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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation)

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04/16/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150102953 - Systems and methods for remote l-band smart antenna distance measuring equipment diversity: Various avionics systems may benefit from the proper handling of diversity with respect to antennas. For example, systems and methods for remote L-band smart antenna distance measuring equipment may benefit from being prepared to provide diversity against interference, such as a multipath interference. A method can include determining which antenna... Agent:

20150102954 - 4-dimensional continuous wave radar system for traffic safety enforcement: A radar system for detecting a single object from a plurality of objects and calculating 4D information of said object may include a first radar for obtaining first positional information of a first object, a second radar for obtaining second positional information of a second object and a computer for... Agent:

20150102955 - Measurement association in vehicles: Methods and systems are provided for measurement association in vehicles. An object proximate a vehicle is identified. Measurements or classifications are obtained via one or more sensors. A first tracking gate is generated that is based at least in part on a characteristic of one of the sensors used to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150102956 - Tracking device: A targetless tracking device has a detector configured to receive scattered radiation indicative of the presence of an object. The device also has a processor which is configured to calculate a positional relationship between the device and the object based on the scattered radiation, receive an indication of a desired... Agent:

20150102957 - Ranging method, ranging device, location device and location method: A ranging method, executed in a ranging device, comprising steps of: obtaining a trip time of a received wireless signal, wherein the received wireless signal is a wireless signal from an object; calculating a statistical value of a rising time of the received wireless signal; correcting the trip time according... Agent: Dizic Co., Ltd.

20150102958 - Radar antenna device and method for controlling electric power source thereof: A radar antenna device is provided for rotating an antenna unit which successively emits transmission signals. It is configured to reduce the capacity of an electric power source for supplying electric power to a transmission circuit, a drive unit and the like. A radar antenna device is comprised with an... Agent:

20150102959 - Jammer suppression for broadcast satellite system services: A system for interference suppression onboard a satellite includes a beamforming module that processes radio-frequency (RF) signals originated from a plurality of antenna elements of an array antenna to generate multiple analog signals. At least one of the analog signals is an anti-interference signal. Analog-to-digital converters convert the analog signals... Agent:

20150102960 - Systems and methods for location assistance with personal area network devices: Implementations relate to systems and methods for location assistance using devices (104) in a personal area network (PAN). In one scenario, a user may use two separate location-enabled devices, such as a wearable personal device (102) and a cellular telephone device (104). In cases, one of those devices may have... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150102961 - Electronic device and reception control method: An electronic device includes: a satellite signal receiving section that receives a satellite signal with which positioning information is overlapped from a positioning satellite; a reception control section that controls driving of the satellite signal receiving section; and a detecting section that detects a state change of the electronic device,... Agent:

20150102962 - Combined antenna, antenna array and method for using the antenna array: An antenna including a dipole antenna element having central feeding points, a common mode rejection filter, a first length of a two-conductor transmission line, and a common mode rejection filter arranged and connected between a far end of the first length of the two-conductor transmission line and the feeding points... Agent:

20150102963 - Differential signal strength determination systems and methods: A differential signal strength direction determination systems (DSSDDS) may be programmed to provide an output that will enable an individual to determine a direction in which a source of a signal of interest is located with increased accuracy. The programming of the DSSDSS may improve accuracy by consolidating corresponding parts... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150097713 - Radar apparatus: A radar apparatus includes a change amount calculation section for obtaining, for each of a plurality of peaks of a first spectrum belonging to the same group, a peak value at the present point in time and calculating the difference between the peak value and a peak value obtained before... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150097714 - Ads-b radar: The reliability and safety of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) are improved by using the signals transmitted from an ADS-B unit as a radar transmitter with a receiver used to receive reflections.... Agent:

20150097715 - Error compensation by measurement of the stc filter function: Level measuring device which can compensate the distortions, caused by an STC filter, of the received signal, by measuring a reference signal which passes through the receiving branch and also through the STC filter, during the ongoing operation of the level measuring device or during manufacture. For example, after passing... Agent:

20150097716 - Passive radio frequency identification ranging: Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer readable media are disclosed for providing timing-based distance measurement to a passive radio frequency identification (“RFID”) tag using one or more wideband RF signals synchronized with the standard narrowband RF signal. In some embodiments, the narrowband RF signal activates a passive RFID tag creating a... Agent:

20150097717 - Method and electronic apparatus for angle estimation verification: A method for angle estimation verification, adapted for verifying an estimated angle calculated by an electronic apparatus having an angle estimator and at least three antennas, is provided. The estimated angle is extracted from the angle estimator. An autocorrelation matrix is generated according to a signal vector formed by a... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20150097718 - Radar apparatus and method of processing incoming waves for the radar apparatus: In a radar apparatus, one frequency pair is extracted from among all frequency pairs, and an eigenvalue ratio in relation to the extracted pair is derived. The number of incoming waves is estimated according to the number of eigenvalue ratios each of which is not less than a reference threshold.... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150097719 - System and method for active reference positioning in an augmented reality environment: A multi dynamic environment and location based active augmented reality (AR) system is described. The system uses dynamic scanning, active reference marker positioning, inertial measurement, imaging, mapping and rendering to generate an AR for a physical environment. The scanning and imaging are performed from the perspective of a user wearing... Agent:

20150097720 - High-frequency circuit having crossed lines: A high-frequency circuit is described as having lines crossing each other on a printed circuit board for high-frequency signals, wherein the sections of the lines, lying on both sides of a crossing point as well as a coupler forming the crossing point are situated in a common plane on the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150097721 - Anti-spoofing in a satellite navigation system: Embodiments are generally directed to anti-spoofing techniques for satellite navigation systems. In general, the anti-spoofing techniques use codeless or semi-codeless tracking of encrypted satellite signals to generate measurements that can be used to perform consistency checks to received non-encrypted signals. The consistency checks will detect if the non-encrypted signal is... Agent: Exelis Inc.

20150097722 - Apparatus and method for receiving navigation signal: An apparatus for receiving a navigation signal receives a plurality of navigation signals having different available frequency bandwidths, selects a navigation signal in a band in which signal disturbance does not occur among the plurality of navigation signals, and calculates a navigation solution.... Agent:

20150097724 - Method and apparatus of gnss receiver heading determination: The present invention relates to processing information generated by GNSS receivers received signals such as GPS, GLONASS, etc. GNSS receivers can determine their position in space. The receivers are capable of determining both coordinates and velocity of their spatial movement. When a receiver is used in any machine control systems,... Agent:

20150097725 - Method for reducing gps receiver positioning time: A method for reducing the positioning time of a GPS receiver is disclosed. In response to a request from a user function for positioning data a GPS management section instructs a device control section to lower the functions of a group of components. The lowering of the functions of the... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150097723 - System for sharing atmospheric data: A system for sharing data between aircraft including a GPS unit for establishing a first aircraft's location and altitude from a network of global satellites and an automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) unit broadcasting a first aircraft's identification as well as it's location and altitude. The system also includes a... Agent:

20150097726 - Digital real time clock monitor for a gnss receiver and single pin signalling for power-on reset and wake-up interrupt: Methods, systems, and devices for monitoring a Real Time Clock (RTC) oscillator using Digital Signal Processing (DSP), where a resistance/capacitance (RC) oscillator is configured to output a digital pulse signal and a digital RTC Monitor Integrated Circuit (IC) is configured to monitor the RTC oscillator timing signal using the RC... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150097728 - Control and features for satelllite positioning system receivers: Control and feature systems for processing signals from a satellite positioning system include an expert system receiver manager; a joint detection, carrier centring and bit sync acquisition subsystem; peak detection; a multi-dimensional measurement interpolation subsystem; a system for mode switching between a navigational signal; and power control module for receiver.... Agent:

20150097727 - Low cost cableless ground station antenna for medium earth orbit satellite communication systems: A ground station antenna including a torus shaped reflector having multiple feed points along a focal arc in front of the reflector. The ground station antenna includes transceiver feeds having their electrical phase centers located on the focal arc and supported by a rotating feed platform. The transceiver feeds are... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150097729 - Method and apparatus for gnss signal tracking: A GNSS receiver to track low power GNSS satellite signals. The GNSS receiver includes a frequency locked loop (FLL) that measures a current doppler frequency of the satellite signal. A delay locked loop (DLL) measures a current code phase delay of the satellite signal. A current operating point corresponds to... Agent:

20150097730 - Radar sensor including a radome: A radar sensor for motor vehicles includes a printed circuit board which carries the mass and antenna structures of the radar sensor, and includes a housing accommodating the printed circuit board, the housing being formed on a transmit and receive side of the radar sensor by a radome which is... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150097731 - Gps/wifi indoor/outdoor detection: A portable communication device and method provide for determining indoor or outdoor location of the device. The method includes measuring a signal strength of at least one of a location service signal, a RAN signal, and a small coverage area signal that is detectable within a current location of the... Agent:

20150097732 - System for tracking an object using pulsed frequency hopping: Tracking systems and methods for obtaining position coordinates of transmitters are provided. One or more transmitters send multiple carrier signals to multiple receivers, where the time difference of arrival of the multiple carrier signals are used to determine the location of each transmitter. Accuracy is obtained by using phase information... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150091748 - Radar proximity fuse and processing method of an echo radar signal for the acquisition of distance information between a target and a doppler radar: P

20150091749 - Method for determining at least one parameter for the purpose of correlating two objects: A method for determining at least one parameter for the purpose of correlating two objects (10, 20), particularly the distance (r) and/or the relative speed (v) of the two objects (10, 20). A plurality of transmission pulse sequences following one after the after, each with at least one transmission pulse... Agent:

20150091750 - Filtering for global positioning system (gps) receivers: Devices and methods are directed to estimating a position of the device/user using a delta range measurement (DRM) module to measure a range difference between first and second range values for first and second time instants based on, e.g., carrier phase measurements. The time period between the first and second... Agent:

20150091751 - Gps receiving apparatus, electronic timepiece, control method, and storage medium encoded with program: A GPS receiving apparatus according to the present invention includes: a GPS radio wave receiving unit that receives GPS radio waves; a walking state determination unit that determines a walking state of a wearer continuously for a predetermined interval; a storage unit that stores walking information determined by way of... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150091752 - Satellite signal searching method: A satellite signal searching method includes: determining, based on transmitted signal information in which whether satellite signals are transmitted from positioning satellites is managed for each signal type, and characteristics of the signal types, the order of searching the satellite signals.... Agent:

20150091753 - Method and apparatus for predicting the orbit and detecting the type of a satellite: A method of predicting the orbit of a satellite of a satellite positioning system, including: associating first and second types of satellites with first and second models of celestial mechanics forces, respectively; storing first ephemerides data of a satellite, associated to first time intervals and second ephemerides data associated to... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

20150091754 - Unambiguous code tracking system for global navigation satellite systems: A method of tracking a code phase includes configuring local correlators with a first de-spreading local function; de-spreading an incoming signal with the first de-spreading local function to generate a first correlation output; determining a range estimate based on the first de-spreading local function; reconfiguring the local correlators with a... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150091755 - Interference reduction system for one or more antennas: An interference reduction system is operable to reduce interference experienced by one or more antennas. The system detects the presence of one or more interference signals. The system then causes an antenna's radiation pattern to change. The change in the radiation pattern results in a reduction in interference.... Agent: John Mezzalingua Associates, LLC

20150091756 - Reconfigurable aperture for microwave transmission and detection: A reconfigurable aperture includes a plurality of metallic particles confined to a volume extending across an aperture area. The metallic particles are repositioned within the volume to form opaque regions in the aperture area. The opaque regions, and transmissive regions between the opaque regions, can form a reconfigurable zone plate... Agent: Raytheon Bbn Technologies Corp.

20150091758 - Antenna and electronic apparatus: An antenna includes a magnetic current element which is an element to constitute a loop and generates a magnetic current vector having a component perpendicular to a loop plane, and an electric current element to generate an electric current vector having a component parallel to the magnetic current vector.... Agent:

20150091757 - Systems and methods for high precision indoor location tracking: A radio frequency signal mediator configured indoors passively receives signals from a user wireless device and determines layer two radio access network measurement data from the signals. At least one other radio frequency signal mediator in the same space also passively receives signals from the user wireless device and determines... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

03/26/2015 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150084804 - Magnetic metal particle aggregate and radio wave absorber: A magnetic metal particle aggregate includes a plurality of magnetic metal particles including at least one magnetic metal selected from a first group consisting of Fe, Co, and Ni. The plurality of magnetic metal particles are partly bound with each other, and an average particle diameter of the plurality of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150084803 - Radar sensor antenna with anti-reflection element: An antenna for a radar sensor includes an emitter element, a receiver element, and an anti-reflection element. The emitter element is configured to direct the emitted signal along a boresight that intersects a fascia. The receiver element is configured to detect a reflected signal reflected by an object located beyond... Agent:

20150084805 - Detection techniques: Some embodiments are directed to techniques that mitigate the problems of range walk where fast moving objects are detected using pulsed target detection systems having relatively long dwell times. A pulse generator for a pulsed target detection system controls generation of a series of pulses to be transmitted by the... Agent:

20150084806 - Method and device for determining distance and radial velocity of an object by means of radar signal: The present invention relates to a method for determining distance (R) and radial velocity (v) of an object in relation to a measurement location, in which method radar signals are emitted and after reflection on the object are received again at the measurement location, wherein the emitted radar signals are... Agent:

20150084807 - Apparatus for detecting creeping of radar waves: An apparatus that detects creeping of radar waves includes: a transmitter transmitting radar waves; a receiver receiving incoming waves from a target; a distance detecting unit detecting a first distance which is a distance up to the target; a speed derivation unit deriving a relative speed relative to the target;... Agent:

20150084808 - Fmcw radar with refined measurment using fixed frequencies: One embodiment is directed to a method for operating a radar altimeter. The method includes transmitting a radar signal at a first frequency, ramping the frequency of the radar signal from the first frequency to a second frequency, and transmitting the radar signal at the second frequency. The reflections can... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150084809 - System and method for emulsion measurement and profiling: There is disclosed herein a method of measuring and profiling a process liquid in a process vessel. The process liquid includes an emulsion layer between two media of differing dielectric constants. An electromagnetic signal is generated and transmitted along a probe, defining a transmission line, extending into the vessel. The... Agent: Magnetrol International, Incorporated

20150084810 - Phased array radar with monopulse algorithm measurement: A phased array radar apparatus and method for identifying targets in an environment includes a phased array radar transmitter, a first phased array radar receiver, a second phased array radar receiver, and a radar controller. The first and second phased array radar receivers are configured such that the first and... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150084811 - Combined radar assembly with linear and nonlinear radar: A radar assembly for linear and nonlinear radar transmission and reception comprising a signal generator; at least one filter operatively connected to the signal generator; a transmitter operatively connected to the at least one filter for transmitting radar signals; a receiver operative to receiving received signals comprising linear and nonlinear... Agent:

20150084812 - Systems and methods for position determination in gps-denied situations: A method for calculating a position of a receiver. The method includes determining a first position of the receiver at a first time using data from satellites and determining a second position of the receiver at a second time using the first position and data from a non-satellite sensor. The... Agent: Elbit Systems Of America, LLC

20150084813 - Gps positioning system: A system comprises a processing server programmed to determine which GPS satellites are currently available for use within a field of view of the processing server. The processing server is programmed to transmit to a terrestrial beacon information about a GPS channel of a GPS satellite which is not currently... Agent:

20150084814 - Phased array antenna: An antenna element having a vertically stacked structure and a phased array antenna that includes a plurality of antenna elements sharing a common conductive ground plane are described. The phased array antenna also includes a common conductive shell electrically coupled to the common conductive ground plane and extending away there... Agent:

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