display: The disclosure generally relates to a front-lit display having transparent and selectively emissive light directionality. The disclosed semi-retro-reflective, semi-specular and specular displays include directional front light systems that reflect light in a manner to preserve the non-Lambertian characteristic of the light output. This leads to brighter displays with a higher... Agent:

20150146274 - Electro-wetting display apparatus: An electro-wetting display apparatus includes a first base substrate, a plurality of first electrodes on the first base substrate, an insulating layer which overlaps the first electrodes, a pixel wall on the insulating layer, where the pixel wall partitions a plurality of pixels respectively corresponding to the plurality of first... Agent:

20150146275 - Electro-optic modulator device and method of making the same: An electro-optic modulator including a semiconductor region, a first reflecting region over the semiconductor region and an anti-reflecting region on an opposite surface of the semiconductor region from the first reflecting layer. The semiconductor region includes a first doped region and a second doped region.... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20150146276 - Bistable electrochemical mirror: The present invention relates to a switchable infrared ray-visible ray reflection electrochemical mirror having high electrochemical stability and bistability, in which a stripping phenomenon of a metal thin film can be prevented and bistability can be improved through a process of increasing electrochemical stability of a reflective film from an... Agent:

20150146277 - Aerospace protective dust cover: An aircraft window assembly includes a pressure pane. A bezel is proximate a periphery of the pressure pane and defines an inner opening. The bezel includes an inner wall with a channel. An electro-optic element is disposed in the inner opening and is configured for reception in the channel of... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20150146278 - Optical arrangement for digital micromirror device: There is provided an optical arrangement comprising a digital micromirror device having a plurality of individually adjustable mirrors, a mirror pair formed from a convex minor and a concave minor having a common centre of curvature, the concave mirror having a greater radius than the convex mirror, characterised in that... Agent:

20150146279 - Display device and method for manufacturing the same: A display device and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The display device comprises an upper substrate (103), a lower substrate (104), a solvent (102), and ellipsoids (101), and the solvent (102) and the ellipsoids (101) are provided between the upper substrate (103) and the lower substrate (104). The ellipsoids... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20150146280 - Optical effect layer: The disclosure relates to the field of graphical elements and is directed to an optical effect layer (OEL), a device and a method for producing same. The disclosure provides an optical effect that is easy to detect as such and exhibits a viewing-angle dependent apparent motion of image features over... Agent: Sicpa Holding Sa

20150146281 - Optical parametric oscillator and second harmonic generator using monoclinic phase ga2s3 crystal: This disclosure provides a second harmonic generator and an optical parametric oscillator, the second harmonic generator and the optical parametric oscillator comprise one or more nonlinear optical frequency conversion crystal and a pump laser source, the nonlinear optical frequency conversion crystal is a monoclinic Ga2S3 crystal, the space group of... Agent: Fujian Institute Of Research On The Structure Of Matter, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

20150146282 - Wavelength selective external resonator and beam combining system for dense wavelength beam combining laser: Wavelength-selective external resonators can be used to greatly increase the output brightness of dense wavelength beam combining (DWBC) system beams by stabilizing the wavelengths of the beams emitted by the individual emitters of the DWBC laser source. The present invention pertains to external resonant cavities that utilize thin-film filtering elements... Agent:

20150146283 - Catadioptric imaging systems for digital scanner: v

20150146284 - Lens for infrared cameras: An infrared camera lens that is simple in lens configuration and has lens pieces including only spherical surfaces but no aspheric surfaces. The infrared camera lens includes a foremost or first single spherical lens piece of positive refractivity, a succeeding or second single spherical lens piece of negative refractivity, and... Agent: Tamron Co., Ltd

20150146285 - Reflective structure for optical touch sensing: A reflective structure for optical touch sensing, which includes a transparent substrate, a plurality of microstructures and a transmittive reflective layer. The transparent substrate has a surface. The microstructures are disposed on the transparent substrate and expose a portion of the surface to allow a visible light to pass through.... Agent: Unimicron Technology Corp.

20150146286 - Sheet with coating which reflects thermal radiation: A sheet is described. The sheet has at least one substrate and at least one coating, which reflects thermal radiation, on at least one surface of the substrate, wherein the coating on the substrate contains at least one adhesion layer, a functional layer containing at least one transparent, electrically conductive... Agent:

20150146287 - Multilayer structure as reflector: The present invention relates to a multilayer structure comprising A) a functional film comprising a VIS/IR-reflecting metal layer on a carrier film, wherein the carrier film can be in single-layer form or in the form of a UV- and/or UV/VIS-reflecting multi-ply layer, and at least one adhesive layer, and optionally... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20150146288 - Multiple petal deployable telescope: An opto-mechanical deployable telescope includes a hub, at least one deployable multiple petal primary mirror mounted to the hub, a deployment assembly, a secondary optic assembly, and a deployment engine assembly. The deployment assembly is operable to move the at least one primary mirror between a stowed position and a... Agent: Utah State University Research Foundation

20150146289 - Adjustment turret: The invention relates to an adjustment turret comprising a base, a rotary control element, which can be rotated relative to the base about an axis of rotation, a display element, which can be rotated about the axis of rotation, and a mechanical coupling mechanism coupling the rotary control element together... Agent:

20150146290 - Through-the-lens (ttl) loupes with improved declination angle: Dental/medical/surgical loupes have an improved declination angle to reduce neck and back strain. Eyeglass frames are provided with carrier lenses having bottom edges. A hole is provided in each carrier lens, each hole having an outer periphery that extends below the bottom edge of the carrier lens, resulting in a... Agent:

20150146291 - Faraday rotator mirror: Methods, systems, and apparatus for optical communications. One of the apparatuses comprises a birefringent crystal configured to separate an incoming light beam input at a first port into component light beams having orthogonal polarization directions and directing the component light beams on respective paths to exit locations on the birefringent... Agent:

20150146292 - Multilayer optical films having side-by-side mirror/polarizer zones: A reflective film includes interior layers that selectively reflect light by constructive or destructive interference, the layers extending from a first to a second zone of the film. In the first zone, the layers operate substantially as a reflective polarizer; in the second zone they operate substantially as a mirror.... Agent:

20150146293 - Method for producing optical film laminate, thin polarizing film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display device: The present invention addresses the problem of providing: a method for producing an optical film laminate that has a thin polarizing film and is free from unevenness in the degree of polarization in the film width direction; a thin polarizing film which is free from unevenness in the degree of... Agent:

20150146294 - Polarizing plate, fabrication method for polarizing plate, and image display device: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a polarization plate the warping and deformation of which can be controlled when the polarization plate, and a display device that contains the polarization plate, is stored under conditions of high heat and humidity, while keeping the display device low profile.... Agent:

20150146295 - Laser energy output control apparatus and method thereof: A laser output apparatus is disclosed. The laser output apparatus includes a laser source providing a first laser light; a first attenuation element attenuating the first laser light to be a second laser light having a polarization direction and an energy; a polarization changing element changing the polarization direction; and... Agent: U&u Engineering Inc.

20150146296 - Imaging lens: An imaging lens is disclosed. The imaging lens includes an optic substrate including an upper surface and a lower surface, a black coating at least partially covering the upper surface of the optic substrate, and an anti-reflection coating at least partially covering the black coating. Bu virtue of the configuration,... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20150146297 - Security devices and methods of manufacture therefor: An aspect of the invention provides a security device including an array of printed lenses arranged on a first surface of a substrate and a microimage array underlying the array of printed lenses, whereby a synthetic image of portions of the microimages is generated by the lenses. The security device... Agent:

20150146298 - Light divider: A light divider includes a light guide having first and second surfaces that reflect light incident on the guide and cause the light to propagate through a portion between the first and second surfaces. A first light dividing layer on the second surface reflects part of the light having propagated... Agent:

20150146299 - Head-up display apparatus: When a head-up display apparatus is used, a combiner stored in a storage position in a housing is moved to a use position in front of the housing. Thus, a storage space in the housing becomes unoccupied. A projector is moved to a projection position in the storage space that... Agent:

20150146300 - Wearable device with input and output structures: A head-wearable device includes a center support extending in generally lateral directions, a first side arm extending from a first end of the center frame support and a second side arm extending from a second end of the center support. The device further includes an extension arm configured to present... Agent:

20150146301 - Lighting adjustment for head mounted display: An apparatus includes a light source, a display array, a light relay, a photodetector, and control circuitry. The light source is for providing lamp light during an ON-time of the light source. The display array is positioned to receive and selectively manipulate the lamp light. The light relay is positioned... Agent:

20150146302 - Lighting device: A lighting device may include at least one light source arrangement for generating primary light; at least one light wavelength conversion element for converting primary light into secondary light; and a filter apparatus disposed optically downstream of the at least one light wavelength conversion element and serving for filtering out... Agent:

20150146303 - Optical lens, mold set for manufacturing the optical lens, and method of manufacturing the optical lens: An optical lens includes a lens portion having an optical axis, and an exterior portion connected to an outer periphery of the lens portion. The exterior portion has first and second surfaces that are disposed along a direction parallel to the optical axis and spaced apart from each other, a... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150146304 - Immersion microscope objective and microscope using the same:

20150146305 - Imaging lens: An imaging lens includes a first lens having positive refractive power; a second lens having negative refractive power; a third lens; a fourth lens having negative refractive power; a fifth lens having positive refractive power; and a sixth lens, arranged in this order from an object side to an image... Agent:

20150146306 - Imaging lens:

20150146307 - Imaging lens: An imaging lens includes a first lens having positive refractive power; a second lens having negative refractive power; a third lens having positive refractive power; a fourth lens having negative refractive power; and a fifth lens having object-side and image plane-side surfaces thereof being aspheric, arranged in this order from... Agent:

20150146308 - Imaging lens:

20150146309 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus equipped with the imaging lens: An imaging lens is substantially constituted by six lenses, including: a first lens having a positive refractive power and a convex surface toward the object side; a second lens having a negative refractive power; a third lens having a negative refractive power; a fourth lens having a positive refractive power;... Agent:

20150146310 - Lens module: In a lens module, a concave portion may be formed on an image-side surface of a first lens, a convex portion protruding toward the concave portion may be formed on an object-side surface of a second lens, an outer region of the concave portion of the first lens and an... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150146311 - Apparatus for fabricating lens, method of fabricating lens, and lens: Disclosed are an apparatus for fabricating a lens. The apparatus for fabricating a lens includes a molding frame to receive a source material injected through an injection port, and a light source or a heat source to irradiate a light or a heat onto the source material in the molding... Agent:

20150146312 - Mems electrical contact systems and methods: A microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) device may be provided with one or more sintered electrical contacts. The MEMS device may be a MEMS actuator or a MEMS sensor. The sintered electrical contacts may be silver-paste metalized electrical contacts. The sintered electrical contacts may be formed by depositing a sintering material such... Agent:

20150146313 - Lens driving device: An lens holding device is disclosed. The lens holding device includes a stationary magnetic field generator having a housing and at least one magnet fixed on the housing, the housing having a receiving chamber; at least one elastic member attached to the stationary magnetic field generator; a movable magnetic field... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20150146315 - Locating connectors and methods for mounting solar hardware: A solar concentrator assembly can include mirror assemblies that are connected to pivotable frames with locating connections. The locating connections can be in the form of cam devices or tool-less connections formed by snap fitting devices as well as tool-less cam devices.... Agent:

20150146314 - Solar collector module: A solar collector module has a support frame provided for attachment of a number of reflector elements forming a parabolic trough when viewed in a longitudinal direction, wherein on each of the end faces the support frame has, when viewed in the longitudinal direction, a respective coupling plate, which is... Agent: Flabeg Holding Gmbh

20150146316 - Optical filter and method for making the same: An optical filter for use in high temperature and rapid changing temperature environments, and method of making the same is provided. The optical filter includes a substrate and a filter layer disposed on the substrate. The filter layer has a porous columnar micro-structure configured to decouple the thermal expansion stress... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 49 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20150138613 - Apparatus and method for displaying pseudo-hologram image based on pupil tracking: Provided are an apparatus and a method for displaying a hologram image based on pupil tracking, wherein a hologram image display apparatus includes a location determiner to determine a location of a user using a captured image of the user and a hologram information reconstructor to reconstruct first hologram information... Agent:

20150138614 - Windshield image display system: A display system, including: a vehicle windshield; a projector located on the side of a first surface of the windshield and arranged to enable to project an image in the windshield, towards a second surface of the windshield opposite to the first surface, so that the angles of incidence of... Agent:

20150138615 - Device and method for creating stereograms with large viewing angle and high 2d image resolution: A method of generating a stereogram is disclosed. The method includes a first step of partially rendering a preset region of each of a plurality of images having different views to a memory, a second step of extracting a pixel at a corresponding location of the rendered preset region to... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150138616 - Laser scanner apparatus: The present invention relates to a reactionless, constant scanning velocity laser scanner having a scanning mirror and a counter-rotating mass trading kinetic energy as the mirror collides with the counter rotating mass rotating in opposite direction to reverse the direction of rotation of the mirror. The scanning mirror is rotatably... Agent: H.n. Burns Engineering Corporation

20150138617 - Display device and method for manufacturing the same: Provided is a display device, including: a sealing member including an opening and surrounding a space defined by a pair of light transmissive substrates; an end seal for closing the opening of the sealing member to form an encapsulation space; oil filled in the encapsulation space; a spacer for maintaining... Agent: Pixtronix, Inc.

20150138618 - Multi-beam combining apparatus: A multi-beam combining apparatus includes a phase shifting section, a superposing section, an observing section and a phase control section. The phase shifting section generates a plurality of phase-shifted laser beams by shifting the phase of each of the plurality of laser beams. The superposing section generates a plurality of... Agent: Osaka University

20150138619 - Optical modulator: An optical modulator includes a single-crystal substrate, a lithium niobate film formed on a main surface of the single-crystal substrate, the lithium niobate film being an epitaxial film and having a ridge, a buffer layer formed on the ridge, a first electrode formed on the buffer layer, and a second... Agent:

20150138620 - Transmissive image modulator using multi-fabry-perot resonant mode and multi-absorption mode: A transmissive image modulator for allowing image modulation over a wide bandwidth with multiple Fabry-Perot resonant modes and multiple absorption modes is provided. The transmissive image modulator includes a lower reflection layer; an active layer disposed on the lower reflection layer, including multiple quantum well layers and multiple barrier layers;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138621 - Infrared-modulating electroactive devices with visible region transparency: An electrochromic cell includes a minimally color changing polymer (MCCP) and a non-color changing polymer (NCCP), where the neutral state or the oxidized state is highly transmissive in the NIR and the oxidized state or the neutral state, respectively, is significantly less transmissive in the NIR. An electrochromic device (ECD)... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20150138622 - Reducing condensation in dimmable window systems: An aircraft window mounting assembly having a pressure pane in abutting contact with an inner surface of an exterior pressure pane frame. A bezel is proximate a periphery of the pressure pane and defines an inner opening. The bezel includes an inner wall, an outer wall, an exterior wall, and... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20150138623 - Device and method for micro-electro-mechanical-system photonic switch: In one embodiment, a micro-electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) photonic switch includes a first plurality of collimators including a first collimator configured to receive a first traffic optical beam having a traffic wavelength and a first control optical beam having a control wavelength, where a first focal length of the first collimators at... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150138624 - Substrate for an electrowetting display device and method of manufacturing the substrate: A substrate for an electrowetting display device including a pixel electrode, a partition wall pattern and a water-repellent pattern. The pixel electrode is formed on a base substrate. The partition wall pattern is disposed along an edge of the pixel electrode to expose the pixel electrode. The water-repellent pattern is... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20150138625 - Projection optical system and image display apparatus: A projection optical system for use in an image display apparatus having an illumination optical system applying light from a light source, and an image display device receiving the light from the illumination optical system to form a projection image includes a projector lens composed of plural lenses, a first... Agent:

20150138626 - Electrophoretic display device and method of fabricating the same: An electrophoretic display device includes a switching element on a substrate including a display area having a pixel region and a non-display area at a periphery of the display area, a passivation layer covering the switching element, a pixel electrode on the passivation layer and connected to the switching element,... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150138627 - Method for projection or back-projection onto glass comprising a transparent layered element having diffuse reflection properties: A projection or back-projection method, according to which a glazing including two main external surfaces, used as projection or back-projection screen, and a projector are available. The method includes projecting, by virtue of the projector, images viewable by spectators onto one of the sides of the glazing. The glazing includes... Agent:

20150138628 - Reflective projection screen comprising a variable light scattering system: p

20150138629 - Low noise photo-parametric solid state amplifier: A solid state detection system includes a degenerate photo-parametric amplifier (PPA), wherein the PPA comprises a photo diode, and a periodically pulsed light source, wherein the photo-parametric, amplifier (PPA) is synchronized to the pulsed light source with a phase locked loop that generates a pump waveform for the PPA at... Agent:

20150138630 - Fiber amplifier system for suppression of modal instabilities and method: Apparatus and method for suppressing modal instabilities (MI) in fiber-amplifier systems. In some embodiments, thermal effects drive the MI process, and in some such embodiments, the present invention provides a plurality of options for mitigating these thermal effects. In some embodiments, the present invention provides a hybrid fiber with a... Agent:

20150138631 - Systems and methods to more accurately estimate a fluorine concentration in a source laser: In master oscillator-power amplifier (MOPA) systems for generating laser light, a fluorine concentration in each of the master oscillator and power amplifier chambers is maintained. While sensors at the chambers can measure certain values of some variables, the sensors do not directly measure fluorine concentration. As a further complication, the... Agent: Cymer, LLC

20150138632 - Slide tray and receptor for microscopic slides and method of operation: A receptor is mounted on a movable stage of a microscope slide scanner, the receptor being sized and shaped to receive a slide tray having one or more microscope slides thereon. A docking station automatically locks the receptor relative to the docking station whenever a tray is inserted or removed... Agent:

20150138633 - Scope attachment: To improve the flexibility of a scope, such as a riflescope, spotting scope, and the like, a holder is mounted forward of the scope. The holder allows connection of a lens system, such as a wide angle lens system for improving the viewing angle. The holder may be mounted on... Agent: Supas Ltd

20150138634 - Multiple three-dimensional display: Disclosed herein is a multiple 3-D display device. A multiple 3-D display device in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention may include a first panel, a first 3-D filter in front of the first panel, a second panel disposed adjacent to the first panel in a first direction,... Agent:

20150138635 - Systems and methods for producing narrowband images: A system may produce images including narrow-bandwidth colors. One or more sets of the narrow-bandwidth colors may be selected to be interpreted as substantially a same color by a user. The system may include a light source configured to produce the narrow-bandwidth colors, and/or narrow-passband filters may create narrow-bandwidth colors... Agent:

20150138636 - Self-cleaning optical system: A self-cleaning optical system for the transmission or reflection of light to and/or from a process region comprises a liquid bath and a transparent or reflective optical component continuously rotatable about a non-vertical axis so that a lower part of the component continuously rotates through the bath. When the component... Agent:

20150138637 - Exterior mirror reflector sub-assembly with auxiliary reflector portion: A mirror reflector sub-assembly for a vehicular exterior rearview mirror assembly includes a mirror reflective element having a glass substrate. A principal reflector portion has a first radius of curvature and an auxiliary reflector portion includes a curved recess having a second radius of curvature smaller than the first radius... Agent:

20150138638 - Optical element: An optical element includes an optical member made of a material that transmits light; a high refractive index layer and a low refractive index layer that are stacked on a front surface of the optical member; and a surface protection layer that is formed on an upper most layer among... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150138639 - Lens driving device and camera module including the same: A lens driving device includes a lens barrel supporting a lens; an autofocusing driving unit disposed on one side of a plane perpendicular to an optical axis direction based on the lens barrel to thereby drive the lens barrel in the optical axis direction; and a hand-shake prevention driving unit... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150138640 - Optical filter device, optical module, and electronic apparatus: An optical filter device includes a variable wavelength interference filter having a pair of reflecting films opposed to each other, and an electrostatic actuator adapted to change a gap dimension between the pair of reflecting films, and at least one bandpass filter disposed on an optical axis of the pair... Agent:

20150138642 - Durable hybrid omnidirectional structural color pigments for exterior applications: A hybrid omnidirectional structural color pigment. The pigment exhibits a visible color to the human eye and has a very small or non-noticeable color shift when exposed to broadband electromagnetic radiation (e.g. white light) and viewed from angles between 0 and 45° relative to the normal of an outer surface... Agent:

20150138641 - Matched interference pigments or foils and method: A method of providing a configuration of a system of interference filters with a visible color shifting effect, includes: a hue matching step of identifying a configuration of a first interference filter including two first metal layers and a first spacer layer therebetween, and a configuration of a second interference... Agent:

20150138643 - Optical component: An optical component has a ceramic member and a dichroic film. The ceramic member is provided with a first main surface and a second main surface that is opposed to the first main surface. The ceramic member has translucency. The ceramic member has a plurality of crystal grains that are... Agent:

20150138644 - Compact and energy-efficient head-up display: The invention relates to a head-up display comprising sub-screens (241, 242, . . . , 245), the positions and dimensions of which are defined according to the length of the optical path (D) and the maximum authorised length of movement in a plane that is perpendicular to the optical path... Agent:

20150138645 - Head-mounted display apparatus: A head-mounted display apparatus including a face plate having a first surface formed to face a user's face, and a support part configured to be coupled with at least a part of the face plate so as to allow the face plate to be fixed on the user's face. A... Agent:

20150138647 - Light reflecting member, light beam extension device, image display device, and optical device: An image display device includes an image generating device, a light guide unit which includes a light guide plate and first and second deflection sections, and a light beam extension device which extends light incident from the image generating device, along a Z direction when an incident direction of light... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150138646 - Optical element, image display device and method for manufacturing same: An optical element includes a light guide plate that has therein a light transmissive flat plate member on which a transflective layer is formed, and a layer of a light transmissive adhesive or a light transmissive resin layer that uniformly covers the light guide plate. The refractive index of the... Agent:

20150138648 - Optical zoom probe: An optical zoom probe is disclosed. The optical zoom probe includes: at least one liquid lens having a focus which is configured to be adjusted according to a flow of a fluid through a flow path; and a barrel provided to form the flow path and including a narrowed first... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138649 - Lens for projection, and image display device: A lens for projection which is used in an image display device which includes an image display element and projects and displays an image displayed on an image display surface of the image display element as a projection image on a projected surface in an enlarged manner, the lens for... Agent:

20150138650 - Imaging lens: An imaging lens includes a first lens having positive refractive power; a second lens having negative refractive power; a third lens; a fourth lens having negative refractive power; a fifth lens having positive refractive power; and a sixth lens, arranged in this order from an object side to an image... Agent:

20150138651 - Imaging lens:

20150138652 - Imaging lens: An exemplary embodiment of the present invention relates to an imaging lens, the imaging lens including, in an ordered way from an object side, a first lens having positive (+) refractive power, a second lens having negative (−) refractive power, a third lens having positive (+) refractive power, a fourth... Agent:

20150138653 - Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof: The present invention provides a mobile device and an optical imaging lens thereof. The optical imaging lens comprises an aperture stop, first, second, third and fourth lens elements positioned sequentially from an object side to an image side. The first lens element with positive refracting power has a surface facing... Agent:

20150138654 - Fresnel lens with light-scattering preventive feature: A Fresnel lens including a plurality of sawtooth-shaped projections, with each projection including a first surface at a first angle and a second surface at a second angle. Each first surface has top and bottom edges and each second surface has top and bottom edges. Each projection has a top... Agent:

20150138655 - Magnifying container apparatus: A magnifying container apparatus including a generally cylindrical member and one or more magnifying lenses is provided for magnifying, viewing, and carrying items. A magnifying lens is detachably connected to the lower end of the cylindrical member to close the lower end. The magnifying lens magnifies the items present below... Agent:

20150138656 - Chip substrate having a lens insert: A chip substrate includes: a conductive layer being stacked in one direction and constituting a chip substrate; an insulator being alternately stacked with the conductive layer and electrically separating the conductive layer; and a lens insert having: a depression reaching down to a predetermined depth from a specified area of... Agent:

20150138657 - Antenna apparatus: The disclosure provides an antenna apparatus. Disclosed is an antenna apparatus comprising a power feeding unit receiving an electromagnetic wave from a transmitter and providing the received electromagnetic wave to the antenna apparatus, a sub reflector generating an OAM (Orbital Angular Momentum) mode electromagnetic wave, and a main reflector reflecting... Agent:

20150138658 - Door mirror: An aspect of the present invention is a door mirror having a door mirror main body attached to a door mirror attaching part of a vehicle body, the door mirror including a shared base fixed to the door mirror attaching part and configured to support the door mirror main body,... Agent: Murakami Corporation

20150138659 - Substrate for preventing burr generation: A substrate for an optical device includes an optical device substrate including a plurality of conductive plates elongated along a length direction, wherein side surfaces of the conductive plates are bonded to each other with insulators interposed therebetween, the insulators being respectively formed on the side surfaces. A groove having... Agent:

20150138660 - Helmet mirror: The present invention is an improved rear view mirror that removably attaches to a protective helmet. The helmet mirror, in its preferred embodiment, includes a bracket, an elongated adjustable arm, an adjustment nut, and a mirror, wherein the bracket and the adjustable arm are rubber-coated. The adjustable arm includes a... Agent:

20150138661 - Nanoparticle light filtering method and apparatus: Implementations of the present invention relate to apparatuses, systems, and methods for blocking, attenuating, or filtering neuroactive wavelengths of the visible light spectrum and reducing or preventing the symptoms affiliated with exposure to those wavelengths. Nanoparticles of a predetermined composition, size, and structure are dispersed in a host medium to... Agent:

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