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20150022616 - Method and system for routing video calls to a target queue based upon dynamically selected or statically defined parameters: A computer-implemented method routes a video relay service call to a call queue corresponding to a preferred language after receiving an input from a user to initiate a video relay service call. The preferred language may be stored in connection with the phone number being called, and the system automatically... Agent:

20150022617 - Performing multiple functions by a mobile device during a video conference: A method for enabling multiple functions to be performed by a first mobile device during a video conference within a mobile device environment includes: performing a second function at a first mobile device while a first function is being performed at the first mobile device without interruption of the first... Agent:

20150022619 - System and method for sharing multimedia content using a television receiver during a voice call: When a multimedia IMS terminal establishes a voice call with a legacy terminal with no multimedia capabilities it loses the possibility to e.g. start a video call or a video sharing session regardless of the compliance with an IMS network. It is one object of to provide a solution to... Agent: Wit-software, Consultoria Software Para A Internet M&#xd3 Vel, S.a.

20150022618 - Wireless entrance communication device: A device for communicating including a housing including a camera, a microphone, a speaker, a button, a battery, non-volatile memory, a processor, and a wireless communications module, wherein the non-volatile memory stores code operable by the processor for switching the processor from low-power mode to active mode in response to... Agent:

20150022620 - Wireless entrance communication device: A device for communicating including a housing including a camera, a microphone, a speaker, a button, a battery, a sensor, non-volatile memory, a processor, and a wireless communications module, wherein the non-volatile memory stores code operable by the processor for switching the processor from low-power mode to active mode in... Agent:

20150022621 - Composition manager camera: A system and method may be provided to access images through a camera service, where the images are generated by a non-sensor image source, such as a composition manager. The system may include the camera service and the non-sensor image source. The non-sensor image source may generate a processed image... Agent:

20150022622 - Methods, systems, and apparatus for providing video communications: Methods, systems, and apparatus for conducting a video conference. A location of one or more sets of eyes in an image may be determined. The relative location of an image capture device and/or a portion of a display device may be adjusted based on the determined location.... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20150022623 - Source selection for conference bridges: The disclosure provides a method of providing media source selection for a media conference. The method comprises adjusting an input media stream comparison used to select at least one next input media stream for the media conference to influence selection of the at least one next input media stream.... Agent:

20150022624 - Supporting enhanced media communications using a packet-based communication link: A method for supporting communications includes establishing a packet-based audio communication link with a remote device and informing a local computing device of the audio communication link. A message requesting identification of enhanced media capabilities associated with the remote device is received from the local computing device and tunneled in... Agent:

20150022625 - Systems and methods for asynchronously joining and leaving video conferences and merging multiple video conferences: A method (and corresponding system and computer program product) providing control to open video conference is disclosed. One aspect enables participants of a video conference to asynchronously join and leave the video conference. Another aspect enables participants to merge multiple video conferences into a single video conference, or to split... Agent:

20150022626 - Data, multimedia & video transmission updating system: A data processing and communications system for communications between remote stations, the apparatus comprising; a communications module; and a data processing module, a power supply including a power source for generating power and a power link to said modules; a data and power link between the communications module and the... Agent:

20150022628 - Image photographing device and control method thereof: An image photographing device displays a preview panoramic image and data regarding moving velocity and direction of the image photographing device during panorama photographing in real time. The image photographing device includes a photographing unit to photograph a plurality of images, an image processing unit to convert the images photographed... Agent:

20150022627 - Photographing apparatus, photographing method and computer-readable storage medium storing photographing program of photographing apparatus: A photographing apparatus includes a photographing module, an image processor, a line-of-sight direction determination module, a main subject determination module, and an emphasis processor. The line-of-sight direction determination module determines a line-of-sight direction of the photographer by comparing with the reference line-of-sight direction of the photographer in the image data... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20150022629 - Video processing method and system: A video processing method and a video processing system are provided. The video processing method is applied to a rotary video capturing device. The video processing method includes the following steps. First, at least one video frame corresponding to at least one piece of field-of-view (FOV) information is received, and... Agent:

20150022630 - Virtual video patrol system and components therefor: A system and corresponding components for providing a virtual video patrol functionality comprised of a plurality of sensor units and a monitoring station. The sensor units are preferably deployed in a configuration such that physically adjacent sensor units have overlapping fields of view. Each sensor unit is preferably configured to... Agent:

20150022631 - Content-aware display adaptation methods and editing interfaces and methods for stereoscopic images: Content-aware display adaptation methods for stereoscopic images and editing interfaces and methods are provided. First, the saliency maps are estimated for stereoscopic images. Each image is represented as a grid mesh, and a per-quad importance is measured based on the saliency maps. Then, features are detected matched between the images.... Agent:

20150022632 - Hierarchical binary structured light patterns: A method of image processing in a structured light imaging device is provided that includes receiving a captured image of a scene, wherein the captured image is captured by a camera of a projector-camera pair in the structured light imaging system, and wherein the captured image includes a pre-determined hierarchical... Agent:

20150022633 - Method of fast encoder decision in 3d video coding: Multi-view video encoding using early Merge mode decision and/or early CU split termination is disclosed. The present invention encodes a current coding block using the Merge/Skip mode without evaluating coding performance for at least one of Inter modes and Intra modes if the coding conditions associated with the current coding... Agent:

20150022636 - Method and system for voice capture using face detection in noisy environments: Embodiments of the present invention are capable of determining a face direction associated with a detected subject (or multiple detected subjects) of interest within a 3D space using face detection procedures, while simultaneously avoiding the pick up of other environmental sounds. In addition, if more than one face is detected,... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150022640 - Method and system for volume determination using a structure from motion algorithm: A volume determining method for an object on a construction site is disclosed. The method may include moving a mobile camera along a path around the object while orienting the camera repeatedly onto the object. The method may include capturing a series of images of the object from different points... Agent:

20150022639 - Method of capturing three-dimensional (3d) information on a structure: A method of capturing three-dimensional (3D) information on a structure includes obtaining a first image set containing images of the structure with at least one physical camera located at a first position, the first image set comprising one or more images; reconstructing 3D information from the first image set; obtaining... Agent: A.tron3d Gmbh

20150022634 - Object inspection system: An inspection system is provided that includes at least one three-dimensional camera that is used to inspect an object to determine whether the object contains any defects. The defects that are capable of being detected by the inspection system include holes, tears, and improper thickness, and overlap. The inspection system... Agent: The Steelastic Co., LLC

20150022641 - System and method for analyzing data captured by a three-dimensional camera: In an exemplary embodiment, a system includes a three-dimensional camera and a processor communicatively coupled to the three-dimensional camera. The processor is operable to determine a first edge of a dairy livestock, determine a second edge of the dairy livestock, determine a third edge of the dairy livestock, and determine... Agent:

20150022637 - Three-dimensional image processing apparatus, three-dimensional image processing method, three-dimensional image processing program, computer-readable recording medium, and recording device: A three-dimensional image processing apparatus includes: an image capturing part for acquiring reflected light to capture a plurality of pattern projected images; a distance image generating part capable of generating a distance image based on the plurality of pattern projected images; a tone conversion part for tone-converting the distance image... Agent:

20150022638 - Three-dimensional image processing apparatus, three-dimensional image processing method, three-dimensional image processing program, computer-readable recording medium, and recording device: A head section includes: a light projecting part for projecting incident light as structured illumination of a predetermined projection pattern; the image capturing part for acquiring reflected light that is projected by the light projecting part and reflected on an inspection target, to capture a plurality of pattern projected images;... Agent:

20150022635 - Using multiple flashes when obtaining a biometric image: A mobile communication device may have a photography subsystem, multiple light sources on a posterior side and an image signal processor (ISP). The ISP may control the photography subsystem and the timing of the flashing of the multiple light sources to obtain multiple images. From the multiple images, the ISP... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150022643 - Asymmetric sensor array for capturing images: This document describes techniques and apparatuses for implementing an asymmetric sensor array for capturing images. These techniques and apparatuses enable better resolution, depth of color, or low-light sensitivity than many conventional sensor arrays.... Agent:

20150022642 - Super-resolution in structured light imaging: A method of image processing in a structured light imaging device is provided that includes capturing a plurality of images of a scene into which a structured light pattern is projected by a projector in the structured light imaging device, extracting features in each of the captured images, finding feature... Agent:

20150022644 - Adaptive structured light patterns: A method of depth map optimization using an adaptive structured light pattern is provided that includes capturing, by a camera in a structured light imaging device, a first image of a scene into which a pre-determined structured light pattern is projected by a projector in the structured light imaging device,... Agent:

20150022645 - Method and apparatus for providing a display position of a display object and for displaying a display object in a three-dimensional scene: A method for determining a display position of a display object to be displayed together with a three-dimensional (3D) scene is provided. The method comprising: providing a display distance of one or more displayable objects comprised in the 3D scene with respect to a display plane; and providing the display... Agent:

20150022646 - System and method for display of image streams: A system for projecting a first image stream containing a first set of frames for displaying primary content and a second image stream containing a second set of frames that contain alternate content and for allowing a user to configure passive filters to alternate between viewing the first image stream... Agent:

20150022647 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes an illuminating section capable of irradiating a subject with a light in a first wavelength band and light in a second wavelength band, an image processing section including a color filter configured by a plurality of filters, the image processing section generating, from two image pickup... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150022649 - Controlling image focus in real-time using gestures and depth sensor data: A method of controlling image focus in a digital imaging system is provided that includes receiving a depth-scene image pair generated by a depth-scene image sensor pair comprised in the digital imaging system, aligning the depth image with the scene image wherein each pixel in the scene image has a... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150022648 - Optical fingerprint recognition apparatus: In accordance with an embodiment, the prism is made slimly to correct the distortion of the fingerprint image such as trapezoidal distortion or the like. Therefore, it is possible to manufacture the optical fingerprint recognition apparatus of a compact size. Further, the imaging lens is arranged to have a de-centering... Agent: Suprema Inc.

20150022650 - Network camera having iris detection function and iris detection method: A network camera with an iris detection function and an iris detection method are provided. The network camera may include a machine body connected to a first iris or a second iris. The machine body may include a detection unit, a test signal generation unit, and a processing unit. The... Agent:

20150022652 - Device and method for inspecting a sealing member: A sealing inspection device includes a scan unit through which a display device substrate including a top plate coupled to a bottom plate by a sealing member in the sealed area passes; and a photographing unit through which the display device substrate which has passed through the scan unit, further... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150022653 - Image acquisition device: A image acquisition device including a connection section having an opening; an optical-path switching unit that changes an optical path of light entering from the opening; and two image acquisition elements. The optical-path switching unit includes two parallel reflective surfaces disposed with a distance therebetween and is swivelable about a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150022651 - Predictive focusing for image scanning systems: This invention discloses an apparatus for achieving predictive focusing in an image scanning system. The apparatus comprises an optical path-length changing plate and an image sensor. In one embodiment, the plate comprises a plurality of path-length changing members. The plate further includes a central region configured to provide a substantially... Agent:

20150022654 - Closed-loop automatic defect inspection and classification: Inspection apparatus includes an imaging module, which is configured to capture images of defects at different, respective locations on a sample. A processor is coupled to process the images so as to automatically assign respective classifications to the defects, and to autonomously control the imaging module to continue capturing the... Agent: Applied Materials Israel Ltd.

20150022655 - Apparatus and method using a linear array of optical sensors for imaging a rotating component of a gas turbine engine: Apparatus and method using a linear array (22) of optical sensors (24) for imaging a rotating component (12) of a gas turbine engine. A viewing probe (16) may include the linear array of optical sensors disposed in the probe to acquire image data that may be made up of a... Agent:

20150022656 - System for collecting & processing aerial imagery with enhanced 3d & nir imaging capability: A system for guided geospatial image capture, registration and 2D or 3D mosaicking, that employs automated imagery processing and cutting-edge airborne image mapping technologies for generation of geo-referenced Orthomosaics and Digital Elevation Models from aerial images obtained by UAVs and/or manned aircraft.... Agent:

20150022657 - Electronic device and method for detecting surface flaw of object: Method for detecting a surface flaw of an object using an electronic device includes requesting a detection device to control a camera unit to capture a current image of a test object placed on the detection device. The current image includes a sidewall image and a reflected image. The method... Agent:

20150022658 - Noise reduction techniques, fractional bi-spectrum and fractional cross-correlation, and applications: A measurement method and system include illuminating an object to be measured with light at two different wavelengths and an incident angle; capturing an image of the object; detecting a frequency of an interference pattern from the image using Fractional Bi-Spectrum Analysis; and calculating a thickness of the object based... Agent: University Of North Carolina At Charlotte

20150022659 - Luminance measuring apparatus: The luminance measuring apparatus for measuring the luminance of a road has an image pickup unit for picking up an image of the road, an input unit for inputting information concerning the road as an imaging target, and a luminance measuring unit for defining a luminance measurement target field A... Agent: Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.

20150022661 - Remote monitoring: Remote monitoring and inspection of measurement devices, emergency equipment, parking spaces, and other items is accomplished by using an image sensor (e.g., a CMOS sensor) to capture an image containing information about the monitored item. A signal containing information about the image (e.g., data representing the captured image or data... Agent:

20150022660 - Shape/object recognition using still/scan/moving image optical digital media processing: There is provided a system and method for shape/object recognition using still/scan/moving image optical digital media processing. The system may include a user device and a cloud/server. The user device may be configured to capture a reference optical data using a capturing device, transmit the reference data to the cloud/server,... Agent: High Performance Systems, LLC

20150022662 - Method and apparatus for aerial surveillance: The invention relates to a method of performing surveillance of an object moving on the ground, which comprises: a) providing two independent image-acquisition devices, wherein at least one of said devices is capable of acquiring high-resolution images, and the second of said devices is capable of acquiring low-resolution images; b)... Agent:

20150022663 - Methods and systems for vehicle theft detection and prevention using a smartphone and video-based parking technology: Methods and systems for preventing vehicle theft. A video stream of a parking area wherein a vehicle is parked can be captured, the video stream provided by a theft notification service to which the vehicle is pre-registered. The vehicle in the video stream can be identified. The video stream is... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150022665 - Vehicle camera system with image manipulation: An image, such as a frame of video, is captured by a single camera positioned on a vehicle to capture a scene external to the vehicle. A first image manipulation is performed on a first region of the image to generate a first manipulated region. A second image manipulation is... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc.

20150022664 - Vehicle vision system with positionable virtual viewpoint: A vehicle vision system includes a plurality of cameras disposed at a vehicle and having respective exterior fields of view and a display screen for displaying images derived from captured image data in a surround view format where captured image data is merged to provide a single composite display image... Agent:

20150022666 - System and method for scalable video cloud services: Methods of monitoring real-world environments using a plurality of processor controlled Internet video cameras, scalable cloud computing technology, and various Internet connected smartphones and tablet computers. The system is designed to use cloud computing technology, including automated service provisioning, automated virtual machine migration services, RESTful API, and various firewall traversing... Agent:

20150022667 - Activity and/or environment driven annotation prompts for thermal imager: A thermal imaging camera comprises an infrared lens assembly and associated IR sensor for detecting thermal images of a target scene, a processor, and at least one additional sensor. The at least one additional sensor is configured to provide measurement data to the processor, where it is compared to a... Agent:

20150022668 - Lighting apparatus for infrared camera system comprising array of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers: The invention relates to a lighting apparatus (1) comprising an array (2) of light sources (3) emitting emission cones (4) with edges (5) which intersect in an intersection plane and a lens unit (7) for homogenizing the intensity distribution in the far field. The array of the light sources and... Agent:

20150022670 - Noise compensation in a biometric sensing device: An electronic device includes a biometric sensing device connected to a processing channel that includes at least one amplifier having a gain. One or more processing devices is operatively connected to the biometric sensing device and adapted to compensate for signal fixed pattern noise in signals received from the processing... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150022669 - Real-time registration of a stereo depth camera array: Real-time registration of a camera array in an image capture device may be implemented in the field by adjusting a selected subset of independent parameters in a mapping function, termed registration coefficients, which have been determined to have the largest contribution to registration errors so that the array can be... Agent:

20150022671 - Electronic device, control method of electronic device and recording medium storing control program of electronic device: An electronic device to which a plurality of expansion units for function expansion are connectable, includes an image processing portion configured to receive an image signal from the expansion unit, apply predetermined processing to the image signal and output the resulting image signal to a displaying portion; and a controller... Agent:

20150022672 - Unevenness inspection apparatus and unevenness inspection method: An unevenness inspection apparatus including: an image pickup section obtaining a pickup image of a test object; an image generating section generating each of a color unevenness inspection image and a luminance unevenness inspection image based on the pickup image; a calculating section calculating an evaluation parameter using both of... Agent:

20150022673 - Method and apparatus for spectrum monitoring: A system, such as a satellite reception assembly or customer premises gateway, may comprise an analog-to-digital converter operable to digitize a signal spanning an entire television spectrum (e.g., cable television spectrum or satellite television spectrum) comprising a plurality of television channels. The system may comprise a signal monitor operable to... Agent:

20150022675 - Image processing architectures and methods: Cell phones and other portable devices are equipped with a variety of technologies by which existing functionality is improved, and new functionality is provided. Some aspects relate to imaging architectures, in which a cell phone's image sensor is one in a chain of stages that successively act on instructions/data, to... Agent:

20150022674 - Wireless video camera: A wireless video camera that permits bookmarking of objects in the surrounding environment of the camera. When a remote user selects to see (via streaming video) a previously bookmarked object, the camera determines the appropriate camera viewing parameter to replicate the bookmarked view of the object. To account for an... Agent:

20150022676 - Information processing apparatus and control method thereof: An information processing apparatus which communicates with an image capturing apparatus and reproduces video data obtained by the image capturing apparatus, comprises a unit which requests a segment list in which information of segments of video data is written; a unit which acquires the requested segment list; a unit which... Agent:

20150022677 - System and method for efficient post-processing video stabilization with camera path linearization: Described herein are methods, systems, and apparatus to process video images to remove jitteriness due to hand shake. In one aspect, a camera is configured to capture raw video composed of a series of successive image frames of a scene of interest. A processor is configured to receive the image... Agent:

20150022679 - Fast motion detection with gpu: Disclosed are systems and methods for determining when to focus a digital camera to capture a scene. A current frame and a prior frame are differenced to determine a frame difference. The current frame is also differenced with a jittered version of the current frame to produce a jitter difference.... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150022678 - Image capture apparatus and control method therefor: An image capture apparatus has an image sensor and an optical anti-shake mechanism that reduces a shake of a captured image by driving an optical correction element in a different direction from an optical axis of an imaging optical system in accordance with a detected shake. Reference coordinates for geometric... Agent:

20150022680 - Imaging apparatus, external apparatus, imaging system, method for controlling imaging apparatus, method for controlling external apparatus, method for controlling imaging system, and storage medium: An imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit configured to capture an object image, a rotation unit configured to rotate the imaging unit in a predetermined direction, and a first transmission unit configured to transmit, to an external apparatus, acceleration information indicating whether an acceleration at which the rotation unit rotates... Agent:

20150022681 - Automatic image-capturing apparatus, automatic image-capturing control method, image display system, image display method, display control apparatus, and display control method: An automatic image-capturing apparatus including an image-capturing unit configured to capture an image of a subject so as to obtain captured image data; an automatic captured-image obtaining unit configured to automatically obtain the captured image data obtained by the image-capturing unit without being based on an operation of a user;... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150022682 - Optical device capable of selecting focus detection point, method of controlling the same, and storage medium: An optical device capable of selecting a focus detection point from a plurality of focus detection points for focus detection, such that the selection is performed while causing a user's intention to be reflected thereon. The optical device performs focus detection at a focus detection point selected from focus detection... Agent:

20150022683 - Electronic device and video playing method: A video playing method for an electronic device, the electronic device includes a display and an image capturing apparatus. The image capturing apparatus captures images in real-time while a video is being displayed by the electronic device. The electronic device determines whether each of the images captured by the image... Agent:

20150022684 - Information processing apparatus, image sensing apparatus, control method, and recording medium: An information processing apparatus obtains a sensed image, and information representing imaging conditions used when the image was sensed. Based on the information representing the imaging conditions, the information processing apparatus generates conversion information corresponding to a conversion coefficient used in at least one of de-gamma processing and color balance... Agent:

20150022685 - Spectral synthesis for image capture device processing: A substantially rectangular spectral representation is synthesized, which is adapted to produce image capture device sensor outputs if applied to an image capture device. The synthesized substantially rectangular spectral representation can be utilized in generating output color values of an output color space from image capture device sensor outputs, where... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150022686 - Flicker detection method and flicker detection apparatus: The present invention discloses a flicker detection method and a flicker detection apparatus. The method includes: calculating the mean values of selected rows of image frames to constitute a mean value vector; calculating a differential vector between the mean value vectors of a current frame and a previous frame; calculating... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150022688 - Image-displaying device and method for controlling image-displaying device: An image capturing device includes an image data generation unit, a display control unit and a control unit. The control unit ends charge storing after a first amount of time passes since charge storing of an image capturing target line is started, and starts displaying image data of a display... Agent:

20150022687 - System and method for automatic exposure and dynamic range compression: A method of capturing a digital image with a digital camera includes determining a first exposure level for capturing an image based on a first luminance level of the image, determining a second exposure level for capturing the image based on a threshold exposure level of the image, configuring an... Agent:

20150022689 - Image management apparatus and image management method: An image management apparatus comprises an input unit which inputs a first image and a second image; a storage unit which stores the first image and the second image in association with each other; a selection unit which selects an image to be deleted out of the first and second... Agent:

20150022690 - Information displaying apparatus: Recorded information is grouped in recording units. The information of each recording unit is displayed by the order of older recording date based upon information recorded in memory. The recording time of each recording unit is displayed on the left edge of the display screen, to the right of which... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20150022691 - Image capturing apparatus and image processing method: An image capturing apparatus includes an image capturing unit and an image processing unit. The image capturing unit captures a subject by an image sensor including focus detection pixels. The image processing unit includes a correction range determination unit configured to determine a range of a correction coefficient based on... Agent:

20150022692 - Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor: An image pickup apparatus arranged so that an optical image of an object obtained by emitting a flash is converted into an electric signal to obtain a first image regarding photographing of the object, the same optical image of the object is converted into an electric signal to obtain a... Agent:

20150022693 - Wide dynamic range depth imaging: Wide dynamic range depth imaging in a structured light device is provided that improves depth maps for scenes with a wide range of albedo values under varying light conditions. A structured light pattern, e.g., a time-multiplexed structured light pattern, is projected into a scene at various projection times and a... Agent:

20150022694 - Interchangeable-lens camera, and viewfinder display method: The information about an interchangeable lens is acquired, and the size of an image capture range, which is the range corresponding to a capture image in an optical image, is calculated based on the information about the interchangeable lens. When the image capture range is smaller than or equal to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150022696 - Electronic device having camera module and operating method thereof: An electronic device including a camera module that operates intuitively and an operating method thereof are provided. In a method for operating an electronic device, a rotation event of a zoom ring is detected for a predetermined time. A zoom speed of a barrel is determined in response to the... Agent:

20150022695 - Optical zooming apparatus for miniature imaging system: An optical apparatus is provided that includes a reflective component that reflects light from an optical axis to an optical plane substantially perpendicular to the optical axis. The apparatus further includes first and second lens units disposed within the optical plane, and an actuator mechanically coupled with the first and... Agent:

20150022697 - Projector auto-focus correction with the aid of a camera: A method of automatically focusing a projector in a projection system is provided that includes projecting, by the projector, a binary pattern on a projection surface, capturing an image of the projected binary pattern by a camera synchronized with the projector, computing a depth map from the captured image, and... Agent:

20150022698 - Removing unwanted objects from photographed image: A device and method for processing an image in a device having a camera is disclosed. A motion vector of an unwanted object in preview frames of the desired image is identified. A photographing interval in accordance with the motion vector may be set. Continuous frames of the desired image... Agent:

20150022699 - Image pickup device and focus detection apparatus: An image pickup device includes pixels arranged in a matrix shape, vertical signal lines to which the pixels are respectively connected via normal connection lines for each column, focus detection pixels discretely arranged among the pixels, focus connection lines that set, in a range in which a total number of... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150022700 - Imaging lens system: This invention provides an imaging lens system including, in order from an object side to an image side: a first lens with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface; a second lens with negative refractive power; a third lens having a concave image-side surface; a fourth lens with positive... Agent:

20150022701 - Imaging lens system: This invention provides an imaging lens system including, in order from an object side to an image side: a first lens with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface; a second lens with negative refractive power; a third lens having a concave image-side surface; a fourth lens with positive... Agent:

20150022702 - Analog-to-digital converter, image sensor including the same, and image processing device including the image sensor: An analog-to-digital converter includes a gain amplification unit configured to receive a pixel signal at a first node and to amplify a gain of the pixel signal, a first capacitor connected between the first node and a second node, an amplifier configured to receive and amplify a signal output from... Agent:

20150022703 - Solid-state imaging device, signal processing device and signal processing method for solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array unit in which unit pixels are arranged in a matrix shape and a signal processing circuit that obtains a first video signal and performs processing for combining the first and second video signals. The signal processing circuit includes judging means that judges... Agent:

20150022704 - Orientation-based camera operation: An electronic device comprising an image sensor, an orientation sensor, and a user interface, may be operable to capture photographs via the image sensor. Input to the user interface required for triggering a photo capture may depend on an orientation of the electronic device indicated by the orientation sensor. Input... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150022706 - Imaging device, and imaging method: According to the preset invention, an optical viewfinder state in which an optical image of a photographic subject can be observed at an eyepiece part of a finder and an electronic viewfinder state in which a captured image of the photographic subject can be observed at the eyepiece part of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150022705 - Camera device and projector device having protective lens: A camera device includes a lens module and a birefringent sapphire lens. The sapphire lens is coupled to the lens module as a light window to protect the lens module. The sapphire lens has a crystal structure and a crystal axis. The crystal structure is a single-crystal structure and the... Agent:

20150022707 - Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof: Present embodiments provide for a mobile device and an optical imaging lens thereof. The optical imaging lens comprises five lens elements positioned sequentially from an object side to an image side. Through controlling the convex or concave shape of the surfaces and/or the refracting power of the lens elements, the... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150022710 - Af controller, lens apparatus including the af controller and image pickup apparatus: An AF controller includes: a signal generator configured to generate an image signal pair for each of a plurality of areas in an imaging angle of view; a target position derives configured to derive a driving target position of a focus lens based on a defocus amount derived by the... Agent:

20150022708 - Imaging apparatus, imaging method and imaging system: An imaging apparatus that performs focus control includes a signal conversion processing part that converts a subject image into a video signal, an image acquisition part that acquires the video signal output from the signal conversion processing part, a focusing area setting part that sets a focusing area as an... Agent:

20150022709 - Stepping motor control unit, stepping motor controlling method, and optical apparatus: A control unit for a stepping motor includes an encoder and a controller. The controller controls the stepping motor based on information sent from an image pickup apparatus configured to capture an object via an image pickup optical system that includes the focus lens. in a case that the image... Agent:

20150022711 - Apparatus, medium, and method for photographing based on face detection: A photographing method, medium, and apparatus based on face detection in a portable camera. The portable photographing apparatus may include an image input unit that receives an image, a face detection unit that detects a face from the received image, a storage unit that stores the image detected by the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022712 - Imaging device and computer program product saving program: An imaging device includes an imaging unit configured to generate a moving-image signal by capturing an image of a subject formed by an imaging optical system, a focus adjustment information acquisition unit configured to acquire focus adjustment information related to human subjective focus adjustment, and a focus adjustment determination unit... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150022713 - Imaging apparatus and imaging method: Based on a face detection result obtained from a detection unit, if a human face has not been detected, an imaging apparatus adjusts the focus state by selecting either a mountain climbing operation or a minute driving operation according to the state of the focus. If a human face has... Agent:

20150022714 - Image capturing lens system: An image capturing lens system includes five lens elements with refractive power, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element and a fifth lens element. The first lens element with positive refractive... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20150022715 - Irradiation device, irradiation method, and program: There is provided an irradiation device including an irradiation unit configured to emit light, and an irradiation control unit configured to switch irradiation regions irradiated with the light by the irradiation unit according to a synchronization signal for controlling an exposure period of a pixel of an imaging device of... Agent:

20150022716 - Image processing device and method for controlling the same: An image processing apparatus includes a camera module, first and second pixel extraction interfaces, an image processing module, and a focus controller. The camera module includes a lens, a sensor aligned with the lens along a direction, and a focus actuator connected to the lens. The first and the second... Agent:

20150022717 - Simplified draw latch with bent wireform mid-linkage: A camera housing includes a simplified draw latch for securing a first portion and a second portion of the camera housing together. The draw latch can include a draw hook and a wireform mid-linkage. The draw latch enables a user to easily open and close a camera housing, and to... Agent:

20150022718 - Thin image pickup apparatus: An image pickup apparatus that is capable of dissipating heat generated by an image pickup device efficiently, even when a small image pickup device that has electrode pads on almost all the back face is used. The image pickup apparatus has a lens assembly. An image pickup device photoelectrically converts... Agent:

20150022719 - Transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus, and signal processing method thereof: Provided are a transmitting apparatus, a receiving apparatus and methods of transmitting and receiving a data frame. The transmitting apparatus includes: a frame generator configured to cluster a predetermined number of frames to generate a frame cluster, at least one of the frames being generated by mapping data contained in... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022720 - Method and apparatus for providing signatures of audio/video signals and for making use thereof: A method and apparatus are disclosed for providing a video signature representative of a content of a video signal. A method and apparatus are further disclosed for providing an audio signature representative of a content of an audio signal. A method and apparatus for detecting lip sync are further disclosed... Agent: Miranda Technologies Inc.

20150022721 - Multi contents view display apparatus and method for displaying multi contents view: A multi contents view display method is provided, including performing signal-processing of first image information, displaying a first contents view using the signal-processed first image information, and displaying a second contents view using at least one from among the first image information and information related to the displayed first contents... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022722 - Integrated computer, computer system and input/output signal automatic detecting method for the integrated computer: An integrated computer, a computer system and an input/output signal automatic detecting method for the integrated computer are provided. After a signal terminal is inserted into a socket of the integrated computer, the integrated computer will detect if an external video signal can be received and then set the integrated... Agent: Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd.

20150022723 - Video processing apparatus, display apparatus, and video processing method: A video input section acquires a video signal formed of a plurality of frames. A frame separator separates the video signal acquired by the video input section on a frame basis and distributes the separated video signals. A plurality of parallel processors perform video processing in parallel on the separated... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150022724 - Remote controller and remote controller set applied to display device: A remote controller applied to a display device includes a wireless communication element, a voice receiving and transmitting element and a control unit. The wireless communication element is utilized for performing a wireless communication with a set-up box of the display device. The control unit is coupled to the wireless... Agent:

20150022725 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method: In an information processing apparatus, a communication unit communicates with notifying apparatuses that store position information thereof and notifies, in a case in which a communication is made with first terminals that are held by respective users, identification information of the first terminals and the position information, and in a... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150022726 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: Image data is acquired. Information about the shape of the projection plane of an image to be projected by a projection unit is acquired. Projection data to be used for projection is generated using the acquired image data and the acquired information.... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 140 patent applications in 89 patent subcategories.

20150015660 - Navigable telepresence method and system: Methods and systems permit one or more users to navigate through imagery of an environment. The system may include a first user interface device having first user inputs associated with first movement through the environment and a second user interface device having second user inputs associated with a second movement... Agent:

20150015662 - Apparatus and method for creating situation awareness when scheduling conference calls: A method for creating situation awareness when scheduling video conferences includes providing a user with access to a set of names stored in a directory service database, and allowing the user to select one or more of the names. In response to selection of one or more names, geographical location... Agent:

20150015661 - Conference system, program and conference method: There is provided a conference system which performs a remote conference by communicating conference data between a transmission terminal and a reception terminal. The transmission terminal receives input of the conference data including audio data, selects a real time mode of sequentially performing transmission of the input audio data and... Agent:

20150015659 - Method and apparatus for hands-free control of a far end camera: One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a method for intuitively controlling a far-end camera via physical movements. The method includes the steps of receiving an image captured by a first camera and including a digital representation of at least a portion of a user of the first camera,... Agent:

20150015663 - Video chat data processing: A graphics processing unit and a system are described herein. The graphics processing unit includes a decoder, a post processor, and a renderer. The decoder is to decode a video data stream from an incoming data stream. The post processor is to perform post-processing of the decoded video data stream.... Agent:

20150015664 - Imaging system and imaging optical system: An optical system includes a central portion having a magnification per unit angle of view which increases from a center to an outside at an increase rate and a circumferential portion being outside the central portion and having a magnification per unit of view which increases from the central portion... Agent:

20150015665 - Wide angle camera with automated panoramic image capture: A motorized camera provides one or more capture sequences for capturing radially distorted wide angle images of objects detected within a plurality of its detection zones. A sequence may include actions to move or reposition an imaging device of the camera to one or more locations, and to capture one... Agent:

20150015670 - Device and method for rendering and delivering 3-d content: A device for delivering 3-D content includes a receiving unit configured to receive a first signal containing 2-D content, and a processing unit configured to (i) determine an amount of a difference in the content in the first signal to be visualized by a left visual sensor and a right... Agent: Cstereo3d, LLC

20150015666 - Method and apparatus for providing 3d video streaming service: In order to provide a three-dimensional (3D) video streaming service to a user terminal, user characteristic information including eyesight information of the left eye and the right eye of a user is received from the user terminal. Then, one of quality of a left image and that of a right... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150015667 - Method and system for operating a set-top-box: A method for operating a set-top-box that supports 3D video content is disclosed. The method involves transmitting video content from an HDMI port of the set-top-box to a display device at a first resolution. The method also involves, in response to a change in the HDMI_Video_Format field or in the... Agent: Pace PLC

20150015669 - Systems and methods for decoding light field image files using a depth map: Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention are configured to render images using light field image files containing an image synthesized from light field image data and metadata describing the image that includes a depth map. One embodiment of the invention includes a processor and memory containing... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20150015668 - Three-dimensional display system with adaptation based on viewing reference of viewer(s): A display system that presents three-dimensional content to a viewer is described herein. The display system includes a screen assembly having one or more adaptable display characteristics relating to the presentation of three-dimensional content, first circuitry that at least assists in producing reference information corresponding to at least one aspect... Agent:

20150015672 - Image processing device, imaging device, image processing method, and recording medium: An image processing method according to the present invention cuts out partial images corresponding to trimming regions, which is specified for multiple viewpoint images of a stereoscopic image obtained by pupil-division-scheme imaging, from the respective viewpoint images, generates a stereoscopic partial image including multiple partial images, generates parallax information that... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150015671 - Method and system for adaptive viewport for a mobile device based on viewing angle: A 2D and/or 3D video processing device comprising a camera and a display captures images of a viewer as the viewer observes displayed 2D and/or 3D video content in a viewport. Face and/or eye tracking of viewer images is utilized to generate a different viewport. Current and different viewports may... Agent:

20150015673 - Distance calculator and distance calculation method: A distance calculator includes a monocular estimated distance calculation section, a stereo estimated distance calculation section, and an output distance calculation section. The monocular estimated distance calculation section calculates the estimated distance to the target based on an image captured by a camera. The stereo estimated distance calculation section calculates... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20150015675 - Device for 3d display of photo finish image: An imaging device for a photo finish system, including a first camera aligned on a finish line and a mechanism for display of three dimensional stereoscopic images.... Agent: Swiss Timing Ltd

20150015674 - Three-dimensional video production system: A number of elements within a venue of a live-action event to be televised are tagged with wireless tracking devices to provide accurate and timely location information for all of the elements to facilitate direction of audiovisual capture devices such as cameras and microphones, to automatically regulate convergence, to automatically... Agent: Soliddd Corp.

20150015676 - Astigmatic depth from defocus imaging: A rangefinder has a depth camera and a computer. The depth camera is positioned to receive electromagnetic energy from a scene. Imaging optics and a sensor in the camera generate an input image based on electromagnetic energy. The computer receives the input image, calculates intermediate images by applying differentiation operators... Agent:

20150015677 - Image processing device and method, and imaging device: An image processing method according to the present invention acquires a first image and second image that are picked up through a single image-taking optical system, that are images after a pupil division, and that have a parallax to each other, and then performs a filtering process for each pixel... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150015678 - Information processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and program for removing unwanting objects from images: A camera includes an unwanted object shape acquisition unit, a viewpoint selection unit, and an unwanted object removal unit. The viewpoint selection unit selects a plurality of viewpoints based on information regarding a shape of an unwanted object in a subject, which is acquired by the unwanted object shape acquisition... Agent:

20150015681 - Autostereoscopic 3d image display device for flattening viewing zone and minimizing dynamic crosstalk: The present invention relates to a 3D image display device and includes an image display panel for displaying a 3D image, a control unit for controlling a viewpoint image, and a viewer position tracking system for determining the position of a viewer's pupil and transmitting positional information to the control... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20150015679 - Autostereoscopic display system and method: An autostereoscopic display system includes a three-dimensional (3D) image converter configured to arrange a multiplicity of views, and a display device being coupled to receive the multiple arranged views. The arranged views include views arranged in forward order of view angle and views arranged in reverse order of view angle,... Agent:

20150015682 - Image signal processing device, transmitting device, image signal processing method, program and image signal processing system: An image signal processing device is provided which includes a receiving unit for receiving an image signal and setting information for each predetermined unit of the image signal including image type setting information to define whether the image signal represents a stereoscopic image and gamma correction setting information to define... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150015683 - Method and apparatus for processing multi-view image using hole rendering: A method and apparatus for processing a multi-view image are provided. A priority may be assigned to each hole pixel in a hole region generated when an output view is generated. The priority of each hole pixel may be generated by combining a structure priority, a confidence priority, and a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150015680 - Method and electronic device for generating multiple point of view video: The present disclosure proposes a method and an electronic device of generating a multiple point of view (MPOV) video. In the present disclosure, the method for generating the MPOV video may include a step of obtaining a plurality of media contents, determining, from the plurality of media contents, a first... Agent:

20150015684 - 3d glasses including a color coordinate controller and a display device using the same: A display device includes a controller and a display. The controller is configured to receive a first color coordinate control signal and a second color coordinate control signal, and generate an image data signal by adjusting an input image signal according to the first and second color coordinate control signals.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150015685 - Resolution for autostereoscopic video displays: A single pixel of a video display can display respective individual pixels of multiple views. In other words, a video display can include more views for an autostereoscopic image than the physical pixels of the video display would ordinarily support. The physical pixel is time-multiplexed in that the physical pixel... Agent: Soliddd Corp.

20150015686 - Autostereoscopic display and method of displaying a 3d image: An autostereoscopic display for simultaneously displaying more than two different images. The display including: a pixel matrix having pixels distributed over different subsets; an optical element, which has a grid-like structure and imposes a propagation direction on light from the pixels so that a plurality of viewing zones are defined... Agent:

20150015687 - Endoscope small imaging system: An endoscope camera, including a cylindrical enclosure having an enclosure diameter, and an imaging array mounted within the enclosure so that a plane face of the imaging array is parallel to the enclosure diameter. The camera includes a right-angle transparent prism having a rectangular entrance face, an exit face, and... Agent:

20150015690 - Electronic device and control method thereof: An electronic device and a control method thereof are disclosed. The electronic device includes: a touch screen; a camera; a microphone; and a controller configured to display the execution screen of a predetermined application on the touch screen, control the camera and the microphone to operate upon entering reaction capture... Agent:

20150015688 - Facial unlock mechanism using light level determining module: An electronic device that can selectively enable a facial recognition unlock mechanism of the electronic device includes: a display screen, for displaying information to be viewed by a user; a camera, for capturing at least an image; a light level determining module, for determining ambient light levels; and a facial... Agent:

20150015691 - Method and apparatus to generate image data: In a method and apparatus for the generation of image data of a moving subject, raw data are initially acquired for a region comprising the subject at different measurement points in time in different movement phases of the subject. A reconstruction then takes place of multiple interim image data sets... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150015692 - Spatial resolution enhancement in hyperspectral imaging: In a hyperspectral imaging system and method, a pixilated imaging sensor array receives light reflected from, transmitted through, or scattered by a target scene. Images of the target scene are acquired at a number of times and these images are processed to generate hyperspectral data for each pixel of the... Agent:

20150015689 - System and method for ensuring creation of authentic online profiles: A method and system are provided for ensuring creation of authentic online profiles. The method includes providing an option to a user for enabling capturing of digital media depicting the user's appearance. Further, digital media using a camera associated with a user device is captured, if the user chooses to... Agent: Infostream Group, Inc.

20150015693 - System and method for optical fiber based image acquisition suitable for use in turbine engines: A system and a method for image acquisition suitable for use in a turbine engine are disclosed. Light received from a field of view in an object plane is projected onto an image plane through an optical modulation device and is transferred through an image conduit to a sensor array.... Agent:

20150015694 - Furnace visualization: Methods, systems, and computer-readable and executable instructions are described herein. One method includes combining a plurality of images of a furnace into a composite image of the furnace, revising the composite image of the furnace to an intensity scaling, restoring a portion of the revised composite image of the furnace;... Agent:

20150015695 - Inner diameter measuring device: An inner diameter measuring device, which comprises an object to be measured supporting carriage (3), being arranged movably along a rail (2) installed on an upper surface of a bed (1) and used for holding a hollow pipe to be measured (13), a supporting shaft (18) extended from a base... Agent:

20150015696 - Focus height repeatability improvement in a machine vision inspection system: A method improves focus height repeatability in a machine vision inspection system. A region of interest is defined within a field of view imaged by a camera portion, wherein an aligned edge feature in the region of interest may introduce a focus height sensitivity that varies depending on the aligned... Agent:

20150015697 - Method for automatic phenotype measurement and selection: A system for plant parameter detection, including: a plant morphology sensor having a first field of view and configured to record a morphology measurement of a plant portion and an ambient environment adjacent the plant, a plant physiology sensor having a second field of view and configured to record a... Agent:

20150015698 - Methods and systems for optical aircraft detection: The disclosed embodiments relate to methods and systems for identifying air traffic. A method is provided in which images from a camera positioned on the aircraft are processed via a processor. The processor uses data from the images to identify air traffic within a field of view of the camera... Agent:

20150015699 - Apparatus, system and method for projecting images onto predefined portions of objects: Apparatus, systems and methods are provided for illuminating objects in a projection area. The system includes a computing device, a projector and a camera. The computing device stores a digital model of an object, and illumination data having lighting parameters and a reference to the digital model. The projector, or... Agent: Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.

20150015700 - Laser tracker that cooperates with a remote camera bar and coordinate measurement device: A system includes a laser tracker, a camera bar, an accessory, and an electrical system, the camera bar including a mounting structure, two cameras, and three non-collinear reflector points, the accessory including a plurality of light markers, the electrical system including a processor that causes the tracker to measure 3D... Agent:

20150015701 - Triangulation scanner having motorized elements: A 3D triangulation scanner includes a projector, a camera, and a processor. At least one of the projector and the camera has a zoom lens and a motorized zoom adjustment mechanism. The processor is responsive to executable instructions that uses triangulation calculations to calculate 3D coordinates of points on a... Agent:

20150015702 - Moving-object position/attitude estimation apparatus and moving-object position/attitude estimation method: A moving-object position/attitude estimation apparatus includes: an image-capturing unit configured to acquire a captured image; a comparative image acquiring unit configured to acquire a comparative image viewed from a predetermined position at a predetermined attitude angle; a likelihood setting unit configured to compare the captured image with the comparative image... Agent:

20150015703 - Energy efficient lighting platform and system: An energy efficient lighting and surveillance system includes a housing; a backing substrate; a plurality of LED array boards located within the housing and attached to the backing substrate; and a surveillance device extending from the housing and attached to the backing substrate.... Agent: The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co.

20150015705 - Image monitoring system and image monitoring program: Disclosed herein is an image monitoring system including: a camera connected to a network; display means for displaying an image captured by the camera; and display control means for controlling display such that, in displaying images by the display means, an image is displayed in a window having a predetermined... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150015704 - Tracking assistance device, a tracking assistance system and a tracking assistance method: A tracking assistance device includes: a target-to-be-tracked setting unit that causes captured images stored in a recorder to be displayed on a monitor and, in response to an input operation performed by a monitoring person to designate a moving object to be tracked, sets the designated moving object as a... Agent:

20150015715 - Device for monitoring an environment of a vehicle: The invention relates to a device for monitoring an environment of a vehicle, wherein the environment is captured by means of a plurality of image capturing units, the capture ranges (2) thereof at least partially overlapping each other and forming an overlap range (3), wherein an overall image is generated... Agent:

20150015712 - Driving assistance device and driving assistance method: Herein provided are an object detection section 2 that detects an object existing in a periphery of an own vehicle from a periphery image acquired by a video sensor 1; a risk degree calculation section 4 that calculates a degree of risk that the own vehicle collides with the object... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150015711 - Method and camera assembly for detecting raindrops on a windscreen of a vehicle: The invention relates to a method for detecting raindrops (26) on a windscreen of a vehicle, in which at least one image (30, 32, 34) is captured by a camera. An object extracted from the at least one image (30, 32, 34) captured by the camera is identified as a... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20150015709 - Monitoring a parking permit of a motor vehicle: With a method according to the invention for monitoring a parking permit of a motor vehicle, it is determined whether the motor vehicle is in a parking situation in which a parking authorization pass is necessary for a parking permit, and on the occurrence of such a parking situation the... Agent:

20150015708 - Telepresence method and system for supporting out of range motion: A telepresence system and method is disclosed for aligning a remote pan and tilt system with the position of a user's head and for displaying to the user a first portion of the field of capture of the remote pan and tilt system. The pan and tilt system moves to... Agent:

20150015707 - Telepresence method and system for tracking head movement of a user: A telepresence system and method is disclosed for removing error introduced to video images displayed to a user. A remote pan and tilt system tracks the motion of the user's head, and moves a pan and tilt system to capture images of the remote environment. By sensing noise in the... Agent:

20150015714 - Travel control device and travel control method: A travel control device includes ultrasonic obstacle detection sensors detecting an obstacle entering a rear side of a vehicle and a distance to the obstacle, and an image obstacle detection unit detecting the obstacle entering the rear side of the vehicle by using an image of the rear side. If... Agent:

20150015706 - Vehicle exterior image capturing device: A vehicle exterior image capturing device is provided with a detecting unit, such as a sensor microphone and a sensor camera, that detects a predetermined change n conditions of an occupant in a compartment of a vehicle, an exterior image capturing unit that continuously images the exterior of the vehicle... Agent: Honda Access Corp.

20150015710 - Vehicle vision system: A vision system of a vehicle includes a camera in the vehicle with a field of view that encompasses at least a hand of a driver of the vehicle. A control includes an image processor operable to process image data captured by the camera. The control, responsive to image data... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc.

20150015713 - Vehicle vision system with light baffling system: A vehicle vision system includes a bracket, a stray light shield and a camera module. The bracket is configured to attach at an in-cabin surface of a vehicle windshield. The light shield includes a base portion and side walls that extend upward from the base portion so as to establish... Agent: Magma Electronics Inc.

20150015716 - Long-range motion detection for illumination control: An illumination system and methods to control a light source are provided. An illumination system includes a light source, a two-dimensional non-Passive Infrared (non-PIR) imager, and a controller. The light source provides at least two levels of illumination. The non-PIR imager images an area and to produce image data representative... Agent:

20150015717 - Insight-driven augmented auto-coordination of multiple video streams for centralized processors: A method of providing video feeds from a plurality of cameras to a plurality of screens including determining a plurality of constraints on a centralized processor processing the video feeds, determining a camera semantic classification for each of the plurality of cameras, determining historical events captured by each of the... Agent:

20150015719 - Interface device for video cameras: The present invention relates to an interface device (3) for video surveillance stations of the type comprising a video camera (1) and a positioning unit (2) for the video camera (1). The device (3) comprises a first port (403) for the connection to a remote terminal (4), a second port... Agent: Videotec S.p.a.

20150015718 - Tracking assistance device, tracking assistance system and tracking assistance method: A tracking assistance device for assisting a monitoring person in tracking a moving object by displaying on a display device a monitoring screen in which display views for displaying in real time captured images taken by respective cameras are arranged on a map image representing a monitored area in accordance... Agent:

20150015720 - Image processor, ultrasonic imaging device, and image processing method: Disclosed herein are an image processor, an ultrasonic imaging device, and an image processing method. The image processor includes a signal input unit configured to receive an input signal on a channel, a weighting coefficient database configured to store a weighting coefficient wherein the weighting coefficient is part of a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150015721 - Camera device and flash light control method: A camera device is provided. The camera device includes a flash unit, an image capture module, and a controller. The flash unit generates a preset flash with a predetermined Correlated Color Temperature value to illuminate an object, and the image capture module captures a test image from the object when... Agent:

20150015722 - Endpoint information for network vqm: Video quality management (VQM) may be provided. First, transmitter metrics corresponding to a video stream may be determined by a transmitting endpoint. The determined transmitter metrics may then be transmitted from the transmitting end point and received by a receiver. The receiver may then determine receiver metrics for a video... Agent:

20150015724 - Electronic device and method for controlling image capturing: An electronic device includes a camera device for capturing images and a fingerprint identification unit for receiving signals of fingerprints. The electronic device detects a signal received from the fingerprint identification unit, and controls the camera device to focus a specified scene of the camera device and capturing an image... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20150015723 - Smart webcam device in distributed circuit casings and cable-encapsulating neck structure: Various embodiments of a novel smart webcam device in distributed circuit casings and cable-encapsulating neck structure are disclosed. In one embodiment, the novel smart webcam device has a bottom housing that contains a network communication-capable computing circuitry, a top housing that contains a webcam-specific circuitry (e.g. a camera lens and... Agent:

20150015725 - Split transaction protocol for a bus system: A method of and apparatus for communicating between a host and an agent. The method includes the step of performing a first transaction between a host controller and a hub. The hub is operable to perform a single transaction with an agent based on the first transaction. The method then... Agent:

20150015726 - Imaging apparatus, method of controlling imaging apparatus, and program: In an imaging apparatus, when a user selects a smart phone mode while a communication function menu screen is displayed, a control unit controls a communication unit to perform a connection operation to an information processing apparatus such as a smart phone. If the user selects a printer mode while... Agent:

20150015727 - Apparatus and method for stabilizing image: Provided are an apparatus and method for outputting a stabilized image even when a camera sways. The method includes: applying a first compensated motion to the image to acquire a first stabilized image, wherein an accumulation result of first motions, each of which is estimated between adjacent images from a... Agent:

20150015729 - Position detection apparatus: There is provided a position detection apparatus that includes an autofocus mechanism and an optical image stabilization mechanism by using a closed loop control, in which a magnet is commonly used as an autofocus magnet and an optical image stabilization magnet to achieve downsizing. The position detection apparatus includes the... Agent: Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

20150015728 - Focus adjusting apparatus: A focus adjusting process and apparatus are described which can optimize a balance between AF performance and appearance of moving image, regardless of a position or size of an enlarged area to be recorded in a moving image.... Agent:

20150015730 - Apparatus and method for obtaining image: A method and an electronic device are provided. An electronic device wirelessly connects to another electronic device including a camera unit, receives image data from the other electronic device, displays an image using the image data, receives a user input for changing a photographic composition, and transmits, to the other... Agent:

20150015731 - Apparatus and method to reduce ptz latency: An apparatus, system, and method to reduce PTZ latency are provided. The system can include an input port and a motor driver unit, and the input port can receive a PTZ request. The input port can transmit the PTZ request to the motor driver unit, and the motor driver unit... Agent:

20150015732 - Apparatus, system and method for projecting images onto predefined portions of objects: Apparatus, systems and methods are provided for projecting images onto predefined portions of objects in a projection area. The system includes a computing device, a projector and a camera. The computing device stores a digital model of an object, and an image containing a reference to the digital model. The... Agent:

20150015735 - Method and system for capturing important objects using a camera based on predefined metrics: A method for capturing important objects with a camera may include the following steps: non-selectively capturing an incoming sequence of images using an image capturing device; analyzing said incoming sequence of images, to yield metrics associated with objects contained within the images, wherein at least one of the metrics is... Agent:

20150015733 - Method for processing image and apparatus thereof: The present disclosure discloses a method for processing an image and an apparatus thereof, applicable to an electronic device including an image acquisition unit corresponding to an image acquisition area, wherein the method includes: generating a first image and a second image according to an object to be acquired in... Agent: Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd.

20150015734 - Method of developing an image from raw data and electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus is described. The electronic apparatus includes: a photographing unit which generates raw data by photographing processing; a non-transitory memory which stores interface information for displaying, on a display unit of an external device, a development interface which receives setting operations that set development parameters used in development... Agent:

20150015736 - Method, apparatus and computer program for capturing images: The Figures illustrate an apparatus, method, computer program and apparatus wherein the method includes detecting an input; and in response to detecting the input, causing an image capturing apparatus to capture a plurality of images; wherein the image capturing apparatus is configured to have a first set of parameters to... Agent:

20150015737 - Light-emitting apparatus and camera system including the same: A light-emitting apparatus and a camera system including the same are disclosed. According to an aspect of the invention, a camera system is provided that includes a light source color detector for detecting a color temperature of a light source; an auxiliary light apparatus for changing a color temperature of... Agent:

20150015738 - Image generation device, camera device, image display device, and image generation method: A camera device is provided with: an imaging unit for generating an area image obtained by shooting an area from above; and a display image generation unit for generating a display image of a target moving in the area using a clip image which is clipped from the area image.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150015739 - Image capture device and image capturing method thereof: The present application discloses an image capture device, including an image capture unit, a processing unit, and a storage unit. The image capture unit captures a plurality of exposure image during exposure duration. The processing unit is electrically connected to the image capture unit, and the processing unit enables the... Agent: Altek Corporation

20150015740 - Image processing method for improving image quality and image processing device therewith: An image processing method includes adjusting a brightness of each of a first image and a second image based on a first exposure time when the first image is captured and a second exposure time when the second image is captured, respectively, the first and second images being generated by... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150015741 - Electronic device and method for controlling image display: An electronic device and a method for controlling photographic capture. A first image is acquired by a first camera having a first viewing angle. A second image is acquired by a second camera having a second viewing angle, the second viewing angle being different from the first viewing angle. The... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150015742 - Imaging method and imaging apparatus: An imaging method includes photographing a subject to acquire image data, determining a pointing motion performed by a photographer included in the subject based on the image data, and outputting an instruction signal corresponding to the motion. The method further includes performing the photographing more than once to acquire image... Agent:

20150015743 - Method and apparatus for image content detection and image content replacement system: A subject (10), such as a billboard, has a filtering film (15) to absorb electromagnetic radiation specifically in a first wavelength band. A detector (60) provides a first detector signal (61a) relating to the first wavelength band and a second detector signal (61b) relating to another, different, second wavelength band,... Agent:

20150015744 - Imaging apparatus having framing assist control: In an imaging apparatus having framing assist control, a controller controls a change speed of the display angle of view changed by a second or a third instruction member faster than the change speed of the display angle of view changed by a first instruction member. The first instruction member... Agent:

20150015745 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with same: There is provided a zoom lens in which the load on the driving system for wobbling operation can easily made low and an image pickup apparatus equipped with the same. A zoom lens in which each of distances between a plurality of lens units changes during zooming from the wide... Agent:

20150015746 - Imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same: The present invention is directed to an imaging apparatus configured to display a through image in a visible manner when it is assumed that a status of a focus is confirmed even if a multiple live view display suitable for composition adjustment is performed in multiple exposure photography. The imaging... Agent:

20150015747 - Anti-blooming shutter control in image sensors: An image sensor includes a line driver, which further includes a transfer pulse generating circuit. The transfer pulse generating circuit is configured to determine an integration status of a first group of pixels, and to selectively apply the anti-blooming shutter to the first group of pixels based on the determined... Agent:

20150015748 - Image signal correcting device, imaging device, image signal correcting method, and program: An image signal correcting device (15) has at least a color mixing corrector (151) that receives an image signal arising from photoelectric conversion by a color imaging element (12), and corrects a color mixing component included in this image signal, and a storage unit (153) that stores a color mixing... Agent:

20150015749 - Solid-state image pickup apparatus and electronic apparatus: Provided is a solid-state image pickup apparatus including a crosstalk suppression mechanism included in each pixel arranged in a pixel array, the crosstalk suppression mechanism of a part of the pixels differing from that of other pixels in an effective area of the pixel array.... Agent:

20150015750 - Method and apparatus for image flare mitigation: Detecting the flare artifacts may include detecting color mismatches in the captured image data and performing edge-detection operations to determine whether the color mismatches are in an edge region of the image data. If the color mismatches are detected in an edge region, no flare-mitigation operations may be performed. If... Agent:

20150015751 - Imaging apparatus and camera system: An imaging apparatus that forms an image of a light beam transmitted through an imaging lens on an imaging element includes a laminated material that is provided on the imaging element, the light beam being transmitted through the laminated material, the laminated material being provided at a position at which... Agent:

20150015752 - Solid-state image sensor and imaging apparatus using same: A solid-state image sensor provided with a plurality of pixels which photo-electrically convert an object image formed by an imaging optical system, wherein at least a portion of the plurality of pixels are ranging pixels in which a first photoelectric conversion unit, a barrier region and a second photoelectric conversion... Agent:

20150015753 - Image processor: An aspect of one present embodiment, there is provided a solid state image processer, including a sample-and-hold circuit sampling an output signal of the CCD to hold the output signal of the CCD as voltage, a pre-buffer receiving an output signal of the sample-and-hold circuit, a selection circuit receiving the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150015756 - Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor and image pickup system: In an image pickup apparatus using an image pickup element including a plurality of photoelectric conversion means sharing a microlens, the number of pixels to be read is switched between the case of normal photographing and the case of live view driving. In the case of live view driving, only... Agent:

20150015754 - Solid-state imaging device, solid-state imaging method, and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array and a pixel value correcting unit. The pixel array includes a plurality of pixels, the plurality of pixels each having one of a different exposure time and a different exposure sensitivity and being disposed according to a predetermined rule. The pixel value... Agent:

20150015755 - Solid-state imaging sensor, ranging device, and imaging apparatus: A solid-state imaging sensor provided with a plurality of pixels which convert an object image formed by an imaging optical system into an electrical signal, at least a part of the pixels being ranging pixels in which a first and a second photoelectric conversion unit are provided in alignment in... Agent:

20150015757 - Image sensor pixel cell readout architecture: An image sensor includes a pixel array including a plurality of pixel cells each including a floating diffusion node, a photosensitive element coupled to selectively transfer image charge to the floating diffusion node, and a feedback coupling capacitor coupled between the floating diffusion node and an output line. A bit... Agent:

20150015758 - Image sensor, production apparatus, production method, and electronic device: Provided is an image sensor including a photoelectric conversion unit for converting a received light into an electric charge; a semiconductor substrate including the photoelectric conversion unit; and a plurality of areas each having a refractive index different from a refractive index of the semiconductor substrate formed between a surface... Agent:

20150015759 - Self-reset asynchronous pulse frequency modulated droic with extended counting and having reduced quantization noise: The present invention proposes a CMOS sensor pixel with a pulse frequency modulated digital readout integrated circuit (DROIC) comprising a photon sensitive element for receiving a plurality of photons and providing a charge signal indicative of the received photons, an integration capacitor connected to said photon sensitive element for determining... Agent:

20150015760 - Imaging unit, imaging apparatus, and computer readable medium storing thereon an imaging control program: When the amplification ratio is low and strong incident light causes a large charge, the signal retrieved from regions where the incident light is weak is also weak, but when the amplification ratio is high in regions where the incident light is weak, the signal retrieved from regions where the... Agent:

20150015761 - Information processing apparatus and storage medium: There is provided a display control device including a recognition unit configured to recognize a display region in a display unit which is visible from outside, an image generation unit configured to generate an image to be displayed in accordance with the display region recognized by the recognition unit, and... Agent:

20150015762 - Apparatus and method for generating photograph image in electronic device: A method for generating a photograph image by using any of the preview images captured by multiple image sensors on the electronic device and displayed in a multi-preview mode on the device is provided. The method includes displaying a first preview image obtained from a first image sensor in a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150015763 - Mobile terminal and control method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a mobile terminal capable of displaying an image and a control method thereof. A mobile terminal according to an embodiment of the present disclosure may include an image generation unit configured to capture an image; a display unit configured to display the captured image; and... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150015764 - Compression and decoding of single sensor color image data: A method is described to greatly improve the efficiency of and reduce the complexity of image compression when using single-sensor color imagers for video acquisition. The method in addition allows for this new image compression type to be compatible with existing video processing tools, improving the workflow for film and... Agent:

20150015766 - Image capture system and imaging optical system: An optical system includes a first lens to focus incident light, a first prism including a reflection surface by which light having transmitted through the first lens is reflected, a second lens to focus incident light from a different direction from a direction of the incident light on the first... Agent:

20150015765 - Photographing lens and electronic apparatus including the same: Provided are a photographing lens and an electronic apparatus including the same. The photographing lens includes: a first lens that includes a convex object-side surface and has a positive refractive power; a second lens that includes a convex image-side surface and has a positive or negative refractive power; a third... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150015767 - Optical imaging lens and electronic device comprising the same: An optical imaging lens set includes a first lens element to a plastic fifth lens element from an object side toward an image side along an optical axis. The second lens element has an image-side surface with a convex portion in a vicinity of its periphery. The fourth lens element... Agent:

20150015768 - Imaging element and imaging device: An imaging element includes: a semiconductor substrate in which a plurality of pixels is arranged in a two-dimensional array; a color filter layer which is laminated in a position corresponding to the pixel on an upper layer of the semiconductor substrate; a plurality of micro lenses which is laminated on... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150015770 - Camera module: There is provided a camera module including: a lens barrel having one or more lenses positioned along an optical axis; and a housing having the lens barrel therein, wherein the housing includes a first through hole into which the lens barrel is inserted and a second through hole having a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150015769 - Handheld electronic apparatus and image capturing apparatus and focusing method thereof: A handheld electronic apparatus, an image capturing apparatus and focusing method thereof are provided. The image capturing apparatus includes a main image capturer, an auxiliary image capturer and a controller. The main image capturer performs an image capturing operation on a target object according to a detection focusing distance. The... Agent: Htc Corporation

20150015771 - Image-capturing devices and methods: The present invention provides an image-capturing device including a lens with an adjustable focal length, a photosensitive unit, a memory unit, a processing unit, and a display unit. The photosensitive unit obtains a plurality of images from a scene via the lens, and the images correspond to different focal lengths.... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150015772 - Imaging lens, and electronic apparatus including the same: An imaging lens includes a first lens element, an aperture stop, and second to fifth lens elements arranged from an object side to an image side in the given order. Through designs of surfaces of the lens elements and relevant optical parameters, a short system length of the imaging lens... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150015773 - Image generating apparatus and method and non-transitory recordable medium: An image generating apparatus and method are provided. The image generating apparatus includes: a main lens; a microlens array configured to transmit light that is incident on and received from the main lens; an image sensor configured to sense the light received from the microlens array according to a direction;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150015774 - Image capturing apparatus, control method, and program thereof: An image capturing apparatus includes an image capturing unit which captures an image of an object and outputs an image, a switching unit which switches modes between a first mode in which the image capturing unit outputs a first image and then outputs a second image having an exposure value... Agent:

20150015775 - Information processing device, image sensor device, and program: There are provided a retaining unit that retains a basic model indicating a plurality of relations for a plurality of subject conditions between a plurality of illuminances and a plurality of luminance of a plurality of captured images, which are obtained when a subject is imaged by changing an illuminance... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150015776 - Photo studio for use in a kitchen: The invention relates to a photographical setup for taking pictures of food, comprising of a platform on which a dish can be put, a light source and a digital photo device, consisting of at least an objective and a light sensitive sensor, with the characteristic that said objective of said... Agent:

20150015778 - Camera module: There is provided a camera module including: a lens barrel including at least one lens disposed on an optical axis; a housing having the lens barrel disposed therein; a circuit board disposed below the housing; and a shield-can coupled to the housing and enclosing an outer surface of the housing,... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150015777 - Control flap: An apparatus can include a processor; memory operatively coupled to the processor; a display operatively coupled to the processor; a camera that includes a lens, an active state and a dormant state; a housing that houses at least the processor and the camera and that includes a surface where the... Agent:

20150015779 - Camera module: A camera module includes an image sensor, a circuit board, and a stiffener. The stiffener is located one side of the circuit board and includes a bottom plate grounded. The image sensor is located on another side of the circuit board. The stiffener includes a sidewall extending from the bottom... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150015780 - Case for mobile communications device: A case attachable to a mobile communications device such as a smart phone operatively equipped with a camera can accommodate an optical refractor. The optical refractor can be adapted to change the direction of light rays passing through it. The case can align a first optical surface of the optical... Agent:

20150015781 - Robotically controlled video projectors: A robotic mount is configured to move multiple electronic video projectors. The robotic mount is movable in three-dimensions, whereby the associated video projectors are moveable in three-dimensional space.... Agent:

20150015782 - Video processing device for reformatting an audio/video signal and methods for use therewith: A video processing device includes a decoding device that decodes a compressed audio/video (A/V) signal to generate a decoded A/V signal in a reduced blanking format for transmission via a first home digital media interface. A reformatting device receives the decoded A/V signal via the first home digital media interface... Agent:

20150015783 - Method for scaling channel of an image: The present invention relates to a method for scaling a first channel, wherein the method comprises computing a low resolution second channel based on a transformation of the second channel with a transformation function used to transform high resolution channel into a low resolution channel; computing a correlation function between... Agent:

20150015784 - Context-sensitive information presentation: Systems and methods for providing a mechanism for a computer user to seamlessly and readily access information that may be supplied by a number of different sources.... Agent:

20150015785 - Robotically controlled entertainment elements: A robotic mount is configured to move an entertainment element such as a video display, a video projector, a video projector screen or a staircase. The robotic mount is movable in multiple degrees of freedom, whereby the associated entertainment element is moveable in three-dimensional space. In one embodiment, a system... Agent:

20150015787 - Automatic extraction of secondary video streams: The automatic generation (702) of one or more secondary video streams based on an input primary video stream (701) may use analytics performed on the video to provide information on targets, events, and/or areas of interest to permit the one or more secondary video streams (703) to concentrate on one... Agent:

20150015788 - Methods and devices for providing companion services to video: Methods and devices for providing companion services to video are described. In one example embodiment, the method includes: identifying text contained within a video; determining, by performing pattern matching, if the identified text in the video contains actionable text; and if the identified text in the video contains actionable text,... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150015786 - Projector, projector control method, and recording medium storing projector control program: A projector that maintains energy reduction while adjusting and controlling lamp power and projects an OSD screen with high visibility is provided. The projector includes a light source output adjustment unit that controls output of a light source according to brightness of a video signal, and a superimposed image projection... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150015789 - Method and device for rendering selected portions of video in high resolution: A method and an electronic device for rendering a selected portion in a video displayed in a higher resolution in a pull-based streaming are provided. The electronic device, when a user selects a portion of the video at a first resolution, identifies display coordinates associated with the video played at... Agent:

20150015790 - Computer based training techniques for geographically distributed individuals: Computer implemented techniques that involve captured, e.g., self-captured video for educational and other uses such as improving job performance of geographically distributed employees and incremental video optimizations and compressions are described.... Agent: Allego Inc.

20150015791 - Increasing perceived signal strength: Perceived strength of signals conveying images or sound to the brain can be increased based on persistence of vision or persistence of hearing. For example, when the eye or ear perceives a signal it takes a finite time to process it and send it to the brain. During that time... Agent:

20150015792 - Filtering a displacement field between video frames: The invention relates to a method for filtering a displacement field between a first image and a second image, a displacement field comprising for each pixel of the first (reference) image a displacement vector to the second image (current). The method comprises a first step of spatio-temporal filtering wherein a... Agent:

20150015793 - Display device and television receiver: In a display device comprising a display panel 1 that displays an image and a rectangular frame-shaped cabinet 3 that covers the display panel 1, the cabinet 3 is formed by bringing end parts of members constituting sides of a rectangular frame into contact with each other so as to... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150015794 - Receiving apparatus, method, and storage medium: A receiving apparatus including a first communication unit that receives first image data from a transmission apparatus, a second communication unit that receives second image data from the transmission apparatus, a power supply unit that supplies power to at least one of the first communication unit and the second communication... Agent:

20150015795 - Display apparatus and control method thereof: A display apparatus includes a communicator which is configured to transmit and receive signals to and from a signal receiver; an image processor which is configured to process an image; a display unit which configured to display the processed image; a storage which is configured to store characteristic information of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150015796 - Techniques for adjusting a projected image: Techniques are disclosed for compensating for deficiencies of a given image projector so as to eliminate or otherwise reduce discrepancies between original image data provided to the projector and the actual image projected by the projector. The techniques also may be used to enhance an attribute of the original image... Agent:

20150015797 - Image projecting light bulb: A display system that includes a projector light bulb. The system includes a light fixture with a conventional light bulb socket. A projector light bulb is provided with a socket adapter for mating electrically with the light bulb socket. A projector such as a pico projector is fit into the... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150015798 - Image display device and television reception device: A liquid crystal display device (10) is provided with the following: an LED (17); a liquid crystal panel (11); a light guide plate (16) disposed so as to overlap the liquid crystal panel (11); an optical member (15) disposed between the liquid crystal panel (11) and the light guide plate... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

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20150009273 - System and method for combining instant messaging and video communication systems: A method and apparatus for initiating videoconferences in instant messaging systems is described, including posting of a videoconference URL in the instant messaging chat window if any of the desired participants of the videoconferencing session is unavailable, so that the unavailable participants can simply click on the videoconference URL and... Agent:

20150009274 - Method and apparatus for providing home security service in communication system: Provided is a method for providing a home security service through an originating terminal in a communication system. The method includes transmitting a call connection request signal for requesting a call to a destination terminal, transmitting a home security service request signal for requesting a home security service to be... Agent:

20150009275 - Video display apparatus, video display method, and computer program product: According to one embodiment, a video display apparatus includes: a broadcast data input module; a data input module; a restricting module; and a video processor. The broadcast data input module inputs broadcast contents including first video data. The data input module inputs information including the second video data from an... Agent:

20150009276 - Devices and methods for hosting a video call between a plurality of endpoints: A video call host module comprising a processor configured to decode video data corresponding to videos from endpoints and rank the videos based on motion indicators corresponding to each of the endpoints. The motion indicators are calculated from motion vectors corresponding to each of the videos. A predetermined number of... Agent: Sorenson Communications, Inc.

20150009277 - Method and system for image processing in video conferencing: v

20150009278 - System and method for whiteboard collaboration: Disclosed is a method and tool for collaborating in a video conference using a non-electronically enhance whiteboard and without the use of electronically enhanced writing and/or pointing tools. An embodiment may set up a front camera to capture an overall video stream that is split into at least two video... Agent:

20150009279 - Distributed audio/video bridging for conferencing endpoints: A system and method for distributed audio/video bridging for conferencing endpoints are disclosed. In one embodiment, a plurality of endpoints are connected to a modified video communication terminal (MVCT) via a communication network. The MVCT is an endpoint including an audio/video bridging module (AVBM). Further, one of the plurality of... Agent:

20150009280 - System and method for a conference server architecture for low delay and distributed conferencing applications: Systems and methods for conducting a multi-endpoint video signal conference are provided. Conferencing endpoints are linked by pairs of a reliable and a less reliable communication channel. Conference video signals are scaleable coded in base layer and enhancement layers format. Video signal base layers, which correspond to a minimum picture... Agent:

20150009281 - Transmission management system, transmission system, computer program product, program providing system, and maintenance system: A transmission management system includes: a relay device management unit that manages relay device-specifying information for specifying each relay device on a communication network, for every piece of relay device-identification information for identifying each relay device; a terminal management unit that manages terminal-specifying information for specifying each transmission terminal on... Agent:

20150009284 - Method and device for video processing: A method and a device are provided for processing a video transmitted over a communication network. The video processing may include timing playback of an image frame of the video so as to maintain a continuous playback of the video regardless of network delays and other adverse factors. An ith... Agent:

20150009282 - Obscuring a camera lens to terminate video output: Techniques are presented herein to terminate output of video captured by a video camera. Detection is made whether a camera lens of a video camera has been obscured by an intentional act of a person. Video output of the video camera is terminated in response to detecting that the camera... Agent:

20150009283 - Two-wire multichannel video door system: Two-wire multichannel video door system that comprises at least two street panels (20) with video camera (18) and home terminals, provided with an intercom, or with a monitor intercom. Characterized in that the street panels comprise the following: a digital BNFSK modulator and a digital BNFSK demodulator for transmitting audio... Agent:

20150009285 - Image processing device, image processing method, and image display system: An image processing device, an image processing method, and an image display system allow a driver to obtain a sense of direction and a sense of distance with wide-angle image captured by a car-mounted camera. An image processing device (40) for superimposing predetermined information on image captured by a camera... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150009286 - Image processing device, image processing method, image processing program, image capture device, and image display device: There are provided an image processing device, image processing method, image processing program, image capture device, and image display device that prevent increase of computational complexity in image enlargement while mitigating degradation in image quality. An image input unit inputs a planar image signal containing signal values of pixels arranged... Agent:

20150009287 - Demultiplexing for stereoplexed film and video applications: A method for demultiplexing frames of compressed image data is provided. The image data includes a series of left compressed images and a series of right compressed images, the right compressed images and left compressed images compressed using a compression function. The method includes receiving the frames of compressed image... Agent:

20150009289 - Method and apparatus for providing three-dimensional (3d) video: A method and apparatus for providing a three-dimensional (3D) video are provided. In the method and apparatus, a base view video of the 3D video may be transmitted to a receiver via a first network that is a terrestrial network, an additional view video of the 3D video may be... Agent:

20150009288 - Synchronization controller for multi-sensor camera device and related synchronization method: A synchronization controller for a multi-sensor camera device includes a detection circuit and a control circuit. The detection circuit detects asynchronization between image outputs generated from the multi-sensor camera device, wherein the image outputs correspond to different viewing angles. The control circuit controls an operation of the multi-sensor camera device... Agent:

20150009290 - Compact light module for structured-light 3d scanning: A compact light module is disclosed. Multiples of such compact light modules may be used when implementing structured-light 3D scanning with a mobile computing device. In particular, a first compact light module may be adapted to diffuse light in a first pattern of parallel lines of light and a second... Agent:

20150009294 - Image processing device and method, and imaging device: An image processing device comprising: an image acquisition device; a parallax information acquisition device; and a calculation device configured to calculate a first pixel and a second pixel for each pixel of the acquired image, the first digital filter and the second digital filter corresponding to the parallax information for... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150009293 - Method for continuation of image capture for acquiring three-dimensional geometries of objects: A method for capturing at least one sub-region of a three-dimensional geometry of at least one object, for the purpose of updating an existing virtual three-dimensional geometry of the sub-region, optionally after elements of the object present in the sub-region have been modified, removed and/or added, wherein the method includes... Agent: A.tron3d Gmbh

20150009291 - On-line stereo camera calibration device and method for generating stereo camera parameters: An on-line stereo camera calibration method employed by an electronic device with a stereo camera device includes: retrieving a feature point set, and utilizing a stereo camera calibration circuit on the electronic device to calculate a stereo camera parameter set based on the retrieved feature point set. In addition, an... Agent:

20150009292 - Three-dimensional object detection device: A three-dimensional object detection device includes an image capturing unit, an image conversion unit, a three-dimensional object detection unit and a light source detection unit. The image conversion unit converts a viewpoint of the images obtained by the image capturing unit to create bird's-eye view images. The three-dimensional object detection... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

20150009296 - Method for identification of contamination upon a lens of a stereoscopic camera: A method for identifying contamination upon a lens of a stereoscopic camera is disclosed. The stereoscopic camera is arranged such that it has the same capturing area over time, and is provided with a first camera providing first images of said capturing area and a second camera providing second images... Agent:

20150009297 - Terminal device, image shooting system and image shooting method: A terminal device used for stereo imaging includes: an image shooting unit; a communication unit that receives a first image of a first angular field from an external terminal device; and a determination unit that determines the image shooting range relationship between the first image received by the communication unit... Agent:

20150009295 - Three-dimensional image acquisition apparatus and image processing method using the same: Disclosed herein are a 3D image acquisition apparatus and an image processing method using the apparatus, which combine an infrared sensor-based camera with a binocular camera, and simultaneously perform zoom-in (close-up) photographing and zoom-out photographing while processing depth-based 3D images. The proposed 3D image acquisition apparatus includes photographing unit for... Agent:

20150009298 - Virtual camera control using motion control systems for augmented three dimensional reality: There is provided a system and method for integrating a virtual rendering system and a motion control system to provide an augmented three-dimensional reality. There is provided a method for integrating a virtual rendering system and a motion control system for outputting a composite three-dimensional render to a three-dimensional display,... Agent:

20150009299 - Image processing device, imaging device, and image processing method: The present invention includes an image acquisition device configured to acquiring multiple viewpoint images that are generated by pupil-division imaging and that are different in viewpoint, a parallax calculation device 40a for calculating a first parallax amount between viewpoint images for the multiple viewpoint images, a memory 48 in which... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150009300 - Divergence ratio distance mapping camera: The present invention relates to a method and system for detecting and mapping three-dimensional information pertaining to one or more target objects. More particularly, the invention consists of selecting one or more target objects, illuminating the one or more target objects using a first light source and capturing an image... Agent:

20150009301 - Method and apparatus for measuring the three dimensional structure of a surface: A method includes imaging a surface with at least one imaging sensor, wherein the surface and the imaging sensor are in relative translational motion. The imaging sensor includes a lens having a focal plane aligned at a non-zero angle with respect to an x-y plane of a surface coordinate system.... Agent:

20150009302 - Autostereo tapestry representation: Representation and coding of multi-view images using tapestry encoding are described. A tapestry comprises information on a tapestry image, a left-shift displacement map and a right-shift displacement map. Perspective images of a scene can be generated from the tapestry and the displacement maps. The tapestry image is generated from a... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150009305 - Method for displaying 3d caption and 3d display apparatus for implementing the same: A 3D caption display method for harmoniously merging and displaying closed caption with 3D image in a 3D display apparatus, and a 3D display apparatus suitable for implementing the method. When the 3D display apparatus receives image signals of first and second images for implementing 3D image in a stereoscopic... Agent:

20150009303 - Mobile display device: Mobile display device (100) for enabling a user to obtain either three-dimensional [3D] or two-dimensional [2] viewing of content, comprising a 3D display (120) for enabling the 3D viewing of the content, a 2D display (140) for enabling the 2D viewing of the content, a display processor for displaying the... Agent:

20150009304 - Portable electronic equipment and method of controlling an autostereoscopic display: A portable electronic equipment (1) has an autostereoscopic display (11), a sensor device (2), and a controller (6, 7). The autostereoscopic display (11) comprises a display panel and an image directing device. The sensor device (2) is configured to capture distance information indicative of a distance of a user from... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20150009308 - Display device and display method: A display device includes: a display unit displaying plural viewpoint images; a light separation unit having plural transmitting portions and separating light from the display unit; and a display control unit controlling the timing of switching either of display positions of respective viewpoint images on the display unit and transmittance... Agent:

20150009306 - Mapping sub-portions of three-dimensional (3d) video data to be rendered on a display unit within a comfortable range of perception of a user thereof: A method includes receiving, through a processor of a data processing device communicatively coupled to a memory, data related to a dimensional parameter of a display unit and/or a distance between a user and the display unit, and determining, through the processor, a comfortable range of perception of a sub-portion... Agent:

20150009307 - Stereoscopic image display device: The present invention relates to a stereoscopic image display device. A stereoscopic image display device according to one aspect of the present invention comprises: a backlight unit including a left-eye light source; a display panel unit for receiving light from the backlight unit and displaying the light in 2D images... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150009309 - Optical frame for glasses and the like with built-in camera and special actuator feature: Optical glasses, as well as other eyewear, are provided with a frame that has a camera button located on a part of the glasses frame most preferably centered just above one of the lenses.... Agent: Google Inc.

20150009310 - Endoscope system and method for operating the same: A V-LED emits violet narrowband light. A G-LED emits green light. A filter limits wavelengths of the green light to pass green narrowband light. The V-LED and the G-LED are turned on alternately to apply the violet narrowband light and the green narrowband light alternately to an object. A complementary... Agent:

20150009311 - Endoscope image recording apparatus, endoscope image acquisition assisting method and computer readable medium: Plural predetermined examination parts of a patient are imaged sequentially and still images of the respective examination parts are thereby acquired by inserting an endoscope insertion unit having an imaging optical system in its tip portion into the body cavity of the patient. To this end, the number of still... Agent:

20150009312 - Remote camera associatable with objects for wirelessly transmitting video to a handheld device: A holder capable of holding objects, such as a hair grooming tool, or being held by objects, including an integrated camera is provided that can communicate video wirelessly (e.g., via Bluetooth™) with a smartphone that includes a video application, wireless communications, and a display screen. The display screen can be... Agent:

20150009314 - Electronic device and eye region detection method in electronic device: A method and an electronic device are provided in association with iris recognition. The electronic device includes a camera module that obtains a Near-Infrared Ray (NIR) image, and a controller that converts the NIR image into an integral image, detects at least one candidate eye region from the integral image... Agent: Lndustry-academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University

20150009313 - Visual line detection device and visual line detection method: There is provided a visual line detection device including at least one light source configured to radiate light to an eyeball of a user observing a display surface through at least one optical member, and an imaging unit configured to acquire a captured image of the eyeball used to detect... Agent:

20150009315 - Microscope apparatus: A microscope apparatus includes: a light source; an illumination optical system configured to illuminate a specimen with light from the light source, the illumination optical system having a spatial light modulation element capable of adjusting a light intensity distribution; an imaging optical system configured to image light from the specimen;... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20150009316 - Live camera feed welding helmet: The present invention Live Camera Feed Welding Helmets purpose is to stop all UV radiation from entering the welding helmet and damaging the users eyes. The camera section contains a camera lens, relevant electronic components and lcd screen to view the welding work being done by the user. The opposite... Agent:

20150009317 - Digital microform imaging apparatus: A digital microform imaging apparatus, comprising a chassis, a fold mirror supported by the chassis and including a reflecting surface for directing light from a first substantially vertical optical axis to a second substantially horizontal optical axis, a microform media support structure supported at a location intersected by the first... Agent:

20150009318 - Driving safety system and vehicle using the same: A driving safety system for a vehicle includes a housing, a camera positioned on the housing, and a controller positioned on the housing and electrically coupled to the camera. The controller includes a plurality of modules whereby the camera captures images of the scene in front of the vehicle and... Agent:

20150009319 - Semiconductor measurement apparatus and computer program: One of the objects of the present invention is to provide a semiconductor measurement apparatus capable of obtaining a measurement result that appropriately reflects the deformation of a pattern even if plural causes for the deformation of the pattern exist together. In order to attain the above object, the semiconductor... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150009320 - Visually inspecting optical fibers: A visual inspection system (100, 200) for optical fibers (150) includes at least a pattern source (120, 220A, 220B, 220C, 520); at least a first illumination source (130, 230A, 230B, 230C, 510, 522) to direct light towards an optical fiber (150); and at least a first camera (140, 240A, 240B,... Agent:

20150009322 - Inner diameter measuring device: An inner diameter measuring device for measuring a shape of an inner surface of a cylindrical member, comprising an image pickup unit (2) disposed on a base end side of a frame unit (10) and for picking up an image of a forward end side, a cone mirror unit (30)... Agent:

20150009321 - Inspection device for mechanical instruments and uses thereof: Devices and methods for inspection of various mechanical instruments to determine their level of wear and re-usability, particularly surgical and dental instruments, are provided.... Agent:

20150009324 - Image monitoring system and method with radar detection: An image monitoring apparatus is provided to monitor a wide area and accurately identify an object of surveillance based on radar technology. The monitoring area of a surveillance camera can be extended using radar, and an object to be detected can be accurately identified using fixed background information.... Agent:

20150009325 - Modular camera monitoring systems and methods: Techniques are disclosed for systems and methods to provide monitoring systems including one or more modular cameras and at least one application-specific base. The application-specific base may include features and/or components corresponding to a particular type of monitoring. A monitoring system includes at least one modular camera that first establishes... Agent:

20150009323 - Multi-target tracking method for video surveillance: The invention discloses a new multi-target tracking method for video surveillance. The main steps include obtaining target state from previous frame, detecting target in current frame (observation), computing cost matrix between all existing targets and observations and solving the assignment problem by EMD (earth movers distance) algorithm. As have obtained... Agent: Zmodo Technology Shenzhen Corp. Ltd

20150009326 - Photographing plan creation device and program and method for the same: The present invention provides a device for creating a photographing plan by extracting a changed point from target points to preferentially photograph the extracted point. The photographing plan creation device includes: a photographed data reception part for receiving a first photographed data photographed by a flying object; a change determination... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150009328 - Agricultural harvesting machine: An agricultural harvesting machine has a control arrangement including an optical sensor device for recording image series of a continuous main crop stream, an evaluation device for ascertaining a portion of damaged grain, a portion of non-grain in the main crop stream or both, on the basis of an image... Agent:

20150009329 - Device for monitoring surroundings of machinery: A surroundings monitoring device (200) provided on machinery which changes its vehicle body height. The surroundings monitoring device includes a plurality of cameras (30) that image the surroundings thereof, a unit for converting the original images (31) taken by the cameras (30) to overhead viewpoint images (35), a unit for... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150009327 - Image capture device for moving vehicles: A device is configured to determine location information associated with a set of image capture devices, and determine an object location associated with an object. The device is configured to select an image capture device, of the set of image capture devices, based on the location information and the object... Agent:

20150009330 - Object detection device: An object detection device is equipped with an object detection unit that detects a moving object in a periphery of a vehicle, and a threshold change unit that changes, based on mobility information on the vehicle, a detection threshold in detecting the moving object. Thus, by changing the detection threshold... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150009331 - Real time railway disaster vulnerability assessment and rescue guidance system using multi-layered video computational analytics: The system for real time train disaster vulnerability assessment and rescue guidance using multi layered video computational analytics comprises digital video cameras mounted on train, video cameras mounted at fixed locations on rail route; unmanned aerial monitoring vehicle; train on-broad computer system mounted on train and centralized system centrally located... Agent:

20150009332 - Apparatus, method and system for monitoring presence of persons in an area: For monitoring presence of persons in an area, the area is subdivided into at least two sub-areas and, for each of the at least two sub-areas, at least one detection line is defined with regard to a boundary of the corresponding sub-area. The detection line marks an entry to and/or... Agent:

20150009333 - Security device and display method thereof: Provided is a display method for a security device installed with a photographing module and a display module. The method comprises: A. when the security device captures a specific image via the photographing module, the security device displays a password input interface via the display module; and B. when password... Agent:

20150009335 - Facilitating improved calibration of captured infrared data values by an ir imaging system in a thermography arrangement: A method for enabling improved calibration of captured infrared data values by an IR imaging system in a thermography arrangement dependent on an infrared (IR) image depicting an observed real world scene, said IR image being captured by a thermography arrangement comprising said IR imaging system, wherein infrared (IR) image... Agent:

20150009334 - Image display apparatus and method of operating the image display apparatus: Discussed is an image display apparatus including a main body; a display unit displaying at least one screen image; a capturing unit mounted on the main body and capturing an image using a single image sensor; a drive unit that receives a control signal for selectively activating any one of... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150009336 - Thermal imaging device and normative photographing method for thermal image: This invention provides a thermal imaging device and a normative photographing method for a thermal image. In the prior art, when the thermal imaging device is used, a photographing part, angle, and distance of a photographed object are selected according to subjective experience of users, thus lowering photographing speeds and... Agent:

20150009337 - Buffered direct injection pixel for infrared detector arrays: A buffered direct injection pixel is disclosed that includes a photodiode for receiving an input signal, a direct injection transistor associated with the photodiode, and a Sackinger current minor coupled with the direct injection transistor, providing reduced size, low noise and low power, as compared to prior art buffered direct... Agent:

20150009338 - Volume dimensioning system calibration systems and methods: Various corporate, industry, and regulatory guidelines, best practices and standards are used in establishing acceptable levels of accuracy for volume dimensioning systems used in commerce. A volume dimensioning system can determine at least one distortion value that is indicative of an amount of distortion present in the system and responsive... Agent:

20150009339 - Method and apparatus for television band pilot sensing: A DTV pilot sensor generates DTV pilot tone detection decisions associated with monitored television band channels without knowledge or estimation of a noise level of the monitored channel.... Agent:

20150009340 - Characterizing a downstream path of a cable network: Downstream channel parameters of a cable network are displayed in graphical form as a function of the channel number or center frequency. Such parameters, including digital channel demodulation parameters, may be plotted concurrently as frequency spectra, revealing frequency signatures of particular network impairments. Frequency spectra of MER, BER, IUC, carrier... Agent: Jds Uniphase Corporation

20150009341 - Failsafe image sensor with real time integrity checking of pixel analog paths and digital data paths: A method of testing analog and digital paths of a pixel in a row of an imager, includes the following steps: (a) injecting first and second charges into the analog path of the pixel, wherein the first charge is in response to a light exposure, and the second charge is... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20150009342 - Display apparatus and method for controlling display apparatus: A display apparatus capable of notifying a user that a color mode that does not correspond to illuminance in an environment around the display apparatus is set is provided. When the display apparatus is powered on, an illuminance measurement section measures illuminance in an environment around the display apparatus, and... Agent:

20150009343 - System and method for protecting transmissions of wireless microphones operating in television band white space: A wireless microphone system broadcasts a pilot tone at the designated ATSC pilot position in the TV Band channel being used by the wireless microphone system. The pilot tone is a readily detectable waveform transmitted in the ATSC pilot position. The pilot tone can be generated by any one of:... Agent:

20150009344 - Pictures using voice commands and automatic upload: A system and method is disclosed for enabling user friendly interaction with a camera system. Specifically, the inventive system and method has several aspects to improve the interaction with a camera system, including voice recognition, gaze tracking, touch sensitive inputs and others. The voice recognition unit is operable for, among... Agent:

20150009346 - Image stabilization apparatus, optical apparatus, and image capturing apparatus: An image stabilization apparatus is provided that includes a fixed back-plate 101, a movable barrel 103 that holds a correction lens 102 and is movably supported by the fixed back-plate 101 in a direction perpendicular to the optical axis, a first rotary body 104 that is rotatably supported by the... Agent:

20150009345 - Image pickup apparatus and control method for same: An image pickup apparatus performs image shake correction by driving a correction member which is movable for image shake correction. An image sensing device receives light focused by an imaging optical system and then photoelectrically converts the optical image into an image signal so as to output the image signal.... Agent:

20150009347 - Portable digital video camera configured for remote image acquisition control and viewing: A wearable digital video camera (10) is equipped with wireless connection protocol and global navigation and location positioning system technology to provide remote image acquisition control and viewing. The Bluetooth® packet-based open wireless technology standard protocol (400) is preferred for use in providing control signals or streaming data to the... Agent:

20150009348 - Providing real-time, personal services by accessing components on a mobile device: An apparatus, method, or system for providing real-time or almost real-time personal services by accessing or using components on electronic devices is disclosed. Access or control may be given to human personal service providers to an electronic device so that certain tasks or jobs may be performed remotely.... Agent: Hj Laboratories, LLC

20150009354 - Capturing and processing of images captured by non-grid camera arrays: A camera array, an imaging device and/or a method for capturing image that employ a plurality of imagers fabricated on a substrate is provided. Each imager includes a plurality of pixels. The plurality of imagers include a first imager having a first imaging characteristics and a second imager having a... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20150009351 - Image acquisition apparatus: A stable combined image is generated from a plurality of image signals having parallax and obtained at different focal positions. An image acquisition apparatus includes an image-acquisition optical system that collects light from a subject; an image acquisition element that acquires an image of the light collected by the image-acquisition... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150009352 - Imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same: An imaging apparatus for improving the detection accuracy of in-focus positions of an imaging optical system when a composite image is acquired and a method for controlling the same are provided. The imaging apparatus detects in-focus positions of the imaging optical system respectively corresponding to a plurality of images with... Agent:

20150009349 - Method and apparatus for previewing a dual-shot image: A dual-shot image preview method and apparatus is disclosed. An electronic device with dual image sensors provides a preview screen combining in real-time a partial image captured from a first image sensor and a rear image captured from a second image sensor. The partial image is a portion of a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150009350 - Multi-imager video camera with frame-by-frame view switching: One embodiment relates to a method of outputting multiple views from a networked camera. Each imager of an array of imagers in the camera captures image frames and transmits the captured image frames to an associated image flow processor. Each image flow processor processes the captured image frames and transmits... Agent: Altia Systems Inc

20150009353 - Systems and methods for measuring depth using images captured by monolithic camera arrays including at least one bayer camera: A camera array, an imaging device and/or a method for capturing image that employ a plurality of imagers fabricated on a substrate is provided. Each imager includes a plurality of pixels. The plurality of imagers include a first imager having a first imaging characteristics and a second imager having a... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20150009357 - Extended depth of focus for high-resolution optical image scanning: Methods and systems for acquiring and/or projecting images from and/or to a target area are provided. Such a method or system can includes an optical fiber assembly which may be driven to scan the target area in a scan pattern. The optical fiber assembly may provide multiple effective light sources... Agent:

20150009356 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and imaging apparatus: An image processing apparatus, which processes a plurality of image data obtained by picking up images of an object in different photographing conditions, combines the plurality of image data and generate combined image data, and switches between execution of determination processing for determining the object included in the image on... Agent:

20150009355 - Motion adaptive cmos imaging system: The present disclosure provides a motion adaptive imaging control method applied to a high dynamic range CMOS imaging system. In the motion adaptive imaging control method, first a motion index of each pixel of a high dynamic range (HDR) image data is determined according to a first image data of... Agent:

20150009360 - Image processing device, imaging device and image processing method: An image processing device of the present invention comprises a designation section for designating an adjustment amount using a first adjustment axis for carrying out first adjustment to adjust so as to displace white balance of image data in a hue direction that has been designated by the user, and... Agent:

20150009359 - Method and apparatus for collaborative digital imaging: Methods and apparatus for collaborative digital imaging are disclosed. A method for digital imaging may include receiving a first image and a second image; aligning the first image with the second image; determining a first point of interest within the first image; determining a second point of interest within the... Agent: Groopic Inc.

20150009358 - White balance method for shading compensation, and apparatus applied to the same: The present disclosure relates to a white balance method for performing a shading compensation, and more particularly, a white balance method for performing a shading compensation, in which a white balance control is initiated for an input image captured when a camera is driven, and then the shading compensation is... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150009362 - Capturing and processing of images captured by camera arrays including cameras dedicated to sampling luma and cameras dedicated to sampling chroma: A camera array, an imaging device and/or a method for capturing image that employ a plurality of imagers fabricated on a substrate is provided. Each imager includes a plurality of pixels. The plurality of imagers include a first imager having a first imaging characteristics and a second imager having a... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20150009361 - Multi-target automatic exposure and gain control based on pixel intensity distribution: An example method of multi-target automatic exposure and gain control based on pixel intensity distribution includes capturing a series of digital images with an image sensor. As the series of digital images are captured, exposure time and/or gain are adjusted to adjust a mean intensity value of the digital images... Agent:

20150009364 - Management and access of media with media capture device operator perception data: Operator-centric perception data-driven systems and techniques for managing and accessing personal media captured by a device while under the control of the operator. Operator perception data, for example, parameterizing a physiological state, attribute, or mood of the operator during a media capture event originating certain media data, is associated, as... Agent:

20150009363 - Video tagging method: A video tagging method for use in an electronic device is provided. The electronic device has an image capturing device and a processor. The method has the following steps of: recording a video via the image capturing device of the electronic device; and adding a tag to the recorded video... Agent:

20150009365 - Image capturing apparatus: An image capturing apparatus is disclosed. An image capturing section captures an image of light and obtains image data. An image display section displays the image data obtained by the image capturing section with a predetermined number of pixels. A storage section stores the image data obtained by the image... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Inc.

20150009366 - Image processing device and image processing method: An image processing device according to the present disclosure includes: a locating unit which locates a first in-focus region of each of plural images which are obtained by capturing a same subject and have different in-focus positions; and a display unit which displays a first image among the plural images,... Agent:

20150009367 - Image element, and imaging device and imaging method using the same: An imaging element which outputs a pair of image signals corresponding to a pair of luminous fluxes which pass through different pupil areas of a photographing optical system, the imaging element includes a first pixel cell group including a plurality of first pixel cells for obtaining the pair of image... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150009368 - Imaging device: The imaging device having the lens distortion correction function is provided which includes a same-color interpolation unit that generates a lens distortion-corrected interpolation signal by using a same-color pixel in an image signal from an imaging element, a luminance signal generation unit that generates a luminance signal from the image... Agent:

20150009369 - Imaging device and imaging method: In an imaging method according to the present invention, in an imaging device including a taking lens having a plurality of regions each with an independent characteristic and an image pickup element having a plurality of light-receiving sensors provided so as to correspond to the plurality or regions, the plurality... Agent:

20150009370 - Method and apparatus for eliminating crosstalk amount included in an output signal: An image system is provided. The system comprises: a pixel unit configured to have a plurality of pixels, each of the plurality of pixels including at least a white pixel; a crosstalk amount calculating unit configured to calculate an evaluation value of crosstalk amount included in an output signal from... Agent:

20150009372 - Electronic device and method of operating the same: An electronic device including a first camera configured to capture a first front image; a display module configured to display a preview screen of the first front image obtained by the first camera; and a controller configured to receive a focus input designating an object included in the preview screen... Agent:

20150009371 - Image sensor, imaging system, sensor, and operation method for image sensor: An image sensor has a pixel array, a readout portion configured to read out a signal from the pixel array, and a control portion which controls the readout portion. The readout portion includes a row selecting portion which selects a row in the pixel array, a column selecting portion which... Agent:

20150009373 - Imaging element and imaging apparatus: A solid-state imaging element includes pixel cells in which apertures of light shielding films are off-centered in opposite directions. The pixel cells includes a pixel cell which detects a R light component, a pixel cell which detects a G light component, and a pixel cell which detects a B light... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150009374 - Photoelectric conversion system: A photoelectric conversion system is configured to correct a difference in offset component of signals to be outputted per photoelectric conversion device.... Agent:

20150009375 - Imaging systems with dynamic shutter operation: An imaging system may include an image sensor having an array of image pixels. Each image pixel may include an electronic shutter for controlling when a photosensor in the image pixel accumulates charge. The electronic shutter may be operable in an open state during which charge is allowed to accumulate... Agent: Aptina Imaging Corporation

20150009376 - Image pickup element and image pickup device: An imaging element includes: an imaging unit in which a plurality of pixel groups including a plurality of pixels that output pixel signals according to incident light are formed, and on which incident light corresponding to mutually different pieces of image information is incident; a control unit that controls, for... Agent:

20150009377 - Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus: Provided is a solid-state imaging device including an imaging area where a plurality of unit pixels are disposed to capture a color image, wherein each of the unit pixels includes: a plurality of photoelectric conversion portions; a plurality of transfer gates, each of which is disposed in each of the... Agent:

20150009378 - Image sensors with pixel array sub-sampling capabilities: An image sensor may include an array of image pixels arranged according to a predetermined pattern. A 3-by-3 pixel sub-sampling method is provided that supports a high-speed sub-resolution video mode. The 3-by-3 sub-sampling method may involve organizing the image pixel array into groups, each of which contains a 3-by-3 array... Agent: Aptina Imaging Corporation

20150009379 - Imagers with improved analog-to-digital circuitry: An imager may include an array of pixels. The pixel array may be arranged in rows and columns. Each pixel of the pixel array may include a photodiode that is coupled to a floating diffusion region by a transfer gate. A source-follower transistor may be coupled between the floating diffusion... Agent: Aptina Imaging Corporation

20150009383 - Imaging apparatus and solid-state imaging device: An imaging apparatus includes: an optical lens; light receiving units each reading a photoelectric conversion signal; microlenses each placed for every two or more of the adjacent light receiving units; a signal generating unit generating (i) a full-addition signal by adding all of the photoelectric conversion signals obtained in a... Agent:

20150009380 - Photoelectric conversion apparatus and photoelectric conversion system: In a photoelectric conversion apparatus, a signal generation circuit includes an amplification unit which generates a reference signal and which is configured the same as amplification units included in pixel output circuits, and a signal based on a reference signal is supplied to input nodes of a plurality of signal... Agent:

20150009381 - Scanning circuit, photoelectric conversion apparatus, and image pickup system: A scanning circuit includes a first shift register including a plurality of registers and being operable to specify a register where scanning is skipped among the plurality of registers, and a second shift register adapted to transmit skip information for specifying the register to be skipped.... Agent:

20150009382 - Solid-state imaging device and camera system: A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array with unit pixels each having a photoelectric conversion device arranged in a matrix. Column signal lines are wired with respect to one column in the pixel arrangement and pixels are regularly connected to the column signal lines in accordance with rows in... Agent:

20150009384 - Solid state imaging device and electronic apparatus: Provided is a solid state imaging device including: a pixel portion where pixel sharing units are disposed in an array shape and where another one pixel transistor group excluding transfer transistors is shared by a plurality of photoelectric conversion portions; transfer wiring lines which are connected to the transfer gate... Agent:

20150009386 - A/d conversion circuit, and solid-state image pickup apparatus: Provided is an ADC in which a plurality of pixel signals input through a vertical signal line of a solid-state image pickup apparatus are held in advance using some capacitors among a plurality of capacitors within the ADC. A potential of a node is generated by the respective pixel signals... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20150009387 - Data processor, solid-state imaging device, imaging device, and electronic apparatus: A data processor including: a reference signal generator to generate a reference signal, used to convert a level of an analog processing signal into digital data; a comparator to compare the processing signal with the reference signal; and a count period controller to perform a real number count operation or... Agent:

20150009385 - Imaging apparatus and driving method thereof: An imaging apparatus includes: pixel circuits (1) arranged in a matrix, each configured to generate a pixel signal by photoelectric conversion; readout circuits (50) each provided correspondingly to each column of the plurality of pixel circuits, and each configured to read out the pixel signals from the pixel circuits of... Agent:

20150009389 - Photo-electric conversion device and image capturing system: A photo-electric conversion device comprises a pixel array in which a plurality of pixels are arrayed, each pixel including a photo-electric converter, a floating diffusion portion, a transfer unit which transfers charges generated in the photo-electric converter to the floating diffusion portion, and an output unit which outputs a signal... Agent:

20150009388 - Solid-state image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system using solid-state image pickup apparatus: A solid-state image pickup apparatus includes a photoelectric conversion unit, a charge storage unit, and a floating diffusion unit, all disposed on a semiconductor substrate. The solid-state image pickup apparatus further includes a first gate electrode disposed on the semiconductor substrate and extending between the photoelectric conversion unit and charge... Agent:

20150009391 - Terminal and method for controlling the same: The present disclosure may provide a mobile terminal including a camera unit configured to acquire a plurality of images for which focuses are formed at different regions at the same time, a memory unit configured to store the plurality of images, a display unit configured to display a representative image... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150009390 - Method and system for multi-projection: The present specification is related to a method for performing multi-projection and a multi-projection system for minimizing a black offset in a multi-projection environment. The present specification provides the method for performing multi-projection comprising estimating the intensity transfer function (ITF) of a plurality of projectors, calculating an optimal black offset... Agent:

20150009392 - Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof: Present embodiments provide for a mobile device and an optical imaging lens thereof. The optical imaging lens comprises five lens elements positioned sequentially from an object side to an image side. Through controlling the convex or concave shape of the surfaces and/or the refracting power of the lens elements, the... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150009393 - Imaging apparatus and photographing support method: A digital camera 10 includes an imaging device 21a, a finder device 15, a phase difference information analyzing portion 71 and a control portion 32. In the finder device 15, an image in which an OVF optical image formed by an objective optical system 65 and an image displayed on... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150009394 - Focusing control method using colour channel analysis: A method, an apparatus and a computer program are provided. The method comprises: analyzing different color channels of an image detected by an image sensor; and adjusting, in dependence upon the analysis, at least one of: a position of a focal plane of an optical arrangement and a position of... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150009395 - Imaging device: An imaging device according to one mode of the present invention includes a taking lens formed of two or more physically separated lenses and having a plurality of regions each having an individual focal distance corresponding to a combination of the two more lenses, an image pickup element having a... Agent:

20150009396 - Apparatus for photographing by using electronic flash: An apparatus for photographing by using an electronic flash has a photography controller that carries out a pre-flash photography by emitting strobe light in a pre-flash exposure period and subsequently carries out a main flash photography by emitting strobe light; and an exposure adjuster that sets at least one exposure... Agent:

20150009397 - Imaging apparatus and method of driving the same: reads pixel signals to obtain a first still image; resets all the pixels; starts second exposure by applying the voltage V1 to the photoelectric conversion unit with the mechanical shutter open; finishes the second exposure by applying the voltage V2 to the photoelectric conversion unit with the mechanical shutter open;... Agent:

20150009398 - Photographing device and lamp device thereof: The disclosure provides a photographing device which includes a main body, an image capturing module, a lighting module and a reflection module. The main body includes a substrate. The image capturing module is disposed on the main body. The lighting module is disposed on the substrate. The reflection module includes... Agent:

20150009400 - Camera module with adjustable lens tilt: A camera module is provided including: a housing; a lens assembly provided in the housing to move up and down in a direction of an optical axis of an image sensor, and including at least one lens; and a driving unit that produces driving force for moving the lens assembly,... Agent:

20150009399 - Webcam privacy shield: A webcam privacy shield is magnetically attached to a bezel of an electronic display that includes a webcam. The webcam privacy shield is positioned in either a shielded position where light is blocked from entering the lens of the webcam by positioning an opaque portion of the webcam privacy shield... Agent:

20150009401 - Camera module: A camera module is disclosed, the camera module including a PCB (Printed Circuit Board), a base arranged at an upper surface of the PCB, a holder member arranged at an upper surface of the base and formed with a plurality of magnet reception portions, a surface of which facing the... Agent:

20150009402 - Collapsible prompting apparatus: The invention provides a prompting apparatus comprising a collapsible prompting box and a mounting and adjusting assembly. The prompting box includes two symmetrical opposite walls, a bottom frame, a bottom, a top frame and a cover, which jointly define a space for housing a two-way see-though mirror and the lens... Agent: Promptbox International LLC

20150009403 - Layered locally cached content transcoding system: A system for transcoding locally cached content may include a memory configured to store at least a video stream. A controller communicatively coupled to the memory may be configured to determine a video definition format of a requested video stream and compare the requested video stream with a video definition... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150009404 - Video transmission device, video display device, and video transmission method: A device includes a transmitter that transmits, via an interface comprising first, second, and third transmission channels, video data having a 4:1:1 format to a display device. 4:1:1 represents a ratio of a sampling frequencies of a brightness component, to a first color difference component, to a second color difference... Agent:

20150009405 - Display apparatus and display method: A display apparatus and a display method are provided. The display apparatus includes: a receiver configured to receive a broadcasting signal; a display unit configured to display a content included in the received broadcasting signal on a full screen; a control signal receiver configured to receive a control signal from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150009406 - Method and apparatus for evaluating multimedia quality: The present invention discloses a method and an apparatus for evaluating multimedia quality. The method includes: obtaining reference quality of a video and final quality of the video of a multimedia sequence, and reference quality of an audio and final quality of the audio of the multimedia sequence; determining reference... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150009407 - Image and video in mosaic formats: A system includes: an image capture device configured to capture image data from a camera system, the image data being in a first mosaic layout; an image display device configured to display the image data in a second mosaic layout; and a processor configured to receive the image data in... Agent:

20150009408 - Video signal transmitter apparatus and receiver apparatus using uncompressed transmission system of video signal: In a video signal transmitter apparatus that removes a part of a blanking interval of a video signal, generates a converted video signal, based on the video signal including an active interval including video data and the blanking interval excluding the video data, a frequency divider divides a frequency of... Agent:

20150009409 - Video data transmitter apparatus and video data receiver apparatus for transmission system using multi-value amplitude modulation: A video data transmitter apparatus generates and transmits a multi-value amplitude modulation signal by performing a multi-value amplitude modulation of a plurality of N bits per one symbol according to video data of a video signal or a color signal constituting the video signal, or a brightness signal and a... Agent:

20150009410 - Video data transmitter apparatus and video data receiver apparatus for transmission system using multi-value amplitude modulation: A video data transmitter apparatus generates and transmits a multi-value amplitude modulation signal by performing a multi-value amplitude modulation of a plurality of N bits per one symbol according to video data of a video signal or a color signal constituting the video signal, or a brightness signal and a... Agent:

20150009411 - Video display device and television receiving device: A light emission portion of a video signal is detected, and the display intensity of the light emission portion is enhanced for emphasis display. At this moment, the intensity stretch amount is controlled in accordance with a status of video black display, thereby increasing the feeling of brightness and hence... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150009412 - Video receiving apparatus and control method thereof: A video receiving apparatus of a predetermined first group out of a plurality of groups of video receiving apparatuses which receive a broadcasting or broadcast signal from a broad cast or broadcasting signal transmitting apparatus, the video receiving apparatus including: a communication interface which receives a broadcasting signal from the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150009414 - Image output apparatus, image output system, and image output control program: Provided are an image output apparatus, an image output system, and an image output control program. Each of the image output apparatus, the image output system, and the image output control program outputs an image based on a video signal generated from data, detects a storage medium having available data... Agent:

20150009413 - Virtual image display device: Virtual image display device comprising: a casing (1) provided with a viewing window (2); an image projection surface (4) made of a transparent or translucent material; a memory block (5) containing at least a plurality of images of an object or venue from different possible angles or locations; first projection... Agent:

20150009415 - Projected user interface system for multiple users: A method of projecting a user interface for a plurality of users with a calculated orientation is provided. The method detects gestures from the plurality of users associated with a projection of the user interface and applies a weighting, representing a level of interaction between a user and the user... Agent:

20150009416 - Display device, image processing device and image processing method, and computer program: Provided is a display device including an image display unit configured to display an image with a plurality of pixels arranged on a display surface, an eyepiece optical unit configured to project the display surface of the image display unit in a manner that a predetermined angle of view is... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150009417 - Percussion-triggered lighting system: The percussion-triggered lighting system is adapted to provide steady and/or percussively triggered illumination within one or more drums. The drums have translucent heads to allow the internal lighting to be viewed. An electromechanical switch is installed within the drum(s), for economy and to allow the system to be installed in... Agent:

20150009418 - Video display device and television receiving device: The present invention makes possible video expressions with increased feeling of brightness and increased contrast feeling and to be able to prevent the feeling of brightness and the contrast feeling from becoming unnatural during execution of the multi display. This video display device comprises: a control portion (a signal processing... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150009419 - Lighting device, display device, and television device: A backlight unit (lighting device) 12 includes a chassis 14, an LED (light source) 17, a light guide plate (light guide member) 19, a duct member 22, and dissipative LED attachment portion (dissipative light source attachment portion) 30. The chassis 14 includes a light exit portion 14c through which light... Agent:

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