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Optics: eye examining, vision testing and correcting

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02/05/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150036097 - Method for producing polarizing lenses, and polarizing lens obtained by said method: The invention relates to a polarizing lens consisting, in order, of a polyamide mechanical substrate, a polyvinyl alcohol intermediate layer, and a cellulose triacetate outer layer. The invention also relates to a method for manufacturing such a lens.... Agent:

20150036098 - Structure of eyeglass frame: Provided is an eyeglass frame with a symmetrical structure. The eyeglass frame includes an earpiece frame, a main body, a hinge, and a support frame. The earpiece frame has a bar-shaped structure in which a width and an angle thereof vary according to the length thereof to be placed on... Agent:

20150036099 - Multicomponent optical device having a space: The present disclosure relates generally to multicomponent optical devices having a space within the device. In various embodiments, an optical device comprises a first posterior component having an anterior surface, a posterior support component, and an anterior component having a posterior surface. An optical device can also comprise an anterior... Agent:

20150036100 - Contact lens: e

20150036101 - Optical member and method of manufacturing optical member: The optical member of the present invention is characterized by comprising a lens substrate 2, a patterning layer 3 in which a prescribed shape has been patterned in a manner covering a portion of the lens substrate, and a hard coat layer 4 formed so as to cover the lens... Agent: Hoya Lens Manufacturing Philippines Inc.

20150036102 - Slowing myopia progression and/or the treatment or prevention of myopia or a disease or condition associated with myopia: The invention provides an ophthalmic lens comprising one or more oblique prismatic component, wherein the lens slows myopia progression and/or treats or prevents myopia or a disease or condition associated with myopia. The one or more oblique prismatic components may be base-down or base-down and base-in or base up and... Agent: Queensland University Of Technology

20150036103 - Transmission diffractive optical element and measuring device: A transmission diffractive optical element formed of quartz for a wavelength of 0.8 μm band, wherein a refractive index of the quartz is n, a wavelength of light entering a diffraction grating is λ (nm), a pitch of the diffraction grating is p (nm), a depth of the diffraction grating... Agent:

20150036104 - Method and apparatus for testing for color vision loss: A method and apparatus for administering eye tests to identify cone sensitivity loss associated with hereditary and acquired color vision loss which may be used for early detection, progress, treatment, and monitoring of eye conditions, traumatic brain injury, optic neuritis, systemic and neurological diseases including Glaucoma, Retinopathy, Age-Related Macular Degeneration,... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150029457 - Screw-less rim lock and hinge eyewear and assembly method therefor: In preferred embodiments, the proposed eyeglass frame includes two glass-holding rims, each attached to an endpiece with upper and lower hinge loops coupled thereto. The endpiece includes split proximal and middle sections, and a solid distal section. The split includes a curvilined slit and a first window. The frame has... Agent:

20150029458 - Spectacle frame having rotating arms:

20150029459 - Contact lenses with embedded labels: An ophthalmic lens incorporating clearly identifiable, highly visible embedded labels that are not visible to the wearer or others when placed on the eye may be utilized to allow an individual to easily distinguish between the normal state of the lens and the inverted state of the lens as well... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20150029460 - Multifocal correction providing improved quality of vision: This invention describes strategies and devices for improving the visual experience while expanding the depth of field of presbyopic and pseudophakic patients. The invention describes strategies and devices for providing improved image quality and improved visual quality of patients employing simultaneous vision bifocal, trifocal or multifocal corrections or monovision. The... Agent:

20150029461 - Cycloduction measurement device, cycloduction measurement method, and cycloduction measurement program: This cycloduction measurement device is provided with a blood vessel position recognition unit and a first angle calculation unit. The blood vessel position recognition unit recognizes the position of a blood vessel in a sclera region in an eye image, and acquires information pertaining to the position of the blood... Agent:

20150029462 - System and method for using microsaccade peak velocity as a measure of mental workload and fatigue: A system and method for determining a subject's level of fatigue. The method includes measuring microsaccadic eye movement dynamics of the subject, calculating a current microsaccade peak velocity from the measured microsaccadic eye movement dynamics, and comparing the current microsaccade peak velocity to a baseline microsaccade peak velocity. The method... Agent:

20150029463 - Device for electrophysiological recording from the eye: The present disclosure provides electroretinography devices configured to detect biopotential signals from an eye of a subject. In some embodiments, the device is configured to prevent the subject's eyelids from closing over the device when placed in contact with the anterior surface of the subject's eye. In some embodiments, the... Agent:

20150029464 - Automated measurement of changes in retinal, retinal pigment epithelial, or choroidal disease: A method for for automatically measuring changes in retinal, retinal pigment epithelial, or choroidal disease includes retrieving a set of images of a fundus and selecting a plurality of images from the set of images. The plurality of images are co-registered and pre-processed such that the quality, contrast, and gain... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150022773 - Eyeglasses including transparent display and controlling method thereof: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention relate to eyeglasses that have a transparent display and a controlling method thereof. The eyeglasses that have a transparent display include a lens unit, a frame unit coupled with the lens unit, and a pair of leg units connected to respective sides of the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150022774 - Snap-fit type eyeglasses: Snap-fit type eyeglasses include a frame having a bottom edge. The bottom edge includes a groove having a downwardly facing opening. A stop is provided on each of two ends of the groove. A temple is pivotably mounted to each of two ends of the frame. A snapping member is... Agent:

20150022775 - Multifocal ophthalmic lens and manufacturing method thereof: In order to reduce halos that occur in multifocal ophthalmic lenses, the mechanism of the phenomenon was elucidated and a solution was found based on the results. Thus provided are a multifocal ophthalmic lens having a structure and a manufacturing method for the same which can effectively reduce halos. A... Agent: Menicon Co., Ltd.

20150022776 - Photochromic spectacles: Photochromic spectacles which use solar energy as the power source include a frame, two lenses arranged in the frame, and a driving circuit. Each lens includes a substrate, an electrochromic film and a solar cell film. The solar cell is a transparent and outer film and absorbs infrared light and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150022777 - Eyewear with chroma enhancement: Some embodiments provide a lens including a lens body and an optical filter configured to attenuate visible light in a plurality of spectral bands. Each of the plurality of spectral bands can include an absorptance peak with a spectral bandwidth, a maximum absorptance, and an integrated absorptance peak area within... Agent: Oakley, Inc.

20150022778 - Method and apparatus for determining ocular motor function: A method and an apparatus are presented for determining ocular motor function in a patient. The patient is instructed to wear a pair of test glasses comprising a first lens having a first color and a second lens having a second color, where the first color and the second color... Agent:

20150022779 - System and method of scan controlled illumination of structures within an eye: There is provided a system, apparatus and methods for enhancing the illumination of structures of the eye using predetermined scan patterns of an illuminating light beam. The systems, apparatus and methods further provide for obtaining enhanced single images of multiple structures of the eye.... Agent: Lensar, Inc.

20150022780 - Gonio lens system with stabilization mechanism: This disclosure relates generally to methods and devices for use in viewing and positioning an eye with a gonio lens system, such as during ocular exams and ocular surgeries. Some embodiments of the gonio lens system can include a gonio lens for viewing one or more tissues and structures of... Agent:

20150022781 - Method of measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens, a method of determining whether crystalline lens is presbyopic, an apparatus for measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens and an apparatus for determining whether crystalline lens is presbyopic: The present invention provides a method of measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens and an apparatus for measuring the elasticity of the crystalline lens for measuring stiffness of the crystalline lens 1, wherein the crystalline lens 1 is irradiated with pulse laser light to generate photoelastic waves from the crystalline... Agent: Riken

20150022782 - Binary choice self-testing: My invention is an automated self-testing method utilizing binary choice, which is applicable to monocular and binocular eye tests and can be administered on computer, cellular phones, and other electronic devices. Binary choice of match or no match, yes or no, present or absence provides simple means of automated testing... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150015842 - Glasses and nose pad assembly thereof: A nose pad assembly includes a top rod having a recessed section in an inner side thereof. A chamber is defined in a bottom wall of the recessed section. A rib and a fixing groove are provided on a bottom face of the chamber. A nose pad includes a connection... Agent:

20150015843 - Energizable ophthalmic lens with a smartphone event indicator mechanism: The present invention is directed to an energizable ophthalmic lens with a smartphone event indicator, wherein the ophthalmic lens may wirelessly receive smartphone event data from a smartphone. The energizable ophthalmic lens may comprise energizable components encapsulated by the soft biocompatible portion or may comprise a media insert that may... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20150015844 - Light filters that simulate the transmission spectra of the ocular lens pigment with age: This invention relates to the use of light filters, for example sunglass lenses, that have transmission spectra characteristic of the pigment found in the human ocular lens and that correspond to different age groups and different darkness.... Agent: Photoprotective Technologies, Inc.

20150015846 - Directional optical coherence tomography systems and methods: An optical coherence tomography system that includes an optical device having an adjustable optical element configured to displace a pupil entry point of light is provided. Optical coherence tomography methods using the optical coherence tomography system are also provided. The subject optical coherence tomography systems and methods find use in... Agent:

20150015845 - Optical coherence tomography with dynamic focus sweeping and windowed averaging: During scan capture with an OCT imaging system, the focal plane position can be simultaneously shifted over at least a portion of an image range. As a result, a plurality of image frames respectively corresponding to various focal plane positions is acquired. The image frames can be combined to generate... Agent:

20150015847 - Capacitive eye tracking sensor: An apparatus (100), comprising a transparent capacitive sensor (102); a body (101) configured to support the transparent capacitive sensor in front of an eye (112) of a user (110); and a driver (106) configured to receive signals from the sensor and to determine eye movements based on the received signals,... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150015848 - Method for estimating a distance separating a pair of glasses and an eye of the wearer of the pair of glasses:

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