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20150145640 - Wireless monitoring method and device thereof: A wireless monitoring method is implemented through a plurality of wireless monitor devices. Each of the plurality of wireless monitor devices includes a state detection unit to produce a state data, a micro control unit and a communication module. To implement the wireless monitoring method, the wireless monitoring device gets... Agent: Everspring Industry Co., Ltd.

20150145641 - Selectively disabling sensors and associated functions: An embodiment provides a method, including: receiving, at an information handling device, input of a sensor; mapping, using a processor, the sensor input to a sensor disabling condition; selecting, using a processor, a sensor based on the mapping; and disabling, using a processor, the sensor according to the sensor disabling... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150145643 - Secure handling of unsupervised package drop off at a smart-home: This patent specification relates to apparatus, systems, methods, and related computer program products for providing home security/smart home objectives. More particularly, this patent specification relates to a plurality of devices, including intelligent, multi-sensing, network-connected devices, that communicate with each other and/or with a central server or a cloud-computing system to... Agent:

20150145642 - Secure repair kiosk system and method: A secure repair kiosk system is provided for receiving items/devices for repair. The secure repair kiosk system includes a kiosk that receives items for repair. The kiosk includes multiple holding slots that each contains a transfer box used as a secure and traceable means for transferring devices to and from... Agent:

20150145647 - Electronic key, electronic closure system and a method for allowing an access authorization: The invention relates to an electronic key (32) having at least two contacts (324, 325, 326) for the transmission of data and/or energy to an electronic lock (16). In accordance with the invention, the housing (321) of the electronic key (32) comprises an input device (33) for the entry of... Agent:

20150145646 - Keyless entry system: A keyless entry system includes an on-vehicle unit which is mounted in a vehicle, and a mobile device which is able to perform radio communication with the on-vehicle unit. The keyless entry system controls on-vehicle equipment mounted in the vehicle through radio communication between the on-vehicle unit and the mobile... Agent:

20150145644 - Selective access control apparatus for animals using electronic recognition: A method and system is provided that controls access to various different locations and/or objects whereby animals wearing an ID tag are reliably and consistently allowed or denied access to various locations and/or objects, such as food contained within a food delivery device dish for example. An RFID system that... Agent: Vet Innovations, LLC

20150145645 - Upgrade kit for an ignition key and methods: One variation of an upgrade kit—for an ignition key corresponding to a vehicle and including an immobilizer transponder and a keyless entry transmitter—includes: a wireless jammer configured to interfere with wireless transmission from the immobilizer transponder; a wireless receiver configured to receive an unlock request from an external device; a... Agent:

20150145648 - Apparatus, system and method for vehicle authentication management and reporting: Apparatus, system and method for authenticating access to a vehicle, where vehicle events, such as a door lock condition or an operating condition of the vehicle, are reported to an authentication network. Vehicle events are compared to a vehicle schedule to determine if the vehicle events comply with the schedule... Agent: Wolkswagen Ag

20150145649 - Gas monitor, system and method: A monitor for gases and a mine includes a housing. The monitor includes a battery disposed in the housing. The monitor includes a gas sensor portion powered by the battery and in electrical communication with the battery which detects a first gas and at least a second gas different from... Agent: Strata Products Worldwide, LLC

20150145650 - Method, software application, and system for tracking packages by global positioning system (gps): A system according to various embodiments can include a reusable tracking device associated with a shipment of a package and an input/output device. The reusable tracking device is configured to be separable from the package and returned for reuse when the package reaches a predefined destination. The tracking device comprises... Agent:

20150145651 - Rfid transponder and method for operating the same: An RFID transponder having an analog front end receiver having an attenuator coupled to receive an RF-signal from an antenna and to attenuate the RF-signal, an amplifier having a fixed amplifier gain and being coupled to receive and to amplify the attenuated RF-signal and a control unit coupled to control... Agent:

20150145652 - Apparatuses and methods using command sets specific for controlling the operation of a type of the rfid transponder to which the commands are transmitted: Certain exemplary aspects of the present disclosure are directed toward an apparatus in which a first circuit communicates with a plurality of different types of RFID transponders using radio frequency signals. A second circuit detects and communicates with the plurality of different types of RFID transponders via the first circuit,... Agent:

20150145653 - Device control using a wearable device: A system and method are directed to controlling multiple devices using a common control unit for an established context. More particularly, the system and method are directed to controlling multiple devices using a common control unit such as a wearable device which controls activities for an established context. The control... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20150145655 - Dynamic proximity control system: An illustrative dynamic proximity control system uses proximity to a mobile user's mobile station as a proxy for predicting which of several remote-controlled targets the mobile user wishes to remote-control via the mobile station or via a centralized controller in communication with the mobile station. The system dynamically sorts, filters,... Agent:

20150145654 - Method for operating a field device: A method for operating a field device, wherein at least one command that is in line with a communication protocol for operating a field device is sent from a higher-order unit to a field device by sending the command to an operating unit by means of a first bearer protocol... Agent:

20150145656 - Method and apparatus of body-mediated digital content transfer and haptic feedback: The disclosure relates to systems and methods of transferring/storing digital content, and/or providing haptic feedback via wearable devices directly or indirectly responsive to an event such as a communication, an event occurring in an electronic environment and/or physical environment, the transfer of digital content, and/or other events. Wearable devices may... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20150145657 - Systems and methods for generating friction and vibrotactile effects: A system includes a sensor configured to sense an input received from a user at a surface; a first haptic output device configured to generate a first haptic effect at the surface based on the input received from the user, the first haptic effect comprising a friction effect at the... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20150145658 - Methods and systems for closure notification: Apparatus are provided for notifying a driver of an open vehicle access. The apparatus includes an electronic control module for informing a vehicle driver that a vehicle access is not secured, the electronic control module configured to determine if a transmission of the vehicle is in either a park status... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150145659 - Information presentation device, and method for controlling information presentation device: An information presentation device includes: an obtainment unit which obtains position information indicating a position of a nearby object with respect to a user; a stimulation presentation unit which contacts the user through a contact surface and provides stimulation in a stimulation region within the contact surface; and a stimulation... Agent:

20150145661 - Methods and apparatus to detect and warn proximate entities of interest: Systems and methods to detect and warn proximate entities of interest are described herein. An example method for assessing a possibility of a collision between entities of interest, each having their own characteristics of movement, includes sampling movement of each entity at least two points in time, generating a trajectory... Agent:

20150145660 - Proximity alarm device, proximity alarm system, mobile device, and method for diagnosing failure of proximity alarm system: A proximity alarm device includes a control unit, an amplifying unit, an output terminal, a ground terminal, a detection unit, and a determining apparatus. The control unit receives an input of a referencing signal. An output of the control unit is electrically connected to the amplifying unit. An output of... Agent: Panasonic Intellectiual Property Management

20150145663 - System for transmitting accident data and method thereof: A method of transmitting accident data includes transmitting accident occurrence information to a vehicle information center by a vehicle terminal when an accident occurs with a vehicle. Infrastructure information near the location of the accident at the time of the accident is requested by the vehicle information center by transmitting... Agent:

20150145662 - Using audio signals in personal emergency response systems: A personal emergency response (PER) device may include an audio sensor that is used to enhance the operation of the PER device. The audio sensor may obtain audio data that can be used to verify whether a fall event that is detected by the PER device is a false positive... Agent: Hti Ip, L.L.C.

20150145664 - Apparatus and method for generating virtual lane, and system system for controlling lane keeping of vehicle with the apparatus: Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for generating a virtual lane, which correct or estimate an undetected lane depending on detection of a lane at each side and a system for controlling lane keeping of a vehicle with the apparatus. The apparatus for generating a virtual lane according to... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150145665 - Tactile based performance enhancement system: A system is disclosed for communicating tactile messages to a user, such as a racecar driver, yacht crewmember, or other athlete. The system can include a tactile vest having tactile activators for conveying tactile messages to the user, including real time messages for helping the user assess and improve physical... Agent:

20150145666 - Seat belt wearing detection device: A seat belt wearing detection device includes: a tongue unit supported by a seat belt; a buckle unit into which the tongue unit is inserted and held; a wearing detection unit that detects an insertion and holding state; a seat belt side communication unit that transmits a detection result; a... Agent:

20150145667 - Safety apparatus: A safety apparatus for use as a roadside warning device comprises a base, a light source disposed within the base and adapted to project light away from the base, and an alert system rotatably attached to the base. The alert system includes a plurality of arms shaped to form a... Agent:

20150145668 - Vehicle wheel assembly illumination lamp: A vehicle tire pressure indicator and tire illumination assembly is provided. The assembly includes a light source located on the body of a vehicle near the wheel well and oriented to direct light onto a wheel assembly having a tire. A tire pressure indicator detects air inflation pressure of the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150145669 - Deferring alert of notifications for a particular time: A computing system is described that receives, at a particular time, notification data, the notification data indicating a threshold amount of time for which the computing system is to delay outputting an alert based on the notification data. The computing system initiates, based on the threshold amount of time, a... Agent: Google Inc.

20150145670 - Electronic device and control method thereof: There is provided an electronic device a user wears, the device including: a controller configured to determine whether the user is wearing the electronic device based on an input from a sensor; and configured to notify the user of an event in a first mode when the determination is made... Agent:

20150145672 - Programmable digital labels for a medicine container: A bottle for storing medicine that may include at least one sensor to determine an aspect about the medicine stored within the bottle. The bottle may also include a processor that receives the information from the one or more sensors. A wireless communication interface may be integrated with the bottle... Agent: Inbox Ventures, LLC

20150145671 - Smart clothing system: Techniques pertaining to wearable technology are described. According to various embodiments, one or more sensors embedded in or attached to an article of clothing detect that the clothing is in physical contact with a user at a particular time. Thereafter, it is determined that the article of clothing is being... Agent:

20150145674 - Caretaking communication bracelet: A caretaker's communication bracelet that can record and asynchronously transmit a message to another similar bracelet, a smartphone or mobile phone, or a computer, via a cloud server.... Agent:

20150145673 - Wearable mobile device and method of measuring biological signal with the same: A wearable mobile device and a method of detecting a biosignal with a wearable mobile device are provided. A method of detecting a biosignal with a wearable mobile device involves determining whether a wearable mobile device is closely attached to a user; and providing a biosignal-based service in response to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150145675 - Programmable wireless alarm device and the alarm system having the same: The present disclosure provides a programmable wireless alarm device comprising a detecting and input unit, a central processing unit, an output unit, an indicating unit and a wireless transmission unit. The central processing unit receives a detecting signal and an input signal from the detecting and input unit, and generates... Agent:

20150145676 - Electronic system with dynamic localization mechanism and method of operation thereof: An electronic system includes a storage interface configured to access a kinematic model for representing one or more motions of a carrier; a control unit, coupled to the storage interface, configured to determine an attachment location of an attachable device based on the kinematic model; and generate a device setting... Agent:

20150145677 - Computer-implemented systems and methods for mold prevention: A computer-implemented method and system for mold prevention is provided. In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method for computer-implemented systems and methods for mold prevention may include at a server having one or more processors and memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors: receiving... Agent:

20150145678 - Computer network for monitoring and controlling storage facilities comprising a load state device and a user detection device: The present disclosure relates to a computer network comprising a storage facility, a data processing device, a data transmission device, and a server in operative connection with the storage facility. The storage facility comprises a load state detection device and a user detection device. The user detection device is configured... Agent: Red Bull Gmbh

20150145679 - Radio with embedded rfid: A radio (100) comprises a radio housing (102) having external radio features (104, 106, 108, 110, 112, 114, 116) located on a surface of the radio housing. At least one of the external radio features is removable and replaceable by another external radio feature having a radio frequency identification (RFID)... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20150145680 - Device for protecting a commercial article against theft: A device for protecting a commercial article which is a physical object (10, 32), that may or may not be packaged, against theft. The device (12, 42) includes: at least one active or passive member that is capable of emitting electromagnetic waves out from the device or receiving electromagnetic waves... Agent: Exaqtworld

20150145681 - Intelligent sensing device with warning function: An intellectual sensing device with a warming function contains a flexible sensing pad, a signal processing device, a signal transmission device, a signal transmission device, a chargeable battery, and a signal receiving device. The flexible sensing pad senses a change of a connect signal by using a multi sensing mechanism.... Agent:

20150145682 - System and methods for nonverbally communicating patient comfort data: Systems and methods for nonverbally communicating patient comfort data are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, the systems and methods may include one or more operations including receiving patient comfort data associated with one or more patients through a patient comfort level input device during a course of a treatment session,... Agent:

20150145683 - Method for detecting the attentional state of the driver of a vehicle: A method for detecting the attentional state of the driver of a vehicle includes ascertaining an attention index from the lateral deviation from the original lane and the steering angle correction.... Agent:

20150145684 - Auxiliary device for a hazard alarm constructed as a point type detector for function monitoring of the hazard alarm, and an arrangement and method of monitoring using a device of this kind: An auxiliary device for a hazard alarm constructed as a point type detector, in particular for a smoke alarm or smoke gas alarm. The device is a separate unit that can be attached to the hazard alarm and is provided to monitor the function thereof. It has a transmitting unit... Agent:

20150145685 - Gas monitor, system and method: A monitor for gases and a mine includes a housing. The monitor includes a battery disposed in the housing. The monitor includes a gas sensor portion powered by the battery and in electrical communication with the battery which detects a first gas and at least a second gas different from... Agent: Strata Products Worldwide, LLC

20150145686 - System for providing real time locating and gas exposure monitoring: A system, method, and apparatus for gas exposure monitoring of a work area are described. The system may include components that receive an alarm data item from a sensor device. The alarm data item may be generated in response to a first user being exposed to a gas concentration measured... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20150145687 - System, apparatus, and method for drilling: A system, apparatus and method for monitoring a drilling operation includes receiving a signal via a first pair of antennas positioned on a surface of the earthen formation. The signal received by the first pair of antennas has a first signal characteristic. The method includes receiving the signal via a... Agent: Aps Technology, Inc.

20150145688 - Pipeline sensor system and method: A sensor system and method for sensing conditions of a pipeline is disclosed. The system includes a plurality of sensors that sense a condition of the pipeline, generate a signal indicative of the condition, and communicate the signal. A pipeline device navigates the pipeline receives the signal, stores a value... Agent: Therm-o-disc, Incorporated

20150145689 - Advanced metering infrastructure site survey system: An advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) site survey system is provided. The AMI site survey system includes a gateway simulation equipment and a smart meter simulation equipment. The gateway simulation equipment communicates with a server via a WAN communication protocol, and communicates with the smart meter simulation equipment via a LAN... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150145690 - Health improvement system and method and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium thereof: A health improvement system includes at least one sensor module, a computing module, an interaction module and a database module. The sensor module is configured for detecting at least one data selected from the group consisting of user behaviors, user activities, user physical data, user psychological data, and a combination... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150145691 - Method of redering hemodynamic instability index indicator information: A medical system (10) and method monitor a patient. Patient data for the patient received. The patient data includes vital sign measurements and laboratory results. A vital signs instability index (VEX) regarding a physiological condition of the patient is calculated from the received vital sign measurements. A laboratory instability index... Agent:

20150145692 - System for providing real time locating and gas exposure monitoring: A system, method, and apparatus for gas exposure monitoring of a work area are described. The apparatus may include a processor; a memory to store a map of a work area; and a communication interface to communicate with sensor devices in the work area. The sensor devices may detect and... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20150145693 - Information processing apparatus, server apparatus, information processing method, information processing program, and recording medium recording information processing program therein: An information processing apparatus according to the present invention causes an alarm output means to output an alarm at a preset time, causes the alarm output means to stop outputting the alarm when a stop instruction is input by a user while the alarm is being output, and makes a... Agent:

20150145694 - Lateral vehicle contact warning system: A vehicle contact warning system includes a detector system, a controller and a warning indicator. The detector system detects a distance between a remote vehicle and a host vehicle and whether a signal indicator on the remote vehicle is activated. The controller determines whether at least one of a signal... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20150145696 - Sns based incident management: The disclosure is related to a method of identifying an incident occurring in a service area by a server. The method may include detecting abnormal traffic generation in a service area of the server, collecting text data from at least one of a social network service (SNS) system, access points... Agent: Kt Corporation

20150145695 - Systems and methods for automatically documenting an accident: A system for documenting an accident includes a vehicle that includes a transceiver device and a processing circuit. The processing circuit is configured to receive data from a collision detection device of the vehicle, determine, based on the received data, that an accident is impending or occurring involving the vehicle,... Agent:

20150145697 - In-cab ready signal sensing system: The present invention provides a system for indicating the status of a loading dock to a driver. The system includes a signal detector configured to provide an indication to an operator when a signal generator is in a predetermined state. In one embodiment, the signal generator is configured to emit... Agent:

20150145698 - Road and path lighting system: A road and path lighting system having a lighting apparatus including a projection unit for projecting signals onto a projection area, and a communications module designed to control the projection unit on the basis of incoming input signals. The system also includes a lighting apparatus having a light source, a... Agent: Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh

20150145699 - Method and control device and detection device for recognizing an entry of a motor vehicle into a traffic lane opposite a driving direction: In a method for recognizing an entry of a motor vehicle into a traffic lane of a road opposite a driving direction of the traffic lane, a stop line of the traffic lane is detected and a wrong driving direction of the motor vehicle is recognized if the motor vehicle... Agent:

20150145700 - Methods and apparatus to detect and warn proximate entities of interest: Systems and methods to detect and warn proximate entities of interest are described herein. An example hazard warning system for a forktruck includes a controllable light source to project light onto a floor adjacent the forktruck. A hazard discriminator determines when the forktruck poses a hazard to an entity of... Agent:

20150145701 - Methods and apparatus to detect and warn proximate entities of interest: Systems and methods to detect and warn proximate entities of interest are described herein. An example detection system includes a light source attachable to a forktruck, where the light source projects an illuminated warning field on a floor on which the forktruck is to traverse. The light source projects the... Agent:

20150145702 - Warning circuitry and warning device for an aircract: A warning light circuitry includes a first logic gate adapted for receiving a first, a second, a third, and a fourth input signal; a second logic gate adapted for receiving a fifth, a sixth, and a seventh input signal; a third logic gate electrically connected to the first and second... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150145703 - Methods to monitor components of an aircraft landing system: Methods to monitor components of an aircraft landing system are disclosed herein. An example method includes determining a brake assembly temperature and determining a wheel temperature. The example method also includes retrieving an estimated increase in the wheel temperature from a data structure based on the wheel temperature and the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150145704 - Method and system for real time displaying of various combinations of selected multiple aircrafts position and their cockpit view: The present invention relates to a method and system for displaying multiple aircrafts positions in a display system for real-time monitoring flights. The method will enables the trainer in the ground station, to select and to switch between aircrafts to monitor the flight at real time as if he were... Agent:

20150145705 - Maintenance decision support system and method for vehicular and roadside applications: A method and system are provided in which maintenance vehicles collect information from sensors and operators, forward the collected information to a server, and, in response, receive maps and operator instructions.... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 68 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20150137935 - Configurable footwear sole structures controlled by a smartphone app algorithm using sensors in the smartphone and the soles: A smartphone or other mobile computer app that causes a smartphone or another mobile computer device to actively control a configuration of footwear structural elements located in both footwear of a device user. Sensors are located in both footwear soles and in the device of the user. The footwear structural... Agent:

20150137937 - Persistent user identification: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to persistently identifying a user interacting with a computing device. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method comprising receiving biometric data regarding the user, determining a determined identity of the user based on the biometric data, outputting a notification of the determined identity of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150137938 - Method and apparatus for authenticating access to a multi-level secure environment of an electronic device: An electronic system utilizes a method (500) for authenticating access to a multi-level secure environment. According embodiments, the system stores (501) fingerprint data for at least one authorized human user of the system. The fingerprint data for each authorized user includes copies of fingerprints for two or more fingers of... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150137936 - Spoofing bone conduction signals: Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for spoofing bone conduction signals. According to one aspect, a device can compare a first unique body signature associated with a first user to a second unique body signature associated with a second user to determine a first unique effect of a first body... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150137940 - Device, system and method for non-contact security information interaction: The present invention proposes the device, system and method used for the non-contact security information interaction. Said system used for the non-contact security information interaction comprises: a terminal for setting a parameter configuration in a non-contact IC card programmable read-write device, and initiating an information interaction with a server and... Agent:

20150137941 - Internet-connected garage door control system: An internet-connected garage door control system is disclosed that includes a garage door opener for opening and closing a garage door in response to signals received through the internet, and an in-vehicle remote garage door opener integrated into a vehicle for transmitting the signals through the internet to the garage... Agent:

20150137939 - Locking system and method for operating a locking system: Locking system (1), having at least one locking device (4) comprising a control device (5) designed for communication with at least one central server (8) via a network (7), with a lock (3) for locking a room and/or an object and a sensor device (10, 10a, 10b, 10c) allocated to... Agent:

20150137942 - Security token, control system and control method: According to an aspect of the invention, a security token is conceived, in particular a smart card, comprising a tactile sensing user interface, wherein said tactile sensing user interface is adapted to capture a stream of authentication data corresponding to a sequence of positions of a finger engaging with said... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20150137943 - Device and method for controlling an access authorisation and/or driving authorisation for a vehicle: A system for controlling an access authorisation and/or driving authorisation for a vehicle includes at least one mobile communication device and a control unit in the vehicle that receives and checks authorisation data sent from the mobile communication device. The mobile communication device has a data carrier for storing the... Agent:

20150137944 - Preventing the discovery of access codes: An example method includes determining a size at which to display one or more keys of a virtual keypad and determining a symbol to display on the one or more keys of the virtual keypad. The method also includes displaying the one or more keys of the virtual keypad on... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20150137946 - Enhanced wireless location system and method: An identification tag has at least a controller, a receiver for receiving wireless signals from an exciter, and a transmitter for transmitting wireless signals to at least one location receiver (which may be a WLAN access point). The tag's controller can determine the presence of interference from sources unrelated to... Agent:

20150137947 - System for tracking bicycle commuter activity: A method for tracking non-motorized vehicle commuting activity includes providing a tracking system having a tag reader at a commute destination, wherein the tag reader is adapted to detect the presence of an RFID tag, and to generate and transmit a detection signal indicating a time of detection and one... Agent:

20150137945 - Two-way finding system: A two-way finding system includes a first wireless transceiver device and a second wireless transceiver device. The first wireless transceiver device is generated a second wireless transceiver device calling signal that contains a first identification code, a first communication address and a second identification code. The second wireless transceiver device... Agent:

20150137950 - Method and apparatus for a deployable radio-frequency identification portal system: An apparatus for interrogating radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags within an enclosure. In an embodiment, the apparatus comprises an RFID module, a first assembly comprising a processor, a second assembly comprising an RFID radiator operatively coupled to the RFID module, and a connection element coupled to the first assembly and second... Agent:

20150137949 - Multi-mode rfid tag architecture: A multi-mode RFID tag includes a power generating and signal detection module, a baseband processing module, a transmit section, a configurable coupling circuit, and an antenna section. In near field mode, the configurable coupling circuit is operable to couple the transmit section to a coil or inductor in the configurable... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150137948 - Tags, methods of using tags, systems, and methods of using systems: Various embodiments relate to tags, methods of using tags, systems, and methods of using systems. Various embodiments may be suitable for identifying a human or an animal. Various embodiments may provide mother-infant matching and cot-infant matching for both single and multiple births; monitoring of the location, movement, and status of... Agent: Cadi Scientific Pte Ltd

20150137951 - Efficiently resolving the values for the tag parameters thereby syndicating the tag data as early as possible: A method, system and computer program product for resolving values of parameters of tags. A map is created which includes the number of times each parameter is referenced by the tags in a web page requested by a client device. The parameters in the map are then sorted in a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150137952 - Efficiently resolving the values for the tag parameters thereby syndicating the tag data as early as possible: A method, system and computer program product for resolving values of parameters of tags. A map is created which includes the number of times each parameter is referenced by the tags in a web page requested by a client device. The parameters in the map are then sorted in a... Agent:

20150137954 - Method for managing a mode of operation of a contactless tag and corresponding tag: A method is provided for managing the operating mode of an electronic tag, including at least one communication module for communicating with at least one control device and a memory for storing at least one tag identifier specific to the tag and transmittable by the tag to the at least... Agent:

20150137953 - Power management in an electromagnetic transponder: An electromagnetic transponder includes an oscillatory circuit, a battery and a first rectifier bridge. Alternating current input terminals of the rectifier bridge are connected to the terminals of the oscillatory circuit, and at least two rectifier elements of the rectifier bridge are controllable on the basis of the voltage supplied... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

20150137955 - Using a rfid paging infrastructure: The “RFID Paging Infrastructure” uses RFID technology to provide a low-cost localized message paging system. When a stationary RFID transceiver detects a programmable RFID tag, the transceiver reads an identifier from the RFID tag. The RFID transceiver causes a computer to determine whether a message stored in a database is... Agent:

20150137959 - Display apparatus and method of setting a universal remote controller: A display apparatus and a universal remote controller setting method are provided. According to the display apparatus, a display is provided which is configured to display contents received from a broadcast channel, a communicator configured to communicate with a server which stores a control code set according to a plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150137956 - One-handed remote unit that can control multiple devices: A universal console using infra-red (IR) technology allows users to consolidate their remote control devices to a single universal device that can control a PC, DVD, games, TV, and other IR coupled devices. It further has the benefit of being highly power efficient and thus allowing the use of batteries... Agent:

20150137958 - Wireless remote control: A system and method a wireless remote control solution is implemented in an integrated circuit (IC) and that IC is specified to the controller manufacturer. The controller manufacturer provides an IC-compatible electromechanical interface in communication with a central processing unit (CPU) of the controller. When the manufacturer is ready to... Agent: Lumenradio Ab

20150137957 - Wirelessly deployable marker flag system: A wirelessly deployable marker system is provided that allows a user to remotely activate one or more marker flags from individual marker flag assemblies when marking the location of landmarks and obstacles on a lawn. Each marker assembly comprises an elongated marker flag supported by a housing and spring-biased within... Agent:

20150137960 - Disrupting bone conduction signals: Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for disrupting bone conduction signals. According to one aspect, a device can receive a signal via a communication path that is external to a body of a user associated with the device. The device can generate a disruption signal to disrupt the signal. The... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150137961 - System for detecting the integrity of a lighting circuit: A status monitoring circuit for monitoring the status of an external device coupled to an electrical system of a vehicle, the status monitoring device including a sensing unit coupled to the external device and configured to sense an input voltage and an input current at the external device, a monitoring... Agent: R.a. Phillips Industries, Inc.

20150137963 - Door monitoring system: A door assembly includes a first door skin and a second door skin spaced apart from the first door skin. The assembly also includes an energy sensor generating an energy signature signal and a memory storing a door component operating signature. A controller is coupled to the accelerometer and forms... Agent:

20150137962 - Temperature-sensitive vehicle occupancy detection and alert system: A temperature-sensitive vehicle occupancy detection and alert system. The system alerts users when a young child is left unattended in a vehicle in order to prevent the young child from being exposed to dangerously high or low temperatures within the interior of the vehicle. The system utilizes sensor data captured... Agent:

20150137964 - Vehicle turn signal switch device: A vehicle turn signal switch device whereby the production of knocking sounds by a cancellation pin when a steering wheel is turned in the direction of a turn signal is suppressed. A turn signal switch includes a fixed member and a movable plate. The cancellation pin, which is supported by... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150137965 - Vehicular sequential led ring warning (vslrw) system: Vehicular Sequential LED Ring Warning System is disclosed. This system improves upon existing taillight configurations by providing operators with distinct LED rings that sequential illuminate based upon the vehicle operator's braking intensity. This system will provide all drivers with a significantly more effective method of determining braking intensity. Using a... Agent:

20150137967 - Owner controlled evacuation system: A method includes receiving, by a user device, information regarding a sensed condition in a structure. The sensed condition is sensed by a sensory node. The method also includes providing, by the user device, a notification identifying the sensed condition to a user of the user device, and receiving, by... Agent:

20150137966 - Receiving unit for a surveillance arrangement: Receiving unit for a surveillance arrangement, comprising a container which contains a radiofrequency receiver, a processor, a non-volatile memory, a relay, a removable SD memory, a network module and an audio module. Ability to manage an unlimited quantity of identifiable remote controls.... Agent:

20150137968 - Alarm management system: The Alarm Management System allows hospitals and critical care units to manage alarms generated by patient monitors and includes the following components: The Alarm Dashboard provides a display of alarm history and trends categorized as desired by hospital administrators. The Alarm Criticality Discernment Tool assists in distinguishing between critical and... Agent:

20150137969 - System and method for protecting a security system: A regional security system includes a control panel which can receive one or more delay parameters, associated with a type of sensor or detector, or a portion of a region being monitored. The delay parameters can be stored in a programmable storage unit. When an alarm indicator has been received... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150137970 - Heating appliance emergency reminder detection device: A device uses motion detection and heat detection to monitor a room and heating appliance and to remind a user to check on the appliance after a period of time. A motion detector sensor observes motion within a room or area by the heating appliance. If someone is in the... Agent:

20150137971 - Active virtual fence using mesh networked rf tags: A system capable of monitoring an area and detecting a disturbance with the area. The system has a plurality of ultra-wide band radio frequency tags, each of the tags including a digital signal processing module configured to monitor changes in radio frequency multipath properties of received packets transmitted by at... Agent:

20150137972 - System and method for disseminating information and implementing medical interventions to facilitate the safe emergence of users from predicaments: A method for disseminating information regarding a problem and administering medical interventions comprises providing a mobile device wirelessly connectable to a network, receiving and storing contact information corresponding to a designated list of information recipients, receiving, via the mobile device and via the wireless trigger transmitting to the mobile device,... Agent:

20150137973 - Tamper-resistant security device: A security device comprises a mounting plate and a mounting device. The mounting plate, for being fixed to a surface, comprises a first electrical contact point and a second electrical contact point electrically connecting to the first electrical contact point. The mounting device is to be assembled to the mounting... Agent:

20150137975 - Alarmed theft-preventing device: An anti-theft device includes a constraint component (1) which may be engaged with a locking component (2), in turn including an anti-intrusion containment body (4) which houses an operating clamp (5), the locking component (2) being provided with at least one engagement seat (3) for plug element (1a) of the... Agent: Maggi Catene S.p.a.

20150137974 - Anti-crime system using rf dongle: The present invention relates to an anti-crime system using an RF dongle. More particularly, the present invention relates to an anti-crime system using an RF dongle, in which a detection sensor is mounted on a security window, a window or a door of a balcony, and the sensed signal acquired... Agent: Sung Gwang Co., Ltd.

20150137976 - Programmable security system and method for protecting merchandise: A programmable security system and method for protecting an item of merchandise includes a programming station, a programmable key and a security system. The programming station generates a security code and communicates the security code to a memory of the programmable key. The programmable key initially communicates the security code... Agent:

20150137977 - Eas tag for bottles: An anti-theft device monitors bottles. It is comprised of a two components hingably connected together. They can move from an open position to a closed position to enclose the neck of a bottle. One component has a first latch element and contains electronics including switches. The other component has a... Agent:

20150137978 - Security tag for application to footwear: Systems (100) and methods (1300) for operating a security tag (132). The methods involve: slidingly coupling a first engagement member (212) of the security tag to a first sidewall (208) forming a first right angle with a base (220) of an article; and extending a securement member (218) of the... Agent: Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

20150137979 - Direct observation event triggering of drowsiness: A system for event triggering comprises an interface and a processor. An interface configured to receive a face tracking data and receive a sensor data. The processor configured to determine a degree of drowsiness based at least in part on the face tracking data and the sensor data; in the... Agent:

20150137980 - Fully mechanical pneumatic excessive heat or/and fire line-type detector, and system, methods, applications thereof: A fully mechanical pneumatic line-type excessive heat or/and fire detector, and, system, methods, and applications thereof, for detecting and warning of conditions of excessive heat or/and fire. The detector includes a detector testing switch apparatus for testing operable condition and status of the excessive heat or/and fire detector, and is... Agent: Firesys Ltd.

20150137981 - Method for early detection of cooling-loss events: A method of detecting cooling-loss event early is provided. The method includes defining a relative humidity limit and change threshold for a given space, measuring relative humidity in the given space, determining, with a processing unit, whether the measured relative humidity is within the defined relative humidity limit, generating a... Agent:

20150137982 - Sewer alarm apparatus: According to some embodiments, sewer alarm devices and apparatus are provided for detecting the presence of liquid within a pipe. In some embodiments, the devices and apparatus include a housing defining an interior volume, the housing including a top portion and a bottom portion, the bottom portion mounted on an... Agent:

20150137983 - System for providing real time locating and gas exposure monitoring: A system, method, and apparatus for gas exposure monitoring of a work area are described. The system may include a processor; an interface to communicate with a first device and a second device; and a memory to store first and second gas exposure identifiers and first and second location identifiers... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20150137984 - Operation machine: To accurately grasp a generation situation of a warning generated in an operation machine, the operation machine is provided with: warning generation means 55 adapted to determine whether or not there is abnormality, and in the case where there is abnormality, generate a warning; warning storage means 56 adapted to... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20150137985 - Object recognition and notification: Methods, systems, and apparatus are provided for determining the presence or absence of an object within a vehicle based on sensor signals and selectively providing notification to a user of the same.... Agent:

20150137986 - Safety communication system and method thereof: Disclosed are a safety communication system and a method thereof that provide a risk occurrence position and a notification function, and more particularly, disclosed is communication technology including a sensor based lighting for rapidly responding to a risk situation. The safety communication system according to an exemplary embodiment of the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150137987 - Joint time-frequency processing for borehole acoustic arrays: Various embodiments include apparatus and methods to process acoustic signals according to joint time-frequency processing. The joint time-frequency processing can combine features of both time-based processing and frequency-based processing. This processing may be based on delay calculation from amplitude phases generated from the acoustic signals. The joint time-frequency processing may... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150137989 - Electrical gas meter and apparatus and method for remotely transmitting gas usage: Disclosed are an apparatus and method for remotely transmitting gas usage in a gas meter. The apparatus includes: a main body having a gas inlet and a gas outlet; a diaphragm assembly for pumping gas; a rotary slider controlling the amount of gas introduced to the diaphragm assembly; a counter... Agent:

20150137988 - Patient in-the-loop participatory care and monitoring: Methods and systems for patient participatory care and monitoring are provided for applications including respiratory care, ECG monitoring, capnography, infusion pump alarm prevention/management, pressure sore prevention, incentive spirometry, consciousness monitoring during sedation, pain management and other care and monitoring modalities. A patient in-the-loop system includes an input interface for receiving... Agent:

20150137990 - Method for analyzing the electricity consumption of a site provided with a plurality of electrical devices: The present invention relates to a method for analyzing the electricity consumption of a site provided with a plurality of electrical devices of different types, wherein the method comprises: periodically measuring the current and the voltage over at least one of the electrical phases upstream from the power supply network... Agent: Smart Impulse

20150137991 - Method, computer-readable storage device and apparatus for predictive messaging for machine-to-machine sensors: A method, computer-readable storage device and apparatus for generating a predictive message in a communications network are disclosed. For example, the method receives at least one machine-to-machine communication in the communications network, stores the at least one machine-to-machine communication in a database of the communications network, analyzes the at least... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20150137995 - Communication apparatus, system, and communication method: A sensor node detects an occurrence of sensing and judges whether data processing corresponding to the sensing will finish before an occurrence of sensing subsequent to the sensing, based on a time interval when the occurrence of the sensing is detected. When determining that the data processing will finish, the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150137994 - Data-capable band management in an autonomous advisory application and network communication data environment: Techniques for data-capable band management in association with, for example, an autonomous advisory application and network communication data environment are described. In some examples, a method can detect a signal configured to initiate a synchronization function being transmitted from a wearable computing device to an application, as an example. In... Agent: Aliphcom

20150137993 - Engine and system monitoring telematic system: A marine vessel telematics device comprising: a remote access module configurable to plug into and be in signal communication with the data bus, the remote access module configurable to be in wireless signal communication with a hand held computing device and further configured to transmit to the hand held computing... Agent: Thomas G. Faria Corporation

20150137992 - Systems and methods for status indication in a single-use biomedical and bioprocess system: Methods, systems, and apparatus to monitor component status in a bioprocessing environment are disclosed and described. Certain examples provide a sensor device for a disposable bioprocessing component. The example sensor device includes a first portion affixed to the component, the first portion configured to provide an identifier associated with the... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20150137996 - Communication apparatus, communication method and communication system: According to one embodiment, a communication apparatus includes a communication part which receives a notification concerning measurement information from a measurement equipment and receives a signal from a terminal apparatus, and a notification setting part to set a notification frequency of the measurement equipment according to content of the signal... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20150137997 - System and device for medical monitoring: The present disclosure provides a medical monitoring system which comprises a landmark with a wireless module configured to broadcast a location information, a server connected to the landmark, a wearable device comprising a wearable-end wireless module and a user tag, a monitoring device comprising a monitor-end wireless module and a... Agent:

20150137998 - Using external sounds to alert vehicle occupants of external events and mask in-car conversations: An audio processing system may selectively identify certain environmental sounds and playing back these sounds, or a representation of these sounds, in the vehicle's cabin. The audio processing system may filter the environmental sounds to identify a particular sound that matches an event such as a bouncing ball, squealing tires,... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20150137999 - Warning system and warning method utilizing same: A warning system applied to a vehicle includes a control module, a detecting module, a warning module, and a pressure sensor module. The pressure sensor module is assembled to a seat, and configured to measure a pressure value of the seat and transmit the pressure value to the control module.... Agent:

20150138000 - Emergency vehicle alert system: A method and system for the control and signaling of traffic signal lights by emergency vehicles in the vicinity. Emergency vehicles can be detected by traffic signal lights allowing the emergency vehicle to have a prioritized, rapid, unimpeded, and safe emergency vehicle transit.... Agent:

20150138001 - Automated parking space management system with dynamically updatable display device: An automated system for managing one or more parking spaces, that includes a vehicle identification detector for detecting vehicles in a parking space area, a dynamically updatable display device mounted in the parking space area, and a computer subsystem that dynamically updates the display device with messages or images to... Agent:

20150138002 - Methods and apparatus to detect and warn proximate entities of interest: Systems and methods to detect and warn proximate entities of interest are described herein. An example device for conveying audible warning signals to a person includes a memory to store a plurality of audible warnings and a user interface to present for selection an audible warning from the plurality of... Agent:

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