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Optics: eye examining, vision testing and correcting

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04/10/2014 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140098337 - Eyeglasses: A pair of eyeglasses includes a frame, two lenses, two temples, two push devices and two fixing elements. The frame has two lens-holding portions, to which the lens are respectively disposed. The temples are respectively connected with two sides of the frame. Each of the push devices is connected to... Agent:

20140098338 - Contact lens and manufacturing method thereof: Provided is a contact lens having a novel structure with a high level of practicality which is easy to manufacture and apply to users, and can improve quality of vision (QOV). In an optical part of a contact lens, a spherical aberration of a size corresponding to a coma aberration... Agent: Menicon Co., Ltd.

20140098339 - Pupil-only photochromic contact lenses displaying desirable optics and comfort: A method for making a hydrogel, photochromic contact lens including supplying a first lens composition comprising a contact lens monomer and a photochromic material to a front contact lens mold and supplying a second lens composition to said contact lens mold wherein the viscosity of said first composition is at... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140098340 - Stabilization of contact lenses: Contact lens designs are provided with improved stabilization wherein the moments of momentum are balanced.... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140098341 - Method for calculating and optimizing an eyeglass lens taking into consideration higher-order imaging errors: n

20140098344 - Diagnostic, prescriptive, and data-gathering system and method for macular pigment deficits and other eye disorders: A macular health measurement and storage system comprises a plurality of macular-pigment measurement machine for measuring macular pigment density in humans, a plurality of computers each of which is associated with a corresponding one the macular-pigment measuring machines, and a central host. The plurality of macular-pigment measurement machines include a... Agent: Zeavision LLC.

20140098343 - Method for determining the dominant eye: A method is provided for determining the dominant eye of a person using equipment designed to acquire at least one image of the face of the person, then process the image, and finally return information enabling the person to know which eye is the dominant eye thereof. The method uses... Agent:

20140098345 - Ophthalmic optical coherence tomography system and method for quick switching to realize anterior and posterior eye segments imaging: It is provided an ophthalmic optical coherence tomography system in the invention, the system comprising: an OCT interferometer primary module and a sample arm module, wherein the OCT interferometer primary module comprises an OCT light source, a fiber coupler, a reference arm, a detection module, an X-direction scanning unit, and... Agent: Shenzhen Certainn Technology Co.,ltd.

20140098342 - System and method for corneal irradiation: A device and method for use thereof to illuminate a visual system of a subject includes a light-transforming optical element configured to transform a substantially collimated beam of light into light having a diverging spatial distribution. Optionally, light having such spatial distribution includes a plurality of diverging beams of light.... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20140098346 - Device and method for measuring a cornea: In order to measure a cornea with the aid of a projection (S11) of a two-dimensional reference pattern onto the cornea and of a detection (S12) of the reflection pattern reflected by the cornea by virtue of the reference pattern, a plurality of different reflection images of one or more... Agent:

20140098347 - Ophthalmological device: An ophthalmological device (1) comprises an optical transmission system (5) for transmitting femtosecond laser pulses to a projection objective (3) for projecting the femto-second laser pulses onto or into eye (2) tissue. The ophthalmological device (1) further comprises an objective changing device (4) for changing and connecting the projection objective... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140092358 - Temple assembly for eyewear: An example embodiment includes eyewear. The eyewear includes a lens, a brow piece, and two temple assemblies. The brow piece is configured be secure the lens. The two temple assemblies are coupled to the brow piece by two hinges. Each temple assembly includes a temple substrate, a covered portion, and... Agent: Advanced Eye ProtectionIPHolding

20140092359 - Progressive multifocal rigid gas permeable contact lens: A contact lens is provided. It is a rigid gas permeable, corneal-scleral progressive, multifocal, vision lens that covers the cornea and a portion of the sclera of an eye. It is particularly beneficial for use on patients who have undergone refractive surgery and/or on patients experiencing presbyopia. The lens is... Agent: Dakota Sciences, Inc.

20140092360 - Optical article containing self-healing and abrasion-resistant coatings: The present invention is drawn to an optical article comprising: (a) a transparent optical polymer substrate, (b) a transparent intermediate abrasion-resistant coating obtained from at least one epoxysilane by a sol-gel process, and (c) a transparent outer coating comprising a polythiol-ene matrix obtained by curing a liquid monomer mixture comprising... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

20140092361 - Non-contact type tonometer: A non-contact type tonometer includes: a measurement unit including a first measuring unit for measuring an eye pressure of an examinee's eye in a non-contact manner and a second measuring unit for measuring a corneal thickness of the examinee's eye in a non-contact manner; a moving mechanism for causing relative... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20140092362 - Illumination system for opthalmic microscope, and its operation method: The present invention discloses a illumination system for ophthalmic microscope and its operation method. Light beams generated by White LED, passes through the condenser and relay system to produce illumination on retina of the eye and boundary of the illumination is determined by the aperture stop. To enhance the visualization... Agent: M/s. Appasamy Associates

20140092363 - Process for reliably determining the axial length of an eye: A method for reliably determining the axial length of an eye uses optical coherence tomography (OCT), where the eye is aligned with a fixation mark so that the optical axis of the measuring instrument coincides at least approximately with a visual axis of the eye. The axial length is determined... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

03/27/2014 > 10 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140085599 - Assembling thin silicon chips on a contact lens: A contact lens having a thin silicon chip integrated therein is provided along with methods for assembling the silicon chip within the contact lens. In an aspect, a method includes creating a plurality of lens contact pads on a lens substrate and creating a plurality of chip contact pads on... Agent: Google Inc.

20140085601 - Contact lens having a chip integrated into a polymer substrate and method of manufacture: Contact lenses and methods of manufacture are provided. In one aspect, a method includes: positioning components in predefined locations on a first surface; applying pressure on the components employing a second surface; providing molten material between the first surface and the second surface and around the components; embedding the components... Agent:

20140085600 - Facilitation of temperature compensation for contact lens sensors and temperature sensing: Apparatus, systems and methods employing contact lens sensors are provided. In some aspects, a contact lens includes a substrate and a circuit. The circuit can include: one or more sensors disposed on or within the substrate, that sense a feature associated with a wearer of the contact lens; and a... Agent: Google Inc.

20140085602 - Wearable device: Apparatus, systems and methods employing a contact lens that generates information indicative of a hydration level of an eye in which the lens is worn, are provided. In some aspects, a contact lens includes a substrate that forms at least part of a body of the contact lens and a... Agent: Google Inc.

20140085605 - Fundus observation apparatus: The controller 210 changes the projection region of the Landolt ring T on the fundus Ef by changing, based on the scanning region R, the relative display position of the Landolt ring T and the fixation target V on the LCD 39, thereby overlapping the scanning region R and the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20140085604 - Geometric optical power measurement device: An ophthalmic optical power measurement device can include a light source configured to direct an input beam of light into the eye of a patient. The ophthalmic optical power measurement device can also include an aperture configured to receive an output beam that consists of light from the input beam... Agent:

20140085606 - Ophthalmic diagnosis support apparatus and ophthalmic diagnosis support method: Provided is an ophthalmic diagnosis support apparatus which enables an operator to easily acquire a tomographic image suitable for detailed observation of a candidate lesion without spending time and effort to search for the candidate lesion. The ophthalmic diagnosis support apparatus includes an acquiring unit for acquiring a wide-range image... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140085603 - Portable eye imaging apparatus: A portable digital imaging device, which utilizes the advanced features of wireless data transmission and high computing power of mobile computing devices in junction with the use miniature cameras and solid state lighting technology, is proposed as the next generation of medical imaging devices, in particular in ophthalmic imaging applications.... Agent: Visunex Medical Systems. Co. Ltd.

20140085607 - Image detecting apparatus and image detecting method: An image detecting apparatus for detecting a first eyeball is provided. The image detecting apparatus includes an illumination light source, an imaging lens, an image sensing device, a display and a viewfinder. The illumination light source emits an illumination beam, and the illumination beam irradiates the first eyeball. The first... Agent: Altek Corporation

20140085608 - System and method for real time monitoring and dynamic treatment of oculomotor conditions: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring eye movements of a user, and diagnosing and treating eye conditions substantially in real-time. A visual display device is provided with optical display fields corresponding to eyes of the user, and a controller linked to the device is programmed to measure eye positions... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140078460 - Eyeglasses and clipping device therefor: A clipping device is used to clip and hold one eyeglass frame or multi-eyeglass frames. The clipping device comprises a base, an upper portion and a lower portion. The base includes a top side, a bottom side, a front surface and a back surface. The base, the upper portion and... Agent:

20140078461 - Receptor and lock for glasses with removable lenses: A glasses structure that receives a variety of lens element types including full-frame, half-frame and frameless lens elements. A temple that receives a connector on the lens element includes a kerf-like slotted spring lock, that releases under pressure to allow the insertion of the lens element and once inserted, provides... Agent: Tifosi Optics, Inc.

20140078462 - Biologically fit wearable electronics apparatus: Detachable wearable electronic eyeglasses and head mounted gear with a plurality of electronic functions and interchangeable electronic function, and a wearable computer with optimal weight distribution and stretchable arms.... Agent: Geelux Holdings, Ltd.

20140078463 - Eyeglasses with movable temple end pieces: A pair of eyeglasses includes a pair of temple units, each including a main temple segment, a temple end piece, and an engaging mechanism. The temple end piece is disposed at an inner lateral side of the main temple segment and has a connecting segment disposed between a fastenable segment... Agent: Yih Tah Optics Co., Ltd.

20140078465 - Method for determining at least one optical property of a patient eye with an intraocular lens: A method determines an optical property (S, C) of a patient eye with an intraocular lens. The patient eye and the intraocular lens define a system. In the method, a measured value of the optical property of the system is determined at a measurement time (tM) after injecting the intraocular... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20140078464 - Pupil dependent wavefront refraction: A method of determining an ophthalmic prescription (Rx) for a patient's eye, includes obtaining a wavefront measurement of the patient's eye; determining a first Rx for the patient's eye from the wavefront measurement, the first Rx corresponding to a maximum value of a merit function calculated from the wavefront measurement... Agent: Carl Zeiss Vision Inc.

20140078466 - Method of controlling ophthalmic observation apparatus and ophthalmic observation apparatus: A control method of an ophthalmic observation apparatus that comprises an analysis means that analyze an image of an eye formed by using OCT, comprising: storing operation mode information in which an operation mode is associated with operational details of at least the analysis means; identifying the operational details associated... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20140078467 - Imaging and lighting optics of a contact eye camera: The optical design for a contact type portable eye imaging apparatus, including the imaging optics and illumination optics are proposed, which utilizes miniature image sensor and solid state light emitting technology, as the next generation of medical imaging devices, in particular in ophthalmic imaging applications.... Agent: Visunex Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20140078468 - System for determining the topography of the cornea of an eye: A system for determining the surface shape of the cornea of an eye by analyzing the reflection of a spatially distributed ring pattern. The system includes an element for generating a ring pattern, an illuminating unit, an image capturing unit, and a control and analyzing unit. The element for generating... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20140078469 - Slit lamp unit for a surgical microscope: The present invention relates to a slit lamp unit (1) for a surgical microscope, the slit lamp unit (1) comprising a slit illumination unit (2) having a slit illumination optic for generating a slit illumination beam path (5, 6), and a guide rail (3) for displacement of the slit illumination... Agent: Leica Microsystems (schweiz) Ag

20140078470 - Automatic refracto-keratometer: An auto refracto-keratometer not only produces a black-and-white image for observing the alignment of eyes to be examined using an infrared illumination light but also has a color observation optical system for observing a condition of eyes to be examined using color-illumination light. The auto refracto-keratometer comprises an infrared optical... Agent: Huvitz Co., Ltd.

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