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04/16/2015 > 129 patent applications in 85 patent subcategories.

20150103132 - Method for connecting a man-machine interface to a video conferencing system: The invention relates to a method for connecting at least one man-machine interface for manipulating, particularly remotely manipulating, at least one data source connected to a video conferencing system within the scope of video conferences, wherein signals generated by the man-machine interface are transmitted to the video conferencing system via... Agent:

20150103131 - Systems and methods for real-time efficient navigation of video streams: Described are systems and methods that allow a video conference participant to efficiently review semantically meaningful events within the video streams shared by their peers. Because participants are engaged in real-time communication, it is important to provide tools that let them quickly jump back to past events that were shown... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150103135 - Compositing pairs of image frames from different cameras of a mobile device to generate a video stream: Some embodiments provide a novel method for in-conference adjustment of encoded video pictures captured by a mobile device having at least first and second cameras. The method may involve real-time modifications of composite video displays that are generated by the mobile devices involved in such a conference. Specifically, in some... Agent:

20150103133 - Personal control apparatus and method for sharing information in a collaborative workspace: An apparatus and assembly for selecting information from a video source to be displayed on at least a first common display screen in a collaborative workspace having a switching device, the apparatus comprising a control interface that includes at least a first indicator that can visually indicate at least first,... Agent:

20150103134 - Video conversation method, video conversation terminal, and video conversation system: Described are a video conversation method, a video conversation terminal, and a video conversation system. The video conversation method includes: the first conversation terminal sending an effect change request to a second conversation terminal; the second conversation terminal changing effect to current local video data of the second conversation terminal... Agent:

20150103136 - Methods and systems for multi-factor authentication in secure media-based conferencing: Methods and apparatuses, including computer program products, are described for multi-factor authentication of media-based (e.g., video and/or audio) conferencing between a plurality of end point devices. The methods and apparatuses provide for analysis of an end point media stream using a matrix of authentication factors, where the authentication factors include... Agent:

20150103137 - System and method for real-time adaptation of a conferencing system to current conditions of a conference session: A system and method provide a rule-based technique for adapting a videoconferencing system to current conditions of a conference session, automatically converting the session from one conferencing technique to another, based on those current conditions. Rules may involve criteria including number of participants, ability to use a common codex, among... Agent:

20150103138 - Methods and devices for video communication: The present disclosure relates to methods and devices for video communication. The methods include: configuration information of an objective terminal in video communication is obtained; a corresponding camera resolution is selected as a resolution for sampling video according to the configuration information; a video is sampled according to the resolution... Agent: Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd.

20150103139 - Photograph shooting method and electronic device: A method for taking a photograph and corresponding device are provided. The method includes: determining a shooting focal distance and a shooting visual angle (101); shooting at least two photographs, comprising all objects required to be shot in an area of the shooting visual angle, according to the shooting focal... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150103140 - Volume holographic imaging system (vhis) endoscope: Provided are modular volume holographic imaging system (VHIS) endoscopic systems, comprising: an endoscope attachment module having a microscope objective lens, a single or cascaded compensated relay system configured to preserve an optical wavefront for use with a single or multiplexed volume hologram to select wavefronts originating from different object depths,... Agent: The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona

20150103141 - Apparatus for measuring interior temperature of vehicle using 3d thermal image: An apparatus for measuring interior temperature of a vehicle using a 3D thermal image may include: a pair of stereo infrared (IR) sensors arranged at the front of the vehicle interior so as to be spaced from each other, and configured to measure 2D thermal images for the vehicle interior... Agent: Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.

20150103142 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for blending multimedia content: In an example embodiment a method, apparatus and computer program product are provided. The method includes facilitating access to a plurality of source multimedia content, wherein at least one source multimedia of the plurality of source multimedia content comprises corresponding depth information. The method further includes generating a blend map... Agent:

20150103143 - Calibration system of a stereo camera and calibration method of a stereo camera: A calibration method of a stereo camera includes optionally setting a plurality of camera calibration parameters and a plurality of image rectification parameters of the stereo camera; executing an image capture step on at least one left eye pattern and at least one right eye pattern corresponding to each two-dimensional... Agent:

20150103145 - Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, and image processing method: An image processing apparatus includes an image acquisition unit that acquires a plurality of images, a corresponding point acquisition unit, a first fundamental matrix calculation unit, a depth calculation unit, a corresponding point extraction unit, and a fundamental matrix determination unit. The corresponding point acquisition unit acquires a plurality of... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150103144 - Image processing device, imaging device, and image processing program: An image processing apparatus is provided, that is configured to: extract a first pixel value corresponding to a first viewpoint that is one of a plurality of viewpoints to capture a subject image, at a target pixel position from image data having the first pixel value; extract second and third... Agent:

20150103146 - Conversion of at least one non-stereo camera into a stereo camera: Methods, apparatuses, and devices are described for converting non-stereo cameras into a stereo camera. At least one optical element may be used to temporarily change an effective position and an effective orientation of a first non-stereo camera. The changed effective position may be displaced from an effective position of a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150103147 - Image calibration system and calibration method of a stereo camera: A calibration method of a stereo camera includes controlling a left eye image capture unit and a right eye image capture unit of the stereo camera to execute an image capture operation on a calibration pattern with a plurality of feature points to generate a left eye image and a... Agent:

20150103148 - Method and apparatus for three-dimensional measurement and image processing device: A three-dimensional measurement apparatus comprises first and second imaging units, with a baseline length, a feature point detector, a corresponding point detector, a rotation matrix calculator, a translation matrix calculator, an epipolar line calculator, an evaluator, and a data calculator. The rotation matrix calculator and the translation matrix calculator calculate... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150103149 - Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for selecting image capture positions to generate three-dimensional images: Methods, systems, and computer program products for selecting image capture positions to generate three-dimensional images are disclosed herein. According to one aspect, a method includes determining a plurality of first guides associated with a first still image of a scene. The method can also include displaying a real-time image of... Agent:

20150103150 - Information processing method and electronic device: An information processing method and electronic device, the method comprising: displaying on a first device a first target object as a first display parameter; when the first target object is displayed as the first display parameter, a user of the electronic device can perceive a first perceptible distance to the... Agent: Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.

20150103151 - Two imager projection device: The present disclosure describes optical elements and optical devices that use the optical elements to allow the output of two imagers to be combined onto a single optical axis. Each of the two imagers can be based on alternate polarization directions, and the disclosed embodiments can enable high contrast 3D... Agent:

20150103152 - Head-mounted stereoscopic display: The present invention provides a head-mounted stereoscopic display comprises a head-mounted base unit, a single display unit arranged on the side facing away from the human face inside the head-mounted base unit for presenting images to human eyes, optical magnifying lens which are arranged on the side near the human... Agent:

20150103153 - Shutter control system and image apparatus including the same: An image apparatus with reduced three-dimensional (3D) crosstalk includes a shutter control system including an infrared (IR) signal transmitter configured to receive from a display device for displaying two or more light-off sections and two or more light-on sections arranged alternately in one image frame, information corresponding to the light-off... Agent:

20150103154 - Dual audio video output devices with one device configured for the sensory impaired: An apparatus includes at least one processor and at least one computer readable storage medium. The computer readable storage medium is accessible to the processor and bears instructions which when executed by the processor cause the processor to receive input representing visual, audio and/or cognitive capabilities of a first person... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150103155 - Electronic eyebox: Methods and apparatus for automatically expanding the eyebox of an optical imaging device by tracking the movement of an operator's eye, and automatically repositioning the exit pupil of the optical imaging device to follow the movement of the eye.... Agent: Raytheon Canada Limited

20150103157 - Color degradation compensation method: A color degradation compensation method is provided. The color degradation compensation method includes the steps as follows. Two images are captured by an image capturing device, wherein the two images have an overlapped area. A calculating procedure is constructed. At least one position in the overlapped area is selected and... Agent: National Chung Cheng University

20150103156 - System and method for controlling a tracking autofocus (taf) sensor in a machine vision inspection system: A method is provided for controlling a Tracking AutoFocus (TAF) portion of a machine vision inspection system including an imaging portion, a movable workpiece stage, a control portion, and graphical user interface (GUI). The TAF portion automatically adjusts a focus position of the imaging portion to focus at a Z... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20150103158 - Attachable wireless micro-camera and software: A wireless micro-camera is present on an expandable band that can be placed on various tools and devices to allow its user to view difficult-to-see locations on the screen of the user's smart device. The band can also include a light and charging mechanism.... Agent:

20150103159 - Forward-facing multi-imaging system for navigating a vehicle: Systems and methods use cameras to provide autonomous navigation features. In one implementation, a driver-assist system is provided for a vehicle. The system may include one or more image capture devices configured to acquire images of an area forward of the vehicle. The system may also include at least one... Agent: Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd.

20150103160 - Method and apparatus for detection of defective brakes: A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and apparatus for detecting defective brakes are disclosed. For example, the method detects that a wheel of a vehicle is in a position to be read by an infrared (IR) thermometer, signals the IR thermometer to take a temperature measurement of a brake of... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150103161 - Device for contactlessly testing passive routing substrates: A device is provided for detecting passive routing substrates. Thermal behavior deference before and after an passive routing substrate is damaged is used. Thus, a batch of passive routing substrates can be detected. The present invention does not run functional test. In addition, the passive routing substrates are not contacted... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20150103162 - System of quickly generating a relationship table of distance to disparity of a camera and related method thereof: A method of quickly generating a relationship table of distance to disparity of a camera includes a display displaying a plurality of predetermined pattern groups generated by a host, wherein each predetermined pattern group of the plurality of predetermined pattern groups corresponds to a predetermined distance, at least two image... Agent:

20150103163 - Apparatus, method, and processor for measuring change in distance between a camera and an object: Provided is an apparatus for measuring a distance change, the apparatus including an information acquisition unit, an object determination unit, a feature point determination unit, an optical flow calculator, a matching point determination unit, an object length change calculator that calculates a length change ratio between an object of a... Agent:

20150103167 - Integrated internet camera system and method: An Internet direct device comprises an imaging system to capture at least one of audio, still images and video images, and a microprocessor. The microprocessor transmits at least one of the captured audio, the captured still images and the captured video images to a website archive and review center and/or... Agent:

20150103164 - Lifelogging device, lifelogging system and method of controlling a wearable lifelogging device: A wearable lifelogging device for generating and associating image data, time data and location data. The device comprises a positioning sensor for receiving a geographic position signal and generating the location data, a motion sensor for generating motion data, a timer for generating the time data, a camera device for... Agent:

20150103165 - Method and apparatus for managing provisioning of an imaging system: Embodiments of the present disclosure include a system and a method of accessing a system. An embodiment is a system including an imaging system including a controller and a first camera, the controller having a communication connection configured to transmit or receive content or control signals, and a mobile device... Agent:

20150103166 - Super resolution imaging and tracking system: In one aspect, the present invention provides an imaging system, which includes an optical system for collecting light from a field of view and directing it to an image plane. One or more image detecting elements are disposed on a movable platform coupled to the image plane. The image detecting... Agent:

20150103168 - True space tracking of axisymmetric object flight using diameter measurement: Methods and apparatus for determining a trajectory of a axisymmetric object in 3-D physical space using a digital camera which records 2-D image data are described. In particular, based upon i) a characteristic length of the axisymmetric object, ii) a physical position of the camera determined from sensors associated with... Agent: Pillar Vision, Inc.

20150103169 - Oscillatory motion compensation in frequency domain in image motion sensing systems: A system and a method for processing multi-linear image data by measuring a relative oscillatory motion from a first-imaged array of the multi-linear optical array to a second-imaged array of the multi-linear optical array as a first function in time domain via image correlation; transforming the first function from the... Agent:

20150103171 - Camera position recognition system: Disclosed is a camera position recognition system including a smart key module which transmits/receives a wireless signal to recognize a smart key; one or more camera modules which receive the wireless signal of the smart key module to obtain an image around a vehicle; an around view module which controls... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150103174 - Display control apparatus, method, recording medium, and vehicle: A method capable of causing a driver to recognize multiple objects to which attention should be paid without requiring sight line shift of the driver is for a video system including a recognition unit that recognizes a moving body existing in a foreground of a user and a display source... Agent:

20150103170 - Image capturing and automatic labeling system: A vehicle image capture and labeling system operates to enable a user to capture vehicle photos, pictures, and/or images that are automatically labeled, i.e., annotated. In particular, the captured vehicle photos, pictures, or images are automatically labeled with certain vehicle identifier information, like a vehicle identification number (VIN), and pose... Agent: Ccc Information Services

20150103172 - Image processing apparatus and method: An image processing apparatus includes a first field-of-view converting unit configured to convert an image of a first camera, which is equipped in a vehicle and arranged to include a portion of a vehicle body in an image capturing range, into an image having an arbitrary field-of-view within a field-of-view... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150103175 - Safety alarm system and method for vehicle: A safety alarm system for a vehicle including: a sensor module configured to output an open signal when a vehicle door is opened; an image photographing module configured to output first and second vehicle surrounding image obtained by sequentially photographing a vehicle surrounding area; and a control module configured to... Agent:

20150103173 - Synthesized image generation device: In a synthesized image generation device, an image processing section receives acquired images transmitted from in-vehicle cameras, and selects some of the acquired images having different image acquiring regions which are not overlapped with each other. The image processing section generates synthesized image data on the basis of the selected... Agent:

20150103176 - Multi-scene monitoring system: The objective of the present invention is to provide a multi-scene monitoring system for decreasing the installing cost of the whole system, wherein the monitoring system transmits digital signals through an internet, and an internal communication device, a gate-end operating device, and a card authenticating device only need to connect... Agent:

20150103177 - System for remote communications between scout camera and scout device: A scout system having a wearable article with a camera coupled to a remote handset device such that captured video data is compressed prior to transmission to the remotely coupled handset device. Having a wired transmission channel between a wearable article with a camera allows a user to wear the... Agent:

20150103179 - Network video recorder system: An apparatus and method is presented for network video management and recording of video signals and video analytics generated by a network of IP-enabled cameras. A set of IP cameras are connected in a LAN to a network video recorder further connected by LAN or WAN to a set of... Agent:

20150103180 - Remotely operating a machine using a communication device: Methods, devices and systems for remotely operating a machine using a communication device. In one aspect, a method includes generating images showing at least one operating range of the machine by using at least one camera of the machine, transmitting the generated images and an image of an operating surface... Agent:

20150103178 - Surveillance camera control device and video surveillance system: A video surveillance system includes a plurality of cameras which pick up images in a surveillance area, and a recognition unit which detects an object from videos acquired by the plurality of cameras. In the case where an object is detected in a surveillance area where images are picked up... Agent:

20150103181 - Auto-flat field for image acquisition: Image correction may comprise acquiring a pixel value for each pixel in a raw image of a sample; obtaining a corresponding filtered pixel value for each pixel in the raw image by applying a filtering function to a subset of pixels in a window surrounding each pixel; obtaining pixel values... Agent: Checkpoint Technologies LLC

20150103182 - Infrared optical system, infrared image capturing apparatus: There is provided an infrared optical system includes a light collecting lens having a curved light collecting surface for collecting infrared light incident from an object side, the lens being made of resin having a stepped shape being gradually deeper from periphery to center; and an optical path length correction... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150103185 - Device for tracking adjustment and tracking adjustment method: A device for tracking adjustment comprising a zoom instruction input device, a focus instruction input device, a tracking instruction input device, an image signal obtaining device, a determining device which determines whether a state is a first adjustment state in which the zoom lens is set by the zoom instruction... Agent:

20150103183 - Method and apparatus for device orientation tracking using a visual gyroscope: A method for tracking device orientation on a portable device is disclosed. The method comprises initializing a device orientation to a sensor orientation, wherein the sensor orientation is based on information from an inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor. It also comprises initiating visual tracking using a camera on the portable... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150103184 - Method and system for visual tracking of a subject for automatic metering using a mobile device: Embodiments of the present invention provide a novel solution that enables mobile devices to continuously track interesting subjects by creating dynamic visual models that can be used to detect and track subjects in-real time through total occlusion or even if a subject temporarily leaves the mobile device's field of view.... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150103186 - Testing system and method thereof: A testing system and a method thereof are provided. The testing system includes an audio/video playback apparatus and a testing apparatus. The audio/video playback apparatus is configured to receive an audio/video signal, and analyze the audio/video signal to generate a signal analysis result and a processed audio/video signal. The processed... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150103187 - Method and system for adjusting performance of video camera for thermal control: A system and method for adjusting operating parameters of a video camera in response to detected temperatures uses temperature sensors that detect temperatures of the components within the video camera and an external temperature for an area surrounding the video camera. These temperatures are combined to determine an operating temperature... Agent:

20150103188 - System and method for taking and sharing photographs in a photo kiosk: A system and a method for taking photographs in a photo kiosk and sharing the photographs with others using a mobile device loaded with a specialized application. When the user is in the vicinity of a photo kiosk, the mobile device wirelessly connects with the photo kiosk. The user's mobile... Agent:

20150103195 - Camera module and portable electronic device including the same: A camera module may include a fixed part, and a driving part moved relatively with respect to the fixed part in a direction perpendicular to an optical axis direction. The driving part and the fixed part may be disposed to be spaced apart from each other in the optical axis... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150103189 - Applying video stabilization to a multimedia clip: In one embodiment, a method includes determining one or more motions of a camera, where the motions correspond to movements of the camera during recording of a multimedia clip. The method also includes determining one or more amounts of light present during the recording, and from the determined motions and... Agent: Facebook, Inc.

20150103190 - Image acquisition method and apparatus with mems optical image stabilization (ois): An image acquisition sensor of a digital image acquisition apparatus is coupled to imaging optics for acquiring a sequence of images. Images acquired by the sensor are stored. A motion detector causes the sensor to cease capture of an image when the degree of movement in acquiring the image exceeds... Agent:

20150103191 - Imaging apparatus and detecting apparatus: An imaging apparatus and a detecting apparatus are provided. The imaging apparatus includes the following elements: an imaging part for imaging the light condensed by an optical system and for generating image data; a first sensor for detecting a first angular velocity, i.e. an angular velocity around a first axis,... Agent:

20150103192 - Refocusable images: Embodiments of the present invention are directed toward providing refocusable image. Refocusable images are images that, after being captured, can be refocused, or adjusted to have a different focal length. The embodiments described herein can utilize a mobile user device, such as a smartphone, without the need for specialized hardware.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150103194 - Image pickup apparatus and control method: An image pickup apparatus includes a shake detecting unit configured to detect a shake of the image pickup apparatus; and a first optical correcting unit and a second optical correcting unit configured to correct optically an image shake by using a shake signal output from the shake detecting unit, wherein... Agent:

20150103193 - Method and apparatus for long term image exposure with image stabilization on a mobile device: A method for displaying a live preview image on a mobile device is disclosed. The method comprises computing a history color value and confidence value for each pixel of a sensor of a camera on the device. Further, it comprises obtaining a new frame of pixels from the camera. Subsequently,... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150103196 - Imaging apparatus, operation control terminal device, operation control system and computer readable medium for operation control: An imaging apparatus, comprising: a communication unit configured to communicate with an external device; an operation control unit configured to control execution of predetermined operation concerning photographing in accordance with a control signal received from the external device; and a detection unit configured to detect disconnection of communication with the... Agent:

20150103197 - Technique for view synthesis: A technique for computing an image of a virtual view based on a plurality of camera views is presented. One or more cameras provide the plurality of camera views. As to a method aspect of the technique, two or three camera views that at least partially overlap and that at... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150103198 - Imaging device and imaging method: An imaging device includes a moving image special effect image processing unit that performs image processing of applying a first special effect causing a visual effect over a plurality of frames corresponding to image data of a moving image, and image processing of applying a second special effect corresponding to... Agent:

20150103199 - Method of producing compact descriptors from interest points of digital images, corresponding system, apparatus and computer program product: Compact descriptors of digital images are produced by detecting interest points representative of the digital images and selecting out of the interest points key points for producing e.g. local and global compact descriptors of the images. The digital images are decomposed into blocks by computing an energy (variance) for each... Agent:

20150103200 - Heterogeneous mix of sensors and calibration thereof: Aspects of calibration of sensors are described. In one embodiment, a characteristic associated with a first or a second sensor is identified. The characteristic may be identified before or after assembly of a device including the first and second sensors. In turn, an operating characteristic of at least one of... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150103201 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program and imaging apparatus: An image processing apparatus with at least one circuit provided to perform a process of determining a candidate color region including at least a partial region in an image using color information of an input image signal, prompt a user to select an extraction color region in case a plurality... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150103202 - Image display apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and method of controlling image display apparatus: An image display apparatus which displays an image, and selectively reads out one of a RAW image and a first developed image obtained by performing a developing process and a compression process for the RAW image, as a candidate image to be displayed following a currently displayed image, from a... Agent:

20150103203 - Titling apparatus, a titling method, and a machine readable medium storing thereon a computer program for titling: It is an object of the present invention to provide a titling apparatus which can give a title proper for a user to an image. A titling apparatus for giving a title to a captured image includes a captured image storing unit for storing a captured image group include a... Agent:

20150103204 - Image processing device and method capable of displaying high-quality image while preventing display delay, and image pickup apparatus: An image processing device capable of preventing display delay and displaying an image with high quality while reducing processing load on the device. A simple developer generates a first developed image by developing a RAW image. A high-image quality developer generates a second developed image by developing the RAW image... Agent:

20150103205 - Method of controlling digital apparatus and image capture method by recognition of hand shape, and apparatus therefor: A digital apparatus is provided. The digital apparatus includes an image acquisition unit configured to acquire an image of a user and a controller configured to recognize a hand shape in the acquired image of the user and to perform a function corresponding to the recognized hand shape.... Agent:

20150103206 - Imaging device and imaging method: An imaging device includes a controller; an image sensor connected to the controller and outputting RAW data; and a memory connected to the controller. The image sensor is configured to output the RAW data to the controller at a predetermined pixel output rate. The controller generates first image data by... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150103207 - Apparatus, method for controlling apparatus, and program: An apparatus for communicating with an external apparatus through a network includes an image capture unit configured to capture an image of a subject, a superimposing unit configured to superimpose a character upon the captured image, a reception unit configured to receive color information indicating a color relating to the... Agent:

20150103209 - Flicker compensation method using two frames: A flicker compensation method for images taken by an image sensor operating in rolling-shutter mode may include capturing a first image and capturing a second image offset in time from the first image by an integer or zero number of flicker periods, plus half a flicker period. The method may... Agent:

20150103208 - Image output apparatus and image output method: An image output apparatus includes a first synthesis processing unit configured to generate a first synthetic image for display through a synthesis process and output the first synthetic image, a second synthesis processing unit configured to generate a second synthetic image for synthesis through a synthesis process and cause the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150103210 - Image processing device, imaging device, computer readable medium and image processing method: An image processing device includes a generation unit that generates a first display image on the basis of image signals from an imaging element that includes first and second pixel groups at which a subject image is pupil-divided and formed, and a second display image to be used for focus... Agent:

20150103211 - Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera: A zoom lens system, in order from an object side to an image side, comprising: a first lens unit having positive optical power; a second lens unit having negative optical power; a third lens unit having positive optical power; a fourth lens unit having negative optical power; a fifth lens... Agent:

20150103212 - Image processing device, method of processing image, and program: There are provided a device and method that correct a false color occurring in a locally highlighted region in an image. A false color pixel is detected in data conversion processing of generating an RGB array image from an RGBW array image, low-band signals corresponding to respective RGBW colors that... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150103213 - Method for reducing smear effect in image capturing device: A device and a method for reducing a smear effect. The device comprises an image sensing module and a smear reduction module. The image sensing module captures an image and optical black data generated from the optical area of the image sensing module. The smear reduction module searches the optical... Agent: Altek Corporation

20150103214 - Image sharpening processing method and apparatus, and shooting terminal: An image sharpening processing method and apparatus, and a shooting terminal, where the method includes acquiring to-be-processed image; performing edge-preserving filtering processing on the image to obtain base image information and detail image information, where the base image information includes image edge information; determining, according to the image edge information,... Agent:

20150103215 - Image processing device, image processing method, and image pickup device: Disclosed herein is an image processing device including a subband dividing section configured to perform subband division of image data of a color whose pixel positions are alternately shifted from each other, the image data being included in image data output from an image pickup element of a pixel arrangement... Agent:

20150103216 - Image processing device and method and imaging apparatus: An image processing device according to the invention includes: a lens information acquisition unit; a color mixture information determination unit; mosaic image acquisition unit that, when the color mixture information determination unit determines that the color mixture information is unidentified, reads, from the color imaging element, a second mosaic image... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150103217 - Camera and method of controlling operation of same: It is arranged so that the user of a camera will not experience a sense of incongruity when the camera is switched between an optical viewfinder and an electronic viewfinder. When the electronic viewfinder function is set, the image of a subject captured by a solid-state electronic image sensing device... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150103219 - Solid-state imaging device: A pixel unit included in a sensor chip includes: a first pixel connected to a first feedback amplifier which is connected to a first column signal line as an input line and a first reset drain line as an output line; and a second pixel connected to a second feedback... Agent:

20150103218 - Solid-state imaging device and camera system: A solid-state imaging device and a camera system are disclosed. The solid-state imaging device includes a pixel unit and a pixel signal readout circuit. The pixel signal readout circuit includes a plurality of comparators disposed to correspond to a pixel column array, and a plurality of counters. Each counter includes... Agent:

20150103220 - Calibration in multiple slope column parallel analog-to-digital conversion for image sensors: An apparatus includes analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion circuitry coupled to a pixel array. The A/D conversion circuitry includes a voltage ramp generator and a set of column A/D conversion circuits. The voltage ramp generator generates a single slope voltage ramp in a first state and a multiple slope voltage ramp in... Agent:

20150103221 - Imaging sensor, imaging apparatus, electronic device, and imaging method: There is provided an image sensor including at least three pixel transfer control signal lines, on a per line basis, configured to control exposure start and end timings of a pixel in order for exposure timings of a plurality of the pixels constituting one line in a specific direction to... Agent:

20150103222 - Method for adjusting preview area and electronic device thereof: An operating method of adjusting a preview area of images of an electronic device equipped with a dual camera is provided. The method includes determining whether a coordinate value of a current frame and an immediately previous frame among a plurality of frames configuring a first image has a change... Agent:

20150103223 - Photographing device for displaying a manual focus guide and method thereof: A photographing device is disclosed. The photographing device includes a display configured to display live view of a subject, a focus adjuster configured to adjust a focus in a manual focus mode according to a user manipulation, a focus calculator configured to automatically calculate a target focus which corresponds to... Agent:

20150103224 - Electronic device having camera and method for operating the same: Disclosed herein is a method of operating an electronic device having a camera. The electronic device includes a camera, a display unit, a sensor unit configured to detect an external event value, an image processor configured to process data received through the camera into a preview image, and a main... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150103225 - Optical image capturing system, image capturing device and mobile terminal: An optical image capturing system includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element and a fifth lens element. The first lens element with refractive power has a convex object-side surface in... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20150103226 - Optical lens, lens unit, imaging module, and electronic apparatus: An optical element includes an optical base material and a light blocking portion. The optical base material transmits light therethrough. The light blocking portion is formed on part of a surface of the optical base material. The light blocking portion includes a light blocking layer and an antireflection layer that... Agent:

20150103227 - Image lens assembly system: An image lens assembly system includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element, a fifth lens element, a sixth lens element and a seventh lens element. The first lens element has... Agent:

20150103228 - Image-capturing device: An image-capturing device includes: a plurality of micro-lenses disposed in a two-dimensional pattern near a focal plane of an image forming optical system; an image sensor that includes a two-dimensional array of element groups each corresponding to one of the micro-lenses and made up with a plurality of photoelectric conversion... Agent:

20150103229 - Multispectral imaging device and multispectral imaging method: A multispectral imaging device includes: an illumination optical system; and an imaging optical system, wherein the illumination optical system includes a filter group disposed in an overlap region of bundles of illumination rays which reach points in an imaging area of a subject, and including at least a first filter... Agent:

20150103230 - Inner focus lens system and image pickup apparatus using the same: m

20150103231 - Focusing method: A focusing method for an image capturing device includes detecting a plurality of focus frames of a plurality of characteristic points in a capturing area; acquiring a plurality of focuses according to the plurality of focus frames; and capturing a plurality of images according to each of the plurality of... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20150103232 - Image capture apparatus and method for controlling the same: If it is determined that an imaging optical system is not in an in-focus state, an interval for obtaining a phase-difference signal is set to a second time interval that is faster than a first time interval when a defocus amount that is obtained using the phase-difference signal that is... Agent:

20150103233 - Image pickup apparatus, solid-state image pickup device, and image pickup method: A solid-state image pickup device includes a lens, a first light receiving element, a second light receiving element, and an element separation area. The first light receiving element is configured to receive light from the lens. The second light receiving element is configured to receive light from the lens. The... Agent:

20150103234 - Drive controller, imaging apparatus and drive control method: There is provided a drive controller including a determination part that compares a target stop position of a movable body, which is driven by a piezoelectric actuator driven by a piezoelectric element expanded and contracted in response to an applied voltage, with a real position of the movable body acquired... Agent:

20150103235 - Manipulating system consisting of wirelessly connected manipulating apparatus and electronic apparatus, power consumption control method, manipulating apparatus, electronic apparatus and computer readable recording medium having program thereof: According to the present invention, there is provided a manipulating system including a manipulating apparatus and an electronic apparatus, which is manipulated from the manipulating apparatus by wireless. The manipulating system includes a checking unit for checking whether each of the manipulating apparatus and the electronic apparatus is in a... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150103236 - Camera mountable arm: A camera mountable arm includes a first segment, a second segment, and a third segment. The first segment includes a recess extending substantially along a length of the first segment, and is configured to detachably couple to a camera. The first segment is rotatably coupled to the second segment and... Agent: Woodman Labs, Inc.

20150103237 - Photographing device: A photographing device comprises an assembling component, an image capturing component, a first annular fastener, a first stopping part and a second annular fastener. The assembling component comprises a hollow case, a protruding part, a first fastening part and a second fastening part. The hollow case has an inner surface,... Agent:

20150103240 - Camera module, method for aligning optical axis of camera module and portable electronic device including camera module: A camera module may include a lens barrel supporting a lens, a frame in which the lens barrel is provided, and a housing accommodating the frame. The frame may be pressed toward one surface of the housing to thereby be relatively aligned in the housing so that an optical axis... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150103239 - Communication device: The present disclosure provides a communication device which ensures downsizing of a whole device and a communication performance of an antenna even in a case where an exterior member is mainly made of metal. The communication device of the present disclosure includes a first exterior member made of metal, a... Agent:

20150103238 - Interface geometry for camera mounting: In one or more implementations, a lens barrel assembly includes one or more lens elements and a lens barrel configured to retain the one or more lens elements. The lens barrel includes a connection portion configured to provide a physical coupling to a camera module and an interface geometry having... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150103242 - Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof: Present embodiments provide for a mobile device and an optical imaging lens thereof. The optical imaging lens comprises five lens elements positioned sequentially from an object side to an image side. Through controlling the convex or concave shape of the surfaces of the lens elements and designing parameters satisfying an... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150103243 - Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof: Present embodiments provide for a mobile device and an optical imaging lens thereof. The optical imaging lens comprises five lens elements positioned sequentially from an object side to an image side. Through controlling the convex or concave shape of the surfaces and/or the refracting power of the lens elements, the... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150103244 - Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof: The present embodiments provide a mobile device and an optical imaging lens thereof. The optical imaging lens comprises a first lens element, an aperture, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element, and a fifth lens element positioned in an order from an object side to... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150103241 - Optical imaging lens and electronic device comprising the same: An optical imaging lens set includes a first lens element to a plastic fifth lens element from an object side toward an image side along an optical axis. Each first lens and second lens element has positive refractive power. The third lens element has an image-side surface with a convex... Agent:

20150103246 - Portable video and imaging system: A portable video and imaging system includes a camera for capturing video of an event, and a video recording device for recording the captured video of the event. The camera is housed in a first housing, the recording device is housed in a second housing, and the first and second... Agent:

20150103245 - Tablet mount: A mounting device for housing a smart device having a user interface comprises a horizontal armature, a screen housing, and a mounting bracket. The mounting device is configured for attachment to a display unit having a plurality of posts. The horizontal armature includes coupling mechanisms disposed at each end thereof,... Agent:

20150103247 - Remote resource access interface apparatus: A remote resource access interface apparatus is provided. A key input unit has keys for generating input key values. A communication unit transmits a connection establishment request message including screen resolution information to, and receives a connection establishment response message including supportable key information from, a portable device. The communication... Agent:

20150103248 - Configurable advertising and content rendering: Systems and methods that facilitates advertising of products are disclosed. Such a system can include a rendering component that visually displays an item of content associated with the product and a content management component that provides the item of content to the rendering component. The system can retrieve and display... Agent:

20150103249 - Display apparatus and control method thereof: A display apparatus is provided, which includes a remote control signal receiver configured to receive a remote control signal transmitted from at least one among a first remote controller configured to control the display apparatus and at least one second remote controller configured to control at least one neighboring device,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150103250 - Image processing device, moving-image processing device, video processing device, image processing method, video processing method, television receiver, program, and recording medium: A video processing device (100) includes: an edge histogram generating section (141) and a noise reducing section (150). The generating section (141) generates an edge histogram of a decoded image obtained from a video signal. The noise reducing section (150) (i) determines whether or not a ratio of a sum... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150103251 - Minimal decoding method for spatially multiplexing digital video pictures: Multiple video picture frames are combined into a spatial multiplex video picture frame that may be fully decoded and displayed. The video display of the spatial multiplex video picture frame is a composite combination of all of the video picture frames that have been combined, and may have an appearance... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150103252 - System, method, and computer program product for gamma correction in a video or image processing engine: A system and method are provided for generating a gamma adjusted value. The method comprises generating a logarithm space representation of an input value by computing a logarithm of the input value, computing a logarithm space gamma-adjusted value by multiplying the logarithm space representation with a current gamma value, and... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150103253 - Device control apparatus and device control method: There is provided a device control apparatus including an information acquisition section configured to acquire designation information for designating an output destination of a sound input from an external device, and an output control section configured to, in a case where the designation information designates, out of one sound output... Agent:

20150103254 - Electronic equipment, control information transmission and reception methods having bidirectional communication using predetermined lines: Electronic equipment and methods for permitting quick control of the operating state of a source equipment side from sink equipment. A television receiver (sink equipment) 100 and an amplifier (repeater equipment) 200 are interconnected over an HDMI cable 610, and the amplifier 200 and a DVD recorder (source equipment) 300... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150103255 - Apparatus and method for searching broadcast channels: An apparatus for searching broadcast channels may include a broadcast signal distributing unit distributing a broadcast signal, a first channel searching unit searching an analog broadcast channel in the distributed broadcast signal, a second channel searching unit searching a digital broadcast channel in the distributed broadcast signal, and a controlling... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150103256 - Portable audio/video playback apparatus: A portable audio/video playback apparatus of the present invention comprises an apparatus main body 1 and a broadcast receiver unit 4 removably attached to the apparatus main body. The apparatus main body 1 includes interfaces 32, 33 for connecting thereto the broadcast receiver unit; an audio processing circuit 22 connected... Agent:

20150103257 - Image processing device, projector, and method of controlling projector: An image processing device used for a projector displays an image by projecting the image on a projection surface. A detection image generation section adapted to generate a detection image, which is an image adapted to detect a state of a projection image displayed on the projection surface, and includes... Agent:

20150103258 - Lighting device, display device and television device: A backlight device 12 includes a LED 17, alight guide plate 19 having an end surface as a light entrance surface 19b and a plate surface as a light exit surface 19a, a LED board 18 having a square plate surface that is opposed to the light entrance surface 19b,... Agent:

20150103259 - Lighting device, display device and television device: A backlight device 12 includes LEDs 17, a light guide plate 16, an optical member 15, and a transparent plate 30. The light guide plate 16 includes a front plate surface configured as a light exit surface 16a and opposing side-surfaces configured as light entrance surfaces 16b, 16b. The light... Agent:

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20150097916 - Personal control apparatus and method for sharing information in a collaborative workspace: A system comprising a switching device linked to a common display screen and including a wireless receiver configured to receive content, the switching device configured to use the received content to drive the common display screen and a plurality of interface devices, each interface device including an interface housing, an... Agent:

20150097917 - Remote customer assistance system having two-way audio and video interface: Disclosed is a system and method for providing two-way audio and video communications in a remote customer assistance environment. Upon initiation of an audio communications session using an audio server, separate video communications are established between the devices in a customer terminal and a remote attendant workstation. The dial plan... Agent:

20150097918 - Display apparatus and method for preventing divulgence of image information thereof: Disclosed are a display apparatus and a method for preventing divulgence of image data thereof which may prevent image information including image data photographed by a camera of the display apparatus from being divulged by hacking, etc. The display apparatus includes a camera which captures an image; a display which... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150097920 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method: An information processing apparatus may include an obtaining unit to obtain a number of users from information on detection of a face region including a face in a captured image provided at the apparatus. The apparatus also may include a setting unit to set a display region for content and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150097919 - Method, device, and system for reducing bandwidth usage during a communication session: A communication system, method and communication terminal are configured to permit bandwidth reduction when communication partners are engaged in a communication session. In one embodiment, a communication terminal such as a cellular phone or tablet may turn off at least one of its display and camera sensor within a predetermined... Agent: Unify Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150097921 - Distributed media gateways: A method performed in a call manager, the method comprising receiving a registration message from a media gateway in a plurality of media gateways, wherein the registration message indicates the media processing resources available at the media gateway and the amount of media processing resources in use, sending a message... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150097922 - System for enabling communications and conferencing between dissimilar computing devices including mobile computing devices: In one general embodiment, a system for enabling communications and conferencing between dissimilar computing devices including mobile computing devices. In another embodiment a method for enabling communications and conferencing between dissimilar computing devices including mobile computing devices. In a further embodiment, a non-transitory computer-readable medium comprising instructions to cause one... Agent:

20150097915 - Adjusting video layout: Disclosed is a system and method for automatic scaling by a media conferencing unit (MCU) which is responsible for mixing a video stream sent by participant's to a video conference and composing unique layouts and video streams sent back to each participant for viewing.... Agent: Avaya, Inc.

20150097923 - Display apparatus and display method using the same: A display apparatus and a display method using the same are provided. The display apparatus includes a curved display, a guide member on which the curved display is mounted to slidably move and configured to provide a curved concave path formed with respect to a user, and a driver configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150097924 - Mobile inspection system: A front-end image acquisition component acquires photographs and/or videos of various goods, vehicles, vessels, and/or real estate fixtures. In one aspect, a mobile image acquisition apparatus comprises a camera affixed to a support cord, a computer for displaying acquired images and receiving control commands, a wireless communications transceiver for transmitting... Agent: Sharp Cars Detailing & More, LLC

20150097925 - Apparatus and method for displaying hologram based on pupil tracking using hybrid camera: Provided are an apparatus and a method for displaying a hologram based on pupil tracking using a hybrid camera, wherein a hologram display apparatus includes a pupil tracker to track a location of a pupil of a user using a depth image and a color image generated by capturing an... Agent:

20150097927 - 2d to 3d image conversion device and method: A method to convert two-dimensional (“2D”) image content into three-dimensional (“3D”) image content for display on a display device, comprises the steps of: analyzing the 2D image content for predefined indicators and generating a depth map for each of the predefined indicators; determining a combined depth map as a function... Agent: Amlogic Co., Ltd.

20150097926 - Methods and systems for processing 3d video data: A method for processing video data, comprises the steps of: decoding a stream of the video data; post-processing the decoded stream as a function of a video data packing format, wherein the decoded stream having first view pixels and second view pixels and wherein the first view pixels and the... Agent: Amlogic Co., Ltd.

20150097928 - Intra-frame control of projector on-off states: A “Concurrent Projector-Camera” uses an image projection device in combination with one or more cameras to enable various techniques that provide visually flicker-free projection of images or video, while real-time image or video capture is occurring in that same space. The Concurrent Projector-Camera provides this projection in a manner that... Agent:

20150097929 - Display for three-dimensional imaging: Disclosed are various embodiments for rendering multiple video streams in a display. A mobile computing device configured to perform a scan of an object utilizing the at least one imaging device may generate a first video stream utilizing the at least one imaging device. The mobile computing device may access... Agent:

20150097930 - Stereo camera: A first camera for capturing an image of a subject, a second camera for capturing an image of a subject, an optical component disposed on an optical path when the first camera images a subject, and on an optical path when the second camera images a subject, and an adjuster... Agent:

20150097931 - Calibration of 3d scanning device: Various examples related to calibration of a scanning device are disclosed. In one example, among others, a system includes a calibration pattern, a sensing device, and a calibration control system to control positioning of the calibration pattern with respect to the sensing device. Tracking sensors of the sensing device capture... Agent:

20150097933 - Broadcast receiver and video data processing method thereof: A broadcast receiver and a method for processing video data are disclosed. The method for controlling a three dimensional (3D) video display output of a broadcast receiver includes receiving a broadcast signal including a video stream, wherein the video stream includes a plurality of video stream sections having different view... Agent:

20150097932 - Digital cinema projection method, optimization device and projection system: Embodiments of the present invention provide a digital cinema projection method comprising the following steps: projecting images to a screen by a digital cinema projector, and acquiring the images on the screen by an image capture unit; performing digital analysis on the acquired images by an image analysis unit to... Agent: China Film Digital Giant Screen (beijing Co., Ltd.

20150097934 - Display device and control method thereof: Disclosed is a display device and a display method. The display device includes: an image processor which is capable of processing a plurality of images comprising a first image and auxiliary images that may be selectively displayed together with the first image; a display which displays the plurality of images... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150097935 - Integrated tracking with world modeling: Disclosed are various embodiments for determining a pose of a mobile device by analyzing a digital image captured by at least one imaging device to identify a plurality of regions in a fiducial marker indicative of a pose of the mobile device. A fiducial marker may comprise a circle-of-dots pattern,... Agent:

20150097936 - Non-contact fingerprinting systems with afocal optical systems: An embodiment of a fingerprinting system may include a receiver configured to receive a finger and an image-capturing device optically coupled to the receiver and configured to capture an image of a fingerprint from a target region of the finger. The image-capturing device may include an afocal optical system. The... Agent:

20150097937 - Single-camera motion capture system: Images of a moving motion capture subject are captured by exactly one digital camera. Links and joints for a biomechanical skeleton are overlaid on a silhouette for each captured image. A true length for each link and an accurate position for each joint in the biomechanical skeleton may be determined... Agent:

20150097938 - Method and apparatus for recording reading behavior: A method and an apparatus for recording reading behavior are provided. A movement trajectory of a user's eye is tracked based on an eye-tracking procedure, so as to calculate reading time of a gazing part of an electronic document when it is detected that sight of an eye leaves the... Agent: Utechzone Co., Ltd.

20150097941 - Apparatus for high-throughput pollen extraction and counting: An apparatus and method of quantitatively obtaining a measurement of pollen of a plant. One method of counting comprises imaging the sample with the pollen well-distributed in the focal plane of the imager. Image evaluation software can identify and count objects in the image that are consistent with pollen. Total... Agent:

20150097939 - Method and apparatus for determining a focal position of an imaging device adapted to image a biologic sample: A method and apparatus for focusing a device for imaging a biologic sample is provided. A method aspect includes the steps of: disposing lenslets within a biologic sample, which lenslets have a height and a refractive index, which refractive index is different from that of the sample, wherein one or... Agent: Abbott Point Of Care, Inc.

20150097940 - Orthogonal light beam splitting for microscopes: A system comprises a first beamsplitter module and a second beamsplitter module aligned with the first beamsplitter module along an alignment line. In certain embodiments, each beamsplitter module can split a beam traveling along a first optical path into a first split beam and a second split beam within a... Agent:

20150097942 - Confocal microscopy methods and devices: A video-confocal microscopy method for creating an image of an optical section (π) of a sample (99), provides, in one aspect of the invention, illuminating the sample (99) with illumination beams (19) concentrated on spots (x,y) arranged in an illumination pattern (18) in an illumination plane (α0) at the optical... Agent:

20150097943 - Monitoring system of real time image control for radiopharmaceutical automatic synthesizing apparatus in a micro hot cell: The present invention relates to a system of real time micro hot cell image control for radiopharmaceutical automatic synthesizing apparatus including at least one CCD camera, a plurality of radioactivity detector, a logic control device, a computer interface control device. The plurality of radioactivity detector are connected to the logic... Agent:

20150097944 - System and method for detecting and repairing defects in an electrochromic device using thermal imaging: System (1) and method (100) for detecting and repairing a defect in an electrochromic device (30) may include acquiring a thermal image of the electrochromic device (30) when the device is in an operating state. In addition, the system and method may include processing thermal imaging data representative of the... Agent: Sage Electrochromics, Inc.

20150097945 - Device and method for handling money transactions: Device (10) for handling money transactions, comprising a housing (11) and a screen (12; 100) enclosed in the housing (11), wherein the screen (12; 100) is arranged to be rotatable or tiltable about at least one axis (3, 4, 5; 6, 7, 8; 20, 21, 22; 23, 24, 25; 26,... Agent: Novoomatic Ag

20150097946 - Emitter device and operating methods: A system for tracking a cinematography target can comprise a tracking device configured to identify an emitter and to track the movements of the emitter. The tracking device can comprise one or more user display devices and a first user interface input component. The user display devices can be configured... Agent:

20150097947 - Illumination modules that emit structured light: A depth camera includes an illumination module and an image detector module. The illumination module outputs structured light that illuminates a capture area. The image detector module captures an image of the structured light as reflected from object(s) within the capture area. The illumination module includes a VCSEL array and... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150097948 - Method for calibration of a road surveillance system: A road calibration system and a method for calibration of a road surveillance system are disclosed. Said road surveillance system is adapted to monitor a surveillance area of a road and comprises a plurality of vehicle surveillance means. Said plurality of vehicle surveillance means are adapted to measure a position... Agent:

20150097949 - System, method and apparatus for remote monitoring: A monitoring unit for security and automation in a premises are described. The monitoring unit uses remote configuration and control to enable monitoring of a premises. The monitoring unit provides multiple monitoring functions to respond to events within the space and alert a user at a remote device like a... Agent:

20150097950 - Apparatus and methods for stabilization and vibration reduction: The present invention provides an apparatus for stabilizing an imaging device and methods of using the same for a wide variety of applications including photography, video, and filming. Also provided are unmanned vehicles including aerial vehicles that contain the apparatus disclosed herein.... Agent: Sz Dji Technology Co., Ltd.

20150097951 - Apparatus for vision in low light environments: A vision system for use in dark environments is disclosed. The vision system comprises photoreceptor circuits for generating photoreceptor signals, pooling mechanisms for generating pool signals, and an image processing means. The structure of the vision system is inspired from that of nocturnal flying insects. Applications are disclosed including use... Agent:

20150097953 - Deployable camera system: A deployable camera system for a vehicle is provided and includes a camera movably mounted to the vehicle and a solenoid operably coupled between the camera and the vehicle.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150097952 - Dynamic multi-windowed image enhancement for interactive hov detection: A system and method for enhancing images including an image capture device operably connected to a data processing device that captures an image of a target vehicle, and a processor-usable medium embodying computer code, said processor-usable medium being coupled to said data processing device, said computer program code comprising instructions... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150097955 - Exterior rearview mirror assembly: An exterior rearview mirror assembly includes a non-movable portion, a movable portion and a mirror head. The non-movable portion is configured for attachment at an exterior portion of a vehicle and the movable portion is movable relative to the non-movable portion. The mirror head is movable relative to the movable... Agent:

20150097954 - Method and apparatus for acquiring image for vehicle: A method and apparatus for acquiring an image for a vehicle are provided. The apparatus includes an input that receives a user input and at least one imaging device that acquires an external image data of the vehicle. A sensor that includes at least one sensor is configured to confirm... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150097956 - Parking assistance device: A parking assistance device includes: a ground object detection unit configured to, in a predetermined detection region set in advance in at least a portion of the vehicle periphery, perform detection of a ground object defining a parking stall in which garage parking is to be performed; an end portion... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150097957 - Traffic surveillance system: A traffic surveillance system adapted to track and register vehicles passing a surveillance zone is described herein. The system comprises a carrying structure and a traffic surveillance device that is adapted to be mounted upon the carrying structure and comprises at least a vehicle identity registration device and a vehicle... Agent:

20150097958 - Smart-home security system with keypad device resistant to anomalous treatment: Security keypad device for detecting tampering includes a keypad, a high power wireless module for communicating data via a local area network, a low power wireless module communicating data via a personal area network, and a cellular module for communicating data via a wide area network. The device further includes... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097959 - Motion detection method and device using the same: A motion detection method is provided. The method includes steps of: recording an input video, extracting a reference frame from the input video in every reference updating cycle, extracting a target frame from the input video and determining whether an event occurs by comparing the target frame with the reference... Agent: Sercomm Corporation

20150097960 - Optical relay system and method: An optical relay system including a remote telescopic image capture device for mounting on a telescopic sight that splits off the image viewed through said sight. A camera sensor converts the split off viewed image into a corresponding electrical signal. An image processor conditions the electrical signal for the transmission... Agent:

20150097962 - Image data collection from mobile vehicles with computer, gps, and ip-based communicatoin: A system and method to capture a plurality of images and store the captured images. The system has multiple camera systems capable of transmitting image data. At least one camera system is equipped with an apparatus for determining location coordinates such as GPS. A computer system monitors location coordinates, retrieves... Agent:

20150097961 - System, method and apparatus for remote monitoring: A monitoring unit for security and automation in a premises are described. The monitoring unit uses remote configuration and control to enable monitoring of a premises. The monitoring unit provides multiple monitoring functions to respond to events within the space and alert a user at a remote device like a... Agent:

20150097963 - Digital ruvis camera: An ultraviolet sensitive video camera is disclosed. The camera may have an input window and a bandpass filter. The input window may receive into the camera ultraviolet radiation reflected off of a subject. The bandpass filter may filter the ultraviolet radiation received into the camera through the input window. The... Agent: Syntronics, LLC

20150097965 - Eliminating line-of-sight needs and interference in a tracker: A system for tracking a cinematography target can comprise a tracking system configured to identify a particular emitter and to track the movements of the particular emitter. The tracking system can comprise a transmission module, an antenna array, and a motor module. The motor module can point a cinematography device... Agent:

20150097964 - Method of controlling exposure time by using infrared light, computer-readable storage medium having recorded thereon computer program codes for performing the method, and electronic apparatus having photographing function: An electronic apparatus having a photographing function includes: a flash that emits light including a visible light wavelength range and an infrared wavelength range and radiates the light onto a subject; an infrared detector that absorbs light in the infrared wavelength range and generates a detection signal corresponding to the... Agent:

20150097966 - Photoelectric conversion device and image pick-up device: A photoelectric conversion device includes a semiconductor substrate, an insulating layer provided on the semiconductor substrate, an electrode provided on the insulating layer, a photoelectric conversion film provided on the electrode for converting received light to charges, a line connected between the electrode and the semiconductor substrate, a first planar... Agent:

20150097967 - Thermal marking systems and methods of control: A target marking system includes a light source configured to emit a beam of thermal radiation and to impinge the beam onto a target. The system also includes a detector configured to collect radiation passing from the target to the detector along a path. The radiation passing from the target... Agent: Lasermax, Inc.

20150097968 - Integrated calibration cradle: Various examples related to calibration of a scanning device are disclosed. In one example, among others, a calibration cradle includes a calibration pattern positioned within the calibration cradle and recesses to support a scanning device in a fixed position relative to the calibration pattern. In another example, a method includes... Agent:

20150097969 - Methods and systems for lens shading correction: A method for calibrating an image capture device, comprises the steps of: applying lighting levels onto the image capture device; capturing luma values for the applied lighting levels; calculating luma gains for lens coordinates as a function of the applied lighting levels and the captured luma values, wherein each of... Agent: Amlogic Co., Ltd.

20150097971 - Multimedia quality monitoring method, and device: Embodiments of the present invention provide a multimedia quality monitoring method, and a device. The method includes: determining reference quality of multimedia according to reference video quality and reference audio quality of the multimedia; acquiring multimedia distortion quality that is after video distortion and/or audio distortion of the multimedia occur/occurs;... Agent:

20150097970 - Video signal fault detection system capable of inference of abnormal components: A video signal fault detection system includes a front-end device and a back-end device. The back-end device includes: a quality evaluation unit generating a quality evaluation result associated with successive image frames captured by an image capturing device of the front-end device and transmitted through a transmission channel; a recognition... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150097972 - Mechanism for facilitating dynamic phase detection with high jitter tolerance for images of media streams: A mechanism for facilitating dynamic phase detection with high jitter tolerance for images of media streams is described. In one embodiment, a method includes calculating stability optimization of an image of a media stream based on a plurality of pixels of two or more consecutive frames relating to a plurality... Agent:

20150097973 - System, method and computer program product for facilitating optical data transfer to a mobile device: A system, method and computer program product for optically transferring a digital data file to a mobile electronic device having a video capturing function uses an instruction set hosted on a system of the type having a computer and memory storage connected to a video transmitter and a video display... Agent:

20150097974 - Communication apparatus, method for controlling the same, and recording medium: A communication apparatus includes a first communication unit configured to perform wireless communication with another communication apparatus by a first communication method, a second communication unit configured to perform wireless communication with the other communication apparatus by a second communication method which is different from the first communication method, a... Agent:

20150097976 - Image processing device and image processing method: An image processing device which executes image processing on an input image includes: an identifying unit identifying a first moving image area which is a portion of the input image and includes a first moving image; a camera shake amount calculating unit calculating a camera shake amount in the first... Agent:

20150097975 - Integrating image frames: A method for integrating image frames includes receiving for each pixel in at least one image frame a value representative of a sensor measurement. The method includes calculating an average difference of the value representative of the sensor measurement over a subset of the plurality of image frames. The method... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150097977 - Image blur correction apparatus, lens apparatus, image pickup apparatus, method of controlling image blur correction apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: An image blur correction apparatus includes a vibration detection unit configured to detect vibration information of the image blur correction apparatus to output a vibration signal, a signal separation unit configured to separate the vibration signal into a first vibration signal and a second vibration signal, a first sensitivity correction... Agent:

20150097978 - System and method for high fidelity, high dynamic range scene reconstruction with frame stacking: Methods, devices, and computer program products for high fidelity, high dynamic range scene reconstruction with frame stacking are described herein. One system and method includes systems and software for capturing a plurality of images with the same exposure parameters, including a first exposure length. The plurality of images is then... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150097980 - Digital camera having multiple image capture systems: A digital camera system having a digital camera and a remote control module is disclosed. The digital camera includes an image capture system, memory and wireless modem. The remote control module includes another wireless modem (to communicate with the digital camera's wireless modem), first and second user controls and a... Agent:

20150097979 - Wireless photographic device and voice setup method therefor: A wireless photographic device is provided along with a voice setup method therefor: Obtain at least one wireless network identifier according to a first voice command; synthesize and play a first machine voice according to the obtained wireless network identifier; determine, according to a second voice command, whether to utilize... Agent:

20150097981 - Dual sensor camera: A dual sensor camera that uses two aligned sensors each having a separate lens of different focal length but the same f-number. The wider FOV image from one sensor is combined with the narrower FOV image from the other sensor to form a combined image. Up-sampling of the wide FOV... Agent:

20150097983 - Method and apparatus for operating camera with interchangeable lens: One or more embodiments provide a method and an apparatus for operating an interchangeable-lens camera system suitable for shooting of a high quality photo or moving picture. The camera system includes a main body and a lens unit mountable on and detachable from the main body and wirelessly accessible to... Agent:

20150097982 - Photographing apparatus, photographing method and medium recording photographing control program: A photographing apparatus includes an image pickup unit that acquires a plurality of picked-up images by picking up images of a subject from mutually different viewpoints, an image comparison section that determines a specific part which is specific in the picked-up images and a part other than the specific part,... Agent:

20150097984 - Method and apparatus for controlling image generation of image capture device by determining one or more image capture settings used for generating each subgroup of captured images: An image generation method includes: determining at least one first image capture setting and at least one second image capture setting; controlling an image capture device to generate a plurality of first successive captured images for a capture trigger event according to the at least one first image capture setting... Agent:

20150097985 - Compensating for sensor saturation and microlens modulation during light-field image processing: According to various embodiments, the system and method of the present invention process light-field image data so as to reduce color artifacts, reduce projection artifacts, and/or increase dynamic range. These techniques operate, for example, on image data affected by sensor saturation and/or microlens modulation. Flat-field images are captured and converted... Agent:

20150097986 - Itinerary generation apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium thereof: An itinerary generation apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium thereof are provided. The itinerary generation apparatus includes a storage unit, an interface, and a processing unit, wherein the processing unit is electrically connected to the storage unit and the interface. The storage unit is stored with a piece... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150097987 - Automated extended depth of field imaging apparatus and method: An imaging apparatus and method enables an automated extended depth of field capability that automates and simplifies the process of creating extended depth of field images. An embodiment automates the acquisition of an image “stack” or sequence and stores metadata at the time of image acquisition that facilitates production of... Agent:

20150097988 - Image processing device, display device, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium: An image processing device includes: a determination unit that determines, based on a plurality of pieces of image data which is generated by continuously taking images of an area of field of view and input from an imaging unit provided outside the image processing device, whether the area of field... Agent:

20150097989 - Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system: A zoom lens system comprising: a negative first lens unit; a positive second lens unit; a negative third lens unit; and a positive fourth lens unit, wherein in zooming, the first lens unit moves with locus of a convex to the image side and the second lens unit moves to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150097992 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus is designed to process pixel outputs of an imaging element including imaging pixels and phase-difference detecting pixels. The apparatus includes a pixel mixing unit and an image processing unit. The pixel mixing unit mixes the pixel outputs. The image processing unit corrects the pixel outputs to... Agent:

20150097993 - Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: An image processor includes a correction signal generator configured to generate a correction signal by calculating a difference between an image and an image obtained by applying an unsharp mask generated based on a PSF corresponding to an image-pickup conditions of an image-pickup optical system to the image, and a... Agent:

20150097990 - Information processing apparatus, image capturing system, information processing method, and medium: The present invention provides an image capturing apparatus capable of capturing an image with a desired perceived noise without requiring time and effort of a user. The present invention is an image capturing apparatus including a target noise amount specifying unit configured to acquire a target noise amount as a... Agent:

20150097991 - Ranging apparatus, imaging apparatus, and ranging method: A ranging apparatus includes: an output ratio data calculation unit for calculating an output ratio data of first and second image data; a correction function calculation unit for calculating a correction function approximating the output ratio data by an N-order function (N is an integer equal to or greater than... Agent:

20150097994 - Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: An image processing apparatus (100) includes a detection unit (102) configured to detect a first region in which one of a signal level of a color plane corresponding to at least one color filter of an image acquired from an image pickup element including a plurality of color filters and... Agent:

20150097996 - Optical element array, photoelectric conversion apparatus, and image pickup system: An optical element array includes a first optical element and a second optical element that is further away from a center of an array region than the first optical element. Orthogonal projections of the first and second optical elements include first and second ends and third and fourth ends, respectively,... Agent:

20150097995 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same: A zoom lens includes a rear lens group having a first lens unit having a positive refractive power, a second lens unit having a negative refractive power, an aperture stop, and a rear lens group having a plurality of lens units in this order from an object side to an... Agent:

20150097997 - Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, solid-state imaging device, image processing method and program: An image processing apparatus includes: a shaking estimating unit configured to estimate the shaking information of an image generated within a predetermined period of time; a short-time-exposure shaking correcting unit configured to correct the shaking of a plurality of short-time-exposure images generated due to intermittent exposure within the predetermined period... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150097998 - Imaging device and method of producing the same: An imaging device includes a pixel circuit region that includes a plurality of pixel circuits arranged in an array therein and a plurality of light guide portions. The imaging device also includes a peripheral circuit region that is positioned at a periphery of the pixel circuit region and includes a... Agent:

20150097999 - Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof: An image capturing apparatus comprises an image sensor including a first semiconductor substrate on which a photodiode is arranged, a second semiconductor substrate on which a storage element is arranged, and a connection unit configured to electrically connect the photodiode and the storage element, a first transfer unit configured to... Agent:

20150098001 - Imaging device: An imaging device which can more reliably guide eye lines of a subject to a lens even when the subject is a child or an infant is provided. The imaging device according to the present disclosure includes: an optical system; an imaging sensor which captures a subject image condensed by... Agent:

20150098000 - System and method for dynamic image composition guidance in digital camera: Embodiments are provided for dynamic image composition guidance in digital cameras. The dynamic image composition guidance allows users, for example, amateurs or less experienced photographers, to effectively and properly use photographic composition techniques for improving the quality of digitally captured images. A guidance method on a camera device determines a... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150098002 - Optical systems and methods: Systems and methods are provided for optical systems and methods. A compact optical system can include a fore optical assembly, an aft optical assembly, and a phase corrector plate located between the fore optical assembly and the aft optical assembly. The phase corrector plate can have a substantially flat first... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20150098003 - Lens module and speaker module: A lens module and a speaker module are provided. The lens module includes a lens stand, a base and a shape memory alloy. The shape memory alloy connects the lens stand and the base. The speaker module includes a speaker unit, a box and a shape memory alloy. The box... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150098004 - Operation mechanism and imaging apparatus: There is provided an operation mechanism including an operation part that is slidable with respect to a fixed part, a plurality of operation-feeling generating members configured to generate different operation feelings on the operation part, and a switching part configured to switch the plurality of operation-feeling generating members independently from... Agent:

20150098005 - Image sensor and image capturing system: An image sensor and an image capturing system are provided. The image sensor includes a pixel array, and the pixel array includes a plurality of image sensing arrays and a focus sensing pixel group. Each of the image sensing arrays is covered by a plurality of color filter units, and... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20150098006 - Solid-state image pickup apparatus, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus: A solid-state image pickup apparatus includes an image pickup pixel and a focus detection pixel. The image pickup pixel includes a micro lens and a photoelectric conversion unit that receives light incident from the micro lens. The focus detection pixel includes the micro lens, the photoelectric conversion unit, and a... Agent:

20150098007 - Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus: There is provided a solid-state imaging device which includes a plurality of pixels including an imaging pixel for generating a captured image and a focus detection pixel for detecting a focus, in which the focus detection pixel includes a microlens, a photoelectric conversion unit which receives light incident from the... Agent:

20150098008 - Camera module and method for auto focusing the same: An exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure includes an actuator moving a mover including at least one lens receiving an optical image of an object; and an actuator driving unit controlling the actuator to drive the mover to a forward direction or to a reverse direction, wherein a separate direction... Agent:

20150098010 - Optical imaging lens and electronic device including the lens: An imaging optical lens includes, in order from object side to image side, an aperture stop, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth lens elements, each of the five lens elements having an object side surface and an image side surface. The object side surface of the first lens element is... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150098011 - Optical imaging lens assembly, optical imaging device and mobile terminal: An optical imaging lens assembly includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element and a fifth lens element. The first lens element has positive refractive power. The second lens element has... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20150098009 - Optical lens and electronic apparatus including the lens: An imaging optical system includes, in order from the object side to the image side, an aperture stop, a first lens element with a positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface, a second lens element with a negative refractive power having a convex image-side surface in the vicinity of... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150098012 - Light quantity control apparatus, optical apparatus and image pickup apparatus: The light quantity control apparatus includes multiple blade members each including a first curved surface-shaped portion and a hole portion, and a member including multiple protrusion portion each inserted into the hole portion of each of the blade members. The member includes a second curved surface-shaped portion in contact with... Agent:

20150098013 - Apparatus and method for image super-resolution using integral shifting optics: An image capture device includes an electro-optics arrangement having an arrangement of polarizers, polarization sensitive optical elements, and polarization modulating elements. First and second polarization sensitive optical elements are provided having an edge displaced relative to a plane normal to an optical axis of the electro-optics arrangement. A control system... Agent: General Electric Company

20150098015 - Light emitting device having function for protection against static electricity, and image pickup apparatus: A mechanism excellent in assembly workability of a light emitting device and capable of stably protecting a soldered portion between a lead wire and the electrode part of a flash discharge tube against static electricity. A strobe panel scatters light emitted by the flash discharge tube. A strobe base holds... Agent:

20150098014 - Method and apparatus for obtaining image: A method comprising reading out first lines of pixels of a sensor, when the first lines are read out in a sequence of the first lines in a first direction along the sensor also reading out different second lines of the pixels of the sensor, when the second lines are... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150098016 - Power supply device: A power supply device includes a first load circuit that operates by a first voltage; a second load circuit that operates by a second voltage higher than the first voltage; a boosting circuit that generates the first voltage if the power supply device is in a first driving mode, and... Agent:

20150098017 - Imaging unit and imaging apparatus: An imaging unit includes an attached portion which is detachably attached to an attaching portion disposed in a display apparatus including a display screen, an imaging main body portion which includes an imaging element, and a rotational mechanism which includes a rotational member formed as an arc-like portion, and connects... Agent:

20150098018 - Techniques for live-writing and editing closed captions: Techniques for live-writing and editing closed captions are disclosed. In one particular embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a method for generating captions for a live broadcast comprising the steps of receiving audio data, the audio data corresponding to words spoken as part of the live broadcast; analyzing the... Agent: National Public Radio

20150098019 - Video signal processing apparatus, video display apparatus, and electronic device: The time necessary for specifying an improper video signal is significantly reduced. An input signal determination circuit and a signal distribution circuit are included, the input signal determination circuit determining, for video signals to be input to a synchronization circuit, whether or not each of the video signals satisfies a... Agent:

20150098020 - Method and system for buffer level based frame rate recovery: Embodiments of the present invention can measure internal buffer levels (e.g., queue levels) within the sink device and dynamically adjust step size values responsive to buffer level conditions that dynamically alter the sink frame rate. As such, embodiments of the present invention can find an equivalent of the source device... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150098021 - Video and map data synchronization for simulated athletic training: The pending disclosure includes a computer server receiving a video file and a global positioning system (GPS) data file. The video file includes video frames each having a timestamp and the GPS data file includes portions of geographic data each having a timestamp. Further, the computer server receives video user... Agent: Delightfit, Inc.

20150098022 - Methods and systems for file based content verification using multicore architecture: The disclosed embodiments relates to methods and systems for performing a content verification in a video content. The method includes identification of one or more random access points in the video content. Thereafter, one or more work units are created based on the identified one or more random access points.... Agent: Interra Systems, Inc.

20150098023 - Chroma automatic gain control: A method for determining a chroma gain for a modulated chroma signal, comprises the steps: receiving the modulated chroma signal; generating a first chroma gain as a function of a color burst of the received modulated chroma signal; generating a second chroma gain as a function of a peak amplitude... Agent: Amlogic Co., Ltd.

20150098024 - Projection system and components: A system including a plurality of pixels disposed on a substrate forming a screen. A signal, such as an image, can be projected on the screen. The pixels of the screen include a sensor configured to sense a portion of the signal, an emitter, and circuitry. In response to information... Agent:

20150098025 - Lighting device, display device, and television device: A back light unit (lighting device) 12 includes an LED (light source) 17, a light guide plate 16 including a light entrance surface 16b and a light exit surface 16a, LED boards 18 each including a plate surface facing the light entrance surface 16b and board relay terminals 22 configured... Agent:

20150098026 - Display device and television device: A liquid crystal display device 10 includes an LED 17, a liquid crystal panel 11, a light guide plate 16 including a light exit surface 16a, an opposing surface 16c, and a light entrance surface 16b, a chassis 14 having a bottom plate 14a, a frame 13, an LED board... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 112 patent applications in 66 patent subcategories.

20150092005 - Information providing device, image forming device, and transmission system for providing image data to a transmission terminal that performs video communication: An information providing device is capable of communicating with an image forming device, a data managing device, and a transmission terminal. The information providing device includes a storage unit; a communication unit that transmits a forming instruction to instruct the image forming device to perform image forming, and receives, from... Agent:

20150092006 - Image with audio conversation system and method utilizing a wearable mobile device: A system and method are presented to allow audio communication between users concerning an image. The originator of the communication uses a wearable mobile device app to select an image and record an audio commentary. The image, audio commentary, and metadata are submitted to a cloud server for storage. The... Agent: Filmstrip, Inc.

20150092007 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium: An information processing apparatus includes a frame selection unit that selects a characteristic frame from image data representing one or a plurality of objects and including a plurality of frames, an object selection unit that selects a characteristic object from the one or the plurality of objects, a textual information... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150092008 - Methodology for negotiating video camera and display capabilities in a multi-camera/multi-display video conferencing environment: This disclosure describes a system and method for negotiating video camera and display capabilities in a multi-camera/multi-display video conferencing environment. The method includes the at least one processor (120, 210, 218) determining negotiation information associated with a group of local devices (112). The negotiation information includes relative spatial information and... Agent:

20150092011 - Image controlling method, device, and system for composed-image video conference: The present invention discloses an image controlling method, device, and system for a composed-image video conference, where the method includes receiving audio data of sites; obtaining, according to audio data of each site of the sites and in real time, a voice feature value that is within a first specified... Agent:

20150092010 - Participating in a peer-to-peer communication session: A third party automatically participates in a peer-to-peer communication session established between a first endpoint and a second endpoint. Once the peer-to-peer communication session is established, a third party receives a first user data provided by the first endpoint, and verifies the first user data. If the verification succeeds, the... Agent:

20150092009 - Streaming playback within a live video conference: A method for streaming playback within a live video conference. The method includes, a computer detecting access to a video conference using a live interface. The method includes, the computer receiving an indication of an interrupt condition. The method includes, the computer retrieving a selected content. The method includes, the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150092013 - Method and a device for transmitting at least a portion of a signal during a video conference session: A method and a device for transmitting at least a portion of a signal during a video conference session is disclosed. In one aspect, a method of transmitting at least a portion of a signal acquired by a first terminal to one second terminal during a video conference session, the... Agent:

20150092012 - Transmission management system, transmission system, and program for transmission management system: A transmission/reception unit of a management system receives a relay device ID transmitted by a selection device. Also, the transmission/reception unit transmits communication control request information to another management system based on the relay device ID. Consequently, a relay device to be used to relay content data to be transmitted/received... Agent:

20150092014 - Video conferencing over ip networks: A method for communication includes establishing communication links over a packet network between a server and plurality of client computers that are to participate in a video teleconference. The server receives from the client computers uplink audio packets and uplink video packets, which respectively contain audio and video data captured... Agent:

20150092015 - Camera based safety mechanisms for users of head mounted displays: The disclosure provides methods and systems for warning a user of a head mounted display that the user approaches an edge of field of view of a camera or one or more tangible obstacles. The warning includes presenting audio and/or displayable messages to the user, or moving the display(s) of... Agent:

20150092019 - Image capture device: Read electrodes are provided to drain signal charge of pixels from photoelectric conversion units provided in the pixels separately to a vertical transfer unit. During a first exposure period during which an object is illuminated with infrared light, signal charge obtained from a first pixel, and signal charge obtained from... Agent:

20150092018 - Method and apparatus generating color and depth images: Provided are methods and apparatuses generating a color image and a depth image by using a first filter that transmits light in multiple wavelength bands and a second filter that transmits light in a particular wavelength band that is included in multiple wavelength bands.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150092016 - Method for processing data and apparatus thereof: A method for processing data and an apparatus thereof are provided. The method includes: projecting a first structure light and a second structure light onto a surface of a target object, wherein the first structure light is a stripe-structure light; capturing a first image comprising the target object; detecting first... Agent:

20150092017 - Method of decreasing noise of a depth image, image processing apparatus and image generating apparatus using thereof: Provided are a method of decreasing the noise of a depth image which predicts the noise for each pixel of the depth image using the difference in depth values of two adjacent pixels of the depth image and the reflectivity of each pixel of an intensity image, and an image... Agent:

20150092020 - Ambulatory system to communicate visual projections: An ambulatory system to communicate visual projections. An embodiment of an apparatus for ambulatory communication includes: a propulsion system to enable the apparatus to fly, including to hover in place and to follow a user; a stereo camera to record an image of a user of the apparatus or a... Agent:

20150092021 - Apparatus for background subtraction using focus differences: First and second images are captured at first and second focal lengths, the second focal length being longer than the first focal length. Element sets are defined with a first element of the first image and a corresponding second element of the second image. Element sets are identified as background... Agent:

20150092023 - Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method: An image pickup apparatus having not less than three optical systems, and an image pickup element which picks up an object image by the optical system, includes an object-information acquiring section which acquires information of an object, a parallax-amount computing section which computes an amount of parallax corresponding to the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150092022 - Method for generating translation image and portable electronic apparatus thereof: A method for generating a translation image includes first and second lenses capturing first and second images toward an object respectively, an image processing device calculating a depth of field of a pixel in the first image relative to the first lens according to a first vertical viewing angle between... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150092024 - Image capturing device and image capturing method: The quality of a planar image is improved while maintaining the parallax of a stereoscopic image. An image capturing device includes an imaging element that performs photoelectric conversion on respective light fluxes passing through different regions of a single pickup lens. The image capturing device includes a neutral density filter... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150092027 - Image display device: An image display device includes a display including a plurality of light emitting elements that are two-dimensionally arranged, the plurality of light emitting elements being divided into a plurality of division regions, each of which includes more than one of the plurality of light emitting elements; and a lens that... Agent:

20150092026 - Multi-view image display apparatus and control method thereof: A multi-view image display apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a crosstalk compensator configured to compensate for crosstalk with respect to multi-view images by using a crosstalk matrix defining the crosstalk that occurs between the multi-view images; a tracker configured to track a position of a user's face as a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150092025 - Stereo display device: A stereo display device includes a display panel and a barrier panel. The display panel includes a plurality of sub-pixel units arranged in an array along an X-direction and a Y-direction. At least three sub-pixel units form a pixel unit. The barrier panel is located at one side of the... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20150092028 - Unpacking method, unpacking device and unpacking system of packed frame: An unpacking method, an unpacking device and an unpacking system of a packed frame are disclosed. The packed frame is to be displayed on a screen and includes a color frame and a resized depth frame, and the color frame is corresponding to the resized depth frame. The center of... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20150092029 - Method, device and system for packing color frame and original depth frame: A method, device and system for packing a color frame and an original depth frame to obtain a packed frame are disclosed. The color frame is corresponding to the original depth frame, and the packed frame is to be displayed on a screen. The method for packing the color frame... Agent:

20150092030 - Display apparatus and method: A display apparatus providing a multi-view image is provided, which may include a panel unit to provide light through a plurality of pixels corresponding respectively to a plurality of viewpoints, and an optical unit to provide the light to a left eye position and a right eye position at a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150092031 - Lighting arrangement for magnification device: Disclosed is a magnification device for use by blind and/or low vision individuals. The device includes an X-Y table upon which an item to be magnified can be placed. A stationary camera arm and a pivotal monitor arm are oriented over the X-Y table. The monitor arm includes a video... Agent:

20150092034 - Endoscope system and endoscope operating method: An endoscope system includes a light source apparatus for emitting narrow band light of green and violet in field sequential lighting, for endoscopic imaging. An image sensor has plural pixels arranged on an imaging surface, for imaging an object in a body cavity illuminated with the narrow band light, to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150092032 - Endoscope system and light source device: Violet narrowband light Vn and green narrowband light Gn produced by a light source device are supplied to a complementary color type endoscope, and simultaneously applied to an observation object. In a complementary color type imaging device, first mixed pixels and second mixed pixels, which sense both of the violet... Agent:

20150092033 - Endoscope system and light source device: Violet narrowband light Vn and green narrowband light Gn produced by a light source device are supplied to a complementary color type endoscope, and simultaneously applied to an observation object. From a complementary color type imaging device, first mixed pixels and second mixed pixels, which sense both of the violet... Agent:

20150092035 - Imaging apparatus, microscope apparatus and endoscope apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit, an illuminating unit, and an image-characteristic setting unit. The imaging unit images an object to acquire an image of the object. The illuminating unit includes a light source configured to apply illumination light beams different in optical characteristics to the object. The image-characteristic... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150092036 - Driving method of imaging element, imaging device, and endoscopic device: It is a method of driving a MOS type imaging element in which pixels having sensitivities for different colors are arranged two-dimensionally, in which the imaging element has at least two types of read-out lines having different pixel arrangements to read out a charge signal of the pixels, and the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150092038 - Editing image data: There is provided a method comprising: presenting first image data to a user; detecting a first user reaction to the first image data; and determining how to modify image data in dependence on the first detected user reaction.... Agent:

20150092037 - Remote controlled robot system that provides medical images: A remote controlled robot system that includes a mobile robot and a remote control station. The mobile robot is controlled by the remote control station and includes a robot monitor, and a robot camera that captures a robot image. The system also includes a medical image device that can be... Agent:

20150092039 - In-situ blade-mounted optical camera inspection system for turbine engines: Turbine engine casing interiors are visually inspected in a fully assembled turbine casing by mounting an optical camera on a turbine blade that captures optical images, such as of the casing abradable surface. Optical images are recorded as the blade circumferentially sweeps the turbine casing when the turbine is operated... Agent: Siemens Energy, Inc.

20150092040 - Gesture-based industrial monitoring: A system includes an imager, such as a 3-D structured light imaging system, and gesture logic in data communication with the imager. The imager is configured to create an image of the motion of a mobile subject. The gesture logic is configured to: generate a first mapping of the current... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150092041 - Method of automatically measuring seed melt back of crystalline material: A method and apparatus for measuring a melt back of a seed in a boule are provided. The method includes lifting a boule once it has been produced using an actuating device onto a support table to automatically manipulate the boule from a furnace to the support table. The melt... Agent:

20150092042 - Vehicle vision system with virtual retinal display: A vision system of a vehicle includes at least one camera disposed at a vehicle and having a field of view exterior of the vehicle. The at least one camera is operable to capture image data. A display disposed in the vehicle and viewable by a driver of the vehicle.... Agent:

20150092044 - Method and apparatus for detecting defects and embedded objects in sealed sterilized packaging: An inspection station identifies defects such as artifacts (e.g., dust, hair, particles) in the sealing areas of sealed sterile packages. A multi-head optical scanner can include at least two fiber optic sensors each comprised of a bundle of optical fibers arranged into a linear face coupled to an image processing... Agent:

20150092043 - Multiple-fiber connector inspection: A fiber inspection system for inspecting optical-fiber endfaces of a multiple-fiber connector is provided that includes a housing structure, a mating interface fixed relative to the housing structure for interfacing with the multiple-fiber connector, and an imaging assembly. The imaging assembly is enclosed in the housing structure and defines an... Agent:

20150092047 - Around view monitoring system and operating method thereof: The present invention provides an AVM system, including: a display module; a camera module which captures surrounding videos of a vehicle; and a control module which calculates an illumination brightness corresponding to an illumination region of a head lamp which is mounted in the vehicle and a shadow brightness corresponding... Agent:

20150092046 - Information processing method, system and electronic device: An information processing method, a system and an electronic device are disclosed. The method includes: acquiring a first motion locus with the first electronic component, where the first motion locus is generated by the first part from a first time instant to a second time instant; and acquiring a second... Agent: Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd.

20150092048 - Off-target tracking using feature aiding in the context of inertial navigation: A Visual Inertial Tracker (VIT), such as a Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) system based on an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) framework (EKF-SLAM) can provide drift correction in calculations of a pose (translation and orientation) of a mobile device by obtaining location information regarding a target, obtaining an image of... Agent:

20150092045 - Surface state evaluation apparatus and surface state evaluation method: According to one embodiment, a surface state evaluation apparatus includes an imaging unit and a processing unit. The imaging unit is configured to image a first region and a second region of a surface of a sample. A plurality of liquid droplets are provided in the first region, and a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150092049 - Image processing method and device: Image processing method and device are provided. The method includes: controlling a projector to project multi-stripe structured light and dot structured light onto an object, to form multiple light stripes and light spots between the light stripes on the surface of the object; acquiring a target image of the object... Agent: Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd.

20150092054 - Cascading video object classification: A camera system comprises an image capturing device and an object classification module connected to the image capturing device. The object classification module is operable to determine whether or not an object in an image is a member of an object class. The object classification module includes multiple decision steps... Agent:

20150092052 - Image monitoring system and surveillance camera: An image monitoring system including a surveillance camera is provided. The surveillance camera includes: an image analyzer configured to analyze an input image; a sound source analyzer configured to analyze a sound source in the image or a sound source that is input separately; and a determiner configured to determine... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150092053 - Laser protective device with reflecting filter on non-absorbing and absorbing substrates: A laser reflecting has a low transmittance at one or more laser wavelengths while substantially transmitting all other wavelengths in the spectral range of interest, is coated on one or both sides of an absorbing or non-absorbing substrate. A laser reflecting filter on both sides of an absorbing substrate can... Agent:

20150092051 - Moving object detector: According to one embodiment, a moving object detector includes an image input device and an image processing device. The image input device captures a moving object existing at a close distance to acquire image information of the moving object. The image processing device applies arithmetic processing to the image information... Agent: Toshiba Alpine Automotive Technology Corporation

20150092055 - Pool monitor systems and methods: Cameras can be used to detect if unauthorized visitors enter pool areas. Cameras can send alerts to remote computing devices regarding unauthorized pool entry. Several embodiments include using a camera to take an image of a pool area, sending the image from the camera to a remote computing device, displaying... Agent:

20150092050 - Wearable computing device and user interface method: There are disclosed a wearable computing device and a method for a user interface. The wearable computing device includes a drowsiness detection unit configured to detect a user's drowsiness; a controller configured to determine whether a current situation corresponds to a first mode not allowing the user's drowsiness or a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150092057 - Apparatus and method for image recognition: Disclosed are image recognition apparatuses and methods which detect subject objects by configuring effective candidate regions for the subject objects in a target image. The apparatus includes an image inputting part receiving at least one image; an effective candidate region configuring part configured to receive a user input including information... Agent:

20150092060 - Bicycle handlebar video system: A bicycle video system for facilitating improved aerodynamic positioning of a bicyclist. The bicycle video system includes a video display. The video display is used by the bicyclist to view an area in front of the bicycle. The video display allows the bicyclist to ride while maintaining a lowered head... Agent:

20150092056 - Driving assistance systems and methods: Systems and methods for promoting safety during operation of a passenger vehicle. Such a system/method may determine positions of rear and sideview mirrors of a passenger vehicle that are optimized for a particular driver of the passenger vehicle to minimize “blind spots” based on the driver and the particular vehicle... Agent:

20150092059 - Imaging system for vehicle: An imaging system suitable for use in a vehicle includes an imaging sensor having a two-dimensional array of photosensing pixels that includes at least one sub-array having a first photosensing pixel, a second photosensing pixel, a third photosensing pixel and a fourth photosensing pixel. Spectral filtering is disposed at the... Agent:

20150092058 - System, vehicle and method for online calibration of a camera on a vehicle: A camera mounted on or for a vehicle has camera rotational parameters φ, θ, ψ and camera translational parameters xc, yc, zc in a camera image coordinate system, and the vehicle has a vehicle coordinate system. A method for online or on-the-fly calibration of the camera involves two independent steps,... Agent:

20150092061 - Location based brand detection: Techniques for determining brand information and refining a position of a mobile device are described herein. An example of a method for displaying branding information on a mobile device includes receiving a reference image feature data table based on a rough location of the mobile device, such that the reference... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150092063 - Apparatus and method supporting covert communications using terahertz imaging camera: An apparatus includes a link receiver having a detector array configured to receive radiation from a remote communication device, where the detector array includes multiple detectors. Each detector includes a horn receiver configured to capture the radiation using an antenna positioned in or proximate to a throat of the horn... Agent:

20150092062 - Infrared photographing device and infrared photographing method: An infrared photographing device and infrared photographing method in the invention relate to an infrared photographing device and an application field of infrared imaging detection. According to an infrared photographing device in the prior art, the objects to be photographed are selected according to subjective experience of users, with lower... Agent:

20150092064 - Recording device positioner based on relative head rotation: In one aspect, a recording device positioner is provided. The recording device includes a base having a connection portion that is configured to receive a recording device. The recording device positioner further includes a positioning sensor configured to sense the movement of a user. Additionally, the recording device positioner includes... Agent:

20150092065 - Link training in a video processing system: A method for training the lanes of a main data link includes setting an initial lane voltage swing and conducting link at the initial value, and determining if link training was successful. If link training at the initial value of lane voltage swing was not successful, the value of lane... Agent:

20150092066 - Using a second camera to adjust settings of first camera: A device may operate a first image-capture system to capture first image data of a scene. While the first image-capture system is capturing the first image data, the device may operate a second image-capture system to determine an updated value for the first image setting, and send an instruction to... Agent: Google Inc.

20150092067 - Image sharing system and related computer program product: A computer program product includes: a receiving module for utilizing a communication circuit to receive a photographing positions distribution information; an option object generating module for utilizing a control circuit to generate multiple option objects; an arranging module for utilizing the control circuit to generate a graphic user interface including... Agent: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

20150092068 - Image pickup apparatus and image shake correction method: A system controller sets an optical correction ratio, which is a distribution ratio in which a shake angle detected by a gyro sensor is distributed to optical shake correction, in accordance with an optical zoom magnification and controls a prism driver to correct the shake angle multiplied by the optical... Agent:

20150092069 - Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same and camera: This invention provides an information processing apparatus for allowing a user to perform operation without any confusion concerning a device which implements a plurality of functions for one operation member in accordance with operation methods for the operation member. A system controller performs control to execute a predetermined function in... Agent:

20150092070 - Composite image creation assist apparatus, composite image creation assist method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium: There are provided a composite image creation assist apparatus and a composite image creation assist method capable of easily assisting the creation of a composite image using not only an image group that a user himself or herself holds but also images that other users hold. An other user image... Agent:

20150092071 - Color filter modules for plenoptic xyz imaging systems: A method for designing a color filter module used in a plenoptic XYZ imaging system. In one approach, the color filter module is spatially partitioned into filter cells, and the spatial partition is designed by considering data captured at the sensor in light of variations in ΔE.... Agent: Ricoh Co., Ltd.

20150092072 - Data acquiring method and electronic device thereof: The disclosure discloses a data acquiring method and an electronic device thereof. The electronic device comprises an image acquisition unit, the image acquisition unit comprises a light-transparent module and a sensing module, and there is a first position relationship between the light-transparent module and the sensing module. The method comprises:... Agent:

20150092073 - Mobile terminal and control method thereof: A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to provide wireless communication; a camera; a flash; and a controller configured to capture, via the camera, a first image while controlling the flash to emit a first flash, capture, via the camera, a second image while controlling the flash to... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150092078 - Face tracking for controlling imaging parameters: A method of tracking faces in an image stream with a digital image acquisition device includes receiving images from an image stream including faces, calculating corresponding integral images, and applying different subsets of face detection rectangles to the integral images to provide sets of candidate regions. The different subsets include... Agent:

20150092076 - Image capture accelerator: An image capture accelerator performs accelerated processing of image data. In one embodiment, the image capture accelerator includes accelerator circuitry including a pre-processing engine and a compression engine. The pre-processing engine is configured to perform accelerated processing on received image data, and the compression engine is configured to compress processed... Agent:

20150092074 - Image processing device, image processing method, and imaging apparatus: An image processing device includes a plurality of clock selection units configured to select a clock signal to be supplied to each of a plurality of calculation units forming a pipeline from a plurality of clock signals and output the clock signal to the calculation unit, a data delivery unit... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150092079 - Imaging systems and methods for generating motion-compensated high-dynamic-range images: Electronic devices may include image sensors. Image sensors may be used to capture images having rows of long-exposure image pixel values that are interleaved with rows of short-exposure image pixel values. The long-exposure and short-exposure values in each interleaved image frame may be interpolated to form interpolated values. A combined... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20150092075 - Method, apparatus, and system for generating high dynamic range image: There is provided a method of generating a high dynamic range (HDR) image, including obtaining an image sequence with similar exposure times, obtaining a plurality of still images with different exposure times, which temporally correspond to at least one image among the image sequence, and generating a matched image having... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150092077 - Systems, methods, and computer program products for digital photography: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for digital photography. In use, a method and apparatus are provided for identifying an object including a synthetic image that is generated based on a first image and a second image. Next, an output image is generated utilizing the object and... Agent:

20150092080 - Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, and image processing method: An image processing apparatus comprises: a white-balance processing unit that multiplies a first pixel that includes a plurality of colors constituting a pickup image that is picked up by an imaging unit by a gain value according to the colors and thereby generates a second pixel; a value adjusting unit... Agent:

20150092081 - Apparatus and method for photographing image in electronic device having camera: An apparatus and a method for photographing an image in an electronic device having a camera are disclosed. The electronic device may include an image sensor, an image signal processor configured to process an image obtained by the image sensor, an audio processing unit configured to process a sound received... Agent:

20150092082 - Variable-mafnification image processing apparatus: A variable-magnification image processing apparatus, comprising: a magnification setting group storing unit to store a magnification setting group; a display magnification obtaining unit to obtain a display magnification of an image displayed on a display screen at an equal pixel magnification; a magnification setting selection unit configured to select one... Agent:

20150092083 - Active shielding against intense illumination (asaii) system for direct viewing: This intense illumination shielding technique/system can be used for providing improved vision in situations where the viewing location is confined relative to the primary viewing glasses where direct observation or see-through may occur with intense light sources in view from the near and far field and also with the entire... Agent:

20150092084 - Image acquisition method and apparatus: A method and an apparatus for acquiring an image of a subject are provided. The method for acquiring the image of the subject includes acquiring a first preliminary image and a second preliminary image of the subject through an image sensor operatively coupled to an electronic device, determining a candidate... Agent:

20150092085 - Imaging device: An imaging device includes an imaging unit, a signal processing unit, a frequency dividing unit, a noise processing unit, a noise frequency unifying unit, an edge processing unit, an edge frequency unifying unit, a synthesizing unit, and a control unit. The control unit controls the rates of the noise processing... Agent: Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd.

20150092086 - Cmos image sensor system and method thereof: A complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor system and method thereof produce a control signal to make a input terminal repeatedly switch between high potential and low potential, thereby modulating image signals at a specific frequency to prevent image quality from being affected by direct current (DC) voltage variations. The... Agent: Uchange Technology Co., Ltd.

20150092088 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory storage medium storing an image processing program: An image processing apparatus includes a gain correcting unit and a gain estimating unit. The gain correcting unit corrects a gain of a pixel output of a phase-difference detecting pixel. The gain estimating unit estimates the gain with which to correct the pixel output of the phase-difference detecting pixel. The... Agent:

20150092087 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program: According to an embodiment of the present disclosure, there is provided an image processing apparatus including a detection unit, a strength determination unit, and a processor. The detection unit is configured to detect at least one area in an image. The strength determination unit is configured to determine strength of... Agent:

20150092090 - Image processing apparatus, image processing system, and image processing method: An image processing apparatus includes a reference image signal outputting unit that outputs a reference image signal in which color information of a plurality of colors is included in a chart image in a display plane or a time axis, a color display information detection unit that detects color display... Agent:

20150092091 - Processing device, image pickup device and processing method: A processing device which obtains distance information of a subject, including: a calculation unit configured to calculate the distance information of the subject from a difference in blur degree of a plurality of images photographed by an imaging optical system; a correcting unit configured to correct the distance information using... Agent:

20150092089 - System and method for under sampled image enhancement: A system and method are provided for acquiring a first image and a second image, where the first image has a higher optical density than the second image, and combining the first image with the second image to generate an output image with reduced aliasing artifacts.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150092092 - Imaging element and imaging device: An imaging element having a plurality of pixel cells which is arranged in a row direction and a column direction which is perpendicular to the row direction in a lattice, in which two adjacent pixel cells which include photoelectric convening units which detect the same color light form a pair... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150092093 - Imaging device and imaging method: A unit group which is formed by pixel cell rows L1, L2, L1A, and L2A is divided into groups BG1 and BG2. The defocus amount calculating unit calculates a phase difference of the output signal group of the phase difference detecting pixel cells 51R with respect to the output signal... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150092094 - Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes a layout in which one sharing unit includes an array of photodiodes of 2 pixels by 4×n pixels (where, n is a positive integer), respectively, in horizontal and vertical directions.... Agent:

20150092095 - Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system: A solid-state imaging apparatus includes a pixel array in which a plurality of pixels are arranged, wherein the pixel array has a region formed from one of an electrical conductor and a semiconductor to which a fixed electric potential is supplied, each pixel includes a photoelectric converter, a charge-voltage converter... Agent:

20150092096 - Solid-state imaging device, signal processing method of solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array section and a signal processing section. The pixel array section is configured to include a plurality of arranged rectangular pixels, each of which has different sizes in the vertical and horizontal directions, and a plurality of adjacent ones of which are combined... Agent:

20150092097 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus comprises: a pixel generating a photoelectric conversion signal; a comparator configured to compare a base signal based on the pixel at a reset state with a time-changing first reference signal, and for comparing an effective signal based on the pixel at a non-reset state with a time-changing... Agent:

20150092098 - Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof: In an image capturing apparatus comprising an image sensor has focus detection pixels and image forming pixels, a calculation unit calculates first and second charge accumulation periods, a control unit reads out an image forming signal from the image forming pixels accumulated for the first charge accumulation period and a... Agent:

20150092099 - Fast focusing method and device for multi-spectral imaging: Fast focusing methods and devices for multi-spectral imaging are disclosed. The method comprising selecting one of a plurality of imaging channel as a reference channel, adjusting rotation positions of a stepper motor, calculating focus measures corresponding to all rotation positions of the stepper motor, and obtaining a first distribution curve;... Agent: The Hong Kong Research Institute Of Textiles And Apparel Limited

20150092100 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus: where Da is an on-axial distance from an object-sided surface of the second lens group to an image-sided surface of the third lens group in an infinite focus state, TL is an on-axial total length of the imaging lens, f3 is a focal length of the third lens group, and... Agent:

20150092101 - Focus adjustment unit and focus adjustment method: A focus adjustment unit of the present invention comprises a phase difference detection section for detecting extreme values, based on the image data, a periodicity-containing subject determination section for determining a periodicity-containing subject in the case where the phase difference detection section detects many extreme values having a high degree... Agent:

20150092102 - System and method for capturing images: Systems and methods for capturing images are disclosed. An image capture device includes two or more apertures for directing light to an image sensor device. In some embodiments, each of the apertures admits light from a different direction relative to the image sensor device. Some embodiments include one or more... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150092103 - Method and apparatus for optimization during camera flash pulses: Disclosed herein is an apparatus. The apparatus includes a camera, a camera flash, and a current optimization system. The current optimization system is connected to the camera and the camera flash. The current optimization system is configured to calculate a shutdown period based on a flash mode of the camera.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150092104 - Strobe device and photography device provided with same: A strobe device according to the present invention includes: a strobe main body; a light emitter; a vertical direction changer that includes a first driver that drives the light emitter in a vertical direction and that includes a vertical direction angle detector that detects vertical direction angle information; a horizontal... Agent:

20150092105 - Camera module and method for manufacturing a camera module: A camera module, in particular, for a vehicle, the camera module including at least: an objective mount and an objective, which is held in the objective mount and has a lens holder and at least one lens secured in the lens holder, the objective being fixed in position in the... Agent:

20150092106 - System and method for tying audio and video watermarks of live and recorded events for simulcasting alternative audio commentary to an audio channel or second screen: An alternative content system receives a primary content data stream and a secondary content data stream associated with an event. The alternative content system provides an alternative content data stream associated with the event. The alternative content system extracts a primary content identifier from the primary content data stream. The... Agent: Fansmit, LLC

20150092107 - Method and device for displaying video on mobile terminal: Disclosed are a method and a device for displaying a video on a mobile terminal. The method comprises: a distance between a display screen of the mobile terminal which is displaying the video and human eyes watching the video being displayed on the mobile terminal is acquired; and according to... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150092108 - Electronic device and method for controlling the same: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes, notification type discriminating module, displaying control module and displaying setting module. The notification type discriminating module configured to discriminate a type of a notification received by a notification receiving module. The displaying control module configured to cause a display to display a... Agent:

20150092109 - Video stitching system and method: A method and computing system for receiving a first video file containing a first plurality of video frames. A second video file containing a second plurality of video frames is received. The video files are processed to identify at least one non-graphical temporal alignment object included in each of the... Agent: Google Inc.

20150092110 - Methods and systems for generating ambient light effects based on video content: Methods and systems for producing ambient light effects based on video content are provided. A method of producing an ambient light effect includes providing a receiving device including a processor configured to parse incoming video content and receiving the video content including a plurality of scenes at the receiving device.... Agent:

20150092111 - N-level replication of supplemental content: A method includes receiving a transacting media container having video content and an affiliate tracking identifier with first entity information associated with a first entity. The method also includes identifying second entity information associated with a second entity and retrieving supplemental content based on the second entity information. The method... Agent:

20150092112 - Reception device, reception method, and program: There is provided a reception device which receives signals compliant with a DVB-T2 standard which possibly includes a plurality of different profiles and demodulates a signal having a predetermined profile, of the received signals, and demodulates a signal having a different profile when it is clear that the signal having... Agent:

20150092113 - Image displaying method and electronic device: The present disclosure proposes an image displaying method applied in an electronic device. The electronic device comprises a display unit and a projection unit. The display unit is placed on a first surface of the electronic device. The method comprises: determining data to be displayed when the projection unit is... Agent: Lenovo (beijing) Limited

20150092114 - Keystone correction method and apparatus of curved display: A keystone correction apparatus and method of curved display are provided. The apparatus includes a curved screen that displays an image and a projector that has an infrared lighting device to irradiate infrared light to the curved screen. An infrared imaging device is configured to capture infrared light reflected from... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150092115 - Lighting system for a display unit and method for providing lighting functionality for a display unit: A lighting system for a display unit, characterized in that the lighting system comprises: a lighting tape (110) comprising a plurality of light sources (111) for being attached to a display unit (100) in a specified configuration, wherein the lighting sources (111) are configured to illuminate in response to a... Agent:

20150092116 - Collaboration system: The improved collaboration system of the present invention is a high tech mobile conference room packaged in a low-cost, compact, and mobile unit to help users better collaborate, communicate, and increase productivity. The system allows multiple users to concurrently connect their personal electronic devices to the system wirelessly, through a... Agent:

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