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Optics: eye examining, vision testing and correcting

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11/13/2014 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140333886 - Suspendable and rotatingly foldable eyeglass frame: An eyeglass frame which can be suspended on a neck and rotatingly folded includes a rim structure, two temples and two connection units. The rim structure are respectively connected by the two connection units to the two temples. A teeth structure is integrally formed perpendicularly on each of the abovementioned... Agent: Action Eyewear Corp.

20140333888 - Eyeglass frame assembly: An eyeglass frame assembly includes temple mounting portions and temple units. Each temple mounting portion has front and rear faces and an engagement hole. Each temple unit includes a temple arm and a pivot member. The temple arm has a connection portion that is inserted into the engagement hole and... Agent: Yih Tah Optics Co., Ltd.

20140333887 - Spectacles: A pair of rimless spectacles includes two lenses, a frame including two temple units and a bridge, and a connection mechanism. The connection mechanism includes a plurality of first connectors spacedly provided at the lenses at a predetermined location and a plurality of second connectors provided at a predetermined location... Agent:

20140333889 - Eyeglasses structure: An eyeglasses is provided, in which two location holes are respectively provided symmetrically to the center of the frame thereof, and a pivot connecting slot is provided at the middle portion of the frame. Location through-holes corresponding to the location holes of the frame are provided respectively on lenses. A... Agent: Tsair Yuarn Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140333890 - Electrical connection structure between spectacles legs and lenses of electronic glasses: The invention discloses an electrical connection structure between spectacles legs and lenses of electronic glasses, comprising spectacles legs, connecting components arranged on the lenses for connecting the spectacles legs, and electrical connecting components for realizing electrical connection between the spectacles legs and the connecting components, wherein said lenses are connected... Agent:

20140333891 - 3d prescription spectacle lens and method of manufacture: 3D spectacles for prescription wearers include a dished lens blank to which is applied a dished 3D laminate blank of substantially the same shape. The composite is machined on edge and face to form a non-plan 3D spectacle lens. In order to prevent delamination during edge machining, the 3D laminate... Agent:

20140333892 - Ophthalmic device with thin film anocrystal integrated circuits on ophthalmic devices: This invention discloses methods and apparatus to form Thin Film Nanocrystal Integrated Circuit transistors upon Three-dimensionally Formed Insert Pieces. In some embodiments, the present invention includes incorporating the Three-dimensional Surfaces with Thin Film Nanocrystal Integrated Circuit based thin film transistors, electrical interconnects, and energization elements into an Insert Piece for... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140333893 - Low hydrous soft ophthalmic lens and method for manufacturing the same: Provided are a low hydrous soft ophthalmic lens that can remarkably reduce or avoid a phenomenon in which a lens sticks to a cornea when worn and can reduce a decrease in the performance of a coating layer when rubbing the low hydrous soft ophthalmic lens for cleaning and a... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20140333894 - Induced high order aberrations corresponding to geometrical transformations: Wavefront measurements of eyes are typically taken when the pupil is in a first configuration in an evaluation context. The results can be represented by a set of basis function coefficients. Prescriptive treatments are often applied in a treatment context, which is different from the evaluation context. Hence, the patient... Agent:

20140333895 - Ocular axial length measurement apparatus: An ocular axial length measurement apparatus is provided with: a measurement section for obtaining the ocular axial length of an examinee's eye by using an optical interferometer; a drive mechanism for adjusting the relative positions of the measurement section and the examinee's eye; an operation section operated by an examiner;... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20140333896 - Ophthalmic apparatus, analysis program, optic media opacity acquiring method, and fluorescence intensity acquiring method: An ophthalmic apparatus includes: a light projecting optical system to project light to each point on a fundus of an examinee's eye; a light receiving optical system including a light receiving element to receive light from the fundus emitted from each point on the fundus resulting from the light projected... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20140333897 - Universal objective refraction:

20140333898 - System and method for assessing retinal functionality: A system and method for assessing the functionality of a visual system, especially b generate a coded pattern which is illuminated by the light source. Optics project an image of the coded pattern onto the retina of the eye. The sensor detects electrical signals based on the response of the... Agent: Annidis Corporation

11/06/2014 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140327869 - Polymerizable composition, optical article obtained therefrom and method for the production of said optical article: The present invention relates to a polymerizable composition comprising polyisocyanate(s) (A), polythiol(s) (B), thiol(s) (C) and catalyst(s) (D). The polyisocyanate(s) (A) is at least one bifunctional or higher functional alicyclic polyisocyanate; the polythiol(s) (B) is at least one compound selected from polythiols represented by the following general formula (B1); the... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

20140327870 - Lens structure and dual-purpose eyeglasses with sunglasses and 3d glasses functions: A lens structure including a quarter wave plate layer and a linear polarizing plate layer is provided. When the linear polarizing plate layer is located at an outer side of the lens away from a viewer's eye, the polarizing axis of the linear polarizing plate layer is in a vertical... Agent: Shenzhen Time Waying Technology Co., Ltd.

20140327871 - Eyeglasses, eyecups, and methods of use and doing business: Described herein are various embodiments of eyewear provided for advantageous use in sports, work, and casual activity. According to one embodiment, methods of retailing eyecup assemblies include a replenishment program for transmitting replacement eyecup assemblies to a purchaser at a regular interval. According to another embodiment, a method of retailing... Agent:

20140327872 - Eyeglasses with replaceable lenses: A pair of eyeglasses includes a front having two semi-rims and two temples are pivotably connected to outsides of the two semi-rims. Each semi-rim has a groove defined in the inside thereof and a slot is defined in an outside thereof. Two lenses each have a protrusion protruding from the... Agent: China-star Worldwide Corp.

20140327874 - Eyeglasses temple and molding unit for making the same: A temple includes a connection portion, a first member, a body portion and a second member. The two respective diameters of the first 12 and the second member are larger than the diameter of the body portion. Multiple through holes are defined through the body portion. A metal rod is... Agent: Prohero Group Co., Ltd.

20140327873 - Temple and molding unit for making the temple: A temple includes a groove defined in at least one side of a metal rod of the temple. The melted material flows from the first and fourth recesses of the first and second molds to the third and sixth recesses of the first and second molds via the groove. The... Agent: Prohero Group Co., Ltd.

20140327875 - Advanced electro-active optic device: Ophthalmic lenses are described including an ophthalmic base, and a plurality of electro-active elements, such as dynamic micro-lenses or micro-prismatic apertures. Each electro-active element may be configured to dynamically change optical power. The ophthalmic lens may be configured such that an optical power of the ophthalmic lens focuses mostly one... Agent:

20140327876 - Optical element having a coating of high diffusivity: An optical element has a substrate body made from transparent plastic and a coating having multiple layers. The coating includes a hard lacquer layer adjoining the substrate. The coating has a diffusivity ensuring the absorption of water molecules passing through the coating in the substrate and the release of water... Agent: Carl Zeiss Vision International Gmbh

20140327878 - Control apparatus, control method and program: In an eye fundus surface expansion observation screen, a surface moving image that is a moving image showing the surface of a predetermined region in a subject's eye is enlarged and displayed. In an eye fundus tomography expansion confirmation screen, a tomographic image showing the tomography of the subject's eye,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140327877 - Imaging of the eye: A method of determining a geometrical measurement of a retina of an eye, comprising obtaining a two dimensional representation of at least a portion of the retina of the eye (34), deriving a geometrical remapping which converts the two dimensional representation of the retinal portion to a three dimensional representation... Agent: Optos PLC

20140327879 - Handheld telephony device for field sobriety testing: Various embodiments of a device for performing a gaze field sobriety test are disclosed. The device includes a housing. A light source is affixed in or on the housing. The light source generates light during at least a portion of the gaze field sobriety test. A speaker positioned in or... Agent:

20140327880 - Quantitative, non-invasive, clinical diagnosis of traumatic brain injury using vog device for neurologic optokinetic testing: A portable VOG device is disclosed that will facilitate the effective and efficient screening for TBI in military personnel in forward deployed military settings or remote locations using minimally trained staff. This includes the establishment of a protocol including optokinetic testing that will provide cost effective pre-screening of military personnel... Agent:

20140327881 - Method and apparatus for corrective secondary saccades analysis with video oculography system: A video oculography system for calculation and display of Corrective Secondary Saccades Analysis is disclosed. A method for Objective Diagnostics of at least one of traumatic brain injury, Internuclear Opthalmopligia, Ocular Lateral Pulsion, Progressive Supernuclear Palsy And Glissades comprises the steps of using a VOG system to calculate corrective saccades.... Agent:

20140327883 - Device for determining at least one sight parameter of a subject in a plurality of viewing directions: Device for determining at least one sight parameter of a subject, includes stimulation elements for stimulating the sight of the subject in a predetermined viewing direction, elements for ophthalmological measurement of at least one sight parameter of a subject, the elements for ophthalmological measurement having at most one optical measurement... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

20140327882 - Ophthalmoscopes: A scanning laser ophthalmoscope for scanning the retina of an eye is provided comprising a light source emitting a beam of light, scan relay elements, wherein the light source and the scan relay elements provide a two-dimensional scan of the light beam which is transferred from an apparent point source... Agent: Optos PLC

20140327884 - Method for automatic optimization of the calculation of an intraocular lens to be implanted: A method for calculating the values of an intraocular lens to be implanted, wherein the results of numerous cataract operations are taken into account in the calculation for intraocular lenses to be implanted in the future. At least the corneal topography, the length of the eye and the depth of... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

10/30/2014 > 25 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140320796 - Accessory for eyeglasses: Disclosed is an accessory for eyeglasses. This accessory for eyeglasses may be used for numerous purposes including, but not limited to, prominently displaying branding indicia, advertising indicia, or any combination thereof. In certain aspects, the accessory for eyeglasses may include a clip configured to secure around an earpiece of a... Agent: Brodco Concepts, Inc.

20140320797 - Eyeglasses with replaceable lenses: A pair of eyeglasses includes a front having two rims and each rim has a hole. An opening is defined in outside of each rim and includes two ends which have a first connection hole and a second connection hole respectively. Two lenses are engaged with the holes of the... Agent: China-star Worldwide Corp.

20140320798 - Glasses clip: An eyeglasses clip includes a first receiving end and a second stabilizing end. The first receiving end can attach to an external anchoring point and receive at least one temple arm of a pair of eyeglasses. The second stabilizing end can be distinct from the first receiving end and can... Agent: Jodeeco, LLC

20140320799 - Blink detection system for electronic ophthalmic lens: An ophthalmic lens assembly comprising an electronic system with a controller configured to implement a blink detection algorithm is described herein. The electronic system can also include one or more power sources, circuitry, one or more sensors, clock generation circuitry, control algorithms, and lens driver circuitry. The algorithm can be... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc

20140320800 - Design of myopia control ophthalmic lenses: Lenses are designed using the corneal topography or wavefront measurements of the eye derived by subtracting the optical power of the eye after orthokeratology treatment from the optical power before orthokeratology treatment.... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140320801 - Dynamic stabilization zones for contact lenses: A contact lens incorporating one or more dynamic stabilization zones fabricated from a material that is readily deformable under eyelid pressure during blinking allows for the control over rotation of the contact lens on the eye. As the material deforms, the angle of contact between the eyelid and the one... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140320802 - Method for providing an optical system of an ophthalmic spectacle lens and method for manufacturing an ophthalmic spectacle lens: wherein the semi-finished lens blank (SB) comprises: a first surface (SB1) having in each point a mean sphere value (SPHmean) and a cylinder value (CYL), a second unfinished surface, the first surface (SB1) comprising: a plurality of primary areas (Ai); border areas (Bi); and a secondary area.... Agent:

20140320803 - Method for providing an optical system of an ophthalmic spectacle lens and method for manufacturing an ophthalmic spectacle lens: Method for providing an optical system (OS) of an ophthalmic spectacle lens according to wearer's prescription data and wearer's optical needs with the provision that a wearer's optical need is not related to prescription data, where said optical system (OS) is defined by at least a front and a back... Agent:

20140320804 - Colored contact lens: A contact lens, comprising a preprint of a first shade and a main print of a second shade, wherein the preprint consisting of a first band of gradient dot matrix, wherein the main print consisting of a second band of evenly spaced circular voids, wherein the second band surrounds the... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140320806 - Method of determining the configuration of an ophthalmic filter: configuring a first selective interferential filtering element and a first zone of a surface of the optical substrate based on the first selected range of angles of incidence and wavelengths such that the first selective interferential filtering elements inhibit, at a first rate of rejection, transmission of the first selected... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generalre D'opti- Que)

20140320805 - Method, ophthalmic measuring system and computer-readable storage medium for selecting an intraocular lens: A method of determining at least one selection parameter for selecting an intraocular lens to be inserted into an eye; the method comprises reading, by a data processing system, data indicative of an axial position of at least a portion of an anterior surface of an at least partially empty... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20140320815 - Method and analysis system for eye examinations: An ophthalmological analysis system for examining an eye, in particular in the region of a front eye section of an eye includes first and second analysis systems obtaining sectional images of the eye. The first analysis system includes a projection device and a monitoring device arranged relative to each other... Agent: Oculus Optikgeraete Gmbh

20140320808 - Method and apparatus for system synchronization in video oculography based neuro-otologic testing and evaluation: A video oculography based neuro-otologic testing and evaluation apparatus and associated method comprises the steps of: Obtaining images of the subject's eyes with a digital camera; Selectively displaying visual stimulus to the subject on a display; Generating each visual stimulus to be displayed from a controller; Receiving and storing data... Agent: Neuro Kinetics, Inc.

20140320807 - Method, system and device for providing customized point of care testing: A method, system and device for providing Point of Care Testing (POCT) are disclosed. The POCT comprises of a device that enables the patient to self conduct plurality of diagnostic tests for a chronic disease such as diabetes mellitus. The method is modular and enables the user to select set... Agent: Hcl Technologies Ltd.

20140320809 - Ophthalmologic apparatus: An ophthalmologic apparatus of an embodiment includes an examination part, a moving mechanism, an information obtaining part, and a controller. The examination part is configured to include an optical system for optically examining an eye. The moving mechanism is configured to move the optical system. The information obtaining part is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20140320810 - Ophthalmologic apparatus: An ophthalmologic apparatus of an embodiment includes an acquiring part, a first optical system, a forming part and a controller. The acquiring part acquires a first front image of an eye fundus. The first optical system scans the fundus by signal light and detects interference light of returned light of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20140320811 - Optical apparatus and operating method thereof: An optical apparatus applied to ophthalmology detection is disclosed. The optical apparatus includes an image capturing unit, a data comparing unit, a detection unit, a location determining unit, and a data output unit. The image capturing unit captures images of different portions of a face of a person to be... Agent: Crystalvue Medical Corporation

20140320812 - Optical tomographic imaging apparatus: An optical tomographic imaging apparatus includes a first lens, a second lens and a scanning unit on an optical path of measurement light that irradiates an object to be examined. The second lens has a focal length longer than a focal length of the first lens. A portion of the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140320813 - Optical tomographic imaging apparatus: An optical tomographic imaging apparatus includes a first lens, an optical path branching unit, a second lens and a scanning unit disposed on an optical path of measurement light with which an object to be examined is irradiated. The second lens and the scanning unit are disposed in such a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140320814 - Optical tomographic imaging apparatus: An optical tomographic imaging apparatus includes a first lens having a first focal length, a second lens having a second focal length longer that the first focal length, a scanning unit disposed at a focal position of the second lens, and an optical path branching unit disposed between the first... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140320816 - Snapshot spectral domain optical coherence tomographer: Provided is a snapshot spectral domain optical coherence tomographer comprising: a light source providing a plurality of beamlets; a beam splitter, splitting the plurality of beamlets into a reference arm and a sample arm; a first optical system that projects the sample arm onto multiple locations of a sample; a... Agent: Idx, LLC

20140320817 - Method and apparatus for validating testing procedures in objective ophthalmic eye testing for eye evaluation applications requiring subject compliance with eye fixation to a visual target: A method and associated apparatus for validating testing procedure in objective ophthalmic eye testing is implemented for eye evaluation applications requiring subject compliance with eye fixation to a visual target. The method comprises the steps of: supplying a predetermined visual fixation target to the subject in a predetermined location with... Agent:

20140320818 - System and method for tracking motion: Detecting position information related to a face, and more particularly to an eyeball in a face, using a detection and ranging system, such as a Radio Detection And Ranging (“RADAR”) system, or a Light Detection And Ranging (“LIDAR”) system. The position information may include a location of the eyeball, translational... Agent: Digital Signal Corporation

20140320820 - Method and device for monitoring retinopathy: There is provided a method of monitoring retinopathy in a subject. The method involves measuring autofluorescence of a retina in response to high intensity blue light and infra-red reflectance of the anterior region of an eye in response to high intensity infra-red light of the subject over a total time... Agent: Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd

20140320819 - Systems and methods for delivering light in eye treatments: A system for applying a treatment to an eye includes a housing having a first end and a second end, a contact element having an open end and a closed end, and a light source disposed within the housing and configured to direct light toward the open end. The contact... Agent: Avedro, Inc

10/23/2014 > 18 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140313471 - Magnetic applique eyewear: A pair of glasses having one or more double sided appliques sporting decorative embellishments. The appliques are formed from plastic material having the aforementioned decorations thereon. Magnetic material is adhesively applied to the non-decorative side of the appliques thereby facilitating attachment of the aforementioned to the frames and or rims... Agent:

20140313472 - Assembly structure for lenses of eyeglasses: An assembly structure for lenses of eyeglasses is provided, in which the frame thereof mainly has two inlay grooves respectively provided at the inner edges of lens mounting apertures. The frame also has recessed portions provided at both outer ends of the lens mounting apertures for fitting snugly with positioning... Agent: Sun Sight Glasses Co., Ltd.

20140313473 - Electronic frames comprising electrical conductors: In some embodiments, a first device may be provided. The first device may comprise a lens housing adapted to support a first lens and a second lens, a first temple movably coupled to the lens housing, a second temple movably coupled to the lens housing, an electronics module disposed at... Agent:

20140313474 - Eyeglasses: Eyeglasses, in particular for reading, include integrated lighting means and corresponding means for activation and de-activation of the lighting means, which include a tilt sensor provided for fading automatically an intensity of light emitted by the lighting means when the eyeglasses are moved angularly upwards with respect to a reference... Agent:

20140313475 - Active system of vision and associated method for improving visual comfort to a wearer: Ophthalmic lens comprising: a primary zone on a first face; a secondary zone on the first face between said primary zone and the peripheral edge of the lens; first and second regions forming a partition of the secondary zone, which are contiguous and alternate with a pitch. A spectacle eyeglass... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

20140313476 - Method of compiling shape data of a spectacle lens, spectacle lens shape data compiling device and spectacle lens: A spectacle lens capable of obtaining a good vision without feeling of discomfort, even being fitted into a frame having a large front angle, and a method of creating the shape data of the spectacle lens having dioptric power to be fitted into a frame having a lens front angle.... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20140313477 - Angular multiplexed optical coherence tomography systems and methods: Angle multiplexed optical coherence tomography systems and methods can be used to evaluate ocular tissue and other anatomical structures or features of a patient.... Agent:

20140313482 - Assessment of microvascular circulation: Methods and compositions are disclosed to quantitatively measure in vivo blood vessel diameter, blood velocity, and other flow dynamics. Such methods and compositions can optimize therapeutic interventions designed to prevent or reduce the risk of cardiovascular and blood disorders. In one aspect, the methods and apparatus involve calculating blood vessel... Agent:

20140313479 - Fundus imaging apparatus and imaging method: Provided is an imaging method for correcting aberration generated when imaging an object to be inspected. The imaging method includes: irradiating an imaging area with a first light beam which is scanned by a scan unit and taking an image of the object to be inspected based on return light... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140313481 - Ophthalmic apparatus: An ophthalmic apparatus for guiding positioning an intraocular lens for astigmatism correction, includes: an obtaining unit for obtaining an anterior segment image of a patient's eye and an astigmatic axis of a patient's cornea; a feature point designating unit for defining a feature point of an iris or a sclera... Agent:

20140313480 - Ophthalmic device, and control method and program therefor: An ophthalmic device includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire a transillumination image of a pupil of a subject eye, and a determining unit configured to determine whether or not the subject eye includes an intraocular lens, based on the acquired transillumination image.... Agent:

20140313478 - Ophthalmologic imaging apparatus, method of controlling the same, and program: There is provided an inexpensive ophthalmologic imaging apparatus having favorable operability in anterior ocular segment imaging and fundus imaging. In an ophthalmologic imaging apparatus which includes a focus lens located in an optical system, a focus lens drive unit configured to drive the focus lens, and a focusing operation unit... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140313483 - Optical system and measurement method thereof: An optical system for measuring an observed object includes an illuminant component, an imaging component, and an optical component. The illuminant component generates a measuring light. The optical component including a mirror and a beam splitter is located between the illuminant component and the imaging component. The mirror is located... Agent:

20140313486 - Functional vision tester: A vision testing device includes a hood having an interior space defining a first side and a second side. A first electronic device is operable to project a first image to the first side and a second electronic device is operable to project a second image to the second side.... Agent:

20140313485 - Ophthalmic device, control method, and non-transitory computer readable medium: Provisioned is a selecting unit configured to select a bright spot image corresponding to a reflected light beam reflected by the cornea of the subject eye from among a plurality of bright spot images on the basis of a positional relationship between a first bright spot image formed from a... Agent:

20140313484 - Wavefront generation for ophthalmic applications: Embodiments of this invention relate to the generation of wavefronts for measurements, diagnostics, and treatment planning for ophthalmic applications. In some embodiments, a wavefront generator generates light having a uniform wavefront, which is focusable on the retina of an emmetropic eye by the normal function of the emmetropic eye. In... Agent:

20140313487 - Wavefront sensor: The present invention relates to a wavefront sensor using a pair of screens, each having a two-dimensional array of circular apertures, to achieve Moiré effects, and its use to measure the slope of a wavefront.... Agent: Wavetec Vision Systems, Inc.

20140313488 - Method of measuring and analyzing ocular response in a subject using stable pupillary parameters with video oculography system: A method of measuring and analyzing an ocular response in a subject comprising the steps of: Providing a video oculography based system for the subject with the system configured to collect eye images in excess of 60 hz and configured to resolve eye movements smaller than at least 3 degrees... Agent:

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