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Optics: measuring and testing

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04/30/2015 > 41 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150116691 - Indoor surveying apparatus and method: An indoor surveying apparatus comprises a light source, a color imaging system, a memory storing calibration coefficients, and a computing device for determining coordinates of 3D intersection points of the emitted light with objects using calibration coefficients and images captured by the imaging system. A method of using the surveying... Agent: Planitar Inc.

20150116694 - Mobile measurement devices, instruments and methods: A portable instrument or apparatus includes a portable device and a rangefinder module. The rangefinder module can be attached to the portable device, which may be any suitable smartphone, tablet or other consumer electronics device having a camera. By suitable alignment of the rangefinder and camera, the device is capable... Agent:

20150116692 - System and method for scan range gating: A system for scanning light to define a range gated signal includes a pulsed coherent light source that directs light into the atmosphere, a light gathering instrument that receives the light modified by atmospheric backscatter and transfers the light onto an image plane, a scanner that scans collimated light from... Agent:

20150116693 - Three-dimensional measuring method and surveying system: The invention provides a surveying system comprising a total station installed at a known point and having a tracking function, at least one movable measuring device having a prism for retro-reflecting a distance measuring light and a tracking light projected from the total station and capable of moving and of... Agent:

20150116695 - Light radar signal processing apparatus, systems and methods: Samples of a light radar (“LIDAR”) return signal are stored in an analog circular buffer following the transmission of a LIDAR pulse. Sampling continues for a fixed period of time or number of samples during a post-trigger sampling period after the occurrence of a trigger signal from a trigger circuit.... Agent:

20150116696 - Method and system for determining a velocity of a relative movement between an object and a fluidal medium: Disclosed is a method and a system for determining a velocity of a relative movement between a system for determining the velocity and a fluidal medium. The method includes directing at least two light beams through at least a portion of the fluidal medium using the system such that a... Agent: Newsouth Innovations Pty Limited

20150116697 - Fibre optic taut wire: A taut cable with a fiber optic cable with Bragg diffusion gratings allows a suitable driver circuit to determine the shape of the taut cable at a large number of points along its length. This enables the total 3-dimensional shape of the taut cable to be estimated and from which... Agent: Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd.

20150116698 - Method of inspecting a surface of a substrate and apparatus for performing the same: In a method of inspecting a surface of a substrate, a first surface image of the substrate before loaded into a process chamber may be obtained. The first surface image may be processed to detect a defect on the surface of the substrate. Thus, the surfaces of all of the... Agent:

20150116700 - Device for inspecting a cleave of an optical fiber endface, and related components, systems and methods: A fiber inspection device is configured to inspect a cleave of an optical fiber endface. The device may also be configured to inspect a polish of the optical fiber using the same imaging hardware and/or software. Just as it is important to attain a smooth uniform polish of the optical... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20150116699 - Removable device for inspecting polish of an optical fiber endface using a portable camera, and related components, systems, and methods: A fiber inspection device is configured to be removably attached to a portable camera, such as a smartphone or other mobile computing device. The device may be arranged to have a slim form factor that complements the form factor of the smartphone or other device. The device may be configured... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20150116701 - Defect inspection apparatus and method: A defect inspection apparatus is disclosed that includes a stage, a photosensitive element, and a controller. The stage can support a semiconductor element that has a plurality of complete dies and partial dies surrounding the complete dies. The photosensitive element is located above the stage. The controller is electrically connected... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150116702 - Defect inspection method and defect inspection device: To enable the detection of a more minute defect with a defect detection device, the defect inspection device is provided with: an illumination light irradiating section that irradiates illumination light on a linear area of a specimen from an inclined direction; a detection optical system section provided with multiple detection... Agent:

20150116703 - Reflective optical element: A reflective optical element for a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus, a mask inspection apparatus or the like. The reflective optical element has an optically effective surface, an element substrate (12, 32, 42, 52), a reflection layer system (14, 34, 44, 54) and at least one deformation reduction layer (15, 35,... Agent:

20150116704 - Compact multi-channel gas correlation sensor and sensing methodology: A multi-channel gas correlation sensor and sensing method are provided. A spectral partitioning filter at the sensor's aperture or a pupil image thereof partitions a beam of light energy into unique spectral regions. Each spectral region is confined to a unique spatial region of the beam and passes light energy... Agent: G&a Technical Software, Inc.

20150116705 - Spectral imager: A system and method are provided for spectral imaging an object or scene 2. A first image 2a of the object or scene 2 is projected on a spatial modulator 6 and divided into a plurality of first image segments 2a′ modulated with a respective plurality of modulation frequencies f1-fN.... Agent:

20150116706 - Apparatus for performing a sensing application: An apparatus for performing a sensing application includes a reservoir to contain a solution, a dispenser to dispense the solution from the reservoir, and a substrate having a plurality of nano-fingers positioned to receive the dispensed solution, in which the plurality of nano-fingers are flexible, such that the plurality of... Agent: Hewlett-packard Developement Company L.p.

20150116707 - Spectroscopic measurement device and spectroscopic measurement method: A spectroscopic measurement device includes a variable wavelength interference filter capable of selectively emitting light with a predetermined wavelength out of incident light, and changing the wavelength of the light to be emitted, a light receiving element adapted to output a detection signal corresponding to a light exposure in response... Agent:

20150116708 - Apparatus for measuring particle size distribution by light scattering: Apparatus for determining particle-size distribution of a sample by light-scattering includes a helium neon laser (102), a sample cell having cell windows (120, 122) and a focal plane detector (124). Detectors are also provided for detecting light scattered by a sample within or flowing through the sample cell. The apparatus... Agent:

20150116711 - Method of smoke detection with direct detection of light and detection of light reflected from an external sampling volume: In accordance with certain embodiments, a smoke detector comprises a housing, a light source, one or more light detectors, and an evaluation circuit for determining the presence of smoke particles outside the housing based on light emitted from and reflected back into the housing, as well as light emitted within... Agent:

20150116710 - Particle detector and method for producing such a detector: The invention relates to a particle detector including a substrate made of a semiconductor material, in which at least one through-cavity is formed, defined by an input section and an output section, wherein the input section thereof is to be connected to an airflow source, the substrate supporting: an optical... Agent:

20150116709 - Sensor and method for turbidity measurement: The sensor comprises the following elements: radiation emitter of two or more wavelengths (2), a radiation receiver to measure the transmitted radiation. (2), a radiation receiver to measure the scattered radiation (3), and an inner space (4) of the measurement unit containing the fluid being evaluated. The it three elements... Agent: Universidade De Aveiro

20150116712 - Defect detection method and defect detection device and defect observation device provided with same: The disclosed device, which, using an electron microscope or the like, minutely observes defects detected by an optical appearance-inspecting device or an optical defect-inspecting device, can reliably insert a defect to be observed into the field of an electron microscope or the like, and can be a device of a... Agent:

20150116713 - Apparatus and methods for measuring mode spectra for ion-exchanged glasses having steep index region: Apparatus and methods for measuring mode spectra for ion-exchanged glass substrates having a steep index region are disclosed. An interfacing fluid is provided between the coupling prism and the glass substrate. The interfacing fluid thickness is selected so that the variation in modal birefringence with fluid thickness is reduced to... Agent:

20150116714 - Authenticating device: An authenticating device is used for optically authenticating a testing area of a first surface of a valuable document. The valuable document defines a normal perpendicular to the first surface and a datum penetrating the normal and two sides of the valuable document. The datum and the first surface collectively... Agent: International Currency Technologies Corp.

20150116715 - Method for monitoring quality of yarn by electronic yarn cleaner and detector for carrying out the method: A method and sensor are provided for monitoring the quality of yarn by an electronic cleaner of yarn by means of an optical detector having a sensor with one or two rows of individual optical elements that are rectangular-shaped and have analog outputs. Each of the optical elements has a... Agent:

20150116716 - Line segment detection apparatus, and storage medium storing control program: A line segment detection apparatus includes a head that supports a sensor configured to detect light reflected by a surface of a cutting target medium and output a signal corresponding to an amount of the detected light, a driving unit configured to move the head in two-dimensional directions relatively to... Agent:

20150116717 - Scanning in angle-resolved reflectometry and algorithmically eliminating diffraction from optical metrology: Angle-resolved reflectometers and reflectometry methods are provided, which comprise a coherent light source, an optical system arranged to scan a test pattern using a spot of coherent light from the light source to yield realizations of the light distribution in the collected pupil, wherein the spot covers a part of... Agent:

20150116719 - Catadioptric illumination system for metrology: A catadioptric optical system operates in a wide spectral range. In an embodiment, the catadioptric optical system includes a first reflective surface positioned and configured to reflect radiation; a second reflective surface positioned and configured to reflect radiation reflected from the first reflective surface as a collimated beam, the second... Agent:

20150116718 - Optical sensor and image forming apparatus incorporating same: An optical sensor includes a light-emitting unit to emit light onto a measuring object, a regular reflection light receiver to receive regular reflection light from the measuring object out of the light emitted by the light-emitting unit, and a diffuse reflection light receiver to receive diffuse reflection light from the... Agent:

20150116720 - Compact spectrometer for two-dimensional sampling: The present invention relates to a spectrometer including a diopter (11); capturing means (15, 18) at said diopter (11) of an interferogram (12) originating from two interference beams (F1, F2) and forming interference lines (13) along the transverse axis (Ox) of the interferogram (12) within the plane (xOy) of the... Agent: Universit&#xc9 De Technologie De Troyes

20150116721 - Ultra-thin optical coatings and devices and methods of using ultra-thin optical coatings: A spectral encoder includes a thin layer of lossy dielectric material whose thickness varies transversely from 0 to a thickness of about λ/4n (e.g., <100 nm), where λ is the wavelength of incident radiation and n is the dielectric material's refractive index. The dielectric layer reflects (and/or transmits) light at... Agent:

20150116722 - Dispersion managed interferometric fiber optic gyroscope: A dispersion managed interferometric fiber optic gyroscope comprising: a coupler coupled to the broadband light source via a first input fiber; an IOC comprising: a beamsplitter that directs the input signal to a first output and a second output; a combiner configured to combine a first return signal from the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150116723 - Fibre-optic measurement device, rate gyro, and inertial stabilisation and navigation unit: A fibre-optic measurement device (10) includes a SAGNAC ring interferometer (20) having a proper frequency fp, a detector (14) and a modulation chain (30) generating a phase-shift modulation φm(t) between the two counter-propagating waves (24, 25) propagating in the ring interferometer. The device aims to reduce measurement faults due to... Agent: Ixblue

20150116724 - Frequency tunable laser system: There is provided a frequency tunable laser system comprising a laser, frequency varying means arranged for varying an optical frequency output of the laser, an intensity sensor arranged for receiving light from the laser, and a processor arranged for controlling the frequency varying means for varying the optical frequency output... Agent:

20150116726 - Arrangements, devices, endoscopes, catheters and methods for performing optical imaging by simultaneously illuminating and detecting multiple points on a sample: Devices, arrangements, endoscopes, catheters and methods adapted to propagate at least one electro-magnetic radiation are provided. In particular, a waveguide apparatus specifically configured may be utilized to split the electro-magnetic radiation into a plurality of beams that are intended to illuminate a biological sample, and impart a unique associated characteristic... Agent:

20150116725 - Technique for controlling a corneal ablation laser: A device for optical coherence tomography comprises a light generator, a dispersive medium, an optical coupler and a detector. The light generator is adapted to generate input pulses of coherent light, each input pulse having an input pulse width. The dispersive medium has an input that is optically coupled to... Agent: Wavelight Gmbh

20150116727 - Method and device for measuring the flatness of a metal product: A method measures the flatness of a metal product and an associated device. The method applies to a metal product, in the form of either a strip or a plate from a metallurgical processing line. The product to be measured being, by default, free of external traction. The method contains... Agent:

20150116728 - Pipe measurement: A method is disclosed of measuring a hollow object such as a pipe including temporarily attaching to that object a reference target support such as a stencil that supports a plurality of scannable reference targets. When scanning the object with a movable scanner, most conveniently a hand-held scanner, the reference... Agent:

20150116729 - Autofocus system and method: Autofocus system (AF) employing, in addition to specified optical units, fringe projection and fringe detection systems (FPS, FDS) and specifically-configured data processing system. AFS is configured to project with FPS a sinusoidal fringe pattern, formed by a pattern source, on a substrate and to image the so projected pattern from... Agent:

20150116730 - Device for detecting the position of watch hands: Device for detecting the position of at least a first and a second hand of an electromechanical watch, said first and second hands moving above a dial, the detection device including a single light source emitting a light beam towards the first and second hands, and a first and a... Agent: The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd.

20150116731 - Device for position determination: A device for position determination includes a light source and a planar measurement reflector movable along a measurement direction oriented perpendicular to the measurement reflector. A detector device is disposed such that a beam emitted by the light source strikes the detector device after impinging on the measurement reflector so... Agent:

04/23/2015 > 26 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150109602 - Photoluminescent illuminators for passive illumination of sights and other devices: A photoluminescent capsule illuminator for a sighting device. The photoluminescent illuminator includes an elongated phosphor housing having sidewalls and a base. The photoluminescent illuminator includes phosphors in a granular form disposed inside the phosphor housing. The photoluminescent illuminator includes a cap sealing the phosphors in the phosphor housing. The phosphor... Agent: Defense Holdings, Inc.

20150109604 - Distance measuring apparatus using laser light: The distance measuring apparatus 1 using laser light includes: a laser light source 2; a first optical element 3 that converts laser light R1 emitted from the laser light source 2 into collimated light; a light deflecting device 6 that includes an oscillating mirror 9 and scans the laser light... Agent:

20150109603 - Multi-wavelength image lidar sensor apparatus and signal processing method thereof: Disclosed are a next-generation lidar sensor apparatus that may acquire and process individual characteristic information about an object in addition to distance and shape information about the object, and a signal processing method thereof. According to the present invention, it is possible to accurately and quickly identify and track the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150109605 - Amplified optical circuit: An optical circuit can include a bidirectional amplifier connected so as to amplify source light prior to emission through an output device such as a telescope as well as amplification of reflected light received by the telescope. Such an optical circuit can be used in laser doppler velocimeter applications as... Agent:

20150109606 - Plasmonic phototransistor: A plasmonic phototransistor includes a photon to surface-plasmon-polariton (SPP) transducer including and an optical coupling structure configured to receive incident light and an electrically conducting layer having a first and a second surface. The second surface is on the optical coupling structure and the first surface generates SPPs responsive to... Agent:

20150109607 - Multi point, high sensitive tactile sensing module for robots and devices: The features of the system are: fiber optic cables (instead of human sensory receptor) and low cost CMOS or CCD image sensor (which can be found in a conventional webcam, camcorder, digital camera etc.) are used by pairing each pixel of the image sensor with corresponding fiber optic cable, which... Agent:

20150109608 - Device and method for measuring hemoglobin: The present invention relates to a system for measuring the hemoglobin concentration in whole blood, wherein the system comprises: a light-radiating unit including a light source that emits two types of incident light having different wavelengths; a diffusion unit which diffuses the incident light emitted by the light-radiating unit; a... Agent: Boditechmed. Inc

20150109611 - Method and device for testing a composite material using laser ultrasonics: This disclosure relates to a method for the nondestructive testing, using laser ultrasonics, of a composite part having a fibrous reinforcement in a resin that optically scatters the laser, includes: a) taking a measurement of the thickness of the resin of the part on the surface that is illuminated during... Agent:

20150109609 - Object location in three dimensional space using led lights: A system and method of for performing an action at a device is disclosed. A first signal is sent into a first zone from a first light source, wherein the first signal identifies the first zone. The first signal is received at the device when the device is in the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150109612 - Object location in three dimensional space using led lights: A method for performing an action at a device is disclosed. A first signal is sent into a first zone from a first light source, wherein the first signal identifies the first zone. The first signal is received at the device when the device is in the zone. The device... Agent:

20150109610 - Spectrometry device: A control unit for controlling the temperature of a spectrometer to be constant stores a first temperature coefficient indicating a proportion of a temperature change of the spectrometer to a room temperature change and a second temperature coefficient indicating a proportion of the temperature change of the spectrometer to a... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150109613 - Apparatus and methods for characterizing lenses: A test chart for characterizing lenses comprises X radial lines extending from a central point and Y concentric X-sided polygons centered at the central point. Each of the X radial lines intersects one vertex of each of the polygons. Each of the X radial lines is divided into Y segments... Agent:

20150109614 - Enhanced surface plasmon resonance method: The disclosure relates to processing SPR signals, in particular signals obtained by illuminating a conductive surface with light at two wavelengths. Processing SPR signals can involve processing a first and second signal indicative of an intensity of light, received from a conductive layer at which SPR has occurred, as a... Agent:

20150109615 - Light section sensor: A light section sensor for providing an output of a digital output coordinate has an illuminating device for projecting a light line onto a measured object and an electronic camera for detecting the projected light line on the measured object. A processing device determines at least one measured coordinate in... Agent:

20150109616 - Apparatus for taking an accurate photometric measurement of a liquid: An apparatus for taking an accurate photometric measurement of a liquid by way of forming a specimen volume of a controlled optical path length for use with photometric measurement equipment is disclosed herein. In some embodiments, the apparatus comprises a transparent body configured for displacing a volume of a fluid... Agent:

20150109617 - Spectrometric systems and methods for improved focus localization of time- and space-varying measurements: A system and method of dynamically localizing a measurement of parameter characterizing tissue sample with waves produced by spectrometric system at multiple wavelengths and detected at a fixed location of the detector of the system. The parameter is calculated based on impulse response of the sample, reference data representing characteristics... Agent:

20150109618 - In-furnace retro-reflectors with steerable tunable diode laser absorption spectrometer: A method of monitoring combustion properties in an interior of a furnace is described. A beam of light is projected through a pitch optic including a pitch collimating lens residing outside the boiler interior. The pitch collimating lens projects the beam through a penetration into the boiler interior. The beam... Agent: Zolo Technologies, Inc.

20150109619 - Sample analysis element and detection device: The sample analysis element is provided with a base body. Nanostructures are dispersed on a surface of the base body at a first pitch SP smaller than a wavelength of incident light. In each of the nanostructures, a dielectric body is covered with a metal film. The nanostructures form a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150109620 - Apparatus and method for measuring the intensity and phase of a light pulse: e

20150109622 - Optical coherence tomography apparatus and optical coherence tomography method: An optical coherence tomography apparatus includes a light source unit that emits light including lights emitted from swept sources, which have different center wavelengths and partially overlapping output spectral ranges, the lights having the respective output spectral ranges and being temporally separated from each other, a dividing unit that is... Agent:

20150109621 - Swept source oct system and method with phase-locked detection: A swept source OCT system and related method are disclosed. The system comprises a control device for operating a tunable light source in response to an electronic sweep control signal such that the tunable light source carries out wave length sweeps with a repetition rate fsweep, which depends on the... Agent:

20150109623 - True-spectroscopic dual mode high resolution full-field optical coherence tomography using liquid crystal devices: The invention is a system and method for obtaining interference and optical coherence tomography images from an object. The system comprises a wideband source, an optical mask for extending the depth of field, a a liquid crystal tunable filter and a phase modulator all of which are uniquely integrated in... Agent:

20150109624 - Position measuring method, position measuring apparatus, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method, optical element: An apparatus (AS) measures positions of marks (202) on a lithographic substrate (W). An illumination arrangement (940, 962, 964) provides off-axis radiation from at least first and second regions. The first and second source regions are diametrically opposite one another with respect to an optical axis (O) and are limited... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150109625 - Probing device for electronic device and probing method: To provide a probing device and a probing method for an electronic device capable of confirming whether or not an electrical inspection has been executed appropriately, with an electrode pad being made in contact with a probe with a predetermined pressure, by utilizing a change in external shapes to be... Agent:

20150109626 - Tire digitizer: A tire digitizer system for digitizing the profile of a tire to create a digital model of the tire is described. There is provided a chassis that includes one or more sheet of light triangulation sensors for capturing the profile of a tire moving in a predefined area and outputting... Agent:

20150109627 - Measuring device for optically scanning an environment: The invention relates to a measuring device (1), in particular a laser scanner for optically scanning and measuring an environment. The measuring device (1) comprises a rotatably mounted measuring head (2) and a rotation unit (10) mounted therein and having a rotatably mounted rotation body (20), wherein a targeting element... Agent:

04/16/2015 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150103330 - Time of flight camera system: A light transit time camera system and method for operating such a system which can be operated with at least three modulation frequencies, having the steps a) determining a phase shift (φi) of an emitted signal (Sp1) and a received signal (Sp2) for a modulation frequency (f1, f2, f3) in... Agent:

20150103331 - Apparatus and method for compensating for beam angle of multi-layer lidar: An apparatus for compensating for a beam angle of a multi-layer LiDAR includes: a beam angle calculation unit configured to calculate a distance d calculated by using ground data detected by a ground data detection unit and a beam angle of the multi-layer LiDAR by using a mounting height of... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150103333 - Apparatus for quantitative measurements of stress distributions from mechanoluminescence materials: An apparatus for measuring mechanoluminescent light includes a chamber defining an enclosure for a portion of a structure to be monitored and providing an opening fitted onto the structure. The structure has a mechanoluminescent material thereon. The apparatus further includes an imaging sensor positioned and configured to take images of... Agent:

20150103332 - Frame transfer device for an optical strain gauge structure: An optical strain gauge, a transfer device for an optical strain gauge, and a test system are described. One instance of the disclosed transfer device includes a first and second gauge coupler that facilitate attachment to an optical strain gauge. The disclosed transfer device enables an optical strain gauge to... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150103334 - Handheld laser induced breakdown spectroscopy device: A novel device, method and systems disclosed managing the thermal challenges of LIBS laser components and a spectrometer in a handheld structure as well the use of simplified light signal collection which includes a bare fiber optic to collect the emitted light in close proximity to (or in contact with)... Agent:

20150103335 - Object dimensioning system and related methods: A method and apparatus for dimensioning and, optionally, weighing an object. A platform with a surface is used for supporting an object. A user selects between two different dimensioning devices of the apparatus. The first device employs three distance sensors to determine a distance between each of the distance sensors... Agent:

20150103336 - Optical connector monitoring: There is described an optical connector comprising a casing having a hollow body and at least one aperture at one end thereof, at least one optical fiber having an outer surface and a fiber end and extending inside the hollow body of the casing along a longitudinal direction thereof, a... Agent:

20150103337 - Apparatus for and method of sensing arc in gas insulated switchgear using photodiode: There is provided an apparatus for sensing an arc in a gas insulated switchgear (GIS) including: an optical signal receiving unit receiving an optical signal generated due to an arc within a GIS; and a circuit breaker controller outputting a circuit breaker interrupt signal based on the received optical signal,... Agent:

20150103338 - Method of evaluating image blur of optical film and optical film with reduced image blur: A method of evaluating an image blur of an optical film includes displaying a test pattern by driving an organic light-emitting display apparatus including the optical film, obtaining an image by capturing the test pattern using a digital camera, obtaining a spatial luminance distribution from the image, transforming the spatial... Agent:

20150103339 - Flow cell assembly for liquid sample analyzer: A flow cell assembly for use in a liquid sample analyzer including a radiation source, a sensing device and a liquid sample source to supply a liquid sample includes an entrance joint member, a liquid core waveguide, a liquid sample feed tube, and an input optical fiber. The entrance joint... Agent:

20150103340 - Scattering spectroscopy nanosensor: A scattering spectroscopy nanosensor includes a nanoscale-patterned sensing substrate to produce an optical scattering response signal indicative of a presence of an analyte when interrogated by an optical stimulus. The scattering spectroscopy nanosensor further includes a protective covering to cover and protect the nanoscale-patterned sensing substrate. The protective covering is... Agent:

20150103341 - Method of identification from a spatial and spectral object model: A method of referencing an imaged object includes, among other things, obtaining a series of images, observing key characteristics of the object in each of the series of images, associating the observed key characteristics with the object; and assigning a unique identifier to the object based upon the associated key... Agent: Ge Aviation Systems LLC

20150103342 - Spectrophotometer: The spectrophotometer of the present invention measures a spectral reflectance of an object to be measured to thereby determine a color value of the object to be measured based on a color-matching function of an XYZ color system and the spectral reflectance. The spectrophotometer includes an irradiation unit configured to... Agent:

20150103343 - Tunable optical filter: An apparatus for performing spectroscopy incorporates, between an EM source and a detector, an optical filter comprising a pair of mirrors opposed along the optical axis and shaped to provide an optical cavity with stable resonance and having a cavity length of at most 50 μm and a mode at... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20150103345 - Apparatus for measuring the scattered light and method of testing a reception optics: An apparatus (10) for measuring the light scatter from a measured zone (12) is provided, the apparatus having a light transmitter (14) for transmitting a light beam (18) into the measured zone and having a light receiver (22) with a reception optics (24) for detecting light scattered in the measured... Agent:

20150103344 - Method for determining at least one physical, chemical and/or biological measured variable by means of optical sensors, and turbidity sensor: A turbidity sensor and a method for determining at least one physical, chemical and/or biological measured variable of process automation in a medium by means of at least one optical sensor, comprising the steps of sending transmission signals into the medium, wherein the transmission signals are converted into received signals... Agent:

20150103346 - Smoke detector with external sampling volume and ambient light rejection: In accordance with certain embodiments, a smoke detector determines the presence of smoke particles outside its housing based on measurements of light detected at different wavelengths and corrected based on an ambient light level.... Agent:

20150103347 - Sample analysis element and detection device: There is provided a sample analysis element capable of uniting a propagating surface plasmon resonance with a localized surface plasmon resonance while increasing the surface density of the hot spots. The sample analysis element is provided with a plurality of metal nanobody lines. Each of the metal nanobody lines includes... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150103348 - Wafer inspection: Systems and methods for inspecting a wafer are provided. One system includes an illumination subsystem configured to illuminate the wafer; a collection subsystem configured to collect light scattered from the wafer and to preserve the polarization of the scattered light; an optical element configured to separate the scattered light collected... Agent:

20150103349 - Photodetector with controllable spectral response: A photodetector includes a semiconductor substrate having an irradiation zone configured to generate charge carriers having opposite charge carrier types in response to an irradiation of the semiconductor substrate. The photodetector further includes an inversion zone generator configured to operate in at least two operating states to generate different inversion... Agent:

20150103350 - Gas detection system using fiber laser with active feedback compensation by reference cavity: The present invention provides a fiber laser gas detection system using active feedback compensation by a reference cavity, said system comprising: an optical fiber laser consists of a laser diode pump source, a wavelength division multiplexer, an active optical fiber and a fiber Bragg grating connected successively; an optical isolator... Agent:

20150103351 - Using reflected and transmission maps to detect reticle degradation: An optical reticle inspection tool is used during an inspection to obtain, for each local area, an average of multiple reflected intensity values corresponding to light reflected from a plurality of sub-areas of each local area of the reticle. The optical reticle inspection tool is also used during the inspection... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150103352 - Scanning optical microscope: A scanning optical microscope includes a light source; a first beam splitter that splits light into irradiation light and reference light; a first objective lens that converges the irradiation light on a sample and receives signal light; a second beam splitter that splits the signal light off from an optical... Agent:

20150103353 - Systems and methods for controlling the optical path length between a laser and an optical cavity: Systems and methods for controlling the optical path length between a feedback enabled laser and a cavity, and hence the optical feedback phase. A phasor element, positioned along an optical path between the laser and the cavity coupling mirror, includes a gas medium within a volume defined by the phasor... Agent:

20150103354 - Multiplex tunable filter spectrometer: The invention provides spectroscopic systems and spectrometers employing an optical interference filter module having a plurality of bandpass regions. In certain embodiments, the systems include a mechanism for wavelength tuning/scanning and wavelength band decoding based on an angular motion of one or more filters. A spectral processing algorithm separates the... Agent:

20150103355 - Compact multimodality optical coherence tomography imaging systems: Systems for imaging a sample are provided. The system includes an optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging portion having an associated OCT path defined by one set of optical elements between an OCT signal delivery optical fiber and the sample; an image capture portion having an associated image capture path defined... Agent:

20150103356 - Interferometer, system, and method of use: A compact, balanced, up to three degrees of freedom measuring interferometer which enables fiber delivery of an optical source without periodic nonlinearity, an interferometer system, and method for using an interferometer to measure up to three degrees of freedom is disclosed.... Agent: University Of Rochester

20150103357 - Signal sectioning for profiling printed-circuit-bord vias with vertical scanning interferometry: The rough bottom surface of a recessed feature partially obscured by an overlying structure is profiled interferometrically with acceptable precision using an objective with sufficiently large numerical aperture to illuminate the bottom under the obscuring structure. The light scattering produced by the roughness of the surface causes diffused light to... Agent:

20150103358 - System and method for non-contact measurement of 3d geometry: A method for the non-contact measurement of a scene's 3D geometry is based on the concurrent projection of multiple and overlapping light patterns of different wavelengths and/or polarity onto its surfaces. Each location in the overlapping light patterns is encoded (code-word) by the combined arrangements of code elements (code-letters) from... Agent:

20150103360 - Methods and systems for determining a probe-off condition in a medical device: A physiological monitoring system may determine a probe-off condition. A physiological sensor may be used to emit one or more wavelengths of light. A received light signal may be processed to obtain a light signal corresponding to the emitted light and an ambient signal. The signals may be analyzed to... Agent:

20150103359 - Optical system for posture detection comprising a scanning light source and a cube corner: The general field of the invention is that of systems for detecting the posture of a mobile object in space. The system according to the invention comprises an electro-optical device comprising a light source, a photoreceptor and means of analysis, and a retro-reflecting cube corner disposed on the mobile object.... Agent:

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20150098075 - Scanner for space measurement: Some embodiments of the invention relate to a surveying apparatus in the form of a scanner comprising a beam deflection unit, such a beam deflection unit and a measuring method to be carried out with said surveying apparatus. The surveying apparatus comprises a radiation source for generating measurement radiation and... Agent:

20150098076 - Apparatus and method for recognizing vehicle: An apparatus and method for recognizing a vehicle. The apparatus includes a sensor configured to provide point cloud data corresponding to a front object detected by using a LiDAR; a shape determiner configured to determines a shape corresponding to the front object by analyzing the point cloud data provided by... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150098077 - Tag having an optical fibre sensor: A tag for securing to a person or object, comprising at least one fibre optic sensor having a plastics optical fibre that changes optical transmission characteristics with a change in temperature, and a sensor unit coupled to the optical fibre. The sensor unit is configured to detect change in the... Agent:

20150098078 - Laser based lens analysis device and method: A laser based lens analysis device comprising of a laser for emitting a laser beam, a beam expander for increasing the diameter of the laser beam, a beam collimator for collimating the increased diameter laser beam, an aperture for controlling the collimated laser beam and rendering the collimated laser beam... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150098079 - System and method for camera based position and orientation measurement: A system and a method for determining a position and an orientation of an object relative to a defined reference frame is disclosed. A plurality of targets are disposed at known locations relative to the defined reference frame. A head assembly is disposed on the object, where the head assembly... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20150098080 - Challenge sets and methods of making and using the same: A surrogate challenge set including a plurality of containers containing a fluid, wherein at least one of the containers contains particulate matter; and reference probability-of-detection (POD) data for the at least one container containing the particulate matter is described. The fluid may be water containing at least about 0.5 wt... Agent:

20150098081 - Metrology tool stage configurations and operation methods: Metrology tool stage configurations and respective methods are provided, which comprise a pivoted connection arranged to receive a wafer and enable rotation thereof about a pivot; a radial axis arranged to radially move the rotatable pivoted connection attached thereto; and optics having a stationary part configured to generate a collimated... Agent:

20150098082 - Optical measurements of properties in substances using propagation modes of light: This application describes designs, implementations, and techniques for controlling propagation mode or modes of light in a common optical path, which may include one or more waveguides, to sense a sample.... Agent: Tomophase Corporation

20150098084 - Inspection methods for pecvd coatings: A method for inspecting the product of a coating process is provided. In certain embodiments, the release of at least one volatile species from the coated surface into the gas space adjacent to the coated surface is measured and the result is compared with the result for at least one... Agent: Sio2 Medical Products, Inc.

20150098083 - Method for detecting the transition of products in a conduit: This invention relates to a method of detecting the transition, between a first compound and a second compound, of a product, which may contain such a first compound and/or such a second compound, and flowing inside a conduit for conveying this product.... Agent:

20150098085 - Sensor chip, sensor cartridge, and detection apparatus: A sensor chip capable of reliably combining propagating surface plasmon resonance with localized surface plasmon resonance of metal nanostructures is provided. A sensor chip includes a metal grating. The metal grating includes multiple long metal pieces extending in a first direction. The long metal pieces are arranged at a pitch... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150098086 - Adjusting sample holder orientation for symmetric incident beam and scattered beam geometry to compensate for refraction index related distortions: An apparatus with an electromagnetic radiation source generates an incident-beam. A sample container accommodates a sample, receives the incident beam for interaction with the sample, and enables a scattered beam, which is to be detected, to propagate out of the sample container. An electromagnetic radiation detector detects the scattered beam... Agent:

20150098087 - Object sensing using dynamic demodulation: An object detection method comprises transmitting a plurality of signals from a transmitter into a region; measuring a plurality of signals, each corresponding to a respective one of the plurality of the transmitted signals, received by a sensor; determining whether each of the plurality of received signals satisfies a condition... Agent:

20150098088 - Methods and apparatus of tracking/locking resonator free spectral range and its application in resonator fiber optic gyroscope: A resonator fiber optic gyroscope is provided. The resonator fiber optic gyroscope includes a gyroscope resonator, a laser; a clockwise modulator; a clockwise circulator; a clockwise reflection detector; a first-lock-in-amplifier, a clockwise-resonance-tracking servo to receive output from the first-lock-in-amplifier and to provide feedback to the laser to lock the laser... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150098089 - Optical passive resonator gyro with three beams: The general field of the invention is that of passive resonator gyros comprising an injection laser emitting an initial optical beam at a first frequency and a fibre optic cavity. The gyro according to the invention operates with three optical beams at three different optical frequencies. A first beam is... Agent:

20150098090 - Optical position-measuring device: A position-measuring device for detecting the position of two objects movable relative to each other, includes a measuring standard that is joined to one of the two objects, as well as a scanning system for scanning the measuring standard, the scanning system being joined to the other of the two... Agent:

20150098091 - System for positioning a tool relative to a workpiece: A system for positioning a tool relative to a workpiece includes a movable table for accommodating a workpiece, the table executing movements in two main moving directions during the processing of the workpiece, one or more planar measuring standards provided in stationary fashion about the tool and extend in the... Agent:

20150098092 - Device and method for the simultaneous three-dimensional measurement of surfaces with several wavelengths: The invention relates to an apparatus for the three-dimensional measurement of an object, and comprises a projection system for projecting a pattern onto a surface by means of electromagnetic radiation having at least two different wavelengths or at least two different wavelength ranges; and a detector system for detecting the... Agent: Aimess Services Gmbh

20150098093 - Optical position-measuring device: An optical position-measuring device includes a measuring standard as well as a scanning unit movable relative to it along at least one measuring direction, a scanning beam path being formed between the measuring standard and scanning unit and being used to generate displacement-dependent signals. A protective cap is disposed in... Agent:

20150098094 - Measuring graduation and photoelectric position measuring device having the same: A measuring graduation includes a phase grating for a photoelectric position measuring device for measuring positions in a first direction and in a second direction extending orthogonally to the first direction. The phase grating has a periodic array of grating elements in the first direction and in the second direction.... Agent:

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