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Communications: electrical

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03/26/2015 > 60 patent applications in 49 patent subcategories.

20150084737 - Method for unlocking electronic device, and apparatus therefor: A method for unlocking an electronic device and an apparatus therefor are provided. The method includes the following steps: when an electronic device is in a function locked state, acquiring unlock trigger information generated by at least one operation in an operation area of the electronic device, where the unlock... Agent:

20150084738 - Systems and algorithms for biometric authentication without a previously stored biometric template: A system and algorithms to authenticate a person where a system only has some standard personal text data about the person, and cannot have a real biometric template obtained using an enrollment procedure. The authentication allows access to restricted resources by the person. This method is especially useful when it... Agent: Memphis Technologies, Inc.

20150084739 - Keypad assembly and method to access a car: A system is provided for vehicle access. Advantageously, the present system includes an optical keypad and an RFID antenna working through a windscreen which can be athermal including a thin metal layer. The keypad measures the reflection of visible light on the fingers of the user. The keypad assembly has... Agent:

20150084735 - Wearable information handling device outputs: An aspect provides a wearable information handling device, including: a display; a band; one or more processors operatively coupled to the display; and a memory device accessible to the one or more processors and storing code executable by the one or more processors to: after identifying information to be communicated,... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150084741 - Method and system for electronic ticket validation using proximity detection: This invention discloses a novel system and method for automated protocols between a mobile device and an electronic ticketing verification system, where proximity detection is used to automatically display the verification or to automatically control entry gates or turnstiles when the mobile device is verified has holding a valid ticket... Agent:

20150084740 - Shipping container security process: A process for monitoring containers including use of a severable security lock with an radio frequency identification (RFID) antenna adapted sever upon dislocation of the lock. The process utilizes an electronic identification number to ensure security lock integrity. The process includes detecting the security lock in transit by the use... Agent:

20150084742 - Techniques for configuring and remotely controlling a multimedia system: In one embodiment, a technique is provided to configure and remotely control a system. A system configuration is created based, at least in part, on information collected from a user using speech synthesis and speech recognition. The system configuration includes information representing at least one zone that corresponds with at... Agent:

20150084736 - Secondary short-range wireless assist for wireless-based access control: Concepts and technologies disclosed herein are directed to secondary short-range wireless assist for wireless-based access control. According to one aspect, a method can include receiving, at an access control system, a first identifier via a near-field communications (“NFC”) reader associated with an entryway to an area. The NFC reader can... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150084743 - Device operations based on configurable input sequences: An electronic device may be configured to identify configuration information associated with input sequences. In some examples, the configuration information may enable an association between the input sequences and operations capable of being performed by the electronic device. Additionally, in some aspects, the electronic device may be configured to receive... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20150084744 - Directional antenna for rfid tag finder: A system may include a mobile device comprising an antenna system. The antenna system may include a first antenna to determine a presence of a transponder within an area and a second antenna comprising a directional radiation pattern and that is configured to sweep the area to determine a direction... Agent:

20150084745 - Misplaced article recovery process: A misplaced article recovery system utilizing an application operating on a computing device, such as a point of sale system, a Smartphone, a tablet, and the like. A unique article registration identifier (numeric or alphanumeric) is associated with a registrant. A tag, label, or other identifying element is attached or... Agent:

20150084746 - Method and apparatus pertaining to facilitating the reading of rfid tags: These teachings generally comprise interrogating RFID tags and receiving corresponding responses from various ones of these RFID tags while also receiving, from a remote source, surrogate response corresponding to at least some of the plurality of RFID tags that are not responding to the current interrogation. A corresponding plurality of... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20150084749 - Routerless identification code assignment system and method: A system and method for uniquely self-identifying a controller functionally connected to a communication network of at least two controllers, the system comprising the at least two controllers, each controller having a random code generator configured for generating a resident identification code, a transmitter, a receiver and a volatile memory.... Agent:

20150084750 - Appliance control using destination information: A location determination device is configured to effect the transmission of a message or command to change the configuration of at least one appliance at or proximate to a premises when the current destination for the location determination device is set to a preprogrammed location corresponding to the premises. Accordingly,... Agent: The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

20150084748 - Modular wireless power, light and automation control: A device and method for controlling a host apparatus (300) through a wireless link with a personal controller (10). The device includes a wireless communications module (202) configured to communicate with personal controller (10) via a peer-to-peer communications standard. The device connects to host apparatus (300) via a plug and... Agent:

20150084747 - Remote terminal unit (rtu) with wireless diversity and related method: A method includes receiving first data from multiple wireless field devices at a remote terminal unit. The first data is received using multiple wireless communication protocols. The method also includes executing control logic at the remote terminal unit in order to control at least part of an industrial process. The... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150084751 - Pest repellant device for vehicles: A pest repellant device is provided for use in and around vehicles, such as cars, trucks, recreational vehicles and campers, boats, aircraft, and the like. The pest repellant device includes a fluid repellant dispenser and an electronic pest repellant unit, including at least an ultrasonic emitter and an electromagnetic emitter.... Agent:

20150084752 - Systems and methods for haptic augmentation of voice-to-text conversion: Systems and methods for providing voice-to-text haptic augmentation in a user interface are disclosed. For example, in one embodiment, a system for converting audible speech information to a haptic effect includes a microphone and a processor in communication with the microphone, the processor configured to receive an audio signal associated... Agent:

20150084753 - Attack resistant theft deterrent system: Systems and methods for theft deterrence of a vehicle are provided. Each of two or more immobilization point devices generate a random number and broadcasts it to all of the other immobilization points devices. Each of the immobilization point devices retains a local copy of its own random number and... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150084754 - Methods and systems related to remote power loss detection: Remote power loss detection. At least some of the example embodiments are methods including: tracking location of an asset by an onboard device mechanically coupled to the asset, the onboard device electrically coupled to a source of power of the asset, and the onboard device receiving power from the asset;... Agent: Gordon*howard Associates, Inc.

20150084755 - Driver assistance system for displaying surroundings of a vehicle: A driver assistance system is configured to display on a vehicle display an image of corresponding surroundings of a vehicle, having at least one image capturing camera; a viewpoint converter to generate a viewpoint converted image having a point of view looking downwardly from above the vehicle; at least one... Agent: Volkswagen Ag

20150084756 - Vehicle with luminous display instrucment: A vehicle has a support structure, on which at least one wall element bounding a passenger cell and a luminous display instrument covered by the wall element are fastened. A light source of the luminous display instrument is positioned in order to shine through a light permeable region of the... Agent:

20150084757 - Methods and systems for determining auto accidents using mobile phones and initiating emergency response: A method for providing automatic crash management (ACM) is provided. An ACM application is enabled on a mobile device. Data is collected from a plurality of sensors associated with the mobile device. The data from the plurality of sensors is processed with the ACM application. The processed data is monitored... Agent:

20150084758 - Driver prompting braking system and method: A driver prompting braking system includes a detection device adapted to sense at least one object in front of the vehicle; a detection system interfacing with the detection device, the detection system adapted to detect the at least one object; and a brake coaching system interfacing with the detection system,... Agent:

20150084759 - Method and apparatus for notification that a living entity remains in a vehicle: A system and method for notifying a driver who is leaving a stationary motor vehicle that there is still a person or an animal in the motor vehicle is presented. Exemplary notification modes include a notification mode in which the notification of the driver also depends on whether the current... Agent:

20150084761 - Method and apparatus for combatting distracted driving: The apparatus is for use with a motor vehicle operated by a driver and includes a scanning device and a computing facility. The scanning device, in use, gathers information about the eye activity of the driver. The computing facility determines, based on the information gathered, whether the driver is watching... Agent:

20150084760 - Method and system for displaying efficiency of regenerative braking for environmentally-friendly vehicle: A method and a system for displaying efficiency of regenerative braking for an environmentally-friendly vehicle to better educate drivers in regards to their braking habits and hopefully teach them how to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle through adjustment of their braking habits while improving the quality of a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150084762 - Vehicle driving mode display device and program for displaying vehicle driving mode: A vehicle driving mode display device judges whether or not a following first condition or a following second condition is satisfied in a case that a vehicle is driven within a tolerance range, and if satisfied, issues a warning. The first condition is a case in which a difference between... Agent:

20150084763 - Seatbelt fastening state display device: A microcomputer performs communication in conformity with the CAN standards to capture seating signals detected by seating sensors and seatbelt fastening signals by buckle switches. If determining from the captured seating signals that there is an unoccupied seat, the microcomputer displays a seatbelt state image at the unoccupied seat position... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150084764 - Adaptive instrument display using eye tracking: An adaptive instrument display includes an instrument cluster displaying a plurality of gauges. A steering wheel has at least one sensor, and there is at least one camera. A processor collects data from the at least one camera and steering wheel sensor and determines a steering wheel position and an... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20150084765 - Intelligent smoke sensor: Method and/or system for an intelligent smoke sensor may comprise a sensor system configured to detect at least one of a plurality of predefined conditions, a processor coupled to the sensor system. The processor may be configured to generate an alarm indication in response to having detected at least one... Agent:

20150084767 - Detector with integrated sensor platform: An integrated system platform includes a sensor containing an embedded microcontroller and associated circuitry for providing safety critical functionality. Signal conditioning circuitry is coupled to the sensor along with gas concentration determining circuitry, alarm status circuitry and fault status evaluation circuitry. Wherein the sensor is operational with a main control... Agent: Life Safety Distribution Ag

20150084766 - Rapid deployable global sensing hazard alert system: A rapid deployable global sensing hazard alert system and associated methods of operation are provided. An exemplary system includes a central command, a wireless backhaul network, and a remote monitoring unit. The remote monitoring unit can include a positioning system configured to determine a position of the remote monitoring unit... Agent: Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

20150084768 - Universal, proximity wireless system for potential victim to disengage dangerous devices: A universal proximity wireless system for a potential victim to disengage a dangerous power device to inhibit accidental injury to a potential victim includes: a) a wireless transmitter to transmit a predetermined distance ; b) a transmitter attachment mechanism adapted for attachment to the potential victim; c) a receiver and... Agent:

20150084769 - Apparatus and methods for geolocating an individual with respect to a perimeter: An improved wearable locator has an ultra-low power RF transceiver, GPS receiver, cellular network RF transceiver, processor, programmable non-volatile memory, LCD display, accelerometer and rechargeable battery. To ensure that the locator is within a perimeter, it can cooperate with a subordinate unit that includes an ultra-low power RF transceiver, processor,... Agent:

20150084770 - Alert sensing and monitoring via a user device: A device may configure recognition of a first alert. The device may store information associated with recognition of the first alert. The device may determine a response action to be associated with recognition of the first alert. The device may store information identifying an association between the first alert and... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150084772 - System for monitoring failure of substrate processing apparatus, and method for monitoring failure of substrate processing apparatus: Disclosed is a failure monitoring system for monitoring a failure of a substrate processing apparatus that performs a predetermined processing on a substrate to be processed, the failure monitoring system including: an alarm collecting unit configured to collects alarms issued from the substrate processing apparatus; and an analyzing unit configured... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150084771 - Systems, methods, and apparatus to permit communication between passive wireless transponders: Passive wireless transponders can perform transponder-to-transponder communication when illuminated by an interrogation carrier wave. The transponder-to-transponder communication permits each transponder to determine the identity of “other” proximately transponders. The transponder-to-transponder communication optionally permits each transponder to identify a “nearest neighbor” using one or more backscatter signal properties such as received... Agent:

20150084773 - Mobile terminal and anti-stolen method thereof: A mobile terminal and an anti-theft method thereof are described. The anti-theft recognition module of the mobile terminal sends a security number acquisition instruction to a security number acquisition module after determining that the mobile terminal enters an anti-theft mode, the security number acquisition module automatically acquires a security number... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150084774 - Remote breath alcohol monitor: A portable handheld wireless breath alcohol monitoring device (RBAM) utilizes facial recognition and automatic retesting if an initial test is positive for alcohol or of an initial facial match is negative. A location fix is captured with each breath test taken by an offender. After each breath test, the breath... Agent:

20150084775 - Fire detector: This fire detector is provided with a light-emitting portion that repeats stopping of light emission and light emission a plurality of number of times in predetermined light emission periods during a predetermined smoke detection operation time set for each first period; a light-receiving portion that receives the light emitted from... Agent:

20150084776 - Integrated circuits with radioactive source material and radiation detection: Radioactive integrated circuit (IC) devices with radioactive material embedded in the substrate of the IC itself, and including logic for “fingerprinting” (that is, determining characteristics that identify the source of the radioactive source material). Radioactive IC devices with embedded detector hardware that determine aspects of radioactivity such as total dose... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150084777 - System and method for monitoring the remaining capacity and operational state of multiple shred bins: The bins are situated in locations at one or more sites. A monitoring station located remotely from the bins is operably connected to each of the bins. Each bin includes an internal compartment having a given capacity for retaining paper to be shredded. An IR-LED distance measuring sensor is mounted... Agent:

20150084778 - System and method to estimate duration of battery (dis)charging of an electronic device and provide smart charging alerts based on device usage pattern: A portable electronic (PE) device and method generates contextual power alerts related to a power source of the PE device. The method includes identifying a future interval of usage of the PE device based on a usage pattern associated with at least one of a user profile and usage of... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150084779 - Garage door open alert: A garage door can be detected as being open by sensing various physical conditions the existence of which indicate the garage door as being open. When a door is determined to be open, a notification message is wirelessly transmitted to a predetermined entity or person notifying them that the door... Agent:

20150084780 - Central battery interconnected smoke detector system with single wire ac and dc pass-through relay: Disclosed is an interconnected smoke detector system of one or more smoke detector(s) wired into a dedicated circuit with a single location housing a DC power backup source, such as a rechargeable DC battery. The DC power backup source may be replaceable or rechargeable with DC current from and AC-DC... Agent:

20150084781 - Method and apparatus for visually and audibly indicating the setup and maintenance of a system: Example embodiments of the present invention relate to a method and apparatus for visually and audibly indicating the setup and maintenance of a system.... Agent:

20150084782 - Reducing distortion in amplified signals in well logging tools: Technologies are described for reducing distortion in amplified signals in well logging tools based on spectral analyses of the amplified signals. For example, a system includes a well logging tool. The well logging tool includes an excitation source to direct an excitation signal towards an environment adjacent a wellbore and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150084783 - Geophysical survey node rolling method and system: A method for acquiring geophysical data includes connecting a power module comprising a data transfer port and a power transfer port to a geophysical data acquisition device to provide a geophysical sensing node and deploying the geophysical sensing node. While deployed, data is transferred from the geophysical data acquisition device... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20150084784 - Apiary monitoring system: A system for monitoring an comprises a hive monitor configured for measuring and transmitting data on hive parameters, a data collector communicating with the hive monitor for logging measurement data received from the hive monitor, the data collector configured for transmitting the logged data, and a central database repository communicating... Agent:

20150084786 - Method and apparatus for automatic location-specific configuration management of a removable meter unit: A meter apparatus and method of operating a removable meter apparatus are described. The meter apparatus includes a tag associated with unique tag identification information and configured to be permanently affixed to a location housing at a unique physical location, and includes a removable meter unit configured to mate with... Agent:

20150084785 - Wireless utility meter reading system and method: A wireless meter reading system and method are provided to facilitate billing a consumer for utility usage. The wireless meter reading system comprises: (a) at least one utility meter; (b) at least one camera or imaging device optionally coupled to the at least one utility meter, wherein the at least... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20150084787 - Customized message protocol in mining vehicle operations: A communication system in a mining environment customizes messages and responses to both conserve radio bandwidth and to accommodate different communication terminal types in use. Messages to a loader with a communication terminal having a four line display and four keys may be tailored to the capabilities of the terminal,... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150084788 - Earthquake warning disaster prevention and safety report-back system: An earthquake warning disaster prevention and safety report-back system comprises a servo host group constituted by servo hosts and a mobile communication device. When an earthquake is formed, the servo hosts that are distributed by location in Taiwan are utilized for simultaneously receiving earthquake real-time data information transmitted from the... Agent: Bingotimes Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

20150084789 - Distributed maintenance decision and support system and method: The present disclosure is directed to a computer that receives weather information from a weather service provider (“WSP”) server and automatic vehicle locating system (“AVL”) collected information from an AVL server, accesses a material performance specification for at least one treatment material, and determines, based on the weather information and/or... Agent:

20150084790 - Stop violation detection system and method: A stop violation detection system and method includes at least one sensor mounted to establish a light shield adjacent a first vehicle, at least one image capture device mounted to record at least one image adjacent the first vehicle, and a control unit operatively coupled with the at least one... Agent:

20150084791 - Apparatus and method for managing safety of pedestrian at crosswalk: Disclosed herein are an apparatus and method for managing safety of a pedestrian at a crosswalk, which determine the location of a pedestrian in a crosswalk area, and then selectively provide a pedestrian signal extension service, an approaching vehicle notification service, and a pedestrian danger notification service. A presented apparatus... Agent:

20150084792 - Angle of attack display: An aircraft safety system includes a Stall/Spin Warning & Recovery Computer, an angle of attack sensor, a side slip sensor and an angle of attack display. The Stall/Spin Warning and Recovery Computer detects whether the aircraft is in a safe condition or an unsafe condition. The angle of attack display... Agent: Safe Flight Instrument Corporation

20150084793 - System and method for displaying airport features on a dynamic airport moving map display: A method and apparatus is provided for enhancing situational awareness onboard an aircraft during an aircraft ground maneuver such as when taxiing on a runway or taxiway. A three-dimensional view including airport features is rendered in a first airport region that extends a first predetermined distance (D1) from the aircraft... Agent:

20150084794 - Navigation aid information display device of an aircraft and primary flight display for an aircraft: A navigation aid information display device of an aircraft and primary flight display for an aircraft are disclosed. In one aspect, the navigation aid information display system includes a display screen including at least one first display area configured to display a first altitude scale including graduations, the current altitude... Agent:

03/19/2015 > 60 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories.

20150077217 - Sensor time synchronization: A sensor for acquiring measured values and for outputting data samples having at least one first register for storing a sensor time, which includes time information on phase position and/or period of the data samples, the first register being readable out externally. The sensor includes at least one second register,... Agent:

20150077218 - Virtual gate and alarm system: Alarm systems that include testing components for determining if static control devices satisfy certain specifications are described. The alarm system includes virtual gate components that generate alarm signals if after a testing component associated with a first subinterval determines a static control device carried by a person satisfies a first... Agent:

20150077221 - Apparatus for controlling access to and use of portable electronic devices: Various prison services are rendered more efficient by providing inmates access to portable electronic devices in a controlled and regulated manner. A dispenser is employed to control and monitor the checking out and return of portable electronic devices and to communicate with such devices during use by inmates to monitor... Agent: Renovo Software, Inc.

20150077222 - Parking management and billing: A parking management system including a server, a plurality of mobile parking management devices mounted in cars, an plurality of parking area parking control devices mounted in a parking areas, and a plurality of portable parking control devices used by parking attendants, all communicating via one or more wireless networks.... Agent:

20150077223 - Code verification: A method and/or computer program product verifies code. An input of an access code is received. A passcode comprising a set of one or more code elements is retrieved, wherein one or more of the code elements are associated with a respective time period. An input access code is compared... Agent:

20150077224 - Apparatus, method and article for security by pairing of devices: A functionality of an accessible device such as a set-top box, computer, mobile device, media device, is unlocked or otherwise made available to a user by a security system dependent on an external paired device, such as a mobile device, a key fob or radio frequency identification (RFID) device paired... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20150077219 - Barrier operator strain detection: A barrier sensor device and associated control device monitor operation of a barrier operator system. The barrier sensor device monitors operation of barrier operators for undesirable amounts of strain without barrier operator force as an input. The barrier sensor device instead detects both motion and tilt of a barrier. By... Agent: The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

20150077220 - Dynamic electronic door lock control system: A method of controlling access to a real estate property includes installing a dynamic electronically-controlled lockset on an exterior door of a real estate property, maintaining, at a remote location, a reference device adapted to present a value of a second dynamic access code to one or more users located... Agent:

20150077226 - Method and apparatus for conserving energy in rke and tpm vehicle systems: A method and apparatus for controlling a vehicle based transmitter/receiver system including transmitting a first signal portion at a first baud rate and second signal portion at a second baud rate where the first baud rate is faster than the second baud rate, the first signal portion including a wake-up... Agent:

20150077225 - Methods and systems for communicating between a vehicle and a remote device: Methods, apparatus and systems are provided for communications between a vehicle and a remote device using a first vehicle communications module that communicates via a first communication channel. One exemplary method involves transmitting, by a second vehicle communications module via a second communication channel, an indication of an operating state... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150077227 - Proximity switch based door latch release: A vehicle door latch assembly includes a first proximity sensor on a first side of a door handle and a second proximity sensor on a second side of the door handle. The assembly also includes a latch operative to latch the door closed and to unlatch the door to allow... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC.

20150077228 - System, device, and method of transmitting a plurality of credentials via near-field communication: A novel system and methodology for conducting financial and other transactions using a wireless device. Credentials may be selectively issued by issuers such as credit card companies, banks, and merchants to consumers permitting the specific consumer to conduct a transaction according to the authorization given as reflected by the credential... Agent:

20150077229 - Wireless device security system: A wireless device security system for preventing the unauthorized reading of wireless devices by a reader. The wireless device security system generally includes a device holder that is adapted to receive a wireless device for storage, access and removal. The device holder includes an interference tag that interferes with the... Agent: Identity Stronghold, LLC

20150077230 - Protection system for instrument service and calibration: A system designed to maintain calibration and protect the location-based data acquired in measurements performed with a precise instrument. The system of the present invention is preferably implemented via an instrument that includes an RFID system. The RFID reader is preferably integrated into the measurement instrument itself, and is capable... Agent:

20150077231 - Method, apparatus, and system for intelligently controlling device, and plug-and-play device: This application discloses an intelligent controlling method and a system. The system includes a controlling device, a controlled device and an interaction device. The controlling device acquires parameter information of the controlled device. The parameter information reflects a current running state of the controlled device. The controlling device generates a... Agent:

20150077232 - Near field communication devices for merchandise security: Embodiments of the invention are directed to merchandise security devices, systems, and methods for protecting an item of merchandise from theft. For example, a merchandise security device may include an electronic lock configured for securing the merchandise security device to a merchandise fixture. The electronic lock has at least one... Agent:

20150077233 - Retractable environment detector: Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations a retractable environmental detector system includes two portions, a base or retractor unit that can be attached to a ceiling and a retractable environmental detector operably coupled to the base or retractor through a flexible retractable connector that retracts... Agent:

20150077234 - System of wearable devices with sensors for synchronization of body motions based on haptic prompts: Embodiments of the present application relate generally to personal electronics, portable electronics, wearable electronics, and more specifically to wirelessly enabled devices that include a haptic interface and are configured to wirelessly communicate with one another to synchronize body motion or other user actions based on haptic prompts generated by a... Agent: Aliphcom

20150077235 - Interactive vehicle window display system with user identification and image recording: A system and method for a vehicle includes a user identification subsystem operable to detect an individual proximate to the vehicle and a display subsystem operable to generate output for display on a vehicle window in response to detection the. The system and method distinguish between authenticated and non-authenticated vehicle... Agent:

20150077236 - Position detecting system: A position detecting system 10 for installation on a large vehicle 12 comprises a detector 14 for detecting a transmitter 32 on a vulnerable vehicle such as a bicycle 34, a processor for calculating the position of the bicycle relative to the large vehicle, and a user interface 100 for... Agent: Cycle Alert Holdings Limited

20150077237 - Interactive vehicle window display system with a safe driving reminder system: A system for a vehicle includes a user identification subsystem operable to detect a driver; and an interactive display subsystem operable to generate output for display on a vehicle window based on detection of the driver, the output associated with a reminder specific to a questionable driving habit of the... Agent:

20150077238 - Tire identification code registration system: A tire identification code registration system for use with tire pressure detectors and a tire pressure monitoring system (TMPS) receiver. Each tire pressure detector, which includes a unique tire identification code, is coupled to a tire to detect the pressure of the tire and transmit a tire pressure signal. The... Agent:

20150077239 - Electric vehicle charger display system for distant and local viewing: An electric vehicle (EV) charger system, includes an EV charger, the EV charger having a distance display disposed at a top portion of the EV charger, the EV charger configured to display a non-alphanumeric representation of a plurality of modes of the EV charger on the distance display for viewing... Agent:

20150077240 - Smoke detector with enhanced audio and communications capabilities: A smoke detector has enhanced audio and communications capabilities that allow audio content to be provided at each smoke detector location. This audio content may be music, intercom, doorbell actuation and radio programs. The smoke detector may also include a microphone for monitoring and two way communications between two or... Agent:

20150077241 - System for monitoring, tracking and recording the location of personnel: A personal monitoring system and method is provided which includes a monitoring device including a positioning sensor for identifying and storing position data of the monitoring device and a transceiver. A remote computing unit for receiving proximity signals and position data received from the monitoring device at a predetermined interval.... Agent: Sentinel Offender Services, LLC

20150077242 - Initiation of carbon monoxide and/or smoke detector alarm test using image recognition and/or facial gesturing: An apparatus for smoke detection having an image sensor may be tested using image or pattern recognition, or facial gesturing without having to climb a ladder or chair to initiate the test, or be uncomfortably close to the smoke detector apparatus during initiation of the testing thereof. Carbon monoxide (CO)... Agent:

20150077243 - Signal-activated circuit interrupter: The current invention is an automatic AC power interruption system built into a portable apparatus or integrated into electrical systems and appliance control circuitry. Power is interrupted in potentially hazardous conditions, for example, when a T3 smoke detector alarm signal is detected. Alternatively, a portable device may be plugged into... Agent:

20150077245 - Detecting and responding to sentinel events: The present invention is directed to systems, devices, and methods of monitoring at-risk individuals for the occurrence of sentinel events in a custodial care setting. In particular, the present invention is directed to monitoring for events such as suicide, and allowing monitoring personnel to actively respond to the event and... Agent: The Reseach Foundation Of State University Of New York

20150077244 - Emergency auto-notification: According to an embodiment, methods and systems can provide emergency auto-notification. Thus, in the event of an emergency, such as a predefined emergency, one or more people can be notified of a user's condition, needs, environment, and location, for example. The people to be notified can be predetermined, such as... Agent:

20150077246 - Sensor module for sensing forces to the head of an individual and wirelessly transmitting signals corresponding thereto for analysis, tracking and/or reporting the sensed forces: Sensor module for sensing forces to the head of an individual and wirelessly transmitting signals corresponding thereto for analysis, tracking and/or reporting the sensed forces.... Agent:

20150077247 - Security and tracking system: A security and tracking apparatus includes at least a first signaling unit and a second signaling unit, wherein the apparatus is adapted for transmitting the location of each signaling unit when the first and second signaling units are separated by more than a preselected distance. A method to locate a... Agent:

20150077248 - Smoke detectors with wireless local area network capabilities: An apparatus is configured to provided smoke detection and wireless local area network capabilities at each location thereof. This apparatus may replace existing smoke detector devices and/or be used in new construction so as to provide both smoke detection and wireless local area network capabilities in an area proximate to... Agent:

20150077249 - Item hanger arrangement, system, and method: A system for supporting and tracking at least one item includes a plurality of support structures adapted to support at least one item, at least one signal receiving arrangement associated with the plurality of support structures, at least one indicator arrangement associated with the plurality of support structures, and at... Agent:

20150077251 - Notification of security alerts: Remote notifications are provided by a security system. When the security system detects a visitor, a first notification is sent to an authorized user. The first notification may include an image or video, thus allowing the user to recognize the visitor. If the user approves the visitor, the security system... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150077250 - Security system communications management: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for managing communications. One of the systems includes a plurality of security systems, each security system including a secure network coupling a plurality of security devices; a plurality of user devices authorized to send and receive communications associated... Agent:

20150077252 - Device and method for monitoring locking devices: Disclosed is a lock monitor module for attachment to a locking device, comprising: a sensor in communication with a detection unit for generating a locking device status signal representative of a locked state, an unlocked state, a tampered state, or a distressed state of the locking device, the sensor proximate... Agent:

20150077253 - Reminder apparatus and method for items left in a vehicle: A vehicle has an interior antenna for detecting transmissions from a keyless entry device (KED) and/or a radio frequency device (RFD) associated with a portable item when inside the vehicle, and an exterior antenna for detecting transmissions from the KED and/or the RFD when outside the vehicle. A processor receives... Agent:

20150077254 - Alarm system with smart sensors: An alarm system for monitoring portable articles comprises a smart sensor for operatively engaging a portable article. The smart sensor includes an actuator having a secured state and an unsecured state relative to the portable article. A memory stores a sensor address. A controller has a sensor bus operatively connected... Agent: Se-kure Controls, Inc.

20150077255 - Invisible concealed weapon identification system: The invisible concealed weapon identification system and method implements a non-visible marking, locating, and tracking system for arms, weapons, and guns to be identified and tracked. The weapon marking is accomplished thru a radio frequency identification tag mounted under the handle or stock pad of the weapon. A radio frequency... Agent: Tpkidsco Lp

20150077256 - Retail security tag: A security tag or device for use with a product package. The security tag has an optical sensor that is calibrated to an intensity of ambient radiation (or light, if any) within the package interior (e.g., from a source outside the package). The optical sensor can be aligned with an... Agent: Dubois Limited

20150077257 - Disposable anti-tamper conductive plastic band for re-usable rfid tag: A disposable electrically conductive band for a re-usable RFID tag having an RFID tag holder, an electrical continuity contact within a loop on an end of the band, an electrically conductive landing area on a tongue of the band, the tongue being insertable through the loop to secure the band... Agent:

20150077258 - Infection control monitoring system: The invention provides an automated hand hygiene/infection control monitoring sensor-based system suitable for improving hand hygiene and multiple infection control measures and ensuring compliance by health care workers as well as visitors to hospitals and clinics. The use of biometric identification devices such as cameras for face recognition and profiling,... Agent:

20150077259 - System and method for remote test administration and monitoring: A system for test administration including a memory, a processor and a biometric reading unit with a program in the memory executing the steps of receiving measurements from the biometric reading unit, the measurements being other than video and audio, identifying suspect behavior from the measurements, displaying a video feed... Agent:

20150077260 - Sensor and transmission control circuit in adaptive interface package: A programmable interface module includes a linear power regulator to control and provide power to interfaced components on an as needed basis. The interface module is implemented in, for example, a sensor pack and multiplexed to a plurality of sensor modules. In a first mode, the linear voltage regulator provides... Agent:

20150077261 - Diaper change detection means: The diaper change detection means includes a hand held case, particulate sensor, speaker, light, processing means, and powering means. The sensor is held in the hand and held up to the diaper where said sensor can detect the presence of particulates emanating from the soiled diaper. The sensor would be... Agent:

20150077262 - Visual indicator and adjustment of media and gaming attributes based on battery statistics: Systems and methods may provide for identifying an amount of time associated with a user based activity with respect to a battery powered device, and determining a battery drain rate of the battery powered device. An indicator of whether the user based activity can be completed in the amount of... Agent: Intel Corporation

20150077263 - Method and system for condition monitoring of a group of plants: A system for monitoring machinery and systems in a process plant using a local monitoring and diagnostic system, the system including a plant database configured to store rule sets including at least one rule expressed as at least one of a physics-based model, a data-driven model, and a empirical model... Agent: Nuovo Pignone Srl

20150077264 - Printing apparatus and printed-material processing apparatus: A stack state of a plurality of trays is collectively determined and is notified in steps. A printing apparatus includes an image forming unit configured to form an image on a sheet and create a printed material, a plurality of storage units each configured to store the printed material created... Agent:

20150077265 - Telemetry on tubing: In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to program a first acoustic repeater to transmit information at a first operating frequency; to couple the first acoustic repeater circumferentially around a coiled tubing portion, an inner diameter of the first... Agent:

20150077267 - Modular light system and related methods: A modular warning light system for warning aerial vehicles of an obstacle such as a steel lattice tower includes a support, a light structure adjustably mounted onto the support, a warning light coupled to the light structure, and a power system coupled to the light structure. The power system comprises... Agent: San Diego Gas & Electric Company

20150077266 - Smart measurement system: A system and method are presented for collecting and retrieving characterization data of measurement devices, such as flow meters. The system includes a meter, a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag for storing the meter characterization data, and electronics, such as a totalizer, to read the characterization data from the RFID... Agent:

20150077268 - Continuous patient monitoring: A system for providing continuous monitoring of a patient includes: a first monitor device configured to measure one or more physiological attributes associated with the patient, the first monitor device being a contactless device; and a second monitor device configured to measure one or more physiological attributes associated with the... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20150077269 - Method and terminal for controlling location information collection: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method and a terminal for controlling location information collection. The method includes: detecting an active/inactive status of at least one terminal location information collection operation of a terminal; detecting a connection status and/or a service status of the terminal; and stopping all... Agent:

20150077270 - V2v safety system using self-generated lane maps: A vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication transponder for use in V2V communication, safety and anti-collision systems incorporating a location point store and a lane records store, wherein the lane records are constructed by the transponder from the point in the location point store, location points are received from other moving transponders, and... Agent: Zetta Research And Development, LLC - Forc Series

20150077271 - Controlling vehicular traffic on a one-way roadway: A method controls vehicular traffic on a one-way roadway. A hardware sensor detects vehicular traffic on a roadway. A hardware traffic control device determines whether the vehicular traffic on the roadway has been moving exclusively in a first direction during a preceding period of time, such that the roadway is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150077272 - Interactive vehicle window display system with personal convenience reminders: A system for a vehicle that provides personal convenience reminders to a user of a vehicle. The system accesses an off board system such as a personal electronic device of the user to display the personal convenience reminders. The system can also access various off board applications in response to... Agent:

20150077273 - Controlling vehicular traffic on a one-way roadway: A hardware traffic control device controls vehicular traffic on a one-way roadway. A hardware sensor detects vehicular traffic on a roadway in order to enable a hardware traffic control device to determine that the vehicular traffic on the roadway has been moving exclusively in a first direction during a preceding... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150077274 - System and method for displaying in-trail procedure (itp) allocations on an aircraft cockpit display: A system and method for increasing the vertical situational awareness of a pilot of a host aircraft, comprises rendering symbology on a vertical situation display of the host aircraft, the symbology comprising (1) a traffic scenario including at least the host aircraft and a second aircraft, the second aircraft involved... Agent:

20150077275 - Method and apparatus for automatic location check-in control in a vehicle: A system includes a processor configured to receive information relating to a vehicle state, designated to act as a trigger for a location check-in process. The processor is further configured to evaluate the state to determine if a trigger condition has been met and access a designated check-in site, when... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150077276 - System and method for automated identification of location types for geofences: A system and method and system flow for processing GPS event data to identify frequent stop locations and geofences therefor and automatedly categorize them with location types.... Agent: Fleetmatics Irl Limited

03/12/2015 > 68 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20150070129 - Methods and systems for providing navigation assistance to a user: Methods and systems for providing navigation assistance to a user are disclosed. A method for providing navigation assistance to a user includes defining at least one virtual wall along at least a portion of a path for navigation through an environment. The at least one virtual wall is offset from... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150070130 - Security system with point bus abstraction and partitioning: Security systems and methods of operating the same. One security system includes a plurality of point devices positioned in a premises, a plurality of interim devices, and a control panel. The system also includes a first communication bus connecting the control panel and each of the plurality of interim devices... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150070134 - Authentication system using wearable device: A wearable device (“WD”) stores a token after its wearer completes a successful strong authentication on a primary protected device (“primary PD”). Other protected devices (“secondary PDs”) recognize the stored token as representing a strong authentication and grant the user access while the user continues to wear the WD within... Agent: Intel Corporation

20150070133 - Identification sensor for gate identification of a person: The invention relates to an identification sensor (100) which is configured with two passage sensors (101, 102) and with an ID receiver (103). The ID receiver is configured to receive wirelessly transmitted radio frequency signals from a personal transmitter 111. The radio frequency signal is an ID signal which contains... Agent:

20150070132 - Secure remote control for operating closures such as garage doors: Actuation of an access closure such as a garage door may be initiated by a remote control (RC) if a correct authentication code is received by the RC and/or if a designated authorization device such as a mobile phone is within near field communication transceiver range of the RC.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150070136 - Keyless entry system: A keyless entry system including multiple portable devices and an in-vehicle device controlling smart lock and smart unlock of a vehicle door is disclosed. The in-vehicle device includes an vehicle-cabin-inside portable determination section, which when locking the vehicle door by the auto-lock function, determines whether or not there is the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150070135 - Security system and device therefor: A security system and security devices, optionally for a vehicle. The security system comprising a control unit, a locking system, a primary key and a secondary key, the primary key and the secondary key each normally operable to activate and deactivate the locking system and upon operation of the secondary... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20150070131 - Method and apparatus for detecting boarding of a means of transport: An approach is provided for detecting when a user has boarded a means of transport. The sensor platform may determine sensor information associated with at least one device, wherein the sensor information is collected from one or more sensors that do not include one or more satellite-based location sensors. Then,... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20150070137 - Finger biometric sensor including circuitry for acquiring finger biometric data based upon finger stability and related methods: A finger biometric sensor may include an array of finger biometric sensing pixels and processing circuitry coupled to the array of finger biometric sensing pixels. The processing circuitry may be capable of acquiring finger stability biometric data from a subset of the array, and determining whether a finger is stable... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150070138 - Detection of buried assets using current location and known buffer zones: A method on a mobile computing device for locating a buried asset is provided. The method includes receiving a data structure that represents a two dimensional area comprising a buffer zone at an above-surface location, wherein the buffer zone corresponds to a particular buried asset sought by an operator of... Agent:

20150070139 - System and method for external equipment monitoring: The present invention is a system and method for external equipment monitoring. The presenting invention uses a network of sensor-devices that constitute a system that provides information about entities within a facility, where entities may mean industrial equipment, personnel, parts, raw materials, etc. The invention allows the entities to be... Agent:

20150070140 - Rfid skier monitoring systems and methods: A system and method monitor skier behavior. An identifier is read from a lift access product when the lift access product is in the vicinity of a lift boarding area and a scan record containing the identifier, location information of the lift boarding area and a time stamp if generated.... Agent:

20150070142 - Remote control system, method for configuring remote control system, communication terminal device, electronic device, and server device: In a case where a registration process of registering a second mode is carried out, (i) a communication terminal device (10) transmits, to an electronic device (20), according to a first communication method, an access instruction which instructs the electronic device (20) to access a server device (50), (ii) the... Agent:

20150070141 - Wireless control system and method of setting the control system: A wireless control system for controlling a plurality of electric elements, includes a control signal generator, at least a converting device, and a plurality of controlling devices. The control signal generator generates a Wi-Fi control signal and sends it to the converting device. The converting device converts the Wi-Fi control... Agent: Grand Mate Co., Ltd.

20150070143 - Novelty door knocker with audio playback: A novelty door knocker having an electronic sound effect or effects, the door knocker with mechanical arm, plate, switch or proximity sensor enabled to trigger a sound effect, and a battery-powered circuit for controlling and coordinating the acoustics with the trigger. The door knocker may be decorated with or shaped... Agent:

20150070144 - Automatic remote sensing and haptic conversion system: A system is provided that automatically converts an input into one or more haptic effects in near real-time. The system senses the input in near real-time. The system automatically converts the sensed input into one or more haptic signals in near real-time. The system generates the one or more haptic... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20150070145 - Electrical stimulation haptic feedback interface: A haptic drive circuit for an electrical muscle stimulation electrode has an input for receiving a haptic signal based on a haptic effect from a haptic effects processor. The drive circuit contains logic for generating a electrical muscle stimulation current based on the haptic signal. An electrode in contact with... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20150070149 - Haptic warping system: A system is provided that transforms haptic signals. The system receives an original haptic signal, where the original haptic signal includes a first haptic effect space, and where the first haptic effect space includes one or more haptic effects that can be generated by a first haptic output device. The... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20150070151 - Haptic warping system that transforms a haptic signal into a collection of vibrotactile haptic effect patterns: A system is provided that transforms haptic signals into vibrotactile haptic effect patterns. The system receives a haptic signal that includes haptic effect patterns. The system further detects a start time and an end time for each haptic effect pattern. The system further detects haptic effect patterns based on a... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20150070154 - Method and apparatus of converting control tracks for providing haptic feedback: Disclosed are systems and methods for converting a control track designed for use with a number and/or type of haptic output devices to be used with other numbers and/or types of haptic output devices. For example, a computing device may convert the control track into another control track that can... Agent:

20150070150 - Method and system for providing haptic effects based on information complementary to multimedia content: The present disclosure is generally directed to systems and methods for providing haptic effects based on information complementary to multimedia content. For example, one disclosed method includes the steps of receiving multimedia data comprising multimedia content and complementary data, wherein the complementary data describes the multimedia content, determining a haptic... Agent:

20150070152 - Multiplexing and demultiplexing haptic signals: A system receives a multiplexed signal with two or more different types of haptic signals encoded therein. Each type of haptic signal represents a haptic effect for different types of haptic output devices. The system determines a target haptic output device located on a haptic playback device. The system demultiplexes... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20150070153 - Spatialized haptic feedback based on dynamically scaled values: A system provides haptic feedback based on media content. The system processes the media content into components including a first component and a second component. The system further determines a first priority value related to the first component and a second priority value related to the second component. The system... Agent:

20150070147 - Systems and methods for generating haptic effects associated with an envelope in audio signals: Systems and methods for generating haptic effects associated with envelopes in audio signals are disclosed. One disclosed system for outputting haptic effects includes a processor configured to: receive an audio signal; determine an envelope associated with the audio signal; determine a haptic effect based in part on the envelope; and... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20150070148 - Systems and methods for generating haptic effects associated with audio signals: Systems and methods for generating haptic effects associated with audio signals are disclosed. One disclosed system for outputting haptic effects includes a processor configured to: receive an audio signal; determine a haptic effect based in part on the audio signal by: identifying one or more components in the audio signal;... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20150070146 - Systems and methods for generating haptic effects associated with transitions in audio signals: Systems and methods for generating haptic effects associated with transitions in audio signals are disclosed. One disclosed system for outputting haptic effects includes a processor configured to: receive a signal; determine a haptic effect based in part on the signal; output a haptic signal associated with the haptic effect; an... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20150070155 - Passenger information system and method: Method for displaying passenger information on a passenger transport vehicle that has an interior and at least one window. The window has an inside, pointing to the interior, and an outside. At least one display section of the window is designed for the display of passenger information. The method includes... Agent:

20150070156 - Object differentiation warning system: A vehicle object warning system and method that differentiates between expected and unexpected objects. A sensor detects a set of objects external to the vehicle upon the occurrence of different triggering conditions. A controller determines locations of the sets of objects detected by the sensor. Further, the controller can store... Agent:

20150070157 - Vehicle display apparatus: A vehicle display apparatus includes a plurality of display devices that superpose and display a plurality of pieces of information by displaying information at each position of a plurality of different positions in a predetermined direction towards the front of a vehicle that can be viewed by a driver of... Agent:

20150070158 - Alert display device and alert display method: Disclosed is an alert display device which highlights a display image for highlighting an object to be alerted in an actual scene in front of a driver of a vehicle or around the vehicle in a superimposing manner. The object to be alerted in front of the vehicle or around... Agent:

20150070159 - Low-level consciousness determination system: The low-level consciousness determination system includes curved road determination means for determining whether a road on which the vehicle is traveling is a curved road and determining whether the vehicle is traveling on the outside of the curved road or on the inside of the curved road when the road... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150070160 - Method and arrangement for handover warning in a vehicle having autonomous driving capabilities: A method and arrangement are described for handover warning in a vehicle having autonomous driving capabilities and a vehicle controller configured to control unmanned autonomous travel. A processor may be configured to monitor if there is a need to transition from unmanned autonomous travel to manual control of the vehicle.... Agent:

20150070161 - Turning direction indicator: In a turning direction indicator, a first determination section determines whether a steering angle becomes equal to or larger than a first angle in one turning direction after the steering angle becomes a rotation angle in another turning direction opposite to the one turning direction in a state where an... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150070162 - Wearable electronic signaling devices: This invention relates to electronic wearable articles such as clothing. The invention is an integrated wearable article (e.g. an electronic glove) that allows a user to signal to others the user intent for direction. The electronic glove includes a glove, a chevron-shaped light integrated with the glove that points away... Agent:

20150070163 - System and method for home automation and security: Systems and methods for home automation and security are disclosed. An example method includes storing an indication that a building is expected to be occupied at a first time; controlling, via a processor, a behavior of a security system at the building at the first time based on the indication;... Agent:

20150070164 - Wildlife warning system: A wildlife warning system that comprises at least two independent warning devices, wherein each warning device has an electric power supply, at least one signal generator, and a microcontroller for controlling the signal generator, and a communication means for wireless communication with other warning devices and/or with a base station... Agent: Ipte Schalk & Schalk Og

20150070165 - System and method for tracking assets: A computer-based system, computer-implemented method, and computer-readable medium for tracking assets, such as objects and persons. The current invention involves associating a GPS-tracked tag with a targeted asset, registering a serial number associated with the tag, storing the serial number onto a database, and tracking the tag—and thus, associated asset—through... Agent:

20150070166 - System and method for gunshot detection within a building: A system for detecting a discharge of a firearm includes a detection component and an appropriation component. The detection component is configured to detect a discharge of a firearm within a building using one or more sensors communicatively coupled with a central server. The appropriation component configures one or more... Agent:

20150070167 - Method and a system for supervising intruder alarm systems: A method of supervising intruder alarm systems, each alarm system comprising a plurality of alarm sensors and at least one gateway communicating with a remote alarm receiving centre. The method includes the steps: a) receiving in a first intruder alarm system radio signals transmitted from a second intruder alarm system,... Agent: Securitas Direct Ab

20150070168 - Guitar alarm: m

20150070170 - Method and system for preventing shopping cart theft: The present invention provides a system and method for preventing theft of mobile objects which are used by for temporary time period by anonymous users. The system is comprised of: at least one locking mechanism engaging a mobile object to a secure locking arrangement, wherein the locking mechanism can be... Agent:

20150070169 - Personal possession alarm: e

20150070171 - Device with detection, signalling and information tag and tag detacher for such a device: Device for protecting an article against theft and/or for identifying it, comprising a tag (B) with a passage able to accept a metal pin (F, 8) passing through the item or attached to a lanyard surrounding the item, the tag comprising means (E) for locking the pin in the passage... Agent:

20150070174 - Apparatus and method for monitoring hygiene: Method and apparatus for monitoring and reporting hand washing at a sanitizing station employs a sensor for signaling the dispensing of a sanitizer from a dispenser and a sensor module detecting the direction of passage of an individual into and out of a portal, such as the entrance to a... Agent:

20150070172 - Method and arrangement for evaluating activity and functional ability based on interaction and physiological signals: A method is for monitoring interaction between a person and his companion and pet. The method can be realized via a data transfer network, a monitoring arrangement used in the method, a server and a computer program to be used in the monitoring arrangements, which are included in the monitoring... Agent: Domuset Oy

20150070173 - Signalling device for divers: A signalling device for divers (3) has, along a shoulder strap (4) for compressed air bottles, a clip (12) which is pivotably attached in the shoulder region to the shoulder strap (4) and is detachably connected at the other free end to the shoulder strap (4) by means of a... Agent:

20150070175 - Travel warning system and method: A travel warning system includes a central repository for storing travel warnings concerning specific travel incidents (with the option to tag specific groups) occurring at various locations, and details regarding missing travellers and deceased travellers. Hand-held and worn ultra-mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, phablets, smart watches, and smart... Agent:

20150070176 - System and method for wirelessly tethering one or more machines: A system and method provides a wireless tether device for configuration with a first machine participating as a member of a tethered group of machines moving direction. Components within the wireless communication device are utilized to maintain a preset distance between the first machine and a second machine in the... Agent:

20150070177 - System and method for detecting and preventing drowsiness: A system for preventing drowsiness in a driver by employing a thermal grill. The system includes a detection module and an intervention module. The detection module monitors a driver's parameters to determine whether the driver is drowsy. If the driver is determined to be drowsy, the intervention module activates a... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20150070178 - Real-time vehicle driver performance monitoring: Real-time vehicle driver performance monitoring uses a plurality of sensors operated in a vehicle, each generating a real-time data stream comprising data corresponding to operation of the vehicle by the vehicle's driver. A computing device (such as an in-vehicle computer) processes the generated data stream from each of the plurality... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150070179 - Waterproofing device: a waterproofing device for electronic equipment is provided, which includes: sensing unit, arranged in a shell of the electronic equipment and configured to output corresponding sensing signal when sensing that water permeates into the electronic equipment; and a powering-off unit, configured to generate a powering-off signal to power off the... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150070180 - Mobile terminal device and sealing detection method: A mobile terminal device includes: a housing; a measuring unit configured to measure an air pressure inside the housing; a detecting unit configured to detect whether the housing is sealed based on a change in the air pressure measured by the measuring unit while an operation is being conducted by... Agent:

20150070181 - Detector unit with multiple integrated sensing systems and visually pleasing housing: According to one embodiment, a multi-sensing hazard detector for detecting potential dangers may include a back plate and a front casing that is coupled with the back plate to define a housing. A circuit board and a plurality of components may be positioned within the housing. The circuit board may... Agent:

20150070182 - Medical gas manifold: A gas pressure regulator is disclosed that includes a reciprocating piston that engages and disengages from a seat to open the higher pressure and lower pressure sides of the regulator to one another. The regulator includes an elastomer seal between the seat and the piston that has an ignition rating... Agent: Beaconmedaes LLC

20150070183 - Brush maintenance system for engine driven welder: The invention described herein generally pertains to a system and method for monitoring a brush of a rotor/stator assembly associated with an engine driven welder. A notification system can be provided that outputs alerts related to an amount of wear on a brush in contact with a rotor/stator assembly. An... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20150070184 - Low power voice trigger for finding mobile devices: Systems and methods may provide for monitoring an input audio signal from an onboard microphone of a mobile device while a host processor of the mobile device is in a standby mode. Additionally, a predetermined audio pattern may be identified in the input audio signal and a device location session... Agent:

20150070185 - Apparatus and method for drill pipe transmission line connections: An apparatus for communicating a signal downhole includes a downhole pipe configured to be coupled to another downhole pipe and a protection tube secured to the downhole pipe. A transmission line is disposed in the protection tube and configured to communicate the signal. A communication device is disposed in the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150070186 - System and method for remote sensing: A system, method and device may be used to monitor conditions in a borehole. Well tubing and casing act as a conductive pair for delivering power to one or more downhole active sensors. At the surface, power and signal are isolated so that the same conductive pair may act to... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150070189 - Amr transmitter and method using multiple radio messages: The invention provides a method and several types of devices for converting meter reading signals into data messages including a first message (40) having meter data (44) representing consumption of a utility, and meter diagnostic status data (43), and a second message (60) having meter reverse flow data (63-65) and... Agent:

20150070188 - Monitoring device and method of use: A garden management system including a monitoring device, the monitoring device including a soil sensor; a body including a set of ambient environment sensors, a geographic location mechanism, a wireless communication mechanism, a power supply electrically connected to and configured to power the soil sensor, ambient environment sensors, wireless communication... Agent:

20150070187 - Wireless relay module for remote monitoring systems: Systems and methods for communication include one or more wireless relay devices having a first receiver capable of wirelessly receiving medical device data over a wireless relay network from at least one network device, a first transmitter capable of wirelessly transmitting data over an internet-accessible wireless communications network and a... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150070191 - Automated asset tracking system and method: A system and method is provided for automatically tracking the presence or absence of multiple assets within a stationary or mobile location and differentiating among groups of assets or individual assets belonging to one or more parties within a single stationary or mobile location using multiple data correction and filtering... Agent:

20150070190 - Sensor apparatus and related methods: An exemplary aspect comprises an apparatus comprising: (a) a microprocessor; (b) a wireless transmitter/receiver in communication with the microprocessor and operable to communicate over a wireless network with an application on a mobile device; (c) a light sensor in communication, via the microprocessor and the transmitter/receiver, with the application, and... Agent:

20150070192 - Wireless sensor unit communication triggering and management: Various embodiments of wireless ambient sensor unit are presented. The sensor unit may include a wireless transceiver configured to transmit sensor data and to receive instructions. The sensor unit may include a sensor configured to measure an ambient condition. The sensor unit may include a controller in communication with the... Agent: Google Inc.

20150070193 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing mobile ad hoc cooperative communication systems and related devices: A method of operating a mobile electronic device includes detecting at least one other mobile electronic device within a predetermined distance of the mobile electronic device, and determining a spatial relationship of the at least one other mobile electronic device relative to the mobile electronic device. An ad hoc wireless... Agent:

20150070194 - Apparatus and method for warning of dangerous passing of vehicle: An apparatus for warning of dangerous passing of a vehicle may include: a vehicle information collector configured to collect vehicle information containing one or more of vehicle speed, traveling direction, and location; a vehicle information transmitter/receiver configured to transmit the vehicle information collected through the vehicle information collector, and receive... Agent:

20150070195 - Method and system to reduce braking for stop lights: A vehicle includes a powertrain, a brake, and a controller configured to anticipate an impending stoplight change, predict a status of a stoplight that will occur when the vehicle arrives at the stoplight, and display the prediction.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150070196 - Method and apparatus for determining an adjustment in parking position based on proximate parked vehicle information: An approach is provided for causing, at least in part, an initiation of at least one communication session between at least one parking vehicle and one or more proximate parked vehicles. The approach also involves determining at least one measure of space associated with the one or more proximate parked... Agent: Here Global B.v.

03/05/2015 > 79 patent applications in 62 patent subcategories.

20150061823 - Remote control unit for activating and deactivating means for payment and for displaying payment status: The invention relates to a remote control unit for intelligent digital audiovisual reproduction systems, comprising storage means, payment means, a sound control circuit, display means and a metal chassis wherein said remote control unit comprises a distant radio frequency transmitter that is associated with a radio frequency receiver connected to... Agent:

20150061825 - Information processing device, control method, and a non-transitory computer readable storage medium: An information processing device includes a collecting unit which collects user's biological information. The information processing device includes a determining unit which determines an emotion of the user by using the biological information collected by the collecting unit. The information processing device includes an output unit which outputs in association... Agent: Yahoo Japan Corporation

20150061824 - Information processing device, determination method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium: An information processing device includes a collecting unit that collects biological information of a first user and a second user. The information processing device includes a specifying unit that specifies an emotion of the first user toward the second user and an emotion of the second user toward the first... Agent: Yahoo Japan Corporation

20150061826 - Apparatus and methods for identity verification: An identity verification device comprises a cellular telecommunications modem and a fingerprint scanner coupled to the modem, the verification device being configured for storing first fingerprint data in an enrolment process and being operable, in response to the modem receiving a verification command via a cellular telecommunications network, to perform... Agent: Cylon Global Technology Inc.

20150061827 - Single sign-on process: Methods and systems are provided for checking authorization of users. A first electronic device may receive via close range contactless communication, photographic identification data associated with a user of a second electronic device. The photographic identification data may be displayed visually to enable a user of the first electronic device... Agent:

20150061822 - Systems and methods for improving a sensing ability of an interlock switch system: A system for improving a sensing ability of an interlock switch system may include an interlock switch and a target component. The interlock switch may include a first antenna coil that may receive one or more signals from one or more antenna coils within a sensing range of the first... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150061828 - Intermediary access device for communication with a vehicle: An intermediary access device enables a user electronic device to communicate with a vehicle's onboard computer system. A first wireless transceiver of the intermediary access device is used to establish a secure wireless communication channel between the intermediary access device and a vehicle on-board computer system. A second wireless transceiver... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20150061829 - System and method for managing functional features of electronic devices: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, facilitating an association between an access management device and each of a first and second electronic devices sharing a functional feature. The access management device includes a wireless communication module enabling each of the first and second electronic devices... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20150061830 - Smart entry system: Upon determination that a mobile device is present within a first communication area, a control device maintains transmitter power output of an electromagnetic wave to be transmitted from a communication section. Further, the mobile device decreases sensitivity for receiving the electromagnetic wave such that the first communication area is narrowed... Agent:

20150061831 - Key and security device: A key for a security device is provided. The key may include a housing and an actuation member operably engaged with the housing. The key may also include a mechanical component configured to disengage a mechanical member of a security device. The key may further include an electronic component configured... Agent:

20150061832 - Directly observed thearpy using mobile technology: The present disclosure provides systems and methods for performing directly observed therapy, and particularly, mobile directly observed therapy.... Agent:

20150061833 - Passive rfid transponder with powered element: A passive RFID transponder circuit comprises a transducer antenna, a power conditioning unit and an RFID signal module coupled to the transducer antenna and an additional powered element coupled to the transducer antenna in parallel with the power conditioning unit and RFID signal module. The powered element is powered by... Agent:

20150061834 - Surgical instrument comprising a detection means: The invention relates to a surgical instrument (1) comprising a detection means (10) for reacting to at least one external stress (30) emitted by a generator means (15) that generates the stress (30). The invention also relates to the method for producing such a surgical instrument (1). The invention likewise... Agent: Tagil Family Foundation

20150061836 - Assignable switch for portable devices: An RFID transponder comprising a manual switch is disclosed for use in close proximity with a mobile electronic device having an RFID transceiver, such as a telephone or a table computer. Actuating the manual switch causes the mobile device to perform a predetermined action. The predetermined action can be programed... Agent:

20150061835 - Wireless tag communication device, wireless tag communication system and program: A wireless tag communication device which communicates with wireless tags storing identification information, includes a wireless tag communication unit that performs a reading of wireless tags by a first read function that does not designate the wireless tags and a second read function that designates the wireless tags, a comparison... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20150061837 - Reader communication with contact lens sensors and display device: A reader for communicating with both an eye-mountable device and a display device is provided. The reader can transmit radio frequency power to a tag that is part of the eye-mountable device. The reader can communicates with the tag using a first protocol. Communicating with the tag can include having... Agent:

20150061838 - Monitoring system, notification apparatus and monitoring method: Generally, in accordance with one embodiment, a monitoring system comprises a sensor, a wireless tag, a reader and a notification apparatus. The sensor is correspondingly arranged in a structure. The wireless tag is a passive wireless tag which is correspondingly arranged in the structure to send identification information and measurement... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20150061839 - Device and method for determining redundancies in near field communication tag detection: A device and method for determining redundancies in near field communication tag detection are provided. A device comprising: a sensor configured to receive NFC tag identifiers from at least one near field communication (NFC) tag; and, a processor configured to: compare a first NFC tag identifier to a second NFC... Agent:

20150061840 - Methods and systems of a radio frequency network node rfid tag with hardened memory system: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a Radio Frequency identification (RFID) tag that includes an OTP-based hardened memory system for the RFID tag.... Agent:

20150061842 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which a mobile terminal of a watch type or an external device can be remotely controlled. The present invention includes a display unit configured to display information, a wireless communication unit configured to communicate with an external device as a... Agent:

20150061841 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same: Provided is a mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit that is configured to communicate with an air conditioner, a camera that captures an image of at least one photographic subject, a display unit to which the image that includes at least one graphic object corresponding to the at least... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150061843 - Remote key for control of vehicles: A remote key for control of a vehicle includes a touch panel, a storage device, a touch sensing unit, and a micro controller. Function icons arranged on the touch panel are operable to control a vehicle to perform a function. The storage device can store coordinates of the function icons... Agent:

20150061844 - Star cluster codeset database for universal remote control devices: A keycode data structure includes a device type byte, a set of keycodes, system code information, a system data byte, a protocol pointer that points to a protocol table and a number of flagbytes that are used to index a particular key among the keycodes. The keycode data structure also... Agent:

20150061845 - Dynamic event sounds: Event sounds for a multimedia system are assigned statically and/or dynamically to an event based on internal and/or external events and the like. An associator associates a sound to an event based on these factors. User related information that is implicit and/or explicit can also be used to determine an... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150061846 - Display apparatus: An apparatus comprising: a timing difference processor configured to determine a timing difference between an audio signal and an associated tactile signal, and further configured to delay at least one of the audio signal and associated tactile signal dependent on the timing difference; and at least one feedback processor configured... Agent:

20150061849 - Electronic device including actuator and method of controlling same for providing tactile output: A method of controlling an electronic device includes detecting receipt of an input, determining a response number in response to receipt of the input, and actuating an actuator of the electronic device a discrete integer number of times based on the response number.... Agent:

20150061847 - Method to render global 5 dof motion effect with multiple local force-feedback: In order to generate force feedback data for a haptic device for providing simulated six degrees of freedom movement, a three dimensional acceleration component corresponding to the movement to be simulated is determined, a three dimensional velocity component corresponding to the movement to be simulated is determined and control signals... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150061848 - Self adapting haptic device: Methods and apparatuses are disclosed that allow an electronic device to autonomously adapt one or more user alerts of the electronic device. For example, some embodiments may include a method for operating a haptic device including driving a haptic device using a control signal, measuring a frequency related to the... Agent:

20150061850 - Notification sound control unit of approaching vehicle audible system: A notification sound control unit (10) of an approaching vehicle audible system (100), generating a signal for a notification sound to be emitted from a sounding device (40) provided in an electric vehicle (200) in which at least part of driving force is produced by a motor to the outside... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150061851 - Onboard apparatus and report control method: An automatic report to an appropriate destination can be sent in a short time when abnormality is detected with a vehicle. When the shock is determined to occur with the vehicle in step S1, inside/outside determination of a portable device for a vehicle is performed in step S2. In a... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150061852 - Tire pressure monitoring systems and methods: An improved method for a passenger car tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), including improvements of a direct TPMS or an indirect TPMS technique. The direct TPMS uses a dynamic tire pressure reference as a tire pressure determination basis, and monitors the real-time tire load, e.g., when the wheel load changes,... Agent:

20150061853 - Repeater module for tire pressure monitoring system: A repeater module used in a TPMS and installed in a mother vehicle or daughter vehicle of a tow truck for receiving the status signal from each daughter vehicle tire pressure sensor and providing a corresponding wireless signal to the on-vehicle main unit in the mother vehicle by using the... Agent: Cub Elecparts Inc.

20150061854 - Method for providing haptic information to the driver of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a method for providing haptic information to the driver of a motor vehicle, equipped with a brake-by-wire brake system, about the operating state of the brake system, in which method the brake pedal characteristic is generated by a pedal travel simulator, in the form of a... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20150061855 - Method and device for determining and displaying a remaining range of a motor vehicle, and motor vehicle having a device for determining and displaying a remaining range: In a method for determining and displaying a remaining range of a motor vehicle that can be driven electrically, an instantaneous remaining range of the motor vehicle that can be attained by purely electric driving of the motor vehicle is determined continuously and a display of the determined remaining range... Agent:

20150061856 - Providing alerts for objects left in a vehicle: Embodiments are disclosed for a method of alerting a user to the presence of a mobile device in a vehicle. In some example embodiments, a method includes identifying, via an in-vehicle computing system of a vehicle, presence of a mobile device. The method further includes providing an alert responsive to... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20150061857 - Reverse activated signaling circuit: The present invention provides an enhanced safety signaling circuit for vehicles, in particular when a vehicle is traveling in reverse. The invention is connected to a vehicle's reverse light circuit and to signaling circuits, such as signal light circuits. The invention causes the signaling circuits to activate each time the... Agent:

20150061858 - Alert filter for defining rules for processing received alerts: A list of alert filters may be used to alert alerts generated by remote machines. For example, received alerts may be compared to the list of alert filters. When an alert filter matches the received alert, a new action may be taken by the monitoring agent, such as to raise... Agent: Unisys Corporation

20150061860 - Dynamic prediction of risk levels for manufacturing operations through leading risk indicators: alarm-based intelligence and insights: Provided are methodologies to properly assess and manage operational risks at operations sites, e.g., a manufacturing, production or processing facility, such as a refinery, chemical plant, fluid-catalytic-cracking units, or nuclear energy plant, or a biological or waste management facility, airport or even financial institutions, or at any facility in which... Agent: Near-miss Management, LLC

20150061859 - Security scoring in a smart-sensored home: This patent specification relates to apparatus, systems, methods, and related computer program products for providing home security objectives. More particularly, this patent specification relates to a plurality of devices, including intelligent, multi-sensing, network-connected devices, that communicate with each other and/or with a central server or a cloud-computing system to provide... Agent:

20150061861 - Electrical isolation device: An isolation device is fitted to a mains electrical supply for a hydrocarbon burning appliance and is adapted to operate in response to an audible alarm signal emitted by a separately located detector, typically a carbon monoxide detector, to disconnect the power supply and thereby shutdown the operation of the... Agent:

20150061862 - Method of providing notification and electronic device thereof: A method of providing notification information in an electronic device includes establishing a wireless communication between the electronic device and an external device, detecting an event to be notified in the electronic device, obtaining a status of the electronic device, and determining whether to transmit an notification on the event... Agent:

20150061863 - Adaptive classification of fall detection for personal emergency response systems: Techniques described herein relate to the classification of fall events for PER (personal emergency response) devices. In one implementation, data relating to acceleration events that occurred at the PER devices may be received. The data relating to the acceleration events may be associated with indications of whether the acceleration events... Agent: Hti Ip, L.L.C.

20150061865 - Sampling system: The present invention uses a wireless memory/communication device at least on the one or more sample storage devices, preferably on both the one or more sample storage devices and the sampling holder, optionally the port on the equipment as well. Data such as that relating to the vessel, the location... Agent:

20150061864 - Systems and methods for contact avoidance: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and method for collision avoidance. As an example, a system for collision avoidance is disclosed that includes: a first monitoring device, a second monitoring device, and a monitoring system. The monitoring system is operable to: receive information from the first monitoring device... Agent: Bi Incorporated

20150061866 - Infant monitoring apparatus: A portable receiver (12) of an infant monitoring apparatus (10) that includes the receiver and an infant monitoring device (14) configured to transmit infant monitoring data from a first location at which an infant is located to a second location, remote from the first location, at which the portable receiver... Agent: Binatone Electronics International Ltd

20150061867 - Devices, systems, and methods for adherence monitoring and devices, systems, and methods for monitoring use of consumable dispensers: Devices, systems, and methods are provided for adherence monitoring, and devices, systems, and methods are provided for monitoring use of consumable dispensers. In general, the devices, systems, and methods can facilitate an individual's adherence to a schedule for consuming consumables and can facilitate monitoring and tracking of the individual's adherence... Agent:

20150061868 - Measuring environmental conditions over a defined time period within a wireless sensor system: An arrangement for measuring environmental conditions in a wireless sensor system. A threshold value may be determined. An environmental condition sensor unit may measure, over a defined period of time, an environmental condition level. The measured environmental condition level may be compared to the determined threshold value. It may be... Agent: Google Inc.

20150061869 - Building intruder defensive shield: This invention relates to a building intruder defensive shield system to deter, delay and distract intruders from causing damage or harm upon entering and roaming buildings. The defensive shield system includes a cold water supply plumbed to an expansion tank capable of pressurizing the water with a zone valve and... Agent:

20150061870 - Portable security system: A portable alarm system designed for unoccupied unsecured locations, such as construction sites, machinery, campsites and the like. The alarm system defines a continuous monitoring line about the perimeter of the unsecured location using a plurality of wireless sensors attached to a flexible non-stretchable tape suspended between to vertical poles.... Agent:

20150061871 - Security device: There is described a security device for insertion into a container product for protection of the container product. The security device comprises a body portion moveable between a contracted configuration and an expanded configuration; and a locking mechanism operable to lock the body portion in the expanded configuration and operable... Agent:

20150061872 - Security tag with an anti-defeat mechanism: Systems (100) and methods (1100) for selectively preventing an unauthorized detachment of a security tag from an article (114). The methods comprise: coupling the security tag to the article by locking a tack assembly (110) to a securement member (206) disposed within a housing (104) of the security tag; guiding... Agent: Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

20150061874 - Helmet and a method for dealing with an acciding using the helmet: The present invention relates to a helmet and a method for dealing with an accident using the helmet, which the helmet includes: a helmet body part made of a resin having a semi-spherical space for receiving the head of a wearer; a light part arranged in the front of the... Agent: Kmw Inc.

20150061873 - Systems and methods for warning of a protruding body part of a wheelchair occupant: A system for warning of protruding body parts of a medical vehicle occupant includes a sensor, a feedback device, and a processing circuit. The sensor is configured to generate sensor data based on a position of the occupant, and the processing circuit is configured to determine a contour of the... Agent:

20150061875 - Method and system for detecting conditions of drivers, and electronic apparatus thereof: A system for detecting a condition of a driver is provided, wherein the system includes a first electrical device, a second electrical device, a regulation unit and an alert unit. The first electrical device detects an initial vehicle angle of a vehicle, the second electrical device detects an initial head... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150061876 - Warning device for infusion apparatus: A warning device for an infusion apparatus is installed at between a drip stand and a drip bottle, and the warning device includes an alarm module, a setting interface, a measurement module and a control module. The alarm module used to warn, the setting interface provides a total pharmaceutical dosage... Agent:

20150061877 - Environmental sensing systems having independent notifications across multiple thresholds: Various devices, systems, and methods may be presented. A wireless device may include a smoke sensor configured to obtain measurement data regarding a level of smoke. The wireless device may operate in a sleep mode while the smoke sensor obtains the measurement data. The wireless device may determine, from the... Agent: Google Inc.

20150061878 - Sensor device measurements adaptive to hvac activity: Various devices, systems, and methods may be presented. A sensor unit may be presented that includes a housing and a chamber arranged within the housing. The sensor unit may include a controller arranged within the housing. The controller may receive information from an HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) system,... Agent: Google Inc.

20150061879 - Notification method, notification device, notification system, storage medium, electronic message board server, and mobile terminal: A notification method includes the steps of: (a) receiving an operation signal for operating an electrical appliance; (b) determining whether or not to deny an operation indicated by the operation signal; and (c) when the step (b) determines to deny the operation, causing an electronic message board to display thereon... Agent:

20150061880 - Proximity detection systems and methods: A proximity detection system at least one processor. The processor configured to detect a location of an object; determine a velocity of the object; define a zone around the object based on the location and the velocity; and automatically perform at least one action if the zone around the object... Agent:

20150061881 - Apparatus, method and computer readable recording medium for displaying status of electronic device: A method for displaying a status of an electronic device having a cover attached thereto. The cover has a screen window formed on a part of the cover. The method includes determining whether the cover is open or closed; checking an operation of a status indicator while the cover is... Agent:

20150061882 - Light attachment for metal detectors: Described is a light attachment for metal detectors that provides users with a visual indication of their proximity to a metal object, which is particularly useful for hearing-impaired individuals. The light attachment includes a control unit comprising a housing having a dimmer switch, a control circuit, and a power source,... Agent:

20150061883 - Physical layer system with support for multiple active work orders and/or multiple active technicians: Multiple visual indications are provided at a device in connection with multiple work orders. Each work order involves a respective connection using the device. The multiple visual indications are provided simultaneously for at least a part of the time the visual indications are provided. In one implementation, the visual indications... Agent:

20150061884 - Display device and method for controlling the same: A display device is provided, which includes a display configured to display a user interface (UI) screen, a status display which includes a plurality of light emitting elements arranged on an outline region of the display, and a controller configured to control a light emitting status of the plurality of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150061885 - Wired pipe surface sub: A sub for a wired pipe system that includes a body includes an outer surface and a pin end and a first transmission device located in or near the pin end. The sub also includes a communication collar that at least partially surrounds the outer surface and that is rotatable... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150061887 - Device for automatically reading a glow tube: The disclosure provides a wireless gauge reader system for use on an existing electrical substation where the substation has a window through which at least one glow tube is visible. The system includes a frame fastened to the substation that surrounds at least a portion of the window, and a... Agent: Cypress Envirosystems Inc

20150061886 - Electricity meter isolated physical layer ethernet interface: A metering arrangement includes at least a first and second meter. The first meter includes a first metrology circuit, an Ethernet controller, and an isolation circuit. The first metrology circuit has a first data interface. The Ethernet controller has an Ethernet port and a conversion circuit coupled to convert Ethernet... Agent: Landis+gyr, Inc.

20150061888 - Environmental monitoring: Methods and system for multi-dimensional environmental monitoring, systematic dissection of interpretive relationships and extensive computational analysis, which can be displayed in a visual real-time data-rich web-based configuration called AdviroGuard™ interpretive analysis. By means of building data subsets and in harmonization with the laws of physics contained within a particular environmental... Agent:

20150061889 - Mobile electronic device and display control method: A mobile electronic device is worn and used on the wrist of a user who is exercising. History of a recent measured value is displayed on a display, along with a current measured value of exercise data of a display target. The measured value history is displayed as a bar... Agent:

20150061891 - Athletic performance monitoring with dynamic proximity pairing: A method of monitoring biometric data for an individual includes sensing a biometric parameter of the individual with a sensor carried by the individual. The method further comprises detecting that the individual has moved within a predetermined range of a fixed display device, and then wirelessly transmitting the sensed biometric... Agent:

20150061892 - Measuring quantitative environmental data within a wireless sensor system: Arrangements for measuring environmental conditions using a wireless sensor system may be presented. A threshold value may be determined for a sensor unit arranged in the wireless sensor system. The threshold value may be programmed in to the sensor unit. Quantitative sensor data may be measured about an ambient environmental... Agent: Google Inc.

20150061890 - Presenting data generated by a continuous glucose monitor: A computer implemented method for transmitting messages generated by a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), the method comprising: generating a first message at the CGM at a first time, the first message being related to blood glucose measuring; generating a second message at the CGM at a second time, the second... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20150061893 - Wireless power-receiving assembly for a telemetry system in a high-temperature environment of a combustion turbine engine: In a telemetry system (100) in a high-temperature environment of a combustion turbine engine (10), a wireless power-receiving coil assembly (116) may be affixed to a movable component (104) of the turbine engine. Power-receiving coil assembly (116) may include a radio-frequency transparent housing (130) having an opening (132). A lid... Agent:

20150061894 - Passing assistance system and method: A passing assistance system and method is provided for one's vehicle having an electronic control device for at least receiving messages from car-to-car communication systems of other vehicles. The messages include information about the presence or absence of a vehicle that trails the vehicle transmitting the message. The control device... Agent:

20150061895 - Radar sensing and emergency response vehicle detection: Methods and systems for a complete vehicle ecosystem are provided. Specifically, systems that when taken alone, or together, provide an individual or group of individuals with an intuitive and comfortable vehicular environment. The present disclosure includes a system that detects emergency signals and presents alerts to devices of a vehicle... Agent:

20150061896 - Traffic management system: A real-time traffic management system comprising a main light controller module configured to monitor and control functionality of one or more traffic lights, a master control unit server software application, a network operations control module, and a network watcher application program. The main light controller nodule communicates with one or... Agent:

20150061897 - Aid for inductive battery charging of a motor vehicle: A method for assisting with the positioning of a motor vehicle for inductive charging of a battery of the motor vehicle comprises reading a number plate associated with the motor vehicle using the number plate information to produce a location on the vehicle of a vehicle inductive coupling point (VICP)... Agent:

20150061898 - Electronic system and a method for the automatic identification of a vehicle: A system for the automatic identification of a vehicle according to the present invention comprises electronic identification means associated with a vehicle and electronic means for reading and/or writing the electronic identification means associated with the vehicle. The electronic identification means and the electronic reading and/or writing means comprising radio... Agent:

20150061899 - Systems and methods of providing visual guidance to assist in positioning a boat and trailer in low light conditions: Embodiments described herein include a visual guidance system for a boat trailer that can include a housing defining a cavity, the housing having a plurality of openings such that fluid can pass into the cavity, a first track and a second track, where the first track and the second track... Agent:

20150061900 - Automotive communication system: An automotive communication system for a vehicle includes a global positioning system operable to determine a geographical location and a multi-pixel reconfigurable display device disposed at an interior portion of the vehicle. Data is wirelessly communicated to and is received by electronic circuitry of the vehicle and the data is... Agent:

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