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Optics: eye examining, vision testing and correcting

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05/14/2015 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150131046 - Process of manufacturing of coated spectacle frames, and coated spectacle frames so obtained: P

20150131047 - Eyewear with laminated functional layers: Embodiments disclosed herein include eyewear that has one or more laminates applied to a lens body. In some embodiments, the lens body is constructed from a substantially rigid material having a curved shape. The lens body can have any desired curvature, including, for example, cylindrical, spherical or toroidal. A laminate... Agent:

20150131048 - Eyeglasses comprising electrical and/or electronic elements: Eyeglasses including a front frame to which two side arms are connected, and having electric and/or electronic elements connected to each other by an electric circuit, wherein the electric circuit is composed at least partially of at least one flexible printed circuit, which is housed into a seat formed at... Agent:

20150131049 - Expandable eyewear with flexible band: The present eyewear includes a pair of lenses, a pair of releasable connectors connected to respective inner ends of the lenses, temples pivotally connected to respective outer ends of the lenses and a rigid strap connected between the rear ends of the temples. The strap is further characterized as having... Agent: Clic Goggles, Inc.

20150131052 - Adaptive optics system and control method of the same, testing apparatus and control method of the same, information processing apparatus and control method of the same, and computer-readable storage medium: An adaptive optics system includes an irradiation unit adapted to irradiate an object with measurement light via a spatial light modulator; a detection unit adapted to detect a wavefront of return light from the object by a microlens array in which a plurality of microlenses are arranged; an acquisition unit... Agent:

20150131051 - Eye detecting device and methods of detecting pupil: An eye detecting device includes an optical assembly, an image sensor and an arithmetic unit. The optical assembly provides a plurality of incident lights. The incident lights enter into eyes to form a plurality of glints. At least part of glints is near a pupil of the eye. The image... Agent:

20150131053 - Model eye producing a speckle pattern having a reduced bright-to-dark ratio for use with optical measurement system for cataract diagnostics: A system includes a model eye and an optical measurement instrument, which includes: a corneal topography subsystem; a wavefront sensor subsystem; and an eye structure imaging subsystem. The subsystems may have a common fixation axis, and be operatively coupled to each other via a controller. The optical measurement instrument may... Agent:

20150131050 - Systems and methods for broad line fundus imaging: Systems and methods for Broad Line Fundus Imaging (BLFI), an imaging approach that is a hybrid between confocal and widefield imaging systems, are presented. These systems and methods are focused on improving the quality and signal of broad line fundus images or imaging methods to create high contrast and high... Agent:

20150131054 - Process and apparatus for determining optical aberrations of an eye: A process and an apparatus are proposed for determining optical aberrations of an eye with its optical system including the cornea and the lens. The process includes the reconstructing of wavefront aberrations of the eye as a deviation of the wavefront, determined by the optical system of the eye with... Agent: Wavelight Gmbh

20150131055 - Systems and methods for mapping the ocular surface: Examples of methods and apparatus for an accurate measurement of the anterior surface of the eye including the corneal and scleral regions are disclosed. The measurements provide a three-dimensional map of the surface which can be used for a variety of ophthalmic and optometric applications from astigmatism and keratoconus diagnostics... Agent:

20150131056 - Method for providing a personalized spectacle lens optical system for a wearer: A method for providing a personalized optical system for a wearer wherein the optical system characterizes a spectacle ophthalmic lens comprising the following steps: a) providing a visual performance level (VPL) value of at least one eye of the wearer; b) providing a set of rules linking at least the... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optiqu E)

05/07/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150124211 - Apparatus for removably attaching outer lenses to goggles: An apparatus and method for removably attaching a lens to a pair of goggles. The lens has at its periphery a plurality of lens clips, and the goggles has on its frame a matching plurality of frame clips which are designed to attach to the lens clips. Attachment and unattachment... Agent:

20150124212 - Contact lens and method for prevention of myopia progression: A method of slowing the progression of myopia in a person, comprises applying to the eye of the person a contact lens or lenses to mould the surface of the cornea. On removal of the lens, the shape of the corneal surface includes a vision correction area for correcting the... Agent:

20150124213 - Design of myopia control ophthalmic lenses: Lenses are designed using wavefront measurements amenable to correction factors for near and far vision as well as pupil size to slow or stop myopia progression.... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20150124214 - Ophthalmic lens supply system and related methods: A system for the supply of ophthalmic lenses and related methods for providing ophthalmic lenses for enhanced experience based on right-handedness and left-handedness.... Agent:

20150124216 - Automated assessment of glaucoma loss from optical coherence tomography: Systems and methods for assessing glaucoma loss using optical coherence topography. One method according to an aspect comprises receiving optical coherence image data and assessing functional glaucoma damage from retinal optical coherence image data. In an aspect, the systems and methods can map regions and layers of the eye to... Agent:

20150124215 - Eye tracking apparatus and image capture module thereof: An eye tracking apparatus and an image capture module thereof for capturing an iris image are provided. The image capture module includes a carrier, a light source and an image sensing unit. The light source and the image sensing unit are both disposed on the carrier and fastened ahead of... Agent:

20150124218 - Image processing apparatus, ophthalmologic imaging apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium: An image processing apparatus includes an identification unit configured to identify periodicity of a fundus image obtained by capturing an image of a fundus of an eye, and an information acquisition unit configured to acquire information indicating an imaging state of photoreceptor cells in the fundus image based on the... Agent:

20150124217 - Ophthalmic device: There is provided an ophthalmic device that includes a plurality of light sources including at least a light source for obtaining a return light of which aberration has been corrected with a correction unit from an eye under examination; and a control unit configured to control measurement lights from the... Agent:

20150124219 - Ultra wide-field optical coherence tomography: Systems and methods for expanding the field-of-view of ophthalmic scanning devices are presented. An ophthalmic scanning device is designed such that the pivot point of the scanning optics is maintained at a fixed location in the pupil while the scanning optics are rotated about the eye to obtain imaging data... Agent:

20150124220 - Systems and methods for evaluating human eye tracking: Systems and methods are disclosed for evaluating human eye tracking. One method includes receiving data representing the location of and/or information tracked by an individual's eye or eyes before, during, or after the individual performs a task; identifying a temporal phase or a biomechanical phase of the task performed by... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150116650 - Smart polarizing glasses: A smart polarizing glasses includes two legs, a fixed lens, a movable lens, and a control assembly. The fixed lens is fixed between the two legs. The movable lens is rotatably mounted between the two legs. The control assembly is detachably mounted on one leg. According to ambient light intensity,... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150116651 - Modular interchangeable facades for eyewear: A modular facade and eyewear includes: a) a central frame with two eyeglass supporting members, lens and a bridge member; b) lenses, c) at least two temple members, hingedly and connected to the frame; d) a lens-free facade member removably attached to the central frame. A stand-alone facade for eyewear... Agent:

20150116652 - Portable and adjustable fan for eyewear: The present invention prevents fogging of eye glasses by circulating air behind the lenses of the glasses, thereby removing the humidity that builds up between the eyes and the glasses. This invention is a device that incorporates an attachment clip to be attached to a hat or other head or... Agent:

20150116653 - Method of manufacturing an element forming an eyeglass frame, and element obtained by said method: This method of manufacturing an element forming part of an eyeglass frame includes the steps of: manufacturing by molding by injection of plastic material two layers of the element to be manufactured of the eyeglass frame; overmolding by means of these two layers a central core, to obtain an eyeglass... Agent:

20150116654 - Spectacles article with detachable personal accessories: A spectacles article includes a pair of lenses, and a spectacles frame, which includes a lens frame, a first extension arm, a second extension arm and a personal accessory. The personal accessory is detachably attached on the spectacles frame to allow the spectacles frame to operate between a spectacles mode... Agent: Eyezoom Optics Inc.

20150116655 - Wearable high resolution audio visual interface: An adjustable visual optical element is provided, which may be supported, for example, by an eyeglass. The optical element is preferably adjustable in each of the X, Y, and Z axes to allow the wearer to optimize projection of the optical element. A view axis of the display is preferably... Agent:

20150116656 - Deformable membrane assemblies: A deformable membrane assembly 1 comprising a fixed support; a fluid-filled envelope, one wall of which is formed by an elastic membrane 8 that is held under tension around its edge by a flexible membrane supporting member 2, 10, the membrane supporting member being coupled to the fixed support at... Agent: Adlens Ltd.

20150116657 - Prescription-dependent and individualization-dependent modification of the temporal peripheral nominal astigmatism and adaptation of the object distance function to changed object distances for near and far vision: Method for optimization of a progressive spectacle lens, which method comprises: defining a starting nominal astigmatism distribution for the spectacle lens; determining a transformed nominal astigmatism distribution and optimizing the spectacle lens on the basis of the transformed nominal astigmatism distribution, wherein the determination of a transformed nominal astigmatism distribution... Agent:

20150116658 - Method and apparatus for making polarized sunglasses: In the manufacture of gradient polarized sunglasses an optical retarder is used in front of a portion of a polarized lens to destroy the linear polarization of incoming light to render that portion of the sunglass lens non-polarized, thus to permit viewing of polarized displays through that non-polarized portion of... Agent:

20150116659 - Fundus observation apparatus: The controller 210 changes the projection region of the Landolt ring T on the fundus Ef by changing, based on the scanning region R, the relative display position of the Landolt ring T and the fixation target V on the LCD 39, thereby overlapping the scanning region R and the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20150116660 - Fundus observation apparatus and fundus image analyzing apparatus: In a fundus observation apparatus, an optical system detects interference light generated by superposing signal light having traveled by way of an eye fundus and reference light having traveled by way of a reference optical path. An image forming part forms a cross sectional image based on detection results of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20150116662 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program: In pattern matching for detecting a positional difference between tomographic images of an eye to be examined, a target within the eye to be examined which causes a reduction in the similarity even though there is no positional difference, is selectively excluded.... Agent:

20150116661 - Imaging technique for optical coherence tomography: A technique for optical coherence tomography is provided. As to a device aspect of the technique, an imaging device comprises a base defining a rotation axis, a scanning and focusing assembly mounted to the base for rotation about the rotation axis, and a drive unit for rotationally driving the scanning... Agent: Wavelight Gmbh

20150116663 - Ophthalmologic apparatus: An ophthalmologic apparatus includes an analyzing unit that analyzes a tomographic image, a comparison target selecting unit that selects a statistical information in the closest age-group if an age calculated from a birth date input to a patient information input unit is outside a range of the age-groups of the... Agent:

20150116664 - Ophthalmological apparatus, comparison method, and non-transitory storage medium: An ophthalmological apparatus includes a measurement unit configured to analyze a tomographic image and measure a layer thickness of a predetermined tissue of an eye being examined, a position identifying unit configured to identify positions of a plurality of parts of the eye being examined, a storage unit configured to... Agent:

20150116665 - Apparatus and method for determining physiologic perturbations of a patient: The present disclosure is related to a method and apparatus for determining a physiologic perturbation of a patient including acquiring a video sequence, including a plurality of video frames, of an eye of a patient, selecting at least one parameter of a plurality of parameters including a baseline pupil size,... Agent: Children's National Medical Center

20150116666 - Binocular visual simulator: Disclosed is a binocular visual simulator for correcting eyeball aberration by using adaptive optics to form a chart image on both eyes. The binocular visual simulator includes; a chart-projecting unit for producing a chart light; an adaptive optics element for changing the chart light in accordance with wavefront aberration measured... Agent:

20150116667 - Apparatus and methods for testing visual function and functional vision at varying luminance levels: A test of visual function and/or functional vision may be performed at varying luminance levels. A first course may be selected for a subject. A given course may comprise a layout having a beginning point, at least one turn, at least one obstacle, and an ending point. The first course... Agent:

04/25/2015 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.
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