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Optics: eye examining, vision testing and correcting

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01/22/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150022773 - Eyeglasses including transparent display and controlling method thereof: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention relate to eyeglasses that have a transparent display and a controlling method thereof. The eyeglasses that have a transparent display include a lens unit, a frame unit coupled with the lens unit, and a pair of leg units connected to respective sides of the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150022774 - Snap-fit type eyeglasses: Snap-fit type eyeglasses include a frame having a bottom edge. The bottom edge includes a groove having a downwardly facing opening. A stop is provided on each of two ends of the groove. A temple is pivotably mounted to each of two ends of the frame. A snapping member is... Agent:

20150022775 - Multifocal ophthalmic lens and manufacturing method thereof: In order to reduce halos that occur in multifocal ophthalmic lenses, the mechanism of the phenomenon was elucidated and a solution was found based on the results. Thus provided are a multifocal ophthalmic lens having a structure and a manufacturing method for the same which can effectively reduce halos. A... Agent: Menicon Co., Ltd.

20150022776 - Photochromic spectacles: Photochromic spectacles which use solar energy as the power source include a frame, two lenses arranged in the frame, and a driving circuit. Each lens includes a substrate, an electrochromic film and a solar cell film. The solar cell is a transparent and outer film and absorbs infrared light and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150022777 - Eyewear with chroma enhancement: Some embodiments provide a lens including a lens body and an optical filter configured to attenuate visible light in a plurality of spectral bands. Each of the plurality of spectral bands can include an absorptance peak with a spectral bandwidth, a maximum absorptance, and an integrated absorptance peak area within... Agent: Oakley, Inc.

20150022778 - Method and apparatus for determining ocular motor function: A method and an apparatus are presented for determining ocular motor function in a patient. The patient is instructed to wear a pair of test glasses comprising a first lens having a first color and a second lens having a second color, where the first color and the second color... Agent:

20150022779 - System and method of scan controlled illumination of structures within an eye: There is provided a system, apparatus and methods for enhancing the illumination of structures of the eye using predetermined scan patterns of an illuminating light beam. The systems, apparatus and methods further provide for obtaining enhanced single images of multiple structures of the eye.... Agent: Lensar, Inc.

20150022780 - Gonio lens system with stabilization mechanism: This disclosure relates generally to methods and devices for use in viewing and positioning an eye with a gonio lens system, such as during ocular exams and ocular surgeries. Some embodiments of the gonio lens system can include a gonio lens for viewing one or more tissues and structures of... Agent:

20150022781 - Method of measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens, a method of determining whether crystalline lens is presbyopic, an apparatus for measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens and an apparatus for determining whether crystalline lens is presbyopic: The present invention provides a method of measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens and an apparatus for measuring the elasticity of the crystalline lens for measuring stiffness of the crystalline lens 1, wherein the crystalline lens 1 is irradiated with pulse laser light to generate photoelastic waves from the crystalline... Agent: Riken

20150022782 - Binary choice self-testing: My invention is an automated self-testing method utilizing binary choice, which is applicable to monocular and binocular eye tests and can be administered on computer, cellular phones, and other electronic devices. Binary choice of match or no match, yes or no, present or absence provides simple means of automated testing... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150015842 - Glasses and nose pad assembly thereof: A nose pad assembly includes a top rod having a recessed section in an inner side thereof. A chamber is defined in a bottom wall of the recessed section. A rib and a fixing groove are provided on a bottom face of the chamber. A nose pad includes a connection... Agent:

20150015843 - Energizable ophthalmic lens with a smartphone event indicator mechanism: The present invention is directed to an energizable ophthalmic lens with a smartphone event indicator, wherein the ophthalmic lens may wirelessly receive smartphone event data from a smartphone. The energizable ophthalmic lens may comprise energizable components encapsulated by the soft biocompatible portion or may comprise a media insert that may... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20150015844 - Light filters that simulate the transmission spectra of the ocular lens pigment with age: This invention relates to the use of light filters, for example sunglass lenses, that have transmission spectra characteristic of the pigment found in the human ocular lens and that correspond to different age groups and different darkness.... Agent: Photoprotective Technologies, Inc.

20150015846 - Directional optical coherence tomography systems and methods: An optical coherence tomography system that includes an optical device having an adjustable optical element configured to displace a pupil entry point of light is provided. Optical coherence tomography methods using the optical coherence tomography system are also provided. The subject optical coherence tomography systems and methods find use in... Agent:

20150015845 - Optical coherence tomography with dynamic focus sweeping and windowed averaging: During scan capture with an OCT imaging system, the focal plane position can be simultaneously shifted over at least a portion of an image range. As a result, a plurality of image frames respectively corresponding to various focal plane positions is acquired. The image frames can be combined to generate... Agent:

20150015847 - Capacitive eye tracking sensor: An apparatus (100), comprising a transparent capacitive sensor (102); a body (101) configured to support the transparent capacitive sensor in front of an eye (112) of a user (110); and a driver (106) configured to receive signals from the sensor and to determine eye movements based on the received signals,... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150015848 - Method for estimating a distance separating a pair of glasses and an eye of the wearer of the pair of glasses:

01/08/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150009468 - Eyewear system with a tensioner: An eyewear system and method for wearing by a user is provided. The eyewear system includes a pair of glasses and a pair of temples, wherein the temples are configured to reach only up till temple bone of its wearer. Further, the eyewear system includes a frame for supporting the... Agent:

20150009469 - Glasses storage system: Glasses storage system. In one example embodiment, a glasses storage system includes a frame configured to position one or more lenses in front of one or both eyes of a user and an earpiece configured to support the frame. The earpiece surrounds a hollow storage cavity that is defined internally... Agent:

20150009470 - Eyeglass frame assembly with spring biased nose pads: An eyeglass frame assembly comprises an eyeglass frame including a pin hole therein, which has a hole axis, and a nose rest assembly. The nose rest assembly includes a nose pad, a pin member longitudinally extending from the nose pad along a pin axis and a coil spring mounted about... Agent:

20150009471 - Resilient hinge for spectacles: A resilient hinge device for connecting each of the arms to a front frame of spectacles in an articulated way, includes a tie bar having an axial extremity articulated with the arm and a resilient member including a substantially U-shaped sheet metal body, the resilient member being fitted onto the... Agent: Safilo Societa Azionaria Fabbrica Italiana Lavoraz Ione Occhiali S.p.a.

20150009472 - Mount for spectacles: A mount for spectacles includes a first front frame made of plastic and having respective lens-holding rims with a closed contour, to receive and support lens, and a second frame made of metallic material inserted inside the first frame and solidly fixed thereto, the second frame including respective portions in... Agent:

20150009473 - Eye imaging apparatus with a wide field of view and related methods: An eye imaging apparatus can include a housing, an optical imaging system in the housing, and a light source in the housing to illuminate an eye. The optical imaging system can include an optical window at a front end of the housing with a concave front surface for receiving the... Agent:

20150009474 - Methods, systems and apparatuses for night and day corrective ophthalmic prescription: One exemplary embodiment is a method for determining an ophthalmic prescription. An examination room is lighted to simulate daytime viewing and a conventional eye chart is used as a visual stimulus. A first corrective spherical lens power is determined by varying spherical lens power and identifying when perceived vision is... Agent:

20150009475 - Method and apparatus that facilitates determining refractive error: Aspects are disclosed for determining refractive error. In an aspect, a line pattern is displayed to a user, and a distance between the line pattern and the user is ascertained. The line pattern includes a first and second line in which an aspect of the line pattern is varied, and... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150002805 - Lens device: A lens device includes a frame, at least one lens and two fasteners. The frame has at least a lens recess. The lens is embedded in the lens recess, and has an indentation located at an edge of the lens. The fasteners are disposed pivotally to the opposite sides of... Agent:

20150002806 - Eyeglasses: Eyeglasses include a front with a pair of lenses and a first arm and a second arm, which are articulated to sides of the front via respective hinges and are able to turn between an extended position and a folded position where they are set the first behind and the... Agent:

20150002807 - Locating device intended to be fixed to a spectacle frame: The invention relates to a referencing device (1, 100) intended to be fixed to an eyeglass frame in order to spatially reference said frame, said device (1, 100) having a transverse bar (2, 102), a central extension (5), two lateral markers (3) and a central marker (4), each marker (3,... Agent: Essilor International ( Compagnie Generale D'optique)

20150002808 - Adaptive visual assistive device: The disclosure features visual assistive devices that include a detection apparatus configured to receive information about an environment surrounding a user of the visual assistive device, a communication apparatus configured to transmit information to the user, and an electronic processor coupled to the detection apparatus and the communication apparatus, and... Agent:

20150002809 - Ophthalmic filter: An optical device including an optical substrate including a first surface having a first zone provided with first selective interferential filtering element for selectively inhibiting transmission of incident light based on the wavelength spectrum of the incident light, the first selective interferential filtering being configured to inhibit, at a first... Agent: Universite Paris 6 Pierre Et Marie Curie

20150002810 - Eyeglass optimization using an individual eye model: A computer-implemented method for calculating or optimizing a spectacle lens for at least one eye of a spectacle wearer. Refraction data of the at least one eye of the spectacle wearer is collected. An individual eye model is defined, wherein the eye model defines at least the topography of a... Agent:

20150002811 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus includes a determination unit and a changing unit. The determination unit determines a first region and a second region, the first region being a portion of a first fundus image acquired by performing autofluorescence imaging on a fundus of an eye to be inspected, the second... Agent:

20150002813 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus includes a generation unit and a display control unit. The generation unit generates a subtraction image using a first region and a second region, the first region being a portion of a first fundus image acquired by performing autofluorescence imaging on a fundus of an eye... Agent:

20150002812 - Image processing apparatus and storage medium: An image processing apparatus includes: an analyzer configured to process a plurality of examinee's eye images taken from a same examinee's eye, at least a part of the examinee's eye images being overlapped with each other, and output an analysis result of a cell of the examinee's eye for each... Agent:

20150002814 - Microscopy system and method for imaging phase objects: Disclosed is a microscope system for imaging an object within an eye, wherein the object is a phase object. The microscope system includes imaging optics for generating images of an object plane of the imaging optics in an image plane of the imaging optics by using imaging light. The object... Agent:

20150002815 - Systems and methods for evaluating human eye tracking: Systems and methods are disclosed for evaluating human eye tracking. One method includes receiving data representing the location of and/or information tracked by an individual's eye or eyes before, during, or after the individual performs a task; identifying a temporal phase or a biomechanical phase of the task performed by... Agent: Righteye, LLC

20150002816 - Automatic image optimization system, particularly for stereomicroscopes: The invention relates to a device for examining an eye, particularly a human eye, comprising: an optical unit that is designed to generate a current image of a current intermediate image, wherein the optical unit comprises an objective, an additional lens that is designed to be arranged in front of... Agent:

20150002817 - Examination instrument: Light from an exit pupil of an illumination unit is directed to a beam splitter which directs the light to an objective. The retina is illuminated, if a real image of the exit pupil of the illumination unit and a real image of an entrance pupil of a camera unit... Agent:

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