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Communications: radio wave antennas

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09/25/2014 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140285381 - Antenna structure: An antenna structure includes a feed portion, a first radiating body, and a resonating section. The first radiating body includes first and second shared sections, and first, second, and third extending sections. The resonating section and the first shared section are connected to the feed portion and on receiving feed... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140285380 - Antenna structure and the manufacturing method therefor: An antenna structure is provided. The antenna structure includes a radiating portion having an approximately quadrangular body, wherein the quadrangular body has a first side, a second side opposite to the first side, a third side, and a fourth side opposite to the third side; and a ground portion surrounding... Agent: Arcadyan Technology Corporation

20140285382 - Patch radiator: A patch radiator has a radiator surface designed as an annular and/or frame-shaped radiator surface, extending around a recess area. The radiator surface is extended so as to transition into the lateral surfaces or lateral walls. On the lateral surfaces or lateral walls, a lateral surface radiator structure electrically connected... Agent: Kathrein-werke Kg

20140285384 - Antenna assembly and mobile terminal using same: An embodiment of the present invention provides an antenna assembly and a mobile terminal. The antenna assembly includes an antenna body provided with a grounding plate and a feeding portion. The antenna body includes a radiating portion provided with an unclosed loop structure. The antenna assembly further has a metal... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.,

20140285385 - Antenna device and electronic device: An antenna device of the present invention includes an antenna element which transmits or receives an electromagnetic wave having a specific frequency by being supplied with electric power, a conductive element which is formed of a conductive material, arranged so as to be spaced apart from and face the antenna... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140285383 - Reconfigurable waveguide interface assembly for transmit and receive orientations: An antenna apparatus comprises a lower assembly and an upper assembly, which together forming a cavity to contain an RF circuit device. The upper assembly comprises a waveguide flange interface at an external surface of the upper assembly. The waveguide flange interface comprises a waveguide channel extending from the external... Agent: Peraso Technologies Inc.

20140285386 - Structures for forming conductive paths in antennas and other electronic device structures: Electronic devices may be provided that contain conductive paths. A conductive path may be formed from an elongated metal member that extends across a dielectric gap in an antenna. The antenna may be formed from conductive structures that form an antenna ground and conductive structures that are part of a... Agent:

20140285387 - Broadband monopole antenna for vehicles for two frequency bands in the decimeter wavelength spectrum separated by a frequency gap: The invention relates to a vertical broadband monopole antenna for vehicles for two frequency bands separated by a frequency gap—the lower band for the lower frequencies and the upper band for the higher frequencies—both lying in the decimeter wavelength spectrum, and for transmitting and/or receiving using terrestrially broadcast, vertically polarized... Agent:

20140285388 - Broadband notch antennas: This disclosure is directed to broadband notch antennas. In one aspect, a notch antenna includes a dielectric plate having a first surface and a second surface located opposite the first surface. A conductive layer is disposed on the first surface and has a notch region that exposes the dielectric plate... Agent: Farfield Co.

20140285389 - Rf system-in-package with microstrip-to-waveguide transition: An apparatus includes an IC package comprising a substrate having a first metal layer, a second metal layer, and a dielectric layer disposed between the first and second metal layers. The IC package further comprises an IC die disposed at a surface of the substrate and comprising RF circuitry. The... Agent: Peraso Technologies Inc.

20140285390 - Integrated antenna system for a train control system: An antenna includes a first radiating array coupled to the mast and a second radiating array coupled to the mast. Each of the first and second radiating arrays comprises a plurality of dipoles associated with a radiation frequency, each dipole coupled to the mast by a standoff. The two arrays... Agent: Dbspectra, Inc.

20140285391 - Low-band reflector for dual band directional antenna: A dual band directional antenna with low frequency band reflectors that form desired antenna patterns in a low frequency band while remaining transparent to a higher frequency band. As a result of such frequency transparency, pattern changes in the lower frequency bands do not affect patterns in the higher band... Agent: Ruckus Wireless, Inc.

20140285392 - Monopole antenna: A monopole antenna printed on a substrate is provided. The monopole antenna includes a main body, an extension part, a connection part, a signal feeding terminal, and a ground plane. The main body has a first terminal and a second terminal, and further includes a width varying part and two... Agent: Arcadyan Technology Corporation

20140285393 - Dual-tapered microstrip-to-waveguide transition: An antenna apparatus comprises a substrate with a microstrip-to-waveguide transition comprising a microstrip feedline extending between a first terminal point and a second terminal point at a first metal layer and comprising a microstrip element and a probe element. The microstrip element includes a connection segment extending from the first... Agent: Peraso Technologies Inc.

20140285394 - Electromagnetically coupled broadband multi-frequency monopole with flexible polymer radome enclosure for wireless radio: Disclosed herein is a top load multi-band monopole antenna that is utilized with an integrated electromagnetic coupling feed wire and resonator combination achieving broad band and multi-band performance for multiple frequency spectrums. The top loaded monopole can utilize 450-520 MHz, 698 through 960 MHz and 1000 through 3000 MHz bands... Agent: Electro-magwave, Inc.

20140285395 - Mechanically resistant loop antenna for a passport: The invention relates to an antenna for a radio frequency transponder comprising a flat base with a longitudinal edge, an antenna for receiving via electromagnetic coupling on the base, said edge being intended to be parallel to a binding of the booklet, said antenna comprising parallel and perpendicular coils that... Agent:

20140285396 - Connector for an implantable medical device: A connector assembly for an implantable medical device with hardware components placed in established physical locations within the polymer of the connector, and a method of making the assembly. One embodiment includes a method that involves forming a first shot, coupling at least one hardware component to the first shot... Agent:

20140285397 - Antenna unit and panel array antenna device: An antenna unit includes an antenna substrate, a reflective plate, a receiver board, a transmitter board, a cooling plate and a connection interface. The reflective plate is disposed on an antenna element forming surface of the antenna substrate. The receiver board is disposed on a surface of the antenna substrate... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

09/18/2014 > 61 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.
09/11/2014 > 42 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140253391 - Bond wire antenna: An antenna structure includes a substrate having at least one first pad for wire bonding. A chip is mounted on the substrate, and the chip has at least one second pad for wire bonding. At least one bond wire connects the at least one first pad and the at least... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140253393 - Coupled antenna structure and methods: Antenna apparatus and methods of use and tuning. In one exemplary embodiment, the solution of the present disclosure is particularly adapted for small form-factor, metal-encased applications that utilize satellite wireless links (e.g., GPS), and uses an electromagnetic (e.g., capacitive) feeding method that includes one or more separate feed elements that... Agent:

20140253394 - Coupled antenna structure and methods: Antenna apparatus and methods of use and tuning. In one exemplary embodiment, the solution of the present disclosure is particularly adapted for small form-factor, metal-encased applications that utilize satellite wireless links (e.g., GPS), and uses an electromagnetic (e.g., capacitive) feeding method that includes one or more separate feed elements that... Agent:

20140253392 - Electronic device with capacitively loaded antenna: An electronic device may have an antenna for providing coverage in wireless communications bands of interest such as a low frequency communications band, a middle frequency communications band, and a high frequency communications band. Slot structures in the antenna that might reduce efficiency in the high frequency communications band may... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140253395 - Multiple-body-configuration multimedia and smartphone multifunction wireless devices: A multifunction wireless device having at least one of multimedia functionality and smartphone functionality, the multifunction wireless device including an upper body and a lower body, the upper body and the lower body being adapted to move relative to each other in at least one of a clamshell, a slide,... Agent: Fractus, S.a.

20140253396 - Nfc antenna using dual resonance technical field: The present invention is disclosed to provide an NFC antenna using dual resonance, wherein a closed circuit is formed by a capacitor and a loop antenna, and a relay unit is attached to a portable wireless terminal that forms a resonance to a predetermined frequency signal mutually transmitted between a... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140253397 - Conformal, wearable, thin microwave antenna for sub-skin and skin surface monitoring: A wearable antenna is operably positioned on a wearer's skin and is operably connected the wearer's tissue. A first antenna matched to the wearer's tissue is operably positioned on the wearer's skin. A second antenna matched to the air is operably positioned on the wearer's skin. Transmission lines connect the... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20140253398 - Tunable antenna: A tunable antenna includes a ground plane, a first radiation unit and a second radiation unit. The first radiation unit includes a feeding portion and a coupling portion. The feeding portion is electrically connected to a signal source. The second radiation unit surrounds a part of the coupling portion and... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20140253400 - Method and apparatus for a compact modular phased array element: In various embodiments, a radiating cell of an antenna array can comprise a compacted hybrid as part of a stripline feed network, a radiating element having slots rotated with respect to the compacted hybrid, and a feed circuit layer in communication with the stripline feed network. The radiating cell radius... Agent:

20140253401 - Wideband high gain antenna: An antenna array formed of individual electrically connected pluralities of wideband antenna elements. The array features a centrally located rectangular ground plane having a top surface defined by four edges. Each of said pluralities of elements is engaged to a separate substrate which is engaged along one of the four... Agent:

20140253399 - Wideband slot antenna for wireless communication devices: An antenna comprising a conductive base comprising a west edge, an east edge, a north edge, a south edge, and a center axis, a left slot of nonconductive material extending from the south edge toward the north edge and positioned between the west edge and the center axis, and a... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140253402 - Enclosure for radio, parabolic dish antenna, and side lobe shields: Enclosures for radios, parabolic dish antennas, and side lobe shields are provided herein. A dish antenna includes a parabolic circular reflector bounded by a side lobe shield that extends along a longitudinal axis of the dish antenna in a forward direction forming a front cavity, and a sidewall that extends... Agent:

20140253403 - Low profile double-ridged horn antenna for mobile communications: A broadband double-ridged low profile horn antenna is particularly useful for communications in a mobile wireless network. The broadband antenna of the invention is especially suited for being mounted on the rooftop of a train or vehicle. It is capable of directing electromagnetic energy in a desired direction to provide... Agent:

20140253404 - Antenna device and radio communication apparatus: An antenna device includes a multilayer body including magnetic layers or dielectric layers that are stacked, a first coil conductor that has a winding axis extending in a direction perpendicular or substantially perpendicular to a stacking direction of the multilayer body, the first coil conductor being provided in the multilayer... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140253405 - Antenna of inverted f antenna type integrated into a printed card, and system: An IFA type antenna is integrated into a printed card, the printed card having a main-extension plane. The IFA type antenna has a first electrically conducting element, serving as earth plane, a second electrically conducting element, serving as radiating element of the antenna, an electrically conducting connection, serving to short-circuit... Agent: Johnson Controls Automotive Electronics Sas

20140253406 - Segmented antenna: An antenna comprising a main arm comprising conductive material, wherein the main arm is connected to a signal feed, and a first coupling arm comprising conductive material, wherein the first coupling arm is electrically coupled to a ground, and wherein the first coupling arm is electrically coupled to the main... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140253407 - Slim triple band antenna array for cellular base stations: The present invention refers to a triple-band antenna array for cellular base stations operating at a first frequency band and at a second frequency band within a first frequency range, and also at a third frequency band within a second frequency range. Said triple-band antenna array comprises a first set... Agent: Fractus, S.a.

20140253408 - Chain antenna system: A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system according to one embodiment includes a chain of radiating elements; a transmission line; and power dividers coupled along the transmission line, the power dividers coupling the transmission line to each of the radiating elements, the power dividers being configured such that each radiating element... Agent: Applied Wireless Identifications Group, Inc.

20140253409 - Composites for antennas and other applications: Composite material, devices incorporating the composite material and methods of forming the composite material are provided. The composite material includes interstitial material that has at least one of a select relative permittivity property value and a select relative permeability property value. The composite material further includes inclusion material within the... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20140253410 - Multi-mode, multi-band antenna: A multi-mode, multi-band antenna system for a handheld wireless device includes a Quadrafilar Helix Antenna (QHA) that radiates circularly polarized waves is fed by a co-axial cable. The co-axial cable is also used in combination with the QHA as a monopole antenna. Because of the distinct electromagnetic field patterns of... Agent:

20140253411 - Wireless terminal: Disclosed is a wireless terminal. The wireless terminal comprises: a printed circuit board (21), an antenna (22) coupled onto the printed circuit board (21) and configured to transmit electromagnetic waves, a parasitic unit (23) coupled onto the printed circuit board (21) and configured to lower an SAR peak value of... Agent: Zte Corporation

09/04/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140247188 - Antenna device and electronic apparatus including antenna device: An antenna device includes a casing including a metal casing portion and a feed coil. The metal casing portion includes a main surface, a side surface connected to the main surfaces, and a notch portion located in the side surface. The feed coil is disposed inside the casing to be... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140247189 - Multiband whip antenna: A multiband antenna, including an elongate radiating element including a first elongate portion and a second elongate portion, a coil galvanically connected to the first elongate portion of the elongate radiating element, a radio-frequency connector galvanically connected to the coil, a conductive layer enclosing at least the coil and the... Agent: Galtronics Corporation Ltd.

20140247190 - Dual port single frequency antenna: An antenna further comprising: a first port, a second port, where the first port is 180-degrees out of phase with respect to the second port.... Agent:

20140247191 - Compact low sidelobe antenna and feed network: An antenna may include a primary reflector having a ring focus; a feed body along an axis of the primary reflector, the feed body including a circular waveguide coaxial with the axis of the primary reflector; a sub-reflector disposed facing an end of the circular waveguide; and a generally cylindrical... Agent: Optim Microwave, Inc.

20140247192 - Wireless communication module and communication terminal apparatus incorporating the same: A wireless communication module includes a multilayer structure including a magnetic block and at least one non-magnetic layer stacked on the magnetic block, the magnetic block including at least one magnetic layer, at least one inductor element disposed at the magnetic block, and an antenna coil disposed at the non-magnetic... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140247193 - Dipole antenna assembly having an electrical conductor extending through tubular segments and related methods: A dipole antenna assembly may include a first tubular dipole element and a coaxial antenna feed extending through a proximal end of the first tubular dipole element. The coaxial antenna feed may have an inner conductor, an outer conductor, and a dielectric therebetween. The inner conductor may extend outwardly beyond... Agent: Harris Corporation

20140247194 - Gnss antennas: A global navigation satellite system (GNSS) antenna system includes interference mitigation and multipath canceling. Multiple ports or phased arrays of antennas can be provided. Antennas can comprise controlled radiation pattern antennas (CRPA). Crossed dipole and patch antenna configurations can be utilized.... Agent: Hemisphere Gnss Inc.

20140247195 - Semiconductor package including antenna substrate and manufacturing method thereof: A semiconductor package includes a package substrate, a semiconductor device, an antenna substrate and a package body. The semiconductor device is disposed on an upper surface of the package substrate. The antenna substrate is disposed on the semiconductor device and includes a core layer, a grounding layer formed on a... Agent: Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.

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