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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150146157 - Articles of eyewear including accessory attachment features: An article of eyewear includes a frame. The frame includes a front frame defining a left aperture and a right aperture. The frame also includes a left temple arm and a right temple arm. The left temple arm is supported by the front frame and the right temple arm is... Agent:

20150146158 - Structure of eyeglasses: Disclosure relates to a structure of eyeglasses, including a body of eyeglasses integrally formed to include a mid-rim and two frames, the mid-rim being disposed between the two frames and surrounded thereby to form a nose bridge, a holding recess being concavely disposed at the mid-rim, the holding recess having... Agent: Trimax Safety Corp.

20150146159 - Methods for formation of an ophthalmic lens with an insert utilizing voxel-based lithography: Methods for manufacturing an ophthalmic lens with an insert using voxel-based lithography techniques, wherein at least a portion of one surface may be free-formed from a reactive mixture are set forth herein. An ophthalmic lens precursor may be formed on a substrate with an arcuate optical quality surface via a... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20150146160 - Contact lenses with improved oxygen transmission: Contact lenses may be designed with locally thinned regions to increase oxygen transmissibility to the eye. The locally thinned regions are preferably positioned outside of the optic zone and in the thicker peripheral zone. For a contact lens formed from a specific material, creating local thinner regions, for example, dimples... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20150146162 - Method and apparatus for encapsulating a rigid insert in a contact lens for correcting vision in astigmatic patients: The present invention, as described above and as further defined by the claims below, provides methods for forming an Ophthalmic Lens that encapsulates a Rigid Insert, wherein the Rigid Insert may be tailored to correct specific astigmatic characteristics of an eye and apparatus for implementing such methods, as well as... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20150146163 - Stabilization of contact lenses: Contact lens designs are provided with improved stabilization wherein the moments of momentum are balanced.... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20150146164 - Ophthalmic lenses taking into account the wearer's handedness: Ophthalmic lenses and spectacles for enhanced experience due to right-handedness or left-handedness.... Agent:

20150146165 - High refractive index polarizing lens: A polyurethane based high refractive index polarizing lens consisting of a polarizing film and a cured monomer mixture placed on both sides of said polarizing film, in which the polarizing film consists of a heated polyvinyl alcohol having a water content of 4.5% or less, and the cured monomer mixture... Agent:

20150146161 - Ophthalmic lens comprising a base of polymeric material with a coating having an interferential, anti-reflective, anti-iridescent and ir filter multiple layer structure: Ophthalmic lens including a base of polymeric material with a coating having an interferential, anti-reflective, anti-iridescent and infrared filter multiple layer structure. An interphase, a first layer (of 91-169 nm) with a refraction index higher than 1.8, a second layer (of 128-248 nm) with a refraction index lower than 1.65,... Agent: Santa & Cole Neoseries S.l.

20150146166 - Blue edge filter optical lens: Optical lenses are described and include a polymeric interference filter disposed on a curved polymeric substrate. The optical lens has an average light transmission of less than 2% across a band of blue light from 400 nm to at least 420 and up to 440 nm and substantially transmits blue... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150146167 - Method and device for improving visual performance: The disclosure describes an apparatus (100) for improving a visual function, having a first display element (1) for displaying at least one moving grid (110) consisting of grid elements (120); at least one portable closure element (2) for the occlusion of at least one eye; a portable eye tracking device... Agent:

20150146169 - Automatic pupillary distance measurement system and measuring method: Method for automatically measuring pupillary distance includes extracting facial features of face image, a head current center indicator is shown/displayed based on facial feature extraction, elliptical frame and target center indicator are shown, a first distance between head current center indicator and target center indicator is calculated to see if... Agent:

20150146168 - Device and method for measuring objective ocular refraction and at least one geometric-morphological parameter of an individual: Disclosed is a device for measuring ocular refraction and a geometric-morphological parameter of an individual, including: a gaze-stimulating target placed so as to stimulate the gaze of the individual in a posture associated with a proximity value and a sight axis; an illuminating system able to generate at least one... Agent:

20150146170 - Eye imaging apparatus with a wide field of view and related methods: An eye imaging apparatus can include a housing, an optical imaging system in the housing, and a light source in the housing to illuminate an eye. The optical imaging system can include an optical window at a front end of the housing with a concave front surface for receiving the... Agent:

20150146171 - Determing lens alignment on an eye using optical wavefronts: An apparatus and method for selecting a lens that accounts for Decentration and/or Rotation Errors. The method includes obtaining results of a first wavefront exam on a patient, including a wavefront map and Zernike polynomials, selecting a first lens that improves vision, obtaining the results of a second wavefront exam... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

05/21/2015 > 9 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150138499 - Ophthalmic device formed by additive fabrication and method thereof: An ophthalmic device is formed by additive fabrication, the optical device having an optical surface with a surface roughness on the order of less than 10 microns. A method is provided for making an ophthalmic device including an optical surface having a surface roughness of less than 10 microns by... Agent:

20150138500 - Contact lenses having a reinforcing scaffold: Ophthalmic lenses for correcting refractive error of an eye are disclosed. Ophthalmic lenses include an inner optic portion having a scaffold between an anterior portion and a posterior portion. The scaffold is characterized by a substantially uniform thickness formed from a material characterized by a modulus that his higher than... Agent:

20150138501 - Method for processing an unfinished optical lens member for manufacture of an optical lens: Method of processing an unfinished optical lens member having a finished surface with a centre reference point, and a first and second surface, includes: providing contour data defining the contour of the first surface of the lens in a finished cut state, the maximum distance between two points of the... Agent:

20150138505 - Full-eye illumination ocular surface imaging of an ocular tear film for determining tear film thickness and/or providing ocular topography: Ocular surface interferometry (OSI) devices, systems, and methods are disclosed for measuring a tear film layer thickness (TFLT) of the ocular tear film, including the lipid layer thickness (LLT) and/or the aqueous layer thickness (ALT). The TFLT can be used to diagnose dry eye syndrome (DES). Certain embodiments also include... Agent:

20150138506 - Imaging apparatus, control method, and storage medium: An imaging apparatus includes a measuring light focusing unit configured to focus measuring light for measuring aberration of an object on the object, an aberration correction unit configured to change a state based on the aberration measured with the measuring light, an imaging light focusing unit configured to focus imaging... Agent:

20150138504 - Ocular tear film peak detection and stabilitzation detection systems and methods for determining tear film layer characteristics: Ocular surface interferometry (OSI) devices, systems, and methods are disclosed for peak detection and/or determining stabilization of an ocular tear film. Embodiments disclosed herein also include various image capturing and processing methods and related systems for providing various information about a patient's ocular tear film (e.g., the lipid and aqueous... Agent:

20150138502 - Ophthalmologic imaging apparatus and ophthalmologic image processing apparatus: An ophthalmologic imaging apparatus that can follow up imaging for acquiring a cross sectional image by referring to a front image of an eye acquired in the past and scanning the same position as before with light, includes: a photographing part configured to photograph the eye and acquire a front... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20150138503 - Optical coherence tomography device, method, and system: In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, an optical coherence tomography instrument comprises an eyepiece for receiving at least one eye of a user is provided; a light source that outputs light that is directed through the eyepiece into the user's eye; an interferometer configured to produce optical... Agent:

20150138507 - Supercontinuum light source, a system and a method of measuring: A supercontinuum light source comprising an intermediate supercontinuum light source and a single mode coupling unit, an optical measurement system comprising such light source, as well as a method of measuring are described. The supercontinuum light source comprises a pulse frequency multiplier to increase the repetition rate and the single... Agent:

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