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01/22/2015 > 10 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150022790 - Continuously producing digital micro-scale patterns on a thin polymer film: A coating mechanism disposes a liquid (e.g., polymer) thin film onto a conveyor surface (e.g., roller or belt) that is moved by a suitable motor to convey the thin film into a precisely controlled gap (or nip) region where applied potentials generate an electric field that causes the liquid to... Agent:

20150022791 - Exposure apparatus and transfer characteristics measuring method: According to one embodiment, an exposure apparatus includes a light blocking unit that blocks an exposure light reflected on a reflective mask at a part other than an aperture; a detection unit that measures a light intensity of the exposure light passed through the light blocking unit; and a calculation... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150022792 - Microlithographic apparatus and method of changing an optical wavefront in such an apparatus: A microlithographic apparatus comprises an optical wavefront manipulator. The latter includes an optical element and a gas-tight cavity that is partly confined by the optical element or contains it. A gas inlet device directs a gas jet towards the optical element. The location, where the gas jet impinges on the... Agent:

20150022793 - Lithography apparatus, lithography method, lithography system, storage medium, and article manufacturing method: Provided is a lithography apparatus that includes a plurality of patterning devices each of which is configured to perform patterning for a substrate supplied from a preprocessing apparatus; and a controller configured to control the plurality of patterning devices such that a plurality of substrates respectively belonging to a plurality... Agent:

20150022794 - Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus: A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes: preparing a wafer member, the wafer member including a wafer, a conductive layer formed on a surface of the wafer and a negative photoresist formed on the conductive layer; applying a light blocking material so as to cover at least a part... Agent: Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20150022798 - Illumination system for microlithography: A raster arrangement includes first and second types of raster elements which have different bundle-influencing effects. There is a distance step between a first raster area and a second raster area. The first raster area comprises a raster element of the first raster element type. The second raster area includes... Agent:

20150022796 - Interferometer, lithography apparatus, and method of manufacturing article: An interferometer includes: an optical system configured to generate interfering light by dividing light from a light source, and combining reference light and measurement light; a detector configured to detect the interfering light generated by the optical system; and an optical member configured to give spatial coherence to the light... Agent:

20150022797 - Lithography apparatus, lithography method, and article manufacturing method: Provided is a lithography apparatus which forms a pattern on a substrate that includes a detector configured to detect a mark formed on the substrate; a controller configured to obtain a displacement amount of a position of the mark from a reference position thereof based on an output of the... Agent:

20150022795 - Power supply for a discharge produced plasma euv source: A power supply for providing HV power to a lithography illumination source comprising a HV power source arranged to provide the HV power, a HV power transmission line arranged to transmit the HV energy from the HV power source and one or more RF terminations provided on one or more... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150022799 - Microlithographic imaging optical system including multiple mirrors: An imaging optical system includes a plurality of mirrors configured to image an object field in an object plane of the imaging optical system into an image field in an image plane of the imaging optical system. An illumination system includes such an imaging optical system. The transmission losses of... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 12 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150015856 - Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method: A lithographic apparatus includes a substrate table constructed to hold a substrate, a projection system configured to project a patterned radiation beam through an opening and onto a target portion of the substrate, and a conduit having an outlet in the opening. The conduit is configured to deliver gas to... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150015858 - Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method: Liquid is supplied to a space between the projection system of a lithographic apparatus and a substrate. A flow of gas towards a vacuum inlet prevents the humid gas from escaping to other parts of the lithographic apparatus. This may help to protect intricate parts of the lithographic apparatus from... Agent: Carl Zeiss Smt Ag

20150015857 - Lithographic apparatus, drying device, metrology apparatus and device manufacturing method: An immersion lithographic apparatus is described in which a two-phase flow is separated into liquid-rich and gas-rich flows by causing the liquid-rich flow to preferentially flow along a surface.... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150015859 - Digital exposure device using digital micro-mirror device and a method for controlling the same: Provided is a digital exposure device. The digital exposure device includes a stage mounted with a substrate on which a pattern is formed, a first light source, a first head, and a digital micro-mirror device control unit. The stage is configured to move in a scan direction. The first light... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150015860 - Reticles, and methods of mitigating asymmetric lens heating in photolithography: A method of mitigating asymmetric lens heating in photolithographically patterning a photo-imageable material using a reticle includes determining where first hot spot locations are expected to occur on a lens when using a reticle to pattern a photo-imageable material. The reticle is then fabricated to include non-printing features within a... Agent:

20150015861 - Calibration method, measurement apparatus, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides a method for calibrating an encoder which includes a scale and a light receiving unit configured to receive light reflected by the scale, and detects a change in relative position between the scale and the light receiving unit, the method comprising a measurement step of measuring... Agent:

20150015865 - Illumination intensity correction device for predefining an illumination intensity over an illumination field of a lithographic projection exposure apparatus: An illumination intensity correction device serves for predefining an illumination intensity over an illumination field of a lithographic projection exposure apparatus. The correction device has a plurality of bar-shaped individual stops arranged alongside one another and having bar axes arranged parallel to one another, which are arranged in a manner... Agent:

20150015862 - Illumination optical unit for projection lithography: An illumination optical unit for projection lithography illuminates an illumination field with illumination light of a primary light source. The illumination optical unit has a raster arrangement to predefine a shape of the illumination field, a transfer optical unit for the superimposing transfer of the illumination light toward the illumination... Agent:

20150015864 - Projection exposure apparatus for microlithography for the production of semiconductor components: A projection exposure apparatus for microlithography for the production of semiconductor components includes at least one optical assembly with at least one optical element which can be actuated in a mechanically controlled manner is mounted in a structure. For carrying out the mechanical actuation, a control signal transmission device and/or... Agent:

20150015863 - Radiation source and lithographic apparatus: The present invention provides a method of monitoring the operation of a radiation source fuel droplet stream generator comprising a fuel-containing capillary and a piezo-electric actuator (500). The method comprises analysing the resonance frequency spectrum of a system comprising the fuel-containing capillary and the piezo-electric actuator in particular to look... Agent: Asml Netherland B.v.

20150015866 - Radiating device and media exposure device: This invention relates to a media exposing device for exposing media. The media exposure device includes a holding structure; a substrate having a plurality of diodes mounted thereon; and a radiation modification element for modifying the radiation emitted by the diodes. The substrate and the radiation modification element are secured... Agent:

20150015867 - Method and apparatus for forming pattern: There is provided a pattern forming apparatus which transfers a paste to a predetermined position of a pattern forming object fixed to a table through a pattern forming mask having opening portions at predetermined positions using a discharge mechanism part. To realize a pattern forming which allows the stable forming... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 6 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150009478 - Exposure head and exposure device: An exposure head according to the invention includes: a transparent substrate; a plurality of exposure light sources which is formed in the transparent substrate and emits exposure light; at least one condensing lens which condenses the exposure light from the exposure light sources on the exposure object; an imaging unit... Agent:

20150009479 - Lithographic apparatus: A lithographic apparatus includes a first table to support a substrate; a second table, not being configured to support a substrate, including a sensor unit to sense a property of a patterned beam of radiation from a projection system, the second table to move under the projection system when the... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150009482 - Extreme ultraviolet lithography mask: An EUV mask includes a low thermal expansion material (LTEM) substrate, a reflective multilayer (ML) above one surface of the LTEM substrate, and a conductive layer above an opposite surface of the LTEM substrate. A capping layer is provided above the reflective ML, a buffer layer is provided above the... Agent:

20150009481 - Lithography apparatus and system, a method of calibrating a lithography apparatus, and device manufacturing methods: There is disclosed a lithography or exposure apparatus and system, a method of calibrating a lithography or exposure apparatus, and a device manufacturing method. In an embodiment, there is provided an exposure system including a first exposure apparatus and a second exposure apparatus, wherein a data processing device of each... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v

20150009480 - Reflective optical element for grazing incidence in the euv wavelength range: An optical element comprises a reflecting coating on a substrate. The reflecting coating contains boron and can have a thickness of more than 50 nm.... Agent:

20150009483 - Mask clamping apparatus and method of manufacturing mask: A manufacturing method of a mask includes aligning a mask sheet including an effective area and a non-effective area, on a mask frame; applying a pressure to the non-effective area of the mask sheet in a direction opposite to a sagging direction of the non-effective area, to prevent sagging of... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

01/01/2015 > 4 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150002831 - Movable body drive method, movable body drive system, pattern formation method, pattern forming apparatus, exposure method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method: An immersion exposure apparatus exposes a substrate with light via a projection system and liquid, and includes a first stage system having a first movable body to hold a mask, a first detection system that detects a mark of the mask or of the first movable body, a first encoder... Agent:

20150002830 - Radiation source and lithographic apparatus: Methods and apparatus are provided for promoting the coalescence of fuel droplets in a stream generated by a radiation source droplet stream generator for use in lithographic apparatus. Various examples are described in which a modulating voltage source is applied to the emitter so that the electrical characteristics of the... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150002832 - Lithographic apparatus comprising a support for holding an object, and a support for use therein: A lithographic apparatus has a support that is provided with burls for holding an object. The support has been fabricated with a lithographic manufacturing method, e.g., a MEMS-technology, so as to create burls whose orientations or positions are individually electrically controllable.... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150002833 - Movable body drive method, movable body drive system, pattern formation method, pattern forming apparatus, exposure method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method: An exposure apparatus exposes a substrate with illumination light via a projection optical system, and includes a frame member, a mark detection system that detects a mark of the substrate, a mask stage system having a first movable body to hold a mask, a first encoder system having first heads... Agent:

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