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Optics: measuring and testing

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08/07/2014 > 38 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140218715 - Structure of an optical path for laser range finding: A structure of an optical path for laser range finding includes a main body and a light-emitting unit assembled in the main body. The main body has a transmitting channel, a receiving channel and a calibration channel. The light-emitting unit is assembled in the transmitting channel. The light-emitting unit emits... Agent:

20140218717 - Botda system that combined optical pulse coding techniques and coherent detection: A BOTDA system that combined optical pulse coding techniques and coherent detection includes a narrow linewidth laser, two polarization-maintaining couplers, microwave generator, two electro-optic modulators (EOMs), fiber under test, an optical circulator, a 3 dB coupler, a polarization scrambler, a pulse generator, a balance photodetector, an electrical spectrum analyzer, digital... Agent: Nanjing University

20140218716 - Flexible fibre optic deformation sensor system and method: A cable for distributed fibre optic sensing comprising a flexible tape, an optical fibre suitable for Brillouin scattering measurement forming at least two lengths, and at least one free end of at least one length being connectable to a reading unit, wherein at least a section of the longitudinal length... Agent: University Of New Brunswick

20140218718 - Method, apparatus, and article to facilitate evaluation of substances using electromagnetic energy: Sampling device geometry reduces specular reflectance, using lenses to focus electromagnetic energy to predominately return scattered rather than reflected electromagnetic energy to detector(s), reducing effect of non-matte surfaces and/or window. Sampling device includes inherent automatic optical calibration, and optionally thermal calibration. Calibration detectors are optically isolated with respective emitters.... Agent: Visualant, Inc.

20140218720 - Combined radiationless automated three dimensional patient habitus imaging with scintigraphy: An apparatus and method to map the body habitus, without the use of ionizing radiation, and to simultaneously track the position of an ionizing radiation imaging detector with respect to the body habitus map so that the radiotracer distribution of the patient can be fused with the body habitus map... Agent: Novadaq Technologies Inc.

20140218719 - Detection system with one-piece optical element to concentrate and homogenize light: Detection system comprising an examination region, a one-piece optical element including a focusing portion to concentrate light received from the examination region and a guiding portion to homogenize light received from the focusing portion, and a detector configured to detect homogenized light received from the guiding portion.... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20140218721 - Optical fiber fault locator: A device includes a memory and a processor coupled to the memory operable to perform operations. The operations include determining a first estimated distance associated with a first location of an optical fiber based on first light detected by a sensor, where the first light is detected at a first... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140218722 - Optical inspector: An optical inspector includes a radiating source, a time varying beam reflector, a telecentric scan lens, a first and second lens, a field stop, and a detector. The radiating source irradiates a first position of on the time varying beam reflector with a source beam. The time varying beam reflector... Agent: Zeta Instruments, Inc.

20140218723 - Surface inspection apparatus and method thereof: A defect inspection apparatus including: a first illumination optical system which is configured to illuminate the inspection area on a sample surface from a normal line direction or a direction near thereof with respect to said sample surface; a second illumination optical system which is configured to illuminate said inspection... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140218724 - Optical inspector: An optical inspector includes a radiating source, a time varying beam reflector, a telecentric scan lens, a separating minor, and a first and second detector. The radiating source is configured to irradiate a first position on the time varying beam reflector with a source beam. The time varying beam reflector... Agent: Zeta Instruments, Inc.

20140218725 - Inspecting device for detecting appearance of debris on a surface of a glass substrate, inspecting apparatus and method for conducting inspection: The present invention discloses an inspecting device for detecting whether there is an appearance of debris on a surface of a glass substrate, including a laser unit, a platform, and an image sensor unit. The suface of the platform is coated with a light-absorbing material so as to absorb laser... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140218727 - Apparatus for use in a sensing application having a destructible cover: An apparatus for use in a sensing application includes a body having a cavity containing an opening. The apparatus also includes a plurality of nano-fingers positioned in the cavity and a destructible cover covering the opening in the cavity to protect the plurality of nano-fingers, wherein the destructible cover is... Agent:

20140218726 - System and method for multiplex spectroscopic imaging: A system for measuring an sample includes an illumination source providing electromagnetic radiation pulses at a selected temporal frequency. A microscope focuses the radiation to interact with the sample and produce resultant electromagnetic radiation. A disperser disperses wavelengths of the resultant radiation onto optical sensors, and respective resonant amplifiers amplify... Agent:

20140218728 - Method and apparatus for detecting cadmium with optical emission spectroscopy: An apparatus and method for detecting cadmium using optical emission spectroscopy is provided. The apparatus contains a system which uses optical emission spectroscopy which is programmed and calibrated to detect the presence of cadmium in PPM. The system is calibrated using test samples which have been prepared with a lead/cadmium... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140218729 - Means of introducing an analyte into liquid sampling atmospheric pressure glow discharge: A liquid sampling, atmospheric pressure, glow discharge (LS-APGD) device as well as systems that incorporate the device and methods for using the device and systems are described. The LS-APGD includes a hollow capillary for delivering an electrolyte solution to a glow discharge space. The device also includes a counter electrode... Agent: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

20140218730 - Measurement apparatus and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides a measurement apparatus which measures a position of a surface to be measured, comprising a light detection unit configured to detect light reflected by the surface to be measured, a confocal optical system configured to irradiate the surface to be measured with light and guide the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140218731 - Confocal spectrometer and method for imaging in confocal spectrometer: A broadband light source is provided for a confocal spectrometer having a first aperture device with a first slit grid of a main slit direction arranged in front of the light source to produce a slit-shaped pattern of the light source. A first imaging optical unit focuses the slit-shaped pattern... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140218732 - Particle counter testing method, aerosol generating device, and aerosol generating method: A particle counter testing method includes the steps for storing particles in a container, blowing a compressed gas through an inlet flow path, through a wall of the container, into the particles that are stored within the container, spraying the particles that are blown by the compressed gas to outside... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20140218733 - In-line arrangement for measuring polarization extinction ratio: An in-line polarization extinction ratio (PER) monitor that generates a value of an optical signal's PER from a single measurement, without requiring the optical transmission signal path of the system to be directly coupled into a separate measurement device. The polarization extinction ratio may be defined as: 10 log(PEx/PEy), where... Agent: Ofs Fitel, LLC

20140218734 - Paper sheet recognition apparatus, light guide and light guide casing for use in spectrometric measurement of paper sheet: A paper sheet recognition apparatus that recognizes a paper sheet based on optical characteristics of the paper sheet is proposed. The paper sheet recognition apparatus includes at least one light source that emits a light toward the paper sheet; a light-guiding member that receives any of reflected lights reflected from... Agent: Glory Ltd.

20140218735 - Colorimetry method and colorimetry apparatus: An imaging section that detects the amount of light separated by a wavelength tunable interference filter to acquire a spectroscopic image (imaging device and light amount acquisition section) detects the amount of light successively separated for three wavelengths to acquire spectroscopic images for producing a combined image. A display controller... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140218736 - System and method for optical measurement of a target: The invention relates to a system and a method for optical measurement of a target, wherein the target is illuminated, either actively illuminated, reflecting ambient light, or self illuminating, and a measurement light beam received from the target or through it is detected. The prior art optical measurement systems generally... Agent: Teknologian Tutkimeskeskus Vtt

20140218737 - Marker for optical mark response forms: In a method, a response sheet is provided to a user. The response sheet includes a machine-readable form having a number of response areas where the user can provide responses. After being received from the user, the response sheet has ones of the response areas marked by the user with... Agent:

20140218738 - Plasmonic interferometer biosensors: An optical device includes a transparent substrate and a conductive layer disposed over an upper surface of the transparent substrate. The conductive layer defines at least one groove inwardly extending from an upper surface and includes an aperture that is spaced apart from the at least one groove. An interface... Agent: Lehigh University

20140218739 - Interferometer employing a multi-waveguide optical loop path and fiber optic rotation rate sensor employing same: An interferometer employed, in part, as a Sagnac interferometer or fiber optic gyro (FOG) includes a light source that provides a source light wave that is split into first and second light waves that are directed to traverse a defined optical loop path in opposite directions. The defined optical loop... Agent:

20140218745 - Detector circuits for interferometers: A detector circuit for a multi-channel interferometer, typically as may be used in an optical coherence tomography device, comprising: a plurality of measurement channels (43) each comprising a measurement detector (31); and a balance channel (44) comprising a balance detector (30), each of the measurement detectors (31) and the balance... Agent: Michelson Diagnostics Ltd.

20140218740 - Method and system for optical coherence tomography: To facilitate a reliable and time-saving examination with straightforward handling, provision is made that a second plane of the object (1) is selected on the basis of the first image (60) that is displayed on the display device (52), wherein the second plane of the object (1) is different from... Agent: Agfa Healthcare Nv

20140218741 - Oct swept laser with cavity length compensation: An optical coherence tomography system utilizes an optical swept laser that has cavity length compensator that changes an optical length of the laser cavity for different optical frequencies to increase the length of the laser cavity for lower optical frequencies. Specifically, a spectral separation between longitudinal cavity modes of the... Agent:

20140218742 - Optical coherence tomography control systems and methods: In part, the invention relates to methods, devices, and systems suitable for controlling a light source. The light source is configured for use in a data collection system such as an optical coherence tomography system. The light source can be controlled with a drive waveform. Linearizing and symmetrizing parameters of... Agent: Lightlab Imaging, Inc.

20140218744 - Systems, method and computer-accessible medium which utilize synthetic aperture(s) for extending depth-of-focus of optical coherence tomography imaging: An exemplary apparatus can be provided for generating at least one image of a structure. The apparatus can include at least one first arrangement that has a structural configuration with a first aperture and a second aperture. At least one detector second arrangement can b provided which is configured to... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20140218743 - Wavelength-tunable light source apparatus, driving method thereof, optical tomographic image acquisition apparatus including wavelength-tunable light source apparatus, and optical tomographic image acquisition method: a control unit configured to control the plurality of the variable-wavelength light generation units to emit the light with different wavelength simultaneously in at least part of time, and control optical intensity such that wavelength dependence of the optical intensity generated from the plurality of variable-wavelength light generation units becomes... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140218746 - Optical position-measuring device: The present invention relates to an optical position-measuring device for generating a plurality of phase-shifted scanning signals regarding the relative position of a fiber optic scanning head and a reflection measuring standard movable relative thereto in at least one measuring direction. In the fiber optic scanning head, a scanning reticle... Agent: Dr. Johannes Heidenhain Gmbh

20140218747 - Chip-scale interferometry for hyperentanglement processing: An interferometer module for quantum processing is described including a substrate having two or more input ports and two or more output ports; multiple photonic pathways embedded in the substrate for conveying photons from the two or more input ports and the two or more output ports; and one or... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140218748 - Systems and methods of angle-resolved low coherence interferometry based optical correlation: Systems and methods of angle-resolved low coherence interferometry based optical correlation are disclosed. According to an aspect, a method includes directing a sample beam towards a sample for producing a scattered sample beam from the sample. The method also includes receiving the scattered sample beam at a multitude of scattering... Agent: Duke University

20140218749 - Sparse aperture optical alignment and related methods: A method for configuring an alignment of a plurality of optical segments in a sparse aperture configuration of an optical device includes providing at least one beam of light from at least one light source located on the sparse aperture optical device, directing the at least one beam of light... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140218750 - Wavelength scanning interferometer and method for aspheric surface measurement: The present invention discloses a wavelength scanning interferometer and a method for an aspheric surface measurement. The wavelength scanning interferometer comprises a set of tunable lasers (7) used as a light source, a Twyman-Green interferometer used for generating interference fringes, a translation platform (1) used for scanning an optical path... Agent: Zhejiang University

20140218751 - Displacement measuring device and displacement measuring method: Displacement measuring device with light irradiation system, first and second FBGs and detecting system. The first FBG has first transmittance distribution or first reflectance distribution. The second FBG has second transmittance distribution or second reflectance distribution. The detecting system detects light passed through the first and second FBGs of which... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140218752 - Lens position detecting circuit and method: A position of a lens is detected by detecting, using a phototransistor, light that is emitted from a photodiode and that varies depending on lens position. A control unit divides a moving range of the lens into a plurality of areas, approximates a relationship between lens positions and current of... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

07/31/2014 > 38 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 41 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140204360 - Optical guidance systems and methods using mutually distinct signal-modifying sensors: In an embodiment, a guidance system determines a location parameter of an object, and includes: at least one oscillating element located at the object for emitting modulated optical radiation; at least two mutually distinct signal-modifying electro-optical sensors, each of the electro-optical sensors having a detector and a demodulator for generating... Agent: Ascentia Imaging, Inc.

20140204361 - Laser range finding: Using a hand-held range finding device to range an object in a field of view is difficult due to user-induced jitter. In particular, user-induced jitter introduces uncertainty as to which object in a field of view is actually ranged. Current approaches attempt to mitigate user-induced jitter by requiring a user... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140204362 - Laser scan sensor: The configuration includes a laser range finder (110), a scan mechanism (120), a distance-data acquiring unit (130), a memory (160), which stores installation state information and detection-area information for each measurement direction, a human-body determining unit (140), a detection area-information updater (140), which updates detection-area information under a predetermined condition,... Agent: Optex Co., Ltd.

20140204363 - Low drift reference for laser radar: Laser radar systems include a pentaprism configured to scan a measurement beam with respect to a target surface. A focusing optical assembly includes a corner cube that is used to adjust measurement beam focus. Target distance is estimated based on heterodyne frequencies between a return beam and a local oscillator... Agent: Nikon Metrology Nv

20140204364 - Methods for making and compositions of two dimensional particle arrays: A method of preparation of a 2-D array of particles comprising: mixing the particles and a first liquid, the first liquid having the properties of being soluble in water and reducing surface tension of a water surface; adding the mixture to the water surface; and transferring the 2-D array onto... Agent:

20140204365 - Sensor and method for operating the sensor: A sensor for checking different features of value documents is arranged to carry out a self-test for testing its functionality. Before the sensor carries out its self-test, at least one of the features that is to be checked by the sensor is selected. It is provided in the self-test that... Agent:

20140204366 - Sensor and method for operating the sensor: A sensor for checking value documents is arranged to carry out a self-test for testing its functionality. The sensor in the self-test reacts to at least one malfunction that is ascertained during the self-test and hinders the check of the value documents by the sensor automatically employing for checking the... Agent: Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh

20140204368 - Fibre optic distributed sensor: There is provided a distributed sensor, comprising a length of optic fibre; an interrogator unit having a detector arranged to detect light from the optic fibre, wherein the interrogator is arranged to provide distributed sensing on the optic fibre and wherein an optical path is defined between the optic fibre... Agent: Optasense Holdings Limited

20140204367 - Method for designing and selecting fiber for use with a transmitter optical subassembly: A method for compensating for both material or chromatic dispersion and modal dispersion effects in a multimode fiber transmission system is provided. The method includes, but is not limited to measuring a fiber-coupled spatial spectral distribution of the multimode fiber laser transmitter connected with a reference multimode fiber optical cable... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20140204369 - Clamping device and method for measuring eccentricity of optical-electric coupling member: A clamping device includes a first plate and a second plate. The first plate includes an upper surface, a lower surface facing away from the upper surface and a first side surface. The upper surface is substantially parallel with the lower surface. The first side surface perpendicularly connects the upper... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140204370 - Testing of optical devices: The present disclosure describes techniques for testing optical devices in a manner that, in some implementations, simulates the environment in which the devices will be used when they are integrated into the end-product or system. For example, one aspect includes providing a transparent sheet that is positioned near the optical... Agent: Heptagon Micro Optics Pte. Ltd.

20140204371 - Method of inspecting wafer: Wafer inspection method to perform wafer inspection based on photo map information. The wafer inspection method may include: detecting a sample center location on a wafer; compensating the detected sample center location to a compensated center location based on photo map information; and detecting defective dies included in the wafer... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140204372 - Nanochip based sensing devices and techniques: Systems, devices and techniques are disclosed for optically detecting single molecules using nanoscale chip configurations. In one aspect, a sensing device includes a composite membrane having an array of nanochannels that form openings at opposing sides of the membrane, a first and second substrate each including channels to carry a... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140204373 - System and device for non-destructive raman analysis: A Raman microspectrometer system extends the optical reach and analysis range of an existing Raman microspectrometer to allow analysis and/or repair of an oversized sample. The Raman microspectrometer system includes an extender for extending the optical reach of the existing microspectrometer and a supplemental stage which extends the analysis range... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20140204374 - System and method for detection of analytes in exhaled breath: A device, system, and methods are disclosed for detecting the presence or determining a quantitative amount of at least one drug substance from exhaled breath of a subject in-situ. A collecting surface has a Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)-active layer that comprises at least one SERS-active material. The collecting surface... Agent: Sensa Bues Ab

20140204376 - Automated multiple location sampling analysis system: An analysis system (e.g., LIBS) includes a laser source generating a laser beam, a movable optic configured to move said laser beam to multiple locations on a sample, and a spectrometer responsive to photons emitted by the sample at those locations and having an output. A controller is responsive to... Agent: Sciaps, Inc.

20140204377 - Handheld libs spectrometer: A handheld LIBS spectrometer includes an optics stage movably mounted to a housing and including a laser focusing lens and a detection lens. One or more motors advance and retract the optics stage, move the optics stage left and right, and/or move the optics stage up and down. A laser... Agent: Sciaps, Inc.

20140204375 - Micro purge of plasma region: An analysis system includes a laser source generating a laser beam for creating a plasma at a location on a sample. A spectrometer is responsive to photons emitted by the sample at said location and has an output. At least one nozzle is configured to deliver inert gas from a... Agent: Sciaps, Inc

20140204378 - Automated focusing, cleaning, and multiple location sampling spectrometer system: An analysis system includes a moveable focusing lens, a laser (typically an eye safe laser) having an output directed at the focusing lens, and a spectrometer outputting intensity data from a sample. A controller system is responsive to the spectrometer and is configured to energize the laser, process the output... Agent: Sciaps, Inc.

20140204379 - Turbidimeter: The present invention is intended to provide a turbidimeter having a simple and sturdy structure which is hard to break and exhibits excellent long-term stability by reducing a number of sealing positions, wherein a cylindrical sensor head forming a measurement space is formed of an optically-transparent material. A side wall... Agent: Horiba Advanced Techno, Co., Ltd.

20140204380 - Method for detecting alignment between optical fibers and lenses of optical connector: In a method for determining alignment between an optical fiber and a converging or diverging lens, light is directed into an optical fiber of an optical connector with a lens element. The lens element has a front surface forming a lens and a back surface defining a recess, the optical... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140204381 - Method for determining degradation of thermoplastics: A method of determining degradation of a thermoplastic when exposed to light and heat includes illuminating the thermoplastic with a desired wavelength of light at a desired irradiance while maintaining the ambient air surrounding the thermoplastic at a desired temperature. The method is useful to measure the discoloration rate of... Agent:

20140204382 - Miniature tunable laser spectrometer for detection of a trace gas: An open-path laser spectrometer (OPLS) for measuring a concentration of a trace gas, the OPLS including an open-path multi-pass analysis region including a first mirror, a second mirror at a distance and orientation from the first mirror, and a support structure for locating the mirrors, a laser coupled to the... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140204383 - On-line, continuous monitoring in solar cell and fuel cell manufacturing using spectral reflectance imaging: A monitoring system 100 comprising a material transport system 104 providing for the transportation of a substantially planar material 102, 107 through the monitoring zone 103 of the monitoring system 100. The system 100 also includes a line camera 106 positioned to obtain multiple line images across a width of... Agent: Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LLC

20140204384 - Optical fiber containing graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide, and method for manufacturing gas sensor containing the same: An optical fiber includes a graphene oxide and a reduced graphene oxide and a gas sensor includes the optical fiber. A method for manufacturing the optical fiber includes coating a graphene oxide layer and reducing a part of the graphene oxide layer, and a method for manufacturing the gas sensor... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20140204385 - Mems microdisplay optical imaging and sensor systems for underwater and other scattering environments: A sensing system is provided that includes a transmitter assembly with a light source and a microdisplay device, wherein the transmitter assembly defines an optical beam transmission path to provide illumination of a substantially one-dimensional (1D) region of a target area, the microdisplay device comprising a plurality of controllable elements... Agent: Florida Atlantic University

20140204386 - Image measuring method and image measuring apparatus: [Solution] An image measuring method according to an embodiment comprises a clock generating step, a noise reducing step, a data acquisition step, a digital data generating step and an image data generating step. In the clock generating step, clock signals are generated. In the noise reducing step, the noise of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20140204387 - Narrow bandwidth reflectors for reducing stimulated brillouin scattering in optical cavities: An optical-fiber filter system to narrow a linewidth and to reduce noise fluctuations of an optical beam is provided. The optical-fiber filter system includes an optical fiber having a first end-face and an opposing second end-face, the first end-face and the second end-face setting a fiber length; a fiber Bragg... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140204390 - Apparatus and method for measuring the quantity and optical parameters of a liquid in a container using the principle of optical low coherence reflectometry: An apparatus for measuring the quantity and optical parameters of a liquid in a container using the principle of optical low coherence reflectometry is provided, the apparatus having: a source arm with a low coherence light source; a reference arm including a reference lens, a mirror, means for adjusting the... Agent:

20140204388 - Optical measuring apparatus: Provided is a compact, low-cost optical measuring apparatus capable of acquiring an image of a target to be measured without moving a mirror or using a wavelength-scanning light source or beam splitter. A laser beam emitted from a light source is split into first and second beams, and the first... Agent: Hitachi Media Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140204389 - Optical tomograph and optical tomographic method: A luminous flux including laser light of different wavelengths outgoing from a light source unit is split into two luminous fluxes, the first luminous flux is focused on a sample with an objective lens, and the second luminous flux functions as reference light without radiating it onto the sample. Signal... Agent: Hitachi Media Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140204391 - Method and system for optical coherence tomography: To facilitate a reliable and time-saving examination of the object (1), with the most straightforward handling possible, the first image (60) is acquired in the region of the first plane (S) of the object (1) and the second image (61) is acquired in the region of the second plane (F)... Agent: Agfa Healthcare Nv

20140204392 - Stage transferring device and position measuring method thereof: A stage transferring device invention includes: a transferring stage upon which an object is mounted and which transfers the object in an x-y plane; and a stage position measuring device. The stage position measuring device includes a one-dimensional scale on the transferring stage; a one-dimensional scale reading head which is... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140204395 - Detecting method and device for curved surface precision of dish parabolic reflecting mirror: A method and device for detecting a precision of a dish parabolic reflecting mirror are provided. Accurate coordinate values of positions on an X-axis and a Y-axis may be obtained by adjusting and controlling a double helix lifting mechanism, a 360-degree plane rotary mechanism, a telescoping mechanism, and an extension... Agent: Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd

20140204394 - Inner surface shape measurement device, detection head, and endoscope device: An inner surface shape measurement device for measuring a shape of an inner surface of a test target, and includes a light source, an optical system which converts light emitted by the light source into a disc-shaped light beam to cause the light beam to be emitted toward an inner... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140204393 - Method for measuring sandability of coating and the use thereof: The present invention is directed to a method for measuring sandability of a coating or an article. This invention is particularly directed to a method for measuring sandability of a coating or an article quantitatively by measuring weight loss of said coating or article after being sanded. This invention is... Agent: U.s. CoatingsIPCo. LLC

20140204396 - Electro-optical distance measuring device: An electro-optical distance measuring device includes a laser driver for a laser diode for emitting laser light pulses. The measuring device further includes a laser diode voltage supply having a cascade of at least two voltage regulators, each of which provides an output voltage at a level below a laser... Agent: Leica Geosystems Ag

20140204397 - Metrology method and apparatus, and device manufacturing method: Methods are disclosed for measuring target structures formed by a lithographic process on a substrate. A grating or other structure within the target is smaller than an illumination spot and field of view of a measurement optical system. The position of an image of the component structure varies between measurements,... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20140204398 - Positional deviation detection unit, light emitting device, illumination apparatus, projector, vehicle headlamp, and positional deviation adjustment method: A positional deviation detection unit (20) includes a detection portion (21) that detects a relative positional relationship between a laser element (24), a condensing lens (27), and a light emitting portion (3), and a determination portion (22) that compares a detection result from the detection portion (21) with a reference... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140204399 - Multi psd-arrangement and circuitry: The invention concerns a light beam position detector with a detection window, for detecting a position of a striking light beam within the detection window, which detection window comprises a first PSD based on the lateral photoelectric effect, in particular with two output signals dependent on the striking position of... Agent: Leica Geosystems Ag

20140204400 - Optical laser scanning micrometer: The present invention provides multiple improvements to optical-based laser scanning micrometers and providing a small handheld version laser scanning micrometer based on the these improvements. For added accuracy and reduction in unit size, a double sided coated mirror receiver reflects the beam back into the transmitter light source. For added... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140198308 - Panoramic scan radar and panoramic laser scanning method: A panoramic scan radar is provided. The panoramic scan radar includes: a fixed base; a rotary base which is rotatably combined with the fixed base; a reflector which is disposed on the rotary base to rotate with the rotary base and includes a reflective surface; a laser emitter which is... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20140198309 - Enhanced scanning of transparent fibers: An apparatus and methods for scanning and measuring transparent fibers. One example method includes placing the transparent fibers on a platen of a flat-bed style scanner and compressing the transparent fibers to the platen with a cover including a non-reflective surface adjacent to the transparent fibers. The method also includes... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc

20140198310 - Balanced-detection spectra domain optical coherence tomography system: A balanced-detection spectra domain optical coherence tomography system is disclosed. A light beam L emitting from the light source module is passed through the second beam splitter, the first beam splitter in series, and then split to the mirror and the sample respectively, and further simultaneously reflected to the first... Agent: National Yang-ming University

20140198311 - Bi-directional multi-pulsewidth optical time-domain reflectometer: There is provided a bi-directional optical reflectometric method for characterizing an optical fiber link. The method comprises: performing a plurality of forward-direction light acquisitions from one end of the optical fiber link and performing a plurality of backward-direction light acquisitions from the opposite end, wherein each light acquisition is performed... Agent: Exfo Inc.

20140198312 - Laser alignment system for measuring an alignment of rotating machine parts and method for preprocessing measurement results of a laser alignment system: A laser alignment system (04) for measuring an alignment of rotating machine parts (01, 02), including at least one first laser transceiver (06). The first laser transceiver (06) includes an evaluation unit (12) and a web server (13) having a network interface for making data of the evaluation unit (12)... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

20140198313 - Scalable spectroscopic detection and measurement: The present invention generally pertains to a system, method and kit for the detection and measurement of spectroscopic properties of light from a sample, or the scalable detection and measurement of spectroscopic properties of light from each sample present among multiple samples, simultaneously, wherein the system comprises: an optical train... Agent: Gnubio, Inc.

20140198314 - Molecular sensing device: A molecular sensing device includes a substrate; a well i) formed in a material that is positioned on a surface of the substrate or ii) formed in a surface of the substrate; a signal amplifying structure positioned in the wed; and an immersion fluid deposited into the well and surrounding... Agent:

20140198315 - System and method for assessing analytes using conformal filters and dual polarization: A system and method for detecting at least one target of interest using at least two conformal filters in a dual polarization configuration. A plurality of interacted photons are collected from a sample comprising at least one analyte of interest. The plurality of interacted photons are separated into at least... Agent: Chemlmage Corporation

20140198316 - Method and apparatus for measuring reflective intensity of display surface: The present invention provides a method for measuring reflective intensity of display surface, including: obtaining a luminance value of a first display and a luminance value of a second display when displaying, the first display and the second display having the same observed luminance, the peripheral of the surface of... Agent:

20140198317 - Stablized pump laser with output reflector on polarizing optical fiber: A laser apparatus comprises a pump laser device, and a polarizing optical fiber having a proximal end and a distal end, with the polarizing optical fiber coupled to the pump laser device at the proximal end. At least one output reflector is written on the polarizing optical fiber toward the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140198318 - Method and apparatus for producing fiber optic gyroscope sensing coil using b-stage adhesive coated optical fiber: An optical fiber with a b-stageable hybrid adhesive coating includes an optical fiber and an outer jacket. The outer jacket includes at least one layer that includes a partially cured b-stageable hybrid adhesive.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140198319 - Device for generating an optical dot pattern: A device for capturing a three-dimensional object is presented, which allows, on one hand, a sufficiently large number of projected pixels and a high image quality of the projected pixels, and which has, on the other hand, a compact size and low assembly costs.... Agent: Sypro Optics Gmbh

20140198320 - Three-dimensional profile measurement apparatus and method using amplitude size of projection grid: Disclosed are a three-dimensional profile measurement apparatus and method using the amplitude size of a projection grid wherein a periodic pattern of the projection grid is projected onto an object to be measured, the amplitude of the projection grid is obtained through the change of the pattern of the projection... Agent: Inspecto Inc.

20140198321 - Surface shape measuring apparatus: In related art, consideration is not given to that a spatial distribution of scattered light changes in various direction such as forward/backward/sideways according to a difference in micro roughness. Particularly, although a step-terrace structure appearing on an epitaxial growth wafer produces anisotropy in the scattered light distribution, consideration is not... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140198322 - Surface profile measurement system: A profile measurement system includes a light source configured to generate light. A beam shaper configured to shape the light generated from the light source. A beam splitter configured to partially transmit and reflect the light shaped by the beam shaper. An object lens configured to receive the light from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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