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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation)

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11/13/2014 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140333475 - Method and arrangement for removing ground clutter: A digital radar receiver generates the input signal which is a stream of complex numbers. The input signal is rearranged and sorted by measurement volumes, resulting in Doppler data vectors. Doppler data vectors are filtered using a number of different digital filters. The output Doppler data vectors of the filters... Agent: Eigenor Oy

20140333467 - Object detection device: An object detection device includes: a target information acquisition section that acquires information regarding a radar target detected by a radar and information regarding an image target detected by an image acquisition unit; and an object detection section that detects the presence of an object on the basis of whether... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140333466 - Passive detection of unauthorized electronic devices using wafer scale beam forming: Systems and methods for screening, where a subject walks through or in front of a passive detector (or scanning unit) to be screened for possession of unauthorized electronics devices, provide for detecting and monitoring electronics systems not authorized to be used in secure areas. By focusing a very narrow beam... Agent:

20140333468 - Methods and systems for detecting weather conditions including sunlight using vehicle onboard sensors: Methods and systems for detecting weather conditions including sunlight using onboard vehicle sensors are described. In one example, a method is provided that includes receiving laser data collected for an environment of a vehicle. The method also includes associating laser data points with one or more objects in the environment,... Agent: Google Inc.

20140333469 - Apparatus and method for determining a vehicle feature: Techniques are disclosed for determining characteristic feature(s) of a vehicle travelling on a roadway, comprising: a detector, which is directed towards the roadway and is configured to measure the movement vector of the vehicle at a current location and time, a tracking unit, connected to the detector, for calculating a... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

20140333470 - Apparatus for determining fill level by means of a helical antenna: Apparatus for determining or monitoring fill level of a fill substance in a container, comprising: at least two antennas, wherein a first antenna transmits electromagnetic waves in the direction of the surface of the fill substance and a second antenna receives reflected waves; and at least one evaluation unit, which... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140333472 - Apparatus for measuring the position of a vehicle or a surface thereof: An apparatus is disclosed for measuring the position of a vehicle or a surface thereof on a roadway. The apparatus comprises at least one radar transmitter, which is arranged in a transmitting position above the plane of the roadway and transmits radar beams downwardly, a plurality of radar receivers, which... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

20140333471 - Method for measuring the position of a surface of a vehicle: A method for measuring the position of a surface of a vehicle on a roadway comprising the following steps: transmitting and receiving radar beams at transmitting and receiving positions in various primary transmitting and primary receiving directions and converting these beams into received signals; selecting the received signal having the... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

20140333474 - Automated calibration of multistatic arrays: A method is disclosed for calibrating a multistatic array having a plurality of transmitter and receiver pairs spaced from one another along a predetermined path and relative to a plurality of bin locations, and further being spaced at a fixed distance from a stationary calibration implement. A clock reference pulse... Agent:

20140333473 - Method and device for ascertaining and compensating for a misalignment angle of a radar sensor of a vehicle: A method for ascertaining and compensating for a misalignment angle of a radar sensor of a vehicle, includes generating a first set of data which contains information about a measured alignment of the radar sensor with respect to an instantaneous movement of the vehicle; generating a second set of data... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140333476 - Methods for identifying whether or not a satellite has a line of sight: The invention, in some embodiments, relates to the field of global navigation satellite systems, and more particularly to the field of methods and devices for identifying whether a satellite in a global navigation satellite system has a line of sight to a specific global navigation satellite system receiver (LOS satellite)... Agent: Ariel-university Research And Development Company, Ltd.

20140333477 - Method, apparatus and system for reducing power consumption in gnss receivers: Inventive aspects include a method, apparatus, and system for reducing power consumption in GNSS receivers. Such may include receiving timing and accuracy parameters, processing pre-positioning information in preparation for signal acquisition or signal track, determining whether a plurality of satellites are in-view, applying an ON signal to one or more... Agent:

20140333478 - Method for determining the position and/or speed of a guided vehicle and associated system: A method for selecting usable satellites from among the satellites of a localization constellation, to determine an instantaneous kinematic state of a train, is provided. The method includes determining a measured value and an estimated value of a Doppler coefficient and/or a pseudo-range, then comparing the measured and estimated values... Agent: Alstom Transport Sa

20140333479 - Method for selecting a satellite: The invention relates to a method for selecting a satellite which is designed to send a global navigation satellite system-signal, also known as a GNSS-Signal, to a vehicle, consisting of: measuring measurement position data of the vehicle in relation to the satellite based on the GNSS-Signal; determining redundant reference position... Agent:

20140333480 - Chip packages including through-silicon via dice with vertically inegrated phased-array antennas and low-frequency and power delivery substrates: An apparatus includes a die with through-silicon vias and radio frequency integrated circuit capabilities and it is vertically integrated with a phased-array antenna substrate. The through-silicon via and a radio frequency integrated circuit is coupled to a plurality of antenna elements disposed on the phased-array antenna substrate where each of... Agent:

20140333481 - Method for locating the position of a vehicle: A method for locating the position of a vehicle having a transceiver. An estimate of the position of the vehicle is first determined by using at least three spaced apart receivers by performing trilateration with the three receivers. Thereafter, two of the receivers which intersect the vehicle at an angle... Agent: Dataspeed Inc.

20140333482 - Methods of position-location determination using a high-confidence range, and related systems and devices: Methods of position-location determination are provided. The methods may include determining a first range for a wireless user device, using signaling from a high-confidence first ranging source. The methods may include determining a second range for the wireless user device, using signaling from a second ranging source that corresponds to... Agent: Telcom Ventures, LLC

11/06/2014 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140327569 - Radar weather detection for a wind turbine: A radar system for a wind turbine is provided. The radar system comprises a first radar unit (42) and a control unit (41) arranged to receive an output from the radar unit, the control unit comprising a central processing unit. The central processing unit is configured to perform a first... Agent:

20140327570 - Weather radar: Weather radar for measuring radar signals in the GHz range with a receiver containing at least one signal path, the receiver comprising a receiving facility for an incoming radar signal, on which a test signal generated by a test signal generator is superimposed in a coupler, and a processing device... Agent: Selex Es Gmbh

20140327563 - Method of detecting oil spill at the sea by means of an oil spill radar, and such an oil spill radar: A method for detecting oil at the sea by means of a coherent oil spill radar with a transmitter and a receiver antenna includes the transmitter and receiver antenna being directed towards a sea surface in the near area out to a given distance of 1000-4000 m under a grazing... Agent:

20140327564 - System and method to prevent misuse of aircraft messages: An avionics system allows aircraft to introduce bogus “ADS-B Out” messages that are recognized as false only by authorized users. The system enables aircrafts flying at low altitudes to prevent misuse of their ADS-B Out information by maliciously operated cyber and physical attack tools. Aspects of the illustrative embodiment include... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140327565 - Process for the determination of a position change or respectively resting and/or speed of an object: The present invention relates to a process for determining a position change or the resting and/or a speed of an object and a corresponding process for supporting an inertial measurement system. In the process at least one radio signal (FS) is received on the object (O) at at least one... Agent:

20140327566 - Method and devices for processing radar signals: A method for processing signals received by a plurality of receiving antennas in a radar system, for example for road safety, which emits sequences of chirp-modulated signals, wherein the received signals are mixed with local replicas of the transmitted signals so as to generate, for each receiving antenna, a sequence... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140327568 - Method for determining the impact point of a projectile fired at a target above sea surface, and radar system implementing such method: There is disclosed a method for determining the impact point of a projectile fired at a target (15) tracked by use of a radar antenna (11) through a dedicated antenna beam, the method being characterized in that it comprises at least a step of measuring the range and bearing of... Agent:

20140327567 - Radar device: Each antenna system processor performs coherent integration on a prescribed number of correlation values between a reception signal and a transmission code. A correlation matrix generator generates a correlation matrix on the basis of coherent integration values. A distance estimator estimates a distance to a target. A direction vector storage... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140327571 - Systems and methods for direct emitter geolocation: Systems and methods are disclosed for locating signal wave (SW) emitter/s using at least one moving signal collection platform. The disclosed systems and methods may be employed in one embodiment to estimate the signal energy transmitted from a grid of locations (such as a map) using collected IQ data (or... Agent: L-3 Communications Integrated Systems L.p.

20140327572 - Wireless positioning tracker: A wireless positioning tracker includes a communication unit, a function setting unit, a position tracking unit, and an alarm unit. The communication unit can communicate with external communication devices by human voice or by message. The function setting unit receives function commands from the external communication devices, for setting the... Agent: Ennoconn Corporation

20140327573 - Detecting timing anomalies: Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for adapting to malware activity on a compromised computer system. An embodiment operates by detecting an active adversary operating malware on a compromised system. A stream of data traffic associated with active adversary is intercepted. The stream of data traffic... Agent: The Mitre Corporation

20140327574 - Multi-constellation gnss integrity check for detection of time signal manipulation: The present application discloses detecting manipulation of GNSS signals using a second time source. If two or more GNSS constellation signals are being detected, the phase error between the GNSS constellation signals may be monitored. When the phase error drifts, then manipulation is determined. The integrity of a GNSS constellation... Agent: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

20140327575 - Navigation data configuration for optimal time to first fix: A method and a system for reducing time to first fix (TTFF) in a satellite navigation receiver generate a navigation data structure including three sub-frames. A first sub-frame and a second sub-frame accommodate selective ephemeris data. The third sub-frame accommodates a text message including almanac data optionally, ionospheric data, coordinated... Agent: Accord Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd.

20140327577 - Low cost high performance aircraft antenna for advanced ground to air internet system: A high gain multi-beam aircraft blade antenna of an air-to-ground antenna systems includes multiple columnar matrix antenna elements housed within a blade. The elements are arranged to create independently steerable directed beams. A first independently steerable beam is used to provide communication. A second independently steerable beam is used to... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140327576 - Systems and methods for multi-beam antenna architectures for adaptive nulling of interference signals: Various embodiments described herein are directed to methods and systems for multibeam adaptive antenna architectures for recovering user signals in the coverage area of the antenna in the presence of interference sources. For example, various embodiments may utilize an architecture comprised of an array of antenna feeds, an RF to... Agent:

20140327578 - Method and system for switched combined diversity with a modal antenna: A system and method for diversity implementation are provided, where diversity gains are obtained by using a hybrid of the switching technique and the combining technique in conjunction with the use of a modal antenna. The antenna system includes multiple antennas including at least one modal antenna that has multiple... Agent: Ethertronics, Inc.

20140327579 - Angle of arrival location sensing with antenna array: In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a plurality of antennas, a receiver in communication with said plurality of antennas for receiving one or more packets in a block based modulation environment, a switch interposed between a portion of the antennas and the receiver for switching between the antennas, and a... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140327580 - Using measured angular coordinates of an object relative to a directional transceiver: A method comprises measuring angular coordinates of an object (12) relative to a directional transceiver (10), the directional transceiver being at a first location relative to a reference coordinate system and having an orientation relative to the reference coordinate system, the object (12) being at a second, known location, the... Agent: Noka Corporation

20140327581 - Device, system and methods using angle of arrival measurements for ads-b authentication and navigation: The present disclosure is directed to a receiver for Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) verification of a target aircraft including a first input for receiving flight tracking information from a target aircraft that indicates positional information of the target aircraft. The receiver further includes a second input for receiving positional... Agent: The Boeing Company

10/30/2014 > 18 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140320331 - Footwear scanning systems and methods: Methods and apparatus for scanning articles, such as footwear, to provide information regarding the contents of the articles are described. According to one aspect, a footwear scanning system includes a platform configured to contact footwear to be scanned, an antenna array configured to transmit electromagnetic waves through the platform into... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20140320332 - Interval management using data overlay: Computer assistance in interval management may be beneficial in a number of ways. For example, digital communication of interval management instructions or information related to interval management may beneficially be communicated to aircraft with respect to other aircraft. This information may be communicated overlaid on air traffic control (ATC) communications,... Agent: Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems LLC

20140320333 - Radar apparatus and computer-readable storage medium: A radar apparatus includes a detection unit to detect objects within a scan range based on a reflected wave received with respect to a transmission wave and to output detection results of the objects, and an adjusting unit to narrow the scan range so as not to detect an object... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140320334 - Speed measuring device for moving bodies: A speed measuring device has an antenna with directionality that transmits a transmission wave toward the moving body based on a transmission signal supplied from a Doppler sensor, and receives a reflected wave reflected by the moving body to generate and supply to the Doppler sensor a reception signal. An... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20140320335 - Personal radar: Systems and methods for providing personal radar, object presence detection, and object localization are provided. Multiple devices that perform high-resolution ranging can be operated to perform radar in an area, detect objects and motion of objects in the area, and generate a virtual steerable antenna.... Agent: Greina Technologies, Inc.

20140320336 - Digital radar or sonar apparatus: A radar or sonar system amplifies the signal received by an antenna of the radar system or a transducer of the sonar system is amplified and then subject to linear demodulation by a linear receiver. There may be an anti-aliasing filter and an analog-to-digital converter between the amplifier and the... Agent: Raymarine Uk Limited

20140320337 - Method and apparatus for determining a position of user equipment, and an antenna set therefor: There is provided a method for positioning of user equipment. The method for positioning of user equipment, includes: receiving, by the user equipment, a signal from an external antenna, the signal being radiated in a cyclic pattern; measuring, by the user equipment, strength of the received signal, characterizing, by the... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140320338 - System and method for satellite communication: A system and method are disclosed which may include providing at least one satellite having a plurality of beamformers configured to provide a plurality of respective beams having a plurality of different respective fixed pitch angles about an axis of the satellite; causing the at least one satellite to move... Agent: O3b Limited

20140320339 - Systems and methods for tracking power modulation: Apparatus and methods determine the rotational position of a spinning object. A satellite positioning system can be used to determine the spatial position of an object, which in turn can be used to guide the object. However, when the object is spinning, such as an artillery shell, then the rotational... Agent: Interstate Electronics Corporation

20140320340 - Indoor localization using analog off-air access units: A system for indoor localization using GPS signals in a Distributed Antenna System includes a plurality of Off-Air Access Units (OAAUs). Each of the plurality of OAAUs is operable to receive a GPS signal from at least one of a plurality of GPS satellites and operable to route signals optically... Agent: Dali Systems Co. Ltd.

20140320341 - Position calculating method and position calculating device: A position calculating method includes receiving positioning information including at least earth orientation information from a positioning satellite that transmits the positioning information, calculating orbit information of the positioning satellite using the positioning information, and calculating a position of a receiver using a signal from the positioning satellite and the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140320342 - The body armor enhancement (bae): A body armor enhancement according to the present invention comprises global positioning system (GPS) unit, a pressure switch, and a wire mesh/non-conductive covering trauma activated switch being on top of or beneath a soldier's Kevlar and ballistic plates. The soldier can depress the pressure switch to activate the GPS tracking... Agent:

20140320343 - Positioning system including a mechanism for detecting fraud by checking the visibility of satellites: A positioning system comprises at least one onboard GNSS satellite receiver in a mobile element belonging to a user u, said receiver having the function of estimating the position Xu of said mobile element at various instants, a processing module determining a consistency indicator coh(X) by analysis of the signals... Agent: Thales

20140320344 - Techniques for operating phased array antennas in millimeterwave radio modules: A method and apparatus for operating a plurality of radiating elements are provided. In one aspect, the method includes measuring a phase and a gain of each of the plurality of radiating elements; determining a feed gain and a feed phase for each of the plurality of radiating elements based... Agent:

20140320345 - Distributed feeding device for antenna beamforming: A distributed feeding device for antenna beamforming comprises a first distributed feeding circuit comprising P inputs and N outputs, for producing a signal on each of its outputs with a phase shift which is substantially constant between two adjacent outputs, at least one frequency multiplexer connected to at least one... Agent: Thales

20140320346 - Distributed feeding circuit for antenna beamforming array: A distributed feeding circuit for antenna beamforming array comprises a plurality N of inputs and a plurality N of outputs, wherein the said circuit is adapted for receiving, on at least one input, an electrical signal at a microwave frequency, modulated on at least one optical carrier, the circuit comprising... Agent: Das Photonics S.l

20140320347 - Systems and methods of defining boundary regions for animals: Systems and methods of determining a boundary area for animals, including a transmitter unit to generate and transmit a plurality of boundary signals, a receiver unit having one or more sensors to detect one or more characteristics of the boundary signals, and a user interface configured to communicate with the... Agent: Xyz Microsystems, LLC

20140320348 - Position estimating device, position estimating method, and wireless communication system: According to this embodiment, a position estimating device, that estimates a position of a target wireless device, includes a storage that stores positions of a plurality of reference wireless devices, a receiver which is notified of a received signal strength indicator value in signal transmission and reception between the target... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

10/23/2014 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140313072 - Ice keel prediction from sar, optical imagery and upward looking sonars: A method correlates satellite image data with data taken from multiple upward-looking sonars moored on the sea floor. The correlation of this information facilitates the prediction of ice thickness in later seasons using synthetic aperture radiation only, thus allowing for the assessment of threats to oil exploration, production or completion... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20140313067 - Radar device for an automotive radar system: A radar device for an automotive radar system includes a base, a first antenna module including a first transmitting antenna and a plurality of first receiving antennas for emitting a detection signal and generating a first signal receiving result, wherein the first antenna is fixed on the base, a second... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corporation

20140313068 - Apparatus and a method for obtaining information about at least one target: A method of obtaining information about at least one target, includes transmitting a stepped frequency signal, obtaining a return radar signal corresponding to the transmitted stepped frequency signal from at least one target, bandpass filtering the return radar signal based on the frequencies of the transmitted frequency signal, converting the... Agent: The University Of Melbourne

20140313069 - Compound circuit board and radar device: A compound circuit board for a radar device includes a first substrate including a plurality of trace layers having a first trace layer formed with a digital signal processing unit and an electronic control unit in a first area, a second substrate including a plurality of trace layers having a... Agent:

20140313070 - Radar apparatus and signal processing method: There is provided a radar apparatus capable of extracting a peak signal obtained from a difference frequency between a transmitting signal and a receiving signal during first and second periods and deriving target information based on the extracted peak signals. A pairing unit pairs the peak signals extracted in the... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20140313071 - System and method for nonlinear radar: A non-linear radar is disclosed that is able to detect non-linear target responses that are below the harmonic-noise floor of the radar. To accomplish this below-the-noise-floor sensitivity feature the proposal specifically addresses all of the problems commonly faced by non-linear radar such as linearity of the transmitter path, receiver path,... Agent:

20140313073 - Method and apparatus for establishing communications with a satellite: A mobile satellite radio equipped with a phased array antenna configures the phased array antenna in one or more non-directional operating modes in order to initially detect a signal from a communication satellite. Once a signal has been received from the satellite, frequency information determined in the course of operating... Agent:

20140313074 - Satellite reception assembly installation and maintenance: A direct broadcast satellite (DBS) reception assembly may receive a desired satellite signal and process the desired satellite signal for output to a gateway. The DBS assembly may also receive one or more undesired satellite signals and determine a performance metric of the one or more undesired satellite signals. The... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

20140313075 - Indoor localization using digital off-air access units: A system for indoor localization using satellite navigation signals in a Distributed Antenna System includes a plurality of Off-Air Access Units (OAAUs). Each of the plurality of OAAUs is operable to receive an individual satellite navigation signal from at least one of a plurality of satellites and operable to route... Agent: Dali Systems Co. Ltd.

20140313076 - Indoor trilateralization using digital off-air access units: A system for indoor localization using satellite navigation signals in a Distributed Antenna System. The system includes a plurality of Off-Air Access Units (OAAUs), each operable to receive an individual satellite navigation signal from at least one of a plurality of satellite navigation systems (e.g., GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, or... Agent: Dali Systems Co. Ltd.

20140313077 - Method and system for detecting anomalies on satellite navigation signals and hybridization system comprising such a detection system: A method for detecting anomalies on satellite navigation signals consists in extracting the code error values delivered at the output of the N code discriminators, and comparing the extracted code error values with a same first threshold value corresponding to an acceptable maximum code error value and assigning a confidence... Agent:

20140313078 - Time to first fix, ttff, sensitivity and accuracy for a global navigation satellite system positioning device: The present invention relates to a method for improving Time To First Fix, TTFF, sensitivity and accuracy, wherein a Global Navigation Satellite System, GNSS, positioning device (15), communicates with a Core Service (11) in a User Equipment (16), U—the GNSS positioning device acquires (23) GNSS satellite signals and navigation data... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (pulb)

20140313079 - Gps antenna diversity and noise mitigation: A system and method for improving acquisition sensitivity and tracking performance of a GPS receiver using multiple antennas is provided. In an embodiment, the acquisition sensitivity can be improved by determining the correlation weight of each received path signal path associated with one antenna form a plurality of antennas and... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

20140313080 - Multi-beam smart antenna for wylan and pico cellular applications: Multi-beam smart antenna for WLAN and cellular applications preferably has a steerable antenna system with a dipole antenna element located at the center of a ground plane. A first conductor is oriented parallel and collinear with a second conductor, and the ground plane is located therebetween. Each of first parasitic... Agent:

20140313081 - Multiple beam formation for rf chip-based antenna array: A method for selectively performing beam formation using a RF chip-based antenna array is described. The method includes determining whether to use a plurality of antenna arrays in one or more common carrier substrates in either a single group or a plurality of groups. The method also includes, in response... Agent: Nokia Siemens Networks Oy

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