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04/10/2014 > 129 patent applications in 80 patent subcategories.

20140098175 - Display apparatus with image pickup apparatus: A display apparatus with an image pickup apparatus has a display unit for displaying an image by a plurality of light-transparent display pixels and an image pickup unit arranged at a rear surface of the display unit to pick up object light from an object at a front surface of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140098176 - Systems and methods for implementing instant social image cobrowsing through the cloud: In accordance with disclosed embodiments, there are provided methods, systems, and apparatuses for implementing instant social image cobrowsing through the cloud, including, for example, means for loading an application at the client device, the application displaying a graphical interface at the client device; receiving input at the graphical interface of... Agent:, Inc.

20140098177 - Mobile application for accessing television audio: This disclosure describes embodiments of systems and methods that use protocols and techniques that can stream audio from a video device to a separate device while reducing or eliminate audio/video synchronization errors. In some embodiments, these systems and methods use Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to stream audio to mobile... Agent: Tv Ears, Inc.

20140098178 - Establishing 3d video conference presentation on 2d display: A 3D video conferencing system includes two cameras at each of two video conferencing locations. Images from the two cameras are exchanged between the locations and are combined at the receiving location in accordance with the angle at which the viewer at the receiving location is viewing an otherwise 2D... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140098179 - Video conferencing enhanced with 3-d perspective control: In one embodiment, images of a first user in a video conference are captured with one or more physical video cameras. The captured images are processed to form a three-dimensional (3-D) model of the first user. A location on a display screen is determined where an image of each of... Agent: Mcci Corporation

20140098181 - Method, apparatus, and system for establishing multi-cascade channel: A method, an apparatus and a system for establishing a multi-cascade channel. The method includes: receiving the site code stream obtaining request, where the request includes at least one identifier of the site; receiving an address and a port that correspond to the identifier of the site according to encoding... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140098180 - Systems and methods for scalable distributed global infrastructure for real-time multimedia communication: A new approach is proposed that contemplates systems and methods to support the operation of a Virtual Media Room or Virtual Meeting Room (VMR), wherein each VMR can accept from a plurality of participants at different geographic locations a variety of video conferencing feeds of audio and video streams from... Agent:

20140098174 - Facial recognition and transmission of facial images in a videoconference: Aspects herein describe new methods and systems of receiving one or more images by one or more cameras. Each of the one or more images is acquired by one or more cameras in which the one or more images comprise facial images corresponding to persons. In one embodiment, aspects of... Agent: Citrix Systems, Inc.

20140098182 - Comparison-based selection of video resolutions in a video call: A method that includes determining input-resolution parameters for an input resolution, receiving first and second output resolutions from an electronic device, wherein the first output resolution includes first output-resolution parameters and the second output resolution includes second output-resolution parameters, calculating a first value by using the input-resolution parameters and the... Agent:

20140098183 - Controlled three-dimensional communication endpoint: A controlled three-dimensional (3D) communication endpoint system and method for simulating an in-person communication between participants in an online meeting or conference and providing easy scaling of a virtual environment when additional participants join. This gives the participants the illusion that the other participants are in the same room and... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140098184 - Imaging device and method: A display is disclosed that comprises an array of display pixels, in which light sensing pixels are interspersed with the display pixels substantially across the area of the display. At least one colour display sub-pixel is arranged to be switched off when the corresponding colour light sensor pixel closest to... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited

20140098187 - Image processing device, image processing method, and program: An imaging processing device includes: a position information generation section that generates position information which represents a relative positional relationship of captured images when the captured images are aligned on a predetermined plane so as to overlap same subjects, which are included in the different captured images, with each other;... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140098185 - Interactive user selected video/audio views by real time stitching and selective delivery of multiple video/audio sources: This invention describes how a panoramic view can be created in real-time using multiple ordinary video cameras by splicing the video frames in real-time. It also describes how a subset of that panoramic view can be viewed on customer screen and how a customer can smoothly shift and scroll or... Agent:

20140098186 - System and method for creating a navigable, three-dimensional virtual reality environment having ultra-wide field of view: The present invention relates to a system and method for capturing video of a real-world scene over a field of view that may exceed the field of view of a user, manipulating the captured video, and then stereoscopically displaying the manipulated image to the user in a head mounted display... Agent:

20140098188 - Multi display device and method of photographing thereof: A multi display device and a method of photographing thereof. The multi display device includes a first body having a first display unit, a second body having a second display unit, a hinge unit disposed to connect the first and second bodies to each other, a first imaging unit provided... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140098189 - Prediction parameter inheritance for 3d video coding: A three-dimensional (3D) video codec encodes multiple views of a 3D video, each including texture and depth components. The encoders of the codec encode video blocks of their respective views based on a set of prediction parameters, such as quad-tree split flags, prediction modes, partition sizes, motion fields, inter directions,... Agent:

20140098190 - Recording apparatus, recording method, reproducing apparatus, reproduction method, program, and recording/reproducing apparatus: The present technology relates to a recording apparatus, a recording method, a reproducing apparatus, a reproducing method, a program, and a recording/reproducing apparatus that can provide reproduction control information to enable reproduction of a stream according to the reproduction capability. A recording apparatus according to a first aspect of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140098191 - Annotation method and apparatus: e

20140098192 - Imaging optical system and 3d image acquisition apparatus including the imaging optical system: An imaging optical system includes an objective lens configured to focus light having a first wavelength band and light having a second wavelength band, an optical shutter module configured to reflect the light having the first wavelength band, which is focused by the objective lens, without modulating the light having... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140098196 - Line recognition apparatus, line recognition method and line recognition program storage medium: A line recognition apparatus for recognizing a line on a surface over which a vehicle moves, using an image of an area ahead of the vehicle captured by an image capturing unit mounted on the vehicle, includes a dividing line setting unit to set a dividing line in the captured... Agent:

20140098194 - Method and apparatus for calibrating an imaging device: Described are methods and apparatus for adjusting images of a stereoscopic image pair. The methods and apparatus may capture a first and second image with first and second imaging sensors. The two imaging sensors have intrinsic and extrinsic parameters. A normalized focal distance of a reference imaging sensor may also... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140098193 - Methods and devices for generating a stereoscopic image: Methods and devices for generating a stereoscopic image are described. In one aspect, the electronic device includes a main body and a support rotatably coupled with the main body about an axis of rotation. The support is rotatable between a plurality of positions including a first position and a second... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140098195 - Stereo camera system with wide and narrow interocular distance cameras: A stereographic camera system and method of operating a stereographic camera system. A camera platform may include a first camera head including first left and right cameras separated by a first interocular distance, the first camera head providing first left and right video streams, and a second camera head aligned... Agent: Cameron Pace Group LLC

20140098198 - Apparatus and method for eye tracking: A gaze tracking apparatus and method are provided that may calculate a three-dimensional (3D) position of a user using at least two wide angle cameras, may perform panning, tilting, and focusing based on position information of the user and eye region detection information, using a narrow angle camera, may detect... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140098200 - Imaging device, imaging selection method and recording medium: An imaging device includes: three or more imaging means; detecting means that detects the tilt of the imaging device; and, control means that selects, based on a detection result of the detecting means, two imaging means, which are horizontally shifted from each other in a situation where the detecting means... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20140098197 - Methods and devices for generating a stereoscopic image: Methods and devices for generating a stereoscopic image are described. In one aspect, the electronic device includes a first camera for generating first camera data, a second camera for generating second camera data and a third camera for generating third camera data. The cameras are positioned on a same side... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140098199 - Systems and methods for 2d image and spatial data capture for 3d stereo imaging: Systems and methods for 2D image and spatial data capture for 3D stereo imaging are disclosed. The system utilizes a cinematography camera and at least one reference or “witness” camera spaced apart from the cinematography camera at a distance much greater that the interocular separation to capture 2D images over... Agent: Shapequest, Inc.

20140098201 - Image processing apparatus and method for performing image rendering based on orientation of display: An apparatus and method for rendering an image considering an orientation of a display may include a display mode determination unit to determining an expression mode of a display based on spatial information corresponding to eyes of a user, and an image rendering unit to render an image corresponding to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140098202 - Three-dimensional viewing system: A three-dimensional viewing system includes a television having an electric circuit provided therein for the generation of alternating left-eye image and right-eye image on a screen, a micro controller unit provided inside the television and configured to extract a vertical synchronizing signal therefrom, a signal transmitting system for directly transmitting... Agent:

20140098203 - Video controller for synchronizing presentation of a plurality of images projected onto a display: A video controller for synchronizing presentation of a plurality of images is provided. A color switching device is operable to continually select a color out of a set consisting essentially of a plurality of fundamental colors. Each fundamental color is selected for presentation for a fixed time segment. A light... Agent: Lightspeed Design, Inc.

20140098204 - Image display device: An image display device includes an image display panel including a plurality of pixels configured to display a 2D image or a 3D image, a driving circuit configured to apply a data voltage in a 2D image format or a data voltage in a 3D image format to the image... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20140098205 - Image display device: An image display device displays a plurality of image elements of a left-view image and a plurality of image elements of a right-view image on a display in alternation in a horizontal direction, and displays an image element of a black image between each adjacent pairing of an image element... Agent:

20140098206 - Multimedia communication and display device: A garment having audio-video display capabilities, has a garment body bearing a a video display device. The display device is preferably mounted to a surface of the garment body whereby it cannot be seen unless activated. An audio reproduction device is also mounted to the garment body. Both the video... Agent: Cute Circuit LLC

20140098207 - Fluorescence observation apparatus, fluorescence observation system, and method for fluorescence image processing: There is provided a fluorescence observation apparatus, including: a lighting section including a light source emitting illumination light and excitation light; a fluorescence imaging section picking up fluorescence generated on a subject and acquiring a fluorescence image; a returned light imaging section picking up returned light returned from the subject... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140098208 - Image pickup apparatus and electronic device using the same: An image pickup device constituted by a bare chip is mounted to a flexible substrate including an opening portion and a wiring pattern, so that a light receiving area is positioned at the opening portion and so as to be electrically connected to the wiring pattern. A rigid substrate having... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140098210 - Apparatus and method: In an aspect of the invention there is provided apparatus comprising: a plurality of image processing modules, each image processing module being one selected from amongst an image capture module and an image projection module, the apparatus comprising at least one image capture module and at least one image projection... Agent: Promtcam Limited

20140098209 - Mobile processing device system for patient monitoring data acquisition: A mobile processing device system for patient monitoring data acquisition includes a repository of information. The information associates a particular patient monitoring device type for displaying a particular patient parameter with a particular text label identifying the particular patient parameter. A portable processing device includes an imaging device for acquiring... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20140098212 - Image capturing device and image capturing system: An image capturing device and an image capturing system are provided. The image capturing device includes an optical system that focuses lights from an object to generate optical information, a filter provided near a diaphragm position of the optical system, the filter having a plurality of types of spectral characteristics,... Agent:

20140098213 - Imaging system and control method for same: An imaging system according to the present invention comprises: an imaging unit configured to acquire a plurality of images by imaging an object a plurality of times while changing a focusing position in an optical axis direction of an imaging optical system; and a generation unit configured to generate, on... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140098214 - Method for defining a laser microdissection region, and associated laser microdissection system: A method for laser microdissection of a laser microdissection region of a prepared specimen includes driving a holder for the specimen into a holding position using a control device. First and second digital images are captured that depict a same portion of the prepared specimen, with the first image depicting... Agent:

20140098211 - System, method and computed readable medium for evaluating a parameter of a feature having nano-metric dimensions: A non-transitory computer readable medium, a system and a method. The method may include obtaining, by an image obtaining module, an image of a measurement site, the measurement site comprise the feature, the image of the measurement site comprises an image of the feature; processing, by an image processor, the... Agent: Applied Materials Israel, Ltd.

20140098215 - Method and device for viewing computer data contents associated with propulsion: A method and device for displaying computer content associated with a propulsion system, include: a standalone computer element (MO), the computer element including a display screen (4) in particular for displaying the computer content; a standalone propulsion element (PO) for moving an operator; an element for securing the computer element... Agent:

20140098216 - Simultaneous-view object insertion systems, apparatuses and methods: Simultaneous-view object insertion systems, apparatuses and methods are described herein. In various embodiments, an object insertion device may be configured to be moveable along a path to insert an object through a defined space that lies along the path. In various embodiments, a mirror assembly may be positioned between the... Agent:

20140098217 - Apparatus for imaging a uniformly irradiated article: Provided herein is an apparatus, including a reflective surface configured to reflect photons onto a surface of an article, a stage configured to support the article, and an assembly. In some embodiments, the assembly configured to radiate photons through the article to the reflective surface. The assembly is further configured... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140098218 - Moving control device and autonomous mobile platform with the same: A moving control device is provided, including a filtering element, an image capturing unit, a calculating unit, and a light-emitting element that emits a structured light with a predetermined wavelength. The filtering element allows the structured light to pass therethrough while filtering out without the predetermined wavelength. The filtering element... Agent:

20140098219 - Identifying defects in a roulette wheel: Systems and methods for identifying defects in a roulette wheel are described. A first trajectory of a roulette ball may be determined after launch of the roulette ball by capturing movement of the roulette ball on the roulette wheel. The roulette wheel has a region where the roulette ball orbits... Agent: Igt

20140098221 - Appearance modeling for object re-identification using weighted brightness transfer functions: An approach for re-identifying an object in a first test image is presented. Brightness transfer functions (BTFs) between respective pairs of training images are determined. Respective similarity measures are determined between the first test image and each of the training images captured by the first camera (first training images). A... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140098222 - Area identifying device, area identifying method, and computer readable medium: According to an embodiment, an area identifying device includes a projecting unit, an image capturing unit, a calculating unit, and an identifying unit. The projecting unit is configured to project a pattern so that the pattern performs a predetermined movement. The image capturing unit is configured to capture, in sequential... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140098223 - Size measurement apparatus and size measurement method: A size measurement apparatus includes: a first light emitter unit for widely emitting light to an imaging area which may include an object; a second light emitter unit for locally emitting light to a part of the imaging area; an image taking unit for obtaining a range image which contains... Agent: Optex Co., Ltd.

20140098220 - Symbology reader with multi-core processor: This invention provides a vision system camera, and associated methods of operation, having a multi-core processor, high-speed, high-resolution imager, FOVE, auto-focus lens and imager-connected pre-processor to pre-process image data provides the acquisition and processing speed, as well as the image resolution that are highly desirable in a wide range of... Agent: Cognex Corporation

20140098224 - Touch and motion detection using surface map, object shadow and a single camera: The present invention provides an optical method and a system for obtaining positional and/or motional information of an object with respect to a reference surface, including detecting if the object touches the reference surface, by using a projector and one camera. A surface map is used for mapping a location... Agent: Hong Kong Applied Science And Technology Research Institute Company Limited

20140098225 - Component attachment devices and related systems and methods for machine vision systems: In some aspects, camera systems can include a camera enclosure, a lens disposed in or along the camera enclosure along an optical axis of the camera system, and an optical accessory attached to camera enclosure, where the optical accessory is attached using a magnetic retention force that is provided by... Agent: Cognex Corporation

20140098226 - Image capture component on active contact lens: This disclosure relates to systems and/or methods for capturing image data representing a scene in a gaze of a viewer via a thin image capture component integrated on or within a contact lens, processing the image data, and employing the processed image data to perform functions locally on the contact... Agent:

20140098227 - Remote doorbell control system and related smart doorbell device: A remote doorbell control system includes a smart doorbell device, a smart gateway, and a control device having a preset communication number. The smart doorbell device communicates with the control device via the smart gateway. The smart doorbell device includes a doorbell signal generating unit and a control circuit. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140098230 - Blind zone detection and alert system for vehicle: An alert system for a vehicle includes a sensor and a control. The sensor is disposed at a side portion of a vehicle and has at least a generally sidewardly and rearwardly sensing direction. The control is operable to process an output of the sensor to determine if an object... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20140098228 - Memory management in event recording systems: A vehicle event recorder is provided that includes a camera for capturing a video as discrete image frames, and that further includes a managed loop memory and a management system for generating a virtual ‘timeline dilation’ effect. To overcome size limits in the buffer memory of the video event recorder,... Agent: Smart Drive Systems, Inc.

20140098229 - Multi-camera image stitching calibration system: A vision system of a vehicle includes a plurality of cameras with exterior overlapping fields of view. The vision system is operable to calibrate at least one of the cameras and includes a plurality of targets disposed at locations near the vehicle and within the fields of views of the... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc.

20140098232 - Occupant sensing device: An occupant sensing device that accurately detects the state of an occupant regardless of the influence of extraneous noise and outside light and the influence of a defect in detected data when lighting of auxiliary light is delayed. When a specific part detection possibility/impossibility determination unit determines that the detection... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140098231 - Stop-arm with camera system: Certain embodiments provide a stop-arm with camera system for a vehicle. The stop-arm with camera system includes a shield, a stop-arm, and a camera assembly. The stop-arm includes a first side and a second side. The stop-arm is deployable between a first position where the first side of the stop-arm... Agent: Woodstock Safety Mirror Company, Inc.

20140098233 - Access control reader with audio spatial filtering: An access control reader enhances audio data captured by a beamforming microphone array. The access control reader determines a direction to a user and then utilizes beamforming in the direction of the user to enhance the user's voice. The user's enhanced voice is then transmitted to security personnel or a... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20140098234 - Image processing system and related monitoring system: An image processing system is disclosed. The image processing system comprises a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader unit, a microprocessor module and a memory unit. The RFID reader unit is used for retrieving tag data, wherein the tag data comprises timing stamp information. The microprocessor module is coupled to the... Agent:

20140098235 - Device for electronic access control with integrated surveillance: Described is a device for electronic access control (EAC) and surveillance. The device includes an EAC module and an imager integrated in a single unit. The EAC module controls physical access through a secure portal and the imager maintains surveillance of an observation area near the portal. A data signal... Agent:

20140098237 - Flexible memory systems and methods: Techniques are provided to implement line based processing of thermal images and a flexible memory system. In one example, individual lines of a thermal image frame may be provided to an image processing pipeline. Image processing operations may be performed on the individual lines in stages of the image processing... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20140098239 - Imaging lens and camera module: The present invention relates to an imaging lens and a camera module, the imaging lens including a first lens having positive (+) refractive power, a second lens having negative (−) refractive power, a third lens having positive (+) refractive power, a fourth lens having positive (+) refractive power, a fifth... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140098238 - Infrared camera system architectures: Various techniques are disclosed for providing an infrared imaging module that exhibits a small form factor and may be used with one or more portable devices. Such an infrared imaging module may be implemented with a housing that includes electrical connections that may be used to electrically connect various components... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20140098236 - Thermal imager: A thermal imager includes a detector, a lens, a shutter disposed between the detector and the lens, and a motor operably connected to the shutter for moving the shutter between a first and a second position. There is a source of electrical energy operably connected to one or more of... Agent:

20140098241 - Compact, rugged, intelligent tracking apparatus and method: In a video recording environment, a compact, rugged, intelligent tracking apparatus and method enables the automation of labor-intensive operating of cameras, lights, microphones and other devices. Auto-framing of a tracked object within the viewfinder of a supported camera is possible. The device can sense more than one object at once,... Agent:

20140098240 - Method and apparatus for processing commands directed to a media center: A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method for controlling a steering of a plurality of cameras to identify a plurality of potential sources, identifying the plurality of potential sources according to image data provided by the plurality of cameras, assigning a beam... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20140098242 - Camera pose estimation: A method of camera pose estimation is provided that includes capturing a model image of a scene at a canonical camera pose, generating an image library from warped images of the model image and the model image, wherein each warped image is a transformation of the model image at a... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140098243 - Image calibraton: A digital image is captured. The captured digital image includes a calibration pattern. The calibration pattern includes displayed information about the calibration pattern. The displayed information is read to obtain calibration information about the captured digital image. A new image is generated. The calibration information is stored with the new... Agent:

20140098244 - Calibrated image display: A digital image of a physical object is captured and stored with actual parameter information about the physical object. The stored actual parameter information, resolution of the digital image and display pixel size information obtained from a display are used to display an actual size image of the physical object... Agent:

20140098248 - Communication apparatus: A communication apparatus includes a receiver that receives an instruction to switch off the communication apparatus, an obtaining unit that obtains data from a recording medium, a communication unit that sends the obtained data to an other electronic device, and a controller that controls power supply of the communication apparatus.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140098247 - Home automation and smart home control using mobile devices and wireless enabled electrical switches: A system and method for home control and automation including a smart home with control of devices and appliance using mobile devices, cellular telephones, smart devices and smart phones is described. The mobile device may download a software application configured to control an electrical switch or electrical power outlet. The... Agent: Ip Holdings, Inc.

20140098246 - Method, apparatus and computer-readable recording medium for refocusing photographed image: The present disclosure relates to a method, apparatus and computer-readable recording medium for refocusing a photographed image using a depth map. According an aspect of the present disclosure, there is provided a refocusing method including a) outputting a photographed image on a display unit; b) determining whether a region to... Agent:

20140098245 - Reducing ghosting and other image artifacts in a wedge-based imaging system: A computational image processing filter processes an image from a wedge-based imaging system so as to remove artifacts such as blurring and ghost images. By removing the artifacts computationally instead of optically, manufacturing costs and complexity are reduced over prior solutions. In one implementation, the computational image processing filter performs... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140098251 - System for, and method of, processing an image: A software development kit prioritizes certain aspects of an acquired image and introduces the prioritized aspects to a main processor. Alternatively, a coprocessor, or the coprocessor and the development kit, manipulate(s) the acquired image and introduce(s) the manipulated image to the processor. The reprogramming of either one of the development... Agent: Iqinvision ,inc.

20140098250 - Information processing apparatus and connection control method: Identification information for identifying each network out of a plurality of wireless networks is received. A wireless network identified by arbitrary identification information is wirelessly connected. Whether a printer in the wirelessly connected wireless network has a function of connecting a digital camera and performing output processing is inquired of... Agent: C/o Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140098249 - Terminal, method of forming video, apparatus to form an image, driving method thereof, and computer-readable recording medium: A terminal, an image forming method, an image forming apparatus, a method of driving the image forming apparatus, and a computer-readable recording medium including a program to execute the method are provided. The terminal includes: a location information sensor which acquires location information about a current location of the terminal;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140098252 - Universal docking bay and data door in a fluidic analysis system: An analytic system for carrying out a chemical assay, the system having a bay with an opening on one side, the bay of a size and shape to enclose a cartridge carrying sample material to be analyzed, one or more mechanisms within the bay through which the cartridge and or... Agent: Cepheid

20140098253 - Zoom lens and image-pickup apparatus: A zoom lens includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens unit having a negative refractive power, a second lens unit having a positive refractive power, and a rear unit including a plurality of lens units. A distance between adjacent lens units changes during... Agent:

20140098254 - Systems and methods for imaging objects: Systems and methods for imaging objects are provided. An imaging device includes a sensor to provide an image of an object. The sensor can have a sensor exposure time and a sensor gain and the image includes a plurality of frames, each of the plurality of frames that can depict... Agent: Freedom Scientific, Inc.

20140098255 - Image pickup apparatus, control method of image pickup apparatus, program, and storage medium: A image pickup apparatus includes a touch panel configured to detect a touch operation, an image pickup element arranged to pick up a moving image, and a system control unit configured to control to record the moving image picked up by the image pickup element and control to make the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140098256 - Automated camera assembly with infrared detector curtain: An automated camera assembly comprising a camera and a detector for triggering the camera, wherein the detector includes an adjustable field of view. The detector can include a sensor and a curtain for reducing a maximum field of view to an adjusted field of view. The curtain can include an... Agent: Non Typical, Inc.

20140098257 - Method and apparatus for operating camera function in portable terminal: A method and an apparatus for operating a camera function in a portable terminal are provided. State information representing at least one of a direction and a rotation state of the portable terminal is obtained, and at least one of a sequence of reading an image from a camera sensor... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140098258 - Color distortion correction method and device for imaging systems and image output systems: The present invention discloses a color-distortion-correction method and device in an imaging system or an image output system. The method includes: capturing by the imaging system an object to be captured to generate the original image data of the object; based on the priori knowledge of color distortion previously stored... Agent:

20140098259 - Photographing apparatus and method for synthesizing images: A photographing apparatus for synthesizing a plurality of continuously captured images is provided. The photographing apparatus includes a photographing unit that captures a plurality of images by continuously photographing an object; an input unit that receives a selection of a reference image from the plurality of captured images and a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140098262 - Image evaluation apparatus and camera: To provide an image evaluation apparatus and camera which are capable of evaluating an image which is comprehensively good. An image evaluation apparatus comprising: a storage portion which stores a plurality of images when an imaging portion of a camera has continuously imaged in a predetermined time interval a plurality... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140098261 - Image pickup apparatus that continuously takes images to obtain multiple images, control method therefor, and storage medium: An image pickup apparatus capable of selecting an image more suited to a user from images that have been continuously taken. A face included in each of a plurality of images is chosen, and with respect to each of the images, an evaluation value for use in selecting one image... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140098260 - Method for processing image data: A method for processing image data is described. The method includes the steps: (a) fully writing image data into first buffer area; (b) vertically reading the image data in first buffer area and horizontally writing image data into second buffer area; (c) while completely reading a first portion of first... Agent: Genesys Logic, Inc.

20140098263 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: According to an embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes a scattered light acquisition unit, a control information acquisition unit and a control unit. The scattered light acquisition unit acquires an amount of scattered light included in each pixel of an input image. The control information acquisition unit acquires control information... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140098264 - Mobile terminal, method for adjusting magnification of camera and program: To provide a mobile terminal, a method for adjusting the magnification of a camera and a program that enable a photographer, who shoots an image using a display screen, to easily see an image displayed on the display screen. A mobile terminal including a camera and a display screen comprises:... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20140098265 - Image signal processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image signal processing method and computer program: There is provided an image signal processing apparatus, comprising a demosaic processing unit receiving input of mosaic image data of each of signals obtained by a single plate imaging device having an element array composed of visible light obtaining elements obtaining visible light signals, and invisible light obtaining elements obtaining... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140098266 - Image signal processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image signal processing method and computer program: Imager arrays, array camera modules, and array cameras in accordance with embodiments of the invention utilize pixel apertures to control the amount of aliasing present in captured images of a scene. One embodiment includes a plurality of focal planes, control circuitry configured to control the capture of image information by... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20140098267 - Systems and methods for color binning: In various exemplary embodiments, optically sensitive devices comprise a plurality of pixel regions. Each pixel region includes an optically sensitive layer over a substrate and has subpixel regions for separate wavebands. A pixel circuit comprises a charge store and a read out circuit for each subpixel region. Circuitry is configured... Agent: Invisage Technologies, Inc.

20140098268 - Image coding apparatus, image coding method, and program: An image coding apparatus for coding RAW data of an image of a Bayer array separates the RAW data respectively into separate planes of data of a plurality of color components constituting the Bayer array, determines a coding method for coding each plane from a plurality of coding methods, generates... Agent:

20140098269 - Imaging system and method for driving imaging system: A method drives an imaging system including: a plurality of pixels; an amplifier having an input node connected to the plurality of pixels via an input capacitor, and an output node connected to the input node via a feedback capacitor; and a reset unit configured to reset the input node... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140098271 - Ad conversion circuit and solid-state image pickup device: An AD conversion circuit may include: a reference signal generation unit generating a reference signal increasing or decreasing with passage of time; a comparison unit including a first comparison circuit and a second comparison circuit comparing an analog signal to be subjected to an AD conversion with the reference signal;... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140098270 - Back-illuminated solid-state image sensing element, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging device: In a back-illuminated solid-state image sensing element, the areas of the front surface sides of individual pixels are the same as one another, regardless of the colors of light components dispersed by filters and entering the individual pixels, and the areas of the rear surface sides of pixels which a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140098272 - Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system: A photoelectric conversion device includes a plurality of pixels arranged in a plurality of columns, a plurality of comparators provided correspondingly to the respective columns, a reference signal generation unit configured to supply a reference signal to the plurality of comparators, a counter configured to generate a count signal that... Agent:

20140098273 - Electronic device, driving method of the same, and computer readable recording medium: An electronic device includes: a display unit capable of displaying a rotational pathway which rotates on a screen and with which an operation of the electronic device is associated according to a position on the rotational pathway; a touch screen that detects a touch from an outside and receives an... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20140098274 - Electronic device: Included is a flat box shaped housing 1 having, on a main surface la thereof, a rectangular image display surface 2. Two images whose vertical directions are different from each other by 90 degrees are displayed on the image display surface 2. An imaging sensor 5 is disposed at a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140098275 - Imaging device and method for controlling power of imaging device: An imaging device according to the present invention comprises: an imaging section photoelectrically converting an object image and outputting image data; a display section displaying the object image based on the image data; an acceleration sensor section detecting vibration in at least one direction among a plurality of directions of... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20140098277 - Catadioptric lens system and image pickup unit: A catadioptric lens system includes: a first lens group including a concave mirror and a convex mirror and having positive refractive power; a second lens group having positive refractive power; and a third lens group having negative refractive power, the first to third lens groups being provided, in order, on... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140098276 - Ct optic distortion filter: The present invention creates distorted images for use in video, film, photos, mobile devices, video games, morphing targets, interactive screens, or any device with a display screen. The main components are a frame with provision for mechanical manipulation, with a reflective surface affixed to it, video or film source, projector,... Agent:

20140098278 - Lens barrel and imaging apparatus: A lens barrel includes a cam ring that includes a first cam sliding part and a second cam sliding part, and that is rotated in a direction around an optical axis; a fixing and holding barrel in which the cam ring is disposed; a moving ring that includes a first... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140098279 - Lensless imaging camera performing image formation in software and employing micro-optic layers that impose light diffractions: An approach is presented for a lensless imaging camera wherein image formation is implemented in software image processing operations rather than by means of a lens. The image formation operations are coordinated with an array of micro-optical elements that impose light diffraction. The array of micro-optical elements can comprise one... Agent:

20140098281 - Lens module:

20140098280 - Solid-state image-taking apparatus, manufacturing method thereof, and camera: A solid-state image-taking apparatus which have a solid-state image-taking device includes a chip of the solid-state image-taking device, an imaging lens configured to focus incoming light into an image on the solid-state image-taking device, and a material of a refraction index larger than 1, which is arranged between the chip... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140098282 - Novel organic compound and electrochromic element containing the same: s

20140098283 - Method and system of curve fitting for common focus measures: An efficient method and system for estimating an optimal focus position for capturing an image are presented. Embodiments of the present invention initially determine an initial lens position dataset. Then, scores are calculated for each value of the initial lens position dataset producing a plurality of scores. Embodiments of the... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140098284 - Customer facing imaging systems and methods for obtaining images: An imaging system for obtaining an image of a display of an electronic device presented by a presenter holding the electronic device includes a housing having an imaging subsystem disposed in the housing. The imaging subsystem comprising an image sensor array and an imaging assembly operative for focusing an image... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140098285 - Methods and apparatus for positioning a coil motor: Methods and apparatus for providing a position sensor to sense the position of a ferromagnetic target and generate a target position signal, a scaling block to receive the target position signal, and a digital RC filter to generate an output using bit shifting for dividing by some factor of two,... Agent:

20140098286 - Method and arrangement in a monitoring camera: A monitoring camera is connected to an external power source. The external power source has an external maximum power level. Image data is being processed in a first processing state. The monitoring camera detects (202) an event and determines (206) a type of the detected event. An amount of energy... Agent: Axis Ab

20140098288 - Small form factor modules using wafer level optics with bottom cavity and flip-chip assembly: A disclosed method of manufacturing a camera module includes providing a stack of optical elements, providing an integrated circuit image capture device (ICD) having a top surface with an array of sensors, rigidly attaching the stack of optical elements to top surface of the image capture device, providing a substrate... Agent: Digitaloptics Corporation

20140098287 - Structure and manufacturing method for high resolution camera module: The present invention discloses a structure and a manufacturing method for a high-resolution camera module, wherein the method includes the following steps: providing an image sensor wafer comprising multiple image sensor chips; performing inspection and defining if each image sensor chip is a good chip; disposing an optical cover on... Agent: Kingpak Technology Inc.

20140098289 - Content processing apparatus for processing high resolution content and method thereof: A content processing apparatus is provided. The content processing apparatus includes an input unit which receives high resolution content, a data processor which generates a video frame by processing the high resolution content, and a controller which, if an output resolution of a display panel, which is to display the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140098290 - Vector data conversion output device, vector data conversion output method, and vector data conversion output program: In order for an electronic device not equipped with FLASH playback software to reproduce SWF format vector data, the present invention provides a connection search unit that searches for a connection between terminal points of line segments forming SWF format vector data, searching being performed for each fill style pertaining... Agent: Gree, Inc.

20140098291 - Display device, display system, mobile information terminal, and display device control method: A display device includes: a second shared memory which is used for sharing data with a smartphone, and into which an identification information item of a process corresponding to a hardware key included in the smartphone is written from the smartphone; a second identification information receiving unit which receives the... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140098292 - Display system and communication method: The present invention discloses a display system. The display system includes a display device, an image recognition device and a communication device. The display device is arranged to display a plurality of frames of a video stream. The image recognition device is arranged to compare the current frame with the... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20140098293 - Information provision: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for providing information to a first client device (e.g., a tablet computer) for presentation on that device. The information may be related to multimedia content (e.g., a television program) that may be presented using a second client device (e.g., a television). Firstly, an activity level... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20140098294 - Method for controlling display: A display device includes a display component coupled to a signal generating unit with a single trace. The signal generating unit generates a first signal. A processing unit, connected to the display component and the single trace, receives the first signal through the single trace and generates a first type... Agent: Amtran Technology Co., Ltd

20140098295 - Method, apparatus and machine-readable medium for describing video processing: An upstream video processor may perform video processing upon video data to created processed video data. The video processing may include at least one of color correction, contrast correction, gamma correction, sharpness enhancement, and edge enhancement. Metadata indicative of the performed video processing may also be generated. The processed video... Agent: Ati Technologies Ulc

20140098296 - Method and apparatus for changing a perspective of a video: A method and apparatus provides for changing a perspective of a video such as a display perspective of an object displayed in the video. In one example, the method and apparatus changes the display perspective of an object displayed in the video based on information indicating an orientation and/or position... Agent: Ati Technologies Ulc

20140098297 - No pop switch: A switch can be configured to receive a first signal at a first input and provide an output signal at an output, depending on a state of the switch. A switch state change can be delayed until an indication of a requested switch state different than a current switch state... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20140098298 - Video entertainment system: A video entertainment system includes a master handset electronic device for generating a first control signal, receiving a second control signal, and processing the first control signal and the second control signal, to generate and transmit a video data; and a slave handset electronic device for generating and transmitting a... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140098301 - Remote control command setting device and method for setting remote control command: Provided is a remote control command setting device capable of regulating some operations while being easy to handle for children. The device reconfigures a correspondence between an operation for an operation area having multiple operation buttons arranged therein and a control command for an electric device. The device includes an... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140098299 - System and method for retrieving information while commanding operation of an appliance: Media rendering system including a remote control device and associated docking station. The remote control device interfaces with a remote server to stream media content for local and/or external playback. The remote control device may interface with a docking station to playback rendered media on one or more entertainment appliances.... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20140098300 - System and method for retrieving information while commanding operation of an appliance: Media rendering system including a remote control device and associated docking station. The remote control device interfaces with a remote server to stream media content for local and/or external playback. The remote control device may interface with a docking station to playback rendered media on one or more entertainment appliances.... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20140098302 - Variable and serrated scanning in laser projectors: A miniature projector is provided that comprises: a means for providing at least three different light beams of different color; and a means for scanning the light beams; wherein the scanning means is adapted to scan the light beams according to a pattern from a first edge to an ending... Agent: Thomson Licensing

04/03/2014 > 122 patent applications in 70 patent subcategories.

20140092198 - Integrating a video with an interactive activity: A method for sending a video ringtone. The method includes: integrating a received first video of a first location with an interactive activity, wherein the interactive activity includes an activity in which a first entity at the first location and a second entity at a second location are engaged over... Agent: Tangome, Inc.

20140092199 - Tv apparatus: m

20140092201 - Dual-axis image equalization in video conferencing: A video conferencing system is provided that reduces the perspective of an image captured by a video conferencing camera. The perspective is reduced in an image by receiving a first image of a first field of view and receiving a second image of a second field of view. Moreover, the... Agent:

20140092200 - Providing direct eye contact videoconferencing: A videoconferencing unit comprises a display screen configured to display a video data stream comprising images of a far end participant. A processor is adapted to decode the video data stream and generate a modified region of the video data stream. The modified region of the video data stream is... Agent:

20140092202 - Mitigating peak traffic times in a multimedia conference: The present invention is directed to mitigating peak traffic in a multimedia conference. In one aspect, one or more requests for starting a first type of conference over the network are received. Thereafter, a second type of conference is started based on predefined parameters, wherein the second type of conference... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20140092203 - Systems and methods for scalable composition of media streams for real-time multimedia communication: A new approach is proposed that contemplates systems and methods to support the operation of a Virtual Media Room or Virtual Meeting Room (VMR), wherein each VMR can accept from a plurality of participants at different geographic locations a variety of video conferencing feeds from video conference endpoints that can... Agent:

20140092204 - Dynamic rate control algorithm for high definition video conferencing: A computer-implemented method is provided for controlling an encoder that is particularly suited for high definition video conferencing. The method includes: receiving an average allowance of bits for encoding a data frame; receiving a burst allowance for data encoded by the encoder, where the burst allowance specifies a variance above... Agent: The University Of Ottawa

20140092205 - Mechanisms to conceal real time video artifacts caused by frame loss: The claimed subject matter provides systems and/or methods that facilitate describing, communicating, utilizing, etc. a frame dependency structure in connection with real time video communication. For example, a protocol can be employed to communicate the dependency structure from a sender to a receiver. Moreover, a mechanism on a receiver side... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140092206 - Aircraft provided with a system for observing part of the aircraft's environment: An aircraft (11) includes a system for observing part of the external environment of the aircraft. The environment observation system includes a camera, known as a panoramic camera (21, 22, 23), including a stationary camera associated with a lens that can focus a panoramic field of view simultaneously in both... Agent: Latecoere

20140092207 - Omnidirectional camera: An omnidirectional camera comprises a camera having an image pickup element for acquiring a digital image, an image data processing device for compressing signals from the camera and for converting the signal to an image signal, and an external memory. The image data processing device has a signal processing unit,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20140092212 - Information processor, information processing program, and information processing method: An information processor has a sound acquisition unit configured to acquire a sound in a surrounding environment, a volume judging unit configured to judge whether a volume level of the sound acquired by the sound acquisition unit is higher than a reference level previously set, and a first reproduction position... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140092208 - Method and system for backward 3d-view synthesis prediction using neighboring blocks: Videos of a scene are processed for view synthesis. The videos are acquired by corresponding cameras arranged so that a view of each camera overlaps with the view of at least one other camera. For each current block, motion or disparity vector is obtained from neighboring blocks. A depth block... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20140092210 - Method and system for motion field backward warping using neighboring blocks in videos: Videos of a scene are processed for view synthesis. The videos are acquired by corresponding cameras arranged so that a view of each camera overlaps with the view of at least one other camera. For each current block, motion or disparity vector is obtained from neighboring blocks. A depth block... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20140092213 - Sub-bitstream extraction for multiview, three-dimensional (3d) and scalable media bitstreams: Techniques are described for modal sub-bitstream extraction. For example, a network entity may select a sub-bitstream extraction mode from a plurality of sub-bitstream extraction modes. Each sub-bitstream extraction mode may define a particular manner in which to extract coded pictures from views or layers to allow a video decoder to... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140092209 - System and method for improving video encoding using content information: A system and method are provided for improving video encoding using content information. A three-dimensional (3D) modeling system produces an encoded video stream. The system includes a content engine, a renderer, and a video encoder. The renderer receives 3D model information from the content engine relating and to produces corresponding... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140092214 - Transmission device, video display device, transmission method, video processing method, video processing program, and integrated circuit: A transmission device transmits data for causing a video display device to display, in a display area, a video made up of a 3D video and a superposed display object, the transmission device comprising: a division information generator generating division information indicating a range for each of two or more... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140092211 - Transmitting apparatus, stereo image data transmitting method, receiving apparatus, and stereo image data receiving method: The present invention makes it possible to perform transmission of stereo image data between devices in a favorable manner. A source device (disc player 210) receives E-EDID from a sink device (television receiver 250) via DDC of an HDMI cable 350. This E-EDID contains information on 3D image data transmission... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140092215 - Endoscopic system: In a stereoscopic endoscope apparatus, images obtained by left-eye and right-eye imaging systems are shaded differently due to subtle difference in an illumination direction, making fusion difficult. An endoscopic system includes: a stereoscopic endoscope which includes a light source of illumination light configured to illuminate inner part of a test... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140092216 - Image data receiving apparatus and image data transmission system: An image data receiving apparatus includes: a first receiving section that receives a first signal including serial data according to image data; a second receiving section that receives a second signal including serial data that is different from the serial data included in the first signal; a first conversion section... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140092218 - Apparatus and method for stereoscopic video with motion sensors: An apparatus and method for a video capture device for recording 3 Dimensional (3D) stereoscopic video with motion sensors is provided are provided. The apparatus includes includes a camera unit having one lens for capturing video, a video encoder/decoder for encoding the captured video, a motion sensor for capturing motion... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20140092219 - Device for acquiring stereoscopic images: The device is based on the Wheatstone principle. Mirrors are adjusted angularly so that the right and left stereoscopic images of a scene are formed on a sensor in such a manner as to leave free an area between these two images. A slot is formed between the internal mirrors... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140092217 - System for correcting rpc camera model pointing errors using 2 sets of stereo image pairs and probabilistic 3-dimensional models: A modeling engine (ME) for generating or “bootstrapping” a three dimensional edge model (3DEM) from two stereo pairs of images and correcting engine (CE) for correcting a camera model associated with an image are provided. The ME back projects edge detected images into 3DEMs using camera models associated with the... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140092220 - Image capturing element capturing stereoscopic moving image and planar moving image and image capturing apparatus equipped with the same: A plurality of pixels 2 are arranged in a square lattice form, the color filters of RGB are arranged in a Bayer arrangement and a pair of a first phase difference detection pixel 3 which acquires a captured image signals for a right eye and a second phase difference detection... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140092221 - Image processing apparatus and method, and related computer program: Externally-set mask patterns are corrected into corrected mask patterns in a variable correction degree. A depth map is processed for each of areas designated by the corrected mask patterns respectively. The depth map is for an input image. A different-viewpoint image is generated on the basis of the input image... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20140092222 - Stereoscopic image processing device, stereoscopic image processing method, and recording medium: To provide a stereoscopic image processing device that can display an image that can be easily viewed stereoscopically by a viewer even in the case where there is a difference other than parallax between viewpoint images by reducing the difference without calculating the size of the difference. A stereoscopic image... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140092223 - Multi-view three-dimensional image display method: The present invention relates to a method for displaying a three-dimensional (3D) image, which is further composed of a multi-view 3D image combination method and a parallax barrier structure design, and is being used in a case when a common flat-panel display screen and a view separation device are used... Agent: Unique Instruments

20140092224 - Video processing apparatus and video processing method: According to one embodiment, a video processing apparatus includes a viewer detector, and a viewing area information calculator. The viewer detector is configured to detect the number and a position of one or a plurality of viewers using an image captured by a camera. The viewing area information calculator is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140092225 - Imaging device and endoscope: The depth of field is extended by using a simple structure. Provided is an imaging device comprising: an objective optical system that comprises an aperture stop that is disposed at an intermediate position on an optical axis and that has an opening that allows incident light from an object to... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140092226 - Automatic exposure control device, control device, endoscope device and automatic exposure control method: An automatic exposure control device includes an image acquisition section that acquires an image that has been captured by an imaging optical system that receives reflected light, and includes an image of an object, the reflected light being light that has been applied to the object, and reflected by the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140092227 - Image capturing processor and endoscope: In image capturing processor in one embodiment comprises: an image capturing section including an image sensor that captures a polarization image of an object being illuminated with an illuminating light beam; and an image processing section. The image processing section has: a light intensity image generator which generates a light... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140092228 - Image processing device, image processing method, and image processing system: An image processing device sets a determination target area based on a pixel to a taken image for each of a plurality of pixels included in a pixel group obtained as a candidate of a nucleus of a target cell, and determines whether or not the target cell is included... Agent:

20140092229 - Small-profile lensless optical microscopy imaging and tomography instruments and elements for low cost and integrated microscopy: Arrangements for small-sized, inexpensive, and innovative lensless and other micro-optic microscopy imaging and tomography are presented. An imaging region comprising flat or curved surfaces is provided with an illumination source proximate to the imaging region or arranged for collimated illumination. Light travels through the imaging region and produces a resulting... Agent:

20140092231 - Charged particle microscope device and image capturing method: A specimen image capture method using a charged particle microscope device includes: a first image acquisition step in which the gain of a detector in a charged particle microscope is set to a first gain value, charged particle beam scanning is carried out on a specimen, and a first image... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140092230 - Method for avoiding artefacts during serial block face imaging: A method includes capturing a first image of the sample via a detector, wherein the particles of the primary particle beam have a first average energy so that the interaction products detected by the detector predominantly contain sample information from a sample layer lying below the sample surface. The method... Agent:

20140092232 - Image obtaining device and detecting apparatus having the same: An image obtaining device is provided, including a waterproof casing, a CCD image transducer mounted in the waterproof casing, a motor having a driving shaft and being mounted in the waterproof casing, and a transparent plate covered on one side of the waterproof casing, connected to the driving shaft of... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140092233 - Marker for application to surfaces at high and sustained operating temperatures: There is provided a marker system for applying to surfaces operating at high temperatures, the marker system comprising a marker and a temperature resilient medium capable of securing the marker system onto a high temperature surface; wherein the medium contains an inorganic matrix to secure the marker to a surface;... Agent: Smartwater Limited

20140092234 - Data acquisition system useful for inspection of tubulars: A data acquisition system for determining the state of a tubular while the tubular rotates about its cylindrical axis. The tubular remains otherwise substantially stationary. Sensors travel up and down the length of the rotating tubular, interrogating the inside and outside of the tubular for data regarding the tubular's state.... Agent: Extreme Hydro Solutions, L.L.C.

20140092235 - Downhole camera and lighting apparatus and method: An illuminated camera apparatus can be used downhole in wellbores or other environments lacking ambient or available light. Light generated by a light emitting diode or other light source is pointed or reflected toward a glass light pipe that conveys such light past a camera or other visual image sensor.... Agent:

20140092237 - Driving assistance device: An indication control unit 11 indicates a side-rearward image of a vehicle 1 captured by a left-rearward camera 2L and a right-rearward camera 2R mounted on the vehicle 1, after superimposing guidelines showing a guide of a distance from the vehicle 1, to a left-rearward indicator 3L and a right-rearward... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140092236 - Positioning system and method for positioning a vehicle: A positioning system for a vehicle includes a camera, a processor unit and a data storage device. A length relating to a feature of the vehicle is stored in the data storage device. The vehicle is positioned for an inductive charging process in that the vehicle is recorded by a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140092241 - Device and method for scanning of books and other items for order and inventory control: A method and device for creating digital optical images of bindings of books or other items in order to determine whether the books are in the correct order, such as on a bookshelf. The digital images are analyzed by a computer to determine whether the unique identifier of the book... Agent:

20140092240 - Method for determining adjustment deviations of an image data capture chip of an optical camera, as well as corresponding adjustment verification devices: A method, and an adjustment verification device, for determining adjustment deviations of an image data capture chip of an optical camera includes the steps of: aligning a laser beam of a laser source by an adjustment verification device to a camera image which is to be recorded by the optical... Agent:

20140092238 - Mobile device based ultra-violet (uv) radiation sensing: The present application discloses device and system embodiments that address mobile device integration considerations for various categories of UV sensors, including cameras, photodiodes, and chemical sensors. The UV sensors may use the functionalities of the existing in-built sensors in conventional mobile devices, and/or integrate additional components specific to UV sensing.... Agent:

20140092239 - Sash position sensor using image analysis: Systems and methods for determining the area of a sash opening in a fume hood formed by at least one movable sash panel. Fume hoods have sash panels mounted over a hood opening to an enclosure structure of the fume hood. The sash panels are moved to open or close... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20140092246 - Gateway apparatus for monitoring electronic devices and control method thereof: A gateway apparatus for monitoring whether something is wrong with electronic devices and a control method thereof are provided. The gateway apparatus includes at least one communication section which communicates with a plurality of electronic devices, a camera for taking an image of the plurality of electronic devices, and a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20140092245 - Interactive target video display system: An interactive target video display system is disclosed. The system includes a camera located in conjunction with a shooting lane at a shooting range. The camera is connected to a display monitor in the shooting station of the shooting lane, which displays a video image of the target. A protective... Agent:

20140092243 - Non-contact power receiving apparatus, non-contact power transmitting apparatus, and non-contact power transmitting and receiving system: A non-contact power receiving apparatus includes a power reception unit for receiving electric power in a non-contact manner from a power transmitting apparatus external to a vehicle, and a control device for controlling the transmitted power from the power transmitting apparatus. The control device controls the transmitted power based on... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140092244 - Object search method, search verification method and apparatuses thereof: An object search method, a search verification method, and apparatuses thereof, pertain to the field of video surveillance technologies. The object search method includes: acquiring an object image for search and a designated region of the object image for search, and calculating local feature points in the designated region of... Agent: Nec (china) Co., Ltd.

20140092247 - System and method for monitoring a fall state of a patient while minimizing false alarms: Various embodiments concern a system for monitoring a patient in a bed, the system comprising a camera, a user interface comprising a screen, and a computing system. The computing system can be configured to monitor, with the camera, for motion within each of a plurality of zones, the plurality of... Agent: Careview Communications, Inc.

20140092242 - System and method to identify visitors and provide contextual services: System and method to provide contextual services, the method including: capturing a characteristic of a first person inside or within a predetermined distance of a monitored space; accessing a database of identifying characteristics of potential visitors to the monitored space; identifying the first person by use of the database, to... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20140092248 - Front aid camera: A front aid camera license plate holder comprising of a camera combination, for the purposes of viewing traffic, maximizing vision, minimizing hazards and blind zones.... Agent:

20140092251 - Mobile video and imaging system: An all-weather non-enclosed-vehicle mounted system for recording video and audio. The weatherproof system comprises an interface for connecting various system components and external devices, a display monitor integrated into the same housing as an electronics module operable to receive the video and audio, and a memory operable to receive and... Agent: Digital Ally, Inc.

20140092252 - System and method for annotating video: A method of providing test data for a vehicle may use the test data to verify the performance of a system in the vehicle under different environmental conditions (such as at night, while it is raining, during high glare conditions, during fog and/or the like). The method entails driving a... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc.

20140092249 - Vehicle perimeter detection system: A perimeter detection system for a vehicle has a plurality of sensors provided on an exterior of the vehicle for sensing an object in a peripheral field of view during motion of the vehicle. The plurality of sensors includes a front sensor configured for sensing substantially forward the vehicle, a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140092250 - Visual guidance system: A visual guidance system includes an image display to present an image overlaid on a windshield in front of a driver of a vehicle and a processor to output image information on the image display. The processor outputs image information for presenting a virtual line extending from an upper side... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140092253 - Training devices for trajectory-based sports: Methods and apparatus related to improving player performance for trajectory-based sports are described. In particular, sporting devices are described that can be utilized to improve player performance in basketball. The sporting devices can include a camera-based system configured to capture and analyze the trajectory of a shot taken by a... Agent: Pillar Vision, Inc.

20140092254 - Dynamic delay handling in mobile live video production systems: According to embodiments, there is provided a method, a mobile video mixing system and a non-transitory computer readable memory for mixing of image frame sequences depicting a scene or an event, by receiving an image frame sequence from a first video source; receiving an image frame sequence from a second... Agent: Stockholms Universitet Holding Ab

20140092255 - Auto correlation between camera bands: A method for correlating an image to align two sensors comprising the steps of centering an imaging unit on a landmark that provides good contrast and distinct edges so as to provide a scene, taking a snapshot of the scene from both sensors, applying a Sobel edge filter to the... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20140092256 - Infrared imager with integrated metal layers: Various techniques are provided for implementing, operating, and manufacturing infrared imaging devices using integrated circuits. In one example, a system includes a focal plane array (FPA) integrated circuit comprising an array of infrared sensors adapted to image a scene, a plurality of active circuit components, a first metal layer disposed... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20140092258 - Line based image processing and flexible memory system: Techniques are provided to implement line based processing of thermal images and a flexible memory system. In one example, individual lines of a thermal image frame may be provided to an image processing pipeline. Image processing operations may be performed on the individual lines in stages of the image processing... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20140092257 - Non-uniformity correction techniques for infrared imaging devices: Various techniques are disclosed for performing non-uniformity correction (NUC) for infrared imaging devices. Intentionally blurred image frames may be obtained and processed to correct for FPN (e.g., random spatially uncorrelated FPN in one embodiment) associated with infrared sensors of the infrared imaging device. Intentionally blurred image frames may be used... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20140092259 - Capturing, processing, and reconstructing audio and video content of mobile devices: Techniques for presenting content provided by a mobile device on a second communication device are presented. A content enhancer component (CEC) connects via a wired or wireless communication connection to the second communication device to communicate content to the second communication device, which has a larger display than or superior... Agent: City University Of Hong Kong

20140092262 - Imaging device and imaging method: A transmission unit of the imaging device transmits a captured image via a network. A reception unit receives instructions to change a view angle from another device via the network. A view angle changing unit changes the view angle on the basis of the instructions to change a view angle... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20140092263 - System and method for remotely performing image processing operations with a network server device: A system and method for efficiently performing image processing operations includes a camera device that is configured to automatically capture an image sequence of related offset images that correspond to a particular selected photographic target. The camera device then transmits the captured image sequence to an image processing server through... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140092260 - Systems, methods, and computer program products for digital image capture: A method including initiating video functionality of an optical image capture device, using the video functionality to capture a plurality of still images at video speed, saving the plurality of still images as a cached timeline from which a user may select a desired still image, and providing a user... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20140092261 - Techniques for generating an electronic shopping list: Techniques are disclosed for generating an electronic shopping list based on a digital photograph of a handwritten shopping list. The techniques include obtaining a digital photograph of a handwritten shopping list and identifying a handwritten text portion in the digital photograph. The techniques further include determining a set of candidate... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20140092264 - Method for controlling camera and mobile device: A method for controlling a camera in a mobile device including a camera is provided. The method includes executing a first application related to the camera, turning the camera on in response to an execution of the first application, detecting a user's input related to a termination of the first... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20140092265 - Integrated substrate for anti-shake apparatus: An integrated substrate for an anti-shake apparatus defined with an optical axis includes: a substrate, a lens module, an anti-shake apparatus and an image-sensing module. The substrate includes a frame having a predetermined thickness. The frame includes a first surface, a second surface, a first circuit layout, and a second... Agent: Tdk Taiwan Corp.

20140092266 - Photographing system, photographing method, light emitting apparatus, photographing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium: A photographing system of the present invention includes a light emitting apparatus which emits visible light including arbitrary information and a photographing apparatus which has a plurality of photographing functions, in which the light emitting apparatus includes a light emitting section which emits visible light including command information respectively corresponding... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140092267 - Portable device having a torch and a camera located between the bulb and the front face: A torch casing 10 with a reflector 46 and a bulb 44 incorporates camera 48 50 52 taking pictures through front face 64 and employs flash tube 58 behind the camera chip 50 reflecting off reflector 46 and reflected onto reflector 46 by mirrored surface 60 on the back of... Agent:

20140092268 - Eye/head controls for camera pointing: A setting of a video camera is remotely controlled. Video from a video camera is displayed to a user using a video display. At least one eye of the user is imaged as the user is observing the video display, a change in an image of at least one eye... Agent: Lc Technologies, Inc.

20140092269 - Camera system: A camera system includes an interchangeable lens and a camera body. The camera body includes a first detecting unit for detecting an autofocus evaluation value, a second detecting unit for detecting that a position of a focus lens comes close to a focus position before running past the focus position,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140092272 - Apparatus and method for capturing multi-focus image using continuous auto focus: The present disclosure relates to an apparatus and method for capturing a multi-focus image using continuous auto focus. The method for execution on a processor includes: providing a target including a plurality of target image areas; continuously auto-focusing an image capturing device to capture one or more temporary images of... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20140092273 - Device and method for processing image, and imaging device: A clock signal generator that generates a second clock signal and clock information from a transfer first clock signal and based on a thinning rate, the number of horizontal pre-blank data pieces, the number of effective horizontal pixels, and the number of horizontal post-blank data pieces stored in a register.... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140092274 - Image processing apparatus, dynamic picture reproduction apparatus, and processing method and program for the same: A synthetic dynamic image is output by first transforming each frame of a first dynamic image based on a relative positional relationship between each frame of the first dynamic image to create a first transformed dynamic image. Next, each frame of a second dynamic image is transformed based on a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140092275 - Imaging device: An imaging device determines an in-focus position by contrast autofocus. The device includes a first optical system including a first lens and a first image sensor, a second optical system including a second lens and a second image sensor, a signal processing unit to read an image signal from at... Agent:

20140092271 - Imaging lens and imaging device:

20140092270 - Method of reproducing multiple shutter sound and electric device thereof: A method and electronic device reproducing a multiple shutter sound that reproduces a same shutter sound or a series of different shutter sounds during the period where an image is being processed by transmitting two or more interrupts to a controller by an image signal processor and an electronic device... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140092276 - Systems and methods for camera image correction and white balancing: Systems and methods are provided for calibrating a digital camera. First pixel values of a first calibration image illuminated by white light are captured using a color sensor. A color sensor adjustment matrix is determined based on a comparison of the first pixel values and baseline pixel values associated with... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

20140092277 - Device and a method for image acquisition: An image acquisition device and a method for capturing image data is disclosed. The method comprises exposing an image sensor to light from a scene, selecting substantially all rows of sensor pixels in an image sensor in a substantially random order, starting an exposure period for each row of sensor... Agent: Axis Ab

20140092278 - Image processing device: When an accepting section 102 accepts an order to acquire image data, an image data acquirer 104 acquires image data from a memory section 130 and compresses it in the JPEG format. An orientation identifier 122 identifies orientation information of an image processing device 10 by using a detection value... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20140092279 - Image sensor defect identification using blurring techniques: Embodiments described herein may operate to image a scene with an imaging system using an image blurring technique. An image sensor array (ISA) element may be identified as a dark defect element if a first ratio of an average of a set of illuminance signal magnitudes from a set of... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140092280 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus that processes image data output from an image sensing device including a plurality of pixels, comprises: a storage unit that stores defect data at least including first information showing grades of defective pixels that are subject to correction and, with respect to each defective pixel among... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140092281 - Generating images from light fields utilizing virtual viewpoints: Systems and methods for the synthesis of light field images from virtual viewpoints in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, a system includes a processor and a memory configured to store captured light field image data and an image manipulation application, wherein... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20140092282 - Spectral imaging apparatus: A spectral imaging apparatus includes a variable wavelength spectroscopic element changing a distance between surfaces of a pair of optical substrates opposite to each other to change a peak wavelength, a light splitting unit which splits light transmitted by the variable wavelength spectroscopic element into components in each of the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140092283 - Display with electromechanical mirrors for minimizing display borders: An electronic device may be provided with a display mounted in a housing. The display may have an array of display pixels that provide light to a user. The array of display pixels may form active display structures with a rectangular shape. The rectangular active display structures may be surrounded... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140092284 - Light blocking ink, microlens array unit, and image processing apparatus: A light blocking ink includes a light blocking material, a blue coloring material, and an ultraviolet-curable material. The light blocking ink may be employed in a microlens array unit to block stray light. The microlens array unit includes a substrate, a microlens array, and a light blocking film formed with... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20140092285 - Solid-state imaging device, method for driving the same, and electronic device: A solid-state imaging device and method of driving a pixel array section are described herein. By way of example, the solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array section including a sharing pixel block, the sharing pixel block including a plurality of pixels, each of the plurality of pixels including a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140092286 - Photoelectric conversion device, imaging system, photoelectric conversion device testing method, and imaging system manufacturing method: A photoelectric conversion device includes a pixel array including a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix, a plurality of blocks including a plurality of pairs, each of the pairs including a comparator provided correspondingly with a column in the pixel array and a memory provided correspondingly with the comparator,... Agent:

20140092287 - Image sensor, method of operating the same, and image processing system including the same: The image sensor includes a pixel array including a plurality of unit pixels each including a single transistor and a photodiode connected to a body of the single transistor, a row driver block configured to enable one of a plurality of rows in the pixel array to enter a readout... Agent:

20140092288 - Multispectral imaging for quantitative contrast of functional and structural features of layers inside optically dense media such as tissue: A method for evaluation of target media parameters using visible through near infrared light is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a light source, illuminator/collector, optional illumination wavelength selector, optional light gating processor, imager, detected wavelength selector, controller, analyzer and display unit. The apparatus illuminates an in situ target. The sample absorbs... Agent:

20140092289 - Method and device for processing captured-image signals: A device for processing captured-image signals, the device includes a pixel array having a plurality of lines, each having first pixels and second pixels including pixels interposed between the first pixels, a scanner configured to alternately perform, in one frame, first scanning for reading, from the pixel array, captured-image signals... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140092290 - Imaging apparatus capable of switching display methods: An imaging apparatus comprises an image pickup unit, a cutout image generation unit for cutting out a specified area in a pickup image taken by the image pickup unit to generate a cutout image enlarged at a specified magnification, an image display unit for displaying one or both of the... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140092292 - Automatic recognition and capture of an object: A method, system, and device for automatic recognition and capture of an object are disclosed. In one embodiment, a mobile terminal comprises a display unit, a memory, a camera module, and a controller. The controller is configured to set at least one image of an expected object in response to... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140092291 - Image display control apparatus, image display apparatus, non-transitory computer readable medium, and image display control method: An image display control apparatus includes a memory, a determination unit, and a display controller. The memory stores plural sets of information each set including image information indicating an image to be displayed on a display and at least one attribute concerning the image information, which are associated with each... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140092293 - Imaging lens: A four element lens system for use with an imaging sensor includes first, second, third, and fourth lens elements and an optical filter that are arranged sequentially in order from an object side to an imaging side. The lens elements are coated with an anti-reflective film. The lens system further... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20140092294 - Focus evaluation value generation apparatus, focus evaluation value generation method, and computer-readable medium storing focus evaluation value generation program: A focus evaluation value generation apparatus includes a low frequency image data generation unit configured to generate low frequency image data, a thinned image generation unit configured to generate thinned input image data and thinned low frequency image data, and a focus evaluation value generation unit configured to generate the... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140092295 - Autofocus system and autofocus method: An embodiment of an autofocus system is provided, including a height detection module, an image detection module, a movement unit and a processing unit. The height detection module is arranged to output a plurality of detection lights along a Z axis direction, wherein each of the detection lights has different... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140092296 - Camera module: The present invention relates to a camera module, the camera module including a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) formed with an image sensor, a holder formed at an upper surface of the PCB and mounted therein with at least one or more lenses, an actuator positioned at the holder, and an... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140092298 - Camera module: The present invention relates to a camera module, the module including a case embedded with a lens, a base supporting the case and formed with a window for passing an optical image emitted by the lens, the window being formed with a staircase unit, and a PCB (Printed Circuit Board)... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140092297 - Imaging device with adhesive filling openings and related methods: An imaging device may include a housing, an image sensor IC in the housing, a lens adjacent the image sensor IC, and a cap over the lens and having an adhesive filling opening therein. The cap, the housing, and the lens may define an adhesive receiving cavity therein and in... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (shenzhen) Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140092299 - Portable video and imaging system: A portable video and imaging system includes a camera for capturing video of an event, and a video recording device for recording the captured video of the event. The camera is housed in a first housing, the recording device is housed in a second housing, and the first and second... Agent: Digital Ally, Inc.

20140092301 - Data structure, image transmitting apparatus, image receiving apparatus, display apparatus, image transmitting method, and recording medium: The present data structure includes content data indicating content of an original image and identification data indicating whether a transmission format is a first or second format, the first format being a format that divides the original image into n areas (n is an integer greater than or equal to... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140092300 - Display apparatus having display driving unit on lower part: A display apparatus having a display driving unit on a lower part is provided. The LCD display apparatus includes a signal processing unit which performs video decoding, video scaling, and conversion into high-quality video on an input video; and a driving unit which is disposed closer to a lower end... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140092302 - Image signal processing apparatus and liquid crystal display: An image signal processing apparatus, which is capable of receiving, as inputs, images transmitted in first and second formats, includes a determination circuit that determines the first and second formats on the basis of correlation among a plurality of pieces of pixel data input in parallel with one another from... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140092303 - Image signal processing method and apparatus: The present invention enables an image signal processing that can improve color representation of an image signal converted from YCrCb 4:2:2 format to YCrCb 4:2:0 format. An image signal processing apparatus 500 includes a buffer 520 for retaining YCrCb 4:2:2 image signals captured by an image signal input 510, a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140092304 - Tv and wireless electronic device combination system: A TV and wireless electronic device combination system includes a TV monitor having set therein a TV display system, a wireless electronic device, a data stream connected between the wireless electronic device and the TV display system of the TV monitor using Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) or data packet transmission technology.... Agent:

20140092305 - Hdmi source detection: A circuit for detection of an HDMI source device to an HDMI sink device through an HDMI sink connector without regard for the activity state of the HDMI source device has a pull-up resistor connecting a DC power source to the DDC/CEC ground node. The node is readable as a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140092306 - Apparatus and method for receiving additional object information: An apparatus and a method for receiving additional object information regarding a particular object in at least one frame from among a sequence of a plurality of frames included in image media are provided. The method includes receiving selection of a reference frame including a target object, and receiving selection... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140092307 - Image processing apparatus: An image processing apparatus having an input unit for inputting an image signal and an image corrector for correcting the input image signal is disclosed. The image corrector is arranged to extract from the input image signal a specular reflection component and a diffuse reflection component and generate a corrected... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140092308 - Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing method and storage medium storing image processing program: An image processing apparatus for displaying a live view image obtained by implementing special effect processing on an image data on a monitor comprises an image processing unit that implements a plurality of types of special effect processing on the image data to generate a plurality of sets of special... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20140092309 - Pseudo-lifecasting: A system and associated method are provided for generating a video associated with an environment of a user device. The method includes: receiving information about a position of the user device over a wireless communication link; combining, using a processor, image information from a database stored in a memory that... Agent:

20140092310 - Video signal processing device and display apparatus: A video signal processing device according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a motion vector detection unit and a plurality of interpolated image generation units. The motion vector detection unit detects an interpolated motion vector which represents a motion between a first broad image and a second broad... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140092311 - Transcribing medium of variant control signal: A high definition multimedia interface using a modified format switcher for controlling electronic hardware. The modified format switcher enables infrared, RS-232, TCPIP, audio, and consumer electronics control interconnection with the high definition multimedia interface.... Agent:

20140092312 - Image display apparatus and method of controlling image display apparatus: An image display apparatus includes: an HDBaseT receiver circuit that receives signals based on N (N is an integer number satisfying N≧2) standards that can be transmitted as HDBaseT signals; a dedicated receiver circuit that is compliant with only a first standard of the N standards and receives signals of... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140092313 - Video processing system, video processing method, database for video processing and generating method thereof, video processing apparatus, control method thereof and control program thereof: A video processing apparatus includes a storage unit, an input unit, and a determining unit. The storage unit stores a plurality of scenes included in a scene group and characteristic amounts which are extracted from a series of plural frames included in the respective scenes in the scene group, in... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140092314 - Audio video instruction format switcher: A high definition multimedia interface using a modified format switcher for controlling electronic hardware. The modified format switcher enables infrared, RS-232, TCPIP, audio, and consumer electronics control interconnection with the high definition multimedia interface.... Agent:

20140092315 - Remote control terminal and information processing apparatus: Provided is a remote control terminal, including: a first terminal-side wireless-communication unit configured to interactively communicate with a control-target information processing apparatus by using a first wireless communication system, to control the information processing apparatus; a second terminal-side wireless-communication unit configured to interactively communicate with the information processing apparatus by... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140092316 - Variable and interleaved scanning in laser projectors: A method of operating a miniature projector that comprises: receiving image data to project; generating light beams for a screen; scanning the light beams according to a first pattern from a first edge to an ending edge in the screen to form at least one image, the first pattern being... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140092317 - Adjustable elevating supporter for television: The present invention discloses an adjustable elevating supporter for TV which comprises: a combination seat combined to and supporting a liquid crystal television; a supporter comprising: an upper support shaft having an upper end combined to the combination seat and a lower end provided with at least one pair of... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140092318 - Slidable television track: The present invention is a slidable television track that includes a pair of rails attached to a ceiling or a wall, a wheels track disposed between the pair of rails and a pair of roller wheels received by the wheels track. The slidable television track also includes an attachment stem... Agent:

20140092319 - Television set: A television set includes a television set main body that includes a display portion on its front surface and that is disposed such that its rear surface faces a wall, as well as a speaker unit for left-side audio and a speaker unit for right-side audio for the television set... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

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