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Optics: measuring and testing

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05/14/2015 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150131079 - System for monitoring power lines: Disclosed is a system for monitoring a power line. The system includes a ground unit and one or more airborne measurement devices for measuring distances between the power line and objects spatially located in proximities of the power line. Each of the one or more airborne measurement devices includes a... Agent:

20150131078 - Synthetic wave laser ranging sensors and methods: Systems and methods for measuring a distance to an object. An exemplary method includes directing light beams from three or more continuous-wave lasers onto a target to generate an interference beam, and also frequency shifting the light beams split off from the lasers to generate local oscillator beams. When the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150131080 - Methods and apparatus for array based lidar systems with reduced interference: An array-based light detection and ranging (LiDAR) unit includes an array of emitter/detector sets configured to cover a field of view for the unit. Each emitter/detector set emits and receives light energy on a specific coincident axis unique for that emitter/detector set. A control system coupled to the array of... Agent:

20150131081 - Position determination using synthetic wave laser ranging: Systems and methods for determining the position of an object in a coordinate system. An exemplary system includes three or more laser ranging sensors each configured to direct a sensor beam of continuous-wave light toward a target. Light reflecting off the target interferes with the sensor beam creating an interference... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150131082 - Vehicle, system for receiving and transmitting optical signals, and methods: Vehicle, provided with: —at least an optical passage (1) situated at a vehicle exterior for passing on optical signals (S1, S2); —at least an elongate optical signal guide (2), extending between said passage (1) and at least an optical signal processing unit (U) situated in the vehicle. The invention further... Agent: Phyco Trading B.v.

20150131083 - Objective optical system for atr measurement, and atr measurement device: An objective optical system for ATR measurement is provided with a housing, in the interior, an ATR crystal that is transparent in visible light and has a semispherical surface through which light enters; an infrared optical member for irradiating a sample with infrared light at an angle that is equal... Agent: S.t.japan Inc.

20150131084 - Sensor system for environmental impact monitoring: A self-contained monitor array for measuring at least one type of electromagnetic emission and at least one type of mechanical wave emission from a marine-based and/or terrestrial human activity or installation such as alternate energy sources. A multi-modal monitor system includes at least two such arrays, at least one clock,... Agent:

20150131085 - Systems and methods for reducing false negative tamper detection: The present invention is related to monitoring movement, and in particular to systems and methods for securing a monitoring device to a monitor target.... Agent:

20150131086 - Traveling environment detection device: A driving environment detection device acquires a captured image of the direction the host vehicle is travelling in, and from the captured image, extracts parameters relating to brightness of a road surface for a road driven by the host vehicle. Then, on the basis of the parameters, the driving environment... Agent:

20150131087 - Inspection system: To improve sensitivity of a defect inspection, it is required to decrease influence of excessive diffraction from a spatial filter. Further, it is preferable to secure signal intensity from defects and particles as much as possible, while the influence of the excessive diffraction is decreased as much as possible. The... Agent: Hitachi High- Technologies Corporation

20150131088 - Substrate inverting apparatus and substrate processing apparatus: Provided is a technique which can properly invert a plurality of substrates at a time. To achieve this object, a substrate inverting apparatus includes: a support mechanism which supports a plurality of substrates in a state where the substrates are stacked vertically in a spaced-apart manner in a horizontal posture;... Agent:

20150131090 - Multi-angle spectral imaging measurement method and apparatus: A lighting device that emits illumination light from two or more angular directions onto a sample surface to be measured, an imaging optical lens, and a monochrome two-dimensional image sensor are provided. This configuration provides a method and an apparatus that take a two-dimensional image of the sample surface to... Agent: Office Color Science Co., Ltd.

20150131089 - Optical spectroscopy device, process of making the same, and method of using the same: An optical spectroscopy device includes a first cladding layer is positioned over a photodetector. An optical core region is over the first cladding layer where the optical core region is configured to receive a light beam. The optical core region includes a first grating having a first pitch where the... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20150131091 - Moving laser focus in a spectrometer: In an embodiment, an apparatus may include a light source, a beam manipulator, an optical component, an analyzer, and a detector. The light source may generate an incident light at a first frequency. The beam manipulator may include one or more polyhedron-shaped prisms that may deflect the incident light for... Agent:

20150131092 - Optical device and detection apparatus: An optical device emits a light for detecting and/or identifying a measurement sample when a light from a light source is incident thereon. This optical device includes multiple metal nanostructures formed on a dielectric body, a first organic molecular film which is formed on the dielectric body between two adjacent... Agent:

20150131094 - Cavity ring-down spectroscopic system and method: A system and method for cavity ring-down spectroscopy can include a pulsed quantum cascade laser, an optical ring-down cavity, a photodetector, and an oscilloscope. The system and method can produce pulse widths of less than 200 ns with bandwidths greater than 300 pm, as well as provide temporal resolution of... Agent: King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology

20150131093 - Systems and methods for pressure differential molecular spectroscopy of compressible fluids: Described herein is a spectroscopic system and method for measuring and monitoring the chemical composition and/or impurity content of a sample or sample stream using absorption light spectroscopy. Specifically, in certain embodiments, this invention relates to the use of sample pressure variation to alter the magnitude of the absorption spectrum... Agent:

20150131095 - Cuvette for detecting bacteria: A method for detecting and counting particles suspended in fluids, such as bacteria suspended in urine, utilizing dynamic features of the suspended particles and employing light scattering measurements. The disclosed method is suitable for determining the susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics. A cuvette for detecting bacteria in fluids, which is... Agent:

20150131096 - Measuring apparatus, and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides a measuring apparatus which measures a shape of an object to be measured, comprising an emitting unit configured to emit pattern light, an optical system configured to irradiate the object with the pattern light emitted from the emitting unit, a deflection unit configured to deflect light... Agent:

20150131097 - Configurational chirality based separation: A method of determining the relative concentrations of enantiomeric forms of a compound in an enantiomeric mixture includes combining the enantiomeric mixture with carbon nanotubes or graphene to form a carbon-enantiomer mixture, exposing the mixture to a monochromatic polarized light, and analyzing reflected polarized light from the mixture using a... Agent:

20150131098 - Systems and methods for correcting optical reflectance measurements: We disclose measurement systems and methods for measuring analytes in target regions of samples that also include features overlying the target regions. The systems include: (a) a light source; (b) a detection system; (c) a set of at least first, second, and third light ports which transmit light from the... Agent:

20150131099 - Light irradiation device, particle analysis device, and light irradiation method: The light irradiation device includes: a light irradiator that irradiates irradiation positions different from each other on a flow path through which a particle flows with a plurality of lights corresponding to the irradiation positions, respectively; and a controller that controls light emission from the light irradiator. When the particle... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150131100 - Mems optical sensor: The present invention relates to an all-optical sensor utilizing effective index modulation of a waveguide and detection of a wavelength shift of reflected light and a force sensing system accommodating said optical sensor. One embodiment of the invention relates to a sensor system comprising at least one multimode light source,... Agent:

20150131101 - Spectroscopic sensor: A spectroscopic sensor 1A comprises an interference filter unit 20A having a cavity layer 21 and first and second mirror layers 22, 23 and a light detection substrate 30 having a light-receiving surface 32a for receiving light transmitted through the interference filter unit 20A. The interference filter unit 20A has... Agent:

20150131102 - Interferometric measurement system with optical fibre and inertial guidance or navigation system including such an interferometric measurement system: A fiber optic interferometric measurement system includes a light source; first and second optical transmission elements; first and second Sagnac-ring interferometers, respectively, including first and second fiber optic coils, and, respectively, having lengths L1 and L2; and first and second individual integrated optical circuits, respectively, connected to the first and... Agent: Ixblue

20150131103 - Noise compensated fiber optic sensing systems and methods of operating the same: A fiber optic sensing system. The fiber optic sensing includes an optical source and a lead cable for receiving an optical signal from the optical source. The fiber optic sensing system also includes a sensor array for receiving the optical signal from the lead cable. The sensor array includes a... Agent: Us Seismic Systems, Inc.

20150131104 - Apparatus and method for generating tomography image: Provided are a tomography image generating method and an apparatus for generating a tomography image. The method of generating a tomography image includes, in response to a depth scan operation performed on an object, generating a candidate tomography image by using an interference signal acquired by the performed depth scan... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150131105 - Broadband wavelength-swept light source system and apparatus employing the same: A light source system includes: a plurality of gain mediums configured to output a corresponding plurality of lights having different center wavelengths from each other; a first light source part configured to connect the plurality of gain mediums to each other in parallel and emit the plurality of lights; a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150131106 - Evanescent field opto-mechanical displacement sensor and phase shifter: A method and system described for sensing a displacement by receiving and propagating a laser light signal with an etched waveguide that is configured to enable an evanescent optical field above the waveguide surface. A movable perturber can be positioned so the perturber interacts with the evanescent optical field above... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150131108 - System and method for inspecting railroad ties: A system for inspecting railroad ties in a railroad track includes a light generator, an optical receiver and a processor. The light generator is oriented to project a beam of light across the railroad track while moving along the railroad track in a travel direction. The optical receiver is oriented... Agent:

20150131109 - Inner diameter measuring device and inner diameter measuring method: An inner diameter measuring device, comprising a measurement carriage (2) traveled in straight direction, pipe holding frames (3, 4) disposed at front and rear positions with respect to advancing direction of the measurement carriage and for mounting a pipe to be measured (7), a measuring head (11) supported at a... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 32 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150124237 - Inspection and repair module: The invention relates to an inspection and repair module for an internal side wall of a vertically erected structure, with the module including a carrier for supporting at least one data recording mechanism and being securable to a hoist, and for an inspection and repair module for an internal wall... Agent:

20150124238 - Object detecting apparatus: An object detecting apparatus includes: a light projection unit that is an array light source in which each of a plurality of light emission areas emits light, an optical scanning unit that performs scanning with the light, which is emitted from the light projection unit, in a first direction, and... Agent:

20150124239 - System and method for measuring the position of the contact wire of an overhead power line relative to a railway track: The invention relates to a system for measuring the position of the contact wire of an overhead power line, comprising a first measurement means including a vertical rangefinder capable of measuring the height of the contact wire and a second measurement means capable of measuring the offset of the contact... Agent:

20150124241 - Optical distance measurement device with calibration device to take cross-talk into account: A measurement device for measuring an optical distance of an object includes an emission device configured to emit a first signal towards the object. The measurement device further includes a modulator device configured to modulate the first signal and a reception device configured to detect a second signal. The measurement... Agent:

20150124242 - Scanning range finder: A scanning optical range finder in a mobile robot includes an optical emitter circuit, a non-imaging optical element, an optical detector circuit, and a ranging circuit. The non-imaging optical element is arranged to receive optical signals at an entrance aperture thereof responsive to operation of the optical emitter circuit, and... Agent:

20150124240 - Time of flight camera system: A light propagation time camera system and a method for operating such a system, in which—in a distance measurement a first range-related variable is ascertained using a phase shift in an emitted and received signal for a first modulation frequency,—and in a control measurement a second range-related variable is ascertained,... Agent: Ifm Electronic Gmbh

20150124243 - Telescopic sights for firearms, and related methods: A telescopic sight (10) for a firearm includes a main housing (12), an objective lens assembly (22) for creating an image of a distant object, an ocular lens assembly (30) presenting the image to a viewer, and an optical element assembly (40) between the objective lens assembly (22) and the... Agent: Lightforce Usa, Inc., D/b/a/ Nightforce Optics, Inc.

20150124244 - Emissivity independent optical pyrometer: Disclosed herein are representative embodiments of methods, apparatus, and systems for determining the temperature of an object using an optical pyrometer. Certain embodiments of the disclosed technology allow for making optical temperature measurements that are independent of the surface emissivity of the object being sensed. In one of the exemplary... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20150124245 - Inspection arrangement: The invention relates to an arrangement for analyzing an at least partially reflective surface of a wafer or other objects, containing a holder for holding the object; an inspection arrangement arranged at a distance in the region in front of the surface to be analyzed; and a measurement arrangement for... Agent:

20150124246 - System and method for identifying fiber sequence in a multi-fiber optical cable: A system, method and apparatus for identifying fiber sequence in a multi-fiber optical cable are disclosed. The system may include an OTDR device, a receiver, and a launch box. The receiver may comprise a plurality of receiver-fibers differentiated from each other by length. Each receiver-fiber is connected to a fiber... Agent: Afl Telecommunications LLC

20150124247 - Metrology optimized inspection: Methods and systems for determining one or more parameters of a wafer inspection process are provided. One method includes acquiring metrology data for a wafer generated by a wafer metrology system. The method also includes determining one or more parameters of a wafer inspection process for the wafer or another... Agent:

20150124248 - Suspended solids test device and method: A Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Device which includes a plurality of calibrated sample containers in a case, such that each calibrated sample container contains a calibrated sample, wherein each calibrated sample is a sample with a known suspended solids concentration prepared from a site sample, such that said TSS device... Agent:

20150124249 - Light measurement apparatus: The light measurement apparatus according to the present invention includes: an integrating sphere; a reference calibration light source body holding unit that is arranged on the integrating sphere and to which a reference calibration light source body is attached; a test light source body holding unit that is arranged on... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20150124250 - Spatially resolved optical emission spectroscopy (oes) in plasma processing: Disclosed is a method, computer method, system, and apparatus for measuring two-dimensional distributions of optical emissions from a plasma in a semiconductor plasma processing chamber. The acquired two-dimensional distributions of plasma optical emissions can be used to infer the two-dimensional distributions of concentrations of certain chemical species of interest that... Agent:

20150124253 - Light collection optics for measuring flux and spectrum from light-emitting devices: Systems and methods for accurately measuring the luminous flux and color (spectra) from light-emitting devices are disclosed. An integrating sphere may be utilized to directly receive a first portion of light emitted by a light-emitting device through an opening defined on the integrating sphere. A light collector may be utilized... Agent:

20150124252 - Photonic crystal sensor apparatus and techniques: Apparatus and methods can include an optical waveguide coupled to a photonic crystal comprising a dielectric material, the photonic crystal located on an exterior surface of the optical waveguide and comprising a first surface including a first array of periodic features on or within the dielectric material, the array extending... Agent:

20150124251 - Resonator with reduced losses: A device for detecting electromagnetic radiation comprises a waveguide and at least one resonator on a substrate, and a low-refractive index region between each resonator and the substrate. The low-refractive index region has a lower refractive index than a material of the resonator. The low-refractive index region may be annular,... Agent: Astrium Limited

20150124254 - Electro-optic grating-coupled surface plasmon resonance (eospr): An instrument for measuring and analyzing surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and/or surface plasmon coupled emission on an electro-optic grating-coupled sensor surface is described herein. The sensor chip achieves SPR through a grating-coupled approach, with variations in the local dielectric constant at regions of interest (ROI) at the sensor surface detected... Agent:

20150124255 - Lateral shift measurement using an optical technique: Alignment of layers during manufacture of a multi-layer sample is controlled by applying optical measurements to a measurement site in the sample. The measurement site includes two diffractive structures located one above the other in two different layers, respectively. The optical measurements include at least two measurements with different polarization... Agent:

20150124256 - Method and device for alignment of an optical imaging system: An optical imaging system is to be aligned with its optical axis in relation to a given alignment axis. For this, a radiation beam is emitted from one side of the imaging system along the alignment axis. In the direction of beam propagation, there is located behind the imaging system... Agent:

20150124257 - Reduced volume spectroscopic sample cell: A sample cell can be designed to minimize excess gas volume. Described features can be advantageous in reducing an amount of gas required to flow through the sample cell during spectroscopic measurements, and in reducing a time (e.g. a total volume of gas) required to flush the cell between sampling... Agent: Spectrasensors, Inc.

20150124258 - Detection apparatus: Provided are an optical device, a detection apparatus, etc., capable of obtaining a sufficiently large enhanced electric field without utilizing coupling between a localized surface plasmon and a propagating surface plasmon. An optical device includes a substrate, a metal layer formed on the substrate, a dielectric layer formed on the... Agent:

20150124259 - Method for biodynamic spectroscope imaging: Systems and methods for imaging small (˜1 mm thick) living biological specimen is provided to enable the generation of functional 3D images of living tissue for evaluating the effect of an external perturbation on the health of the specimen. A fluctuation power spectrum is constructed for each pixel of a... Agent:

20150124260 - Optical device for interferometric analysis of the condition of the internal surface of a tube: The invention relates to an optical device for interferometric analysis of the condition of the internal surface of a tube (11). The device comprises an optical fibre (3), the free end of which is pointed and then bevelled at the single core thereof and the bevelled surface is metalised (10),... Agent: Universite Joseph Fourier

20150124262 - Control apparatus and control method: A control apparatus includes an irradiation unit configured to irradiate a measurement object with a measuring beam, a restriction unit configured to restrict the measuring beam from being incident on the measurement object and to reflect or scatter the measuring beam, and a polarization control unit configured to control, based... Agent:

20150124261 - Multi-channel optical coherence tomography: An optical coherence tomography apparatus includes a multi-beam configuration unit comprising at least a first optical path having a first numerical aperture and a second optical path having a second numerical aperture. The multi-beam configuration unit orients the second optical path in a selected orientation in space relative to the... Agent: Tomey Corporation

20150124263 - Fabry-perot interferometer and a method for producing the same: The invention relates to a Fabry-Perot interferometer and a method for producing the same. More specifically, the invention relates to Fabry-Perot interferometers which are controllable with one or several actuators, such as piezoelectric, electrostrictive or flexoelectric actuators. In prior art technology there is a problem to achieve a sufficiently small... Agent: Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt

20150124266 - Body shape, position, and posture recognition suit with multi-core optical shape sensing fiber: A measurement apparatus includes a body suit for a body that includes an appendage having a pivotable joint, the body suit comprising a sleeve to cover the appendage, wherein a first portion of the sleeve is configured to cover the pivotable joint. One or more multi-core optical fiber sensors is/are... Agent:

20150124265 - Reconfigurable surfaces for information security and protection of physical biometrics: Surfaces for information security and protection of physical biometrics, such as a fingerprint, is described. Such biometric information recording surface includes a plurality of raised structures that can reproduce a biometric information when a body part containing the biometric information is applied to the biometric metric information recording surface. The... Agent:

20150124264 - System and method for stabilizing optical shape sensing: A system and method for shape sensing with optical fiber include collecting (610) shape data from a shape sensing optical fiber device. The shape data are tested (620) to determine data positions that exceed an acceptable threshold based on geometrical expectations of the shape data. The shape data corresponding to... Agent:

20150124268 - Detector for optically detecting at least one object: A detector (110) for optically detecting at least one object (112) is proposed. The detector (110) comprises at least one optical sensor (114). The optical sensor (114) has at least one sensor region (116). The optical sensor (114) is designed to generate at least one sensor signal in a manner... Agent: Basf Se

20150124267 - Rotor lamination shaping for minimum core loss in srms: An electrical machine rotor includes a flux-conducting portion and a flux-inhibiting portion. The flux-conducting portion is conducive to conveying an electromagnetic flux and has a plurality of salient rotor poles and a portion of back material. The flux-inhibiting portion is less conducive to conveying an electromagnetic flux than the flux-conducting... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 41 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150116691 - Indoor surveying apparatus and method: An indoor surveying apparatus comprises a light source, a color imaging system, a memory storing calibration coefficients, and a computing device for determining coordinates of 3D intersection points of the emitted light with objects using calibration coefficients and images captured by the imaging system. A method of using the surveying... Agent: Planitar Inc.

20150116694 - Mobile measurement devices, instruments and methods: A portable instrument or apparatus includes a portable device and a rangefinder module. The rangefinder module can be attached to the portable device, which may be any suitable smartphone, tablet or other consumer electronics device having a camera. By suitable alignment of the rangefinder and camera, the device is capable... Agent:

20150116692 - System and method for scan range gating: A system for scanning light to define a range gated signal includes a pulsed coherent light source that directs light into the atmosphere, a light gathering instrument that receives the light modified by atmospheric backscatter and transfers the light onto an image plane, a scanner that scans collimated light from... Agent:

20150116693 - Three-dimensional measuring method and surveying system: The invention provides a surveying system comprising a total station installed at a known point and having a tracking function, at least one movable measuring device having a prism for retro-reflecting a distance measuring light and a tracking light projected from the total station and capable of moving and of... Agent:

20150116695 - Light radar signal processing apparatus, systems and methods: Samples of a light radar (“LIDAR”) return signal are stored in an analog circular buffer following the transmission of a LIDAR pulse. Sampling continues for a fixed period of time or number of samples during a post-trigger sampling period after the occurrence of a trigger signal from a trigger circuit.... Agent:

20150116696 - Method and system for determining a velocity of a relative movement between an object and a fluidal medium: Disclosed is a method and a system for determining a velocity of a relative movement between a system for determining the velocity and a fluidal medium. The method includes directing at least two light beams through at least a portion of the fluidal medium using the system such that a... Agent: Newsouth Innovations Pty Limited

20150116697 - Fibre optic taut wire: A taut cable with a fiber optic cable with Bragg diffusion gratings allows a suitable driver circuit to determine the shape of the taut cable at a large number of points along its length. This enables the total 3-dimensional shape of the taut cable to be estimated and from which... Agent: Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd.

20150116698 - Method of inspecting a surface of a substrate and apparatus for performing the same: In a method of inspecting a surface of a substrate, a first surface image of the substrate before loaded into a process chamber may be obtained. The first surface image may be processed to detect a defect on the surface of the substrate. Thus, the surfaces of all of the... Agent:

20150116700 - Device for inspecting a cleave of an optical fiber endface, and related components, systems and methods: A fiber inspection device is configured to inspect a cleave of an optical fiber endface. The device may also be configured to inspect a polish of the optical fiber using the same imaging hardware and/or software. Just as it is important to attain a smooth uniform polish of the optical... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20150116699 - Removable device for inspecting polish of an optical fiber endface using a portable camera, and related components, systems, and methods: A fiber inspection device is configured to be removably attached to a portable camera, such as a smartphone or other mobile computing device. The device may be arranged to have a slim form factor that complements the form factor of the smartphone or other device. The device may be configured... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20150116701 - Defect inspection apparatus and method: A defect inspection apparatus is disclosed that includes a stage, a photosensitive element, and a controller. The stage can support a semiconductor element that has a plurality of complete dies and partial dies surrounding the complete dies. The photosensitive element is located above the stage. The controller is electrically connected... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150116702 - Defect inspection method and defect inspection device: To enable the detection of a more minute defect with a defect detection device, the defect inspection device is provided with: an illumination light irradiating section that irradiates illumination light on a linear area of a specimen from an inclined direction; a detection optical system section provided with multiple detection... Agent:

20150116703 - Reflective optical element: A reflective optical element for a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus, a mask inspection apparatus or the like. The reflective optical element has an optically effective surface, an element substrate (12, 32, 42, 52), a reflection layer system (14, 34, 44, 54) and at least one deformation reduction layer (15, 35,... Agent:

20150116704 - Compact multi-channel gas correlation sensor and sensing methodology: A multi-channel gas correlation sensor and sensing method are provided. A spectral partitioning filter at the sensor's aperture or a pupil image thereof partitions a beam of light energy into unique spectral regions. Each spectral region is confined to a unique spatial region of the beam and passes light energy... Agent: G&a Technical Software, Inc.

20150116705 - Spectral imager: A system and method are provided for spectral imaging an object or scene 2. A first image 2a of the object or scene 2 is projected on a spatial modulator 6 and divided into a plurality of first image segments 2a′ modulated with a respective plurality of modulation frequencies f1-fN.... Agent:

20150116706 - Apparatus for performing a sensing application: An apparatus for performing a sensing application includes a reservoir to contain a solution, a dispenser to dispense the solution from the reservoir, and a substrate having a plurality of nano-fingers positioned to receive the dispensed solution, in which the plurality of nano-fingers are flexible, such that the plurality of... Agent: Hewlett-packard Developement Company L.p.

20150116707 - Spectroscopic measurement device and spectroscopic measurement method: A spectroscopic measurement device includes a variable wavelength interference filter capable of selectively emitting light with a predetermined wavelength out of incident light, and changing the wavelength of the light to be emitted, a light receiving element adapted to output a detection signal corresponding to a light exposure in response... Agent:

20150116708 - Apparatus for measuring particle size distribution by light scattering: Apparatus for determining particle-size distribution of a sample by light-scattering includes a helium neon laser (102), a sample cell having cell windows (120, 122) and a focal plane detector (124). Detectors are also provided for detecting light scattered by a sample within or flowing through the sample cell. The apparatus... Agent:

20150116711 - Method of smoke detection with direct detection of light and detection of light reflected from an external sampling volume: In accordance with certain embodiments, a smoke detector comprises a housing, a light source, one or more light detectors, and an evaluation circuit for determining the presence of smoke particles outside the housing based on light emitted from and reflected back into the housing, as well as light emitted within... Agent:

20150116710 - Particle detector and method for producing such a detector: The invention relates to a particle detector including a substrate made of a semiconductor material, in which at least one through-cavity is formed, defined by an input section and an output section, wherein the input section thereof is to be connected to an airflow source, the substrate supporting: an optical... Agent:

20150116709 - Sensor and method for turbidity measurement: The sensor comprises the following elements: radiation emitter of two or more wavelengths (2), a radiation receiver to measure the transmitted radiation. (2), a radiation receiver to measure the scattered radiation (3), and an inner space (4) of the measurement unit containing the fluid being evaluated. The it three elements... Agent: Universidade De Aveiro

20150116712 - Defect detection method and defect detection device and defect observation device provided with same: The disclosed device, which, using an electron microscope or the like, minutely observes defects detected by an optical appearance-inspecting device or an optical defect-inspecting device, can reliably insert a defect to be observed into the field of an electron microscope or the like, and can be a device of a... Agent:

20150116713 - Apparatus and methods for measuring mode spectra for ion-exchanged glasses having steep index region: Apparatus and methods for measuring mode spectra for ion-exchanged glass substrates having a steep index region are disclosed. An interfacing fluid is provided between the coupling prism and the glass substrate. The interfacing fluid thickness is selected so that the variation in modal birefringence with fluid thickness is reduced to... Agent:

20150116714 - Authenticating device: An authenticating device is used for optically authenticating a testing area of a first surface of a valuable document. The valuable document defines a normal perpendicular to the first surface and a datum penetrating the normal and two sides of the valuable document. The datum and the first surface collectively... Agent: International Currency Technologies Corp.

20150116715 - Method for monitoring quality of yarn by electronic yarn cleaner and detector for carrying out the method: A method and sensor are provided for monitoring the quality of yarn by an electronic cleaner of yarn by means of an optical detector having a sensor with one or two rows of individual optical elements that are rectangular-shaped and have analog outputs. Each of the optical elements has a... Agent:

20150116716 - Line segment detection apparatus, and storage medium storing control program: A line segment detection apparatus includes a head that supports a sensor configured to detect light reflected by a surface of a cutting target medium and output a signal corresponding to an amount of the detected light, a driving unit configured to move the head in two-dimensional directions relatively to... Agent:

20150116717 - Scanning in angle-resolved reflectometry and algorithmically eliminating diffraction from optical metrology: Angle-resolved reflectometers and reflectometry methods are provided, which comprise a coherent light source, an optical system arranged to scan a test pattern using a spot of coherent light from the light source to yield realizations of the light distribution in the collected pupil, wherein the spot covers a part of... Agent:

20150116719 - Catadioptric illumination system for metrology: A catadioptric optical system operates in a wide spectral range. In an embodiment, the catadioptric optical system includes a first reflective surface positioned and configured to reflect radiation; a second reflective surface positioned and configured to reflect radiation reflected from the first reflective surface as a collimated beam, the second... Agent:

20150116718 - Optical sensor and image forming apparatus incorporating same: An optical sensor includes a light-emitting unit to emit light onto a measuring object, a regular reflection light receiver to receive regular reflection light from the measuring object out of the light emitted by the light-emitting unit, and a diffuse reflection light receiver to receive diffuse reflection light from the... Agent:

20150116720 - Compact spectrometer for two-dimensional sampling: The present invention relates to a spectrometer including a diopter (11); capturing means (15, 18) at said diopter (11) of an interferogram (12) originating from two interference beams (F1, F2) and forming interference lines (13) along the transverse axis (Ox) of the interferogram (12) within the plane (xOy) of the... Agent: Universit&#xc9 De Technologie De Troyes

20150116721 - Ultra-thin optical coatings and devices and methods of using ultra-thin optical coatings: A spectral encoder includes a thin layer of lossy dielectric material whose thickness varies transversely from 0 to a thickness of about λ/4n (e.g., <100 nm), where λ is the wavelength of incident radiation and n is the dielectric material's refractive index. The dielectric layer reflects (and/or transmits) light at... Agent:

20150116722 - Dispersion managed interferometric fiber optic gyroscope: A dispersion managed interferometric fiber optic gyroscope comprising: a coupler coupled to the broadband light source via a first input fiber; an IOC comprising: a beamsplitter that directs the input signal to a first output and a second output; a combiner configured to combine a first return signal from the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150116723 - Fibre-optic measurement device, rate gyro, and inertial stabilisation and navigation unit: A fibre-optic measurement device (10) includes a SAGNAC ring interferometer (20) having a proper frequency fp, a detector (14) and a modulation chain (30) generating a phase-shift modulation φm(t) between the two counter-propagating waves (24, 25) propagating in the ring interferometer. The device aims to reduce measurement faults due to... Agent: Ixblue

20150116724 - Frequency tunable laser system: There is provided a frequency tunable laser system comprising a laser, frequency varying means arranged for varying an optical frequency output of the laser, an intensity sensor arranged for receiving light from the laser, and a processor arranged for controlling the frequency varying means for varying the optical frequency output... Agent:

20150116726 - Arrangements, devices, endoscopes, catheters and methods for performing optical imaging by simultaneously illuminating and detecting multiple points on a sample: Devices, arrangements, endoscopes, catheters and methods adapted to propagate at least one electro-magnetic radiation are provided. In particular, a waveguide apparatus specifically configured may be utilized to split the electro-magnetic radiation into a plurality of beams that are intended to illuminate a biological sample, and impart a unique associated characteristic... Agent:

20150116725 - Technique for controlling a corneal ablation laser: A device for optical coherence tomography comprises a light generator, a dispersive medium, an optical coupler and a detector. The light generator is adapted to generate input pulses of coherent light, each input pulse having an input pulse width. The dispersive medium has an input that is optically coupled to... Agent: Wavelight Gmbh

20150116727 - Method and device for measuring the flatness of a metal product: A method measures the flatness of a metal product and an associated device. The method applies to a metal product, in the form of either a strip or a plate from a metallurgical processing line. The product to be measured being, by default, free of external traction. The method contains... Agent:

20150116728 - Pipe measurement: A method is disclosed of measuring a hollow object such as a pipe including temporarily attaching to that object a reference target support such as a stencil that supports a plurality of scannable reference targets. When scanning the object with a movable scanner, most conveniently a hand-held scanner, the reference... Agent:

20150116729 - Autofocus system and method: Autofocus system (AF) employing, in addition to specified optical units, fringe projection and fringe detection systems (FPS, FDS) and specifically-configured data processing system. AFS is configured to project with FPS a sinusoidal fringe pattern, formed by a pattern source, on a substrate and to image the so projected pattern from... Agent:

20150116730 - Device for detecting the position of watch hands: Device for detecting the position of at least a first and a second hand of an electromechanical watch, said first and second hands moving above a dial, the detection device including a single light source emitting a light beam towards the first and second hands, and a first and a... Agent: The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd.

20150116731 - Device for position determination: A device for position determination includes a light source and a planar measurement reflector movable along a measurement direction oriented perpendicular to the measurement reflector. A detector device is disposed such that a beam emitted by the light source strikes the detector device after impinging on the measurement reflector so... Agent:

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