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Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation)

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07/10/2014 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140191900 - Method and apparatus for simultaneous multi-mode processing performing target detection and tracking using along track interferometry (ati) and space-time adaptive processing (stap): The present invention discloses one or more methods to perform multimode processing using a single set of measured data in a multi-sensor fusion framework. In this context, various data processing methodologies are combined in parallel in a suitable manner to simultaneously image, detect, identify and track moving targets over clutter... Agent:

20140191893 - System and method for wide-area stratospheric surveillance: Methods and apparatuses for providing wide-area surveillance with a radar and/or other sensors from a stratospheric balloon launched from a land or ship platform for detection, tracking, and classification of maritime, land, and air objects such as ships, people/vehicles, or aircraft are described generally herein. In one or more embodiments,... Agent:

20140191894 - Three-dimensional positioning method: A three-dimensional positioning method includes establishing the geometric model of optical and radar sensors, obtaining rational function conversion coefficient, refining the rational function model and positioning the three-dimensional coordinates. Most of the radar satellite companies and part of the optical satellite only provide satellite ephemeris data, rather than the rational... Agent: National Central University

20140191895 - Radar system for motor vehicles, and motor vehicle having a radar system: A radar system for motor vehicles has at least two radar sensors for emitting and receiving radar radiation for monitoring the surroundings of the motor vehicle, the at least two radar sensors being each positioned at an angle between 40 degrees and 50 degrees to an axis, and the at... Agent:

20140191896 - Ball spin rate measurement: Spin rate measurement utilizing periodic phase modulation of the radar Doppler signal reflected from a golf ball is described. Some embodiments provide a method to directly measure the ball spin rate caused by the symmetrical structure of the golf ball seam, using the dielectric lens effect of a practical sports... Agent: Edh US LLC

20140191897 - Low frequency magnetic induction positioning system and method: A method and system for determining a real-time location of an object or person in a facility using low frequency magnetic induction positioning is disclosed herein. Each of the plurality of low frequency receivers is configured to receive a signal packet from a low-frequency magnetic induction transmitter, decode the signal... Agent: Awarepoint Corporation

20140191898 - Radar level measurement: Disclosed is a method of measuring the level of a liquid in a vessel, such as a chemical reactor, by radar. The method particularly pertains to situations wherein a supercritical fluid is present above the liquid. More particularly, the method serves to cope with the typical vigorous circumstances of a... Agent: Stamicarbon B.v.

20140191899 - Systems and methods for tracking targets by a through-the-wall radar using multiple hypothesis tracking: Aspects of the present invention relate to a system (10) and a method for tracking one or more targets by a radar using a multiple hypothesis tracking (MHT) algorithm, the method including operating the radar to transmit a radar beam from a first location toward the one or more targets,... Agent:

20140191901 - Search system and method for searching for a buried person: A search system for searching buried persons is provided including a radio device with a receiving device including at least one receiving antenna and adapted to receive the field of a transmitter antenna, wherein the radio device is adapted to determine the direction of the field vector of the transmitter... Agent: Ortovox Sportartikel Gmbh

20140191902 - Golf information providing apparatus and golf reviewing system: A golf information service device of the present invention includes: a case that accommodates components and a battery supplying power to the components; a GPS module that generates position information, using satellite signals; a storing unit that stores golf course information including hole information and target information; a distance calculator... Agent: U-comm. Techmology Inc.

20140191903 - Radionavigation signal tracking device: A radionavigation signal tracking device comprises a first and a second tracking stage for radionavigation signals. The first tracking stage comprises a first carrier phase-locked loop. The latter produces a first error signal arising from a phase difference between the first carrier and its replica. The phase of the replica... Agent: Centre National D'etudes Spatiales

20140191904 - System and method to generate three-dimensional mapping of a tubular component layout: A system and method to generate a three-dimensional mapping of an arrangement of tubular components are described. The tubular components include one or more straight pipes and one or more bent segments connected at interfaces. The system includes a plurality of electronically readable identifiers, each electronically readable identifier being disposed... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

07/03/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140184437 - Radar device: A radar device including an up-chirp tracking filter that performs a tracking process using a beat frequency at the time of an up-chirp to acquire a beat frequency, a down-chirp tracking filter that performs a tracking process using a beat frequency at the time of a down-chirp to acquire a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140184438 - Transmit/receive module for radar and assembling method thereof: A transmit/receive module for radar may include a radio frequency (RF) circuit unit including an RF substrate and an RF part; and a direct current (DC) power supply circuit unit including a printed circuit board (PCB) and a DC power supply circuit part. The RF circuit unit and the DC... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140184439 - Scalable polarimetric phased array transceiver: A polarimetric transceiver front-end includes two receive paths configured to receive signals from an antenna, each receive path corresponding to a respective polarization. Each front-end includes a variable amplifier and a variable phase shifter; a first transmit path configured to send signals to the antenna, where the transmit path is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140184440 - Circuit, apparatus and method for antenna mode steering: An Antenna Mode Steering (AMS) method in a signal receiving apparatus using at least one antenna is provided. The method includes measuring a received signal quality of a signal received through the at least one antenna for each of antenna modes available in the signal receiving apparatus, and selecting a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20140184441 - System and method of collaborative positioning calibration, and method of deploying reference station: An embodiment disclosed a system for collaborative positioning calibration, comprising at least one reference station and at least one client. The reference station uses a known position and a satellite signal transmitted by at least one satellite to compute a pseudo-range difference of the reference station position and the satellite... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140184442 - Gnss receiver positioning system: A method of extracting pseudorange information using a cellular device. A Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) chipset which is physically remote from a cellular device is accessed which provides raw GNSS observables information based upon signals received from a circularly polarized GNSS antenna. The raw GNSS observables information is wirelessly... Agent:

20140184443 - Filtering out a jammer signal: A low noise amplifier (LNA) assembly comprising a filter circuit for receiving signals from a Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) band and a Radio Navigation Satellite Service (RNSS) band; and an alternative filter circuit configured to filter out a jammer signal.... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20140184444 - Communication device and switching method: An antenna receives a radio wave transmitted from a GPS satellite. A wireless processing unit extracts positioning information from a signal of the radio wave received by the antenna. The positioning unit performs positioning on the basis of the positioning information extracted by the wireless processing unit. A transformer circuit... Agent: Fujitsu Mobile Communications Limited

20140184445 - Modal adaptive antenna using pilot signal in cdma mobile communication system and related signal receiving method: One or more input signals are used to generate a Pseudo noise generator and re-inject the signal to obtain a more efficient method of control of a receiver using adaptive antenna array technology. The antenna array automatically adjusts its direction to the optimum using information obtained from the input signal... Agent: Ethertronics, Inc.

20140184446 - Random perturbation-based beamforming method and apparatus for use in mobile communication system: A method and apparatus configures a beamforming coefficient based on the signal strength information without collecting channel information by adjusting the phase of the antennas through random perturbation. An antenna control method of a base station in a wireless communication system using a beamforming technique includes measuring nth received signal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140184447 - Phase-based ranging for backscatter rfid tags: A RF tag reader may use spatial averaging to compensate for the limitations of performing multi-frequency continuous-wave ranging (MFCW) in a bandwidth-limited environment. Although MFCW provides an estimate of the separation distance between a RF tag and the tag reader with errors that vary widely, the error values form a... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

06/26/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140176362 - Systems and methods for inferring localized hail intensity: The present invention is directed to system and method of processing meteorological data. The process comprises receiving a meteorological data corresponding to a geographic region from at least one meteorological data source for a selected time slice, with the meteorological data including radar reflectivity data. The system processes the meteorological... Agent: Dynamic Weather Solutions, Inc.

20140176360 - Method and arrangement for detecting traffic violations in a traffic light zone through rear end measurement by a radar device: The invention is directed to a method and an arrangement for detecting a traffic violation in a traffic light zone through rear end measurement by a FMCW radar device. For this purpose, a vehicle driving through a radar beam of a FMCW radar device, whose first outer edge beam horizontally... Agent: Jenoptik Robot Gmbh

20140176361 - Identification and removal of a false detection in a radar system: In one aspect, a method to identify and remove a false detection includes receiving a detection from a constant false alarm rate (CFAR) processor, performing a first similarity measure on adjacent coherent integration time values (CITs) corresponding to the detection, performing a second similarity measure on neighbor CITs corresponding to... Agent: Raytheon Canada Limited

20140176363 - Method of monitoring weapons using a gps device that is strapped onto the weapon: A method for tracking extremely dangerous weapons, such as assault rifles, is described. This method comprises of a GPS device which is strapped onto the weapon, such as the assault rifle's neck. The position of the GPS, along with the location of the weapon is constantly monitored. If the position... Agent:

20140176364 - Methods of processing a radio frequency signal, signal processing devices for carrying out the methods, radio frequency front-ends, radio receivers and gnss receivers: A radio frequency signal is frequency-translated to form a complex first intermediate signal where a frequency corresponding to a GPS center frequency is at an intermediate frequency. In a multiplexing conversion unit a complex multiplexed conversion signal which assumes different conversion frequencies is derived from a clock signal where the... Agent: U-blox Ag

20140176365 - High-accuracy and low-power tracking system for mobile devices: An electronic device for wirelessly tracking the position of a second electronic device is disclosed. The electronic device includes transceiver circuitry having a beacon generator to generate a beacon at a particular frequency and direction. An antenna array transmits the beacon, and receives at least one reflected beacon from the... Agent:

20140176366 - Positioning reference signal (prs) generation for multiple transmit antenna systems: A method of providing Observed Time Difference of Arrival (OTDOA) assistance information to a mobile station is disclosed. In some embodiments, the OTDOA assistance information may comprise Positioning Reference Signal (PRS) assistance information including antenna switching assistance information for at least one cell. In one embodiment, the method may be... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140176367 - Integrated accoustic phase array: A system includes a processor and a phased array, coupled to the processor, having an arrayed waveguide for acoustic waves to enable directional sound communication.... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140168008 - Method for displaying an active radar image and handheld screening device: A method for displaying an active radar image of an object on a handheld screening device is provided comprising taking a sequence of active radar images of an object, the different active radar images of the sequence being representative for different distances of the object from the handheld screening device;... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140168001 - Negative obstacle detection with stereo camera and long range radar: A negative obstacle detection system for a vehicle comprises a stereo camera mountable to the vehicle to provide a forward facing image and a long range radar mountable to the vehicle to emit a signal in a forward direction from the vehicle. An electronic control unit receives data from the... Agent:

20140168002 - Radar receiver: The object of the present invention is to provide a radar receiver that can steadily and reliably detect the target in the close zone without largely complicating the construction compared to the conventional radar apparatuses. The radar receiver according to the present invention comprises a receiving unit 15 that detects... Agent: Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

20140168003 - Antenna arrangement for a radar system: The invention provides an antenna arrangement for a radar system arranged for coverage of a surveillance area and comprising antenna elements. The antenna elements are arranged to receive a signal transmitted from a transmit antenna of a transmit antenna arrangement and reflected by a target towards the antenna arrangement wherein:... Agent: Saab Ab

20140168004 - Radar system and control method thereof: A radar system comprises a transmitting device comprising a reference frequency source, for generating a reference frequency signal; a direct-digital synthesizer, coupled to the reference frequency source, for generating a synthesized frequency signal according to the reference frequency signal; a phase lock loop, coupled to the direct-digital synthesizer, for converting... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corporation

20140168005 - Pulse radar ranging apparatus and ranging algorithm thereof: A pulse radar ranging apparatus and a ranging algorithm thereof are provided. The pulse radar ranging apparatus includes a radio frequency pulse generator, a radio frequency filter, a radio frequency switch and a transceiver aerial. The radio frequency pulse generator generates a pulse signal. The radio frequency filter receives the... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140168006 - Driver assistance device for a vehicle and method for operating a radar device: The invention relates to a driver assistance device (2) for a vehicle (1), which driver assistance device has a radar appliance (3, 4) for determining measured variable (α1, α2, R1, R2) referenced to an object (10) that is external to the vehicle, wherein the radar appliance (3, 4) comprises: at... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20140168007 - Method for generating an image and handheld screening device: A method for generating an image is provided including taking a first active radar image of an object from a first position with a handheld screening device; taking a second active radar image of the object from a second position with the handheld screening device; and generating a third image... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140168009 - Multi-imu ins for vehicle control: Multi-IMU INS for vehicle control allows GNSS-derived position and velocity to be measured at an antenna and applied to the estimation of position, velocity and attitude at a separate control point even when the spatial relationship between antenna and control point is not constant.... Agent: Trimble Navigation Ltd.

20140168010 - Extended range, high data rate, point-to-point crosslink placed on fixed or mobile elevated platforms: Methods and systems are provided for relocatable wireless communication links to locations that may present accessibility problems using, for example, small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS). An sUAS implemented as an easy-to-operate, small vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft with hovering capability for holding station position may provide an extended range,... Agent:

20140168011 - Communication apparatus: A communication apparatus includes a Doppler shift amount calculation unit configured to calculate a Doppler shift amount of a reception signal which is obtained by modulating a signal, for which spectrum spreading is performed by using a predetermined spread code, by a predetermined carrier frequency, a frequency shift amount setting... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140168012 - Method and system for antenna alignment: Method, device and computer readable memory aspects describe aligning antennas such as short range communication antennas in communication devices that may be used to transmit and receive electrical power for device charging. A measure of antenna alignment may be determined in response to electrical power received by one of the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140168013 - Method for operating a handheld screening device and handheld screening device: A method for operating a handheld screening device is provided, including taking a first image; determining a region of interest in the first image; and generating a scanned image by an active radar scan of the region of interest. A corresponding handheld screening device is provided as well.... Agent: Sony Corporation

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