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Optics: measuring and testing

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04/10/2014 > 27 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140098358 - Method for determining and/or compensating range offset of a range sensor: A method for compensating range offset of a range sensor located in a predetermined position in a spatial environment and comprising a pixel array adapted for measuring a distance, the spatial environment comprising at least two stationary reference positions located at predetermined reference distances, the method comprising the steps of:... Agent: Melexis Technologies N.v.

20140098359 - Method and apparatus for monitoring a treatment of a patient, preferably for monitoring hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, and/or peritoneal dialysis: The present invention pertains to a method for monitoring a treatment of a patient, preferably for monitoring hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration and/or peritoneal dialysis, the method comprising the steps of irradiating a sample of a dialysis liquid used in the treatment with irradiation light of at least a first irradiation wavelength, detecting... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20140098360 - Method of discriminating banknote using terahertz electromagnetic waves: A method of discriminating a banknote using terahertz waves includes irradiating a banknote with terahertz waves; detecting reflected waves reflected from the banknote; generating a reflected image of the banknote based on the detected reflected waves; and discriminating the banknote based on the reflected image. Accordingly, whether a banknote is... Agent: Kisan Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140098361 - Measuring modal content of multi-moded fibers: Techniques for analyzing output modal content of optical fibers that support more than one spatial mode are disclosed. These techniques are based on spatially resolving interference between co-propagating modes and constructing a spatial beat pattern between the co-propagating modes. By doing so, these techniques provide information about the modes that... Agent:

20140098362 - Optical fiber line characteristic analysis apparatus and analysis method thereof: A test pulse is generated from a first and a second test light beam pulse with different wavelengths, with a predetermined time difference applied between the first and the second test light beam pulse. A circulator inputs the test pulse to a trunk fiber of a measurement target fiber line.... Agent: Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation

20140098363 - System and method for determining size and location of minimum beam spot: The disclosure is directed to a system and method for determining at least one characteristic of an illumination beam emanating from an illumination source. A substrate having a plurality of apertures may be actuated through an illumination beam so that apertures at different spatial offsets are scanned through the illumination... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140098364 - Classification of surface features using fluoresence: Provided herein is an apparatus, including a photon emitter configured to emit photons onto a surface of an article, a photon detector array configured to receive photons from surface features of the article; and a processing means configured for processing photon-detector-array signals corresponding to photons scattered from the surface features... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140098365 - Inspection equipment for mouth section of bottle-can: Inspection equipment for mouth section of bottle-can, including: a rotating device which holds and rotates the bottle-can around a can-axis; a first illumination device which irradiates a first illumination light toward the curl portion in an imaging area; a second illumination device which irradiates a second illumination light having a... Agent: Kurashiki Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140098366 - Smart iv bag with optical iv drug identification tag: This invention relates to a smart IV bag with a structurally integrated optical tag for IV drug identification and monitoring. The optical tag comprises a flow cell with a fluid channel in communication with the IV bag to sample a portion of the IV fluid onto an optical surface embedded... Agent: Bwt Property, Inc.

20140098367 - Device and method for characterizing a light beam: Method of characterizing a light beam (FL) comprising the steps consisting in: a) disposing the input ends (EE1-EE11) of N>3 optical fibres (F01-F011) on the path of said light beam, in such a way that a respective portion of said beam is coupled and propagates in each optical fibre and... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140098368 - Chemical characterization of surface features: Provided herein is an apparatus, including an optical characterization device; a photon detector array configured to sequentially receive a first set of photons scattered from surface features of an article and a second set of photons scattered from surface features of the article and subsequently processed by the optical characterization... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140098369 - Ellipsometer focusing system: An ellipsometer includes an integrated focusing system with a beam splitter between the sample and the ellipsometer detector. The beam splitter provides a portion of the radiation to a lens system that magnifies any deviation from a best focus position by at least 2×. The focusing system includes a 2D... Agent: Nanometrics Incorporated

20140098370 - Imaging a transparent article: Provided herein is an apparatus, comprising a first photon emitter configured to emit photons into an article from a circumferential edge of the article, and a photon detector array configured to detect photons scattered from features of the article.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140098371 - Fourier transform micro spectrometer based on spatially-shifted interferogram bursts: A spectrometer with improved resolution includes a spectral domain modulator having a periodic response in the spectral domain to modulate a wideband source spectrum and cause one or more shifted bursts in the interferogram.... Agent: Si-ware Systems

20140098372 - Interferometric sensing apparatus including adjustable coupling and associated methods: A sensing apparatus comprises an excitation source configured to induce waves in a target, and a fiber optic interferometer configured to sense the induced waves in the target. The fiber optic interferometer comprises a probe segment having a probe segment end, and an adjustable coupler configured to permit setting a... Agent:

20140098374 - Apparatus and methods for uniform frequency sample clocking: A method and a system for Uniform Frequency Sample Clocking to directly sample the OCT signal with a temporally-non-linear sampling clock derived from a k-space wavemeter on the external sample clock input port of a digitizer.... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20140098373 - Polarization-sensitive spectral interferometry: A polarization sensitive spectral interferometer apparatus and method for analyzing a sample by optical energy reflected from the sample. The polarization sensitive spectral interferometer apparatus and method determines polarization properties of the sample by optical energy reflected from the sample.... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20140098375 - Position monitoring system with reduced noise: An interferometry system for monitoring changes in the position of an object, the system includes a spectrally broadband light source, a sensor module having an interferometer that direct portions of the light received from the source along separate paths. The system includes an intensity monitor having a detector configured to... Agent:

20140098376 - Tissue sampling for pathological study: A probe device for use in a tissue inspection system is presented. The probe device comprises a probe body and a control unit at least partially incorporated in the probe body. The probe body carries at least a tissue characterization unit operable for providing sensing data indicative of at least... Agent: Dune Medical Devices Ltd.

20140098378 - Articulating measuring arm with laser scanner: A coordinate measurement device comprises an articulated arm having a first end, a second end, and a plurality of jointed arm segments therebetween. Each arm segment defines at least one axis of rotation. A laser scanner assembly is coupled to the second end of the arm and is rotatable about... Agent: Hexagon Metrology, Inc.

20140098377 - Image retrieving apparatus and optical displacement estimating apparatus: An image capturing apparatus comprising: a light source, for transmitting incident light to an objective without utilizing any medium besides air, such that the light emits from the objective to generate passing-through light; and a sensor, for capturing an image of the objective according to the passing-through light.... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140098381 - Method for correcting three-dimensional measurements of a spherically mounted retroreflector: A method of measuring spherically mounted retroreflector (SMR) with a 3D coordinate measurement device such as a laser tracker. The SMR includes an open-air cube corner retroreflector having a vertex point located near a sphere center of the SMR. Measurements of the SMR to the vertex point are moved to... Agent: Faro Technologies, Inc.

20140098383 - Method for measuring 3d coordinates of a spherically mounted retroreflector from multiple stations: A method of measuring spherically mounted retroreflector (SMR) with a 3D coordinate measurement device such as a laser tracker. The SMR includes an open-air cube corner retroreflector having a vertex point located near a sphere center of the SMR. Measurements of the SMR to the vertex point are corrected to... Agent: Faro Technologies, Inc.

20140098380 - Method for preparing specimens for microscopy: An apparatus for preparing specimens for microscopy including equipment for providing two or more of each of the following specimen processing activities under continuous vacuum conditions: plasma cleaning the specimen, ion beam or reactive ion beam etching the specimen, plasma etching the specimen and coating the specimen with a conductive... Agent:

20140098379 - Scanning optical positioning system with spatially triangulating receivers: Embodiments are directed towards detecting the three dimensional position of a position sensing device (PSD) utilizing a spot scanned across a remote surface. A trajectory map may be determined for a projection system. The trajectory map may identify a location of the spot at various times during the scan. A... Agent:

20140098382 - Spherically mounted retroreflector having an embedded temperature sensor and socket: A spherically mounted retroreflector (SMR) having an embedded temperature sensor and a socket for attaching to an electrical connector.... Agent: Faro Technologies, Inc.

20140098384 - Method and means for determining change in pipe diameter: A diameter sensing assembly is provided for determining the location of a change in diameter in a pipe from a remote location outside of the pipe. The assembly includes an imaging device operatively connected to an imaging cable and a diameter sensing device operatively connected to a sensing cable. The... Agent: Lmk Technologies, LLC

04/03/2014 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140092375 - Monitoring and management for energy storage devices: A monitoring and management system (MMS) includes one or more fiber optic cables arranged within or on portions of an energy storage device. Each fiber optic cable includes multiple optical sensors. At least one of the optical sensors is configured to sense a parameter of the energy storage device that... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20140092376 - Container and method for in-line analysis of protein compositions: A system and method for the in-line analysis of protein-containing compositions for protein denaturation. The system and method employ providing a protein-containing composition in a container that can be directly used in an analytical method for evaluating the denaturation of a protein. The container can be directly employed in an... Agent: Momentive Performance Materials, Inc.

20140092377 - Systems and methods for measuring birefringence in glass and glass-ceramics: Systems and methods of for measuring birefringence and stress in a sample made of ion-exchanged glass or a ceramic are disclosed, wherein the method includes digitally capturing TE and TM angular spectra of intensity versus pixel number for the sample. The TE and TM angular spectra are processed to minimize... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140092378 - Uv diode laser excitation in flow cytometry: The present invention generally relates to a method and apparatus for exciting particles, and more specifically relates to analyzers or sorters for exciting fluorescently labeled particles with a multimode diode laser and the optics for making high resolution determinations from the multimode diode laser beam excitation.... Agent: Xy, LLC

20140092379 - Method and device for measuring gas component concentration inside a glass unit: A non-invasive method for determining a concentration of a gas component in a gas mixture contained in a spacing of a glass unit having at least two glass sheets spaced apart from each other and forming the spacing. One or more light beams is applied at an angle to the... Agent:

20140092380 - Method of measuring multi-mode fiber bandwidth through accessing one fiber end: A method of measuring the bandwidth of a multi-mode optical fiber using single-ended, on-line and off-line approaches and test configurations. The method includes: transmitting a light signal through the first end of a multi-mode fiber toward the second end of the multi-mode fiber, so that a portion of the light... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140092381 - Portable optical fiber test set controllable through wireless mobile device: A portable optical fiber test set controllable through a wireless mobile device includes: a portable optical fiber tester, which has a communication interface and can test an optical fiber; and a wireless mobile device electrically connected to the communication interface, so that the wireless mobile device can control the portable... Agent: Radiantech, Inc.

20140092382 - Specimen transporter, specimen testing system and specimen transporting method: A specimen transporter transports a specimen plate to a specimen imaging apparatus. The specimen transporter comprises a plate container configured to contain the specimen plate therein, and a transport mechanism which transports the plate container to the specimen imaging apparatus with the specimen plate contained in the plate container.... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140092383 - Spectroscopic device: A spectroscopic device includes a lamp house accommodating a light source inside, a spectrometer configured to disperse light from the lamp house, a temperature measurement means for measuring a temperature of the spectrometer, a heating means for heating the spectrometer, a storage means and a control unit. The storage means... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140092384 - Diffraction grating manufacturing method, spectrophotometer, and semiconductor device manufacturing method: The present invention has been made in view of the above, and an object thereof is to provide a manufacturing technique capable of manufacturing a diffraction grating which is suitable for use in a spectrophotometer and has an apex angle of a convex portion of about 90° and can satisfy... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140092385 - Dispersed fourier transform spectrometer, methods and systems: A spectrometer is provided, the spectrometer having an interferometer generating an interferogram by splitting an interferometer input signal between a reference arm and a variable delay arm, and introducing a delay between the split interferometer input signals prior to interfering the split interferometer input signals. The spectrometer additionally has a... Agent: Tornado Medical Systems, Inc.

20140092386 - Method and device for analyzing small particles in gas: A method for detecting decalibration of a device for analyzing particles, including irradiating particles with light, detecting light scattered from the particles, amplifying, digitizing and detecting the electric signal obtained in a plurality of digital channels corresponding to the intensity representing the particle size and monitoring the appearance of the... Agent: Palas Gmbh Partikel- Und Lasermesstechnik

20140092387 - High resolution wavelength measurement system using a coarse, stable timing signal: A source generates an optical test signal sweeping a bandwidth of wavelengths over time. The test signal is applied to a device under test (DUT) to generate a response signal. A timing signal generator connected to the source generates a timing signal having triggers at time instances corresponding to known... Agent:

20140092388 - Optical zoom probe: An optical zoom probe is provided. The optical zoom probe includes: an aperture adjuster which adjusts an aperture through which light which is transmitted by a light transmitter propagates; and a focus adjuster which focuses light that propagates through the aperture and which includes first and second liquid lenses for... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140092389 - Reflective sensor for detection of material degradation: A sensor for detecting material degradation may include an optical fiber and a housing through which the optical fiber extends. An end cap may be affixed to an end of the housing. Light provided through the optical fiber may be reflected off of the end cap back through the optical... Agent: Pd-ld, Inc.

20140092390 - Apparatus and method for obtaining spectral image: An apparatus for obtaining spectral image includes a variable spectral element capable of changing its spectral characteristics, a transmission wavelength setting unit for setting a wavelength of light to be transmitted by the variable spectral element, a variable spectral element control unit changing a first control of the variable spectral... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140092391 - Light source and optical coherence tomography apparatus using the same: A light source includes a control unit that controls currents injected into at least one light emitting region and a light emission spectrum conversion region. The at least one light emitting region includes a first light emitting region and a second light emitting region different from the first light emitting... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140092392 - Method for optical tomography: There is disclosed a method for detecting spatially structured sample volumes by means of coherent light and digital holography. There is also disclosed a method for analyzing the depth structure of samples in accordance with optical coherence tomography.... Agent: Medizinisches Laserzentrum Lubeck Gmbh

20140092393 - Displacement measurement apparatus and displacement measurement method: There is provided a displacement measurement apparatus including: a light source; a pair of diffraction gratings that light emitted from the light source enters, the pair of diffraction gratings opposing each other while being relatively movable along an optical axis; a first optical sensor that detects interference light obtained by... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20140092394 - Mechanism for faciiltating an optical instrumentation testing system employing multiple testing paths: A mechanism is described for facilitating optical testing of a device under test (DUT) using a testing mechanism having multiple testing paths according to one embodiment. A method of embodiments of the invention may include facilitating, via a loopback path, optical testing of the DUT in a loopback configuration. The... Agent:

20140092395 - Method for automated inline determination of the refractive power of an ophthalmic lens: A method for an automated inline determination of the refractive power of an ophthalmic lens (5) including providing an inspection cuvette having an optically transparent bottom (21) and having a concave inner surface (210) and containing the ophthalmic lens (5) immersed in a liquid, and providing a light source (42)... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140092396 - Device for measuring the relative position of two objects moving in relation to each other: The invention relates to a device for measuring the relative position of two objects moving relative to each other along an axis or around a rotating axis (D), with a transmitter (12) which emits unpolarized light, and with a polarizer (20), and with at least one receiver (16) which measures... Agent: Sick Stegmann Gmbh

03/27/2014 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140085621 - Proximity sensor and proximity sensing method using event-based vision sensor: A proximity sensor and a proximity sensing method using an event-based vision sensor are provided. The proximity sensor may include a point identification (ID) unit which identifies a point at which an output light output from a focused light source is reflected from an object in an image taken by... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140085622 - Three-dimensional hyperspectral imaging systems and methods using a light detection and ranging (lidar) focal plane array: A system for three-dimensional hyperspectral imaging includes an illumination source configured to illuminate a target object; a dispersive element configured to spectrally separate light received from the target object into different colors; and a light detection and ranging focal plane array (FPA) configured to receive the light from the dispersive... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20140085623 - Technique for tomographic image recording: The invention relates to a device (10; 210; 310; 410; 510) for tomographic image recording. The device comprises a sample retainer (14), a light source (12), and a detector unit (16). The light source (12) is designed to produce a pencil beam (38), which has a beam direction (40) and... Agent: Laser Zentrum Hannover E.v.

20140085624 - Coaxial gyro accelerometer in a semiconductor substrate: A coaxial gyro accelerometer device in a semiconductor substrate for simultaneously sensing coaxial linear and rotational forces. An exemplary device includes a resonating cantilever beam within a substrate and a package having a resonating cavity. The package supports the substrate while allowing the beam to resonate. The substrate also includes... Agent: Honeywell Interntional Inc.

20140085625 - Skin and other surface classification using albedo: A system and method are disclosed relating to a pipeline for generating a computer model of a target user, including a hand model of the user's hands and fingers, captured by an image sensor in a NUI system. The computer model represents a best estimate of the position and orientation... Agent:

20140085626 - Optical fiber grating tracker and method for detecting optical fiber line fault: An optical fiber grating tracker includes a first stub, a second stub, an optical fiber grating, and a connection part. The connection part has a through hole. The first stub is inserted into one end of the through hole. The second stub is inserted into the other end of the... Agent: T&s Communications Co., Ltd.

20140085627 - Process for determining position parameters of a manufactured surface relative to a reference surface: Determining position parameters defining relative position of manufactured derivable surface relative to reference surface, the process comprising: a step during which a nominal surface expressed in a nominal frame of reference and corresponding to the theoretical derivable surface to be manufactured with the nominal value of the position parameters defining... Agent:

20140085628 - Optical instruments: An optical instrument (10) has a drop-supporting surface for receiving a droplet (98) of liquid with a cover (16) mounted on the housing (12) which receives a light source and provides communication between the light source (114) and the inner surface of the cover. A loading aperture (24) extending through... Agent:

20140085629 - Active hyperspectral imaging systems: An active hyperpixel array imaging system including a hyperspectral analyzer; an active spatial light modulator dynamically configurable to direct light, from at least a portion of a field of view of the hyperpixel array imaging system, towards the hyperspectral analyzer for capture of a two-dimensional image including spectral information; and... Agent: Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC

20140085630 - Spectroscopic apparatus and methods for determining components present in a sample: This invention concerns a spectroscopic method, apparatus for determining whether a component is present in a sample. In one aspect, the method includes resolving a model of the spectral data separately for candidates from a set of predetermined component reference spectra, and determining whether a component is present in the... Agent: Renishaw PLC

20140085631 - Device for the high-resolution mapping and analysis of elements in solids: A device is provided for mapping and for analysis of at least one element of interest included in a solid sample by laser-induced plasma optical emission spectrometry, enabling a high-resolution mapping, notably of elements such as hydrogen and oxygen, and is applicable to the fields of the nuclear industry and... Agent:

20140085632 - Pixel-shifting spectrometer on chip: Various embodiments of apparatuses, systems and methods are described herein for implementing pixel-shifting or an interpixel shift to increase the effective dispersion and effective spectral resolution of a spectrometer in a manner which is faster, less complicated and more robust compared to conventional techniques that employ mechanical motion to implement... Agent:

20140085633 - Wavenumber-linearized spectrometer on chip in a spectral-domain optical coherence tomography system: Various embodiments of apparatuses, systems and methods are described herein related to a spectrometer that can generate a plurality of narrowband optical signals having a wavenumber linear format without using an increased number of optical components and without an increase in signal processing.... Agent:

20140085634 - Multi-function spectrometer-on-chip with a single detector array: Various embodiments of apparatuses, systems and methods are described herein for a spectrometer comprising at least two dispersive elements configured to receive at least one input optical signal and generate two or more pluralities of spatially separated spectral components, at least a portion of the at least two dispersive elements... Agent:

20140085635 - Determining a flow characteristic of an object being movable in an element: A sensor device (340) for determining a flow characteristic of an object (341) being movable in an element (342) comprises a light emitting unit (344) configured for emitting light towards the element (342) and a light detecting unit (344) configured for detecting light scattered back from the element (342). The... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140085636 - Device and method for detecting liquid crystal display panel: A device and method for detecting a liquid crystal display panel (100) can perform loaded electrical signal detection on an FFS-type liquid crystal display panel (100), thereby increasing the yield of products. The device comprises a transparent bearing platform (101), a first polarizer (102), a second polarizer (103) and a... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20140085637 - Tunable light source system and method having wavelength reference capability: Tunable light source systems and methods with wavelength reference capability are disclosed. A method includes reference filtering a portion of a tunable light beam while the tunable center wavelength λC is tuned over a range by adjusting a wavelength tuning parameter x. The method also includes detecting the reference-filtered tunable... Agent:

20140085638 - Spatially resolved imaging of opto-electrical property variations: Systems and methods for opto electric properties are provided. A light source illuminates a sample. A reference detector senses light from the light source. A sample detector receives light from the sample. A positioning fixture allows for relative positioning of the sample or the light source with respect to each... Agent:

20140085639 - Laser swept source with controlled mode locking for oct medical imaging: An optical coherence analysis system uses a laser swept source that is constrained to operate in a mode locked condition. This is accomplished by synchronously changing the laser cavity's gain and/or phase based on the round trip travel time of light in the cavity. Many high-speed wavelength swept laser sources... Agent: Axsun Technologies, Inc.

20140085640 - Measurement systems and measurement methods: A measurement system is provided to measure a hole of a target, including a light source generation unit, a capturing unit and a processing unit. The light source generation unit generates a light source and focuses the light source on a plurality of different height planes. The capturing unit captures... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140085642 - Lighting apparatus for measuring the position of a mobile terminal, and position measuring system using same: A lighting apparatus for measuring the position of a mobile terminal is disclosed. The disclosed lighting apparatus may be a lighting apparatus for measuring the position of a mobile terminal by way of visible light communication. The lighting apparatus comprises one or more boundary lighting devices positioned in a boundary... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University

20140085641 - Method and apparatus for recognizing location of piled objects: A piling location recognizing apparatus and method for accurately determining a piling location using an optical sensor. The piling location recognizing apparatus includes an optical sensor moving unit configured to move on an installed moving line according to a predetermined angle with respect to a recognition target object, an optical... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140085643 - Method and means for determining pipe diameter: An apparatus and method for determining the diameter of a pipe from a remote location is disclosed. A measuring assembly, including a reference device and an imaging device, is inserted into a pipe from a remote location. The reference device is inflatable to a predetermined and known diameter within the... Agent: Lmk Technologies, LLC

03/20/2014 > 33 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140078490 - Information processing apparatus and method for measuring a target object: An information processing apparatus includes at least one projection unit configured to project a light pattern on a measuring target object, at least one imaging unit configured to capture an image of the measuring target object with the light pattern projected thereon, a measurement unit configured to measure a distance... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140078488 - Optical radar device: An optical radar device for scanning an object that reduces the effects of stray light is provided. The optical radar device has a light source, a light scanning section, a light path change section, a light receiver, and an opposite phase signal adder. The opposite phase signal adder adds an... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140078489 - Optical radar device: An optical laser device for scanning an object is provided. The optical radar device includes a light source that outputs a beam having an elliptical cross section. The beam is output towards a light scanning section that rotates a mirror plate about an axis for (i) reflecting the beam toward... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140078491 - Measuring apparatus and measuring device for measuring a target object in a multidimensional manner: The disclosure relates to a measuring apparatus, in particular a handheld measuring apparatus, for measuring a target object in a multidimensional manner, wherein the distance to individual object points of the target object is sequentially measured, in particular using a phase-measuring system, which apparatus has at least: a transmitting device... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140078492 - Multi-band imaging spectrometer: One embodiment disclosed is a spectrometry system for collecting spatially and temporally co-registered hyperspectral data covering multiple spectral bands. The spectrometry system includes a single entrance slit for receiving light and a plurality of disperser elements operating over a plurality of distinct spectral bands to disperse the received light into... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140078494 - Optical gas detector: A gas detector including an assembly of two hemispherical caps having opposite concavities, and which are reflective on at least a portion of their opposite surfaces, and a wafer arranged in an equatorial plane of the assembly of the two caps, in the vicinity of but spaced apart from the... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140078493 - System and method for removing surface particles from an object: A fluid jet may be delivered by an outlet to dislodge particles from an object, such as a person. An image sensor may track particles dislodged from the object. The image sensor may also be configured to analyze the dislodged particles in flight. The dislodged particles may also be captured... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140078495 - Inline metrology for attaining full wafer map of uniformity and surface charge: An apparatus for performing metrology of a wafer. The apparatus may include a substrate with a plurality of microprobes. A plurality of light sources may direct light onto each of the microprobes. Light reflected from the microprobes may be detected by a plurality of photodetectors thereby generating a detection signal... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20140078496 - Optical measuring system and optical measuring device thereof: An optical measuring device includes a case, a reflective layer and a light collecting lens module. A measuring chamber and a channel, which is connected to the measuring chamber and is connected to an opening of the case, reside in the case. The reflective layer is disposed onto an inner... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140078497 - Apparatus for inspecting film: A film inspection apparatus for inspecting the state of a film includes a transfer unit that fixes the film in a flat state and that transfers the film, and includes an inspection unit that inspects the film transferred through the transfer unit. The transfer unit includes a carrier that is... Agent:

20140078498 - Appearance inspection device, appearance inspection method, and program: A burden on a user is reduced by referring to a measurement region set for a certain measurement tool among a plurality of measurement tools to be used by an appearance inspection device as a measurement region of another measurement tool. A reference point or a search region serving as... Agent: Keyence Corporation

20140078499 - Systems and methods for inspecting and monitoring a pipeline: Disclosed are systems and methods for inspecting and monitoring an inner surface of a pipeline. One system includes a pig arranged within the pipeline, one or more optical computing devices arranged on the pig adjacent the inner surface of the pipeline for monitoring at least one substance present on the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140078501 - Analytical system with capillary transport: An analytical system is disclosed. The analytical system includes a storage container configured to store a plurality of capillaries. It also includes a gripper configured to receive at least one of the plurality of capillaries, and move the at least one capillary so that an end of the capillary contacts... Agent: Beckman Coulter, Inc.

20140078500 - Pathogen and particle detector system and method: A particle detector has a sample area of cross section no in excess of about 2 mm for containing environmental fluid, a light source on one side of the sample area for directing a collimated or nearly collimated beam of light through the sample air or water so that part... Agent:

20140078502 - Flow cytometer nozzle tip: A nozzle tip formed from a cylindrical body defining a longitudinal axis and a frustoconical body adjoining the cylindrical body on the longitudinal axis. The cylindrical body may be in fluid communication with the frustoconical body. The frustoconical body may end in a flat surface with a nozzle exit orifice... Agent: Inguran, LLC

20140078503 - Spectroscope, wavelength variable interference filter, optical filter device, optical module, and electronic device: A spectrometer includes a first reflective film, a second reflective film facing the first reflective film with a gap interposed therebetween, a gap change portion that changes the amount of the gap by changing the relative position of the second reflective film with respect to the first reflective film, and... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140078504 - Optical gas detector: A gas detector including: an assembly of two coaxial parabolic reflective caps having opposite concavities, and a wafer arranged in the focal plane of the two caps, at the center of this focal plane, comprising, back-to-back: a diverging light emitter directed towards the first cap and a light receiver directed... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140078505 - Optical device, method of forming an optical device, and method for determining a parameter of a fluid: According to embodiments of the present invention, an optical device is provided. The optical device includes an optical fiber comprising a core for propagation of light and a cladding surrounding the core, and at least one microchannel defined in the optical fiber extending at least partially through the cladding, wherein... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20140078506 - Optical time-domain reflectometry signal detection method and apparatus: The present invention provides an optical time-domain reflectometry signal detection method, including the following steps: modulating, under the control of a correlation code pattern sequence respectively, n detection optical signals transmitted by detection light sources of different wavelengths into n pulse optical signals, where n is a natural number greater... Agent: Huawei Marine Networks Co., Ltd.

20140078507 - Devices and methods for measuring light: The invention features devices and methods for collecting and measuring light from external light sources. In general, the devices of the invention feature a light diffusing element, e.g., as a component of a light collector, connected by a light conducting conduit, e.g., a fiber optic cable, to a light measuring... Agent: Bluelight Analytics, Inc.

20140078508 - Optical module: An optical module includes an interferometer having at least two optical exit ends; an optoelectronic converting element having at least two light-receiving surfaces; and plural lenses that are disposed between the interferometer and the optoelectronic converting element, that optically couple light exiting from the interferometer with two light-receiving surfaces of... Agent: Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

20140078509 - Microelectromechanical system (mems) and (mem) optical interferometer for hyper-spectral imaging and analysis: A microelectromechanical system (MEMS) (10), and a microelectromechanical (MEM) optical interferometer (18), for hyper-spectral imaging and analysis. System (10) includes matrix configured collimating micro lens (16), for receiving and collimating electromagnetic radiation (60) emitted by objects (12) in a scene or sample (14); microelectromechanical optical interferometer (18), for forming divided... Agent: Green Vision Systems Ltd.

20140078510 - Scanning device for low coherence interferometry: A system for lateral scanning of a sample using optical coherence tomography is presented. The low coherence interferometry system includes a first multiplexing unit and a second multiplexing unit. The first multiplexing unit is configured to receive a first beam of radiation and includes a first plurality of optical delay... Agent: Medlumics S.l

20140078511 - Variable polarization separation via beam splitter rotation: An apparatus for separating polarization of light includes a rotatable beam splitter including an input for receiving light with a first polarization and an output for outputting light with a second polarization different from the first polarization. Rotation of the rotatable beam splitter changes the first polarization of the input... Agent: Luna Innovations Incorporated

20140078512 - Motion-compensated optical coherence tomography system: A motion-compensated optical coherence tomography system includes an optical coherence tomography sensor that includes a common-path optical fiber having an end for emitting light, reflecting reference light and receiving returned light for detection; a motion-compensation system attached to the common-path optical fiber and operable to move at least a portion... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140078513 - Method of measuring a shape of an optical surface based on computationally combined surface region measurements and interferometric measuring device: Measuring a shape of an optical surface (14) of a test object (12) includes: providing an interferometric measuring device (16) generating a measurement wave (18); arranging the measuring device (16) and the test object (12) consecutively at different measurement positions relative to each other, such that different regions (20) of... Agent: Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

20140078514 - Wide angle bistatic scanning optical ranging sensor: A sensor for determining a profile of an object surface relative to a reference plane includes a radiation source, a collector, a processor, first and second reflectors and at least one reflective element comprising third and fourth reflectors secured in mutual angular relation. The radiation source projects a launch beam... Agent: Neptec Design Group Ltd.

20140078517 - Medical wide field of view optical tracking system: A medical Wide-Field-Of-View optical-tracking-system for determining the position and orientation of a target-object in a reference coordinate system. The system includes at least three light-emitters, at least one optical-detector and a processor. The processor is coupled with each optical-detector. One optical-detector is a Wide-Field-Of-View optical detector, which acquires an image... Agent: Elbit Systems Ltd.

20140078515 - Optical grid enhancement for improved motor location: Methods for performing a scheme that results in a refined measurement pattern within an optical grid are provided. Physically adjusting spacing of elements within an optical grid to achieve enhanced resolution is historically unfeasible, as reduction of the spacing causes light sensors of the optical grid to pick up false... Agent: IntermecIPCorp.

20140078516 - Position detection apparatus and image display apparatus: This position detection apparatus includes a plurality of light receiving portions receiving a reflected laser beam from an indicator, a lens, a masking portion arranged between the light receiving portions and the lens, having a masking surface restricting the reflected laser beam guided to the light receiving portions in a... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140078518 - Method and apparatus of measuring precise high speed displacement: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for measuring precise high speed displacement, and more particularly, to a method and apparatus for measuring precise high speed displacement, which measures displacement of a test specimen by using a uniform intensity laser line and by using differences in a laser... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140078519 - Laser scanner: A method of dynamically adjusting an angular speed of a light beam emitted by a scanner in measuring three-dimensional (3D) coordinates of a surface or of dynamically adjusting an acquisition rate of 3D coordinates of a surface.... Agent: Faro Technologies, Inc.

20140078520 - Method and device for detecting double parts: The invention relates to the positioning of an additional photo receiver in addition to the known laser sensors for detecting double parts during transport and during the loading of machines, which are situated opposite each other. The additional photo receiver receives the laser beam from a laser sensor located opposite,... Agent: Roland Electronic Gmbh

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