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Optical: systems and elements

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12/04/2014 > 62 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20140355086 - Display device using computer generated hologram: The instant application discloses a display device including a pattern generator configured to generate a diffraction pattern from an image; a light source configured to emit emission light; an optical condenser which condenses the emission light to generate illumination light; and a spatial light modulator which diffracts the illumination light... Agent:

20140355085 - Infrared holographic projector for thermal masking and decoys: A holographic structure, system and method project a grey-scale image in a narrow IR spectral band that is related to a broadband thermal signature of an object. The projected grey-scale image, when integrated over the broadband, forms either a decoy that approximates the thermal signature of the object or a... Agent:

20140355087 - Light scanning apparatus, light scanning control apparatus, and light scanning unit: A light scanning apparatus includes torsion beams supporting a mirror supporting portion on opposite sides of the mirror supporting portion along an axis direction, the mirror supporting portion being swung around the axis direction by the torsion beams; a pair of drive beams sandwiching the mirror and the mirror supporting... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20140355089 - Mems device and electronic device having projector function: In a MEMS device (1), a first drive portion (40) is divided into a first drive section (41) and a second drive section (42). A second drive portion (50) is divided into a third drive section (51) and a fourth drive section (52). The first drive section, the second drive... Agent:

20140355088 - Optical deflector including separated piezoelectric portions on piezoelectric actuators and its designing method: In an optical deflector including a mirror, a frame, torsion bars, first and second piezoelectric actuators coupled to both of the torsion bars, and first and second coupling bars, each of the first and second piezoelectric actuators is divided into first, second and third areas in accordance with a polarization... Agent: Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

20140355090 - Light deflector, light deflector manufacturing method and optical scanning device: A light deflector includes a fixing portion and a movable portion. The movable portion includes a mirror portion for deflecting light by swinging about a predetermined swing axis, a torsion bar fixedly supported on the fixing portion and having an axis serving as the swing axis, and a supporting body... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140355091 - Light deflector, optical scanning device and image forming apparatus: A light deflector includes a fixing portion, a movable portion and a reinforcing member. The movable portion includes a mirror portion for deflecting light by swinging about a predetermined swing axis, a torsion bar fixedly supported on the fixing portion and having an axis serving as the swing axis, and... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140355092 - Apparatus comprising a spring and an optical element suspended thereon: Apparatuses with actuators having actuator-side attachment areas disposed thereon, an optical element having mirror-side attachment areas disposed thereon and springs are described, wherein an optical element is connected to actuators via two or four springs.... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20140355093 - Rotary actuator: The present invention is a rotary actuator having segments, which are spaced apart and are connected by means of at least one support structure, and at least one actuator for exerting forces, characterized in that the support structure is substantially rotationally symmetrical about an axis and is composed of elements... Agent:

20140355094 - Micromechanical structure and coresponding manufacturing method: A micromechanical structure includes a substrate having an upper side and a lower side, the substrate having a first region and a second region adjacent thereto, the upper side being fashioned in the first region as a mirror region that reflects light. In the second region on the upper side... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140355095 - Multi-purpose optical cap and apparatus and methods useful in conjunction therewith: A method for protecting an optical MEMS device, including providing an optical MEMS device defining a field of view and including layers which define a main plane; and forming a protective element, constructed and operative for at least partly covering the optical MEMS device, from an optical structural material and... Agent:

20140355096 - Electrochromic device having an improved fill port plug: An electrochromic device including: (a) a first substantially transparent substrate having an electrically conductive material associated therewith; (b) a second substrate having an electrically conductive material associated therewith; (c) an electrochromic medium contained within a chamber positioned between the first and second substrates which includes: (1) a solvent; (2) an... Agent:

20140355097 - Connectors for smart windows: This disclosure provides connectors for smart windows. A smart window may incorporate an optically switchable pane. In one aspect, a window unit includes an insulated glass unit including an optically switchable pane. A wire assembly may be attached to the edge of the insulated glass unit and may include wires... Agent:

20140355098 - Systems and methods for automated control of electrochromic glass: Automated shade systems may comprise controllers that use algorithms to control operation of the automated shade control system and components thereof, for example window coverings, glass having variable characteristics, and so forth. These algorithms may include information such as: 3-D models of a building and surrounding structures, shadow information, reflectance... Agent:

20140355100 - Display element and electrical device using the same: A display element (2) includes an upper substrate (first substrate) (8), a lower substrate (second substrate) (9), and a polar liquid (21) that is sealed in a display space (5) formed between the upper substrate (8) and the lower substrate (9) so as to be moved toward an effective display... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140355102 - Electrowetting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same: An electrowetting display apparatus includes a first substrate including a first electrode that receives a gray-scale voltage and a second electrode insulated from the first electrode and receiving a reference voltage, a second substrate, a fluid layer, and a color filter. The color filter has a first thickness in an... Agent:

20140355099 - Electrowetting display panel with high transparence: An electro-wetting display panel including an active device array substrate, a dielectric layer, a rib structure, an opposite substrate, a first fluid and a second fluid is provided. The active device array substrate includes a first substrate and a plurality of pixel structures. Each pixel structure includes a shielding electrode... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140355101 - Pixel device and display using liquid ink and elastomers: A pixel device using optically active fluid contained within elastomeric materials and actuated through dielectric elastomer membrane is disclosed. The underlying mechanism of optical contrast in this display pixel is the spread and contraction of the fluid contained within a pre-stretched elastomer membrane and a substrate. The actuation mechanism for... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20140355104 - Electrophoretic particles, method for manufacturing electrophoretic particles, electrophoresis dispersion, display device, and electronic apparatus: There is provided electrophoretic particle which has core particle, and a siloxane-based compound which includes a connecting structure in which a plurality of siloxane bonds are connected in series, and the surface of the core particle includes a first region to which the siloxane-based compound is bonded, and a second... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140355103 - Three-dimensional image display and converter therefor: A display device includes a display panel and a converter formed on a front surface of the display panel. The converter performs conversion between a 2-dimensional image and a 3-dimensional image. The converter includes a plurality of protrusion electrodes formed on a first substrate. A plate electrode is positioned on... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140355105 - Amplitude noise squeezing on multi-amplitude modulated signals: A method for regenerating optical signals includes determining an input including a source amplitude-modulated optical signal, regenerating the source amplitude-modulated optical signal by using successive saturation modes of amplification, and producing an output optical signal from the regeneration. The source amplitude-modulated optical signal includes input power modulation levels that each... Agent:

20140355106 - Device for viewing an image on a laminated substrate: A glazing panel for a display device, includes an external first transparent pane and an internal second transparent pane, each pane including an external face and an internal face, the glass panes being joined together by an interlayer made of a thermoformable material or by a multilayer sheet incorporating such... Agent:

20140355107 - Infrared shielding film, heat reflective laminated glass using same, and method for producing heat reflective laminated glass: An object of the present invention is to provide an infrared shielding film which has high infrared shielding effect for every incident angle of sunlight, and a laminated glass using the infrared shielding film. Provided is an infrared shielding film including at least one unit of a high refractive index... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140355109 - Immersion fluid for microscopy: An immersion liquid for microscopy is provided, comprising (a) an organic compound which contains a saturated polycyclic hydrocarbon residue, (b) an oligomeric or polymeric saturated acyclic hydrocarbon and (c) an alkyl aromatic compound, selected from the group consisting of alkyl naphthalene and alkyl biphenyl.... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh

20140355108 - Methods and systems for super-resolution optical imaging using high-index of refraction microspheres and microcylinders: The present invention provides super-resolution optical imaging methods and systems, including: providing a sample to be optically imaged; providing a plurality of microstructures disposed substantially adjacent to a surface of the sample to be optically imaged; and providing a material disposed about the plurality of microstructures; wherein the plurality of... Agent: University Of North Carolina At Charlotte

20140355110 - Portable movie screens, systems, and methods of using the same: A portable movie screen includes a screen portion and a frame portion surrounding at least part of the periphery of the screen portion. The screen portion has a screen gain greater than about 0.8 and an elasticity greater than an elasticity of the frame portion. The movie screen includes at... Agent: Open Air Cinema LLC

20140355111 - Scattering screen system, method of manufacture and application thereof: There is provided a screen scattering system. The system has a transparent substrate forming a substrate layer, and wide band gap materials made of 0D, 1D and 3D elements forming a scattering layer. The 0D, 1D and 3D elements are in the form of nanostructures aligned uniformly on said substrate... Agent:

20140355112 - Projection screen with gold coated projection receiving surface: A projection screen has a gold coated projection receiving surface that reflects light. The projection screen includes a support structure and an adhesive layer on top of the support structure. A fiber support is adhered to the support structure using the adhesive layer. A chalk and adhesive layer is applied... Agent:

20140355113 - Display apparatus and light emitting module thereof: A display apparatus comprising a display panel and a light module is provided. The light module comprises a light guide plate, a plurality of light guide elements and at least a light emitting unit. The light guide plate comprises at least one light incident surface, a first lateral surface and... Agent: Innolux Corporation

20140355114 - Holographic display extension for portable device and method of manufacturing same: A display extension for a device with a display includes a substantially transparent screen and positioning means adapted to position the substantially transparent screen at an acute angle relative to the display. The substantially transparent screen includes at least one zone of increased reflectivity.... Agent:

20140355115 - Dimming device: A dimming device includes a first polarizer, a second polarizer, a first retarder layer and a second retarder layer. The dimming device can generate full-light transmission state, dark state and a transitional state of various kinds of repeat patterns formed by a plurality of full-light transmission areas and dark areas.... Agent: Benq Materials Corporation

20140355116 - Polarizer for dimming device: A polarizer for a dimming device. The polarizer includes a polarization layer with an absorption axis; and a patterned retarder layer on the polarization layer and comprising patterned alignment microstructures and a liquid crystal layer disposed on the patterned alignment microstructures, wherein the patterned alignment microstructures are formed by embossing... Agent: Benq Materials Corporation

20140355117 - Apparatus and associated methods: A display protector for use with a heat source, the display protector including one or more transparent fluid incident regions and one or more fluid driver regions, wherein the display protector is configured to guide a fluid incident upon one or more of the transparent fluid incident regions away to... Agent:

20140355119 - Driving circuit and driving method for voice coil motor, and lens module and electronic device using the same: Vibration is suppressed in a feedback type VCM actuator. A converting unit converts a position command value into an internal command value varied based on a waveform having a period which is half of a period of a trigonometric function, the position command value being indicative of a position of... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140355118 - Image stabilizer and electronic apparatus including the same: An image stabilizer includes a correction lens module including a correction lens and a correction lens supporting plate to which the correction lens is coupled, a plurality of drivers configured to move the correction lens module in a direction perpendicular an optical axis, each driver including a magnet member fixed... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140355120 - Lens driving device: A lens driving device is proposed, including a cover can whose upper side surface includes an opening formed to expose a lens and whose side surface extends from the upper side surface to a base, a base that is secured to the cover can; a housing that is arranged on... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140355121 - Ultra broadband multilayer dielectric beamsplitter coating: Coatings for optical devices, such as beamsplitters, are provided. The coatings include at least one bilayer of a layer of a material having an index of refraction n1 in contact with a layer of a material having an index of refraction n2 and an uppermost layer of a material having... Agent:

20140355123 - Color improving film and method of manufacturing the same: Provided is a color improving film comprising a base layer, a high refractive light diffusion layer including an organic light diffuser on the base layer, a high refractive resin layer on the high refractive light diffusion layer, and a low refractive resin layer in which a lenticular lens pattern is... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140355124 - Color improving film and method of manufacturing the same: Provided are a color improving film and a method of manufacturing the color improving film. The color improving film includes a base layer, a high refractive light diffusion layer comprising a light diffuser, a high refractive resin layer, and a low refractive resin layer in which a lenticular lens pattern... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140355125 - Optical film stack: Example light management films are described. In one example, an optical stack comprises a first light directing film comprising a structured major surface opposite a second major surface, the structured major surface comprising a plurality of linear structures extending along a first direction, the light directing film having an average... Agent:

20140355122 - Polyolefin volumetric diffuser: A volumetric diffuser utilizing polyolefins and light scattering particles to provide desired efficiency without hot-spots where surface texture is utilized to reduce the tendency of the polyolefin based volumetric diffuser to scratch.... Agent: Tredegar Film Products Corporation

20140355126 - Mobile electronic device cover plate comprising a thin sapphire layer: An electronic device comprising a cover plate is disclosed. The cover plate comprises one or more thin sapphire layers having a thickness of from about 50 microns to about 500 microns. Also disclosed are methods for preparing these thin sapphire layers.... Agent: Gtat Corporation

20140355127 - Projection lens and projection display apparatus: A projection lens is provided having a positive refractive power as a whole and including a correction group consisting of a plurality of lens groups that corrects field curvature by moving in an optical axis direction and changing the distance between each lens group. The conjugation length of a combined... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140355128 - Liquid lens package structure: A liquid lens package structure includes a first light-transmitting element, a second light-transmitting element, a first elastic surrounding body, a second elastic surrounding body and a package unit. The first elastic surrounding body is disposed between the first and the second light-transmitting elements to form an enclosed space among the... Agent:

20140355129 - Zoom lens, imaging apparatus, and method for manufacturing zoom lens: A zoom lens including, from an object: a front group having negative power; and a rear group having positive power, the rear group including, from the object, a positive lens, a negative lens having a concave surface facing the object, a cemented positive lens constructed by a negative lens and... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140355130 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same: A zoom lens includes, in order from the object side, a positive first lens unit which does not move for zooming or focusing, a negative second lens unit which moves during zooming, a positive third lens unit which moves during zooming, a negative fourth lens unit which moves during zooming... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140355131 - Close-up optical scanning for a portable device: Embodiments provide an apparatus for allowing close-focus of a camera on a portable electronic device while sliding the device on a surface. A macro lens is selectively placed by a user adjacent to a lens of the camera. Support points maintain the macro lens at a predetermined distance from the... Agent:

20140355133 - Lens barrel: With a lens barrel, the depth of a first cam groove is substantially the same as the depth of a second cam groove. The length of a first cam protrusion in a first direction is greater than the length of the second straight portion in the first direction. The length... Agent:

20140355132 - Optical device: In an optical device, a first spring connects a first lens frame and a second lens frame for exerting a spring force thereon so that first pins of the first lens frame and second pins of the second lens frame abut a first cam groove and a second cam groove... Agent: Asia Optical International Ltd.

20140355134 - Imaging lens: A compact high-resolution imaging lens which provides a wide field of view of 80 degrees or more and corrects various aberrations properly. Designed for a solid-state image sensor, the imaging lens includes constituent lenses arranged in the following order from an object side to an image side: a first positive... Agent: Kantatsu Co., Ltd.

20140355135 - Optical image lens system: An optical image lens system includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element, a fifth lens element and a sixth lens element. The first lens element with positive refractive power has... Agent:

20140355136 - Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof: Present embodiments provide for a mobile device and an optical imaging lens thereof. The optical imaging lens comprises five lens elements positioned sequentially from an object side to an image side. Through controlling the convex or concave shape of the surfaces and/or the refracting power of the lens elements, the... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20140355137 - Imaging lens: The present invention relates to an imaging lens, the imaging lens including, in an ordered way from an object side, a first lens having a positive (+) refractive power, a second lens having a negative (−) refractive power, a third lens having a positive (+) refractive power, and a fourth... Agent:

20140355138 - Lens barrel and imaging apparatus: A lens barrel includes: a barrel body; an optical element inside the barrel body; and a wiring which is inserted inside the barrel body, and at least a part of which has a three-dimensional curve shape capable of extending and contracting in a direction of an optical axis of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140355139 - Articulated support for mobile electronic device: An articulated support for a mobile phone, tablet, or other mobile electronic device provides an articulated arm. The articulated arm may be mounted on a floor stand or desktop stand. The device may be positioned at a point convenient to a reclining user. In alternate embodiments, the articulated arm may... Agent:

20140355141 - Lens barrel and imaging device: An object is to realize further size reduction in a lens barrel in which a barrel unit is rotatable in three axis directions. The lens barrel includes a support portion for supporting the barrel unit, a part of the support portion being fixed to an external member, an actuator including... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140355140 - Lens driving system and method: A lens driving system is configured for driving a lens to a focus position, and includes a control unit and a driving unit electrically connected to the control unit and coupled with the lens. The control unit acquires the focus position, calculates a main current value according to the focus... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140355142 - Voice coil motor: A VCM actuator for a lens and driving the lens for focusing includes a fixed module, a mobile module and a spring module. The fixed module includes a case and the magnet module is disposed along the inner side of the case. The mobile module includes a lens holder and... Agent:

20140355145 - Voice coil motor: A VCM is disclosed, the motor including a stator including a first driving unit, a rotor arranged inside the stator, including a second driving unit responding to the first driving unit and mounted therein with a lens, a base fixing the stator, and an elastic member coupled to the rotor... Agent:

20140355143 - Voice coil motor and lens module: A voice coil motor (VCM) includes a fastening portion, a moving portion, a magnet assembly, a coil, an elastic sheet, and glue. The lower plate seals the fastening portion. The lower plate includes a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, the lower plate defines a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140355144 - Voice coil motor and lens module: A voice coil motor (VCM) includes a fixing portion, a moving portion, a magnet assembly, a coil, and an elastic sheet. The fixing portion includes an upper plate and a sidewall extending from edges of the upper plate. The moving portion is received in the fixing portion, and includes a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140355146 - Laser energy source device: A device and method for providing a laser system utilizing high efficiency lasers emitters and optionally the high quality beam characteristics of a crystal gain medium single mode laser for emitting beamlets and utilizing an optical and mechanical method of forming the beam and directing it to the desired target... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 47 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140347713 - Image reading device: An image reading device having a conveying unit for conveying an irradiated member that has a hologram area in a conveying direction; a first light source for applying light to an irradiated part in the hologram area; and a second light source separated from the first light source along the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140347714 - Apparatus and method for generating wide-angle coherent light and display apparatus using wide-angle coherent light: A method and apparatus for generating coherent light, and a display apparatus using coherent light are provided. A wide-angle coherent light generation apparatus may focus parallel light onto a focal point, and may generate coherent light at a wide angle, using an optical device.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140347715 - Illuminating method using coherent light source: A laser beam (L50) generated by a laser light source (50) is reflected by a light beam scanning device (60), and irradiated onto a hologram recording medium (45). On the hologram recording medium (45), an image (35) of a scatter plate is recorded as a hologram by using reference light... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20140347716 - Ink for electrowetting device and electrowetting device using the same: The present invention relates to an ink for an electrowetting element comprising colorant particles and a solvent, wherein the colorant particles have a specific gravity of 2 or less and an average particle diameter of 20 to 300 nm, and wherein the content of the colorant particles in the ink... Agent:

20140347718 - Electro-optic displays: The invention provides an electrophoretic medium comprising at least two types of particles having substantially the same electrophoretic mobility but differing colors. The invention also provides article of manufacture comprising a layer of a solid electro-optic medium, a first adhesive layer on one surface of the electro-optic medium, a release... Agent:

20140347717 - Electrophoretic display panel and manufacturing method thereof: An electrophoretic display panel includes a driving substrate and an electrophoretic display substrate. The driving substrate includes a first base material, driving electrode patterns, conductive lines, and a shielding layer. The first base material has a first configuration region and a second configuration region. The driving electrode patterns are located... Agent:

20140347719 - System and method for synchronizing light pulses at a selected location.: A system (100) for spatially addressing the synchronization of two light pulses (118, 120) having a respective wavelength. The system (100) includes two light sources (110, 114), each one generating one of the light pulses (118, 120) in response to receiving a respective source trigger. The light pulses (118, 120)... Agent:

20140347720 - Multimode optical amplifier as a receiver pre-amplifier for free-space optical communications: In the method for processing a signal light from free-space by amplifying said signal for free-space optical communications. wherein the improvement includes the steps of (a) pre-amplifying said signal light with low noise; and (b) coupling said signal light into a multimode filter which reduces coupling hisses compared to single... Agent:

20140347721 - Projection lens for euv microlithography, film element and method for producing a projection lens comprising a film element: A film element of an EUV-transmitting wavefront correction device is arranged in a beam path and includes a first layer of first layer material having a first complex refractive index n1=(1−δ1)+iβ1, with a first optical layer thickness, which varies locally over the used region in accordance with a first layer... Agent:

20140347722 - Solar-control glazing unit: f

20140347723 - Three dimensional stimulated emission depletion microscopy: A STED microscope for producing a 3D image. The microscope has an excitation laser source for providing an excitation laser beam and a depletion laser source for providing stimulated emission depletion laser beam. The excitation beam is capable of exciting fluorescent markers in a sample placed in the sample region... Agent:

20140347724 - Projection system having a physical mask: A projection system includes a projection screen defining a shape and a projector configured to project an image onto the projection screen. The projector may project a static or dynamic image that has substantially the same shape as the projection screen or otherwise block portions of the projected image that... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140347725 - Image display device and optical device: Provided is an image display device including: a display unit where the display elements are arranged in a matrix shape; a lens unit which is configured by arranging a plurality of lenses along an inclined row display element group including a plurality of display elements which are consecutively disposed in... Agent:

20140347726 - Selective hybrid-type 3d image viewing device and display method using same: A selective hybrid-type three-dimensional (3D) image viewing device and a display method using the same are disclosed. The selective hybrid-type 3D image viewing device includes a first left and right image separation module, a second left and right image separation module, and a mechanical unit. The first left and right... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140347727 - Optical film with adhesive layer, and image display device: A pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-attached optical film of the present invention comprises an optical film; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and made from an ammonia-containing water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive, wherein the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer has an ammonia content of 10 to 500 μg per 1 g of the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, and... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140347728 - Optical member and display device including the optical member: An optical member includes a polarization film configured to polarize light. The optical member may further include a sealing member that overlaps the polarization film. The optical member may further include a retardation film disposed between the polarization film and the sealing member and configured to cause phase retardation. The... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140347729 - Zoom lens barrel assembly and electronic apparatus including the same: A zoom lens barrel assembly includes a first barrel, a second barrel, a lens barrier, and a transparent member. The first barrel supports at least one lens. The second barrel surrounds at least a portion of an outer surface of the first barrel, and supports the first barrel to protrude... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co.,ltd.

20140347730 - Unit for image display device having adhesive layer, and image display device using the unit: This invention provides a unit for an image display device in which an optical film laminate and a panel for an image display device are laminated with an adhesive layer therebetween. The optical film laminate contains a polarizer and a polarizer protection functional layer laminated to only one surface of... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140347731 - Method and system for retroreflective cooling: An apparatus for inhibiting heating of an enclosure is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a covering configured to shade at least a portion of a surface of the enclosure and includes a plurality of retroreflective elements. The plurality of retroreflective elements are configured to retroreflect electromagnetic beams primarily at wavelength in... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140347732 - Diffractive optics element, method for manufacturing diffractive optics element, and electronic device: A diffractive optics element includes a substrate configured of a sapphire substrate and a diffractive optics structure, provided on the substrate, that forms an image when a laser beam is incident thereon. The diffractive optics structure has a diffractive optics portion, and the diffractive optics portion has a base material... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140347733 - Systems and methods of aberration correction in optical systems: Described herein is a diffraction grating (1) for use in an optical system. The diffraction grating includes a substrate (2) and an array of elongate diffracting elements (3) arranged in a grating profile across the substrate. The grating profile imparts a predefined phase change to optical beams to at least... Agent: Finisar Corporation

20140347734 - Light extraction substrate of organic el lighting: A first layer which has a surface including a diffraction grating part having a plurality of fine concavities and convexities and a second layer which is embedded in the diffraction grating part with no space therebetween are formed on a transparent substrate. A recess part having a fixed width is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140347735 - Etalon and method for producing etalon: The etalon has a first light transmission body which causes a positive change in a light path length with respect to a temperature increase change, a second light transmission body which causes a negative change in a light path length with respect to a temperature increase change, a first reflection... Agent: Kyocera Crystal Device Corporation

20140347736 - Systems and methods for aligning a near-eye display device: A near-eye display system includes (a) a near-eye display device, having a display and capable of providing, to a pupil of a user, an image from the display superimposed on an ambient scene, and (b) a fixture for coupling the near-eye display device to a holder mounted to the user,... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20140347737 - Method of widening of angular field of view of collimating optical systems: Method of horizontal widening of angular field of view of collimating optical system using several unified ax symmetric collimating optical systems spaced out horizontally with angular fields of view of rectangular shape with their boundaries oriented horizontally and vertically and their axes are turned horizontally relative to each other so... Agent:

20140347738 - Plastic lens: A plastic lens includes a first surface and a second surface. The second surface is opposite to the first surface. At least one of the first surface and the second surface includes an optically effective portion and an outer portion. The outer portion surrounds the optically effective portion. The outer... Agent:

20140347739 - Eyepiece lens and display unit: where h is a height of the image at a horizontal end, ω is a half angle of view in a horizontal direction, E is a distance from an eye point to the first lens, the distance being an eye relief, and L is a distance from the eye point... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140347740 - Optical system for projection and projection-type display apparatus: In an optical system for projection that is telecentric on a reduction side, a correction lens group substantially consisting of a part of lens groups in the optical system for projection is configured to move in the direction of an optical axis to correct a shift in a focal position... Agent:

20140347741 - Fabrication of liquid lens arrays: A method of fabricating a liquid lens array creates an array of through holes of axisymmetric cross-section through a central plate, forms conductive traces on the side walls of each of the through holes and on a portion of the top and bottom surfaces of the central plate contiguous with... Agent:

20140347742 - Lens barrel: A lens barrel includes: a lens holder which holds a lens group and includes a cam follower; a rotating cylinder including on a circumferential surface thereof a cam groove; a guide member to which the rotating cylinder is rotatably provided, which guides the lens holder to move in an optical... Agent:

20140347743 - Photographic wide-angle lens system with internal focusing: A photographic wide-angle lens system with internal focusing has a front array (II) of negative refractive power that is rigid within itself and fixed on the object-side, a rear array (III) of positive refractive power that is rigid within itself and fixed on the image side of an aperture diaphragm... Agent: Jos. Schneider Optische Werke Gmbh

20140347744 - Lens and laser processing apparatus equipped with the lens: A member having an arbitrary shape having a closed curve can be easily subjected to laser processing within a short time. A lens and a laser processing apparatus equipped with the lens are for cutting a material to be cut into a member having an arbitrary shape having a closed... Agent: V-technology Co., Ltd.

20140347745 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus equipped with the imaging lens: The distance along the optical axis from the surface of a first lens toward the object side to an image formation plane is 10 mm or less in an imaging lens. The imaging lens is constituted by: the first lens having a positive refractive power and a convex surface toward... Agent:

20140347746 - Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof: Present embodiments provide for a mobile device and an optical imaging lens thereof. The optical imaging lens comprises five lens elements positioned in an order from an object side to an image side. Through controlling the convex or concave shape of the surfaces of the lens elements to allow the... Agent: Genius Electronics Optical Co., Ltd.

20140347747 - Method for manufacturing passive optical components, and devices comprising the same: A device comprises at least one optics member (O) comprising at least one transparent portion (t) and at least one blocking portion (b). The at least one transparent portion (t) is made of one or more materials substantially transparent for light of at least a specific spectral range, referred to... Agent: Heptagon Micro Optics Pte. Ltd.

20140347748 - Optical arrangements for use with an array camera: A variety of optical arrangements and methods of modifying or enhancing the optical characteristics and functionality of these optical arrangements are provided. The optical arrangements being specifically designed to operate with camera arrays that incorporate an imaging device that is formed of a plurality of imagers that each include a... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20140347749 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus: The imaging lens substantially consists of a first lens group, an aperture stop, a positive second lens group which is a focusing group, and a third lens group in this order from the object side. The first lens group substantially consists of a positive first sub lens group composed of... Agent:

20140347750 - Centering method, centering apparatus, and lens positioning unit: A centering method for holding a lens, which has been molded using a molding die, between a pair of holders of a bell clamp system, and centering the outer circumference of the lens, this method including: a first step of using a planar part of the lens, formed using a... Agent:

20140347752 - Composite molded lens and method for producing the same: In a composite molded lens, a press-formed lens body is integral with an injection-molded lens frame. The lens body has a lens portion and a flange portion surrounding the lens portion. Eight projections are radially formed on a top surface of the flange portion. The height of the projection increases... Agent:

20140347751 - Sight: A sight includes a cylinder, a first lens, a first lens seat, and at least one first elastic member. The first lens is disposed in the cylinder. The first lens seat carrying the first lens is disposed in the cylinder. The first elastic member is disposed between an outer surface... Agent: Sintai Optical (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140347753 - Lead screw device, lens driver, lens barrel, and camera using the lead screw device: A lead screw device includes a lead screw including a thread portion, and a driven body which engages with the thread portion, and moves in an axis direction of the lead screw along with rotation of the lead screw about an axis, the driven body including a pair of driven... Agent: Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd.

20140347754 - Adjusting assembly for a lens of a camera: An adjusting assembly for a lens of a camera has a hollow housing with a mounting portion, at least one driving ring mounted around the lens, at least one turning rod mounted through the mounting portion and engaging with the at least one driving ring, and at least one limiting... Agent: Hunt Electronic Co., Ltd.

20140347755 - Folding rearview mirror for motor vehicles: A base member fixed to a vehicle, a housing with a rearview mirror, a motor component to rotate the rearview housing relative to the base, two sets of ramps independent of each other, capable of sliding on corresponding fixed ramps of the base element and first and second resilient elements.... Agent: Fico Mirrors, S.a.

20140347757 - Concentrating solar power with glasshouses: A protective transparent enclosure (such as a glasshouse or a greenhouse) encloses a concentrated solar power system (e.g. a thermal and/or a photovoltaic system). The concentrated solar power system includes one or more solar concentrators and one or more solar receivers. Thermal power is provided to an industrial process, electrical... Agent: Glasspoint Solar, Inc.

20140347756 - Suspended solar field: A method for erecting a solar field includes inserting piles into the ground in a predefined pattern covering an area of the solar field, and deploying rails between the piles. Elements of an array of solar collectors are transported along the rails to respective deployment locations in the solar field.... Agent: Brenmiller Energy Consulting Ltd.

20140347758 - Solar trough mirror frame, rolling rib, roller, cleaning apparatus and method: A support system for holding solar mirrors of a solar trough system includes a frame for supporting the mirrors. The system includes a rib attached to the frame. The system includes at least a first roller engaged with the rib along which the rib moves as the frame moves. A... Agent: Werner Extrusion Solutions LLC

20140347759 - Color filter: A color filter including a substrate, a plurality of single film filter units and a plurality of multi-film filter units is provided. The substrate has a first region and a second region. The single-film filter units are respectively disposed on the substrate and within the first region. The multi-film filter... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 55 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20140340723 - Volume hologram, manufacturing method thereof, and shift method of wavelength spectrum of diffracted light: A manufacturing method of the volume hologram includes a step of hologram recording for recording information to a hologram recording layer and a pressing step of the hologram recording layer for pressing at least a portion of the hologram recording layer recorded with the information. In the step of pressing... Agent: Sony Dadc Corporation

20140340724 - Complex spatial light modulator and 3d image display including the same: A complex spatial light modulator for modulating a phase and amplitude of a light beam and a 3-dimensional (3D) display including the same are provided. The complex spatial light modulator includes a spatial light modulator modulating a phase of a light beam, a lenticular lens array disposed next to the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140340725 - Laser marker: A laser marker/pointer for projecting circular or elliptical laser beam patterns onto a target surface such as a portion of a presentation screen or to assist in the aiming of a firearm, comprises a handheld shell body in which is mounted a laser light source, a rotating optical mirror driven... Agent:

20140340726 - Device comprising a vibratably suspended optical element: The underlying invention presents a device which connects a vibratably suspended optical element to at least two actuators mounted fixedly on one side via curved spring elements, wherein the actuators are implemented to cause the vibratably suspended optical element to vibrate via the curved spring elements. Both the actuators and... Agent:

20140340727 - Photochromic composition: A photochromic composition functions as an adhesive layer for bonding optical sheets or films made from a polycarbonate resin or the like, and can be used to produce a laminated sheet that exhibits excellent adhesive properties, heat resistance, photochromic properties, and perspiration resistance. The photochromic composition includes (A) a polyurethane-urea... Agent: Tokuyama Corporation

20140340728 - Electronically dimmable optical device: An electronically dimmable optical device, including, in sequence, an active absorbing polarizer; a first static reflective polarizer; an active polarization rotator; and a second static reflective polarizer; configured so that the reflectivity and/or transmissivity of the device can be controlled (increased or decreased) by application of a voltage across the... Agent:

20140340729 - Reflective dimming electrochromic element with non-water based hydrogen ion conductive electrolyte layer inserted therein, and dimming element using the same: In a reflective dimming element having a multilayer film formed in a transparent base material, the multilayer film has a structure including a transparent base material 10 having a transparent electrode layer 20 and an ion storage layer 30 sequentially formed thereon; a transparent base material 70 having a transparent... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20140340730 - Laser cutting strengthened glass: Methods for cutting strengthened glass are disclosed. The methods can include using a laser. The strengthened glass can include chemically strengthened, heat strengthened, and heat tempered glass. Strengthened glass with edges showing indicia of a laser cutting process are also disclosed. The strengthened glass can include an electrochromic film.... Agent:

20140340731 - Thin-film devices and fabrication: Thin-film devices, for example electrochromic devices for windows, and methods of manufacturing are described. Particular focus is given to methods of patterning optical devices. Various edge deletion and isolation scribes are performed, for example, to ensure the optical device has appropriate isolation from any edge defects. Methods described herein apply... Agent: View, Inc.

20140340732 - A planar optical component and its design method: This invention relates to a planar optical component and a design method thereof, the method including designing a structure with defined discrete phases; based on the structure with defined discrete phases as array elements, designing a 2D thin antenna array; constituting the planar optical component by a metal film having... Agent: Capital Normal University

20140340733 - Apparatus and method for high-speed phase shifting for interferometric measurement systems: Described are a method and apparatus for high-speed phase shifting of an optical beam. A transparent plate having regions of different optical thickness is illuminated by an optical beam along a path of incidence that extends through the regions. The transparent plate can be moved or the optical beam can... Agent:

20140340735 - Color display device: The present invention provides a color display device in which each pixel can display four high quality color states. More specifically, an electrophoretic fluid is provided which comprises four types of particles, dispersed in a solvent or solvent mixture. The fluid may further comprise substantially uncharged neutral buoyancy particles.... Agent: Sipix Imaging, Inc.

20140340736 - Color display device with color filters: The present invention provides a multicolor display device which can display high quality color states. More specifically, an electrophoretic fluid is provided which comprises three or four types of particles and color filters are placed on the viewing side of the display device.... Agent: Sipix Imaging, Inc.

20140340737 - Color electrophoretic display: The present invention is directed to a color display device wherein each of the display cells is filled with an electrophoretic fluid comprising two types of charged pigment particles dispersed in a colored medium. Multiple colors of high quality may be achieved by the present invention.... Agent:

20140340738 - Components and methods for use in electro-optic displays: A front plane laminate useful in the manufacture of electro-optic displays comprises, in order, a light-transmissive electrically-conductive layer, a layer of an electro-optic medium in electrical contact with the electrically-conductive layer, an adhesive layer and a release sheet. This front plane laminate can be prepared as a continuous web, cut... Agent:

20140340734 - Driving methods for color display devices: The present invention provides driving methods for electrophoretic color display devices. The backplane system used for the driving methods is found to be simpler which renders color display devices more cost effective. More specifically, the driving method comprises first driving all pixels towards a color state by modulating only the... Agent: Sipix Imaging, Inc.

20140340739 - Optical amplification device and method of controlling optical module: An optical amplification device includes: an optical module that outputs an amplified light; and a controller that makes the optical module emit a light when an emission command is input into the controller, wherein the controller cancels an inputting of the emission command until a predetermined time passes, when a... Agent: Fujitsu Telecom Networks Limited

20140340740 - Infrared shielding film: The present invention provides an infrared shielding film having at least one unit formed by stacking a high-refractive-index layer and a low-refractive-index layer, the layers containing a high-refractive-index material and a low-refractive-index material, respectively, the materials having different refractive indices with each other, wherein the high-refractive-index layer and the low-refractive-index... Agent:

20140340741 - Film mirror, film mirror manufacturing method, film mirror for photovoltaic power generation, and reflection device for photovoltaic power generator: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a film mirror having a high reflectivity for efficiently concentrating solar light and having excellent weather resistance, and to provide a method for manufacturing the film mirror, a film mirror for photovoltaic power generation, and a reflection device for photovoltaic power... Agent:

20140340742 - Ring illumination device for a microscope objective, and microscope objective: The invention relates to a ring illumination device (07) for a microscope objective (01), and a microscope objective (01) provided with such a ring illumination device (07). The ring illumination device (07) has at least two LED units (11) which are accommodated in an illumination ring (17) which can be... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh

20140340743 - Unknown: A rod lens that includes a rod-shaped lens unit made of a rod-shaped lens element or a plurality of lens elements cemented to one another, wherein, on the circumferential face thereof, the lens unit includes at least one axially magnetized magnet arrangement. The invention also relates to an endoscope with... Agent:

20140340744 - Objects fabricated with integral and contoured rear projection substrates: A three dimensional (3D) object with a rear projection (RP) surface. The 3D object includes an RP element, which behaves as an RP substrate or surface. A structural portion of the 3D object has a first thickness, and the RP element has a second thickness that is less than about... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140340745 - 3d lenticular display method and apparatus: This invention relates to a method of making a three dimensional image display and to the three dimensional image display. A lenticular array is laminated to a substrate for mounting to a registration riser for positioning the substrate and lens over a display, such as a television display. The lenticular... Agent:

20140340746 - Display device: The present application discloses a display device including a display portion for displaying a composite image of left and right images to be viewed by left and right eyes by using display elements arranged in a matrix. The display portion defines first and second element groups for displaying the left... Agent:

20140340747 - Display and electronic device: A display including a display panel and a switchable retarder is provided. The switchable retarder disposed on a light path of a polarized image having a first polarization provided by the display panel and includes a first substrate, first electrode stripes, second electrode stripes, and a retardation medium. The first... Agent:

20140340748 - Apparatus for controlling color of polarizing film and method of controlling the same: An apparatus for controlling a color of a film includes a dyeing bath to dip a washed PVA film in an aqueous iodine solution and an aqueous potassium solution and then dye the PVA film therewith, a complementary bath to dip the PVA film in an aqueous potassium solution and... Agent:

20140340749 - Display apparatus: In a display apparatus, image light emitted from an image forming device is incident on an image light incidence portion of a light guide member after being diffracted by a second diffractive optical element, and emitted from an image light emission portion after moving forward in the light guide member.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140340750 - Cube corner retroreflector for measuring six degrees of freedom: A target and method of manufacturing the target is provided. The method of manufacturing includes providing the cube cornered retroreflector, the cube cornered retroreflector including a first, second and third planar reflectors. Each planar reflector capable of reflecting light, each planar reflector perpendicular to the other two planar reflectors, each... Agent: Faro Technologies, Inc.

20140340751 - Lens barrel: The lens barrel includes a first frame body, a second frame body, a support frame, and a retracting lens frame. The second frame body is supported by the first frame body. The support frame is supported by the second frame body and move with respect to the second frame body... Agent:

20140340753 - Anisotropic light diffusion film: Provided is an anisotropic light diffusion film in which uniformity of the intensity of diffused light in the light diffusion angle region has been increased, and the light diffusion angle region has been effectively expanded. Disclosed is an anisotropic light diffusion film having a first louver structure region and a... Agent:

20140340752 - Method for producing light diffusion film and light diffusion film: o

20140340754 - Lens barrel: A lens barrel includes a frame body, a support frame, and a refracting lens frame. The support frame is configured to be supported by the frame body and move within a plane perpendicular to the optical axis with respect to the frame body. The refracting lens frame includes a lens... Agent:

20140340755 - Anti-glare film, polarizing plate and image display device: The present invention aims to provide an antiglare film that can be thinned without lowering the hard coat properties and antiglare properties, highly suppress scintillation and white muddiness, and provide display images with a high contrast. The antiglare film includes a light-transmitting substrate and an antiglare layer with surface roughness... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20140340756 - Optical coherence tomography optical probe systems and methods to reduce artifacts: A system for reducing artifacts produced in images using an optical probe system is provided. The artifacts are reduced by reducing power of secondary beam paths produced by non-Fresnel reflections by at least one of absorption, scattering and rejection of the secondary beam paths.... Agent: Ninepoint Medical, Inc.

20140340757 - Mirror assembly: A mirror assembly includes a mirror pane and a head cap. The mirror pane generally faces a first direction. The head cap has a first region and a second region. The first region generally faces a second direction and the second region generally faces a third direction. The first region... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140340758 - System and method for expansion of field of view in a vision system: This invention provides a system and method for expanding the field of view of a vision system camera assembly such that the field of view is generally free of loss of normal resolution across the entire expanded field. A field of view expander includes outer mirrors that receive light from... Agent: Cognex Corporation

20140340759 - Optical element and display apparatus: In an optical element, a half mirror layer includes a silver layer, a first dielectric multilayer film that is provided between the silver layer and a first translucent member made of resin, and a second dielectric multilayer film that is provided on the opposite side to the first translucent member... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140340760 - Beam combining device for a light-source device: A beam combining device for combining light from a first light source and light from a second light source of a light-source device for a medical apparatus includes a body made of a transparent material, a face which reflects in at least either a dichroic or polarization-dependent manner and is... Agent:

20140340761 - Beam-combiner for fiber-delivered laser-beams of different wavelengths: A beam combiner for combining laser-beams of different colors along a common path includes a directing-prism for each of the laser-beams and one combining-prism. The directing-prisms are arranged to transmit the laser-beams to the combining-prism. The directing-prisms and the combining-prism are configured and arranged with respect to each other such... Agent: Coherent, Inc.

20140340762 - Electroactive optical device: An electroactive optical device, in particular an electroactive lens, comprising an optical element (1) as well as an electroactive element (2) is described. The optical element (1) is an elastic solid, such as a gel or a polymer. The electroactive element (2) comprises a plurality of compliant electrodes (3a-3e) stacked... Agent:

20140340763 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus including the same:

20140340764 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus: An imaging lens includes: a positive first lens group; a positive second lens group which moves while focusing; and a third lens group. The first lens group includes a positive lens having a convex surface with a radius of curvature having a small absolute value toward the image side, a... Agent:

20140340766 - Image capturing lens system: An image capturing lens system includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element and a fifth lens element. The positive first lens element has a convex object-side surface at a paraxial... Agent:

20140340765 - Optical image capturing system: An optical image capturing system includes five lens elements with refractive power, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element and a fifth lens element. The first lens element with positive refractive... Agent:

20140340767 - Wide-angle imaging lens and imaging apparatus:

20140340768 - Image-forming lens, and camera device and portable information terminal device with the image-forming lens: An image forming lens consists of from an object side to an image side in the following order: a first group with a positive refractive power; an aperture stop; and a second group with a positive refractive power, wherein the second group includes, from the object side to the image... Agent:

20140340769 - Super wide angle lens and imaging apparatus using it: A super wide angle lens substantially consists of a positive first lens group in which a positive first lens, a negative second lens, a negative third lens, a negative fourth lens, a positive fifth lens, a sixth lens unit that is a cemented lens, a seventh lens, an aperture stop,... Agent:

20140340770 - Lens assembly for the motor vehicle; a driver's aid for enhaned visibility while driving: An assembly for the driver of a motor vehicle to mount onto the desired structure in the driver cockpit area such as the overhead sun visor or rearview mirror. The assembly consists of a transparent lens or multiple lenses contained in a holding structure with attachment means for the specified... Agent:

20140340771 - Lens barrel: The present invention provides a lens barrel applicable to digital cameras, image pickup devices and cell phones. The lens barrel is small, low-cost and high-performance, and can suppress, by means of a simple mechanism provided in the lens barrel, a variation in the focal position of the lens barrel caused... Agent: Jcd (guang Zhou) Optical Corporation Limited

20140340772 - Lens barrel: A lens barrel includes a first lens, a second lens, a first frame body, a second frame body, and a retracting lens frame. The retracting lens frame is configured to move so that a position of the second optical axis of the second lens changes from a position on the... Agent:

20140340773 - Lens barrel: The lens barrel includes a support frame and a retracting lens frame. The retracting lens frame is configured to support a lens and move around a retraction shaft with respect to the support frame during a transition period between an imaging enabled state and a housed state. The retraction shaft... Agent:

20140340774 - Lens barrel: The lens barrel includes a first planar portion, a barrier front cover, a vane portion, and a lens group frame. The first planar portion is configured to be substantially perpendicular to an optical axis and includes a first opening portion. The barrier front cover includes a second opening portion. The... Agent:

20140340775 - Lens holding device: said inner face part has an inner face facing said lens carrier, an outer face facing said coil, and a first side face and a second side face which connects said inner face and said outer face and approximately parallel to each other, further at said outer peripheral face of... Agent:

20140340776 - Lens device and imaging apparatus: A lens device, includes: a lens barrel including an operation ring provided to be rotatable about an optical axis; a drive unit including a drive part configured to rotatably drive the operation ring, the drive unit being detachably fixed to a predetermined portion on an outer circumference of the lens... Agent:

20140340777 - Lens barrel: A lens barrel includes a support frame and a retracting lens frame. The support frame includes a main body portion, a first linking portion and a second linking portion. The first region is configured to dispose the second lens in the imaging enabled state. The second region is formed continuously... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 51 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20140333977 - Display device: Provided is a display device. The display device includes a backlight unit generating a plurality of flat lights and a spatial light modulator (SLM) unit generating an interference pattern by using the plurality of lights according to hologram data and displaying a hologram based on the generated interference pattern. The... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140333978 - Forward scanning optical probes with one or more rotating components: In certain embodiments, a scanning system comprises optical elements and a movement system. The optical elements comprise an optical fiber and a focusing element. The optical fiber transmits a light ray and has a fiber axis that extends to an imaginary fiber axis. The focusing element refracts the light ray... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20140333979 - Laser scanning device and control method thereof: A laser scanning device and a control method thereof are provided. The method includes: providing a control signal to an oscillating reflective mirror of the device; setting a frequency of the control signal gradually decreased from a maximal-setting-value of a resonant frequency of the mirror; judging whether a light detector... Agent: Coretronic Corporation

20140333980 - Microactuator arrangement for deflecting electromagnetic radiation: A microactuator arrangement for the deflection of electromagnetic radiation, with a mirror plate which is suspended on a drive frame in a movable manner about a first rotation axis via spring elements, wherein the drive frame is suspended on a chip frame in a movable manner about a second rotation... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur F&#xf6 Rderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20140333981 - Opto-electronic apparatus with metallic structure: An opto-electronic apparatus with a metallic structure is provided, and includes a light-permissible medium and a metallic structure. The metallic structure is disposed inside or over the light-permissible medium, and is formed from arrangement of at least one metallic unit. Each metallic unit includes at least three metallic blocks of... Agent: Soyuan Technology Co., Ltd.

20140333982 - Electrochromic gel, method for producing the gel, method for controlling electronic printing and erasing on electrochromic gel, and stretchable display: The problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide an electrochromic gel which is excellent in flexibility and which is stretchable, a method for producing the gel, a method for controlling electronic printing and erasing, and a stretchable display. The problem is solved by using an electrochromic... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20140333985 - Device for regulating the passage of energy: The present invention relates to a device for regulating the passage of energy through a light-transmitting area, comprising a first polarisation layer, a second polarisation layer and a switching layer which is arranged between the two polarisation layers and changes the polarisation properties of polarised light as a function of... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20140333983 - Multifunctional building component: A multifunctional building component is capable of serving as one or more of a window, a wall, a shading device, a roofing element, a color panel, a display, an energy harvesting device, an energy storage device, and an energy distribution device.... Agent:

20140333986 - Optical beam steering for tunable laser applications: Methods for tuning a transmitter to a selected wavelength are disclosed. A transmitter including a laser array comprising a plurality of lasers spatially offset from one another and each having a laser output having a unique wavelength. A first prism is positioned to impart a first angular shift to the... Agent:

20140333984 - Thermocromic window and method of fabricating the same: A thermochromic window, the sunlight transmittance of which is adjustable depending on temperature, and a method of fabricating the same. The thermochromic window includes a substrate, a plurality of nanodots formed on the substrate, and a thermochromic thin film coating the substrate and the nanodots. The thermochromic thin film is... Agent: Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20140333988 - Color filter structure and manufacturing method thereof: The disclosure provides a color filter structure used to a reflective display. The color filter structure includes a transparent substrate, a plurality of color resists, a plurality of light-impermeable structures and a reflective layer. The transparent substrate has a top surface and a bottom surface, and the color resists are... Agent: E Ink Holdings Inc.

20140333991 - Display panel and display device: A display panel includes: substrates (10) and (20) which are provided so as to face each other; and an optical modulation layer (30) which is provided between the substrates (10) and (20), which contains a plurality of shape anisotropic members (32), and which controls a transmittance of light having entered... Agent:

20140333990 - Enhanced functionality of spd electronic controllers: A scalable apparatus and a network environment dynamically changes the light transparency of a single SPD device, a small number of SPD devices or thousands of such SPD devices installed in windows in automobiles, aircraft, trains, marine vehicles, residential homes, commercial buildings and skyscrapers. A scalable apparatus and a network... Agent: Spd Control Systems Corporation

20140333987 - Predictive electrophoretic display: A predictive electrophoretic display is described. An electrophoretic display may include charged particles, a portion of which are designated as electronic ink, disposed between a conductive display plate and a conductive back plate. Charges may be applied to the conductive plates to migrate the electronic ink to different states. For... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140333989 - Registered reflective element for a brightness enhanced tir display: The brightness of a TIR-based display is enhanced with a registered reflective element by recycling and reflecting light that passes through the dark pupil region of each hemi-spherical protrusion in the hemi-spherical surface back to the viewer. A method to fabricate a brightness enhanced TIR display comprising an apertured membrane... Agent: Clearink Displays LLC

20140333992 - Controllable polymer actuator: A controllable polymer actuator (1) comprising a dielectric elastomeric film (2); a first (3) and a second (4) deformable electrode arranged on opposite sides of the dielectric elastomeric film such that application of a voltage between the electrodes causes an active portion (7) of the controllable polymer actuator to change... Agent:

20140333994 - Method and device for the optical parametric amplification of pulses with frequency drift: According to the invention, which is particularly applicable to laser-matter interaction, a four-wave mixing effect is used, preferably in an optical fibre (F), between each pulse (S) and the two pump signals (P1, P2); and the half-sum (fM) of the respective optical frequencies (fP1, fP2) of these signals pertains to... Agent:

20140333993 - Optical sources: An optical source 10 comprising an optical output 12, a pump optical source 14, an optical splitter arranged to receive an optical signal from the pump optical source and to split the optical signal into a pump signal and a seed pump signal. A seed signal forming apparatus 18 is... Agent:

20140333995 - Vcsel pumped fiber optic gain systems: Optical pump modules comprising VCSEL and VCSEL array devices provide high optical power for configuring fiber optic gain systems such as fiber laser and fiber amplifier particularly suited for high power operation. Pump modules may be constructed using two reflector or three reflector VCSEL devices optionally integrated with microlens arrays... Agent: Princeton Optronics Inc.

20140333996 - Optical film: To provide an optical film that shows small change in color over time and is excellent in infrared reflectance and durability. An optical film having a laminated body including a high-refractive index layer and a low-refractive index layer on a substrate, wherein the layer adjacent to the substrate contains at... Agent:

20140333997 - Observation system and method of controlling observation system: An observation system includes: a container holding unit; a ring illumination, including a light source in a ring shape, arranged in a position opposed to an outer bottom surface of a container so that a central axis of the illumination is aligned to that of a bottom surface of the... Agent:

20140333998 - Micro-lens for high resolution microscopy: A method and apparatus for nanoscopy comprising a salt microlens. The microlens-based nanoscope comprises a conventional microscope, a microlens, and a XYZ piezoelectric stage is shown (SEE FIG. 1A). The microlens is mounted on a Z-stage and can be driven to accomplish the scanning. The specimen is placed above the... Agent: Board Of Trustees, Southern Illinois University

20140333999 - Polyester-based primer composition, optical film and polarizing plate comprising the same: There is provided a polyester-based primer composition including 100 parts by weight of a polyester resin, 1 to 20 parts by weight of water-dispersible particles, and water as a remainder. Since a polyester-based primer composition of the present disclosure is excellent in water resistance and solvent resistance differently from a... Agent:

20140334000 - Tinted polarizing optical element and method for manufacturing such an element: The invention relates to a tinted polarizing optical element (1), including a polarizing assembly (5) consisting of at least a first layer (7) and a second layer (9) made of a thermoplastic or thermosetting material and sandwiching a polarizing film (11) therebetween, and to a method for manufacturing said optical... Agent: Bnl Eurolens

20140334001 - Multilayered optical film, manufacturing method thereof, and display device: An embodiment of an optical film includes: a polarization layer; a first phase retardation layer; a second phase retardation layer; and a light blocking layer disposed between the first phase retardation layer and the second phase retardation layer and extending along a circumference of the second phase retardation layer, wherein... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140334002 - Patterned retarder: A patterned retarder includes at least one retardation plate comprising a substrate substantially transparent in visible spectral range and having front and rear surfaces and a set of parallel stripes located on front surface of the substrate and possessing in-plane retardation.... Agent: Crysoptix Kk

20140334003 - Combination optical filter and diffraction grating and associated systems and methods: Optical components and systems comprising combined optical filters and diffraction gratings are generally described. In certain embodiments, an optical filter is in contact with a diffraction grating. In certain embodiments, the optical filter and the diffraction grating can be used to diffract and direct a first portion of electromagnetic radiation... Agent: Optometrics Corporation

20140334004 - Combination optical filter and diffraction grating and associated systems and methods: Optical components and systems comprising combined optical filters and diffraction gratings are generally described. In certain embodiments, an optical filter is in contact with a diffraction grating. In certain embodiments, the optical filter and the diffraction grating can be used to diffract and direct a first portion of electromagnetic radiation... Agent: Optometrics Corporation

20140334005 - Signal enhancement by silk photonic crystals: The present invention provides silk photonic crystals that can be used to enhance light-induced effects. Also disclosed are biocompatible, functionalized, all-protein inverse opals and related methods.... Agent:

20140334006 - Scratch-resistant articles with a gradient layer: Embodiments of this disclosure pertain to articles that exhibit scratch-resistance and improved optical properties. In some examples, the article exhibits a color shift of about 2 or less, when viewed at an incident illumination angle in the range from about 0 degrees to about 60 degrees from normal under an... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140334007 - Optical element stacks for the direction of light: Provided herein are devices and associated methods for the direction of light, e.g. sunlight. The devices may comprise various stacked optical elements, including wedge prisms and angled-facet minors, such as Fresnel prisms and mirrors. These may be rotated to effect various angles of light redirection. In one embodiment, the invention... Agent:

20140334010 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus includes: a glass-type frame mounted to a head of an observer; and two image displaying devices for the left and right eyes that are attached to the frame. Each of the image displaying devices includes an image forming device, an optical system making light from the image... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140334008 - Image display device and head mounted display: According to one embodiment, an image display device includes a holder. The holder includes a holding member, a first extension portion, and a second extension portion. The holding member has a first end, and a second end separated from the first end, and includes a first portion, and a second... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140334009 - Optical element, display apparatus, and method for manufacturing optical element: A method for manufacturing an optical element includes forming a functional layer (half mirror layer) on a first face of a first translucency member that is made of cyclo olefin polymer or cyclo olefin copolymer, and forming an inorganic coating layer having translucency (silicon oxide layer) on a second face... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140334011 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus: An imaging lens includes: a first lens group having a positive refractive power which is fixed during focusing operations; a second lens group having a positive refractive power which moves during focusing operations; and a third lens group which is fixed during focusing operations. The first lens group includes a... Agent:

20140334012 - Zoom lens, optical apparatus, and method for manufacturing the zoom lens:

20140334013 - Zoom lens system, optical apparatus and method for manufacturing zoom lens system: In a zoom lens system, an optical apparatus, and a manufacturing method, there are provided, in order from an object side: a first lens group having positive power, a second lens group having negative power, a third lens group having positive power, a fourth lens group having negative power, a... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140334014 - Macro lens and imaging unit: A macro lens includes: a first focus lens group having negative refractive power; and a second focus lens group arranged closer to an image side than the first focus lens group is arranged and having positive refractive power. At time of performing a focusing operation from an object at infinite... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140334015 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus: An imaging lens composed of a positive first lens group, an aperture stop, a positive second lens group, and a positive third lens group disposed in order from the object side. The first lens group includes one negative lens and one positive lens disposed in order from the object side.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140334016 - Five-aspheric-surface wafer-level lens systems having wide viewing angle: A wafer-level lens system includes a first substrate, a first lens having a planar surface in contact with the first substrate and a concave aspheric surface, a second substrate, a second lens having a convex aspheric surface facing the first lens and a planar surface in contact with the second... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20140334017 - Imaging lens: Disclosed herein is an imaging lens, including: a first lens having positive (+) power and being biconvex; a second lens having negative (−) power and being concave toward an image side; a third lens having positive (+) power and being biconvex; a fourth lens having positive (+) power and being... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140334018 - Imaging lens assembly: An imaging lens assembly includes first, second and third optical lenses that are arranged sequentially from an object side to an image side along an optical axis, and a constant-aperture diaphragm disposed between the second optical lens and the object side. Each of the first and second optical lenses has... Agent: Ability Opto-electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140334019 - Composite plastic lens and method of manufacturing the same: A composite plastic lens including: a lens having a convex surface, a lens back surface, and a protrusion formed on at least part of an periphery; and a holder, the lens and the holder being molded integrally, wherein the cross-sectional shape of at least part of the lens including an... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140334020 - Super wide angle lens and imaging apparatus: c

20140334021 - Lens laminate and method: An optical lens laminate has an adhesive member with at least one aperture, an optical member with an optical feature; and another optical member with an optical feature. The lens laminate may be made by positioning the at least one adhesive member between the optical members, with the apertures aligned... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140334022 - Interchangeable lens, camera body and electronic device: An interchangeable lens to be detachably attached to a camera body, that includes a holding unit at which a plurality of contacts is arranged, in the interchangeable lens, the first contact is arranged on one end and the eleventh contact is arranged on another end of the arrangement of the... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140334023 - Optical delay elements created from variations of the robert cell: An optical delay device comprises a multi-pass optical cell including first and second facing curved mirrors defining an optical cavity. One curved mirror includes a spatially extended aperture, such as a wedge-shaped notch aperture formed into the perimeter of the curved mirror. One curved mirror is split into two component... Agent:

20140334024 - Optical reflector with increased field-of-view: An optical element such as a reflector defining a differentiable fiducial surface having a first portion, with a flat region, that seamlessly adjoins, along a curved line, a second portion having a two-dimensionally curved region. The quality of optical imaging in the reflector is drastically improved by reducing the ratio... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20140334025 - Asymmetric sectioned convex mirrors: Asymmetric sectioned mirrors are presented. The mirrors include, for example, constant radius of curvature sections that are selected to increase the sizes and improve the definitions of images, for example images of children milling, walking and/or standing about either the front or alongside regions of a school bus. The mirrors... Agent:

20140334026 - Layered photochromic composition and device: An optical power-limiting passive (self-adaptive) device and method for limiting optical power transmission in lenses and windows, using layers of different photochromic compositions that exploit the full solar ultraviolet (UV) and short visible light spectrum. While a typical single photochromic material is activated by a UV band of wavelengths, e.g.... Agent:

20140334027 - Oxime ester photoinitiators: Oxime ester compounds of formula (I), wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, and R10 independently of each other are hydrogen, C1-C20alkyl, (A), COR14, NO2, or OR15; provided that at least one of R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, and R10 is (A), and... Agent: Basf Se

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