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Computer graphics processing, operator interface processing, and selective visual display systems

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05/21/2015 > 224 patent applications in 60 patent subcategories.

20150138041 - Display panel and electronic device: A display panel includes a flexible substrate, a first display region, a second display region, and a third display region. The first display region has a quadrangle outline and includes a first side and a second side forming a first corner portion of the outline. The second display region is... Agent:

20150138039 - Image display device, image display system, and image display method: An image display device includes: a display unit that includes a plurality of display lines; a detection unit that detects presence of an input of a predetermined position information signal; a signal output control unit that instructs whether or not to output a position information signal in accordance with a... Agent: Nec Display Solutions, Ltd.,

20150138042 - Image processing methods, and image processing devices and system for a scalable multi-projection system: An image processing device processes a first sub-image of an image split into sub-images. Each sub-image is displayable by a display device. The image processing device is associated with a first display device and connects to a source device through a first network and to another image processing device through... Agent:

20150138038 - Multi-screen display system and image signal correcting method for the same: Disclosed are a multi-screen display system and a method of correcting a time synchronization of image signals respectively played by unit display panels. The multi-screen display system includes a multi-screen display apparatus configured to include a plurality of unit display panels and a timing sensing apparatus configured to sense, outside... Agent:

20150138040 - Multivision display control device and multivision system: An operating section receives a first operation relating to a group display position that is a position of display videos formed by a plurality of videos belonging to a video group on a multivision screen, and a group display size that is a size of the display videos. A display... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150138043 - Synchronized display system: A system and method of use is provided that monitors the position of a vehicle seat and automatically adjusts the location of a vehicle display based on the current seat position, thereby helping to alleviate the eye strain, fatigue, neck and back pain that often accompany the improper use of... Agent: Atieva, Inc.

20150138044 - Vehicle display with automatic positioning system: A display system mounted within a vehicle is provided, where the system monitors the user's position within the vehicle's seat and automatically adjusts the location of the display to compensate for variations in the size or seating position of the user, thereby helping to alleviate the eye strain, fatigue, neck... Agent: Atieva, Inc.

20150138045 - Vehicle head unit and method for setting screen of vehicle head unit: Provided is a vehicle head unit. The vehicle head unit includes: a controller configured to analyze a screen configuration element associated with a preference of a user from a screen image obtained by capturing a screen of a user terminal and create a screen configuration of the vehicle head unit... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150138047 - Head-up display system: A head-up display system includes a head-up display and an image detecting unit. The head-up display includes a first control unit, an image source, and an optical system. The first control unit is configured to correct an image signal. The image source is coupled to the first control unit and... Agent: Coretronic Corporation

20150138046 - Mobile terminal and control method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a mobile terminal capable of carrying out time counting to execute a control function, and a control method thereof. The mobile terminal includes a display unit, and a controller configured to continuously display counting information for guiding the time counting on at least a part... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150138048 - Glasses apparatus using eyesight-based virtual image: Disclosed is a glasses apparatus using an eyesight-based virtual image, including: an image photographing unit configured to adjust a focus for photographing an image based on user eyesight information; an image converter configured to convert the image photographed by the image photographing unit into a 3D image; and a display... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150138052 - Image display device and method for repairing short circuit failure: The present invention relates to an image display device and a method for repairing a short circuit failure. The present invention is applicable to, for example, an active matrix type image display device using an organic EL device, and a short circuit location between wiring patterns is able to be... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150138050 - Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof: An organic light emitting display includes: pixels respectively positioned in areas defined by scan lines and data lines; a scan driver configured to non-sequentially supply a scan signal to the scan lines, and to control a signal supplied by a first control line commonly coupled to the pixels so that... Agent:

20150138051 - Scanning drive circuit and display device including the same: Disclosed herein is a display device, including display elements two-dimensionally disposed in a matrix; scanning lines, initialization control lines, and display control lines extending in a first direction; data lines extending in a second direction different from the first direction; and a scanning drive circuit.... Agent:

20150138049 - Semiconductor device and display device utilizing the same: A source-drain voltage of one of two transistors connected in series becomes quite small in a set operation (write signal), thus the set operation is performed to the other transistor. In an output operation, two transistors operate as a multi-gate transistor, therefore, a current value can be small in the... Agent:

20150138054 - Display element: According to one embodiment, a display element includes a plurality of scanning lines and a plurality of signal lines orthogonal to the plurality of scanning lines. A pixel of the display element includes sub-pixels of a plurality of colors to be respectively formed in the regions surrounded by the scanning... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20150138055 - Display element: According to one embodiment, a display element includes a plurality of scanning lines and a plurality of signal lines. Into the plurality of signal lines, signals of different polarities are alternately input, respectively. In the respective regions surrounded by the scanning lines and the signal lines, a first pixel and... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20150138053 - Systems and methods for producing narrowband images: A system may produce images including narrow-bandwidth colors. One or more sets of the narrow-bandwidth colors may be selected to be interpreted as substantially a same color by a user. The system may include a light source configured to produce the narrow-bandwidth colors, and/or narrow-passband filters may create narrow-bandwidth colors... Agent:

20150138056 - Gamma voltage supply circuit and method and power management ic: The present invention provides a gamma voltage supply circuit capable of stably supplying a gamma voltage in response to the change of external voltage and a power management IC including the same. The gamma voltage supply circuit generates a regulating voltage using an internal voltage which is not influenced by... Agent: Silicon Works Co., Ltd.

20150138057 - Liquid crystal display device: A liquid crystal display device is disclosed. The display device includes gate drive ASG circuits, and a driver integrated circuit configured to connect wires from gate line output terminals of the ASG circuits with a client system. The ASG circuits output level signals to the client system, and the client... Agent: Shanghai Avic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

20150138058 - Switched-mode power supply capable of catching radiated electromagnetic interference and using its energy: A switched-mode power supply (SMPS) capable of catching radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI) and using its energy is provided. The SMPS includes a specific component, an antenna, a rectifier, and an energy storage capacitor or a rechargeable battery. The specific component generates radiated EMI. The antenna is disposed on or embedded... Agent: Top Victory Investments Ltd.

20150138060 - Display apparatus and method for controlling display apparatus: a display apparatus, comprises a display panel; a backlight that illuminates the display panel; a vibration member that vibrates the display panel; and a control unit that controls the backlight, wherein the control unit enhances brightness of the backlight at least in a part of a predetermined period, including a... Agent:

20150138059 - Private and non-private display modes: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to operating a display illuminated by a backlight system configured to selectively emit light having two or more angular intensity profiles. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method comprising illuminating the display with light having a first angular intensity profile, while illuminating the display... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150138080 - Adjusting media display in a personal display system based on perspective: A personal display system with which a user may adjust the configuration of displayed media is provided. The personal display system may include an electronic device operative to provide media to a personal display device operative to display the received media. Using one or more optical and digital components, the... Agent:

20150138076 - Communication device and method of processing incoming call by facial image: A communication device able to manage incoming calls by reference to a user's facial expression includes a storage unit, an image capturing unit, an image recognition unit, and an incoming call processing unit. The storage unit stores preset facial images associated with predetermined processing operations. The image capturing unit capturing... Agent:

20150138079 - Component determination and gaze provoked interaction: According to the invention, a method for changing a display based at least in part on a gaze point of a user on the display is disclosed. The method may include receiving information identifying a location of the gaze point of the user on the display. The method may also... Agent:

20150138072 - Data processor: A novel human interface excellent in operability is provided. Furthermore, a novel data processor excellent in operability is provided. Furthermore, a novel data processor, a novel display device, or the like is provided. An input/output device that receives image data and supplies positional data, and an arithmetic device that supplies... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150138077 - Display system and display controll device: According to an embodiment, a display system includes an operation input receiver, a recognizer, an execution controller, and a display controller. The operation input receiver receives an operation input. The recognizer recognizes one or more information processing terminals placed on the operation input receiver. The execution controller executes a command... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150138066 - Gaze detecting apparatus and method: A gaze detection apparatus and method are provided. The method includes storing, by a controller, a reference gaze, a first reference vector, and a second reference vector. An image is then captured by an imaging device that includes user eyes. In addition, the controller detects central points of a pupil... Agent:

20150138078 - Hand pose recognition using boosted look up tables: Pose and gesture detection and classification of a human poses and gestures using a discriminative ferns ensemble classifier is provided. Sample image data in one or more channels includes a human image. A processing device operates on the sample image data using the discriminative ferns ensemble classifier. The classifier has... Agent:

20150138074 - Head tracking based gesture control techniques for head mounted displays: A head gesture-based recognition system in Headset Computers (HSC) is disclosed. Notification dialogue boxes can be acknowledged by head nodding or ticking movement in the user interface. Question dialog boxes can be assured by head nods or head shakes in the user interface. Head swiping is also a recognizable form... Agent:

20150138070 - Head-mounted display: A head-mounted display includes a mounting unit, a display unit, a sensor unit, and a control unit. The mounting unit is configured to be mountable on a head of a user. The display unit is provided in the mounting unit and capable of providing the user with a field of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150138065 - Head-mounted integrated interface: A head mounted integrated interface (HMII) is presented that may include a wearable head-mounted display unit supporting two compact high resolution screens for outputting a right eye and left eye image in support of the stereoscopic viewing, wireless communication circuits, three-dimensional positioning and motion sensors, and a processing system which... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150138067 - Method of transmitting and receiving data, and display apparatus and pointing apparatus using the same: Provided is a data transmitting and receiving method in which a display apparatus connectable to a wireless network transmits and receives data to and from a user terminal by using a pointing apparatus. The data transmitting and receiving method includes (a) acquiring position information of a region, pointed by the... Agent:

20150138068 - Methods, controllers and computer program products for accessibility to computing devices: Methods of providing user accessibility to an electronic device are provided. Methods include receiving a physical input via at least one user input device in a user interface, generating, in the user interface, a sensor output signal responsive to receiving the physical input from the user, and interpreting the sensor... Agent:

20150138069 - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for unified scene acquisition and pose tracking in a wearable display: Methods, systems, and computer readable media for unified scene acquisition and pose tracking in a wearable display are disclosed. According to one aspect, a system for unified scene acquisition and pose tracking in a wearable display includes a wearable frame configured to be worn by a user. Mounted on the... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20150138063 - Motion control of a virtual environment: An optical flow of depth video of a depth camera imaging a human subject is recognized. An energy field created by motion of the human subject is generated as a function of the optical flow and specified rules of a physical simulation of the virtual environment. The energy field is... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150138062 - Pressure sensing via bone conduction: Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for pressure sensing via bone conduction. According to one aspect, a device can receive a modified signal after a signal has propagated through a body of a user and a surface with which the user is in contact. The modified signal can include the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150138071 - Projector and method of controlling projector: A projector includes a manipulation detecting unit that performs a manipulation detecting process on the basis of captured image data of an imaging unit, and a correction control unit that performs a distortion correcting process on the basis of the captured image data. An imaging control unit sets an image-capturing... Agent:

20150138075 - Recognition device, recognition method, computer program product, and terminal device: According to an embodiment, a recognition device includes an obtaining unit, a selection action recognizing unit, and an output unit. The obtaining unit is configured to obtain a measured value according to an action of a target for measurement. The measured value is measured by a measuring device attached to... Agent:

20150138061 - Synchronous communication system and method: A method and computing system for providing, using one or more computing devices, a synchronous communication session for a plurality of users of a social network. A first video stream of a first user of the plurality of users is rendered within a primary viewing field associated with the synchronous... Agent: Google Inc.

20150138064 - Systems and methods for performing multi-touch operations on a head-mountable device: Embodiments described herein may provide a configuration of input interfaces used to perform multi-touch operations. An example device may involve: (a) a housing arranged on a head-mountable device, (b) a first input interface arranged on either a superior or an inferior surface of the housing, (c) a second input interface... Agent: Google Inc.

20150138073 - Text selection using hmd head-tracker and voice-command: A joint head tracker and voice command in a headset computer enables hands-free user text selection. The method and system enables an end-user to select sections of text without requiring use of a mouse cursor control input device. Embodiments include a headset computer, including a processor, configured to display text... Agent:

20150138081 - Head-mounted display system, head-mounted display, and head-mounted display control program: An HMD system according to the present technology includes a coordinate system setting unit, a segment selection unit, and an image generation unit. The coordinate system setting unit sets, in a real space, a cylindrical coordinate system partitioned into a plurality of segments. The segment selection unit brings, based on... Agent:

20150138084 - Head-tracking based selection technique for head mounted displays (hmd): A method of performing a hands-free selection of an object on a display includes displaying various objects within a screen view on a display, and moving a pointer-timer, in response to movements of the headset computer, to a selectable object within the screen view. The method further includes selecting the... Agent:

20150138082 - Image display apparatus and image display system: An image display apparatus 200 includes a display unit 210, a communication IF unit 218 and a CPU 202. When the communication IF unit 218 receives data representing that an external device is operated, CPU 202 displays a corresponding cursor on the display unit 210. If the communication IF unit... Agent:

20150138083 - Portable electronic device: A portable electronic device includes a display unit on which a pointer is displayable, and a touch panel which is arranged to overlap the display unit and is capable of detecting a distance from an indicator. The pointer moves according to a movement of the indicator, and when the distance... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

20150138088 - Apparatus and method for recognizing spatial gesture: The present invention relates to an apparatus for recognizing a gesture in a space. In accordance with an embodiment, a spatial gesture recognition apparatus includes a pattern formation unit for radiating light onto a surface of an object required to input a gesture in a virtual air bounce, and forming... Agent:

20150138086 - Calibrating control device for use with spatial operating system: Systems and methods comprise an input device. A detector is coupled to a processor and detects an orientation of the input device. The input device has modal orientations corresponding to the orientation, and the modal orientations correspond to a input modes of a gestural control system. The detector is coupled... Agent:

20150138085 - Electronic apparatus for simulating or interfacing a backward compatible human input device by means or control of a gesture recognition system: Method and apparatus where human gestures are interpreted by means of software running on a host computer, into screen coordinates and low level commands—keyboard presses, clicks, double-clicks, drag-and-drop, wheel scroll etc.—which are sent to a hardware peripheral, instead of a software based Application Programming Interface, which hardware corrects and polishes... Agent:

20150138090 - Electronic device and a method for controlling the functions of the electronic device as well as program product for implementing the method: The invention relates to an electronic device, which includes a display component, in which at least one controllable element is arranged to be visualized in its entirety, the control of which element is arranged to be based on determining a change (M) relating to the attitude or position of the... Agent:

20150138087 - Head-up display apparatus and display method thereof: A head-up display apparatus includes: a head-up display unit including a first region in which general driving information is displayed and a second region in which circumference environment interworking information is displayed; a position information obtaining unit that obtains position information on an obstacle in front of a vehicle; and... Agent:

20150138089 - Input devices and methods: Devices and methods for providing an interface to a computing device are disclosed herein. The disclosed embodiments allow a user to utilize a first computing device, such as a smartphone or other mobile computing device, as a mouse-like peripheral input device for an associated second computing device, such as a... Agent:

20150138091 - Rfid-based input device: A method includes steps of: receiving a first energy and a second energy emitted from within close proximity to a computer; powering a portable unit using the first energy; determining a position and status of the portable unit using the second energy; and transmitting a user identifier from the portable... Agent:

20150138092 - Mouse having an adjustable grip: This invention discloses a mouse having an adjustable grip, including a mouse base; a first grip housing installed in the mouse base and a front end of the first grip housing pivotally connected with a front end of the mouse base; a second grip housing installed on the mouse base... Agent: Evga Corporation

20150138093 - Mouse user interface with configurable components: Features of a mouse configured to be used as an user interface with a computing device are described. The mouse may include an arm component, a body component coupled to a first part of the arm component, and a wheel component coupled to a second part of the arm component.... Agent:

20150138094 - Electronic apparatus, docking apparatus, controlling method thereof, and computer-readable recording medium: An electronic apparatus includes a communication interface configured to, when a docking apparatus including a keyboard and a display is connected, perform communication with the docking apparatus, a user interface configured to receive a user control command using a touch screen, and a controller configured to display image data on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138095 - Device and method for inputting information: Embodiments relate to classifying character information to be input by category and inputting the information classified by category by using the motion information of a motion remote control working as an input unit. Character information input according to embodiments is as follows. At least one of a mode and a... Agent:

20150138096 - Keyboard backlighting with deposited light-generating sources: Techniques and devices provide backlighting for keys of a keyboard or keypad.... Agent:

20150138097 - System and method for entering characters on a radio tuner interface: A system and method for entering characters that form a radio station channel and tune in a radio station channel on a radio tuner interface includes a touch screen display which displays a radio tuner interface. The radio tuner interface includes a plurality of character keys on a keypad that... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150138113 - Communication apparatus, control apparatus, method of controlling input unit, and medium: A communication apparatus includes a display input unit having a display screen and an input unit for receiving an operation relative to the display screen; a control unit configured to control the display input unit so that destination information of a transmission destination is obtained; and a communication unit configured... Agent:

20150138126 - Device and method for assigning respective portions of an aggregate intensity to a plurality of contacts: An electronic device detects, on a touch-sensitive surface, a plurality of contacts via a plurality of intensity sensors. While detecting the plurality of contacts, the device assigns portions of an aggregate intensity of the contacts to each of the plurality of contacts based on: the first intensity measurement received from... Agent:

20150138121 - Device for operating graphic arts machines and devices having a display device with a touch operation wall screen: A device for operating machines and devices of the graphic arts industry includes a display device, an operating device with a touch screen for operating functions of the graphic arts machine or device and for influencing a representation on the display device, and a communication link between the operating device... Agent:

20150138110 - Dynamic tactile interface: A dynamic tactile interface including a tactile layer defining a first region and a deformable region adjacent the first region; a substrate coupled to the tactile layer at the first region, defining a variable volume adjacent the deformable region and defining a fluid channel fluidly coupled to the variable volume;... Agent:

20150138127 - Electronic apparatus and input method: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus comprises a touchscreen display and circuitry. The touchscreen display includes a first sensor and a second sensor, and is configured to display an user interface on a screen. The circuitry is configured to execute a first process when a first operation to the... Agent:

20150138118 - Electronic billboard: An electronic billboard includes a base, bracket, a display and a touch device. The bracket is removable and mounted to the base. The display is removable and mounted to the bracket. The display includes a slot and a receiving portion configured to receive a host. The touch device is received... Agent:

20150138107 - Electronic device and method for outputting detected information: Provided is an electronic device having a position detection function, the electronic device being capable of reducing consumption of electric current without losing operability. A detected information output section (5) (i) temporarily retains first detected information selected from detected information in accordance with control of a timing control section, and... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150138103 - Flexible display unit and electronic apparatus: A flexible display panel including driver integrated circuits (ICs) that are directly mounted to the substrate of the panel and that are configured in such a manner that the display panel can be bent at least in one direction to a high degree without breaking the driver ICs or imparting... Agent:

20150138112 - Force sensor module for applying a preload force to a force sensor: An example force sensor module for a touch-sensitive electronic device can include a force sensor, a bias assembly and an opposing bias assembly that is coupled to the bias assembly. The bias assembly can have a top wall and a plurality of side walls extending from the top wall. The... Agent:

20150138106 - Information apparatus: An information apparatus includes a housing, first and second strain detectors, and first and second stress collectors that transmit distortion applied to a side surface of the housing to the first and the second strain detectors, respectively. Upon having the same amount of distortion is applied to the side surface... Agent:

20150138117 - Information processing device: An information processing device includes a memory, a display device that displays information on a screen, a detection device that detects a tip position of an indicator body on the display device in a state in which the information processing device is held, and a processor coupled to the memory,... Agent:

20150138109 - Input device, control method and portable terminal device: A touch panel (111) includes: a touchpad unit (111a) that repeatedly detects a touch position touched by operation body; a speed calculation unit that calculates movement speed of the operation body; a vibrator (111f); and a region setting unit (111c), when the speed at first time is less than threshold,... Agent:

20150138102 - Inputting mode switching method and system utilizing the same: An inputting mode switching method and system are provided. The inputting mode switching method is used to an inputting device. The inputting mode switching method comprising receiving a first inputting signal, wherein the first inputting signal is produced by the inputting device sensing a first touch; determining, according the first... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150138119 - Method and apparatus for providing advertisement using touch pen: A method and apparatus are provided for providing advertisement in an electronic device having a touch pen. The method for providing advertisement includes sensing a touch of a banner using a touch pen, confirming whether the banner is a touch pen based banner, and operating the touch pen based banner... Agent:

20150138120 - Method for reducing power consumption and electronic device thereof: A method in an electronic device, includes receiving an instruction to enter a power saving mode, switching a first sensing area of the electronic device into an idle mode and a second sensing area of the electronic into a lock mode, detecting an input on the first sensing area in... Agent:

20150138108 - Method for reporting coordinate point of touch screen and mobile terminal: A method and a mobile terminal for reporting a coordinate point of the touch screen. The method includes: the mobile terminal receiving a touch event of the touch screen; when two touch events are received simultaneously with the coordinate points of one touch event which is called as a first... Agent:

20150138116 - Method of displaying image based on pressure change, image processing apparatus, radiation imaging apparatus, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: An image processing apparatuses includes a pressure sensor to sense an amount of pressure and an image processing controller to generate at least one image of an object. Region growing parameters are determined based on the sensed amount of pressure, and region growing is performed from a reference location based... Agent:

20150138101 - Mobile terminal and control method thereof: A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to perform wireless communication; a touch screen display unit configured to switch between an inactivated state in which illumination is not applied to the display unit and an activated state in which illumination is applied to the display unit; and a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150138105 - Object detection in touch systems: A signal processor implements a technique for detecting objects on a panel which transmits signals inside the panel such that the objects are allowed to interact with (e.g. attenuate) the signals by contact with a touch surface of the panel. The signal processor operates to define cells that have a... Agent:

20150138111 - Operation panel and operation apparatus: s

20150138098 - Patterned tactile touch interface overlay: An improved touch screen overlay is disclosed. The overlay has novel structures, which provide for the prevention of unintended touch screen button actuation, allows access to on-screen buttons, provides finger positioning cues, and provides button identification cues.... Agent:

20150138122 - Portable device and method for controlling screen brightness thereof: A portable device and a screen brightness control method thereof are provided. The portable device and related method can maintain the current screen brightness in overall consideration of a detected ambient illuminance, a touch of an input unit, and a user's direct touch. The portable device detects an ambient illuminance.... Agent:

20150138115 - Signal processing circuit for touch screen and method for controlling the same: The present disclosure relates to a signal processing circuit for a touch screen, which is capable of processing a sensing signal outputted from a touch screen panel, and a method for controlling the same. When pulses containing noise exist in the sensing signal, the signal processing circuit compensates for an... Agent:

20150138099 - Systems, apparatus, and methods for motion controlled virtual environment interaction: Systems, apparatus, and method for providing motion controlled virtual environment interaction are discussed herein. Some embodiments may provide for a mobile device including a display device, a motion detection device, and processing circuitry. The circuitry may be configured to detect various intensities of user movement, such as may be determine... Agent:

20150138100 - Touch module with photoelectric conversion layer: A touch module with photoelectric conversion layer includes a transparent substrate, an anti-reflection layer, a shield layer, a first electrode layer, a first insulation layer, a second electrode layer, a second insulation layer, a wiring layer, a protection layer and a photoelectric conversion layer. The transparent substrate is defined with... Agent:

20150138114 - Touch panel: Disclosed herein is a structure of an FPC integrated touch panel. According to preferred embodiments of the present invention, a transparent substrate configured of a flexible transparent film is provided and an extension part protruded to the transparent substrate is integrally formed with the transparent substrate, such that a separate... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150138104 - Touch panel module, electronic device and method for driving touch panel module: An applied voltage controlling section causes deformation of the detection screen 11, by applying a voltage to at least a part of a region between a first electrode 12 and a second electrode 34 so as to deform a portion of a deformable member 20 which portion corresponds to the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150138123 - Touch pen, method and apparatus for providing touch function: A touch pen is provided, which includes a case; a tip that is inserted to protrude from one end of the case; and a button that allows an acoustic absorbent to contact with or be detached from a portion of the tip for adjusting a natural frequency of the tip.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138125 - Touch-window: Disclosed is the structure of a touch window. The touch window includes a transparent window, a touch sensor module on one surface of the transparent window, and a transfer film layer between the transparent window and the touch sensor module. The transfer film layer is provided in the touch sensor... Agent:

20150138124 - Visual feedback method and apparatus for touch selection: According to a visual feedback method and apparatus for touch selection that are provided by embodiments of the present invention, touch information and a center point of touch are acquired, where the foregoing touch information is a touch area and/or touch pressure; an area size of a feedback graph is... Agent:

20150138130 - Capacitive touch system and gain control method thereof: There is provided a capacitive touch system including a gain control unit sequentially receiving a plurality of digital detected signals of a detection frame. The gain control unit includes a gain buffer and a control circuit. The gain buffer is configured to store a current gain sheet. The control circuit... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20150138139 - Capacitive transparent touch sheet having excellent visibility and durability: A capacitive transparent touch sheet has excellent visibility and durability without changing the sensitivity, size, or the like of a touch panel. The capacitive transparent touch sheet comprises: a first conductive sheet including a first substrate to be adhered to the hard substrate, and a plurality of strip shaped first... Agent:

20150138141 - Control method and control apparatus of electronic device, and electronic device: A control method and a control apparatus of an electronic device and the electronic device, wherein the control apparatus includes a detection unit configured to detect a user's contact with the electronic device, and acquire a detection result; a recognition unit configured to recognize a gesture of the user holding... Agent:

20150138152 - Control unit, sensing device for a capacitive touch panel and method thereof: A noise reducing device for a capacitive touch panel and a method of reducing noise for a capacitive touch panel are disclosed to solve problems related to noise generated by a conventional filter circuit and an integrating circuit or external noise. In the invention, at least one switch circuit is... Agent:

20150138144 - Coordinate input device and mobile terminal: A coordinate input device 100 includes a signal generation unit 1, a transmitting antenna unit 2, a receiving antenna 3, and a detection unit 4. The transmitting antenna unit 2 includes a plurality of antennas that transmits an electromagnetic wave W according to an AC signal. The signal generation unit... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150138155 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for transitioning between touch input to display output relationships: An electronic device with a touch-sensitive surface, a display, and one or more sensors to detect intensity of contacts, detects a contact, determines a location and intensity of the contact on the touch-sensitive surface, and displays a response, the response being based at least in part on an input-output mapping... Agent:

20150138146 - Display device integrated with touch screen panel: A display device with an integrated touch screen panel is disclosed. In one aspect, the display device includes an upper substrate and a lower substrate each including a display region and a non-display region. A sealing member is formed between the non-display regions of the upper and lower substrates and... Agent:

20150138128 - Expanded function touch sensor implement: A touch sensor device includes a number of receiving elements that are operable to receive signals from one or more of a number of transmitting elements when one or more areas of the touch sensor device are contacted with an implement. Such received signals are interpreted by the touch sensor... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150138147 - Input device, and information input method of the same: Each of multiple detection data values included in two-dimensional data, generated based on detection results of sensor unit, is converted into either an on data value or an off data value by a data conversion unit. Each data value included in the converted two-dimensional data is sequentially acquired from an... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20150138154 - Method and device for position detection: A method and device for position detection are disclosed. A self-capacitance detection can be performed by a sensing device. According to the result of the self-capacitance detection, a first mutual-capacitance detection can be performed for determining one or more first 1-D positions. According to the result of the first mutual-capacitance... Agent:

20150138142 - Method for performing touch communications control of an electronic device by using location detection with aid of touch panel, and an associated apparatus: A method for performing touch communications control and an associated apparatus are provided, where the method includes the steps of: detecting whether another touch communications device is close to or in contact with a first region of a touch panel of the touch communications device with aid of at least... Agent:

20150138131 - Method, a device and a system for interacting with the touch-sensitive electronic display of a computer: A method, system and an interactive device for interaction with the electric field of touch-sensitive electronic display of a computing device is provided. The interactive device includes a housing for positioning on the top of the touch-sensitive electronic display, a first electrode determines the touch position, an energy harvester for... Agent: R2z Innovations, Inc.

20150138129 - Portable device with an array of capacitors on a rear surface of a display: A portable communicating device with an array of capacitors includes a control unit; a communication module is coupled to the control unit; a memory is coupled to the control unit; an antenna is coupled to the communication module; a display is coupled to the control unit and wherein the display... Agent:

20150138149 - Portable multi-touch input device: A portable input device is described. The portable input device can wirelessly send control signals to an external circuit. The control signals can derive from touch or gestures applied to a touch sensitive surface. The control signals can also include a mouse click equivalent control signal generated by mechanical manipulation... Agent:

20150138137 - Projected capacitive touch sensor with asymmetric bridge pattern field: A capacitive touch sensitive device includes a matrix of pads patterned in a first electrically conductive material on a substrate. Horizontally adjacent pads within each even row of the matrix are electrically coupled to one another via channels to form a plurality of horizontally arranged electrodes. Insulators are positioned over... Agent:

20150138135 - Protective case for electronic device, information processing method and electronic device: A protective case for an electronic device, an information processing method and an electronic device are disclosed, for solving the technical problem that it takes long time for the electronic device to receive a touch operation in a case that the electronic device is protected by the protective case for... Agent: Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd.

20150138150 - Sensing devices: A sensing device is provided. The sensing device includes a first receiving electrode, a plurality of first electrodes, and a second electrode. The first receiving electrode extends in a first direction and controlled to a receiver. The first electrodes are connected electrically by a first signal line. At least one... Agent:

20150138156 - Sensor managed apparatus, method and computer program product: An apparatus, method and computer program product provide a simplified method for unlocking an electronic device that uses soft keys, such as capacitive touch keys, or proximity detection areas and patterns. The keys may be implemented in the form of areas of a sensor, and a processing circuit observes a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150138153 - Systems and methods for providing enhanced touch sensing: Provided are systems and methods for providing enhanced touch sensing. One system providing enhanced touch sensing includes a multi-mode touch screen and a processor configured to apply at least one test signal to a sense element of the multi-mode touch screen, detect at least one return signal from the sense... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150138136 - Touch naked-eye 3d grating and display device: A touch naked-eye 3D grating and a display device are disclosed. The naked-eye 3D grating includes a touch electrode structure between the upper substrate and the plate electrode, and the touch electrode structure includes a plurality of first touch sense lines and a plurality of second touch sense lines arranged... Agent:

20150138138 - Touch panel and formation of electrode: Disclosed are a touch panel and a method of forming an electrode. The touch panel includes a substrate on which a reference direction is defined; and an electrode on the substrate, the electrode including nano-wires, wherein the nano-wires are oriented in the reference direction. The method of forming an electrode... Agent:

20150138140 - Touch panel controller, integrated circuit, touch panel device, and electronic device: A touch panel controller (1A) includes: a capacitor drive portion (5A); a multiplying portion (2A) which performs multiplication of first linear sum signals by a second code sequence to obtain signals and then performs addition of the signals to generate a second linear sum signal; an inner product operation portion... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150138143 - Touch panel device and method for controlling touch panel device: A touch panel device includes: a first resistance film and a second resistance film each of which includes an electrode; a switch connected to the electrode; a controller that controls operation of the switch; and a detector that, when a voltage is applied to a resistance film of a voltage... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20150138145 - Touch screen controller to generate single-ended touch signal, and touch screen system and display apparatus including the same: A touch screen controller, a touch screen system, and a display apparatus including the same includes a touch data generator that supplies a first transmission signal to a first sensing line, supplies a second transmission signal to a second sensing line adjacent to the first sensing line, receives differential touch... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138151 - Touch screen sensor and patterned substrate having overlaid micropatterns with low visibility: Presently described are articles such as antennas, EMI shields, and touch screen sensors as well as patterned substrates having overlaid micropatterns with low visibility. Also described are methods of determining the visibility of a patterned substrate. In one embodiment, a patterned substrate is described comprising a visible light transparent substrate;... Agent:

20150138148 - Touch signal gain control apparatus and method: A touch signal gain control apparatus includes an analog gain stage, a digital gain stage, a gain control module, and a comparing module. The analog gain stage and digital gain stage are coupled to the input terminal and output terminal of an analog-digital converter. When the comparing module generates a... Agent:

20150138133 - Touchscreen device and method of driving the same: There are provided a touchscreen device and a method of driving the same. The touchscreen device includes: a driving circuit unit sequentially applying driving signals to a plurality of first electrodes in a plurality of periods of time; a sensing circuit unit acquiring sensing signals from a plurality of second... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150138134 - Touchscreen device and method of processing touch data: There are provided a touchscreen device and a method of processing touch data. The touchscreen device includes: a panel unit including rows of first electrodes extending in a first direction and columns of second electrodes extending in a second direction intersecting the first direction; a sensing circuit unit sensing changes... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150138132 - Touchscreen device and method of sensing touch: There are provided a touchscreen device and a method of sensing a touch. The method of sensing a touch may include: acquiring sensing data from a panel unit; calculating valid data by obtaining a difference between the sensing data and an offset value; determining the number of anti-data items below... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150138159 - Reflective display and electronic pen system using the same: Disclosed are a reflective display and an electronic pen system using the same. An information pattern for providing position information is formed at pixels configuring the reflective display, and the information pattern includes virtual grid lines and marks.... Agent:

20150138160 - Retractable touchscreen adapter: An apparatus for determining a location of an object on a planar surface is provided. The apparatus includes a retractable emitter strip, a retractable detector strip, and electrical circuitry. The retractable emitter strip is extendable from the apparatus and includes electro-optical emitters for generating optical energy and directing the optical... Agent:

20150138161 - Touch-sensing display panel: A touch-sensing display panel, comprising a plurality of image-forming pixel elements; a planar light guide with a first refractive index, having a front surface forming a touch-sensing region and an opposite rear surface facing the pixel elements; a plurality of light emitters arranged at a peripheral region of the panel... Agent:

20150138158 - Touch-sensitive apparatus with improved spatial resolution: A touch-sensitive apparatus is configured to propagate energy inside a panel (1) so as to define a grid of transmission paths across a touch surface (4) of the panel (1). The apparatus comprises a first subset of components on a first end of the touch surface (4), and a second... Agent: Flatfrog Laboratories Ab

20150138157 - Vibratory panel devices and methods for controlling vibratory panel devices: There is provided a method of generating a primary effect in a vibratory panel device comprising at least N+M transducers connected to a panel, where N and M are integers greater than or equal to 1. Each transducer is electrically connected to signal processing circuitry and the signal processing circuitry... Agent:

20150138163 - Correcting for parallax in electronic displays: The ability of a user to provide input when using a touch screen or other such element of a computing device can be improved by correcting for parallax errors. A camera of the computing device can determine the relative position of the user's head or eyes with respect to the... Agent:

20150138162 - Latency measuring and testing system and method: A system and method are disclosed for measuring latency in a device. In an embodiment, a device holder is configured to receive the device under test. A mechanical motor is configured to move a proxy device with respect to the device under test. A ground-truth measurement apparatus configured to record... Agent: Tactual Labs Co.

20150138168 - Display control device and display control method: A display control device includes a display part, an indication part to indicate a position on the display part and output a value of residual electric energy thereof, a coordinate detection part to detect coordinates of the position on the display part, a rendering data production part to produce rendering... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150138164 - Electrical connection for active-stylus electrode: In one embodiment, an active stylus includes one or more computer-readable non-transitory storage media embodying logic for wirelessly communicating with a device through a touch sensor of the device. The active stylus also includes an electrode for wirelessly receiving or transmitting signals through the touch sensor of the device to... Agent:

20150138167 - Method for reducing a light intensity of a projection device: A method for reducing a light intensity of a projection device is provided which includes the following steps: projecting information in the form of a visual representation onto a total area; emitting a plurality of electromagnetic signals which are essentially imperceptible to an observer onto the total area, using the... Agent:

20150138166 - Position information input system: Disclosed are a position information input system capable of coupling a signal generating device and a signal receiving device to each other. Firstly, a coupling unit is formed at a signal receiving device. Under such configuration, a signal generating device and the signal receiving device can be coupled to each... Agent: Pnf Co., Ltd.

20150138165 - Replaceable tip for active stylus: In one embodiment, an active-stylus tip includes a collar that includes substantially flexible material configured to secure the active-stylus tip to an end of an active stylus. The collar enables the active-stylus tip to be readily removed from the end of the active stylus. The active stylus includes one or... Agent:

20150138169 - Display panel, pixel structure therein and driving method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a display panel, a pixel structure therein, and a driving method thereof. The pixel structure includes a plurality of sub pixels, each of them including: a first display area, configured to receive a scan signal of a first scan line and then receive a data... Agent:

20150138170 - Display panel, pixel structure therein and driving method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a display panel, a pixel structure therein, and a driving method thereof The pixel structure includes a plurality of sub pixels, each of them including: a first display area, configured to receive a scan signal of a first scan line and then receive a data... Agent:

20150138172 - Display device: A display device including: a circuit board including a signal controller, a display panel including a plurality of driving IC circuits, a flexible printed circuit board coupling the circuit board to the display panel, and a plurality of signal lines respectively coupled to the signal controller and the plurality of... Agent:

20150138173 - Display device and method for driving the same: A display device and a method for driving the same are discussed. The display device includes a display panel including a common electrode commonly connected to pixels, a display driving circuit for applying a data voltage to the pixels during a vertical active time, and a sensor driving circuit which... Agent:

20150138171 - Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of repairing the same: An organic light emitting display apparatus includes: a plurality of emission pixels arranged in a matrix of a plurality of rows and a plurality of columns, wherein the emission pixels each comprise a light emitting diode (LED); a plurality of dummy pixels; a plurality of repair lines, wherein at least... Agent:

20150138174 - El display device, driving method thereof, and electronic equipment provided with the el display device: An EL display device capable of performing clear multi-gradation color display and electronic equipment provided with the EL display device are provided, wherein gradation display is performed according to a time-division driving method in which the luminescence and non-luminescence of an EL element (109) disposed in a pixel (104) are... Agent:

20150138175 - Systems and methods for producing narrowband images: A system may produce images including narrow-bandwidth colors. One or more sets of the narrow-bandwidth colors may be selected to be interpreted as substantially a same color by a user. The system may include a light source configured to produce the narrow-bandwidth colors, and/or narrow-passband filters may create narrow-bandwidth colors... Agent:

20150138176 - Scanning signal line drive circuit and display device provided with same: First and second scanning signal line drive circuits provided in this liquid crystal display device perform interlacing drive. Gate clock signals, gate start pulse signals, and clear signals provided to these drive circuits are supplied through two trunk lines corresponding to two shift register circuits included in each of the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150138177 - Display device and driving method thereof: A display device includes: a plurality of pixels, each being coupled to a corresponding data line among a plurality of data lines and a corresponding scan line among a plurality of scan lines; a scan driver to supply a scan signal to the scan lines; a sensor coupled to the... Agent:

20150138181 - Method of driving a pixel circuit: A pixel circuit includes an organic light emitting diode, a first PMOS transistor coupled between a first power voltage and an anode electrode of the organic light emitting diode, a second PMOS transistor coupled between a first node and the anode electrode of the organic light emitting diode, a first... Agent:

20150138180 - Organic light emitting diode display device: An organic light emitting diode display device includes a display panel including a plurality of pixels; a data driver supplying a data signal to the plurality of pixels; a gate driver supplying a plurality of scan signals and a plurality of emission signals to the plurality of pixels, the gate... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150138179 - Organic light emitting display and method of compensating for threshold voltage thereof: An organic light emitting display and a method of compensating for a threshold voltage thereof are disclosed. The organic light emitting display includes a display panel including a plurality of pixels, a gate driving circuit generating first and second threshold voltage sensing gate pulses, a data driving circuit which supplies... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150138178 - Organic light emitting display panel and organic light emitting display device including the same: Discussed are an organic light emitting display panel and an organic light emitting display device including the same, which allows a uniform current to flow in a plurality of driving power lines, thereby reducing consumption power. The organic light emitting display panel can include first to mth gate lines and... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150138182 - Two-stage dac architecture for lcd source driver utilizing one-bit serial charge redistribution dac: A two-stage digital-to-analog converter for outputting an analog voltage in response to a M-bit digital input code includes a one-bit serial charge redistribution digital-to-analog converter having a high reference voltage input node for receiving a high reference voltage and a low reference voltage input node for receiving a low reference... Agent:

20150138183 - Display device and driving method thereof: A gate driver divides n scanning lines (G1 to Gn) into p blocks (BL1 to BLp), and provides for each block, a common selection period for selecting a whole or a part of k scanning lines included in the block, and a scanning period for sequentially selecting k scanning lines... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150138190 - Analysis and manipulation of objects and layers in surround views: Various embodiments of the present invention relate generally to systems and methods for analyzing and manipulating images and video. According to particular embodiments, the spatial relationship between multiple images and video is analyzed together with location information data, for purposes of creating a representation referred to herein as a surround... Agent: Fyusion, Inc.

20150138195 - Apparatus and method for providing three dimensional media content: A system that incorporates teachings of the exemplary embodiments may include, for example, means for generating a disparity map based on a depth map, means for determining accuracy of pixels in the depth map where the determining means identifies the pixels as either accurate or inaccurate based on a confidence... Agent:

20150138194 - Assembly simulation apparatus and method for wooden structure: An assembly simulation apparatus and method for a wooden structure are provided. The assembly simulation apparatus for a wooden structure includes an element analysis unit for analyzing shapes of a plurality of elements constituting a three-dimensional (3D) wooden structure model and a coupling relation between the elements. A relation graph... Agent:

20150138191 - Method and apparatus for generating superpixels: A method and an apparatus for generating superpixels for a sequence of images are described. A segmenter segments an image of the sequence of images into a set of initial superpixels. A motion analyzer then determines static and non-static areas in the sequence of images. Based on an output of... Agent:

20150138193 - Method and device for panorama-based inter-viewpoint walkthrough, and machine readable medium: A method and device for panorama-based inter-viewpoint walkthrough and a machine readable medium are provided. The method includes: selecting a current viewpoint image from a panorama, and obtaining a three-dimensional model of the current viewpoint image; selecting a sub-image from the current viewpoint image to perform a feature detection, so... Agent:

20150138185 - Method for building a three-dimensional model and apparatus thereof: A method to build a 3D model for a physical object includes the following steps. First, depth information of a plurality of images is converted into a plurality of 3D point clouds. Then, the motion parameters of the camera to gather each image relative to a previous image are determined... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150138192 - Method for processing 3d object and electronic device thereof: A device and method for editing a 3D object in an electronic device is provided. An operation of the electronic device includes displaying a 3D object. The operation of the electronic device also includes deactivating at least one of a plurality of editing functions for the displayed 3D object. The... Agent:

20150138188 - Method, apparatus and system for image processing: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a device for generating a graphic and superimposing the generated graphic on a second image generated from a cut-out of a first image of a scene, the cut-out representing the field of view of a virtual camera, the device comprising: receiver circuitry configured to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150138184 - Spatially interactive computing device: A computing device may include a display with an overlay layer that enables presentation of 2D, 3D images, a simultaneous combination of 2D and 2D images, multiple view images, and/or combinations thereof. In some implementations, the overlay layer may be one or more LCD matrix pixel masks, a number of... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150138189 - System and methods for cloud based 3d design and collaboration: In some embodiments, a system and/or method may include accessing three-dimensional (3D) imaging software on a remote server. The method may include accessing over a network a 3D imaging software package on a remote server using a first system. The method may include assessing, using the remote server, a capability... Agent:

20150138196 - Systems and methods of object processing in virtual worlds: Systems and methods of virtual world interaction, operation, implementation, instantiation, creation, and other functions related to virtual worlds (note that where the term “virtual world” is used herein, it is to be understood as referring to virtual world systems, virtual environments reflecting real, simulated, fantasy, or other structures, and includes... Agent:

20150138187 - Three-dimensional image construction apparatus and three-dimensional image construction method: A calculation unit generates a depth image corresponding to a first three-dimensional image with respect to a region of interest and sets a first image region based on a depth gradient of the depth image. The calculation unit moves the origin of a projection line to the near side or... Agent:

20150138186 - Virtual fiducial markers: Embodiments of the invention introduce the concept of a virtual fiducial marker (VFM). This marker will not be placed prior to preoperative imaging. It will therefore not initially appear in the preoperative 3D image. Instead, the marker will be virtually placed in the 3D data set prior to surgery, and... Agent:

20150138197 - Method for domain shading, and devices operating the same: A method for domain shading may include analyzing graphics state data, and generating all first primitives through a single-pass domain shading or generating only second primitives which are visible among the first primitives through a two-pass domain shading based on a result of the analysis.... Agent:

20150138198 - Creating a wireframe mesh for representing a moving object in a three-dimensional coordinate system: A method and systems for creating a three-dimensional wireframe mesh that represents characteristics of a model of an object moving along a curve in a three-dimensional coordinate system. A processor determines a direction of the object's motion from a starting location to an ending location. The processor performs vector operations... Agent:

20150138200 - Display devices and image creating methods for layered display technologies: A display device may include: a plurality of layers configured to modulate pixel values in two directions; an obtaining unit configured to obtain matching information about matching of pixels belonging to differing layers; and/or a controller configured to control the plurality of layers based on the matching information. An image... Agent: Inha-industry Partnership Institute

20150138199 - Image generating system and image generating program product: According to one embodiment, an image generating system generates an image of a target object virtually disposed inside a target space. The system includes a storage unit, a calculating unit and a presentation unit. The storage unit stores target object data representing a three-dimensional configuration and an external appearance of... Agent:

20150138202 - Method and apparatus for traversing binary tree in ray tracing system: A restart method of traversing a binary tree in a ray tracing system includes traversing a tree consisting of a hierarchical acceleration structure using one-bit stacks respectively assigned to levels of the binary tree and restarting at a highest level at which a corresponding one-bit stack has a value indicating... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138201 - Volume rendering color mapping on polygonal objects for 3-d printing: Processes and systems for computer enabled volume data rendering, and more particularly for mapping of volume rendering colors upon polygonal model objects applied to computer enabled volume rendering are described. In one example, the mapping or encoding of the color of volume rendering data upon polygonal model objects located inside... Agent: Fovia, Inc.

20150138204 - Display apparatus, display system and display method: In the present invention, in a coordinate plane that receives an expression according to a first axis indicating a parameter that impacts a basic rate and a second axis indicating a parameter that impacts a metered power rate, a display unit (230) displays an image indicating coordinates indicating the use... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150138206 - Dynamic graph system for a semantic database: A method and system in a computer system for dynamically providing a graphical representation of a data store of entries via a matrix interface is disclosed. A dynamic graph system provides a matrix interface that exposes to an application program a graphical representation of data stored in a data store... Agent:

20150138205 - Graphical display of physiological parameters on patient monitors: A system for receiving one or more measured physiological parameters of a patient and displaying a graphical representation of the same. In various embodiments, a display module generates a graphical display that includes a range of possible values for the physiological parameter, one or more thresholds and/or alarm values, a... Agent:

20150138208 - Proactive monitoring tree with state distribution ring: A system that displays performance data for a computing environment. During operation, the system determines performance states for a plurality of entities that comprise the computing environment based on values of a performance metric for the entities. Next, the system displays the computing environment as a tree comprising nodes representing... Agent: Splunk Inc.

20150138207 - System and method for displaying cluster spine groups: A system and method for displaying spine groups is provided. Unique spine groups selected from a set of spine groups are placed around a shape defined in a display. One of the spine groups remaining in the set is selected and compared to each of the unique spine groups in... Agent:

20150138203 - Visualizing large graphs: Large graph visualization embodiments are presented which generally render and display the more important elements for a current view. To this end, a measure of importance referred to as a zoom level is assigned to the vertices and rails of a graph. Each rail is a curve segment in the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150138209 - System and method for real-time pose-based deformation of character models: Systems and methods for animating a character model by deforming the character model based on poses. Embodiments may contain a modeling component in which a user may create a character model that contains a rig representing animation controls applied to the model, and geometric/graphic parameters for graphically rendering the model.... Agent:

20150138210 - Method and system for controlling display parameters through multiple pipelines: A method and a system for controlling display parameters through multiple inter-integrated circuit (I2C) pipelines are provided. The method includes creating the multiple I2C pipelines to control the display parameters in one or more of the display devices. The method also includes sending control data to graphic cards associated with... Agent:

20150138214 - Display device and method for controlling the same: A display device which may operate as a reflective display device which uses external light without separate power supply at an illumination level equal to or greater than a certain illumination level, and which may operate as a transmissive display device which uses internal light at an illumination level less... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138212 - Display driver ic and method of operating system including the same: A method of operating a system including a host, a display driver IC, and a panel includes setting the host to support a video stream interface and transmitting a video stream from the host to the display driver IC using the video stream interface in response to an interrupt output... Agent:

20150138215 - Display driving architectures: A display driving architecture that can include two graphics pipelines with an optional connection between them to provide a mirrored mode. In one embodiment, one of the two pipelines can be automatically configured (e.g. routed in one of a plurality of ways, such as routing to do color conversion) based... Agent:

20150138213 - Electronic slide presentation controller: A presentation system provides a for an audience display and a mobile wireless device operates to reserve a portion of the display screen of the mobile wireless device that is not mirrored to the audience display allowing ancillary functions of the mobile wireless device to be accessible during a presentation... Agent:

20150138216 - Handheld device and method for displaying synchronously with tv set: The present invention discloses a handheld device and a method for a handheld device to display synchronously with a TV set. The handheld device includes a display management module for converting output display data into data corresponding to a TV set screen resolution and displaying same on the TV set... Agent:

20150138211 - Method and device for loading and unloading object hierarchically in three-dimensional virtual reality scene: A method for loading and unloading an object hierarchically in a three-dimensional virtual reality scene is provided; the method includes: after perceiving a behaviour of clicking and selecting one or more objects in a three-dimensional virtual reality scene, determining a hierarchical level of the object in a tree management structure... Agent:

20150138217 - Display system: A display system comprises a processing device connected to a plurality of display devices, the processing device comprising a processor connected to a system memory and to a graphics processing unit, the graphics processing unit comprising a graphics processor connected to a video memory. A method of operating the system... Agent: Displaylink (uk) Limited

20150138218 - Display driver and display device including the same: A display driver includes a video data conversion unit, a data compression unit, a memory unit, and a data restoration unit. The video data conversion unit converts first video data that includes RGB data to second video data that includes pentile data. The data compression unit compresses at least a... Agent:

20150138219 - Just-in-time processing of images: Technology is disclosed for processing an image just-in-time, e.g., upon receiving a request for an image (“the technology”). Various embodiments of the technology include processing one or more original images based on a recipe and attributes of the end user device on which the image is viewed to generate a... Agent: Zebrafish Labs, Inc.

20150138222 - Image processing device and multi-projection system: An image processing device, for making a plurality of projectors project an image based on an input image signal such that a part of a projection region overlaps, includes an acquiring unit and a generating unit. The acquiring unit acquires distribution information on distribution of a luminance of a displayed... Agent:

20150138221 - Method and apparatus for controlling camera for color calibration of multi-displays: A method for controlling a camera for color calibration of multi-displays including: acquiring a first image of data displayed on the multi-displays by photographing the multi-displays with the camera; analyzing color of the data displayed on at least one individual display from among the multi-displays using the acquired first image;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138220 - Systems and methods for displaying scanned images with overlaid text: Disclosed are techniques and systems to provide a scanned image in which a portion of the image is overlaid with OCR generated text corresponding to the text of the original scanned document.... Agent: K-nfb Reading Technology, Inc.

20150138223 - Flicker removal for high speed video: Embodiments provide techniques for stabilizing coloration for video content containing a plurality of frames. Embodiments include selecting a reference frame from the plurality of frames. A plurality of reference points are identified within the reference frame. Embodiments further include adjusting the coloration of each of two or more unselected frames... Agent:

20150138224 - Head-mounted display device and method of changing light transmittance of the same: A method of changing a light transmittance of a head-mounted display device and the head-mounted device are provided. The method of changing a light transmittance of a head-mounted display device includes detecting an illuminance; determining an application displayed on a display unit of the head-mounted display device; determining a first... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138225 - Method for displaying area extraction result and image processing apparatus: A method for displaying a result of area extraction processing of dividing a target image into a foreground area and a background area includes a result acquisition step of acquiring a result of the area extraction processing on the target image, an extraction result image generation step of acquiring an... Agent:

20150138226 - Front to back compositing: In one embodiment, pixels that cannot change their color due to the alpha blend mode and the color already stored in a render target are detected. For example, if destination alpha blending is used and a target pixel has an alpha value of 1.0, it will not change color regardless... Agent:

20150138227 - Method for processing rgb data and system for the same: The present invention relates to the art of color space conversion technique, and discloses a method for processing RGB data and a system for the same. The method comprises: S1: converting input values of three colors RGB into a HSV color space; S2: adjusting a brightness value V while keeping... Agent:

20150138228 - System, method, and computer program product for implementing anti-aliasing operations using a programmable sample pattern table: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for implementing anti-aliasing operations using a programmable sample pattern table. The method includes the steps of receiving an instruction that causes one or more values to be stored in one or more corresponding entries of the programmable sample pattern table and... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150138230 - Method and apparatus for annotating point of interest information: An approach is provided for annotating point of interest information to structures. One or more representations of at least one structure are determined. One or more partitions of the at least one structure is determined based, at least in part, on one or more features of the one or more... Agent:

20150138229 - Systems and methods for compositing a display image from display planes using enhanced bit-level block transfer hardware: Systems and methods for compositing an image from display planes are disclosed. An internal matrix having transparency data indicating transparency of a macro block of a digital representation of a display is accessed. An external matrix is accessed if the internal matrix indicates the macro block includes a transparent and... Agent: Ncomputing Inc.

20150138232 - Ar display device, process contents setting device, process contents setting method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium: Disclosed is an AR display device including: a display unit configured to display an augmented reality space; a camera configured to shoot the reality space; an object detecting unit configured to detect a predetermined object in the reality space; a display control unit configured to prepare a simulation image which... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150138235 - Collimated display device for augmented reality and method thereof: There are provided a device for displaying virtual reality overlapping the real world and a method thereof. A collimated display device for augmented reality includes a virtual image providing unit configured to modulate an image of the virtual object to light and project the result; and a collimation mirror made... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150138233 - Devices, systems, and methods for examining the interactions of objects in an enhanced scene: Systems, devices, and methods obtain a sequence of images of a physical scene that includes a physical representation of a first object; calculate a sequence of first transform values of the physical representation of the first object based on the sequence of images; store the sequence of first transform values;... Agent:

20150138236 - Display control device and method: A display control device includes circuitry configured to acquire a movement distance of an imaging device configured to acquire a plurality of images including a first image and a second image, calculate, when a specific object is detected from the first image, a first positional relationship between the specific object... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150138234 - Method for effect display of electronic device, and electronic device thereof: A method for effect display of an electronic device, and the electronic device thereof are provided. The method in the electronic device includes obtaining a correlation among a plurality of objects extracted from an image, and displaying at least any one of the plurality of objects by adding an effect,... Agent:

20150138231 - Method, device and system for realizing augmented reality information sharing: A method, device and system for realizing augmented reality information sharing are disclosed. The method includes that an intelligent mobile terminal transmits an obtained current image and determined current position information to a cloud end server; the cloud end server sends the received image to a computer related to the... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150138239 - Display device, display method, and program: There is provided a display device including a display unit, and a projection unit provided in a direction intersecting with a direction perpendicular to a display surface of the display unit, with a rear side of the display surface as a projection direction.... Agent:

20150138238 - Method, device and computer software: e

20150138241 - Position information providing device, position information providing method, position information providing system, and program: A position information providing device includes a display control portion which controls, based on sound position information showing sound data transmission positions, the display of a map display screen where icons showing the sound data transmission positions are superimposed on a map.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150138240 - Projection image display system, projection image display method, and projection-type display apparatus: A projection image display system which forms an image on a projection plane with plural images includes a first projection-type display apparatus, a second projection-type display apparatus, a first-controller configured to control the first projection-type display apparatus to display a guide figure when a projectable region does not contain an... Agent:

20150138237 - Systems and methods for compositing a display image from display planes using enhanced blending hardware: An internal matrix corresponding to a representation of a display screen and having transparency data of a macro block is accessed. Display plane data from either a first or second plane is read if the internal matrix indicates the macro block is non-translucent and from both planes when the internal... Agent: Ncomputing Inc.

20150138242 - Apparatus and method of reproducing multi image: Disclosed are a multi image reproducing apparatus and a multi image reproducing method. The multi image reproducing apparatus includes an image processor to process image data corresponding to a plurality of image contents and to output the image data by or in correspondence to the image contents, an image composition... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138243 - Systems and methods for dynamic wall paper for mobile terminals: Systems and methods are provided for implementing dynamic wallpaper. For example, a mobile terminal is monitored; a current status of the mobile terminal is obtained; a first display format matching with the current status is determined based on at least information associated with a first preset mapping relationship; a current... Agent:

20150138244 - Component determination and gaze provoked interaction: According to the invention, a method for changing a display based at least in part on a gaze point of a user on the display is disclosed. The method may include receiving information identifying a location of the gaze point of the user on the display. The method may also... Agent:

20150138245 - Image display system and method of fitting multiple models to image: Provided is an image processing apparatus for fitting a model to image data. The image processing apparatus determines a final parameter set and a final inlier scale of a first model by iteratively performing a model estimation process and an inlier scale estimation process, wherein the model estimation process determines... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20150138246 - Color reflective display device and operating method thereof: A color reflective display device includes a plurality of color sub-pixels and a control circuit. The control circuit is configured to provide a first driving signal to at least one of a plurality of mini-pixels of a first color sub-pixel, such that the at least one of mini-pixels receiving the... Agent:

20150138253 - Display device, electronic device, and driving method of display device: Provided is a display device including a driving transistor, a switching unit, and a control unit. The driving transistor includes a control terminal, a first terminal, and a second terminal, and controls supply of current to a light emitting element, which is connected to the first terminal and emits light... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150138254 - Driving device for driving a display unit: Disclosed is a display unit driving device which has a reduced power consumption rate. The display unit displays an image in response to a video data signal which is constituted by a plurality of frames each including a data scanning period and a blanking period. The driving device stops power... Agent: Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20150138247 - Image display medium driving device, image display apparatus, driving program, and computer-readable medium: A image display medium driving device includes a voltage application unit that applies a voltage between a pair of substrates, at least one of which is transparent, of an image display medium including plural types of particles which are sealed between the pair of substrates, are attached to the substrates,... Agent:

20150138248 - Image providing apparatus, method and computer program: An apparatus, method and computer program wherein the apparatus includes an optical arrangement including an image source and an exit pupil wherein the exit pupil is configured to be positioned proximate to an eye of a user to enable a user to view an image from the image source; and... Agent:

20150138249 - Liquid crystal display device, data line drive circuit, and drive method for liquid crystal display device: Provided is a liquid crystal display device that can suppress, more than the prior art, lowering of display quality when low-frequency drive is being carried out. The liquid crystal display device is operated in a low frequency drive mode. A source driver applies a gradation voltage during write periods and... Agent:

20150138251 - Method of controlling luminance, luminance controller, and organic llght-emitting diode (oled) display including the same: A method of controlling a luminance, a luminance controller, and an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display are disclosed. In one aspect, a luminance data to be displayed on a display panel is received from an external device. A gamma group corresponding to the luminance data is selected among a plurality... Agent:

20150138252 - Multiscreen display device: A microcomputer calculates a target brightness per brightness mode. Each projection video image display device specifies a target control current value corresponding to a calculated target brightness corresponding to a brightness mode set to the projection video image display device. Each projection video image display device supplies a current indicating... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150138255 - Pixel circuit, display and driving method thereof: The invention provides a pixel circuit that can cancel the influence of the mobility of a drive transistor. A drive transistor supplies a light-emitting element with an output current dependent upon an input voltage. The light-emitting element emits light with a luminance dependent upon a video signal in response to... Agent:

20150138250 - Systems and methods for controlling dual modulation displays: In one embodiment, a dual modulator display systems and methods for rendering target image data upon the dual modulator display system are disclosed where the display system receives target image data, possible HDR image data and first calculates display control signals and then calculates backlight control signals from the display... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150138257 - Display device and method for controlling display device: According to one embodiment, a display device displays an n−1th frame (n is an integer which is greater than or equal 2) and an nth frame in this order. The display device includes a display panel, calculator, adjuster, and controller. The calculator calculates power consumption of the n−1th frame. The... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20150138259 - Driving device for driving display unit: A device and method for controlling a semiconductor memory capable of suppressing deterioration in reliability of read-out data are provided. A drive controller generates pixel data sequence signals which indicate luminance levels of respective pixels based on a video data signal. A data driver generates pixel drive voltages corresponding to... Agent: Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20150138256 - Electrophoretic display apparatus and drive method thereof: An electrophoretic display apparatus is provided that applies to a target pixel, a first voltage pulse a number of times determined according to target gradation of the target pixel to cause the target pixel to transition to a first display state, applies, when the target gradation is in a direction... Agent: Mitsubishi Pencil Company, Limited

20150138258 - Organic light-emitting diode (oled) display: An organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display is disclosed. In one aspect, the OLED display includes a pixel unit and an emission driver. The pixel unit includes a plurality of pixels. The emission driver is configured to output an emission control signal wherein the emission control signal includes a plurality of... Agent:

20150138261 - Driving device for driving display unit: A driving device for driving a display unit which can reduce power consumption regardless of the type of video data is provided which, based on the type of application software which is the provider of a video data signal, performs either one of a first power saving mode in which... Agent: Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20150138260 - Viewing angle characteristic improving method in liquid crystal display device, and liquid crystal display device: An object of the present invention is to improve display quality in oblique view in a liquid crystal display device employing a multi-gap structure. After a gradation-transmittance characteristic when a liquid crystal panel is viewed from an oblique direction is acquired, a range of a gradation value in which a... Agent:

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