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Communications: radio wave antennas

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01/22/2015 > 23 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150022401 - Antenna system and an electronic device including the same: Provided is an antenna system. The antenna system, in this aspect, includes a first antenna operable to communicate at a given frequency below about 1000 MHz. The antenna system, in this aspect, further includes a second antenna of a different type associated with the first antenna and operable to communicate... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150022402 - Capacitively coupled loop antenna and an electronic device including the same: Provided is an antenna. The antenna, in one embodiment, includes a feed element electrically connectable to a positive terminal of a transmission line, and a ground element electrically connectable to a negative terminal of the transmission line. In this embodiment of the antenna, the feed element and ground element capacitively... Agent:

20150022404 - Handheld device: A handheld device is provided, wherein the handheld device comprises a housing, a circuit board, a planar antenna and a switch. The housing comprising an outer surface is configured to define a receiving space. The circuit board is disposed in the receiving space. The planar antenna comprises a metal layer,... Agent:

20150022403 - Mobile device and antenna structure therein: A mobile device includes a proximity sensor, a controller, an RF (Radio Frequency) module, and a metal frame. The proximity sensor generates a detection signal. The controller generates a control signal according to the detection signal. The RF module generates an RF feeding signal, and adjusts an RF power of... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150022405 - Method, device and storage medium for controlling antenna: The embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method for controlling an antenna of a terminal device. The method comprises: acquiring an environmental state parameter of a terminal device; extracting an antenna performance parameter corresponding to the environmental state parameter from a preset antenna performance parameter table; and adjusting an... Agent: Xiaomi Inc.

20150022406 - Method and system for multi-service reception: A multi-service antenna may comprise: a support structure, a reflector mounted to the support structure, a signal processing assembly mounted with the support structure, a first wire strung between the reflector and the support structure and/or the signal processing assembly, and circuitry for processing a first signal received as a... Agent:

20150022407 - Metamaterial reconfigurable antennas: Leaky wave antennas that can be reconfigured in pattern and/or polarization by exploiting the characteristic of metamaterial structures loaded with variable capacitor and inductors employ a Composite Right Left Handed (CRLH) unit cell with two independent DC biases used to actively change the group delay of the transmission line and... Agent:

20150022408 - Antenna with active elements: A multi-frequency antenna comprising an IMD element, one or more active tuning elements and one or more parasitic elements. The IMD element is used in combination with the active tuning and parasitic elements for enabling a variable frequency at which the antenna operates, wherein, when excited, the parasitic elements may... Agent:

20150022409 - Dual-band dichroic polarizer and system including same: A dual-band dichroic polarizer is provided for converting linearly polarized electromagnetic energy within distinct frequency bands into oppositely polarized circularly polarized electromagnetic energy. The polarizer includes an array of unit cells distributed across a sheet, wherein the unit cells each include a stack of one or more resonant structures, the... Agent:

20150022410 - Antenna magnetic core, antenna using same, and detection system: An antenna magnetic core of an embodiment has a laminate of a Co-based amorphous magnetic alloy thin strip and a resin layer part having an average thickness in a range of from 1 to 10 μm. Dispersion of thicknesses of the resin layer part is within ±40% in relation to... Agent: Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.

20150022411 - Method and system for multiple feed point antennas: An antenna, including a radiating element configured to have a fundamental resonance frequency being regarded as a first harmonic resonance frequency fo, and feed points positioned on the configured radiating element at selected multiple locations that correspond to where a multiple of the first harmonic resonance frequency have current maxima,... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150022413 - Multi-sector directive antenna: According to the invention, said first and second excited elements (10,11) and said at least two reflector elements (20,21,22,23) are aligned, said reflector elements being disposed between said first and second excited elements. At least two reflector elements from among said at least two reflector elements (20,21,22,23) are connected together... Agent:

20150022412 - Reconfigurable antenna structure with parasitic elements: The present invention refers to a reconfigurable antenna structure. The antenna structure comprises an active radiating structure comprising at least an active radiating element, a passive radiating structure comprising at least a passive radiating element, a ground plane structure comprising at least a ground plane element and at least a... Agent: Adant Technologies, Inc.

20150022414 - Reflectarray and design method: A method of designing a reflectarray including a substrate having a surface perpendicular to a predetermined axis, wherein elements are disposed on the substrate. The method obtains a reflection phase of the elements as a function of a design parameter such as element spacing, when a radio wave enters the... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150022416 - Antenna device: An antenna device of the present embodiment includes: a first conductive layer connected to a ground potential, a semiconductor device provided above the first conductive layer, a second conductive layer provided above the semiconductor device, a first via connecting the second conductive layer and the first conductive layer, a third... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150022415 - Antenna structure and wireless communication device employing same: An antenna structure includes a main portion, a first radiating portion connected to the main portion, a second radiating portion connected to the main portion and opposite to the first radiating portion, and a coupling portion spaced from and coplanar with the main portion and opposite to the second radiating... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20150022417 - Antenna element for wireless communication: The invention relates to an improved antenna element. Such an antenna element comprises a substrate, a first conductor and a second conductor. The substrate has at least a first lateral surface. The first conductor is provided on the first lateral surface, and includes a feed line portion and a monopole... Agent:

20150022418 - Wireless module: A wireless module includes a wireless module main body including a first antenna on a first insulating substrate, and a coupler including a second antenna on a second insulating substrate arranged so as to face the first insulating substrate, wherein a connection terminal to which an external antenna is connectable... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20150022419 - Antenna device: An antenna device includes an antenna and a matching circuit. The antenna includes a first radiating body and a second radiating body. The matching circuit includes a first matching path connected to the first radiating body and a second matching path connected to the second radiating body. The first radiating... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20150022420 - Antenna structure and wireless communication device employing same: An antenna structure includes a first antenna, a second antenna, a radio frequency (“RF”) circuit, and a controller. The first antenna includes a first radiating portion and a first feeding portion. The second antenna includes a second radiating portion and a second feeding portion. The second radiating portion is positioned... Agent:

20150022421 - Aperiodic phased array antenna with single bit phase shifters: An antenna array can include multiple radiating cells, each comprising a radiating element and a phase shifter. Further, each radiating element can comprise a first radiating element port and a second radiating element port. Each of the radiating cells can be configured to selectively connect the phase shifter to one... Agent: Viasat, Inc.

20150022422 - Mobile device and multi-band antenna structure therein: A mobile device includes a dielectric substrate, a ground plane, an RF (Radio Frequency) module, an antenna structure, a bypass inductor, matching circuits, and a switch circuit. The antenna structure includes a first radiation element and a second radiation element. The first end of the first radiation element is connected... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150022423 - Advanced composite radome and method of manufacturing: A radome for housing a radar system comprises a plurality of interconnected curved radome thermoplastic composite material panels, each curved radome thermoplastic composite material panel having a plurality of interconnecting edges, a foam core, an inner skin, an outer skin, and a plurality of three-dimensional fiber bundles tying the inner... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150015443 - Cover device and portable terminal having the same: A cover device and a portable terminal having the cover device are provided. The cover device includes a rear cover provided with a first antenna, and a front cover rotatably connected to the rear cover and provided with a second antenna communicating with the first antenna, in face to face... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150015444 - Vehicle-mounted replacement antenna: A vehicle-mounted replacement antenna includes an antenna holder, an antenna element, a connecting shaft and a concealed screw. The concealed screw is embedded into a concealed screw hole of a cylindrical portion of the antenna holder, and a distal end of the concealed screw is pressed against a bottom surface... Agent:

20150015445 - Capacitively coupled loop inverted f reconfigurable antenna: System and method embodiments are provided for capacitive coupled loop inverted F reconfigurable multiband antenna. The embodiments enable tuning and adjustment of the low frequency response of the antenna without appreciably effecting the high frequency response of the antenna. In an embodiment, a reconfigurable multiband antenna includes a first antenna... Agent:

20150015446 - On radiator slot fed antenna: An antenna includes a slot feed on the radiator itself (On Radiator Slot Fed Antenna or ORSFA) instead of the slot feed being a separate element. One of the advantages of having the slot feed integrated onto the radiator is that the antenna is less dependent on the adjacent conductive... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150015447 - Extremely low-profile antenna: An antenna, including a ground region having a plurality of meandering slots formed therein, a generally conical radiating element supported on the ground region and spaced apart therefrom and a generally flat disk-shaped radiating element disposed between the generally conical radiating element and the ground region, the generally flat disk-shaped... Agent: Galtronics Corporation Ltd.

20150015448 - Multiple antenna system: The present invention relates to an antenna system including at least two antenna modules operable for transmitting and/or receiving radiation in certain common frequency band. The at least two antenna modules are collinearly arranged along a common axis so as to provide low gain along the axis, and are spaced... Agent:

20150015449 - Basic antenna, and corresponding one- or two-dimensional array antenna: e

20150015450 - Emc shield apparatus: An EMC shield apparatus has an antenna including a conductor part, a substrate, which is arranged to be separated from the antenna, and on which a circuit that processes a signal supposed to be transmitted by the antenna or a signal received by the antenna is mounted, and a shielded... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150015451 - Ground planes for reducing multipath reception by antennas:

20150015452 - Active antenna module: An active antenna module is disclosed. The active antenna module comprises a loop antenna, a RF transistor, a LR series circuit, a first bypass capacitor and a second bypass capacitor. The RF transistor comprises a control port, a first port, and a second port. Each of two ends of the... Agent: U&u Engineering Inc.

20150015453 - Transmit/receive daughter card with integral circulator: A mixed-signal, multilayer printed wiring board fabricated in a single lamination step is described. The PWB includes one or more radio frequency (RF) interconnects between different circuit layers on different circuit boards which make up the PWB. The PWB includes a number of unit cells with radiating elements and an... Agent:

20150015454 - Wireless communication device having two antennas: A wireless communication device includes a printed circuit board (PCB), a main antenna, an auxiliary antenna, and a metal member. The main antenna, the auxiliary antenna, and the metal member are positioned on the PCB. The metal member is spaced from the auxiliary antenna to allow current to be coupled... Agent:

20150015455 - Reflectarray and design method: A reflectarray reflects an incident wave in a desired direction. The reflectarray includes a substrate including a surface which is perpendicular to a predetermined axis, and elements disposed on the substrate. A specific element among the elements reflects the incident wave with a specific reflection phase among a plurality of... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

01/08/2015 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150009074 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes a conducting element, a supporting element, and a multiband antenna is disclosed. The conducting element is connected to the ground of the electronic device by a high impedance connection. The supporting element has a supporting surface, and the supporting surface and the conducting element are perpendicular.... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20150009077 - Cover of a mobile device and mobile device including the same: A cover of a mobile device includes a metal structure disposed to cover one surface of the mobile device. The metal structure includes a metal material, and operates as an antenna for a wireless communication of the mobile device.... Agent:

20150009075 - Orthogonal multi-antennas for mobile handsets based on characteristic mode manipulation: A novel multi-antenna design approach is proposed to obtain uncorrelated and energy efficient antennas. By manipulating the chassis, more than one characteristic mode is enabled to resonate at frequency below 1 GHz. With proper excitations for different characteristic modes, which are inherently orthogonal to each other, well performed multiple antennas... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150009076 - Portable electronic device with antenna device: A portable electronic device is provided which includes a first housing; a second housing that is coupled to the first housing; at least one pair of antenna elements that are housed in the first housing; and a switch element that connects the antenna elements to a transmission/reception circuit module. The... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150009078 - Antenna control system and multi-frequency shared antenna: A multi-frequency shared antenna comprises a low frequency radiation array and a first high frequency radiation array both of which are disposed on a reflection plate and provided with power by different feeding networks. The first high frequency radiation array comprises a number of high frequency radiation units, at least... Agent:

20150009079 - Filtering antenna systems, devices, and methods: The present subject matter relates to filtering antenna devices, systems, and methods in which a tunable antenna having one or more first variable impedance element is configured to selectively vary an impedance at a signal path output and a tunable filter is in communication between the signal path output of... Agent:

20150009080 - Lens with spatial mixed-order bandpass filter: An apparatus includes a plurality of layers of conductive elements and a substrate layer. A first of the layers of conductive elements has a first portion that includes conductive elements having a first structure different from a second structure of conductive elements in a second portion of the first layer.... Agent:

20150009081 - Millimetre-wave radar: A millimeter-wave radar device including at least one millimeter-wave circuit and at least one antenna, wherein the millimeter-wave radar device is designed as a module having a multilayered multipolymer circuit board having at least a first layer composed of a polymer material having low dispersion of the dielectric constant, a... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20150009082 - Slot antenna: This slot antenna is provided with: a dielectric substrate (1); a dielectric surface (10) formed on one surface of the dielectric substrate (1); a slot (11) formed in the dielectric surface (10) and having an open end at one end; and a first stub (21) and a second stub (22)... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150009083 - Feed horn having dielectric layers and assembly of feed horn and radome: A feed horn includes at least a wave guiding unit which has a pipe and two dielectric layers. The pipe has an opening and at least an inner surface extending from the opening to an inside of the pipe. The dielectric layers have a larger dielectric constant than air and... Agent: Prime Electronics And Satellitics Incorporation

20150009084 - Electromagnetic band gap device: An electromagnetic band gap device is disclosed that includes a dielectric support of which one face is metallized and of which a second face includes a plurality of non-adjoining conducting elements. Several conducting elements are linked together pairwise by a resistive element in the electromagnetic band gap device. At least... Agent:

20150009085 - Antenna: A reflector for an antenna is formed from a metallized fabric composite material including a first fabric layer, a second fabric layer, and a metallic layer positioned between the first and second fabric layers and secured to each of the first and second fabric layers.... Agent:

20150009086 - Active antenna system with multiple feed ports and control method thereof: An active antenna system with multiple feed ports and a control method of the active antenna system are provided. The active antenna system includes an antenna radiation element, a first feed port and a second feed port. If the first control circuit is in a close state, the first feed... Agent:

20150009087 - Multi-band antenna: Methods and systems for extending a bandwidth of a multi-band antenna of a user device are described. A multi-band antenna includes a single radio frequency (RF) input coupled to a first loop antenna, the first loop antenna configured to provide a first resonant mode. The multi-band antenna also includes a... Agent:

20150009088 - Diplexing and triplexing of loop antennas: An antenna system comprising a plurality of loop antenna sets with each of the plurality of loop antenna sets disposed in one of a plurality of different parallel planes with each of the planes being spaced apart from another adjacent plane and wherein loop antenna set in the plurality of... Agent:

20150009089 - Antennas: One aspect of the invention provides an antenna including: a dielectric substrate and a plurality of antenna elements positioned on a surface of the dielectric substrate. Each antenna element includes: a sector-shaped sheet of conductive material and a conductive feed line coupled to the sector-shape sheet of conductive material. Another... Agent:

20150009090 - Antenna device and electronic device having the antenna device: An electronic device includes is provided. The electronic device includes an antenna radiator configured to operate in at least one frequency band, a ground stub disposed at a coupling location in proximity to the antenna radiator, and a switching device configured to selectively ground the ground stub and a ground... Agent:

20150009093 - Antenna apparatus and portable wireless device equipped with the same: The antenna apparatus of the present invention is characterized by including a substrate, a conductor arranged on one of the surfaces of the substrate, two antennas arranged on the substrate, a notch portion formed to the conductor so as to have an open end between two antennas, a stub formed... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150009092 - Multi-antenna structure: A multi-antenna structure includes a base plate, a first antenna, a second antenna, a first metal line, and a second metal line. The base plate includes a grounded metal surface. The grounded metal surface includes two short sides and two long sides. The first antenna and the second antenna are... Agent:

20150009091 - Node for high-rise building coverage: The present invention relates to a communication node (1) comprising at least one antenna arrangement (2) with two horizontal and two vertical array antennas. A first horizontal antenna port (4) and a second vertical antenna port (10) are connected to a first polarization (P1). A first vertical antenna port (8)... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

01/01/2015 > 31 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150002340 - Antenna structure and wireless communication device using the same: An antenna structure includes a feed portion, a first ground portion, a second ground portion, a first antenna, and a second antenna. The first antenna includes a first radiator and a second radiator. The second antenna includes a first radiation portion, a second radiation portion, a third radiation portion, and... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20150002338 - Galvanically separated non-interacting antenna sector apparatus and methods: An antenna apparatus with isolated non-interactive sectors and methods operating and forming the same. In one embodiment, an antenna with a radiative element comprising a planar layer with multiple sectors is disclosed. The sectors are configured to be interactive or non-interactive. The interactive sectors contribute to the radiative profile of... Agent:

20150002339 - Multiband antenna: A multiband antenna includes a feed end, a first grounding end, a first main portion connected to the feed end, a second main portion, a first radiating portion, a second radiating portion, and a third radiating portion. The second main portion is coplanar with and connected to the first main... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20150002345 - Antenna device and communication device: An antenna device that is built in an electronic device and that can perform communication by receiving a magnetic field transmitted from a transmitter includes an antenna coil formed on a printed circuit board and inductively coupled to the transmitter, and a magnetic sheet that attracts the magnetic field transmitted... Agent: Dexerials Corporation

20150002344 - Antenna device for vehicle: An antenna device for a vehicle includes an antenna case, a main antenna and a preliminary antenna. The antenna case has a board disposed therein. The main antenna is connected to the board through a connector of the antenna case. The preliminary antenna is disposed inside the antenna case and... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150002341 - Radiator frame having antenna pattern embedded therein, antenna pattern frame including radiator frame, and electronic device including antenna pattern frame: There are provided a radiator frame having an antenna pattern embedded therein, an antenna pattern frame including the radiator frame, and an electronic device including the antenna pattern frame. The radiator frame includes: a radiator including an antenna pattern part transmitting or receiving a signal and a connection terminal part... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150002342 - Vehicle antenna for mobile services: A pole-type vehicle antenna is provided that is mounted to a vehicle for the purpose of mobile services. In the vehicle antenna, a new type antenna for mobile services that substitutes for an antenna pole in a breakdown of the antenna pole is implemented by providing a thin film type... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150002343 - Vehicle antenna for mobile services: A pole-type vehicle antenna is provided that is mounted to a vehicle for the purpose of mobile services. In the vehicle antenna, a new type antenna for mobile services that substitutes for an antenna pole in a breakdown of the antenna pole is implemented by providing a fastening type preliminary... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150002346 - Integrated printed decorative antenna and electronics: Apparatuses comprising an integrated printed decorative image with a printed antenna structure and/or printed electronic circuits are disclosed. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a printed decorative image atop the layer of the printed antenna structure, wherein the printed antenna structure is substantially concealed by the printed decorative image. Other... Agent: Omega Optics, Inc.

20150002347 - Antenna with a combined bandpass/bandstop filter network: An antenna with a combined bandpass/bandstop filter network is provided. The antenna includes: a first radiating arm connectable to an antenna feed, the first radiating arm configured to resonate at a first frequency; a second radiating arm, the second radiating arm and the first radiating arm, when electrically connected, configured... Agent:

20150002348 - Communication device with reconfigurable low-profile antenna element: A communication device including a ground element and an antenna element is provided. The antenna element is disposed adjacent to an edge of the ground element, and a loop structure is formed by the antenna element and the edge of the ground element. The antenna element includes a first and... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150002349 - Radio-frequency device and wireless communication device for enhancing antenna isolation: A radio-frequency device for a wireless communication device includes an antenna disposition area; a plurality of linearly polarized antennas for transmitting and receiving a plurality of radio signals, wherein the plurality of linearly polarized antennas are substantially disposed in the antenna disposition area in a manner such that polarization directions... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corporation

20150002350 - Wireless electronic devices including a variable tuning component: Wireless electronic devices are provided. A wireless electronic device may include a ground plane and a metal perimeter around the ground plane. The metal perimeter may include an antenna. Moreover, the wireless electronic device may include a variable tuning component coupled to the metal perimeter and configured to tune a... Agent:

20150002351 - Slot antenna with a combined bandpass/bandstop filter network: A slot antenna with a filter network is provided. The slot antenna is connectable to an antenna feed, and configured to resonate at a first frequency when surface current from the antenna feed flows around the slot antenna, the slot antenna comprising a first side and a second side separated... Agent:

20150002352 - Manufacturing method of a dielectric material and its applications to millimeter-waves beam forming antenna systems: The invention concerns a manufacturing method of a new type of dielectric material having a predefined variable permittivity resulting from the manufacturing process. Main characteristic of the manufacturing method is that in a first step homogeneous dielectric material (100) is shaped in at least a direction and subsequently at least... Agent:

20150002353 - Antenna device: There is provided an antenna device which can suitably tilt directivity of an antenna. The antenna device includes a dielectric substrate, a conductive plate arranged on one surface of the dielectric substrate, a first slot element to which electric power is supplied from a power supply line, which has an... Agent:

20150002354 - Horn antenna: A double ridge horn antenna has open sides between its mouth and a point where a transmission line is coupled to the double ridge structure, in an embodiment, the horn antenna is formed from two parts which when attached together form the double ridge structure.... Agent:

20150002355 - Millimeter wave frequency data communication systems: A first module and a second module are formed on a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) chip substrate. The first module is to serialize and de-serialize a data signal. The second module is to up-convert and down-convert the data signal to and from the first module. An antenna is coupled to the... Agent:

20150002356 - Tube and ring directional end-fire array antenna: A tube and ring directional end-fire array antenna is provided. The antenna can include a radome, a reflector housing disposed at a first end of the radome, a driven PCB element housed within the radome, a plurality of RF feed connectors disposed on a distal side of the reflector housing... Agent:

20150002357 - Dual receiver/transmitter radio devices with choke: Wireless radio apparatuses for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint transmission/communication of high bandwidth signals having dual receivers and transmitters. Radio devices and systems may include a pair of reflectors separated by an isolation choke boundary. The device may be configured to operate in any appropriate band (e.g., a 5 GHz band, a... Agent:

20150002358 - Radio communication module: Embodiments of the invention provide a radio communication module, including a printed circuit board including a receiving connector, a shield can provided on the printed circuit board and configured to shield an electromagnetic wave, and an antenna including a transmitting connector connected to the receiving connector and connected to the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150002361 - Antenna device and system: Embodiments of the present application disclose an antenna device and system. The antenna device includes: an antenna array, configured to radiate or receive an electromagnetic wave signal; a feed network, configured to connect the antenna array and a signal multiplexer; at least one signal multiplexer, configured to divide one path... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150002359 - Antennas with shared grounding structure: Techniques for providing multiple antennas in a wireless device using a compact configuration to achieve good isolation and broad bandwidth. In an aspect, first and second monopole elements that may be separately driven are provided on opposite sides of a grounding strip conductively coupled to a common grounding structure. By... Agent:

20150002360 - Semiconductor device, transmission system, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing transmission system: Disclosed herein is a semiconductor device including: a semiconductor circuit element configured to process an electrical signal having a predetermined frequency; and a transmission line configured to be connected to the semiconductor circuit element via a wire and transmit the electrical signal. An impedance matching pattern having a symmetric shape... Agent:

20150002362 - Surface antenna with a single radiation element: A surface antenna with a single radiation element, which comprises (a) a power source with first and second poles; (b) a phase shifting element, inserted to the path of one of the poles of the power source in such a manner that the phase shifting device shifts the phase of... Agent:

20150002363 - Communication device and antenna element therein: A communication device includes a ground element and an antenna element. The antenna element is disposed adjacent to an edge of the ground element. The antenna element includes a first metal element and a second metal element. The first metal element has a first end and a second end. The... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150002364 - Cyanate resin blends and radomes including them: Certain embodiments are directed to cyanate resin blends comprising, for example, a mixture of a cyanate monomer and a cyanate oligomer. The resin blends are effective to provide a dielectric constant of less than 2.7, a glass transition temperature of at least 150° C. and a moisture absorption of less... Agent:

20150002365 - Electrical component holder: A holder is provided for holding an electrical component on a circuit board having a lead hole. The holder includes a body having a base for holding the electrical component and a connection member for mounting the body to the circuit board. The base includes a lead opening that is... Agent:

20150002367 - Antenna device and wireless terminal device using the same: There are provided an antenna device that comprises: a conductor plate; at least two antenna elements arranged near an end of the conductor plate; a first slotline formed into the conductor plate, the first slotline having a characteristic impedance of an optional numerical value Z1; a second slotline formed into... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150002366 - Antenna structure and wireless communication device empolying same: An antenna structure includes a main antenna, a diversity antenna, and at least one accessorial antenna. The main antenna extends in a main antenna direction. The diversity antenna is spaced apart from the main antenna and extends in a first radiation direction substantially parallel to the main antenna direction. The... Agent:

20150002368 - Modular reflector assembly for a reflector antenna: An modular reflector assembly may include a shell and a support frame. The modular reflector assembly may also include a plurality of support links that mechanically couple the shell to the support frame. The shell may be thermally decoupled from the support frame by the plurality of support links.... Agent:

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