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Optics: eye examining, vision testing and correcting

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07/10/2014 > 18 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140192310 - Eyeglasses: The present disclosure relates to eyeglasses, more particularly, to eyeglasses the size of which can be reduced during storage and transportation and which can have improved wearing comfort for a user.... Agent:

20140192311 - Contact lenses with hybrid power sources: Apparatus, systems and methods of contact lenses with power sources are provided. In some aspects, a contact lens can include a substrate; and a circuit. The circuit can include: one or more sensors disposed on or within the substrate; circuitry disposed on at least a portion of the substrate; one... Agent: Google Inc.

20140192312 - Facilitation of contact lenses with capacitive sensors: Apparatus, systems and methods employing contact lens with capacitive sensors are provided. In some aspects, a contact lens includes: a substrate; a capacitive sensor, disposed on or within the substrate, that senses a capacitance on the contact lens; and a circuit disposed on or within the substrate. In some aspects,... Agent: Google Inc.

20140192313 - Multi-piece insert device with glue seal for ophthalmic devices: Methods and apparatus for sealing and encapsulating components on and within a multi-piece insert are set forth herein. In some embodiments, an ophthalmic lens is cast molded from a silicone hydrogel and the component includes a sealed and encapsulated multi-piece insert portion.... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140192314 - Multi-piece insert device with locking seal for ophthalmic devices: This invention discloses methods and apparatuses for sealing and encapsulating components on and within a multi-piece insert. In some embodiments, an ophthalmic lens is cast molded from a silicone hydrogel and the component includes a sealed and encapsulated multi-piece insert portion.... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140192315 - In-situ tear sample collection and testing using a contact lens: Apparatus, systems and methods employing contact lenses having one or more sensor that sense an analyte in tear fluid and one or more recesses that collect the tear fluid. In some aspects, a contact lens includes a substrate that forms at least part of a body of the contact lens... Agent: Google Inc.

20140192316 - Vision measurement and training system and method of operation thereof: A binocular viewer, a method of measuring and training vision that uses a binocular viewer and a vision measurement and training system that employs a computer to control the binocular viewer. In one embodiment, the binocular viewer has left and right display elements and comprises: (1) a variable focal depth... Agent: Vital Art And Science Incorporated

20140192317 - Method for the pre-operative selection of an intraocular lens to be implanted in an eye: A method for the preoperative selection of an intraocular lens to optimise the results of refractive surgery on the eye. On the basis of an eye model comprising the individual biometric parameters of the eye, potentially suitable IOLs are selected on the basis of their optical parameters such as optical... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20140192318 - Sensor system for determining the control signals activating ciliary muscles: In a sensor system for determining the control signal supplied to the ciliary muscles of an eye for adjusting the focal length of the lens of an eye, a contact element of an electrically non-conductive material and provided with sensors is disposed on the cornea of the eye so that... Agent: Karlsruher Institut Fuer Technologie

20140192321 - Camera device and photographing method: A camera device configured to obtain an image of an eye is provided. The camera apparatus includes an image sensing unit, a lens set, and a processing unit. The lens set is located between the image sensing unit and the eye and projects light from the eye to the image... Agent: Altek Corporation

20140192323 - Control device, control method and control program for optical coherence tomographic image-generating apparatuses: To measure internal information on the subject, the OCT (optical coherence tomographic) control device is equipped with: a first imaging control means for initiating imaging when it is determined that input of a measurement instruction to scan the laser light at a prescribed pitch in the imaging target area of... Agent: The Yoshida Dental Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140192319 - Fundus image detection apparatus and method for obtaining fundus image of eye of animal: A fundus image detection apparatus capable of detecting a fundus image of an eye of an animal is provided. The fundus image detection apparatus includes an image capturing unit and an image processing unit electrically connected with the image capturing unit. The image processing unit has a lookup table. The... Agent: Altek Corporation

20140192320 - Image capturing apparatus and capturing method: An image capturing apparatus including a plurality of image sensing modules and at least a light source is provided for capturing an image of an eye. Each of the image sensing modules includes an image sensor and a lens. The light source emits an illumination light, and the illumination light... Agent: Altek Corporation

20140192322 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus configured to capture an image of an object to be detected is provided. The imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit, a lens, and a front cover. The lens is located on the imaging unit and has a first optical axis. The front cover is rotatably connected to... Agent: Altek Corporation

20140192324 - Spectral domain optical coherence tomography system: An optical coherence tomography device is disclosed for improved imaging. Reduced levels of speckle in the images generated by the device are obtained by forming a B-scan from a plurality of A-scans, wherein each resolution cell of the B-scan is generated through compounding of a subset of the A-scans and... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.

20140192325 - Systems and methods for detecting blink inhibition as a marker of engagement and perceived stimulus salience: The present systems and methods provide a mechanism to assess viewer behavior, features of stimuli, and the interaction between viewer behavior and stimuli. The systems and methods described herein for quantifying blink response and blink inhibition provide moment-by-moments measurements of viewer engagement by measuring what is or is not engaging... Agent:

20140192326 - Quantitative, non-invasive, clinical diagnosis of traumatic brain injury using vog device for neurologic testing: A portable VOG device is disclosed that will facilitate the effective and efficient screening for TBI in military personnel in forward deployed military settings or remote locations using minimally trained staff. This includes the establishment of a protocol that will provide cost effective pre-screening of military personnel prior to deployment... Agent:

20140192327 - Prosthetic lenses and methods of making the same: A method of obtaining an impression of an eye, the method comprises preparing an impression material, contacting the impression material with an eye of a subject, obtaining an impression of the eye on the impression material, creating an indication of the orientation of the impression with respect to the eye,... Agent: Eyeprint Prosthetics LLC

07/03/2014 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140185001 - Eyewear with lens retention feature and method of manufacture: Eyewear includes a set of lenses, a frame, and a pair of arms. A primary attachment feature facilitates attachment of the arms to the frames. A secondary attachment feature facilitates attachment of the arms to the frames in case the primary attachment feature becomes partially or wholly dysfunctional. A concealment... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20140185002 - Eyewear and eyewear frames with contoured temples: Eyewear and eyewear frames are described, which may include temples having a contoured profile for a cooperating fit, for example, with circumaural headsets. Eyewear frames according to the examples herein may include a pair of temples coupled to a front portion of a frame, each of the temples having a... Agent: Smith Optics, Inc.

20140185003 - Lighted reading glasses: Lighted eyewear is described that projects light forwardly thereof. The eyewear includes a cross frame portion with temple arm portions extending rearwardly therefrom. Light mounts at forward portions of the temple arm portions include a forward opening and an interior space. Light emitting diodes are received in the interior space... Agent:

20140185005 - Comfortable ophthalmic device and methods of its production: This invention relates to comfortable ophthalmic devices and methods of producing such devices.... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140185004 - Adjustable spectral transmittance eyewear: Embodiments of the present invention relate to eyewear having an electrically switchable spectral transmittance lens(es). The eyewear includes a lens driver that controls the variable spectral transmittance lens(es). The lens driver is functional to alter a duration of a spectral transmittance state based on a desired frequency and/or duty cycle... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140185008 - Aberration correction method, photographing method and photographing apparatus: A fundus image photographing apparatus with adaptive optics generally corrects an aberration by feedback control using a wave front sensor and a wave front correction device. The reduction in the time required to correct the aberration to a high-resolution photographing level is demanded. Aberration correction information of last photographing is... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140185006 - Image forming apparatus, image forming method, program, and ophthalmic apparatus: A distortion in an image, which occurs when the image is formed by scanning a retina with a resonance scanner, is reduced. An image forming apparatus for forming an image of an object to be inspected includes: a detecting unit for detecting signals relating to a resonance scanner which is... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140185007 - Image processing apparatus and method of controlling same: An ophthalmological apparatus includes a first acquiring unit configured to acquire a first eye fundus image of an eye to be examined on basis of return light from the eye to be examined having a corrected aberration of the eye to be examined, a second acquiring unit configured to acquire... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140185009 - Ophthalmological apparatus, alignment method, and non-transitory recording medium: An ophthalmological apparatus includes an image acquisition unit configured to acquire images of different magnifications, a decision unit configured to decide, based on at least the acquired images or capture conditions of the acquired images, a method for capturing an image of an intermediate magnification that is between the magnifications... Agent:

20140185010 - Method and a device for monitoring pupil: The invention provides a method of monitoring the pupil of a subject, wherein a sensor for observing the pupil is arranged between the cornea and the eyelid covering the cornea, the sensor is powered through the eyelid, and the pupil-observation signals delivered by the sensor are collected through the eyelid.... Agent: Idmed

20140185011 - Ophthalmoscopes: e

20140185012 - Optometry apparatus: An optometry apparatus includes; a housing accommodating a concave mirror disposed on a reference axis; and a display disposed outside the housing and out of the reference axis for projecting a target light flux onto the concave mirror. The concave mirror is configured to reflect the target light flux output... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

06/26/2014 > 13 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140176897 - Swimming glasses: A swimming glasses is provided. The swimming glasses includes a first lens, a second lens, a spectacle frame connecting the first lens to the second lens, a pad joined to the first lens and the second lens and contacting tightly with skin of eye sockets, a head band joined to... Agent: Tian Hui Silicone(shen Zhen) Co., Ltd

20140176898 - Attachable/detachable covering lens: An attachable/detachable covering lens for covering eyeglass lenses is disclosed. A transparent optical material is suitably shaped to cover at least a portion of an eyeglass lens. The transparent optical material is coupled to the eyeglass lens by adhering means. The adhering means may comprise a viscosity of the transparent... Agent:

20140176899 - Structure of diamond-embedded earpiece and eyeglass and diamond-embedding method thereof: A structure of a diamond-inlaid eyeglass temple includes an eyeglass temple body (1) and an elastomer (3) set thereon. The elastomer (3) has an elastic tendency to bend inwardly and the two external sides thereof are connected, respectively, to a first holding device (4) and a second holding device (5)... Agent: Wenzhou Bada Optical Co., Ltd.

20140176900 - Method and algorithm for designing custom optics: Provided herein is a computer program product comprising a non-transitory computer-readable medium storing an algorithm to optimize a wavefront guided correction for a custom ophthalmic lens. The correction is determined from inputs of quantified wavefront error and registration uncertainty and a metric predictive of a visual performance task of interest... Agent:

20140176901 - Method for designing and machining an ophthalmic lens, method for manufacturing a bevelled lens and corresponding lenses: A central area of a lens is defined with a central perimeter coinciding with a perimeter of a frame, a temporal line divides the central area into a nasal area and a temporal area, a useful perimeter is formed from the nasal area and the temporal line, a useful area... Agent:

20140176902 - Shutter and polarized eyewear: Apparatuses and methods of shuttering glasses are disclosed. One apparatus includes a first lens operable to blank for a first blocking time, wherein light passing through the first lens is polarized in a first orientation, a second lens operable to blank for a second blocking time, wherein light passing through... Agent: Ipventure, Inc.

20140176907 - Aberration correcting method and aberration correcting apparatus: Aberration is measured as phase information at each of a plurality of aberration measurement points, and at the time of correcting the aberration with correction pixels of an aberration correction unit of which the number is greater than the number of the plurality of aberration measurement points, correction pixels corresponding... Agent:

20140176908 - Apparatus and method for detecting amyloid in a retina in a diagnosis, advancement, and prognosing of alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injury, macular degeneration and a plurality of neurodegenerative dissorders and ocular diseases: An eye imaging apparatus to produce an image of an eye of a patient user is disclosed. The eye imaging apparatus may include a video camera, a slit lamp chinrest, a camera housing, a plurality of illumination source optics and a processing system. The eye imaging apparatus may also include... Agent:

20140176905 - Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, and image processing computer program: An image processing apparatus according to the present invention includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire a tomography image of a target to be captured, a detection unit configured to detect layer boundaries of a plurality of layers sequentially positioned in the depth direction from the acquired tomography image, and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140176904 - Ophthalmic aberrometer capable of subjective refraction: The present invention contemplates an ophthalmic aberrometer combining measurements of wavefront aberrations and subjective refraction into a single instrument and refers both measurements to the same corneal plane The present invention also contemplates an ophthalmic aberrometer employing an open field and subjective correction to overcome instrument myopia and to ensure... Agent:

20140176906 - Systems and methods for balancing infrared illumination in eye imaging: The field of the invention relates to systems and methods for eye imaging and, more particularly, for balancing illuminations in eye imaging. An asymmetric illumination method to compensate for the imbalance illumination caused by nose reflection is described. In one embodiment, a method for balancing illuminations in eye imaging comprises... Agent: Amo Development LLC.

20140176903 - Two-dimensional confocal imaging using oct light source and scan optics: Various approaches are disclosed for simultaneously generating optical coherence tomography (OCT) and confocal scanning laser images by spatially separating the signal normally used for OCT imaging with selective reflecting or beam directing devices. In one preferred embodiment, the invention includes a minor having a central transmission region, such that the... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.

20140176909 - Portable diopter meter: An inexpensive, easy-to-use self-refracting device which adjusts to continuously variable prescription corrections for a patient. In preferred embodiments specially designed gear arrangements, controlled by control knobs, moves one lens relative to the other or both lenses relative to each other in directions perpendicular to the viewing direction. The patient turns... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140168597 - Brandable shutter eyewear apparatus: A shutter eyewear apparatus 10, comprises an orbital frame 12, the orbital frame 12 itself comprising a left orbital aspect 12L and a right orbital aspect 12R, multiple strut members 14 within the orbital aspects, a left wing and right wing, the wings 16 having a width of at least... Agent:

20140168598 - Eyewear attachment device: A sweat wicking and glare reducing eyeglass attachment is provided that is adapted to secure to the upper surfaces of a pair of eyeglasses or pair of sunglasses. The attachment comprises a U-shaped frame having a frontal portion and a pair of side portions, wherein the cross section of the... Agent:

20140168599 - Adjustable eyewear: Eyewear includes a frame front (14) having first and second sides (26, 28) to which are attached respective first and second temple arms (40, 42). The frame front is pivotally coupled to the temple arms to provide multiple tilt adjustment positions that enable a person wearing the eyewear to rotate... Agent: Ziba Labs LLC

20140168600 - Ophthalmic lens comprising a unique lens identification code: An ophthalmic lens (1) has a concave front surface (2) and a convex rear surface, each of the front and rear surfaces comprising a central optical zone (4) which is surrounded by a peripheral zone (3). The ophthalmic lens (1) further comprises a unique lens identification code which is arranged... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140168601 - Apparatus and method for activation of components of an energized ophthalmic lens: This present invention provides apparatus and methods for the activation of an energized ophthalmic lens. In some embodiments, the present invention provides for activation and deactivation of one or more components via wireless communication with an activation unit external to the ophthalmic lens. In some embodiments, an energized ophthalmic lens... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20140168602 - Multi-ring lens, systems and methods for extended depth of focus: Systems and methods for providing enhanced image quality across a wide and extended range of foci encompass vision treatment techniques and ophthalmic lenses such as contact lenses and intraocular lenses (IOLs). Exemplary IOL optics can include an aspheric refractive profile imposed on a first or second lens surface, and a... Agent:

20140168603 - Systems and methods for creating aberration-corrected gradient index lenses: Embodiments include methods, systems, and/or devices that may be used to create aberration-corrected gradient index lenses. In some embodiments, data related to aberration measurements is received. This data is processed and an inverse map is generated to compensate for the aberration measurements. An intensity pattern corresponding to the inverse map... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

20140168604 - Ophthalmology apparatus and method of controlling ophthalmology apparatus: An ophthalmology apparatus includes: an aberration measuring unit configured to measure an aberration of an eye to be examined on the basis of returned light from the eye to be examined irradiated with measurement light, and a change unit configured to change a size of an irradiating area in the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140168605 - Large diopter range real time sequential wavefront sensor: Example embodiments of a large dynamic range sequential wavefront sensor for vision correction or assessment procedures are disclosed. An example embodiment optically relays a wavefront from an eye pupil or corneal plane to a wavefront sampling plane in such a manner that somewhere in the relaying process, the wavefront beam... Agent: Clarity Medical Systems, Inc.

20140168606 - Interactive medical diagnosing with portable consumer devices: Medical tests and examinations are performed with consumer computing devices. The medical tests and examinations are selected and customized in accordance with conditions present in the testing environment, as well as physical characteristics of a user taking the test. The tests can include visual acuity tests, colorblindness tests and other... Agent: Orca Health, Inc.

20140168607 - Eyeglasses-wearing simulation method, program, device, eyeglass lens-ordering system and eyeglass lens manufacturing method: An eyeglasses-wearing simulation method comprising: a step of creating a pair of left and right original images for enabling a patient to perform stereoscopic viewing by utilizing binocular parallax, based on virtual scene data constituted by virtual objects placed in visual field spaces of the left and right eyes; a... Agent:

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