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Optics: measuring and testing

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10/02/2014 > 34 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140293265 - Automatic range corrected flash ladar camera: A three dimensional imaging camera comprises a system controller, pulsed laser transmitter, receiving optics, an infrared focal plane array light detector, and an image processor. The described invention is capable of developing a complete 3-D scene from a single point of view. The 3-D imaging camera utilizes a pulsed laser... Agent: Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc.

20140293262 - Imaging system for wire detection: The present disclosure provides a system, method, and apparatus for detection and imaging. In one or more embodiments, the disclosed method involves transmitting, with a first optical transmitter, a first transmit signal to an object (e.g., a wire); and transmitting, with a second optical transmitter, a second transmit signal to... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140293264 - Laser radar device: A laser radar device has a light projection part that projects light to a monitoring area outside a vehicle, and a light receiving part that receives a reflected light that is projected by the light projection part and reflected by an object outside the vehicle. The light projection part has... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140293263 - Lidar comprising polyhedron transmission and receiving scanning element: A LIDAR system having a rotating geometric solid polyhedron reflective scanning and receiving element disposed on a rotation table element. The system is configured for scanning a transmitted electromagnetic beam such as a laser beam over a scene of interest in both elevation and azimuth and for receiving a reflected... Agent:

20140293267 - Laser radar device: A laser radar device has a light projection part that projects light to a monitoring area outside a vehicle from a vehicle interior through a glass surface, a light receiving part that is placed a given distance away from the light projection part in a substantially horizontal direction to receive... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140293266 - Local alignment and positioning device and method: A device and method that uses terrain features having one or more predetermined characteristics or weights in an electronic image date frame or set of frames such as a LIDAR voxel set of image data frames for use as system reference points which are, in turn, used in one or... Agent:

20140293268 - Speed measuring device for conveyor line: A speed measuring apparatus for a conveyor line may include a lighting unit mounted to one side of the conveyor line with a bracket, a coupling module coupled to an upper side of the lighting unit, the coupling module having coupling portions formed on both sides of an upper side... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140293269 - Deformation measurement sensor operating in a hostile environment and including an optical movement measurement module, and measurement system using said sensor: The sensor includes: an enclosure comprising an opening a movable element having a first surface that is brought into contact with an object that can deform, for example a nuclear fuel rod, and a second surface that is reflective and extends into the enclosure through the opening; a sealed, resilient... Agent:

20140293270 - Object authentication: A device detects multi-spectral imaging by using scan elements. The device may include an illumination module and a detection module to detect light scattered from an object illuminated by the illumination module. The device may also include an array of light sources to produce light at a plurality of different... Agent:

20140293271 - Sensor for checking value documents: The invention relates to a sensor for checking value documents with a detection device having at least two photodetectors through which the detection light of the value document is detectable in at least two different spectral regions. The detection device contains a collecting optic common to the photodetectors, through which... Agent:

20140293272 - Sensor arrangement for light sensing and temperature sensing and method for light sensing and temperature sensing: A sensor arrangement for light sensing and temperature sensing comprises a first sensor input (1) for connecting a temperature sensor (11) and a second sensor input (2) for connecting a light sensor (21), in particular an ambient light sensor. A sensor switch (S3) electrically connects either the first or the... Agent: Ams Ag

20140293273 - Optical measuring device and optical measuring method: Disclosed herein is an optical measuring device including: a light applying section configured to apply exciting light to a sample flowing in a channel; and a scattered light detecting section configured to detect scattered light generated from the sample irradiated with the exciting light on the downstream side of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140293274 - Wavefront measuring system with large dynamic measuring range and measuring method: A wavefront measuring system with large dynamic measuring range includes a measuring unit, a control unit, and a processing unit. The measuring unit includes a wavefront dividing component, a focusing component and a photosensor. The wavefront dividing component samples a part of a laser beam (a sampled light beam) in... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140293275 - Wavefront aberration measuring method, wavefront aberration measuring apparatus and optical element manufacturing method: The wavefront aberration measuring method includes measuring an intensity distribution of a measuring light transmitted through or reflected by an object to be measured, by using a light-receiving sensor, calculating a first differential wavefront which is a differential wavefront of the measuring light on the light-receiving sensor, and calculating a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140293276 - Distributing light intensity readings in a wireless mesh: A method for controlling a light source associated with an environment includes: receiving, over a wireless mesh network and by a control node corresponding to the light source, a first light intensity value for the environment from a first sensor node; calculating, by the control node, a resulting light intensity... Agent: Silver Spring Networks, Inc.

20140293278 - Compensation for goos-hanchen error in autofocus systems: A new and useful method is provided for Goos-Hanchen compensation in an optical autofocus (AF) system that uses light reflected from a substrate to determine changes in the z position of a substrate. According to the method of the invention reflected light from the substrate is provided at a plurality... Agent:

20140293277 - System and method for analyzing properties of meat using multispectral imaging: A system and method for obtaining multispectral images of fresh meat at predetermined wavelength bands at a first time, subjecting the images to analysis in an image analysis system comprising a computer programmed to perform such analysis, and outputting a forecast of meat tenderness at a later point in time.... Agent: Goldfinch Solutions, LLC

20140293280 - Nanosilica sintered glass substrate for spectroscopy: Provided herein are substrates useful for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), as well as methods of making substrates. The substrates comprise a support element; a nanoparticulate layer; a SERS-active layer in contact with said nanoparticulate layer; and optionally, an immobilizing layer disposed between said nanoparticulate layer and said support element; wherein... Agent: Corning Incorporated A New York Corporation

20140293279 - Raman signal detection and analysing system and a method thereof: A Raman signal detection and analyzing system and a method thereof are disclosed. The Raman signal is generated by emitting an excitation light to a sample. The Raman signal is then modulated by passing through a plurality of optical filter and modulator. The resulting modulated Raman signal comprises two orthogonal... Agent: Hong Kong Applied Science And Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd.

20140293281 - Particle analyzer, optical system for particle analyzer, and lens for particle analyzer: A particle analyzer comprises a light source, a flow cell, an irradiating optical system, and a light receiving optical system. The light receiving optical system comprises a light focusing lens system which includes a light focusing lens configured to focus forward scattered light from the particles, a light receiving member... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140293282 - Optical spectrometer and downhole spectrometry method: An optical spectrometer includes a near black body light source, a reference detector in a first optical path and a single measurement detector in a second optical path. A sample cell including a fluid flow line may be positioned in the second optical path upstream of the measurement detector. Optical... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Drive

20140293283 - Ammonia sensor using wavelength modulation spectroscopy: An ammonia sensor can include a laser detector configured to provide stable sample readings.... Agent: King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology

20140293284 - Microstructured chip comprising convex surfaces for surface plasmon resonance analysis, analysis device containing said microstructured chip and use of said device: A microstructured chip (3; 33; 43; 53; 63) for surface plasmon resonance (SPR) analysis, taking the form of a solid formed by: a base (5; 77); an upper surface (4; 44), at least part of which is covered with a metal layer (2; 22; 42; 52; 62); and at least... Agent:

20140293285 - Laser inspection system and method for inspecting a specimen: An inspection system and method for inspecting a specimen (2) having: a positioning equipment (16) for positioning the specimen (2) in a position according to a desired orientation for inspection, a laser generator (1) for generating shot beams (3) to shoot at the specimen (2), and generating ultrasonics in the... Agent: Tecnatom, S.a.

20140293286 - N-wavelength interrogation system and method for multiple wavelength interferometers: In an interrogation system for multiple wavelength interferometers a fringe spectrum that includes non-quadrature-spaced radiation-intensity samples is analyzed to obtain a high resolution relative phase measurement of the optical path-length difference associated with the fringe spectrum. The fringe spectrum can be analyzed to obtain a fringe number and a quadrant... Agent:

20140293287 - Optical semiconductor package, michelson interferometer, and fourier-transform spectroscopic analyzer: An optical semiconductor package includes an optical semiconductor device, a temperature detection unit, and a temperature control unit including a support member, the optical semiconductor device and the temperature detection unit being arranged such that a temperature of a portion of a surface of the support member where the optical... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140293288 - Device for managing pulses in pump-probe spectroscopy:

20140293290 - Method and system for compact optical coherence tomography: The tunable filter placed in front of the detector to make the interferometer more sensitive and accurate for reading various samples for diagnosis. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) system and apparatus of this instant application is very useful for diagnosis and management of ophthalmic diseases such as retinal diseases and glaucoma... Agent: Netra Systems Inc.

20140293289 - Method for generating two-dimensional images from three-dimensional optical coherence tomography interferogram data: Methods for generating optical coherence tomography intensity maps are provided. A beam of light is generated and divided along a sample path and a reference path. The sample path beam of light is directed to locations in an X-Y plane. Light returned from each of the sample path and the... Agent:

20140293291 - Wafer shape and thickness measurement system utilizing shearing interferometers: Interferometer systems and methods for measurement of shapes as well as their derivatives and thickness variations of wafers are disclosed. More specifically, shearing interferometry techniques are utilized in such measurement systems. The output of the measurement systems can be utilized to determine at least one of: a surface slope, a... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140293292 - Device for measuring the surface state of a surface: Devices for measuring the surface state of a surface, at least one portion of which has a surface curvature. The devices may includes a probe for being in contact with the curved surface portion. The probe may be stressed on the surface with a substantially constant stress. A way to... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140293294 - Method and device for calibrating a projection device: The present invention also relates to a calibration device (11) for automatically calibrating a projection device (2), said calibration device (11) comprising a reference array (7) and a detection device (1) which is coupled to the reference array (7), in particular in a predetermined position, wherein the detection device (1)... Agent:

20140293293 - Nanomechanical testing system: An automated testing system includes systems and methods to facilitate inline production testing of samples at a micro (multiple microns) or less scale with a mechanical testing instrument. In an example, the system includes a probe changing assembly for coupling and decoupling a probe of the instrument. The probe changing... Agent: Hysitron, Inc.

20140293295 - Method for measuring film thickness distribution: A method for measuring film thickness distribution, including calculating profile P1 indicating wavelength dependence of a reflectance of a first wafer being an object measured with respect to a light at wavelengths not less than a wavelength region of visible light; calculating profile P21 indicating wavelength dependence of a reflectance... Agent: Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

09/25/2014 > 28 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140285792 - Coordinate measuring device: A coordinate measuring device includes a carrier that automatically rotates about two axes and can be directed toward a measuring aid. The following are arranged on the carrier so as to be able to move together: a device for optically measuring the distance to the measuring aid; a first light... Agent:

20140285793 - Distributed strain and temperature sensing system: A downhole optical sensing system can include an optical fiber positioned in the well, the optical fiber including multiple cores, and one of the cores having a Brillouin scattering coefficient which is different from another one of the cores. A method of sensing strain and temperature as distributed along an... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140285794 - Measuring device: According to an embodiment, a measuring device includes an imaging unit to capture an object from a plurality of positions to obtain a plurality of images; a distance measuring unit to measure a distance to the object from each position to obtain a plurality of pieces of distance information; a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140285795 - Downhole multiple core optical sensing system: A downhole optical sensing system can include an optical fiber positioned in the well, the optical fiber including multiple cores, and at least one well parameter being sensed in response to light being transmitted via at least one of the multiple cores in the well. The multiple cores can include... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140285796 - Defect detection in saturable absorbers: Technologies are generally described for identifying defects in saturable absorbers, such as graphene, by the saturable property of decreasing light absorbance with increasing light intensity. For example, a graphene coated substrate may be imaged twice under two distinct incident intensities. At a gap in the graphene, the substrate may reflect... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140285797 - Device and method for inspecting semi-conductor materials: A nanotopographic measuring device comprises an input arranged to receive sets of measurement data relating to a semi-conductor wafer (20) and memory organised into first and second working tables and a results table. A calculation function is capable of establishing a current surface equation from localised gradient values. The equation... Agent:

20140285798 - Coloration measuring apparatus: A coloration measuring apparatus includes a wavelength variable interference filter, an imaging unit which receives light which transmits the wavelength variable interference filter, a storage unit which stores types of test paper, and reference color data obtained by associating colors showing a coloration state of the test paper, a spectrometry... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140285799 - Spectroscopic camera and alignment adjustment method: A spectroscopic camera includes a light incident section provided with an incident angle limiter and first alignment marks, a wavelength tunable interference filter provided with second alignment marks, and a circuit substrate provided with an imaging device and third alignment marks. The amount of deviation of a mechanical central axis... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140285800 - Dynamic and depolarized dynamic light scattering colloid analyzer: Apparatus are described for measuring the characteristics of colloidal particles suspended in transparent media by Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Depolarized Dynamic Light Scattering (DDLS) into regions where conventional measurements are difficult or impractical. Matching the diameter of an illuminating beam and an intersecting diameter of a field stop image... Agent: Scattering Solutions, Inc.

20140285801 - Mixed-mode photo-amplifier for particle counter: An airborne, gas, or liquid particle sensor with a mixed-mode photo-amplifier front-end. The photo-amplifier uses pulse-height for the high-gain channel and integrates the pulse-energy for the low-gain channel to provide for a larger dynamic range for larger size particles.... Agent: Particles Plus, Inc.

20140285802 - Light scattering particle counter: A light scattering particle counter which irradiates a laser beam La to a sample fluid and forms a particle detection area 13, a multi-channel light detecting element receives scattered light Ls from a particle passing through the particle detection area and detects the particle, the time constants τc, τm, τe... Agent: Rion Co., Ltd.

20140285803 - System and method of analysis by determining a depolarizing or dichroic character of an object: An analysis system comprises a transmitting device (1.1) and a receiving device (1.2). The transmitting devices comprises means for illuminating an object (1.3), or a part of the object, by a first light beam (1.8) consisting of signals with two distinct frequencies and first orthogonal polarisation states. The receiving device... Agent: Universite De Rennes 1

20140285804 - Laser output measuring apparatus: A laser output measuring apparatus in which an optical separator is disposed in a position that is rotated by a predetermined angle about an optical axis of a laser beam converged by a lens, and further rotated by a predetermined angle about the optical axis of the laser beam and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140285805 - Method and system for checking the color quality of preforms: The present invention relates to a method and the corresponding system for checking the color quality of preforms (2) intended for the manufacture of containers, in particular beverage bottles, the preforms (2) being transported to a collection vessel (4) by a transport device (3), and an image of the preforms... Agent:

20140285806 - Ca: The instant invention relates to methods and means for calibrating and matching colors and light. Some embodiments of the methods and means of the invention also incorporate additional functionality including, but not limited to communication, sensing, display and data processing elements. Various embodiments of the methods and means of the... Agent:

20140285807 - Wavelength monitor and wavelength monitoring method: The transmittance of a filter periodically varies with respect to the incident light frequency. Provided that fk is the sum of Fk and vk, or the difference obtained by subtracting Fk from vk, depending on the kth light source among multiple light sources, an incidence guide causes light from the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140285808 - Apparatus and method for measuring turbidity: An apparatus for measuring turbidity includes a first storage portion configured to store a measuring fluid therein, a measuring container connected to the first storage portion through first and second pipes, and a turbidity measuring portion configured to measure turbidity of the measuring fluid in the measuring container, at least... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20140285809 - Surface plasmon-based nanosensors and systems and methods for sensing photons and chemical or biological agents: Surface plasmon-based nanosensor, comprising: at least one first element of metal, preferably silver or gold, or of semiconductor, the first element being excitable to surface Plasmon resonance, in particular localized surface plasmon resonance, in the presence of electromagnetic radiation from a source, and at least one second element preferably near... Agent: King Saud University

20140285810 - Apparatus and method for facilitating mesoscopic spectrally encoded tomography co-registered with optical frequency domain imaging and/or spectrally encoded confocal microscopy: An apparatus for illuminating a sample(s) can be provided. For example, a first arrangement can transmit a first electro-magnetic radiation and a second electro-magnetic radiation; the first and second electro-magnetic radiations can have different wavelengths from one another. The first arrangement can transmit the first and second electro-magnetic radiations to... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20140285812 - Attaching optical coherence tomography systems onto smartphones: A multi-modal imaging and optical property measurement device that is integrated into an interferometer. Data acquired by the multiple imaging modalities in parallel include measurements of single-scattered, multiple-scattered, and diffuse light that enable characterization of different ranges within different depth regions in the sample. The system includes different interferometer configurations... Agent:

20140285811 - Optical coherence tomography with multiple sample arms: A multiplexed OCT imaging system includes a plurality of sample arms, an imaging engine, and an optical controller. The sample arms are optically coupled to the imaging engine via the optical controller; the optical controller multiplexes optical signals from the sample arms to permit some of the sample arms to... Agent:

20140285813 - Wavefront sensing apparatus, method and applications: A wavefront sensing technique using Polarization Rotation INTerferometry (PRINT) provides a self-referencing, high-resolution, direct measurement of the spatially dependent phase profile of a given optical beam. A self-referencing technique is used to create a reference beam in the orthogonal polarization and a polarization measurement to measure the spatial-dependent polarization parameters... Agent: University Of Rochester

20140285814 - Method for determining roughness data and/or topography data of surfaces in material microscopy: A method for determining roughness data and/or topography data of surfaces in material microscopy, particularly from flat samples, based on a shearing polarization interferometrical sequence with a microscopic “TIC” module (“Total Interference Contrast Module”) of a microscope, wherein the method can be carried out both polychromatically and monochromatically. At least... Agent:

20140285815 - Apparatus for measurement of three-dimensional shape: An apparatus for measurement of a three-dimensional (3D) shape includes a lens unit transmitting slit beams to a plurality of measurement objects, a light source unit irradiating the plurality of slit beams to the lens unit at different angles, an imaging unit obtaining images of the plurality of measurement objects... Agent:

20140285816 - Measuring device, measuring method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a measuring device includes a projector, an image capturing unit, and a first calculator. The projector projects, onto a target, a first superimposed pattern which is obtained by superimposing a first pattern having a periodic change and a second pattern configured with a first design for... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140285818 - Determining positional information of an object in space: The technology disclosed relates to determining positional information of an object in a field of view. In particular, it relates to calculating a distance of the object from a reference such as a sensor including scanning the field of view by selectively illuminating directionally oriented light sources and measuring one... Agent: Leap Motion, Inc.

20140285817 - Limited reflection type photoelectric sensor: A limited reflection type photoelectric sensor has a light projecting unit having a light emitting element, a light receiving unit having a light receiving element, and a beam separating member that separates a projected light beam into beams oriented in a plurality of directions and located in an optical path... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140285819 - Position compensation device using visible light communication and method thereof: The present invention relates to a position compensation device using visible light communication and a method thereof. To this end, the present invention receives a visible light signal which includes lighting position information from a lighting device to extract the lighting position information from the received visible light signal, and... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 90 patent applications in 56 patent subcategories.

20140268093 - Three-dimensional coordinate scanner and method of operation: A noncontact optical three-dimensional measuring device that includes a projector, a first camera, and a second camera; a processor electrically coupled to the projector, the first camera and the second camera; and computer readable media which, when executed by the processor, causes the first digital signal to be collected at... Agent:

20140268094 - Using parallax in remote sensing to determine cloud feature height: Techniques for using small parallax angles in remote sensing to determine cloud feature height include exploiting two identical medium-resolution SWIR bands with parallax to estimate cloud edge feature heights well enough to enable assessments of the impacts of shadows and proximate cloud scattering on ground illumination, and hence, on reflectance... Agent: Digitalglobe, Inc.

20140268095 - Dynamic sensor system and method for using the same: A sensor system includes a mounting member, an actuator disposed adjacent the mounting member, and a sensor connected to the actuator for sensing movement of an object using a signal. The actuator moves the sensor from a first sensing position to a second sensing position if the sensor is unable... Agent: Mi-jack Products, Inc.

20140268096 - Time-gated image reconstruction using phase conjugation: A method and system are described for illuminating a target with a laser source with a wide-area illuminating beam. A conjugator can receive a reflected, imprinted wavefront from the target that is imprinted with effects from beam distortions and obstructions between the laser source and the target. The conjugator can... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140268097 - Distance measuring laser pointer and method thereof: A distance measuring laser pointer has: at least one laser source being capable of emitting a light ray; and two optical elements disposed in front of the at least one laser source, receiving and transferring the light ray into a first conic light beam and a set of multiple second... Agent: Flex Instrument Co., Ltd.

20140268098 - Lidar scanner: A LiDAR sensor can include a laser, a directional sensor, a window, an electromagnetic pulse receiving sensor, and a processor. The laser can be configured to emit a narrow electromagnetic pulse. Further, the directional sensor can be configured to measure the direction of the narrow electromagnetic pulse emitted by the... Agent: Pouch Holdings LLC

20140268099 - Movement and expression sensor: A movement and expression sensor has a plurality of fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) disposed along the length of an optical fiber, and the optical fiber is placed in contact with a subject's skin surface. The sensors are interrogated for reflected wavelength, which is converted into a temperature or a strain.... Agent: Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems, Inc.

20140268100 - Multiple laser time of arrival probe: A system and method for performing stress measurement on rotating parts is disclosed. The system may include a laser assembly configured to emit a plurality of laser beams having different wavelengths, and a probe assembly mounted proximal to a rotatable part in a device. The probe assembly may be configured... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140268102 - Methods for detecting coincident sample events, and devices and systems related thereto: In some aspects of the present disclosure, methods of detecting coincident sample events are provided. The methods include receiving a first set of signal data representing detected signals from a flow cytometer system; detecting, with a peak detection module, one or more peaks within the signal data; and cancelling, with... Agent:

20140268103 - Simple sugar concentration sensor and method: A glucose sensor comprising an optical energy source having an emitter with an emission pattern; a first polarizer intersecting the emission pattern; a second polarizer spaced a distance from the first polarizer and intersecting the emission pattern, the second polarizer rotated relative to the first polarizer by a first rotational... Agent: K Sciences Gp, LLC

20140268105 - Optical defect inspection system: Disclosed herein is a system for determining information about one or more defects on or in a test object. The system includes a light source configured to illuminate a test object with spatially coherent light; a multi-element detector positioned to detect an interference pattern of light associated with one or... Agent: Zygo Corporation

20140268104 - System and method for safer detection of unknown materials using dual polarized hyperspectral imaging and raman spectroscopy: A first location comprising an unknown material may be scanned using SWIR hyperspectral imaging in a dual polarization configuration. Surveying may also be applied to thereby determine whether or not a human is present. This surveying may be achieved my assessing LWIR data, data acquired from motion sensors, and combinations... Agent:

20140268106 - Tandem dispersive range monochromator: Aspects of a tandem dispersive range monochromator are described herein. In one embodiment, the monochromator includes a light source that provides broadband light, a tandem diffraction grating including a first diffraction grating and a second diffraction grating, a grating drive motor that rotates the tandem diffraction grating to provide dispersed... Agent:

20140268107 - Acoustic and optical illumination technique for underwater characterization of objects/environment: The invention provides a method for acoustically and optically characterizing an immersed object of interest by generating a serial plurality of acoustic and optical illumination pulses through a liquid. In addition to the spectral analyses/imaging of objects/environment made possible by the white-light illumination, a target material can be ablated, generating... Agent:

20140268108 - Method of determining a common coordinate system for an articulated arm coordinate measurement machine and a scanner: A method of determining a mathematical transformation to place three-dimensional (3D) coordinates of points measured by an articulated arm coordinate measurement machine (AACMM) and 3D points measured by a scanner in a common coordinate system is provided. The method including providing the 3D scanner and the AACMM having a probe.... Agent: Faro Technologies, Inc.

20140268109 - Multifunction solid-state inspection system: An inspection system includes optical components for operating the inspection system in an interference fringe imaging mode and a microscope imaging mode. The inspection system further includes at least one optical light source configured to emit a first wavelength of light to operate the inspection system in the interference fringe... Agent: Promet International, Inc.

20140268114 - Apparatus for simultaneously inspecting and cleaning fiber connector: The fiberscope for inspecting and cleaning a fiber connector simultaneously includes a housing with a front panel, a microscope system, a connector holder mounted at a distance from the front panel for receiving a connector ferrule of a fiber connector, and a translation stage for moving the microscope system transversely... Agent: Lightel Technologies Inc.

20140268112 - Combination visual fault locator short haul distance test measurement instrument for optical fibers: A hand-held instrument uses a red laser to both provide a visual indication to the user of where a fault is present along an optical fiber, and a distance measurement to the user where the fault is present along the optical fiber. The instrument provides a single bulkhead to which... Agent:

20140268111 - Integrated optics reflectometer: An apparatus includes a laser source configured to output laser light at a target frequency, and a measurement unit configured to measure a deviation between an actual frequency outputted by the laser source at a current period of time and the target frequency of the laser source. The apparatus includes... Agent:

20140268110 - Measuring brillouin backscatter from an optical fibre using digitisation: A method for measuring Brillouin backscattering from an optical fibre, comprising mixing backscattered light received from the optical fibre and having a Brillouin frequency fβ(t) with coherent light at a frequency f i in an optical detector to produce an electrical signal with a difference frequency ΔF(t)=fβ(t)−f15 and directly digitising... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140268113 - Single-fiber noncritical-alignment wafer-scale optical testing: A method of determining a parameter of a wafer is disclosed. Light is propagated through a waveguide disposed in the wafer. A first measurement of optical power is obtained at a first optical tap coupled to the waveguide and a second measurement of optical power is obtained at a second... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140268115 - Method for measuring refractive index, and refractometer: An exemplary method for measuring a refractive index of a substance being measured through an optical window, includes arranging the optical window in contact with the substance being measured, directing light to the interface of the optical window and substance being measured, where part of the light is absorbed by... Agent: Janesko Oy

20140268116 - Device and method for determining a direction from a surface of one or more photodetector elements of an integrated circuit to a source providing electromagnetic waves and method for manufacturing an device: In various embodiments a device is provided. The device includes an integrated circuit that includes one or more photodetector elements and a blocking structure monolithically integrated with the one or more photodetector elements. The one or more photodetector elements are arranged relative to the blocking structure such that electrical currents... Agent:

20140268117 - System and method to determine depth for optical wafer inspection: A computer-based method for inspecting a wafer, including: storing, in a memory element for at least one computer, computer readable instructions; detecting a first light beam rotating in a first spiral about a first central axis; and executing, using a processor for the at least one computer, the computer readable... Agent:

20140268121 - Dark-field semiconductor wafer inspection device: The invention relates to a dark-field semi-conductor wafer inspection device including, in the following order, a light source for emitting an incident beam to a wafer along a first axis, a concentrator (7) that is symmetrical in relation to a plane passing through the first and second axes and is... Agent:

20140268119 - Method for repairing a mask: The present disclosure provides a method of repairing a mask. The method includes inspecting the mask using a mask inspection tool to identify a defect on a circuit pattern of the mask; repairing the defect using a mask repair tool to form a repaired pattern; forming a first group of... Agent:

20140268118 - Multi-spot defect inspection system: The disclosure is directed to a system and method for inspecting a spinning sample by substantially simultaneously scanning multiple spots on a surface of the sample utilizing a plurality of illumination beams. Portions of illumination reflected, scattered, or radiated from respective spots on the surface of the sample are collected... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140268120 - Single-fiber noncritical-alignment wafer-scale optical testing: A method of determining a parameter of a wafer is disclosed. Light is propagated through a waveguide disposed in the wafer. A first measurement of optical power is obtained at a first optical tap coupled to the waveguide and a second measurement of optical power is obtained at a second... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140268122 - Defect inspection method and defect inspection device: A defect inspection method and device for irradiating a linear region on a surface-patterned sample mounted on a planarly movable table, with illumination light from an inclined direction relative to a direction of a line normal to the sample, next detecting in each of a plurality of directions an image... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140268123 - Container inspection: Method and apparatus for detecting commercial variations in at least a portion of an at least partially transparent container. A light pattern in an angular domain is established from signals generated by a plurality of light sensors, wherein a point in the light pattern is generated by a signal from... Agent: Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.

20140268124 - Environmental cell assembly for use in for use in spectroscopy and microscopy applications: An environmental cell assembly for use in microscopy and spectroscopy applications, including: an environmentally sealed body assembly configured to selectively hold and contain a sample; a plurality of ports manufactured into one or more surfaces of the body assembly for one or more of evacuating the body assembly and injecting... Agent: Babcock & Wilcox Technical Services Y-12, L.L.C.

20140268125 - Apparatus for taking an accurate photometric measurement of a liquid: An apparatus for taking an accurate photometric measurement of a liquid by way of forming a specimen volume of a controlled optical path length for use with photometric measurement equipment is disclosed herein. In some embodiments, the apparatus comprises a transparent body configured for displacing a volume of a fluid... Agent: Laxco Inc.

20140268126 - Positioning means for a measuring cell: The invention relates to a positioning means for a flow cell used for optical detection, comprising a base having at least one contact face, the contact face being provided to make contact with the end of the flow cell, wherein the base has at least one reference face, which is... Agent: Dionex Softron Gmbh

20140268127 - Wide spectral range spectrometer: Featured is a spectral analysis method and a wide spectral range spectrometer including a source of electromagnetic radiation and an optical subsystem configured to disperse radiation into a plurality of wavelengths. A pixilated light modulator receives the radiation wavelengths and is configured to direct one or more selective wavelengths to... Agent: Sciaps, Inc.

20140268131 - Measurement apparatus and measurement method: There is provided a measurement apparatus including a light source unit configured to emit pulsed laser light used for pump light and Stokes light that excite predetermined molecular vibration of a measurement sample and for probe light that is intensity-modulated with a predetermined reference frequency and that has a same... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140268130 - Method for detecting non-superconducting transition of superconducting wire: A method for detecting a non-superconducting transition of a superconducting wire including a substrate, a superconducting layer that has a critical temperature of 77 K or more, and a metal stabilization layer, the method includes arranging an optical fiber on the superconducting wire, injecting a measurement light into the optical... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20140268128 - Self-exciting surface enhanced raman spectroscopy: Self-exciting surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) employs an integral optical excitation source to provide an excitation signal to provide self-excitation of a SERS structure. The SERS structure includes a plurality of nanofingers having SERS-enhancing nanoparticles disposed adjacent to the nanofingers.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140268129 - Self-referencing fiber-optic raman probe: In accordance with the present invention, a novel self-referencing fiber optic Raman probe is disclosed. It uses the Raman signal generated by a crystalline optical fiber to normalize the Raman signal produced by the sample in order to compensate for changes in the output power of the excitation laser light... Agent:

20140268132 - Optical emission spectroscopic (oes) instrument with automatic top and bottom slit curtains: An optical emission spectroscopic (OES) instrument includes a spectrometer, a processor and an adjustable mask controlled by the processor. The adjustable mask defines a portion of an analytical gap imaged by the spectrometer. The instrument automatically adjusts the size and position of an opening in the mask, so the spectrometer... Agent:

20140268133 - Methods and systems for analyzing samples: The disclosure features methods for analyzing a sample, the methods including exposing the sample to plurality of pulses of electromagnetic radiation to convert a portion of the sample into a plasma, recording a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation emitted in response to each of the plurality of pulses to define a... Agent:

20140268134 - Laser sampling methods for reducing thermal effects: A method for reducing thermal effects in laser ablation optical emission spectrometry includes creating discrete ablation spots along an analysis line on a target surface. At least one of the following is also carried out. First, the ablation spots are positioned so that a pair of successive ablation spots are... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20140268136 - Apparatus and method for optimizing data capture and data correction for spectroscopic analysis: A method and an apparatus for increasing the accuracy of a spectrometer system corrects for light source quality, exposure time, distortion in y direction, distortion in x direction, temperature dependence, pixel alignment variability, dark pixels, bad pixels, pixel read noise, and pixel dark current noise. The method and apparatus produces... Agent:

20140268137 - Spectrometer for microscope illumination sources: A compact spectrometer apparatus for characterizing a microscope illumination source in real time, and without interfering with the observation and/or characterization of a sample under observation with the microscope. The spectrometer apparatus is comprised of a light probe comprising a mirror disposed in a housing, the mirror positioned to reflect... Agent: Prior Scientific Instruments, Ltd.

20140268138 - Spectroscope: A spectroscope comprises a package provided with a light entrance part, a plurality of lead pins penetrating through a support part opposing the light entrance part in the package, a light detection unit supported on the support part within the package, and a spectroscopic unit supported on the support part... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140268135 - Stand-off spectrometry systems and methods: Stand-off spectrometry systems and methods are described herein. One system includes a laser source configured to emit a single-spectral light, and an optical frequency comb (OFC) coupled to the laser source and configured to generate, using the single-spectral light, a multi-spectral light to determine an absorption spectrum of a substance.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140268139 - High resolution mems-based hadamard spectroscopy: A spectrometer includes: a collimating element configured for collimating a beam of light into a first one of a cross-dispersing element and an echelle grating, the grating in optical communication with the cross-dispersing element; a focusing element for receiving the light from a second one of the cross-dispersing element and... Agent:

20140268140 - Pulse discriminator for particle counter: An airborne, gas, or liquid particle sensor with a pulse discriminator. The pulse discriminator provides greater qualification of signals associated with detected particulate signals.... Agent: Particles Plus, Inc.

20140268141 - Pulse scope for particle counter: An airborne, gas, or liquid particle sensor with an on-board data acquisition system that can be used to capture detailed particle pulse information. The information can be used both for on-board analysis and reporting as well as off-line analysis and reporting.... Agent: Particles Plus, Inc.

20140268142 - Method and device for determining the size of a transparent particle: A method is described for determining the size of a transparent particle (2), wherein the particle (2) is illuminated with light from a light source (6), wherein using a radiation detector (7) a time-resolved intensity curve of light from the light source (6) scattered on the particle (2) is measured... Agent:

20140268143 - Method and device for determining characteristic properties of a transparent particle: The invention relates to a method for determining the size d of a transparent particle, according to which method the particle is illuminated with light from a light source, a radiation detector measures a time-resolved intensity profile of light of the light source scattered by the particle, a reflection peak... Agent: Technische Universitaet Darmstadt

20140268144 - Multiple particle sensors in a particle counter: An airborne, gas, or liquid particle sensor with multiple particle sensor blocks in a single particle counter. Each sensor would sample a portion of the incoming airstream, or possibly a separate airstream. The various counters could be used separately or in concert.... Agent: Particles Plus, Inc.

20140268147 - Apparatus and method for suppression of background noise in microscopy imaging: An apparatus and method for imaging a section of a medium is disclosed. The apparatus or method receives and returns light from the section and from sites adjacent to the section. A microscope using this apparatus or method can be telecentric in pinhole space at the detection end of the... Agent:

20140268148 - Dual-modulation faraday rotation spectroscopy: A dual-modulation Faraday rotation spectroscopic (FRS) system is disclosed. The FRS system uses an FRS sample cell configured to subject a sample to a low frequency modulated magnetic field. The system includes a polarized laser light source configured to generate a high frequency wavelength-modulated light beam incident on the sample,... Agent: The Trustees Of Princeton University

20140268145 - High-speed volume measurement system and method: Disclosed is a volume sensor having first, second, and third laser sources emitting first, second, and third laser beams; first, second, and third beam splitters splitting the first, second, and third laser beams into first, second, and third beam pairs; first, second, and third optical assemblies expanding the first, second,... Agent:

20140268146 - Lenslet array with integral tuned optical bandpass filter and polarization: A spectral radiation detector employs at least one lenslet with a circular blazed grating for diffraction of radiation at a wavelength at nth order to a focal plane A detector is mounted at the focal plane receiving radiation passing through the at least one lenslet for detection at a predetermined... Agent:

20140268149 - Device and method for detection of polarization features: An apparatus and method for imaging a section of a medium are disclosed. The section of medium has features (“Polarization Sensitive Features”) which return light according to the polarization of the received light. The disclosed apparatus and method may be configured to measure the irradiance of light returned from the... Agent:

20140268150 - Multi-surface optical tracking system: An optical tracking device that is capable of operation on both glossy and diffuse surfaces includes at least one housing, at least one light source, and at least one sensor. The light source emits light toward a surface on which the housing is moved and the sensor receives the light... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140268151 - Optical sensor and image forming device incorporating the same: An optical sensor includes a light source to illuminate a linear polarization in a first direction, a first optical detector disposed on a path of a light illuminated from the light source and specularly reflected by an object, a first optical element to separate the light reflected by the object... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140268153 - Manufacturing method for led emitter with high color consistency: A method is provided for forming multiple-LED (light-emitting-diode) light emitters from a plurality of LEDs, wherein the number of LEDs in each emitter is an integer M. The method includes providing a plurality of LEDs, each of the LEDs characterized by a first parameter and a second parameter, which are... Agent: Ledengin Inc.

20140268152 - Method and system for characterizing light emitting devices: Embodiments as disclosed herein provide a method and system that characterizes physical properties, such as thickness, uniformity, polarization, and/or sizes and locations of defect (e.g. defect density distribution) of crystalline structures grown on or thin films deposited on a substrate of a solid state light emitting device. The embodiments disclosed... Agent: Sof-tek Integrators, Inc. Dba As Op-test

20140268154 - Chromatography system, signal processing apparatus, chromatography data processing apparatus, and program: A chromatography system has a multi-channel detection device including a flow cell, optics for directing light from light sources to the flow cell and outputting light that has passed through the flow cell, and a multi-channel detector. The optics has a function of dispersing light in wavelength in an optical... Agent: Jasco Corporation

20140268155 - Awg filter for wavelength interrogator: A wavelength interrogator is coupled to a circulator which couples optical energy from a broadband source to an optical fiber having a plurality of sensors, each sensor reflecting optical energy at a unique wavelength and directing the reflected optical energy to an AWG. The AWG has a detector coupled to... Agent: Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems, Inc.

20140268156 - Method and system for determining bubble point pressure: Method and systems for determining bubble point pressure of a fluid sample are described herein. The method includes transmitting light through the fluid sample and detecting transmitted light. The method also includes applying a series of thermal pulses to the fluid sample. The series of thermal pulses includes a time... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140268157 - Open-path gas analyzer with environmental protection: An open-path gas analyzer is disclosed and is configured to prevent or reduce contamination of the analyzer over time.... Agent: Campbell Scientific, Inc.

20140268158 - System and method to measure 3d flow characteristics of a gas: A method to collect 3D measurement data regarding a working fluid in a system, e.g., a turbo-machine, including: arranging sources of beams proximate to a passage of the working fluid in or downstream of the turbo-machine such that beams from the sources are projected through the working fluid; detecting intensities... Agent: General Electric Company

20140268160 - Specular object scanner for measuring reflectance properties of objects: An apparatus to measure surface orientation maps of an object may include a light source that is configured to illuminate the object with a controllable field of illumination. One or more cameras may be configured to capture at least one image of the object. A processor may be configured to... Agent: University Of Southern California

20140268159 - Surface plasmon resonance based sensing devices and methods for real-time analysis of analyte secretion from living cells: The present invention provides surface plasmon resonance (SPR) based sensing systems and methods for rapid, sensitive, and real-time analysis of analyte secretion from living cells. In one embodiment, the SPR based sensing device of the present invention comprises at least one cell culture module for culturing living cells, wherein the... Agent: The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

20140268161 - Methods and apparatus for an optical system outputting direct light and having a sensor: In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a housing and an image sensor that is coupled to the housing. The apparatus also includes a non-imaging optical system coupled to the housing that can output light to a surface and produce a scattered light component and a specular reflected light component. The... Agent:

20140268162 - Lensless imaging with reduced aperture: An image of an object can be synthesized either from the Fourier components of the electric field or from the Fourier components of the intensity distribution. Imaging with a lens is equivalent to assembling the Fourier components of the electric field in the image plane. This invention provides a method... Agent:

20140268163 - Methods and apparatus related to multi wavelength photothermal optical coherence tomography: Embodiments of the invention include apparatus and methods of non-invasively detecting one or more constituents of a target using multiple wavelength photothermal optical coherence tomography.... Agent:

20140268164 - Suppression of lock-in effect due to a mioc frequency response in a fiber-optic sagnac interferometer: A fiber-optic Sagnac interferometer in a rotation rate sensor comprises a multifunctional integrated optical chip (MIOC) with a MIOC transfer function. A digital filter is connected upstream to the multi-functional integrated optical chip, whose filter transfer function corresponds basically to the inverse MIOC transfer function such that the MIOC transfer... Agent: Northrop Grumman Litef Gmbh

20140268165 - Optical biosensor and method of operating the same: An optical biosensor may include a biosensing unit, detection unit, and signal processing unit. The biosensing unit may be configured for receiving first and second optical signals (which are generated from a phase-modulated optical signal), outputting a sensing signal by transmitting the first optical signal via a first optical path... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140268168 - Apparatus and methods for optical coherence tomography and two-photon luminescence imaging: Exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure include a combined catheter-based optical coherence tomography-two-photon luminescence (OCT-TPL) imaging system. Exemplary embodiments further include methods to detect, and further characterize the distribution of cellular components (e.g., macrophage, collagen/elastin fiber, lipid droplet) in thin-cap fibroatheromas with high spatial resolution in vivo.... Agent: Research Development Foundation

20140268167 - Calibration and image processing devices, methods, and systems: In part, the invention relates to systems and methods of calibrating a plurality of frames generated with respect to a blood vessel as a result of a pullback of an intravascular imaging probe being pullback through the vessel. A calibration feature disposed in the frames that changes between a subset... Agent: Lightlab Imaging, Inc.

20140268166 - Oct medical imaging system using gain waveguide array swept source: An optical coherence tomography system uses an optical source that comprises a series of gain waveguides that generate light at the frequencies at which the interference signal is to be sampled. In this way, the optical source generates a discretely tuned optical signal. This has the advantage that the tuning... Agent:

20140268169 - Widely tunable swept source: A high-speed, single-mode, high power, reliable and manufacturable wavelength-tunable light source operative to emit wavelength tunable radiation over a wavelength range contained in a wavelength span between about 950 nm and about 1150 nm, including a vertical cavity laser (VCL), the VCL having a gain region with at least one... Agent: Praevium Research, Inc.

20140268170 - Apparatus and method for estimating depth of buried defect in substrate: Provided are an apparatus and a method for estimating a depth of a buried defect in a substrate. The apparatus for estimating a depth of a buried defect in a substrate includes a light source providing a source of light, an aperture through which only a part of the source... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140268171 - Stage device and driving method thereof: A stage device includes a stage configured to move in an X-axis direction and a Y-axis direction, an X-axis interference reflector spaced apart from the stage in the X-axis direction, a first X-axis interferometer disposed on the stage that is configured to measure an X-axis location of the stage using... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140268172 - Enhanced inspection and metrology techniques and systems using bright-field differential interference contrast: A method of providing high accuracy inspection or metrology in a bright-field differential interference contrast (BF-DIC) system is described. This method can include creating first and second beams from a first light beam. The first and second beams have round cross-sections, and form first partially overlapping scanning spots radially displaced... Agent:

20140268173 - Shape measurement apparatus, measurement method, and method of manufacturing article: An apparatus measures a shape of an object by detecting interfering light between reference light and test light. The apparatus includes a detector configured to detect the interfering light, an optical member located between the object and the detector and including a light attenuating part, and an adjusting unit configured... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140268174 - Integrated apertured micromirror and applications thereof: An integrated apertured micromirror is provided in which the micromirror is monolithically integrated with a micro-optical bench fabricated on a substrate using a lithographic and deep etching technique. The micromirror has an aperture therein and is oriented such that the micromirror is optically coupled to receive an incident beam having... Agent: Si-ware Systems

20140268175 - Method and system for optical camber measurement of flat sheet membranes, films, and webs: A system, method, and device for measuring camber in a film is disclosed. The system generally includes: a flat surface with a longitudinal axis, at least three sensors spaced apart along the longitudinal axis, and a computing device operatively connected to each sensor. When the film is positioned in relationship... Agent: Celgard, LLC

20140268176 - Non-destructive mapping of surface condition to evaluate wear conditions: A component, such as a cyclonic steam separator baseplate of a steam generator, includes a surface subject to degradation during operation of the system in which the component is disposed. A profile is acquired of the surface of the component using an optical surface profilometry system concurrent with an image... Agent:

20140268177 - Shape measuring apparatus: A shape measuring apparatus includes: an irradiating part configured to irradiate work with a linear line laser, the irradiating part including: a light source configured to produce light; and an optical element configured to linearly spread the light from the light source and generate the line laser, the optical element... Agent:

20140268179 - Methods and apparatus for position estimation using reflected light sources: The invention is generally related to the estimation of position and orientation of an object with respect to a local or a global coordinate system using reflected light sources. A typical application of the method and apparatus includes estimation and tracking of the position of a mobile autonomous robot. Other... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20140268178 - System and method of acquiring three dimensional coordinates using multiple coordinate measurement devices: A method is provided for determining the three dimensional coordinates of points on the surface of an object. The method includes providing a structured light scanner and a coordinate measurement device. The coordinate measurement device tracks the location and orientation of the structured light scanner during operation. The location and... Agent: Faro Technologies, Inc.

20140268180 - Positional change measurement device, positional change measurement method, and image forming apparatus: An objective is to achieve a positional change measurement device which measures positional change of a dynamic measured surface by using speckle patterns while easily reducing influence of fluctuations in a measurement environment temperature. Provided is a positional change measurement device including: a light source; an illuminating optical system configured... Agent:

20140268181 - Spectrometry employing extinction coefficient modulation: A method for decomposing design shapes in a design level into a plurality of target design levels is provided. Design shapes including first-type edges and second-type edges having different directions is provided for a design level. Inner vertices are identified and paired up. Vertices are classified into first-type vertices and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140268183 - Thickness measurement system and thickness measurement method: Thickness measurement apparatuses 1 and 2 are set a preset distance Ld from each other. The first apparatus 1 performs calibration using a thickness reference plate 5c. While the second apparatus 2, placed on a downstream side in a conveying direction, is performing measurement process, mode setter 3 sets “measurement”... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140268182 - Thickness measuring device: A thickness measuring device for measuring an object includes a thickness measuring component and a sensing determining means. The thickness measuring component includes a plurality of measuring members provided respectively in correspondence with a plurality of the objects. Each measuring member respectively measures one object by moving itself along an... Agent:

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20140253904 - Measuring device for distance measurement: A measuring device for measuring a distance between a reference mark and a target object is disclosed. The device includes a beam source, which is embodied as an electro-optical component and emits a laser beam along an optical axis, a detector, which is embodied as an additional electro-optical component and... Agent: Esw Gmbh

20140253903 - Stud mapping and layout method: A method of establishing the location of a pair construction points for a stud in a building interior at a construction site and for determining the length of the stud needed to extend between the pair of construction points uses a robotic total station. The points are defined by x... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20140253905 - Depth pixel and image pick-up apparatus including the same: A depth pixel of an image sensor includes a depth sensing element configured to generate first charges that are photo-electrically converted from a light reflected from an object, a first floating diffusion node configured to receive the first charges from the depth sensing element, a second floating diffusion node configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140253906 - Imaging system: An imaging system may be collect information related to a specific gemstone such that a user may later access those images in a manner that allows the user to emulate a microscope. The illustrative embodiment of the imaging system may allow a subject gemstone to be rotated by 360 degrees... Agent: Gemvision Corporation, L.L.C.

20140253907 - Apparatus and method for evaluation of optical elements: An apparatus for measuring the optical performance characteristics and dimensions of an optical element comprising a low coherence interferometer and a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor comprising a light source, a plurality of lenslets, and a sensor array is disclosed. The low coherence interferometer is configured to direct a measurement beam along... Agent: Lumetrics, Inc.

20140253909 - Method and apparatus for multi-axle vehicle alignment with vehicle frame reference: A vehicle wheel service system including a plurality of sensors positioned in proximity to a heavy-duty multi-axle vehicle, to measure angles associated with three or more axles of the vehicle without repositioning the mounting of the sensors after initiating a measurement procedure. Additional sensors, associated with a vehicle reference, such... Agent: Hunter Engineering Company

20140253908 - Method, system and apparatus for assessing wheel condition on a vehicle: A method of assessing condition of a wheel on a moving vehicle involves contactlessly determining distance of a first location on the wheel along a fixed path from a fixed point not on the wheel at a first time while the vehicle is moving and contactlessly determining distance of a... Agent:

20140253912 - Defect inspection method and device for same: In defect scanning carried out in a process of manufacturing a semiconductor or the like, a light detection optical system comprising a plurality of photosensors is used for detecting scattered light reflected from a sample. The photosensors used for detecting the quantity of weak background scattered light include a photon... Agent: Hitachi High- Technologies Corporation

20140253911 - Inspecting device and inspecting method: An inspecting device includes: an irradiation part for dividing pulsed light emitted from a femtosecond laser into measurement pump light and measurement probe light, to irradiate a solar cell; a detection part for detecting an electromagnetic wave emitted from the solar cell in accordance with the irradiation with the measurement... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140253910 - System and method for reviewing a curved sample edge: The disclosure is directed to a system and method for reviewing a curved edge of a sample. A line scan detector is actuated along an actuation path defined by the edge of the sample to scan a plurality of locations along the sample edge. The scan data is assembled to... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140253913 - Optical systems for measuring a drilled hole in a structure and methods relating thereto: A system for measuring a drilled hole in a structure, the drilled hole having a drilled hole wall, includes a probe having a probe body movable along a probe path extending into the drilled hole, the probe body supporting an optical illumination path and an optical section signal path. Illumination... Agent: United Sciences, LLC

20140253914 - Installation structure of length meter: A vacuum chamber B which stores a length meter is provided separately from a vacuum chamber A in which an object to be measured is installed, an installation base 5 which is integrally mounted to a surface plate 10 that supports the chamber A and/or an object to be measured... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140253915 - Coherent dual parametric frequency comb for ultrafast chromatic dispersion measurement: A wide-band optical frequency comb is provided to estimate an optical phase shift induced in a dispersive material. In contrast to the conventional techniques that rely on a single tunable laser for extracting the dispersion parameter at different frequencies, the wide-band optical frequency comb uses multiple comb lines for simultaneously... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140253916 - Flow cell assembly for liquid sample analyzer: A flow cell assembly for use in a liquid sample analyzer including a radiation source, a sensing device and a liquid sample source to supply a liquid sample includes an entrance joint member, a liquid core waveguide, a liquid sample feed tube, and an input optical fiber. The entrance joint... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20140253917 - Optical resonator for sensor arrangement and measuring method: A sensor arrangement including a light source, a first optical element, a second optical element, a first photo detector, and a second photo detector. The light source is optically coupled to the first optical element that is optically coupled to the second optical element. The first photo detector is optically... Agent:

20140253919 - Optical interferometer, data acquisition device, and data acquisition method: An optical interferometer includes: a light source that emits a coherent first beam and a second beam that has a frequency difference corresponding to the natural frequency of a target molecule; amplitude modulating means that modulates the amplitude of the second beam; splitting means that splits the first beam into... Agent:

20140253918 - Raman scattering measuring apparatus and raman scattering measuring method: The Raman scattering measuring apparatus includes a first light generator to produce a first light, a second light generator to produce a second light having a frequency different from that of the first light, an optical system to focus the first and second lights to a sample, and a detector... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140253920 - Analysis device, analysis method, optical element and electronic apparatus for analysis device and analysis method, and method of designing optical element: An analysis device includes an optical element which includes a metal layer, a light transmitting layer on the metal layer, and a plurality of metal particles on the light transmitting layer arranged at a first interval P1 in a first direction and arranged at a second interval P2 in a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140253921 - Spectroscopic systems and methods: The present invention provides a spectroscopic system having a first tunable filter module, a second tunable filter module, an optical detector and a signal processing unit. The first tunable filter module includes a first tunable filter and corresponding control unit. The second tunable filter module includes a second tunable filter... Agent:

20140253922 - Dynamic reconstruction of a calibration state of an absorption spectrometer: A reference harmonic absorption curve of a laser absorption spectrometer can have a reference curve shape derived from a reference signal generated by the detector in response to light passing from the laser light source through a reference gas or gas mixture. The reference gas or gas mixture can include... Agent: Spectrasensors, Inc.

20140253923 - Spectroscopic sensor: A spectroscopic sensor 1 comprises an interference filter unit 20, having a cavity layer 21 and first and second mirror layers 22, 23 opposing each other through the cavity layer 21, for selectively transmitting therethrough light in a predetermined wavelength range according to an incident position thereof; a light-transmitting substrate... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140253924 - Spectrometer: A spectrometer includes: a wavelength-variable interference filter that can change a wavelength of selected light and disperses light from a measurement target; an imaging unit that receives light components with a plurality of wavelengths which are dispersed by the wavelength-variable interference filter and acquires a plurality of spectral images; a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140253926 - Optical coherence tomography device capable of controlling measuring position: An optical coherence tomography device (OCT) is capable of controlling a distance between an eye to be examined (object) and the OCT and accurately center-aligning the eye. A mire ring optical system emits a measuring mire ring light to an object to be examined. A dichroic mirror separates an optical... Agent: Huvitz Co., Ltd.

20140253925 - Surface emitting laser and optical coherence tomography apparatus equipped with surface emitting laser: A surface emitting laser according to the present invention includes a lower reflector, a first spacer layer, an active layer, a second spacer layer composed of a semiconductor material, a gap section formed of at least one of vacuum and gas, and an upper reflector in the written order, and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140253927 - Acoustic signal receiving apparatus and photo-acoustic tomography: An acoustic signal receiving apparatus including: a Fabry-Perot sensor including a Fabry-Perot interferometer configured to convert an acoustic wave into a light intensity signal; a control unit configured to set a first wavelength and a second wavelength; a detecting unit configured to convert light intensities obtained by irradiation of the... Agent:

20140253928 - Thickness change monitor wafer for in situ film thickness monitoring: An etch rate monitor apparatus has a substrate, an optical element and one or more optical detectors mounted to a common substrate with the one or more detectors sandwiched between the substrate and optical element to detect changes in optical interference signal resulting from changes in optical thickness of the... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140253929 - Apparatus and method for 3d surface measurement: An apparatus for 3D surface measurement of a target surface, the apparatus comprising: a first projector configured to project a fringe pattern onto the target surface; a second projector configured to project a fringe pattern onto the target surface; a first camera configured to capture the fringe patterns projected by... Agent:

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