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Optics: eye examining, vision testing and correcting

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12/04/2014 > 15 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140354939 - Eyewear retaining device with resealable container: The nature of the invention relates to eyewear retaining devices. In the past, many eyewear retainers have been produced; however, none have combined an attached resealable container with an eyewear retainer. The invention provides the user with a new location to store personal affects. Personal items such as ID cards,... Agent:

20140354940 - Variable transmittance optical filter and uses thereof: Variable transmittance optical filters capable of transitioning from a light state to a dark state on exposure to UV radiation and from a dark state to a light state with application of an electric voltage are provided. The optical filters comprise a switching material that comprises one or more chromophores... Agent:

20140354941 - Article support device for applying to skin: An article for temporarily affixing to the skin of a wearer about the wearer's nose to support eyeglasses worn by the wearer includes a flexible body having a back surface and a front surface, with the back surface including an adhesive for temporarily retaining the article on the skin of... Agent:

20140354943 - Apparatus for programming an energizable ophthalmic lens with a programmable media insert: In some embodiments, the apparatus may wirelessly program the Media Insert after the Ophthalmic Lens has been fully assembled. Alternatively, the apparatus may indirectly program the Media Insert by wirelessly programming an overlay. The overlay may subsequently program the Media Insert when placed in proximity to the Media Insert, wherein... Agent:

20140354942 - Energizable ophthalmic lens device with a programmaable media insert: In some embodiments, the Media Insert may be programmed prior to or during the manufacturing process. Alternatively, the Media Insert may be programmable after manufacturing process, such as, for example, through use of a wireless programming apparatus or device. In some such embodiments, the programming device may comprise an overlay,... Agent:

20140354944 - Method for determining a progressive opthalmic lens and a set of semi finished lens blanks: A method for determining a progressive ophthalmic lens, comprising determining first, second and third intermediate values of regression as the strongest regression that can be applied on the front surface of the lens while keeping a mean sphere value in at least a portion of the lower part of the... Agent:

20140354945 - Article coated with an interference coating having properties that are stable over time: The invention relates to an article comprising a substrate having at least one main surface coated with a multilayer interference coating, said coating containing a layer A having a refractive index less than or equal to 1.55. The article is characterised in that: layer A forms either the outer interference... Agent:

20140354946 - Methods for manufacturing and programming an energizable ophthalmic lens witha programmable media insert: The present invention discloses methods for manufacturing and programming an energizable Ophthalmic Lens with a programmable Media Insert. In some embodiments, a Media Insert may be programmable to allow for further customization of the energized Ophthalmic Lens. The Media Insert may be programmed prior to or during the manufacturing process.... Agent:

20140354948 - Method and apparatus for determining the location of the ocular pivot point: The invention relates to a method for determining the location of the ocular pivot point (ADL) in an eye (10) of a test person. In the method, the mean curvature (KH) of the cornea (14) of the eye (10) is determined. The mean phase error (PF) of the eye (10)... Agent:

20140354947 - Virtual glasses try-on method and apparatus thereof: Disclosed are virtual glasses try-on method and apparatus, and the apparatus includes an image capturing unit for capturing a user's image and a processing device for detecting a face image from the user's image, storing a glasses model, defining a first feature point of a lens of the glasses model... Agent: Ming Chuan University

20140354950 - Hybrid telescope for optical beam delivery and related systems and methods: Optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging systems are provided including a source of broadband optical radiation coupled to a sample arm of the OCT imaging system; a beam shaping optical assembly in the sample arm, the beam shaping optical assembly being configured to receive optical radiation from the source as a... Agent:

20140354949 - Interactive platform for health assessment: Methods and systems are disclosed for performing an assessment of vision-related health conditions for a user. A questionnaire regarding a user's identity and health history is displayed on a display mounted to a station. At least one interactive test image for assessing visual acuity is displayed on the display mounted... Agent:

20140354952 - System for an observation of an eye and its surrounding area: Disclosed is a system and device for observation of an eye (E) comprising a light source (LSo) for illuminating the eye. Further, the system includes a diffraction grating as an optical relay (OR) for receiving the light reflected from the eye and for deflecting it towards a light sensor (LSe).... Agent: Universite De Liege

20140354951 - Systems and methods for obtaining low-angle circumferential optical access to the eye: A system for obtaining low-angle circumferential optical access to an eye of a subject. The system includes a light source to generate a beam of light; a beam steering mechanism to steer the beam of light a focusing lens to focus the beam of light; and a contact lens to... Agent:

20140354953 - Tracking device and optical assembly thereof: An optical assembly includes a light source and a beam splitter. The light source is used for emitting an incident beam. The beam splitter is used for dividing the incident beam into a plurality of outgoing beams. The incident beam and the outgoing beam are both invisible light. The outgoing... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

11/27/2014 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140347621 - Contact lens: A silicone contact lens has a radial cross-section of the inner face, the rim portion contour of which is convex between a point of inflection and the outer edge. For its manufacture, a silicone precursor is brought between a female and a male mold and is polymerized, and the polymerized... Agent:

20140347622 - Lens and method for correcting vision of a user: A lens for correcting vision of a user includes a central zone and an outer zone. The central zone is configured to cause light passing therethrough to form an image on a retina of an eye of the user. The outer zone surrounds the central zone and has a plurality... Agent: Hiline Optical Co., Ltd.

20140347623 - Viewer with multifocal lens and method for changing focal length of viewer: A viewer includes a multifocal lens capable of setting one of a plurality of focal lengths. When a measuring section detects a change in gazing point distance, a selection section selects a focal length to be set among the plurality of focal lengths, and a determiner determines a time duration... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140347624 - Diffraction-type multifocal ophthalmic lens and manufacturing method thereof: Provided is a diffraction-type multifocal ophthalmic lens for which halos are reduced. Also provided is a diffraction-type multifocal ophthalmic lens having three or more focal points, which is implemented on the basis of the discovery that the diffraction-type multifocal ophthalmic lens has a characteristic whereby multiple focal points can be... Agent: Menicon Co., Ltd.

20140347625 - Optical component, spectacle lens, and method of manufacturing the same: An optical component is an optical component including: a plastic base; and a multilayer film disposed on at least a surface having a greater curvature, of a front surface of the plastic base and a rear surface of the plastic base, wherein the multilayer film has a maximum reflectivity of... Agent:

20140347626 - Process of determination of a semi - finished blank: Method for determining a semi-finished lens blank, comprising the steps consisting of:—determining, for a given material, a set of faces (S-i , S2, . . . Sn) to be defined for a line of ophthalmic lenses, each face (Si, Sj) being defined for a corresponding subset (SEi, SEj) of wearer... Agent:

20140347630 - Fast measurement of ocular axial length: The present invention concerns a Michelson-type interferometer (1) for measuring the intraocular axial length (AL) comprising: an arrangement (7) able to move apart and come near with respect to an emitting light source (5), said arrangement (7) comprising at least a first (8) and second (9) at least partially reflecting... Agent: Visia Imaging S.r.l.

20140347627 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method and computer readable storage medium: An information processing apparatus for controlling, in one image capture region, image capture of a plurality of high-magnification images having a viewing angle smaller than the viewing angle of the image capture region presents to an operator for selection a plurality of basic patterns each representing a distribution of positions... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140347629 - Integrated device for ophthalmology: A device for ophthalmic radiation is provided. The device comprises a radiation interface, an optical branch coupler, and a plurality of ophthalmic units. The radiation interface is adapted to at least one of output and capture radiation on an optical path. The optical path is directable towards a patient's eye.... Agent:

20140347628 - Multi-view fundus camera: The invention relates to a fundus camera that incorporates an integral imaging system for capturing an integral photograph of the fundus. This integral photograph enables projecting a three-dimensional image and generating topographical maps of the fundus. The fundus camera can function plenoptically and thus zoom onto a two-dimensional image generated... Agent: Universitat De Valencia

20140347631 - Ophthalmologic imaging apparatus and control method therefor: Provided is an ophthalmologic imaging apparatus capable of imaging with reduced imaging time based on a combination of an imaging type and a mydriatic state of an eye to be inspected. The ophthalmologic apparatus includes an acquiring unit configured to acquire information about a mydriatic state of a pupil of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140347632 - Ophthalmic inspection lens: Single piece ophthalmic inspection devices are provided having a continuous 3-dimensional molded surface preferably made out of plastic. The devices are relatively easier and cheaper to manufacture than existing inspection lenses. The smooth continuous edges are advantages to prevent damage to tissue as well to stop foreign objects accumulating in... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 20 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140340627 - Eyeglasses enabling quick exchange of lenses: An eyeglasses enabling quick exchange of lenses is provided, in which the lower frame thereof mainly has two lens mounting apertures respectively provided at two sides for mounting lenses. First pivot connectors are provided at middle portion of the lower frame. A fastening member has second pivot connectors which are... Agent: Sun Sight Glasses Co., Ltd.

20140340628 - Foldable eyeglasses: A foldable eyeglasses includes a first lens, a second lens and a foldable structure. The second lens is arranged correspondingly to the first lens; the foldable structure is installed between the first and second lenses; the foldable structure includes a first and a second securement stands, a swivel member and... Agent: Rusan Optical Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140340629 - Eyewear assembly with side shields attachable to inner surfaces of temples: The assembly for attaching a side shield to an eyewear temple includes a temple having an outer side and an inner side. A locking member is connected to the inner side of the temple. A side shield, having a complementary locking member to the locking member on the inner side... Agent: The Hilsinger Company

20140340631 - Ophthalmic lens with communication system: An ophthalmic device includes a communication system including an antenna energy receptor and a processor configured to generate a unique identifier. The unique identifier can be, or include, a pedigree profile that can be accessed to prevent users from being exposed to counterfeited ophthalmic devices. The communication system may be... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140340630 - System and method for a processor controlled ophthalmic lens: A method and system for the calibration and operation of a processor controlled ophthalmic lens is described. More specifically, the system comprising an interactive wireless device used to personalize the control and activation of one or more functions and/or components of the processor controlled ophthalmic lens. In some embodiments, the... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140340632 - System and method of programming an energized ophthalmic lens: A method and a system for the selection and programming of an energized ophthalmic lens are disclosed. More specifically, the energized ophthalmic lens which can include a variable state arcuate shaped liquid meniscus lens capable of changing vision correction properties upon the receipt of an activation signal. According to some... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140340633 - Method of preparing an ophthalmic lens: A method of preparing an ophthalmic lens (30) to be fitted into a surround of a spectacle frame, includes: acquiring a longitudinal profile (50) of the surround; centering the longitudinal profile; acquiring the geometry of at least one part of an optical face of the ophthalmic lens; calculating a treatment... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

20140340637 - Brightness-dependent adjustment of a spectacle lens: Adjustment of an eyeglass lens or a pair of eyeglasses by means of an individual brightness-dependent centering of an eyeglass lens. In particular, a method for adjusting an individual eyeglass lens for at least one eye of an eyeglass wearer. The method includes defining an individual usage situation which includes... Agent: Rodenstock Gmbh

20140340638 - Image display apparatus, image display method and imaging system: An image display apparatus obtains a plurality of moving images obtained by capturing a plurality of imaging areas of a fundus, and a wide field of view image obtained by capturing an area including the plurality of imaging areas of the fundus. Each of the plurality of moving images is... Agent:

20140340636 - Method and device for measuring haemoglobin in the eye: Based on the identification by colorimetry of a colour image of the fundus of the eye of an individual, obtained by specialised cameras (fundus camera or retinograph). The method and the device of the present invention enable establishing a direct relation between the chromatic properties of the various tissues of... Agent:

20140340635 - Ocular characteristics measuring apparatus: If an intraocular lens is inserted in an eye to be examined, characteristics of the eye to be examined are measured after increasing light intensity of visible light projected onto the eye to be examined to be higher than light intensity at the time of measurement of an eye to... Agent:

20140340634 - Optical coherence tomography systems and methods: An optical coherence tomography system may have a reflector system that reflects light from a light source to provide a plurality of light rays that fall within different wavelength ranges, optical componentry that directs a subset of a first beam of light including the plurality of light rays to an... Agent:

20140340639 - Method and system for determining the relative gaze-attracting power of visual stimuli: An system and method for enabling an individual to pretest stimulus alternatives, by carrying out eye-tracking experiments on a subject with a digital camera, a personal computer and webcam, or a camera built into a laptop, tablet, smart phone, or other mobile device. The method of implementing the invention may... Agent: Langbourne Rust Research Inc.

20140340640 - Parkinson's disease screening using the king-devick test: A method of screening for Parkinson's disease, may include administering to a person in need of such screening a King-Devick Test, determining whether the person has a “normal” or “abnormal” result for the King-Devick Test, and recommending the person undergo additional testing and/or treatment for Parkinson's disease if the result... Agent:

20140340641 - Photobleaching method: The present disclosure provides an improved method for photobleaching an eye of a subject. The disclosed method may be used in a number of psychophysical test methods, including, but not limited to, measurement of dark adaptation. The improved method for photobleaching involves at least one of the following improvements: (i)... Agent:

20140340642 - Personal-computer-based visual-filed self-diagnosis system and visual-field self-diagnosis method: The personal computer-based visual field self-testing system includes a computer monitor presenting a visual field measurement region and a visual field measurement result, an attachable and detachable light blocking unit equipped on a front side of the computer monitor to provide a visual field testing environment, an eye selection unit... Agent:

20140340643 - Binocular glare testing devices: The present invention is a glare tester attachment for use with a phoropter, comprising a pair of eye cups, both eye cups each comprising a wall partially enclosing a hollow interior chamber and having a viewing aperture defining a respective viewing line of sight axis for each eye cup, a... Agent: Epico, LLC

20140340644 - Display accessibility for color vision impairment: Examples that increase accessibility of color vision impaired users to information on a display are provided herein. A plurality of graphical elements using a first color palette are presented. A user input indicating that the user has a color vision impairment is received. The color vision impairment can be, for... Agent: Successfactors, Inc.

20140340645 - Effective acuity and refraction targets: A viewing target for a visual acuity and refraction measurement includes at least one line comprising a width dimension that is below a resolution limit width (hereinafter “RLW”) of a test subject visual acuity, and an adjustable length dimension that is initially set at greater than the RLW of the... Agent:

20140340646 - Self guided subjective refraction instruments and methods: A refraction device determines a refraction end point to provide corrective optics for a test subject. The device includes an adjustable optical system providing corrective optics to the test subject and an adjustable viewing target disposed along an optical path such as to be viewable through the adjustable optical system... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140333886 - Suspendable and rotatingly foldable eyeglass frame: An eyeglass frame which can be suspended on a neck and rotatingly folded includes a rim structure, two temples and two connection units. The rim structure are respectively connected by the two connection units to the two temples. A teeth structure is integrally formed perpendicularly on each of the abovementioned... Agent: Action Eyewear Corp.

20140333888 - Eyeglass frame assembly: An eyeglass frame assembly includes temple mounting portions and temple units. Each temple mounting portion has front and rear faces and an engagement hole. Each temple unit includes a temple arm and a pivot member. The temple arm has a connection portion that is inserted into the engagement hole and... Agent: Yih Tah Optics Co., Ltd.

20140333887 - Spectacles: A pair of rimless spectacles includes two lenses, a frame including two temple units and a bridge, and a connection mechanism. The connection mechanism includes a plurality of first connectors spacedly provided at the lenses at a predetermined location and a plurality of second connectors provided at a predetermined location... Agent:

20140333889 - Eyeglasses structure: An eyeglasses is provided, in which two location holes are respectively provided symmetrically to the center of the frame thereof, and a pivot connecting slot is provided at the middle portion of the frame. Location through-holes corresponding to the location holes of the frame are provided respectively on lenses. A... Agent: Tsair Yuarn Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140333890 - Electrical connection structure between spectacles legs and lenses of electronic glasses: The invention discloses an electrical connection structure between spectacles legs and lenses of electronic glasses, comprising spectacles legs, connecting components arranged on the lenses for connecting the spectacles legs, and electrical connecting components for realizing electrical connection between the spectacles legs and the connecting components, wherein said lenses are connected... Agent:

20140333891 - 3d prescription spectacle lens and method of manufacture: 3D spectacles for prescription wearers include a dished lens blank to which is applied a dished 3D laminate blank of substantially the same shape. The composite is machined on edge and face to form a non-plan 3D spectacle lens. In order to prevent delamination during edge machining, the 3D laminate... Agent:

20140333892 - Ophthalmic device with thin film anocrystal integrated circuits on ophthalmic devices: This invention discloses methods and apparatus to form Thin Film Nanocrystal Integrated Circuit transistors upon Three-dimensionally Formed Insert Pieces. In some embodiments, the present invention includes incorporating the Three-dimensional Surfaces with Thin Film Nanocrystal Integrated Circuit based thin film transistors, electrical interconnects, and energization elements into an Insert Piece for... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140333893 - Low hydrous soft ophthalmic lens and method for manufacturing the same: Provided are a low hydrous soft ophthalmic lens that can remarkably reduce or avoid a phenomenon in which a lens sticks to a cornea when worn and can reduce a decrease in the performance of a coating layer when rubbing the low hydrous soft ophthalmic lens for cleaning and a... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20140333894 - Induced high order aberrations corresponding to geometrical transformations: Wavefront measurements of eyes are typically taken when the pupil is in a first configuration in an evaluation context. The results can be represented by a set of basis function coefficients. Prescriptive treatments are often applied in a treatment context, which is different from the evaluation context. Hence, the patient... Agent:

20140333895 - Ocular axial length measurement apparatus: An ocular axial length measurement apparatus is provided with: a measurement section for obtaining the ocular axial length of an examinee's eye by using an optical interferometer; a drive mechanism for adjusting the relative positions of the measurement section and the examinee's eye; an operation section operated by an examiner;... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20140333896 - Ophthalmic apparatus, analysis program, optic media opacity acquiring method, and fluorescence intensity acquiring method: An ophthalmic apparatus includes: a light projecting optical system to project light to each point on a fundus of an examinee's eye; a light receiving optical system including a light receiving element to receive light from the fundus emitted from each point on the fundus resulting from the light projected... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20140333897 - Universal objective refraction:

20140333898 - System and method for assessing retinal functionality: A system and method for assessing the functionality of a visual system, especially b generate a coded pattern which is illuminated by the light source. Optics project an image of the coded pattern onto the retina of the eye. The sensor detects electrical signals based on the response of the... Agent: Annidis Corporation

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