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Optics: measuring and testing

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09/04/2014 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140247439 - Mobile field controller for measurement and remote control: A mobile field controller, together with a geodetic surveying device, forms a one-person measurement system for geodetic position determination. The field controller allows the spatial orientation of the field controller to be determined. The field controller supports a geodetic target object and has a distance-measuring unit that measures the distance... Agent: Hexagon Technology Center Gmbh

20140247440 - Mirror actuator, beam irradiation device, and laser radar: A mirror actuator includes: a base; a first rotation portion that is supported on the base so as to be rotatable about a first rotation axis; a second rotation portion that is supported on the first rotation portion so as to be rotatable about a second rotation axis perpendicular to... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20140247441 - Method for estimating the transverse component of the velocity of the air in a doppler lidar measurement: A method for estimating the transverse component Vtrans of the velocity of the air comprises the following steps: emitting a focused laser beam; acquiring an electrical signal resulting from the transit of a particle across the beam at a point of transit; analysing the signal so as to obtain a... Agent:

20140247442 - Spectroradiometer device and applications of same: A light weight, portable spectroradiometer device has an optical system that directs incoming wavelengths of light to impinge upon a three-dimensional sensor comprised of a linear variable filter in direct contact with a photodiode array. The linear variable filter can be a specific band pass filter coating that has been... Agent: Microptix Technologies, LLC

20140247443 - 3d laser ablation tomography: A laser ablation tomography system includes a specimen stage for supporting a specimen. A specimen axis is defined such that a specimen disposed generally on the axis may be imaged. A laser system is operable to produce a laser sheet in a plane intersecting the specimen axis and generally perpendicular... Agent: The Penn State Research Foundation

20140247444 - Integrated microbial collector: A system for real-time sizing of fluid-borne particles is disclosed. The system further determines, in real time, whether the detected particles are biological or non-biological. As the fluid is being tested, it is exposed to a microbe collection filter which is cultured to determine the type of microbes present in... Agent: Azbil Biovigilant, Inc.

20140247445 - Cartridge for containing a sample: The present invention relates to a cartridge for containing a sample, for example a sample to be analysed in an analyser such as a spectroscopic analyser. A cartridge for containing a sample to be analysed by an analyser such as a spectroscopic analyser, said cartridge comprising: an upper member including... Agent: Toximet Limited

20140247446 - Flow cell modules and liquid sample analyzers and methods including same: A flow cell module for use in a liquid sample analyzer includes a module housing, a liquid core waveguide mounted in the module housing to receive a flow of a liquid sample from a liquid sample source, an input optical fiber disposed in the module housing to transmit radiation from... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20140247448 - Fiber source of synchronized picosecond pulses for coherent raman microscopy and other applications: Devices and techniques that use nonlinear optical effects in optical fiber to generate optical pulses via nonlinear optical wave mixing for various applications such as coherent Raman microscopic measurements and optical parametric oscillators.... Agent: Cornell University

20140247447 - Systems and methods for spatial heterodyne raman spectroscopy: The present subject matter is directed to a device for spectroscopy. The device includes an excitation source and a first spatial heterodyne interferometer configured to receive wavelengths from the excitation source and filter the wavelengths to produce fringes on a sample. The device also includes a second heterodyne interferometer configured... Agent: University Of South Carolina

20140247449 - Athermal channeled spectropolarimeter: A temperature insensitive (athermal) channeled spectropolarimeter (CSP) is described. The athermal CSP includes a crystal retarder formed of a biaxial crystal. The crystal retarder has three crystal axes, wherein each axis has its own distinct index of refraction. The axes are oriented in a particular manner, causing an amplitude modulating... Agent: Sandia Corporation

20140247450 - System and method for converting optical diameters of aerosol particles to mobility and aerodynamic diameters: A system and a method of measuring a particle's size in a select aerosol using the optical diameter of the particle to perform a mobility and/or aerodynamic diameter conversion without any knowledge about the particle's shape and its optical properties in the aerosol being characterized. In one example embodiment of... Agent: Tsi, Incorporated

20140247451 - System and method for measuring particles in a sample stream of a flow cytometer using low-power laser source: A system and method for analyzing a particle in a sample stream of a flow cytometer or the like. The system has a light source, such as a laser pointer module, for generating a low powered light beam and a fluidics apparatus which is configured to transport particles in the... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20140247452 - Periodic structure and measurement method using the same: A plate-shaped periodic structure is provided that includes at least two aperture portions extending through the periodic structure in a direction perpendicular to a main surface of the periodic structure and periodically arranged in at least one direction along the main surface. Each of the aperture portions has a shape... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140247453 - Broadband fiber sensor array: A broadband fiber optic sensor array is formed along a length of single mode optical fiber, with the individual sensing elements formed by introducing local perturbations (e.g., changes in diameter) along the length of the optical fiber. The sensor array requires only a single light source input and a single... Agent: Ofs Fitel, LLC

20140247455 - Optical coherence tomography assembly: An OCT assembly comprising: (a) a light transmissive rod having a first end, a second end, and a central axis; and a refractive surface adjacent to the second end; (b) a housing surrounding the OCT probe component; the housing having a tubular body with the window situated over the refractive... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140247454 - Power transmission and sensing device: A torque transmission assembly comprising: (i) an optical fiber coupled to an optical sensing component and capable of rotating and translating the optical sensing component and of transmitting light to and from the optical sensing component; and (b) an annular structure surrounding the optical fiber, the annular structure in conjunction... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140247456 - Method for photoacoustic tomograpy: The invention relates to a method for photoacoustic tomography of a sample, deformations on a measurement surface of the sample being measured as a function of location and time, the deformations resulting from the absorption of a pulsed excitation radiation on at least one spectrally addressable target structure in the... Agent: Medizinisches Laserzentrum Lubeck Gmbh

08/28/2014 > 34 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140240688 - Sensor synchronization method and sensor measuring system appertaining thereto: A synchronization method for at least two sensors, which enables synchronized collection of a sensor value of a slave sensor in relation to a predetermined intended value of a master sensor. Time-dependent measured values of the master sensor are used to determine open parameters of a prediction model, on the... Agent: Hexagon Technology Center Gmbh

20140240690 - Determining extrinsic calibration parameters for a sensor: A method of determining extrinsic calibration parameters for at least one sensor (102, 104, 106) mounted on transportable apparatus (100). The method includes receiving (202) data representing pose history of the transportable apparatus and receiving (202) sensor data from at least one sensor mounted on transportable apparatus. The method generates... Agent: The Chancellor Masters And Scholars Of The University Of Oxford

20140240689 - Laser range finding attachment for mobile computing device: The present disclosure describes methods and systems, including computer-implemented methods, computer-readable media, and computer systems, for measuring range to an object (e.g., range finding) by reflection of laser radiation. One computer-implemented method includes the following operations executed on a mobile computing device (MCD): targeting an object with the MCD display... Agent:

20140240691 - Laser radar system and method for acquiring 3-d image of target: Disclosed are a laser radar system and a method for acquiring an image of a target, and the laser radar system includes: a beam source to emit the laser beam; a beam deflector disposed between the beam source and the target, and configured to deflect the laser beam emitted from... Agent:

20140240692 - Time-of-flight (tof) system, sensor pixel, and method: A time-of-flight (TOF) sensor pixel is provided that performs in-pixel subtraction. The TOF sensor pixel includes a photodetector, a capacitor, and circuitry. The photodetector detects light pulses emitted at a clock frequency, after a time of flight, to provide a photocurrent. The capacitor integrates the photocurrent over an integration period,... Agent:

20140240693 - Ranging method and system: The invention relates to the topographic technique field, and provides a ranging method and a system, wherein the ranging method comprises the following steps: modulating measured beam, by a modulated signal of which the frequency is continuously changed over time; emitting the modulated measured beam to a measured object; receiving... Agent: Mileseey Technology, Inc.

20140240694 - Rapid test method for evaluating the delamination tendency of glass packaging means: A rapid test method for evaluating the delamination in glass packaging is provided. The method includes exposing the glass packaging means to an atmosphere consisting of steam in order to form a corrosion zone; and subsequently carrying out at least one other step. The other step includes: visualizing the corrosion... Agent:

20140240695 - Optical density monitor and comparator systems and methods: The present disclosure relates generally to systems and methods for determining the absorption coefficient and the optical density of a fluid as they relate to the wavelength of incident radiation. Specifically, ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV LEDs) or the like that emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation or the like are used as... Agent: University Of North Carolina At Charlotte

20140240696 - Method for calibrating the position of the slitter blades of a slitter-winder: The positions of the slitter blades of a slitter-winder are calibrated using a laser to perform measurement and calibration of the fiber web cutting point of each slitter blade pair. Measurement and calibration is preformed on the top slitter blade of each of a multiplicity of slitter blade pairs one... Agent: Metso Paper, Inc.

20140240697 - Apparatuses and methods for detecting wave front abberation of projection objective system in photolighography machine: Apparatus and methods for detecting wave front aberration of a projection objective lens in a photolithography machine are disclosed. The apparatus comprises: a light source system configured to generate an illuminating beam; a spatial filter configured to receive the illuminating beam and generate ideal spherical wave; a splitter plate arranged... Agent: Changchun Institute Of Opitcs, Fine Mechanics And Physics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

20140240698 - Method for correcting for dark current variation in tec cooled photodiodes: An optical power meter including a photodiode having a surface for receiving a beam of light, a thermo-electric cooler for maintaining the photodiode at a predetermined temperature, and a current monitor for measuring a drive current passing through the thermo-electric cooler allows dark current drift arising from a varying thermal... Agent:

20140240699 - Method and device for inspecting containers and preforms: A method and a device for inspecting containers and/or preforms. A scattering medium is provided in the interior of the containers or preforms and is irradiated in such manner that the scattering medium forms a bright field behind the container or preform wall area to be imaged. In this way,... Agent: Krones Ag

20140240700 - Sample support apparatus: A sample support apparatus is provided in which a XY-table and a Z-table moving along a height direction are disposed in a Z-reference surface as a height reference, and in which a sample is disposed at a predetermined height position while supported by the Z-table, the sample support apparatus comprising,... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140240701 - Micro volume inline optical sensor: Micro volume inline optical sensor comprising a flowcell having a sample chamber which has a volume less than 0.4 mL and increases in diameter from two ends toward the middle, a flow passageway intersecting the chamber where the diameter is the greatest, monitoring ports with optically transmissive windows at the... Agent: Endress+hauser Conducta Inc.

20140240702 - Laser based apparatus, methods and applications: Embodied is a two-color, fiber-delivered picosecond source for coherent Raman scattering (CRS) imaging. A wavelength tunable picosecond pump is generated by nonlinear spectral compression of a prechirped femtosecond pulse from a mode-locked titanium:sapphire (Ti:S) laser. A 1064-nm picosecond Stokes pulse is generated by an all-fiber time-lens source (or suitable alternative... Agent: Cornell University

20140240704 - Measurement mark, method for measurement, and measurement apparatus: a second line pattern, second lines extending in the first direction, the second lines being arranged in the second direction in the second line pattern, the second line pattern capable of forming a second moire pattern by overlapping with the arrangement pattern; and a reference pattern with a reference position... Agent:

20140240703 - Overlay sampling methodology: One embodiment relates to a method for overlay sampling. The method provides a number of fields over a semiconductor wafer surface. An inner subgroup of the number of fields includes fields in a central region of the wafer surface. An outer subgroup of the number of fields includes neighboring fields... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140240706 - Overlay sampling methodology: A process of measuring overlay metrologies of wafers, the wafer having a plurality of patterned layers. The process begins with retrieving historical overlay metrologies from a database, and real overlay metrologies of a first group of the wafers are measured. On the other hand, virtual overlay metrologies of a second... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140240705 - Semiconductor device, reticle method for checking position misalignment and method for manufacturing position misalignment checking mark: According to one embodiment, there is provided a semiconductor device including a circuit area in which an integrated circuit is formed, a position misalignment checking mark of which a contrasting density is detected under polarized illumination and is not detectable under non-polarized illumination, and a peripheral pattern that is disposed... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140240707 - Film measurement apparatus and method of measuring film: An aspect of the present embodiment, there is provided a film measurement apparatus including an optical processing unit configured to irradiate a substrate with light, the substrate including a multi-layered film thereon, an electrical processing unit configured to be inputted measurement spectrum of reflection light reflected from the substrate, to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140240708 - Spectroscopic measurement device, communication system, and color management system: A communication system includes a transmission terminal for displaying a color code having a plurality of colors of code patterns arranged two-dimensionally, and a spectroscopic measurement device including a variable wavelength interference filter for dispersing the light from the image displayed on the transmission terminal, an imaging section adapted to... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140240709 - Advanced mass gauge sensor: An advanced mass gauge sensor is disclosed comprising a vessel having an interior surface which reflects radiant energy at wavelengths at least partially absorbed by a fluid or fluids contained within the vessel, an illuminating device or devices for introducing radiant energy at such wavelengths into the vessel interior, and... Agent:

20140240710 - Pump probe measuring device: A pump probe measuring device (1) comprises: an ultrashort optical pulse laser generator (2) for generating a first ultrashort optical pulse train which is a pump light (3a), second and third ultrashort optical pulse trains (3b), (3c) which are probe lights; an optical shutter unit (6) to which the second... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20140240711 - Measurement device: A spectrometry device includes a wavelength-tunable interference filter that is provided with a stationary reflection film, a movable reflection film and an electrostatic actuator which changes a gap dimension between the stationary reflection film and the movable reflection film; a detector that receives incident light; a filter control unit that... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140240712 - Method and system for detecting optical ring resonator resonance frequencies and free spectral range to reduce the number of lasers in a resonator fiber optic gyroscope: A resonator fiber optic gyroscope (RFOG) is provided. The RFOG includes a gyroscope resonator having a clockwise input port and a counter-clockwise input port; a first laser configured to couple a clockwise optical beam into to the clockwise input port; a clockwise Pound-Drever-Hall modulation generator to modulate the clockwise optical... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140240713 - Apparatuses and methods for imaging inside a vessel: The invention generally relates to apparatuses and methods for imaging inside a vessel. In certain aspects, the invention provides an apparatus that includes an imaging device configured to image an inside of a vessel, and a sensing device configured to detect a conformational shape of the apparatus.... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20140240714 - Optical coherence tomographic imaging information acquisition apparatus: An optical tomographic imaging information acquisition apparatus according to an SD-OCT system including: at least two super luminescent diodes; a sensor and a spectrometer that are for acquiring information on a measurement target; a combiner section for the photoreceptor unit configured to combine emitted beams from the at least two... Agent:

20140240715 - Natural light interferometer: Disclosed is a Natural Light Interferometer. The interferometer measures the amplitude and phase distribution of a coherent or incoherent electromagnetic signal, including natural light. In principle, the amplitude and phase distribution of any signal of any wavelength, incoherent or coherent, may be measured using this technique. The corresponding image may... Agent:

20140240716 - Apparatus, system and method for measuring straightness of components of rotating assemblies: An apparatus, system and method for measuring straightness of components of rotating assemblies are described. A digital mapping system for measuring the straightness of a shaft of an electric submersible pump comprises a light emitting micrometer. A method for measuring the straightness of components of rotating assemblies comprises providing a... Agent: Summit Esp, LLC

20140240717 - Apparatus and method of using a light conduit in a position detector: A position detector includes a source of radiant energy, such as infrared light. A sensor is spaced from the source. The source and the sensor can be carried spaced apart from one another by a housing. Control circuits, carried by the housing, are coupled to the source and the sensor.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140240718 - Computing device and measurement control method: A computing device is electronically connected to a measurement machine and a controller. The controller is connected to a sensor installed on the measurement machine. The computing device receives spectral signal data sent from the controller and generates an intensity distribution diagram according to the spectral signal data. Furthermore, the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140240719 - Real-time measurement of relative position data and/or of geometrical dimensions of a moving body using optical measuring means: A real-time measurement of relative position data and/or of geometrical dimensions of a moving body by lighting unit and a detector unit, wherein the moving body is movably guided relative to both of the units. Light beams are transmitted from the lighting unit towards the detector unit; the moving body... Agent: Isiqiri Interface Technologies Gmbh

20140240720 - Linewidth measurement system: A method includes passing an interrogating light beam through a Fourier transform lens and onto the surface of a material to form a Fraunhofer diffraction pattern of one or more surface features of the material. An image of the diffraction pattern is processed to determine the dimensions of the feature.... Agent:

20140240721 - Spatially selective detection using a dynamic mask in an image plane: A three-dimensional laser scanner instrument for acquiring three-dimensional geometric data of a scene (1) comprises an illumination system (3) for generating a light beam (2) and for scanning an illumination point of said light beam (2) through said scene (1), a light detection system (6-9) comprising at least one light... Agent:

08/21/2014 > 35 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140233010 - Localising transportable apparatus: A method of localising transportable apparatus (100) within an environment including receiving (402) data obtained from a ranging sensor device (102) of the transportable apparatus configured to collect information relating to at least a surface (120) over which the transportable apparatus is moving in an environment, and using (404) the... Agent: The Chancellor Masters And Scholars Of The University Of Oxford

20140233011 - System and method for compensating instability in an autofocus system: An autofocus system and method designed to account for instabilities in the system, e.g. due to instabilities of system components (e.g. vibrating mirrors, optics, etc) and/or environmental effects such as refractive index changes of air due to temperature, atmospheric pressure, or humidity gradients, is provided. An autofocus beam is split... Agent:

20140233012 - Distance measuring device: An optical device is disclosed that may be employed in distance measuring devices. In at least one embodiment, the optical device includes a control unit that is adapted to cause at least one control signal generator unit to generate at least one control signal according to a predetermined temporal function... Agent: Trimble Ab

20140233013 - Lidar: A lidar includes CW laser light sources that oscillate CW laser light rays with wavelengths different from each other; an optical multiplexing coupler that mixes the CW laser light rays oscillated by the CW laser light sources; an optical branching coupler that splits the CW laser light passing through the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140233015 - Device for evaluation of fluids using electromagnetic energy: A portable, tabletop fluid sampling device simplifies spectral analysis to produce an accurate but inexpensive chromatic fingerprint for fluid samples. In one embodiment, the sampling device uses an array of variable wavelength LED emitters and photodiode detectors to measure Rayleigh scattering of electromagnetic energy from the fluid sample contained in... Agent:

20140233014 - Infrared-based metrology for detection of stress and defects around through silicon vias: An approach for IR-based metrology for detecting stress and/or defects around TSVs of semiconductor devices is provided. Specifically, in a typical embodiment, a beam of IR light will be emitted from an IR light source through the material around the TSV. Once the beam of IR light has passed through... Agent: Globalfoundries Inc.

20140233016 - Method and system for measuring patterned substrates: A system and method of measuring feature depth using a common path auto-correlation low coherence interferometer including a light source having an output directed toward a first beam splitter, the first beam splitter directing at least a portion of a light beam from the light source toward a sample having... Agent: Applejack 199 L,p.,

20140233018 - Antique identification method: A 4-in-1 antique identification method combines visual inspection, a colorimetric method, microscopic observation, and a density comparison method to form conclusions as to the date of an antique object. Among them the density comparison is to detect the identified object's unit weight, and compare it to known data of historical... Agent:

20140233017 - Measurement of solid, aerosol, vapor, liquid and gaseous concentration and particle size: A method and apparatus for measuring particle content in a stream, comprising routing the stream, via a plurality of tubes, from a plurality of sampling points where particle content concentrations are to be measured. The concentration of particle content in the stream may be measured. The measurement may be based... Agent:

20140233020 - Interrogator for a plurality of sensor fiber optic gratings: An interrogator for a plurality of sensor fiber optic gratings. The interrogator includes an optical source for providing signals to the plurality of sensor fiber optic gratings. At least one optical filter converts optical signals, returned from the plurality of sensor fiber optic gratings, from (a) changes in peak reflection... Agent: Us Seismic Systems, Inc.

20140233019 - Optical fiber mechanical bend stress test system with optical time-domain reflectometer: Methods and devices provide for storing historical data that includes interference values mapped to at least one of bend radii values, lifetime values, or failure rate values of optical fibers; transmitting an optical signal, via a test system, toward the optical fiber under test; setting a polarization state of the... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20140233021 - Apparatus for focus beam analysis of high power lasers: An in-line laser beam waist analyzer system includes an optical prism that picks off a portion of a second surface reflection from either a laser processing focus lens or a protective debris shield for the processing lens and directs that focused light to a pixelated detector. This provides real time... Agent: Haas Laser Technologies, Inc.

20140233022 - Apparatus for focus beam analysis of high power lasers: An in-line laser beam waist analyzer system includes an optical prism that picks off a portion of a second surface reflection from either a laser processing focus lens or a protective debris shield for the processing lens and directs that focused light to a pixelated detector. This provides real time... Agent: Haas Laser Technologies, Inc.

20140233023 - Method for calibrating a sensor cluster in a motor vehicle: A method is disclosed for calibrating a sensor cluster located at an inside of a windshield of a motor vehicle and arranged such that the pitch thereof is adjustable. The sensor cluster may include a narrow beam sensor and an imaging sensor, both of which are directed forward of the... Agent: Volvo Car Corporation

20140233024 - Defect inspecting apparatus and defect inspecting method: An invention being applied is a defect detecting apparatus that has: an illuminating optical system with a laser light source for irradiating a sample on whose surface a pattern is formed with light; a detecting optical system with a sensor for detecting light generated from the sample illuminated by the... Agent: Hitachi High-techmologies Corporation

20140233025 - Method and apparatus for angular-resolved spectroscopic lithography characterization: An apparatus and method to determine a property of a substrate by measuring, in the pupil plane of a high numerical aperture lens, an angle-resolved spectrum as a result of radiation being reflected off the substrate. The property may be angle and wavelength dependent and may include the intensity of... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20140233026 - Shrouded sensor clip assembly and blood chamber for an optical blood monitoring system: An optical blood monitoring system for blocking unwanted light from reaching sensors in a sensor clip assembly fastened to a blood chamber connected in an extracorporeal blood treatment system. The blood chamber has an internal flow cavity for communicating the extracorporeal blood flow and viewing windows to enable the sensor... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140233027 - Imaging zoom for wide field-of-view imaging spectrometer: An imaging system comprises a wide field of view (FOV) telescope, a narrow FOV telescope, a spectrometer, an imaging detector, an image slicer, and a selection mechanism. The wide FOV telescope is configured to produce a one-dimensional optical image of a broad field of view (FOV) F. The narrow FOV... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International, Inc.

20140233028 - Lossless hyperspectral imaging: Techniques for hyperspectral imaging using a spatial light modulator having a plurality of pixels, including encoding electromagnetic radiation incident a first pixel at a first location and a second pixel at a second location into a first modulated signal having a first modulation frequency and a second modulated signal having... Agent:

20140233030 - Spectral imaging device adjustment method and spectral imaging system: A method of adjusting a spectroscopic imaging device is provided with which a relative arrangement relationship among components can be easily adjusted in the spectroscopic imaging device. A spectroscopic imaging device 30 includes a collimating lens 32, a diffraction grating 33, a condensing lens 34, an array light receiving unit... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140233029 - Spectrometer: A spectrometer with a detector and a transparent body which has an entry area and an exit area on a front side of the body and a reflection grating on a rear side of the body. A beam entering the body via the entry area is reflected at the reflection... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh

20140233031 - Substrate and patterning device for use in metrology, metrology method and device manufacturing method: A pattern from a patterning device is applied to a substrate by a lithographic apparatus. The applied pattern includes product features and metrology targets. The metrology targets include large targets and small targets which are for measuring overlay. Some of the smaller targets are distributed at locations between the larger... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20140233032 - Method and apparatus for measuring a pitch static attitude of a head stack assembly: A tester including a laser transmitter, a laser receiver, a zero reference plane located between the laser transmitter and the laser receiver, a tower reference plane located between the laser transmitter and the laser receiver, wherein the tower reference plane defines an aperture, and a controller. The controller is configured... Agent: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

20140233033 - Optically variable entity authenticating device and method: Disclosed is a device for the authentication of an optically variable entity exhibiting a color shift with changing viewing-angle, the device comprising a plate of light-refractive material, said plate having two surfaces and an array of light-refracting protrusions or recesses on at least one of said surfaces, and being disposed... Agent: Sicpa Holding Sa

20140233034 - Apparatus and method for on-line, real-time analysis of chemical gasses dissolved in transformer oil: A method of providing real-time analysis of chemical gases in a transformer oil has been disclosed. The method includes the steps of providing an inspection probe adapted to measure a transmission spectrum of a solvent oil in a transformer, placing the probe inside a transformer, using the inspection probe to... Agent: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

20140233035 - Broadband or mid-infrared fiber light sources: An optical system for use in an imaging procedure includes one or more semiconductor diodes configured to generate an input signal beam with a wavelength shorter than 2.5 microns that is amplified and communicated through optical fiber(s) to a nonlinear element configured to broaden the spectral width to at least... Agent: Cheetah Omni, LLC

20140233037 - Article for use in an oct-method and intraocular lens: An article for use in an OCT method, the article comprising a solid substrate and nanoparticles dispersed in or on the substrate in at least one light transmissive portion of the article such that the nanoparticles result in an increased extinction of the light transmissive portion along a transmission direction... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20140233036 - Device for tactile shape determination: A device for the tactile determination of a surface shape of a measuring object includes a micro probe arm having a stylus tip, the micro probe arm being fastened on an optical fiber having a fiber end, which is mounted in a probe housing, a reference mirror is provided in... Agent:

20140233038 - Shape measurement method, shape measurement apparatus, program, and recording medium: The present invention is directed to more accurately acquiring shape data than conventional techniques. After an imaging unit images an interference fringe, a calculation unit acquires the captured image from the imaging unit. The calculation unit extracts a ring zone region where the interference fringe is sparse in the captured... Agent:

20140233039 - Physical/chemical sensor, physical/chemical phenomenon sensing device, and method for manufacturing same: In the sensor of the present invention, an air-gap 3 is formed on a surface of the light receiving surface 1a of a photodiode 1. The sensor comprises a membrane section 2 which is oppositely deposited, and the air-gap is blocked air-tightly or liquid-tightly. The membrane section has optical transparency... Agent: National University Corporation Toyohashi University Ot Technology

20140233040 - Methods and devices for measuring homogeneously reflective surfaces: A focal point generated by a confocal sensor system is moved along a visual axis, orthogonal to the x, y-plane of an x, y, z-coordinate system, to a target z-coordinate of a point to be measured on a surface of an object. A light intensity of light reflected by the... Agent:

20140233042 - Apparatus for determining a vertical position of at least one interface between a first component and at least one second component and laboratory automation system: An apparatus for determining a vertical position of an interface between a first component and a second component comprising different layers in a sample container comprises a first unit comprising a first emitting light, a first optics, and a first detector; a second unit vertically spaced from the first unit... Agent:

20140233041 - Computerized movable laser system for radiographic patient positioning: A system for radiographic patient positioning includes at least one laser. An orientation sensor is associated with a laser and the orientation sensor produces tilt data indicative of an orientation of a laser. A computer compares a later received tilt data from the orientation sensor to the stored tilt data... Agent: Gammex, Inc.

20140233044 - Method and system for adjusting the alignment of a photonic beam: s

20140233043 - System for semiconductor device characterization using reflectivity measurement: A system includes a computer-readable medium that stores a plurality of instructions for execution by at least one computer processor. The instructions include receiving a reflectivity measurement on a semiconductor wafer and generating a reflectivity map based on the received reflectivity measurement. The instructions determine a spatial distance for a... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

08/14/2014 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140226145 - Multi-mode optical measurement device and method of operation: An optical measurement device is provided includes a tracker device configured to emit a first beam of light and receive a portion of the first beam of light reflected off of a target. The first beam of light being emitted from a gimbal location, the tracker device further including an... Agent: Faro Technologies, Inc.

20140226146 - Device for vehicle measuring: A device for measuring a vehicle on a roadway, comprising a carrier structure, which has a support axis that can be oriented transversely over the roadway, a plurality of transmitter elements, which are distributed along the support axis on the carrier structure and each downwardly emit a light measuring beam,... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

20140226147 - Electro-optical distance measuring device: An electro-optical distance measuring device includes a laser driver for a laser diode for emitting laser light pulses. The laser driver has a laser diode voltage supply for providing a voltage below a laser threshold voltage of the laser diode, an inductive component in a supply path of the laser... Agent: Leica Geosystems Ag

20140226148 - Optical fiber mechanical splice termination and test apparatus and methods: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to the field of optical fiber splicing, and more specifically to apparatuses and methods directed to mechanical splice termination and evaluation of resulting splice joints. In an embodiment, the present invention is an apparatus for evaluating the integrity of a mechanical splice joint... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20140226149 - Optical sensing device for fluid sensing and methods therefor: An optical spectral sensing device for determining at least one property of a fluid. The device has an elongated porous body, a first end and a second end, a solid-state optical emitter at the first end of the body oriented to emit radiation toward the second end of the body,... Agent:

20140226150 - Surface topography interferometer with surface color: Systems and methods for generating 3D representations of shape and color texture of a test surface are described. In one aspect, surface topography interferometers are equipped with a multi-element detector and an illumination system to produce a true-color image of the measured object surface. Color information can be presented as... Agent: Zygo Corporation

20140226151 - Method of measuring multi-mode fiber optical properties during processing of the fiber: A method of measuring optical properties of a multi-mode optical fiber during processing of the fiber is described. The method includes: transmitting a light signal through one of the draw end of the multi-mode fiber and a test fiber section toward the other of the draw end and the test... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140226152 - Otdr mapping method: A method is provided for mapping the position of a customer fibre end on a passive optical network (PON). The method comprises the steps of: connecting an optical reflector to a specific customer fibre end; carrying out an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) trace of the a passive optical network... Agent: United Technologists Europe Limited

20140226153 - Optical tracking of rotor blade motion: An optical blade tracking system for a rotary wing aircraft, the system including a light source generating at least one light beam, the light source coupled to a rotor blade of the rotary wing aircraft, wherein movement of the rotor blade is imparted to the light source; a two-dimensional position... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20140226154 - Method for measuring thread element at end portion of pipe or tube: The present invention provides a method for automatically measuring a thread element at an end portion of a pipe or tube P after thread processing, on a thread processing line 100 in which thread processing is performed on the end portion of each pipe or tube P which is successively... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140226155 - Apparatus and method for inspecting crystallization: An apparatus for inspecting crystallization includes a substrate including a semiconductor layer, the semiconductor layer includes a plurality of crystallized regions separated from each other; a stage configured to change a position of the substrate, the substrate being seated thereon; a photographing unit configured to acquire image data regarding the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140226156 - Optical measurement of drilled holes: An apparatus is provided that includes an optical probe; and a robotic transport so adapted to the optical probe as to move the optical probe inside a drilled hole to measure the drilled hole at one or more depths.... Agent: United Sciences LLC

20140226157 - Detection systems and methods using coherent anti-stokes raman spectroscopy: Systems and methods for remote and/or portable detection are provided. The system can include a source of coherent laser pulses, components for converting the coherent laser pulses into first beam pulses at a first wavelength value, second beam pulses at a second wavelength value, and third beam pulses at a... Agent: Trustees Of Princeton University

20140226158 - Methods and apparatus for determining particle characteristics: Apparatus and methods are described for determining information about at least one particle by measuring light scattered from the particles. Scattered light is detected from a region of a particle dispersion or from a larger region in a generally collimated illumination beam. Scattered light is also detected from a plurality... Agent:

20140226159 - Multi-layer optical articles: Multi-layer articles are disclosed which include, a polypropylene-based film, and a layer on at least one surface of the polypropylene-based film including an ethylene-based material containing a copolymer of ethylene and at least one alpha-olefin comomoner with a density of no greater than 0.90 g/cm3 and a polydispersity index of... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140226160 - Micro-optical element, micro-optical array, and optical sensor system: A micro-optical element includes a resonator substrate, at least one microresonator includes a rotationally symmetrical body mounted on the resonator substrate, and a light-reflecting element including a ring-shaped mirror that surrounds the rotationally symmetrical body.... Agent: Karlsruher Institut Fuer Technologie

20140226161 - Densitometer step tablet: The present invention provides a transmissive density and/or reflective density reference step tablet and methods of using thereof for calibrating a densitometer or the like.... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20140226162 - Smoke detector: A smoke detector with a transmitter (4) for a radiation that can be detected by a receiver (5), the transmitter (4) and the receiver (5) are to be assigned a monitored region (11).... Agent: Schako Klima Luft Ferdinand Schad Kg

20140226163 - Inspection apparatus with alternate side illumination: Apparatus for inspecting product pieces in a product stream comprising a system for creating a stream of product pieces for delivery in free flight at a viewing station, first light means for illuminating the viewing station from one side with light for reflection from product therein, second light means for... Agent: Buhler Sortex Ltd.

20140226164 - Low-dispersion step-phase interferometer: Optical communication systems are sensitive to chromatic dispersion. An optical interleaver structure is provided that provides a significantly reduced dispersion, obtained by using at least one of a proper coating and a desired phase offset of each interfering cavity.... Agent:

20140226165 - Height measurement by correlating intensity with position of scanning object along optical axis of a structured illumination microscope: A method for imaging an object using a microscope includes obtaining axial response data, the axial response data representative of a relationship between a separation between a top surface of the object and an objective lens of the microscope and an intensity of light reflected by the top surface of... Agent: Academia Sinica

20140226166 - Time-to-digital converter and method therefor: 3D imager including at least one pixel, each pixel including a photodetector for detecting photon incidence and a time-to-digital converter system configured for referencing the photon incidence to a reference clock, and further including a reference clock generator provided for generating the reference clock, wherein the reference clock generator is... Agent: Fastree 3d Bv

20140226167 - Method and apparatus for calibration of multiple projector systems: Disclosed is a method for improving the calibration of multiple projector systems in Spatial Augmented Reality systems where multiple projectors are used to project images directly onto objects of interest. The methods and system described herein improve the calibration of multiple projector systems in order to improve the alignment and... Agent: University Of South Australia

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