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Coded data generation or conversion

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01/22/2015 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150022382 - Input decoder: An interface controller (2) is operated to give one of a plurality of predetermined outputs. An input signal (211) is received and a duration of said input signal is compared with a first and/or second threshold duration. A first output is generated if said input signal duration is shorter than... Agent: Nordic Semiconductor Asa

20150022383 - Methods and apparatuses for low-power multi-level encoded signals: Methods and apparatuses for providing multi-level encoded signals are disclosed. An apparatus may include an encoding circuit and a multi-level encoder. The encoding circuit may be configured to receive data and provide encoded data based, at least in part on the data. The multi-level encoder may be coupled to the... Agent:

20150022384 - System clock jitter correction: A system and method are provided for frequency multiplication jitter correction. The method accepts an analog reference signal having a first frequency, and using the analog reference signal, derives a system clock signal having a second frequency, greater than the first frequency. A PLL using a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)... Agent:

20150022386 - Digital tuning engine for highly programmable delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters: An integrated circuit includes a component calculator configured to compute at least one component value of a highly programmable analog-to-digital converter (ADC) from at least one application parameter, and a mapping module configured to map the component value to a corresponding register setting of the ADC based on at least... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20150022385 - High-order and nested redundancies in time-interleaved adcs: Examples are provided for time-interleaved analog-to-digital conversion with redundancy. The redundancy may include high-order and nested redundancies. An apparatus may include multiple analog-to-digital converter (ADC) blocks coupled to one another to form a time-interleaved ADC. Each ADC block may include multiple ADC slices, wherein a count of the ADC blocks... Agent:

20150022387 - Feedforward delta-sigma modulator: A feedforward delta-sigma modulator includes a successive approximation analog-to-digital converter, a digital-to-analog converter, N integrators, a first adder, a second adder, and an optimization zero generation unit, where N is a positive integer. An output terminal of each integrator of the N integrators is coupled to the successive approximation analog-to-digital... Agent:

20150022388 - Device for converting analogue signals into digital signals: Method and device for converting analogue signals, of a plurality of pathways, into digital signals. A common circuit (2, 3) generates first analogue signals corresponding to high-order bits of digital signals For each pathway, a first means compares the first analogue signals with the signal to be converted. A first... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150015425 - Slim keypad structure and electronic device using the same: A slim key includes a supporting plate, at least one key cap, at least one dome and a light-permeable circuit board. The supporting plate is disposed above the circuit board and has at least one frame part. Each frame part is formed with a light-permeable hole at a central portion... Agent:

20150015426 - Signal conversion system and method: A signal conversion system and method for converting an input signal to a pulse width modulated signal is disclosed. The signal conversion system includes a sample rate converter coupled with an associated pulse width modulation (PWM) module. A hardware and power efficient signal conversion system for resampling an audio input... Agent:

20150015427 - Signal conversion method, signal transmission method, signal conversion device, and transmitter: A signal conversion method including converting an input signal into a 1-bit pulse train representing an analog signal is provided. The 1-bit pulse train has a pulse rising waveform frise and a pulse falling waveform ffall. The pulse rising waveform frise includes a first distortion component with respect to an... Agent:

20150015428 - System and method for high speed analog to digital data acquisition: An analog to digital conversion system is disclosed which converts an analog signal to a digital representation thereof at a first sampling rate by distributing the analog signal to at least two signal paths, at least one signal path including a limiting mixer to mix the signal with a respective... Agent:

20150015429 - Systems and methods for derivative level-crossing sampling: Systems and methods for level-crossing sampling and reconstruction technique are disclosed. The derivative of the input signal is level-crossing-sampled, and the resulting samples are transmitted. At the receiver, these samples are fed to a zero-order hold followed by an integrator, which results in piecewise-linear reconstruction. The disclosed systems and methods... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150009050 - Differential decoder: In an example embodiment, a signal processor is disclosed that is configured to decode a clock-first, change-on-zero differential Manchester encoded data stream. The data stream has no local clock, and both combinatorial and sequential logic is used to decode the stream into a clocked data signal and an optional error... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150009051 - Data compression systems and methods: Data compression using a combination of content independent data compression and content dependent data compression. In one aspect, a system for compressing data comprises: a processor; one or more content dependent data compression encoders; and a single data compression encoder. The processor is configured to analyze data within a data... Agent:

20150009052 - Built-in-self-test for an analog-to-digital converter: A semiconductor chip with a built-in-self-test circuit including a first analog-to-digital converter (ADC) configured to convert an analog input voltage signal received at its input into a digital output voltage signal that characterizes the first ADC; and a second ADC coupled to the input of the first ADC and configured... Agent:

20150009053 - Input configuration for analog to digital converter: A circuit comprising an input, two or more sampling capacitors, means for connecting each sampling capacitor to said input, means for discharging the sampling capacitors to a given voltage in a reset phase, means to use the voltage across the sampling capacitor for further processing in a hold phase, operating... Agent: Hittite Microwave Corporation

20150009056 - Buffer offset modulation: One or more techniques for buffer offset modulation or buffer offset cancelling are provided herein. In an embodiment, an output for a sigma-delta analog digital converter (ADC) is provided using an output of a first chop-able buffer (FB) and an output of a second chop-able buffer (SB). For example, the... Agent:

20150009055 - Delta conversion analog to digital converter providing direct and quadrature output: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to an analog to digital converter, comprising a comparator for comparing an analog input signal and an analog feedback signal output from a digital to analog converter to generate a digital direct output signal, a summer, coupled to the comparator, for summing the... Agent:

20150009054 - Delta/sigma modulator: According to one embodiment, a delta/sigma modulator includes a first multiplier based on a reference capacitor having capacitance CR and a first variable capacitor having capacitance CS1 according to a distance between electrodes thereof, the first multiplier being defined by a first multiplier factor given by CR/CS1 and being supplied... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150009057 - Driving circuit and data transmitting method: A driving circuit includes channels, a positive converting unit, a negative converting unit, an input switch, and an operational amplifier. A first digital data and a second digital data are alternatively transmitted in a first channel and a second channel. The positive converting unit and negative converting unit are respectively... Agent:

20150009058 - Transmitter noise shaping: Embodiments of the disclosed invention address a method, apparatus and computer program product for enabling enhanced transmitter noise shaping. Thereby, a first digital-to-analog conversion is performed on a digital signal resulting in first analog signal, a noise shaping on the digital signal is performed for obtaining a noise shaped signal... Agent:

20150009059 - System and method for integration of hybrid pipeline: A system includes a pipeline analog-to-digital converter as a first stage to process an input signal, and a successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter as a second stage to process the input signal. The SAR analog-to-digital converter includes a power adjustment element to adjust a reference voltage of the SAR... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

01/01/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150002320 - Encoding method, information processing apparatus, and recording medium: A first encoding unit encodes, within the compression target data, each part with a sequence of the same value into the number of consecutive runs of the value. A decomposing unit decomposes the number of consecutive runs of the same value into an addition of integers belonging to a predetermined... Agent:

20150002321 - Method and apparatus for calibration of successive approximation register analog-to-digital converters: A successive approximation register (SAR) ADC includes an SAR comparator circuit including first and second inputs, a control input, and first and second outputs. The SAR comparator circuit further includes a plurality of capacitors coupled to the first and second inputs and includes a plurality of switches configured to couple... Agent:

20150002322 - Switching scheme for isi mitigation in data converters: Embodiments of the present disclosure may provide a switching scheme for tri-level unit elements with ISI mitigation. A tri-level unit element may include a first and second current source and a plurality of switches arranged to form three circuit branches between the first and the second current source. The first... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150002323 - Analog-to-digital converter and self-diagnosis method for analog-to-digital converter: An n-bit analog-to-digital converter includes a comparator that compares an analog input voltage with a comparison voltage; and a digital-to-analog converter that generates the comparison voltage in response to a result of the comparator, wherein the analog-to-digital converter outputs n-bit digital data corresponding to the analog input voltage, and wherein... Agent:

20150002324 - Sampling rate based adaptive analog biasing: A mixed signal device includes an analog circuit and a digital circuit coupled to the analog circuit. The digital circuit includes a component that samples a signal at a sampling rate that is dynamically variable by the digital circuit based on the bandwidth of the incoming signal. The digital circuit... Agent:

20150002325 - Self-calibrated delta-sigma modulator and method thereof: A delta-sigma modulator and corresponding method are disclosed. In one implementation, the delta-sigma modulator includes a multiplexer for receiving an analog input signal and a common mode signal and outputting a multiplexed signal in accordance with a selection signal; a summing circuit for receiving the multiplexed signal and an analog... Agent: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

20150002326 - Windowing for high-speed analog-to-digital conversion: An analog-to-digital converter (“ADC”) is disclosed. The ADC includes a bank of comparators and a window controller. The window controller is coupled to the bank of comparators to selectively activate first comparators of the bank of comparators associated with a window size and to selectively inactivate second comparators of the... Agent:

20150002327 - Integrating a/d converter: In an integrating A/D converter, first and second reference voltage inputs (18, 20) alternatingly connect through a reference voltage switch (16, 16′) via a first reference resistor (Rref) to an inverting input (122) of an integrator (12). A comparator (22) connected downstream of the integrator (12) compares a test voltage... Agent:

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