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02/05/2015 > 127 patent applications in 79 patent subcategories.

20150035934 - Video message record terminal, video message transmitting server and method for leaving video message: A terminal for recording video message includes an audio capture unit, an image capture unit, a storage unit and a processing unit. The audio capture unit captures audio data. The image capture unit captures image data. The image data is associated with the captured audio data. The storage unit stores... Agent:

20150035938 - Communication control system and control device: A communication control system includes a first control device; a second control device, wherein the first control device and the second control device are grouped together by group identification information; a detecting unit configured to detect image data displayed on a display unit connected to the first control device; a... Agent: Ricoh Company , Ltd.

20150035936 - Display-camera system: According to an example, a display-camera system includes a transparent display panel and a transparent backlight panel. Light sources emit light into the edge of the transparent backlight panel. A first polarizer, between the light sources and the edge of the transparent backlight panel, polarizes the light emitted from the... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company,l.p.

20150035935 - Method & apparatus for arranging video chat among acquaintances: A system registers participant information and inter-participant relationship information, and then, at variable times, selects two or more participants with a pre-existing relationship and attempts to establish a communication link between them. The identities of the selected participants are withheld from at least one of the participants (and potentially from... Agent:

20150035937 - Providing information to user during video conference: A consumer electronics (CE) device is configured to execute a conferencing application for a user to audibly communicate with at least one other person at least through a first audible input configuration configured for providing audio from the user to the other person. While executing the conferencing application, the CE... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150035939 - System for distributing video conference resources among connected parties and methods thereof: The present disclosure relates to a system for distributing video conference resources among connected parties and methods thereof. In an illustrative embodiment, an ad-hoc network providing conferencing resources is presented. The network can include a master device and a number of slave devices. Each of the slave devices can present... Agent: Mitel Networks Corp

20150035940 - Systems and methods for integrating audio and video communication systems with gaming systems: Systems and methods for the integration of audio and video communication systems with gaming systems are disclosed herein. In one embodiment of the present disclosure, the audio and video communication server uses information from the game engine in order to decide which users are in virtual proximity to a particular... Agent:

20150035941 - Methods and electronic devices enabling panoramic photography: The present disclosure discloses a method and an electronic device enabling panoramic photography. The method includes: obtaining a first operation; determining whether the first operation meets a first predetermined condition, so as to obtain a first determination result; obtaining parameter information of the electronic device by the sensing unit, when... Agent: Lenovo (beijing) Limited

20150035942 - Camera systems and methods for use in one or more areas in a medical facility: A method of monitoring an object during a medical process includes: using one or more cameras to obtain information regarding an actual three dimensional configuration of an object involved in a medical process; obtaining a three-dimensional model of the object representing a geometry of the object; obtaining a movement model... Agent:

20150035943 - In-ear orthotic for relieving temporomandibular joint-related symptoms: An in-ear orthotic with one or more features to help manage or reduce pain, discomfort, or other symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint disorder. Also disclosed are methods of using optical scanning to create a three dimensional replication of the ear canal that is used to design a customized in-ear orthotic... Agent: United Sciences, LLC

20150035945 - Method and system for manufacturing a wig head shell: An object head is prepared by placing a plurality of markers on the object head at a location where a wig is needed. A digital stereoscopic camera acquires a plurality of images of the object head at the location where the wig is needed from a plurality of different positions.... Agent:

20150035944 - Method for measuring microphysical characteristics of natural precipitation using particle image velocimetry: A method and video sensor for precipitation microphysical features measurement based on particle image velocimetry. The CCD camera is placed facing towards the light source, which forms a three-dimensional sampling space. As the precipitation particles fall through the sampling space, double-exposure images of precipitation particles illuminated by pulse light source... Agent: Pla University Of Science And Technology

20150035946 - Methods and systems for three dimensional optical imaging, sensing, particle localization and manipulation: Embodiments include methods, systems, and/or devices that may be used to image, obtain three-dimensional information from a scene, and/or locate multiple small particles and/or objects in three dimensions. A point spread function (PSF) with a predefined three dimensional shape may be implemented to obtain high Fisher information in 3D. The... Agent:

20150035947 - Mobile device capture and display of multiple-angle imagery of physical objects: Methods and systems for displaying multiple-perspective imagery of physical objects are presented. In an example method, a visual presentation of an object is accessed at a mobile device, the presentation having multiple images of the object from varying perspectives relative to the object. Input is received from a user of... Agent:

20150035951 - Apparatus and method for capturing images: An apparatus is provided for capturing images including a base, and image capture adjustment mechanism, a first camera, and a second camera. The base is constructed and arranged to support an alignable array of cameras. The image capture adjustment mechanism is disposed relative to the base for adjusting an image... Agent:

20150035950 - Integration of digital image correlation with acoustic emission: An inventive approach is disclosed to integrate Digital Image Correlation (DIC) with the Acoustic Emission method that may be used for structural health monitoring and assessment of critical structural components in civil, mechanical, and aerospace industries. The inventive approach relies on passively recording acoustic emission across the specimen being tested... Agent: Drexel University

20150035949 - Method for synchronising several cameras with each other in a photographic system, in particular a stereoscopic photographic system, and photographic system for implementing said method:

20150035948 - Method for the localization of a tool in a workplace, corresponding system and computer program product: A method for locating a tool for industrial operations that is positioned in a sequence of operating points of an operating sequence associated to different positions on a component on which work is to be carried out, includes associating a light source to the tool and at least three light... Agent:

20150035952 - Photographing apparatus, display apparatus, photographing method, and computer readable recording medium: A photographing apparatus includes: a light blocking unit which selectively blocks light passing through a first lens unit; a disparity direction detection unit which detects a disparity direction of a user; a photographing controller which selects light block regions where the light is blocked by the light blocking unit and... Agent:

20150035953 - Electronic display numerical aberration correction: Disclosed is a method for stereoscopic numerical aberration compensation. One embodiment of this may be implemented as a software module which may be invoked after the display content has been copied, as in the case of prepared content such as a movie, or rendered, as in the case of dynamically-generated... Agent:

20150035954 - Apparatus and method for adjusting stereoscopic images in response to head roll: A stereoscopic display includes: a sensor configured to detect head roll of a viewer; and an image renderer coupled to the sensor and configured to adjust a 3D image according to the detected head roll.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150035955 - Stereoscopic video processing device and method, and program: A stereoscopic video processing device includes a candidate coordinate range calculation unit configured to calculate a range of candidate coordinates of a display position of a reference point of a two-dimensional object in a screen, a parallax total value calculation unit configured to calculate a total value of parallax values... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150035958 - Apparatus and method for concurrently displaying multiple views: A display apparatus and method thereof are provided. The display apparatus may include a plurality of receiving units which receive a plurality of different contents, a signal processing unit which processes the contents received at the plurality of receiving units to construct a plurality of contents views, an output unit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150035957 - Display system and displaying method for display system: Display system includes a processor, a display module, and a number of shutter glasses. The processor can integrate video signals of different channels into an integrated video signal, thus the display module can display the video signals of the different channels orderly in a sequence according to a predetermined cycling... Agent:

20150035956 - Method for the synchronization of 3d devices and corresponding synchronization device: s

20150035959 - Multi-site data sharing platform: A variety of methods and arrangements for sharing medical data are described. In one aspect, one or more data streams are received from one or more medical imaging/sensing or other types of devices. Frames are obtained from the streams. In some embodiments, particular frames and/or parts of frames are selectively... Agent:

20150035960 - Imaging module: An imaging module includes: an imaging unit including a light receiving unit having a plurality of pixels arranged in a specified shape including a lattice shape and configured to receive light and to perform photoelectric conversion on the received light, the imaging unit being configured to capture an image of... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150035961 - Feature identification using an rgb-nir camera pair: Disclosed are systems, apparatus, devices, methods, computer program media and products, and other implementations, including a method that includes capturing an RGB image of a hand of a person, capturing a near infrared (NIR) image of the hand, and determining geometrical features of the hand based on the captured RGB... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150035962 - Vehicle periphery monitor device: Provided is a vehicle periphery monitor device for accurately distinguishing between and detecting two side-by-side pedestrians and a vehicle that is lighting lights. With regard to a pedestrian candidate having at least two head candidates, a reference image creation unit creates the peripheral image of one of the head candidates... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150035963 - Dual-camera apparatus and method for deriving dimensional measurements: A dual-camera apparatus derives dimensional measurements of an object. The apparatus comprises a pair of digital cameras each comprising a lens and capable of producing an image of the object. A ratio of known distance units to pixels is established for the apparatus and applied to images generated by each... Agent:

20150035964 - High-resolution luminescence microscopy: A microscopy method for producing a high-resolution image of a sample which includes furnishing the sample with a marker that emits statistically flashing luminescence radiation after excitation, or using a sample that has molecules that emit statistically flashing luminescence radiation after excitation. The sample is excited to luminescence in such... Agent:

20150035965 - Method for calibrating a digital optical imaging system having a zoom system, method for correcting aberrations in a digital optical imaging system having a zoom system, and digital optical imaging system: The invention relates to a method for calibrating a digital optical imaging system, comprising at least one motorized or coded zoom system and an image sensor, to a method for correcting aberrations in such an imaging system, and to an optical imaging system which is configured to carry out the... Agent:

20150035966 - Handheld diagnostic system with disposable sample holder and chip-scale microscope: A handheld diagnostic system may include a disposable sample holder and an analysis module having a chip-scale microscope. The sample holder may have a transparent portion having test chambers for containing respective portions of a biological sample. The analysis module may having a housing with an opening configured to receive... Agent: Aptina Imaging Corporation

20150035969 - Blade inspection apparatus and blade inspection method: A blade inspection apparatus has a borescope and a PC. The borescope has a distance sensor for detecting an insertion length when an insertion section of the borescope is inserted through a hole provided in a casing in which a rotor of an engine is housed, an acceleration sensor for... Agent:

20150035968 - Blade inspection system: Regarding a blade inspection system, each of endo scope guide devices for a borescope has an insertion portion guide tube for guiding an insertion portion and a first fixing portion which is provided on the insertion portion guide tube and fixes the insertion portion guide tube in a corresponding external... Agent:

20150035967 - Systems and methods for embedded imaging clocking: An embedded imaging system in one embodiment includes an encoding module, an imaging module, and a cable. The encoding module is disposed proximate to a proximal end of the system, and is configured to encode frame synchronizing information into timing information comprising a reference clock. The imaging module is disposed... Agent: General Electric Company

20150035970 - Systems and methods to detect coating voids: Systems and methods to identify defects of a surface coating treatment in a beverage can. One or more image suspects are acquired, including at least a portion of a surface treated by a coating. A coating characteristic detection process is performed on the one or more image suspects. At least... Agent: Applied Vision Corporation

20150035971 - Method for determining the tread depth of a vehicle pneumatic tire: A method for determining the profile depth of a tread of a pneumatic vehicle tire wherein the tread has a wear indicator. The wear indicator has an incision extending in the radial direction of the tire. The incision has a length visible on the tread and the length becomes shorter... Agent:

20150035972 - Glare measuring system: A glare measuring system is configured to have an imaging camera which is supported to be rotatable within a horizontal plane, and a processing device which calculates equivalent veiling luminance on the basis of a pickup image of the imaging camera and calculates the value of a glare rating GR... Agent: Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.

20150035973 - Method for determining a current distance and/or a current speed of a target object based on a reference point in a camera image, camera system and motor vehicle: A method for determining a current distance and/or a current speed of a target object relative to a motor vehicle based on an image of the target object, in which the image is provided by a camera of the motor vehicle, where characteristic features of the target object are extracted... Agent:

20150035974 - Combined imager and range finder: combined imager and rangefinder includes an imaging sensor and an illuminator. The sensor acquires images of objects in a FOV. The illuminator directs a beam of light via the FOV. In a first mode, the sensor acquires full images of the whole FOV. In a second mode, the sensor acquires... Agent:

20150035975 - Methods and systems for goods received gesture recognition: Disclosed are methods and systems to automatically detect and optionally classify when a recipient receives goods in surveillance video. According to one exemplary embodiment, a computer implemented method determines a customer has received goods which are associated with a retail environment.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150035976 - Setting apparatus, method, and storage medium: A setting apparatus, that sets a frequency for determining whether an object in a moving image is a predetermined object, determines whether an object in the moving image is the predetermined object, and when it determines that the object is the predetermined object, it sets the frequency for determining to... Agent:

20150035978 - Software enabled method for deterrence of child abduction: An abduction deterrent and user tracking system is provided which employs software configured to run on a portable computing device which has a display, a digital camera, wireless communication, and GPS locator. The software enables the portable computing device to provide identified parties with the subscribing user's terrestrial location and... Agent:

20150035977 - Video camera and a video receiver of a video monitoring system: A video camera of a video monitoring system includes an image generation unit which provides a sequence of digital images (DI) having watchdog information data to supervise the sequence of digital images; an information data encoder adapted to encode the watchdog information data to generate information blocks; a video compression... Agent:

20150035986 - Camera for mounting on a vehicle: A camera for mounting on a vehicle includes a front housing member, a rear housing member, a lens member mounted to the front housing member and an imaging element positioned to receive images from the lens member. A circuit board is mounted to the front housing member and is configured... Agent:

20150035980 - Image capturing device for a vehicle: The invention relates to an image capturing device comprising an image sensor. A first polarizing filter is arranged in at least one first subarea in front of the image sensor while a second polarizing filter is arranged in at least one second subarea. The polarizing filters have different directions of... Agent: Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh

20150035982 - Image capturing device for a vehicle: An image capturing device for a vehicle includes: a first image capturing apparatus configured to image a surrounding environment of the vehicle, situated outside a window of the vehicle, through a first region of the window, in a first image; and a second image capturing apparatus configured to image a... Agent:

20150035984 - In-vehicle image processing device and method: The object of the present invention is to improve the detection capability for detecting a preceding vehicle that may collide with a driver's vehicle using a stereo camera having rolling shutter types of CMOS sensor. The present invention relates to an in-vehicle image processing device that includes: plural imaging sections... Agent:

20150035983 - Method and vehicle assistance system for active warning and/or for navigation assistance to prevent a collosion of a vehicle body part and/or of a vehicle wheel with an object: A method for active warning and/or for navigation assistance to prevent a collision of a vehicle body part and/or of a vehicle wheel with at least one curb and/or another similar object, the at least one object being recognized based on an evaluation of the images of the vehicle surroundings... Agent:

20150035985 - Method for activating and deactivating an image correction function, camera system and motor vehicle: A method for operating a camera system of a motor vehicle, in which images of an environmental region of the motor vehicle are captured by means of an image sensor of the camera system via an optic device and an image correction function is activated by means of a control... Agent:

20150035979 - Method for deriving environmental information from detecting the rear lights of preceding vehicles: A method for deriving environmental information from detecting the rear lights of preceding vehicles, including the following steps: Recording a sequence of images with a camera that captures the surroundings in front of the vehicle; Detecting and tracking rear lights of preceding vehicles in the sequence of images; and Analysis... Agent: Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh

20150035981 - Sign information output apparatus: A sign information output apparatus includes an output instructor for instructing an information output section to stop output of sign information if a traveled distance measured in response to the detection of a sign exceeds a threshold value, and a threshold value changer for changing a threshold value depending on... Agent:

20150035987 - Method and apparatus for unlocking/locking a door and enabling two-way communications with a door security system via a smart phone: A method and computer program product for operating a doorbell security system. The method may include receiving a doorbell press event signal and sending a doorbell press event notification to at least one mobile computing device. The method may further include opening a video channel connection and an open but... Agent:

20150035988 - Video imaging system including a plurality of cameras and a plurality of beamsplitters: An imaging system includes a plurality of cameras and a plurality of beamsplitters, all of which are fixedly attached to a housing. Each camera can have an optical axis that extends from the camera, transmits or reflects from at least one beamsplitter, and extends toward a scene. The optical axes... Agent:

20150035989 - Optical sensor apparatus: An optical sensor apparatus includes a package having a window; a sensor chip having an array of light receiving devices and a pixel electrode connected to the light receiving device, the sensor chip having an incidence surface that faces the window of the package; and a read-out circuit disposed under... Agent:

20150035990 - Impact time from image sensing: Impact time between an image sensing circuitry and an object relatively moving at least partially towards, or away from, the image sensing circuitry can be computed. Image data associated with a respective image frame of a sequence (1 . . . N) of image frames sensed by said image sensing... Agent:

20150035991 - Method for dynamically calibrating rotation offset in a camera system: A method for dynamically calibrating rotational offset in a device includes obtaining an image captured by a camera of the device. Orientation information of the device at the time of image capture may be associated with the image. Pixel data of the image may be analyzed to determine an image... Agent:

20150035992 - System and methods for calibration of an array camera: Systems and methods for calibrating an array camera are disclosed. Systems and methods for calibrating an array camera in accordance with embodiments of this invention include the capturing of an image of a test pattern with the array camera such that each imaging component in the array camera captures an... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20150035994 - Portable communication apparatus, method of testing the same, display apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium: A portable communication apparatus is provided. The portable communication apparatus includes: a camera module configured to capture a plurality of test images that are sequentially output from a display apparatus; a microphone module configured to record a test voice that is output from the display apparatus; a communication interface unit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150035995 - Projector and projector control method: A projector includes: a projection unit; a position detection unit; and a calibration control unit which causes the projection unit to project a target image at a reference position within a projection range of the projection unit, acquires an operation position for the indicating operation detected by the position detection... Agent:

20150035993 - Systems, methods, and media for calibrating a display device: Methods, systems, and media for calibrating a display device are provided. In some embodiments, the methods comprise: causing a first test stream to be displayed on the display device; capturing, using a hardware processor, at least one screenshot of the first test stream displayed on the display device; detecting, using... Agent: Sonic Ip, Inc.

20150035996 - Method and apparatus for evaluating media quality: In a method for evaluating media quality, media reference quality and rebuffering event distortion quality are obtained, final media quality are determined according to the obtained media reference quality and rebuffering event distortion quality, where a parameter of the rebuffering event distortion quality includes at least one of the following:... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co.,ltd.

20150035997 - Video qualification device, system, and method: Novel tools and techniques are provided for implementing video qualification, which might include implementing video quality measurements at a subscriber premises and qualification of the subscriber premises for particular levels of video data transmission. In some cases, one or more customer premises equipment might comprise video quality chips that might... Agent:

20150035998 - Automatic configuration of the logical orientation of multiple monitors based on captured images: A system and method for configuring the display of a virtual workspace on multiple monitors connected to a single computing device based on images/frames captured by multiple cameras is described. A monitor orientation controller analyzes the frames to detect motion/movement within the captured scene and a corresponding centroid of the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150036001 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus capable of wirelessly communicating with a display device, including: an imaging unit configured to capture a subject image to generate a captured image; a peaking processor configured to adjust emphasis of in-focus part in the captured image according to an image quality setting of image displayed on... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150035999 - Method for sharing digital photos securely: A method for sharing digital photos securely is presented. The method includes capturing image data using a digital camera system. It also includes encrypting the image data using an encryption key to produce encrypted image data. Further, it comprises storing metadata associated with the encrypting in at least one field... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150036000 - Mobile device and method of controlling therefor: According to one embodiment, the mobile device includes a display unit configured to display a visual information, a camera unit configured to capture an image, a storage unit configured to store the captured image, a communication unit configured to transmit the captured image, a sensor unit configured to detect a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150036003 - Imaging control device, image processing device, imaging controlling method, and image processing method: Provided is an imaging control device including a result receiving unit configured to receive an example image selected by an image processing device used for image processing using image information, the image information being information regarding an image captured by an imaging unit used for image capturing, a selection result... Agent:

20150036004 - System and method of capturing and sharing media: A system of capturing and sharing media including a plurality of communication devices and a management server in communication with the communication devices and including a processor and a downloadable user interface configured to distribute to the communication devices a media captured during a defined event, the media distributable to... Agent:

20150036002 - Configuring apparatus, image output apparatus, methods of controlling the same, and program: If connection to an output apparatus is detected, a configuring apparatus acquires information about the output apparatus. If disconnection of communication connection with the output apparatus is detected, the configuring apparatus makes various configurations based on the acquired information. If communication connection with the output apparatus is detected again after... Agent:

20150036005 - Methods and apparatus for true high dynamic range imaging: When imaging bright objects, a conventional detector array can saturate, making it difficult to produce an image with a dynamic range that equals the scene's dynamic range. Conversely, a digital focal plane array (DFPA) with one or more m-bit counters can produce an image whose dynamic range is greater than... Agent:

20150036006 - Video anti-shaking method and video anti-shaking device: A video anti-shaking method and a video anti-shaking device are provided. The method includes: obtaining a first GRMV (global relative motion vector) of a current video frame relative to its previous video frame, and a sequence of second GRMVs of reference video frames relative to their respective previous video frames;... Agent:

20150036007 - Image shake correcting apparatus and control method for same, lens barrel, optical apparatus, and imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes an angular velocity sensor for detecting shake thereof. A CPU calculates an image shake correction amount. A shake correcting unit corrects image shake based on the calculated image shake correction amount. An HPF removes an offset component from a shake detection signal. A reference value calculating... Agent:

20150036009 - Electronic apparatus and method of controlling the same: An electronic apparatus that reduces fixed pattern noise by performing dark current subtraction is described. The electronic apparatus includes: an image sensor; a photographing control unit that photographs a plurality of images; a vibration reduction control unit that performs control to shift a coordinate position of a photographing region in... Agent:

20150036010 - Generic platform video image stabilization: Video image stabilization provides better performance on a generic platform for computing devices by evaluating available multimedia digital signal processing components, and selecting the available components to utilize according to a hierarchy structure for video stabilization performance for processing parts of the video stabilization. The video stabilization has improved motion... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150036008 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for image stabilization: In accordance with an example embodiment a method, apparatus and computer program product are provided. The method comprises configuring a pre-determined movement of at least one of a lens element (210) and a sensor element (212). The method further comprises performing the pre-determined movement of the at least one of... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150036011 - Image shake correcting apparatus and control method for same, lens barrel, optical apparatus, and imaging apparatus: The CPU acquires the output of an angular velocity sensor and performs image shake correction. An angle 1 calculating unit integrates a signal from which an offset component is removed to calculate an angle 1. An angular velocity subtraction amount calculating unit calculates an angular velocity subtraction amount based on... Agent:

20150036012 - Automatic image-capturing system: An automatic image-capturing system is used for capturing an image and transmitting the image to a remote device. The automatic image-capturing system includes a photography module for capturing the image; a storage module for storing the image captured by the photography module; a transmission module for receiving a control instruction... Agent:

20150036013 - Remote-control apparatus and control method thereof, image capturing apparatus and control method thereof, and system: A remote-control apparatus which remotely controls an image capturing apparatus, comprises a communication unit configured to communicate with the image capturing apparatus; a reception unit configured to receive video data and a parameter obtained at the time of shooting of video from the image capturing apparatus via the communication unit;... Agent:

20150036015 - Systems and methods for dynamic refocusing of high resolution images generated using images captured by a plurality of imagers: Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed that use super-resolution (SR) processes to use information from a plurality of low resolution (LR) images captured by an array camera to produce a synthesized higher resolution image. One embodiment includes obtaining input images determining an initial estimate... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20150036014 - Systems and methods for synthesizing high resolution images using images captured by an array of independently controllable imagers: Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed that use super-resolution (SR) processes to use information from a plurality of low resolution (LR) images captured by an array camera to produce a synthesized higher resolution image. One embodiment includes obtaining input images, determining an initial estimate... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20150036017 - Imaging control unit, imaging apparatus, and method for controlling an imaging apparatus: An imaging control unit includes: a calculating unit that obtains block brightness-values of a plurality of blocks from each pixel of an image data of a frame, the image data of a frame being divided into the plurality of blocks; a limiting unit that limits to a first limit brightness-value... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20150036016 - Methods and apparatus for determining the orientation of a mobile phone in an indoor environment: A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. The apparatus captures one or more images of at least a first indicator and a second indicator, identifies the first indicator based on first identifying information and identifies the second indicator based on second identifying information,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150036019 - Image processing apparatus: An image processing apparatus comprises an estimation unit which estimates, from color distribution information of an image obtained by capturing an object, a depth of water at which the captured object is positioned, and a white balance control unit which performs white balance control along an axis different from a... Agent:

20150036018 - Method and apparatus for tuning camera correction setting for camera module: A camera tuning circuit has a first storage space, a second storage space and a controller. The first storage space stores a first reference camera correction setting for a reference camera module under a first color temperature. The second storage space stores a second reference camera correction setting for the... Agent:

20150036020 - Method for sharing original photos along with final processed image: A method for storing digital images is presented. The method comprises accessing a first image. It further comprises capturing at least one second image. Further, it comprises storing metadata associated with the at least one second image in at least one field within a file format of the first image,... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150036021 - Multiple scattering medium for compressive imaging: A method for estimating an optical, electromagnetic or acoustic image having at least the successive steps of: scattering an incident optical, electromagnetic or acoustic signal using a multiple scattering medium corresponding to a known transmission matrix stored into a memory of an imaging system; measuring the scattered signal using a... Agent: Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie

20150036022 - Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, and program: An image capturing apparatus extracts frequency components from image data of a newly captured photograph, divides them into divided sections, compares the frequency components of each of the divided sections of the newly captured photograph and frequency components of corresponding divided sections of a database, obtains a maximum vicinity area,... Agent:

20150036023 - Lighting system and method for image and object enhancement: A novel lighting system includes an image capture device, an image processor, and an image projector. In a particular embodiment, the image capture device captures and converts images of a subject into image data, the image processor generates illumination patterns based on the image data, and the image projector projects... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150036024 - Ghost artifact detection and removal in hdr image processing using multi-level median threshold bitmaps: A ghost detection method for high-dynamic range (HDR) image creation using multi-level median threshold bitmapping. At each of multiple levels, median threshold bitmaps (MTBs) are generated for each original low-dynamic range image. At each level, the MTBs of the multiple original images are compared to generate a ghost map for... Agent: Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.

20150036025 - Image display device, imaging apparatus mounted with image display device as finder device, and image display method: An image display device includes a beam splitter that splits an incident light entering from a subject side, an imaging device that converts a first optical image generated by an one-side incident light split by the beam splitter into an electrical signal and outputs the converted electrical signal as a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150036027 - Method for calibrating a digital optical instrument and digital optical instrument: The invention relates to a method for calibrating an optical instrument which comprises at least a motorized zoom system, an objective, an image sensor and an image processing unit. The method comprises the following steps: establishing calibration data DZRef of the zoom system with a reference objective and storing these... Agent:

20150036026 - Parameter adjustment device, parameter adjustment method, and recording medium: An input device includes a first operation part and a second operation part. The first operation part is used to adjust a parameter for photographing or content reproduction and is arranged on a first axis. The second operation part is used to adjust the parameter for photographing or content reproduction... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150036028 - Solid-state image sensor, image pickup apparatus, and correcting method: Provided is a solid-state image sensor, including: a pixel unit including a valid pixel area and an optical-black pixel area; a plurality of reading units configured to read pixel values of a large number of pixels of the pixel unit line by line; a plurality of correction data generating units... Agent:

20150036029 - Image sensor with shading detection: An image sensor comprising a plurality of pixels arranged in rows and columns, the plurality of pixels comprising: image pixels arranged for providing image data, and shading detection pixels arranged for providing signals from which a degree of shading can be derived, wherein the shading detection pixels are located in... Agent: Harvest Imaging Bvba

20150036030 - Imaging element and electronic apparatus: An imaging element includes a photoelectric conversion section and a wiring layer. The photoelectric conversion section is configured to photoelectrically convert light incident from a subject. The wiring layer is provided on an opposite side of the subject with respect to the photoelectric conversion section and includes a wire connected... Agent:

20150036031 - Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and camera module: According to one embodiment of the present invention, a solid-state imaging device is provided. The solid-state imaging device includes a photoelectric conversion element, a first insulating film, a metal oxide film, an antireflection film, and a second insulating film. The photoelectric conversion element photoelectrically converts incident light into charges and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150036032 - Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system: Column signal processing units are provided in correspondence with respective columns of a pixel array. The column signal processing unit includes a sample-and-hold unit configured to hold an analog signal output from a pixel, a buffer unit configured to buffer the signal held in the sample-and-hold unit, and an AD... Agent:

20150036034 - Imaging device, imaging method, and recording medium: An imaging device (100) is provided with: an imager (1) that includes an imaging element with multiple pixels arranged two-dimensionally, and that outputs an image signal in accordance with setting of either a pixel addition readout method or a cutout readout method; a signal processor (2) that processes the image... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20150036033 - Solid-state imaging device: According to one embodiment, in a pixel array unit, pixels configured to accumulate photoelectrically-converted charges are arranged in a matrix shape. A binning control unit performs control to lump together several pixels among the pixels between different lines of the pixel array unit. A frame-read control unit thins out and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150036035 - Reset noise reduction for pixel readout with pseudo correlated double sampling: Provided are an imaging device implementing pseudo correlated double sampling (CDS), and an imaging method and a control method of the image device. The imaging device includes: a pixel array comprising a pixel configured to generate a current in response to incident light; a readout circuit configured to read out... Agent:

20150036036 - Method and apparatus for adjusting optical centre: The present disclosure discloses a method and an apparatus for adjusting an optical centre. The method includes fixedly installing a viewport cover plate in a terminal device; movably installing a camera in the terminal device; and adjusting a position of the camera; wherein adjusting the position of the camera comprises... Agent: Xiaomi Inc.

20150036037 - Self-cleaning camera lens: A camera system includes a lens that directs light onto an image sensor, an actuator that vibrates the lens, and a charge generator that charges a surface of the lens. The camera system further includes a controller that can determine a change in transparency of the lens and selectively activate... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150036038 - Aperture scanning fourier ptychographic imaging: Certain aspects pertain to aperture-scanning Fourier ptychographic imaging devices comprising an aperture scanner that can generate an aperture at different locations at an intermediate plane of an optical arrangement, and a detector that can acquire lower resolution intensity images for different aperture locations, and wherein a higher resolution complex image... Agent:

20150036039 - Optical apparatus: An optical apparatus includes an operator rotationally operable about an optical axis of an image pickup optical system and configured to move, when rotationally operated, part of the image pickup optical system in an optical axis direction of the image pickup optical system and to change a focal length, an... Agent:

20150036040 - Exposure control apparatus and method, storage medium, and image pickup apparatus: An exposure control apparatus which is capable of making a backlight judgment with accuracy using image data on a main subject and image data on a photographer and controlling exposure according to the judgment result. First image data is generated according to a main subject image formed by light from... Agent:

20150036041 - System and method for controlling illumination in a vision system: This invention provides a system and method for enabling control of an illuminator having predetermined operating parameters by a vision system processor/core based upon stored information regarding parameters that are integrated with the illuminator. The parameters are retrieved by the processor, and are used to control the operation of the... Agent: Cognex Corporation

20150036042 - Method for adjusting illumination direction angle of strobe device, strobe device, and imaging device equipped with strobe device: A method for adjusting the illumination direction angle of a strobe device includes the steps of: transmitting to a specific strobe device, a first signal related to the present illumination direction angle of the strobe device being adjusted; based on the first signal, causing the illumination direction angle of the... Agent:

20150036043 - Bioscicon's cellphone camera - microscope universal adapter: This invention is for a small, low-cost device that could simulate movements of a human examiner analyzing cytopathological specimens using the transmitted light microscope. It is about a mechanical (electromagnetic field neutral) device to enable connecting analog and digital imaging between two humans one using the microscope to generate images... Agent: Bioscicon, Inc.

20150036045 - Imaging lens, and electronic apparatus including the same: An imaging lens includes first to fifth lens elements arranged from an object side to an image side in the given order. Through designs of surfaces of the lens elements and relevant optical parameters, a short system length of the imaging lens may be achieved while maintaining good optical performance.... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150036044 - Optical imaging lens and electronic device comprising the same: An optical imaging lens set includes: a first lens element, an aperture stop, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element and a fifth lens element, the first lens element with refractive power having a convex object-side surface and an image-side surface with a concave part... Agent:

20150036046 - Optoelectronic modules that have shielding to reduce light leakage or stray light, and fabrication methods for such modules: Optoelectronic modules include an optoelectronic device and a transparent cover. A non-transparent material is provided on the sidewalls of the transparent cover, which can help reduce light leakage from the sides of the transparent cover or can help reduce stray light from entering the module. The modules can be fabricated,... Agent:

20150036047 - Orientation control of an image sensor of a portable digital video camera: A camera accessory includes one or more kinematic sensor(s), such as accelerometer(s) and/or angular rate sensor(s), an actuator, and a coupling mechanism to adjust the orientation of a horizontal image plane of an image sensor of a digital video camera independent of the orientation of the camera housing of the... Agent:

20150036048 - Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof: Present embodiments provide for a mobile device and an optical imaging lens thereof. The optical imaging lens comprises four lens elements positioned sequentially from an object side to an image side. Through controlling the convex or concave shape of the surfaces and/or the refracting power of the lens elements and... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150036049 - Cascaded bit sequences in display systems: The present disclosure pertains to a method for designing cascaded bit sequences for cascaded digital displays. The method avoids unwanted interactions between cascaded sequences in cascaded digital displays. By using sequences with a particular structure, cascaded sequences can be designed such that no sequence is affected by the others. The... Agent:

20150036050 - Television control apparatus and associated method: A television control apparatus applied to a television system is provided. The television control apparatus includes a signal processing module and a combination module. The signal processing module obtains a first frame and a second frame from a first video signal and a second video signal, respectively. While the second... Agent:

20150036051 - Dynamic picture quality control: A method performed by one or more computing devices. The method includes identifying first and second portions of a digital video signal. First and second values of a plurality of quality metrics are determined for the first and second portions, respectively. The first and second values of the metrics are... Agent: Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

20150036052 - Method, apparatus and machine-readable medium for apportioning video processing between a video source device and a video sink device: To apportion desired video processing between a video source device and a video sink device, at one of the devices, and based upon an indication of video processing algorithms of which the other device is capable and an indication of video processing algorithms of which the one device is capable,... Agent:

20150036053 - Decreasing power requirements for an output signal based on persistence of perception characteristics: A system for decreasing output power required to produce an output signal based on persistence of perception characteristics. The system includes a circuit configured to receive a perception signal at an input. The circuit is also configured to output a portion of the input perception signal when the circuit is... Agent:

20150036054 - Display apparatus and control method thereof: A display apparatus and a control method thereof are provided. The display apparatus is coupled to a video signal supply source through at least one connector. The display apparatus includes: a main storage unit which stores extended display identification data (EDID) therein corresponding to the at least one connector; a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150036055 - Display apparatus, liquid crystal display apparatus, drive method for display apparatus, and television receiver: In at least one embodiment a ripple, generated in an electric potential of data signal lines even in long-term reversal driving, is reduced and display quality is improved. In at least one example embodiment, the liquid crystal display apparatus of the present invention includes scanning signal lines and data signal... Agent:

20150036056 - Imformation processing apparatus and information processing system: An information processing apparatus stores sets of image data associated with sets of user identification information. When receiving a set of the user identification information and a set of apparatus identification information identifying one of image display apparatuses, the information processing apparatus stores information of a stored set of image... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150036057 - Multiple stage modulation projector display systems having efficient light utilization: Dual or multi-modulation display systems comprising a first modulator and a second modulator are disclosed. The first modulator may comprise a plurality of analog mirrors (e.g. MEMS array) and the second modulator may comprise a plurality of mirrors (e.g., DMD array). The display system may further comprise a controller that... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150036058 - Application specific, dual mode projection system and method: A projector panel includes pixel display, a display controller, and a pattern generator. The pattern generator is operative to output pixel data indicative of at least one application specific predetermined pattern. In a particular embodiment, the projector panel is a liquid-crystal-on-silicon panel. In another particular embodiment, the projector panel is... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20150036059 - Video display device: According to one embodiment, a video display device includes a display, an optical element, and a spacer member. The display has a video display section and a frame section. The optical element is provided so as to cover the frame section and an outer edge area provided on an outer... Agent:

20150036060 - Passenger delivery system: A passenger seat assembly comprising an assembly of seating modules arranged for relative pivotal movement; a membranous mesh fixed about each module for providing support to a passenger in said passenger seat assembly; said mesh comprising a passenger support face and a reaction face on an opposed face of each... Agent: Airgo Design Pte. Ltd.

01/29/2015 > 115 patent applications in 71 patent subcategories.

20150029297 - Data processing method and electronic device: A data processing method and an electronic device that include acquiring a first image, determining whether the first image satisfies a preset condition, and executing a first predetermined processing when the first image satisfies the preset condition.... Agent: Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd.

20150029295 - Emergency video calls: A device is configured to identify an emergency call from a user device, determine that the user device is to be connected on a video call, and obtain first video call information associated with the user device, where the first video call information includes information that permits the video call... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150029296 - Multimedia-enhanced emergency call systems: A gateway device may be configured to receive, from a first user device, a request to establish a Web Real-Time Communications (“WebRTC”) call session; establish, based on the request, a first WebRTC call session with the user device; establish, based on the request: a voice call session between the gateway... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150029294 - Systems and methods for integrating user personas with content during video conferencing: A system and method is disclosed for extracting a user persona from a video and embedding that persona into a background feed that may have other content, such as text, graphics, or additional video content. The extracted video and background feed are combined to create a composite video that comprises... Agent: Personify, Inc.

20150029298 - Video integration: According to one aspect, a web optimized user device is provided. The web optimized device reduces complexity and facilitates interaction with web-based services and content. The web optimized device can be configured without a hard drive, facilitating integration of web-based services into a computing experience. The web optimized device presents... Agent:

20150029302 - Multi-enterprise video conference service: A system is configured to receive a request to set up a first video conference and another request to set up a second video conference, where the request is received from a client device and where the other request is received from another client device; obtain first information associated with... Agent:

20150029299 - Participant-centered distributed video conferencing apparatus and method: To conduct video conferencing between a plurality of distributed clients, a distributed controller receives a request from a first distributed client for a packet from a second distributed client selected as the main speaker, and a distributed media processor creates a switching entry for switching packets from the first and... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150029300 - Systems and methods for room system pairing in video conferencing: Systems and methods for the pairing of room systems, and other systems that lack portability and a convenient user interface, to videoconferences are disclosed herein. In one embodiment of the disclosed subject matter, a user initiates room system pairing from his or her device. For example, the user can press... Agent: Vidyo, Inc.

20150029301 - Teleconference system and teleconference terminal: A teleconference terminal includes a positional relationship determining unit, a video switching unit, a first video output unit, and a second video output unit. The positional relationship determining unit sets relationship information indicating a displaying position relationship between a location video received from another teleconference terminal and shared information shared... Agent:

20150029303 - Video pause indication in video telephony: The disclosure relates to video telephony and, more particularly, to techniques for detecting a video pause in a video telephony application. In one example of the disclosure, a method for video telephony comprises detecting, at a receiving device, that video data packets associated with a video telephony call have stopped... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150029305 - Imaging apparatus and recording medium with program recorded therein: An imaging apparatus include a display section, a capturing section which captures an image at a first viewing angle, a capturing control section which performs a plurality of capturing operations by the capturing section, a generation section which generates a composite image reproducing an image captured at a second viewing... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150029304 - Mobile terminal and panorama capturing method thereof: A method of controlling a mobile terminal, and which includes displaying a camera preview on a display of the mobile terminal; selecting an object to capture in the camera preview; displaying a capture guide on the display indicating a subsequent capturing region along a moving direction of the selected object;... Agent:

20150029306 - Method and apparatus for stabilizing panorama video captured based on multi-camera platform: The present invention proposes a method and apparatus for correcting a motion of panorama video captured by a plurality of cameras. The method of the present invention includes performing global motion estimation for estimating smooth motion trajectories from the panorama video, performing global motion correction for correcting a motion in... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150029308 - Apparatus and method for reconstructing scene of traffic accident: Disclosed are an apparatus and method for reconstructing the scene of a traffic accident. The apparatus includes an information collection unit for receiving images and sounds of a scene of a traffic accident and a stationary object and a moving object located around the scene. A stationary object reconstruction unit... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150029307 - Method and device for improved ulcer treatment: A method and device are disclosed for treating ulcers based on the photobiostimulation effect to reduce inflammation and enhance microvascular activity accelerating the wound healing process. In a preferred embodiment, a diode laser source emits 1470±60 nm laser energy at about 15 Watts, which is conveyed through an optical fiber... Agent:

20150029312 - Apparatus and method for detecting object automatically and estimating depth information of image captured by imaging device having multiple color-filter aperture: Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for detecting an object automatically and estimating depth information of an image captured by an imaging device having a multiple color-filter aperture. A background generation unit detects a movement from a current image frame among a plurality of continuous image frames captured by... Agent:

20150029311 - Image processing method and image processing apparatus: An image processing method comprising: (a) receiving at least one input image; (b) acquiring depth map from the at least one input image; and (c) performing a defocus operation according to the depth map upon one of the input images, to generate a processed image.... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20150029309 - Method, system, apparatus, and computer program for 3d acquisition and caries detection: A system and apparatus for obtaining images of an object, a method for operating an optical camera system to obtain images of the object, and a computer program that operates in accordance with the method. The system includes an optical system and at least one processing system. The optical system... Agent:

20150029310 - Optical system and method for active image acquisition: An active image acquisition system and method are introduced. The active image acquisition system retrieves light information of an object for creating an object model. The active image acquisition system includes a processing unit, a light-emitting unit and a capturing unit. The processing unit generates a plurality of modulating signals... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20150029313 - Method for aligning two image recording elements of a stereo camera system: The invention relates to a method for aligning at least two image recording elements of two camera modules of a stereo camera system, in particular with respect to their roll angle relative to one another, as well as to a stereo camera system whose camera modules or image recording elements... Agent:

20150029315 - Ultra high-resolution volumetric three-dimensional display: An ultra high-resolution volumetric three-dimensional (3D) display system comprises an image chamber, and an addressing system to direct a beam of electromagnetic energy at a first wavelength to slice through the image chamber. The beam of electromagnetic energy slices the image chamber along a first axis to provide an image... Agent:

20150029314 - Volumetric display system blending two light types to provide a new display medium: A method for creating a volumetric display. The method includes projecting a first light type onto a planar projection surface to display first content and, concurrently with projection of the first light type, first projecting a second light type onto the planar projection surface to display second content that at... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150029316 - Liquid crystal display and method for generating 3d images by matching a software optical grating: A liquid crystal display for generating 3D images by matching a software optical grating includes a backlight module and a LCD panel having a color filter. The LCD panel has a plurality of first subpixels for generating a first image, a plurality of second subpixels for generating a second image,... Agent: C Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

20150029317 - Device for displaying multi-view 3d image using dynamic viewing zone expansion applicable to multiple observers and method for same: The present invention relates to a device for displaying a multi-view 3D image by using viewing zone expansion that is applicable to multiple observers, and to a method for same, comprising: an image display panel for displaying a 3D image; a control portion for controlling an image view of each... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20150029318 - Contents-responsive kiosk and method for driving the same: Disclosed are a contents-responsive kiosk and a method for driving the same. A support; a screen module attached to an upper end of the support; a contents reception module for receiving contents; a contents determination module for analyzing a tag added to the received contents, and determining whether the contents... Agent: Globepoint Inc.

20150029319 - Image capture device, biometric authentication apparatus, and image capture method: An image capture device includes a casing, an image sensor provided to a surface of the casing, and a processor configured to: detect a location with which a subject is in contact on the surface, and cause the image sensor to perform image capture processing when a distance between a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150029320 - Image-capturing device, in particular person-counting mechanism, having a housing which is transparent in the infrared range and nontransparent in the optically visible range: An image-capturing device contains a housing and a camera accommodated in the housing in particular for continuous image capturing and the generation of corresponding image data. Accordingly, the camera is a thermal-imaging camera for capturing thermal images. At least one part of the housing lying in the field of view... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150029321 - Measuring system and measuring method: A measuring system includes: a projecting section Q which is configured to project an image in a predetermined pattern as light within multiple regions of an object; an image capturing section A which is configured to capture the object including those multiple regions; and an arithmetic section G which is... Agent:

20150029323 - Image processing device, electronic apparatus, and glasses characteristic determination method: An image processing device includes a memory; and a processor coupled to the memory, configured to determine a characteristic of glasses based on a first contour position and a second contour position, the first contour position indicating a contour position of a face that appears without the glasses and being... Agent:

20150029322 - Method and computations for calculating an optical axis vector of an imaged eye: Systems and methods for determining an optical axis vector of an eye in a three-axis coordinate system. An ellipse equation defining an iris disc corresponding to the eye, is determined on an XY plane of the three-axis coordinate system. A set of equations is derived based on the ellipse equation... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150029325 - High resolution imaging of extended volumes: A light sheet optical system comprising means for forming a light sheet using a non-diffractive or quasi non-diffractive and/or propagation invariant beam that has an asymmetric intensity beam profile transverse to the direction of propagation, such as an Airy beam.... Agent:

20150029324 - Substrate inspection method, substrate manufacturing method and substrate inspection device: There is provided a substrate inspection method for inspecting a substrate having a plurality of holes formed on a plate-shaped material, including: an image acquisition step (S103) of picking-up an image of the holes formed on the substrate via an optical system including a microscope having an objective lens of... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20150029326 - High throughput partial wave spectroscopic microscopy and associated systems and methods: The present technology provides methods, systems, and apparatuses to achieve high throughput and high speed acquisition of partial wave spectroscopic (PWS) microscopic images. In particular, provided herein are high-throughput, automated partial wave spectroscopy (HT/A-PWS) instruments and systems capable of rapid acquisition of PWS Microscopic images and clinical, diagnostic, and research... Agent:

20150029327 - Imaging apparatus, display data generating apparatus, imaging system, and method for controlling the same: Image data of a specimen is acquired by applying an image processing to imaging data obtained by imaging for the specimen by means of an imaging device while controlling an exposure amount. First image data is generated by using the exposure amount and a parameter of the image processing to... Agent:

20150029328 - Electronic component mounting apparatus and electronic component mounting method: A control unit of an electronic component mounting apparatus controls a component imaging unit so as to move an electronic component that is held by the holding unit, when the holding unit is moved in a direction, which is oblique to a conveyance direction of a substrate and is close... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150029329 - Electronic component mounting apparatus and electronic component mounting method: A component imaging unit of an electronic component mounting apparatus has three area cameras, and each of visual fields are common to each other regardless of the area cameras. When the imaging form of the component imaging unit is set to a first mode, a component recognition unit recognizes the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150029330 - Electronic component mounting apparatus and electronic component mounting method: In a control unit of an electronic component mounting apparatus, when an imaging form of a component imaging unit is set to a first mode, a component recognition unit recognizes a first electronic component based on an imaged image due to a first imaging element of the component imaging unit,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150029331 - System for adjusting automatic analysis device, method for adjusting automatic analysis device: Technique for adjusting various mechanisms of an automatic analysis device, which can suppress the occurrence of a difference in adjustment quality between an experienced person and an inexperienced person, is provided. An adjustment system 100 includes a current position information acquiring unit 3a for acquiring information indicating a current position... Agent:

20150029332 - Controlling movement of a camera to autonomously track a mobile object: A method is provided that includes receiving from a camera, video depicting a scene having a center bounded by first and second horizontal edges. The scene also includes an identified object of interest (OI) having a region around the identified OI and a motion vector representing a location, and an... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150029334 - Doorbell communication systems and methods: Doorbells can be used to detect visitors. A picture taken by the doorbell can be sent to a computing device. A user of the computing device can select areas within the picture. The doorbell can then detect visitors within the selected areas. Subsequent pictures from the doorbell can be analyzed... Agent:

20150029335 - Doorbell communication systems and methods: Methods can include using a doorbell to wirelessly communicate with a remotely located computing device. Doorbells can include a speaker, a microphone, a camera, and a button to sound a chime. Some embodiments include using a doorbell to close an electrical circuit that has a sound output device in a... Agent:

20150029333 - Network surveillance system, wireless network surveillance apparatus and setting method thereof: A network surveillance system, a wireless network surveillance apparatus, and a setting method of the wireless network surveillance apparatus are provided. The method includes following steps: obtaining at least one connection information for connecting a wireless network surveillance apparatus; connecting the wireless network surveillance apparatus according to the at least... Agent:

20150029338 - Device and method for producing bird's-eye view having function of automatically correcting image: The present invention discloses a bird' s-eye view image-producing device having a function of automatically calibrating an image. The bird's-eye view image-producing device automatically corrects a change in camera location due to a passenger getting into an automobile even if a driver does not perform a separate calibration step to... Agent: Sekonix Co., Ltd.

20150029336 - Digital video recorder: A video recorder mounted on a car windscreen. Sidewalls of a housing form an enclosed internal cavity housing a video camera. One sidewall of the housing is substantially flat, providing a fastening side for mounting the housing to the windscreen either directly or through a gasket, or through a gasket... Agent:

20150029337 - Electronic device module: An electronic device module includes a metallic casing having at least one boss formed therein, an electronic device unit placed inside the casing, connector terminals for external device connection electrically connected to the electronic device unit, and a metallic ground shell disposed so as to surround the connector terminals, having... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150029339 - Whole store scanner: Video monitoring and tracking techniques are addressed to allow consumers to purchase items in a store with no need to checkout at a traditional checkout lane. A large number of cart check and shelf check cameras monitor additions to carts and removals from shelves along with knowledge of location and... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150029340 - Water droplet removal apparatus and camera apparatus: A jetting nozzle is configured to jet a shock wave onto an imaging window of a camera. An arrangement section arranges the jetting nozzle on a periphery of the imaging window. The shock wave generation unit is configured to generate the shock wave jetted from the jetting nozzle. The jetting... Agent:

20150029342 - Broadcasting providing apparatus, broadcasting providing system, and method of providing broadcasting thereof: A method of providing broadcasting of a broadcasting providing apparatus includes receiving a plurality of images of a broadcasting program from a broadcasting source and information related to an object selected by a user, when information related to the selected is received, detecting at least one image related to the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150029341 - Sport training equipment: A system for recording and analyzing an activity, such as a golf activity, is provided. The system comprises an impact detection device and one or more video capture unit for recording and displaying recorded activities. Preferred activities are saved, and may be viewed at a separate viewing unit located remote... Agent:

20150029343 - Automated quality control of media asset: Some aspects of the disclosure relate to automated quality control of a media asset. The quality control can comprise testing automatically various facets of content reproduction. In one embodiment, three facets can be tested: (1) access to a rendering unit configured to reproduce content of the media asset; (2) rendering... Agent:

20150029344 - Video output supervisor: A video output supervisor includes a test region indicator for verifying that the commanded output to specific areas of a display is valid. Areas reserved displaying safety-critical data in the data frame to be displayed can be supervised for the presence and status of display indicators of the safety-critical data.... Agent:

20150029345 - Camera calibration device, camera calibration method, and camera calibration program: There is provided a camera calibration device capable of highly precisely and easily estimating camera parameters without installing a piece of special calibration equipment or measuring 3D coordinates of reference points employed for calibration. A normal vector acquisition means 81 acquires normal vectors perpendicular to a reference horizontal plane from... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150029346 - Photo inspection guide for vehicle auction: A system and method for evaluating quality of photographs of an item, such as a damaged vehicle for auction, includes displaying a predetermined set of views of the vehicle in a predetermined arrangement on a display screen for viewing by a reviewer. The predetermined views include an overlay of an... Agent: Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.

20150029347 - Imaging apparatus having subject detection function, method for controlling the imaging apparatus, and storage medium: A subject detection apparatus includes a subject detection unit configured to detect a subject included in an image, an orientation detection unit configured to detect an orientation of the subject detection apparatus, and a control unit configured to control a zoom magnification according to an area of the subject detected... Agent:

20150029348 - Blur correction apparatus and image capture apparatus: Upon detecting the start of a panning operation, an adder-subtractor applies an offset from an offset change circuit to the output of an HPF (High-Pass Filter) representing the shake amount of an image capturing apparatus to decrease the shake amount. The offset value is set to be larger as the... Agent:

20150029349 - Digital image processing: A method of enhancing pictures recorded by a digital imaging device, including, activating the imaging device to record a burst of multiple consecutive digital pictures, recording the pictures of the burst, selecting one of the digital pictures of the burst to serve as a base picture, estimating alignment of each... Agent:

20150029350 - Imaging apparatus capable of wireless communication: An imaging apparatus of the present invention, which is capable of wireless communication, images a peripheral imaging apparatus from among a plurality of peripheral imaging apparatuses around the imaging apparatus; detects predetermined information by which identification information identifying the peripheral imaging apparatus is identifiable from within the imaging frames; identifies... Agent:

20150029351 - Display method, image capturing method and electronic device: This application discloses a display method and an electronic device, where the method is applicable to a first electronic device including a sensing unit and a display unit, and the method includes: obtaining first posture information of the first electronic device by the sensing unit when the first electronic device... Agent: Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd.

20150029352 - Collapsible cell phone boom arm: An extension arm for a digital media device having a camera communicating captured video to a viewable display, such as a smartphone, cellphone, or digital camera, is provided to extend a user's reach for media capture. The device features a telescopic member configured at a distal end to engage with... Agent:

20150029353 - Automatic tuning of images based on metadata: Automatic techniques to tune images based on metadata are described. In one or more implementations, image data and metadata are received that references a geographic location. Responsive to a user input, the image data is processed using one or more tuning parameters that correspond to the geographic location to change... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150029355 - Image sensors and imaging devices including the same: A pixel array includes pixels arranged in a grid, with separate readout paths configured to readout image data from different subsets of the pixels in the array. An image sensor may employ image data from one subset of pixels, which may include fewer pixels than another subset of pixels in... Agent:

20150029354 - Method of filming high dynamic range videos: The present invention discloses a method of filming a high dynamic range video. The method includes: using an image sensor to capture an original frame which is interlaced by a plurality of long exposure areas and a plurality of short exposure areas; forming a long exposure field via a plurality... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20150029358 - Image processing apparatus, imaging device, image processing method, and program: There are provided an apparatus and a method which generate an RGB image having less color noise and fewer false colors by inputting an RGBW image. The apparatus has an image sensor having an RGBW array, and an image processing unit which performs image processing by inputting a sensor image... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150029356 - Imaging device, imaging method and non-transitory storage medium in which imaging program is stored: An imaging device includes an imaging section, a main subject detecting section, a main subject color determining section, a background color setting section, an exposure control section, and a photography control section. The imaging section images a subject. The main subject detecting section detects a region of a main subject... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150029357 - Method and apparatus for enhanced automatic adjustment of focus, exposure and white balance in digital photography: A method, apparatus and computer program are described where signals are received from a camera unit (310) having an image sensor with a plurality of image detectors. The signals include first signals received from first pixel detectors corresponding to a first image area and second signals received from second pixel... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150029359 - Colour balance processor: It is inter alia disclosed a method comprising: capturing an image with a flash; forming at least one weighted masked area of the image by masking at least one area of the image with a weighting mask; and determining an impact metric indicating the combined impact of the brightness and... Agent:

20150029360 - Flicker detection method and flicker detection apparatus: The present invention discloses a flicker detection method and a flicker detection apparatus. The method includes: calculating the mean values of selected rows of image frames to constitute a mean value vector; calculating a differential vector between the mean value vectors of a current frame and a previous frame; calculating... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150029361 - Temporally aligned exposure bracketing for high dynamic range imaging: Apparatus and methods are provided to create high dynamic range images by passing an incoming image through a color-neutral separation prism having at least three channels to produce a corresponding number of full color fractionated images, each channel aligned with a corresponding image capturing device for which an ISO sensitivity... Agent:

20150029362 - User terminal device and the control method thereof: A user terminal apparatus is provided. The user terminal apparatus includes a camera unit configured to photograph an object, a controller configured to detect an object image from an image of the object photographed by the camera unit, generate image metadata used to change a feature part of the object... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150029363 - Photoelectric conversion device, method of manufacturing the same, and camera: A photoelectric conversion device, comprising a photoelectric conversion portion, provided in a semiconductor substrate, including a first semiconductor region of a first conductivity type, a second semiconductor region of the first conductivity type provided adjacent to the first semiconductor region, a third semiconductor region of the first conductivity type provided... Agent:

20150029364 - Dynamic, local edge preserving defect pixel correction for image sensors: Various technologies described herein pertain to defect pixel correction for image data collected by a pixel array of an image sensor. Neighborhood statistics for a given pixel from the image data are computed based on values of neighbor pixels of the given pixel from the image data. Whether the value... Agent:

20150029365 - Unit pixel of image sensor and image sensor having the same: A unit pixel is provided. The unit pixel includes photoelectric converters stacked on each other and configured to generate photo-charges in response to light signals within respective wavelength ranges and provide the photo-charges to respective storage nodes; memories configured to concurrently receive and store the photo-charges from the respective storage... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150029366 - Color filter array, solid-state image sensor, and imaging device: A color filter array includes a plurality of color filters having different center frequencies and each formed of static metal structures and an insulator, a first common electrode formed across the plurality of color filters, a second common electrode opposed to the first common electrode, separated from the static metal... Agent:

20150029367 - Color imaging apparatus: A color imaging apparatus comprising: a color imaging element comprising a plurality of pixels and color filters of a color filter array arranged on the plurality of pixels, the color filter array including first filters corresponding to a first color that most contributes to obtaining luminance signals and second filters... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150029369 - Camera module: A camera module includes a solid-state image sensing device having a light receiving surface on which a plurality of pixels are provided, and a lens disposed above the solid-state image sensing device and configured to direct light into each of the pixels of the solid-state image sensing device. The lens... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150029368 - Dead pixel correction apparatus, image sensor having the same, and operation method of image sensor: A dead pixel correction apparatus includes a storage unit suitable for storing position information of dead pixels obtained from pixel data, a data scanning section suitable for scanning the position information stored in the storage unit, a valid data determination section suitable for determining valid data with respect to the... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150029370 - Solid-state imaging device: According to one embodiment, in a pixel array section, pixels that accumulate photoelectrically-converted charges are arranged in a matrix shape. An exposure-period control section controls an exposure period of the pixels for each of fields and controls readout timing such that interlace readout is performed from the pixel array section.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150029372 - Image sensor and method of controlling the same: Provided is an image sensor including a sensor array including a plurality of pixels arranged in rows and columns. The image sensor may include a ramp signal generator which may generate a ramp signal. The intensity of the ramp signal may increase or decrease in response to a ramp enable... Agent:

20150029373 - Image sensor, control method, and electronic apparatus: There is provided an image sensor that includes a pixel array section, a column processing section, and a row control section. The pixel array section is configured to include two or more shared pixel cells arranged in a two-dimensional array, the shared pixel cells each including a plurality of pixels... Agent:

20150029374 - Image sensor, manufacturing apparatus and method, and imaging apparatus: The present disclosure relates to an image sensor, a manufacturing apparatus and method, and an imaging apparatus that are capable of further enlarging a charge accumulation region. In the image sensor of this disclosure, a channel portion of a readout transistor that constitutes a pixel and a floating diffusion are... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150029375 - Solid-state image pickup apparatus: A solid-state image pickup apparatus including: two-dimensionally arrayed unit pixels, each including a PD performing optical-electrical conversion of an incident light; an FD and two output terminals provided for each of pixel groups, each including one or more unit pixels, the two output terminals being capable of outputting a noise... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150029376 - Solid-state image pickup apparatus: A solid-state image pickup apparatus includes: two-dimensionally arrayed unit pixels, each including a PD performing optical-electrical conversion of an incident light; an FD and an output terminal provided for each of pixel groups, each including one or more pixels, the terminal being capable of outputting a noise signal and a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150029371 - Solid-state imaging device: According to one embodiment, a pixel array unit, a column ADC circuit, and a calculation circuit are provided. In the pixel array unit, pixels accumulating photoelectric converted charges are arranged in a matrix form. The column ADC circuit performs count operation based on phase relationship between a first clock and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150029377 - Solid-state imaging device, driving method for the same, and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array unit, a pixel drive unit, and a signal processing unit. The pixel array unit includes first pixels and second pixels, the first pixels corresponding to respective color components of a plurality of color components, the second pixels having luminance components as main... Agent:

20150029381 - Electronic device and method of photographing image using the same: A method of photographing an image using an electronic device including a camera module is disclosed. The method includes receiving, at the electronic device, one or more pieces of guide information; determining whether to execute a guide function when driving the camera module; displaying the one or more pieces of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150029380 - Electronic viewfinder capable of providing various photographing angles to a user, and photographing apparatus using the same: A photographing apparatus is provided. The photographing apparatus includes: a main body including a photographing unit configured to photograph a subject; a first holder fixed to the main body; a viewfinder including a display unit and an ocular portion configured to view an image of the subject displayed on the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150029379 - Image photographing apparatus and method thereof: An image photographing apparatus and method are provided. The image photographing method includes inputting images having different view points for a subject; displaying a first image among the images; in response to an input of a user command, changing the first image to a second image having a view point... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20150029378 - Image photographing apparatus and photographing method thereof: An image photographing apparatus and a photographing method thereof are provided. The image photographing method includes displaying a photographing mode selection user interface (UI), in response to a plurality of photographing modes being selected through the photographing mode selection UI, calculating a final setting value based on a photographing setting... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150029382 - Mobile terminal and method of performing multi-focusing and photographing image including plurality of objects using the same: The present invention provides a mobile terminal and a method of capturing an image using the same. The mobile terminal controls a camera conveniently and efficiently to capture an image and performs focusing in various manners to capture an image. Accordingly, a user can obtain a desired image easily and... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150029383 - Image lens assembly and image capturing device: An image lens assembly includes five lens elements with refractive power, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element and a fifth lens element. The first lens element has refractive power. The... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20150029384 - Image detector with lens assembly and related methods: An electronic device may include a substrate, an image sensor IC over the substrate, and a lens assembly above the substrate. The lens assembly may include a spacer above the substrate, a first adhesive layer over the spacer, a lens aligned with the image sensor IC and over the first... Agent:

20150029385 - Imaging lens system and electronic apparatus employing the same: The imaging lens system includes a first lens group and a second lens group that are sequentially arranged from an object side to an image side. The first lens group has a negative refractive power and includes a first lens having an image-side surface concave toward the image side. The... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150029386 - Microlens array architecture for avoiding ghosting in projected images: Light-field image data is processed in a manner that reduces projection artifacts in the presence of variation in microlens position by calibrating microlens positions. Approximate centers of disks in a light-field image are identified, and gridded calibration is performed, by fitting lines to disk centers along orthogonal directions, and then... Agent:

20150029387 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes: an imaging optical system having a variable power lens and a focus lens; an imaging element that generates image data via the imaging optical system; a movable frame that holds the focus lens and is movable along an optical axis of the imaging optical system; a... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20150029388 - Imaging arrangements and methods therefor: Image data is processed to facilitate focusing and/or optical correction. According to an example embodiment of the present invention, an imaging arrangement collects light data corresponding to light passing through a particular focal plane. The light data is collected using an approach that facilitates the determination of the direction from... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20150029390 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus which provides user interaction includes a display main body having a display screen, a camera module mounted on the display main body and configured to image a user to perform the user interaction, and a camera door configured to slidably move between a first location in which... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150029389 - Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, and program: An image pickup apparatus includes: a polarization removing element layer including a plurality of polarization removing elements, each of the plurality of polarization removing elements being configured to polarize an incident light to thereby obtain light having a polarization axis in a predetermined direction and to transmit the polarized light;... Agent:

20150029391 - Balanced modular camera mount apparatus and method of use: A balanced, modular camera mounting apparatus providing near hands free support and positioning of a mounted camera with infinite adjustment capability. The apparatus is comprised of a shoulder brace, at least one intermediate assembly plate, a camera mount plate, and a weight/accessory box. The shoulder brace includes curvature both longitudinally... Agent:

20150029392 - Methods, systems and apparatus for displaying the multimedia information from wireless communication networks: Video signals for a mobile terminal are converted to accommodate reproduction by an alternative display terminal. The video signal is processed to provide a converted video signal appropriate for an alternative display terminal that is separate from the mobile terminal. This converted video signal is then provided for the alternative... Agent: Virginia Innovation Sciences, Inc.

20150029393 - Image processing apparatus and storage medium: There is provided an image processing apparatus including an image generation section which generates a compressed image with a second aspect ratio having a short side smaller than that of a first aspect ratio based on pixel values from an imaging section which performs imaging with the first aspect ratio.... Agent:

20150029394 - Display power reduction using histogram metadata: A method includes identifying an optimal backlight value for at least one quality level of a first video segment. The method also includes transmitting data for the first video segment. The transmitted data for the first video segment includes a message containing a first set of display adaptation information. The... Agent:

20150029395 - Audio encoding of control signals for displays: Synchronizing video content projected onto a transparent display with switching of pixels in the display. The transparent display has pixels capable of switching between a clear state to make portions of the display transparent and a hazy state to display the projected video. A decoder receives and decodes audio content... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150029396 - Networked programmable timecode and metadata transfer system: A networked, multi-channel, and bi-directional programmable datalink timecode system including a generator apparatus that connects to and provides timecode, genlock, metadata, and streaming audio and video images to networked devices via wired and wireless networks. System includes software on a computer hardware device capable of connecting to and receiving streaming... Agent:

20150029398 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method for outputting a charging status: According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes a terminal, power supply module, measurement module, prediction module, and output module. The terminal is configured to connect with a cable from a chargeable external apparatus. The power supply module is configured to connect the terminal and to supply electric power... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150029397 - Tv with integrated wireless power transmitter: Disclosed here is a TV system with an integrated wireless power transmitter. The wireless power transmitter enables the TV system to provide a power source in the form of pockets of energy. A wireless power receiver may be coupled to the electrical devices to receive an electrical power source and... Agent: Dvinewave Inc.

20150029399 - Signal transfer apparatus: Electronic apparatus includes a cable assembly including a first component video signal input connector which is connected with a first component video signal external connector of a first component video signal external cable to receive a first component video signal; a second component video signal input connector which is connected... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150029400 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method: According to one embodiment, A terminal is configured to connect a cable from a chargeable external apparatus. A power supply module is configured to supply electric power to the external apparatus via the terminal. A detector is configured to detect a power supply status by the power supply module. A... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150029401 - Av switching device control using a zero configuration network protocol: A method for controlling a network capable AV switching device 32 using a Zero Configuration Network protocol is claimed. The method uses a user created configuration data table 51 to create a plurality of virtual channels or devices 36 representing desired output states of the AV switching device 32. These... Agent:

20150029402 - Remote controller, system, and method for controlling remote controller: A remote controller includes a touch module, a main processing unit, a communication module, and a motion sensing module. The touch module includes a touch panel and a touch signal processing unit. A method for controlling a remote controller includes steps of determining a switching behavior on the touch panel... Agent: Tianjin Funayuanchuang Technology Co.,ltd.

20150029403 - Universal tuning module: A universal tuning module may include an oscillator, a first tuner configured to process a first television signal, a second tuner configured to process a second television signal, a first switch configured to pass its input containing information associated with an output of the oscillator to said first tuner, and... Agent: Rafael Microelectronics Incorporation

20150029404 - Smart keyboard: A smart keyboard for establishing bidirectional communication between a television and a portable device includes a wireless module, a socket, a touch panel, and a processor. The wireless module is used for establishing a wireless connection with the television. The processor is used for controlling operation of the television through... Agent:

20150029405 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes a projection device that projects a light to a projection region on a projection surface and a detection device separately disposed from the projection device. The detection device includes a light detector that detects a reflected light of the light projected from the projection device and... Agent:

20150029406 - Projector and method for controlling projector: A projector includes an electricity reception terminal to which electric power is supplied via an electricity feed terminal, a projection section that includes a light source, a spatial light modulator, an irradiation system, and a projection system and projects light, and a control section that switches a content to another... Agent:

20150029407 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: An image processing apparatus generates image data for projection by applying a deformation process to obtained image data based on an input parameter related to the deformation process. The image processing apparatus prohibits execution of the deformation process if it is determined that a magnification related to the deformation process... Agent:

20150029408 - Unit which has a connection terminal and an electronic device: According to one embodiment, a unit includes a casing and a connection terminal. The casing has a first surface, a second surface opposite to the first surface, and an attachment hole. The connection terminal has a connection portion which is inserted through the attachment hole from the side of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

01/22/2015 > 111 patent applications in 73 patent subcategories.

20150022616 - Method and system for routing video calls to a target queue based upon dynamically selected or statically defined parameters: A computer-implemented method routes a video relay service call to a call queue corresponding to a preferred language after receiving an input from a user to initiate a video relay service call. The preferred language may be stored in connection with the phone number being called, and the system automatically... Agent:

20150022617 - Performing multiple functions by a mobile device during a video conference: A method for enabling multiple functions to be performed by a first mobile device during a video conference within a mobile device environment includes: performing a second function at a first mobile device while a first function is being performed at the first mobile device without interruption of the first... Agent:

20150022619 - System and method for sharing multimedia content using a television receiver during a voice call: When a multimedia IMS terminal establishes a voice call with a legacy terminal with no multimedia capabilities it loses the possibility to e.g. start a video call or a video sharing session regardless of the compliance with an IMS network. It is one object of to provide a solution to... Agent: Wit-software, Consultoria Software Para A Internet M&#xd3 Vel, S.a.

20150022618 - Wireless entrance communication device: A device for communicating including a housing including a camera, a microphone, a speaker, a button, a battery, non-volatile memory, a processor, and a wireless communications module, wherein the non-volatile memory stores code operable by the processor for switching the processor from low-power mode to active mode in response to... Agent:

20150022620 - Wireless entrance communication device: A device for communicating including a housing including a camera, a microphone, a speaker, a button, a battery, a sensor, non-volatile memory, a processor, and a wireless communications module, wherein the non-volatile memory stores code operable by the processor for switching the processor from low-power mode to active mode in... Agent:

20150022621 - Composition manager camera: A system and method may be provided to access images through a camera service, where the images are generated by a non-sensor image source, such as a composition manager. The system may include the camera service and the non-sensor image source. The non-sensor image source may generate a processed image... Agent:

20150022622 - Methods, systems, and apparatus for providing video communications: Methods, systems, and apparatus for conducting a video conference. A location of one or more sets of eyes in an image may be determined. The relative location of an image capture device and/or a portion of a display device may be adjusted based on the determined location.... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20150022623 - Source selection for conference bridges: The disclosure provides a method of providing media source selection for a media conference. The method comprises adjusting an input media stream comparison used to select at least one next input media stream for the media conference to influence selection of the at least one next input media stream.... Agent:

20150022624 - Supporting enhanced media communications using a packet-based communication link: A method for supporting communications includes establishing a packet-based audio communication link with a remote device and informing a local computing device of the audio communication link. A message requesting identification of enhanced media capabilities associated with the remote device is received from the local computing device and tunneled in... Agent:

20150022625 - Systems and methods for asynchronously joining and leaving video conferences and merging multiple video conferences: A method (and corresponding system and computer program product) providing control to open video conference is disclosed. One aspect enables participants of a video conference to asynchronously join and leave the video conference. Another aspect enables participants to merge multiple video conferences into a single video conference, or to split... Agent:

20150022626 - Data, multimedia & video transmission updating system: A data processing and communications system for communications between remote stations, the apparatus comprising; a communications module; and a data processing module, a power supply including a power source for generating power and a power link to said modules; a data and power link between the communications module and the... Agent:

20150022628 - Image photographing device and control method thereof: An image photographing device displays a preview panoramic image and data regarding moving velocity and direction of the image photographing device during panorama photographing in real time. The image photographing device includes a photographing unit to photograph a plurality of images, an image processing unit to convert the images photographed... Agent:

20150022627 - Photographing apparatus, photographing method and computer-readable storage medium storing photographing program of photographing apparatus: A photographing apparatus includes a photographing module, an image processor, a line-of-sight direction determination module, a main subject determination module, and an emphasis processor. The line-of-sight direction determination module determines a line-of-sight direction of the photographer by comparing with the reference line-of-sight direction of the photographer in the image data... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20150022629 - Video processing method and system: A video processing method and a video processing system are provided. The video processing method is applied to a rotary video capturing device. The video processing method includes the following steps. First, at least one video frame corresponding to at least one piece of field-of-view (FOV) information is received, and... Agent:

20150022630 - Virtual video patrol system and components therefor: A system and corresponding components for providing a virtual video patrol functionality comprised of a plurality of sensor units and a monitoring station. The sensor units are preferably deployed in a configuration such that physically adjacent sensor units have overlapping fields of view. Each sensor unit is preferably configured to... Agent:

20150022631 - Content-aware display adaptation methods and editing interfaces and methods for stereoscopic images: Content-aware display adaptation methods for stereoscopic images and editing interfaces and methods are provided. First, the saliency maps are estimated for stereoscopic images. Each image is represented as a grid mesh, and a per-quad importance is measured based on the saliency maps. Then, features are detected matched between the images.... Agent:

20150022632 - Hierarchical binary structured light patterns: A method of image processing in a structured light imaging device is provided that includes receiving a captured image of a scene, wherein the captured image is captured by a camera of a projector-camera pair in the structured light imaging system, and wherein the captured image includes a pre-determined hierarchical... Agent:

20150022633 - Method of fast encoder decision in 3d video coding: Multi-view video encoding using early Merge mode decision and/or early CU split termination is disclosed. The present invention encodes a current coding block using the Merge/Skip mode without evaluating coding performance for at least one of Inter modes and Intra modes if the coding conditions associated with the current coding... Agent:

20150022636 - Method and system for voice capture using face detection in noisy environments: Embodiments of the present invention are capable of determining a face direction associated with a detected subject (or multiple detected subjects) of interest within a 3D space using face detection procedures, while simultaneously avoiding the pick up of other environmental sounds. In addition, if more than one face is detected,... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150022640 - Method and system for volume determination using a structure from motion algorithm: A volume determining method for an object on a construction site is disclosed. The method may include moving a mobile camera along a path around the object while orienting the camera repeatedly onto the object. The method may include capturing a series of images of the object from different points... Agent:

20150022639 - Method of capturing three-dimensional (3d) information on a structure: A method of capturing three-dimensional (3D) information on a structure includes obtaining a first image set containing images of the structure with at least one physical camera located at a first position, the first image set comprising one or more images; reconstructing 3D information from the first image set; obtaining... Agent: A.tron3d Gmbh

20150022634 - Object inspection system: An inspection system is provided that includes at least one three-dimensional camera that is used to inspect an object to determine whether the object contains any defects. The defects that are capable of being detected by the inspection system include holes, tears, and improper thickness, and overlap. The inspection system... Agent: The Steelastic Co., LLC

20150022641 - System and method for analyzing data captured by a three-dimensional camera: In an exemplary embodiment, a system includes a three-dimensional camera and a processor communicatively coupled to the three-dimensional camera. The processor is operable to determine a first edge of a dairy livestock, determine a second edge of the dairy livestock, determine a third edge of the dairy livestock, and determine... Agent:

20150022637 - Three-dimensional image processing apparatus, three-dimensional image processing method, three-dimensional image processing program, computer-readable recording medium, and recording device: A three-dimensional image processing apparatus includes: an image capturing part for acquiring reflected light to capture a plurality of pattern projected images; a distance image generating part capable of generating a distance image based on the plurality of pattern projected images; a tone conversion part for tone-converting the distance image... Agent:

20150022638 - Three-dimensional image processing apparatus, three-dimensional image processing method, three-dimensional image processing program, computer-readable recording medium, and recording device: A head section includes: a light projecting part for projecting incident light as structured illumination of a predetermined projection pattern; the image capturing part for acquiring reflected light that is projected by the light projecting part and reflected on an inspection target, to capture a plurality of pattern projected images;... Agent:

20150022635 - Using multiple flashes when obtaining a biometric image: A mobile communication device may have a photography subsystem, multiple light sources on a posterior side and an image signal processor (ISP). The ISP may control the photography subsystem and the timing of the flashing of the multiple light sources to obtain multiple images. From the multiple images, the ISP... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150022643 - Asymmetric sensor array for capturing images: This document describes techniques and apparatuses for implementing an asymmetric sensor array for capturing images. These techniques and apparatuses enable better resolution, depth of color, or low-light sensitivity than many conventional sensor arrays.... Agent:

20150022642 - Super-resolution in structured light imaging: A method of image processing in a structured light imaging device is provided that includes capturing a plurality of images of a scene into which a structured light pattern is projected by a projector in the structured light imaging device, extracting features in each of the captured images, finding feature... Agent:

20150022644 - Adaptive structured light patterns: A method of depth map optimization using an adaptive structured light pattern is provided that includes capturing, by a camera in a structured light imaging device, a first image of a scene into which a pre-determined structured light pattern is projected by a projector in the structured light imaging device,... Agent:

20150022645 - Method and apparatus for providing a display position of a display object and for displaying a display object in a three-dimensional scene: A method for determining a display position of a display object to be displayed together with a three-dimensional (3D) scene is provided. The method comprising: providing a display distance of one or more displayable objects comprised in the 3D scene with respect to a display plane; and providing the display... Agent:

20150022646 - System and method for display of image streams: A system for projecting a first image stream containing a first set of frames for displaying primary content and a second image stream containing a second set of frames that contain alternate content and for allowing a user to configure passive filters to alternate between viewing the first image stream... Agent:

20150022647 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes an illuminating section capable of irradiating a subject with a light in a first wavelength band and light in a second wavelength band, an image processing section including a color filter configured by a plurality of filters, the image processing section generating, from two image pickup... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150022649 - Controlling image focus in real-time using gestures and depth sensor data: A method of controlling image focus in a digital imaging system is provided that includes receiving a depth-scene image pair generated by a depth-scene image sensor pair comprised in the digital imaging system, aligning the depth image with the scene image wherein each pixel in the scene image has a... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150022648 - Optical fingerprint recognition apparatus: In accordance with an embodiment, the prism is made slimly to correct the distortion of the fingerprint image such as trapezoidal distortion or the like. Therefore, it is possible to manufacture the optical fingerprint recognition apparatus of a compact size. Further, the imaging lens is arranged to have a de-centering... Agent: Suprema Inc.

20150022650 - Network camera having iris detection function and iris detection method: A network camera with an iris detection function and an iris detection method are provided. The network camera may include a machine body connected to a first iris or a second iris. The machine body may include a detection unit, a test signal generation unit, and a processing unit. The... Agent:

20150022652 - Device and method for inspecting a sealing member: A sealing inspection device includes a scan unit through which a display device substrate including a top plate coupled to a bottom plate by a sealing member in the sealed area passes; and a photographing unit through which the display device substrate which has passed through the scan unit, further... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150022653 - Image acquisition device: A image acquisition device including a connection section having an opening; an optical-path switching unit that changes an optical path of light entering from the opening; and two image acquisition elements. The optical-path switching unit includes two parallel reflective surfaces disposed with a distance therebetween and is swivelable about a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150022651 - Predictive focusing for image scanning systems: This invention discloses an apparatus for achieving predictive focusing in an image scanning system. The apparatus comprises an optical path-length changing plate and an image sensor. In one embodiment, the plate comprises a plurality of path-length changing members. The plate further includes a central region configured to provide a substantially... Agent:

20150022654 - Closed-loop automatic defect inspection and classification: Inspection apparatus includes an imaging module, which is configured to capture images of defects at different, respective locations on a sample. A processor is coupled to process the images so as to automatically assign respective classifications to the defects, and to autonomously control the imaging module to continue capturing the... Agent: Applied Materials Israel Ltd.

20150022655 - Apparatus and method using a linear array of optical sensors for imaging a rotating component of a gas turbine engine: Apparatus and method using a linear array (22) of optical sensors (24) for imaging a rotating component (12) of a gas turbine engine. A viewing probe (16) may include the linear array of optical sensors disposed in the probe to acquire image data that may be made up of a... Agent:

20150022656 - System for collecting & processing aerial imagery with enhanced 3d & nir imaging capability: A system for guided geospatial image capture, registration and 2D or 3D mosaicking, that employs automated imagery processing and cutting-edge airborne image mapping technologies for generation of geo-referenced Orthomosaics and Digital Elevation Models from aerial images obtained by UAVs and/or manned aircraft.... Agent:

20150022657 - Electronic device and method for detecting surface flaw of object: Method for detecting a surface flaw of an object using an electronic device includes requesting a detection device to control a camera unit to capture a current image of a test object placed on the detection device. The current image includes a sidewall image and a reflected image. The method... Agent:

20150022658 - Noise reduction techniques, fractional bi-spectrum and fractional cross-correlation, and applications: A measurement method and system include illuminating an object to be measured with light at two different wavelengths and an incident angle; capturing an image of the object; detecting a frequency of an interference pattern from the image using Fractional Bi-Spectrum Analysis; and calculating a thickness of the object based... Agent: University Of North Carolina At Charlotte

20150022659 - Luminance measuring apparatus: The luminance measuring apparatus for measuring the luminance of a road has an image pickup unit for picking up an image of the road, an input unit for inputting information concerning the road as an imaging target, and a luminance measuring unit for defining a luminance measurement target field A... Agent: Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.

20150022661 - Remote monitoring: Remote monitoring and inspection of measurement devices, emergency equipment, parking spaces, and other items is accomplished by using an image sensor (e.g., a CMOS sensor) to capture an image containing information about the monitored item. A signal containing information about the image (e.g., data representing the captured image or data... Agent:

20150022660 - Shape/object recognition using still/scan/moving image optical digital media processing: There is provided a system and method for shape/object recognition using still/scan/moving image optical digital media processing. The system may include a user device and a cloud/server. The user device may be configured to capture a reference optical data using a capturing device, transmit the reference data to the cloud/server,... Agent: High Performance Systems, LLC

20150022662 - Method and apparatus for aerial surveillance: The invention relates to a method of performing surveillance of an object moving on the ground, which comprises: a) providing two independent image-acquisition devices, wherein at least one of said devices is capable of acquiring high-resolution images, and the second of said devices is capable of acquiring low-resolution images; b)... Agent:

20150022663 - Methods and systems for vehicle theft detection and prevention using a smartphone and video-based parking technology: Methods and systems for preventing vehicle theft. A video stream of a parking area wherein a vehicle is parked can be captured, the video stream provided by a theft notification service to which the vehicle is pre-registered. The vehicle in the video stream can be identified. The video stream is... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150022665 - Vehicle camera system with image manipulation: An image, such as a frame of video, is captured by a single camera positioned on a vehicle to capture a scene external to the vehicle. A first image manipulation is performed on a first region of the image to generate a first manipulated region. A second image manipulation is... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc.

20150022664 - Vehicle vision system with positionable virtual viewpoint: A vehicle vision system includes a plurality of cameras disposed at a vehicle and having respective exterior fields of view and a display screen for displaying images derived from captured image data in a surround view format where captured image data is merged to provide a single composite display image... Agent:

20150022666 - System and method for scalable video cloud services: Methods of monitoring real-world environments using a plurality of processor controlled Internet video cameras, scalable cloud computing technology, and various Internet connected smartphones and tablet computers. The system is designed to use cloud computing technology, including automated service provisioning, automated virtual machine migration services, RESTful API, and various firewall traversing... Agent:

20150022667 - Activity and/or environment driven annotation prompts for thermal imager: A thermal imaging camera comprises an infrared lens assembly and associated IR sensor for detecting thermal images of a target scene, a processor, and at least one additional sensor. The at least one additional sensor is configured to provide measurement data to the processor, where it is compared to a... Agent:

20150022668 - Lighting apparatus for infrared camera system comprising array of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers: The invention relates to a lighting apparatus (1) comprising an array (2) of light sources (3) emitting emission cones (4) with edges (5) which intersect in an intersection plane and a lens unit (7) for homogenizing the intensity distribution in the far field. The array of the light sources and... Agent:

20150022670 - Noise compensation in a biometric sensing device: An electronic device includes a biometric sensing device connected to a processing channel that includes at least one amplifier having a gain. One or more processing devices is operatively connected to the biometric sensing device and adapted to compensate for signal fixed pattern noise in signals received from the processing... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150022669 - Real-time registration of a stereo depth camera array: Real-time registration of a camera array in an image capture device may be implemented in the field by adjusting a selected subset of independent parameters in a mapping function, termed registration coefficients, which have been determined to have the largest contribution to registration errors so that the array can be... Agent:

20150022671 - Electronic device, control method of electronic device and recording medium storing control program of electronic device: An electronic device to which a plurality of expansion units for function expansion are connectable, includes an image processing portion configured to receive an image signal from the expansion unit, apply predetermined processing to the image signal and output the resulting image signal to a displaying portion; and a controller... Agent:

20150022672 - Unevenness inspection apparatus and unevenness inspection method: An unevenness inspection apparatus including: an image pickup section obtaining a pickup image of a test object; an image generating section generating each of a color unevenness inspection image and a luminance unevenness inspection image based on the pickup image; a calculating section calculating an evaluation parameter using both of... Agent:

20150022673 - Method and apparatus for spectrum monitoring: A system, such as a satellite reception assembly or customer premises gateway, may comprise an analog-to-digital converter operable to digitize a signal spanning an entire television spectrum (e.g., cable television spectrum or satellite television spectrum) comprising a plurality of television channels. The system may comprise a signal monitor operable to... Agent:

20150022675 - Image processing architectures and methods: Cell phones and other portable devices are equipped with a variety of technologies by which existing functionality is improved, and new functionality is provided. Some aspects relate to imaging architectures, in which a cell phone's image sensor is one in a chain of stages that successively act on instructions/data, to... Agent:

20150022674 - Wireless video camera: A wireless video camera that permits bookmarking of objects in the surrounding environment of the camera. When a remote user selects to see (via streaming video) a previously bookmarked object, the camera determines the appropriate camera viewing parameter to replicate the bookmarked view of the object. To account for an... Agent:

20150022676 - Information processing apparatus and control method thereof: An information processing apparatus which communicates with an image capturing apparatus and reproduces video data obtained by the image capturing apparatus, comprises a unit which requests a segment list in which information of segments of video data is written; a unit which acquires the requested segment list; a unit which... Agent:

20150022677 - System and method for efficient post-processing video stabilization with camera path linearization: Described herein are methods, systems, and apparatus to process video images to remove jitteriness due to hand shake. In one aspect, a camera is configured to capture raw video composed of a series of successive image frames of a scene of interest. A processor is configured to receive the image... Agent:

20150022679 - Fast motion detection with gpu: Disclosed are systems and methods for determining when to focus a digital camera to capture a scene. A current frame and a prior frame are differenced to determine a frame difference. The current frame is also differenced with a jittered version of the current frame to produce a jitter difference.... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150022678 - Image capture apparatus and control method therefor: An image capture apparatus has an image sensor and an optical anti-shake mechanism that reduces a shake of a captured image by driving an optical correction element in a different direction from an optical axis of an imaging optical system in accordance with a detected shake. Reference coordinates for geometric... Agent:

20150022680 - Imaging apparatus, external apparatus, imaging system, method for controlling imaging apparatus, method for controlling external apparatus, method for controlling imaging system, and storage medium: An imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit configured to capture an object image, a rotation unit configured to rotate the imaging unit in a predetermined direction, and a first transmission unit configured to transmit, to an external apparatus, acceleration information indicating whether an acceleration at which the rotation unit rotates... Agent:

20150022681 - Automatic image-capturing apparatus, automatic image-capturing control method, image display system, image display method, display control apparatus, and display control method: An automatic image-capturing apparatus including an image-capturing unit configured to capture an image of a subject so as to obtain captured image data; an automatic captured-image obtaining unit configured to automatically obtain the captured image data obtained by the image-capturing unit without being based on an operation of a user;... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150022682 - Optical device capable of selecting focus detection point, method of controlling the same, and storage medium: An optical device capable of selecting a focus detection point from a plurality of focus detection points for focus detection, such that the selection is performed while causing a user's intention to be reflected thereon. The optical device performs focus detection at a focus detection point selected from focus detection... Agent:

20150022683 - Electronic device and video playing method: A video playing method for an electronic device, the electronic device includes a display and an image capturing apparatus. The image capturing apparatus captures images in real-time while a video is being displayed by the electronic device. The electronic device determines whether each of the images captured by the image... Agent:

20150022684 - Information processing apparatus, image sensing apparatus, control method, and recording medium: An information processing apparatus obtains a sensed image, and information representing imaging conditions used when the image was sensed. Based on the information representing the imaging conditions, the information processing apparatus generates conversion information corresponding to a conversion coefficient used in at least one of de-gamma processing and color balance... Agent:

20150022685 - Spectral synthesis for image capture device processing: A substantially rectangular spectral representation is synthesized, which is adapted to produce image capture device sensor outputs if applied to an image capture device. The synthesized substantially rectangular spectral representation can be utilized in generating output color values of an output color space from image capture device sensor outputs, where... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150022686 - Flicker detection method and flicker detection apparatus: The present invention discloses a flicker detection method and a flicker detection apparatus. The method includes: calculating the mean values of selected rows of image frames to constitute a mean value vector; calculating a differential vector between the mean value vectors of a current frame and a previous frame; calculating... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150022688 - Image-displaying device and method for controlling image-displaying device: An image capturing device includes an image data generation unit, a display control unit and a control unit. The control unit ends charge storing after a first amount of time passes since charge storing of an image capturing target line is started, and starts displaying image data of a display... Agent:

20150022687 - System and method for automatic exposure and dynamic range compression: A method of capturing a digital image with a digital camera includes determining a first exposure level for capturing an image based on a first luminance level of the image, determining a second exposure level for capturing the image based on a threshold exposure level of the image, configuring an... Agent:

20150022689 - Image management apparatus and image management method: An image management apparatus comprises an input unit which inputs a first image and a second image; a storage unit which stores the first image and the second image in association with each other; a selection unit which selects an image to be deleted out of the first and second... Agent:

20150022690 - Information displaying apparatus: Recorded information is grouped in recording units. The information of each recording unit is displayed by the order of older recording date based upon information recorded in memory. The recording time of each recording unit is displayed on the left edge of the display screen, to the right of which... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20150022691 - Image capturing apparatus and image processing method: An image capturing apparatus includes an image capturing unit and an image processing unit. The image capturing unit captures a subject by an image sensor including focus detection pixels. The image processing unit includes a correction range determination unit configured to determine a range of a correction coefficient based on... Agent:

20150022692 - Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor: An image pickup apparatus arranged so that an optical image of an object obtained by emitting a flash is converted into an electric signal to obtain a first image regarding photographing of the object, the same optical image of the object is converted into an electric signal to obtain a... Agent:

20150022693 - Wide dynamic range depth imaging: Wide dynamic range depth imaging in a structured light device is provided that improves depth maps for scenes with a wide range of albedo values under varying light conditions. A structured light pattern, e.g., a time-multiplexed structured light pattern, is projected into a scene at various projection times and a... Agent:

20150022694 - Interchangeable-lens camera, and viewfinder display method: The information about an interchangeable lens is acquired, and the size of an image capture range, which is the range corresponding to a capture image in an optical image, is calculated based on the information about the interchangeable lens. When the image capture range is smaller than or equal to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150022696 - Electronic device having camera module and operating method thereof: An electronic device including a camera module that operates intuitively and an operating method thereof are provided. In a method for operating an electronic device, a rotation event of a zoom ring is detected for a predetermined time. A zoom speed of a barrel is determined in response to the... Agent:

20150022695 - Optical zooming apparatus for miniature imaging system: An optical apparatus is provided that includes a reflective component that reflects light from an optical axis to an optical plane substantially perpendicular to the optical axis. The apparatus further includes first and second lens units disposed within the optical plane, and an actuator mechanically coupled with the first and... Agent:

20150022697 - Projector auto-focus correction with the aid of a camera: A method of automatically focusing a projector in a projection system is provided that includes projecting, by the projector, a binary pattern on a projection surface, capturing an image of the projected binary pattern by a camera synchronized with the projector, computing a depth map from the captured image, and... Agent:

20150022698 - Removing unwanted objects from photographed image: A device and method for processing an image in a device having a camera is disclosed. A motion vector of an unwanted object in preview frames of the desired image is identified. A photographing interval in accordance with the motion vector may be set. Continuous frames of the desired image... Agent:

20150022699 - Image pickup device and focus detection apparatus: An image pickup device includes pixels arranged in a matrix shape, vertical signal lines to which the pixels are respectively connected via normal connection lines for each column, focus detection pixels discretely arranged among the pixels, focus connection lines that set, in a range in which a total number of... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150022700 - Imaging lens system: This invention provides an imaging lens system including, in order from an object side to an image side: a first lens with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface; a second lens with negative refractive power; a third lens having a concave image-side surface; a fourth lens with positive... Agent:

20150022701 - Imaging lens system: This invention provides an imaging lens system including, in order from an object side to an image side: a first lens with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface; a second lens with negative refractive power; a third lens having a concave image-side surface; a fourth lens with positive... Agent:

20150022702 - Analog-to-digital converter, image sensor including the same, and image processing device including the image sensor: An analog-to-digital converter includes a gain amplification unit configured to receive a pixel signal at a first node and to amplify a gain of the pixel signal, a first capacitor connected between the first node and a second node, an amplifier configured to receive and amplify a signal output from... Agent:

20150022703 - Solid-state imaging device, signal processing device and signal processing method for solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array unit in which unit pixels are arranged in a matrix shape and a signal processing circuit that obtains a first video signal and performs processing for combining the first and second video signals. The signal processing circuit includes judging means that judges... Agent:

20150022704 - Orientation-based camera operation: An electronic device comprising an image sensor, an orientation sensor, and a user interface, may be operable to capture photographs via the image sensor. Input to the user interface required for triggering a photo capture may depend on an orientation of the electronic device indicated by the orientation sensor. Input... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150022706 - Imaging device, and imaging method: According to the preset invention, an optical viewfinder state in which an optical image of a photographic subject can be observed at an eyepiece part of a finder and an electronic viewfinder state in which a captured image of the photographic subject can be observed at the eyepiece part of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150022705 - Camera device and projector device having protective lens: A camera device includes a lens module and a birefringent sapphire lens. The sapphire lens is coupled to the lens module as a light window to protect the lens module. The sapphire lens has a crystal structure and a crystal axis. The crystal structure is a single-crystal structure and the... Agent:

20150022707 - Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof: Present embodiments provide for a mobile device and an optical imaging lens thereof. The optical imaging lens comprises five lens elements positioned sequentially from an object side to an image side. Through controlling the convex or concave shape of the surfaces and/or the refracting power of the lens elements, the... Agent: Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

20150022710 - Af controller, lens apparatus including the af controller and image pickup apparatus: An AF controller includes: a signal generator configured to generate an image signal pair for each of a plurality of areas in an imaging angle of view; a target position derives configured to derive a driving target position of a focus lens based on a defocus amount derived by the... Agent:

20150022708 - Imaging apparatus, imaging method and imaging system: An imaging apparatus that performs focus control includes a signal conversion processing part that converts a subject image into a video signal, an image acquisition part that acquires the video signal output from the signal conversion processing part, a focusing area setting part that sets a focusing area as an... Agent:

20150022709 - Stepping motor control unit, stepping motor controlling method, and optical apparatus: A control unit for a stepping motor includes an encoder and a controller. The controller controls the stepping motor based on information sent from an image pickup apparatus configured to capture an object via an image pickup optical system that includes the focus lens. in a case that the image... Agent:

20150022711 - Apparatus, medium, and method for photographing based on face detection: A photographing method, medium, and apparatus based on face detection in a portable camera. The portable photographing apparatus may include an image input unit that receives an image, a face detection unit that detects a face from the received image, a storage unit that stores the image detected by the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022712 - Imaging device and computer program product saving program: An imaging device includes an imaging unit configured to generate a moving-image signal by capturing an image of a subject formed by an imaging optical system, a focus adjustment information acquisition unit configured to acquire focus adjustment information related to human subjective focus adjustment, and a focus adjustment determination unit... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150022713 - Imaging apparatus and imaging method: Based on a face detection result obtained from a detection unit, if a human face has not been detected, an imaging apparatus adjusts the focus state by selecting either a mountain climbing operation or a minute driving operation according to the state of the focus. If a human face has... Agent:

20150022714 - Image capturing lens system: An image capturing lens system includes five lens elements with refractive power, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element and a fifth lens element. The first lens element with positive refractive... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20150022715 - Irradiation device, irradiation method, and program: There is provided an irradiation device including an irradiation unit configured to emit light, and an irradiation control unit configured to switch irradiation regions irradiated with the light by the irradiation unit according to a synchronization signal for controlling an exposure period of a pixel of an imaging device of... Agent:

20150022716 - Image processing device and method for controlling the same: An image processing apparatus includes a camera module, first and second pixel extraction interfaces, an image processing module, and a focus controller. The camera module includes a lens, a sensor aligned with the lens along a direction, and a focus actuator connected to the lens. The first and the second... Agent:

20150022717 - Simplified draw latch with bent wireform mid-linkage: A camera housing includes a simplified draw latch for securing a first portion and a second portion of the camera housing together. The draw latch can include a draw hook and a wireform mid-linkage. The draw latch enables a user to easily open and close a camera housing, and to... Agent:

20150022718 - Thin image pickup apparatus: An image pickup apparatus that is capable of dissipating heat generated by an image pickup device efficiently, even when a small image pickup device that has electrode pads on almost all the back face is used. The image pickup apparatus has a lens assembly. An image pickup device photoelectrically converts... Agent:

20150022719 - Transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus, and signal processing method thereof: Provided are a transmitting apparatus, a receiving apparatus and methods of transmitting and receiving a data frame. The transmitting apparatus includes: a frame generator configured to cluster a predetermined number of frames to generate a frame cluster, at least one of the frames being generated by mapping data contained in... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022720 - Method and apparatus for providing signatures of audio/video signals and for making use thereof: A method and apparatus are disclosed for providing a video signature representative of a content of a video signal. A method and apparatus are further disclosed for providing an audio signature representative of a content of an audio signal. A method and apparatus for detecting lip sync are further disclosed... Agent: Miranda Technologies Inc.

20150022721 - Multi contents view display apparatus and method for displaying multi contents view: A multi contents view display method is provided, including performing signal-processing of first image information, displaying a first contents view using the signal-processed first image information, and displaying a second contents view using at least one from among the first image information and information related to the displayed first contents... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022722 - Integrated computer, computer system and input/output signal automatic detecting method for the integrated computer: An integrated computer, a computer system and an input/output signal automatic detecting method for the integrated computer are provided. After a signal terminal is inserted into a socket of the integrated computer, the integrated computer will detect if an external video signal can be received and then set the integrated... Agent: Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd.

20150022723 - Video processing apparatus, display apparatus, and video processing method: A video input section acquires a video signal formed of a plurality of frames. A frame separator separates the video signal acquired by the video input section on a frame basis and distributes the separated video signals. A plurality of parallel processors perform video processing in parallel on the separated... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150022724 - Remote controller and remote controller set applied to display device: A remote controller applied to a display device includes a wireless communication element, a voice receiving and transmitting element and a control unit. The wireless communication element is utilized for performing a wireless communication with a set-up box of the display device. The control unit is coupled to the wireless... Agent:

20150022725 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method: In an information processing apparatus, a communication unit communicates with notifying apparatuses that store position information thereof and notifies, in a case in which a communication is made with first terminals that are held by respective users, identification information of the first terminals and the position information, and in a... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150022726 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: Image data is acquired. Information about the shape of the projection plane of an image to be projected by a projection unit is acquired. Projection data to be used for projection is generated using the acquired image data and the acquired information.... Agent:

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