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Optics: measuring and testing

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12/18/2014 > 32 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140368807 - Lidar-based classification of object movement: Within machine vision, object movement is often estimated by applying image evaluation techniques to visible light images, utilizing techniques such as perspective and parallax. However, the precision of such techniques may be limited due to visual distortions in the images, such as glare and shadows. Instead, lidar data may be... Agent:

20140368808 - Prism coupling methods with improved mode spectrum contrast for double ion-exchanged glass: Methods of capturing improved-contrast mode spectra of a double ion-exchanged (DIOX) glass sample using prism coupling of index np. The DIOX glass sample has a refractive index profile with a first region adjacent the surface that satisfies 0.0005≦π/n dn/dx|≦<0.0009, where λ is a wavelength of measuring light. The prism-sample interface... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140368809 - Multi-wavelength dmd measurement apparatus and methods: A differential mode delay (DMD) measurement system for an optical fiber is provided. The system includes an optical test fiber with a plurality of modes; a single mode light source that provides a continuous light wave signal to a modulator; and a pulse generator that provides an electrical pulse train... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140368810 - Analysis device and associated method for operating simulated moving bed xylenes separation units a raman spectrometer: The present invention describes an analysis device and a method associated with this device, said device comprising an analysis cell (8) containing an optrode (10), receiving an input laser signal and sending an output signal to the Raman spectrometer, and said method using two analysis routes: an analysis route 1... Agent: Axens

20140368811 - Tomographic imaging: Briefly, embodiments of methods and/or systems for tomographic imaging are disclosed.... Agent:

20140368812 - Method and apparatus for determining object characteristics: Embodiments of the invention provide a method of determining one or more characteristics of a target object, comprising determining a first phase map for at least a region of a target object based on radiation directed toward the target object, determining one or more further phase maps for a sub-region... Agent:

20140368813 - Ophthalmic lens holder for a centering device: An ophthalmic lens holder (1), includes a pedestal (10) and at least three contact pads (30) that rise from the pedestal such as to have substantially coplanar free ends (31), whereby the contact pads are suitable for bearing the ophthalmic lens. The holder has at least three through-openings (25) of... Agent: Essilor International(compagnie Generale D'optique

20140368814 - Countermeasure system: A countermeasure system for protecting a target against a threat comprising a sensing system including a first sensor(s) for detecting a threat within a wide-angle sector and producing a first directional signal indicative of a first angular zone of the threat location, and a second sensor(s) for detecting the threat... Agent:

20140368815 - Glass panel stocking system and stocking method: The present invention provides a glass panel stocking system and a stocking method. The stocking system includes a loading and unloading port and a crane. The loading and unloading port functions to receive a cassette that contains glass panels to position thereon. The crane functions to move a cassette that... Agent:

20140368816 - Optical device: An optical device, such as a microscope, is disclosed that can be assembled from flat materials. The optical device can be assembled via a series of folds of a flat material. The optical microscope can include a stage for supporting a sample, an optic stage, and a light source. The... Agent:

20140368817 - Optical fiber-based hybrid sers platform for in vivo detection of bio-molecules: An optical probe includes an optical fiber with a first end and a second end, and an enhanced surface on a portion of the first end of the optical fiber. The enhanced surface includes a patterned base layer including multiple protruding nano-pyramids, an intermediate layer over the patterned base layer,... Agent:

20140368818 - Spectrometer and method of spectroscopy: A spark optical emission spectrometer comprising: a spark source for causing spark induced emission of light from a sample; a single entrance slit; a toroidal mirror for directing the light through the single entrance slit; a plurality of diffraction gratings for diffracting light that has been directed through the entrance... Agent:

20140368819 - Methods for detecting parasites, viruses, bacteria and drugs in human and animal blood and cerebral spinal fluid, using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: The present invention relates to methods of detecting parasites, viruses, bacteria and drugs in human and animal blood and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). The method includes developing and using algorithmic detection models for detecting compounds, bacteria, viruses and parasites in blood or CSF. The models... Agent:

20140368820 - Particle size distribution measuring device: The particle size distribution measuring device 1 is so configured to calculate the particle size distribution with repeating several times a process to give the particle size distribution calculated by means of one iterative solver to the other iterative solver as an imaginary solution and to update the calculated particle... Agent:

20140368821 - Heat sensitive tamper indicating markings: The present invention relates to the field of heat sensitive optically variable inks and tamper indicating markings obtained thereof. The present invention relates to the field of irreversible changes in color and/or changes in structure upon a tampering attempt against articles or items comprising said tamper indicating markings through the... Agent:

20140368822 - Media absorbency determination: A method for estimating a quantity of sample material borne by an absorptive substrate. A first radiation is directed onto the substrate. The radiation interacts with the substrate to an extent relative to anisotropy of the substrate. Interaction of the radiation with the substrate is measured at a plurality of... Agent:

20140368823 - System and method for determining fluid parameters: A system and method for measuring the quality of a fluid includes an optical body forming a measurement surface configured for contacting the fluid to be measured; a light source for projecting radiant energy into the optical body and toward the measurement surface at a predetermined angle; an optical sensor... Agent:

20140368824 - Fourier-transform interferometer with self-apodization compensation: A Fourier-transform interferometer with self-apodization compensation comprises at least one pair of mobile prisms forming a plate with thickness which varies at the same time as an optical path length difference is itself varied. The prisms are displaced using a mobile system with a single degree of freedom, comprising two... Agent:

20140368826 - Cavity enhanced spectroscopy: The present disclosure describes cavity enhanced spectroscopy (CES) apparatuses, and systems, and methods of forming the same. An example of a CES apparatus includes a first partial reflector, an optical cavity to expose a sample to electromagnetic radiation below the first partial reflector, and a semiconductor wafer with the first... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140368825 - Mirror for a fabry-perot interferometer, and a method for producing the same: A method for producing a mirror plate for a Fabry-Perot interferometer includes providing a base slab, which includes a substrate coated with a reflective multilayer coating, forming one or more intermediate layers on the base slab such that the lowermost intermediate layer substantially consists of silica, and such that the... Agent:

20140368828 - Electro-optical silicon-based phase modulator with null residual amplitude modulation: Systems and methods are presented for modulating a beam of radiation, such that the modulated beam exhibits substantially null residual amplitude modulation (RAM). An electro-optical modulator is presented that includes a waveguide, a first region associated with the waveguide and a second region associated with the waveguide. The waveguide is... Agent:

20140368827 - Optical tomography apparatus, optical tomography method, and optical coherence tomography apparatus: Provided is an optical tomography apparatus acquiring high-quality tomographic images even if light source characteristic is different between sweeps in first and second directions, when acquiring the image by reciprocating sweep. The optical tomography apparatus includes: a wavelength swept light source device; a splitting-combining unit splitting light from the device... Agent:

20140368829 - Optical cantilever based analysis: An optical sensor including a MEMS structure, and a grating coupled resonating structure positioned adjacent to the MEMS structure, the grating coupled resonating structure comprising an interrogating grating coupler configured to direct light towards the MEMS structure. The interrogating grating coupler is two dimensional, and the interrogating grating coupler and... Agent:

20140368830 - Optical measurement device for detecting distance differences and optical measurement method: The invention relates to an optical measuring device for acquiring in situ a difference in distance between a support and an edge region of an object to be measured. The optical measuring device has a measuring head with dual beam guide which directs a first measuring beam towards the support... Agent: Precitec Optronik Gmbh

20140368831 - Interferometer using asymmetric polarization and optical device using the interferometer: The present invention relates to an interferometer and an optical device using same. Unclear interference patterns and restrictions between light source and the interferometer for conventional devices require precise control devices. The present invention enables to control a wave plate of an interferometer to make the amplitude of object beam... Agent: Kohyoung Technology Inc.

20140368832 - Interferometric determination of distance change with laser diode, high bandwidth detection and fast signal processing: Method and systems for determining a change of distance to an object by interferometry with emitting measurement laser light from a laser diode are disclosed. The method may include receiving at least a part of the measurement laser light, superimposing the reflected measurement laser light with a reference laser light... Agent:

20140368833 - Focusing device: A focusing device that includes a differential interference prism used in differential interference observation in a focusing detection optical system includes: a light source that emits light with which a measurement surface of an observation sample is irradiated; a photo detection unit that detects light from the measurement surface; a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140368834 - Optical thread profiler: An apparatus configured to measure at least one physical characteristic of an threaded surface (e.g., an internally threaded surface) of an object is provided. The apparatus uses optical triangulation to perform non-contact characterization of the threaded surface. The apparatus can be used to characterize various aspects of the threaded surface,... Agent:

20140368835 - Three-dimensional shape measuring apparatus: A three-dimensional shape measuring apparatus includes a light source, a digital mirror device applying stripe pattern light alternately including a light portion and a dark portion with which information about the height of an inspection target portion can be acquired by reflecting light emitted from the light source, and an... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140368837 - Absolute position detection system: The present invention relates to an absolute position detection system. More particularly the present invention relates to a system for detecting an absolute position on a vehicle travel path. For example, disclosed is an absolute position detection system comprising: a plurality of pattern units arranged at a predetermined spacing on... Agent: Korea Railroad Research Institute

20140368836 - Positioning device comprising a light beam: A position measurement system for determining 2D displacement or position of a mobile element with respect to a reference frame, including: a point light; an optical mask having transparent and opaque areas defining a repetitive pattern on at least one side of its surfaces; an imager, fixed to a mobile... Agent:

20140368838 - Method for calibrating an optical arrangement: A method for calibrating an optical arrangement in respect to a global coordinate system is provided. The optical arrangement includes a rigid carrier, an optical acquiring unit and a light emitting unit both releasably connected to the carrier. The optical acquiring unit or the light emitting unit is calibrated in... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140362364 - Time-of-flight ranging system and method with extended range: An embodiment includes a method, comprising: receiving a modulated signal having modulation; generating a first signal in response to the modulation and a first sampling signal; generating a second signal in response to the modulation and a second sampling signal; and generating a distance in response to the first signal... Agent:

20140362366 - Method and system for gas flow mitigation of molecular contamination of optics: A computer-implemented method for determining an optimized purge gas flow in a semi-conductor inspection metrology or lithography apparatus, comprising receiving a permissible contaminant mole fraction, a contaminant outgassing flow rate associated with a contaminant, a contaminant mass diffusivity, an outgassing surface length, a pressure, a temperature, a channel height, and... Agent:

20140362367 - Distributed fiber bend and stress measurement for determining optical fiber reliability by multi-wavelength optical reflectometry: The disclosed technology in this patent document includes, among others, methods apparatus for distributed measuring at least one fiber bend or stress related characteristics along an optical path of fiber under test (FUT) uses both a light input unit and a light output unit connected to the FUT at one... Agent:

20140362368 - Focus detection apparatus, electronic apparatus, manufacturing apparatus, and manufacturing method: There is provided a focus detection apparatus including: microlenses; light reception units that receive light which is incident through the microlenses; waveguides that cause light, which is incident to the microlenses at a predetermined angle, to be received by the light reception units and that are provided between the microlenses... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140362370 - Directional light beams for angle detection: An angular detection arrangement for a head mountable display (HMD) comprising a light source or reflective marking and an optical detector, one of the light source or reflective marking and the optical detector being disposed at the HMD and the other being disposed at a fixed point, the light source... Agent:

20140362369 - Measurement device: Provided is a measurement device including a light source that sequentially emits plural beams of light which are respectively incident on an object and of which optical axes are parallel or substantially parallel to each other, a condensing optical system that condenses the plural beams of light reflected from the... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140362371 - Sensor for measuring surface non-uniformity: A method includes forming a two-dimensional interrogating beam on a selected sample region of a surface; collecting light transmitted through or reflected from the sample region with an array of lenses to form a sample array of focus spots; imaging the sample array of focus spots through an imaging lens... Agent:

20140362372 - Simultaneous multi-spot inspection and imaging: A compact and versatile multi-spot inspection imaging system employs an objective for focusing an array of radiation beams to a surface and a second reflective or refractive objective having a large numerical aperture for collecting scattered radiation from the array of illuminated spots. The scattered radiation from each illuminated spot... Agent:

20140362373 - Surface-enhanced raman scattering substrate: The disclosure provides a surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate, including: a surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)-active substrate; a patterned hydrophilic region and a patterned hydrophobic region formed on the SERS-active substrate, wherein a water contact angle difference between the patterned hydrophilic region and the patterned hydrophobic region is in a range from... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140362374 - Analyzing light by mode interference: Apparatuses and systems for analyzing light by mode interference are provided. An example of an apparatus for analyzing light by mode interference includes a number of waveguides to support in a multimode region two modes of the light of a particular polarization and a plurality of scattering objects offset from... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140362375 - System for provision of analysis results, analysis terminal, and method for provision of analysis results: To implement an analysis result provision system that can acquire an analysis result of a target substance without transferring the substance when the substance is analyzed using plasma light information occurred from plasma area where the substance is turned to plasma state, a provision system of analysis result includes an... Agent:

20140362376 - Method and apparatus for femtosecond laser pulse measurement based on transient-grating effect: Apparatuses and method for real-time measuring ultrashort pulse shape and pulse width. Transient-grating effect on a transparent optical medium is used to generate a reference beam. A black plate with four equal-sized holes divides the incoming laser beam into four beams, one of which is attenuated and introduced an appropriate... Agent: Shanghai Institute Of Optics And Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

20140362377 - Hemispherical scanning optical scatterometer: A hemispherical scanning optical scatterometer and method for its use for measuring scattered radiation, with a reflected scatter measurement laser, and/or a transmitted scatter measurement laser, an array of optical detectors, a computer controlled system to rotate the array of optical detectors, an electronic system, a computer interface and a... Agent: Scattermaster LLC

20140362378 - Method and systems to detect matter through use of a magnetic field gradient: Methods and systems for determining material composition of a test sample may be provided. The test sample may be placed in a magnetic region having a magnetic field. A light beam may be directed at the test sample in the magnetic region. A birefringence in the light beam that has... Agent:

20140362380 - Integrating sphere: In an integrating sphere including a structure having a spherical inner wall that forms a spherical space, there are provided an LED circuit board equipped at one end with a light-emitting device adapted to radiate a light in the space at an input port formed at the structure to be... Agent: Honda Motor Co.,ltd.

20140362379 - System and method of a personal enhancing color selection: A personal enhancing color selection system and method, in which a selected reflective material, preferably in the form of a fabric or woven drape, is placed near the face or skin surface of a subject person. The selected reflective material has a metallic sheen when reflecting an ambient light source.... Agent:

20140362381 - Method and calibration insert for adjusting, calibrating and/or checking a function of a photometric sensor: A method for adjusting, calibrating and/or checking a function of a photometric sensor, which is embodied for measuring at least one measured variable in a medium, wherein the sensor works with at least one measuring wavelength and at least one reference wavelength, comprising the steps as follows: mounting a calibration... Agent: Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft F&#xfc R Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg

20140362382 - Apparatus, system and method for detecting matter: An apparatus for detecting matter, the apparatus including: a first light source adapted to emit a first light beam; a second light source adapted to emit a second light beam, wherein the apparatus is arranged such that the first and second light beams converge towards a scanning element; the scanning... Agent:

20140362383 - Interferometer system and method to generate an interference signal of a surface of a sample: An interferometer system to generate an interference signal of a surface of a sample includes a broadband illuminator to provide a broadband illumination beam, a beam splitter to split the broadband illumination beam in a reference beam for reflection on a reference reflector and a measurement beam for reflection on... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140362384 - Spectroscopic instrument and process for spectral analysis: A spectroscopic instrument includes a first optical component for spatial spectral splitting of a polychromatic beam of light impinging onto the first optical component, an objective, which routes various spectral regions of the split beam of light onto differing spatial regions, and a sensor, situated downstream of the objective in... Agent: Wavelight Gmbh

20140362385 - Measuring device of measurement object, calculating device, measurement method, and method for producing item: A measuring device that measures a measurement object includes a two-dimensional measuring unit that outputs two-dimensional image data by performing image pickup on the measurement object, a three-dimensional measuring unit that outputs three-dimensional data by three-dimensionally measuring the measurement object; and an obtaining unit that detects a temporary edge of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140362387 - Distance measurement holder and machine tool having interfering object sensing function: A distance measurement holder is attached to the main shaft of a machine tool. A laser beam emitted from a holder main body is reflected by a reflection mirror section fixed to a tapered sleeve, and reflected by a measurement target, and then received by a light receiving section provided... Agent:

20140362386 - Optical system for measurement of orientation and position comprising a point source, central mask, photosensitive matrix sensor and corner cube: The general field of the invention is that of systems for detecting the posture of a mobile object. The systems according to the invention comprise a fixed electro-optical device comprising an emission source and a photosensitive sensor. The optical corner cube is arranged on the mobile object. The entry face... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 37 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140354975 - Apparatus and method for measuring mechanical properties of tendons in tension leg platforms: An apparatus to monitor the loads and mechanical behavior of tendons for a tension leg platform (TLP) uses sensors attached directly to the tendons by adhesive of by friction mount. The sensors are typically in a sensor ring assembly which is placed around the perimeter of the tension leg. Ruggedized... Agent:

20140354974 - Apparatus and method for monitoring the mechanical properties of subsea longitudinal vertical components in offshore drilling and production applications: An apparatus to monitor the loads and mechanical behavior of subsea longitudinal vertical components of off shore drilling and production platforms (SLVCs) uses sensors attached directly to the tendons by adhesive or by friction mount. The sensors are typically in a sensor ring assembly which is placed around the perimeter... Agent:

20140354973 - Structural health monitoring method and apparatus based on optical fiber bend loss measurement: A fiber optic strain sensor, an optical pulse generator generates an initial optical pulse, and launches it into an optical fiber-optical strain probe chain through an optical circulator. The scattered optical power in the optical fiber and optical strain probe chain is sent to an optical receiver, also via the... Agent:

20140354976 - Apparatus and system for characterizing an aerosol particle flow: An apparatus and method for improving aerosol particle characterization and detection accuracy in clean room applications that includes an optical particle sizer that receives a particle containing aerosol sample at a higher flow rate which is operatively coupled to an inertial aerosol concentrator for concentrating particles received from the optical... Agent:

20140354977 - Fitting tip with relay lens for fiber-optic connector endface inspector: A fitting tip of fiber-optic connector endface inspection microscope for inspecting angled connector endfaces includes a relay lens fixed inside its internal channel and is designed such that when it is received in an intended connector adapter and mounted to the inspection microscope, the normal line to the connector endface... Agent:

20140354978 - Method, apparatus and system for minimally intrusive fiber identification: A method, apparatus and system for minimally intrusive fiber identification includes imparting a time-varying modulation onto an optical signal propagating in an optical fiber and subsequently detecting the presence of the time-varying modulation in the optical signal transmitting through the fiber to identify the fiber. In a specific embodiment of... Agent:

20140354979 - Optical refractive index measuring system based on speckle correlation: An optical detection system for measuring a refractive index of a liquid analyte comprising a light transmitting assembly fiber, which includes a single-mode fiber, an optical fiber sensing module and a multi-mode fiber. The optical detection system is configured to emit a coherent light beam to one end of the... Agent: Macau University Of Science And Technology

20140354980 - Article edge inspection: Provided herein is an apparatus, including a photon emitting means for emitting photons onto surface edges of an article, a photon detecting means for detecting photons scattered from particles on the surface edges of the article, and a mapping means for mapping a particle or a defect of the surface... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140354981 - Surface feature manager: Provided herein is an apparatus, including a mapping means for generating a map of locations of surface features of an article based on photon-detector signals corresponding to photons scattered from the surface features of the article, and a surface feature manager. The surface manager is configured to locate a predetermined... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140354982 - Apparatuses and methods for magnetic features of articles: Provided herein are apparatuses and methods related thereto, wherein at least one apparatus includes: a photon emitting means configured to emit photons, wherein the photons are scattered from magnetic features of an article; a photon detector array configured to receive scattered photons; and a processing means configured to differentiate the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140354983 - Apparatus and methods for finding a best aperture and mode to enhance defect detection: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for optimizing a mode of an inspection tool. A first image or signal for each of a plurality of first apertures of the inspection tool is obtained, and each first image or signal pertains to a defect area. For each of a plurality of combinations... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140354984 - Surface features by azimuthal angle: Provided herein is an apparatus, including a photon emitting means configured to emit photons onto a surface of an article at a number of azimuthal angles; and a processing means configured to process photon-detector-array signals corresponding to photons scattered from surface features of the article and generate one or more... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140354985 - Detection system and detection method: A detection method and a detection system for detecting surface abnormalities of a first lens and a second lens of an optical-electrical lens unit are provided. The first lens and the second lens are respectively protruded from two adjacent surfaces of the optical-electrical lens unit. The detection system includes a... Agent:

20140354986 - Evaluation of focusing performance in an assay analysis system: Methods, storage mediums and systems (MS&S) are provided which successively image an imaging region of an assay analysis system (AAS) as particles are loaded into the imaging region, generate a frequency spectrum of each image via a discrete Fourier transform, integrate a same coordinate portion of each frequency spectrum and... Agent: Luminex Corporation

20140354989 - Apparatus for testing samples using raman radiation: An apparatus and method using the apparatus for measuring target samples, particularly pharmaceutical products using Raman radiation. The sample is located in an aperture in a wall structure with a reflective surface on one or both of the sides of the wall structure facing respectively the excitation radiation transmitter or... Agent:

20140354988 - Method and device for processing data: High-speed data processing is achieved by measuring spectral data using a multivariate analysis. This is accomplished by a determining sampling intervals or sampling data to be used in the multivariate analysis, obtaining a spectral data group of the determined sampling intervals, and carrying out the multivariate analysis using the obtained... Agent:

20140354987 - Test apparatus and method of observing biopsy specimen sampled by using test apparatus: A test apparatus includes a biopsy needle for sampling a biopsy specimen. The biopsy needle includes a specimen holder that holds the sampled biopsy specimen, and an optical window disposed in the specimen holder and configured to allow optical detection. A biopsy specimen held by the specimen holder of the... Agent:

20140354990 - Method for measuring scattered light and apparatus for measuring scattered light: The invention provides a method for measuring light scattered on a sample in a medium, in particular a fluid medium, that comprises the following steps: providing a rotatably arranged measuring cell with a substantially circular cross-section in a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation for receiving the medium and... Agent:

20140354991 - Normal-incidence broadband spectroscopic polarimeter containing reference beam and optical measurement system: Disclosed is a normal-incidence broadband spectroscopic polarimeter containing reference beam, comprising a light source, a first reflecting unit, a first concentrating unit, a second concentrating unit, a polarizer, a first curved mirror, a first planar mirror, a second reflecting unit and a probing unit. Also disclosed is an optical measurement... Agent: Bei Optics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140354993 - Localized surface plasmon resonance sensing system with anisotropic particles: A localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensing system with anisotropic particles is revealed. The anisotropy of nanoparticles spectrally splits the phase spectra of two perpendicular polarizations thus inducing a phase difference between the two polarizations. An apparatus of ellipsometry is used to measure the phase difference. The simulated results demonstrate... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20140354992 - Localized surface plasmon resonance sensing system with particles arranged in anisotropic periodic manner: A localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensing system with particles arranged in anisotropic periodic manner is revealed. The anisotropy of the nanoparticle array spectrally splits the phase spectra of two perpendicular polarizations thus inducing a phase difference between the two polarizations. An apparatus of ellipsometry is used to measure the... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20140354994 - Photon emitter array: Provided herein is an apparatus, including at least two photon emitters, each with a preselected polarization orientation, and configured to emit polarized photons onto a surface of an article, and a processing means configured to process photon-detector-array signals corresponding to photons scattered from surface features of the article, and generate... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140354995 - Wireless sensor: Systems and methods for wirelessly detecting area changes are provided. Predetermined thresholds may be stored in memory. Each predetermined threshold is associated with a time of day, calendar day, and/or activity. The sensor may detect a change in the in the targeted area. The detected change is evaluated to determine... Agent:

20140354996 - Tunable electro-optic filter stack: A holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal (HPDLC) tunable filter exhibits switching times of no more than 20 microseconds. The HPDLC tunable filter can be utilized in a variety of applications. An HPDLC tunable filter stack can be utilized in a hyperspectral imaging system capable of spectrally multiplexing hyperspectral imaging data... Agent: Drexell University

20140354997 - Optical measuring apparatus for a vehicle, driver assistance device having such a measuring apparatus, and vehicle having a corresponding measuring apparatus: The invention relates to an optical measuring apparatus (1) for a vehicle (6), having at least one optical transmitter, at least one optical receiver (12) and a deflection mirror arrangement having at least one deflection mirror (11), wherein the measuring apparatus (1) has a support (8) on which a first... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20140354998 - Supplemental device for attachment to an injection device: A supplemental device for attachment to an injection device including a dosage window covering a sleeve on which dose values are marked is disclosed. The supplemental device comprises a main body; an arrangement for supporting the main body of the supplemental device in a predetermined positional relationship with the injection... Agent:

20140355000 - Drive control method of optical coherence tomography apparatus: A drive control method of an SD-OCT system which includes a light source including an SLD, which is a superluminescent diode, and a drive control unit that drive-controls the SLD, and a spectroscope including a linear sensor, and performs a spectroscopic process on returned light, which is emitted from the... Agent:

20140354999 - Ultracompact fabry-perot array for ultracompact hyperspectral imaging: Techniques for hyperspectral imaging, including a device for hyperspectral imaging including at least one tunable interferometer including a thin layer of material disposed between two or more broadband mirrors. Electrodes placed on either side of the tunable interferometer can be coupled to a voltage control circuit, and upon application of... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140355001 - Measuring deflection in an optical fiber sensor by comparing current and baseline frames of speckle interference patterns: A sensor compares frames of pixels representing a speckle pattern caused by interference of light through an optical fiber to detect magnitudes of deflection of the fiber. A coherent light source illuminates the optical fiber. An image sensor captures the speckle pattern and frames of pixels produced by the image... Agent: Stratus Devices, Inc.

20140355002 - Error measurement method and machine tool: A method for measuring errors in the linear feed shafts of a multi-spindle machine tool having two or more rotating feed shafts in addition to three linear feed shafts, wherein: at least first through third reflecting minors are attached to a table of the machine tool; a laser length-measuring machine... Agent: Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.

20140355003 - Lighting device for inspection and lighting method for inspection: In order to make it possible for a difference between a defect and a normal part, such as contrast, to appear, a lighting device for inspection is provided with: a surface light source that emits inspection light; a lens that is provided on a light axis of the inspection light... Agent:

20140355004 - Method for measuring end portion shape of threaded pipe or tube: The present invention provides a method for measuring an end portion shape of a threaded pipe or tube P, the method including: a thread axis detection step; a laser light positioning step; a laser light image capture step; and a shape calculation step. In the laser light positioning step, the... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140355007 - Blade tip timing: A method of determining rotor blade axial displacement (bij). The rotor blade tip (34) comprises first and second measurement features (36, 38) arranged to make an acute angle therebetween. Measure time of arrival (tijk) of the once per revolution feature (1), first and second edges (40, 42) of the first... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140355006 - Measuring device: Provided is a measuring device including a photoelectric conversion unit that receives a light beam emitted from a position measurement object by different optical path lengths and that outputs an electrical signal corresponding to intensity of the received light beam for each optical path length, and a measuring unit that... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd

20140355005 - System and method for calibrating laser processing machines: A method calibrates a laser processing machine by commanding a scan head to direct a laser beam to a desired position, then senses an actual position of the laser beam directly using a position sensitive detector (PSD) after the scan head is positioned. A relative position between the scan head... Agent:

20140355008 - Spray droplet sizer: A spray sizer is provided that can measure the average droplet size in a spray. The spray sizer first separates a section of the spray for measurement. This section of the spray is passed through an optical droplet counter and the number of the droplets is measured while the droplets... Agent:

20140355009 - Measuring apparatus: A measuring apparatus includes a supporting column, a securing assembly, and a pair of measuring elements. The securing assembly is movably located on the supporting column at a predetermined height. The pair of measuring elements is secured on the securing assembly opposite to each other. The measuring elements receive a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

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20140347648 - Apparatus, system and method of communicating positioning information: Some demonstrative embodiments include apparatuses, systems and/or methods of communicating positioning information. For example, an apparatus may include an optical communication unit to communicate Intensity-Modulated (IM) optical signals of a positioning packet, the positioning packet including a first portion and a second portion, the first portion including information modulated over... Agent:

20140347649 - Method and arrangement for testing the proper functionality of an elevator: The invention relates to a method for testing the proper functionality of an elevator, in which a car (3) is movable in an elevator shaft having an elevator shaft excavation space, and a characteristic value is ascertained under predefined test conditions to determine the proper functionality of the elevator. To... Agent:

20140347650 - Distance-measuring device alignment: Some embodiments of the invention relates to an alignment method and an optoelectronic distance-measuring device. The optoelectronic distance-measuring device may comprise an assembly having a radiation source for emitting an optical transmission radiation, a detector for receiving an optical reception radiation and a printed circuit board, which are arranged in... Agent:

20140347651 - Photonic doppler velocimetry lens array probe incorporating stereo imaging: A probe including a multiple lens array is disclosed to measure velocity distribution of a moving surface along many lines of sight. Laser light, directed to the moving surface is reflected back from the surface and is Doppler shifted, collected into the array, and then directed to detection equipment through... Agent: National Security Technologies, LLC

20140347652 - Method and device for detecting symmetry of optical fiber: A method for detecting symmetry of optical fibers and a device thereof are provided. The method includes: receiving, by a boundary clock, a first timestamp message carrying a first timestamp via a slave port, and a second timestamp message carrying a second timestamp via a passive port; and determining, by... Agent:

20140347653 - Optical device, optical test bench and optical test method: This optical system includes: a device (106) for generating a plane light wave, called a collimated light wave (OLcol); and a device (114) for deviating the collimated light wave so as to provide a light wave, called a test light wave (OLtest), the deviating device (114) having an adjustable focal... Agent: Cassidian Test & Services

20140347654 - System for measuring the image quality of an optical imaging system: Methods for measuring the image quality of a projection objective include providing a measuring structure on an image-side of the projection objective, providing an immersion fluid between the projection objective and the measuring structure, directing light through the projection objective and the immersion fluid to the measuring structure while shielding... Agent:

20140347655 - Machining head for a laser machining apparatus: A machining head of a laser machining apparatus comprises focusing optics which focus laser radiation in a focal spot. A measuring device measures changes of the focal length of the focusing optics. The measuring device has a light source for generating measuring light that is different from the laser radiation.... Agent: Alsitec S.a.r.l.

20140347656 - Device for inspecting ceramic sphere: Provided are a sintered ceramic and a ceramic sphere which are inhibited from suffering surface peeling due to fatigue resulting from repetitions of loading and can attain an improvement in dimensional accuracy when subjected to surface processing and which have excellent wear resistance and durability. A ceramic-sphere inspection device is... Agent: Tsubaki Nakashima Co., Ltd.

20140347657 - Illumination system for detecting the defect in a transparent substrate and a detection system including the same: An illumination device for providing near isotropic illumination, and particularly an illumination system for detecting the defect in a transparent substrate and a detection system including the same are presented, An illumination system includes: an illumination system for detecting the defect in a transparent substrate, including light source receptacle in... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20140347658 - Supporting device: A supporting device includes a stage, a level-meter assembly, a supporting pole, a first and second adjusting members. The stage includes a supporting plate having an upper surface and a lower surface, a first side plate, and a second side plate opposite to the first side plate. The two side... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140347660 - Metrological apparatus: Metrological apparatus and a confocal sensor for use in such apparatus are described. The confocal sensor (1) has an optical pinhole (11) adapted for letting through a light beam (2). An optical assembly of the sensor has a first lens (12) having a refractive profile (121) and a diffractive profile... Agent: Taylor Hobson Limited

20140347659 - Stationary waveguide spectrum analyser: A waveguide spectrum analyser comprises an input waveguide (10) for receiving a beam of electromagnetic radiation to be spectrally analysed, a plurality of output waveguides (14, 16) which are single mode for wavelengths longer than a certain minimum, a substantially wavelength independent splitter (18) for splitting the input radiation between... Agent: Waterford Institute Of Technology

20140347661 - Apparatus for filtering species: An apparatus for filtering species in a fluid includes a body having a first side and a second side, a first set of nano-fingers positioned on the body near the first side, a second set of nano-fingers positioned on the body closer to the second side than the first set... Agent:

20140347662 - Coupled cavity spectrometer with enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range: An optical resonator by which reflectivity of ring-down cavity mirrors can be altered and enhanced by adding external optical cavities that recycle light to the main cavity. A coupled-cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CC-RDS) is used for controlling the finesse of an optical resonator. Applications include extending the sensitivity and dynamic range... Agent: The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of Commerce

20140347663 - Aerosol exposure monitoring: A gas processing device such as an aerosol exposure monitor is configured for acquiring chronic data, acute data, or both simultaneously, and may include a pump and a noise dampening device. The noise dampening device may include an elastomeric membrane between an inlet chamber and an outlet chamber. In another... Agent: Research Triangle Institute

20140347664 - Apparatus and method for identifying defects within the volume of a transparent sheet and use of the apparatus: An apparatus for identifying defects within the volume of a transparent sheet, such as a glass sheet, is provided. The apparatus includes an illumination device that directs incident light onto at least a portion of a surface of the sheet so as to illuminate the sheet, and an image detector... Agent:

20140347665 - Device and method for measuring phase retardation distribution and fast axis azimuth angle distribution in real time: Device and method for measuring phase retardation distribution and fast axis azimuth angle distribution of birefringence sample in real time. The device consists of a collimating light source, a circular polarizer, a diffractive beam-splitting component, a quarter-wave plate, an analyzer array, a charge coupled device (CCD) image sensor and a... Agent: Shanghai Institute Of Optics And Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

20140347666 - Metrology system optimization for parameter tracking: Methods and systems for evaluating the capability of a measurement system to track measurement parameters through a given process window are presented herein. Performance evaluations include random perturbations, systematic perturbations, or both to effectively characterize the impact of model errors, metrology system imperfections, and calibration errors, among others. In some... Agent:

20140347667 - Laser spectrometer and a method for operating a laser spectrometer: A method for operating a laser spectrometer includes passing light of a semiconductor laser through a gas mixture containing a gas component and through an etalon structure onto a detector. The method also includes varying an injection current of the laser based on a predefined current-time function in order to... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140347668 - Phantom and method for manufacturing the same, and accuracy control method: A phantom has a base material, light absorbers/scatterers in the base material, and a film member on the surface of the base material. The base material has light propagation characteristics and acoustic propagation characteristics similar to those of a human tissue. The film member covers at least a portion of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140347669 - Dynamic characterization of particles with flow cytometry: Flow cytometry concepts are modified to enable dynamic characterizations of particles to be obtained using optical scattering data. Particles in flow will be introduced into a sample volume. Light scattered by a particle in the sample volume is collected and analyzed. What differentiates the concepts disclosed herein from conventional flow... Agent: University Of Washington

20140347670 - Optical interferometer and vibrometer comprising such an optical interferometer: An optical interferometer including an output-beam beam input for coupling-in an output beam, and a beam splitter device for splitting the output beam into at least one first sub-beam and one second sub-beam, the interferometer being embodied as a heterodyne interferometer by virtue of at least one optical frequency shifter... Agent: Polytec Gmbh

20140347671 - Sagnac interferometer-type fiber-optic current sensor: In one embodiment, a Sagnac interferometer-type fiber-optic sensor includes a synchronous detection circuit to carry out synchronous detection of detected light signal with a phase modulation angular frequency of a phase modulator. A signal processing circuit calculates and outputs the magnitude of current to be measured using the signal detected... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140347672 - Apparatus and method for quantitive phase tomography through linear scanning with coherent and non-coherent detection: The disclosed invention describes a new apparatus performing a new data acquisition for quantitative refractive index tomography. It is based on a linear scanning of the specimen, opposed to the classical approaches based on rotations of either the sample or the illumination beam, which are based on the illumination with... Agent: Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

20140347673 - Laser tracking interferometer: A laser tracking interferometer has a carriage provided with a first displacement gauge outputting a displacement signal associated with a relative displacement from a reference sphere; a second retroreflector provided to the carriage; a laser interferometer provided to the carriage and outputting a displacement signal associated with a relative displacement... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140347674 - Fiber optic position sensor and method for using: A method and apparatus are provided for detecting both an absence and a presence of a light beam moving in an optical fiber to determine the position of a component. The method is carried out by the apparatus which includes a plunger having first and second positions coordinated with first... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140347676 - Methods and apparatus for imaging of occluded objects: An active imaging system, which includes a light source and light sensor, generates structured illumination. The light sensor captures transient light response data regarding reflections of light emitted by the light source. The transient light response data is wavelength-resolved. One or more processors process the transient light response data and... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140347675 - Screen-less ballistic chronograph: A method and apparatus for detecting a projectile or another moving object as it passes through a light curtain generated by one or more emitters, by the means of detecting the light of the light curtain reflected by the passing object onto a detector located in proximity to the emitter.... Agent:

20140347677 - Distance measurement apparatus: The present invention relates to a distance measurement apparatus. The distance measurement apparatus according to the present invention has, mounted thereon, a light transmitting portion which emits light, and a light receiving portion including a light receiving element where a spot of the light is collimated. The present invention comprises:... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140347679 - Gap measurement device: A gap measurement device 1 comprises a light source 5 for projecting light on a gap 3 to be measured, a lens optical system 6 for focusing on an imaging surface 7 a gap image 3A from light transmitted through the gap 3, and a light-receiving element 9 for receiving... Agent: Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

20140347678 - Optoelectronic method and appliance for measuring the inside diameter of a hollow body: g

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