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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation)

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05/14/2015 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.
05/07/2015 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150123833 - Analyzing data from networked radar detectors: A radar detector accesses a network interface module that enables communication of data to and from a server. The server executes analysis algorithms that analyze data received from multiple radar detectors to develop predictions about the likelihood of future alerts or threats in geographic locations. The server communicates the predictions... Agent:

20150123834 - Analyzing data from networked radar detectors: A radar detector accesses a network interface module that enables communication of data to and from a server. The server executes analysis algorithms that analyze data received from multiple radar detectors to develop predictions about the likelihood of future alerts or threats in geographic locations. The server communicates the predictions... Agent:

20150123835 - System and method using near and far field ulf and elf interferometry synthetic aperture radar for subsurface imaging: This invention relates to devices and processes for geophysical prospecting, subsurface fluid monitoring and, more particular, to the use of interferometric techniques using Control Source Electromagnetic (“CSEM”) and Magnetoturelic (“MT”) signals to create images of sub-surface structures and fluids.... Agent:

20150123836 - Obstacles detection system: A wire detection apparatus comprises antenna means with a transmitter and a receiver, so devised as to form a pulsed radar system, further including polarization control means for controlling the polarization of waves transmitted and/or received through the antenna means, and processing means for identifying returns from wires according to... Agent:

20150123837 - Method and passenger information system for providing flight information data: Method for providing flight information data for a passenger in an aircraft, wherein the flight information data are transmitted from a cockpit system in the aircraft to at least one passenger information system in the same aircraft, wherein the flight information data are transmitted as a secondary radar signal and/or... Agent:

20150123838 - Radar antenna assembly: A radar antenna assembly includes a microstrip patch, a hybrid coupler, a phase shifter, and a power divider. The microstrip patch is configured to emit a radar signal. The radar signal is characterized by a transmitted polarization of the radar signal. The transmitted polarization is influenced by a first transmit... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20150123839 - Device for detecting and locating mobile bodies provided with radars, and related method: A device for detecting and locating moving objects that are equipped with at least one radar comprises a radar function comprising an antenna disposed on a revolving structure and a radar emissions detector function comprising an antennal part, and is characterized in that the antennal part of the radar emissions... Agent: Thales

20150123840 - Radar apparatus: A transmission signal generating unit generates a transmission signal by multiplying one (selected in prescribed order) of 2N+1 (N: an integer of 1 or more) codes of a Spano code sequence by one code (selected in prescribed order), having a length 1, of one of a first code or a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150123841 - Method for search radar processing using random matrix theory: A new method for processing search radar data is revealed using the mathematics of random matrix theory. During the time that the radar receiver is listening for return target echos, the raw data stream is fed to an analogue to digital converter to create a sample voltage file. This sample... Agent:

20150123842 - Full analog microwave sensor for multiple range selection and ultra-low power consumption: A microwave sensor adjusts its sensing range based on a range gate selected from multiple range gates. An active antenna module transmits a first FMCW signal toward a target based on the selected range gate and for receiving second FMCW signal reflected from the target. A modulating module is used... Agent: U&u Engineering Inc

20150123843 - Receiver dual-reflector antenna system for interference suppression onboard satellite: A system for interference suppression onboard a satellite may include an antenna that is configured to receive uplink signals from a ground-coverage area and to generate a first signal. A spot-beam antenna may be configured to receive interference signals and to generate a second signal. A processor may be configured... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20150123845 - Gps positioning method for mobile terminal, and mobile terminal: A GPS positioning method for a mobile terminal, and a mobile terminal are provided. The method includes: after GPS positioning is started, acquiring a first cell identifier of a first cell in which the mobile terminal is located; acquiring, according to the first cell identifier, first latitude and longitude information... Agent:

20150123844 - Methods and systems for mobile device clock management: Disclosed are methods, systems and/or devices to calibrate a network time by acquisition of satellite positioning system (SPS) signals and different instances of time, and time-tagging SPS times according to the network time. In particular, the network time may be calibrated based, at least in part, on a first difference... Agent:

20150123846 - Apparatus and method for detecting deception signal in global navigation satellite receiver: An apparatus and method for detecting a deception signal in a global navigation satellite receiver is disclosed, the apparatus for detecting the deception signal in the global navigation satellite receiver including an identifier to identify output data output from a global navigation satellite receiver receiving an input of a global... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150123847 - Low power positioning techniques for mobile devices: Techniques for managing power consumption of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver of a mobile device are provided. These techniques include a method that includes deriving a GNSS search window for the GNSS receiver based on a position uncertainty (PUNC) and a time uncertainty (TUNC), selecting a GNSS search... Agent:

20150123848 - Satellite signal receiver: A satellite signal receiver has a positioning error in a range from −8 m to +8 m with a probability equal to or more than 95% when positioning in a reception environment with a signal strength equal to or more than −135 dBm and average power consumption from start of... Agent:

20150123849 - Position determining method and system using surveillance ground stations: An aircraft avionics system and method for automatically determining an aircraft position. The system and method determine distances to UAT or SSR ground stations. The system and method then determine the position of an aircraft by determining true bearings to SSR or UAT ground stations and determining the possible positions... Agent:

20150123850 - Radar sensor assembly for machine: A radar sensor assembly that includes a radar sensor and a holder assembly is provided. The holder assembly includes a base plate, a first wall, a second wall, a third wall, and a bottom wall. Each of the first wall, the second wall, and the third wall extends from the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

04/30/2015 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150116141 - Adaptive dynamic cluster deinterleaving: Described herein are methods and systems capable of dynamically adapting weights in response to a received stream of pulses by deinterleaving a stream of pulses according to an initial weighted distance, adjusting the weighted distance, and deinterleaving the stream of pulses according to the adjusted weighted distance.... Agent:

20150116143 - Signal processing device and radar apparatus: A signal processing device is provided. The signal processing device processes reception signals received by an object detector that detects existence of objects. The signal processing device includes a coordinate detecting module configured to detect a plurality of sets of representative coordinates of each of two echo images at two... Agent:

20150116142 - Frequency modulated radar level gauging: s

20150116144 - System and method for locating objects using radio frequency identifiers: System and method for locating objects using radio frequency identifiers. Each object to be located by the user (5) has an object unit (4) attached thereto with a RFID transponder (61). The user (5) carries a proximity unit (3) with a RFID transponder (51) and warning means (52, 54, 55).... Agent: Taranto Estudios E Inversiones, S.l.

20150116145 - Interference map for gnss device: Systems and methods for aggregating interference data and generating visual representations of the interference data are provided. In one example method, interference data may be received from multiple GNSS receivers positioned at various geographical locations. A request for a visual representation of interference at a location may be received. In... Agent:

20150116146 - Anomaly detection using an antenna baseline constraint: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring carrier phase anomalies in a range finding system. A relative carrier phase between first and second antennas is predicted as a function of a relative position between the two antennas. A relative carrier phase between the first and second receivers is measured based... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20150116147 - Determination of integrity of incoming signals of satellite navigation system: A system and method for testing the integrity of signals incoming to a satellite navigation system. The method is implemented with an array of antenna elements, and a receiver connected to each antenna element. The receivers simultaneously and continuously make measurements on all tracked signals. Each receiver measures the carrier... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20150116148 - Method for predicting spoofing signal and apparatus thereof: In a global navigation satellite system, a spoofing signal received at a first point in time is processed to generate measurement data including a carrier phase value, and characteristics of a spoofing signal corresponding to a second point in time at which an anti-spoofing signal is to be generated are... Agent:

20150116149 - Method of detecting interference in a satellite radio-navigation signal:

20150116150 - Gnss positioning using pressure sensors: Systems, methods and devices for improving the accuracy of GNSS data are provided. Specifically, embodiments of the invention can advantageously use sensor input to improve the accuracy of position fixes. The use of physical 5 sensors in navigation systems is deemed particularly advantageous, especially where altitude data derived from the... Agent:

20150116151 - High-sensitivity gps device with directional antenna: The effective use of weak GPS signals that are present in various environments enables an electronic device to pinpoint its location in such environments. The electronic device uses an antenna to perform sequential scanning in multiple directions for global positioning system (GPS) signals. The electronic device further analyzes GPS signals... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150116153 - Antenna structures and methods thereof for selecting antenna configurations: A system incorporating the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method including determining, by a communication device comprising a processor, a usage state of the communication device. The communication device includes selectable antennas, and the usage state includes an orientation of the communication device. The method also includes selecting... Agent:

20150116152 - Stabilization system for satellite tracking antenna using gyro and kalman filter and stabilization control method for satellite tracking antenna: A stabilization control method for a satellite tracking antenna disclosed herein includes outputting a monopulse signal and a gyro signal through a satellite tracking antenna having a gyro mounted thereto, under a situation that disturbance is applied to the satellite tracking antenna, inputting the output monopulse signal and gyro signal... Agent:

20150116154 - Lens antenna with electronic beam steering capabilities: The invention discloses a lens antenna with high directivity intended for use in radio-relay communication systems, said antenna providing the capability of electronic steering of the main radiation pattern beam by switching between horn antenna elements placed on a plane focal surface of the lens. Electronic beam steering allows antenna... Agent: Limited Liability Company "radio Gigabit"

20150116155 - Methods and systems for self-aligning high data rate communication networks: A communication system is provided. The communication system includes a directional antenna, an antenna steering system to steer the directional antenna, a memory, and one or more processors coupled to the memory, the directional antenna, and the antenna steering system. The one or more processors are configured to identify a... Agent:

04/23/2015 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150109162 - Combination of radar sensor and trim component for a motor vehicle: A combination of a radar sensor and a trim component, which are to be mounted on a motor vehicle so that the trim component is penetrated by microwaves of the radar sensor, the trim component including at least one layer, which reflects a portion of the microwaves, the trim component... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150109164 - Target detection apparatus: A target detection apparatus includes a first target detection section which detects a target which exists ahead of a vehicle and has a height sufficient to strike against the vehicle; a second target detection section which detects the target in an area different from an area in which the target... Agent:

20150109163 - Target detection system and method: Some embodiments are directed to methods of detecting a target that include: receiving signals reflected from a target of interest, the signals having a bandwidth large enough to provide a plurality of range cells along an expected target, and processing the received signal(s) by (i) determining the phases of contiguous... Agent:

20150109165 - Using orthogonal space projections to generate a constant false alarm rate control parameter: An adaptive parameter for adjusting a threshold in a sensor system that provides a constant false alarm rate is disclosed. A projection space generator performs projection operations to create a matched projection space and first and second mismatched projection spaces such that each mismatched projection space is orthogonal or nearly... Agent:

20150109166 - Radar unit and method for operating a radar unit: A radar unit and a method for operating a radar unit. The method for includes a step of determining a functionality of a receiving channel in a radar unit, wherein the radar unit is configured for transmitting and receiving a signal in a frequency band, and has a control means,... Agent:

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